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connectcad-schematic-1800x1200connectCAD 2018 plugin now available
Thursday, 22 March 2018

UK - The 2018 version of connectCAD, an AV system design plugin for Vectorworks, has been released.
The plugin provides designers assistance with concept drawings, schematics, cable lists, bill of materials and presentations, and can also be used for designing connected systems like broadcast, IT and electrical.
The latest version has a faster, more optimised engine and incorporates Connect Tool, which follows all standard Vectorworks keyboard shortcuts and offers five connection styles: polyline, rounded, chamfered, arrow connection across layers and link connection that enables a connection to a socket in another document.
connectCAD 2018 has also improved the Make Cable Report, which now offers new options for calculating cable length estimates from both the equipment layout or by selecting standard cable lengths.
The community Device Library now comes with a peer rating system so you can easily see which devices are defined more correctly and insert them in your project with a couple of clicks.
(Jim Evans)

walibiAV Stumpfl gets ghoulish at Walibi Theme Park
Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Belgium - The popular Walibi theme park in Wavre near Brussels is renowned for its Halloween spectacular, when its rides are ghoulishly transformed. Awarded best Halloween attraction in Europe for three consecutive years - 2014, 2015 and 2016 - in the Diamond Theme Park Awards, expectations were very high for Walibi at the end of last year, and with the help of AV Stumpfl’s Wings IObox hardware module platforms, they were surpassed with the creation of Asylum.
The brief for Asylum was to transform a ride into a haunted house while making use of the latest automated AV technology to create an immersive and unforgettable experience for the public. DW Production was engaged to build from scratch all rooms and aesthetic decoration for the attraction as well as the music and effects and animatronics, with GSF Events taking the lead on the technical aspects of the ride with the help of AV Stumpfl’s distributor AED.
DW Production’s owner David Collet reports: “An old mansion house - once an asylum but since abandoned - is home to a vampire named Igor. He occupies himself by locking up and experimenting on zombies to turn them into vampires. He finds himself disturbed by human visitors during Halloween and decides to let them in in the hope they will be more receptive to his experiments. Unbeknown to the visitors, they will be victims of captive zombies gone mad – in addition to whatever Igor has in store for them.”
This story unfolds as visitors to the attraction pass through a series of eight rooms in total, starting with Igor’s hotel re

green-hippoPL+S 2018: Green Hippo promotes Notch integration
Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Germany - Green Hippo’s scheduled activities for Prolight + Sound 2018 include exclusive presentations, plus demos with its show partner Notch, maker of the real-time visual creation tool.
The Green Hippo stand will be fully equipped with the latest Hippotizer+ Media Servers, enabling guests to experience solutions for real-time media playback and 3D mapping.
A key feature of the Green Hippo stand is the opportunity for visitors to gain hands-on experience of Hippotizer’s seamless integration with Notch. Designed from the creative process up, and supercharged by powerful real-time rendering and visualisation, Notch helps creators rediscover the joy of problem solving, experimenting and improvising on the fly.
Further demonstrating Hippotizer’s ways with Notch, Green Hippo has commissioned a short dance piece with the London based Tavaziva dance company showcasing the real-time creative possibilities of Hippotizer, Noitom motion capture and Notch working together. The interactive demo dance will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 12:00 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 & 16:00.
Visitors will also get the chance to learn more about some key new features that will be added on the new software V4.4, which will be released soon.
In addition to its open demonstrations, the Green Hippo team will run six closed-door sessions. Taking place on Wednesday 11 April and Thursday 12 April, each of these events will fit approximately 15 delegates.
Green Hippo will also present the latest big thing from Island Records… beer. On Tuesd

arkaos-mediamasterArKaos launches MediaMaster 5.2
Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Europe - ArKaos has released MediaMaster 5.2, the latest software version for its powerful and flexible real-time video control software platform.
The key new features that 5.2 brings to MediaMaster users are: DMX Merge: To combine parameters like Pan and Tilt from a lighting console and video sources from MediaMaster; Pixel Blending: Utilising the Blend function, the colour output of a lighting console can be blended - via DMX from the lighting console with the video output of MediaMaster; Kling-Net Draft Devices: Allow a show to be prepared remotely – disconnected from the physical devices; Extended Fixture Creation: Supports complete DMX Devices like moving heads with Pan / Tilt; 64 Bit Support: for all applications – enabling quicker and more responsive operation.
The Art-Net DMX merge facility implemented in MediaMaster 5.2 unlocks the system’s true potential to work with more complex lighting fixtures which have more than just LED channels, says the company.
The fully redesigned fixture creation dialogue in version 5.2’s Art-Net mapper makes it quick and easy to support devices like LED panels, matrix-style units and LED wash lights with individual ring and pixel control.
(Jim Evans)

beer-park-3PixelFLEX creates rooftop experience at Beer Park
Monday, 19 March 2018

USA - Located on a 10,000sq.ft deck overlooking the Fountains of Bellagio, Beer Park at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino provides an exciting rooftop experience.
With over 100 eclectic beer options, including 36 beers on tap, the developers of the flagship location wanted the outdoor atmosphere to be a shining example of how to best enjoy the Las Vegas life. In this environment, they now needed a high-definition video display to be a focal point in the dynamic audio/visual design, so they worked with the design specialists at Ponto Solutions who chose a FLEXUltra 1.9mm LED video solution from PixelFLEX.
“The restaurant/bar design market is a big industry for us, and we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the developers of Beer Park,” comments Matt Abbrederis, Ponto Solutions. “They really wanted this location to be a premier entertainment experience through an environment that’s exciting and upbeat. They also wanted to be able to draw people in off the Las Vegas strip, so we put together a complete audio/visual package that would help them accomplish all their goals, which ultimately included the high-definition FLEXUltra LED video display.”
Abbrederis continues: “In our initial design concepts, we wanted to wrap the LED video around the entire centre bar to resemble the NHL centre-ice or NBA centre-court scoreboards. Since this was the inaugural Beer Park location, we ended up first installing a four-panel LCD wall. After things got up and going, they saw the need for the LED video, so we flew them down to N

bas-hoksbergenBas Hoksbergen joins SixEye in development role
Friday, 16 March 2018

UK - SixEye is a new technology startup developing a flexible remote management platform which allows manufacturers and system integrators of lighting and audio-visual controls systems to provide a unified remote management solution under their own brand.
Bas Hoksbergen joins as SixEye is starting to bring on board manufacturer partners to integrate their products with its platform. His role will see him build relationships with new and potential customers and identify new markets for SixEye’s product.
SixEye CEO, Simon Hicks, describes the appointment as “The ideal combination of person, product and timing – we’re very pleased to be working with Bas as we bring SixEye’s solution to market. Having deployed large projects of exactly the kind that SixEye is designed to manage, Bas’s contribution will be invaluable as we add new features and fine tune the offer.”
Bas brings well over a decade of experience in the architectural lighting industry from previous roles with Philips ColorKinetics, Philips Lighting and Pharos Controls. In fact, Bas will continue to work part-time as Architectural Market Manager for Pharos Controls during the early stages of SixEye’s growth.
Pharos has signed up with SixEye as a partner manufacturer, so for Bas there’s a natural link between the roles. Bas comments, “SixEye’s approach to a remote management solution demonstrates a deep understanding of the needs of control system manufacturers and their customers, unrivalled in the market today. I’m excited to be joining them at the start of their

chris-philpott-operations-director-at-saville-avSaville AV appoints head of operations
Friday, 16 March 2018

UK - Following a management buyout in May 2017, technical production company Saville is continuing its expansion of its in-house expertise with the appointment of international live event specialist, Chris Philpott, as head of operations for the live events division.
With over 15 years’ live events’ experience, Philpott has been brought on board to join the evolving senior leadership team and help shape the new generation Saville. The company has recently consolidated its national live event network to form two main operational hubs, located in Leeds and Guildford.
Joining Saville AV from Dubai-based Digicomm, where he was director of projects, Philpott was responsible for delivering technically challenging event experiences across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, for top global brands.
Colin Nixey, managing director of Saville Live Events, comments, “The live event industry is moving forward at an unprecedented pace and Saville fully intend to remain a leader within the technical production arena. Adding the kind of experience and expertise that Chris brings to the table is key to ensuring we achieve this.”
(Jim Evans)

Picturall releases new software for DisplayPort
Friday, 16 March 2018

Finland - Media server specialist Picturall has released version 2.4.0 of the software that runs their range of media servers. The new software improves and enhances performance with several fixes for minor issues, the addition of some new features and, most importantly, the addition of support for new hardware including dual DisplayPort 1.2 and uncompressed 8k playback options.
“The input cards were first unveiled last year, but the software was still in beta format,” explained CEO Samuli Valo. “The new release provides full support for the latest input cards, making Picturall one of the first media server manufacturers in the world to offer full end-to-end 4k compatibility as well as uncompressed 8k playback.”
V2.4.0 also provides support for the upcoming Analog Way server models. There have also been a number of improvements in display configuration and custom display mode handling as well as improved diagnostic tools.
“The new release software offers lots of little fixes and enhancements that will definitely please our customers, but what will really put a smile on their faces (and ours!) is the fact that we can officially announce 4k compatibility on the inputs for a full end-to-end 4k solution thanks to the DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 input cards, plus full support for the uncompressed 8k playback option, available in 2, 4 and 8TB formats.”
The installer can be downloaded from the support section at
(Jim Evans)

avolitesAvolites servers feed Calibash Las Vegas visuals
Wednesday, 14 March 2018

USA - Some of the biggest names in Latin music landed in Las Vegas in January for a night to remember at the Calibash mega-concert. Held at the 20,000-capacity T-Mobile Arena, the spectacular staging featured an array of 18 LED screens with content fed from by Avolites Ai Infinity RX8 Media Servers.
YC3 Lighting Design supplied the Ai servers to VJ director Richard Vicens, who oversaw the visuals for Latin/Urban music stars including Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Ozuna, Maluma and Bad Bunny.
"All of the artists wanted to give their audiences an awesome show," says Vicens. "As VJ director, it was vital for me to be able to design and create pixel maps and LED processing that worked for everybody and be ready to backup all of them with Ai media Servers.
"The show's size meant it was certainly a challenge - I have to go through every detail to make sure the audience is going to have an incredible visual experience."
Racked in Vicens' video power arsenal were two Ai Infinity RX8 servers, which each boast a 7-inch colour touch screen displaying the Ai 3D visualiser. He used the RX8's two Gigabit Network ports to connect to Art-Net, to ensure reliable and robust networked control of the whole show.
"The main challenge as VJ director was to generate the logistics for this type of show as once the show starts, it doesn't stop!" says Vicens. "As soon as we're live, it's back-to-back performances on a turntable stage, which allows us to have one performance running and the next performance standing by. That means that we need to be able to transfe

green-hippoGreen Hippo masterclass draws international crowd
Wednesday, 14 March 2018

UK - Green Hippo held its 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass at Down Hall Hotel and Spa in Essex this month. The Masterclass training course explored all things SHAPE and 3D projection mapping and attracted participants from Dubai, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland and the UK.
The 3D Projection Mapping Masterclass event involved 10 members of Green Hippo, plus two representatives from A.C. Entertainment Technologies, Green Hippo’s UK distributor and two trainers from Notch, the real-time visual creation tool that keeps up with your ideas.
A special aspect of this course was the opportunity for attendees to get ‘hands on’ 3D projection mapping experience. At the end of the day, once classroom sessions, delegates headed outdoors to pre-prepared projection mapping stations, equipped with Green Hippo kit, and eight HD Panasonic projectors, provided by VER.
The beginners’ area (at the beginning of the course, the Masterclass was divided into two groups based on knowledge of SHAPE) counted four stations, all equipped with Hippotizer Taiga Media Servers or Hippotizer Taiga+, and each powering a projector. The advanced section was set up with a Hippotizer Montane+ outputting into a single 4K feed, splitting into four HD outputs via an Fx4 SDI. With practical input from the training team, the first group lined up the four projectors to produce a singular output, which was projected on to the building. The Montane+ system controlled four projectors each covering a section of a different building.
Day one ended with dinner and drinks in the hotel and d

icelandPowersoft creates seismic shift at Lava Centre
Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Iceland - The new Lava Centre in Hvolsvöllur is an interactive, high-tech educational exhibition depicting volcanic activity and earthquakes that traces the island’s creation over millions of years.
The idea that gave birth to the Centre originated when one of the founders/owners of the exhibition was stuck in Florida in 2010 as a result of all flights being cancelled over the Atlantic Ocean (and in most parts of Europe) when Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted in April 2010.
The location was chosen because it sits at the heart of some of the major Icelandic volcanos and allows five of the country’s most iconic volcanoes to be seen.
The 2,500sq.m Lava Centre was therefore designed and built as a fully immersive show. The design, preparation, integration and finalisation of all AV equipment for the nine main show items took almost a year. Feris ehf was responsible for all audio, video, network, CCTV, UPS, system, as well as an impressive RGB Neopixel LED design and integration. The company was also responsible for the entire show control, as well as AV lighting and LED equipment.
The AV equipment itself includes 14 Powersoft amplifiers with DSP onboard providing an economic power station to drive the 72ch of zonal ceiling and surface mount loudspeakers, all in one of the four racks in the centralised technical room.
These models comprise Powersoft Ottocanali 1204 DSP+ETH, Quattrocanali 4804 DSP+D (for Dante) and Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+D, while to create the sonic realism of an earthquake required the deployment of the Ita

cpl-ahdb-img4605CPL glams it up for AHDB annual event
Tuesday, 13 March 2018

UK - The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) commissioned West Midlands-based Central Presentations Ltd (CPL) to design and deliver all the technical elements for their 2018 annual staff conference and awards, inclduing sound, lighting, video, staging and rigging.
The high-profile event for 400 delegates was staged in Warwick Hall at the NAEC, Stanleigh and comprised a seated conference presentation that was transformed into a glamorous setting for the evening’s dinner and awards.
The client wanted to use the width-ways orientation of the venue for sightlines, so CPL’s project manager Lee Gruszeckyj proposed a widescreen video blend as a striking visual starting point to align with the geometry of the space.
The 30ft wide by 10ft high upstage projection screen was flanked by gauze panels designed to take lighting nicely and elongate the space. These were flown on the same truss as the screen, and the look was neatly finished with a black backdrop right at the back. In front of that was the stage which measured 15m wide by 3m deep. There was a TV style studio set at one end with a sofa and soft seating for discussion sessions.
The screen was fed by two of CPL’s Panasonic 10K laser projectors flown on a front truss utilizing custom frames from sister company Rigtec which specialises in the design and fabrication of innovative rigging solutions.
The screen blending and projector alignment was achieved using Panasonic’s Auto Screen software, and at the hub of the video control was a Barco S3 for switching and screen

union-22-960x640ADJ brings holiday spirit to Liverpool store
Friday, 9 March 2018

UK - Production company UK Events Group used ADJ’s new AV4IP LED video panels to create a New York-inspired festive display for independent designer clothing store Union 22.
The display transformed the store’s façade and allowed a video show to be played throughout the day.
Union 22 director John Cooper comments: "I lived in New York for four years, so I saw what places like Macy’s and Saks do; the Christmas spirit is there in abundance! Since coming back to Liverpool, I’ve always wanted to do a large-scale project that was a showstopper and I knew UK Events Group were the ones to do it.”
James and the UK Events Group team installed a total of 184 ADJ AV4IP LED video panels behind all of the windows on the building’s four upper floors. This provided a large canvas for which a custom video show was created that ‘opened up’ the windows to provide a glimpse inside Santa’s workshop. The two-minute show, which also featured an audio soundtrack and the use of synthetic snow machines to add an extra touch of magic, ran every half hour from 9am to 9pm throughout the holiday season.
“We are big advocates of ADJ products,” says James, “and have had huge success with the AV6, so natural progression for us was to invest in the AV4IP. Kris [Dawber, ADJ UK and Ireland sales manager] always turns our orders round quickly and we were excited to be the first in the UK with this product. It came straight out of the box and onto a Christmas light switch-on event.
(Jim Evans)

adlib-terracotta-warriors-17Adlib shows warrior spirit in Liverpool
Friday, 9 March 2018

UK - Liverpool-based installation and production specialist Adlib is supplying video and audio for an exhibition featuring China’s Terracotta Warriors being staged at the city’s World Museum. China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors exhibition is now open and running until 28 October 2018.
Featuring 10 life-sized figures, the exhibition includes a terracotta cavalry horse from the burial site of China’s First Emperor Qin Shi Huang (221-206 BC) and over 25 smaller warriors from the Han Empire, China’s second imperial dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD). The exhibition opened in February and has already received worldwide acclaim and is exceptionally popular, attracting people from all over the UK and Europe, with visiting hours having been extended to accommodate the demand for tickets!
Adlib’s head of video, Tom Edwards, is project managing and oversaw the tender process for which they partnered with immersive technology experts and digital studio Draw & Code as content creators and presented to National Museums Liverpool (NML).
The brief was to make it immersive, experiential and fun and aim to engage a wider audience including those who might not necessarily consider visiting exhibitions.
“There wasn’t a specific existing technical brief in place,” explains Tom. “So we listened carefully to what they envisioned, and came up with some lively and flexible solutions for how to achieve the atmosphere, sonically and visually in the five separate areas, all distinctly different.”
Images are created with two Pa

green-hippoTenfeet sets sail with Montane+ at Rotterdam Ahoy
Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Netherlands - December 2017 saw Dutch singer Waylon appearing in association with Radio Veronica and its Top 1000 show to play three sold-out nights at the Ahoy Rotterdam arena. The Radio Veronica brand goes back to the 1960s – when it broadcast from offshore – and its Top 1000 is a hotly anticipated announcement, yearly listing ‘the 1000 best songs ever’.
The Rotterdam shows featured Waylon, plus special guests, delivering tracks from the Top 1000 list. Dutch creative outfit Tenfeet was charged with providing pre-programme studio facilities for lights and video, as well as operating media servers during the live gigs.
Given carte blanche by the event organisers to configure a video control system to exactly match its wishes, Tenfeet opted to use the Hippotizer Montane+ media server.
“Only two weeks before, we heard about Green Hippo’s newest media server,” explained Ton Swaak of Tenfeet, “which was the Montane+, optimised for Notch software. We were familiar with the software and Green Hippo has always been a key part of our rental stock. Even though we had never seen Montane+ ‘live’, we knew that we could rely on the quality of this product, so we placed an order with Ampco Flashlight Sales for Green Hippo’s first batch of Montane+ models.”
Having taken delivery of the world’s first Montane+ units, Tenfeet put the finishing touches to the Top 1000 show, which featured 20 per cent pre-rendered content, with the remaining 80 per cent a live feed. With the big LED screen stretching the width of the stage, Tenfeet

hawthorn-event-production-awardHawthorn celebrates production award
Thursday, 8 March 2018

UK - Creative technical event production company Hawthorn celebrated success last week after picking up the award for Event Production of the Year at The Event Production Awards 2018. White Light's entry was highly commended in the same category. 
To win the award, Hawthorn showcased their work on the Adobe Summit EMEA 2017. Working with agency Taylor Bennett Partners, the team delivered full technical production for the immersive two-day event which saw 5,000 digital marketing professionals gather for the thought-leading Adobe brand experience.
This included delivering the technical production for the main conference plenary, exhibition space, break-out rooms and the muchly anticipated Summit Celebration. From the creation of a virtual waterfall to the installation of an interactive ceiling using 1017 panels of LED, the event was a true technical challenge for the team.
Hawthorn’s creative director Pete Harding, who led the team working on Adobe Summit EMEA, said “The Summit is always an exciting project for us to deliver. Taylor Bennett are renowned for creating exceptional brand experiences and each year they present us with a new set of exciting technical challenges to solve to bring their amazing vision to life. The Event Production Awards have an esteemed judging panel featuring the best in the industry so I’m incredibly proud of the entire Hawthorn team for the win.”
(Jim Evans)

ac-et-helps-ve-m-take-stock-of-its-production-technologies-2AC-ET helps VE-M upgrade production technologies
Thursday, 8 March 2018

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) have helped full event production services company VisionEvents Manchester (VE-M) to upgrade their equipment inventory with some of the latest technologies from premier industry brands, including Green Hippo, Panasonic, ProLights, Sennheiser, Manfrotto, Doughty and Tourflex Cabling.
VE-M's complete event services cover all creative and technical aspects of client projects - including event planning & solutions; creative graphics & video production; and technology equipment hire.
VE-M were keen to invest in high quality new video, sound and lighting technologies for their AV department, so approached AC-ET, knowing that the company would be able to meet all their needs.
Mike Docksey in AC-ET's external sales team oversaw the sale. Working with product specialists in the company's dedicated video, lighting, audio and rigging divisions, he selected from over 200 industry brands - including some available exclusively in the UK from the company.
AC-ET supplied a large 30sq.m indoor video wall system featuring 120 separate ProLights AlphaPIX2 LED panels, plus related system equipment and flightcases.
In addition, AC-ET's in-house Tourflex Cabling custom cable assembly service supplied 120 1.1m lengths of both Tourflex Datasafe Ultra Cat 5e cable and PowerCON extension cable, for networking together and powering all panels in the ProLights AlphaPIX2 video wall.
For events where the budget, time or space do not permit using a video wall, VE-M purchased six Panasonic high bright

webnews434Jan Huewel and Martin Kuhn launch ioversal
Thursday, 8 March 2018

Europe - Jan Huewel, former CEO of coolux GmbH and former senior director at Christie Digital, has teamed up with Martin Kuhn, former creative director of auviso, to start a new AV business - ioversal.
The new company is planning to release a universal AV production suite that “combines and advances proven workflows and concepts with cutting edge technological developments in the fields of IT hardware, network technology and software development”.
In a joint statement, the founders comment: “We aspire to offer a new, simplified way to handle media production for everyone, ranging from projects in digital signage to fixed installations, rental staging and even complex interactive experiences.”
Huewel comments: “Founding coolux and developing it along with its key products Pandoras Box & Widget Designer over the past 15 years into a thriving and successful business has been one of the great accomplishments of my professional life. With the completion of the integration of coolux into Christie Digital, I have decided that I am ready to move on to a new interesting and exciting opportunity. ioversal is the foundation to develop the next generation AV production suite."
(Jim Evans)

aske-korsgaard-hejlesen01Neets hires chief experience officer
Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Denmark - AV equipment supplier Neets has announced today that Aske Korsgaard Hejlesen has joined the company in the newly created position as chief experience officer. Hejlesen will be responsible for integrating design thinking in the organization to ensure that new products and solutions address actual user problems and needs. He comes with an educational background in industrial design and more than 10 years of experience working with user involvement and design research. Most recently, he worked as a design researcher at the international roof window manufacturer Velux Group.
“I am excited to join Neets and for this opportunity to help the company deliver a seamless and consistent user experience across products and digital touchpoints,” said Hejlesen. “I am passionate about user-driven innovation, and I will be working across all teams to ensure that design thinking permeates the entire organization and is reflected in all products.”
“Exceptional user experience design has always been at the heart of our development philosophy,” said Neets CEO, Michael Jarl Christensen. “I’m therefore delighted to bring on Aske Korsgaard Hejlesen, who comes with the skills and experience we need to bring Neets even closer to users. It is important that we cultivate a user-centered approach across the company in order to create an environment in which design thinking is an integral part of our product development strategy. He will be instrumental in helping us accomplish that goal.”
(Jim Evans)

green-hippoGreen Hippo earns top marks at Dubai university
Wednesday, 7 March 2018

UAE - Dubai-based Fountains International Events employed Green Hippo to deliver a prestigious graduation ceremony in the United Arab Emirates.
The American University in the Emirates (AUE) invited Dubai-based Fountains International Events to craft a video and lighting show for its seventh commencement ceremony at Dubai World Trade Centre.
Led by Pavel Pashkovskiy, Fountains International Events has extensive experience in the region, and for the AUE graduation ceremony the company designed and produced content with a total size of approximately 10,000 x 4,000 pixels. Using a pair of Hippotizer Karst Media Servers, Pavel operated a special Art-Net timeline-based controller from Syncronorm, sending layers, and starting triggers to the Karsts. Pavel calls this technique ‘Art-Net timecode’, and the Art-Net timeline triggered all of his other devices, including lasers, light controllers, special FX, and water fountains.
Each Karst ran a separate screen area, offering blending as well as hardedge joining. The Hippotizer Karsts received an externally-sourced live feed via Datapath capture cards, and eight splitters - four from Datapath and four from FX - spliced the Hippotizer 2K and 4K outputs. The signal was then sent to video projectors through fibre optics.
Fountains International Events managed installation, projection works, show creation, and synchronisation and the Green Hippo tech delivered exactly what it needed for the multifaceted show.
Pavel Pashkovskiy comments: "We are always creating complex shows, where too many component

scriptThe Script visuals powered by Avolites
Tuesday, 6 March 2018

World - Irish rock band The Script's current Freedom Child tour features a complex mix of video, live footage, pre-made content and live effects displayed on a multiscreen structure. The ambitious visuals are being powered by Avolites Ai Infinity R8 Servers and Quartz lighting control consoles.
The Script's long-time show designer, Jamie Thompson, is working alongside freelance media server expert Annalisa Terranova, Tom and Satoko Wall from Blinkin LAB and video director Ben Farrey, to deliver the architectural content.
The multi-screen set-up is being run by four Ai R8 media servers. Two R8 servers process content created in real-time effects generator, Notch, which is then fed into the second pair of Ai servers which handle the main content. All of this is then outputted to the massive, angular on-stage LED screens.
"It's a pretty hybrid setup and we've customised some aspects of two of the R8s as Notch servers to create a beast of server capability for this complex show. We have amazing power to control," says Thompson. "The Ai servers give me huge scope to achieve more and more each time I work with The Script."
Notch is a node-based solution for generating effects in real time and allows export of a range of programmed effects directly into Ai as a Notch Block. Ai then runs the Block and sends the generation out to the selected layer.
"The Notch integration in Ai is definitely the feature that has been used the most," says Terranova. "It's been great to be able to use such a powerful effects engine that can generate particle

hhb8161HHB appointed UK distributor for BroaMan
Tuesday, 6 March 2018

UK - Fibre infrastructure specialist BroaMan has appointed HHB Communications as its new UK and Ireland distributor.
BroaMan managing director, Tine Helmle, comments: “We are delighted to be working with HHB, whose pedigree and track record speak for themselves.”
HHB director of sales, Martin O’Donnell, adds: “This partnership with BroaMan further proves HHB’s reputation as the ultimate supplier for all audio, video, data and GPIOs transport and systems solutions.”
Broaman’s newly announced Repeat48-2Fibre module made its debut at BVE. BroaMan’s technical sales manager, Maciek Janiszewski says: "The new module complements the Repeat48 and Repeat48WDM series, making it fully flexible for literally any type of signal.”
(Jim Evans)

allianceaudiologoAlliance Audio to represent Ashly in California
Monday, 5 March 2018

USA - Ashly Audio reports that Alliance Audio Visual Group will represent all of Ashly’s DSPs, amplifiers, user interfaces, and digital mixing consoles throughout southern California and southern Nevada.
With origins stretching back over two decades and a strong, stable network of clients, Alliance has been helping A/V consultants, and contractors, touring sound companies, and related companies connect with audio-video equipment that makes their projects successful.
“Ashly Audio has a well-earned reputation for building processors, amplifiers, and interfaces that are thoughtfully designed, and are rock-solid-reliable right out of the box and into the distant future,” said Matthew Jensen, owner and principle rep at Alliance Audio Visual Group.
“Ashly offers a range of solutions that complements our existing line card and that completes the synergy of product solutions that we can provide for our customers. We’re especially excited about Ashly’s new digiMIX digital consoles, which take a fresh approach in an already saturated market. It is a genuine privilege to work with the people behind the passion and heritage of Ashly Audio.”
“Alliance Audio Visual Group’s longevity in the industry is one way that they have built such an extensive network of trusting clients, but the people at Alliance are explicit in recognising that longevity by itself is not enough,” said John Sexton, director of sales at Ashly Audio. “They are known throughout their territory for their extensive product knowledge, as exemplified by their frequent

jon-hubery-regional-sales-managertvONE expands EMEA sales team
Wednesday, 28 February 2018

UK - tvONE is expanding its EMEA sales team by adding Jon Hubery as regional sales manager for the Middle East and India.
Jon has spent the last four and a half years working with a UK distribution partner, Holdan.
Frithjof Becker, EMEA sales director of tvONE, states, “Jon Hubery is an experienced sales manager working in the AV Market for years. He will lead our expansion into the Middle East and India. Our local partners in the region are looking forward to working with Jon.”
Hubery adds: “After working four years in the UK with AV Integrators, I am looking forward to working internationally again and introducing tvONE to India and the Middle East. I am delighted to be back at tvONE and cannot wait to get started with our partners from across the region to help and support them with their existing and future projects."
(Jim Evans)


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