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dsa-series-releaseDanley Sound debuts DSA Series amplifiers
Monday, 17 April 2023

USA - Danley Sound Labs has announced the availability of a new line of amplifiers, the DSA Series that reduce energy consumption and ‘ensure consistent performance even under demanding conditions’.
“Our customers were in need of an amplifier that fits well within the current Danley line-up but that offered slightly lower output levels and budget,” said Skip Welch, director of sales & marketing at Danley Sound Labs. “In addition to both our D and DNA series amplifiers, the new DSA series offers high-quality audio in a compact package with a unique feature set.”
The Danley DSA series amplifiers are equipped with a variety of inputs, allowing them to easily integrate into a variety of systems. DSA series amplifiers are equipped with a built-in Wireless Access Point (WAP) for simple connection and configuration via WiFi as well as an easy-to-use web-based software interface.
Additionally, they feature built-in DSP processing, which enables users to adjust the amplifier’s settings and control the sound quality to meet their specific needs. DSA amplifiers are highly efficient, compact in design and offer Danley presets. They are ideal for use in a variety of settings including studios, performance venues and commercial spaces.
“At Danley, we’ve always brought significant wattage and amplitude to support our product line,” said amplifier product manager Jason Spencer. “The DSA series amplifiers allow us to offer a broader variety amplitude at lower wattages for installs that don’t require immense power or may need to fit

danteAudinate API addresses system integrators
Monday, 17 April 2023

USA - Audinate has announced the immediate availability of a new API available with Dante Domain Manager 1.5. The API allows service providers, integrators, software developers and OEMs to build Dante control and monitoring into management applications, control hardware, automation scripts, help desk solutions and software-based source switching, to name only a few examples.
The API provides all the key functionality of Dante Controller. It can query Dante domains, devices, channels, and status, and can be used to change channel subscriptions or to add and remove devices from Dante domains. It allows for configuration of securely managed Dante AV-over-IP systems via third-party applications and products, enabling new capabilities and integrations for a wide variety of installations.
The new API is built using the popular GraphQL query language for rapid development with common tools such as Postman, Apollo Studio or Altair. It inherits protections and permissions from the Dante Domain Manager configuration, ensuring secure deployment.
“This feature is probably our most requested, and we're pleased to make it available to everyone now,” says Laurence Crew, senior product manager at Audinate. “The new API works with Dante Domain Manager to deliver control to third-parties in a manner that is secure and scalable and covers all Dante-enabled products running Dante 4.0 or higher.”
Showcasing the capabilities of the API is new software that brings Dante control to Crestron touch panels. A new Dante routing plugin for 3-series Crestron contro

hawaiiLEA Professional drives Hawaiian complex
Monday, 17 April 2023

USA - Building an oasis within an oasis is no easy feat, especially when you are constrained with tight deadlines. For integrator PAC Audio, it knew it had to meet high expectations when the company was brought in to install the audio system in a new high- rise apartment complex in Waikiki, Hawaii. To deliver a reliable and flexible system on budget and on time, PAC Audio took a chance on LEA Professional.
Lilia Waikiki is a vibrant mixed-use development in the heart of Waikiki, one of Hawaii’s most well-known destinations for retail, lodging, dining and commercial entertainment. Opened in 2022, the 28-story residential tower features over 400 apartment units and over 40,000sq.ft of neighbourhood-serving retail.
Pacific Audio & Communications (PAC) was brought in to supply audio intelligibility within the common spaces of the complex such as the entrance lobby, mail areas, conference rooms, recreation areas and fitness areas. Like many new residential buildings, the communal spaces were given as much consideration as the apartments themselves. For PAC Audio, this meant the team needed to deliver precise, seamless audio to guide the residents on their journey through the building.
“We needed to achieve distributed audio in one seamless integration. The audio needed to follow the tenant through every building touchpoint from the lobby and the mailboxes, to the elevator, recreation deck and more. Not only that, but the music would run for long periods of time, so it needed to be a very stable, reliable system,” commented Corey Lopez, proje

dali-aliveaFX Global reveals the sounds in Dalí Alive
Monday, 17 April 2023

Australia/USA - An epic adventure into art, Dalí Alive was a multisensory encounter with one of the most provocative and influential artists of the twentieth century.
The production dynamically animated the works of Salvador Dalí, providing visitors with the sensation of stepping into the life of the surrealist Spanish master and feeling the redemptive power of his exotic imagination.
The immersive exhibition was created and produced by Grande Experiences, Australia together with its first instalment at The Dalí Museum, St Petersburg, Florida. With over 13,000sq.ft with floor to ceiling projections two-storeys high, the digital gallery featured spatial audio technology and content created by Grande Experiences’ regular immersive audio partner aFX Global.
Des O'Neill, co-founder and sound designer at aFX Global, described the soundscapes in Dalí Alive as being just as vivid and vibrant as the artwork. He explained: “Our task was to create custom spatial audio for every surface and curate an evocative musical score that would complement the stunning visuals.
“By working closely with Grande's in-house creative team and utilising the technology and creative design they had developed for previous projects like the flagship LUME Melbourne, they were able to showcase what could be achieved with immersive spatial audio systems integrated with masterpieces of art. The end result was a kaleidoscope of colour, movement, and memory that exemplifies their capabilities.”
For the attraction’s technical execution, aFX Global consulted on

ahgpressreleaseprolightsound2023adamhallbooth-2PL+S: Adam Hall Group promotes networking
Friday, 14 April 2023

Germany - At this year's Prolight+Sound, the Adam Hall Group will once again be represented with several stands. In addition to a stand featuring the extensive lighting solutions by the Cameo brand (Hall 12.1, B24), the event technology manufacturer headquartered in Neu-Anspach near Frankfurt, will also be represented with, among other things, a central networking space for all interested parties in Hall 12 (12.1, A24).
In addition, the Adam Hall Group will be supporting the Experience Zone in the Performance + Production Hub in the Portalhaus (PH.VIA A08A) with audio and stand solutions from the LD Systems and Gravity brands. During the days of the fair, the Adam Hall Group will also open the doors of the Experience Centre in Neu-Anspach and surprise visitors with a surround experience co-produced with the Babelsberg Film Orchestra and Simple Minds producer Peter Walsh.
In 2023, visitors to the Performance + Production Hub will again be able to experience the versatile PA and audio systems from LD Systems and the latest tripod and equipment solutions from Gravity hands-on at the joint stand (PH.VIA A08A). As equipment sponsor, the Adam Hall Group will also be equipping the Performance + Production Hub in the Portalhaus with products from the LD Systems and Gravity brands.
The Experience Zone – in cooperation with Sample Music Festival – is aimed at DJs, producers and beatmakers, and includes a variety of artist showcases, workshops and creative spaces on the topics of audio production, DJing, live remixing, looping and more.
The Adam Hall

etc-prolightsound-1PL+S: ETC offers technology and seminars
Friday, 14 April 2023

Germany - ETC will be returning to Frankfurt for Prolight+Sound 2023 with a showcase of the latest in lighting technology, stage machinery, product seminars and more.
On stands C53 and C45 in Hall 12.0, ETC will present a selection of its newest entertainment fixtures and controls including the next generation of ETC’s automated framing luminaires: High End Systems Halcyon. This range consists of Halcyon Gold, Titanium, and Platinum, offering matching feature sets, colours, and increased output at a reduced cost.
Visitors will also see the new ColorSource V family featuring both spot and fresnel fixtures. With many of the features from premiere fixtures at an accessible price point venues around the world are already excited by their possibilities.
Having received much attention at the recent USITT Expo in St Louis, the newly launched Source 4WRD Color II will be on the stand. The powerful, new version of the colour-mixing LED retrofit offers an intensity increase of 36% in warm whites and unlocks the world of additive colour mixing for your existing Source Four incandescent profiles.
The latest in lighting control will be available for visitors to interact with including the powerful Eos Apex 10, Apex 5 and Gio @5 as well as High End Systems Hog 4-18. The new line of Eos consoles offers an innovative, programming surface with advanced technology and award-winning software.
ETC product specialists will be on hand to share further information on the latest releases as well as presenting several new seminars during the four-day show. E

klangolivebaptist1Olive Baptist Church opts for IEM with KLANG
Friday, 14 April 2023

USA - Part of the Southern Baptist Convention with 10,000 members, Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida is among the largest congregations in the region. Its main campus, one of two in the city, has always fielded a large contingent of musicians, vocalists, and praise leaders both onstage and on the main floor in front of the stage.
Post-Covid, the orchestra and vocalists were spread out even wider at the front of the 3,300-seat auditorium, now split left and right on the 250-seat choir risers, with the band’s guitars, drums, and keyboards remaining onstage. The church’s in-ear monitoring system, already strained, simply couldn’t manage the new configuration. But KLANG could. In January, the church acquired and installed a pair of KLANG:vokal immersive in-ear monitor mixing systems and 14 KLANG:kontrollers, providing the church’s musical multitude with the highest degree of sonic IEM quality and control over their stage mixes.
“The previous IEM system was, well, let’s just say, ‘lo-fi’,” comments Olive Baptist Church director of media production Allen Hendrix. “Once the format onstage changed, it became completely inadequate. We needed better sound quality for monitoring, but we also wanted dimensionality, because the musicians and singers are more spread out now. The KLANG system offered a way to let everyone put the instruments and the voices into a perspective onstage that was better oriented for everyone.”
Fourteen KLANG:kontrollers are divided among groups within the music array. For instance, vocalists are grouped a

gggameday-hire-ob-truck1Gameday Hire Sydney relies on Green-GO
Friday, 14 April 2023

Australia – Sydney-based Gameday Hire recently invested in a Green-GO digital intercom system for its outside broadcast facility as a cost-effective and robust solution for its range of projects throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.
The company is headed up by Australian broadcast industry veteran Andy Liell, who was searching for a communications system that was fully IP-based and offered world-class performance. Gameday Hire’s team travels across the region, often delivering outside broadcast (OB) technology in remote locations that required rock solid communications.
Gameday Hire’s OB trailer was designed as a heavily IP-based facility, with extensive use of NDI and Dante based audio. The system architecture utilises distributed network nodes to enable vision, audio and comms to be connected over single fiber pairs.
“When looking for a comms system, a fully IP-based system was required to take advantage of the trailer’s system design,” says Liell. “I’ve used all the major broadcast comms system brands before, and Green-GO was a new-ish player in this space. Right from the beginning, what attracted me to Green-GO was the lack of requirement for a traditional comms matrix. Your network switch is your matrix and every Green-GO unit on the network carries the configuration information. This has a number of advantages, foremost being that from a redundancy point of view there is no single point of failure in the system.”
The Gameday Hire team is now armed with multiple Green-GO MCX multi-channel rack and MCX-

meyer-soundMeyer Sound reimagines education programme
Friday, 14 April 2023

USA - Education is central to Meyer Sound’s mission, and the global programme is flourishing following a refresh this year offering new strategic partnerships, a robust schedule of in-person training classes, conference participation, and significant online content.
“By reimagining the education programme here at Meyer Sound, we’re really investing in the future of the industry and the future of sound,” says training & education manager Robyn Bykofsky.
The 2023 trainings and events schedule is designed with the goal of building a strong foundation of audio principles with practical applications such as the MAPP 3D system design and prediction tool and Spacemap Go, Meyer Sound’s spatial sound design and mixing tool. The company’s expert educators have provided mentorship for students and professionals alike.
UC Irvine Sound Design MFA student Costa Daros is currently working with Spacemap Go on her thesis show, Rent and notes that the support she has received from Meyer Sound every step of the way has been “amazing”. “The one-on-one help I’ve received in system design with MAPP 3D and Spacemap creation has been instrumental to my understanding of the tools and how to use them to achieve my design goals.”
Although Meyer Sound offered education during the pandemic with webinars and online resources, a return to in-person instruction has been instrumental in the reimagining of the education programme. In-person visits from students to the Berkeley factory, presence at conferences, and training opportunities across

adamsonAdamson completes management restructure
Friday, 14 April 2023

Canada - Adamson has completed its strategic management initiative with key new hires and the return of Brock Adamson as CEO.
Through challenging times in the pro audio industry, Adamson grew, invested in its manufacturing facilities and acquired audio technology firms BeSpline and Brain Modular. Those initiatives were paired with plans to strengthen the management team to offer best-in-class service, operations and brand awareness. Five new positions were created in preparation for Brock Adamson’s return as CEO.
“I’ve lived and breathed Adamson from the very early days, to our most recent factory expansion in Port Perry, even as I brought in Marc Bertrand to focus on strengthening our sales infrastructure. Returning as CEO is energising and exciting. In 2022, we asked ourselves: ‘what is the ideal management team to fuel our continued growth?’ We’ve created that team. When I walk into the office now, I find myself working with a breadth of leadership talent that can execute our mission daily,” says Adamson.
In the first quarter of 2023, Pieter van Hoogdalem accepted the new business development strategist position, focusing on alignment between sales, marketing and product. Hoogdalem adds a blend of hands-on audio industry knowledge and market growth experience with Landr Audio Inc. and Proshop Entertainment Inc.
Marketing consultant Kevin Alexander has also joined the team. His previous experience with TC Group and numerous audio brands allows Adamson to launch strategic marketing initiatives to support its sales network and am

prodigyDirectOut joins Lawo HOME ecosystem
Thursday, 13 April 2023

Europe - DirectOut and Lawo have announced that the modular Prodigy.MP and Prodigy.MC audio converters, which were recently on tour with Coldplay, are now fully integrated with Lawo’s HOME platform.
In the HOME ecosystem, the Prodigy converters will benefit from instant IP discovery and registration, intuitive stream routing, device monitoring, diagnostics, parameter control and the security features offered by the HOME platform, all enabled through a single control API.
One highly anticipated result is that the Prodigy’s parameters can be conveniently tweaked from an mc²-series console with built-in HOME functionality.
Christian Struck, Lawo’s senior product manager audio production comments, “Especially in the performing arts and on live stages where audio recording and playback quality is critical, operators like to leverage the excellent sound of Prodigy audio preamps in combination with a Lawo mc²-series console. A direct line of communication between the two provides centralised access to comprehensive parameter tweaks and all the real-time information, security and control today’s operators require.”
Claudio Becker-Foss, DirectOut’s managing director and CTO adds: “The decision to support HOME natively is based on the benefits this platform offers to our user base. They expect a lot more than automatic discovery and registration capabilities. With this tight integration, audio operators will be able to access our devices' comprehensive feature set directly from the convenience of, e.g., an mc² console surface. Convers

fp-range-grille-offMartin Audio unveils nine new products
Thursday, 13 April 2023

UK - In an online special event presentation, Martin Audio has announced nine new products including the portable series, FlexPoint, primarily targeting the premier rental market.
FlexPoint systems deliver ‘quality sound to match the expectations of prestige venues and top-flight touring artists, while their passive two-way configuration heeds the need to reduce running costs and amplifier count’.
Comprising five models - all with highly flexible deployment - the FlexPoint series covers a range of professional applications, from live sound reinforcement, theatre sound and corporate AV to distributed sound systems and immersive environments. From the miniature FP4 to the powerful FP15, FlexPoint loudspeakers are compact and discreet - providing ultimate clarity, detail and coverage at all sound levels without affecting sight lines or detracting from venue architecture.
Coaxial point source technology lies at the heart of FlexPoint systems, delivering smoother and more consistent response off-axis than traditional two-way systems. But Martin Audio has gone further with exemplary dispersion patterns by incorporating a two-stage waveguide within the magnet structure. This waveguide maintains wide constant horizontal coverage out to very high frequencies, while the perimeter of the cone acts as the horn mouth, enabling pattern control to a lower frequency. Drivers can also be rotated without the need for any tools increasing their deployment options and ease of use out on the road.
FlexPoint Systems can be used in conjunction with SX series sub

aes-ravenna-exbox-chart-no-logosMobilelinks turns to DirectOut and Ravenna
Thursday, 13 April 2023

Sweden - Mobilelinks Europe AB deliver connectivity and transmission via satellite, fibre infrastructure and microwave. With a successful portfolio of productions spanning numerous international live sports events, news reports, video conferences and corporate events, Mobilelinks have a proven record of executing services reliably and cost effectively on a global scale.
A recent Mobilelinks’ client was a large Nordic broadcaster, who required a solution to connect their various Nordic/European locations with both audio and intercom links to streamline their operations.
Currently, Mobilelinks are in possession of nine EXBOX.RAV which work in this network, plus a further four EXBOXes that work as a MADI bridge to clients’ Ravenna/AES67 networks. The AES67 technology is also fully interoperable with equipment from Riedel and Lawo that is present in the network. The boxes in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam, and Warsaw were connected to Mobilelinks’ existing Nimbra/DTM network and synchronised with a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) that originates in Stockholm where both companies are headquartered.
There are advantages to the DirectOut technology that motivated Mobilelinks to utilise their equipment. First, the FastSRC technology delivers straightforward, high quality sample rate conversion, even when the EXBOX is connected to different digital audio interfaces, which is crucial in extended networks.
Interoperability over such a large network was vital, and the EXBOX devices’ compatibility with the open Ravenna standard a

lectrosonicsWednesday sound comes to life with Lectrosonics
Thursday, 13 April 2023

Romania - The hit Netflix series Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega in the title role and directed by Tim Burton is shot, both in studio and on location, in Romania.
Production sound mixer Liviu Lupsa brings the show dialogue in with his vast toolbox of Lectrosonics gear - SRc Series dual-channel receivers; VR Field modular receiver system; SMQV belt-pack transmitters; SMWB and SMDWB miniature wideband transmitters; HM and HMa plug-on transmitters; IFBT4 IFB transmitters; and IFBR1, IFBR1a, IFBR1b, and IFBR1c IFB receivers - for wireless mic and IFB systems.
Buftea, about 20 km outside the capital city Bucharest, is the very definition of an “industry town.” It was a small village some 70 years ago when the communist government of Romania decided to build studios that would produce feature-length movies that were dense with propaganda. This studio complex would become the largest in Eastern Europe and would fuel the growth of a whole town of film production workers and their families.
As in Hollywood or any industry town, generations follow generations in production work here in Buftea. The Iron Curtain fell more than 30 years ago, but Buftea Studios and its skilled workforce live on producing not only Romanian-language film and TV, but also productions in English and other languages. Lupsa was himself born into this Buftea tradition and is now highly sought after for sound work; his credits include The Contractor, starring Chris Pine; The Romanoffs, starring Diane Lane; Flowers in the Attic: The Origin, with Jemima Roo

rcfRCF powers Signal Iduna Park audio
Thursday, 13 April 2023

Germany - The Signal Iduna Park (SIP) operator has expanded the stadium's sound system with more than 128 RCF loudspeaker elements.
With a total capacity of 81,365 spectators, the temple, as the fans affectionately call it, is the largest stadium in Germany and the home ground of football club Borussia Dortmund (BVB). The south stand, in particular, which seats around 25,000 BVB fans provides massive support for the players on the pitch during home matches.
The sound system in the area of the long stands was modernised in 2013 with new RCF line array systems. To further improve the performance and acoustic illumination of the arena, the sound systems in the corners of the SIP and the pitch area have now been renewed.
For this purpose, fulfil engineering installed 12 line arrays with 128 RCF HL 40 passive loudspeaker units and four TTS 36 passive subwoofers. Eight RCF HL 2290 and eight RCF HL 2260 units were also installed for the sound reinforcement of the playing area. The passive systems draw their power from 24 Powersoft multi-channel power amplifiers. The entire stadium is now equipped with 358 RCF loudspeaker systems with more than 500 kW RMS output.
Norbert Labudda, managing director of fulfil engineering, comments: "Our company installed the first RCF units in Signal Iduna Park back in 2013. In the process, the corners were deliberately left in the old stock.
“The venue operator decided to complete the sound reinforcement system to further finalise the performance and acoustic illumination of the arena in view of the 2024 Euro

bose-proBose Professional sold to private equity firm
Thursday, 13 April 2023

USA - Bose Corporation has announced the sale of the Bose Professional Division to Transom Capital Group, an operations-focused middle market private equity firm. With this deal, Transom will assume ownership of the Bose Professional commercial installation and conferencing businesses. Bose will retain its portable PA systems as part of its core consumer product business.
For more than 50 years, Bose Professional has developed audio systems that are easy to design, install and operate for performance, commercial and conferencing applications, and has worked with AV integrators, system designers, installers and consultants to deliver these unforgettable audio experiences. Today, its systems can be heard worldwide – in workplaces, houses of worship, universities, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, performing arts centres, stadiums and more.
“We’re proud of what Bose Professional has accomplished – its legacy in the professional AV market and the diverse list of amazing installations it has completed all over the globe,” says Lila Snyder, CEO of Bose Corporation. “The sale to Transom will provide Bose Professional the additional attention it needs to support the professional audio customer, and to continue to develop products and technologies that stand out in the industry. It will also allow Bose to focus more deeply on our core business – creating amazing audio experiences for on-the-go, at home and in the car.”
“Bose Professional’s tenure in the professional audio business, its standout product portfolio and customers, as well a

las118NEXT-proaudio releases LAs118.v3
Wednesday, 12 April 2023

Portugal - NEXT-proaudio is introducing the LAs118A.v3 (active) and LAs118.v3 (passive). This new version is exactly the same as the previous version with a different internal construction (front-loaded).
The newer version (v3) has been internally re-engineered (from hybrid-horn to front-loaded) to respond more effectively to lower frequencies. The optimised flare of the tunning port reduces air compression and turbulence especially at very high acoustic pressure levels. Although the average sensitivity of the new version of LAs118 is a little lower than the previous version (about -0.4dB) the SPL level in frequencies below 50Hz is on average 2dB higher.
The v3 version will also use the new Power Module DPA2000.v3 with the same features as the previous version with new advantages such as a reduced fan noise with an internal fan, an increased heatsink efficiency due to front panel redesign, a higher humidity immunity due to only internal air flow (no external air source), a USB connection and a higher grade heatsink protection paint.
This new design and the dedicated presets were engineered to be compatible with the previous LAs118 version.

audio-technicabp3600A-T confirms immersive microphone availability
Wednesday, 12 April 2023

UK - Audio-Technica has announced scheduled availability in Europe and the UK for its recently launched BP3600 Immersive Audio Microphone. A broadcast audio tool capable of capturing stable, three-dimensional sound beds at sporting events, concerts, movie sets and more, the BP3600 will be available for purchase from May 2023.
The development of the BP3600 included nearly three seasons of extensive prototype testing at MotoGP, the Grand Prix motorcycle racing Championship, in conjunction with commercial rights holder Dorna Sports S.L., which has made the microphone a core audio component of its future programme broadcasting.
Audio-Technica’s Rod Thomaz, project manager for MotoGP says: “As audiences expect and demand a more encompassing audio experience in their listening environments, the need for real-time live immersive mixing is only going to increase.
“The ongoing design and technical feedback that we received from the Dorna Sports audio team was both invaluable and instrumental to our fast development of the BP3600, allowing Audio-Technica to be well-placed to deliver the tools required at the beginning of that immersive signal chain.”
The microphone has eight compact capsule assemblies with high-frequency characteristics integrated into the body while remaining compact and lightweight enough for single-operator usability and easy setup. Direct routing is also possible, with no need for additional decoding or latency processing with 5.1.4-channel speaker layouts. This practical broadcasting solution captures realistic sound that

neumannNeumann debuts KH 120 II studio monitor
Wednesday, 12 April 2023

Germany - Neumann has announced the release of the KH 120 II studio monitor. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the KH 120 II offers improvements in all acoustic parameters for deeper bass, higher SPL capability, and increased resolution, says the company. In addition, its internal DSP engine allows for phase linear crossovers and room correction via Neumann’s MA 1 Automatic Alignment.
“It is part of the Neumann ethos to never be satisfied with what has been achieved so far,” says portfolio manager Stephan Mauer. “The KH 120 garnered hundreds of five-star reviews, yet we knew that we could make it even better. For the KH 120 II we’ve developed a novel woofer design that reduces distortion audibly and allows for much higher SPLs. In addition to an exceptionally flat frequency response from 44 Hz to 21 kHz (±3 dB), the KH 120 II also offers a linearised phase response. Which translates to clear mids with astonishing transparency as well as extreme accuracy in the time domain, i.e. precise impulse reproduction and finely resolved reverbs.”
This is made possible by DSP-controlled electronics whose sophisticated crossovers avoid the phase distortion caused by analog filters. The internal DSP also realises new standards in tonal consistency. The KH 120-II is made to extremely low tolerances of no more than ±0.5 dB. Stereo imaging, therefore, is razor-sharp. Digital electronics also allow for automatic room alignment using Neumann's MA 1 hardware/software solution (sold separately).
“Even the best studio monitor is dependent on i

stadium-theatre1Vaudeville-era theatre updates audio with JBL
Wednesday, 12 April 2023

USA - To update the historic Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket, R.I. for modern live shows while still paying respect to its Vaudeville-era design, All Tech Sound designed and installed a versatile range of Harman Professional audio solutions.
First opened in 1926, the Stadium Theatre is one of only a handful of Vaudeville-era theatres in the country that are still in operation, and today it hosts a varied range of shows and productions. Owned and operated since 1996 by the non-profit Stadium Theatre Foundation, the venue is in its 25th year of extensive renovations to both restore its historic architecture and update the technology to better suit modern performances.
For the audio component, the venue required an agile system that not only provided the dynamic range and coverage suitable for a wide variety of performances, but also looked discreet and didn’t impede on the venue’s historical aesthetics. To meet these requirements, the Stadium Theatre Foundation worked with Jeff Hansen of All Tech Sound to select and implement JBL Professional VTX Series speakers and Crown I-Tech Series amplifiers.
“The Stadium, being an old theatre, had an old point source system that was adequate for what we did at the time,” said Dennis Tancrell, technical director, Stadium Theatre Foundation. “As we started booking bigger and better shows and national touring acts, we realised that it was time to bring in a permanent line array system.
“We worked with All Tech Sound in the past to bring in a JBL VerTec system, but that involved volunteers every F

digico-purDiGiCo in the mix for Pur and Friends show
Wednesday, 12 April 2023

Germany - The Pur and Friends 2022 live concert took place at Veltins-Arena, originally known as Arena auf Schalke, an impressive indoor football stadium in Gelsenkirchen. Over 68,000 fans celebrated two notable occasions - the 40th birthday of the German band, and the 20th anniversary of Pur at Schalke.
With every seat sold out, the audience was treated to an extraordinary performance by Pur and an array of acts including Peter Maffay, Max Giesinger, Cassandra Steen and other musical luminaries. DiGiCo’s Quantum 338 consoles, supplied by TDA Rental, were deployed at both FOH and monitoring, with KLANG deployed for in-ear monitoring.
Patrick Eckerlin has been with Pur since 1995 and has gained expertise in various sound systems and consoles over the years. The FOH position that Eckerlin has held with Pur since 2001 is now equipped with a DiGiCo Quantum 338 console, which he aptly describes as the ‘sound centre’.
“Previously, I relied heavily on external effects and plug-ins from third-party suppliers,” Eckerlin says. “Now, I exclusively use the on-board processing of the Quantum 338, so you could say I have become more minimalist in my mixing approach. I had around 80 input channels at Schalke, and I noticed that the sound quality has not deteriorated without external plug-ins. In fact, it has improved significantly.”
According to monitor engineer Dirk Happel, the Q338 console has features that set it apart from other consoles. “The almost unlimited internal routing alone is a dream,” he states. “The Mustard processing and

leaOnkyo Tokki to distribute LEA Professional
Wednesday, 12 April 2023

Japan - LEA Professional has announced a distribution partnership with Onkyo Tokki of Tokyo to support LEA’s rapidly growing business in the APAC region. This partnership allows LEA Professional to increase support for its existing customers in the region, as well as further develop new opportunities in the market.
Onkyo Tokki has been importing, selling, and maintaining audio equipment in the Japanese market since 1979. “We are pleased to announce our partnership with LEA Professional, which provides us with innovative IoT and pro-audio power amplifier technologies,” comments Koh Nishida, CEO of Onkyo Tokki.
“We consider it a great honour to represent such a pioneering brand, and we look forward to the exciting opportunities this partnership will bring.”
“LEA Connect Series has been a big success in Japan since launching in the market just three years ago,” says David McKinney of Generation AV, LEA’s representative in Asia. “We have hundreds of amplifiers installed across the country in key markets such as education, hospitality, corporate, retail, and entertainment. I have personally known Onkyo Tokki for over 20 years, and with its deep market knowledge and customer relationships, as well as proven track record of being on the cutting edge of network and cloud-based AV solutions, LEA will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years.”
"We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Onkyo Tokki, a respected leader in the Japanese AV market," adds Blake Augsburger, founder and CEO of LEA Professional. "Japan has

rycote-logoRycote relocates and expands manufacturing
Wednesday, 12 April 2023

UK - Rycote, developer and manufacturer of shock and wind protection for field production sound, has been a key industry player for over four decades. In a significant update, the company recently declared its decision to transition from Stroud to Ashby-De-La-Zouch, UK. This move represents an instrumental stride that underscores Rycote's commitment to achieving the highest levels of excellence in the audio industry, says the company.
This move will enable Rycote to upgrade and expand its manufacturing and distribution facilities, while further developing its innovation capabilities.
Bjørn Rennemo-Henriksen, audio sales senior director, comments: “Our new location gives us the opportunity to provide an even higher level of customer satisfaction by ensuring that our products meet the highest standards in every aspect from design and development through delivery.”
The new facility in Ashby will enable Rycote to streamline its production processes and optimise customer service. Quality control will be a priority in order to guarantee that each product meets Rycote’s high standards. As part of this move, they will be establishing a Hemi Anechoic Wind Tunnel for product development, testing and quality control. Additionally, the global distribution footprint will be expanded so that customers worldwide can benefit from Rycote’s selection of apparel and accessories.
“We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience when dealing with us from start to finish. The relocation of our headquarters is just one part

sanahStreaming star sanah takes L-ISA on tour
Tuesday, 11 April 2023

Poland – Popular Spotify performer sanah recently embarked on a tour of Poland’s leading concert halls, accompanied by a full orchestra, choir and guest performers.
Sanah burst onto the international scene two years ago when her music went viral, breaking records on Spotify’s streaming service. The tour was her first using L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal sound, and featured her usual band, accompanied by the Polish Film Music Orchestra and 30-member Silesia Chamber Choir Ad Libitum.
“The idea to use L-ISA spatial technology was conceived at the end of sanah’s 2022 summer tour,” explains sound engineer, Piotr Puchalski. “I was intrigued by the progressive nature of the technology and went to L-Acoustics’ headquarters in France for a series of training sessions. The more I explored L-ISA, the more I began to realise just how advanced this technology is.
“Rather than simply providing high-powered LR sound coverage, it’s possible to provide something much more sophisticated. Not only does L-ISA provide exceptional sound, it can also evenly cover the entire sound space, so that every audience member gets an immersive audio experience. I simply fell in love with the possibilities on offer for the next tour.”
Puchalski, along with system engineer, Jerzy Kubiak of Audio Plus, local L-Acoustics distributor, designed the audio system for the tour, creating models for the halls in L-Acoustics Soundvision software and designing the optimal system configuration for each.
Supplied by Shadok AV Group, the team made the decis


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