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lgs-true-curveLG appoints Midwich MiSupport LED repair centre
Tuesday, 28 February 2023

UK - Midwich and its specialist LED division, PSCo, have announced they have been appointed as LG’s authorised service and repair centre for LED products, delivered through its service department, MiSupport.
The enhanced partnership will see Midwich become the official service partner for in- and out-of-warranty repairs in the UK and Ireland, acting on behalf of LG Business Solutions.
PSCo, part of the Midwich Group, is already the official distributor and accredited technical and service delivery partner for LG LED across the UK & Ireland.
Michael Mclewee, UK & Ireland LED Sales Manager at LG, said, “We partnered with Midwich’s MiSupport because it has enabled us to widen our support coverage and will provide resellers with a clear process for LED product repairs.
“As our authorised service centre, channel partners will receive the best possible support services for complete peace of mind when purchasing LG LED.”
Jon Dew-Stanley, director of technical, services and support at Midwich added: “We are pleased to have been selected by LG to become their official UK LED service and repair centre. This enhanced partnership will give customers access to the full aftercare package from MiSupport, which includes our enhanced warranty, technical assistance, helpdesk support and LED pixel repair service. We have you covered every step of the way.”

btinnotec-teamAyrton appoints BT.innotec distributor for Germany
Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Europe - Ayrton has announced the appointment of BT.innotec as its new, exclusive distributor for Germany with effect from 1 March 2023.
A new company, yet with 44 years of professional industry experience, BT.innotec was established in 2021 by Michael Timmer and Raphael Berndzen to focus on the distribution of carefully selected professional lighting, trussing and control technology for the entertainment lighting market.
The company will be responsible for the distribution and support of the entire range of Ayrton products.
“Ayrton is a well-recognised A-brand in our industry and we are honoured to be chosen as a partner in the worldwide Ayrton sales network,” says BT.innotec managing director, Michael Timmer. “It is a great opportunity and challenge at the same time, and we are convinced that, due to Ayrton’s technological leadership and stable product offering, there are exciting times ahead.
“Ayrton products are state-of-the-art in their development and engineering. The combination of light output and quality of light, along with the features each product offers, is top level. Especially important is the comprehensive IP65/66 offering which will become more and more relevant for our industry because they cut down service and maintenance time and costs in these times when we are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers.”
“Passion, knowledge and focus – combined with trustworthiness and continuity - these are the key ingredients that make an ideal distributor for Ayrton,” comments Michael Althaus, Ayrton’s global

tsl-investsTSL adds Elation KL Fresnel to inventory
Monday, 27 February 2023

UK - TSL Lighting in has expanded their product offerings by adding Elation Professional’s KL Fresnel 6 FC to inventory.
According to TSL managing director Sam Tamplin, the company had been searching for an LED Fresnel light to add to their inventory for several years but they had not found one that met their high standards until now. “They were either too bulky, or the output wasn’t bright enough,” he said. “The KL Fresnel 6 FC gives us a unit which is compact, punchy and with a high-quality full colour engine, bright enough to satisfy even the most demanding lighting designers.”
Designed for any application requiring high output soft light with precise color reproduction and adjustable color temperature, the KL Fresnel 6 FC excels at projecting a uniform wash of soft field light while matching the white balance for camera. It houses a 220W RGBMA LED engine with CRI of 92 and can produce up to 8,000 field lumens.
TSL arranged a demo of the KL Fresnel 6 FC through Entedi, Elation's exclusive UK distributor, and thereafter decided to add it to their stock. The investment adds to other Elation fixtures in TSL inventory, including over 700 outdoor-rated Paladin Cube LED floodlights. “We have been impressed with the build quality, reliability, output and price point of the Elation products we have in our inventory,” Tamplin remarked.
TSL commended Entedi for their excellent support and quick delivery, and also recognised Marcel Wijnberger, technical manager at Entedi, for his technical assistance across the Elation range. “Ente

astera-etpETP invests in Astera Titan Tubes
Monday, 27 February 2023

Denmark - The lighting department of Danish rental and technical production specialist, European Touring Productions (ETP), based just outside Copenhagen, has started investing in Astera wireless LED lighting products.
The first purchase of 32 x Titan Tubes – four sets of eight – was recommend by project manager John Askwith, who came on board last summer and swiftly made a list of ‘must have’ products to service ETP clients, shows and events, especially in the corporate and television sectors. Titans were part of this list.
Previously, ETP had rented assorted Astera fixtures as and when needed. However, the increasingly frequent requests together with John joining the company energised the decision to start amassing their own stock of Astera fixtures.
“It was the way to go,” commented Emil Finsen who runs the lighting department with Sune Verdier. General manger Mikael Windfeldt also endorsed the purchase which was delivered by Astera’s Danish distributor, Light Partner,
Emil joined ETP as a student in 2010, and Sune, also a well-known lighting designer in his own right, joined the lighting team full time in 2019, and both are big fans of the brand.
Sune designs most of ETP’s in-house lighting projects plus his own independent design projects and will frequently specify Astera for this work. Recent projects include Astera Titan Tubes and AX3 LightDrops which he deployed as practical and imaginative tools as part of a striking lighting scheme for Danish musical, Elsk Mig i Nat (Love Me Tonight).
Emil a

poolgroupPOOLgroup powers up with Panthers
Monday, 27 February 2023

Germany - POOLgroup has geared up for a healthy post-pandemic environment by having made a substantial investment in new Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers… including nearly 200 of Meyer Sound’s new flagship, the Panther large-format linear line array loudspeakers.
The new purchase encompassed 192 Panther loudspeakers, 166 1100‑LFC low-frequency control elements, 82 Leopard compact linear line array loudspeakers, and 20 Galileo Galaxy Network Platforms.
“We certainly have an impressive amount of high-quality loudspeaker technology,” says Carl Cordier, one of POOLgroup’s two managing partners. “We believe, much like a craftsman, that the quality of the materials affects the outcome, but must be coupled with expertise and quality service.”
POOLgroup, under its original name of Westfalen Sound, has been using Meyer Sound systems since 2005. “We have a very high level of trust in Meyer Sound,” Cordier continues. “Meyer Sound’s expertise extends from basic research to the fine details of manufacturing. But in the end, it’s a commercial consideration. We have always produced a solid return on our investments in their products.”
As for the rationale behind the major investment in Panther, Cordier cites the exceptional power-to-weight ratio, the compact size, and the inherent advantages of self-powered systems in audio performance. “These are not just sonic advantages but also clear advantages in event logistics,” he says.
POOLgroup is a wide-ranging event production company with a diverse client base in the e

entourageEntourage Pro report reflects optimism for 2023
Monday, 27 February 2023

UK - Crew network and entertainment industry research and insights company Entourage Pro has published a report based on members’ feelings and predictions for the year ahead.
In conjunction with technical industry measurement, and with input from the global freelance crew community, manufacturers, rental houses and key industry stakeholders from the live entertainment sector, The Industry Report 2023 has sought to provide some context around members hopes, fears and considerations on topics such as the cost-of-living crisis, mental health, diversity, prediction, industry sentiment and pay.
Over 1000 respondents took part in the survey, providing a comprehensive and detailed sample range for the purpose of the report.
“We’ve spent a lot of time speaking to industry bodies, crew members, suppliers, manufacturers and the wider music industry,” says Entourage Pro director, Joel Perry. “Whilst there are some concerns for the year ahead, there is also a feeling of optimism. Areas such as education, people value, exploring new ways to build relationships and to undergo training, etc., are being brought to the forefront of attention and from this, as an industry, we are ready and able to react.”
“We’ve published results as they’ve come into us and remain impartial,” adds Entourage Pro co-director, James Stanbridge. “As we measure the industry in more detail moving forward, in terms of kit, market share, venues, and trend, we hope that this direct approach is helpf

craig-mcqueenLightware opens London Experience Centre
Friday, 24 February 2023

UK - Lightware Visual Engineering has announced the opening of its new Experience Centre in the heart of London. This new facility will serve as a central hub for partners and customers across the UK and provide sales, customer, and technical support for all of Lightware's products.
Located in Lime Street, City of London, the Experience Centre is not only the new office of the Lightware UK team, but it also features a training room equipped with the company's latest signal management devices. Visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the Lightware team better and experience the company's products in live environments.
The centre showcases the full range of Lightware's solutions, Vinx, MX2M, TPX and LARA including award-winning technologies, Taurus UCX and UBEX. It provides customers with access to Lightware's products for testing, road map sessions and discussions on future technologies, enabling Lightware to better fulfil its customers' future needs.
Opening this new location is also a major strategic step in expanding Lightware's global footprint and fostering growth in Western Europe. It supports the company's strategic growth plan and provides a platform for customers to see the benefits of Lightware's products without the need for them to set up their own proof of concepts.
"As one of the world’s great cities, and with many of our global customers located within a short distance, London is the perfect location for our new Experience Centre," said Craig Storey, Lightware’s UK CEO. "We look forward to welcoming visitors to the c

cpwave-logoClaypaky relaunches in UK & Ireland with CP Wave
Friday, 24 February 2023

UK - CP Wave is the newly formed UK & Ireland official partner for Claypaky, with on the ground sales, service, and support as standard. The aim is to structure a dedicated Claypaky team, by having skilled local personnel.
Claypaky reports that with effect from 1 February 2023, A.C. Entertainment Technologies is no longer the distributor of Claypaky products for the UK and Ireland.
Alessandro Colangelo, Claypaky business development manager and sales manager for the UK & Ireland states: “Our focus is to meet the high expectations of our customers in such a respected and important market. Claypaky will proactively support CP Wave team, thanks also to our renewed structure and corporate strategy. We have foreseen a challenging business plan in the mid-term as we strongly believe in CP Wave project, but most of all in CP Wave people, whom I’m confident will deliver the very best service to our customers.
“Being an invested extension of Claypaky, we believe CP Wave embodies all the necessary values to properly follow up the heritage of our brand without forgetting the current needs of the market. It is therefore vital to endorse the relaunch of Claypaky in UK & Ireland to this new go to market that will proactively propose our broader and innovative product portfolio, having the maximum care about our customers.”
Colangelo continues: “CP Wave can count already on an outstanding team of skilled professionals in all areas of sales, product & innovation, service. The team is only in a start-up phase with ambition to grow rap

nm-pm-2023NürnbergMesse partners with N&M for rigging
Thursday, 23 February 2023

Germany - Starting from the middle of the year, Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik will be NürnbergMesse's new service partner for rigging and safety-related wire suspension systems.
Exhibitors and their service providers will benefit from the N&M trade fair team's many years of expertise as well as from numerous innovative services. Furthermore, trade fair clients will be able to take advantage of the fact that N&M will be able to provide the entire spectrum of media equipment needed to make a success of a trade fair appearance at the new location.

wharfedale-pro-teamWharfedale Pro champions global partners
Thursday, 23 February 2023

Spain - Following a successful year, Wharfedale Pro celebrated its extensive network of global distributors at an awards ceremony preceding Integrated Systems Europe 2023. The event was held on 30 January at the Barcelona Experience Centre, a venue created by Wharfedale Pro and their Spanish distributor Kinson specifically for the purpose of demoing Wharfedale Pro gear.
Over 40 Wharfedale Pro distributors attended the event, representing many countries from across the world - a testament to the brand's global reach. This event, complete with keynote speeches from Wharfedale Pro team members, brought together the company’s extensive family of distributors.
“It was rewarding that so many of our distribution partners and friends were able to make the journey to Terrassa and their support was invaluable,” says Wharfedale pro sales director, Simon Godfrey. “The purpose of the event was to bring together our partners, launch our new solutions and gain vital feedback for the future of our brand. Seeing everyone sharing intelligence and ideas was inspiring and hugely beneficial to us here at Wharfedale Pro. I am particularly proud of our team and our good friends from Kinson s.a. who worked so hard to make this event such a success,”
Winners were chosen based on their performance across the past year across four categories of awards: Business Transformation, Customer Focus, Brand Innovation and Top Performing Partner.
The Business Transformation Award was awarded to those partners who had demonstrated transformation and focus in their terr

mexicoMartin Audio reorganises distribution in Mexico
Thursday, 23 February 2023

Mexico - Martin Audio has reorganised its distribution set-up in Mexico, appointing NTX Distribution specifically to handle the installation sector. Equally, sister company Optimal Audio also forms part of the new agreement to supplement the offering specifically towards commercial installation and small to medium multi-zoned venues.
Confirming the appointment, Berenice Gutiérrez, founder and CEO of Proactive LATAM, who represent the two brands in Latin America and the Caribbean, stressed that negotiations had been conducted independently. “The move is highly significant for Martin Audio, as having had only one distribution partner for so long we can now focus on the important fixed installation market via NTX,” she stated. “But each brand has something different to offer and addresses markets not necessarily covered by other products in the NTX portfolio.”
The negotiations began back last summer and were finally concluded at the turn of the year, to take effect from January 2023.
As a result, Proactive LATAM will provide full support and also train NTX’s tech team. “They already have a high level of tech and received further training over the course of the recent ISE Show in Barcelona,” confirms Gutiérrez. “Going forward, tech representatives of both brands will visit from the UK to organise formal certificated courses.”
Promotion of the brands will be via a combination of social networks, mail, showroom demos and training events, trade conventions and one-to-one sessions. Tours are planned throughout the country to train

bts-web-banner-purpleLong Riders raffle and BTS return to USITT
Wednesday, 22 February 2023

USA - The Long Reach Long Riders and Behind the Scenes will host their annual fundraising raffle at the USITT Conference 16-18 March in St. Louis, MO. This year’s raffle will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Long Reach Long Riders annual charity motorcycle ride. The Riders, who have raised over $1,000,000 for charity in their years of touring, will be riding 3-9 June in sunny Southern California.
The Behind the Scenes Boutique will also be open for business during the show featuring an assortment of industry-themed holiday decorations and the famous Long Reach Long Rider T-shirts and kazoos.
The booth will feature the Behind the Scenes Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative which provides tools and resources to support entertainment industry workers and promote mental health and psychological safety. Posters with information on suicide prevention, bullying and harassment, alcohol and substance abuse, and more will be available.
Tickets for the raffle are an affordable $5 each or five for $20 and can be purchased at the Behind the Scenes booth #821 throughout the show. Winning tickets for nine regular prizes and one grand prize will be drawn at 1pm on Saturday, the final day of Stage Expo.
The prizes, provided by generous donors, are: Grand Prize, Spotlight with Renderworks from Vectorworks; Ghostlight from Altman Lighting; American Express Gift Card from Barbizon; Event Safety Summit 2023 Registration from the Event Safety Alliance; Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine with Aeroccino Milk Frother from IA Stage; ETCNomad Education E

robe-etp-investsETP invests in Robe Fortes
Wednesday, 22 February 2023

Denmark - ETP is a large full technical production – lighting audio, rigging, staging and roofing systems, seating and grandstands– rental company based in greater Copenhagen, which started its lighting department in 2010 with 20 moving light fixtures.
There are now over 230 x Robe fixtures alone in the rental fleet, plus numerous other lights, with the most recent purchase being 34 x Fortes, acquired for the busy record-breaking 2022 summer touring and festival season.
The lighting department is headed by Emil Finsen and Sune Verdier. Emil joined as a student in 2010, and Sune, a well-known lighting designer in his own right, joined the ETP team full time in 2019. In addition to designing most of ETP’s in-house lighting projects, he continues to work on design projects for other clients.
“We wanted a large, bright LED moving light that could also be used outdoors for festivals and summer tours,” stated Emil.
Their previous experiences with Robe’s DL4S and DL7S in the theatre had all been great in that environment, but they needed something seriously bright that would also cover concerts and gigs. Last summer 32 x Robe Esprites joined the rental stock which were out all the time, but to service the unprecedented number of festivals and live events during summer 2022, they needed something even brighter.
Any substantial purchases in the lighting department are 50% driven by external demand including rider specifications, and the other 50% by what are deemed to be the best options for ETP’s own shows.
Sune, Emil and

genlec-45th-anniversaryGenelec marks 45th anniversary with world tour
Wednesday, 22 February 2023

World - Genelec is marking its 45th anniversary this year by launching the Genelec 45 World Tour, which celebrates ‘truthful sound and the passion that powers it’. The extensive tour combines demonstrations of Genelec studio monitors with a programme of learning and listening experiences, complemented by a major global music collaboration.
Central to the tour is the Genelec | Experience series of premium events, which includes face-to-face listening sessions at Genelec’s growing international network of Experience Centres, complemented by hybrid and virtual events, regional partner events and traditional trade shows. The Genelec | Experience will not only provide an opportunity for customers to audition Genelec’s studio monitors, but will also allow customers to learn about and experience a wide range of Genelec stereo and immersive loudspeaker systems in a controlled, critical listening environment.
For those that can’t attend the Genelec | Experience in person, Genelec will also be making full use of its digital channels throughout 2023 to deliver a programme of online masterclasses, tutorials, webinars and informal knowledge-sharing sessions, while the new Genelec Virtual Showroom allows customers across the Professional Audio Monitoring, AV Installation and Home Audio segments to instantly access valuable Genelec information and resources. Additionally, the Create With Genelec loan campaign will be run in selected territories to allow audio professionals, creatives and music educators to experience Genelec technology in the comfort of their

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 21 February 2023

Post Pandemic Blues - The pandemic has wiped billions of pounds from the night-time economy, including theatre, according to a new report. The research indicates that the night-time sector has had a greater struggle to recover to pre-pandemic income than the economy generally, despite a robust response to the challenges of Covid. The chair of the Night Time Industries Association, which carried out the report, said the government had "failed" the sector.
The report highlights how seriously jobs in hospitality, theatres, bars, restaurants and those that operate between 6pm and 6am have been hit over the past few years and that many in the sector are "surviving" but not "thriving".
Sacha Lord, chair of the NTIA and night-time economy adviser for Greater Manchester, said: "The government has failed independent business operators and the cultural sector across the UK. It needs to do everything possible to protect these vitally important businesses that deliver way beyond economic impact, but are considered vital to social cohesion, nightlife tourism and the mental health and well-being of the UK."
The report is the second commissioned to help fully understand the economic contribution and significance of the night-time cultural economy (NTCE) to the UK economy.
Studio Boost - An £800m expansion of the studios used for the filming of the James Bond and Star Wars franchises has been approved. Pinewood Studios, near Iver Heath in Buckinghamshire, submitted plans for a 1.4m sq.ft expansion to build 21 new stages, a training hub a

jllJLLighting and JLLive join together as JLL
Tuesday, 21 February 2023

UK - JLLighting and JLLive are joining together under one single brand identity and comprehensive offering. JLL will be a ‘one stop shop’ full-service technical production partner.
JLLighting was founded in 2009, adding JLLive as a second arm to the business in order to expand the services the team could offer event agencies, in-house corporates and exhibition clients in 2020.
JLL has built long-standing relationships with a list of brands, including most of the major television production companies in the UK, as well as event agencies and corporates to execute live events to and support their corporate film needs. These have included BBC, ITV, Pico+, Amazon Prime Video, MCI, The Walt Disney Company, Netflix, 2Heads, Toucan, YouTube, RenewableUK, Financial Times, GES and Spiro and countless more. This has allowed JLL to complete projects across the length and breadth of the UK, as well as internationally.
Jack Linaker, managing director at JLL, comments: “From day one, we have prided ourselves on being a forward thinking and dynamic business which has continued to invest, develop, and evolve with the industries we work so closely with. When we re-evaluated the two sides of our JLL offer we identified enhancements that could be made to ensure our clients received an elevated level of service from us, and to facilitate internal team efficiencies. We see this evolution as an opportunity to build on what we have achieved so far, to grow the industries and sectors we work within, and to secure and refine the JLL offering – moving into more effi

mdg--rmMDG appoints RM Multimedia distributor for Italy
Tuesday, 21 February 2023

Europe - MDG has announced the appointment of RM Multimedia as its new, exclusive distributor for Italy. The new arrangement takes effect from 20 February 2023.
RM Multimedia was founded in 2007 by Marco Bartolini, Ermanno Tontini and Paula Poroliseanu all of whom brought many years of industry experience to the company. Based in Cattolica (Rimini), RM Multimedia exclusively distributes many top brands of entertainment technology across the Italian market. Its 20-strong team is united by the same desire and ability to enhance the company's philosophy of providing the best quality service to each and every client.
RM Multimedia is present throughout the country with the support of a network of 10 trained commercial agents who support local customers at every stage of the sales process. Added to this is the undisputed quality of the brands, making RM Multimedia a point of reference in the Italian market.
“Having the opportunity to distribute MDG in Italy is for us an honour and a new challenge,” says Paula Poroliseanu. “We are extremely happy and positive about this great new start.”
“We are so very happy to welcome RM Multimedia into the MDG Family as our new distributor for Italy,” says Nicolas Duhamel, MDG marketing director and European business development. “RM Multimedia has been distributing high quality brands for many years. They are known in Italy for their seriousness and the support of their customers in their projects. MDG's line of atmospheric effects products will be a perfect match. We are looking forward to an exce

more-distributionMore Distribution takes on 1 Sound for Benelux
Monday, 20 February 2023

Europe - US loudspeaker manufacturer 1 Sound had their global exhibition debut this season at ISE Barcelona. One of their primary goals was to build their international distribution and dealer network.1 Sound’s Leonardo D’Andrea, EMEA sales executive, previously approached More Distribution, an A/V distributor in The Netherlands and demonstrated the wide range of 1 Sound’s line of loudspeakers over the course of several days at their facility in Italy. He took the opportunity at ISE to invite More Distribution to make the distribution agreement official.
More Distribution specialises in professional audio, lighting, and video sales to professional AV companies, theatres and systems integrators, with a targeted service approach, tailored to each sector. They are a distributor for leading brands like Optocore, Glensound and Soundtools and dealer for Allen & Heath, DPA Microphones and Powersoft amongst others. More Distribution will exclusively represent 1 Sound in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg areas.
“We are thrilled by our appointment as 1 Sound’s distributor for the Benelux and look forward to joining them on their new and exciting global journey. We feel that 1 Sound’s innovative products will prove to be an invaluable addition to our product portfolio,” says Marc Noble, sales director at More Distribution.
"We are so excited to have formed this partnership with More Distribution to represent our brand in the Benelux area. Their years of experience, and the knowledge they have in various applications of audio enables them in

pan-acousticsACS to market Pan Acoustics in Benelux
Monday, 20 February 2023

Europe - Pan Acoustics has announced that Acoustic Control Systems (ACS) based in Garderen, Netherlands will become a marketing partner in Benelux.
“ACS joined the Pan Acoustics family in April 2022 and is now a part of the Pan Acoustics group of companies. With over 35 years of experience in electroacoustic design in highest performing environments like operas, concert halls and multi-purpose buildings ACS brings a vast knowledge to the table. This will be a great benefit to all of our clients in the Region”, said Johannes Kampert – Head of Global Sales at Pan Acoustics.
As a Pan Acoustics company ACS will work as the extended arm of Pan Acoustics in the region and will support customers with system designs, demos and technical support and sales. Effective immediately the products will be available from ACS directly.
“We are very much looking forward to supporting our mothership Pan Acoustics in the region. First-class electroacoustic projects is what we always delivered and we are happy to expand our services towards the challenging acoustic environments, where Pan Acoustic speakers play at their best. Moving forward the addition of Pan Acoustics to our portfolio will also allow us to provide complete ACS virtual room acoustics solutions,” says At van den Heuvel – director at ACS.
Long-standing distribution partner TAU Audio Solutions from Groningen will continue to be a key source of Pan Acoustics for day to day business and will put a focus on the AV and electrical contractors channel. ACS and TAU will work together in a partne

lightwareLightware opens offices in France and Poland
Friday, 17 February 2023

Europe - Lightware Visual Engineering has announced the opening of its new French and CEU business hubs, covering France and the French overseas territories, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.
Lightware France, located in 13 Avenue Morane Saulnier, in Vélizy-Villacoublay, just outside Paris, will be a meeting point for partners, consultants and end users, with plans to incorporate in the next couple of months a User Experience Centre room and a training room fully equipped with Lightware products and solutions.
The CEU office, located in Warsaw, will serve the professional AV audiences of the Central European region, increasing the brand awareness and familiarising the Central European AV industry with Lightware’s technologies and products, offering a demo room for local training and technical support.
Leading these geographic expansions and also point of contact for French and CEU markets are Dominique Bonneau, country manager of France, and Piotr Dębski, regional director, respectively.
Dominique is an experienced and respected team leader, and he joins from Kramer Electronics where he spent 15 years. He previously enjoyed extensive sales and senior management roles at Fnac Video Enterprise. Piotr has been working in the industry for more than 25 years, and he was the regional manager for the Central European region at Kramer Electronics for 16 years.
Bonneau explains: “Leading Lightware’s new office will be an exciting opportunity to expose Lightware’s market leading techno

bandit-websiteBandit Lites rolls out updated website
Friday, 17 February 2023

USA - Bandit Lites has announced the complete overhaul of its website, Bandit’s team sought to revamp the online experience for both current and potential clients as well as its team members.
With a robust social media following and engaged online community, the web team focused on redesigning the main website, seeking to build a space that would showcase the company’s continued dedication to both progress and excellence.
The new user-friendly website features insight into servicing tours, special events and system integrations as well as information on Bandit’s locations, in-depth specs for Venue One, Bandit’s rehearsal space as well as peruse open job listings and extensive company benefits. Visitors can also learn about Bandit’s 55-year history, its values and commitment to its employees and clients.
“Our new website emphasises the visual appeal of Bandit Lites’ work through a comprehensive image-based layout,” said Bandit Lites business manager Chase Strickland, who worked as the website’s chief developer. “The new will now serve as a functional and aesthetic online presence for our team members, followers and customers.”

patrick-almondStudiomaster and StageOne join forces in SA
Friday, 17 February 2023

South Africa - British headquartered, manufacturer of live sound solutions, Studiomaster has appointed StageOne (formerly TV Audio) as its distribution partner for its range of sound mixing consoles, loudspeakers, amplification and accessories in South Africa. The exclusive distribution partnership kicked off in January.
The first Studiomaster shipment, which arrived in South Africa in early January consisted of a range of digital and analogue audio mixing consoles including the Studiomaster Digilive 4C, Digilive 8C, Digilive 16, Digilive 16RS, Digilive16P-600, Digitrack18, C6XS-12, C6XS-16, Sessionmix 822, Sessionmix 1222, Sessionmix 1622 consoles and AC48II processors.
“I am particularly excited about taking on the Studiomaster brand as I believe that it’s a great product at a price point suitable for the South African market,” stated Peter Berry, owner of StageOne. “The mixing consoles in particular are the perfect fit for our existing range of FBT speakers which we also distribute in South Africa. FBT UK has also recently started the sub-distribution of Studiomaster analogue and digital consoles along with amplification products which speaks volumes for the Studiomaster brand.”
Studiomaster’s director of global sales, Mike Bufton, comments: “With StageOne having more than 40 years’ trading experience, and a perfect portfolio fit, the partnership is a very obvious choice for the Studiomaster brand in all sectors from Musical Instruments, Install to Pro-Audio. As StageOne are a highly respected distributor, Studiomaster is delight

goldensquarePRG UK relocates to new office in London
Thursday, 16 February 2023

UK - Production Resource Group (PRG) has announced the relocation of its London offices to a new space within the heart of the city’s West End. Less than a five-minute walk from Piccadilly Circus tube station, PRG Golden Square offers staff and clients 24/7 access to a light and airy, modern, and private office and meeting space within an 18th century Georgian terrace managed by
The property is based in the centre of Soho, one of the busiest and most vibrant areas of the city centre, while also offering a shared break out space and café facility for all staff. As part of our membership with, colleagues and clients can also enjoy flexible working spaces across the group’s network of offices in London and Birmingham, providing accessibility to several workspaces within key locations in the UK.
PRG UK, CEO Richard Williams says, “By adding PRG Golden Square to our portfolio of locations in the UK, we are pleased to maintain our strong and steadfast presence in London while updating our facilities to what our teams need in this new post-COVID era. This new space gives our staff and clients a comfortable, flexible, and convenient place to work together, and we are looking forward to welcoming them through our doors.”

lpsLPS Production invests in Ayrton Perseo Beams
Thursday, 16 February 2023

USA - LPS Production in Miami Lakes, Florida has invested in more than 60 Ayrton Perseo Beam fixtures, the first compact, waterproof multi-function beam effect LED luminaires. LPS offers a full range of live show and event production services, professional-grade equipment rentals, the latest in event technologies and a dedicated team experienced in some of the most demanding production environments. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.
“We needed a powerful fixture for outdoor use since the majority of shows we do here in South Florida are outdoors,” says LPS Owner, Jose Laria. “We initially added the Perseo Beams to our rental inventory then, having seen them at work, we’ve decided to phase out some of our other fixtures and acquire more Perseo Beams in the short term. We also plan to look at bigger Ayrton fixtures in the future.”
“We’re always looking at fixtures when we go to trade shows, and we ask for input from lighting designers and production managers who will be deploying our fixtures,” notes Juan Ugas, general manager of LPS. “Bradley Cronenwett at ACT is always on top of things and showed us the Ayrton product line; we’d never seen Ayrton IP65-rated fixtures. He told us there was no better demo than using the Perseo Beams, so we tried them on an actual show and everyone liked them. That sealed the deal.”
The Perseo Beams offered a number of attractive features, according to Ugas. “They are camera-friendly with no flickering, which is a plus for our broadcast work,” h


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