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wemakeeventsredalertrgbUS plans #WeMakeEvents day of action for 1 Sept
Thursday, 20 August 2020

USA - Inspired by efforts in the UK, mainland Europe and South Africa, the US live events industry is set to host its own #WeMakeEvents ‘Red Alert’ day of action on 1 September.
Using the hashtags #WeMakeEvents #RedAlertRESTART and #ExtendPUA to gain momentum, the move represents a major call to action on Tuesday, 1 September, imploring the US Congress to pass the RESTART Act (S.3814) as quickly as possible, offering economic relief to America’s live events industry, which has been shuttered since March, 2020, putting millions of people out of work. Additionally, the movement is to support in their efforts towards continuation and extension of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance to provide relief to those without work due to COVID-19.
#WeMakeEvents North American director, Brad Nelms comments: "The group has managed to gather incredible support for this important movement, signing on more than 30 regional directors to lead the initiative in markets nationally. This team have been so fired up and already have commitments from hundreds of incredible venues and iconic locations nationally who will show support."
On 1 September buildings, structures, and residences across the US will be lit in red from 9pm-12am (local time in each market) as the event rolls across North America. The goal to raise public awareness that the live events industry is on ‘Red Alert’ for its very survival, and to create congressional pressure to act now.
#BeAnArtsHero, a grassroots coalition of arts and cultural workers, reports: "The Arts &

elisa-carrillogala-of-stars1Rafael Mendoza and Artiste Picasso in ballet gala
Thursday, 20 August 2020

Mexico - Ballerina Elisa Carrillo, principal dancer at the Staatsballett Berlin and 2019 winner of ballet’s top prize, the Prix Benois de la Danse, travelled to her country of origin to present a series of ballet performances called Gala of Stars, Elisa and Friends. The special shows, which took place last year in some of the most renowned venues in Mexico, including the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, were lit by Rafael Mendoza using Elation Artiste Picasso LED profile luminaires.
Gala of Stars, Elisa and Friends featured performances by renowned figures in classical and contemporary dance from some of the most important ballet companies in the world such as the American Ballet Theatre, the Mariinsky Theatre, the Berlin State Ballet, and the Mikhailovsky Theatre.
Mendoza has served as lighting designer for the Elisa and Friends ballet gala for years, effectively from the beginning of the project, and has years of experience lighting ballet, dance and opera behind him. He comments: “Mexico, with its different dance expressions and genres, classical dance, Mexican folklore, contemporary dance and many that have been added in the last 40 years, all involve the wonderful human body expressing itself in different ways.
“I design lighting thinking about the body and movement, adding symbolism or other elements that, for example, in ballet is often defined in the script. Light often defines the space, defines the time, and defines interior or exterior places where you want to take the viewer. Colour is often chosen depending

creative-backstageChauvet lights Creative BackStage livestream
Thursday, 20 August 2020

USA - Accustomed to lighting and supplying production to large festivals and live music venues, John Garberson was concerned that the smaller livestream production area he put together in his company’s Phoenix warehouse after the COVID-19 outbreak would limit his creative possibilities. He has since learned otherwise.
True, the 18’ by 20’ space doesn’t afford the opportunity to wow crowds with big looks, the way he has done for years at events like the Pot of Gold and West Coast Music Festivals, but lighting livestreams isn’t just about scaling down, it also involves the challenge of reorienting the focus of design.
“This has been like a learning lab experience,” said Garberson, director of Creative BackStage, which produces a new LIVE From Backstage livestream series with Pro Production Services. “At first I thought this would just be limiting, but I’ve come to see livestreams as a new challenge. It’s critical to figure out things like how to balance colours for the camera, so the band looks good, especially on the smaller screens that are often used to watch livestreams.”
Based on the looks they created for reggae band Black Bottom Lighters on the most recent instalment of their series, Garberson and LD Elie Knight have learned this lesson very well. Drawing on the colour-rendering capabilities of their rig’s Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Spot and Rogue R2 Wash fixtures, they reflected different moods on stage by bathing it a smoothly flowing procession of palettes.
To add depth and nuanced subtlety to the

adjADJ debuts LED-powered ellipsoidals
Wednesday, 19 August 2020

USA - ADJ has introduced its new range of Encore Profile Pro professional LED-powered ellipsoidal fixtures, complete with a wide selection of lens options.
Designed for theatres and other performance spaces looking to embrace the power-saving and heat-reducing benefits of LED, without compromising on performance or features, two models are available. The Encore Profile Pro WW has a powerful warm white LED engine, while the Encore Profile Pro Color offers full colour mixing from a 6-in-1 LED source.
The Encore Profile Pro WW features a potent 260W warm white LED light source with a color temperature of 3200K. It generates an even field of light, with no hot spot, and boasts a high CRI in excess of 97. When used with a 26° lens, it measures a total light output of 10,000 lumens, while the LED engine has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.
The Encore Profile Pro Color utilises a 250W 6-in-1 RGBWAL LED engine, which also boasts an impressive 50,000 hour average operational life. Through independent dimming control of the red, green, blue, white, amber and lime LED elements, this fixture can be used to generate a huge gamut of colours ranging from vibrant primaries to subtle hues. It can also be used to generate colour-corrected white light, with a macro function providing easy selection of a range of different Kelvin color temperatures. It has a light output of 6,000 lumens (measured with a 26° lens) and offers a CRI in excess of 90.
These robust and reliable fixtures can be used with ADJ’s range of interchangeable lens tubes, however they ha

drive-inRogues join Canada Day drive-in concert
Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Canada - Driving over an hour on the highway, headed northeast from Montreal, motorists find themselves at Parc Bellerive, a secluded, peaceful expanse of green on the banks of the River Richelieu.
Time seems to stand still here. Being far enough away from the big city, the clear and fragrant night sky is free of light pollution. This creates an idyllic setting for star gazing. It also provides a beautiful canvas on which to project colourful and dynamic aerial effects.
This attribute was not lost on Érik Nowosielski-Lamoureux when he was called upon to light a two-hour drive-in concert headlined by Québécois recording stars Les Colocs for Canada Day.
“Saint-Ours is a small city about 100km from Montreal, so the sky over the riverside park was completely dark,” said Nowosielski-Lamoureux. “I used this aspect to create interesting looks in the sky. Because the show was a drive-in event, cars could be quite far from stage. The bright output of my Rogue R2 beams made it easy for me to light up almost all the area above the cars. By doing this, I gave the cars in the back of the site some visuals to enjoy, even with the stage being pretty far from them.”
Nowosielski-Lamoureux positioned six Rogue R2 Beams along the upstage deck at various heights. The fixtures on either edge of the stage were raised three feet, while the two units further in were placed four feet high and the two centre units were on 6ft truss totems.
From these positions, the Rogue R2 Beams did more than create interestingly patterned aerial displays, they also

kml3013KAM releases iLink laser lights
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

UK - KAM has introduced three new iLink laser lights - green, blue and RGB multi-colour.
All three new KAM laser lights, the iLink 60G 40mW Green, iLink 750B 500mW Blue and the iLink 500RGB 300mW Multi-Colour laser, feature remote controlled, pre-programmed auto mode or sound-to-light mode, projecting a large menu of clear built-in images on walls, ceilings and dance floors at the touch of a button.
With a compact, lightweight tough metal chassis and adjustable hanging bracket, KAM laser lights are extremely portable and built to last, with up-to-date technology including standard DMX protocol used to control lighting equipment, whilst delivering high visibility, brightness and superb long-throw beam specifications that look stunning alone, or mixed with fog or haze.
With a simple plug & play concept, the new KAM laser lights with quiet fan assisted cooling, safety chain loop and key lock, are designed for mobile entertainers, bands, night clubs, bars, karaoke and house parties.

clearwingsystemsintegration-waterfordunionhighschool-35Robert Juliat Roxie2 installed in Waterford School
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

USA - Clearwing Systems Integration has provided systems design and integration for the LED lighting upgrade at Waterford Union High School’s auditorium and other venues and included Robert Juliat Roxie2 followspots as part of the new improvements. Waterford Union High School is located approximately 25 miles southwest of Clearwing’s Milwaukee office.
Clearwing was charged with modernising the high school’s outdated lighting inventory from house lights to theatrical instruments as they migrate from conventional and tungsten-based fixtures to an all-LED roster.
“Flexibility and performance were the biggest factors in lighting fixture selection, along with the energy and cost savings that went along with moving to LEDs,” says Mitch Van Dyke, engineering & estimation at Clearwing Systems Integration. “The school trusted us to get the best lighting we could for their budget.”
Clearwing opted for Robert Juliat Roxie2 followspots to light multiple venues at the school, including the auditorium, the gym for assemblies, and the commons area which hosts comedy club shows.
Roxie2, Robert Juliat’s first LED followspot, was developed with the schools and small venue market in mind. This compact, 300W followspot is the ideal energy-efficient solution for venues that wish to reduce their running costs without compromising quality. Roxie gives an excellent light output, beam shaping from 11° to 20° and an output comparable to most 575W discharge followspots on the market.
“The Roxies are portable in contrast to their old spots

studio-le-25-1Studio le 25 creates balanced rig with Chauvet
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

France - Studio le 25, a busy livestream production space in Bièvres, has been in operation since April. A harmonious and balanced economy characterizes the venue’s versatile rig, put together by well-known lighting designer Arthur Oudin, whose impressive client list includes Patrick Bruel.
LED video panels, arranged vertically along the back wall and on the facing of the DJ stand, dominate the rig. Although the large video displays are essential to creating backdrops and conveying moods for the studio’s various livestream productions, they take up much of the space allotted for the studio’s rig, restricting the amount room left for lighting projections.
This spatial issue, along with the limited power supply available, made it necessary to complement the video panels with lighting units that offered compact size, energy- efficiency and intense output. Studio le 25 found this blend of features in the 14 Chauvet Professional Rogue R2X Wash fixtures installed in its rig.
“We don’t have much electrical power,” said Pascal Maltese of Studio le 25. “We also have a small surface area, but at the same time, we need a very high-performance package of light. Fortunately, with the modern technology available to us, we were able to meet all of these requirements with fixtures from our inventory.”
Depending on the performance being livestreamed, the Rogue R2X Wash units are hung in different configurations on two rows of truss that surround the performance area. Light from the RGBW moving projections is used to bathe the set in an array

the-elation-coffee-breakThe Elation Coffee Break launches online
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Europe - Elation Professional’s European office recently launched The Elation Coffee Break on Facebook Livestream, an online presentation series that takes a up-close look at some of the company’s most popular product series.
Elation continues the webinar series on Thursday, 20 August at 11:00 a.m. CEST with Elation technical sales specialist Alistair Smyth and international sales manager Frederik Afif looking at the innovative qualities of the Rayzor 760 and Proteus Rayzor 760 LED luminaires. The presentation will air live on Elation Europe’s Facebook page. No registration is required.
The Rayzor 760 is an LED wash effect with wide zoom and innovative SparkLED pixel effect that offers all new design possibilities. Also available in an IP65 version, the Rayzor 760 projects well-defined beams as well as a wide wash coverage. When not in use as a beam or wash, its SparkLED background illumination system gives designers a new way of creating additional impact, for example as a backdrop in a camera shot.
To view the first Elation Coffee Break webinar, which highlighted Elation’s award-winning Artiste Monet LED profile luminaire, visit

robe-unlocked-perth-18-crooked-colours-photo-brendan-cecichRobe gets Unlocked in Perth
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Australia - Smiles and high spirits abounded at the HBF Stadium in Perth, Australia at the country’s first large scale live music event since March.
Unlocked, staged mid-July, was possible due to the Western Australian state lockdown entering Phase 5 on 27 June, and Zaccaria Concerts’ ‘Castaway’ and VenuesWest took the opportunity to present a sizzling array of Western Australian electronic / DnB talent including Crooked Colours, ShockOne with Reija Lee, Slumberjack and Tina Says.
The venue was sold out to an enthusiastic audience of just under 3,000 people, reduced to 50% of its normal capacity and run under new safe operating procedures (SOP) regulations.
Lighting and LED screens were supplied by Perth-based rental and production specialists Showscreens, headed by brothers Ryan and Bryce Varley, who dipped into their 150 plus stock of Robe moving lights choosing BMFL Spots, MegaPointes and Spiiders to be the core of the lighting rig.
A total of 20 x Robe BMFL Spots, 24 x Spiider LED wash beams and 20 x MegaPointes, together with strobes and 4-lites were rigged on the three overhead trusses and the stage deck.
BMFL Spots on the front truss provided key light and specials while Spiiders were a solid and effective choice for full stage washes and additional effects, and more BMFLs, MegaPointes and Spiiders on the mid and upstage trusses added to the layering of lights.
On the floor, Spiiders were used for cross stage key light, shooting in from the downstage corners, with MegaPointes and BMFLs deployed along the back below

ekka1Industry donates expertise and gear for Ekka
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Australia - Brisbane’s Ekka show - the largest agricultural event in Queensland - was cancelled this year due to COVID-19, but in a bid to lift spirits, the fireworks show went ahead thanks to the donation of fireworks, audiovisual, lighting and programming by Skylighter Fireworks, NW Group, Chameleon Touring Systems and JLX Productions.
The Fullscreen Fireworks Show, presented by 7NEWS Brisbane, was specially designed for television audiences to stay home and watch on TV for the best vantage point.
Over 50 fireworks, lighting, sound and vision crew worked on the event - another example of our industry donating their time, expertise and gear to a worthy cause even though they have been hardest hit by COVID-19.
NW Group’s involvement in the event came about whilst Ray Moss, general manager for NW Group in Queensland, was having a catch up with Tony Laffan who heads up the entertainment department at Ekka.
“Tony mentioned Max Brunner from Skylighter Fireworks had offered to donate a pyro show on the eve of what would have been Ekka 2020 given the event had to cancel due to COVID restrictions, and in passing that 7 News Brisbane were in negotiation to take the show live to air,” explained Ray. “Ekka has been a loyal NW client for around 16 years so the decision was really a no brainer for us to be involved.”
Skylighter, like the rest of the entertainment industry, is in full shutdown due to COVID gathering restriction (and lost the back end of trading in 2019 through mass cancellations during the devastating bushfires),

sipaSiPA reports ‘clear drive’ for sustainability
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

UK - A webinar designed to unite the live production industry in developing new working practices for a more sustainable approach has shown a “clear willingness” for change, according to The Sustainability in Production Alliance (SiPA).
The panel discussion, broadcast live on social media channels as well as via a Zoom video meeting, brought together many of the leading companies and individuals who are committed to a more sustainable future for live event production.
The webinar was a collaboration between SiPA, the Association of British Technicians (ABTT) and The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT). Top of the agenda was how the industry can use the current hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to create a more sustainable approach to its work.
SiPA’s Carol Scott, principal advocate for sustainability at TAIT and SiPA, was joined by a host of live production industry and environment leaders, including: Jon Bausor - multi-award-winning international stage designer and creative director; Spike Brant - production designer, CEO of Nimblist and advocator of sustainability; Ian Garrett - USITT Memmber and designer with Toasterlab; Huntly Christie - CEO of Christie Lites and Dr Chris Jones, research fellow at University of Manchester who is currently examining the key impact areas of the music industry on the environment.
“The webinar was a great success - the audience engagement was fantastic, with the live stream figures going into the thousands,” says Carol Scott. “There is a clear willingness in our industry to

howell-binkley-obituary-1000x667-1In Memoriam: Howell Binkley
Tuesday, 18 August 2020

USA - LSi is sad to report that Howell Binkley, one of the most distinguished theatre/dance lighting designers of his generation, died on Friday 14th August in Jacksonville, North Carolina, of lung cancer. He was 64. "He was just a special spirit," his widow, Joyce Storey, told the Winston-Salem Journal. "He was adored by so many and will be missed by all."
According to the Journal, Binkley, a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, attended Atkins High School, where he was first drawn to theatre. He worked at the Little Theatre of Winston-Salem and graduated from Reynolds High School in 1974. After attending East Carolina University, he moved to New York in 1978, and began working with the Acting Company and Paul Taylor Dance Company.

Early on, he established himself in the dance world, working with the Joffrey Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, MoMix, Peter Pucci Plus. Hubbard Street Dance, and American Ballet Theatre. Most famously, he was the cofounder and resident lighting designer for Parsons Dance, creating 85 original pieces for that company.
Binkley worked extensively in regional theatres, including the Goodman Theatre, La Jolla Playhouse, Alley Theatre, Guthrie Theater, McCarter Theatre, Hartford Stage, Signature Theatre, The Old Globe, and Shakespeare Theatre Company. He also designed six entries in the Kennedy Center’s Sondheim Celebration.
He made a notable Broadway debut in 1993 with Kiss of the Spider Woman; other productions included: How to Succeed in Busi

clearwingsystemsintegration-waterfordunionhighschool-36Clearwing installs Ayrton at Waterford Union High School
Monday, 17 August 2020

USA - Clearwing Systems Integration has included Ayrton Diablo profile luminaires in provision of systems design and integration for the LED lighting upgrade at Waterford Union High School’s auditorium and other venues. The school is located approximately 25 miles southwest of Clearwing’s Milwaukee office.
Clearwing was charged with modernising the high school’s outdated lighting inventory from house lights to theatrical instruments as they migrate from conventional and tungsten-based fixtures to an all-LED roster.
“Flexibility and performance were the biggest factors in lighting fixture selection, along with the energy and cost savings that went along with moving to LEDs,” says Mitch Van Dyke, engineering & estimation at Clearwing Systems Integration. “The school trusted us to get the best lighting we could for their budget.”
Clearwing chose Ayrton Diablo fixtures for permanent installation in the school’s auditorium, which is used for student theatrical productions, administrative meetings and a summer theatre camp as well as rented to others in the community in need of a theatrical venue.
Ayrton Diablo is the smallest, lightest, brightest and most efficient profile fixture in its category. Weighing just over 20kg, with a record output of 19,000 lumens from its 300W source, Diablo is versatile and feature-rich, and specially designed for stage applications. Its monochromatic LED light source can generate an ultra-high output and metallic white light calibrated at 6500K, and with a native CRI greater than 90, high TM30 r

day-star1Alabama church upgrades ADJ lighting and video
Monday, 17 August 2020

USA - Thriving and growing Daystar Family Church in Western Alabama hadn’t improved their video and lighting system since moving into their current facility well over a decade ago. That changed this year when AVL integrator Narrow Road Pro supplied and installed a complete new system.
This included a large video wall, constructed from ADJ AV6X LED panels, along with a comprehensive lighting setup of LED-powered fixtures from ADJ as well as sister company Elation Professional.
Founded by Bishop Patrick M. Schatzline and Lady Deborah Schatzline, with a congregation of just 50 people, today Daystar Family Church in Tuscaloosa, AL, has a congregation of over 1,300. Now pastored by Patrick and Deborah’s son Scott and his wife Kristi, it is multi-cultural, multi-generational, non-denominational church with praise and worship that is energetic and passionate. However, this had begun to be hindered by a lighting system that was outdated and costly. For this reason, Nick Campfield of Narrow Road Pro was brought in to advise on a possible solution.
“Coming from both the professional world and the church world puts me in a unique position to take professional practices and bring them into the church,” states Nick. “I started the company primarily to help churches be good stewards of God’s money, to help them work out what they need and then put in the right tools for the job. That’s my passion and our company definitely values serving the church over making money.
At the heart of Daystar’s new video system is a 19’ wide video wall that

codeorange2Chauvet lights Code Orange’s Under The Skin
Monday, 17 August 2020

USA - The 30 July Under The Skin livestream by the Grammy-nominated band Code Orange combined music from the band’s March 2020 LP Underneath with early songs presented during the Mudbangers Ball pre-show.
Moving in step with this temporal tapestry was a harmoniously balanced Sam Jimenez lighting design that featured Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Star Design Event Services.
“From a lighting standpoint, this show was really a blend of the old and the new,” said Jimenez. “We tried to blend the surreal with reality in a way that flowed naturally. This show was something the band has been leading up to. It’s the product of three months of back and forth with different creative ideas, budgeting, and designing. We ended up doing this at the Trafford Theatre Factory, in Trafford, PA. My friend Chris Robin, who worked as a tech on the successful Last Ones Left stream we did in March, is the TD for this theatre and he offered us the use of it.”
The lighting and set design pulled together a wide range of different influences to reflect the multi-levelled creative scope of the livestream. “We incorporated a lot of elements, whether it was the floating panther heads above the band, or moments when the projections transform into an overlay,” said Jimenez. “The ‘old influences’ of the Fresnels and pars in the ceiling of the theatre, contrasted nicely with the new imagery of the high output LED fixtures and integrating Resolume with high resolution content.”
Jiminez used four Maverick MK2 Spot f

techledlightitinredbackstageacademy1Production Park supports #WeMakeEvents
Monday, 17 August 2020

UK - As event professionals took to the streets of every major city across the UK on 11 August, in support of the PLASA-led #WeMakeEvents campaign, TechLED once again bathed Production Park, including the Studio and Rockwell cafe in the companion #LightItInRed campaign’s signature colour, emergency red.
TechLED’s MD, Gordon Addison, once again turned to the power of Prolight’s LEDJ Spectra QX40 Pixel exterior fixtures to illuminate the buildings. While the Production Park team attended the protest demonstration in Leeds, the team at TechLED kept alive the signal of allegiance, with many other theatres and cultural institutions across the country affected by the continued inability to open during the coronavirus pandemic.
Addison comments: “We would like to say a massive thank you to all our customers and everyone who came together on the eve of Tuesday 11 August, to highlight the devastating situation faced by the whole events industry during this crisis we all find ourselves in. It’s of the utmost importance that the government’s proposed care package reaches all aspects of the events industry and the plight of our industry is acknowledged and addressed.”
Production Park’s Jack Scarr, adds: “The #LightItInRed campaign saw hundreds of event landmarks across the UK lit up in red to bring attention to the plight of the live events industry due to the pandemic. Gordon and his team at TechLED made it possible for us to illuminate Studio 001, Backstage Academy and Rockpool Café in red to show our support for the campaign.
“At Produ

anolisAnolis illuminates former U-boat bunker
Monday, 17 August 2020

France - Over 160 Anolis LED luminaires have been used to illuminate public and connecting areas of the Les Bassins de Lumières, an imposing former World War II U-boat bunker in Bordeaux. Originally known as ‘Betasom’, four of the 11 vast submarine basin areas have been reimagined by private organisation Culturspaces for use as a sanctuary for immersive digital arts and mixed media installations.
Nicolas Valette from lighting design practice 4eleven was asked to create a lighting scheme that highlighted the internal architecture of these impressive 115m long water-filled bays which have a draft of between 9 and 11.40m – with a tidal allowance of 1.5m.
Each of these is separated by a 6m-thick concrete wall. In their former incarnation, each of the four giant basins could accommodate two submarines.
Nicolas found a stark and raw beauty in the functional, brutalist concrete structures, and set out to create a dialogue and interaction between light, shadows, and illuminative texturing.
The walls, ceilings and the water are often used for giant projections of artists’ work, so the internal lighting had to compliment these and also function in a standalone context for visitors to see and appreciate this incredible space with its amazing story when there are no large-format projection exhibitions.
“My starting point was first to visit and feel the ambience and emotion inside, taking into account that while lighting was not the major element, it had to be highly effective,” he explained.
Nicolas and his team do a lot of work

fuze-wash-frElation expands Fuze series with Wash FR
Friday, 14 August 2020

USA - Designed as a fusion of performance, features and value, Elation’s Fuze series of LED fixtures has found a niche in the market. Elation is now expanding the series with the Fuze Wash FR, an automated LED Fresnel fixture with framing designed for a wide array of precision lighting applications and ideal for the refined performance required in theatrical venues.
The Fuze Wash FR features a new 480W (6,500K) 92 CRI engine that utilises a five-colour homogenised LED array of red, green, blue, mint and amber sources, the same colour system found in the Fuze Profile and Fuze Spot.
High colour quality and colour manipulation are central to the Fuze Wash FR. A virtual gel swatch book, virtual colour correction, magenta/green adjustment plus CMY emulation give designers access to an impressive LED colour array including a mixed white. The carefully-tuned RGBMA LEDs and high native CRI ensure accurate colour reproduction while delivering a powerful output up to 14,000 lumens.
The Fuze Wash FR features a specially designed Fresnel lens for a smooth and even wash and houses an 8.2° to 42.1° (beam) and 12.7° to 62.1° (field) motorised zoom for tight to wide coverage. A full blackout framing system with four rotating blades gives full control of the beam shape when required and can index +/- 60-degrees. A variable frost filter can be added at any time for an extra layer of smoothing. The fixture dims seamlessly all the way to zero with 16-bit selectable dimming curves included. An iris for advanced beam control and high-speed electronic shutter and st

astera-colossal-metronome-installation-20191026er1323-edit-pColossal deploys Astera Titans for Metronomes
Friday, 14 August 2020

New Zealand - Colossal is a lively, dynamic, and inventive street theatre and performing arts company based in Wellington, founded by brothers Zane and Degge Jarvie and Imogen Stone, with backgrounds in circus, architecture, and design.
Over the last three years, Colossal has started working light in various different forms into their pieces which have become popular at light festivals, a path that’s highlighted their passion for detail and innovation combined with fun and audience connection that lies at the heart of all their performance concepts.
For the 2019 HighLight Carnival of Lights in Lower Hutt, the company purchased eight Astera Titan Tubes specifically to provide a solution for their invigorating Metronomes installation. Since then, they have found numerous ways to integrate the highly practical and portable Asteras into other ideas and activities.
Developed for a large scale audience, Metronomes was based on the themes of space and time, and juggling these in a massive physical work for which they needed lights to be rigged to the end of eight 4m metal tube metronomes. These were counterbalanced via pivoting axels and mounted in square steel bases - ballasted and secured - that, once manipulated manually, swung back and forth juggling the two dimensions and establishing a sense of rhythm.
The light source had to be light and strong enough to be attached to the end of the metal poles with their weight balanced correctly through the axel allowing the motion to create an inertia as Zane and Degge triggered the swing

st-marysSLLFX helps The Hub at St Mary’s go red
Friday, 14 August 2020

UK - Teams from SLLFX, JK Entertainments and Pfphotographics joined forces to light The Hub at St. Mary’s in Lichfield red. The event was part of a day of action from the UK live entertainment industry to highlight the challenges the sector faces at a time when events are essentially banned.
The Hub at St. Mary’s was one of more than 700 buildings across the UK that were lit in red on Tuesday, 11 August. The #LightItInRed night of action served to highlight the cultural institutions and companies that form a vital sector of the UK’s culture and economy.
“It seems there is no industry untouched by the impact of COVID-19. However, some sectors have been hit harder than others and it's important for people and more importantly the government to realise that it's an entire ecology that is affected when it comes to the impact on the Arts,” says Anthony Evans, creative director at The Hub at St. Mary’s.
“It's not just artists, dancers and actors that will feel the pinch - technicians, electricians, producers, promoters and wardrobe seamstresses, to name a few, will lose livelihoods without performances and audiences in venues. The announcement of the Cultural Relief Fund is welcome, but more support is needed if venues like The Hub at St Mary's and all its supporting staff and arts freelancers are to survive.”
While the £1.57bn fund for the arts, culture and heritage industries is a welcome first step, this only supports a very small part of the industry and will not filter down to the vast majority who work in this sector.

burgerVerge Aero drones spell it out for MrBeast
Friday, 14 August 2020

USA - Fireworks by Grucci, the latest partner company to invest in Verge Aero’s drone show technology, recently completed a project with a difference for YouTube superstar MrBeast when he decided to have a little fun with some serious fireworks in the Nevada desert.
MrBeast - real name Jimmy Donaldson - is a YouTube phenomenon, attracting over 38m subscribers with his videos of elaborate challenges, attention-grabbing stunts and jaw-dropping philanthropy. With each video quickly drawing tens of millions of views, he brings his unique brand of fun to an impressive worldwide audience.
For his latest video, I Bought The World’s Largest Firework, MrBeast commissioned Long Island-based Fireworks by Grucci to design and produce all the professional fireworks effects. Filmed at a site not far from the fabled Area 51 (a location long associated with strange lights in the sky), the video sees MrBeast and friends fire an increasingly spectacular range of explosive effects, from a $1 consumer firework through to a giant array of 16 handcrafted 24-inch aerial shells, manufactured by Grucci.
Adding a touch of ‘light relief’ to the pyro demonstrations, Fireworks by Grucci showcased its investment in a fleet of Verge Aero drones, with which the company is expanding its pyro and firework capabilities. The drones were used to play a gag in which words were spelled out in the night sky, apparently in response to instructions spoken on a walkie-talkie. A fleet of 120 GPS-guided drones formed the words, which were pre-programmed prior to the flight.

downtownWestview has designs on Long Beach Loop
Friday, 14 August 2020

USA - The Loop, a public architectural feature in Downtown Long Beach, California, recently joined the nightly neighbourhood celebration to honour first responders with a spectacular light show.
With original content design by Ryan Mueller and the team at TheatreDNA Creative, the structure that sits on a 7,700sq.ft lot at the southeast corner of Ocean Boulevard and Pine Avenue is a steel mesh infinity loop that sparkles and dazzles with a variety of shows that rotate randomly throughout the night. Westview provided the fixture installation and programming, as well as a robust controls system with remote management.
The newest element is a daily five-minute light show at 7:00 p.m. designed and programmed by Westview. Its computer-driven LED system can display an infinity of colours, making for a spectacular array of lights to brighten up the city. This latest initiative originated with the Long Beach Downtown Alliance wanting to show support for the residents who stood on their balconies every evening clapping and cheering for first responders, health care workers, nurses, grocery store employees, and many more who were working so hard to keep the communities safe.
“At times like this, we are honoured to be part of the celebration,” expressed Eric Bloom, president of Westview. “This is a significant way to send a genuine and collective ‘thank you’ to the entire healthcare community as they work diligently to fight this pandemic and keep us safe,” he added.
(Jim Evans)

production-team-photoWhite Light expands technical production services
Friday, 14 August 2020

UK - Following the recent announcement of a strategic partnership with SFL, alongside its appointment of several new roles, WL is continuing to expand its production department, offering a complete technical service.
With so much recent change within both the wider world and live events industry, WL saw this as the ideal time to look at its existing production offering and assess how this could be broadened in order to further benefit the huge range of projects it delivers annually.
As such, it has restructured its existing team and created roles which will see them work even closer with clients in order to fulfil their creative requirements.
With many years of experience both at WL and in the technical production sector the account management team now consists of key account managers, Stuart Crane, Dominic Yates and Richard Stirzaker who have been joined by technical account manager, Joseph Smyth, adding additional technical skills, experience and knowledge in specific areas targeted for growth within the company.
Whilst certain job titles and roles have changed, the personal customer service and level of expertise will remain the same and any historical, existing or prospective Production clients are encouraged to contact the team as they would normally for any project.
Crane explains: “As a company, we are all about building and maintaining those relationships with our clients and offering them the best service possible. In my new role of Key Account Manager I look forward to continuing to work with customers old and new, listeni


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