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starlight-expressresizedLuminex at heart of hit musicals
Thursday, 31 January 2019

Europe - Sound designer Gareth Owen has selected Luminex GigaCore 12 switches to provide networked audio for his immersive sound designs on all-new productions of international hit musicals, Starlight Express, Bat Out of Hell and Come From Away.
Utilising d&b audiotechnik's Soundscape object-based sound design mixing platform, the technically demanding shows - which range from 180º up to full 360º implementation - feature a large number of data channels running over Dante. With no analogue backup for the audio systems, the network distribution has to be 100% reliable.
Working together with d&b and equipment suppliers to the shows, Stage Sound Services and Orbital Sound, the Luminex GigaCore network switches were rigorously tested in a Soundscape-based setup and left everyone impressed.
Owen comments: "We wanted to get a Dante-approved switch which was rock solid, well-built and trustworthy. The Luminex switches are built to last in this industry, with a proper case that's not going to bend when they have to go up 16 stories and up onto fly floors, or when slammed off a truck.
"This also makes the GigaCores a good investment for rental companies. They're more expensive than an off the shelf domestic or commercial switch, but in the long term you're not going to be buying more of them, so you will continue to earn money from them in the future.
"The GigaCores are so quick and easy to set up. You don't need a degree in IT to configure them. You plug in, turn on, plug things into them and they just work. Being

moscowL-ISA for Moscow Musical Theatre
Thursday, 31 January 2019

Russia - Since being founded 2012, the Moscow Musical Theatre has earned a considerable reputation for its original productions and unusual approaches to classic stories.
Just in time for the 2018/19 season, the Musical Theatre has made a new home for itself in the remodelled and refurbished Rossiya Theatre on Moscow's Pushkinskaya Square - one of the most frequented squares in the world. This new venue has an opportunity for the sound department to push the creative potential of the theatre to a new level by installing the first permanent theatrical installation of L-Acoustics’ L-ISA technology.
The theatre’s repertoire ranges from a rock opera production of Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment to a fusion of circus performance with operetta and musical genres in The Circus Princess, and a re-telling of Cinderella.
The new sound installation will enable the sound department to take advantage of object-based, multi-dimensional mixing, with realistic and distinct localisation of audio objects, driven natively from its DiGiCo SD10 console using Desk Link L-ISA integration.
Head of sound Maria Lenarskaya sees this new chapter as a natural evolution of the sound department's culture of innovation: "Our theatre is growing rapidly. New productions appear regularly, and every year we always try to do something new, to step forward somehow."
The challenge of specifying the PA system for the new venue was given to Stage Audio, a long-standing partner of the theatre. Along with the client's creative requirements, maximum a

sanholo2ChamSys powers San Holo tour
Wednesday, 30 January 2019

The Netherlands - Writing about electronic music star San Holo’s stop at New York’s Terminal 5 on his current tour in support of his latest album, a critic wrote, “San Holo acts like he is a part of the crowd, which makes us a part of him”.
This sense of connectivity has been repeated time and again around the world, as the Dutch artist, whose real name is Sander van Dijck, pours out his feelings in a deeply personal performance that seamlessly blends musical elements from the heaviest basses and trance beats to soft vocals and live guitar melodies.
Reflecting this sound in light and video is a 13-universe Manuel Rodrigues-designed show, powered by a ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 desk and video server.
Rodrigues, who worked with the tour’s creative director Thorwald van den Akker, comments. “In my designs I always try to go to the essence of the looks I want to create,” he explains. “I’m very rigorous in applying the ‘less is more’ principle. I try to find the simplest lines and then line up every lighting and video element perfectly with each other. The CAD drawing I made might look boring to the untrained eye; everything is just in rows of the same fixtures, and all elements are lined up with each other. But when the light and video work in concert, their aesthetics become more apparent because of the clean design of the stage.”
The ChamSys MQ80 has been instrumental in helping Rodrigues achieve his vision on the global tour. “My console’s portability, number of universes supported, and the ability to capture palettes o

cb-kyoto-grab02Really Creative in Kyoto with Clean Bandit
Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Japan - When Clean Bandit elected to launch their What Is Love album in a temple in Kyoto with a live TV broadcast, they brought in Really Creative Media to supply their live visual content.
The band has developed an affinity with fans in the region, and following successful shows in Tokyo and Osaka earlier in the year they were keen to return to the East to launch their new album in Kyoto.
The temple’s ambience was accentuated with architectural lighting providing a stunning backdrop for the six-song performance. In addition, a raised two-level LED stage provided a visual centrepiece for the band’s live broadcast.
Really Creative Media’s creative director Jack James had previously worked with Clean Bandit’s show designer Rob Sinclair (fresh from Kylie’s Golden tour) and lighting designer Liam Griffiths on the band’s tour content, reuniting with the team for this global launch.
Bespoke animated analogue style content was created for the raised stage, the abstract shapes and colours from which were then precisely synchronised with the lighting to great effect. The LED panels were sourced from a local Japanese technical production supplier and integrated with RCM’s media servers on location.
James explains: “Playback was based around one of our Resolume media server fly packs, which are ideal for the flexibility that this sort of performance demands. The compact nature of the fly pack means that they are easy to travel with, too.
“We produced the new content in our studios in London, also incorporating some

claypakypink1-2018toddkaplanClaypaky lights Pink’s Beautiful Trauma tour
Wednesday, 30 January 2019

World - Pink continues her Beautiful Trauma World Tour with Claypaky Scenius Unico and Mythos 2 fixtures shining a light on the American singer’s performances.
The tour is Pink’s seventh concert tour and supports her eponymous seventh studio album. The tour began in Phoenix in March 2018 and is scheduled to conclude in Rio in October 2019. Pink’s critically acclaimed show includes the now expected mix of singing, interpretive dancing and high-flying aerials.
“As with all Pink shows the lighting design needs to be versatile,” says Baz Halpin of Burbank’s silentHOUSE who is the lighting designer/production designer and director of the show. “Pink is equal parts rock show, theatre show and aerial cirque show. With so many facets to the treatment of each of the songs the lighting design and the fixtures chosen need to have enough flexibility to meet the needs of each discipline without sacrificing the qualities required.
“The fixtures needs to have enough punch and response for the highly-cued rock sections. For the theatrical/dance sections the need for quality of subtle colours and even fields are more important, while for the aerial numbers the need for the fixtures to create a sufficient light level without ever blinding or dazzling is paramount.”
Halpin obtained 93 Scenius Unicos and 118 Mythos 2 for the tour from Solotech. “Since late 2017 we have been enamoured with the Scenious range,” he explains. “The Unico, as a well-rounded multi-purpose fixture, I believe it is unmatched. As a key light, a long-distanc

milanOutline rocks in the New Year in Milan
Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Italy - There was a large crowd for the traditional concert held in front of Milan cathedral to welcome the New Year, animated by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Francesco Gabbani and his band, the energy of the Bluebeaters, with their infectious ska and rocksteady rhythms, RDS radio personality Paolo Piva, comedian Dario Vergassola and a DJ set.
The big challenge to be faced this year was ensuring acoustic coverage for 20,000 spectators without the use of delay systems, as explains Sacha Bozzo, head of Show Technologies from Recco (Genoa), the event’s rental company: “It was of fundamental importance for us to ensure everybody a great show, and at the same time meet all the security regulations an event of this type involves, so we decided to approach the project without taking delay systems into consideration, as they would have probably ended up blocking sightlines and escape routes.
“Our system engineer, Giancarlo “Jerry” Paladini, and Giulio Gandini (Outline Tech Support) did a great job on this and, thanks to Outline’s OpenArray3D modelling software, we were able to preview several simulations and transform the best on paper into reality.”
Paladini explains in detail: “For the main Outline rig, as well as 12 GTO C-12 and two GTO-DF per side, for spectators at each side of the (14m-wide) stage, there were 12 Butterfly plus three Mantas. 24 DBS 18-2 subs were installed two-up on the ground, with six Mantas as front-fill speakers.
“This set-up was powered by 12 Powersoft X8 amplifiers and an Outline Newton 16+

l-acousticsRat Sound flies L-Acoustics for Chris Cornell tribute
Wednesday, 30 January 2019

USA - The stars came out in force for I Am the Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell, a fundraising concert held at the Forum in Los Angeles on 16 January.
The five-hour show was anchored by extended sets from members of three of the bands that Cornell fronted - Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audioslave - and featured performances by Metallica, Foo Fighters, The Melvins, and others. Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the show also featured an extensive list of guests, including Jack Black, Brad Pitt, Brandi Carlile, Fiona Apple, Josh Homme, Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine, Chris Stapleton, and Ziggy Marley, who all paid tribute to the musician who suffered from depression, which led him to take his life in May of 2017.
Rat was asked to participate in the benefit and has a long history of working with Soundgarden, dating back to the band’s tour with Danzig in 1990. "The event presented some complex challenges, which we enjoyed overcoming,” reports Tom Worley, account manager for Rat Sound Systems who provided an L-Acoustics K1/K2 line array system with KS28 subs, together with five DiGiCo and two Avid mixing consoles plus an Avid multi-track recording rig.
Rat Sound spent three days at the venue and fielded 15 crewmembers to handle setup, onsite rehearsals, and the show. “It was a special event for a good cause,” says Worley, “and we were thrilled to be a part of it.”
The L-Acoustics PA comprised, per side, 12 K1 arrays over six K2 for the main hangs and eight K1 over four K2 for the side hangs. Thirteen additional K2 per side provided cove

ghibli-3--quique-curbelo-lpa-culturaAyrton joins Canary Islands festivities
Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Spain - More often viewed as a summer holiday destination, the Canary Islands are also an exciting place to spend the Christmas holidays. The winter festivities began on 29 November 2018 with a spectacle, filled with light and colour, in the form of a show lit by lighting designer Jonay Díaz and produced by Las Palmas-based L.F. Sound S.L.
Las Palmas, capital city of Gran Canaria, shone resplendently with an opening party of song and dance in which Ayrton Ghibli LED spot luminaires stood out as the main fixture, delivering bright colours and textures to complement the many different musical acts.
Under the control of lighting designer Jonay Díaz, and with the production by L.F. Sound S.L, a significant number of Ghibli fixtures were used to project large gobo images onto the facade of the historic Casas Consistoriales building which was used as a backdrop for artists such as Latonius, the Banda Sinfónica Municipal of Las Palmas, and the school Enseñanzas Artísticas Alexia Rodríguez.
“Ghibli’s selection of gobos are capable of illuminating large surfaces with different textures and colours, creating highly dynamic spaces, such as the facade of the Town Hall, on the Plaza of Santa Ana, which was dyed with vivid shapes and colours throughout the show to serve as background to the various performances,” says Miguel Ángel Valera, brand manager for Ayrton at Stonex, Ayrton’s official distributor in Spain.
“The celebration that started Christmas in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was possible thanks to the work of the Municipal Symphoni

pmbsbruteforcePinewood MBS delivers for 6 Underground
Tuesday, 29 January 2019

UK - Pinewood MBS Lighting delivered LED support to gaffer Martin Smith on the new Michael Bay action adventure, 6 Underground.
Filmed with cinematographer Bojan Bazelli, principal photography has wrapped on 6 Underground having taken the crew across a number of international locations, including multiple sets in Italy and the United Arab Emirates.
Speaking about lighting the project, Martin Smith says: “For 6 Underground we had terrific support from the production’s lighting equipment provider, Panalight. We also had additional assistance from the team at Pinewood MBS Lighting, particularly with the Chroma-Q Brute Force and the huge amount of control equipment that we used throughout the shoot.”
Having discussed the project with the gaffer, PMBS invested in a fresh batch of Brute Force fixtures, built specifically for the production.
Martin continues: “I knew I wanted to use the Chroma-Q Brute Force, but also knew it was a relatively new product. Fortunately, Pinewood MBS were able to get 10 units delivered straight to the set in Rome, on time and ready for use, complete with weather covers, which came in handy.”
Working with desk op Dan Walters and practicals electrician James McGee, PMBS also provided control equipment used by the crew over a square kilometre on the production’s large scale sets.
“The support we received from Pinewood MBS has been fantastic. They really did make sure I got the tools I needed for the job. I’ve been particularly impressed with the Brute Force, a great LED prod

ac-sp-motionhouse-1-72dpi-copyright-wwwi101digitalcouk--acAC-SP sets bar high for Motionhouse
Tuesday, 29 January 2019

UK - A.C. Special Projects (AC-SP) has supplied a bespoke performance LED lighting and AV solution to dance-circus company Motionhouse for its creation and rehearsal space in Royal Leamington Spa.
Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Motionhouse creates and tours a wide range of inspiring and powerful productions to theatres and festivals in the UK and across the globe.
Earlier this year, Motionhouse moved into its inspirational new rehearsal space in the new home of British furniture manufacturer Vitsœ in Leamington Spa. The co-habitation was conceived by Vitsœ and Motionhouse to create a vibrant and like-minded working community, and Motionhouse’s move to Vitsœ received capital funding from Arts Council England.
AC-SP needed to adhere to a strict technical specification in order for the installation to blend in with the building.
The original idea was to have motorised truss grids within each of the rehearsal bays, however, initial costs were higher than expected. As a more cost-effective alternative, AC-SP project manager, Chris Little specified Sixty82 fixed ladder truss grids into each rehearsal bay, along with a 3m motorised truss using Columbus McKinnon D8+ Model F motors and Kinesys load monitoring and control.
One of the key requirements from the building owner was that all of the truss had to be installed above the bottom of the timber horizontal beams. This was technically challenging, as a requirement from Motionhouse was to get the rigs a close as possible to the centre beam between each rehearsal bay. The buil

robe-marc-lorenz-robospots-img9915-pMarc Lorenz invests in RoboSpots
Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Germany - Marc Lorenz of Licht-Pixel is a freelance lighting and visuals designer, programmer and operator based in Munich, who works globally on a host of international projects with leading artists. Licht-Pixel owns an amount of specialist equipment related to lighting and visuals control, including a range of popular media servers - Catalyst, Resolume and Modul 8, and the full range of Hog 4 consoles.
Lorenz has recently invested in four full Robe RoboSpot remote followspotting systems, BaseStations and MotionCameras. “With this number of RoboSpots I can immediately service medium and even larger events optimally,” explains Lorenz.
Licht-Pixel’s RoboSpots are run over fibre systems based on Neutrik opticalCON quad to make cabling easy, including Luminex-based networking devices.
The systems have just been out on tour with German pop band PUR and will be on Herbert Gronemeyer’s Spring 2019 tour, then the Porsche Tennis Cup in Stuttgart.
(Jim Evans)

mondrian-beach-hotel-1Miami Beach hotels upgrade with Martin Audio
Tuesday, 29 January 2019

USA - Audio Video Lighting Innovations (AVLI) has upgraded the pool deck sound systems for two Miami Beach luxury hotels, the Mondrian South Beach and Shelborne South Beach, with Martin Audio CDD systems.
Discussing the projects, AVLI’s James Reed reports: “With the Mondrian South Beach pool deck, which faces the bay, we had to solve the problem of noise reflecting off nearby neighbouring residences. The hotel’s original sound system was somewhat underpowered and they were getting a lot of noise complaints from neighbours because the DJ would take a speaker and try to blast it across the pool, which caused all kinds of problems.
“So they called us in to solve the offsite noise problem, which we did very effectively by installing 10 CDD10-WR’s per side on the column system encircling the pool that supports the awning. We positioned each speaker on a column above a decorative planter about six feet above the ground, facing each other in a half moon shape all the way around the pool.”
In terms of the Art Deco Shelborne South Beach, the AVLI pool deck renovation involved an upgrade to replace a six-year-old system that had deteriorated because of the salt air from the oceanside location.
As Reed points out: “We designed a system that would allow the hotel to have elevated audio without renting additional equipment. The system consists of 14 CDD8-WR’s mounted around a long rectangular pool with cabanas on the north side and lounge chairs and a wall on the south side with seven speakers per side that mirror each other across the po

madachszinhazteamBudapest theatre upgrades with dLive
Monday, 28 January 2019

Hungary - Madách Theatre (or Madách Színház), one of the most popular musical theatres in Budapest, has recently undergone a major audio upgrade with several Allen & Heath dLive digital mixing systems.
The 800-seat venue holds around 350 performances a year, in front of approximately 500,000 visitors and stages some of the biggest international musicals, including works by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and is currently premiering dLive’s capabilities in Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock production.
Supplied by Allen & Heath’s Hungarian distributors, Audmax, the installation features three dLive Surfaces, three MixRacks, eight Expanders and several ME Personal Monitoring systems, which allow for the independent mixing of vocals, orchestra and IEM / stage monitors.
“The requirements of this installation were quite complex. Madách needed a system that allowed for four independent mixing systems, which could also work together. This meant we needed something with a very high level of flexibility, a large number of channels and a common “language” for inter-connections. Allen & Heath’s dLive system has so many options which allow for a flexible and easy workflow, it was the perfect solution,” comments Krisztian Varga, system designer and managing director at Audmax.
FOH comprises two dLive S7000s; one controlling sound for the orchestra and the other handling vocals and additional musical performers. Tamás Ditzmann (leading sound engineer at Madách) adds: “dLive was chosen for many reasons. The ability to have a l

yamahaSpant celebrates with Yamaha QL consoles
Monday, 28 January 2019

The Netherlands - Fifty years ago, ‘t Spant was established as the first theatre in Bussum, a town 30km from Amsterdam. The venue now hosts a wide range of theatre, live music and television productions, as well as conventions and other corporate events. One of the few unsubsidised theatres in the Netherlands, it is celebrating its golden anniversary with a new, completely updated Yamaha digital mixing system.
‘t Spant was built in 1969 as a home for local music, theatre and operetta associations. This was replaced by a new building in 1980, which was further refurbished and renamed simply Spant in the 2000s, before the venue was bought by its managing director Paul Haighton and financial director Bert Dijkstra.
Spant has two theatres, the 780-seat Podium 1 and 275-seat podium 2. It hosts around 100 theatre performances and 200 conferences and other events each year. These include many well-known Dutch productions and corporate events for local, national and international businesses.
Most productions use Spant’s own technical inventory. For many years, the sound in Podium 1 was mixed on a Yamaha M7CL digital mixing console and on an 01V96 in Podium 2. Both were always very reliable so, when upgrading the audio system was planned for the end of 2018, Spant technical manager Marcel Scheewe and head of sound Jan-Willem van Vorst had no hesitation in choosing Yamaha again.
Marcel, Jan and sound engineer Frans Grollé looked at a number of options, choosing a system of two Yamaha QL5s and a QL1, two Rio1608-D2 and one Rio3224-D2 I/O units an

magic-trainLEDJ fixtures board Train of Lights
Monday, 28 January 2019

UK - The West Country waved goodbye to 2018 with the Train of Lights light installation.
The Train of Lights was in fact a fully-functioning steam train, filled and decorated with different types of lighting, including the Spectra exterior fixtures from LEDJ, supplied through PL1 Events.
After creating and designing the Christmas lighting at Saltram Enchanted Gardens in 2017, Plymouth-based PL1 Events was chosen to decorate the Christmas train. Not only did the company illuminate a moving train, but it also designed the lighting for the stations and along the rail track for the journey, which commenced at Churston and finished almost seven miles away in Dartmouth, before making the return journey.
With many different types of lighting utilised throughout, the LEDJ Spectra Par series played a key role - 160 Spectra pars and floods were rigged to the underside of the steam trains 10 carriages which were all DMX controlled via QLab.
With 18 x 3W tri-colour LEDs (RGB) and a 40° beam angle the LEDJ Spectra Floods are suitable for feature lighting, providing colour wash effects to the outside of buildings, signage, façades and many other exterior applications. Simple daisy chain connection of power and DMX means that installation time and cost is reduced, explains PL1 Events.
The Spectra Par 15Q8 features 15 x 8W quad-colour LEDs, delivering a smooth wash of colour, ranging from intense, rich saturated hues through to pastel shades. The silent running, convection cooled heavy-duty alloy enclosure features IP65 rated con

chemical-dublin-3-largeFlock of Flares for The Chemical Brothers
Monday, 28 January 2019

UK - The Chemical Brothers’ autumn arena tour of the UK, Europe, and Mexico featured a set design including 93 Solaris Flares from the tour’s lighting provider Lite Alternative, with help from Dry Hire Lighting. With more than enough lumens for any continent, the tour will continue in the US this year.
Show designers Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall created an immersive visual experience for the synth duo, where “the visuals become the lead singer”.
"Strobes are an integral part of Chemical Brothers’ shows,” explains Smith. “For the 2018-19 shows we created a wall of them. Using Flares allowed us the flexibility to strobe into the audience, but also to saturate them in light as musically appropriate. Their incredible brightness and colours, plus their multi-use capabilities and reaction time, are what made us choose them."
Lyall adds: “For arena shows the strobe wall comprised a 5 x 11 grid of Flares on custom wire ladders which went up on mid-stage winches at points in the show. With three more rows of 11, plus more on the stage and truss, we used a total of 93 Flares. We love the Flare’s intensity and great saturated colours. They work well for strobing but also as a wash light. Their output really knocks people over.”
Production designer and technical director Toby Dennis says, “The Flares gave us a multi-coloured strobe fixture that also satisfied the level of intensity we required. We used the four-cell mode for different shapes and textures giving us endless visual options to play with. The Solaris Flares are a true mu

zero88-eaton-team-at-warehouse-in-cwmbran-warehouseZero goes beyond 88
Friday, 25 January 2019

UK - Eaton’s Zero 88 has reported hit the magic number of ‘88’ in terms of countries to which the ZerOS lighting control products have been supplied.
The first award-winning FLX console was launched in autumn 2015. Sales rose steadily throughout 2016. Since 2017, especially following the launch of the FLX S range, sales have increased dramatically via a carefully selected worldwide distribution network.
Business for the FLX range initially took off in the UK and Europe, according to Tyler Holpin, UK key accounts & international sales manager for the Cwmbran based manufacturer.
However, the hot countries for FLX sales during 2018 were Japan and Australia. Other places doing well and growing fast are South Africa, the Middle East, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and India, and the global reach of the brand and the FLX range in particular has resulted in significant sales in places as diverse as Bangladesh, Egypt and Mauritius and the Channel Islands.
Sales to rental companies and the television sector were particularly impressive, and FLX consoles are in constant use for live events and concerts: It’s also a winner for multi-purpose installations.
David Catterall, general manager for Zero 88 Eaton Lighting Systems, estimates that the ZerOS user base “has doubled” in the last 12 months, “and that’s down to the foresight and hard work of the whole team here - R ‘n D, manufacture, sales, marketing and admin. While there are currently some uncertainties in 2019 regarding our exact relationship with the EU, we are fully positio

kokovrLED Creative goes live for Liam Payne
Friday, 25 January 2019

UK - Staged at Camden’s KOKO club the event was a double first - the artists first headline London show, plus the first broadcast by production company MelodyVR of a live concert in virtual reality.
The broadcast was livestreamed internationally via the MelodyVR and as a live 360° Facebook event, giving fans the opportunity of a close up viewer experience of the intimate show by the ex-One Direction star.
Lighting the performance, LD Stuart Pring enlisted the services of Version2 for the main rig, adding an array of additional effects provided by LED Creative.
Utilising the LED specialist’s Pulse Wand fixtures, the LD created a linear installation that provided an extra depth of perspective to the stage which served to enhance the virtually reality effect. For added visual impact right throughout the 360° experience Sigma Pulse Wands were also used to form custom built geometric shapes, fixed across the ornate balconies flanking the stage, right up to the upper circle.
Available for rental as ‘plug and play’ fixtures, the Pulse Wands are a low energy, tubular illumination system that combines both the brightness and look of traditional neon/fluorescent fixtures with the versatility, intensity and highly controllable performance of LED technology. Pairing the Wands with LED Creative Byte Controllers, the crew were able to maintain full management over the installation, augmenting the production with powerful, precise colour and movement throughout the show.
On site to assist with prepping the equipment for the show, LED Creativ

stone-sour--bronwen-caple-photography-10Nexus panels in the mix for Stone Sour
Friday, 25 January 2019

Australia - Playing bars and clubs in their native Des Moines, Iowa in the 1990s, Stone Sour got their name from a popular drink that mixed one-part whiskey with one-part orange juice and a splash of sour mix. In the years that followed, the Grammy-nominated multi-platinum band has attracted a global fan base with its own cocktail mix of metal and alternate rock sounds.
The band’s performance revolves around a simple concept: rock hard, rock loud and be ferocious. This nonstop intensity led Scott Warner to feature the high-output Nexus Aw 7x7 in the first lightshow he designed for Stone Sour in 2017. This December, he went back to the same fiery well again, using the warm white LED panels for his client’s co-headline appearance with The Offspring at Australia’s Good Things Festival.
“I really liked the way these panels worked on my last tour with Stone Sour,” said Warner. “So, when I learned that they were available for this festival run, I didn’t hesitate to add them.”
The Good Things Festival takes place on consecutive days in three cities: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. A leading hard rock and metal event in Australia, the festival draws passionately dedicated fans that come seeking intense sounds and sights. Stone Sour and Warner didn’t disappoint. Along with the band’s heavy guitar riffs, double bass drums and growling vocals by frontman Corey Taylor was a bright, searing and punchy lightshow with plenty of audience lighting from the Nexus Aw 7x7 fixtures.
“I focused the Nexus units so they would punch up the inc

Chauvet on Tom Odell’s Jubilee Road
Thursday, 24 January 2019

UK - Joe Beardsmore is lighting designer for Tom Odell’s current Jubilee Road tour. Using an impressive collection of Chauvet Professional Maverick and Ovation fixtures, Beardsmore is supporting his chart-topping client’s music with a diverse lightshow that weaves colourful silhouettes, starburst backlighting, gentle top washes, blindingly intense specials and a host of other dazzling effects into a seamlessly integrated visual package.
Controlling the 15-universe show is a ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 with a Stadium Wing and a PC Wing Compact. A double-draped backdrop ties this multi-faceted panorama together.
“I have been working with Tom Odell across the world in many venues,” says Beardsmore. “When he asked me to devise a new design to take out on his Jubilee Road Tour, he pretty much gave me free rein. However, he had a red drape backdrop that he wanted. I didn’t want to be stuck with that for the whole show, so I came up with a design that allows me to switch between a mixture of red and cream backdrops through the use of rotating double-sided drapes and kabuki drop. This lets me have the plush red backdrop Tom wants, plus a clean canvas for other songs.”
Beardsmore is using this canvas as the backdrop for a far-ranging lightshow anchored by 12 Maverick MK2 Spot, six Maverick MK3 Wash and eight Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures, along with six Ovation E-910FC and six Ovation E-930VW ellipsoidals.
The MK3 Wash and MK2 Spot fixtures in the rig are double rigged on three pre-rig truss structures with four spots on top and two washes below t

west-side-story6Axcor Profile debuts on West Side Story
Thursday, 24 January 2019

Italy - The Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino hosted the return of Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story 100 years after his birth.
The Florentine edition was directed by Federico Bellone and produced by WEC (World Entertainment Company), thanks to an agreement with Music Theatre International (MTI). The book was newly adapted by Franco Travaglio, Jerome Robbins's original choreography was reproduced by Fabrizio Angelini, and the music was provided by the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino orchestra and choir conducted by Maestro Francesco Lanzillotta.
Lighting designer Valerio Tiberi drew inspiration for his work "from the new adaptation and the atmosphere of the Upper West Side of New York in the mid-1950s. For this occasion, I requested and used the new Axcor Profile 600 from the Claypaky Axcor series for the first time in Italy." Two versions are available on the market: one with an extremely bright 500W 6500K white LED source, and the other with a colour temperature of 5600K and CRI of 90.
The vast stage and scenery recalled the urban jungle of New York, where the Jets and Sharks try to get the upper hand in an atmosphere of hatred and intolerance, until this is broken by the star-crossed romantic love story between Tony and Maria and its tragic epilogue. The performance of the six Profile 900s the theatre is equipped with was integrated with 24 new Axcor Profile 600s arranged both on the ground in the wings, and above the stage on the battens.
"I am definitely happy with the overall set-up I was able to give this lighting design, and

coves1PR lights underground caves in Mallorca
Thursday, 24 January 2019

Spain - Cuevas d’Arta in Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands’ foremost visitor attractions - a series of underground caverns with spectacular stalactite and stalagmite formations (one with a height of 22m).
The guided tour comes with special effects and the various chambers are given Dantesque names: Hell, Purgatory, Paradise. The descent into Hell is swiftly followed by a light and sound display and in fact during the Summer season the caves are used for events and high society parties.
It was with a view to improving the experience for tourists that the owners recently carried out an atmospheric lighting upgrade, turning to Sound Light Spain (SLS), who for the past five years have been the territorial distributor for PR Lighting.
The company was recommended to the project by one of its customers, Balearics-based Deejaysgrup, directed by the company’s owner Toni Llobera. “After trying different lights in the venue they finally opted for PR lighting,” says SLS system engineer, Òscar Casassas.
They specified eight each of the lightweight and compact PR XPar 150 and XPar 150 Zoom, housing advanced 150W lamp, with RGBW colour mixing, as well as eight ARC LED 3108 architectural fixtures, each containing 108 3W RGBW LEDs. The lights are used to colour change different walls inside the cave as well as the main room.
All are IP67-rated and designed for extreme outdoor use, and this made them perfect for the purpose, as the SLS engineer explains. “The wet environment was a real challenge and the most difficult issue was achievin

ratRat Sound chooses Outline Newton
Thursday, 24 January 2019

USA - California rental company Rat Sound Systems has decided to purchase some Newton 16+8, Outline’s FPGA-based processing platform.
Jon Monson, project manager at Rat Sound Systems states: "Rat Sound has been searching for several years for a solution to drive our festival sound systems and Outline has met the challenge with an elegant solution. With the Newton we can combine consoles and drive outputs in a multitude of popular formats, and we appreciate all the various clocking options.
“Our system engineers instantly appreciated the intuitive, easy to use software control. Rat has immediately started deploying Newtons on a multitude of festivals, and we plan on utilising them on all our festival events in 2019 and beyond."
Top bands, performers and venues serviced by the company from Camarillo, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., Warped Tour, Weezer, Queens of the Stone Age, Jack Johnson, Coachella, Ben Harper, Bryan Adams, Jimmy Eat World, Paramount Studios, Macy’s and The Pomona Fox Theater.
(Jim Evans)

rainforestV-Series tames rainforest festival
Thursday, 24 January 2019

Malaysia - The Rainforest World Music Festival takes over the Sarawak Cultural Village tourist attraction every July, drawing renowned international musicians as well as indigenous musicians from the island of Borneo.
The festival has been attracting large audiences from all around Southeast Asia and beyond for several years. During each afternoon, cultural workshops take place combined with lectures on ethno-musical topics, jamming sessions and breakout gigs, and then in the evening the main performances hit the two stages erected by Kuching-based rental company Projection House.
Kevin Phua has been a key figure at Projection House throughout its 18-year existence, and for the past four years has deployed the d&b V-Series at the festival. This year once again the Jungle Stage and the Tree Stage were built at ninety degrees to each other and were set up for ‘ping-pong’ performances for maximum continuity.
“Let’s say one band is performing on the Jungle Stage,” Phua explains, “so this is when we’ll get everything ready for the next band on the Tree Stage before the turnaround. Each band performance is estimated at 45 minutes, so that’s the time we have to line things up and keep the music flowing.”
Both stages used 12 elements of the V8 3-way, passive line array loudspeaker, supported by four V12s; one stage had 12 V-SUBs and the other used eight J-SUBS flyable cardioid subwoofers from the J-Series. Phua appreciates the infrastructure of the V-Series particularly in these sometimes challenging conditions.
“Of cour


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