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pixotopePixotope announces expansion in APAC region
Friday, 13 May 2022

APAC - Pixotope has announced partnerships with several key broadcast companies in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, The Philippines, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore. Following key staff appointments, the deals follow a number of successful virtual production collaborations using Pixotope in the region.
Together with Pixotope, new distributors TechTwist Corporation, Elevate Broadcast, DB Productions, Great Wheel, Starlight, Bright Media, DongHwa, Mitomo, Kadinche, Jadason, Getop and StageFor will facilitate the adoption of Pixotope’s virtual technology in new regions and broadcast sectors.
Dennis Breckenridge, CEO of Elevate Broadcast, notes, “Pixotope has not only technical superiority but a business model enabling the adoption of virtual technologies into many new markets. We feel that the ease of use, open standard support for plugins, high-quality output, but most importantly, the ease of use helps set Pixotope apart.”
Soko Aoki, CEO at Kandiche Co comments, “Having successfully created projects using Pixotope for quite some time, we think the solution is the perfect fit for the Japanese market, and are thrilled to be working with them here in Japan and sharing their technology.”
Andrew Tan, VP of Sales (APAC) at Pixotope says, "As well as expanding our own team, we're delighted to be working with our new channel partners in the APAC region. To say Pixotope is growing is an understatement. The company has sustained a long period of expansion that matches the global demand for high-level, virtual produ

robe-albertRobe UK joins sustainability initiative
Friday, 13 May 2022

UK - Robe UK has joined the albert initiative, a BAFTA-owned and industry run organisation dedicated to raising awareness and empowering professionals and companies working in film, television, commercial and other screen-based media productions to operate as sustainably as possible.
One of their aims is to build an accredited network of equipment suppliers, and as a lighting supplier to many rental companies active in these sectors, Robe UK appreciates the value of the albert Initiative’s work as a broader part of the entertainment technology industry.
BAFTA highlights two key responsibilities in helping to reverse climate change, firstly making changes to its own working practices and Awards ceremonies – it hosts the high-profile annual BAFTA Awards celebrating the best British and international contributions to film – and to support and inspire all screen industries as they transition towards a Net-Zero future through albert.
As a brand, Robe has been committed to producing and promoting more environmentally friendly professional lighting products for several years – both in the products themselves and in the production process.
Supporting the albert Initiative underscores this commitment right now and looks to the future.
“It will help accelerate spreading the message about slowing and stopping climate change on multiple levels and stress the importance of productions being carbon neutral. Having information about where they can source products and technology to help achieve this goal is a vital resource,” commented Da

holoplotHoloplot partners with Creative Technology in UK
Friday, 13 May 2022

Europe - Manufacturer of innovative 3D audio technology Holoplot has announced its partnership with Creative Technology, adding Holoplot products to Creative Technology’s audio portfolio. This partnership marks the arrival of Holoplot’s audio performance capabilities in the UK.
Consisting of Modul 96 and Modul 80-S, Holoplot’s X1 product line is a new category of sound system, granting users a previously impossible level of control over sound. Holoplot technology provides a broad range of practical and creative capabilities - whether solving challenging acoustics in complex environments or adding authenticity and depth to immersive spaces.
The synergy between Holoplot and Creative Technology was underlined at Creative Technology’s conneCT Open Day in December 2021 - where the company invited a diverse group of designers, creatives, and users from various industries to a UK presentation of Holoplot X1. The audience was treated to a demonstration sequence showcasing the system’s various use cases, which highlighted its potential for delivering unique sound-based experiences.
Ryan Penny, head of sales at Holoplot says, “From our first meetings Creative Technology immediately recognised the potential of our technology and its applications. As the first Holoplot partner in the UK, Creative Technology will be able to extend their leading role in delivering game changing audio solutions for their clients’ ambitious projects.
“Very quickly both Holoplot and Creative Technology recognised the opportunity in coming together and like us

vdcVDC helps Magic Kite deliver diverse events
Thursday, 12 May 2022

Ireland - Dublin-based Magic Kite has grown over the years to become one of the largest audio suppliers on the island. Along with sister company Just Lite, it is a one-stop shop for all technical aspects of a production including lighting, screens and professional audio equipment, delivering productions for international touring artists, festivals and stadium concerts of all sizes.
Magic Kite constantly upgrades its equipment to suit the many levels and specifications, and VDC has been instrumental in equipping the company with the kit required.
Recent provision includes a fully custom designed 48-channel line system, including a 48ch split, upstage looms, satellite boxes, a variety of 24 and 12 pair Veam to Veams, upstage socapex looms, 16a and 32a cables for mains distribution, and panel work.
VDC has also helped Magic Kite carry out a complete overhaul of its on-stage monitoring cabling and sub boxes completing the transition to a standardised system for all its on-stage monitors and loudspeakers.
Steven Montgomery, senior project manager and system designer at Magic Kite Productions, comments: "Since I was introduced to Adam and Herpreet at VDC several years ago, they have been my first port of call for any cable or panel work projects. They always go above and beyond to understand the end goal of the project, providing valuable experienced input and keep in touch every step of the way. The quality of products from VDC really are second to none – surviving years of rigorous use and 1000s of connections with a near zero fail rate, givin

hof--entediEntedi joins HOF distribution network
Thursday, 12 May 2022

UK - HOF has announced that Entedi is now a distribution partner of HOF in the UK and Ireland.
Marcel Wijnberger, technical manager at Entedi comments, “Another innovative brand to add to our portfolio. Reviewing MLT Prerig truss showed me how small differences can have a big impact on real world use. Our customers are going to be very happy. As customers who have already invested in this pre-rig truss can testify.”
Edwin Duivelaar, export & sales manager at HOF, adds: "Entedi joining the HOF Family is another important step in the internationalisation of the HOF brand, especially considering that the UK and Ireland are very important markets for the European event industry and many European tours will be planned and executed from the UK even after Brexit."
Entedi will distribute the HOF brands HOF trusses including the MLT2 and CJS clamps.

newtekNewTek names first Nordic distributor
Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Sweden - IP video technology specialist NewTek has announced a partnership with Lanlink distribution.
Headquartered in Stockholm, Lanlink has been a NewTek platinum partner supporting the Nordic region and empowering video content creators for decades through the evolution of NewTek’s solutions. Now as a distributor, Lanlink can get the latest NewTek products to customers with a streamlined process, leaving no wait time to create video.
“NewTek has always had a strong user base across the Nordics, and with Lanlink as a certified distributor our customers, end-users, and future customers have easier, and faster access to our cutting-edge products. With the depth and breadth of experience that Lanlink has of our company and solutions, we are confident we will see an expansion of NewTek users across the region, expediting our growth throughout the Nordics,” states Barbara Spicek, president and GM, NewTek.
“The demand for video continues to reach unprecedented amounts, and NewTek’s next-generation, user-friendly, accessible, and reliable solutions are always at the top of our customers' lists,” remarks Peter Lilja, managing director, Lanlink Distribution. “We wanted to come together to make it as easy as possible for users to integrate NewTek and NDI-native NewTek products into their workflows and are excited for the projects to come with our new partnership. Further, we believe our local experts and support will help strengthen NewTek’s stronghold in the Nordics, better-serving customers regionally.”
Lanlink will hold a rang

cpgreenclaypakyClaypaky launches sustainability initiative
Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Europe - Claypaky has launched a new company initiative, CP Green – Spotlight on Sustainability, to approach the topic of environmental sustainability ‘with even greater focus and in a more systematical way’.
To coordinate all the corporate initiatives, integrate them across the whole organisation and secure the execution of the changes, a sustainability team, led by Claypaky executive Andreas Huber has been formed.
“Sustainability became a high priority in Claypaky as we aim pioneering sustainable entertainment products and operations for a safe and better world – driving sustainability is a crucial part of fulfilling our company ambitions and goals,” says Marcus Graser, Claypaky CEO.
“My mission is orchestrating the sustainability and environment activities and foster lasting connections across the company inspiring and engaging colleagues across the Claypaky organisation in their work to support the sustainability and environment activities.” Says Andreas Huber. “I will listen to ideas from any colleague on how we can improve further”.
In cooperation with Spinlife, an initiative of the University of Padova, a scientific and strategical approach has been adapted in the project which is structured in three main phases: Quantification of the company’s current carbon footprint; definition and implementation of a multi-year strategic carbon management plan to reach carbon neutrality, and definition of the concrete steps for the compensation and reduction of the company's carbon footprint.
In the first phases, the

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Free Movement - UK hauliers working on music concerts, sporting and cultural events will be able to make unlimited international trips under new rules. Since Brexit, British specialist hauliers have been limited to three EU stops per tour, the government said. But from late summer they will be able to move freely between the UK, the EU and other countries, it said.
The change has been cautiously welcomed by industry experts but they said it did not solve the problem for everyone. Wob Roberts, production manager for Duran Duran and Sam Smith, told the BBC the move was good news for UK and European tours but did not help smaller UK-based operations which do not have another base overseas.
New dual registration laws will apply to haulage companies with a base in the UK and another abroad, the Department for Transport said. It means they will be able to transfer their vehicle between both operator licences without the need to change vehicles or have their journeys limited. They will also not have to pay Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) in the UK for six months. The new rules will apply to travel not just to the EU, but also to other countries.
Industry group UK Music said the rule change was "important progress for UK musicians and crew looking to tour the EU". But chief executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin told the BBC there were still issues around the transport of goods or passengers.
Breaking Point - Theatre workers are at "breaking point" after enduring decades of long hours and low wages, BECTU has warned, as it demands “substantial and me

saiShure Audio Institute tackles integrated systems
Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Europe - The Shure Audio Institute (SAI) has announced an advanced programme for integrated systems. It consists of a series of in-person, hands-on workshops covering technical sales and support, from how to respond to an RFP to how to setup, configure and troubleshoot Shure systems and solutions. The topics covered in the course include:
Technical Sales Workshop: Learn how to respond to RFPs by creating a complete sales list for project solutions in a tender process. With guidance from Shure, determine how to select the right products to match the functional requirements described in the tender. You’ll use existing online tools and source additional information as well as gain an understanding of the different software license types for respective software (and hardware, where applicable) products.
Technical Support Training Workshop for Microflex Ecosystem Solutions: Learn how to setup, configure, and troubleshoot hardware and software components of the Microflex Ecosystem portfolio including: Microflex Advance, IntelliMix P300, MXN5-C Networked Loudspeaker, IntelliMix Room and Designer. 
Systems for Conferencing and AV Conferencing Workshop: Discover how to install and deploy single and multiple frequency setups of Microflex Wireless and Microflex Complete Wireless, which are best suited for the Conferencing and AV Conferencing applications. 

5-star5 Star Cases addresses mental health stigma
Tuesday, 10 May 2022

UK - Flight case manufacturers, 5 Star Cases believes in normalising discussions about mental health at work and breaking down barriers when it comes to the stigma of mental illness.
According to 5 Star’s accounts & HR manager Kirsty Locks, authentic human connections need to start with treating every member of the team as an individual and ensuring everyone feels that they belong. “This is what creates true diversity and inclusion, and that’s why we’ve been so passionate about advocating this within our team,” says Kirsty. “For everyone to feel they belong, this also means being vulnerable at times, which is why we have been integrating mental health and wellbeing services within our workplace to keep employees happy and in a healthy state of mind.”
The company has taken some important steps to ensure the mental wellbeing of its workforce is being looked after. “We’ve always known how important our staff’s mental wellbeing is, but during the pandemic we realised just how vital it is, so we did something more about it. We signed up for The Healthy Workplace, funded by Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council and delivered by Everyone Health.
“The Healthy Workplace service supports workplaces across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. 5 Star is also running an EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) in partnership with Peninsula and Health Assured, which includes mental and wellbeing support for all employees and their families, including phone and face to f

nexo-medialeaseNexo and Medialease launch funding programme
Monday, 9 May 2022

Europe - Sound system manufacturer Nexo is teaming up with asset financing specialists Medialease to launch new funding projects in Europe. The financial solutions will be available to venues, rental companies and system integrators and will use local funding partners appropriate for the end user client.
The option to use finance will enable Nexo clients to access the performance, operational and commercial benefits inherent in an investment in Nexo technology whilst managing their costs and cashflow monthly, rather than as a cap-ex project, says the manufacturer.
Initial engagement will be through local Nexo country or regional contacts, who will then engage Medialease and their team.
“Finance is driving technology change across all sectors, and we’re delighted to be working with an established industry leader such as Nexo to offer this option,” comments Medialease business development director Paul Donkin.
Nexo sales and marketing director Gareth Collyer says, “It’s great to be working with a partner that understands the unique requirements of customers in each of the industry sectors we serve. We’re confident that this new funding program will deliver real value for our customers.”

mhfaBackup Mental Health First Aider courses confirmed
Friday, 6 May 2022

UK - Backup has announced the next round of its Mental Health First Aider courses, which are free to all freelance crew via the AJ bursary. They will take place on 25 and 26 May, 23 and 24 June, and 13 and 14 July and now follow a two-day format to accommodate freelancers’ busy schedules. The courses are sponsored by Unusual Rigging in memory of Alan Jacobi, who was a long-serving and valued Backup trustee, and provided by fellow industry charity Music Support as an MHFA England Instructor Member.
Course takers will learn how to recognise the warning signs of mental ill health and develop the skills and confidence to approach, listen, reassure and respond, and potentially prevent a crisis from happening. They will also will gain an understanding of how to support their own well-being and tackle stigma.
“Music Support is proud to once again be working in partnership with Backup to equip production and technical freelance workers with vital skills and tools that are enabling industry peers to support themselves and others affected by mental health conditions,” comments Music Support chief executive, Eric Mtungwazi. “Some great work has already been done in our sector, but there is still some way to go before mental health has parity of esteem in the workplace.
“It is imperative that we continue to develop an industry-wide community that promotes prevention, encourages early intervention and a supportive workplace for all workers. Our goal is that all offices, venues, and tours have Mental Health First Aiders on site. We can only achieve thi

music-tribe-rev-002Polar to distribute Music Tribe brands in UK
Thursday, 5 May 2022

UK - Polar has announced a new relationship with Philippines-based Music Tribe (formerly Music Group), which will see the UK company take responsibility for the distribution of Midas, Klark Teknik, Lab Gruppen, Lake, Turbosound and Tannoy in the UK.
The partnership will provide collaborative opportunities to realise co-innovation of new products, co-marketing related to training and education, as well as strong supply chain integration to ensure products are always in stock and readily available, says a statement.
John Midgley, managing director at Polar, comments: “Polar has long been associated with the pro-audio industry, both in terms of the rental and installation sectors, so we’re delighted and very proud to become a super partner of Music Tribe. We’re very excited to be re-introducing the distribution of these truly iconic brands to U.K. customers.”
Pete Sadler, Music Tribe’s customer solutions leader, adds: “We are very proud to have Polar join our super partner family. Both Music Tribe and Polar are extremely passionate about serving our enterprise customers. This strategic relationship will now open the door for deep integration and collaboration - all for the benefit of the customers we love to serve.”

queencoverNeal Preston book sales benefit BTS
Wednesday, 4 May 2022

USA - Behind the Scenes has announced that rock‘n’roll photographer and author Neal Preston is returning to The NAMM Show this June in Anaheim. He will be signing his newest book Queen: The Neal Preston Photographs and speak about his experiences photographing the band over two decades.
Produced in collaboration with Queen, the book features over 200 images and is a ride through their years on the road together. It is the first time Preston and Queen have collated this work in one volume. Glimpses of life backstage, live performances, post-performance highs and lows, and outtakes - many of which have never been seen before - are accompanied by memories and anecdotes from Neal with forwards by Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor.
Preston’s book Exhilarated & Exhausted and posters, including his famous images of Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant and Carlos Santana, will also be available for sale. Proceeds will benefit the Behind the Scenes charity.
The photographer will be at the Behind the Scenes stand #11930 to sign books and posters on Friday, 3 June at 3pm and on Saturday, 4 June, at 11am and 3pm.
“Behind the Scenes would like to thank NAMM, The Lightpower Collection, and ACT Lighting for making Neal’s appearance possible and expresses its gratitude to Neal for his unwavering support,” says the charity.

leeds1PLASA Focus Leeds gears up for a major return
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

UK - The 12th edition of PLASA Focus Leeds will open its doors from 10-11 May at the Royal Armouries Museum, bringing live entertainment technology to the north of England and reconnecting industry professionals from across the live events sector.
More than 150 brands from the audio, AV, lighting, rigging and staging sectors will showcase their technologies – including never-before-seen products - and promote their services across two show halls. Also returning is the free seminar programme, which will run throughout both days.
PLASA MD, Peter Heath, comments: “We are so delighted to see the return of PLASA Focus Leeds after two long years away. I’m sure there will be a huge buzz across the two show halls, with much catching up to do. And the programme will see industry leaders share strategies and solutions for the 2022 landscape of live events and entertainment. I invite you to explore the full scope of the show and I personally hope it delivers everything you are looking for.”
Lighting professionals can look forward to reconnecting with leading brands including Artistic Licence, Astera, Avolites, Ayrton, ETC, Chauvet Professional, GLP, Robe, Strand and Vari-Lite.
Meanwhile, pro audio enthusiasts can find a range of new solutions from the likes of Adam Hall, Audio-Technica, BishopSound, Bose Professional, d&b audiotechnik, EM Acoustics, FBT, Funktion-One, Martin Audio, Peavey, Sennheiser, Shure, Sound Technology, RCF, Nexo and Yamaha.

Seminar programme highlights
Held throughout the show, the seminar p

drdavidlawrenceEntec to host PLASA Focus Leeds seminar
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

UK - Entec UVC Safe Clean will host a seminar entitled Future-proofing events in a post COVID world at the upcoming PLASA Focus Leeds tradeshow, taking place at the Royal Armouries on 10-11 May.
During the seminar, a panel of application and scientific experts, including medical adviser, Dr. David Lawrence and Adrian King, lecturer on medical innovation, will set out practical ways of safeguarding events from the financial and health costs of illness and cancellations. Moderating this lively discussion will be Entec chairman, Nick Pendleton.
Explaining the seminar’s underlying message, Pendleton says: “Theatres, rehearsal and production facilities, sports industries and all forms of event and entertainment promotion have come to recognise that whilst masks may partially reduce transmission of virus from affected individuals, manual cleaning and chemical sprays not only are of limited effectiveness but also create potentially hazardous environmental sequelae.
"Conversely, the impact of UVC ultraviolet light and HEPA ventilation filters has been validated time and time again for indoor air purification, pathogen removal and disinfection of surfaces. The seminar will explain how to create a safe environment, and reassure workforce and customers alike that they - and the event they are attending - are suitably protected. We will also share how far UVC technology will be a game changer for the industry.”
The seminar will take place in the main Bury Theatre at 12.15pm on the opening day.
For more information about the complete prog

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Freedom Orchestra - An orchestra of Ukrainian refugees will take centre stage at this year's Proms, alongside concerts by Sheku Kanneh-Mason and Cynthia Erivo. The newly-formed Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra features players who recently fled the war, alongside Ukrainian musicians from European orchestras.
Ukraine is granting an exemption to the military-age male musicians, allowing them to leave the country and play. Conductor Keri-Lynn Wilson said they would "honour those who have died". The orchestra will perform at the Proms on 31 July, two weeks after the season launches.
Off Stage - Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella is to close in the West End after a disjointed 12-month run. The musical, which is playing at the Gillian Lynne Theatre, will close on 12 June, having begun previewing in June 2021. It comes as the creative team of the show prepare to launch the musical on Broadway, where it will preview from February 2023, ahead of a March opening.
Lloyd Webber said in a statement: “I am incredibly proud of Cinderella. Not only did it get some of the best reviews of my career, but we led the charge to reopen the West End, ensuring that theatre and live entertainment remained relevant and in the news. While mounting a new show in the midst of COVID has been an unbelievable challenge, we held the government’s feet to the flames throughout their changes of heart during the pandemic.”
He added: “Now, I am really excited to get to work putting together a new production with [production company] No Guarantees for Broadw

vitec-emmy-awardVitec receives Technology & Engineering Emmy
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

USA - Vitec was presented with a 2022 Technology & Engineering Emmy Award in the Management of IP Multicast Video Distribution to Desktops and TVs in News & Media Production Facilities category for its EZ TV IPTV Platform and its significant impact on users in the television space.
The 73rd annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards ceremony was held in Las Vegas in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), coinciding with the NAB 2022 media and technology convention.
“Vitec’s EZ TV Platform engineering team contributions have established us as the world’s top solution provider for IPTV distribution for news and media facilities,” comments Eli Garten, Vitec’s SVP product & customer success. “Continued engineering and innovation are at the core of everything we do at Vitec, so I’m thrilled for our talented team that they have been recognized with this prestigious Emmy award. I would like to thank them for their ongoing efforts in providing gold-standard solutions in this space and responding to global broadcast marketplace challenges.”
Vitec’s comprehensive solution for management and distribution of live and on-demand IPTV content is used in broadcast centres, news & media companies, and local TV stations worldwide. It provides network-efficient, real-time distribution of in-house feeds, satellite, and cable TV content on private and public networks.

prosoundProsound sponsors Julanie J tour
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

South Africa - Prosound has been helping South Africa’s live music industry get back on its feet after the COVID lockdowns by supporting up and coming artists return to the stage. The latest example of this came with Julanie J’s four date tour of the Western Cape where Prosound was the PA sponsor.
To support the tour, Prosound provided Stage-Tech managing director JP Chetty with a Meyer Sound solution that would have the versatility to cover the four different venues while also being robust enough to handle four back-to-back performances.
“Not a lot of people in South Africa tour with Meyer, but it is robust, I know first-hand that this PA does really well on tour,” explains JP, who served as audio and tech engineer for the tour. “We took the PA out and did four shows in four days and there was not a single issue with it. We worked very different venues from rooms of 100-200 people to outside, which Meyer has not been associated with traditionally in South Africa, but it worked well for every setting. It’s exactly the same sound, it just gets bigger.”
The tour stopped off at the Jamrock Theatre in Brackenfell, Klienmond Central Café, Die Bordienghuis Theatre in Wellington and Sumsare Wyn Plaas in Robertson. For each venue JP used a pair of Meyer Sound Ultra X 40 tops with low end reinforcement from a pair of the American manufacturer’s 750 LFC subs. “The nice thing about it is that it wasn’t massive rooms so the PA became immersive,” reflects JP. “You’re sitting in the room, you close your eyes and it’s like you’ve go

frankfurtcrobinkirchnerProlight + Sound 2022 reflects spirit of optimism
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Europe - Prolight + Sound 2022 attracted 20,000 visitors from 93 countries, according to the organisers.
After a break of two years, the Frankfurt event brought together companies and professionals from all segments of the industry. Wolfgang Marzin, president and chief executive officer of Messe Frankfurt, reflects: “By all pulling together, we have achieved something that, at the beginning of the year, many people thought would be impossible: the companies and associations of the event and media technology sector joined forces with us to show once again how much life and positive energy is to be found in this industry.”
“We are delighted we have succeeded with Prolight + Sound in triggering this important restart and that we can once again all come together with no restrictions. Both exhibitors and visitors were hungry for spontaneous meetings,” adds Linda Residovic, managing director of the German Media and Event Technology Association, VPLT. “The high quality of the fair is also reflected by the sales figures reported by our members. In other words, the fair is the ideal starting place to recapture the all-important trust in our industry for the future.”
Prolight + Sound 2022 was underpinned by the organisers’ commitment to a greener future for the event industry, and new products at the show included technologies boasting a high level of energy efficiency; solutions for reducing logistical difficulties, and products made of environmentally friendly materials. At the première of the Green Event Day, a programme of lectures revolvi

watsoncardBehind the Scenes seeks card designers
Wednesday, 27 April 2022

USA - Behind the Scenes holiday cards have become a tradition in the industry for those who want to spread holiday cheer while supporting their colleagues in need. Proceeds from card sales help provide grants to entertainment technology professionals, or their immediate dependent family members, who are seriously ill or injured, and support the charity’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative.
Each year designs have been created and donated to the charity by everyone from Tony Award winners to high school students. The design guidelines ( are very simple and you can also view previous examples (
If you are interested in designing a card, Behind the Scenes will need your commitment no later than 15 May and your artwork by 15 June. Please contact Lori Rubinstein at or 212-244-1421.

chrishenleyFulcrum Acoustic appoints Arizona sales rep
Wednesday, 27 April 2022

USA - Fulcrum Acoustichas appointed Mountain AV Marketing as their exclusive sales representative for Arizona. Mountain AV Marketing, based in Phoenix, will be responsible for Fulcrum product sales and support within their territory.
"We are excited for the chance to represent Fulcrum's exceptional product line," says Chris Henley, owner of Mountain AV Marketing. "With all of their new technological solutions they are one of the most exciting brands in the AV industry today."
"I'm happy to see the number of projects utilizing Fulcrum Acoustic audio solutions has increased significantly in the southwest these past few years," says Scott Pizzo, Fulcrum Acoustic's U.S. national sales manager. "We are in great hands with Chris Henley and I know that Mountain AV Marketing will provide us with experienced representation in Arizona."

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Concert Revenues - Royalties from live performances of music fell almost 30% in 2021, despite concerts resuming in the summer. Concert revenues were just £8m, down from £11.3m in 2020 and £54m in 2019, said PRS for Music, the body that collects royalties for songwriters. Only 19,300 setlists were reported last year, it added, marking a huge decline from the 124,000 reported pre-pandemic.
"It's a huge decrease," said CEO Andrea Martin, "but we will see a bounce back this year." She said there was "renewed optimism" in the sector, with more than 240 major tours planned for the UK this year. Acts like Dua Lipa, Little Mix and Stormzy are already on the road, while stadium shows by Harry Styles, Elton John, The Rolling Stones and Adele are planned for the summer. However, Martin said, revenues are not expected to reach pre-pandemic levels until 2023.
Despite struggles in the live sector, PRS had a good year, collecting £777.1m in royalties - only slightly down on the pre-pandemic figure of £810m. "I'm very excited and proud of these results because they show that the music industry is very resilient," said CEO Andrea Martin. "It really shows that music connects and engages people and that we can bounce back."
The company said it processed 27 trillion "performances" of music last year, including streams, downloads, radio and TV broadcasts, as well as music played in pubs, clubs, hairdressers and concert venues.
Big Weekend - Harry Styles has been confirmed as a headline act for Radio 1's Big Weekend. He'll be performing a full so

perg-ewi-logoESTA partners with Netflix for diversity programme
Tuesday, 26 April 2022

USA - In partnership with Netflix, the Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) has announced its Equitable Workplace Initiative (EWI) to create a pipeline for individuals from historically underrepresented groups into the motion picture and television industry. The programme aims to improve equity and diversity in the workforce, develop well-trained workers, and increase representation over time within rental company management.
Launching later this summer, EWI will provide grants to eligible members of the Production Equipment Rental Group (PERG) to cover costs for the first six months of employment for entry-level new hires. PERG members include professional rental companies from every media market sector, from large international brands to local boutique companies.
ESTA’s executive director, Erin Grabe, said, “We are thrilled Netflix has given ESTA the nod and provided the wherewithal to launch this exciting programme. The PERG task group has done excellent work, and the collaboration with the Netflix team has been seamless. We’re really looking forward to further developing this initiative.”
Rental companies that participate in the programme will provide trainees with industry insight, educational opportunities, and mentorship to support participants, and spark a career. Applicants will be selected from within the entertainment industry, local community organizations, and colleges and universities.
The programme is a part of Netflix’s Fund for Creative Equity and will be administered by ESTA with oversight by the


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