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greenfieldMLA supports Greenfield Lake reopening​
Tuesday, 20 July 2021

USA - Shuttered since March 2020, Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre in Wilmington, NC enjoyed a spectacular reopening on 29 June 2021, with the first performance of Florida-based blues rock band, the Tedeschi Trucks Band.
Martin Audio MLA Compact PA was selected by the artists themselves for its control technology, that would afford the capability of avoiding slap-back from the highly reflective building fascia behind the FOH mix position. This was supplied by Martin Audio rental partner RMB Audio, based in Raleigh, NC.
The 1200-cap amphitheatre seating rises 11.6ft above the stage and at a distance of 95ft is the cinema booth, situated directly behind the audio engineer. Reflections from behind generally impair the engineer’s assessment of the mix.
However, Martin Audio’s Display predictive software was employed from the stage position, the audience start and elevation to the mix position in order to ‘hard avoid’ the cinema booth.
RMB Audio owner, Cooper Cannady, explained that there was no means to fly the cabinets - only wing or ground-stack. Thus, six MLA Compact elements were ground stacked on 5ft high decks, positioned on the stage wings. Six DSX subwoofers were set in a broadside time aligned arc behind the barricade for the audience. Further Martin Audio DD12 networkable cabinets were applied as in-fills (and a single DD12 for the out-fill area).
The venue was fully sold out, much to the relief of facility manager, Jenny Dubois. She expressed her delight at finally having returned to live entertainment, in front of an extre

classroomShure MIcroflex empowers Spanish university
Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Spain - Higher education institutions had to rethink their education model and adapt to hybrid learning during the past year as COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Pompeu Fabra University (UPF- Universidad Pompeu Fabra), selected Shure’s Microflex Ecosystem products as the best solution across campus to meet the needs and requirements of a successful hybrid learning concept.
The UPF, established in 1990 and awarded as the 10th Best Young University in the world in the Times Higher Education World University listings, required a complete overhaul of the old AV system, which had only held physical classes. The adoption of hybrid learning across the Pompeu Fabra campus now means that all lessons are catered for by a cutting-edge AV system that exceeds audio requirements and provides the best possible learning experience for academics and students alike.
For the ambitious project, 38 rooms across campus were redesigned to adopt the new learning model. Audio is now captured via a selection of Microflex Advance MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone and MXA710 linear array microphone including proprietary IntelliMix DSP and Autofocus technology, providing a clear and clean sound for faculty and students across physical and virtual learning environments.
The setup also includes Microflex MXN5W-C Networked Ceiling Loudspeakers offering high quality sound reproduction, while the entire system is managed by the installation of IntelliMix® P300 in each of the rooms.
Spanish AV specialists Ditec Comunicaciones, with the support of the official Shure distributor

yokohamaRCF hits a home run at Yokohama Stadium
Monday, 19 July 2021

Japan - Yokohama Stadium has selected RCF as its sound reinforcement system for both sports and entertainment events. The stadium is one of the venues of the Summer Olympics and one of the leading sports facilities in Japan. It is primarily used for baseball as the home field of the Yokohama DeNA BayStars. International artists who have performed at the stadium include Santana, David Bowie, Madonna, and Michael Jackson.
Yokohama Stadium started in 1876 as a cricket ground. In 1929, it was reconstructed as a baseball stadium with 15,000 seats to host the country's most popular participatory and spectator sport. Then in 1978, Yokohama Stadium was rebuilt as the first multi-purpose stadium in Japan, officially named Yokohama Stadium.
After a complete renovation started in 2018, Yokohama Stadium was selected as the venue for 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, postponed to the following year to better manage the Covid-19 pandemic. Developers at Yokohama Stadium have added additional seating with the number of seats increased to just over 34,000. It is now known as the official venue of the baseball competitions for the 2021 Olympics. Baseball will be featured at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo for the first time since the Summer Olympics in 2008.
The RCF speaker system serves as a PAGA system (public address and general alarm system). The main systems, consisting of two arrays of four TTL 33-WP each, are placed on six light poles around the Stadium (total 48 speakers). Fly bars are fixed to custom built titanium brackets. Yokohama Stadium has expanded s

joodasanchurchJoodasan Church upgrades with Harman Pro
Monday, 19 July 2021

Korea - TechDataPS Co and Yeong Sound recently collaborated to equip Joodasan Church’s newest location with a high-quality, easy-to-operate live sound system featuring JBL Professional, Crown and Soundcraft audio solutions.
Built in 2014, the chapel at Hwaseong-si in Gyeonggi-do province is the third facility constructed by Joodasan Church. With around 2,200 seats, including two-story balcony sections, the 1,500sq.m worship space regularly hosts a wide variety of spiritual events, in addition to musical performances and youth Sunday school.
In order to accommodate the large space and growing community, the church needed a high-quality and easy-to-use sound reinforcement system capable of projecting consistently clear audio throughout the worship space. To meet these goals, TechDataPS partnered with Yeong Sound to design and install a complete Harman Professional audio system featuring JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers and a Soundcraft mixer.
Representatives from Joodasan Church stated that their ultimate goal was to elevate and modernise their existing sound setup. Since the Church hosts a wide array of religious events, worship services and performances, they needed a flexible system that could deliver superior audio quality and clarity for a range of applications.
TechDataPS reported that after considering their client’s request, JBL VTX A8 loudspeakers were the natural choice. The company then partnered with Yeong Sound to install the new speakers in a way that complimented the church’s architecture. With the help of top constructio

rcfRCF extends NX Series with three new models
Friday, 16 July 2021

Italy - RCF has added three models to the NX Series portable audio system series. RCF engineers have merged purpose-designed transducers, a constant directivity waveguide, FiRPHASE processing, and newly-added Bass Motion Control algorithms, all driven by a powerful amplifier with 2100 Watts Class-D technology. Durably built in a rugged wooden enclosure, NX 9 is tour-ready, and delivers ‘remarkable audio performance and versatility to any professional audio application’, says RCF.
Now 50% more powerful than previous models, NX 9 manages high sound pressure levels, says RCF. The amplifier is energy-efficient so there is no need for a cooling fan. The circuit is attached to a solid aluminium heat exchanger in the back of the unit with no moving parts. Performance improvements are enabled by the new 1.75" compression driver with Polyimide-Kapton dome featuring a new bonding technology and reinforced ribs. The combination of purpose-designed woofers and the constant directivity waveguide produces coherent coverage on the listening area.
These components work in harmony with two RCF exclusive DSP algorithms, one for phase linearisation and crossover design, the other for woofer excursion management. FiRPHASE allows for a coherent distribution of sound without phase distortions, ensuring minimum latencies to the system. With proprietary FiRPHASE technology, the new shape, and the placement of the vented ports, the speaker now acts as a single source for a true sound image.
The woofer excursion management feature, Bass Motion Control works by creating

san-diegoSan Diego bayside venue opts for Constellation
Friday, 16 July 2021

USA - A new addition to the San Diego skyline, The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park was built to host open-air concerts by the San Diego Symphony. The sheer size of the bayside structure - 57ft high, 92ft wide at stage front - makes it amenable to hosting large productions while enabling orchestra musicians to hear and respond to one other as well as they would in a top-tier concert hall.
To create an optimum acoustical listening environment that can be fine-tuned for various performances, a Meyer Sound Constellation system has been installed inside the shell - making it the first Constellation system designed for stage acoustics in an outdoor venue. The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park opens 6 August.
Pre-opening rehearsals and online concerts have elicited effusive praise from orchestra principals.
“The sound onstage is unbelievable,” San Diego Symphony music director Rafael Payare reports. “We can hear each other wonderfully and you feel like you are in one of the top-notch concert halls of the world.”
Equipping the shell structure with an active acoustic system for monitoring was strongly recommended by Shawn Murphy, an Oscar-winning film score mixer (and frequent FOH engineer for high-profile outdoor orchestral events) who served as special consultant to the symphony. Meyer Sound’s Constellation team designed the acoustic system, with complementary physical acoustics entrusted to Salter, the project’s acoustical and AV consultant.
Because many performances at the venue - most notably amplified pop or rock - would not use the Constella

alconsSimpsonville Hope Church adds Alcons
Thursday, 15 July 2021

USA - Created in 2015 by the merger of two churches, worship at South Carolina’s Hope Church ranges from high energy music to spoken word sermons. A recent enlargement of its Simpsonville campus provided the opportunity to upgrade its audio system. An Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system provided a blend of power and clarity.
The expansion of the single-story Simpsonville building enlarged the room’s depth by around 70ft and added gallery seating at the back, providing a total of 700 seats. The existing audio system was not adequate to cover the newly enlarged space with high quality sound for all styles of worship, so the church contacted AVL Solutions (AVLS), based in nearby Greenville, for help.
“A challenge for the sound design was the pitched roof, which ranges from 15ft at the sides to more than 18ft in the centre,” says Chris Craine, AVLS designer / director of sales. “We discussed the benefits of Alcons’ pro-ribbon audio technology with the client and, having worked with them before, they were happy to trust our recommendation.”
AVLS installed an Alcons pro-ribbon system comprising L-C-R arrays of two single 12” RR12 point-source array modules at each side and four in the centre, to provide the congregation with a full stereo image. Three horizontally-mounted VR12 mid-size 12” versatile monitors were suspended from the building’s main overhead beam to cover the new gallery seating, with three SR9 ultra-compact double 5” in-fill monitor for altar lip fills. The church’s existing subwoofers were tied into the Alcons system,

dpaesc-grand-finaleDPA mics deployed at Eurovision 2021
Thursday, 15 July 2021

The Netherlands - The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) which took place at the Rotterdam Ahoy in The Netherlands last month, was coordinated under the direction of a team of experts with decades of experience. Among them were ESC head of broadcast sound Thijs Peters and ESC head of venue sound Jeroen ten Brinke, long-time, consistent users of the DPA brand.
The show’s design team was further supported by Ampco Flashlight, the official technical supplier for lighting, rigging and audio, which provided one-hundred 4088 Directional Headsets and 40 d:facto 4018V Vocal Microphones from DPA Microphones for all of the show’s vocal performances.
“I have over 25 years’ experience as a live sound engineer and designer, and I have been using DPA since it was B&K; the d:factos are great-sounding mics,” says ten Brinke. “It was an honour to work on Eurovision, one of the world’s biggest live television productions. It was wonderful to find that there was no doubt from anyone within the production as to which mics to use.”
For Thijs Peters, who has 30 years’ experience running sound for the Dutch National Radio & Television Services, “taking care of the Eurovision Sound Contest was a unique experience,” which was further compounded by the unique COVID-19 protocols in place this year. In terms of the microphones, Peters noted that “they matched best with the needs of this production”.
Due to the pandemic, the Eurovision team was extra cautious about hygiene. As a result, the production invested in 120 separate d:facto m

renkusConnected ANU upgrades with Renkus-Heinz
Thursday, 15 July 2021

Australia - The Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra touts an impressive resume – not just due to its seven robust academic colleges of study, but because it is also connected to the Australian Government by way of its position across the river from Capital Hill, where parliament is located.
The university often hosts high-profile meetings in the Mills Room, an ornate conferencing space featuring Tasmanian blackwood woodworking and capable of hosting up to 54 people. Located in the ANU Chancelry Tower, these meetings can include high ranking members of the government, making the Mills Room a premiere location of importance on campus. Because of its design and the fact that is has served as the location of significant ANU meetings since 1964, the meeting space is deemed by the university to have heritage significance.
However, after decades in service, the room was due for an AV upgrade. And a Renkus-Heinz-based solution was chosen.
“Since the space was deemed to be of heritage importance we were given the directive of no substantive changes to the room,” said Christopher Watson, consultant with Alder Technology – the firm that designed and specified the system for ANU. “The space itself is roughly 17 by 12m in size, and it has a massively vaulted ceiling. It’s also made of solid concrete, with a floating wall existing on one side. Simply put, the acoustics in the room were very poor and would present a challenge.”
Watson said the needs to precisely position audio in the space, coupled with the need to install as littl

gianluigi-cravediLigra to distribute Fulcrum Acoustic in Italy
Thursday, 15 July 2021

Italy - Fulcrum Acoustic has appointed Ligra DS S.r.l as its distributor for Italy.
"Like Fulcrum Acoustic, Ligra is a rapidly growing company," says Gianluigi Cravedi, Ligra's CEO. "We have been looking for innovative loudspeaker technologies to offer to our customers. Fulcrum's unique blend of technology and performance provides the type of solutions that we were seeking."
"Over the past year we have made good progress expanding our distribution in Europe," says Fulcrum Acoustic president Stephen Siegel. "Ligra is the perfect partner for us in Italy. We know that their energetic and capable team will represent us well and deliver top-quality solutions to their customers."

rcfRCF debuts ART 9
Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Italy - RCF has unveiled the ART 9 series, a range of six active loudspeakers that can be used as the main sound system, fills, or stage monitors.
This is the ninth generation of the series, which brings speakers with 10" to 15" drivers and a new cabinet design. All speakers also feature a 2,100W two-channel Class-D amplifier with advanced DSP processing.
RCF says ART 9 speakers are 50% more powerful than previous models, with “extremely high” sound pressure levels. The amplifier is energy-efficient so there is no need for a cooling fan. The circuit is attached to a solid aluminium heat exchanger in the back of the unit with no moving parts. Performance improvements are assured by new RCF transducers, featuring advanced materials such as kapton, titanium, and neodymium.
The new 1.75-inch compression driver with polyimide-kapton dome features a new bonding technology and reinforced ribs that make it 10 times more durable than previous models, whilst newly-designed woofers gain more stability over high currents, with less distortion. Every woofer design is tested with a 200-hour continuous signal to stress the transducer at extreme levels, says RCF.
Meanwhile, the new True Resistive Waveguide (TRW) housing is the result of several refinements in both the transducers' and the vented ports' design with Finite Element Analysis, and constant measurement in RCF anechoic chambers. TRW mimics a resonance-free pure resistive load reducing the high-frequency distortion of a classic horn. With its asymmetric acoustic radiation, the coverage angle of

old-navy-commercialgothamimage-2Clear-Com on board for Old Navy ad shoot
Wednesday, 14 July 2021

USA - The Old Navy flagship store in midtown New York City was converted into a four-floor soundstage for a recent commercial shoot, and the production companies found a combination of Clear-Com wireless intercom technologies to be the right fit for covering the retailer’s closed set safely and efficiently.
The project required a mix of pre-recorded segments with employee interviews and a celebrity guest appearance. The talent was staged on separate floors when off-camera, allowing the onsite technical crews to maintain proper distancing while still experiencing high-quality communications among each other and talent, as well as the remote producers and directors who were in Los Angeles.
Gotham Sound & Communications was the lead production company for the shoot, with VP Peter Schneider managing operations remotely and independent sound engineer Ken Goodwin on-site. The pair chose Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II 1.9 GHz Digital Wireless Intercom System and the Agent-IC Mobile App as the production roamed freely between each floor and even onto the busy Manhattan streets with no drops in coverage.
“The beauty of these systems is that I can remotely log in and verify everything is working as it should, and also troubleshoot to understand where things might not be connecting properly,” said Schneider, who has extensive experience deploying Clear-Com systems in a wide range of configurations.
The team conducted a trial run the day before shooting began, establishing a connection between Gotham’s headquarters in New York City, the line produ

stage-audioSAW solution for Namibia’s Cabinet Chamber
Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Namibia - The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is at the apex of the system of government in the Republic of Namibia. A historical building in the Namibian capital of Windhoek, OPM houses the first Cabinet Chamber and the Constitution Room, in which most of the country’s legislatures were drafted.
The government recently elected to augment the Cabinet Chamber with a sophisticated sound reinforcement and visual display system to improve the meeting experience. Gadgets Namibia Solutions – a leading ICT products and services provider - were asked to source an appropriate solution, which they did through Stage Audio Works Namibia.
“This was an interesting project as the multilevel and oval shaped seating arrangement made it impossible to implement a traditional projector and screen solution,” explains Joppie Maritz of SAW Namibia. “Furthermore, we were working in a listed building with a very clear brief to preserve the historic interior finishes, so we had to find clever ways to install our equipment to ensure that it blended in with the minimum amount of disruption to the surroundings.”
SAW, in consultation with Gadgets Namibia, designed and installed a comprehensive, customised solution based on Pixel Plus LED screens, a Novastar LED controller, Sennheiser TeamConnect 2 ceiling microphones, Audac loudspeakers and a Taiden digital conference microphone system. Video routing and switching is via Atlona with Q-SYS control for ON/OFF and source selection.
“We opted for LED screens rather than a projector/screen solution as the conf

safariPowersoft Mover key to Illuminarium experience
Wednesday, 14 July 2021

USA - Illuminarium Experiences opened its first Illuminarium in Atlanta, Georgia, with its debut spectacle, Wild: A Safari Experience. The immersive 8,000sq.ft entertainment complex on the Atlanta BeltLine will showcase the beauty and splendour of Africa’s most exotic animals in their natural habitats.
Through a convergence of technologies, Illuminarium’s immersive venues ‘will transport millions of visitors to places that they previously could only dream of experiencing’. By enabling audiences to see, hear, feel, smell and even personally affect an experience, Illuminarium places the guest ‘inside’ the narrative using techniques from traditional motion picture production and virtual reality combined with interactive features that facilitate the experience of the real world. In essence, Illuminarium exemplifies a “VR, without the glasses” experience.
Wild transports visitors to Africa through cinematic content shot by RadicalMedia on location across South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania, showcasing the majestic animals in their native habitats. Complementing the exotic sights of a safari, visitors will also be immersed in its authentic sounds and scents, all without leaving Atlanta’s BeltLine. Wild will be followed by Spacewalk, a journey through the Solar System where audiences will experience what it’s like to walk on the surface of the Moon and Mars.
Although this content is key to the look of the show, another important aspect – the feel – could not have been possible without the inclusion of Powersoft’s linear transducer,

dsseurope-1300pxDSS Europe 2021 confirms in-person event in Munich
Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Germany - Plans for this year’s Digital Signage Summit Europe, taking place on 29-30 September at the Hilton Munich Airport, have been revealed.
The theme of DSS Europe 2021 is The New Agenda. The rules of digital signage have changed, and the pandemic has had a marked effect on how displays are deployed within retail, DOOH, transport and other sectors. DSS Europe will cover the significant technological innovations that are having a positive effect, will showcase the development of sustainable solutions (eliminating waste and re-using resources) and will reveal market insights and investor news.
In a new development for 2021, the Innovation Stage, sponsored by Red Bull, will host sessions from a range of start-ups and innovators ‘with inspiring and unconventional solutions for digital signage’.
Conference chair Florian Rotberg, managing director of invidis consulting, comments: “Digital Signage Summit Europe comes after a challenging time, yet also at a vibrant time for innovation in our industry. It is so important to get back to live and in-person events, and we are delighted to be able to provide such a stimulating agenda, covering important topics such as sustainability and innovation, and with a line-up of exhibiting companies who are all eager to meet up with customers. I’m gratified at the response we’ve had so far and am very much looking forward to DSS Europe.”
Running parallel to the conference, an exhibition takes place on both days with digital signage companies showcasing their technologies and solutions: inc

audientAudio Academy aims high with Audient
Tuesday, 13 July 2021

India - Boutique audio enterprise, Audio Academy in Bangalore added the compact Audient ASP4816 mixing desk to its setup last year. The facility offers professional audio education programmes as well as providing commercial recording, music production, sound design and Foley services, and the compact mixing desk has settled in very well.
“We were looking for a console that would serve as both a teaching tool as well as a highly functioning mixer for professional studio bookings,” explains studio manager Gautham Pattani. Part of a hybrid setup in the studio, the analogue desk’s array of connectivity options means it can work easily with the outboard gear and send audio straight to their Pro Tools DAW.
“Our multi-monitor setup helps reveal every detail in the recording and mixing process. Dedicated hardware controllers, industry standard converters, high quality mic pres and a selection of microphones help us meet the demands of any project,” he says, referring to the independent musicians, producers and sound artists he works with, as well as his students.
“The console serves as our main monitor controller for all aspects of production. A summing desk while mixing and a preamplification stage while multi-track recording.” Aside from the fully-featured monitor control offered by the British desk, Gautham also enjoys the parametric EQs, bus compressor and its flexible routing capabilities.
The recording studio and adjacent spacious live room allow music production students to work on their commercial assignments. Each student is re

live-casino--hotel-2Martin Audio reinforces Philadelphia complex
Tuesday, 13 July 2021

USA - Nearly 750 Martin Audio components have been specified and fitted as part of a complete AV integration at the new $700m Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia.
The 510,000sq.ft Cordish Companies development is set in the City’s Stadium District. The audio-visual design and implementation was managed by ECI (Entertainment Consulting International) as are all the entertainment complexes and sports arenas within the estate of their parent company.
Audio-visual requirements in the multi-zone space, incorporating a collection of sports bars and diverse restaurants, were specified by consultants, Las Vegas-based Coherent Design, with integration company, Metinteractive, providing the successful bid for the fit-out.
At the business end, the work was overseen by Dan Defendorf, Director of A/V & Corporate Music Programmer for 130 or so Cordish Companies properties - casinos, bar/restaurants, sports and entertainment venue complexes - spread across nine districts of the US. He planned the design in conjunction with the Ryan Dewey, Director of AV at the Live! Casino & Hotel.
Defendorf had already set up a relationship with Martin Audio, via Southeast Regional Sales Manager Brad Stephens. But the turning point came at InfoComm 2019 when he arrived at the manufacturer’s demo room, essentially looking for a reliable and discreet ceiling speaker at an attractive price point. Projects in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were initially discussed with the company’s Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Martha Callaghan, and a loose template establishe

congresscentrum3Yamaha installed at Congress Centrum Ulm
Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Germany - Located on the banks of the Danube in central southern Germany, the city of Ulm is an economic centre for eastern Baden-Württemberg and western Bavaria. Recently a new audio system was installed at Congress Centrum Ulm (CCU), the main city centre venue for corporate events and entertainment, with a Yamaha solution chosen for mixing and control.
Attached to the Maritim Hotel, Congress Centrum Ulm (CCU) features two main auditoriums, Einstein Saal and the smaller Kepler Saal, both with adjacent foyers, plus the outdoor Gartensaal. Einstein Saal can host gatherings of up to 1,500 people, with Einsteinfoyer able to accommodate a similar number for stand-up receptions.
The upgrade to the audio system took place during a short pause in Germany’s COVID-19 lockdown, which made straightforward installation and programming of the system a priority. Karlsruhe-based was contracted to design and install the system, which featured an MTX5-D matrix processor for central system control and routing, with a QL5 digital mixing console and Rio1608-D2 I/O rack installed in the Einstein Saal. The entire system was installed on a Dante network, with an MCP1 wall-mount panel providing straightforward control for venue staff.
“The system covers the main Einstein Saal, its foyer and there are additional delay lines to relay background music, announcements and event audio throughout CCU,” says Frank Müller, proprietor of
“We chose the Yamaha solution because it is an industry standard. We have installed quite a few Yamaha syste

etihadL-Acoustics delivers at Etihad Arena Abu Dhabi
Tuesday, 13 July 2021

UAE - Creative Technology Middle East (CTME) has recently delivered a complete L-Acoustics touring system at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi ahead of their first large live event.
CTME is an Approved Calibration Centre (ACC) and certified partner integrations (CPI) for L-Acoustics.
CTME worked closely with L-Acoustics during the modelling of the system based on CAD drawings supplied by the arena. As the venue will be hosting a wide range of events, the design had to consider multiple configurations to suit various productions from indoor concerts to sporting events and much more.
Craig Harvey, CT’s systems integration project manager, explains, “CT delivered the L-Acoustics system on behalf of the arena, verified, tested, installed and calibrated the equipment, making sure the system was responding as per the design.”
As part of the L-Acoustics system, CT also installed a delay system consisting of five hangs of six Kara, which was designed to work alongside any configuration. The complete L-Acoustics touring audio system consisted of 36 x K2 and 30 x Kara loudspeakers, 12 x K1-SB and 16 x KS28 subs, 11 x LA-RAK II complete with 43 x LA12X amplified controllers.
The signal transportation was handled over an Optocore System, and all networking was taken care of with Luminex Switches. Harvey comments, “The networking gave us the capability of being able to transport analogue, AES or ABV signals to all the amplifiers.”
Harvey goes on to say, “CT offers a complete installation service from design and equipment procurement t

studio-9Spacemap Go has designs on Studio 9
Monday, 12 July 2021

USA - Studio 9 at Porches Inn in North Adams, Massachusetts was originally conceived as a dining and event venue. However, with installation of Meyer Sound Constellation active acoustics in 2019, it was transformed into an intimate live performance and recording space. With the addition of the Spacemap Go spatial sound design and live mixing tool earlier this year, Studio 9 has fully evolved into ‘a one-of-a-kind laboratory for musical innovation’.
The principal partner in Studio 9 venture is FreshGrass Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to preserving, supporting and creating innovative grassroots music. Studio 9 is already proving a valuable adjunct to the FreshGrass Festivals - staged at nearby MASS MoCA since 2011 and now also in Bentonville, Arkansas - in developing and promoting new generations of roots music artists.
“There is a shared vision and a shared ecosystem between Studio 9 and FreshGrass,” says the foundation’s founder and president, Chris Wadsworth. “Our objective is to turn Studio 9 into a beacon of creativity and innovation. One of the wonderful things about this building is that, with Constellation, you can tune the room to the composition, so it is more like an art installation than a concert venue.”
Another pivotal player at Studio 9 is Dave Dennison, a long-time Meyer Sound associate whose new title as curator encompasses a broad swath of creative and technical roles, from artist development through studio engineering. Dennison was originally brought in to supervise 2019 recordings by the Kronos Quartet, but was c

station-icstudio-bClear-Com’s virtual Station-IC now available
Friday, 9 July 2021

USA - Clear-Com’s new Station-IC Virtual Desktop Client, a Mac- and Windows-based software application, is now available for the LQ Series of IP interface devices as well as Clear-Com’s Eclipse Digital intercom Matrix. Full integration with the wide variety of LQ interfaces offers channel-based routing which allows Station-IC to connect to Clear-Com’s Encore Partyline systems, TW Partyline, HelixNet, Two-Way radios, SIP telephone lines, GPIO signalling and to any other intercom, or audio, system via four-wire.
Station-IC allows LQ users to assign up to 24 Channels with individual talk and listen keys and level control as well as optional Call signal, LQ Network Control Events and Remote Mic Kill keys for the individual channel.
Stations-IC's Flexible application window can be scaled to the Desktop while the Compact Mode allows users to access their most important keys for the minimum space. Incoming Call signals are shown on a dedicated Reply key and in the Notifications of the Mac or Windows Operating System
Clear-Com offers Station-IC Event and Subscription licenses to better meet the needs of a broad range of applications. For production companies who need to ramp up their intercom instances for a one-off event or other users who need intercom capabilities for a shorter amount of time, the Event license is a cost-effective and flexible solution available in one-week or one-month increments. For Broadcast studios, theatres, and other users who will be using Station-IC as part of their everyday workflow, the annual Subscription license offe

beerschotOlympisch Stadion upgrades with Powersoft
Friday, 9 July 2021

Belgium - Although Antwerp’s Olympisch Stadion was built as the main location of 1920’s Summer Olympics, it remains one of the city’s landmarks today, thanks to its status as the home base for local football team, K.Beerschot V.A. When the stadium’s management came to a point where they could no longer continue with their outdated sound system, they called on audio experts PFL and Face Projects to assist.
“PFL – one of our preferred dealers – came to us for advice on their design and budget in reference to renewing the stadium’s existing sound system, which was about 25 years old at the time,” said Steven Kemland, manager at Face Projects. “Beerschot wanted to have an installation to improve quality of speech and to be able to play a good ambient sound; the latter of which was not really possible with the old system.
“From the first design we were able to answer all their questions within the budget they had in mind, so we were not forced to make any backup plans.”
The system would need to transmit both speech and energising music, with volume and fidelity key aspects in setting the right ambiance, allowing spectators and football team to perform at their best.
The team chose three Powersoft’s Quattrocanali 8804 DSP + Dante to drive the 25 x Martin Audio CDD15-WR and 17 x CDD10-WR (which are used as delay). This is controlled by a Dynacord Matrix made up of an MXE5 mix engine and a pair of TPC-1 touch panel controllers, as well as Van Damme LSZH Speaker Cables.
“We love Powersoft and the people involved,”

em-acousticsEM Acoustics offers free system health check
Friday, 9 July 2021

UK - Live music venue The Boileroom has been an EM Acoustics system user for over a decade. They’ve just taken delivery of a new flagship Reference Series R10 system.
When the team at The Boileroom were producing a live streamed show with Newton Faulker at Guildford’s Holy Trinity Church earlier this month, EM Acoustics were stepped in and supported the venue and show. The show was covered by a pair of R10 3-way precision passive point source loudspeakers, with ST-215 subwoofers underneath. Monitoring was handled by a pair of M-C15 coaxial stage monitors, with DQ20 advanced system amplifiers driving everything.
"The Boileroom is our local grass roots music venue, who have used our products successfully for over a decade,” says Mike Wheeler, EM Acoustics’ co-founder and operations director. “They had already decided to upgrade to a system based around R10s for the venue when this show with Newton Faulkner came up. We were very pleased to support them for the show, and we were all keen to hear how the R10 performed in the historic Holy Trinity Church.
“A happy engineer and a happy audience speak volumes about how the R10 copes in challenging acoustic spaces. We hope this is finally the start of live events restarting and our industry beginning to get going again."
"As a long-term user of EM Acoustics systems we value their support and advice. It has been great working with them on our in-house system and on external events,” says Dom Frazer - director at The Boileroom.
“Inevitably, many venues have been closed or dormant f

mjf-2021Meyer Sound reinforces returning Montreux Jazz Festival
Friday, 9 July 2021

Switzerland - The Montreux Jazz Festival has launched its 55th edition which runs until 17 July, with Meyer Sound returning for its 35th year as a strategic partner and official sound provider. Although scaled back with fewer venues and lower capacities to meet local health and safety guidelines, the long-established Swiss festival nevertheless promises a new audience experience as the principal venue moves outdoors to the scenic shoreline of Lake Geneva.
“This year we reimagined the festival to adapt to the times,” says Marco Güntensperger, production manager for the festival. “It was a major challenge, so it was great to again collaborate with our long-time partner, Meyer Sound. Their team was instrumental in finding the best audio solutions, such as at the new Lake Stage, to ensure a great experience for artists and fans alike.”
The Meyer Sound system at the Lake Stage is based around Meyer Sound Leopard line arrays for the mains, with deep bass support from 900‑LFC low-frequency control elements. Ultra‑X40 and Ultra‑X20 - Meyer Sound’s newest point source loudspeakers - are deployed to cover the outer seating terraces. The Lake Stage, with seating for 500, hosts most of this year’s headline acts, including Camélia Jordana, Zucchero, Woodkid, and Ibrahim Maalouf.
“It feels great to be out doing live music again,” says José Gaudin, a Meyer Sound technical support specialist who also has mixed FOH for the festival since 2007. “The new Lake Stage is very impressive. When the sun sets over the lake with the concert going, i


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