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la-auto-show-2019subaru-booth44Lightswitch and Elation light LA Auto Show
Monday, 6 January 2020

USA - Design group Lightswitch first turned to Elation Professional’s Fuze Wash 575 LED white light luminaire in 2017 and again utilised the auto show-optimised moving head to light three top car manufacturer booths at the 2019 edition of the LA Auto Show.
“The Fuze Wash 575 is one of a very small number of automated LED fixtures that we use extensively in the auto show market,” states Chris Medvitz, partner and principal at Lightswitch. “Because of its light weight, feature set and price point, it has very quickly become a workhorse in automotive lighting for shows.”
Held 22 November to 1 December at the LA Convention Centre, Lightswitch used the Fuze Wash 575 on the Subaru, Nissan and Infiniti booths at this year’s LA Auto Show. Medvitz designed the booth lighting working with booth designers George P. Johnson on the Nissan and Infiniti booths, and designers EWI Worldwide/Hansen Productions on the Subaru booth.
Some 775 Elation Fuze Wash 575 and 75 Elation Artiste Picasso fixtures were used on this year’s LA Auto Show, supplied by 4Wall Entertainment. Other booths lit using the Fuze Wash 575 include Honda, Volkswagen and Acura with the latter also utilising the Artiste Picasso.
Some 96 Fuze Wash 575 units were used on the Subaru booth for launch of the new 2020 Subaru Outback, an immersive National Park-themed environment that Lightswitch helped design. “The Subaru booth touched on all of the senses. We used a lot of lighting on the exhibit properties and scenery, more than in other booths simply because there was so much of

alphabeatphotocreditstefansteinnRogues support Alphabeat arena shows
Friday, 3 January 2020

Denmark - For Alphabeat’s two arena shows in November, Theis Wermuth of Create This relied on trussing to envelop his client in a tulip blub style configuration of light created with 78 Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 Wash fixtures.
He arranged his trussing on four high columns on either side of the stage, with the area over centre left empty to create the effect of cradling the band in light.
“Our overall idea with this design was to create an open, yet sharp, look,” says Wermuth. “We had more or less turned the trussing up side down, so it surrounds the stage and band below them - and not from above them as you usually see on tours. There were some challenges in creating this trussing concept, but Nordic Rental of Denmark, which supplied us with the rig, came up with the perfect customised solution.”
Wermuth had the fixtures mounted on modular pipes with wings extending to both sides of the truss structure. This created myriad opportunities to change the looks of his lightshow, sometimes directing light from the RGBW moving fixtures inward to immerse the band in brilliant colours; and at other times, directing the washes outward to create the exhilarating effect of a light flower opening up to reveal the artists on stage.
“The Rogues served as our main fixtures,” says Wermuth. “Given their compact size, we were able to fit them nicely into our truss configuration. We were also able use 78 of the Rogue units, which made quite an impression. Despite their size, the Rogues had plenty of output and brightness. They had no trouble

broncophotocredit-dan-kazinskiBronco rocks The Rave with Chauvet DJ
Friday, 3 January 2020

USA - Mexican super-group Bronco recently played at the The Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee, much to the delight of their legion of fans. Known for their modern interpretation of grupero music, which blends elements of rock, cumbia, norteño, and mariachi, the band adds modern instruments and incorporates elements of pop to create a big, bold sound.
Miguel Angel Pecina Torres, the band’s lighting designer, matched this sound with some power-packed looks when the appeared recently at the club’s spacious (25,000 sq. ft.) Eagle Ballroom. Helping him in this endeavour was a rig anchored by Chauvet DJ fixtures supplied and installed by High Frequency Productions.
“Bronco’s music is really interesting,” said Juan Ocampo, owner of High Frequency Productions, who specified the fixtures for the show. “They blend a variety of traditional genres to create something completely unique. The music is bright, effervescent, and rhythmic, so the lighting needed to match. Miguel’s design style really complimented the band’s music. It was also in keeping with my own personal aesthetic, so working on this project was a lot of fun.”
To match the energy and intensity of Bronco’s performance, Ocampo placed 16 Intimidator Hybrid 140SR fixtures on the upstage and midstage truss, eight units on each.
Torres gave the fence spanning the width of the stage behind the performers extra definition by placing 24 COLORstrips along its front, back and sides. This fence served as a dynamic design element during the show thanks to the chases and fades Torres c

klangHuntsville church upgrades with KLANG:fabrik
Friday, 3 January 2020

USA - Willowbrook Baptist Church’s main campus in Huntsville, Alabama recently implemented its first step of a multi-phased initiative to update its worship centre, and a key part of that process was the implementation of a KLANG:fabrik immersive in-ear monitor mixing system.
Installed by Memphis, Tennessee-based integrator Redwire Audio Visual in October, the new KLANG system offers up to 16 musicians their own individual IEM mixes over RF transmitters, or headphone amps via XLR. At the same time, the KLANG:fabrik is a fully flexible audio network router of up to 64 MADI, 64 Dante and 32 ADAT-compatible inputs and outputs.
“The new KLANG system was part of the first phase of the church’s update, and it has proven to be a critical component of it,” says Redwire AV president, founder and general manager, Tim Johnson. “Their worship orchestra had been frustrated by the lack of flexibility with their old IEM system, so we brought the KLANG:fabrik in for a demo, and they experienced a huge difference immediately.”
Johnson says the KLANG:fabrik’s ability to operate at 96kHz offers a much higher level of sonic fidelity to the musicians. Furthermore, the ability to move mixes around in a fully immersive space has changed how they hear themselves and the music.
“They literally had no idea this science was possible,” says Redwire AV lead designer Charles Thompson. “They can put the click above their heads, for instance, and build a virtual stage that reflects where each of them are standing on the actual stage. This creates a reali

claypakypolishconcert1Claypaky lights record-setting Warsaw concert
Friday, 3 January 2020

Poland - Warsaw’s PGE Narodowy Stadium scored a first in its history when it sold out a concert of Polish artists to an enthusiastic audience nearly of 60,000 fans. Co-headliners hip-hop artist Taco Hemingway and pop artist Dawid Podsiadlo are recognised as a new wave of talented Polish performers so Pawel ‘Spider’ Pajak gave them the star treatment with a complement of Claypaky fixtures lighting their acts.
“This was a very special gig for the music industry in Poland; I would say it was a kind of game changer for Polish artists and the music market here,” says Pajak, who is founder of creative collaboration platform, Percepto [LAB]. He acted as lighting designer, production designer and creative visual director for the show and is a long-time collaborator of Podsiadlo’s.
“The overall design of the show was based on a huge LED canvas with a total width of about 60m,” he explains. “The huge LED wall consisted of five surfaces joined together at different angles as one screen. One of the key lighting design elements was a frame made of LED lights all around to emphasize the shape of the stage. There were also eight separate truss block elements joined at angles and hung on Kinesys motors to get variations of truss positions above the stage. Four of them were dedicated to lighting only and four to lighting and LED screens.”
Pajak selected nine Claypaky Scenius Profiles, nine Scenius Unicos and 32 A.leda B-EYE K20 fixtures for the two artists. “Claypaky fixtures have been one of my first choices for many years,” he reports. “I

sydney-coliseum1smSydney’s Coliseum Theatre switches on to LSC
Friday, 3 January 2020

Australia - Sydney’s Rooty Hill suburb is now home to a new $100m theatre space.
The 2,000-seat proscenium arch theatre will be able to house large-scale musicals, ballet, opera companies and symphony orchestras.
HF Events Pty, headed by Colin Baldwin, was tasked with supplying and installing the theatrical lighting, dimmers, power and lighting control system.
“When we were asked to look at the design and installation of power distribution and dimming for the new Coliseum Theatre, we immediately went to LSC Lighting,” comments Colin. “I have a long-standing relationship with LSC and have great respect for their product.”
Consequently, a shopping list of LSC products was made including 240-way Redback Patch Panels, Redback 36-way Patch Panels, MDRX 10-way data splitters (RDM-enabled), GenVi 12 x 10A dimmer/ power distribution and of course, APS 12 x 10A Advanced Power Distribution.
“LSC’s APS advanced power distribution systems were precisely what was needed for this venue,” adds Colin. “Automatic turn on and off of the entire system, inrush surges minimised, and everything plugged in and worked the first time around. LSC has been very supportive and I would not hesitate to recommend the APS power distribution, GenVi dimmers and MDRX data splitters to any who need professional Australian made products at an affordable price.”
The automatic turn on and off feature (called APSPower) mentioned by Colin is triggered by the presence of DMX. Turn the console on, and the APS senses that the console is on, and automatica

bromptonBrompton Technology supports Nexteel launch
Thursday, 2 January 2020

Australia - Novatech Creative Entertainment Technology (NCET) orchestrated an impressive re-branding event for Australian painted steel business Nexteel in Adelaide and Perth. Brompton Technology LED processors were chosen to support the array of large LED screens, which were suspended above the stage and delivered pulsing content, teasing the audience with what was in store.
Tasked with ‘breaking the usual norms’ for the project, Novatech deployed two Brompton Tessera SX40 processors along with two Tessera XD Data Distribution units for its ROE CB3 and CB5 LED panels in order to realise the ambitious concept and create a series of innovative and memorable experiences.
“The project had eight screens of various sizes built from ROE Visual CB3 and CB5 screens, so the team needed something that would make mapping and running the screens as simple as possible,” says Novatech’s technical lead - video, David Murdoch. “The combination of the SX40s and XDs were a perfect choice for the show. Being a 4K processor, we were able to run all eight screens on one raster which made mapping and data distribution incredibly quick and easy.”
Held at Adelaide Entertainment Centre, and Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, the event was repeated twice in Adelaide and twice in Perth to ensure all potential clients were reached and for maximum impact and brand awareness. Novatech worked with Adelaide-based event management and marketing agency jennie bell ink to push the creative boundaries.
The main feature of the stage was the central ROE CB3 s

top-modelProlights lights Switzerland’s Next Top Model
Thursday, 2 January 2020

Switzerland - On 22 November 2019, the Maag Music Hall in Zurich hosted the final of Switzerland’s Next Top Model, broadcast live on the ProSieben TV channel.
Estec Visions, a creative company specialising in the events field, took care of the set up by choosing Prolights Digistrip IP 100.
Andi Gschwend, project manager for Estec Visions, comments: “Our motto is ‘Aesthetics Meets Tecnology’. We believe that every single work of art is the development of a precise vision. Our goal is to implement that vision and then make it possible. Prolights Digistrip IP 100 perfectly suited our needs because they’re a creative solution to satisfy today’s stage design high standards. The fixtures were controlled through Art-Net with Mad Mapper and the final result exceeded expectations. Thanks to Plusmusic, Prolights’ distributor for Switzerland, who provided continuous assistance and support.”
(Jim Evans)

goosePeter L. Spadaro goes Rogue for Goose
Thursday, 2 January 2020

USA - Peter L. Spadaro III was just about to take a break from a busy touring schedule when he got a call to light a show by the up and coming jam-funk band Goose.
“As a fan, I like their music,” says Spadaro. “They also pull a lot of different influences into their sound, which opens up a lot of creative opportunities for you as a designer. They’re really a lighting designer’s dream.”
At Manhattan’s Mercury Loungs, Spadaro had to overcome one significant obstacle: the small stage. He was able to meet this challenge with help from a floor package supplied by Andrew Goedde, the band’s regular designer, that featured eight Rogue RH1 Hybrid, six Rogue R1 Spot, and six Rogue R2 Wash fixtures, as well as two STRIKE 4 units.
“I was glad to have these fixtures from, Andrew’s floor package,” says Spadaro. “This was my first time lighting these guys and I had limited positions for lights, so I wanted to maximize them. I relied on my timing and colour combinations to do the talking for me within the limited space available. The Rogues allowed me to build crescendos of light based on the songs Goose was performing.”
The colour rendering capabilities of his Rogue fixtures were instrumental in helping Spadaro convey the different moods weaving through Goose’s music. “My colours were based on the songs chosen by the band,” he says. “Not knowing their transitions and the flow of their jamming, I relied on a few standard colour combos and a few that were on the obscure side that translated well. I took a few risks, and it pa

willowcrystallakechurchChauvet lights acoustic church service
Thursday, 2 January 2020

USA - As one of the lighting designers at a dynamic and active house of worship, Nic Vazquez is accustomed to creating live production designs. It’s something he helps facilitate every week at Willow Crystal Lake. Recently, Vazquez had to dig deep into this well of experience, when he had to adopt a different mindset by lighting the church’s first all-acoustic service in its new building.
“We’ve always done more anthemic style experiences, where I build visual momentum around the intensity of the music,” said Vazquez. “However, with the acoustic sets, I didn’t have the same musical builds. Instead I had to centre the design around long cue times, gradual colour shifts, and more subtle details to allow the lighting to accentuate the music.”
Vasquez met this challenge with help from an extensive collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures. His rig for the acoustic service featured Maverick MK2 Spot, Rogue R3 Wash, Rogue R2 Spot and Next NXT-1 fixtures as well as COLORado par units and COLORado Batten 72 Tours.
Flying four MK2 Spots on the proscenium beam and four on trusses between the side and center screens, he has them fill a variety or roles including back lighting, layering and soft patterned beam effects. Drawing on the gobo capabilities of the 440W LED fixtures, he also relies on them to add depth to the stage.
The Rogue R3 Wash fixtures in his rig were also flown on the proscenium beam. “These fixtures become much more than a wash,” said Vazquez. “Using the macros and “virtual gobos” creates eye-candy and drive

retailstaten-island-mall-3480pxHarman enhances Staten Island Mall
Thursday, 2 January 2020

USA - Dara AV (Formerly JD Systems) recently deployed an expansive Harman Professional Solutions PA system at Staten Island Mall to provide quality audio for music, announcements and more.
With over 1.2m sq.ft of retail floor space, Staten Island Mall is one of the largest shopping centres in New York. After surveying the location, Dara AV designed a sound solution using JBL Control Series speakers, Crown DCI amplifiers, and BSS signal processors.
“Staten Island Mall asked us to update their outdated PA system with a controllable, scalable solution,” explains Jak Daragjati, president Dara AV. “The biggest challenge was providing adequate coverage without impacting the aesthetics of the mall. The JBL Control series speakers were exactly what we needed- they provide plenty of volume and offer versatile mounting options.”
Over 300 loudspeakers are installed throughout the facility to provide clear, consistent sound for music and announcements. JBL Control 14ct full-range ceiling speakers deliver extended coverage in an aesthetically pleasing package. JBL Control 64pt full-range pendant speakers provide sound reproduction for sections of the mall with open architecture ceilings. JBL Control 25-1 wall-mount speakers offer consistent dispersion and a contemporary weather-resistant design.
Crown DCi 4|600 amplifiers were selected to power the system for their consistent power and rock-solid reliability. A BSS BLU-103 Conferencing Processor offers flexible signal routing, advanced AEC processing, and a built-in voice over IP (VoIP) interface f

casting-crowns-hillsong-elevation-tour11Adaptable Elation rig for Christian music tour
Thursday, 2 January 2020

USA - Seth Jackson was called on by Premier Productions to design lighting for a special fall concert series that saw three of the most prolific bands in Christian music tour the US to packed houses. The special USA arena tour featured multi-platinum-selling artists Casting Crowns, Hillsong Worship, and Elevation Worship, three top acts that brought together their devoted fan bases all under the same roof for a night of music, worship and praise.
Jackson designed an adaptable rig using 51 Elation Proteus Rayzor 760 and 20 Smarty Hybrid LED moving heads, along with 12 Elation Protron Eclypse multi-effect lights, and then turned it over to each group’s design team to put their own different touch on. Lighting supply was by Bandit Lites.
The 17-date circuit kicked off 1 November in Memphis, Tenn., making stops in major cities across the country before culminating in Hartford, Conn. As all three acts were out on their own headlining tours prior to the special concert series, coordination could have proved especially challenging. Premier Productions therefore felt it was important to have a general-purpose designer to put it all together, “basically a designer to create a sandbox for everybody to work in,” as Jackson describes it. “It was a good decision because it was very last minute as far as the acts were concerned and there was very little rehearsal time.”
Despite the pre-tour frenzy, Jackson had months beforehand to communicate with each artist and camp, valuable time that allowed him to consult with each band about their wishes. “It

lfpsburlingtonarcadeLFPS backs Burlington Christmas installation
Thursday, 2 January 2020

UK - Technical event specialists LFPS has been helping bring a suitably seasonal look to the arcade situated on Piccadilly in Central London in celebration of its 200th Burlington Christmas. Working with creative design agency L’Atelier 5 and expert paper artist Andy Singleton, LFPS leant their extensive rigging and technical expertise to help bring the installation to life.
Running the entire length of the grade II listed building, the design features a giant golden Christmas ribbon, pirouetting amongst snowflakes and fairylights above the splendiferous shopping arcade below. Colour coded to match the arcade’s architectural styling the golden hues and crisp, white snowflakes delivered a wonderfully festive look, floating effortlessly overhead.
Speaking about the project, LFPS managing director Rob Myer says, “It’s always exciting to be a part of high-profile installations such as this. Supporting our friends at L’Atelier Five, our team have helped create a stunning, elegantly festive look that complements perfectly the architecture of the Burlington Arcade. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”
Working in shifts over three consecutive nights, taking care of all rigging and electrical work at the site, the LFPS crew installed 200m of specially powder coated, white scaffolding tube using over 120 rigging points within the arcade. The 160m long ribbon structure was then carefully suspended in place, delicately interspersed with thousands of individually cut paper snowflakes.
For an extra touch of festive magic, the team ad

la-goshenGoshen High looks forward with L-Acoustics
Thursday, 2 January 2020

USA - Both in academics and athletics, Goshen High School has been living up to its status as the flagship institution of the upstate New York Goshen Central School District: the Boys' Varsity tennis team has not lost a conference title in over 10 years, and its Mock Trial team has won the Orange County championship for nine years.
So when the district underwent a $40m renovation in 2019, the lion’s share of that went to Goshen High School, which saw its classrooms and common areas updated, and its 650-seat theatre/auditorium refreshed from the floor up. That included an L-Acoustics ARCS Wide and Focus sound system, supplied by Firehouse Productions and integrated by LiveWire Sound and Image, with the renovation done by project architect LAN Associates and acoustical consulting by WSDG.
The school’s ARCS WiFo system - consisting of three ARCS WiFo units plus an SB18 subwoofer per side in a left-right system, along with two delay points with two ARCS WiFo units each, all powered by three LA4X amplified controllers - has taken the school’s main venue, used for theatrical productions, town-hall meetings, talent shows and a range of other scholastic and community purposes, to an entirely new level.
Joe Fedor has been the technology teacher at Goshen High for over two decades. For the decision and installation of the ARCS WiFo system, he worked with Nick Bechard, project manager at Firehouse Productions, but also a student of Fedor’s 15 years ago. “We often have our graduates return to give back to the school, and this was a great example of th

hes-sola-series-makes-film-debut-in-ford-v-ferrari-3HES Sola makes film debut in Le Mans ‘66
Thursday, 2 January 2020

USA - High End Systems SolaFrame fixtures made their US screen debut in the 20th Century Fox film, Ford v Ferrari. The film is released under different titles worldwide such as Le Mans ‘66 throughout Europe, and Contra lo impossible in Mexico and Argentina.
Los Angeles-based Lux Lighting was the first to purchase 12 SolaFrame Theatre High-CRI units last year, and when the SolaFrame 3000 launched last summer, they quickly ordered a dozen of those as well. Both were deployed in the filming, which started in July 2018 in Los Angeles.
Actors Matt Damon and Christian Bale play starring roles in the real-life 1966 battle between auto manufacturers Ford and Ferrari in building a superior car for the 24-hour Le Mans race in France.
Although there were plenty of loud racetrack scenes, Lux Lighting owner/LD Mike Bauman - who served as gaffer in the film - chose the SolaFrame Theatre for its completely silent operation. No fans means no noise - which Bauman says it critical in his industry. “Sound is as equal to picture in the film business,” he notes, “so this fixture is a perfect fit.”
Bauman adds: “Sola Frame Theatre really functions on two critical pieces: dead silent operation and high CRI white light engine. On a film set with today’s digital cameras, maximum lumen output has become less of a criteria and colour fidelity is much more critical. During prep, we tested both the SolaFrame Theatre and the SolaFrame 3000 with the High Fidelity engine. Ford V Ferrari’s cinematographer Phedon Papmichael was impre

adjADJ fixtures bring in New Year in Helsinki
Thursday, 2 January 2020

Finland - The biggest New Year’s Eve party in Finland takes place in the country’s capital, Helsinki. It features an outdoor concert showcasing some of the nation’s top performers during the build-up to a firework spectacular at midnight. For the 2019 celebration, 70 ADJ fixtures formed a significant part of the concert lightshow that was not only witnessed in person by a large crowd but also by a million viewers on state television channel, YLE.
Taking place in Helsinki’s Senate Square, and attracting a large crowd despite the harsh winter weather, the concert featured a largely female-driven line-up. The headline performer was popular Finnish singer-songwriter Vesala, who had released a new single and look just days before the event. Also performing was trend-setting pop singer, Vesta, who delivered a powerful performance as the climax to her break-through year on the pop scene.
The show was opened by a spectacular display from the Maria Baric Company with their fire circus, featured a set from DJ Orion, and was hosted by Ernest Lawson from the popular Finnish TV comedy show Putous and local TV personality Sampo Marjomaa. Mayor Jan Vapaavuori also delivered the traditional New Year’s speech before the main firework display at midnight.
The event is organised by Helsinki Marketing, which is a company owned by the City of Helsinki. It is responsible for Helsinki’s marketing and business partnerships, as well as producing events within the city. As when any public organisation is undertaking a project, supply of the lighting production fo

claypakymanatour2-copyClaypaky dominates record-breaking Maná tour
Thursday, 2 January 2020

USA - A large complement of Claypaky lighting fixtures hit the road with Mexican pop rock band Maná when the multi Grammy Award winners launched their North American Rayando el Sol Tour in September. The tour is named after the band’s first hit single.
Maná was founded in Mexico in 1986 and has become one of the most successful rock bands in Latin music history. They have sold more than 40m albums worldwide and won four Grammys and eight Latin Grammys. The Rayando el Sol Tour kicked in Corpus Christi, Texas and wrapped in Los Angeles in December playing more than 30 dates. Their seven-show LA appearance at The Forum broke the six-night record of Kanye West and The Eagles.
Menga Cruz, lighting designer and lighting and video programmer for Maná, chose 122 Claypaky Mythos2, 24 Sharpy Wash and 22 Scenius Unico fixtures for the show’s rig, which he obtained from 4Wall.
“I have been working with Mythos since 2015; I think I was the first person to take Mythos on tour,” says Cruz. “I know Mythos so well now, I know all of its capabilities even ultra-fast movement. Mythos is part of my creative process – when I am drawing and imagining the cues for each song I know exactly which gobo I want to use and which effect I want to apply.”
Cruz used the Sharpy Washes on Stage C, a small stage behind FOH, which provided the more intimate moments of the show. “We needed a small moving light with a good wash, CMY and good color saturation,” he says. “With all those requirements there was no other option on the market but the Sharpy Wash.

chailey-heritage-foundation-dream-centre-1TEECOM designs DREAM Centre
Friday, 20 December 2019

UK - The Chailey Heritage Foundation DREAM Centre in Sussex uses modern AV technology to make a range of experiences accessible for children and young people for whom it is very difficult to travel. Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall opened the centre on 17 October.
Chailey Heritage Foundation provides schooling and residential care for children and young adults with complex physical disabilities, high health needs, sensory impairments, and associated learning difficulties. The new sports and activity centre allows young people in wheelchairs to play indoor sports, take part in drama and musical performances, develop their balance through rebound therapy, learn to drive a powered wheelchair, and broaden their horizons through a ground-breaking immersive experience zone.
“We are honoured to have played a role in creating this amazing facility for such a deserving and wonderful group of young people,” says David Marks, CEO of TEECOM, which provided technology strategy, design and engineering, and project management.
Replacing a 1950s-era assembly hall, the DREAM (dynamic, real, experiential, amazing, magical) Centre was made possible by a £3.1m fundraising initiative and significant contributions of time from the local building industry. Key contributors included Matt Barton, CEO of 7thSense Design and 2nd Chailey Scoutmaster; Blair Parkin, Magnus Kemp, and Barrie Paveley at TEECOM; Paolo Marenghi, account manager at Epson (UK) Ltd.; Deacon Richardson Architects; and North Star Engineers Ltd.
“The building has different modes,

hercules0003r-sml-joan-marcusAyrton Perseo-S shows its strength in Hercules
Friday, 20 December 2019

USA - Ayrton Perseo-S compact multi-function luminaires, which have been developed for intensive outdoor use, made their US debut at the Public Works musical adaptation of Hercules in the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park. Tony Award-winning lighting designer, Tyler Micoleau, selected the new fixtures, with an IP65 enclosure rating, for the Labour Day weekend production, which traditionally wraps a summer of Shakespeare in the Park outdoor shows.
Hercules is based on the Disney animated film and featured the entire score plus several new songs. The production was from The Public Theatre’s Public Works initiative, which invites communities across New York to create ambitious participatory theatre. More than 200 New Yorkers took part in the dynamic production.
The show marked the first time that Tyler Micoleau has used Ayrton fixtures. Micoleau has worked on three other productions at the Delacorte, including two previous Public Works shows. “Historically, we have used a mostly conventional rig but have now migrated to LEDs and movers like a lot of the industry,” he says. “But they are more fragile outdoors, so we were interested in what was available with an IP65 enclosure rating. We knew that moving from housings that make it very labour-intensive and impractical to swap out lights to a weather-resistant fixture was a big deal.”
According to Alex Brandt, lighting supervisor for The Public Theatre: “We swap about one moving light a day in the park that’s non-IP rated. A humid day can be as bad for them as a rainstorm.”<

christmasmarket2Chauvet lights Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market
Friday, 20 December 2019

Germany - The Black Forest’s steep Ravenna Gorge hosts an annual Christmas Market.
Lending a magical quality to this event, and contributing to its visual appeal, is the 40m high railway viaduct that runs directly over the site. With its massive arches towering above vendor booths selling Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte and other holiday treats, the viaduct has become a symbol of the Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market.
Accentuating the viaduct’s majestic architectural features and enhancing its transformative effect on the market this year was an outdoor lighting design by Bächle Event & Media that featured 30 Chauvet Professional COLORado 1 Quad IP65 rated fixtures.
Positioned at the base of the viaduct’s arches, the RGBW fixtures were used to bathe the towering structure in an array of evocative colours. The colours that washed the viaduct were changed throughout the four-weekend event to create a variety of atmospheres that reflected different moods.
With its high output (1510 lux at 5m) and tight beam angle, the COLORado 1 Quad had the throw distance to cover high up on the viaduct. At times, however, light from the fixtures was focused for shorter distances to create different effects.
Bächle Event & Media’s Michael Thoma, who has been lighting the Ravenna Gorge Christmas market for over six consecutive years, noted that the colour rendering capability of the COLORado 1 Quad was only one of the reasons it was selected for this project. “The colourful illumination of the bridge was a big factor,” he says. “The othe

alcons-audio-press-release-musical-academy-gdansk-1Alcons brings classical and modern together
Friday, 20 December 2019

Poland - Opened in 1947, the Stanislaw Moniuszko Academy of Music (aMuz) in Gdańskhas a progressive approach to music education, recognising that training students in classical music doesn’t mean they will stay in the traditional classical field. An Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system is helping students to seamlessly blend old and new instrumentation in the Academy’s concert hall.
Because course content at aMuz is constantly evolving, as well as classical recitals (where very little, if any, amplification is needed) the concert hall is staging increasingly diverse performances, including opera, operetta, musicals, jazz and contemporary classical productions, where electronic instruments play solo or with orchestral instruments.
The 50-year old, 592sq.m venue has an audience capacity of 413 in raked stalls and a balcony, with a 160m2 stage. Its existing small sound reinforcement system was completely inadequate for the evolving performance programme, so Piotr Rodak - chief sound engineer at aMuz - was looking for a much better system.
Piotr has his experience with Alcons products by using QR24 systems of local rental company Offstage, owned by Przemyslaw Waszkiewicz and from Alcons’ Polish distributor Aplauz. Having the system update in mind, Piotr attended a demonstration of Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems hosted by Aplauz, where he spoke to Alcons co-founder Tom Back, Aplauz president and managing director Grzegorz Fotek and Patryk Kozak - Offstage-related sound engineer and owner of contractor company Sound System.
Piotr comments: “It was im

theatre-chatelet-etc-high-end-systems-photos-jonathan-grimaux-05132ETC and HES arrive at Théâtre du Châtelet
Friday, 20 December 2019

France - After more than two years of renovations, the celebrated Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris has recently reopened its doors to the public. With the intention of restoring the venue to its original splendour, the project saw the inclusion of an array of products from ETC and High End Systems.
Christophe Leuba - one of the venue’s two lighting managers who assist lighting director Renaud Corler - recognised the potential of ETC Eos consoles after attending an ETC training session. “I loved the event and as soon as I got back to the Châtelet I arranged an ‘Introduction to Eos’ session for our entire team,” says Leuba.
Subsequently, two Eos Ti consoles were installed in the theatre’s control room - one of which is used in the audience during creation phase - and a more compact Ion Xe 20 was chosen for use elsewhere.
Even though decision-making for lighting control and power control was not connected at the outset, the Eos consoles chosen complemented the Sensor3 Power control system selected, with both product families originating from ETC. “It's really convenient to be able to control the dimmers from the consoles,” says Bernard Maby, the theatre’s other lighting manager. “In addition, it’s very nice to have the feedback directly on the desks.”
The electrical room features seven Sensor3 power control racks fitted with 582 modules, plus 24 modules in an additional rack for lighting. The team opted to work in sACN for communication between consoles, dimmers and fixtures.
Technical solution provider Dushow was ap

sellersville-theaterphoto-by-tina-pastor2Sellersville Theatre 1894 upgrades with Elation
Friday, 20 December 2019

USA - When Sellersville Theatre 1894 north of Philadelphia sought to upgrade its aging lighting rig early in 2019, the venue contacted Artistic Concepts Group for a solution and ended up demoing a number of potential fixtures.
“Michael Wysolmerski at Artistic Concepts was very patient and brought in dozens of lights to demo,” recounts the theatre’s technical director and production manager, Daniel Faga. “We both knew the Artiste DaVinci was the winner as soon as we saw them in the space.”
Sellersville Theatre 1894 is an intimate and historic live performance venue located adjacent to the even more historic Washington House Restaurant & The 325-seat auditorium with cabaret seating is exceptionally busy, hosting hundreds of national and international acts every year.
“Our diverse line-up of performances ranges from comedy to theatre to music of all genres,” states Faga, who has worked at the theatre for 12 years and also serves as show tech and lighting designer. “In any given week, we could have a blues guitarist Monday, a metal band Tuesday, a solo folk singer-songwriter Wednesday, a sketch comedy troupe Thursday, a movie screening Friday, a bluegrass quartet Saturday and a classic rock act Sunday. Therefore, versatility was key in our light system upgrade. With such a wide range of shows, we needed a lighting rig that could feel like a big arena rock show one night and an intimate acoustic show the next.”
Seeking to upgrade some older conventional lighting, PAR cans and Fresnels, Faga evaluated Elation’s Artiste DaVin

ink1L-Acoustics has the sound and looks for INK
Friday, 20 December 2019

Croatia - The historic Istrian People’s Theatre (INK) in Pula is now hosting international music ensembles as well as dramatic productions, thanks to a major audio upgrade. It has recently replaced all of its sound reinforcement and monitoring systems with L-Acoustics Syva and X Series technologies, as well as LA4X amplification.
This European venue has had an eventful life. Its origins lay with the much smaller Teatro Nuovo (New Theatre), built in 1854 when Pula was part of the Austrian Empire. That was replaced in 1879 by a much a grander version, which itself has stood the test of time through various governments.
In 2004, the theatre was officially renamed the Istrian People’s Theatre, City Theatre Pula, and is now generally branded as 'INK' (Istarsko Narodno Kazalište). Its main auditorium has a capacity of 699, spread across the main siting area, lodges for spectators on the first and second floor and on the balcony on the third floor.
Miodrag Flego is the sound manager at the venue, and largely responsible for specifying the new L-Acoustics PA. After many years of coping with a very tired audio system that, according to Flego, was poorly specified for a theatre of INK's calibre and quality, the decision was made to invest in new audio infrastructure. The theatre turned to the L-Acoustics distributor for Croatia, Dicroic. “We were looking for something with fantastic sound quality that would also blend in with the spectacular historic architecture,” he explains. “We decided that Syva had the best of both worlds.”
Syva is a


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