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dlive-wingsPL+S: Allen & Heath shows flypack systems
Thursday, 28 March 2019

Germany - Allen & Heath will be highlighting some of its ultra-compact dLive touring systems at Prolight + Sound.
Currently in use with many international touring artists, from German metal heroes Accept, to fast-rising pop act, Sigrid, dLive Wings systems have rapidly established themselves as one of the most popular options for compact touring.
Central to the dLive Wings concept is the compact C1500 surface, which allows engineers to manage upscale shows from a 19” console, using its 12” touchscreen, 19 assignable SoftKeys and 12 faders over six layers. Paired with any of the dLive MixRacks, the C1500 is a top choice for fly-dates, bus tours, support slots and other scenarios where space and weight are at a premium.
For scenarios where users are seeking an even more compact solution, the company will also be showing off an elegant, surfaceless dLive system, with a pair of touchscreens running dLive Director software controlling the MixRack and a headphones / PFL feed over Dante. These surfaceless systems are often paired with Allen & Heath’s IP8 and IP6 controllers, and/or the MixPad App for even more control options.
“Going from a 36 fader surface to a 12 fader C1500 or a touchscreen can seem daunting at first,” commented Ben Morgan, dLive product manager at Allen & Heath. “But with a bit of planning and smart use of SoftKeys, it’s amazing how quickly engineers embrace the Wings concept and the freedom it brings. I hope we can encourage more people to explore the potential of ultra-compact touring at Prolight + So

sebastian-frostPL+S: d&b Soundscape sessions scheduled
Thursday, 28 March 2019

Germany - At Prolight+Sound this year, some special guests will lend their voice to the experience of working with the d&b Soundscape. At 14:30 each day, in a sessions entitled My Soundscape, one of three special guests will take questions, and play sound cue samples in an hour long discussion.
On Tuesday, renowned theatre designer Sebastian Frost will talk about his experience while working on Sting’s musical The Last Ship; Wednesday sees Grammy award winning artist and engineer Imogen Heap talk about using Soundscape aboard her Mycelia European tour; on Thursday, Serge Gräfe, sound engineer and designer, will offer an insight into creating multi-dimensional soundscapes with German electro pioneers Kraftwerk on their 3D world tour.
In the other daily sessions entitled Art and Engineering with the d&b Soundscape, visitors can hear artists, sound designers and FOH mixers discuss their working experience with the d&b Soundscape. The sessions will include multi-track mixes from shows using Soundscape, insights into how the technology is working day to day, plus hints at what to expect next.
The d&b Soundscape demo room will also demonstrate a full range of integration possibilities for sound consoles, DAW plug ins and tracking systems. Attendees at the demo room will also have the opportunity to do their own mix on a Soundscape system utilizing a fully integrated Lawo sound console.
d&b will introduce new integration partners BlackTrax and zactrack in conjunction with this full schedule of events. Worki

martin-audio-uk-open-days-march-2019Martin Audio open days build on past success
Thursday, 28 March 2019

UK - Martin Audio’s series of open days, held at the company’s High Wycombe base, enable international resellers to sample the new portfolio of products first-hand, take a factory visit, and partake in the manufacturer’s hospitality.
The opening session on day one this year, dedicated to live sound, was predictably packed, reports the company.
After MD Dom Harter had spoken about the company’s origins, Nigel Meddemmen (technical sales support) ran through the current frontline systems, starting with the point source BlacklineX series and explaining that it should be partnered with the new VIA amp range for best effect.
Moving further upmarket, the XD series offers improved quality and is aimed at the higher end of pro rental. With its rotatable horn it provides a wide range of deployment options, and visitors could clearly hear the difference, both when the XD12 and XD15, powered by the iKON iK81 amp, were run alone, and in partnership with the new SXC118 cardioid sub.
Meddemmen then moved the audience into Martin Audio’s world of Coaxial Differential Dispersion with CDD-LIVE, explaining how this powered, portable box had emanated from the original CDD installation range.
Dom Harter returned to the podium to move the focus onto the line array portfolio, and the theory behind the latest Wavefront Precision series, with its scalable resolution technology.
“Wavefront Precision has quickly become the most successful line array in our history,” notes Harter. “The scalable resolution gives more flexibility and therefore

pearl-hartstynesightphotographyAllen & Heath in the mix at SXSW 2019
Thursday, 28 March 2019

USA - From bar band performances to the ‘hot-ticket’ sets, Allen & Heath was once again all over this year’s South by Southwest Music and Media Conference (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.
Mixers from across the whole range were in attendance, from ZED, Qu, and SQ mixers in lively bars, through to the flagship digital dLive system, powering events like Billie Eilish’s pre-supernova set at the Uber Eats House and the eclectic new music British Music Embassy (BME) showcase.
Hosted at Latitude 30, the BME events highlight the best up and coming British musical talent, with four nights in partnership with BBC Music. Some of the standout acts on the bill this year included Annabel Allum, Grace Carter, The Pearl Harts, The Howl & The Hum and recent Brit Award winner, Sam Fender.
Running at a rapid-fire pace, the BME showcases welcome a new act and engineer every 40-minutes, the frenetic turnarounds facilitated in part by dLive’s interface and extensive built-in processing.
“Time and time again, visiting engineers are blown away by how quickly they can get up-and-running on a dLive and have the confidence to deliver the set,” comments Léon Phillips, Allen & Heath’s live sound & touring manager. “In a high-pressure environment with serious technical requirements, it’s a testament to dLive’s slick workflow that engineers can walk up and mix with just a few minutes’ orientation.”
To deliver the performances, the BME kit list included three independent dLive systems, linked together via gigaACE to cover FOH, monito

pixeraonePL+S: AV Stumpfl promotes Pixera servers
Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Germany - AV Stumpfl will present its latest products and solutions at Prolight+Sound, including Pixera mini, a mobile and ultra-compact version of its range of media servers, as well as the Pixera v1.0 software, and the upcoming AT64-Shift screen system leg.
Pixera is a 64-bit system for realtime media processing, compositing and management, built around the key theme of usability. A radical new interface logic enables even first-time users to intuitively understand the main software mechanics.
The flexibility of the Pixera API will be demonstrated during the exhibition by showing the successful integration of Panasonic GeoPro, an advanced system for black level compensation that is part of Panasonic's latest generation of high-performance projectors.
In addition to the new software, AV Stumpfl will also present their new Pixera one and Pixera two media server systems and the upcoming Pixera mini. The new media server models are compact all-around solutions that use the latest processor technology and offer many à la carte options for specifying hardware components, input cards and/or software upgrades.
AV Stumpfl will also give Prolight+Sound visitors a system preview of the upcoming AT64-Shift screen system leg.
AV Stumpfl CEO Fabian Stumpfl comments: "A great number of our customers quickly adopted the T32-Shift after it became available in 2018. At the same time as this system's success grew, many of the same customers requested a solution that would accommodate the use of large mobile projection screens. With the AT64-Shift, we ar

green-hippoPL+S: Green Hippo upgrades Hippotizer software
Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Germany - Green Hippo will demo the latest Hippotizer software, which adds two widely requested features - Object to Output and BeatBridge.
Object to Output is a new way to manage displays in Hippotizer. Working within the 3D toolset of SHAPE, Object to Output enables a surface in the 3D world to be sent directly to a physical output. In conjunction with new texture mappers, mix-modes and composition system, Object to Output introduces a new workflow for display management in Hippotizer, allowing users to seamlessly integrate moving set elements, map a single video across many displays and dynamically adjust the perspective of content.
In addition, V4.5 introduces BeatBridge, a new component that simplifies programming by allowing Hippotizer parameters to react to audio input. It’s a fast and easy way to create, in realtime, sound reactive effects. BeatBridge operates as part of the preset system, ensuring compatibility with external controllers such as Midi and DMX.
Montane+ RTX is a new version of the tried and true Montane+ Media Server. Using the latest computer technology, Montane+ RTX offers unmatched Notch performance, scoring up to 38,500 Notchmarks. Offering two Display Port 1.2 outputs, up to eight channels of live capture and an included two-year Notch Playback License, the Montane+ RTX is the go-to generative media server.
Axis is a new fibre-optic based automatic alignment system designed by Green Hippo offering an alternative to existing camera-based alignment systems. Axis offers key advantages compare to a camera-based syst

loganhelpsandandersA-T extends Apart distribution into Ireland
Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Europe - Audio-Technica (A-T) has extended its distribution partnership with Apart Audio to include Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland from April.
A-T has acted as Apart distributor in the UK since 2015 and also represents the brand in France and Spain, supplying from Audio-Technica’s EU warehousing facilities in Montfort, Netherlands as well as Leeds, UK.
Logan Helps, Audio-Technica’s Apart brand manager, comments: “We’ve seen great success with Apart in some exciting projects throughout Great Britain in the last three years and I’m pleased to be able to work alongside our partners, both existing and new, to replicate that success throughout Ireland in the coming months.”
Robert Morgan-Males, CEO of Audio-Technica Europe, adds: “We’re delighted to be building on our established relationship with Apart Audio and taking on distribution in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We look forward to increasing the brand’s profile in the territory, working in concert with local partners in what we view as a market with great potential.”
To allow Irish pro audio resellers, consultants, designers and integrators the chance to ‘meet the brand’ and get hands-on with the latest product, the recently-announced Apart Innovation Tour will come to both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in June.
The seminars will showcase new Apart Audio products, including the Mask and Kubo series speakers and Prezone preamplifier/mixers. Also covered in the sessions will be a look at using EASE (Enhanced Acou

chvrches-high-res-3-credit-cameron-brisbaned&b KSL steps up for Chvrches
Wednesday, 27 March 2019

UK - Scottish synth-pop trio Chvrches went on a stepped-up UK tour in support of their latest album, Love is Dead (see LSi March for the full production report). Glasgow-based concert audio supplier FE Live designed a d&b audiotechnik KSL System to deliver the group’s journey through pop, indie and EDM to audiences in venues of varying capacity.
“Having used the d&b GSL System for the first time in America last year, I was excited to specify the new KSL System for our UK shows,” says Chvrches’ FOH engineer, Paul ‘Gal’ Gallagher. “I’ve been a huge fan of the J-Series over the years and despite how good that is, I was blown away with the massive headroom and clarity in tricky rooms this new system offers - it’s a huge leap forward.”
Gallagher says that the key to sonic success with Chvrches is separation and clarity. “The challenge is to keep the sound punchy and loud with the combination of electronic and vocal mix. The KSL System has so much power it’s almost frightening, making the vocal gain quite exceptional. The clarity and directivity is on an altogether higher level.”
FE Live’s MD, Ryan McIlravey, is touring with the band as system tech. He designed a KSL touring package of KSL8 and KSL12 cabinets, which could be simply scaled up for larger venue dates. The main touring package consisted of 20 KSL8, f

leeds2019-seminars-pressrelease-5PLASA Focus Leeds programme announced
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

UK - PLASA Focus Leeds has announced its line-up of seminars and speakers for this year’s event, taking place on 14-15 May at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds.
Alongside the sold-out show floor with brands from across audio, lighting, AV, and staging, the seminars and training sessions provide opportunities to pick up essential technical know-how and gain insights into notable industry developments.
A programme highlight looks to the Royal Albert Hall, which recently received a multi-million-pound audio system upgrade. Ollie Jeffery, head of production and technical at the Royal Albert Hall, and Steve Jones from d&b audiotechnik will discuss their technical process and reveal how the new system is already impacting the audience experience.
Renowned audio consultant Roland Hemming is presenting a series of seminars, kicking off with an introduction to voice alarm systems in which he unpacks the design and installation of emergency audio systems. He will then explain the position of BSI concerning standardisation of voice alarm systems and how Brexit may affect matters. Finally, Hemming will present an overview of digital audio networking, through its history to modern day standards.
Continuing on a theme, Dante return with a Level 2 training session, ideal for those already familiar with Dante. The training will cover redundancy, clocking, latency and multicast, giving attendees the skills to create more advanced systems.
Chartered engineering consultant James Eade will present two seminars on electrics. One which de

pls-timax-line-riderPL+S: Out Board highlights immersive audio
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Germany - UK spatial audio specialist Out Board is showcasing the latest evolutions of their TiMax immersive audio and show control systems.
Demos will feature the intuitive TiMax 500S software workflows including StageSpace for instant auto-calculation of adaptive localization objects directly from a map of the venue; and TiMax HARDCore FGPA, a powerful new dsp engine for the TiMax Soundhub platform, which adds extended delay-matrix memory and ultra-smooth dynamic delay-morphing algorithms to create totally transparent real-time localisation. Out Board will also preview the all-new TiMax TrackerD4 evolution of their market-leading stagetracking showcontrol.
TiMax TrackerD4 is billed as affordable, dependable and portable, addressing a current price/performance gap in the market with enhanced levels of speed and precision at a range of cost levels offering enhanced ROI across wider applications. With its long-established vocal-localisation processes now further integrated within the TiMax SoundHub software via OSC control, the responsiveness of the new D4 also opens up, for the first time, the reality of highly cost-effective lighting and multimedia stagetracking control.
Regular on-stand demonstrations will pull all of these technologies together into engaging and seductive spatial experiences.
Alongside bespoke multitrack arrangements of Greig concertos, as well as electronic music compositions and sound effect beds, a panoramically immersive Beethoven's 5th will accompany a specially licensed appearance of the viral internet sensation, L

alligatoah-mla-1Alligayoah tours with Martin Audio MLA
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Germany - Berlin-based Complete Audio, the first adopters of Martin Audio’s MLA platform anywhere in the world back in 2010, continue to impress their clients with the system.
They have been providing sound reinforcement for German rapper, singer, producer and DJ Alligatoah for many years, and recently completed the mainly sold-out Wie Zuhause Tour 2019 of arenas. Alligatoah was promoting both his new album, Schlafenabletten Rotwein V, and performing classics from his archive.
The artist’s FOH tech Claudio Malaguti is a big fan of MLA and he was given a massive inventory of Martin Audio enclosures to work with, including 38 MLA, four MLD Downfill, 20 MLX subwoofers and 24 MLA Compact enclosures.
Venue capacities ranged from 8,000-18,000 (at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne), and therefore the rig was scalable. The left/right hangs consisted of between 12 and 16 MLA elements, depending on venue size, with one or two down-fill boxes. Out-fills were provided by 12 MLA Compact per side, and where required, drops of either six or eight MLA elements provided delays at the rear.
The subs were mounted on dollies in stacks of two, distributed alongside the downstage edge as a broadside sub arc.
Mixing the sound was Alligatoah’s FOH engineer, Claudio Malaguti, with system tech, Julian Hofmann, responsible for optimising the sound system, ensuring it delivered an identical sound experience to every seat in the house. They were accompanied by Niko Fuchs.
Complete Audio MD, André Rauhut explains: “We use our standard venue show fil

talk-box-avolites-jan-2019-299-1Backstage Academy shortlisted for award
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

UK - Backstage Academy has been shortlisted for an Educate North Award in recognition of its industry partnerships.
Based at Production Park in Wakefield, the live event production educational facility is a finalist in the Business/Industry Collaboration HE/FE Sector - one of 19 categories. Now in its fifth year, the Educate North Awards is an awards event which celebrates, recognises and shares best practice and excellence in the education sector in the North.
In their awards submission, Backstage Academy highlighted the substantial impact their industry partnerships have on the development of their students. The institution’s partnerships take a variety of forms including product support from manufacturers of live events technology, masterclasses & specialist training from industry professionals and work placement opportunities.
“We are delighted to be recognised for our industry partnerships. Our entire ethos centres around employability, and therefore specialist industry collaboration is vital,” comments Backstage Academy industry partnerships director, Miles Marsden. “It is gratifying to be recognised for our partnerships with industry. They are central to everything we do here at Backstage.”
The Educate North Awards’ search for the region’s best university, further and higher education sectors culminates in a gala award night at the Hilton Hotel on Manchester’s Deansgate on 25 April.
(Jim Evans)

next-proaudio-festival-china-3NEXT-proaudio supports One Yeah Pop Up+
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

China - The One Yeah Pop Up+ Festival took place on 16-17 March in Xi’an, gathering China's pioneers in electronic music and rap, as well as Chinese traditional style, cool street ball and B-box.
After deep consideration and careful selecting, the organiser chose NEXT-proaudio, which was supplied by Real Music Acoustics, local distributor of the Portuguese manufacturer.
“The electronic music sound effects were controlled fantastically and the sound pressure with the LA212x line array was really amazing allowing all the audience to have a fantastic music experience,” comments Richie Wang, CEO of Real-Music.
The system comprises more than 120 NEXT-pro audio speakers. The main hang adopts Next-Proaudio 's flagship product line array series, 15 LA212x per side, and 18 LAs418G per side stacked in front of the stage. Another nine LA212x per side for out-fill. 12 wide angled LA122w were used for front-fill. three LA122w with one LAs118 were mounted on both sides of the stage as side-fill. In addition, 16 X15 point source speakers were used as stage monitor.
The entire setup was powered and managed via N-RAK, the touring racks with Powersoft X8 amplifiers.
(Jim Evans)

cyrilutomoiborcytechownerandmdCytech expands Outline inventory
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Nigeria - Considered the largest music event in Africa, The Experience interdenominational gospel concert, convened and hosted by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, as well as drawing a 700,000 crowd to its last edition in Lagos’s Tafawa-Balewa Square in December 2018, was also streamed live on the House on The Rock YouTube channel to viewers around the world.
The high-profile cast of performers was ensured optimum coverage at the huge venue by the impressive Outline PA fielded by Cytech, featuring GTO, GTO C-12 and Butterfly line array systems, LAB 21 infra-subs, DBS 18-2 and Subtech 218 sub-bass enclosures, DVS and Doppia point-source systems, with H.A.R.D. 212 wedge monitors for the artistes.
Outline’s Openarray-3D acoustic prediction software was used to plan the installation of the sound system that covered the 200 by 280sq.m, bounded by tiered seating 20m high and 30m deep running the full length of its long sides.
Cytech World Communication owner and managing director Cyril Utomoibor is particularly proud of the impressive project, and, following the record-breaking gathering, states: “As a Nigerian, it has always been a very important event for me, and the fact that they confirmed our company for the sixth consecutive year means we did our job extremely well. Once again, Outline’s loudspeakers simply outperformed all the others used at previous editions. I’m really looking forward to investing more in their products and technologies.”
True to his word, in February 2019, in order to meet the requirements of increasingly demandi

insomniacEDC Mexico moves to the beat of PK Sound
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Mexico - Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Mexico 2019 took over Mexico City’s Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez racetrack for two days of electronic dance music, multi-media art, and a charged carnival atmosphere.
The flagship event for EDM-event promoters Insomniac, which takes place annually in Las Vegas as well as various other locations globally, drew over 120,000 participants and featured sets from many luminaries of the dance music scene including Alesso, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Kaskade, and Paul Van Dyk.
In addition to its record-breaking attendance and stacked artist line-up, the festival also marked its fourth year of collaboration with Calgary, Alberta-based sound system manufacturer PK Sound, which provided the immense deployment for the kineticFIELD main stage.
“We first became involved with Insomniac events at EDC Las Vegas 2015 when we provided sound for the BassPod Stage,” PK Sound production operations manager and engineer Rory Stewart explains. “For EDC Mexico, the goal was to ensure that anyone in front of the kineticFIELD main stage was getting the same high-quality experience no matter where they were standing.” Along with assembling the sound system for the main stage, Stewart was brought on to supervise pre and post production of the event as well as run the system during the performances.
PK Sound has made its name on providing consistent, immersive sonic experiences to concert-goers with its pioneering Trinity robotic line arrays and Gravity subwoofers, as seen from its ongoing partnerships with popular EDM ar

warm-welcome-spectacular-3EZPro chooses Community for Warm Welcome
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

China - Top Chinese names from their respective fields were appointed to stage the large-scale lighting and fireworks art performance A Warm Welcome to Friends from Afar. Director Zhang Yimou, stage designer Sha XiaoLan, sound engineer Jin Shaogang and music producer Laozai, supported by sound specialist EZPro, delivered the spectacular performance at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit held in Qingdao. The summit was chaired by the president of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, who welcomed leaders from SCO member countries around the world.
EZPro handled the setup, commissioning and operation of the sound system, meeting the challenges of design and build in the show area that was adjacent to the sea. EZPro sound engineer and international project manager, Zheng Lungang, explains: “The system was installed for two months of typical seaside weather. The environment was a real test for a sound system to withstand, with large temperature changes, high humidity, high salinity and strong sea winds.”
To ensure system stability and reliability, the EZPro team collated Qingdao weather data for the previous three years, including temperature, wind speed, precipitation, humidity and salinity. Consequently, the climate could be fully considered when the system was designed and devices chosen. “We also needed to choose the ideal loudspeakers for uniform coverage of the audience area, while providing the best perspectives for CCTV’s official television broadcasting and allowing an unobstructed view for the audience,” Zhen

csm20130523-3254Cambridge Sound Management appoints Polar
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

UK - Sound masking specialists Cambridge Sound Management (CSM), recently acquired by Biamp, has appointed Polar as its exclusive UK distributor.
CSM’s award-winning QtPro and DynasoundPro technologies are designed to help organisations of all sizes protect speech privacy, reduce noise distractions and increase workplace productivity by meeting the challenges presented by the architecture of settings such as open-plan and private offices, call centres and lobbies.
CSM’s proprietary technology works by adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound into an environment. This ambient, specially optimised sound masking drastically reduces the intelligibility of human speech to promote a workplace that is measurably more acoustically comfortable and private without sacrificing architectural design.
More than 20,000 installations around the world already utilise CSM products across education, government, corporate, healthcare, financial services and retail applications giving director of integrated solutions at Polar, Stuart Leader, good cause to regard CSM as an important addition to its portfolio.
“Cambridge Sound Management’s sound masking solutions are the best on the market. The need for room acoustics solutions is, if anything, a growing area of our business, as the demands on architects to produce aesthetically pleasing and sustainable buildings within tight budgets can mean that room acoustics are not always at the forefront of design. Whilst large open spaces, full of hard surfaces, can look great and appear to promote a social

davidchancereul-amirtourssll500SSL Live backs Amir European tour
Monday, 25 March 2019

Europe - French-Israeli singer-songwriter Amir is currently making his way through France and Belgium as part of his latest 2019 European live tour. Backing up the artist on FOH duties is engineer Ivan Herceg, with David Chancereul on monitors; both using SSL Live consoles.
Supplied by Dushow, the set up includes an SSL L500 handling monitors, with Herceg opting for the smaller SSL L200, as it has performed so well for him on previous outings. Amir's tour is playing across sizeable arenas and Herceg is happy the L200 is more than up to the job.
“I love these 36 faders, and have found the L200 very good for me overall,” he explains. “So I can tour with the L200 easily, and it sounds fantastic.”
Herceg says it’s not only the overall smoothness of sound and presence of the instruments in the mix, but also that 'in your face' feel that he seems to be able to achieve using his SSL L200.
“What I mean by that is, if you move something a little bit, it really moves; and if you push it a little bit on the EQ, it actually comes closer. These kind of sensations we have never felt with other brands in a live application,” he says. “Also, it goes from very low to very high in every octave; it's really clean and it doesn't mask anything. The desk is amazingly transparent and the headroom is huge. There is just way more depth and detail, sonically.”
(Jim Evans)

dlives5000-press-imageAllen & Heath updates dLive firmware
Monday, 25 March 2019

UK - Allen & Heath continues to advance its flagship dLive mixing system with the release of the latest firmware update, V1.8, adding “a huge raft of power-features that engineers will love”, from MCAs and Talkback Groups through to a a new DEEP processing plug-in, the OptTronik.
In monitor world, V1.8 adds Mix Control Association (MCA), bringing the convenience of DCA groups and spills to monitor engineers, enabling simple control over multiple AUX/MTX sends via a single fader.
This update further improves ease of control by introducing A/B/C/D inputs, enabling up to 4 input sockets to be assigned to every input channel, and provides fast and seamless selection of sockets via SoftKeys – enabling rapid switching to a backup microphone, or to pre-recorded files on a playback system.
The addition of 12 assignable Talkback Groups, which can be populated with any combination of the available mix busses, simplifies talkback routing with SoftKey controls enabling the engineer to quickly switch between different talkback destinations such as musicians, technicians or other production staff.
Joining dLive’s acclaimed suite of DEEP processors, V1.8 sees the introduction of the ‘OptTronik’ compressor. Inspired by a tube-driven, electro-optical levelling amplifier, OptTronik’s smooth, musical compression makes it a match for many sources, including vocals and bass guitar.
Mike Bangs, live sound/touring manager at Allen & Heath USA, himself an in-demand monitor engineer, says: “V1.8 is the next step in our string of user-dri

alconsPL+S: Alcons Audio to debut mid-size array
Monday, 25 March 2019

Germany - Alcons Audio comes to Prolight + Sound 2019 with a number of new pro-ribbon loudspeaker developments, bringing enhanced benefits to small, medium and large-scale live productions.
Exhibiting at Hall 8.0, Stand G71, Alcons is highlighting it’s steadily increasing expansion into the live touring and festival markets with significant additions to its L-series of true line source, vertical array loudspeaker systems, highlighting Alcons’ commitment to bringing the many benefits of pro-ribbon audio quality and directivity to medium/large venues and outdoor festivals.
Positioned between the LR18 compact mid-size and LR28 larger-format systems, the new LR24 mid-size pro-ribbon line-array features a new, specially-designed pro-ribbon transducer. The LR28B low-frequency module sets a new benchmark for arrayable sub-extension, with a new 18" ultra-low distortion woofer design. More detailed specifications will be revealed at the show.
Also highlighted will be the LR18/120, wide-dispersion compact mid-size line-array module. This 120º dispersion LR18 module has already toured with kd lang, Lisa Nilsson and others in Alcons pro-ribbon systems that also included the LR18/90 and LR18B bass extension.
Alcons will also be showing the QR20 modular line-source array column, which received a lot of attention from the professional rental and installation markets at its ISE preview in February.
"With our profile rising in the rental and touring market, Prolight + Sound remains a very important show for Alcons Audio and one of the highlights of

simon-phillipsStage set for Sound:Check XPO 2019
Monday, 25 March 2019

Mexico - The 17th edition of Sound:Check XPO, Mexico’s leading music industry show, is taking place on 28-30 April at the Mexico City’s World Trade Centre, with the latest developments in audio, video, lighting and staging set to be showcased across more than 13,000sq.m of exhibition space.
Over 22,000 attendees are expected to visit the show, which will also include a programme of masterclasses, with musician Simon Phillips, Mimi Fox and Camilo Laro from Instituto Mexicano del Sonido/Mexican Institute of Sound, the AES Mexico Annual Conference and the Tendencias (Trends) sessions.
The Harman Auditorium will be the stage for product presentations that can be heard and seen in full operation, accompanied by technical talks with leading industry professionals.
The AES Annual Conference will feature Sergio Molho (Waters-Storyk Design Group), Jonathan Wyner (mastering engineer, education director and Izotope chief studio engineer), Lenise Bent (engineer and producer), Bruce C. Olson (Olson Sound Design founder), John La Grou (Millenia Media founder), Merlijn van Even (Meyer Sound senior technical support and education specialist), Mark Drink (audio engineer for Suzanne Vega, Boston Pops Orchestra, Tony Bennet and KD Lang), Sergio Díaz (sound designer of the movie Roma), and AES global president, Nadja Wallaszkovits.
(Jim Evans)

iseISE issues clarification statement
Friday, 22 March 2019

The Netherlands - Integrated Systems Events, the organiser of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), has issued a clarification as it seeks to differentiate its flagship trade show from industry events with similar monikers.
The organisation says in a statement: “There are some events in the pro AV and systems integration field with which [ISE] has no connection, including the AV Integrated Systems Expo Mumbai, or AV-ISE in a shortened format. ISE wishes to make this fact clear to its exhibitors and attendees to ensure that there is no confusion.
Mike Blackman, managing director of Integrated Systems Events, comments: “We put a lot of time, resource and effort into creating a show experience at Integrated Systems Europe that is second to none. We trust that, when deciding whether to attend any given show, AV and systems integration professionals will look beyond the chosen name and make their own judgements.”
As well as the main ISE show each February, Integrated Systems Events also organises Integrated Systems Russia and the Digital Signage Summit series of events. In addition, Integrated Systems Events produces a number of the conferences that take place during ISE. Integrated Systems Events also participates with the numerous exhibitions and events produced by its co-owners AVIXA and CEDIA.
(Jim Evans)

calebloeppkywiththechapelsallenheathdlives7000The Chapel grows with Allen & Heath
Friday, 22 March 2019

USA - With seven locations across Chicagoland, The Chapel has given new direction to its worship services with dLive digital mixing systems from Allen & Heath.
Now outfitted with a dLive S7000 control surface at front of house and a C3500 for monitors, one of the church’s largest properties in Grayslake forges connections with the aid of Allen & Heath’s proprietary gigaACE networking cards. The system additionally relies upon Allen & Heath’s DX168 expanders, which are used for audio patching and video control of simulcasts between locations.
“Simulcasts regularly originate from one of our two biggest campuses each week,” says Caleb Loeppky, The Chapel’s production director. “While our streaming platform allows us to send multiple audio channels, it wasn’t until we made the DX168 expander part of the equation that we realised its full potential. Now, with just a single network line we're able to easily manage additional I/O. This fact alone is amazing, and well worth the price of admission.”
Beyond the gains in sonic quality, networking capacity, and expanded channel counts The Chapel now takes advantage of, dLive has proven itself to be popular with the volunteer audio staff as well.
“Operating a dLive system is so straightforward and intuitive,” Loeppky adds. “I can sit down with someone who has never mixed before and have them up-and-running in no time. Everyone can utilise layers, scenes, and soft keys to setup the desk however they want. No one is ever forced to do anything outside of their comfort zo

saudiProtec builds business in Saudi Arabia
Friday, 22 March 2019

Saudi Arabia - AV equipment supplier Production Technology (Protec) has reported that, thanks to recent purchases, it now offers the same brands and services from its new warehouse in Riyadh that it does from its Dubai HQ.
The company has already been involved in a string of major events, including Formula E. Saudi Arabia, one of the first major international sporting events ever staged in the country.
For this project, Protec’s audio team chose a range of L-Acoustics to cover an extensive area across six grandstand viewing areas, two hospitality areas, the podium, a gaming area and the e-village stage. Video turned to Barco’s S3 and Luminex networking to livestream to 140 screens across the venue which required 19km of fibre to ensure 4K video with less than one frame of delay. Lighting used their new SGM P-10 and Claypaky lights for the E-Motion club and hospitality village.
Another major event in Saudi Arabia that Protec provided a complete package for was the new tourism destination, Al Qiddiya, planned to be the world’s largest entertainment destination. Based in the desert with no infrastructure in place, Protec was invited to supply the temporary structure including a 36m x 88m Supa Dome with full technical support inside the auditorium as well as scenic, staging and automation for the ceremony attended by royalty and VVIPs to celebrate the beginning of an estimated two-year build project.
Following Saudi’s successful expansion, focus is moving to the UK based Protec European Events. New premises have been acquired, more than do


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