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DHA Lighting the Forest
Wednesday, 30 May 2001

In the National Forest's permanent Millennium Discovery Centre exhibition, DHA's innovative lighting products are being used to project various tree patterns to represent the four seasons. Three DHA Gecko image projectors beam a rippling gobo pattern, whilst CCT Helio profile spotlights use DHA animation units set at different speeds to create effects such as a windy autumn day and more gentle summer breezes. Located within Conkers park in Moira, near Ashby de la Zouch, the Discovery Centre was opened in April by Princess Anne and provides a unique hands-on interactive nature experience for everyone, demonstrating the growth of new woodlands and animal habitats. On the site of an old mine, the Conkers logo has been created using a collection of children's hand imprints and is projected through a DHA gobo, or lighting template, by a 150W discharge Helios profile, from a new range of environmentally friendly energy saving products from CCT Lighting.

Yorkshire Audio With Shed 7Yorkshire Audio With Shed 7
Wednesday, 30 May 2001

Shed 7 are the first of Yorkshire Audio’s clients to benefit from the Midas Heritage 1000. Bought from the Leeds branch of LMC Audio Systems, Yorkshire Audio seized the opportunity to front their EAW KF850 system with the flagship console. Yorkshire Audio proprietor Bob Collinson explains his decision: "Midas was the brand on virtually every gig-review; the compact H1000 is practical for the medium-sized touring venues but has the desired Heritage sound to front the largest gigs." The UK tour has been a sell-out return for Shed 7 before releasing their long-awaited album this autumn. Originating from York, Shed 7’s last gig of the tour was appropriately in Yorkshire at The Foundry, Sheffield Hallam University.

New Logo for Light Relief
Tuesday, 29 May 2001

At the recent Showlight 2001 conference in Edinburgh, the new logo for the Light Relief benevolent fund was launched by Tony Gottelier and Rick Fisher. Light Relief is the industry-sponsored benevolent fund, supported by PLASA and the ALD, to assist people in the industry when they are affected by catastrophic personal events. "The lot of the freelancer is not always a happy one, just look at the state of Rick!" joked Gottelier, pointing at ALD chairman and lighting designer, Rick Fisher. The duo were attending the Showlight reception, sponsored by Fourth Phase, on the serious matter of launching the newly-designed Light Relief logo and its attendant leaflet, and to raise the profile of the industry’s benevolent fund. "Actually, it’s no laughing matter," Gottelier went on: "We all know that not all lighting designers are as successful as a Rick Fisher or a David Hersey or even a John Watt, and often they do not have the protection to shield them from life’s catastrophes which will happen to most of us at one time or another."

Rick Fisher told his audience: "There have been many cases recently that you will have read of in the professional press of some pretty ghastly examples of the kind of tragedies that can befall people. Light Relief sets out to bring some comfort to those in our business when they find themselves in such circumstances." The new logo reflects the aspirations of the fund by illustrating an image of letting in some sunshine, with the Light Relief name focused below.

Tony Gottelier then stated th

PCM Takes Motor School to Belgium
Tuesday, 29 May 2001

PCM took its award-winning Motor School roadshow to one of Europe’s top staging companies. StageCo, in Belgium, recently. PCM’s Tony Dickson presented the Motor School which was attended by 15 StageCo crew, plus four technicians from VLPS Belgium. PCM were asked to do the school by StageCo’s safety advisor Louis Claes. StageCo’s stage and roof systems - rated as some of the best in the world - work exclusively with Lodestar motors. "So we called in the masters to show us all about the hoists," explains Claes enthusiastically. PCM’s Motor School is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the CM Lodestar hoist, and to familiarise owners, users and specifiers of Lodestar motors with the operational theory, design philosophy, safety aspects, internal workings and trouble-shooting methods of the product.

Claes commented: "The feedback we’ve had from everyone on the course was very positive. Those who were new to Lodestars found the tuition intelligible and easy to follow. The more experienced people found that it certainly added to their understanding of the machine." He adds that he was also impressed by PCM’s willingness to make the visit, to fit into StageCo’s hectic schedules and to bring all the necessary School equipment with them - making no demands on StageCo themselves apart from provision of the teaching space. StageCo are planning another PCM Motor School in the autumn for the benefit of their crew members who were unable to make this one due to working in the US on tours with N’Sync a

Rane Install for Co-op HQ
Tuesday, 29 May 2001

Hayden Laboratories, exclusive UK distributors for Rane Corporation products, has supplied a Rane ECS-Engineered Conferencing System, with automatic mic mixers, to the Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS) HQ boardroom in Manchester. The installation was undertaken by locally-based Akwil Projects. The site is on the 13th floor of a 1960s tower block in Corporation Street, downtown Manchester, overlooking the MEN Arena, Granada TV Studios and Boddingtons Brewery. The boardroom is an interesting space consisting of a square boardroom with listed internal décor and ceiling. The room’s major acoustic challenge was presented by the listed ceiling which has multiple early reflections. Eddie Akka of Akwil Projects, who also installed the original SR system in the same boardroom 20 years ago, was called in to specify a 21st century system. Eddie consulted various suppliers and asked them to assist in producing the definitive design for a new SR System, which had to be simple and automatic in use. Ian Downs of Hayden Laboratories produced a practical system design and specification that not only fulfilled all CWS’s requirements but also left plenty of headroom for the development of future technologies, as CWS were keen to harness the potential of Video Conferencing – as well as high quality audio - via the new SR system.

To improve the system’s intelligibility and gain, ceiling-mounted speaker coverage was divided into six zones using a Rane SRM66 matrix mixer, Rane GE215 Graphic equalisers and a Rane MA6s six-channel amplifier. The heart of the system is

Game, Set & Match to Intasound
Tuesday, 29 May 2001

Worcester-based PA Company Intasound blasted open the new multi-million-pound Oxtalls Indoor Tennis Centre in Gloucester, with a new Crown powered Martin W8 system, purchased from the Birmingham branch of LMC Audio Systems. Sponsored by Audi and part of the ‘Sport For All’ initiative, this new 20-court complex is designed to bring tennis training and coaching within the reach of everybody. As well as the indoor system for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Intasound provided a fully integrated son et lumiere system for the inaugural firework display. A specially commissioned synchronised soundtrack, featuring sampled match-commentary and struck balls, was played back through the Martin W8C/WSX combination. Pictured left to right are Francis Dale (Intasound), Paul Collis (Intasound) and Sean Hames (LMC).

Funtime goes into the Vortex
Monday, 28 May 2001

Harrogate-based sales and installation specialists Funtime Music has recently installed a number of Camco's Vortex amplifiers supplied by Camco's UK distributor Fuzion plc, into two new Po Na Na venues in Lincoln and Salisbury. Funtime Music, nominated as Installer of the Year at the upcoming BEDA Awards later this year, has the contract for all new Po Na Na venues and plans to install Vortex amplifiers throughout. Funtime's Jonathan Reece explained his choice: "It really wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Vortex has revolutionised what we do in amplifier terms. We weren't particularly happy with the amps we were using, especially on the bottom end, but Vortex is just leagues apart. They sound superb right across all frequencies, but particularly on the bass. They run extremely cool so operation is trouble-free, and they also look very stylish, which for installations can actually be quite important. The lightweight aspect, although ostensibly more attractive for touring applications, is an added bonus as far as I'm concerned. But what is even more amazing is the price. It's hard to believe that you can get such a reliable, high quality product for the price I'm definitely sold!"

Funtime has installed six Vortex amplifiers in Po Na Na in Salisbury using Vortex 4s to drive the top boxes and Vortex 6s on the bass bins. A further three Vortexes have been installed in Lincoln.

Oxford Sound Gets Hippodrome Gig!
Monday, 28 May 2001

The Golders Green Hippodrome has been the official home of the BBC Concert Orchestra since the early 1970s. The most recent, and probably the most extensive technical refit in recent years was completed at the end of April 2001 and included significant building works as well as a complete studio overhaul. The Oxford Sound Company was chosen to install a new 72-input SSL console, the SL9000J Series, and to integrate it into the existing infrastructure, as well as adding new cabling for the additional inputs. Much of the studio equipment was also replaced, including talkback system and effects units. Main monitoring is via an impressive PMC BB5/XPD system, with Excel-201s for near-field and surround monitoring. The existing 24-track Studer A800 is used as the standard recording machine and additional cabling was installed for ‘guest’ recording equipment to provide 48-track facilities when required. "Working in old buildings not designed for this level of technical equipment always brings problems," said Stuart Edmiston, Oxford Sound's project manager. "This is quite a unique venue with sophisticated levels of recording and live performance equipment working side by side."

The auditorium sound system was also upgraded during the shutdown period with the existing Meyer UPA-1 speakers being refurbished by Autograph Sound. A new 32-channel Soundcraft K3 mixer for controlling the audience sound balance was supplied and installed by the Oxford Sound Company, with microphone feeds shared between the SSL and the Soundcraft via a microphone splitter s

Golden Flying from Stage TechnologiesGolden Flying from Stage Technologies
Monday, 28 May 2001

On the 25th April, Golden Princess left the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone and sailed to Southampton, the home of P&O, from where she later set sail on her maiden voyage to Barcelona. She will be based in Europe throughout the summer, before sailing the Eastern Caribbean in the autumn. The main lounge stage on board the Grand class vessel features a four deck high flytower, orchestra pit, large side stage areas and substage area with stage elevators. Many land-based theatres would be lucky to have the facilities provided. A major feature of the new ship is much improved personnel access in the flytower for maintenance of the rigging systems and the large amount of lighting equipment installed in the space. As part of the design process, Stage Technologies developed TanJent (patent pending), an innovative solution to guiding the flybars throughout the full travel of the bar. The flying system uses a variation of Stage Technologies’ proven BigTow winches with patented zero-fleet technology.

In addition to the flying system the main lounge on board Golden Princess includes two stage elevators, with infill covers, a series of cross stage tracks with rigid chain drive for moving stage wagons, a safety curtain, lighting trusses, curtain tracks, rain curtain and Austrian curtain. The automation system uses the latest version of Stage Technologies’ Acrobat console, together with Maxis processing power. The recently introduced Solo is also provided to provide portable handheld control of any axis. The aft lounge features a Juggler console controlling an assortment

Ninestiles School Goes State-of-the-Art
Saturday, 26 May 2001

It is rare that a state-of-the-art digital lighting desk should find itself on a school's shopping list, but when Design Technology teacher, Kevin Dutton, from Ninestiles School (a leading technology college in Birmingham), attended last year's PLASA Show there was only one thing on his mind.

By the time he left Earls Court he had placed an order for a 48-channel Strand Lighting 300 Series desk through AC Lighting. With a background in theatre, Dutton has been a regular visitor to PLASA over the past five years. He operates as part of a team that includes Jo Falk and Eddie Halliday from the English faculty, that seeks to promote and educate students about lighting and sound. Ninestiles, which offers its 1400+ students a broad spectrum of GCSE, GNVQ and A Level subjects, has already earned a top accolade from Ofsted, as the school with the highest teaching standards in the country. Dutton says: "Our ambition over the next three to four years is to ensure that every student is assigned their own laptop, as we are working towards ‘anytime anywhere’ learning."

The school has two auditoriums - a drama studio and the school hall, the latter generally configured in the round for school productions. "In the last five years there has been a positive attitude towards developing the school’s technical facilities for performing arts and drama, and this has culminated in the purchase of the 300 desk," Dutton continued. Funding was provided by the PTA, ‘Friends of Ninestiles School’ and Birmingham City Council’s local initiative

ANSI Approves Standard for Fog Equipment Manuals
Friday, 25 May 2001

The Board of Standards Review of the American National Standards Institute has approved ESTA's "Entertainment Technology - Recommendations for Inclusions in Fog Equipment Manuals." This standard now becomes ANSI E1.14-2001, and is the third ESTA standard approved by ANSI this year. The ANSI E1.14 project was started by a group of fog equipment dealers who were unhappy with the amount and quality of the information found in the manuals of some of the equipment they handle. The equipment manual is the primary document for telling the end-user how to use the equipment safely and effectively, but some of the fog machine manuals said very little beyond ‘Fill with fluid. Plug in. Make fog.’ The proposed standard lists the information that should be included in fog equipment manuals to ensure that the user has enough information to use the equipment properly. ANSI E1.14-2001 is available at no cost on the ESTA website as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Go to the web address below for the link to the download page.

Blitz Sound Standardises With CrestBlitz Sound Standardises With Crest
Friday, 25 May 2001

The newly-formed London-based PA rental company Blitz Sound (formerly TP Sound), has given a significant boost to its hire inventory with the purchase of 10 Crest X4 consoles from exclusive UK distributor The Sound Department - through dealers, Marquee Audio. The desks are intended for use as Blitz Sound’s standard consoles for small- to medium-sized shows within the corporate and conference markets and also for small musical and theatrical events. They replace existing stock in an ever-expanding hire facility. To date, the desks have been in operation on such events as the Opel Vivaro car launch in Germany and a Millennium Dance Company Show staged in London. Crest’s X4 consoles occupy a privileged position in the marketplace. As Blitz director Dave Perry illustrates, "The X4’s are really the only desk of that size, with the number of inputs and outputs that we need - with the requisite build quality that we require, and at a price that suits."

XTA’s SiDD With Gary Moore
Thursday, 24 May 2001

An XTA Electronics SiDD (Seriously Intelligent Digital Dynamics) processor has become, in the space of one tour, a vital component in conveying Gary Moore’s vocal power on stage. Moore’s front-of-house engineer, Andy May, decided to experiment with the multi-dynamics device after trying "virtually every compressor on the planet, from all the familiar units to the most esoteric American kit." Capital Sound is providing the tour’s audio production, with a Martin Wavefront 8 system, itself controlled by XTA DP226 digital loudspeaker processors. Both the DP226 and SiDD are based on XTA’s proprietary AudioCore DSP engine. The Gary Moore band is a straight-ahead four-piece line-up. The rig includes a Midas Heritage 3000 desk, Martin LE700 wedges, and Crown Macrotech amplification. Graham Lilley is production manager and Danny Stead mixes monitors.

May explains the challenge: "Gary sings and plays with a lot of passion and adrenalin, which works the vocal audio chain to the limits. He also likes a high guitar level on stage, so when he walks away from the microphone, the guitar sound floods into the mic, which means a lot of riding the faders for me. I’ve tried every kind of compressor on his vocal and none has ever really done the job of managing the dynamics without compromising the energy of his performance or the sound quality. SiDD goes a long way to solving that problem; it’s simply a brilliant product."

Lighting Tech in Space Tests
Thursday, 24 May 2001

From a situation where an almost unknown client would purchase the occasional lamp, Lighting Technology has found itself supplying equipment for space equipment testing, with lighting units from Arri key to the project. With help from Mike Perry of Arri, Lighting Technology’s Jonathan Price and Andy Dodd demonstrated the Arrisun 60 6kW HMI fixtures to TS Space Systems of Marlow, who have since ordered the units for one of their test programmes. The company designs and builds test equipment for acceptance of materials and sub-assemblies for spacecraft, with space simulation chambers, ion thruster chambers and testing of solar cells and panels.

TS Space Systems’ Bill Williams said: "As part of the tests for UV ageing of materials, most tests have up to now used DC xenon or mercury arc lamps. However, HMI lamps have come on in leaps and bounds, are lower in cost, involve no water cooling, and provide roughly twice the light output. For the tests involved we run a twin 6kW system, whereby should a lamp fail, a motor-driven unit automatically moves the failed unit away and brings the other unit into play."

He continued: "We are delighted with all the help and technical support received from Lighting Technology. The tests are now successfully under way and the units are providing an excellent spectrum and level of intensity."

Toploader Travel With Tascam
Thursday, 24 May 2001

UK band Toploader have set themselves up with a travelling demo studio using a Tascam 788 8-track Digital Portastudio. Guitarist Julian Deane was the first to convert to the unit: "We’ve been using a live sampler set-up for the last five years," he explained. "It’s had a fair bit of wear and tear on the road, being thrown into the backs of trucks and what have you. We’ve decided to switch over to an MDM format and the Tascam is renowned for its quality and endurance. It also interfaces with the Spirit digital desk. All of the outputs will be going into my desk and I will be dubbing it up as ususal."

Blackout Triple E’s Greed
Thursday, 24 May 2001

Hosted by Jerry Springer, Channel Five’s ‘Greed’ hit UK television screens this month, as contestants battled to answer a series of eight questions heading for a total one million pounds prize money. Pearson Television, London, bought the worldwide rights for the winning formula of US-based Fox Television Network's 'Greed', first screened in the USA in 1999/2000. Since March 2000 it has been sold to 17 different countries, the most recent production being in the UK. It is already a hit in Portugal, Israel, Germany, Finland and Denmark, amongst others. Production company A1 Set was commissioned to design the UK set which features a bank vault, a safe door and deposit boxes alongside piles of gold bullion. A1’s Andy Walmsley, who also designed the set for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, commissioned Blackout Triple E to supply and rig three truss circles, 12m, 9m, and 5m in external diameter, from which 31 VL6Cs, 12 VL5s, five VL6s and four VL7s have been hung to provide the main lighting for the show. "The circular truss are silver and form the ceiling to the entire set - we wanted something that could be heavily featured as a central focus rather than concealed," commented Walmsley.

Trantec’s South African DebutTrantec’s South African Debut
Thursday, 24 May 2001

South African-based Matrix Sound recently supplied four Trantec S4000 IEM transmitters and 18 S4000 IEM receivers for use by the cast of Grease, The Stadium Spectacular, staged at Johannesburg Stadium. The lead characters, Danny and Sandy, had their own in-ear mix, as did the rest of the support cast. Although the vast stage area was covered by side-fills and wedge monitors, due to the sheer size of the production - andthe delayed sound returning from the rear of the stadium - it was decided that an in-ear system would aid the artists’ timing for song and dance numbers. Custom moulds were manufactured for all 18 performers as the S4000 IEMs made their first large-scale South African stage debut. The ability to operate on higher frequencies within the Channel 62/64 range ensured an interference-free performance from the 18 headset radios and 12 radio comms being used simultaneously on the show. Grease played to 60,000 people at Johannesburg Stadium and was very well received. Danny was played by South African, Craig Urbani, fresh from playing the role of Buddy Holly in London’s West End, while Sandy was played by fellow South African Amra Faye. The show also starred South African superstar Yvonne Chaka Chaka and popular breakfast radio show DJ Jeremy Mansfield as Vince Fontein.

Sony Upgrades Sentrum Scene WestSony Upgrades Sentrum Scene West
Thursday, 24 May 2001

One of Oslo’s biggest theatres, Sentrum Scene West, has upgraded its front-of-house system with a new Sony DMX-R100 8-bus digital mixing console. The 1,000 seat venue needed a flexible desk which could be instantly reconfigured for a variety of roles, yet which offered high sound quality. The theatre stages a wide range of productions, including live concerts, theatrical performances and one-off special events, and previously the engineers would have to reset the FOH console for each new show. However, by using the DMX-R100 on-board snapshot automation, this can now be achieved with the touch of a button.

Kjetil Husoey, the theatre’s sound designer, said: "With so many different projects running in the theatre at the same time, we needed a console that had the flexibility and more importantly a snapshot automation facility. Other contenders were considered, but would have been double the cost of the Sony."

Mobil Tech UK Appoints Distributors
Wednesday, 23 May 2001

Mobil Tech UK has recently announced two exclusive distributorship agreements to promote and sell their products. Liverpool-based Adlite will be the main distributor in the north of England, whilst The Warehouse Ltd will be selling exclusively in Scotland from their Edinburgh headquarters and shortly from their brand new showroom in Glasgow. Both companies will be selling the complete range of Mobil Tech stands, trussing and accessories as well as the new range of lighting effects. As Mobil Tech UK sales manager Peter Stressing comments: "These agreements will allow us to concentrate our sales effort fully throughout the whole of the UK market. Adlite and The Warehouse will be able to promote our full range of products as well as providing a local focus point for customers in that both companies will be carrying a full range of products for demonstration."

This move has been prompted by the increasing popularity and growth in sales of Mobil Tech products, notably for stands such as the popular SP2TA and the 'Rolls Royce' of the stand fleet, the ALP5. Likewise sales of aluminium trussing are growing, notably for the 250 and 290 section trussing in triangular and box sections. Additionally, as a counter to the traditional lighting stand top section of 32mm, Mobil Tech UK are now able to offer a reducer from 35mm to 32mm that will enable customers to use Mobil Tech stands without necessarily replacing their stock of adapters in one go. Adlite can be contacted on 0151 486 2214, and The Warehouse Ltd on 0131 555 6900.

Carnegie Hall is First With Yamaha PM1D
Wednesday, 23 May 2001

New York City’s Carnegie Hall has become the world’s first concert hall to include a Yamaha PM1D digital mixing system, as part of a recent audio system upgrade, which also included a Myere Sound loudspeaker system. The design was completed by David Andrews of Andrews Audio, John Monitto from Meyer Sound and acoustical consultants Art-Tec, who performed extensive acoustic and RASTI measurements. The decision to purchase a large format digital front of house console came about through recommendations, and the need for future expansion. "We had an analogue board for 11 years, and it worked very well," said head of sound John Cardinale. "However, we were intrigued by the capabilities and the sound of digital consoles when they were first introduced, so we convinced management to make an investment in a quality front of house console as part of our upgrade. Our decision to go with the PM1D was based, for the most part, on an established paradigm in sound reinforcement," he continues, "and that’s the signal flow and layout of the Yamaha PM4000. The majority of the touring acts that come to Carnegie Hall specify a 4000 on their rider, and the control surface of the PM1D is very similar. We found that you can set it up to work on the surface, and don’t have to page through menus."

Carnegie Hall’s main PA consists of a centre cluster, comprised of three Meyer powered MSL4 cabinets and four CQ1 cabinets, with side stacks consisting of four MSL4 and two PSW2 cabinets. "The front-fills are UPM1Ps that lay across the st

Synco and Midas Rock With Studio Brussel
Wednesday, 23 May 2001

Studio Brussel is one of Belgium's most vibrant radio stations catering for the dance-orientated youth market. For their annual party this year they decided to go for a full-on festival held in Kuipke, the old velodrome in Ghent. A total of seven different venues were used to showcase the best of both Belgian and international talent. The main stage was in Kuipke and featured acts such as the Postmen, 28 days, Starflam, the Guano Apes and many more. Acoustic sessions took place in the Casino with the likes of Novastar, Monza and Luc de Vos, while other attractions included a drive-in movie theatre, cabaret, and DJ sets from Cut la Roc and Luke Slater. The welcome area included a live broadcast studio and a display of artwork from famous Belgian artist Panamarenko.

Dee Sound of Belgium was responsible for supplying the audio requirements for this high profile event. Both the main stage and the casino were equipped with the Synco Touring loudspeaker system. After the gig the Guano Apes engineer commented: "It's a great system ­ it gives you lots of headroom at high SPLs without loss of clarity." It was also the ideal opportunity to put the two newly-purchased Midas Heritage 3000s through their paces, particularly as the consoles were used for both FOH and monitoring purposes. According to Andre Schneider (owner of Dee Sound): "The desks are so clearly mapped out I have no worries letting visitors work on them. "

The event was attended by 10,000 people who partied until dawn. The Studio Brussel team, who confessed to a slight case of butterflies before

Barco at Italian Museum of Cinema
Wednesday, 23 May 2001

Barco’s high-performance projection systems have been selected for the Italian Museum Cinema in Turin. This tall museum in Antonelli’s Mole covers 3200sq.m, and is full of cinema exhibits. Euphon, one of Italy’s leading specialists in broadcast, communication and AV integration, has installed 10 Barco 708 Series CRT and 2 Barco 6000 Series LCD projectors. They were chosen because of the unmatched image quality. The Museum of Cinema, an ancient Temple of the Jewish Community, is home to five levels of exhibitions with thousands of film posters, photographs, books, periodicals, paintings, prints and film equipment. A journey through the magic of film provides the visitors a course on the archeology of cinema and the various stages of film production to end in the spectacular and immense Temple Hall, the heart of the museum. In this area, visitors can relax, watch two Italian 35mm films and enjoy the extraordinary video and light show, which runs every 18 minutes. Surrounding this central hall, the audience can visit 10 chapels, dedicated to the history of cinema.

Euphon was chosen to work out the impressive audio-visual installation for the museum project. This leading Italian audio-visual integrator designed a tailor-made solution, based on the requirements for every specific zone of the building. On the first level, dedicated to pre-cinema, Barco’s 6000 Series LCD projection technology provides the visitors with very bright and sharp video images. In addition, each of the ‘chapels’ around the Temple Hall is equipped with a Barco 708 Ser

ALD to Stage Autopilot II Demo
Tuesday, 22 May 2001

Members of the ALD (Association of Lighting Designers) and the STLD (Society of Television Lighting Directors) along with other lighting designers have been invited to Wybron's Open Day for a demonstration of the Autopilot II system. The demonstration will be held at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London, where the Autopilot II is currently in use on the production of The Witches of Eastwick. Autopilot II is Wybron's automated followspot system, which is very easy to set up, use and monitor from a PC. Lighting designer Kevin Burgess will demonstrate its full potential and show how it's used in Witches. "We are really excited to have Kevin Burgess, the true Autopilot II ‘expert’, with us on the Open Day," says Mike Goldberg, manufacturer's representative for Wybron, who is arranging the event, which takes place at 3pm on May 25th. Goldberg can be contacted at the e-mail address given below.

Vari-Lite Partner With Clearwing
Tuesday, 22 May 2001

Vari-Lite Inc partnered this month with Clearwing Productions Inc. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to increase the availability of Vari*Lite automated lighting equipment for a variety of entertainment, corporate and special events throughout the United States. Clearwing Productions evaluated the future of the automated lighting market for several months before adding VL2402 wash luminaires and VL2202 spot luminaires to its wide variety of production services. "The partnership with Clearwing Productions is another step in our ongoing effort to increase the availablity and use of Vari*Lite products," said Ken Matthews, vice-president of sales and marketing at Vari-Lite. "Clearwing is a proven leader in production services, and we are proud to associate Vari-Lite with a company that has secured a solid reputation for delivering only the highest quality products and services."

Tony Trovato, lighting department manager at Clearwing Productions, said that Clearwing had purchased VL2402 wash luminaires and VL2202 spot luminaires as part of an ongoing effort to expand its in-house services to include intelligent lighting equipment. "When Vari-Lite finally made fixtures available to own, we just had to purchase some," said Tony Trovato.

Clearwing Productions provides sound, lighting, staging and backline services to one of the country's largest music festivals, Summerfest, as well as numerous other prestigious corporate, festival and concert clients.


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