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ceremonyChauvet joins Rock Hall of Fame ceremony
Monday, 13 December 2021

USA - HBO’s recent broadcast of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony took place inside Cleveland’s NBA arena. Key to creating a sense of intimacy within the walls of the 152,970sq.ft. Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse was a lighting design by Allen Branton and production design by Bruce Rogers that drew audiences - TV and live - into each performance, while also allowing the stage to stand out against its cavernous surroundings without being overwhelmed.
Helping Branton accomplish the latter goal was a collection of 104 Chauvet Professional COLORdash Accent 3 compact washes, which like the rest of the rig, was supplied by 4Wall Entertainment. Positioning the RGBA fixtures along the sides of the stage as well as in the blacked-out seats behind and to either side of it, he used them to define space and maintain consistency between camera shots.
“The COLORdash units served as a point source element, a technique I have explored for many years,” explains Branton. “They filled space, when we went out to wide shots, helping us create a stage picture in scale within the huge venue. COLORdashes and some big beams in the blacked-out seats 60-70ft behind the stage created a frame around our already large picture.
“TV is very cruel about scale,” he continues. “If we had only 40ft of stage lit, it would have covered the performers, but looked puny.”
With over 700 lighting fixtures, including the Maverick MK3 Wash and Rogue R1 BeamWash, the Induction Ceremony stage looked anything but puny. At the centre of the design was a parabolic

robe-cirkusrevyen-2021-0557Cirkusrevyen raises laughs with Robe
Friday, 10 December 2021

Denmark - Cirkusrevyen (Circus Review) is the longest-running review performance in Denmark, with a six-month season kicking off every year since 1935 except for 1945 (due to fire) and 2020 (due to Covid). Staged in a purpose-built big top tent in Klampenborg, Dyrehavsbakken north of Copenhagen, the 2021 season was lit for the first time using Robe Esprite moving lights.
The lighting spec also included a Robe RoboSpot remote follow spotting solution, LEDWash 300+s and LEDBeam 150s, all supplied by rental specialist Live Company, who were working on their second season as a supplier.
Lighting designer Malthe Haugaard was designing his fifth Cirkusrevyen season, which started in May, initially to restricted audiences due to Coronavirus rules. As these were gradually relaxed, ticket sales opened up.
A new production design is created for each season, just as a new review format is evolved and developed. In addition to the backbone of sketches, the action is interspersed with performance slots for music and dance numbers.
For this season, the Esprites were newly purchased by Live Company to replace the older moving lights that have featured on previous productions.
Of the 19 Esprites used for general show lighting, seven were rigged on a truss between the tent’s rear king poles - making up the ‘front’ position in relation to the stage - with the other 12 on the over-stage rig where they were used for back lighting and gobo effects.
Malthe likes the output, the colours including the range of whites - he’s a big fan of white so

pphub3csamplemusicfestivalProlight + Sound 2022 turns focus on audio
Friday, 10 December 2021

Gremany - Prolight + Sound 2022 will offer ‘a new, interactive experience zone for companies and visitors from the fields of audio production, DJing and digital live performance’.
From 26-29 April 2022, the Performance + Production Hub will feature product presentations, demos, live performances and workshops with artists and experts from well-known brands. There will also be live visual showcases. The area is being created in cooperation with the makers of the Sample Music Festival.
“With extensive new offerings, we are strengthening the audio section as a mainstay of Prolight + Sound,” says Mira Wölfel, director Prolight + Sound. “We are thus underlining our commitment to making the event a hotspot for sound professionals from all fields of application: from live sound reinforcement to recording, mixing, mastering and DJing.
“The premiere of the Performance + Production Hub further expands the spectrum with cutting-edge topics such as live remixing and looping, control, and the latest software and apps. We are very excited to take our collaboration with Sample Music Festival to the next level in 2022,”.
Alexander Sonnenfeld, organiser of the Sample Music Festival, adds: “The creative use of sound tools has developed into a serious form of art. Today, modern technological possibilities are merging with instrumental handwork in a way that was previously only known from classical musical approaches. The Performance + Production Hub brings this transformation to life.”
With the Studio Village in Hall 11.0, for the first

ldi-alchemy-7-best-product-debut-9Alchemy 7 wins LDI debuting product award
Thursday, 9 December 2021

USA - DTS, the Italian Professional Lighting company has won the prestigious Best Debuting Product Award for the entertainment industry. The Award, hosted during the LDI exhibition in Las Vegas was given to DTS's Alchemy 7, the latest Wash moving head announced by the company in 2021.
Alchemy 7 was designed in order to widen its range and offer a high-power, high-efficiency product.
With a 250mm lens, a two-blade framing system and a 6-LED colour chip, capable of delivering quality light and a wide range of pastel shades, this product was placed on the market with the goal to accommodate to the most demanding requests from lighting designers and directors of photography.
The Best Debuting Product Award was proudly accepted by Carmen Savarese, international sales manager at DTS and Ola Melzig, one of the four founders of Apex Technologies, DTS’s exclusive distributors in North America.
"Coming back to LDI after a long time and being awarded the Best Debuting Product Award in 2021 is a huge achievement for us, especially after two very difficult years for the entertainment industry, says Carmen Savarese
"We're grateful that the judges saw the great potential and strength that make Alchemy 7 a great, innovative product, and we're grateful for our colleagues at DTS, especially the Research and Development team that designed the projecto.
“Finally, I'd like to thank Ola Melzig and the whole Apex technologies team, with whom we recently established an exclusive partnership for the North American market. I believe winning this award

anolis-wilberforce-monument-tnAnolis ArcPars light Wilberforce Monument
Thursday, 9 December 2021

UK - The Wilberforce Monument, a statue dedicated to 18th / 19th century politician, philanthropist and anti-slavery campaigner, William Wilberforce, which stands on a 31m high Doric column in the grounds of Hull College in the UK, has recently been re-lit using Anolis ArcPar 150 Zoom LED fixtures.
Graham Roberts of event technical production company HPSS designed the new lighting scheme which is part of a city-wide urban regeneration initiative driven by Hull Council that includes illuminating key city centre buildings and historical landmarks.
The Monument – which is Grade II Listed and near to Wilberforce’s birthplace – was previously lit, but a more robust and weatherised colour-changing LED solution that would offer sustainable, cost-effective, and flexible options was needed.
It was important that the new lighting could be integrated and co-ordinated with other building illuminations for special occasions, and the brief also stipulated that the new fixtures must utilise two existing lighting poles already installed across a pond 65m away, providing the requisite height.
Graham has worked as a project manager at HPSS for eight years and the company already has several Robe products in its rental stock which are in constant use for shows, events, and festivals. When asked to light the Monument, “It made complete sense,” stated Graham, to “automatically” look at architectural ‘sister’ brand Anolis, having had had such a consistent experience with Robe over the years.
He recalls a visit to the Robe factory in the C

acrossingmusical3Martin professional lights A Crossing
Thursday, 9 December 2021

USA - To provide Barrington Stage Company’s (BSC) production of A Crossing: A Dance Musical with versatile lighting that elevated the show’s lively music and energetic choreography, lighting designer Jason Lyons selected a range of Martin Professional lighting solutions, provided in part by Christie Lites.
Founded in 1995, BSC is a non-profit theatre company that is dedicated to developing original and compelling works by diverse voices, such as the Tony Award-winning The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee among many other productions. A Crossing: A Dance Musical, created in association with Calpulli Mexican Dance Company follows a group of migrants on their journey across the US-Mexican border.
As the play covers raw and relevant topics like immigration, sanctuary, fear and hope using little to no spoken dialogue, the production required a versatile lighting system that reinforced the many emotional shifts throughout the show while accommodating the production’s unique set design and limited space. To meet these requirements, Jason Lyons assembled an impactful and efficient lighting rig with Martin ERA Series, MAC Series and VDO Series fixtures.
“The production has a very organic set and a lot of video projection, so I needed to create a lighting language that was able to create these really dynamic moments with the characters throughout the play while still giving me the control to let the video take precedence when it needed to,” explains Lyons.
“The set has these multi-contoured curved walls, platform

nova-rockChamSys drives Seiler und Speer at Nova Rock
Thursday, 9 December 2021

Austria - Platinum recording stars Christopher Seiler and Bernhard Speer tell stories of everyday life, offering philosophical observations of situations that everyone has experienced at one time or another.
Helping to turn the pages of these musical tales with supportive visuals is the duo’s lighting designer Niklas Fuchs who began lighting Seiler und Speer, using a ChamSys MagicQ MQ100 Pro, in 2015 when they released their inaugural album. His first show with them was at a small (750-capacity) club in the Alpine resort region of Tyrol, a far cry from their more recent appearances, where fans are counted in the tens of thousands, and TV audiences in the millions.
Through all the growth and changes, however, Fuchs has maintained a sense of spontaneity in running lights for his clients, which is in keeping with their own approach to music. “I don’t use timecodes; it is not part of the personality of this group,” he said. “I see it as my personal daily challenge to hit every cue at the right time. It’s much more fun behind the desk this way!”
Fuchs’ style and his pure joy in lighting was on full display this summer when he lit Seiler und Speer at the Nova Rock festival. Each song in the band’s set had its own cue stack with plenty of bumps and effects. He also controlled three live cameras on a media server, all without time coding. Instead, he relied on his user-friendly ChamSys MagicQ MQ100 Pro supplied by
“Martin Kames was the equipment provider for this show, as he is for all Seiler & Speer shows,

claypakygaryclarkmarcel-cacdac5Sharpy Plus fixtures shine on Gary Clark tour
Thursday, 9 December 2021

USA - Richmond, Virginia-based Lite-Tek Entertainment, a lighting rental and production company, supplied Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures to the recently wrapped fall tour of Gary Clark Jr., best-known for his fusion of blues, rock and soul music with elements of hip hop.
Clark kicked off the tour in late August in Austin and played dates across the west, southeast and northeast before a final stop in New Orleans on 17 November. Lite-Tek provided the floor lighting package for the entire tour and added a flown package in select cities. John Adamo is the lighting director for Clark; he has worked with the artist since Clark’s fall 2018 tour.
“We bought the first Sharpy Plus fixtures in North America almost three years ago,” says Lite-Tek owner, Darren Lewis. “Since then, we’ve tripled our inventory and are still running out - every one we own was out last week.
“Sharpy Plus is such a versatile, workhorse fixture,” he notes. “It’s difficult to beat them for their weight, size, output, feature set and price point. Concert touring is the majority of our Sharpy Plus users, but we also use the fixtures on one-offs - we had units with Billy Strings recently - and in the winter the cheerleading competitions like them.”
The fixtures certainly filled that role for Gary Clark Jr. where John Adamo put six Sharpy Plus on the set carts’ custom side arms for the floor package to back light the band and create aerial effects. In select cities an additional compliment of Sharpy Plus fixtures were flown: six were staggered on upstage and m

zero-88-lightson-poland-4Zero 88 FLX delivers control to LightsOn
Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Poland - LightsOn, a lighting design and rental company based in Warsaw, relies on an FLX S24 lighting console from Zero 88 to run a full schedule of spectacular event lighting.
LightsOn owner, Lukasz Brylski, and his team supply creative lightshows for bands, DJs, smaller concerts, cultural and corporate events, weddings, and parties, with a constantly busy schedule of three or four events per week. They are fully booked with shows and events for the rest of the year, as the industry recovers from the pandemic shut down. A typical lighting set up will feature around 20 fixtures, including moving lights and LED sources, all run on the Zero 88 FLX S24.
Lukasz likes many FLX S24 features, starting with its ease of use and logicality. “I can design and plan the show, then set up the console exactly as I like,” he stated. One of the many FLX S24 features he finds most helpful is the multi-touch interface, which means he can react immediately and spontaneously to the action happening onstage, matching it with appropriate lighting looks and effects.
Lukasz has found Zero 88’s prolific online training and tips videos “extremely helpful” in assisting the learning process and enabling him to maximize his new creative tool. “Good support is essential, and I think this content shows a great professional commitment by Zero 88,” he added.
Furthermore, he believes having the FLX S24 onboard has allowed him to be more creative in his work and, consequently, even grow his business. His crew also enjoys running shows with the console.

chrisstapletonallamericanroadshowcopyrightandybarronab0h6a6402-2Vari-Lites create Chris Stapleton’s wall of light
Wednesday, 8 December 2021

USA - Chris Stapleton’s All-American Road Show is back with a stage design featuring 400 VL800 Eventpar luminaires from Vari-Lite, supplied by concert touring specialists Premier Global Production.
Taking conceptual direction from Stapleton himself, creative director Becky Fluke and lighting designer Calvin ‘Mac’ Mosier created film-like lighting, centred around a wall of light, which comprises 388 VL800 Eventpar RGBA and 12 VL800 Eventpar WW.
Mac, who has previously worked with Prince, Tina Turner, Madonna, Lady Gaga and James Taylor, explains: “When I first saw the VL800 back in 2019, I thought it was great, so I got one and showed it to Chris and Becky and they both loved it, particularly the colours it produces. Soon after that, Chris came up with the wall of light idea.”
The show design, which uses lighting and video in the most integrated way Mac has experienced over his 45-year career, features live video content played on the 12ft high x 56ft wide screen that spans the top of the stage. Using layering and some creative camera work, Fluke is able use the screen as an extension of the wall of light.
Fluke comments: “The way the video wall sits on top, it really needed to marry nicely. We're shooting the VL800s as a layer on the video wall, as we wanted it to really feel cohesive in that way. Certain cameras are just pointed at lights, so it feels like an extension of the lighting rig.” This is made possible by the VL800 Eventpar’s adjustable frequency, which can be set to exceed camera frame rates.
Support for the p

faustMavericks light marathon Faust production
Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Switzerland - In creating his evocative looks for the nine-hour presentation of Goethe’s Faust at the Goetheanum School of Spiritual Science in Dornach, Klaus Suppan drew on the colour rendering and performance features of seven Chauvet Professional Maverick Silens 2 Profile fixtures that were recently added to the theatre’s lighting system.
With the new staging of Faust characterized by a simple stage design with clear, minimal lines; light was consciously selected as the main tool with which to draw emphasis upon various scenic elements. Because the stage design only suggests the respective situations and locations, Suppan deftly used light to outline entities of shape and form - a technique that was greatly aided by the framing-shutter mode of his profile fixtures.
"My professional colleagues and the directors of this Faust production were totally enthusiastic about the creative possibilities provided by the Mavericks," commented Suppan. "Not only did we have the framing shutter, gobo wheels and frost to create myriad effects in support of numerous atmospheres, we also relied on the clean dimming behaviour in the lower range between 0-10% to give us the classic theatrical look and feel that is often lacking with LED fixtures."
Another key consideration within the theatre of the Goetheanum involved acoustics, given that the actors have no kind of acoustic reinforcement such as microphones or amplification when on stage. With a stage area of 12 x 12m and a distance between the first row of the audience and the stage measuri

soundswitch-control-one-lifestyle-1-handSoundSwitch releases dual universe DMX controller for DJs
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

USA - SoundSwitch, the provider of DJ lighting control solutions, has announced the SoundSwitch Control One - a professional lighting controller and dual-universe DMX interface with extensive connectivity with DJ and DAW applications.
Control One is compatible with professional DJ platforms from Engine DJ, Serato DJ and Virtual DJ, making it easy to integrate the tool into existing set-ups. In addition, performers can automate synchronised light shows and add live lighting effects via Ableton Link or by manually tapping in the BPM on Control One.
Control One provides tactile control over all SoundSwitch performance features, including triggering colour and position overrides, cycling between banks of automated light shows (Autoloops) or triggering the strobe. There are customizable RGB performance pads, parameter knobs, and a touch strip to create the perfect ambience for any event or venue.
The tool can be used without a computer by connecting it via USB to Engine DJ hardware (running v2.0 or higher). Once connected, the user has full standalone control over the entire performance environment, music, and lights.
“The Control One adds new functionally and improves the overall experience of controlling lighting while DJing. Following on from the release of standalone lighting control and the improvements made to the desktop software, a dedicated controller for SoundSwitch and Engine Lighting was the logical next step,” says SoundSwitchʼs product owner, Matt Watkins. “Control One takes the use of lighting in a DJ set to the next level.”

marc0447-sml-astrid-obert-1Designer relationship role for Lorenz at Ayrton
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Europe - Lighting designer, director and programmer Marc Lorenz has joined Ayrton’s international team as designer relationship manager with a focus on Europe.
Lorenz brings to his new role over 30 years of experience as a freelance operator, programmer, lighting director and designer on many well-known festivals, arena shows, tours, television and corporate events, as well as being a respected trainer for lighting consoles and media servers.
His past festival credits include Paleo Festival Nyon, Out in the green Frauenfeld and the Open Air St. Gallen while his touring career has encompassed groundbreaking tours for artists - many with leading lighting designer Gunther Hecker - like Die Fantastischen Vier, David Garrett and Herbert Grönemeyer, amongst many others. Lorenz is also co-author with Roland Greil of Showlicht, vom Scribble zum fertigen Design.
“I am very excited to be joining Ayrton,” says Lorenz. “I know some of the team already, and I know and like how Chris (Ferrante, Ayrton’s CEO) is driving the brand forward.
“As a designer and programmer, I have worked with Ayrton products before, firstly with the Creative Solutions products like MagicPanel and CosmoPix, and latterly with Khamsin and other of their Classic fixtures. So I already know about the quality of the products, and this is what I want to bring to people’s attention. In my new role, my experience and knowledge will be a touchpoint for the designers and operators. We talk the same language because I have been in their shoes for a long time, so I know about

New subscription licensing for LightFactory
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

New Zealand - Dream Solutions has announced that its flagship product, LightFactory can now be purchased as a yearly subscription. The new pricing model greatly reduces the investment needed to use this control software. The new subscription system starts at $99 for the full one universes product, $149 for four universes and $199 per year for a 10 universe system. The scription includes all future software upgrades, free fixture library requests and monthly fixture library updates.
The existing one-time purchase model is still available for those who prefer to purchase the software outright.
The latest version of LightFactory is free to download from:
LightFactory has seen considerable success in a variety of applications over the past 18 years of development, from running major stadium spectaculars with up to 150 DMX universes to local theatre pantomimes, to night clubs and events, museums and architainment applications.

robe-jtse-2021-jts231231592Robe France catches T11 buzz at busy JTSE
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

France - Robe France enjoyed the buzz and excitement generated by the 2021 JTSE (Journées Techniques du Spectacle et de l'Evénement) expo staged over two days at Les Docks de Paris.
It was a welcome return to face to face - or mask to mask - meeting opportunities after the 2020 online event, and Robe’s French team also celebrated this landmark putting a special focus on the launch of the new T11 range of theatrical luminaires, a three-in-one LED lighting solution.
The eye-catching Robe booth in the main Pullman Dock building was designed as a stylish, contemporary ‘lounge’ meet and greet area, and became a social hub for those wanting to say hello and stop for meetings and discussions. It was constantly busy with a stream of customers, contacts and industry friends, and Robe France co-CEO Bruno Garros comments: “It was impressive - many came to us with a specific agenda - they wanted to negotiate and talk about deals. This is a great sign for business picking up again.”
His enthusiasm was shared by his co-CEO Elie Battah who underlined the “extreme importance” of being able to “network with such a diverse mix of people in one space, with so many very positive outlooks for the future after a tough 18 months”.
They and the team reported seeing numerous lighting designers, programmers, technicians, and others from the freelance community together with rental companies, venue operators and also students as well as aspiring young professionals eyeing a future career in production and entertainment technology.
Several peop

hadestown4Hadestown hits the road with Martin Pro
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

USA - To bring the Tony Award-winning musical Hadestown to life on stages across the US for its national tour, lighting designer Bradley King implemented a versatile lighting rig featuring Martin Professional LED fixtures, provided by Christie Lites.
Written by singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell and directed by Rachel Chavkin, Hadestown is an American blues and folk-infused version of the Ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Mitchell first premiered Hadestown in 2006 with a DIY theatre group in Vermont and recorded a concept album based on the show in 2010 before the final version debuted on Broadway in 2019 at the Walter Kerr Theatre.
This year, Hadestown embarks on a national theatre tour that debuted at the Kennedy Centre in Washington, D.C. Lighting designer Bradley King, who won a Tony for his work on the Broadway production of Hadestown, wanted a rig that translated the Walter Kerr’s natural and intimate lighting to venues of all sizes while accommodating the limited gear capacity and setup times inherent to touring Broadway productions. To meet these requirements, King implemented versatile and powerful Martin solutions including the MAC Ultra Performance, ERA 800 Performance, and MAC Encore Performance and Wash fixtures.
“On a very practical level, the task at hand was to figure out how to take a show that barely fits in the Walter Kerr and then squeeze it into six or seven trucks and be able to set it up and take it down in 14 hours,” said King.
“The Broadway production is nearly all Martin

sixbway0524r-see-caption-and-credit-in-press-release-c-joan-marcusAyrton MagicDot SX hits Six on Broadway
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

USA - Lighting designer Tim Deiling used 35 Ayrton MagicDot SX fixtures to help construct the visual narrative for the Broadway production of Six The Musical when it transferred from London’s West End in October (see LSi December, out now, for detailed production report on the musical).
Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss’s multi award-winning musical follows the story of Henry VIII’s six wives, expanding on each of their stories and translating their historic power struggles into a modern day pop contest which breathes dynamic new life into the story. Tim Deiling’s associate lighting designer, Tim Reed, reports:
“The show takes place on a standing set with no set moves throughout. Instead, we chose to use a rock concert style of lighting with lots of beam looks at all times to determine the visual architecture of the show and to identify and delineate the Queens and their individual looks.
“The MagicDots were an important part of this process, providing striking mid-air effects as well as enabling us to open up the room when all the Queens are present, carve the performance space into different areas, or give each Queen a definitive look. Jane Seymour, for example, is lit in mainly in white using MagicDots with which we are able to create a very ‘closed down’ state, using the architecture of the lighting to really pull the eye towards her.”
The MagicDot SX fixtures are sited on upstage towers where their compact form proved a real advantage

modernModern Elektronik appointed Prolights distributor
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Turkey - Prolights has named Modern Elektronik as its distributor in Turkey. Modern has over 36 years of experience in the audio solutions market and is now expanding its portfolio to include professional lighting.
“We decided to approach Prolights as they too are rapidly expanding and offering high-quality products with features that align with our customer's requests”, comments Erkan Işıksel, Modern Elektronik's managing director. “We were very impressed with their fixtures like the popular EclPanel TWC, the EclProfile CT+ and many other products they have recently released. We can't wait to start showing them to our customers.”
Paolo Albani, international sales manager at Prolights, adds: “Turkey is an important market for our brand, and we are sure that we have a huge growth potential there. That's why we are thrilled to work with a distributor like Modern Elektronik, who purposely work with fewer brands, so they can give their upmost focus and support to them.”

robe-idols-Robe helps reshape the look for Idols SA
Monday, 6 December 2021

South Africa - Idols South Africa 2021 underwent its most substantial visual transformation for a few years with a shift of venue, from the State Theatre in Pretoria to Studio 10 at the Urban Brew complex in Johannesburg. This moment was seized by the show’s long term lighting designer Joshua Cutts of Visual Frontier, for a radical re-think, and for the first time in 17 Idols seasons, he presented a lighting co-design created collaboratively with Andre Siebrits, also from Visual Frontier.
The pair relied heavily on Robe moving lights – over 200 were specified on the rig, plus two RoboSpot remote follow spotting systems – to assist with a fresh new aesthetic that takes the SA edition of the show production to “next level” status.
Owing to Covid regulations, a large live audience was still not possible this year, so Josh and Andre embraced this effective restriction by redefining the look and optimising it for the multi-camera direction of Gavin Wratten, who also had some clear ideas about visuality.
Taking a ‘bare stage’ approach was a bold and confident move that utilised lighting plus all the negative spaces in the room to create the drama, depth, and diversity.
“It had to look completely different from anything before but also very contemporary,” explained Josh, “and for this we needed multi-purpose fixtures to be at the core of the rig.”
The backbone of the slick modern lighting look was created with Robe Esprites and MegaPointes with 24 of each type.
The rig was enhanced by having the two RoboSp

robe-vejle-musikteaterMore Robe in the house at Vejle Musikteater
Monday, 6 December 2021

Denmark - Vejle Musikteater, one of the busiest and liveliest multi-purpose live performance venues in Jutland, has reopened fully after the pandemic period, complete with a new Robe Esprite house lighting package comprising 32 x Esprites in total.
Sixteen of these have been added as front lighting to the existing over-stage rig of 16 in the Main Hall. Head of lighting Rasmus Wiberg explained that during the Covid closure they used the time constructively to activate various renovations and changes needed in the venue, including the complete removal of the ‘advanced’ lighting bridge – the one nearest the stage – above the auditorium to fit in a new PA system.
This also seemed an ideal opportunity to replace the old discharge profiles with new LED moving lights for greater versatility. Having had a great experience with the first batch of 16 x Esprites and the 100 plus other Robe moving lights in the venue, more Esprites was a “logical” choice, stated Rasmus.
They also needed a bright fixture as the FOH lighting position is now on another catwalk 20 metres out from the stage and higher into the auditorium ceiling, so the throw distances are substantially longer.
Many features on the Esprite impressed Rasmus and his team including the shuttering, the EMS stabilisation, the colours and Robe’s TE LED technology. The zoom range was also a factor as they needed a beam that remained sharp across the longer distances.
“Like all Robe fixtures, the Esprites have been super reliable and worked brilliantly for our needs,” commen

chauvetChauvet lights marathon Sonu Nigam shows
Monday, 6 December 2021

UK - The full scope of the Faridabad, India-born Sonu Nigam’s talent was on full display this November at his UK shows at SSE Arena Wembley in London and Resorts World Arena in Manchester. On stage for over three hours at each venue, Sonu Nigam performed 37 songs and medleys that included his own compositions as well as songs from legendary singers Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar.
Reflecting the vibrancy and versatility of the multi-faceted performance was a Roosevelt Dsouza-designed lightshow that featured Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by DMX Productions.
The lighting followed the singer through every twist and turn of his performance, peaking at intense moments, then becoming gentle for softer songs, all while never repeating a look. This was no small accomplishment, given the all-encompassing nature of the multi-award winnings star’s work.
Helping Dsouza accomplish this feat were the 16 Rogue R3 Beams in his touring kit. Arranged in four vertical columns that bordered the video wall panels, the 300W moving fixtures provide Dsouza with plenty of firepower (208,000 lux at 15-metres) to direct beams across the stage. Throughout the concert, he reconfigured the shape, direction, and colour of those beams to create a continuous flow of new looks.
“The beam shaper feature of the Rogue R3 was fantastic,” he said. “At some points in the show when you could see the beams open up, it was really impactful.”
In addition to creating myriad patters over and on the stage, the Rogue R3 Beams were used to highlight Sonu Nigam and

marc-anthonyVari-Lites shine on Marc Anthony dates
Friday, 3 December 2021

USA - Latin music star Marc Anthony has returned to the stage with his Pa’lla Voy tour, taking in 26-dates across North America with an arsenal of VL10 Beamwash luminaires from Vari-Lite. The VL10 delivers speed, versatility and an impressive 28,000 lumens to lighting designer Travis Shirley’s bold stage design.
Shirley developed his concept around six vertical lighting arrays that provide the tools necessary to create effective and functional stage focuses. “When the drawings of the show were completed, it was time to start discussing fixture choices. Good friend and production guru Roly Garbalosa mentioned to me that our preferred vendor ProColor was looking at purchasing the new VL10s and asked me to take a look at them. How does the saying go? It was love at first sight,” said Travis Shirley.
The tour, which kicked off at San Antonio’s 18,500-capacity AT&T Centre on 27 August, celebrates 2019 album Opus and Anthony’s three-decade career. It has sold out arenas across the US, with fans eager to see him play live for the first time since early-2020. The three-time Grammy Award and six-time Latin Grammy Award winner’s compositions vary from slow and heart wrenching to fast and flamboyant, moving fans to tears in one moment and lifting them to their feet the next. Therefore, the show design had to be both engaging and extremely dynamic.
“I wanted to create a production that could not only accommodate his talented band, but also offer the flares of Latin salsa,” says Shirley. “I knew that we needed some sort of modern, yet cla

mosaicMosaic delivers pixels across 16 floors
Friday, 3 December 2021

USA - On the south edge of Kansas City, a multi-story commercial building has been lighting its windows in special colours and patterns for decades. ETC’s Mosaic system, a pixel-mapping and show control solution, recently gave them a 21st-century upgrade to heighten the graphics and even provide a new revenue stream for the building.
“The building is right near the interstate. For years, everybody drove past it and loved the decorative touch of the special lighting,” says Autumn Nieland, business development at Mercer Zimmerman. The patterns started with a holiday wreath, then expanded into other designs like the Kansas City Royals or Chiefs logo. But the building wanted something better. They wanted a system that could handle bigger designs but needed less time and people power to make happen.
“They were still just using fluorescent strips lights, figuring out by hand what colours would go into what window, and having maintenance personnel change the colour of gel tubes. It was very labour intensive,” says Nieland. “The property manager came to me and said there’s got to be a better way. So of course, we introduced them to ETC’s Mosaic.”
ETC’s Mosaic makes it easy to paint with light on big canvases like buildings. With support for up to 1.5 million pixels, your designs can be as high- or low-res as you like. And it’s easy enough to use that the building staff have free rein to build and implement their own designs.
Mosaic’s design software has made their life much easier. “They used to plot out windows in Excel by s

astera-live-companyLive Company invests in more Astera
Friday, 3 December 2021

Denmark - Technical production and rental specialist Live Company, based in Skovlunde, Copenhagen, continues to invest in Astera wireless LED products at a pace to keep parallel with the “incredible demand” of the Danish market, states owner Peter Clausen.
They were the first rental company in Denmark to invest majorly in Astera, initially with AX1 PixelTubes in 2018, and the latest acquisitions include several sets of Titan Tubes and the newly launched AX9 PowerPAR all-purpose everyday LED lighting fixture – one of the three innovative products launched by Astera in 2021.
The AX9s were bought specifically for Dejlig er Jorden, an operatic recital tour around Danish churches by an ensemble of opera singers and classical musicians. Lighting designer Súni Joensen specifically wanted powerful, reliable, quick and easy to deploy wireless fixtures and 12 x AX9s fitted the bill.
“AX9s are excellent front lights,” says Peter, which was another reason for the purchase, together with the good battery life which easily covers the run-time of most events. He mentions that the consistency of the Astera lightsources and colours is impressive across all the product ranges.
Live Company’s Titan Tubes joined the general rental inventory based on the success they have experienced with the 100 plus AX1s, as they were keen to have Astera’s most up-to-date wireless Tube technology onboard.
The AX1s have been in use constantly, even during the pandemic period, when they were out every week for digital gigs and streamed events, he exp


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