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knoebels-amusement-resort-1Community chosen for amusement resort
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

USA - Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, Pennsylvania has completed the first phase of upgrading its park-wide audio systems. Located in the bottom of an abundantly green valley formed by two converging streams that flow through the very heart of the park, Knoebels is America’s largest free-admission amusement park, with over 60 rides, award winning food, swimming in its 900,000 gallon Crystal Pool, games, and gift shops. Visitors can also enjoy golf at Knoebels’ Three Ponds Golf Course.
Drew Kanaskie, Knoebels’ audio technician, was in charge of the project from conception to implementation, with design assistance provided by Moyer Electronics of Pottsville, PA. Kanaskie explains: “The audio upgrade is planned for completion over several years of off-season projects. The first phase of the upgrade was to replace our aging 70-volt system, with a new system that has more comprehensive coverage and which provided an open platform that we can continue to expand.
“The 45-acre park began back in 1926 and has grown steadily ever since. Finding a way to reach thousands of park visitors today is a different puzzle to solve than it was just 10 years ago. Our goal is to be heard clearly, everywhere.”
After much research, followed by on-site evaluation, Kanaskie settled on Community’s E Series column-format line source and point source loudspeaker systems. “We are able to create a canvas of sound using the advantage of E Series’ wide angle of coverage,” says Kanaskie. “In the environment of an amusement park there is ambient sound co

brusselsTiMax joins exclusive Brussels club
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Belgium - In the heart of Brussels, private members’ bar Impérial oozes with charm and the underground cool of a turn of the last century speakeasy. The vintage atmosphere and jazzy vibe that draws guests in, however, integrates a full, leading edge, AV solution with TiMax SoundHub and dcontrol central to the immersive environment, realised from concept by design and installation integrator, FACE Projects.
The vision of Carl de Moncharline, owner and manager of several successful Brussels venues was for an ‘immersive environment creating spherical sound experiences’, as well as a stylish lighting system in keeping with the historical façade and vintage ambience of the venue, that was versatile enough for live jazz concerts, a DJ clubbing experience, or even as a cocktail bar. The challenge to create this in a low-ceiling and small, 300sq.m space fell to long term and trusted AV partner, FACE Projects, working in conjunction with refurbishment project manager, Laurent Grietens of Wisely Ltd.
Simplicity was key to the specification for the venue. Dramatically different sound environments would need to be recreated at the flick of a switch which for FACE, made TiMax a necessity. As FACE CEO, Karel De Piere confides: “I do not even want to think how we would set up the sound system without TiMax, no other product could provide this level of precise control.”
The TiMax SoundHub-32S spatial audio matrix controls a total of 38 discrete speakers from Electro-Voice. Effective sound control without spillage is a deliberate consequence of the many

em-halo-pontefract4EM promenades at Pontefract with Halo-A
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

UK - The summer classical concert season is in full swing at a range of heritage sites across Britain. The Proms in the Castle in the grounds of Pontefract Castle, West Yorkshire was an evening of music with the West Yorkshire Symphony that took place at the end of June and was witnessed by a capacity crowd of 2,000 people.
Local full-service production company, Sound & Light UK, put an EM Acoustics HALO-A large format line array system through its paces for the first time on a live outdoor event.
SLUK has been looking after the event since 2015 with an active system that required covered PA towers to protect the internal electronics. The client was extremely nervous about changing the system which, according to SLUK’s Chris Bottomley, had always done the job well enough, but as he pointed out, the opportunity to put HALO-A on the event was too good to miss.
“Ian Downes [programmes and events officer, Pontefract Castle] was very uneasy about changing anything. I had to use all my powers of persuasion to let us try out HALO-A, and he’s now very glad we did.”
The West Yorkshire Symphony is a 60-piece orchestra. The brief was to individually mic each instrument which resulted in 96 channels of audio and provide sound reinforcement capable of covering quite a large area - 50m wide by 80m deep with the FOH position at 60m down the the field. SLUK provided four HALO-A cabinets per side flown from traditional truss PA towers supplemented by two MSE-218 subs on the ground.
“The sheer power delivered by HALO-A was incredible,” sa

kew-the-musicCapital and MLA Kew The Music
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

UK - The beautiful surroundings of the Royal Botanic Gardens in south-west London, better known as Kew Gardens, provided the location for the facility’s annual six-day music festival Kew The Music.
Now a consolidated part of London’s summer festival tapestry, and with the world’s biggest Victorian glasshouse as the imposing backdrop, it is the quintessential summer event. For the past five years rental company, Capital Sound, and its loudspeaker partner, Martin Audio, have enjoyed a growing presence on the site.
Working with promoter, Stuart Galbraith from Kilimanjaro Live, and production manager, LarMac Live director Ian Greenway, Capital Sound again fielded Martin Audio’s MLA for audiences of 8,000 who arrived to see headliners, including Lewis Capaldi, Rick Astley, Garbage, Craig David and Billy Ocean.
To provide balanced audio coverage, Capital had to take into account an awkwardly long, thin site, tapering off from a wider field at the stage end.
Capital now has the speaker design down to a fine art, flying 10 MLA Compact elements each side of the stage, with a ground stack of four MLA Compact infilling at stage right and stage left to serve the picnickers out on those flanks. Four Martin Audio DD12s across the stage provided nearfield coverage for those who wanted to get up close and personal with the broadside cardioid array, which comprised 14 WS218X subwoofers.
Several delay points were set, the first mast off to house left comprising 10 MLA Compact. Further down the park at 65m from the mix position a second delay comp

montreuxDiGiCo makes Quantum leap at Montreux
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

For 11 years, DiGiCo has supported the Montreux Jazz festival. At this year’s event, the company introduced its latest product development, the new SD7 Quantum console, and the 32-bit ‘Ultimate Stadius’ microphone pre-amp and DAC analogue output cards.
In 2019, DiGiCo consoles were installed at all of the festival’s major sites, each fitted with the new 32-bit I/O cards, whilst SD7 Quantum consoles were installed at FOH and monitor position at the flagship venue, Stravinski Auditorium. An SD7 Quantum was also installed in the demo/prep room, a facility DiGiCo provides each year, for visiting engineers to come and explore the new developments.
As well as the two SD7 Quantum consoles, the system specified for the Stravinski Auditorium included four SD-Racks and two SD-Mini Racks.
Festival highlight Janet Jackson performed her much-anticipated headline show at Stravinski, with FOH engineer Kyle Hamilton using her own touring SD7 Quantum system. She was preceded by Quincy Jones, who performed a ‘soundtrack of the 80s’ mixed on the house SD7 Quantum consoles.
Other key artists who also arrived with their own touring DiGiCo consoles were notably ZZ Top (with Jamie ‘Jamo’ Rephann using an SD10 at FOH plus two SD12 consoles at monitors all supplied by Clair Brothers), Joan Baez (SD12 at FOH operated by Derek Williams and SD11 at monitors via Wigwam Acoustics), James Blake (an SD10 via Skan PA), Rag‘n’Bone man (SD7 Quantum on monitors via Entec), George Ezra (SD12 and SD10 via Stylus Producitons), Janelle Monae (SD12) and Rita Ora.

alicanteDAS Audio returns to Paellas Festival Live
Monday, 29 July 2019

Spain - DAS Audio systems returned for the second year to the eighth edition of the Paellas Festival Live 2019 in Alicante. Located at the 200,000sq.m Rabasa Multispace facility near the university, the Paellas Festival offers uninterrupted live music, gastronomy and entertainment from 10am to 9pm to a 30,000-strong audience.
Oxigen Sonido e Iluminación was in charge of the installation of the systems in the venue. A main system of 28 Aero-40A was enhanced with 12 Aero-20A for out-fill, eight Aero-40A for front-fill, 24 Aero-40A for delay and 16 UX-221A subwoofers.
The audio challenges faced in this edition were different from last year´s since the festival has shifted from being a multi-stage event to focusing on a single stage. On this occasion, the objective was to achieve uniform coverage and high intelligibility all over the audience areas, as well as delivering pressure and sound quality throughout.
To ensure these requirements were met, the systems were adjusted and optimised with DASaim for controlled SPL and directivity. DASaim also allowed the design of FIR filters for each cabinet of the arrays enabling optimal control of the of the Aero-40A and Aero-20A systems. Additionally, the acoustic prediction software EASEFocus 3 and DASnet v1.70 was used to optimise the design with DASaim.
The producers of the event, Babalú, and rental company Oxigen, which provided the sound equipment, opted for DAS Audio systems to rock the festival. Jorge Henderson, Oxigen's technical director, comments: "We work with DAS Audio for all types of insta

bechtleesslingerzeitung1Yamaha in the news at Eßlinger Zeitung
Monday, 29 July 2019

Germany - A Yamaha audio and control solution has been installed at the multi-purpose conference room of regional German newspaper Eßlinger Zeitung.
The paper publishes in print and online, as well as having an online television channel (ES-tv), YouTube and social media presence. Used for meetings, presentations, interviews, staff and media briefings, the new conference room needed a flexible, high-quality AV system, which could be easily controlled by any member of staff.
events creative GmbH - based in nearby Hochdorf and with over 25 years in the AV installation and live production business - was asked to design and install the system. Managing director Markus Zimmer specified a Yamaha solution based on the MTX3 matrix processor and the MCP1 advanced surface-mount control panel, because it could deliver flexible control as well as high quality sound.
With up to 36 parameters assignable to the MCP1’s home page and its six sub-pages, it has allowed the entire system - including the inputs and power to an Epson laser projector, as well as the audio system - to be controlled from the same panel.
The system also includes a pair of wall-mounted Yamaha VXS8 full-range loudspeakers and a floor-mounted VXS10S sub, all with white finish to blend with the room’s décor. They are powered by an XMV4280 multi-channel amplifier, with an SWR2100P-5G L2 network switch supplying PoE to the MCP1 control panel.
“Thanks to the GPI connectors on the MTX3, we could not only supply a system with great sound, but with very versatile control,” says Ma

agb-events-halo-townsville-castle-hillAGB Events creates Townsville spectacular
Monday, 29 July 2019

Australia - After months of anticipation and secrecy, Halo - the light and sound experience designed specifically for Townsville, a coastal city in north eastern Queensland - has opened.
Created and produced by Sydney-based AGB Events, Halo transforms Castle Hill, the natural ‘halo’ that hovers above Townsville. Presented by the Townsville City Council, Halo runs in conjunction with the inaugural North Australian Festival of Arts, and has been made possible through the support of the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund.
“Townsville City Council wanted to create something highly memorable that would truly mesmerise and captivate the public’s imagination,” says Anthony Bastic, CEO and creative director of AGB Events. “We were thrilled and honoured to be asked to undertake such a prestigious and challenging project. We’re delighted with the results.”
Halo which runs from 19 July - 4 August between 6:00pm and 10:00pm - is the latest in a series of large scale multimedia shows produced by AGB Events. These have included Vivid Sydney Light Walk, Australia’s largest annual event; Parrtijma, a light festival in Alice Springs that took its inspiration from indigenous stories and culture, lighting up two kilometres of the MacDonnell Ranges, and the Lights of Christmas in Sydney and Brisbane.
Halo is a new event experience that showcases creativity in one of the most aesthetically compelling new art forms; light art,” continues Bastic. “Over the past decade, th

charlieravenBrit Row plays key role at Glastonbury
Monday, 29 July 2019

UK - Britannia Row Productions continued a busy summer of festivals and tours with a packed roster at Glastonbury 2019.
The audio rental company supplied PA and control to the British festival’s Arcadia stage - this year named Pangea - and teamed up with US partner Clair Global to supply bespoke control and monitor packages for a host of major acts, including headliners The Cure.
Arcadia, through its Spider and Metamorphosis spectaculars, has earned a reputation for wildly creative, multi-sensory experiences. This year, Pangea - a towering crane structure loaded with dazzling projections, a plethora of pyrotechnics and vivid lighting designs - created a ‘blank canvas in the sky’.
The Arcadia team has worked with L-Acoustics for a number of years, and following a recommendation from the loudspeaker manufacturer, Britannia Row was appointed as the 2019 audio rental supplier.
Britannia Row’s Marc Soame explains: “The new stage is a real centrepiece and sets a great platform for future expansion of the show. Audio is a key component of any Arcadia show, and the production team are well versed in audio design and its considerations for being able to provide a high-quality experience for eager audiences.
“The Arcadia team is incredibly creative and forward-thinking, but also very practically minded. They’ve refined their approach over a number of years with the development of the previous stages and wanted to retain a similar approach for 2019 as it was a proven model.”
The main tower systems were inwards facing L-Acou

comefromawayuks0299-credit-matthew-murphyd&b Soundscape makes West End debut
Monday, 29 July 2019

UK - The Broadway hit Come From Away landed in London’s Phoenix Theatre this February. The heart-warming production focuses on the kindness and fortitude of the residents of Gander, Newfoundland; a small Canadian town that welcomed 38 planes full of passengers in the wake of the Federal Aviation Administration closing American airspace on 9/11.
The production also marked the first d&b Soundscape show in London’s West End. An auspicious debut, the sound design provided by Gareth Owen, along with associate sound designer Russell Godwin and production sound engineer Andy Green won Best Sound Design at the 2019 Olivier Awards.
Using d&b Soundscape, Owen was able to overcome one of the major challenges of a show that features a 12-strong ensemble cast with actors playing multiple characters, often in the same scene: As he explains: “There are so many people delivering so many short lines very quickly that before we had Soundscape, the audience occasionally struggled to work out who is speaking.”
Prior to the London show, Come From Away director Christopher Ashley initially relied on lighting cues and movements from the actor to create the required focus. With the d&b software module En-Scene, up to 64 sound objects can be placed within a scenario so that what is heard aligns with what is seen.
”After doing the first run with Soundscape, the director said to me ‘This is a revelation. Suddenly I don’t need to worry about lighting or staging or what the cast are doing to know who is speaking. My ear is drawn

maestra-scenic-london-launch-justin-hammond-l-and-mark-davies-rMaestra Scenic launched in London
Monday, 29 July 2019

UK - Technical production company Maestra Group has launched a scenic division. Based at Maestra’s London HQ, Maestra Scenic will offer services including CNC, carpentry and joinery, fabrication and engineering, painting and finishing as well as integration of other technical detailing - such as lighting, video or audio - into scenic fabrication projects.
The new division will employ a team of 20 full-time staff, who will be led by director of production Mark Davies, former director of technical operations at the National Theatre and sales director at Stage One Creative Services.
Davies comments: “The goals for good scenic companies are about meeting and then exceeding client expectations in all aspects - quality and build, finishing, being on-budget and ease of installation. It is essential to have the right people and processes all working harmoniously and with a full understanding of each project’s individual requirements. At Maestra, we strive to achieve this every time.”
Joining Maestra Scenic as head of its construction department is Paul Evans, former NT head of construction. Another key appointment is Jon Chute as head of production. Chute was previously an account director for Stage One Creative Services and a senior production manager for Imagination.
Meanwhile, the Maestra Scenic facility is made up of a 9,000sq.ft fabrication area which will include CNC equipment for carpentry and metalwork, and a mezzanine area that will be utilised for CNC poly carving and other 3D modelling. An external spray booth will deal with all fi

summerfestDiGiCo dominates at Milwaukee Summerfest
Friday, 26 July 2019

USA - Wisconsin’s Summerfest runs over 11 days in late June and early July each year. Over 700,000 people flock to Milwaukee’s Lake Michigan shoreline to watch more than 800 top artists and bands perform on a dozen stages, earning Summerfest its double-decade-running Guinness World Record title as The World’s Largest Music Festival.
The technical challenges behind providing sound reinforcement for such a massive event are numerous, but locally based Clearwing Productions - Summerfest’s long-time primary production partner - keeps the festival roaring like a well-tuned Harley-Davidson engine.
According to Clearwing Audio operations and logistics manager Jeff Schauer, a big part of that success has been the company’s now-five-year standardisation on DiGiCo FOH and monitor mixing consoles for all of Henry W. Maier Festival Park’s stages, including this year’s recent adoption of new 4REA4 systems for three of those venues.
“We had a DiGiCo 4REA4 set up at the BMO Harris Pavilion, U.S. Cellular Connection Stage, and Harley-Davison Roadhouse, and they were the essential system matrix and production hub at each site,” Schauer describes.
“Although we supply rider-friendly DiGiCo desks for every stage except the American Family Insurance Amphitheater, where touring artists have to carry in all of their own production elements, we regularly have bands and engineers show up with the desks that they’re used to touring with, many of which are also DiGiCo.
“With the new 4REA4, we were able to not only take MADI from our

tmbauditoriumTMB Bank Bangkok invests in Allen & Heath
Friday, 26 July 2019

Thailand - One of Thailand’s largest financial institutions, the TMB (formerly the Thai Military Bank), has recently undergone an audio transformation of its multi-purpose auditorium, centred on an Allen & Heath dLive mixing system.
The seventh floor of TMB’s Bangkok headquarters houses the 500-seat auditorium, used for functions and meetings, interspersed with live performances. Due to the size and shape of the venue, a highly flexible and easy to use audio system was required. TMB enlisted the services of Allen & Heath’s Thai distributor, Sonos Libra (in conjunction with Multiline Professional), to deliver a solution.
The installation comprises a dLive C3500 surface, a DM0 MixRack fitted with a Dante card, four DX164-W wall-mounted expanders and an IP1 remote controller.
Located in a discrete control room positioned at the back of the auditorium, the C3500 surface connects to the DM0 via Allen & Heath’s gigaACE protocol. The four DX164-W expanders connect to the DM0’s integrated DX ports and are fitted into the walls at various points around the auditorium, accommodating a variety of different room configurations. Additionally, the Dante card fitted in the DM0 is utilised for audio distribution to 3rd party Dante hardware in the foyer and back of the venue.
Operations such as source selection, volume control or pre-set changes within the main performance area are managed through the IP1 wall-mounted controller, with wireless iPad control also possible via the dLive MixPad app. dLive’s Automatic Mic Mixing feature is

club-stagePioneer Pro plays Stavernfestivalen Club Stage
Friday, 26 July 2019

Norway - Stavernfestivalen is a summer music festival that takes place in Stavern. It began on the town’s southern shoreline in 2001 as a one night, four band event with an audience of less than 200 and has subsequently grown over the years into a major three-day gathering, featuring an international line-up and attracting more than 30,000 people.
The 2019 line-up incorporated a wide range of music styles and featured leading international acts such as Swedish House Mafia, Travis Scott, Bastille and G-Eazy.
Oslo-based rental company G Production was engaged by the organisers to supply audio for the festival’s Club Stage as well as the VIP Stage and elected to deploy their new Pioneer Pro Audio XY-3B system, recently acquired from lNorwegian distributor First Audio.
John Moss of G Production added the system to his company’s inventory having been impressed with its flexibility and capacity to deliver power and detail in equal measure. Having tested the system at an earlier smaller-scale electronic music event, Moss was confident that the XY-3B would prove more than equal to this much bigger task. On hearing the system fully wound up at Stavenfestivalen, his expectations were confirmed.
“My immediate reaction was that it gave me a good ‘club’ feeling and really spoke to the purpose it was made for. It communicated exactly the vibe that you would want for a Club Stage. When we tested the system on a smaller gig just before Stavernfestivalen, what I loved about it was the fatness - that real thick, nice full club sound. I loved the wa

masque-soundMasque launches production services division
Friday, 26 July 2019

USA - Theatrical sound reinforcement and installation company Masque Sound has announced the launch of its Production Services division (MPS). The newly created division provides equipment rentals and production services for live and recorded events for clients outside of Masque Sound’s Broadway theatre productions business. MPS serves shorter term events such as concerts, TV shows, corporate presentations, galas and a range of special events.
The idea of creating MPS began when Masque Sounds’ Matt Dale and AJ Nittoli were providing production services and equipment for a Meyer Sound demonstration in South Carolina. In between system tunings, the duo discussed the possibility of Masque Sound providing services like these as a separate business entity. The concept took off from there, and it is becoming a major growth area for the company.
Masque’s Production Services division differs from Masque Sound’s core business as a custom rental package provider by offering system design, shop prep, show labor services, audio system maintenance and custom electronics work. With a network of technicians that work in all departments, MPS can provide full service (A/V/L), if requested.
“We are excited to announce the launch of our new division,” says Dale, professional services division manager, Masque Sound. “Masque Sound has a deep knowledge base and equipment pool. Leveraging these resources seemed logical to grow the business. The new division allows our in-house talent to exercise their abilities within the Masque Sound brand while utilising

bosecontrolspaceBose Professional ships latest processors
Thursday, 25 July 2019

USA - Bose Professional is now shipping new ControlSpace EX processors – two designed specifically for conference rooms (EX-440C and EX-12AEC) and one dedicated for general purpose applications (EX-1280).
With an open-architecture, all-in-one design, the ControlSpace EX-440C conferencing processor facilitates high-quality microphone integration and audio processing for small-to-medium size conference rooms. Various inputs and outputs allow for flexible configuration: four mic/line analogue inputs, four analogue outputs, onboard VoIP, PSTN, USB, Bose AmpLink output, eight-channel acoustic echo cancelling (AEC) and 16 x 16 Dante connectivity.
With an open-architecture design, 12 acoustic echo cancellers (AEC) and 16 x 16 Dante connectivity, the ControlSpace EX-12AEC conferencing processor provides a cost-effective, robust expansion for conference rooms using ControlSpace EX- conferencing processors.
The ControlSpace EX-1280 is a more powerful “big brother” to the existing family of Bose ESP open-architecture digital signal processors. It is a robust processor designed for a wide variety of applications — from small, self-contained projects to large, networked systems. Leveraging advanced signal processing and a floating-point open-architecture DSP, the EX-1280 processor has the precision and power to create dynamic, yet predictable audio installations.
The ControlSpace EX-1280 processor offers twelve mic/line analogue inputs, eight analogue outputs, Bose AmpLink output, and 64 x 64 Dante connectivity featuring high-quality audio processi

hyde-parkMLA marks seven years at British Summer Time
Thursday, 25 July 2019

UK - As the contract for the Hyde Park festival site comes up for renewal, all involved in the production of Barclaycard presents British Summer Time can reflect on seven glorious years at a location that had previously been considered unworkable and unviable.
That promoters AEG Live have proven otherwise is due in no small part to the role of their technical contractors, including Capital Sound - whose deployment of the Martin Audio MLA multicellular loudspeaker array technology had proven under test conditions its ability to meet required propagation thresholds, both inside the bowl and beyond the perimeter.
Monitored by acoustics consultants Vanguardia, as it has been every year, MLA - optimised using Martin Audio’s proprietary advanced DISPLAY software - was equal to a wide range of performance over the two weekends - extending from Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion and Josh Groban at one extreme, and Bob Dylan and Neil Young at the other.
Capital Sound account manager Martin Connolly agreed that Barbra Streisand had given the system a good workout, and the vocal clarity both from her and Groban and Dion, had added a new dimension to the event as had Robbie Williams and Keane who brought British Summer Time to a spectacular close on the final Sunday.
To accomplish this, the Great Oak main stage was equipped with two hangs of 16 x MLA and a single MLD Downfill per side, with 13 x MLA and an MLD Downfill for the side-hangs. The sub array consisted of 32 x MLX in the now familiar broadside cardioid design (21 front facing, 11 rear facing). Wit

distributionsingaporedBTechnologies reinforces Singapore distribution
Thursday, 25 July 2019

Singapore - AVL Direct has been appointed for rental sales channels for dBTechnologies, part of the RCF Group, while Loud Technologies Asia continues with installation channels and service centre support.
Long-term dBTechnologies partner Loud Technologies Asia continues to service the installation and SI channels and officially takes on the service centre role for Singapore, while AVL Direct under the helm of Colin Oliveiro has been appointed to service the rental sales channels.
VIO, DVA and other touring boxes require very specialised expertise and a company familiar with the unique needs of the touring market and AVL Direct ticks all the boxes, says the company.
“We are happy to partner with a manufacturer that values long term relationships and considers the perception of the customers in the long term,” says Colin Quek, managing director for Loud Technologies Asia.
“Being deeply involved in productions regularly, I am able to understand the customer’s needs, recommend sensibly and offer the touring support that is befitting of the brand. With so many dBTechnologies users in Singapore and growing, I have my work cut out for me. The popularity of dBTechnologies line arrays has proven that it is possible to provide incredible value and performace through very affordable products.”
Manuele Poli, dbTechnologies’ APAC sales manager, comments, “dBTechnologies’ market share in APAC area is dramatically increasing in the last two years, especially for the touring & installation segment. Singapore is a very promising marke

adamsonThe Who rock on with Adamson
Thursday, 25 July 2019

USA - The Who are currently between legs of their 2019 Moving On! Tour, which finds them joined by a local orchestra in each city to present different takes on classics and deep cuts from their extensive catalogue. The Who are carrying a sizeable Adamson E-Series system provided by Cleveland, OH’s Eighth Day Sound.
Chris ‘Chopper’ Morrison, who shares FOH duties with The Who’s long-time engineer, Robert Collins, says that while this is the band’s first full outing to carry an Adamson system, the choice was informed by previous experiences with the E-Series on one-off and festival dates.
“We’ve done a few festivals in Europe the last few years and took note that, if it was an Adamson E-Series rig, it always sounded great. We never had to fiddle with the EQ or anything too much and Robert was always really happy,” the engineer reports. “I knew it would really suit the performances with the orchestra, with that really clean top end being critical.”
In its fullest configuration, the system for the Moving On! Tour is comprised of: main hangs of 15 E15 three-way, true line source enclosures over three E12 three-way, full-range enclosures per side; side hangs of 12 E15s over three E12s per side; 270-degree fills from Adamson’s S-Series, with four narrow-dispersion S10n two-way, full-range cabinets over eight standard S10s per side; and a complement of S10s and S7p point-source cabinets as front-fills.
The low end is delivered from a hybrid system of nine flown E119 subs per side (in FBFFBFFBF cardioid configurations) and an addi

jupiterdiscoJupiter Disco rocks with Danley
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

USA - Like a scene from Star Wars or Blade Runner set in the middle of Brooklyn, Jupiter Disco is a refuge for intergalactic bounty hunters, replicants, and thirsty, trend-setting New Yorkers. Celebrated mixologists Maks Pazuniak and Al Sotack opened Jupiter Disco with inspiration drawn from their mutual love of dystopian science fiction.
Danny Taylor, from House Under Magic, designed the sound system for Jupiter Disco, relying on his long history with Danley Sound Labs’ technologies to give the bar impactful, detailed sound with a “grills-off” aesthetic that fits the theme.
“This is Maks and Al’s passion project in a scene filled with taste-makers who are very enthusiastic, but also very critical,” explained Taylor. “Sure, they had to put money into it to pull it off, but the real key to Jupiter Disco’s success is their genuine passion. The scent of genuine passion (or its lack) is really picked up on, and you can’t buy your way into it. The drinks and aesthetic are an obvious priority at Jupiter Disco, but the sound system is as well. They wanted to bring in DJs, along with limited live electronic acts in support of a local scene here in Brooklyn. They wanted an awe-inspiring sound system at Jupiter Disco.”
Taylor’s experience with Danley goes back many years. He played in and engineered for Collapsing Scenery, orchestrating and overseeing their happy reliance on a pair of Danley SM80 loudspeakers and a pair of Danley TH118 subwoofers for all their live shows (house PAs be damned!). He also works closely with E

hsing-ma-templed&b adds clarity to Fo Guang Shan Temple
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Malaysia - Malaysiato’s new Fo Guang Shan Hsing Ma Buddhist Temple recently opened in its southernmost city of Johor Bahru. At its core is a soaring Main Shrine Hall, capable of accommodating more than 1,000 people.
The Fo Guang Shan Chinese International Buddhist monastic order is well-known for its use of world-class technology in its temples across the world, including New Zealand, Canada and the UK, and the new Johor Bahru branch is no exception. Its size, shape and materials presented acoustic challenges, leading the technology team to a permanently installed d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker and amplification solution.
Kuala Lumpur-based Chan Lee Sound and Light was first on the scene to identify a system that would fit the bill. Having served as Fo Guang Shan’s rental contractor for a number of years, Chan Lee Sound has used d&b systems on several of the monastic order’s past events. As the decision makers at Fo Guang Shan had been happy with the sound quality produced during those events, they agreed that a solution from the same manufacturer would be a good choice for the new temple.
With this being a permanent installation at a brand-new temple, Chan Lee Sound brought in long-time partner Search Music, the d&b distributor in Malaysia, to assist on the project.
“The sound requirements in the new Main Shrine Hall were focused on clarity, to ensure everyone in the room could hear speech and chanting clearly and with dynamic tightness,” explains Gilbert Seng from Search Music Malaysia. “The entire space is clad by til

lawoLawo expands executive management board
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Germany - Lawo has announced the expansion of its executive management board. Effective since 15 July 2019, Jamie Dunn serves as Lawo’s chief commercial officer. Phil Myers is appointed chief technology officer. Both are joining CFO and director of the executive board Claudia Nowak, COO Ulrich Schnabl, CSCO Christian Lukic and CEO Philipp Lawo, who is still on medical leave.
“This development reflects the continuous execution of our growth strategy and is a natural step in the evolution of our company’s structure. Building strong partnerships based on staying close and accessible has been a core value of the company since its foundation. My new role recognizes the importance to maintain our customer focus as we continue to grow”, says Jamie Dunn who until recently was serving as global head of sales, a responsibility he still maintains.
“Lawo has continually developed pioneering solutions that create competitive advantages for our customers world-wide. I look forward to driving the company’s technology strategy at board level, and ensuring that our heritage of engineering and manufacturing excellence continues”, says Phil Myers.
Lawo continues to deploy multiple IP-based video and audio infrastructure projects worldwide, with recent enterprise-scale installations at SIC in Portugal, NEP in the United States, CBC in Canada as well as further 4k expansions at NEP Australia’s Andrews Hub.
“We further focus on the execution of our successful business strategy as an independent, 100% privately owned company,” says Claudia Nowak

fbtFBT JMaxX series now shipping
Tuesday, 23 July 2019

UK - Having made its world debut at Prolight+Sound 2019, the new JMAxX line of portable loudspeakers from FBT is now available throughout the UK.
The successor to the original FBT MaxX series, JMaxX combines ease of use and versatility for many portable or installed sound applications, making the speakers suitable for musicians, DJs, AVL contractors, rental sound reinforcement, corporate events, houses of worship, bars and clubs.
With its gas-injected forms designed to virtually eliminate undesired enclosure resonance and reinforce strong low frequency performance, the JMaxX series of powered loudspeakers is available in three two-way models: the 14” JMaxX 114A; the 12” JMaxX 112A; and the 10” JMaxX 110A. All are equipped with FBT’s latest 90° x 60° HF horn design which delivers “improved projection, accuracy, and dispersion of the mid and high frequencies”.
Each JMaxX model is actually four loudspeakers in one. Derived from a decade of experience of portable sound reinforcement, the carefully tailored equalisation pre-sets offer highly intelligible response for vocals and floor monitoring; slightly boosted response in lounge bar applications; punchy and forward sound for DJs; and a general-purpose EQ setting that mirrors the original and familiar FBTMaxX voicing, says the company.
Common to all JMaxX models is FBT’s latest generation lightweight 700W + 200W Class D power amplifier with universal switch mode power supply, delivering abundant power and headroom to reproduce “even the largest transients without distortion”.

balaton-sound-rockstar-photographers-1Martin MLA energises Hungarian festivals
Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Hungary - One of Hungary's biggest music festivals, attracting over 100,000 music-lovers over its five days, VOLT Festival has been taking place annually in Sopron (near the Austrian border) since 1993.
It is one of three festivals, including Balaton Sound, falling under the banner of the mighty Sziget Festival, promoted by Sziget Cultural Management. All have for many years been serviced successfully by Capital Sound, with their Martin Audio MLA loudspeaker array.
VOLT presents a multi-genre line-up featuring artists for electronic, rock, pop, jazz, and urban genres as well as theatre performances, visual art exhibitions, film screenings, sporting events and more.
Capital Sound again received local support from Hungarian MLA partner, BG Event Kft in the form of Balázs Szentiványi, and were further assisted by the expertise of the ever-present Marci Mezei. This enabled them to service both VOLT and Balaton Sound with a single truck of equipment, sourcing the remaining kit locally from BG Event.
On the Telekom Main Stage this year were globally renowned acts such as Slipknot, Black Eyed Peas, Slash, Papa Roach, Martin Solveig and Cypress Hill.
According to Capital Sound account manager, Robin Conway, although production now has the sound design down to a fine art they closely review the Sopron event each year, and in 2019 changes to the site layout necessitated them installing field delays.
The main PA comprised 17 MLA elements and an MLD Downfill enclosure flown on each PA wing, with nine further MLA each side as out-fills and 18


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