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dogamachinehallArchitecture foundation builds with dLive
Monday, 22 July 2019

Norway - Norway’s Design & Architecture (DOGA) foundation has recently undergone a total renovation of the audio system in its historic machine hall (built in 1898), with a compact Allen & Heath dLive set-up.
The foundation strives to strengthen the presence of design and architecture in Norway, promoting innovation and quality when developing products, buildings and services. Its facilities are regularly rented out for a variety of events, covering conferences, seminars, concerts and screenings. As such, Allen & Heath’s Norwegian distributors, Benum Norway, were tasked with the installation, which required a simple, flexible and transportable sound system for the 340sq.m hall.
The full set-up comprises a dLive C1500 surface paired with a DM0 MixRack (fitted with a Dante card), an IP8 and IP6 remote controller, and a DX168 expander for additional remote I/O. Providing an easily transportable and customisable system meant that DOGA could switch between set-ups in a matter of minutes, depending on the event requirements.
“Working in the event business, we have a lot of different clients with various backgrounds and technical competence. Our goal with this installation was to transform our main space (Hallen) into a flexible and straight forward room to rent and using the dLive C1500, made it even more so,” explains Torstein Strand (technical manager / event coordinator at DOGA). “dLive has such an intuitive interface, it makes every process easy and efficient – it’s the perfect fit for this installation.”
Strand adds:

rtstmz01TMZ upgrades video production with RTS
Monday, 22 July 2019

USA - Fuelled by breaking stories and celebrity news, TMZ has been a major media success story over the past decade. The media outlet expanded beyond its online roots into broadcast, producing daily syndicated programs including TMZ on TV, TMZ Live and TMZ Sports. All are produced in TMZ’s production facility in the Playa Vista technology corridor of Los Angeles.
Intercoms at TMZ studios have always been an RTS affair, based on an ADAM-M digital matrix system, KP-12 and KP-32 keypanels, and BTR partyline wireless beltpacks. With the need to vacate the UHF frequencies used by their BTR system due to FCC rule changes, the TMZ team recently upgraded the wireless portion of their RTS system.
In consultation with Bexel, their broadcast integrator, they installed an RTS Roameo wireless system with 12 TR-1800 beltpacks. Four AP-1800 wireless access points spread throughout the facility enable users to move seamlessly between the studios, control rooms and post-production.
Brett Kotheimer, TMZ director of broadcast operations, first saw Roameo at the NAB show and saw how advanced the new system was. “We needed a good, solid wireless system for our floor crew, and Roameo certainly is that,” he says. “But this system really takes things to another level. It puts a virtual keypanel on your hip. It can access basically any crosspoint on the matrix, so each pack can be personalized for the user. That customisation was a huge feature for us.”
TMZ installed four AP-1800 access points across their production areas, including postproduction. “Now w

stormzyStormzy’s Glastonbury set mixed on Soundcraft
Monday, 22 July 2019

UK - The sonic delivery for Stormzy’s Friday night headline slot on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury was handled effortlessly by FOH sound engineer Raphael Williams, a long-time user of Harman’s Soundcraft Vi Series of mixing consoles.
To mix the show, Williams used a pair of Soundcraft Vi2000 desks at FOH connected together in Mirror Mode, provided by his own company Bethel Productions. This mode allows the two consoles to constantly push control data to one another, effectively increasing the available number of faders and Vistonics touch screens. Not only did this provide Williams with a surface extension, but also redundancy in the unlikely event of a console failure. “It was not that I needed a back-up, though,” he affirms, “as these consoles have always been rock solid.”
In addition to the two consoles, he also carried two Soundcraft Realtime Racks, augmenting the consoles’ on-board processing with the full suite of UAD-2 plug-ins. Although he says he is “not a plug-in crazy person”, using the DSP engines sparingly, his lead vocal insert contains a UAD Precision Channel Strip for its EQ and compressor, running into an SSL 4000 E channel strip. “I use the modelled SSL preamp on that strip to produce a “glassy” sound on the lead vocal. I’m also using a Fairchild 670 Legacy on the drum bus and the dbx 160 plug-in on various guitars, brass and keys.”
Also travelling with him was a Soundcraft Ui24R digital remote-controlled mixer, which acted as a shout system, handling all the communications between FOH and backstage

equip-thgo-shepherds-bush-empireequip supplies THGO at The Empire
Friday, 19 July 2019

UK - Technical production specialist equip event services co-ordinated all the technical elements - lighting, audio and staging - for The House & Garage Orchestra’s (THGO) recent sold-out gig at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.
The ensemble, founded in 2015, has ignited an appetite for their energetic reimagining of some of the UK’s biggest house and garage hits.
When production manager Kevin Jianoran joined in November 2018, they were an eight-piece with guest vocalists and just him on the crew as the touring sound engineer. Since then it’s quickly upscaled to become a 20-piece orchestra, complete with brass and string sections, 14 guest vocalists and a technical crew of eight.
equip, based in Brixton, London, were approached by Kevin, who is also the band’s monitor engineer, to work on their tour last November, which was a big success. He then returned to James Cooper and the equip team and asked if they could work on the high-profile Shepherd’s Bush gig, plus their upcoming tour.
“Everyone at equip has always been very accommodating and friendly. Nothing is ever a problem, they come up with smart and imaginative solutions and work sensibly within designated budgets and other parameters” he commented.
He also specifically wanted a single production supplier able to deal efficiently with all the technical elements and co-ordination, and being local to the London venue was considered a bonus.
Dan Barley, equip MD, states: “We were all super-excited to be working with Kevin and THGO band again. Shepherd’s Bush was a

tokyo-sing-song-1Tokyo Sing Song makes waves with Pioneer
Friday, 19 July 2019

Australia - Tokyo Sing Song is located in the basement of the Marlborough Hotel in Newtown, Sydney and although the 200-capacity venue is compact, since it opened in 2014 it’s earned a reputation for its loud late-night parties and electric atmosphere.
In late 2018, Harold Dumke, Tokyo Sing Song’s marketing and entertainment coordinator, was made an offer he couldn’t refuse. In partnership with DJW Projects, Pioneer Pro Audio gave him the opportunity to install the brand’s first sound system in Australasia, replacing the club’s old PA. “I was completely blown away,” remembers Dumke. “I thought we were very lucky to be able to have a top-tier product from Pioneer Pro Audio that no one had seen or heard before in Australia.”
The musical offering at Tokyo Sing Song is so diverse - with DJs and live acts playing everything from hip-hop, disco, and soul, to house, jazz, and techno on different nights of the week so the club needed a versatile system.
Ryan Gay, product manager at Pioneer Electronics Australia, worked with DJW Projects’ managing director, Dave Coxon, to specify a setup of four XY-3B three-way bi-amp loudspeakers and two XY-218HS dual 18-inch horn-loaded subwoofers. The natural audio produced by these units allows the accurate reproduction of the myriad genres of music played at the club and their high output fills the basement space with the huge sound pressure the crowd was used to but with increased clarity.
“DJW Projects did a great job working with the venue and us to make sure the sound was designed perfect

the-glade-stage-2019-funktion-oneGlastonbury debut for Funktion-One’s Vero
Friday, 19 July 2019

UK - Funktion-One teamed up with long-term partner Audio Plus to give Vero its first Glastonbury outing at The Glade. The stage, which enjoyed a mixed programme of DJ and live performances, received plaudits from artists, festivalgoers and sound engineers, who praised the system’s precise stereo imaging and generous headroom.
Luke Piper, area coordinator of Avalon, Glade and The Wood, said: "I was overjoyed with the new system - it surpassed all expectations. We quadrupled the normal capacity of the venue up to 20,000, with people dancing right at the back of the crowd to Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim and Squarepusher. Here it sounded just as good as at the front with a full range, solid, clear and real bottom end, and great mid-range separation. Vero is a very real 'non-synthetic' alive sounding system that's perfect for live and electronic acts alike. It's the best system I've ever worked with."
The Glade Stage system comprised left and right hangs of seven Vero enclosures per side - three V315s, two V90s and two V60s. These flown arrays were paired with an asymmetric bass setup consisting of a two wide/six high block of F124s stage left and a stack of four F221s stage right. The system was powered by Lab.gruppen PLM20K44 amps.
A fill system was deployed around the video relay screen which serviced the overspill area. It featured Evo 7Ts with Evo 7THs (for enhanced mid/highs) and F221 bass enclosures and could be turned on or off, depending on the size of the crowd.
Funktion-One implemented new crossover filter discoveries made during the develo

godiva-festivalSAS debuts Martin MLA at Godiva Festival
Thursday, 18 July 2019

UK - Coventry’s Godiva Festival, which takes place in the City’s War Memorial Park, was founded as a free festival in 1997. This year, the 120,000 festivalgoers had to pay a nominal admission fee to attend the weekend-long event, which was headlined by The Levellers, Feeder and Busted on the respective days.
Chris ‘Stan’ Saunders has been overseeing the festival’s evolving technology requirements, as has the company with which he has long been associated, Stage Audio Services (SAS).
SAS owner Kevin Mobberley comments: “We’ve been providing event services for Godiva since the year 2000 but this is the first year we have used [Martin Audio’s] MLA PA. Previously, we have used other brands.”
This public park is a highly sensitive noise area, and acousticians Vanguardia are contracted to measure sound propagation and set offsite thresholds - something that the advanced controllability of MLA is equal to meeting. “MLA was our natural choice,” says Mobberley, “and we pushed the organisers in that direction.”
They rigged the full-sized MLA, nine elements per side, with 10 x MLX subwoofers in a cardioid array along the front. Three MLA Compact enclosures provided near-fills and four DD12’s were also on hand should any other gaps have needed plugging in the coverage pattern.
One of the key challenges was the proximity of the two stages, but with programming in the capable hands of Stan Saunders, a fully-qualified MLA operative, sound spillage was kept to a minimum. “I have used MLA quite a few times and it was good to

blitzBlitz and Manchester Central extend partnership
Thursday, 18 July 2019

UK - The Manchester Central exhibition and conference complex has extended its partnership with technical event production specialist Blitz to be its in-house partner for AV services.
The agreement contracts Blitz, which has worked with Central for 11 years, until 2022.
Carol Gibbs, director of venues for Blitz, comments: “We are thrilled to be selected as Manchester Central’s in-house AV partner for another three years. The venue is a landmark in the city and beyond, and with so many meeting space options to play with, it’s an AV supplier’s dream. We look forward to creating many extraordinary and memorable experiences for both the venue and their clients.”
Sarah Bickerton, director of events at Manchester Central, adds: “We’ve built up a really strong working relationship with the Blitz team and are looking forward to continuing to work with them in the future. We get extremely positive client feedback about our AV offer and so we’re delighted to continue our partnership.”
(Jim Evans)

ssllive-l500-jerome-kalfon-fohSSL Live on The Voice France
Thursday, 18 July 2019

France - The Voice France is broadcast on TF1, the largest private French TV station, during prime time on Saturday nights.
Set in Studio 217 at La Plaine Saint Denis, just north of Paris, its stage is the largest in Europe at 2090sq.m, with a 1,300 capacity. As with any major broadcast event, it's a meticulous, multi-console affair, and requires a plethora of inputs. FOH engineer Jerome Kalfon and monitor engineer Alex Maggi both mix the show on SSL L500s to mix the show.
The Voice France utilises 128 mics, four SSL ML32.32 stage boxes, and an SSL BL II - Blacklight Concentrator, which allows FOH and monitors to share all inputs. The two broadcast consoles in the OB van receive inputs directly from inbuilt broadcast MADI splitters located at the back of the stage boxes, and the broadcast mix comes directly from the SSL mic amps and SSL conversion.
Jerome Kalfon has used the SSL at FOH for three years on The Voice, and enjoys working from it even more now than when he first started, testament to all the feature enhancements that have been implemented along the way.
“This is such a sophisticated musical show, where each song is sung by a different performer, with a different ambience and style, so setup can be radically different from one title to the other. For the live shows it is very intense to manage the music mix, and also to deal with the frantic comms between all the production teams, such as the video sequences being fired from the OB van.
“It's so often the way when you're working on a demanding TV sho

danteDante AV now available
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

USA - Audinate has announced that the Dante AV module and the Dante AV product design suite are now available to order.
The Dante AV module adds video capabilities to Dante’s unified control and tight synchronisation of AV signals over standard IP networks, alongside benefits such as discovery, ease-of-use and integrated control. Dante AV enables complete interoperability with more than 2,000 Dante-enabled audio products already on the market.
“Bringing Dante AV to market is the culmination of our work to add the V to AV,” says Bob Ehlers, VP of product management at Audinate. “By adding video to Dante we are making it easier for manufacturers to add robust and integrated audio and video capabilities. In turn, that means a better AV experience for all end users who depend on - and have come to love - Dante and Dante-enabled products and solutions. We are incredibly pleased and honoured to have Patton be one of the first to adopt Dante AV.”
Buddy Oliver, VP of business development for Patton spoke about Patton’s adoption of Dante AV: “Patton brought on the FiberPlex (aka LightViper) brand in 2017. Patton’s VoIP expertise combined with FiberPlex’s AV experience makes the addition of video a natural next step. We are excited to introduce video capable UC products to our existing markets as well as gaining access to new adjacent markets.”
The Dante AV Module supports one video channel and eight channels of uncompressed Dante audio. The Dante AV Module is suitable for manufacturers creating 1G video-over-IP products and inclu

radio-activeSeattle’s McCaw Hall goes Radio Active
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

USA - Marion Oliver McCaw Hall at Seattle Centre, home to the Pacific Northwest Ballet and Seattle Opera, upgraded its wireless intercoms with four Radio Active Designs (RAD) UV-1G base stations and 24 belt packs provided by Lift AV, also of Seattle.
“When we heard about the frequency restack we immediately worked on getting ahead of it,” explains John Coulter, AV technician for Seattle Centre. “We compared three or four different intercom systems but, in the end, the RAD units provided the frequency agility and signal latency our residents needed.”
McCaw Hall opened in 2003 after a $127m renovation of the Seattle Opera House. The Hall is owned by the City of Seattle and operated by Seattle Center. McCaw Hall is home to the 2,900-seat Susan Brotman Auditorium, the 380-seat Nesholm Family Lecture Hall, multiple lobbies and a public plaza that serves as entry into McCaw Hall and the Seattle Centre campus.
“The RAD intercoms are in almost constant use,” adds Coulter. “In addition to roughly 150 performances by the ballet and opera, the hall hosts music concerts, lectures, corporate meetings, festival performance and a variety of community and non-profit events. We typically check out up to 18 belt packs for each and keep one system free for whatever is coming and going. There are events squeezed in between ballet and opera performances regularly.”
The UV-1G base stations operate in a very small slice of the UHF spectrum 25 kHz) while the body packs operate solely in the VHF realm. This frees up considerable RF bandwidth for other

nac-theatre-004Optocore at the hub of NAC overhaul
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Canada - Based in Ottawa, and designed in the brutalist architectural style, Canada’s National Arts Centre (NAC) has been serving the performing arts since 1969.
A bilingual, multi-disciplinary home for Canada’s most creative artists, the NAC strives to be artistically adventurous in each of its programming streams - the NAC Orchestra, Dance, English Theatre, French Theatre, Indigenous Theatre and NAC Presents. Offering a variety of free programming and events, The Centre collaborates with artists and arts organizations across the country, invests in ambitious new works and nurtures the next generation of audiences and artists from across Canada.
As part of a recent $110m overhaul, globally-renowned integrators, Engineering Harmonics, were hired to design a comprehensive audio/visual system that would service their needs for the next 15 years and beyond.
The project required upgrades to three of the performance spaces, replacing outdated equipment and infrastructure including some items from the original fit-out. These included Southam Hall, the Babs Asper Theatre and the Azrieli Studio and the upgrade included mixing consoles, speakers, amplifiers, DSP, intercom and a state-of-the-art digital fibre optic network provided by Optocore.
The NAC purchased a total of 54 Optocore units deployed across the three networks. Each venue was designed to have its own dedicated network, with a mix of permanently installed Optocore devices and mobile racks that could be moved freely between connection points in a venue or from one venue to another to

digicoDiGiCo shines on Alfie Boe UK tour
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

UK - Tenor and actor Alfie Boe is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Jean Valjean on the 25th anniversary edition of Les Misérables at the O2 in 2010, which earned him a five-month run in the West End production at the Queen's theatre the following year. He has also sold more than one million albums in the UK, with his recent duet albums with Michael Ball. He has recently completed a highly successful UK tour, as well as a handful of shows in Europe and Japan, with long-time FOH engineer, Mark 'Joey' Jowitt, and monitor engineer, Steve Bunting, both relying on DiGiCo consoles - an SD10 and SD7 respectively, supplied by Major Tom - out on the road.
“Alfie is a very personable and easy-going guy, and he's very appreciative of the job everyone does,” says Bunting, who has worked with Boe for several years, including his time touring with Michael Ball. “We have a great team on this tour - not just on audio, but across the whole crew and band. And we still get on! The support we have had from Andy Banks at Major Tom has also been great - and the schedule hasn't been too tough - we never do more than two shows in a row - and it's done good business.”
The main production tour took place in and around the UK, predominantly in the north, and finished at the Royal Albert Hall in London. After that, Boe took a smaller, five-piece setup to Ireland, Holland and Japan, using local production.
Bunting has been a DiGiCo user for eight years; he says there is always a DiGiCo option to fit whatever gig he is doing, big or small.
“They s

golden-gate-cathedral-2Community solution for Golden Gate Cathedral
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

USA - Unbalanced sound in a highly reverberant space motivated Golden Gate Cathedral to seek specialist advice to solve the problem. The church turned to integration specialist MC2Solutions, whose experience in designing and installing high quality systems in similar venues has become well known.
Golden Gate Cathedral is a church in Memphis, Tennessee. With a membership of over 2000, the church’s main sanctuary has a seating capacity of 1,350. The church’s pastor, Bishop Edward H. Stephens, is a passionate and expressive preacher, so a sound system with a natural balanced sound and outstanding intelligibility is an essential element in delivering his sermons.
Carl Woodard II, owner and designer of MC2Solutions, explained, “Used for a wide range of services and productions, the sound system is required to provide very high-quality speech and full-range music, with the crucial focus being on frequency balance and intelligibility. To avoid reflections, we designed the system using wide dispersion line arrays to ensure even coverage of the congregation.”
Woodard continued, “Community provides the ideal solution for this application in the form of its new IV6 modular vertical array system. IV6 is a passive system that delivers a cost-effective combination of acoustic purity and long-term reliability. Its multiple configuration and splay options gave me the tools to design a system with excellent SPL and frequency response consistency and seamless coverage.”
The system consists of left and right arrays, each comprising six IV6-1122 wide

parliament-roomJordan parliament upgrades with Pan Acoustics
Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Jordan - The Jordan parliament in the capital Amman has installed a Pan Beam sound system based on the Pan Beam PB 24.
In the Parliament the Pan Acoustics integration partner Girhoma combined the Televic conference system with the Pan Beam PB 24’s to meet the requirement of a more speech intelligible slim speakers system.
The main challenge for the engineers of Girhoma was the amphitheatre lay out of the building where a conventional system had proven not be able to cover all seats within a height difference of over 4m between the lowest and highest positioned seats. The Pan Beam systems offering multi-beam technology use three beams directed to the different levels.
Another challenge was the very reflective walls creating a confusing sound distribution with high reverberation times. For this situation, the 2.40m long PB 24’s were able to get much more control of the acoustics.
After completing the integration with the Televic conference system and fully setting up the Pan Beam systems, the members of the parliament were very happy with the high speech intelligibility all over the conference area, tested during a parliament meeting.
Hanna E. Zannaniri, general manager of Girohma commented: “We were so happy to finally having found the best solution with the Pan Acoustics, Pan Beam PB 24, making our lives much easier to solve all the difficult acoustical problems we have faced in the Parliament.”
(Jim Evans)

audio-technicarichardleadbitterAudio-Technica appoints project manager
Tuesday, 16 July 2019

UK - Audio-Technica has appointed Richard Leadbitter to the role of project specification manager, a newly-created role, to which he moves from the company’s application, training and support department.
The new position reflects the significant growth of Audio-Technica and its distributed brands (Allen & Heath, Apart Audio and Artnovion) in the UK installation market over the last three years. Based at Audio-Technica Ltd’s Leeds office, Leadbitter will be offering site visits, project specification, sales and training to customers in the sector.
Logan Helps, Audio-Technica distributed brands manager, comments: “I’m very pleased to welcome Richard to the new role in the business. He brings to it many years of experience, both in our ATS department and previously on the “other side” of the counter at Pro Audio Centre, so is well-placed to deliver end-to-end solutions - from microphone to speakers and acoustic treatment - to our installation customers across the UK.”
(Jim Evans)

stage-audioStage Audio Works gets hands-on
Tuesday, 16 July 2019

South Africa - Stage Audio Works is putting hands-on experiences at the forefront of its presence at Mediatech 2019.
Stage Audio Works will once again be supporting the biennial event with its characteristic large stand, highlighting some of the latest products from major international brands, as well as its own locally-manufactured technology.
On top of this, Stage Audio Works also has a presence at the outdoor live sound demonstration area. Daily demonstrations of the VIO L208 from dBTechnologies is set to be a highlight of this popular feature of Mediatech.
“The real benefit of any trade show is getting technology into the hands of end-users and discussing how it can help them,” says Shaun Xavier, marketing manager at Stage Audio Works. “We have seen how Mediatech has enabled us to do this in the past and we are looking forward to highlighting how our technology can benefit projects of all shapes and sizes right across Africa.”
(Jim Evans)

green-hippoGreen Hippo & DWR prepare for Mediatech
Tuesday, 16 July 2019

South Africa - Green Hippo will join its African distributor DWR Distribution at Mediatech Africa, taking place 17-19 July in Johannesburg.
Green Hippo and DWR will be highlighting how technology is changing the face of creative design and human experiences, and showcasing the Hippotizer Media Server range of solutions for real-time media playback and 3D mapping.
Visitors are invited to stand C20 to witness the creative possibilities that the powerful new features of the latest Hippotizer software, V4.5. The team will be demonstrating the most recent software features developed in response to end-user feedback, including Object to Output, a new output mapping workflow.
Created as an invaluable live events tool, Object to Output ensures users can directly map content to outputs inside Hippotizer’s 3D workspace, ingeniously simplifying the management of large numbers of displays. It also allows users to seamlessly integrate multiple moving set elements, map a single video across numerous displays or dynamically adjust the perspective of the content.
Another feature designed to augment the creative user’s artistic expression is Hippotizer’s BeatBridge feature, which allows Hippotizer parameters to respond, in real time, to an audio input, via MIDI or DMX, be it the beat of the music or the intensity of a crowd.
In addition, on 17 July at Zone 3, stand C30, Green Hippo’s product specialist Suzy Stenning will present an introduction to Media Servers for Live Production. Visitors will be able to learn about real-time output conf

troyrameyhotelcafelargeroomBose gets intimate at Hollywood’s Hotel Café
Tuesday, 16 July 2019

USA - Hollywood venue The Hotel Café has become a go-to place for intimate sets by singer-songwriters, both in its main room, opened in 2000, and the second room, opened in 2016.
The venue, whose two intimate spaces accommodate between 50 and 180 people, respectively, has hosted performances by such artists as John Mayer, Katy Perry, Adele, Sara Bareilles, Hozier, Ed Sheeran and Lucinda Williams. These rooms are capable of some very big sound, with sonic quality provided by systems from Bose Professional.
Hotel Café’s main room is equipped with a Bose Professional RoomMatch DeltaQ Array Loudspeaker system - one RoomMatch module on each side of the stage buttressed with a RoomMatch RMS218 dual-18 subwoofer (powered by one PowerMatch PM8500N networked amplifier for the RoomMatch speakers and an additional PM8500N for the subwoofer).
The club’s second room has been Bose-equipped since its opening in 2016, with a pair of self-powered F1 Model 812 Flexible Array loudspeakers attached to the wall on either side of the stage, with two 1,000-watt F1 Subwoofers on the floor underneath the F1 arrays. The main room, an already-established venue with a reputation for great sound, was kicked up a notch with the upgrade to RoomMatch - thereby making it an even stronger draw for artists and the industry pros they work with.
“We’ve had the RoomMatch sound system in here for the last six years, and when the second room was opened three years ago, the F1 system was the choice to install. Both of them have substantially elevated the sound here,” says

amadeusAmadeus immersive sound for Domaine des Etangs
Tuesday, 16 July 2019

France - Domaine des Étangs is the largest five-star hotel/resort in France. Located in Massignac, it spans a thousand acres, including forests, pastures, and ponds. The Domaine des Étangs (Pond Domain) hosts an 11th century castle, fully renovated and decorated with contemporary works of art, detailed landscaping, Gallo-Roman baths, two swimming pools, a floating tennis court, and a Michelin-starred restaurant.
Built of stone and wood, La Laiterie is a new gallery space within the Domaine des Étangs complex that is dedicated to exhibitions about the 'Meeting of Art and Nature'.
"As we collaborated in advance of the sound system installation with Amadeus experts, we were able to get rid of the speakers' common aesthetic nuisances and at the same time ensure a sound quality at a level rivaling the most famous concert halls," explains Manuel Gomez, architect and music lover, who was in charge of the renovation work for La Laiterie at the Domaine des Étangs.
Designed in a circular layout to get the best envelopment for visitors and to adapt to the geometric, technical, and aesthetic constraints in the Laiterie galley, the sound system comprises 44 speakers made by Amadeus and the Holophonix spatial sound processor.
"The specification was very complex. Mrs. Garance Primat, the owner of the Domaine des Étangs, is a great music lover and a contemporary art collector; she wished to turn this former 18th-century barn into a place where past, present, and future art would meet to serve culture and presentation," says Gaëtan Byk, marketing manag

nangtong-middle-schoolNantong school looks forward with MLA Mini
Tuesday, 16 July 2019

China - With over 100 years of history behind it, Nantong Middle School in China’s Jiangsu Province is looking to the future thanks to a new auditorium equipped with Martin Audio loudspeaker systems.
Founded in 1909 by Qing era industrialist and educator Zhang Jian, Jiangsu Nantong Middle School is well known across the province and the country. It is one of the first middle schools in the province set up in the modern fashion and its alumni include politicians, nationally renowned artists, award winning scientists and five Olympic gold medallists.
The new multi-purpose hall in the Chongya Building on the main campus was dedicated to celebrate the school’s 110th anniversary, and the school required a high-quality sound system to suit the building. Their choice was the Martin Audio MLA Mini, for its consistent sound field coverage and high resolution, as well as the level of control offered by the Display optimisation software.
The system itself comprises two sets of MLA Mini, supported by two CDD Live15s, two CSX218 subs, and three CDD5s. For fill, a pair of portable Blackline F12+ was specified - which can be relocated subject to requirement - along with two installed XD12s. The system is entirely driven by Martin Audio amplification, in the form of an MA5.2K, and a pair each of MA2.8Q, and MA3.0, optimised by four of Martin Audio’s DX0.5 dedicated processors.
All Martin Audio components were supplied by Beijing Pacific Budee, whose sales manager JT Liu states: “We are very proud to have provided this unique Martin Audio sound syst

timaxTiMax SoundHub drives Glastonbury attractions
Tuesday, 16 July 2019

UK - The immersive audio capabilities of TiMax SoundHub were in evidence at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, where two experiential spaces were driven by the spatial audio engine.
As a centrepiece for the Greenpeace field, artist Wolfgang Buttress created a permanent sculptural feature to highlight the plight of bees in the face of existential challenges such as pesticides, climate crises and the lack of biodiversity.
Inspired and controlled by the activity of real bees - a colony of Cornish Black Bees in Michael Eavis’ own beehive to be precise - BEAM is an interactive, multi-sensory and experiential sculpture that, with the help of TiMax and visual specialists RES London, envelopes visitors in immersive soundscapes and 360-degree projection and lighting.
Movement-sensing accelerometers, installed within the Glastonbury farm beehives, stream live vibration data, essentially sounds and vibrations from the bees’ activity, into the BEAM sculpture, to control the musical key and tempo of the soundscape experienced by visitors such that it actually refreshes in realtime.
Live bee broadcasts, multi-channel bee recordings and a mix of multitrack music stems, by artists from Sigur Ross, Spiritualised and Coldcut were interwoven and spatially propelled through the space by TiMax SoundHub. Artists playing at Glastonbury festival were invited to contribute by recording and writing site-specific musical ‘stems’ - these would be added along with the live sound of the bees to the audiovisual experience.
Elsewhere, within the warren of unde

clean-bandit1Clean Bandit play Amman with KV2 Audio
Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Jordan - British electro-pop classical crossover band Clean Bandit recently played their first ever concert in the Jordanian capital of Amman at the luxurious Boulevard in the new Abdali district. Amman-based live event production specialists, Triad Live Productions, supplied the PA, control and lighting requirements for the gig including a comprehensive KV2 Audio point source sound system.
Over 4,000 fans attended the concert produced by Zeej Entertainment, a young, ambitious company committed to developing Jordan’s cultural scene by organising and promoting concerts and festivals locally.
Triad supplied one VHD2.0 high performance mid-high cabinet paired with one VHD1.0 down-fill per side. Two ES1.0s per side handled side-fill with six EX12s for front fill. For the low-end frequencies, Triad supplied eight VHD4.18 subs and a further four VHD2.16 flown subs.
Triad’s Amjad Marar is a long-time point source system user and feels that they are a more flexible way to power large-scale events than line array systems. “We used to use line arrays like everyone else, as at the time, it was considered to be the only way to successfully power major concerts. The switch to point source for us came after we heard a demo of KV2’s VHD system at Prolight+Sound in 2007.
“From that moment on, we felt that KV2 had successfully busted the line array myth. It was enough to make us abandon line arrays completely in favour of point source systems, and we’ve used them to power almost all of the major concerts held in Jordan ever since - Akon, Yanni, To

pavel--andreEM Acoustics moves into Russia with Hi-Tech Media
Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Russia - EM Acoustics has sealed an exclusive distribution agreement for Russia with AV equipment supplier Hi-Tech Media.
The Moscow company was founded in 2011 and focused on the congress, conferencing and public address markets but has since expanded into the AV market and is positioned among the leading suppliers, representing over 40 brands and working closely with over 600 dealers throughout Russia and CIS.
“We are proud to start our collaboration with EM Acoustics,” says Pavel Shemiakin, professional audio systems brand manager at Hi-Tech Media. “Their systems sound amazing! Incredibly accurate, responsive, and natural with excellent dynamics and great headroom. With EM Acoustics, we can supply our partners with high-performance line array elements that are capable of covering five-digit capacity venues. In addition to their excellent line array solutions, EM Acoustics also has a range of compact systems suitable for everything from small huddle rooms to theatres and congress halls.”
EM Acoustics’ Mike Wheeler adds: “We’ve been working hard on strengthening our distribution network, and Russia is potentially a huge market, so we’re thrilled to be working with Hi-Tech Media who are already very strong in the corporate market and fast gaining traction on the rental and live entertainment side. The timing is perfect for us as a brand, and gives HTM the tools they need to address new markets.”
(Jim Evans)


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