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lscLSC Control Systems helps the show go on for Version 2
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Australia/UK – When UK-based lighting supplier Version 2 invested in dimming technology from LSC Control Systems, the new equipment paid dividends on its debut outing. Version 2 purchased 12-way GEN VI dimming modules from LSC, the Melbourne-based manufacturer, to go straight onto ITV’s 2021 production of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!
Managing director Nick Edwards has been an LSC customer for many years, and continued investing in them when he founded his own company, Version 2. “LSC’s reliability has always stood out,” he says. “Having used them for so long, I know it’s very rare to get a call from site to say an LSC dimmer’s gone down. It’s pretty much unheard of!”
His faith in LSC’s technology – and its world-class customer support – was rewarded when Version 2 deployed 10 x 48-way GEN VI dimming racks on the production of I’m a Celebrity. As a result of the COVID pandemic, the hit series was being filmed in the UK for the first time, at Gwrych Castle in North Wales. The racks were set up on-site for the 10-week production by dimmer technician Richard Shout, with power for the hundreds of lighting fixtures supplied by hired generators.
As the date for the show’s live transmission drew closer, everything seemed to be going to plan - until lighting director James Tinsley noticed that when changing levels rapidly, some lights were giving an occasional flicker. With just days until the live broadcast, this was an urgent problem. After reporting the issue to Version 2, Shout was put in touch wi

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Open Air Abba - Mamma Mia! is to perform outside at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre next year to celebrate 24 years since the show premiered in London in April 1999. The show will run at Scarborough Open Air Theatre, the largest open-air concert arena in the UK, from 14-18 June 2023, as part of the show’s UK & International Tour. It marks the return of theatre to the venue, which has hosted music acts in recent years. More than 30,000 tickets are on sale for the six performances.
Creator and producer Judy Craymer said: “We are so excited to be bringing Mamma Mia! to Scarborough Open Air Theatre next summer. With its heart-warming story told through the wonderful music of ABBA, Mamma Mia! lends itself perfectly to the outdoors.”
Closure Threat - The future of a Manchester music venue which has hosted bands such as Wet Leg, Elbow and the Arctic Monkeys hangs in the balance after a noise complaint. Owners of the Night & Day Cafe will appear in court this month over alleged breaches of statutory noise levels. It comes after Manchester City Council issued the venue with a noise abatement notice last year. If found in breach, the bar - which has been a Northern Quarter staple for more than 30 years - could close.
The row centres on a complaint from neighbours in an adjoining property, which has recently been converted for residential use. Owner Jennifer Smithson, daughter of the late founder and Manchester icon Jan Oldenburg, has said she now "faces an impossible task". Ms Smithson said to comply with the requirements of the a

jim-harrington-and-richard-wilsonElation Southern California sales reps retire
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

USA - Following long careers of service to the entertainment technology industry, two of Elation Professional’s sales partners have announced their retirement effective at the end of the year. Jim Harrington of JLH Marketing and Richard Wilson of R.L. Wilson & Associates, both independent sales representative firms based in Southern California, will be retiring effective 31 December.
The choice to call it a career after so many years in the industry was naturally not an easy one to make for either professional. “The decision took a lot of soul searching,” said Jim Harrington, who has worked in the entertainment technology industry for some 50 years, “but I believe it’s time.” Jim first met ADJ Group founder and chairman Chuck Davies in the early ´70s when both worked in retail audio, and he has been working with and for him ever since. In 2008, he started his own rep firm, JLH Marketing, to represent Elation Professional. “We were all brought together by Chuck Davies - ADJ Group president Toby Velazquez, Elation director of Sales Eric Loader, myself, and many others. All I can say is how lucky I am to have spent my entire life working with the best people you can imagine.”
Richard Wilson has headed R.L. Wilson & Associates based in Temecula, California, since 1988 and has represented several lighting, audio and video companies in that time. He has served as an independent sales rep for Elation since 2017. “I’ve represented several companies over the past 35 years of being a road warrior and I can honestly say Elation has been

astera-alessandro-nelAstera Titans light Bayreuth Baroque Opera
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Germany - Astera Titan Tubes provided a solution for the lighting of a rolling ‘small stage’ scenic truck which was central to the action for the 2022 Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival’s production of Allessandro Nell’Indie by Leonardo Vinci, directed by Max Emmanuel Cancic and lit by David Debrinay from Paris and Lyon, France, based design studio, LJOMA.
Three performances were staged at the Margravial Opera House (Markgräfliches Opernhaus), a UNESCO World Heritage site.
David is well acquainted with Astera products, and he initially asked lighting specialist Kai Fischer, the festival’s technical production manager who co-ordinates all the lighting procurement, if he could source Astera AX1s or Titan Tubes for the task of lighting the small stage – which played an integral role in the narrative.
The story is focused on Alexander the Great’s Indian campaign and his defeat of King Poros in 326 BCE at the Battle of Hydaspes, and in true Baroque style, a sense of spectacle and elaborate staging and complex detailed architecture was central to the production.
“I knew using the wireless Astera fixtures was the only way to easily bring light, colour and vibrance to the stage taking up such a small amount of space,” he commented, adding that he also chose this option because they had a short time in which to build the set. “It was a solution that enabled the stage to be built without needing to define in advance where I might need electrical power.”
Three Titans were attached above the back of the small stage set

rolling-stonesAyrton IP fixtures tour Europe with the Stones
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Europe - The Rolling Stones took to the road this summer for their first European tour since 2018 with their new show, Sixty, in celebration of their 60th anniversary. The show had a new set design by Stufish and lighting by Patrick Woodroffe, the Stones’ lighting designer and creative director for over 40 years.
“When designing a European tour, you must consider the vast range of weather conditions you might meet across the summer from beautiful sunny days to end-of-the-world storms,” says Terry Cook, associate lighting designer at Woodroffe Bassett Designs. “One thing Ayrton has become famous for is their high-powered IP rated fixtures. On the 60th Anniversary Rolling Stones tour we have 83 Ayrton Perseo Profiles over the stage. We have used these units on multiple shows and found them to be bright and reliable.
“At FOH, for the first time ever, we specified 10 Ayrton Domino LT units attached to the FollowMe. This is a new Long Throw unit of the Domino range and is also IP rated so it takes the weather concerns away. Our spot towers moved around a lot from venue to venue, but we found having the Domino LT spot very useful and the light performed well.”
An additional 12 Domino LT fixtures were also chosen for exposed positions at the front of the stage, all of which were supplied by Neg Earth Lights.
“With a new scenic and lighting design for the Sixty Tour, Patrick and Terry (Cook) took the opportunity to add many more Perseos and Domino LTs to the design,” says Rolling Stones lighting director, Ethan Weber. “Pretty much e

davidgrayChamSys MagicQ drives David Gray US dates
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

USA - Joe Beardsmore and Jonny Gaskell channelled the power of contrasts when designing the light and video show for David Gray’s recently concluded USA leg of his 20th Anniversary White Ladder tour.
Divided into two distinct parts, their client’s show was lit in “black and white shades of CTO cold whites and CTB” for one hour, as Gray performed back catalogue hits; then, following an intermission, concluded with saturated coloured lighting as the star played his seminal 7m sold album White Ladder in its entirety. (Gray changed outfits to mirror this contrast, wearing a black suit at the start of the show and a white one in in its concluding section.)
“There were many different things we did to keep it interesting as we created this contrast, between black-and-white and colour,” said Beardsmore. “We relied on about eight different shades of white in the first part of show, and wherever possible we also did black and white I-MAG. Then in the second part of the show, we had a total change of mood with our full colour palette. The emotional change this created was great. It was even more effective than Jonny and I thought it would be when we decided on that as a concept back in 2020.”
Helping Beardsmore, the owner of Phosphor Tech, bring this dramatic contrast to life was his ChamSys MagicQ MQ250M. “The banks of faders on this console are great,” he said. “I had overrides on Bank 2 and whenever I needed to busk anything, it was all there on defaults, which was great. Bank 3 had all my video clips stored so they were easy to

robe-hrvatski-domRobe T1 Profiles make a difference in Split
Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Croatia - The 256-capacity Concert Hall at the Hrvatski Dom in Split, Croatia’s second, is enjoying new Robe T1 Profile moving lights as part of a technical investment that was instigated and specified by the venue’s head of technical, Slaven Tahirbegovic.
The fixtures were delivered by Robe’s Croatian distributor LAV Studio and installed when the building re-opened after extensive renovations which returned the Art Nouveau architecture and décor back to its original 1908 splendour simultaneously integrating contemporary elements enabling it to function fully as a cool 21st century performance space.
They join the existing 10 x Robe LEDWash 600s which were delivered in late 2019, a great combination of fixtures to facilitate the current programme of shows and events.
The Concert Hall is an intimate space. It has outstanding acoustics and is utilised for classical, jazz, acoustic and unplugged concerts, and broadcasts. The venue also regularly hosts premium conferences and presentations.
Typically, 10 or 12 shows a month are staged there, boosted to daily performances during Split’s Summer Festival which runs for a month mid-July to mid-August.
During the pandemic, the Concert Hall’s first ‘new season’ streamed programme in 2021 attracted over 30,000 online visitors. To make up for doors being closed to the public during that time – and previously due to the building works – in 2022 it has staged the most concerts of any concert hall in Croatia, so the new lights came at an opportune moment.
Before taking up

leyardLeyard Europe debuts Luminate Ultra Series
Monday, 31 October 2022

Slovakia - Leyard has announced a new addition to the company’s portfolio of outdoor fine pitch LED display solutions with the release of a fine pitch, high bright outdoor LED video wall designed for up close viewing. The Leyard Luminate Ultra Series LED video wall display features coated LEDs to deliver ruggedness and exceptional image detail for high-ambient light environments.
Designed to enhance viewing angles, the Leyard Luminate Ultra Series provides nearly 140-degree visibility with limited interference, even in direct sunlight. Featuring models in 1.5 and 1.9mm pixel pitches and up to 3,500-nits of brightness, the Leyard Luminate Ultra Series supports comfortable viewing from as close as 1.8m for applications spanning transportation signage, retail exteriors, poolside cinema, entertainment, hospitality, and other large venue facilities.
“We are increasingly receiving requests for high-resolution outdoor LED displays that are also bright enough to be installed in direct sunlight,” says Cris Tanghe, vice president of product marketing at Leyard Europe. “The Leyard Luminate Ultra Series brings together fine pitch, high brightness and a coating technology that protects, while delivering beautiful outdoor viewing. It’s a unique combination we are excited to bring to our customers.”
In addition to supporting wall-mounted, corner, convex and concave installations, the solution offers customers the flexibility to create a video wall of nearly any size. With full front and rear installation and service, Leyard Luminate Ultra Series custom

iheart1Chauvet creates diverse looks for iHeartRadio
Monday, 31 October 2022

USA - The annual iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas is, at its core, a nationally televised special. Tom Kenny always has this firmly planted in this mind when designing the lighting rig for this two-day series of performances by stars like Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, Lionel Ritchie, Diplo, and The Black Keys.
“This is a big, multi-camera TV show,” said Kenny. “Every year I try to have the most modern and popular fixtures for the visiting designers to work with so they can create dynamic looks in this big space (T-Mobile Arena) that come off well from every camera angle.”
To achieve this vision, Kenny works closely with the entire design team to ensure the seamless integration of light and video on stage. Toward this end, he strives to minimize empty spaces between video walls and the lighting rig, which although they may be ok for live audiences, come off differently in the less forgiving two-dimensional world of television.
“I work closely with Charlie from Atomic design and Fuji Cortina to populate any visual gaps with lighting,” he explained. “This creates a more massive and integrated look.”
Key to helping Kenny do this was a collection of 93 Color STRIKE M motorized blinders and 22 COLORado PXL Bar 16 linear fixtures from Chauvet Professional, which, like the rest of the rig, in this Diversified Productions produced event, were supplied by 4Wall Entertainment.
“We had Color STRIKE fixtures lining all of our video walls,” said Kenny. “This enhanced their visual impact, making them feel like part of the over

walker-hayes-2022-tour3Smarty Hybrid multi-tasks on Walker Hayes tour
Monday, 31 October 2022

USA - Design firm Darkroom Creative is handling lighting design, set design and video content for Walker Hayes’ Glad You’re Here Tour and has employed Elation Professional’s compact Smarty Hybrid moving head in a multifunctional role. The 15-city run kicked off on 29 September in Johnstown, PA with lighting supply by Bandit Lites.
Early this past summer, Darkroom Creative received a call from Walker Hayes’ manager Robert Carlton, who was forming plans for the emerging country star’s first headlining arena tour. Thanks to a successful album release earlier in the year, along with the breakout Fancy Likewhich was nominated for Best Country Song at the 2022 Grammy Awards, his popularity has taken off.
“At that point, it was all just building blocks - arenas, two trucks, six weeks - and from there it was a good deal of collaboration between us, Walker, management, and production manager Chris Newman,” recalls Seth Jackson, partner at Darkroom Creative. “We couldn’t be prouder of the collaboration. Walker and his camp are a pleasure to work with. There is a mutual devotion between artist and crew and the friendship shows in making a great place to work.”
“At that first big picture meeting there was a lot of talk about brand and reinforcing this feel that Walker’s team found, which seems to resonate tremendously well with his audience,” stated Nate Alves, Seth’s partner at Darkroom Creative. “We threw a few ideas around and Walker responded with some feedback. I remember distinctly asking if this was a field pa

perseo-1600x800-2b-1600x730Ayrton Perseo Profiles dominate Alicia Keys rig
Monday, 31 October 2022

USA/Europe - Singer-songwriter Alicia Keys has completed her sixth concert tour playing 31 dates in North America and 21 in Europe on the Alicia + Keys World Tour. The show, which celebrates the 15-time Grammy winner’s career from her early R&B music to her seventh and eighth studio albums, finds Keys singing, playing piano and DJ-ing to the delight of fans.
Lighting designer, Bryan Barancik, principal of Luxious Creative in Boston, selected 142 Ayrton Perseo Profiles as the workhorse fixtures on the rig in the European leg. He also chose two grandMA3 full-size consoles with five NPUs to control the lighting plus a grandMA2 onPC command wing for use by the touring techs. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive North American distributor of the Ayrton and MA Lighting brands. 4Wall is the lighting and video equipment vendor for the tour, which kicked off in Birmingham, England in June and wrapped in Nashville in late September. The tour marks the first time that Barancik, who has been working with Keys since 2010, has used Perseo Profiles. He previously used Ayrton Khamsins for the Eagles.
“For this tour I needed LED profile fixtures for consistent colour temperatures working with the video cameras. The fixtures also had to be low maintenance for the crew, since many of them are mounted above the video canopy, and well-proven,” explains Barancik. “The Perseos were right fixture for the job at hand.”
Barancik’s lighting design began with overall scenic design from Bruce Rodgers, which features a 12ft LED videowall upstage that splits

proteus-excaliburElation’s Sky Motion lights up the skies
Friday, 28 October 2022

USA/Europe - Elation’s Proteus Excalibur includes the innovative Sky Motion system that enables operation of the fixture as an impactful searchlight effect without the need for a dedicated lighting controller.
“During development of the Proteus Excalibur, we made comparisons with legacy Xenon fixtures in order to get a sense of how the aerial beams compare to each other,” explains Elation product manager Matthias Hinrichs. “We quickly realised that in many respects, the Excalibur outperforms these fixtures. It became clear that there was a unique opportunity for the fixture to replaces expensive and power-hungry Xenon searchlights for special events, theme parks and other applications.”
Built into the latest firmware of the Proteus Excalibur and accessible via a simple menu display, Sky Motion searchlight mode allows an Excalibur unit or group of Excaliburs to create the famous sky tracker effect. The Sky Motion system operates autonomously and is quick and easy to set up directly from the fixture display.
With the simple assignment of IDs, a variety of searchlight patterns can easily be adjusted for size, speed, and color. Choose from a variety of attractive movement designs like Hollywood, Sky Tracer, Searchlight, Diagonal, Sweep and more, and even customise the look live right from the fixture.
With 7500 lux at a distance of 100m, the Proteus Excalibur houses an ultra-efficient 550W Flex discharge lamp and projects an ultra-narrow 0.8-degree beam that cuts effortlessly through the sky and is visible at great distances. The inte

42nd-streetAyrton Diablo lights 42nd Street revival
Friday, 28 October 2022

USA - Goodspeed Musicals, a professional musical theatre located in an historic Opera House on the banks of the Connecticut River in East Haddam, Connecticut, is using 15 Ayrton Diablo S fixtures from PRG for its new production of 42nd Street. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.
Goodspeed is the first regional theatre in America to earn two special Tony Awards, one for outstanding contributions to the American musical and a second for distinguished achievement. Goodspeed mounts both new and newly revived musicals each year on its main stage at the Opera House and its second stage in Chester – a total of more than 400 performances during the April to December season attracting 130,000 patrons to the Connecticut River Valley.
The revival of 42nd Street is the first theatrical production for which PRG has supplied Ayrton Diablo S. The musical marks the first time that New York-based lighting designer, Cory Pattak, has designed a show for the Opera House, although he has previously worked on shows in both of Goodspeed’s spaces. It’s also the first time he has used Ayrton fixtures.
Pattak had noticed theatrical colleagues starting to use Ayrton fixtures and was interested in exploring the product line when he attended a vendor showcase featuring Ayrton luminaires. Earlier this year PRG offices worldwide committed to an investment of more than 1,000 automated LED luminaires from Ayrton. PRG USA added Perseo Profiles and Beams, Khamsins and Diablos to its inventory.
“When I saw Dia

eefjeChauvet helps Randall Diagre light Eefje de Visser
Friday, 28 October 2022

The Netherlands - Having worked with singer/songwriter Eefje de Visser since 2019, lighting designer Randall Diagre understands and appreciates Eefje de Visser’s emotive approach to her art. It is a quality that inspires and invites collaboration, leading to creations that support her songs with evocative visual displays.
The fruits of this creative process were one full display at Pinkpop, where Eefje de Visser was named the festival’s Number 1 act by the Dutch media. Wrapping itself seamlessly around the singer’s captivating performance was an evocative lightshow designed and operated by Diagre, with help from light artist Nick Verstand, who created a remarkable mirror scenic piece that helped define the show’s transcendent quality.
As Diagre recalls, the distinctive design grew of a project organised by Motel Mozaik Rotterdam during the pandemic lockdown. Her tour had been postponed because of COVID, and Eefje was looking for alternative creative projects when Motel Mozaik asked her to work with Verstand. “She asked me to join this collaboration,” said Diagre, “because I know her aesthetic and we understand each other very well.”
When developing the new touring design, Diagre was inspired by the work of David Byrne. “David’s shows have been one of my biggest source of inspiration,” he said. “I love how he works with contrasts. It always seems like he wants to create some kind of optical illusion without using smoke and mirrors. He just relies on the basics, and to me, that is a really good approach to lighting design.”

robe-bayreuth-baroque-operaRobe colours Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival
Friday, 28 October 2022

Germany - Bayreuth hosted its third Baroque Opera Festival (BBOF) this year with a lively programme of works including Allesandro Nell’Indie, which was lit by French LD David Debrinay using over 50 Robe moving lights including T1 and T2 Profiles and LEDBeam 350s.
Three memorable performances directed by Max Emmanuel Cencic, also artistic director of the festival and one of the principals, were staged at the Margravial Opera House (Markgräfliches Opernhaus). Opened in 1748 and declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012, the venue reopened in 2018 after extensive renovations. It is also a museum and is licensed for just 30 live performances per year.
David, from the Lyon-based design practice LJOMA Studio, and Max have worked on several previous projects including the two other Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festivals in 2020 and 2021.
Multiple creative starting points for David’s lighting design included Max’s overall direction of the piece together with Dominico Franchi’s intricate set with its rolling B-stage, and Guiseppe Palella’s elaborate costumes, of all of which brought an air of Bollywood glamour, colour, humour, and fantasy to the stage as the libretto unfolded.
The five-hour performance was set around Alexander the Great’s Indian campaign and his defeat of King Poros in 326 BCE at the Battle of Hydaspes.
Co-ordinating the Festival’s lighting specification and procurement was Kai Fischer who is based locally and works as a freelance and technical production specialist and manager for a range of shows and eve

hippomemorial-hallHippotizer powers BLINK Cincinnati projections
Friday, 28 October 2022

USA - The streets of Cincinnati were awash with colour in October as an estimated 1.5m people enjoyed the BLINK light and art festival, which featured four large-scale projection mappings powered by Hippotizer Media Servers.
During the four-day event, video installations turned the city’s landmark buildings into ‘a techno cityscape of the future’, bringing existing artworks and architecture to life and creating eye-popping 3D projections.
Some of the most spectacular video mapping installations were Hippotizer driven, including at Memorial Hall on Elm Street where the building’s four striking pillars and grand architectural shapes were perfectly video mapped and projected upon with sweeping, kaleidoscopic artworks by Italian multimedia studio, Antalless Visual Design. Titled In The Middle, the installation harnessed the power of a Hippotizer Boreal V4+ server running four 1920/1200 signals to Barco HDX projectors.
Elsewhere in the city’s Downtown Zone, artist Sam Okerstum-Lang and Masary Studios created an interactive, site-specific artwork called Massively Distributed. This installation invited the public to create visual landscapes using a specially built app, and the results were arranged together by the artist and activated via a Hippotizer Boreal V4+ sending four HD signals to an inline stack of four Barco UDX 4K projectors, mounted in portrait formation.
At Cincinnati’s Hanke Building, students from the Miami University Department of Emerging Technology in Business & Design led a project to showcase their

jon-pardi-2022photo-by-todd-kaplan3Elation lights Jon Pardi’s classic country shows
Thursday, 27 October 2022

USA - Old time country is in good hands with ACM and CMA award-winning singer/songwriter Jon Pardi whose classic country sounds on his Ain’t Always the Cowboy Tour are being complemented by lighting from Elation Artiste Mondrian and Artiste Monet luminaires.
Described as ‘the kind of honkytonk that gets people drinking, dancing and drowning their heartaches,’ Pardi combines an old-fashioned country vibe with youthful energy. He hit the road July 14 in support of his new album Mr. Saturday Night with stops all over the US.
Chris Reade and Jay Ballinger of KYVA Design have been designing and conceptualizing with Jon Pardi for the last eight years. For the Ain’t Always the Cowboy Tour this past summer, Reade says that Ballinger proposed the idea of projecting strength with steel beams and rugged structure elements that resonated within that concept.
“He and Jon really came together in agreement there,” Reade stated. “The structures changed within the process, but the overall motif remained. The lighting architecture is boxy to keep that structure, with some angles to make it feel larger overall. The lighting instruments were chosen to represent this as well. Power and punch are very important to this design, and the Elation instruments have that in spades.”
Some 21 Artiste Mondrian and 32 Artiste Monet LED moving head fixtures work with pixel battens, strobe/wash lights and blinders in the design, all supplied by Elite Multimedia Productions. The Mondrians work from the upstage and downstage truss providing k

madeinamerica1Chauvet meets Made in America expectations
Thursday, 27 October 2022

USA - Patrick Dierson oversaw the production design at the Jay-Z curated Made in America festival in Philadelphia. “I love this event, because it never fails to surprise with unexpected challenges,” he said, looking back on the 2022 edition of the festival.
Made In America more than lived up to Dierson’s expectations this year, as just a few days before load-in he got a message that one of the headliners at the urban and Latin music festival, Lil Uzi Vert, wanted two Lamborghinis on the stage for his performance.
“This required a little more than your average production coordination,” said Dierson. “Let’s face it - this is Philly. The concept of handing two Lambos to a teamster in a forklift is enough to make an eyebrow raise. We didn’t want these things going back to the King of Prussia, PA exotic car dealership with two holes in the wing doors and covered in McRib sauce, so it became a full court press of production management to make sure that the appropriate delivery vehicles were used, and the cars specifically staged for delivery in a way that made sense. Diversified Productions Services, which produced the event with Roc Nation, were masters at making this happen.”
Another surprise at the downtown festival, though not quite as unique, also made life interesting for the production team when the organizers changed plans for the Rocky Stage. “We got word rather late in the process that they wanted to keep the bones of last year’s design in place,” said Dierson. “Thankfully, 4Wall Entertainment, the gear supplier for th

ut-alumni-1Bandit Lites donates lighting for alumni gala
Wednesday, 26 October 2022

USA - The University of Tennessee in Knoxville held its annual celebration of alumni at 2022 Alumni Awards Gala, and Bandit Lites donated a lighting system for the event which honours alumni across the state, country and world who bring recognition to Tennessee’s flagship campus. This year’s honourees included 24 notable alumni including Samuel E. Beall II, Tamika Catchings, Sara Croley, Donald E. Frieson, Ronald Earl Frieson and Sharon G. Lee. Bandit Lites founder Michael T. Strickland was honoured with this award in 2021.
To set the tone and ambiance for the room, Bandit supplied an upstage and downstage truss loaded with 44 GLP X4S, 8 VL 2500 Spots and 2 VL 3000 Spots. The GLP X4S fixtures were used in part to light the stage while most of them washed the ceiling in colours. The VL 2500 cast gobo patterns on the ceiling and walls, while the 3000s had custom Power-T alumni logos to project on the custom Spandex triangles hung behind the stage as a backdrop.
“Working with the team at Bandit Lites is a joy,” said Mallorie Mendence, senior director of events and marketing at the Office of Alumni Relations. “They are so helpful with planning and excellent at execution. The lighting that they provide at our events takes the event to the next level. Bandit is a trusted partner, and we are grateful to work with them.”
Four 20ft truss towers flanked the stage with GLP X4S and VL 2500 Spots, adding to the ceiling illumination and up lighting the backdrops.
“Around the room we placed 80 Chauvet Freedom Pars to up-light the walls,” f

61-robinson-roof-pink61 Robinson modernises with Martin Professional
Wednesday, 26 October 2022

Singapore - To transform the commercial building 61 Robinson into a luxurious office space, LuxLight Pte Ltd, and the lighting consultants involved in this project selected and installed a comprehensive selection of Martin Professional lighting solutions.
Located in Singapore’s Central Business District, 61 Robinson is a 20-story commercial building previously known as Robinson Centre. Built in 2000, the building features an art deco-inspired marble facade ornate classical architecture that provides a distinctive, memorable look.
To modernise and reinvigorate the space, the owners of 61 Robinson wanted to remodel the lobby and convert the fifth-level parking garage into an office building. These major renovations therefore required a lighting system that both accentuated the structural alterations and complemented the building’s existing features. To meet these requirements, the LuxLight team and lighting consultants implemented solutions from the Martin Exterior Wash and VC-Dot Series, as well as P3 Series controllers and software.
Along with the Exterior Washes, the installation team utilised Martin VC-Dot 4 string-based video lights to ensure versatile and striking LED video effects throughout the space. From facades and backdrops to stage lighting and art installations, the VC Dots provide 61 Robinson with ample creative possibilities thanks to their flexible installation, pixel-level colour control and long working lifespan.
For the backend, the Martin P3PowerPort 1000IP with advanced imaging technology offers simple and responsive

rj-templeRobert Juliat solution for Kiyomizu Temple concert
Wednesday, 26 October 2022

Japan - Built in 1633, Kiyomizu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of several Buddhist temples located in the foothills of Mount Otowa in Japan’s Kyoto prefecture.
Shortlisted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, Kiyomizu’s main building is famous for its 36m wide stage, supported by many wooden columns, which juts out over the hillside and to hover spectacularly 13m above the valley. Artists standing on the stage cannot see an audience in front of them, but instead look out over a beautiful tree-filled valley.
It was against this setting that Italian vocal trio, Il Volo, performed a special charity concert on 5 August 2022 in aid of Wedu Global, an organisation which supports the development of women in leadership roles around the world.
The concert was filmed in preparation for a worldwide premiere, in front of an invited VIP audience seated in the smaller Okunoin Temple located 50m to the left of the main stage.
Robert Juliat products played a vital role in the special lighting for this concert with lighting designers, Yukiteru Hayashi and Michio Tsuchiya, choosing RJ Lancelot 4K HTI 2°-5° followspots and RJ Dalis 862 Footlights, Dalis 860 cyclorama lights and Dalis 861 Washlights to light the set, artists and orchestra.
Three RJ Lancelot followspots were set up in the three-storey Koyasu Pagoda located an incredible 180m away from the main stage, from where they projected onto the roof of the Kiyomizu stage. The initial plan had been to illuminate the artists and orchestra, but with the Dalis fixtures p

robe-new-century-manchester-hard-fi-55-photo-by-honey-productionsFirst Robe Paintes light New Century Manchester
Wednesday, 26 October 2022

UK - Fourteen fixtures from the first batch of Robe Painte moving lights off the production line have been installed as part of the house lighting rig at central Manchester’s New Century venue, a recently renovated 1200 (standing) capacity, multipurpose music, performance and event space in the city’s NOMA business and entertainment district.
The building has been completely refurbished and restored to its original 1960s glory when leading acts of the day graced the stage.
The 14 Paintes were specified, together with LEDBeam 150s and 350s, by Neil Hunt from ZigZag Lighting in Leeds, who came onboard to consult, specify, supply, deliver and commission the house lighting production package.
Neil worked closely with Abby Moore, one of the venue’s directors, to establish what was needed in terms of stage lighting production, and then weighed up the options to bring as much “flexibility and value as possible to this fantastic space.”
The venue can be standing or seated (800 capacity) and already has a lively, all-action schedule including many music concerts programmed by Manchester-based promoter Now Wave, as well as staging a diverse line up of other events from boxing to corporates.
Seeking a “truly adaptable, rider-friendly and bang up-to-date” lighting solution, Hunt, who uses a lot of Robe in his various projects, immediately thought of Robe’s new Painte which has just been launched and introduced to the market.
He then added eight of the new LEDBeam 350 to the list. Its 3.8-to-60-degree zoom proved a complete w

ac-etAC-ET Inspires new light for !Audacious Church
Tuesday, 25 October 2022

UK – The Manchester home of !Audacious Church has benefited from the installation of 34 Chroma-Q Inspire RGBW LED house lights, supplied by A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET). The new fixtures were delivered and installed by Manchester-based lighting consultant, Urban Lites, after the church’s management decided to upgrade its flagship venue’s auditorium with a higher quality, more consistent and reliable lighting solution.
Founded in 2007, !Audacious Church has grown to the stage where its 1,400-capacity location in Salford regularly attracts a full house for each of its three scheduled Sunday services. With an ageing, failing house lighting system of early-generation LED fixtures limiting the venue’s potential, the management put the upgrade requirements out to tender.
Mark Steele, operations manager at !Audacious Church, says, “We wanted a better light, a better coverage to give us more usability for the venue. There just weren’t enough fixtures before, and some of those were becoming unreliable.”
The tender was won by Urban Lites, which had previously provided the church’s theatrical stage lighting rig and knew the auditorium well. Following discussion with their regular equipment supplier AC-ET, Urban Lites suggested a choice of solutions to the client. A demonstration was arranged by AC-ET’s Ben Steppenbeck, and the Chroma-Q Inspire fixtures were chosen.
“It was all very smooth, very helpful,” says Steele of the demo and the specification process. “They were able to give us 3D previsualisation models

rowdytown6Chauvet helps create Rowdytown 3D immersion
Tuesday, 25 October 2022

USA - A 3D stage production featured at the Red Rocks amphitheatre in late September for Rowdytown X, the 10th anniversary edition of Big Gigantic’s flagship party. Lighting and production designer, Justin Casey of Helms Projects and the production team created a deep and evocative stage presence that made it easy for fans to feel like they were entering a 3D space as they watch performances by the event’s hosts, as well as guests Joyryde, Mitis, Jantsen, and INZO.
A variety of design elements, from a curved set that wrapped around the artists on stage, to blow-through video walls with generative content, were seamlessly fused to create this immersive panorama. Contributing to the overall effect was a collection of 40 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Helms Projects and Brown Note Productions.
“This production took a village to complete, so big thanks to all the vendors, not just Helm Projects, and Brown Note Productions, but also Pyromix Pyro, Laser Wolf, Photon7, Gallagher staging, Antic Studio and PSI,” said Casey. “There were also so many people involved like Jonathan ‘Jdub’ Watson, Tommy Mercer, Sean Ginsburg, and Bryan Saltarelli from the lighting team, Max Kohler, Collin Thielen, Andrew Gross, Daniel Fennell, John Batts from the video team; Marshall Rawley, Conner Ash from laser, Alex Curry our rigger; and Sean Mullens, Whitney Wangsgaard, Mike Norfleet, and Bryan Fletcher from the Big Gigantic team.”
Creating a distinctive focal point in the middle of their dimensional stage, the design team positioned a giant mirror


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