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jack-the-ripperVL2600 Profile lights Jack the Ripper
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Denmark - In lighting Musicalteatret’s Jack the Ripper musical at Copenhagen’s intimate Folketeatret, lighting designer Mikkel Bedsted faced some major lighting challenges. He found his solutions in the new VL2600 Profile LED stage luminaire from Vari-Lite.
Bedsted’s main challenge was the venue’s limited weight loading. With the small theatre’s fly bars able to support only around 125kg, it became essential that his lighting fixtures were lightweight and compact in size. Versatility was also a crucial factor, as the more functions a single fixture could fulfil, the fewer units would be needed overall. Next, as the show’s designer, operator and sole lighting technician, Bedsted required maximum reliability. And, of course, he needed quality performance - including high output, excellent optics and advanced theatre lighting features.
Through supplier Live Company, Bedsted sourced 14 of the new compact, VL2600 Profiles from Vari-Lite. He placed five on each of the front-stage and upstage overhead lighting bars, plus four in front-light positions. “The VL2600 is my workhorse fixture on this show,” he says. “With its power and zoom range, I can use it as a wash light, a profile and a spot. The big feature for me is to get that much output from such a relatively small light.”
Bedsted values the VL2600’s theatre-friendly features, including colour temperature control. “The CTO wheel is really, really nice to have,” he says. “I don’t think I could have lit this show without the CTO wheel. I use it a lot in transitions o

white-ayrton-ghibli-at-the-china-national-center-for-the-performing-artsFirst installation of white Ayrton Ghibli
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

China - Ayrton has announced the installation of its first white Ghibli LED spot fixtures at the China National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing. Eighty of the white units were recently installed into the elegant interior of the Centre’s Concert Hall by ACE, Ayrton’s distributor for China, as part of a major upgrade of its lighting inventory.
The Concert Hall, designed by French architect, Paul Andrew, within a giant oval shell that includes a 2,000-seat opera house and 900-seat theatre, is distinctive in its silver-white interior with an acoustic ceiling that resembles undulating white waves. The 1,900-seat auditorium is arranged in-the-round to enable the large-scale symphonies and Chinese traditional music that are performed there to be heard and viewed from any angle.
Consequently, its new lighting fixtures had to be capable of handling swift lighting changes and multiple staging configurations. ACE recommended Ghibli on the basis of it being a truly versatile fixture that can handle a variety of uses and throw distances - and be customized in appearance to blend it with the stylish surroundings.
“Stage lighting for concert halls always requires an elegant appearance, uniform illumination, comfort and quietness,” explains Zhang Wei of ACE. “Classic halogen lights have always been used in the past. However, with the development of LED technology, the luminous efficacy of LED has overtaken most of the halogen lamps and discharge lamps, and Ayrton’s product portfolio is a testament to how good LED lighting fixtures have now bec

robe-mediapro-me-ar-rahman-concert-doha-qatar-s1a1739-eMediaPro makes major Robe investment
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

UAE - Reliability was a major factor for Middle East rental and production company MediaPro’s large investment in Robe moving lights earlier this year, according to sales and marketing manager Jinesh Nair.
When it came to making a decision about expanding the moving light inventory at their Dubai HQ, the vital parameters included engineering quality and versatile features as well as an increasing demand from international lighting designers requesting Robe products.
This all led to the purchase of 86 Spiider LED wash beams, 76 MegaPointes and three RoboSpot systems complete with the BMFL FollowSpot LT (long-throw) fixture with integral camera, which has been especially designed for large arenas and stadiums. These are the first of these special BMFL followspots in the UAE.
MediaPro’s initial relationship with Robe dates back to 2006. Established in the UAE in 2004, the company’s modest owner has worked hard on steadily building a world-class operation with a prominent presence throughout the Middle East and Asia which is driven by his vision and commitment to delivering cool and creative results.
“The Robe products are generally in demand,” comments Nair. “LDs and productions are constantly asking for them, and we want to give our customers the best and most flexible options to realise their shows.”
Having their own stock of new Robe products now also saves MediaPro substantially on cross rentals, in which they were increasingly engaged to give the LDs what they wanted.
Their work embraces music events and an interest

tarm25intelligentlightingdevicewebLaserworld releases intelligent tarm 2.5
Monday, 29 July 2019

Europe - The Laserworld Group has released the tarm 2.5 laser light systems, a new generation of Art-Net/DMX-controllable lasers that can create and store artwork straight onto the device.
The laser module in the tarm 2.5 has been improved by combining all laser sources in one white light module, which has professional mirror mounts allowing for precise module alignment with hex keys. Different laser software can be used to directly access the built-in DAC (digital-analogue-converter) via LAN for professional show control.
Meanwhile, mobile DJs or entertainers who cannot actively control the laser during performance can make use of the sound-to-light or the standalone operation mode, which - combined with the option to load custom graphics to the mainboard - makes the tarm 2.5 suitable for advertisement projections or use in architecture illumination.
The tarm 2.5 has an overall power of 2.7W RGB. Several modification options are available on request, including CT Scanner upgrades to maximum scanning performance.
“It has taken some time for lasers to become versatile, intelligent systems,” explains Norbert Stangl, CMO of the Laserworld Group. “The technical circumstances didn’t allow for developments like this in the past, but these challenges have been faced and the result are lasers that can easily be used as conventional intelligent lighting systems.”
(Jim Evans)

open-airNyíregyháza open air theatre adds Prolights
Monday, 29 July 2019

Hungary - The open-air theatre in Nyíregyháza recently upgraded their stage lighting capabilities with Prolights.
Located in the heart of the city of Nyíregyháza, the 1,000-seat theatre has been a key attraction in the area since 1955. Previously fitted with halogen fixtures, the renovation focussed on re-invigorating the space throughout and upgrading the technology to reduce running costs, increase energy efficiency and increase light output.
The new stage lighting system contains 20 Prolights Eclipse HD2 TU fixtures that were chosen for their brightness, even beam and clean shutter cuts, along with 20 Prolights full colour LED fixtures which provide a dramatically higher lumen level than their halogen predecessors. Both ellipsoidal fixtures were chosen for their versatility, broad functionality options and outstanding output levels and completed the reinvigoration of the space.
To complete the package, four Prolights Sunrise fixtures were installed; the theatre opted for the LED blinders as they could equal the brightness of traditional fixtures.
(Jim Evans)

robe-smile-licht-en-geluid-utrechtAll smiles for Robe in Utrecht
Monday, 29 July 2019

The Netherlands - Smile Licht En Geluid Utrecht BV is a busy design and technical production company based in Utrecht.
The company has recently purchased 12 Robe VIVA CMYs and 32 LEDBeam 150s - to assist in the creative illumination of a wide range of events.
The company was founded in its present format by Remko Vossen in 1998. The name already existed, however Remko took it from a disco based operation to a full-blown professional production facility which has become very well known locally and across Benelux.
Smile supplies lighting, sound, AV, staging, and expertise to the events sector and has a reputation for imaginative flair and offering innovative technology and high standards of excellence. They have just moved into a large and spangly new warehouse and office space in Lage Weide, in the west of the city of Utrecht.
These were the first Robe moving lights Smile has bought for some time. With the changing needs and demands of events today, they needed to upgrade some of the kit and get some good, reliable, all-purpose LED moving lights onboard for their work - 70% of which is in the corporate world.
The LEDBeam 150s essentially replace old PAR 64 cans and bring a host more features and flexibility to the party. “We also needed a fixture to provide ambient lighting effects that could be focussed from the desk,” adds Guus Smorenburg, Smile’s first full time LD.
The first gig shortly after the fixtures were delivered by Robe’s Benelux distributor, Controllux, was the Choice Hotel Awards staged at the Kromhouthal in A

agb-events-halo-townsville-castle-hillAGB Events creates Townsville spectacular
Monday, 29 July 2019

Australia - After months of anticipation and secrecy, Halo - the light and sound experience designed specifically for Townsville, a coastal city in north eastern Queensland - has opened.
Created and produced by Sydney-based AGB Events, Halo transforms Castle Hill, the natural ‘halo’ that hovers above Townsville. Presented by the Townsville City Council, Halo runs in conjunction with the inaugural North Australian Festival of Arts, and has been made possible through the support of the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund.
“Townsville City Council wanted to create something highly memorable that would truly mesmerise and captivate the public’s imagination,” says Anthony Bastic, CEO and creative director of AGB Events. “We were thrilled and honoured to be asked to undertake such a prestigious and challenging project. We’re delighted with the results.”
Halo which runs from 19 July - 4 August between 6:00pm and 10:00pm - is the latest in a series of large scale multimedia shows produced by AGB Events. These have included Vivid Sydney Light Walk, Australia’s largest annual event; Parrtijma, a light festival in Alice Springs that took its inspiration from indigenous stories and culture, lighting up two kilometres of the MacDonnell Ranges, and the Lights of Christmas in Sydney and Brisbane.
Halo is a new event experience that showcases creativity in one of the most aesthetically compelling new art forms; light art,” continues Bastic. “Over the past decade, th

denzil-smith-and-jacques-pretorius-from-mggMGG invests in Claypaky Scenius Unicos
Monday, 29 July 2019

South Africa - Rental company MGG - the largest Claypaky stockist in South Africa - has purchased six Scenius Unicos from DWR Distribution.
“We initially received the Scenius Unicos as demo units and it was love at first light,” explains Denzil Smith from MGG. “In the end, they were never given back. The punch, brightness, versatility and fantastic gobo selection make it the first choice for events (budget dependent), and my personal favourite fixture.”
The Scenius Unico is able to perform in spot, beam or wash mode, and offers an assortment of solid colours. MGG’s lighting HOD, Jacques Pretorius, has test-driven the new workhorses and used them for front light and back light. What stands out for him is the full framing shutter, effective for applications like highlighting banners on stage as well as the renown Claypkay optical design.
“Claypaky is reliable and our crew is proud to be associated with the brand,” continues Smith. “MGG already own Alpha Profiles that are showcased on larger productions such as Afrikaans is Groot and EOH, the Sharpys are utilised on most day to day events, Mythos, A.leda B-EYE K10s and K20s.
“While the Scenios Unico may be the new kid on the block, the highly appealing fixture is a magnificent spot light and excellent wash light. But it’s the ability to generate a powerful narrow beam of super concentrated light makes it a formidable tool for lighting designers.”
(Jim Evans)

maestra-scenic-london-launch-justin-hammond-l-and-mark-davies-rMaestra Scenic launched in London
Monday, 29 July 2019

UK - Technical production company Maestra Group has launched a scenic division. Based at Maestra’s London HQ, Maestra Scenic will offer services including CNC, carpentry and joinery, fabrication and engineering, painting and finishing as well as integration of other technical detailing - such as lighting, video or audio - into scenic fabrication projects.
The new division will employ a team of 20 full-time staff, who will be led by director of production Mark Davies, former director of technical operations at the National Theatre and sales director at Stage One Creative Services.
Davies comments: “The goals for good scenic companies are about meeting and then exceeding client expectations in all aspects - quality and build, finishing, being on-budget and ease of installation. It is essential to have the right people and processes all working harmoniously and with a full understanding of each project’s individual requirements. At Maestra, we strive to achieve this every time.”
Joining Maestra Scenic as head of its construction department is Paul Evans, former NT head of construction. Another key appointment is Jon Chute as head of production. Chute was previously an account director for Stage One Creative Services and a senior production manager for Imagination.
Meanwhile, the Maestra Scenic facility is made up of a 9,000sq.ft fabrication area which will include CNC equipment for carpentry and metalwork, and a mezzanine area that will be utilised for CNC poly carving and other 3D modelling. An external spray booth will deal with all fi

brdcAC-ET on track for British Grand Prix Party
Friday, 26 July 2019

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET), a Patron of the British Racing Drivers' Club (BRDC), supplied the event lighting for the Club's annual British Grand Prix party at Silverstone Circuit to showcase its latest product portfolio.
Staged within the grounds of the BRDC Farm as part of the Formula 1 Rolex British Grand Prix weekend, the occasion attracts high-profile members and motorsport personalities. AC-ET has been a Patron of the BRDC’s exclusive Young Driver Programme for over a decade and supplied the lighting design for the event ever since.
AC-ET worked closely again with the BRDC to create the event lighting. The company supplied the complete indoor and outdoor lighting systems, which utilised approximately 200 fixtures. The project was designed and overseen by AC-ET production manager, Andy Walne Smith.
Featuring heavily in the marquee lighting design, Chroma-Q's award-winning Color Force II LED wash lights delivered immersive colour-changing effects lighting alongside Space Force LED soft lights providing general illumination.
To celebrate 25 years since BRDC member, Damon Hill OBE won the 1994 F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, an enclosed display of his race-winning FW16 Williams car and Clay Regazzoni’s 1979 FW07 car - which gave the team its first ever F1 Grand Prix victory - were illuminated by Space Force fixtures.
In addition, a ‘Union Jack’-arranged flower wall which proved a popular photos backdrop for attendees in the garden area, was lit using Color Force II fixtures enclosed in a custom water-pro

solaframetheatreSolaFrame Theatre joins the Bolshoi
Friday, 26 July 2019

Russia - While the founding of the Bolshoi Theatre dates back to 1776, its production team is looking to the future with the newest LED technology from High End Systems.
The theatre – a cultural landmark and home to the Bolshoi Ballet, Opera and Orchestra – opened a second venue, the New Stage, in 2002 to host performances while the Historic Stage underwent refurbishment. By 2011, both neighbouring performance venues were offering a full schedule of events in the heart of Moscow.
In 2018, it was time to make some changes over at the New Stage. Lighting designer Anatoly Samosadny was seeking an alternative to the older lamp-based fixtures. Preferring to work with a modern, LED-based automated luminaire in his productions, he turned to High End Systems’ Moscow-based distributor SiM, which recommended High End Systems’ SolaFrame Theatre fixture.
Eight SolaFrame Theatre units were supported, tested and delivered by SiM to the Bolshoi in September and made their premiere in productions shortly thereafter. The main tasks of the fixtures are to serve as back truss lighting and front support light.
“The absolute silent operation allowed me to install the SolaFrame Theatre units directly above the orchestra or in the auditorium,” says Samosadny. “These positions are very important when working with certain productions, such as The Orchestra Survey and Camille Saint-Saëns’ The Carnival of the Animals.”
He adds, “The framing shutters are also extremely beneficial to my designs. The colour mixing, CTO, prism, zoom,

summerburstGLP KNVs hit Gothenburg’s Summerburst
Friday, 26 July 2019

Sweden - Summerburst is the biggest EDM festival in Sweden. The inaugural event was held in Stockholm back in 2011, and by the following year had also opened its doors in Gothenburg. Since then it has remained a two-city festival, both with a capacity of around 25,000.
Daniel Hellsten has worked closely with Summerburst since its inception, as production manager and designer. At the recent event at Gothenburg’s Ullevi Stadion he introduced GLP’s KNV Cubes for the first time as 25,000 came to see international DJs such as Tiësto, Alesso, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tigerlily, Salvatore Ganacci and many others.
He positioned 24 of the KNV Cubes in the arc roof surrounding the DJ booth following a design conceived by himself and assistant designer, Tobias Borén.
Explaining the rationale behind his design, Hellsten said, “They were placed in a central position and in such a way that gave the LDs the opportunity to use the KNV both as a blinder, a strobe and as eye candy effect, with its bright output.
“Daniel Löfgren was my main FOH lighting tech and programmer and he helped considerably, by making the KNV as useful as possible for the festival and visiting LD´s.”
Although the KNV Cubes took centre stage, they were far from the only GLP fixtures on view at Summerburst. In addition, 30 X4 Bar 10 battens and 44 JDC1 hybrid strobes also formed an essential part of the design, while 12 KNV Cube were positioned behind the artist on the smaller Garden Stage.
(Jim Evans)

municipalityNicosia Municipality Théâtre upgrades with Chauvet
Friday, 26 July 2019

Cyprus - The Corinthian columned façade of Cyprus’ largest theatre, the Municipality Théâtre in Nicosia, reflects the island’s theatrical heritage, but like a good play, the 1,000-seat venue holds surprises. Stepping inside the classical building, visitors will encounter an advanced and very modern theatrical lighting system made up entirely of 150 Chauvet Professional LED fixtures.
Nicosia-base V Hypersound & Light, installed the lighting and audio systems in the building, which re-opened on 18 June after being closed for more than a decade. “This was a very big re-modelling project, the biggest one ever relating to theatre in our market,” said the company’s Kypros Shekkeri. “Regarding the theatrical lighting, the theatre management wanted to have an all-LED system in the building.
“We won the project by offering a complete solution of compact and cost-efficient LED Chauvet Professional fixtures,” continued Shekkeri. “However, these lights were more than just affordable, they also offered the performance, versatility and output that were needed to handle the many different types of shows that take place here.”
The new lighting system includes 10 Ovation E-160WW and 10 Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidals as well as four Rogue R2 Wash and four Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures on the first bridge. Hung from the second bridge are 10 Ovation E-160WW and 10 Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal units.
A collection of six Ovation E-260WW and eight Ovation E-910FC as well as four Rogue R2 Wash fixtures are also positioned on motorised counter w

toce-fallsElation Paladin lights alpine waterfall
Friday, 26 July 2019

Italy - The harmonising elements of light and water came magically together at Toce Falls by Lake Maggiore in the Alps of northern Italy (Cascata del Toce) during an evocative light and music show designed by Pierre Gèlil. For a special event held 28-29 June, the designer turned to colour-changing Elation Paladin lighting effects to visually paint one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the region.
Gèlil, who also works as director of Teatro Maggiore in Verbania, was looking for a suitable product to illuminate the breathtaking but complex location. Seeking a watertight fixture that could put up with mist from the Falls as well as weather extremes, Elation’s Italian partner, Audio Effetti, proposed the Paladin, a versatile multi-functional LED wash light with high luminosity, chromatic performance and IP65 housing.
Sealed against water or dust ingress, the Paladin, with 24x 40W RGBW LEDs and six to 32-degree zoom, can flexibly adapt its beam to all surfaces and is particularly suited to illuminating objects located at very long distances. Gèlil used 10 fixtures mounted at various positions to illuminate the 143m drop of the waterfall, which spreads out at the bottom to a breadth of 60m. By synchronising the dynamic light show with music, the effect was especially moving and of great impact for those present. The event will be repeated on 20-21 September.
(Jim Evans)

claypakyteatroabc2Teatro ABC de Bogota adds Claypaky Axcor
Friday, 26 July 2019

Columbia - Teatro ABC de Bogota has added Claypaky Axcor Spot and Beam 300 fixtures to its rig to light musical and theatrical performances. Audio Concept de Colombia, S.A., Claypaky’s exclusive distributor in the region, advised on the purchase and provided technical support and service following the installation.
Teatro ABC opened in 2016 in northern Bogota as a multi-faceted cultural space; an extensive remodel in 2018 extended seating to almost 1,000 people and upgraded the technology deployed for a wide range of productions.
Lighting designer Dario Rodriguez, whose credits include working with Madonna, Metallica, U2’s 360 Tour and Cirque du Soleil, believed that Claypaky fixtures would optimise the flexible lighting design the venue requires.
“We went for a brand that could give us local support and new technology,” he says. “Claypaky’s Axcor line delivers colour temperature correction elements, CMY, gobos and textures, which help us with our theatre work.”
Since the Axcor Spot and Beam 300s were installed they have been used non-stop for an array of performances that enable Rodriguez’s team to explore the fixtures’ potential.
“The lights have been working perfectly, we have no complaints,” Rodriguez says. “Each day we find more and more options we can employ since the concerts and plays we do have such different lighting demands. The Claypaky fixtures work effortlessly. They’ve made a difference to our staging and the final result seen by the audience.”
Teatro ABC de Botoga director Said Martinez,

romanianByzantine theatre refurbished with Prolights
Thursday, 25 July 2019

France - The Romanian Embassy was installed in the Palais de Béhague in Paris in 1939. Within its walls is a theatre, built in 1898, called the Byzantine Room, because of its largely Byzantine style decoration. This room can accommodate a variety of different events such as conferences, shows, parades, musical performances or theatre.
When Luca Luculescu the current ambassador, decided to give a second life to this abandoned theatre, he discussed options with Sébastien Collin, co-founder of DID Technology. The goal was to revive the theatre whilst modernising the facilities and developing a versatile solution that could adapt to any type of event that was organised.
For the stage element, eight Prolights Eclipse Fresnel units were selected in variable white along with eight Eclipse HD RGBA / Lime / Royal Blue.
The floor lighting concept incorporated eight Prolights Solar 27Q LED units, amongst other key factors such as energy efficiency, they were praised for their ease of install due to the compatibility with DMX HF.
The 12 Prolights Smartbatplus units were used to highlight architectural details such as columns and marquees. The flexibility of these battery operated fixtures allow them to be moved effortlessly to animate other focal points and throughout other places within the Embassy. The fixtures were supplied through French Distributor ESL.
(Jim Evans)

roth-edwardsEdwards named Bandit director of operations
Thursday, 25 July 2019

USA - Bandit Lites has announced the appointment of long-time Bandit Roth Edwards to the new position of director of operations. Roth has been at Bandit for 20 years and was most recently director of special operations.
Edwards came to Bandit from Grand Island, Nebraska with a keen understanding of the lighting business, a desire to learn more, and a passion second to none. From that point, Edwards quickly ascended the management ladder at Bandit and now sits in a lead role.
“You could never find a smarter, more dedicated person to have on your team or in the trench with you,” said Bandit chair Michael T. Strickland. “Roth has a relentless quest for knowledge and wants to get it right every time. There is no task he will not tackle, and he will always succeed. To add to that, his vast understanding of lighting technology and computer technology is simply stunning. Roth is a world class person as well, and I am proud to call him a friend.”
As director of operations, Edwards is responsible for all things operationally from a system point of view, in every Bandit facility, including phone systems, VPN, utilities tracking, intercompany communication, freight rates, telecom deals, inventory control and everything in between. The list of operations that a company relies on daily is staggering, and Edwards now oversees all of those for Bandit globally.
(Jim Evans)

mk3profileWorldStage sees bright future with Mavericks
Thursday, 25 July 2019

USA - The team at WorldStage prides themselves in being “technology specialists at heart” and they have the track record to prove it, being among the earliest adapters of a long series of breakthroughs like moving LED fixtures. This summer, the innovative company took another step toward the future, when it added 50 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Profile fixtures to its inventory.
“This is a new technology fixture,” said Terry Jackson, vice president, director of lighting at WorldStage. “We have been searching for a large LED fixture to upgrade some of the older 3K range units we own, and this is it. This will definitely replace several fixtures in our inventory, so we can continue to grow and deliver a better experience to our customers.
“We have already used these fixtures on the DRL/Formula E Kick-Off Party, and we have them ready for additional high profile events on our books,” he said. “Chauvet pulled together a lot of very advanced technology to create an extraordinarily powerful and versatile fixture.”
Also influencing WorldStage’s decision to invest in the Maverick MK3 Profile was its extensive experience working with Chauvet. “We really appreciate the time, energy and effort that Chauvet puts into each and every fixture that they bring to market,” said Jackson. “We can always rely on them for solid fixtures that maintain initial quality levels, year in and year out. This is extremely valuable to rental houses with a high fixture rental rate. We’re excited by what this fixture can for us.”
Albert Cha

asteraNMK to distribute Astera in GCC region
Thursday, 25 July 2019

UAE - German wireless LED lighting specialist Astera has appointed NMK Electronics to distribute its products in the GCC region. The company was founded in 1987 to focus on the professional audio, video and lighting industry. From modest beginnings in Sharjah, UEA, it has grown into a leading distributor of professional AV products and musical instruments throughout the Middle East and is now headquartered in Dubai.
Astera’s range of entertainment and architainment LED lighting has been used to illuminate numerous high profile and world-class events.
“Having simple and powerful control of complex lighting programmes and effects coupled with the portability of Astera means that lighting designers can focus on being creative without worrying about potential limitations like cables and rigging,” stated Darren Caithness, lighting business manager - NMK Electronics.
This agreement with Astera will further complement NMK’s growing lighting division. Alex Kemanes, NMK’s chief operating officer notes: “We are delighted to become Astera’s distribution partner due to their focus on invention and commitment to quality which make them a perfect fit for the GCC stage and events market. Astera has a well-established reputation in the market and we plan to further develop this”.
Astera’s sales & marketing director, Sebastian Bückle, comments: “I am delighted to be working with NMK and confident that we have a highly motivated, innovative, progressive-thinking and well-connected partner who will really be pushing and making it happen

colour-sound-hampton-courtColour Sound at Hampton Court Palace
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

UK - Lighting and video rental specialist Colour Sound Experiment supplied stage and architectural lighting and LED screen to the 2019 Hampton Court Palace Festival, staged in the Tudor Courtyard of Hampton Court Palace in Richmond, Surrey.
A star-studded line-up for the 2019 season included Kylie Minogue, Nile Rodgers & Chic, Tears for Fears, The Jacksons, Jools Holland and many more.
The event was enjoyed by thousands who flocked to this unique venue to enjoy summer evenings picketing in the gardens and grounds before taking their seats for the evening concerts which ran over a three-week period in June.
Ensuring that everything ran like clockwork onstage was Jonny Gaskell, production manager and production lighting designer, who has worked for the festival for the last seven years. Jonny provides a production design for the stage and lights selected architectural features around the surrounding courtyards and gardens.
In addition to the house rig, Colour Sound provides the artist specials packages as required. The music ranges from Jools Holland to full orchestral to pop, rock and funk and soul, catering for a wide range of tastes, and the lighting design takes this as a starting point.
The stage is a custom construction fitted neatly and sympathetically to the Courtyard walls, providing all the accoutrements of a modern festival stage, complete with seating tribunes in front.
Jonny’s production design for 2019 was based on three lighting trusses – front, mid, and rear – sub-flown from the roof structure, and these p

turborayHigh End Systems launches TurboRay
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

USA - High End Systems has introduced the TurboRay automated luminaire. Offering “a classic retro look with its radial diffusers, TurboRay brings a distinctive appearance to any lighting design”.
High End Systems general manager Becky Koester comments, “We are thrilled to have TurboRay as the first entry back into fixture manufacturing in our Austin, Texas headquarters. The positive reactions we’ve had from lighting designers around the world has been staggering, and we’re very excited to bring this fixture to market.”
Automated lighting product manager Matt Stoner adds, “TurboRay is an awesome new look built on a classic style. Beyond its’ classic and volumetric face look, the fixture employs a powerful LED system with multiple types of colour control. TurboRay gives users a wealth of tools to make any stage more exciting.”
(Jim Evans)

connectionfestivalMavericks make connections in Locarno
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Switzerland - Each August for the past 73 years, the Romanesque Piazza Grande is transformed into the world’s largest open air movie theatre. Flanked by detailed buildings, the piazza provides an enchanting setting for screenings at the Locarno International Film Festival, an event that draws the likes of Harrison Ford, Ethan Hawke and other Hollywood A-listers to this ancient town on the Italian-Swiss border.
Earlier in the summer, this venerable site, which traces its origins back to Roman times, undergoes another transformation, as it is turned into an urban nightclub for the Connection Festival. For two days in June, the sounds or rap, pop, and electronic music resonate off the pastel walls of its buildings, accompanied by intensely bright light from over 40 Chauvet Professional Maverick fixtures, supplied and set up by Fumasoli Audio & Lights Rental.
Enrico Fumasoli and his team furnished a complete lighting and audio package for the festival, which featured some of Italy’s hottest new music stars, including Salmo and Ultimo. Their goal was to provide a rig that delivered the power called for by the high-energy music, yet at the same time was flexible enough to adapt to the different styles of visiting LDs.
This led to the selection of 24 Maverick MK2 Wash and 18 Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures. The Maverick units were flown from three truss structures positioned upstage, stage left and stage right. Daniele Pavan and Andrea Arlotti, the lighting designers for the festival’s two headliners, used the MK2 Wash fixtures to create evocative co

robe-les-misRobe T1s light Les Miserables in Warsaw
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Poland - The mercury hit record highs in Warsaw, while theatre-goers visiting the Stanisław Witkiewicz Studio Theatre were treated to a performance of Cameron Mackintosh’s Les Misérables staged by the Śródmiejski Teatr Muzyczny.
The company - made up from school pupils aspiring to be acting / performance professionals - produces an annual musical which was lit by LD Michal Piskorski who has also lit the previous two such productions, 2017’s Footloose and the Monty Python’s Spamalot. He worked closely with programmer Krzysztof Gantner from the show’s technical sponsor, Prolight, on the spectacle which was directed by Antoniusz Dietzius who also designed the set.
Six Robe T1 Profile moving lights were utilised, provided by Warsaw-based lighting and technical sales specialist Prolight. Also, part of this ‘specials’ package were five Robe LEDBeam 150s and two Spiider LED wash beams.
Michal also used the theatre’s house lighting rig which includes Robe DLX Spots, DLS Profiles and LEDWash600s plus a few other moving lights and generics.
Prolight is involved in several projects encouraging young people already working in or considering a career in lighting and performance, and their technical partnership on this production was “essential in assisting us achieve everything we needed in terms of scale and dynamics” commented Michal.
Krzysztof programmed and ran the show on networked Avolites Quartz and Arena consoles.
The other Robe fixtures were distributed around the over-stage LX bars. The five

turboTSL's Turbo embarks on Backup road trip
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Europe – TSL Lighting Design director, Anthony ‘Turbo’ Hall, has set off on a mammoth 22,000-mile return road trip from Kent to Ulan Ude in Russia to raise money for the technical entertainment charity, Backup.
Turbo set off on Friday 19 July in Poppy - a wholly unsuitable 1000cc Perodua Kanari – with his teammate Abby 'Henri' Cooper. Over the next 12 or so weeks, they will drive through 22 countries.
The car joins a fleet of vehicles as part of the world-famous Mongol Rally. Turbo and Henri have named their intrepid team the Nomadic Numpties, which is certain to be eye-catching as they race through eastern Europe and into lesser travelled terrains towards deepest Russia.
“I’ve known about the Mongol Rally for many years and it's always something I’ve dreamed of doing,” says Turbo. “When the chance arose to enter, we jumped at it. It’s an unsupported drive, which means we’ve had to take care of all our own travel arrangements, accommodation, visas and other elements, so it’s been quite a process getting everything sorted! We’re excited for this adventure and proud to be raising money for such a good cause."
The team has already smashed their initial fundraising target, raising almost £4,000 for Backup so far. TSL HQ will be tracking the Nomadic Numpties’ progress over the course of the next few months via their Instagram page. They are inviting the industry to make a donation to Backup, the benevolent fund set up to provide financial support to technical professionals in their time of need, via test


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