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russiaFulcrum Acoustic appoints distributor for Russia
Friday, 14 May 2021

Russia - Fulcrum Acoustic, creators of professional loudspeaker technologies, has appointed Pro Audio & Light Systems as its distributor for Russia.
“Pro Audio & Light Systems has an extensive network and first-rate technical expertise,” explains Fulcrum Acoustic president and co-founder Stephen Siegel. “We are happy to have their support as we continue to expand our presence internationally.”
“We have been looking for an installation-focused loudspeaker brand for some time now,” says Elena Korovina at Pro Audio & Light Systems. “The technology behind the Fulcrum Acoustic product line is impressive and allows us to provide innovative solutions to our markets.”

christieChristie names Visualization as UK distribution partner
Friday, 14 May 2021

UK - Christie has announced a new UK partnership with Visualization. The UK-based company will be joining Christie as the UK’s technical distribution partner, offering a full system design, build and supply of services and products, to the integration and dealer channel.
Visualization is an associate company of AV Rack Build and is able to draw on a long-established relationship with Christie and its products. The new arrangement gives integrators a one-stop-shop for system pricing, orders, and an opportunity to take advantage of additional AV engineering services and technical expertise each step of the way.
“Christie products are respected across the AV world and their reputation speaks for itself,” comments Nick Pidgeon, managing director at Visualization and AV Rack Build. “We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Christie since early days with the first Dolby Cinema deployments and the move to formalise our relationship is a mutually beneficial step for both companies. From our side, we’ve put together a great account team including industry stalwart Chris Brittan, who can draw on extensive experience of Christie solutions over the years. This is a very exciting time and I’m very much looking forward to the future.”
“As business starts to open up again, it’s an exciting time for Christie to be partnering with Visualization,” adds Miles Donovan, senior channel development manager at Christie. “Its particular focus will be on our Pandoras Box, Spyder, and Terra products, the demand for which is likely to be on

64-audio-2021-better-hearing-month-giveaway-hr64 Audio supports Better Hearing Month
Thursday, 13 May 2021

USA - As part of Better Hearing Month, 64 Audio, is promoting the importance of its hearing health initiative by offering free custom earplugs and all four apex modules (mX; m15, m20, m26) with the purchase of a custom 64 Audio IEM throughout May.
“As a musician, your ears are arguably your most important asset,” says Vitaliy Belonozhko, 64 Audio founder and chief sound designer. “You spend hours rehearsing to perfect that riff, master that drum solo, or hit that high note. Your ears are your guide, your biggest fan, and your harshest critic. As such, ear protection and being mindful of your environment can help combat noise-induced hearing loss. There's no better time than the present to start protecting your hearing so you can enjoy and play music for years to come.”
64 Audio’s Air Pressure Exchange (apex) is a pneumatically interactive vent that releases air pressure in a sealed ear canal. This venting alleviates listener fatigue and opens the soundstage. All of 64 Audio’s current IEMs feature apex technology and comes in two variations, m15 and m20, depending on the model purchased. Unlike competitor venting solutions, apex preserves the bass frequencies and produces a more open soundstage, which helps the listener distinguish individual instruments.
The apex module is also engineered with features to prevent vent-clogging and wind noise. Its compact and durable construction is virtually maintenance-free, designed for the most demanding users.

directoutDirectOut adds NMOS to Exbox.Rav interface
Thursday, 13 May 2021

Europe - DirectOut Technologies has further expanded the capabilities of its recently released Ravenna/MADI converter Exbox.Rav adding NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 support.
NMOS (Networked Media Open Specifications) is a suite of specifications for stream discovery and connection management developed and maintained by the AMWA filling a gap left open by the AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110 standards.
IS-04 handles device discovery and registration to support automation in setting up networked systems, while IS-05 covers the connection management between devices to allow creation and removal of flows between senders and receivers on the network.
“We are seeing a lot of AES67 and ST 2110 projects coming up with requests and requirements for NMOS,” comments Claudio Becker-Foss, CTO and CEO of DirectOut. “NMOS is a public specification, which fits well with the open approach of Ravenna. Based on modern network protocols, it eases the device integration into network management and orchestration software. Being now NMOS ready makes Exbox.Rav even more attractive as a compact and cost-effective interface for IP infrastructures.”
NMOS has also been added to the Ravenna modules offered for the Prodigy series and to DirectOut’s OEM board Rav2.

kgK-array launches Kgear pro audio brand
Thursday, 13 May 2021

Italy - K-array has launched a new pro audio brand, Kgear, which aims ‘to bring the latest technologies and top-level performance into a sleek design, easy-approach package, with a special attention to budget-sensitive yet demanding applications’.
Kgear’s product portfolio is divided into two main areas - high performance and installed sound - and comprises column systems, line-arrays, ceiling and wall mount speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers for applications ranging from large venues and commercial buildings to room-sized, residential environments.
“Over the past two years we took the chance to re-focus ourselves and start dreaming and designing in a different, challenging perspective to draw the very essence of K-array and apply it to create a more accessible product line without sacrificing the quality and performance we have been worldwide known for,” says Alessandro Tatini (co-founder, CEO & president of R&D, K-array)
Co-founder Massimo Ferratti adds: “Kgear is an idea we’ve been carrying with us for many years now. Being able to invest and dedicate our time and effort to make it come true in such a special moment is the result of a deeper process we have undertaken a long time ago. We’re proud to make this addition to our path and give a new expression to our innovation.”
“In an unprecedented time for the professional audio industry, value has become the key aspect to look for in the market,” says Lorenzo De Poi, global sales & marketing manager. “Kgear is all about giving exactly what a listener - ei

absenAbsen to host immersive LED roundtable series
Thursday, 13 May 2021

Europe - LED manufacturer Absen is set to hold three online round table panels on immersive LED experiences. The sessions will cover immersive LED in virtual studios, retail spaces, and corporate spaces, with each round table session hosting a variety of expert brands in each sector.
Hosting all the roundtables will be Jessica Golding, Absen’s European brand manager. The first roundtable, upcoming on 19 May, will discuss the impact and rise of virtual studios on the AV industry over the last year. With a panel of the industry’s virtual studio experts, including Christian Czimny, Absen’s industry product director, the panel will discuss what virtual means in the industry, where virtual studios can be used, and what the benefits are of using LED over traditional ‘green screens’. The event will provide a multitude of perspectives, from end user to integrator, on the reality of virtual studios and the way they are perceived and used in a post-pandemic landscape.
The second roundtable on the 26 May will discuss the nature of virtual environments and why retailers should consider LED experiences in store. The panel, made up of brands such as Trison and Gensler, as well as Absen’s retail industry director, Ben Phelps, will discuss LED not only from a global retail market viewpoint, but will also analyse leading regions in LED adoption, such as China. The experts will give advice to retailers on how to create immersive spaces, and how to effectively use LED to their advantage to create experiences that customers will not forget.
The final sessio

goodbye-feedback-2Shure celebrates landmark anniversaries
Thursday, 13 May 2021

USA - Shure Incorporated is entering its 96th year in audio technology and is planning a number of celebrations of company landmarks throughout the next 12 months.
S.N. Shure started the audio company in downtown Chicago in 1925, selling radio parts kits. Since then, the company has grown into a global player, offering a diverse portfolio of wired and wireless microphones, personal and professional listening products, and conferencing and meeting solutions. Shure products are now sold in more than 120 countries, and through the decades, they have been trusted and used around the world by such luminaries as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Elvis Presley, Pope Francis, Nelson Mandela, The Beatles, and every United States President since Franklin D. Roosevelt.
“While our 95th year provided several challenges as it relates to the pandemic, we continued with our superior product innovation and customer support,” comments Christine Schyvinck, Shure president and CEO. “Our founder, S.N. Shure, would be proud of how our associates banded together to persevere during these difficult times - positioning our company for a 96th year of global success.”
Throughout the anniversary year, Shure will celebrate key milestones, including:
1996 - Rose Shure named chairman of the board. Sandy LaMantia hired as VP of engineering (he was later named Shure’s third President).
1991 - Shure opened Shure Europe GmbH, Heilbronn – the company’s EMEASA Headquarters.
1966 - one of the most recognisable vocal microphones, the Shure SM58, is introduced

danteDante enables OECD multilingual conferencing
Wednesday, 12 May 2021

France - The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), based in Paris is an international organisation made up of 37 member countries that works to build better policies for better lives. More than 1,000 conferences are organised annually in the OECD conference centres (La Muette and Boulogne), including around 30 conferences and major events. The OECD Conference Centre offers 3,000sq.m of modern and modular conference rooms and a range of facilities.
Currently, OECD manages around 250 daily web conferences. Most high-level meetings offer interpretation in at least both official languages of the OECD and rely on collaboration, meaning interactions are dynamic amongst participants.
Audio visual services (audio, video and web conferencing) have been used for several years in OECD, but with the significant increase in remote participation requests in recent months, and the massive virtualization of OECD events, communication needs have evolved. Today, many meetings take place in a virtual (remote participants) or hybrid (presence of participants simultaneously on site and remotely) fashion.
In this context, the audiovisual department had to quickly adapt and rethink its strategy, in particular by adapting its digital infrastructure to new interpretation flows.
“We had used Dante before the pandemic, but only for a few implementations,” Guillaume Carlier, head of the Technical Audiovisual Support Unit at the OECD explained, “However we knew it was a powerful and flexible option. When the crisis happened, we saw a major c

harpaReykjavik concert hall turns to Studio Technologies
Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Iceland - Harpa is a venue in the heart of Reykjavik, housing a concert hall and conference centre. According to technical director Andri Guðmundsson, the venue is “a one stop shop” with premier facilities, sound, lighting, video, and catering.
Due to COVID-19, Harpa has pivoted to virtual events using an advanced, Dante-based audio environment. To maintain precise Dante timing Guðmundsson and his team turned to the Model 5401A Dante Leader Clock from Studio Technologies.
“Throughout the pandemic, we have been shifting our infrastructure to Dante to meet the demand for the surge in virtual and streamed events,” said Guðmundsson. “The Model 5401A Leader Clock from Studio Technologies has provided us with a solid master clock to support all timing needs with our Dante operations.”
The Model 5401A Leader Clock provides precise timing signals for applications that leverage Dante Audio-over-IP media networking technology. The unit implements a high-performance IEEE 1588 precision time protocol (PTP) server, providing PTP v1 for Dante and PTP v2 for AES67 compatibility. Guðmundsson also noted the unit’s dual power supply capability and multiple “GigE” Ethernet features as beneficial to the venue, as only power and one, two, or three Ethernet network connections are required for full operation.
“We recently hosted a conference for the Icelandic Medical Society, which we streamed eight hours a day from four of our venues for five consecutive days,” said Guðmundsson. “Having reliable timing capabilities with our setup was

geumsan-daragwonJBL delivers for Geumsan Daragwon complex
Wednesday, 12 May 2021

South Korea - Harman Professional Solutions recently collaborated with TechDataPS to equip Geumsan Daragwon with new audio systems.
Geumsan Daragwon is a culture and welfare centre featuring literary, cultural, education, sports and health centres, as well as a large concert hall and small performance theatre to host plays, musicals and concerts. In order to ensure premium sound quality at these events, Geumsan Daragwon required modern audio solutions in each room. To achieve this, venue operators hired TechDataPS to equip the performance spaces with sound reinforcement systems provided by Harman.
TechDataPS reports that a combination of good acoustics and robust system design from Harman helped them deliver quality sounding and reliable audio solutions that complement the architectural aesthetics of each space. The JBL VTX A8 loudspeakers and VTX B18 subwoofers provided “balanced coverage, exceptional vocal clarity and high-fidelity music reproduction”.
TechDataPS deployed a combination of JBL, Crown, AKG and AMX systems to support a variety of events at the venue. The team outfitted the facility with JBL VTX A8 loudspeakers, AC28/95 compact loudspeakers, JBL VTX B18 subwoofers, VTX M20 stage monitors, Control 26CT-LS ceiling speakers, CBT 50LA-1 column loudspeakers and LSR305 powered studio monitors to deliver unparalleled sound and distinct coverage across the venue.
TechDataPS powered the JBL loudspeakers with Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD, DCi 4|600N and DCi 4|300N amplifiers. The team equipped the rooms with AKG C414 XLII and C451 B conden

elearningPowersoft offers free certified training courses
Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Italy - Powersoft has launched a new training programme on its website, which provides two new free training sections for users: Webinars, where all Powersoft’s recent webinars are uploaded, and E-Learning, where the live sound and install courses are available online now for anyone who wishes to take them. The OEM course will be released in the coming weeks.
The E-Learning platform is designed to be a one-stop destination for online training. The courses are designed to provide sound engineers, integrators, and AV technicians the advantage to learn directly from Powersoft’s experts and gain certification upon completion.
“Created by our in-house experts, these courses are for anyone working in the professional audio market, so they can operate with specialist understanding on audio systems, and gain an expert’s insight into our audio products,” said Marc Kocks, Powersoft’s application engineering consultant manager.
The courses cover three main areas of the audio market: live sound, install and OEM technologies, and are split into different levels; basic, intermediate, and advanced.
In the Live Sound and Install courses, users will be taught how to utilise Powersoft’s renowned products to deliver the best sound quality to future audiences. As well as providing a concrete overview of ArmoníaPlus, the courses will give users a complete overview of how to build effective sound systems that can be tailored to the specific needs of the installer.
The OEM course, aimed at manufacturers and OEM partners, will enable trainees to

digico-trainingDWR hosts DiGiCo S-Series training
Wednesday, 12 May 2021

South Africa - DWR Distribution’s Jaco Beukes welcomed nine delegates who attended the two-day DiGiCo S-Series training workshop hosted in May. The course was held at the DWR offices in Johannesburg.
“The training went exceptionally well,” said Beukes, who presented the workshop. “It was exciting and good to recap everything on the S Consoles. We went through a lot of interesting topics and everybody seemed to enjoy it. Even the more senior guys learned new things.”
The group of delegates included freelancers, technicians from rental companies and technical crew from a local church.
“Some of the delegates have used the console for years while others have only started audio more recently, so it was a diverse group,” said Jaco. “Thank you very much to everyone who joined us.”
The training included a demonstration of the DiGiCo S-Series digital mixing console and covered topics ranging from Graphic EQs to channel setups, mix, matrix, snapshots and buss routing. Jaco also covered connections and networking, recording & Waves, racks and solutions.

la-g-soundHungary’s G-Sound adds L-Acoustics K Series
Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Hungary – Rental and installation company, G-Sound, was founded in 2014 by József Gricz, an experienced engineer who previously worked for the country’s National Radio. Recently, the company decided to add L-Acoustics K Series to its inventory, elevating its own standing within the Hungarian market and strengthening the country’s K2 alliance.
The system was supplied by Audmax, an L-Acoustics certified provider distributor for Hungary, whose CEO, Krisztian Varga, recalls G-Sound’s decision process for choosing K2. “In 2019, József was looking to take the next step in event technology and started to dive into the L-Acoustics world,” Varga says. “In December of that year, I offered him a visit to the L-Acoustics corporate office in Marcoussis. Both József and his system engineer Zsolt Balogh were impressed with what they saw. We spent a fantastic day with sales manager Florian Kunz and application engineer Willi Klein, who organised an open-air K2 demo for us.”
Even though Gricz was now firmly set on investing in K2, the investment was delayed by the pandemic. But Audmax and G-Sound persisted, despite the setback, and the purchase was finalized in late 2020. “We knew that adding L-Acoustics to our inventory would make a significant difference to our business and the adverse situation in 2020 was only a short-term hurdle,” says Gricz. “As the industry slowly returns to better times, it’s even more important for us to be ready to offer the best sound experience to our clients and partners. We are hopeful that the summer season will o

5g-festivalPlans unveiled for first 5G powered hybrid festival
Wednesday, 12 May 2021

UK - Organisations from across the UK’s arts, entertainment and technology industries including Digital Catapult, the Warner Music Group and O2 are collaborating to create the first hybrid 5G festival.
The 5G Festival will be ‘a showcase of creative talent blended with the power of advanced digital technologies, and broadcast live directly to audiences at remote locations from world-leading venues, as well as producing novel immersive in-venue experiences’.
The collaboration is led by 5G specialist Digital and brings together global music company Warner Music Group ; live arts venue and culture organisation Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival working with Brighton 5G testbed partner Wired Sussex; telecommunications service provider and sponsor of The O2 and O2 Academy venues O2 ; Metropolis Studios, Sonosphere and Audiotonix and digital technology companies Mativision and LiveFrom.
As part of the wider £200m 5G testbeds and trials programme (5GTT) funded by the UK Government, the 5G Festival will produce a 5G powered, live immersive collaboration platform for artists. 5G Festival is using 5G and its ability to transmit with low latency (delay) and in ultra-high bandwidth alongside Mativision’s proprietary, network-ready 360 ° content distribution platform which supports immersive visual feeds and delivers an integrated live stream for distribution to allow physically separate artists to produce immersive live, collaborative performances across multiple venues.
In practice, this means musicians can perform together from different v

usb-ultra-vsr-broadcastARX launches VSR Broadcast interface
Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Australia - ARX has introduced the USB Ultra I/O VSR Broadcast, a 24 bit high resolution plug and play USB 2 channel play and record digital/analogue pro audio interface. The USB Ultra I/O VSR Broadcast removes the need to use any existing sound card outputs, with their inherent noisy environment and problematic grounding.
Designed for interfacing USB equipped computers with the balanced inputs and outputs of professional sound systems, the full transformer balanced Inputs and Outputs on the USB Ultra I/O VSR Broadcast provide the isolation required to eliminate earth loops / ground hum and other extraneous interaction noise and distortion.
The USB Ultra I/O VSR Broadcast offers analogue style recording headroom with Analog 0dB In converting to –18dB and FS Digital providing Analog style headroom when recording in the digital domain. The -18dB Digital signal reverts to 0dB Analog Out, giving the user the best of both analogue and digital. In addition to the standard selectable sample rate of 44.1 KHz, the USB Ultra I/O VSR Broadcast also offers 48 KHz,88.2KHz, 96KHz & 192 KHz.
As part of the ARX Audibox range the USB Ultra I/O VSR Broadcast is a simply ‘plug and play’, installing as a fully compatible generic USB audio device and requiring no special driver program installation on Windows 10 or Mac OSX. The front panel features a standard Type B USB connector, as well as a ground lift switch and Status LEDs indicating the sample rate selected or available. The rear panel has Left and Right transformer balanced analogue Amphenol XLR Input

ardaVan Damme deployed at Arda Recorders
Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Portugal - Arda Recorders, which opened in 2017, is located in the heart of Porto. It features five independent spaces with Van Damme cabling throughout.
Studio A features a vintage Neve 8068 console and a Fazioli F278 grand piano. It has a 100sq.m live room, three iso booths and an echo chamber with variable ceiling.
Studio B is suited for most modern productions, with a versatile 20m2 live room and a sound lock that doubles as an amp booth. Its control room is centred around a 32 channel Rupert Neve 5088, complemented with a great array of outboard gear. Studio C consists of a small live room and a control room for voice-over and overdubs sessions.
The Mixing Room is centred around 32 channels of Avid Artist Mix faders and more than 100 channels of vintage and modern hardware. The Mastering Studio was designed with quality acoustics in mind and has ATC main speakers and Burl conversion.
Van Damme was specified throughout the build. The project used 20 x 8 Way D-Sub to XLR cables leads which were made up on a very tight schedule, using both 8 pair multicore Blue Series and 8 pair multicore Green Series cable. 500m of 16 pair Blue Series, 200m of 12 pair Blue Series and 500m of Quad Microphone cable was also supplied to ensure maximum quality of sound.
Miguel Pinheiro Marques, Arda Suppliers, commented: "Our new studio facilities were built with record-making in mind and it’s a beautiful space for producers and engineers alike. We even have the city’s public vinyl library - with a collection of more than 35,000 records – here, so

rebel-gymMartin Audio Blackline powers Riyadh gym
Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Saudi Arabia - When Middlesex Sound & Light (MSL) undertook a contract in Riyadh 16 months ago - to invest a new gym concept with a high octane ‘club-spec’ technical infrastructure - they little knew what was waiting around the corner.
“We shipped the gear out to Riyadh in February last year, and the following month COVID struck,” recalls project manager Toby Jones. “Rather than suspend the work, they decided to press ahead.” Engaging with local crews - communicating via video calls and different programming platforms - hey finally managed to fly out to commission the system during the brief pre-Christmas break from lockdown.
While this represented a joint venture between 1Rebel in the UK (represented by James Balfour and Giles Dean) and Pulse Fitness Group’s Fahad Alhagbani and Nathan Clute, there have subsequently been a number of venues open in London, all bearing the familiar imprint of Martin Audio BlacklineX loudspeakers.
“We had already spec’d Martin Audio in other 1Rebel venues as they represent great value for money, and display tremendous sonic quality,” said Toby. Large quantities of Martin Audio Blackline X12, X10, X8 and X115 and SX212 subwoofers were supplied locally by Martin Audio partner’s Dubai-based distributor, Pro Lab, along with 16 Adorn A55 for the waiting, changing and reception areas.
1Rebel Riyadh boasts separate male and female studios (with female being the larger). Each has its own clearly delineated fitness zones. Knowing that the spec needed to match the high intensity of these studios,

shureShure extends Microsoft Teams certification
Tuesday, 11 May 2021

UK - Shure has announced that its recently launched MXA710 Linear Array Microphone is now Certified for Microsoft Teams. The MXA710 joins Shure's portfolio of conferencing solutions already certified for Microsoft Teams, giving installers and end users even more options for their environments.
“Shure's solutions are built for the hybrid workplace. Your customers, clients, and students will feel like they’re in the room with you when you use our market-leading array microphones,” said Paul Gunia, director of technology partnerships at Shure. “Our entire line-up of Microflex Advance array microphones is now Microsoft Teams certified.”
“Microsoft Teams Certification requires products to meet the most stringent audio quality standards in the AV industry,” said Albert Kooiman, senior director of Microsoft Teams Devices Partner Engineering and Certification. “Shure’s MXA710 provides customers with a high-quality audio experience for superior audio performance during conferencing sessions in an easy to install yet out of the way form factor.”

dpanew-headsetsDPA debuts small-form headset models
Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Denmark - DPA Microphones has introduced the 4466 CORE Omnidirectional and 4488 CORE Directional Headset Microphones. Based on the design of the company’s 6066 Subminiature Headsets, the new solutions feature the brand’s 5mm round microphone capsule. These latest offerings are designed for use in theatre, broadcast, worship and corporate conferencing.
With a one-size-fits-all design and adjustable height and boom length, the 4466 and 4488 headsets accommodate small to large head types. A three-point gripping system (above, below and behind the ear) ensures a greater level of security, while the flexible ear hooks provide continued comfort during extended use.
“Our customers have been asking us to deliver our latest small form-factor headsets with the highly regarded 5mm mic capsules,” says DPA product manager René Mørch. “With the purposeful design of our boom and locking system, the headset can accommodate all head sizes with just one boom length. This is even true for the directional option, for which the correct placement is so important. With the addition of the 4466 and 4488, users now have access to a wide array of solutions to meet an even greater variety of needs while also maintaining the typical clear and transparent DPA sound, which produces high speech intelligibility.”
In addition, the new headsets share the same interchangeable cable and boom options as the 6066 Subminiature Headsets. This includes the 90-degree cable management at the neck. The headset frame, boom and capsule have a non-reflective surface for unobtrusi

sennheiserSonova acquires Sennheiser consumer business
Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Europe - Sennheiser and the Sonova Holding AG with headquarters in Stäfa, Switzerland, have confirmed their future cooperation under the Sennheiser brand. The global provider of medical hearing solutions will fully take over Sennheiser's Consumer Electronics business. Subject to regulatory approval, the plan is to complete the transfer of the business to Sonova by the end of 2021. Sennheiser had announced in February that it would focus on the professional business in the future while seeking a partner for the Consumer Electronics business.
With the takeover of the Sennheiser Consumer business, Sonova is adding headphones and soundbars to its hearing care portfolio, which includes hearing aids and cochlear implants, among other hearing solutions.
"We couldn't have asked for a better partner than Sonova for our Consumer Electronics business," says Daniel Sennheiser, co-CEO at Sennheiser. "Sonova is a strong, well-positioned company. Not only do we share a passion for unique audio experiences, we also share very similar corporate values. This gives us an excellent foundation for a successful future together."
Co-CEO Dr. Andreas Sennheiser adds: "The combination of our strengths provides a very good starting point for future growth. We are convinced that Sonova will strengthen the Sennheiser Consumer Business in the long term and capture the major growth opportunities."
As part of the partnership, a complete transfer of operations of the Consumer Electronics business to Sonova is planned. This will be aligned with the Sennheiser works councils.

ams-neveMr Firechild installs Neve 8424 console
Monday, 10 May 2021

Sweden - The first Neve 8424 console to arrive in Sweden is now up and running in a private studio belonging to artist and producer Pontus Hagberg, the man behind the popular Mr Firechild synthesiser video review channel on YouTube.
Pontus chose a Neve 8424 console for his own studio because it combines analogue summing and analogue processing in one simple, easy to use and cost effective solution.
“I have been using a classic ‘in the box’ studio with some hardware synthesizers for 25 years, but it was only recently that I discovered how much of an edge real analogue outboard units have over plug-ins,” he explains. “It is similar to comparing virtual instruments with real analogue synthesisers – the difference is very apparent.
“Once I fell in love with analogue hardware, I started using the hardware insert feature in Pro Tools Ultimate, which led to me buying a lot more analogue outboard gear and additional audio interfaces to add more and more AD/DAs. Eventually I realised that all my channels were already in the analogue world, so I could sum in analogue as well. Summing this way has been popular for many years but, for me, the real mojo was analogue processing.
“With the 8424 console I found my perfect match because the routing and features were exactly what I wanted but it also has the iconic Neve sound. I fell in love with the look of it when it was reviewed in Sound on Sound in October 2020 and soon after I placed an order.”
Neve’s first 8424 in Sweden is now the centrepiece of Pontus’ studio in the north of

is-seriesAdamson debuts IS-Series Weatherized loudspeakers
Monday, 10 May 2021

Canada - Adamson Systems Engineering has introduced a range of new products available immediately for the installation market, including an extension to its IS-Series of installation loudspeakers and a suite of improved and updated design tools for architects, integrators, and sound designers.
With the introduction of the IS-Series Weatherized line, Adamson offers AV professionals a loudspeaker family purpose-built to ‘withstand the most extreme climates in the world’. Weatherized are suitable for marine and coastal venues, outdoor stadiums, open-air performance spaces, and other permanent outdoor installations.
“Adamson loudspeakers have always been known for their durability and sonic performance, both on the road and in permanent installations,” says Adamson’s head of product and technology Brian Fraser. “With the Weatherized line, we’ve added corrosion resistance and environmental sealing features that are going to ensure long-term durability in harsh environments without impeding performance.”
IS-Series Weatherized models achieve an IP55 rating without sacrificing performance or aesthetics. All structural steel elements of the IS-Series Weatherized cabinets are made of a high yield strength stainless alloy that offers 100% corrosion resistance. The new models also feature an interior and exterior coating with a distinctive smooth finish that provides a water-resistant seal and allows for easy cleaning and removal of dirt, grime, salt water or sand.
Explains Fraser: “Whether you’re dealing with sea water, intense heat o

waldorf-astoriaWaldorf Astoria rooftop restaurant adds Meyer to menu
Monday, 10 May 2021

USA - The Rooftop by JG at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills recently installed a trellis structure with retractable rain coverings and radiant heaters along with a complete renovation of the Meyer Sound foreground music system.
“The owners were acutely aware of the importance of sound in the overall customer experience, and they already were familiar with the quality of Meyer Sound products from other installations there since opening,” says John Swan of Las Vegas-based Technology West Group, who was design engineer and project manager for the upgrade. “This was an opportunity to raise the bar for audio even higher in this area.”
Comprising 17 UP‑4slim full-range loudspeakers and six MM‑10XP miniature subwoofers, the new rooftop system augments the total of 92 additional Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers that already were installed in five other public areas when the hotel opened in 2017.
“The UP-4slim was a perfect fit for the rooftop because the owners insisted on discreet loudspeakers that would blend into trellis beams,” continues Swan. “Not only did the UP-4slim have the slender profile needed, but Meyer also offers a custom colour option. In this case, the company making the trellis had their own paint formula, which they sent to Meyer Sound where it was matched perfectly. In addition, using Meyer Sound’s XP series loudspeakers allowed us to retain the advantages of self-powered systems without running even more AC conduit around the trellis.”
All the new loudspeakers are fully weather-protected, and the signal

shuretilergbShure collaborates with Barco
Friday, 7 May 2021

UK - With the popularity of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) to virtual and hybrid meetings, the ability to provide quality meeting audio is more important than before.
Shure and Barco are working together to help ensure customers achieve “a revolutionary workplace experience”. The Shure Audio Ecosystem now pairs seamlessly with Barco ClickShare Conference, allowing customers to combine audio for remote communication with easy-to-use wireless in any meeting space.​
“Customers can rely on powerful and certified solutions with Shure networked audio solutions and our ClickShare Conference products,” said David Fitzgerald, vice president, global alliances at Barco. “This offers customers an engaging videoconferencing experience with high quality audio and easy, seamless wireless conferencing. Hybrid collaboration has never been easier and is just one click away.”
Shure’s DSP IntelliMix P300 and ANIUSB-MATRIX are also certified for ClickShare Conference. Flexible signal routing allows for seamless connectivity between rooms, laptops and even mobile devices.
“Built for the hybrid workplace, your customers, clients, and students will feel like they’re in the room with you when you use Shure’s wireless and array microphones with Barco's ClickShare Conference system,” said Paul Gunia, director of technology partnerships at Shure.


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