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Mackie Control
Wednesday, 24 July 2002

Mackie Designs has announced the launch of Mackie Control, a new nine-fader master control surface with nine touch-sensitive Penny & Giles motorized faders. Mackie Control supports software integration for a growing family of DAWs which currently includes Soundscape 32 by Mackie Broadcast Professional, Nuendo and CubaseSX by Steinberg, and Digital Performer by MOTU. Support is coming soon for CoolEdit Pro by Syntrillium Software, Sonar 2 by Cakewalk and many others. In addition, Mackie Control has been pre-mapped to enable power-user functions by many of the supported DAWs, and is the first to offer DAW-specific Lexan overlays allowing users to take advantage of these functions.

Each of Mackie Control’s eight channel strips includes a 100mm optical, touch-sensitive motorized fader, mute, solo, and record arming buttons, signal LED, a channel select button and a V-Pot that can be used to control panning, send levels, EQ, dynamics, and other DSP plug-in modules. The eight channels can be bank-switched to control as many channels as the user-selected software supports. Various software parameters are displayed on a back-lit LCD screen which provides channel metering and track naming in addition to DSP and dynamics parameters.

Mackie Control also supports a full automation assignment section, editing shortcut buttons, undo, redo, and save buttons, as well as modifiers that offer multiple functionality for specific commands. Complete navigational control is provided in a tape-style transport with jog/shuttle wheel, loop I/O points, and timeline quick jump buttons.


Soundtech PS802 digital amplifier
Wednesday, 24 July 2002

Smart Sound Direct has announced the availability of the PS802 amplifier from SoundTech. Despite being the smallest in the three-model PS line, the 1U PS802 digital amp is by far the most popular. Weighing in at just 7kg the PS802 employs highly efficient on-board PowerSource SwitchMode power supplies (thereby eliminating the need for bulky mains transformers) and Class-H output circuits, resulting in an amp that’s 20% more energy-efficient.

Despite its diminutive dimensions, with outputs of 800W bridged mono into 8 ohms and 400W per channel into 4 ohms (at 0.05% total harmonic distortion), the PS802 still retains plenty of punch and power, resulting in exceptional performance for an amp of its size and weight. With a unique speaker protection system to guard against DC faults, on/off transient peaks and under/over voltage situations, plus dual Vari-Speed cooling fans, XLRs and 1/4in jacks, this digital amp is ruggedly built, making it ideal for DJs, studiophiles, solo artists, duos and live bands.

(Lee Baldock)

Trio of new products from WharfedaleTrio of new products from Wharfedale
Tuesday, 23 July 2002

Wharfedale has launched three new product series to add to its comprehensive loudspeaker portfolio.

Wharfedale have launched a range of trapezoidal enclosures designed to meet the requirements of high output, near field reproduction. The two-way ported, compact Programme 50, 52 and 60 foreground/background systems provide a wide frequency range, coupled with high power handling in an attractive, acoustically-efficient enclosure. The series offers four different versions, with black or white paint finish options (and with 70V/100V line transformer versions depending on markets).

The Programme 50 features a 5.5" woofer and 3/4" titanium driver, the Programme 52 features a pair of woofers and 3/4" titanium driver while the Programme 60 features two 6.5" woofers and a 1" titanium compression driver/horn, with 60° x 60° coverage. The HF horn/driver combination generates over 10 times the usable acoustic energy of a conventional dome radiator, giving the system significantly greater output capability and headroom. The trapezoidal design allows multiple enclosures to be arrayed for broader coverage (e.g. an array of four Programme 60 will give a smooth 180° coverage pattern).

Also new from Wharfedale Pro is a pair of highly-specified, utility portable systems - aimed at both the professional and inexperienced user. EZGO 10-100 and EZGO 12-200 are simple to operate, complete packages, comprising a pair of speakers and a mixer/amplifier control unit which lock effortlessly together in a convenient lightweight package. A pole-mount top hat is supplie

Color Kinetics introduces ColorPlay 1.8
Tuesday, 23 July 2002

Color Kinetics has launched ColorPlay 1.8, the next generation of its ground-breaking lightshowauthoring software for use with its range of intelligent LED illumination fixtures. Since its original launch in 2000, ColorPlay has gained a loyal following and reputation as an intuitive, user-friendly method of creating dynamic light shows for Color Kinetics intelligent LED illumination products, say CKI. With menus written in plain English, ColorPlay uses a graphical timeline-based show management system and includes a wide array of lighting effects and functions. ColorPlay outputs DMX512 data, enabling the creation of smooth, fluid lighting effects.

New features on ColorPlay 1.8 include:
- Show Simulation feature incorporated on the Mapping screen so designers can get a feel for how the show will look in its intended layout, without having to physically be there;
- Seek Slider in Show Simulation controls allowing access to a specific portion of the show;
- Additional file management and show trigger capabilities;
- Icons for all new Color Kinetics fixtures contained in the fixture library, including ColorBlast 6, ColorBlast 12, ColorBurst 4, ColorBurst 6, and iColor Accent;
- Two new exciting lighting effects in the library: Streak and Sweep;
- Addition of transparency option in most effects allowing for smoother transition between effects;
- Improved download screen allowing users full access to iPlayer 2
- Integration with WYSIWYG Perform 3D rendering program from CAST Lighting.

(Lee Baldock)

Special edition Denon chrome fascias
Monday, 22 July 2002

Hayden Laboratories, the exclusive UK distributor for Denon products, has announced a special edition of chrome fascias for two of its most popular Denon DJ products - the DN-X400 mixer and the DN-1800 twin-CD player. 100 chrome fascias versions of each product are now available. The idea behind the move is to satisfy the current trend for chrome equipment for these entry-level professional products, in the fashion-conscious environment of the professional DJ.

The stylish chrome fascias are constructed from a laser-cut panel that retains the engineering quality, aesthetic integrity and rugged build for which Denon is known.

(Lee Baldock)

DPL launches first projector with 1200:1 contrast ratioDPL launches first projector with 1200:1 contrast ratio
Friday, 19 July 2002

Manchester-based Digital Projection International (DPI) has announced the addition of three new projectors to its successful product line-up. The Blacklite range has been specifically designed for applications where cinema quality high contrast images are required.

The range offers light output levels from 3000-7000 ANSI lumens to suit every application: all the projectors utilize the unique dark metal Thunder DMDs which are the core enabling device of this 3-Chip DLP system, offering SXGA (1280 x 1024) resolution with optional SD-SDi or HD-SDi. This dark metal chip technology has only previously been available in D-Cinema projection units, and coupled with special lenses and Digital Projection’s optical know-how, offers a contrast level of 1200:1.

All the Blacklite range features as standard composite, component and DVI inputs. A unique link mode function offers conversion of analogue and digital sources to DVI output, making them ideal for easy stacking and multiple link capability where required. The three new projectors feature a rigid chassis design, integrated carry handles and mounting points. Each projector includes memorised lens mount for automatic optical resizing between aspect ratios, a quiet 48dB and seamless switching, which allow clean and continuous displays perfect for any application.

(Ruth Rossington)

Flying Pig Systems' Wholehog III now shippingFlying Pig Systems' Wholehog III now shipping
Thursday, 18 July 2002

The much-anticipated Flying Pig Systems Wholehog III console is now shipping with version 1.0 software. The first five US Wholehog III consoles and DP2000 DMX processing units were passed through High End Systems' Austin Quality Control before being shipped to their various beta test locations nationwide. This delivery follows the placement of several beta consoles throughout the UK and Europe. HES’ Brad Schiller is managing the beta launch in the US, while Lee House is handling it in the UK.

The response from the beta test program led to the release of Wholehog III software version 1.0. As Robert Mokry, Wholehog III product launch manager, told us: "The beta test program yielded great results. The idea behind V1.0 software is to release a reliable build that offers the core features users must have to do a show, with features such as XYZ positioning and Hog II show import scheduled for delivery later this year. We're also releasing WHIII console launch program materials such as a new website, an Ethernet system design guide, system risers/examples, pricing, etc. Wholehog III training classes will also be announced soon, and will be run by HES' Vickie Claiborne in the US and Lee House in the UK.

(Ruth Rossington)

New surround sound and AV range from MarantzNew surround sound and AV range from Marantz
Tuesday, 16 July 2002

Marantz Professional Europe has announced the introduction of a new range of professional AV installation products, offering extensive surround sound playback and control facilities. The range comprises SR4200Pro AV receiver/amplifier, DV4200Pro DVD player and PM4200Pro integrated stereo amplifier.

The SR4200Pro is a 19" rack mountable, multi-channel AV receiver/amplifier, with built-in decoders for Dolby Prologic II, Dolby Digital and DTS multi-channel signals, with 12 surround modes. Power amplifier output is 70W RMS (into 8 ohms) for each of the five channels, ensuring powerful surround-sound performance in a wide range of configurations. A switchable stereo mode provides amplification of the front left and right channels through left and right rear surround outputs when required, along with a combined mono signal for the centre channel speaker. The unit incorporates a programmable FM/AM (MW+LW) tuner. Input and output provision includes a range of AV options: Svideo inputs and video monitor outputs, two pairs of recording inputs/outputs, coaxial and optical digital inputs and outputs, as well as six channel (5.1) pre-amp outs to enable use within larger scale installations requiring slave amplification.

Also launched is the DV4200Pro an entry-level priced, professional, dual laser, 2U 19" rack mountable DVD player; complete with ISO9660 MP3 CD playback and full CD/CDR/CDRW compatibility. The unit supports Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG and PCM audio formats. The DV4200Pro also delivers a 24-bit 48/96kHz digital output, in addition to stereo analogue outputs. DR

M25C phono cartridge from Shure ships
Tuesday, 16 July 2002

Well-suited for virtually any DJ application, the new M25C phono cartridge from Shure is a fundamental, mix/spin needle capable of delivering high output, solid bass and transparent mid-range performance. Designed using the same Type I cantilever technology utilized by Shure's M35S and M35X cartridges, the M25C offers high-definition sound reproduction at all audible frequencies, and tracks with a force of 1.5 to 3 grams to provide high skip resistance, while keeping record wear at a bare minimum.

Employing a standard 1/2-inch tone arm mount, this latest addition to Shure's line of DJ cartridges maintains an essentially flat frequency response from 20 to 20,000Hz. Backed by a full one-year warranty, accessories offered with each unit include an extra set of four headshell wires (4-99), a stylus cleaning brush, user's guide, all mounting hardware and a stylus guard. An optional needle to facilitate wide-groove and 78 rpm recordings is additionally available.

(Ruth Rossington)

JBL Control 26-DT now shipping
Monday, 15 July 2002

JBL’s recently introduced Control 26-DT ceiling speaker is now shipping, JBL tell us. JBL Professional introduced this new ceiling speaker at this year's NSCA trade show in Denver, Colorado, in response to specific requests from consultants and contractors.

Designed to be used with standard backcans, the Control 26-DT is a coaxial low/high frequency driver assembly, with a network and transformer. Without a dedicated backcan assembly, the Control 26-DT is applicable for new construction in which installation of the backcan and wiring must be inspected prior to the final completion of the finished ceiling. The Control 26-DT can also easily be used as a retrofit loudspeaker in cases where standard backcans and 8" ceiling speakers were previously used.

The low frequency driver has a 6.5" polypropylene-coated cone for reliability and long life. The high frequency tweeter diaphragm is coated in titanium and the tweeter is diffraction-loaded for optimum pattern control. In a can with a volume of 0.25 ft3, the Control 26-DT has a sensitivity of 89dB (1W @ 1M) and low frequency extension down to 70Hz. The line distribution transformer has 70.7V taps at 60W, 30W, 15W and 7.5W, and 100V taps at 60W, 30W, and 15W.

(Lee Baldock)

Tourmate Splitline from A.C. LightingTourmate Splitline from A.C. Lighting
Monday, 15 July 2002

A C Lighting Ltd has introduced the Tourmate Splitline - a 3-way 16 amp moulded splitter. The robust plastic moulded body is designed to fit neatly into truss and lighting bars, secured by a standard cable tie, making it a very neat solution. The Tourmate Splitline is available in two versions - the straightforward 230/240v 16 amp into 3 x 16 amp 230/240v outputs and also the series wired option giving 230/240v in and out and 2 series wired 115v outputs - ideal for powering ACL bars and MR16 battens. This latest introduction compliments the large range of Tourmate connectors and Tourflex cables available from the company.

(Ruth Rossington)

James Thomas Engineering previews Pixelpar 660James Thomas Engineering previews Pixelpar 660
Friday, 12 July 2002

James Thomas Engineering recently previewed its Pixelpar 660 - the first in a new range of solid state lighting fixtures using high brightness LEDs. The unit is scheduled to commence shipping in late summer 2002.

Following heavy investment in a new manufacturing plant and R&D facilities, the team at James Thomas has spent the last 12 months developing the new products, and conducting considerable market research into the advantages and applications of LED lighting. As a result, the Pixel range has a silent, non-mechanical, additive colour mixing system and the fixtures can produce stunning and instant effects - from the subtlest of dissolves to the fastest of high impact stroboscopic colour sequences.

The heat and energy saving properties (typically 90%) of Solid State Lighting should guarantee its future success, and the technology is predicted to replace incandescent light bulb sources during the next decade. Pixelpar 660 is the first of a complementary range of solid state lighting products to be launched at PLASA 2002.

(Ruth Rossington)

Martin releases Fresnel Version of MAC 2000
Friday, 12 July 2002

Martin’s third fixture in the MAC 2000 Series is ready for release. Continuing the MAC tradition, the MAC 2000 Wash boasts a number of features, including extremely high light output from an HMI 1200W source, full CMY colour mixing and variable CTC filters, multiple front lens options for various beam spreads and a fully motorized zoom system.

Created as a response to market demands for a powerful 1200W MAC Fresnel fixture, the MAC 2000 Wash combines some of the best features of the MAC 2000 Profile and MAC 600 eNT and was specifically produced as a complementary fixture to the other MACs in the 2000 Series - the MAC 2000 Profile and MAC 2000 Performance. The MAC 2000 Wash comes with electronic ballast as standard. The MAC 2000 Wash features a brand new reflector design developed specifically for this high-powered washlight.

A large number of colour options was also a key priority. The fixture has a full CMY colour mixing system with a brand new etching design, to ensure smooth and even colour mixing across the entire beam. There are also two fixed colour wheels, each fitted with four replaceable colours. Finally, the variable colour temperature correction filters that became popular when Martin originally introduced them with the MAC 600 NT have also been included to give designers a range of options.

The MAC 2000 Wash is the first washlight fixture from Martin Professional that features a fully motorized zoom system. The zoom and optical systems operate in conjunction with three interchangeable front lens options to provide a choice of beam angles. The fixtur

Two Lightfair Awards for Wybron
Friday, 12 July 2002

Wybron took home two awards at Lightfair 2002. The company’s Eclipse II (a DMX iris douser), won in the category of theatrical and entertainment lighting, whilst Moiré, its dual pattern rotator, was named best product in the category for sports lighting.

Eclipse II is a variable speed DMX controlled iris douser, with linear control using a single motor. It can realistically fade fixtures that use non-dimmable arc and metal halide sources, products which are becoming more and more prevalent in lighting design today. This is the third time Eclipse II has been honoured with an award in less than a year, the first two being the LDI Awards 2001 and the EDDY Awards last December. The Moiré, winner in the category of sports lighting, is Wybron’s first dual gobo rotator, which can rotate and change between two B-sized glass or metal gobos. Controlled by a simple toggle switch, the two gobos are operated independently and can be rotated together, in opposite directions or with one static and the other moving.

Brandon James, Wybron’s director of sales, was presented with the awards at the annual Lightfair International Conference in the Moscone Convention Centre, San Francisco.

(Ruth Rossington)

SA8 performance mixer from Stanton
Wednesday, 10 July 2002

The new SA8 from Stanton owes its inspiration to the creative mind of DJ Focus - and his Signature Mixer has been conceived as "the ultimate performance console", packed with numerous innovations which will appeal to scratch artists. This studio-style scratch mixer has been designed to function in a similar fashion to a multi-channel production console for both the live artist, taking into account DJs working within a band context, and the production artist. At the suggestion of DJ Focus, the SA8 features Individual Rec/FX and Direct outputs, so that each signal can be sent separately though the four direct outputs located at the rear of the mixer.

Top of the line custom-designed Penny & Giles crossfader and line faders are installed on this mixer, offering three-way adjustable curve control. In addition, Stanton has included an extra crossfader, the newly redesigned CFF2 Focus Fader. The layout of the mixer has been carefully designed by DJ Focus, with each feature positioned according to a scratch DJ’s natural hand movement (for instance the Gain). He also designed the one-off knobs and faders, moulded to fit the DJ’s fingers.

Another unexpected surprise innovation is the ability for the DJ to listen to his scratches in the headphone (via the Post Fader cue) while using the crossfader as normal. One final DJ-friendly innovation - the Autocue feature eliminates the need for touching the cue pan (switching from channel 1 to channel 2). It all adds up to an ergonomically-considered package designed to anticipate the every need of the scratch artist.

Avolites launches Pearl 2004
Tuesday, 9 July 2002

Avolites has launched the Pearl 2004, an updated and streamlined version of its popular live console - the Pearl 2000. The 2004 version uses new technology and offers a host of improvements.

It also uses the same professional master faders as Avolites’ Diamond 4 for the 15 Cue Playbacks and Master Faders. On the output panel, 2048 DMX channels are provided on four separate DMX connectors. Internally, the software OS has been upgraded to the 2004 version. Many enhancements include the Colour, Gobo and Beam Tables, making it even easier to control complex, multi-channel fixtures such as the High End X-Spot and the Martin MAC 2000. Additionally, all Pearl 2004 consoles are supplied with a free suite of PC software, including the Pearl 2004 Simulation Program, Avolites Visualiser and the Cache Builder.

Visually, there have also been a number of changes: the end cheeks are in a stylish metal impregnated material, and the Cue Roller is now silver. The front panel has been modernized and now uses the same elegant, polycarbonate laminate technology as found on the Diamond 4 console. The elegant two-speed encoder knobs were also first custom-designed and manufactured for the Diamond 4 console.

(Ruth Rossington)

ETC’s new Source Four MultiPAR batten
Monday, 8 July 2002

ETC has reinvented the classic theatre batten. The technology - basically a long metal box filled with ordinary par lamps - has remained unchanged for years, but ETC’s new MultiPAR has put an end to that, transforming this traditional theatre workhorse into a powerful thoroughbred.

The new fixture combines the optics and energy-savings of the Source Four PAR (EA) with the functionality and flexibility of the classic batten. The patented lamps - 375W, 575W or 750W - offer energy efficiency, providing more illumination with over 40% less energy use. The simplicity of design of the ETC Source Four PAR is maintained throughout the MultiPAR, allowing for easy lamp replacement and high quality focus from the moment it is turned on. Meanwhile, its rugged housing and construction will withstand the wear and tear of the most demanding stage or road productions. The fixture is available in five standard configurations: 3, 4, or 12-lamp strips, plus two 3 x 3 versions, a yoke-mounted unit and a stand-mounted unit with in-line switches. For lighting venues with unique needs, a custom-length version is also available.

The compact design of the MultiPAR allows ETC to offer twelve lamps in one 2.5m (8ft) long strip. Because lighting designers' needs change between three and four-colour batten designs, ETC has also engineered MultiPAR's circuiting to be switchable between three and four circuits. From one job to another, there is the flexibility to use the same batten for three circuits of four or four circuits of three lamps. End users will also be pleased to cut down on lamp in

Alien 02 is the latest architectural luminaire from Martin Professional
Friday, 5 July 2002

Martin’s new Alien 02 is a powerful architectural colour changer with endlessly adaptable characteristics. Equipped with a long-life CDM 150W discharge lamp, the Alien 02 combines full range CMY colour mixing with a modular construction for multiple variants of coloured light, design and positioning.

A subtractive CMY colour mixing system blends the three complementary colours to offer an unlimited palette of tints, shades and saturated colours, whilst also ensuring smooth crossfades thanks to the incorporation of the same colour mixing technology as Martin’s established Exterior 200 colour changer. Designed with a discreet yet stylish look, the Alien 02 consists of compact components that can be fitted together to create various forms of pendant or spotlight. Available as separate base and head modules, the modular design allows lighting designers to place the base in an inconspicuous location or even hide it above a ceiling. This modular construction also allows Martin to offer a range of head designs for additional choice.

The 150W CDM SA/T lamp (included) lasts 6000 hours making the Alien 02 an ideal low maintenance fixture for permanent installations. It also includes a full range intensity control for easy adjustment of beam intensity. New stepper driver technology relegates the notorious whine of stepper motors to history. The Alien 02 can be controlled via DMX for complex lighting scenes, or by using its programmable stand-alone feature with infrared remote control.

(Lee Baldock)

SA launches Screen series of amplifiers
Thursday, 4 July 2002

Stage Accompany has unveiled its new Screen series of amplifiers. The new range has been specifically designed to meet the high demands of digital cinema sound reproduction. Two models are currently available: the SSA100 and the SSA200. These high speed, 'high current' class G designs, deliver an output up to 1380w/ch. Features include a 15 pin D-connector, making a quick and simple installation of complex cinema cabling possible, and a Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) system that completely eliminates the influence of loudspeaker cables. The result is an extremely accurate bass and mid response, without the need for using high impedance speakers.

(Ruth Rossington)

CF7 WZX leads Coemar’s new charge
Wednesday, 3 July 2002

In the short time since its launch, Coemar’s new CF7WashZoomX has been establishing itself throughout Europe. Wrapped in the carbon fibre covers that have become the trademark of Coemar’s CF family, the new unit extends the series of moving lights.

The WashZoomX is fired by a 700W MSR lamp down a high quality optical path, delivering standard Coemar high output and crisp definition. Output can be manipulated via the powerful zoom lens system and series of filters, which will adjust the beam characteristic from maximum intensity to maximum evenness to maximum diffusion. Alongside the zoom capability - which can produce beams as narrow as 9° and as wide as 54° with the diffusion lens, or as wide as 80° with the prismatic lens - Coemar's CMY colour mix system is included, plus a single dichroic colour wheel and colour correction filters.

The company has also introduced a pair of new Cyc lights. The iCyc250 and ColourCyc250 LX are designed for applications requiring compact, intelligent colour wash facilities. Both are constructed from the latest VO ABS material and feature a unique snap-on lens system, allowing four lenses to be quickly changed to alter the beam configuration as required. Utilizing the MSD/HSD 250 series of lamps, the iCyc also features full CMY colour mixing and full on-board dimming, whilst the ColourCyc utilizes a colour wheel with replaceable dichroic colours.

Finally, the Panorama range has been extended with the addition of the Panorama Cyc250 and the Panorama Cyc250C. These compact, outdoor colour wash units are IP44-rated and ut

Bag-o-Light from Cirro-Lite
Tuesday, 2 July 2002

Cirro Lite now has available for rental the new Bag-o-Lite system from Licht Technik. The Bag-o-Lite was originally designed for the film and television market, but when combined with Licht Technik’s combination shutter/colour changer, has been used to stunning effect on a number of live productions.

The system was originally conceived by Uwe Hagenbach and Bernhard Grill of Licht Technik, the original idea being to provide a soft light with unique qualities that would offer new solutions to some of the more traditional lighting and rigging problems that occur on locations and in studios. The units are filled with nothing more than compressed air and have the ability to protrude up to a full 6m when horizontal. Cirro-Lite are currently stocking six-metre and three-metre bags with attachments to fit onto 4k and 6k/12k ARRI & LTM Pars.

(Ruth Rossington)

Stardraw launches Web-Enabled Technology
Monday, 1 July 2002

Software provider Stardraw has chosen InfoComm 02 to unveil a new suite of design applications. While they follow the principles of the developer’s established product range, Stardraw AV, Stardraw Audio, Stardraw Lighting 2D, etc, the new applications are fully web-enabled and users simply hit a web page to use the software within their Internet browser.

Stardraw managing director David Snipp explains: "Our conventional applications have established the sorts of tools that integrators find easy to use and valuable for system design and documentation. The web-enabled applications have been written from the ground up to provide comparable functionality, but they are designed to run within a web page. This is brand new technology and Stardraw is proud to be the first company to our knowledge anywhere in the world to offer full CAD capability via the web. It's a significant development and we're very excited by it."

Where conventional software is shipped on CD and installed, Stardraw’s web-enabled applications are delivered through HTML pages, using tools which download themselves as and when they are needed. This means that all of the functionality, for instance Cut, Copy, Paste commands or drawing lines, is executed on the client side for speed, and symbols libraries, pricing etc are stored in databases on the server. An advantage of the client/server split is that even if your internet connection is broken, you can still continue to work and save your files locally.

Snipp continued: "We are showing these new applications to manufacturers and

New EVO Firmware
Monday, 1 July 2002

ENTTEC has just released a new firmware version for the EVO, featuring more than 100 improvements on the previous release. Many new shortcuts have been implemented to drastically reduce the number of key-presses. Users can also perform the same task many different ways offering real flexibility - a significant advantage for users who are uncomfortable with the touch screen in live environments.

Many new features have also been added such as on-screen keyboard to edit names of any item; advanced lean timing mode, allowing users to instantly reassign an intensity fader to a crossfade fader; greatly improved palette support and auto creation, and jump to cue functions. The V1.35 firmware creates a larger gap between the EVO and other consoles in this range. The ease of use, power and flexibility make the EVO a truly unique product.

(Lee Baldock)

New UK distributor for ‘Media Products’ appointed
Monday, 1 July 2002

Deltron Emcon, is pleased to announce the appointment of their new UK ‘Media Product’ distributor, Agosy-Cable Warehouse. Argosy will be stocking a comprehensive range of Media, Video, and Audio products from their centrally located facility in Stokenchurch, Bucks.

Ken Eckardt, managing director and Bob Clark, sales manager of Argosy-Cable Warehouse, are proud to be associated with the established ‘Media’ brand from Deltron Emcon, which will further enhance Argosy’s product offering to UK and export customers.

Neill Redmayne, business development manager for Deltron Emcon, sees this as a crucial appointment in the planned growth of the Media brand following the recent relocation of the whole manufacturing businesses into one purpose-built unit in Scunthorpe. The Media range is being re-vamped under the technical guidance of product manager Goolam Ramjan, and sales agent Brian Fairchild of Minium, Deltron’s recently-appointed sales agent, who between them have more than 30 years experience in the Broadcast Industry.

(Lee Baldock)


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