Belgium - The Belgium Jazz Orchestra prides itself on doing things differently. Collaboration is at its heart and by composing original music and creating unique arrangements they ensure that their shows are anything but standard.
Performed in six different venues, BJO30 was a celebration of the orchestra’s achievements over the last 30 years. Support for these inventive artists came from Belgium based concert and touring sound specialists MONO. The team decided that the best option to provide a dedicated, robust, well-designed in-ear monitoring solution would be KLANG, combined with a DiGiCo SD12-96 and two D2-Racks.
Enabling the core orchestra of 17 and the additional 13 visiting musicians to perform at their best over the almost three-hour concert required a spacio

UAE - When the UR&E team received a job enquiry back in July 2022, nothing seemed particularly out of the ordinary about it. Little would they know that 18 months later, they would be involved with one of the biggest box office successes of the year on the set of Dune: Part 2.
The epic science fiction film, produced by Legendary Pictures, directed by Denis Villenueve and distributed by Warner Bros Pictures, is the sequel to Dune (2021). It follows Paul Atriedes as he unites with the Fremen people of the desert planet Arrakis to wage war against House Harkonnen. S

Slovenia - Popular vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile celebrated their 40th anniversary with a series of high-profile shows at Ljubljana’s Cankarjev Dom, the country’s biggest theatre venue, asking Crt Birsa from design studio Blackout to create lighting suitable for the occasion.
With the assistance of substantial quantities of Robe moving lights, Crt created an impressive visual showcase, working closely with Mark Pirc, brought in as video content creator and co-show director with Aljaz Bastic for these special performances.
Crt has lit the group several times over the la

UK - Having supported Michael McIntyre tours for many years (as Capital Sound) with Martin Audio solutions, Solotech UK has again been entrusted with providing sound reinforcement on the stand-up comedian’s current Macnificent 2023-24 arena tour.
MLA had successfully graced the last two tours, but this time Solotech switched up to the British manufacturer’s newer flagship large-format line array, WPL.
The Off The Kerb production team behind the tour remains the same, with Neil McDonald once again overseeing the tech. “It’s a pleasure to be working again with Neil and

Switzerland - Among the highest-attended ski races in the world, the Lauberhorn Alpine World Cup was inaugurated in 1930 and has been a highlight in the Swiss winter sports calendar ever since.
Long-time technical provider for the event, Stagepro, deployed a Wharfedale Pro audio solution at the event for the first time this year. With a total of 80,000 on-site spectators and a television viewership of 1.2m, the event required a reliable and professional audio solution. A combination of Wharfedale Pro’s WLA-1 line array systems provided the quality and coverage required for an e

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