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prolightsProlights appoints distributor for Vietnam
Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Vietnam - Prolights has announced the appointment of Vietnam Pro AVL as its distributor for Vietnam.
The developing company has been founded in Hanoi by a young and resourceful team, whose main goal is to ‘bring the highest standards throughout the Nation, focusing on the establishment of the world class brand which represent and providing to the Vietnamese clients professionalism and the best AVL solutions suitable to their needs’.
Lê Mạnh Thắng, Vietnam Pro AVL president, says: "I've been following Prolights for a few years, and I was deeply impressed by the fast process of growth the company has brought to the market. When I visited their HQ in Italy, I saw up close the hard work and the long term vision of the team about the brand establishment, as well as the attention to details in the products that perfectly meet the core values we aim to bring in our emerging market. I'm looking forward to starting this partnership.”
Paolo Albani, international sales manager for Prolights, adds: “We are really proud to have Vietnam Pro AVL among our distributors network. It’s a growing company I’ve been impressed by their professionalism, as well as their deep knowledge of the AVL market. I’m sure this will be a long-term and successful partnership.”
(Jim Evans)

claypakyclassicspec4-copyClaypaky Xtylos debuts at Royal Albert Hall
Wednesday, 18 December 2019

UK - The bi-annual Classical Spectacular, held for six performances in London’s Royal Albert Hall in November, featured the first Claypaky Xtylos used in the UK. The Xtylos is the first moving head with a laser light source.
The Classical Spectacular debuted in October 1988 and has been marked by perennial extravaganzas - lasers, lighting effects, fireworks - accompanying a classical music repertoire.
Lighting designer Durham Marenghi joined the Classical Spectacular family 30 years ago in an era before there were moving lights. But Marenghi quickly began to introduce lighting innovations, including many lighting fixtures used in rock ’n roll but new to the concert hall. He designs a new architecture for the lighting rig every two or three years using the best technology on the market to keep pace with a production that lives up to its name in its spectacular size and scale.
This year’s show, once again produced by Raymond Gubbay Limited, featured Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, Strauss’s Also Sprach Zarathustra, Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus, Puccini’s Nessun Dorma and othjer favourites.
New to the show this season were nine Claypaky Xtylos, which Marenghi featured on the prow of the new rig. The Xtylos is a compact beam moving light with a tailor-made laser source. Claypaky fixtures dominated the rig and numbered 12 Scenius Spots, four Scenius Unicos, eight Mythos2, 48 Sharpy Wash 330s and 16 Sharpys.
(Jim Evans)

royal-variety-performance-2019-0137cPearce Hire embraces spirit of Royal Variety
Tuesday, 17 December 2019

UK - Pearce Hire was selected by the Royal Variety Charity as the sole contractor for the Royal Variety Performance post-show party.
With the show taking place at the London Palladium, the after-party took place at the Intercontinental Hotel Park Lane where Pearce Hire’s project manager Jake Vernum and the Pearce Hire team were loading in a full production package including lighting, sound, AV and cameras.
Giles Cooper of Giles Cooper Entertainment is the chairman of the Royal Variety Charity, and executive producer of the Royal Variety Performance and has been in this post for the past 14 years. He states: “My working relationship with Pearce Hire is long-standing as they are our main power and lighting suppliers on a year-on-year basis for many outdoor summer events run by my own company GCE LIVE, and so I know the Pearce Hire team to be amongst the best in the business. I was delighted when the opportunity came up to work with them in my capacity as chairman of the Royal Variety Charity.”
The Pearce Hire team was given full creative control of the room with a brief to provide a high-end feel with colour and texture throughout the room, which could translate easily into lighting for a live band performance. The package included Robe Pointes, Robe LEDBeam 150s, Martin ERA 300 Profiles, and GLP JDC1 Strobes, all operated by a Chamsys MQ100 and playback wing.
The multifunctional lighting package also included CORE Lighting uplighters and the overall impact of the lighting rig was a high-end feel throughout the hotel ballroom over dinner

billycurrington1Landon Bloss goes Rogue on Currington tour
Tuesday, 17 December 2019

USA - Like many passengers on the flight from Nashville to New York, Landon Bloss donned headphones soon after take off. He wasn’t listening purely for pleasure though. Instead, he was taking a crash course in the music of Billy Currington.
“I was on a load out when I received a call from Gene Jung, Billy’s PM, saying that they needed a LD to fly out the next day to start running his show immediately,” recalls Bloss. “They booked me a flight and off I went. Of course, I knew Billy’s music, but I really wanted to get deep into it, so on went my headphones.”
Bloss proved to be a quick study. Taking over the rig originally designed by Ian Saunders, he supported Currington’s 90-minute set on the star’s Stay Up Til Sun tour with an intense, fast-moving lightshow that showered a rainbow of colours on the stage. Helping him in this endeavour was a collection of Rogue R2 Wash fixtures supplied by 4Wall Nashville.
Featuring six truss fingers that splayed over the width of the stage, the lighting design not only covered a wide area, it also afforded a lot of opportunities to change up the looks of the show by emphasizing different sections of the set. The Rogue R2 Wash fixtures were hung two apiece on each of the truss fingers.
“I had used Chauvet Professional Mavericks before and was impressed with their output,” says Bloss. “On this tour, the Rogues impressed me too. They did an amazing job at being multi-faceted, which helped a lot on this tour. They excelled as a wash for painting colour on the band members. They al

glpDancehall reggae ensemble on tour with GLP
Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Germany - Fans of Seeed have had to wait a long time for a new record and tour from the 11-piece Berlin-based dancehall and reggae ensemble. In fact, almost a year was spent even before the completion of this disc in the preparation. The design collective HELL, based around Nik Evers, Timo Martens and Philip Hillers, took care of the lighting, stage and content design for the tour, in support of the current album, BAM BAM.
"One year of preparation sounds like a long time ago," states Nik Evers, but this is put into perspective very quickly when considering the complexity of the design process, which included an intense rethink at different stages along the way. Timo Martens also explains the idea behind it. “A Seeed concert is very special in its own way,” he says. “The show's central elements in the stage design were two oversized box towers, with the band risers positioned between them.
“With a neon installation on the towers the band risers becoming a connective system, and this very clearly defined neon installation underlined the design of the set. To create the clear lines of the set, a lighting system had to be created that was very diffuse so as not to compete with the neon installation. The resulting neon and a matrix of powerful backlights formed the basis for a brilliant and impressive show with a great deal of impact.”
In the centre of this matrix, there is a further narrow, supplementary neon installation. "One of our first ideas was to use the impression X4 Bars from GLP," says Nik Evers. "I've enjoyed working with the

balint-marafko-balauzs-varga-gabubor-kele-smlAyrton shines on SztárbanSztár Leszek
Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Hungary - A plethora of Ayrton lighting fixtures provided striking visual impact on the popular televised music contest, SztárbanSztár Leszek (In the Star, I’ll be the Star), on Hungary’s Tv2 television channel last month.
Lighting designer, Balázs Varga, chose Ayrton Khamsin-TC, MagicBlade-R and MagicDot-XT to delineate the complex outlines of the stage for this visual extravaganza. Balázs Varga was assisted by Bálint Marafkó, CEO and Chief LD at television and film lighting specialists, Two Men’s Show, which provided the fixtures, which were supplied by Gábor Kele, executive director of Lisys-Project, Ayrton’s exclusive distributor for Hungary.
Twenty-four MagicBlade-R fixtures were rigged on upstage trusses to outline the stylised shape of the performance area and provide a ‘top shutter’ for the cameras, with MagicBlade-R’s svelte linear shape proving an ideal, ever-changing frame for the core stage design.
Overhead and onstage, 50 MagicDot-XT were used to populate a circular truss above the main stage, and sited at stage level around the curved upper band deck. “The MagicDot fits very well into the scenery because of its small body size,” says Balázs Varga. “Because of this, many MagicDots can be stacked next to each other - the luminaires in the upper circle were almost touching each other - so running an effect is very impressive. The goal here was to give an overhead lock to the low-level cameras, but because the MagicDots were also visible on the ground and on the columns, we were able to use them a

garou-blancanldcadabraWork Pro supports Quebec multimedia experience
Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Canada - Equipson’s Work Pro LS-Node RDM/DMX streaming device played a key role in ensuring the success of URA: A Celebration of Water, a multimedia experience installed along a one-kilometre stretch of coastline in Québec, Canada.
Designed by cadabra, the creative division of AV integration company XYZ Cultural Technology, URA is open throughout the summer and operates in both daylight and evening hours in Chandler, a place where the sea is both symbolically and economically important.
URA visitors are transported into a timeless maritime universe where they experience storms, shipwrecks, equinox high tides and even life at the bottom of the ocean with a chance to meet a host of sea creatures including a black whale. Guided by the voice of Lamia, a fantastical being descended from Basque legend, visitors spend an hour walking through eight storytelling stations where they are entertained and educated by a combination of vivid scenery and cutting-edge technology.
cadabra and XYZ worked closely with Equipson's Canadian distributor AVL Media Group to identify the right audio, video and lighting technology for this project. For seamless management of the installation's lighting, AVL recommended WORK PRO LS-Node2 DMX streamers, one of which was positioned at each of the eight stations.
"LS-Node2 brings DMX to between four and 10 different spotlights at each location," says Garou Blancan (pictured), cadabra's lighting designer for URA. "Each station also has a video projector for video mapping and a number of loudspeakers positioned aroun

etc-teatrocalderon-1Teatro Calderón upgrades with ETC
Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Spain - In a move to a more sustainable future, the Teatro Calderón has chosen to upgrade its lighting systems with ETC products, supplied by the company’s dealer in Spain, Stonex.
Based in Valladolid, the Teatro Calderón has long been recognised as one of the best theatres in the country. It was decided that over the next few years the theatre will renew its lighting equipment in order to allow both LED and conventional luminaires to work together as effectively as possible. In order to do this, the Calderón chose ETC’s power control and entertainment consoles.
ETC’s Sensor3 power control system and ThruPower modules were installed into the theatre, replacing a Smartrack model which was in place for the previous 20 years. The Teatro Calderón now has five Sensor3 ESR3AFN-48 power control racks, filled with ETR15AFR and ETR25AFR ThruPower modules, in addition to Net3 Conductor and Concert to manage the network, and report any faults.
Gio and Ion XE console desks were also selected to control the stage lighting in the theatre. The Eos family consoles offer powerful programming and endless options of color control in an intuitive and simple format. In addition to this, the theatre added an ETCpad which conveniently allows remote control of the luminaires and acts as an accessory for any ETC lighting system.
With the upgrade of ETC lighting equipment, the Teatro Calderón aims to become a more sustainable venue in favour of green technology, that will ultimately reduce its energy costs by up to 80%.
(Jim Evans)

wl-elpWhite Light and ELP strike partnership
Tuesday, 17 December 2019

UK - White Light and ELP Broadcast & Events (ELP B&E) have announced a strategic partnership.
ELP B&E will continue the full service broadcast and events wet hire business it currently operates. The partnership commences on 6 January 2020 and reverses the position announced in November 2019 of the cessation of ELP B&E at the end of 2019. It will pave the way for the acquisition of ELP’s lighting rental business by WL during 2020.
ELP B&E staff and premises in Manchester will be retained, along with the equipment stock. Additional staff, equipment and operational resources will be added from within the WL organisation, bolstering ELP B&E’s strength and ability to meet client needs. During the early months, fulfilment and despatch will continue from ELP’s base at Cardington Studios with a transfer to WL’s Wimbledon premises taking place later in 2020.
ELP Rigging Services will supply specialist rigging equipment and services to the strategic partnership and will continue to operate as the in-house rigging supplier at the Cardington and Millennium Studios.
Initially, the strategic partnership will continue to trade as ELP B&E until such time as WL acquires the business activities of ELP B&E. Key personnel involved in the strategic partnership are Darren Fletcher, Matthew Smith and Robert ‘Sinbad’ Dunne from ELP B&E along with Andy Hook and Ian Charlampowicz from WL.
“I am hugely delighted that WL has stepped forward to take up the ELP B&E mantle,” says Ronan Willson, ELP B&E founde

ldi-2019-3Banner year for High End Systems at LDI
Monday, 16 December 2019

USA - In a joint display with ETC, High End Systems (HES) enjoyed record success at the recent LDI exhibition in Las Vegas. HES showed a variety of new products in the 200+ fixture rig, including the SolaHyBeam 3000, TurboRay and SolaPix automated luminaires.
High End Systems’ TurboRay won PLSN’s Gold Star Award for Best LED Wash Light. The fixture has already seen high profile use in many concerts, television and other live events. Automated lighting product manager Matt Stoner commented, "We are so happy that the TurboRay has been acknowledged as the ‘Best LED Wash’ by PLSN this year. It is especially gratifying that the wash capabilities of the TurboRay are recognized among its huge variety of other specialties, like its complex aerials and marvellous face look. It just affirms what lighting designers have been telling us all along, TurboRay is ‘much more than a pretty face.’”
Along with the new SolaWash 1000, the SolaPix family and the SolaHyBeam 3000 were also unveiled at this year’s LDI show. With their small footprint and next generation brightness, SolaPix 7 and SolaPix 19 take the traditional concept of a pixel wash and push it to its maximum potential. Patent pending Halographic Pixel Definition and the FleX Effects macros each give SolaPix a unique ‘edge’ in the marketplace.
Designed for beam control, aerial effects and raw power, SolaHyBeam 3000 features an “exceptionally efficient White Light LED engine”, a large front aperture and optimised long throw optics for superior light output throughout the fixture’s

paradise-club4Clair Solutions and Elation light Paradise Club
Monday, 16 December 2019

USA - Situated in the heart of New York’s Times Square, seven floors up amid the luxury of the new Edition boutique hotel, is nightclub and performance space Paradise Club. The ‘brainchild’ of Studio 54’s Ian Schrager and home to an immersive dinner theatre and modern-day cabaret called The Devouring: A Marriage of Heaven and Hell Paradise Club hosts an Elation Professional lighting rig specified by AVL design and integration firm Clair Solutions with input from Yossy Marquez of J. Marquez Consultants.
Paradise Club is a fully-immersive experience with an attention-grabbing starburst LED ceiling, depth-producing upstage video wall, enchanting décor, and atmosphere-generating dynamic lighting system. Following the multi-sensory Devouring cabaret show, performed by resident artist company House of Yes, the space transforms into a colourful nightclub with DJs spinning until the early hours.
Clair Solutions served as audio/video/lighting/control consultant and integrator on the comprehensive Times Square Edition project, which included several spaces around the boutique hotel. Michelle Caron of Clair Solutions was the performance lighting system designer and project manager for the AVL system in the building and designed the theatrical lighting and control for the 200-seat Paradise Club.
Caron says she sought flexible lighting fixtures to meet the artistic needs of many types of artists. She chose an Elation lighting system of Artiste DaVinci LED moving spots, Fuze Wash Z350 LED moving head washes, SixPar 200 LED PAR lights, and S

citizen-copeCitizen Cope plays Stony Creek with Chauvet
Monday, 16 December 2019

USA - A light rain was falling intermittently on the July evening when Citizen Cope took the stage at the Stony Creek Brewery, an outdoor music venue just off the Long Island Sound. The weather didn’t affect the large crowd that turned out to see the widely acclaimed singer-song writer who was in the middle a national tour in support of his Helicopters and Heroin album. It did however, present his lighting designer, Peter Spadaro III with an inspiration.
Seeing the mist roll in off the sea on a drizzly night, Spadaro directed his rig’s Chauvet Professional Maverick MK1 Hybrid fixtures into the crowd. Using the natural elements as a giant hazer, he filled the air around the stage with an immersive panorama of refracted light and patterns.
“The music and the atmosphere of a venue really dictate my design, so I keep things free flowing,” says Spadaro. “During this show there was some rain, and the air was nice and thick, so I was able to take advantage of the natural haze hanging in front of the stage by directing light out into the audience, even though it was still a bit bright outside. This allowed me to utilize a few positions I normally wouldn’t be able to use during daylight hours.”
By adjusting his show to its environment, Spadaro not only reflected Cope’s music, he also mirrored his client’s creative philosophy.
“Working with Cope keeps me on my toes, and calls for me to be very versatile,” continues Spadaro, who has been lighting the artist since February. “I allow the beauty of his songs to drive the li

prolightsA.L.A. Equipment to distribute Prolights
Monday, 16 December 2019

Cyprus - A.L.A. Equipment, founded in 2001 by Andrea Piemonti and Tony Lyssiotis has been appointed distributor for Prolights in Cyprus.
Andrea Piemonti, managing director for A.L.A. Equipment, comments: “I have worked in this industry for more than 30 years but when I first approached Prolights I was pleased to join a partner who shares our commitment in delivering the best solutions. It’s a well-rounded company, a breath of fresh air in the AVL market. Prolights’ wide selection of products offer enormous advantages suited to any kind of needs, from broadcast and live shows, right through to the architectural projects. I’ve seen closely the hard work behind Prolights solutions and their long-term vision of strong brand establishment. I have no doubts that the future will be bright for this brand. We’re looking forward to starting this collaboration”.
Paolo Albani, international sales manager for Prolights, says: “Having A.L.A. Equipments on-board make us really proud. Their 20-year experience is a strength and thanks to them the Prolights brand will grow throughout Cyprus. We’re sure that this will be a successful partnership.”
(Jim Evans)

markfettoOSA appoints vice-president of lighting
Friday, 13 December 2019

USA - OSA has announced Mark Fetto as vice-president of lighting. Fetto will oversee the company’s new lighting division, which will be based in OSA’s Las Vegas and Nashville offices.
Fetto started working as a lighting technician in 1978. Working his way through the ranks at the Obie Company and Vari-Lite, he then became a lighting designer and senior programmer. In 1989 Fetto opened Vari-Lite’s satellite office in Las Vegas. He went on to become general manager of Vari-Lite’s corporate events division and later general manager of their North American operations.
Following a 16-year career at Vari-Lite, Fetto joined Stage Rigging as the national sales manager before moving to his most recent position of 14 years at Morpheus Lights. As chief operating officer at Morpheus Lights, Fetto oversaw touring systems, new inventory, infrastructure, and operational strategies in both production and manufacturing.
“Making the move to OSA has been very invigorating for me. I am looking forward to the opportunity to build OSA’s new lighting division with the same high level of quality and service that OSA’s audio and video divisions are known for. OSA has always been highly regarded in the corporate and special events markets, and I am thrilled to open the door for my clients to get the best of lighting, audio, video and production services from one great company,” says Fetto.
OSA President & CEO Mario Educate shares: “I am excited to have Mark on board. His extensive experience working in the touring sector, partnering with leading

davekoz-1Bandit lights Dave Koz Christmas tour
Friday, 13 December 2019

USA - Bandit Lites provided the lighting for Dave Koz’ Christmas tour, featuring Jonathan Butler, Melissa Manchester, Michael Lington and Chris Walker. Koz’s tour and newest album, Gifts of the Season, features a smorgasbord of styles, ranging from an electronic rendition of Winter Wonderland, a whimsical It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas as well as an emotional Mary Did You Know and powerful original song from Koz, A Prayer for Peace.
“As we sat down to begin concepting the production design, we knew that it needed to be versatile in creating moments for each of the emotions that the band is creating audibly,” explains lighting designer Erik Parker of Chris Lisle Lighting Design.
To create the moments, Parker knew the rig would need to be outfitted with well-rounded fixtures that would also integrate with the video elements as they would all share a truss. Coupled with that flexibility would be the need to fit the entire production into a single truck and bus trailer.
Parker crafted an expansive look utilising just three fixtures: The GLP X4S on the upstage and downstage edge lighting the backdrop, the band and some extra flash, Martin MAC Auras on the side to light the band and the main workhorse of the rig, the Elation Smarty Hybrid.
“The band is some of the best musicians, the artists were incredible, and I think we were able to truly bring the music to life,” Parker says. “We programmed as a team; I programmed a few songs along with Chris Lisle, Terese Fensler and Landon Blo

sgmSLX makes major investment in SGM fixtures
Friday, 13 December 2019

UK - Specialist hire and events company SLX has made a number of new stock announcements, including a £250,000.00 spend on SGM fixtures. The investment places SLX as a major stockist in the South West of the SGM IP rated LED fixtures used for professional stage lighting, broadcast lighting and architectural installations.
Chief executive and owner of SLX, Alastair Currie, says: “The new roster of SGM fixtures now on the shelves of our warehouse or already out on hire include the P-6 Flood, Q-7 Strobe, G-7 Spot and even the brand new much anticipated G7 BeaSt. That’s a spotlight we’re sure will very rarely be sat on our warehouse shelves, as lighting designers and production managers around the country seem very keen to utilise it.
“We’re delighted to become the biggest stockist in the region of SGM fixtures. The SGM fixtures we already had, including the P-6 Flood, always performed well for us commercially so we’re confident the new ones will too. They’re a highly respected brand, innovative and leading the way in LED light technology. We want our clients to have access to the absolute best and we’re confident with our range of lights, including a strong selection from other manufacturers, we can compete with major players in the hire and events sector.”
SGM UK managing director, Ian Kirby, says: “SLX is a business that is really going places, so we’re delighted to see them choosing SGM as a partner. They have invested in both G-7 and G-7 BeaSt products. The G-7 is our most robust go anywhere, work anywhere spot and the G-7

laser-workshop2Laserworld Academy schedules UK workshop
Friday, 13 December 2019

UK - Laserworld, manufacturer and distributor of show laser systems, is holding a general laser training day in the West Midlands.
Taking place on 14 January 2020 in Solihull from 10am, the training is conceived as a workshop, considering not only laser safety aspects but providing a general overview of how show and event laser light systems are used. There will be technical background information as well as hands-on training with different laser systems. Laser safety will be one aspect included.
This workshop is primarily designed for DJs, smaller production companies and lighting designers. Attendees receive a certificate of participation from the Laserworld Academy that states the contents of the training.
Topics include: Laser Safety - legal aspects, basic physics, technical safety aspects, safe laser operation in public, safe laser control; Setting up a Laser - mounting options, wiring, different setups; Laser Control - different possibilities, programming basics, pros and cons of different control methods; Different perspectives to show laser light systems - learn about different ways of using lasers.
Prior booking is required. The day’s training cots £200 with lunch included. Reservations can be made on
(Jim Evans)

jesc-2TurboRay hits right notes at Junior Eurovision
Friday, 13 December 2019

Poland - The award-winning TurboRay fixture from High End Systems recently made its latest TV appearance on the 17th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC, broadcast live from Arena Gliwice in Poland.
JESC is designed to draw people together from all over Europe and Australia through light entertainment and healthy competition. It’s an increasingly spectacular and technically complex event, transmitted live to millions of viewers. This year, 19 participants aged between 9 and 14 years old took to the stage to battle it out for the trophy.
The stage, designed by Giorgos Stylianou-Matsis, comprised a design featuring an eye-catching LED ribbon element symbolising floating kites. The ribbon gave the stage a spacious, light and simple design form. To complement the impressive stage design, a series of 26 TurboRay fixtures were positioned on stage and used in a variety of ways throughout the show.
With its radial diffusers bringing a distinctive appearance, and powerful LED system with multiple types of colour control, TurboRay offers a multitude of tools that make it ideal for events like this. “I needed a lighting fixture that would accentuate the decor on the stage,” says lighting crew head, Adam Tyska from TVP SA. “For this production and the short stature of the artists we have to operate cameras differently, and for wide shots we needed to fill a pretty large space. TurboRay units were a perfect fit for this, because in addition to their technical capabilities they look attractive in themselves.”
“It was great to ha

showcase-seminarStage Electrics confirms January seminars
Friday, 13 December 2019

UK - Stage Electrics has announced three seminars to take place during its January 2020 showcase event, to be held at the SS Great Britain in Bristol on Wednesday, 29 January 2020.
The programme features Artistic Licence’s Wayne Howell on lighting control and future of data in your venue, Sennheiser’s Kevin Gwyther-Brown talking about “is your venue is ready for the 700MHz band radio mics spectrum clearance” and Stage Electrics’ Dan Ryan guiding you through making sure that electrical / mechanical infrastructure and equipment used within your venue have an appropriate maintenance regime and schedule in compliance with relevant your legal obligations.
Le Maitre will also be returning to Bristol to host a harbour-side pyrotechnic demonstration from 5pm.
(Jim Evans)

rtipiko-frontRTI laser module generation unleashed
Thursday, 12 December 2019

Germany - The RTI PIKO RGB 28 has been released by Ray Technologies as the first product with the latest RTI laser module generation. “This new laser module technology really changes the way professional laser systems are built. The compact form factor and the great visibility combined with the quality of the beam profile make those new laser systems stand out even more,” states Jordi Luque, head of R&D at Ray Technologies.
The new RTI diode modules are designed in a way to keep both spot size, as well as divergence equal on both x- and y-axis.
The beam specifications of the new RTI PIKO RGB 28 are given with only 4mm diameter and less than 0.9mrad divergence - which applies to both axis, so it’s an actual value not an average and provides higher quality results than specifications with mixed calculations. The extremely small beam diameter allows for the use of very small 4mm mirrors, which results in reduced inertia and thus very good scanning performance, says the company.
(Jim Evans)

adj-tentADJ rig illuminates Zwarte Cross Festival
Thursday, 12 December 2019

The Netherlands - ADJ lighting and effects equipment was used exclusively to create the party atmosphere in the Tiroler tent at this summer’s vast Zwarte Cross festival in the Netherlands. Vizi CMY300 moving heads, 12P HEX IP pars and Encore FR150Z Frenels were all part of the package that illuminated the line-up of live acts performing in the tent across the four-day event.
The Zwarte Cross Festival, which takes place each year in the Dutch town of Lichtenvoorde, is the largest paid festival in the Netherlands. This event combines live music, theatre and stunt spectaculars with the biggest motocross event in the world. This year, it attracted 220,000 visitors and featured more than 150 bands and 1000 theatre artists performing across a variety of themed stages and tents. A popular regular fixture of the festival is the Tiroler tent, which is an Oktoberfest-themed area that features traditional folk musicians from across the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.
Ruud Pellemans, owner of Dutch production company TEC Audio, has worked on the Tiroler tent for a number of years. However, for the 2019 edition of the festival, his company took care of all the area’s technical requirements for the first time. Working on behalf of the festival’s overall technical supplier, Purple Group, TEC Audio were responsible for supplying, as well as operating, all of the audio and lighting equipment. ADJ fixtures were used exclusively for illumination, with over 50 units deployed to provide both a concert lightshow on the stage and atmospheric lighting throughout the tent

cpl-ledbeam-150-investment-img20191205125958CPL makes first investment in Robe
Thursday, 12 December 2019

UK - West Midlands-based event technical production specialist CPL has invested in 40 new Robe LEDBeam 150 moving lights, the company’s first Robe purchase.
These will extend the lighting department’s rental stock and will help service CPL’s busy schedule. In addition to a diverse range of corporate and industrial clients, the company provides design services plus lighting, video, sound, rigging and staging to a selection of music and arts festivals and shows including Arcadia Spectacular. Elrow Town, The Hay Festival, Boomtown and Camper Calling.
Getting the LEDBeam 150s onboard was a decision taken by the whole lighting and visuals team at CPL, all of whom had an input.
“We needed a good, fast, reliable, versatile and small moving light and all roads led to the LEDBeam 150 which fills a gap in our stock of small moving lights,” commented events director Lee Gruszeckyj.
They were particularly taken with the fact that the LEDBeam 150, thanks to its 3.8 - 60° zoom, can produce a decent wash as well as nice beams.
Robe UK supplied the fixtures, and their Bill Jones comments: “I have been talking to Max (CPL CEO Matthew Boyce) for at least eight years about an investment in the brand - so I am super happy CPL has made this first move towards Robe. I am positive it won’t be their last.”
Lee explained how CPL is poised to expand their lighting department steadily. When the company first started, they were primarily a video and audio supplier, however, the demand for lights, and now all other production elements togethe

aitanaphoto-by-lucas-averbuj1Aitana hits Play with Elation Rayzor
Thursday, 12 December 2019

Spain - Singer Aitana first gained recognition in 2017 as runner-up of the Spanish reality TV music talent competition Operación Triunfo and she has enjoyed popularity and a number of hits ever since.
This past summer, the 20-year old singer released her debut album, Spoiler, which topped the Spanish charts, then launched her much-anticipated Play tour with lighting design by SomosLuz, a Barcelona-based design studio who worked with Brutal Events on the creative process. SomosLuz turned to the Elation Rayzor 760 LED moving head to create a special design element for the show - four upstage Play buttons used for dynamic beams, eye candy looks and other special effects.
Describing the show’s visual look, the design studio states: “The central element of the design is an inverted pyramidal LED screen with a staircase, which is used as a podium for choreography and spectacular entrances of the artist. It is surrounded by four totems with Rayzor 760s mounted in the shape of the digital Play button.”
Used to form the tour’s signature Play button symbol, the Rayzor 760s create a number of interesting backlight scenes. The SomosLuz studio states: “We originally thought of using another LED luminaire but rental company Ilusovi showed us the Rayzor 760, which we liked for its size and versatility. We thought it would work well to illuminate the stage to create effects like pulsating play buttons, chase effects, or splayed beam looks. Its zoom range and the possibility to pixel map were very important and we also use the fixtu

uj-team-with-jannie-and-ma3-compactUJ Arts and Culture Centre invests in MA3
Thursday, 12 December 2019

South Africa - The University of Johannesburg recently invested in a grandMA3 compact console for the UJ Arts and Culture Centre, situated on the institution’s Kingsway Campus in Auckland Park.
Jannie de Jager of DWR Distribution, MA Lighting’s sole distributor in South Africa, recently facilitated training at the institution to ensure that the theatre’s crew can make the best of the new console, as well as the newly launched MA3 platform.
Jade Bower has served as the production manager at the UJ Arts and Culture Centre for several years and is very pleased with the theatres’ latest acquisition. “The UJ Arts and Culture Centre provides students at the university access to theatre and the performing arts, which is an important part of providing a holistic education,” Jade explains. “While we do not have a drama department at the university, our students benefit enormously from taking part in productions and in the running of the theatre while they pursue their degrees in various disciplines.”
As a state-subsidised institution of higher learning, UJ’s budgets are, however, very tight and as such any new equipment that they decide to invest in has to make financial sense for the institution over the long run.
Reflecting on her decision to purchase the MA3 compact console, Jade states that she felt it important that the institution invests in the appropriate infrastructure to ensure that the lighting rigs at the main theatre, as well as the University’s two auxiliary performance spaces, allow for future growth and gradual mod


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