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adlib-creamfieldsAdlib out in force at Creamfields 2019
Friday, 18 October 2019

UK - Technical production specialist Adlib supplied lighting for two arenas at Creamfields 2019 and audio to four arenas, plus lighting and sound for the hospitality zone.
Creamfields attracts 70,000 dance fans each day for three days with a DJ line-up representing the diversity of dance culture and sounds. Merseyside-based Adlib worked directly for creative production specialist LarMac LIVE and their team led by Ian Greenway.
The logistics and planning of the lighting side of this highly detailed project were coordinated and project managed by Adlib’s Jordan Willis. The designs for arenas CF07 and CF09, for which Adlib supplied the full lighting packages, were created by Ian Tomlinson from High Scream.
A curved layered structure clad with LED video panels set the aesthetic tone for CF05, making a complete curve but with some strategic gaps left in between the LED where lighting could be secured to the scaffolding superstructure.
Adlib added 20 x Martin MAC Aura XB LED wash moving lights, 20 x Claypaky Axcor Beam 300s, 60 x Chauvet COLORdash PARS and 12 x CP Stormy LED strobes for blasts and accents. All of these were attached to the structure to keep the stage completely clean and clear. Control was a grandMA light and Adlib’s techs were Dave Smith and Ash Dawson, also both operating, supported by technician Peter Lea.
CF07’s lighting design was based around a combination of flown elements and a substantial ground support over the stage, installed by Prism.
Four raked finger trusses provided ‘roof cover’ for lighting a

julien-clercMavericks set multi moods for Julien Clerc
Friday, 18 October 2019

Canada - Julien Clerc is currently on the Canadian leg of his his 50th anniversary Piano et Voix tour. Supporting him is a powerful Eric Lapointe lighting design that features Chauvet Professional Maverick fixtures supplied by LSM.
The Quebec-based Lapointe’s theatrical background has played a prominent role in his design for Clerc’s Canadian shows.
“This tour is held in leading theatres, most of which have massive stages, so we wanted to trim high, as high as 30ft,” said Lapointe “Thus, I needed an instrument with the output to cut through the haze and still deliver gorgeous texture even in saturated colours. The saturates are essential to this show. Each song has its own flavour and visual mood with the lights only moving in two of the more than 20 songs performed. Instead of movement, we treat the audience to incredible colour fades and quiet textured zooms.”
Lighting specialist Gil Perron working with the LSM team consulted with Lapointe, and suggested that the Maverick MK3 Profile and MK2 Wash had the feature sets to help him achieve his vision. “LSM works thoughtfully and diligently with clients to match them with the fixtures that best fit their needs,” said Perron. “The more we studied this, the more we felt that the Mavericks were the ideal choice.”
Lapointe is lighting each musician with a single dedicated MK2 Wash. The MK3 Profile fixtures are being used to add texture to the scenic elements, as well as for specials on the artist and texture on the floor.
“In the end, every song is receiving a theatric

hyperdriveElation gears up for Netflix’s Hyperdrive
Friday, 18 October 2019

USA - In Netflix’s new reality TV show Hyperdrive, car racing meets obstacle course in a type of American Ninja Warrior with cars. Lighting is in the capable hands of two long-time industry pros and Warrior lighting veterans, Ed Motts (lighting director) and Adam Biggs (director of photography).
Motts says it was through their work on Warrior that the team was brought onboard to light the new reality competition. “We’ve really developed a niche reputation for doing outdoor TV shows,” he says of the lighting team. “Whatever Mother Nature can muster we’ve been through it. Hence we’ve gone with Elation gear because the IP rating is tremendous for us.”
The inaugural season of Hyperdrive was released by Netflix to a worldwide audience in August. The series was filmed at the Eastman Business Park in Rochester, N.Y. The complex was transformed into 10 obstacle racecourses with contestants driving custom cars through a series of obstacles.
Motts used a large package of dynamic lighting to bathe the Hyperdrive course and cars in light, colour and effect. Some 200 Elation Cuepix 16 IP LED matrix panels, 245 SixPar 100 IP LED PAR lights, 145 Platinum Beam 5R Extreme narrow-beam moving heads, and 34 Proteus Hybrid moving heads, along with other lighting, played a key role in helping to create maximum TV drama. Aspect Lighting out of LA supplied the automated lighting with MBS providing conventional fixtures.
One of the show’s many challenging obstacles is called Walk on Water, a 50,000-gallon water hazard where ca

robeMegaPointes go vertical for KVIFF ceremony
Friday, 18 October 2019

Czech Republic - The opening ceremony of the 2019 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF) featured a gravity-defying vertical dance performance with large-format projection and eight aerialists from Jednotka Rychlého Nasazení (Rapid Action Unit) who were creatively directed by brothers Michal Caban & Simon Caban, universally known as ‘Cabani’.
To light this choreography, they chose 24 x Robe MegaPointes, which were installed, together with custom trusses, motors and a bespoke people flying system into the Great Cinema Hall at the Thermal Hotel in the Czech spa city.
The MegaPointes were delivered by Prague-based rental / production company, AudioLight Service and operated by LD Ladislav Horak.
Cabani is an innovative boundary-challenging dance and physical theatre group founded by the brothers whilst they were at college 25 years ago. Since then, they have been thrilling audiences worldwide with their unique blend of adrenaline-fuelled acrobatics and imaginative expression, working on a diversity of theatre, film, video and multimedia projects.
This year was the 24th time that Cabani has designed and produced the opening and closing ceremony shows for KVIFF. While they keep coming up with multiple fresh performance ideas and concepts, the pressure is always on as audience expectations are now super-high that something visually outstanding will be revealed.
For this year’s OC event, they decided to create the vertical – and suspended – dance piece after being inspired by the graphics artwork for this festival ev

killswitchengageMavericks back Killswitch Engage US tour
Thursday, 17 October 2019

USA - When creating the lighting design for Killswitch Engage on the band’s co-headline North American tour with Clutch, Cody James had a simple goal in mind. “I wanted to go back to the KSE’s roots,” he said. “My plan was to give the guys much more solid colours and bold looks.”
James’ plan was well-founded, given the retrospective nature of his Grammy nominated client’s most recent (and sixth) studio album Disarm The Descent.
James’ design included eight multi-functional Chauvet Professional Maverick MK Pyxis fixtures that were used to transform venues of widely different sizes and configurations.
“The idea was to create powerful looks that fit any location, whether it was a live music venue or a festival,” said James. “There were four different layouts for the floor backstage, and we would decide which design we would use for any particular show during our walk-through. Since this was a coheadline tour, all of our layouts were designed to be set up and taken down quickly while still fitting the venue.”
James was able to achieve this level of flexibility because of the versatility of his fixtures, and the dedication of his crew. “The people at JDI always make sure all of my tours are 100% dialled in,” he said. “The guys in the KSE crew allowed me to put as many lights as possible in their way every day. And the Clutch crew are some of the best humans to work next to. There are always challenges with a coheadline tour, but we met them very well by working together.”
Key to the design were the

Avolites releases Synergy software
Thursday, 17 October 2019

UK - Having already won industry awards and being used on some extremely high-profile projects in its beta stage, Avolites reports that its new software control system, Synergy, is being released worldwide.
Effectively a free V12 software upgrade to both its lighting console and media server ranges, Synergy unites them, allowing lighting designers full visibility and fine control over both the lighting and video components of a truly multi-media performance.
Synergy allows users to quickly and simply pull control of pre-created screen surfaces and layers into a Titan-based lighting console at the touch of a button, or, vice versa, create surfaces in an Ai media server from within the console interface. All operations occur seamlessly using Avolites’ proprietary Titan Net protocol and take place on whatever hardware the user is running, from Titan USB interfaces all the way up to the Sapphire Touch console, and from Ai software licences all the way up to the super-powerful Q4 media server.
The software’s new Lightmap feature allows users to stream Ai video colour data through any colour-mixing fixture group, to instantly integrate them into a larger video canvas. As a result, everything from high-res LED screens to LED fixture groups can be controlled from a single intuitive User Interface without the requirement to create and arrange fixtures in the media server or create ArtNet merges. Users can simply select the group and choose Ai in the pixel mapper.
Synergy also allows for live video previews of up to six simultaneous streams from th

kansasKansas anniversary tour rolls on with Bandit
Thursday, 17 October 2019

USA - Kansas have announced the fourth and final leg of The Point of Know Return Anniversary Tour, with a lighting system supplied by Bandit Lites. With the third leg of the tour currently traversing the country, the group is performing the eponymous sextuple-platinum album in its entirety to near capacity and enthusiastic audiences through Spring of 2020.
“It’s exciting how popular the Point of Know Return Anniversary shows have been,” comments Kansas lead vocalist Ronnie Platt. “When we wrap up this fourth and final leg, we will have played nearly 100 of these shows over nearly two years. We have worked hard to give audiences a memorable musical experience with this tour. We are excited to continue it with the final leg of the tour, then see what we come up with next.”
Lighting designer Scott Pearson had no boundaries when building the lighting for the show, immersing himself in the music as he programmed and translated the music into a “visual representation”.
“It is all about the buildup,” Pearson explained, referring to the three-act element of the concert. “Each phase is different, and I start with the minimum.”
Bandit Lites provided GLP X4S fixtures, Martin MAC Viper Profiles, Wildfire Blacklite WF 101 fixtures and Elation CuePix WW2 Blinders. Fourteen Elation SixPars illuminate set pieces along with an Obsidian Controls M6 for control.
“Scott’s approach to details down to how the system is prepared, cabled and packed make a big impact in adapting to different venues throughout the country,” said B

opreyGLP fixtures at The Grand Ole Opry
Thursday, 17 October 2019

USA - This summer, Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry unveiled a new daytime backstage tour based around the new, purpose-built Circle Room theatre. Hosted by Opry members Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, a 14-minute long immersive media experience takes fans on a journey through nearly 100 years of Opry history, seen through the eyes of the musicians who played on the famous stage, and features archival footage and concert-like special effects.
The Circle Room serves as the centrepiece of a $12m Opry House expansion and renovation project aimed at enhancing the guest experience. This production marks the opening of the new backstage tour, which continues into the renovated Opry House Lobby, featuring a custom lighting element made with Gibson guitars and a special media presentation.
As the introduction for the new tour, The Circle Room experience is dominated by LED concert and mood lighting from GLP, specified by a consortium headed by design and production agency BRC Imagination Arts. Under the creative direction of Brad Shelton, Edward Hodge, and a team of designers, they conceived and designed the Opry Circle Room, which at night transforms into a VIP upgrade area for Opry show guests. It includes 340 lighting fixtures - many of them from GLP - as well as four projectors and five LED screens.
BRC, in turn, brought in Brian Gale and Manny Treeson of LA-based lighting design company, NYXdesign, while one of GLP’s dealers, Clearwing Systems Integration, handled the installation, with all three companies having collaborated regularly in the past.

kristopherclemsonVectorworks Richard Diehl Award winner announced
Thursday, 17 October 2019

USA - Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks continues to support the next generation of designers, naming Kristopher Clemson winner of the 2019 Richard Diehl Award, the grand prize for the Vectorworks Design Scholarship.
With over 1,600 submissions, scholarships were awarded to 20 student projects from the architecture, entertainment, landscape and interior design industries. Winners included both individual and group submissions.
The winning project, The Octagon submitted by Clemson, a recent graduate of Full Sail University and founder of Bifröst Lighting, focuses on lighting design, Vision and MA 3D renderings. Clemson used Vision alongside Vectorworks Spotlight to help with previsualization and implementing MA lighting on a PC.
“It is an incredible honour to receive this scholarship and to be the first entertainment winner of the Richard Diehl Award,” said Clemson. “As my first time applying to the Vectorworks Design Scholarship, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I struggled with the design process, but the usability, flexibility and overall presentation was achievable with Vectorworks software. I advise anyone looking to apply next year to suffer for your art and to ensure you have a well-balanced life of creativity surrounding yourself with creative mentors and friends.”
Pyura: The 333 Tour by Mauro Pujia, Polytechnic University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) was winner of the entertainment category.
“We congratulate all winners of this year’s Vectorworks Design Scholarship, an

slx-logoStage Electrics agrees sale of SLX
Thursday, 17 October 2019

UK - Specialist hire and events business, SLX, has been sold by the Stage Electrics Group in a transaction led by the existing chief executive Alastair Currie.
All staff will transfer as part of the transaction which completed on Friday 11 October 2019.
Alastair Currie says, “Two years ago I joined SLX and at the time had no idea what an amazing business I would find. SLX is brimming with some of the most knowledgeable, talented, passionate and dedicated individuals I’ve ever come across. From delivering on incredible West End productions and national tours to utterly unique corporate events as well as being in house providers at nationally recognised top tier venues, I couldn’t be prouder of the work we do.
“There is still an incredible untapped opportunity and I’m confident our plans for significant investment in the latest lighting products and further investment in our technical team will enable SLX to quickly become recognised as the leading player in the hire and live events sector.”
Maria Townsend CEO of Stage Electrics Group comments, “We believe that this decision is extremely positive for Stage Electrics, it will enable us to target our management time and focus our resources more effectively. As a market leader in installation, sales and venue services both in the UK and overseas, we felt the timing was right to concentrate purely on our core businesses.”
(Jim Evans)

vulfpeckVulfpeck go Rogue in Madison Square Garden
Wednesday, 16 October 2019

USA - Madison Square Garden has welcomed just about every conceivable kind of music act in its storied history, but it’s doubtful that the famed arena has ever hosted a concert with a scenic set quite like the one Vulfpeck used for its recent show. With a mix of well-worn chairs, ottomans tapestries and thrift shop lamps, the set for the band’s concert looked more like the kind of apartment inhabited by college kids, than a funk music stage.
Formed by four students at the University of Michigan’s music school, Vulfpeck recorded their first song in an Ann Arbor living room. They had the exact furniture from that room shipped 622 miles from their college town home to Manhattan for their Madison Square Garden debut.
The ‘living room’ provided a nice touch that captured the engaging style of Vulfpeck. At the same time, though, it also presented a challenge for Christian Hall, the designer brought in by the band’s production manager to light the show.
Hall, of Borealis Stage Lighting, met this challenge by deftly creating a design that managed to be at once as engaging as the show’s homey set, and as potent as the big arena. Helping him accomplish this feat were his ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console with an extra wing, and a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures supplied by Squeek Lights.
“The scenic design for this show was well-executed and different,” said Hall. “We wanted to keep the “living room” the focal point of the set, while still filling in the empty areas above and around the band with lighting. It definit

adjADJ lights Guido’s Orchestra open air event
Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The Netherlands - Guido’s Orchestra, the popular Dutch ensemble that fuses pop and classical music, performed their annual open-air concert in Kerkrade at the end of June. As this also happens to be the home town of ADJ Europe it was fitting that a lighting rig consisting entirely of ADJ’s fixtures – including 186 recently-released IP-rated outdoor units – was used to illuminate the performance which ran over two evenings and featured a number of guest performers.
Billed in full as The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra, Guido’s Orchestra is the brainchild of conductor, violin soloist and composer Guido Dieteren. Having toured throughout Europe and North America as part of numerous traditional orchestras, Guido formed his own ensemble with the intention of performing the most famous melodies of all time from both the classical and pop worlds.
Every summer Guido’s Orchestra, together with a number of guest artists, perform an open air concert for their Dutch fans and for the past couple of years it has taken place in the picturesque market square in the middle of Kerkrade.
This year’s concert was held on the last Saturday of June and had a truly international flavour thanks to guest performances by German vocalists VoXXclub and Australian 10-part harmony outfit The TEN Tenors. The concert was filmed for a future DVD release as well as a TV special due to be screened in Europe this fall.
With a crowd of thousands attending on both nights, TV crews ready to capture the performances and a vast orchestra on stage, the lighting p

claypakyClaypaky lights schools spectacular
Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Australia - The 2019 Victorian State Schools Spectacular: Made of Stars was staged at the Melbourne Arena and filmed by Channel 7 for later broadcast. The annual live arena production showcasing the talent of students across the state of Victoria featured a large complement of Claypaky lighting fixtures, which helped students working behind the scenes gain real-world experience with top-of-class, professional luminaires.
Some 200 schools participated in Made of Stars, where performers included daredevil BMX riders, skaters, acrobats, circus artists, musicians and hip-hop dancers. The three-hour show featured the arrival of a spaceship and a send up of the fashion industry. The yearly production is an invaluable performing arts opportunity for students in Victoria from primary school to grade 12 and has become a rite of passage for top young talent.
PRG Australia installed the show’s lights in the multi-purpose Melbourne Arena. The Claypaky fixtures numbered 60 Xtylos, 70 Scenius Unicos, 80 Sharpy Spots, 40 Sharpy Wash 330s, 36 Alpha Beam 700s and 26 A.leda B-EYE K20s.
“PRG supplied all of the lighting and rigging and ran training for the students working behind the scenes enabling them to experience state-of-the-art fixtures like the Claypaky Xtylos,” explains Andrew Holmes, senior account manager with PRG Australia. The show marked the first major use of the new Xtylos fixtures in Australia.
"Xtylos is an extraordinary instrument, almost like a scalpel: cutting, saturated beams of pure colour,” says lighting designer Pau

lucidLucid Technologies grows Middle East presence
Wednesday, 16 October 2019

UAE - Lucid Technologies is showcasing the systems behind its art, on Stand 4B24 at this week’s ProLight+Sound Middle East exhibition.
Lucid Technologies’ recent presence in the Middle East has assured the success of vividly impressive projects such as the Saudi Arabia National Day projection at Samba Bank. With the company’s projection mapping expertise behind the event, the inherent difficulties of projection on to glass was meticulously overcome. Two facades of the vast 40-storey building in the new King Abdullah Financial District of Riyadh were rendered ablaze with colourful and flowing imagery for the celebration.
Lucid Technologies has a number of projects underway in the region and more on the horizon in the Middle East. The company will demonstrate the capabilities of BlackTrax for the tracking of both lighting and video, with a system driven by the company’s new Disguise VX4 media servers.
Specialising in the design of technical solutions to solve creative problems in live events and theatre as well as the corporate environment and for bespoke projects, Lucid Technologies is building towards a more permanent presence in the Middle East. The company maintains its focus on better collaboration, more highly integrated systems, and the break down of creative barriers caused by technical limitations.
(Jim Evans)

moroccoProlights appoints distributor for Morocco
Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Morocco – Entertainment company EcmaPro who specialise in the distribution of fixtures and products specifically for the entertainment industry has joined the Prolights distributor network.
EcmaPro Systems centre their business around providing quality Italian brands for the world of professional entertainment, in particular audio, lights and accessories. In addition to this, EcmaPro also offers LED technology for the architainment sectors including facilitating architectural illumination or interiors or whole environments.
Federico Colella, sales manager for EcmaPro states, “The fixtures that leave the Prolights factory are consistently innovative, reliable and robust, and use the very best that technology has to offer in this industry. We are so excited to be working with Prolights and proud to be part of the network.”
Prolights international sales manager Paolo Albani adds, “I’ve known EcmaPro since they started in the entertainment industry, I’ve liked their positive attitude and way of thinking since the first time we met. They are a young, professional group of people who are highly-motivated and work hard. We look forward to the exciting future that this partnership will bring. Our portfolio combined with their professionalism are the best formula to succeed in such a unique market.”
(Jim Evans)

koi-usa2019 KOI-USA Concert Touring & Events shortlist announced
Wednesday, 16 October 2019

USA - The Knight of Illumination USA Awards (KOI-USA) ceremony and gala dinner return to Las Vegas this November, championing the work of local and international lighting and video designers across the United States. The Awards cover leading design work in the sectors of Theatre, Live for Broadcast, and Concert Touring & Events.
The KOI-USA Concert Touring & Event judging panel, led by judging chair and lighting designer John Featherstone, consisted of content director for Live Design Marian Sandberg, tour director and choreographer Barry Lather, designer and cofounder of sculpture design company HYBYCOZO, Yelena Filipchuk, tour manager Angie Warner, and director of production company Upstaging Inc, John Huddleston.
The Concert Touring & Events Shortlist has been revealed as:
The MA Lighting Award for Club Lighting
Sean Burke for Robbie Williams Live in Las Vegas
Steven Douglas for Hozier's Wasteland, Baby! Tour
Dom Smith and Kelly Sticksel for Lady Antebellum's Our Kind of Vegas Residency
The SGM Lighting Award for Corporate Event Lighting
Patrick Dierson for Blue Origin's Blue Moon Unveiling
Cory FitzGerald for Audi e-Tron World Premiere 2018
59 Productions for Apollo 50: Go For The Moon
The disguise Award for Concert Video Content
Michael Figge and Ryan Chung for Lady Gaga's Enigma Las Vegas Residency
Emery Martin and Kerstin Hovland for The 1975's The Music For Cars Tour
Olivia Sebesky and Pixomondo for Aerosmith's Deuces Are Wild Las Vegas

rjBrigham Young University-Idaho invests in Robert Juliat
Tuesday, 15 October 2019

USA - Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-I) has taken delivery of Robert Juliat Lancelot 4000W followspots for its three theatres as part of a complement of lighting fixtures.
BYU-I, formerly known as Ricks College, is located in Rexburg, Idaho and offers programmes in liberal arts, including the sciences, engineering, agriculture, management and the performing arts. The university is owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
BYU-I’s theatres host theatrical productions and concerts staged by students and visiting artists. BYU-I Center, the largest of the theaters, seats 15,000; the Hart Auditorium is a three-quarters arena that seats 3,700; and the Snow Drama Theater, the smallest venue, seats 400.
The new fixtures were acquired from Barbizon Light of the Rockies in Denver as part of the lighting replacement cycle, notes lighting designer with BYU-I’s AV Productions, Braden Howard. Last year the university invested in Robert Juliat Dalis LED front-edge stage lighting; the one-meter units are used by the Center, Hart Auditorium and Snow Drama Theater. Systems integrator with Barbizon, Peter Maurelli, had worked with the university when it was Ricks College and provided the original fixture package for the Center.
Howard was in the market to replace the Robert Juliat Cyrano followspots, which reside in the Center. “The Cyranos were great but slightly underpowered for the cameras so we made the jump to the higher output of the Lancelots,” Howard says.
The 4,000W HTI sources “ticked all the

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 15 October 2019

For The Record - Adele's 21 is the UK's best-selling album of the 21st Century, selling more than five million copies since 2011. The record, which features the hits Rolling In The Deep and Someone Like You, is more than a million copies ahead of the second biggest-seller, Amy Winehouse's Back To Black. Adele also takes third place in the chart, with her most recent record, 25.
The century's 40 biggest albums were revealed on Radio 2's Pick of the Pops, as part of National Album Day. Ed Sheeran appears in the top five twice too, while other artists in the top 20 include Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga and Scissor Sisters.
Leading Role - Sebastian Cater has been appointed head of UK Theatre, replacing Cassie Chadderton. Cater will lead the organisation and also hold the role of workforce development, joining the senior management team at UK Theatre and the Society of London Theatre. Chadderton announced her departure earlier this year to join World Book Day as its first chief executive.
Cater’s previous roles have included director of marketing and sales at Sadler’s Wells, and head of marketing at media agency Target Live. He also worked at SOLT early in his career. He joins UK Theatre from mid-January, and said: “I am thrilled to be joining UK Theatre, an organisation that champions many issues I feel passionately about including leadership, diversity, advocacy, digital and workforce development.
“Although we are living in challenging times and there is much to be done, I am co

jbarja2Jose ‘Alberto’ Barja joins Chauvet
Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Spain - Chauvet has announced that Jose ‘Alberto’ Barja has been appointed as its business development market specialist for Spain.
Barja brings extensive experience in many facets of the entertainment lighting industry to his new position, having worked for 20 years in executive positions at manufacturers Traxon, Osram and Siemens, as well as at the distributor Stonex, Bofill & Asociados.
At Chauvet, he will be working closely with the company’s Spanish distributor ACSON and Jon Petts, the company’s brand development manager for Western Europe.
“The addition of Alberto to a team that already includes Jon Petts and Goran Doncic, business development manager for Western and Eastern Europe, greatly strengthens our position in this market,” said Stéphane Gressier, Chauvet’s international sales director. “Alberto brings a depth of knowledge about lighting to this position, and I’m confident our customers in Spain will find him to be a valuable resource.”
Barja adds, “Like many people, I have been impressed not only by Chauvet’s rapid growth, but with how it has managed this growth so it continues to maintain the highest quality standards. I share the same values and commitment to customer service as Chauvet, so I am very excited to grow with the company.”
(Jim Evans)

harrogate-1571-copyright-richard-maude-pic3-72dpiPanorama Airbeams light Harrogate skyline
Tuesday, 15 October 2019

UK – Prolights Panorama IP Airbeam moving beams recently lit up North Yorkshire’s skyline with big air looks for Harrogate 1571, part of Harrogate Welcomes the World celebrations supporting the UCI Road World Cycling Championships and acknowledging the spa town’s heritage.
The lighting installation was commissioned by Harrogate International Festivals, an arts project that has helped to ‘revolutionise’ the cultural landscape for the North of England.
To celebrate the waters that have made Harrogate a tourist attraction since 1571, when William Slingsby discovered natural mineral springs in the local Valley Gardens, these wells and the town’s iconic Harlow Hill water tower were illuminated for a stunning light show over a series of evenings.
The project’s lighting designer, James Bawn of Element 3 Design needed an IP65 fixture with a very bright, defined moving beam which could create spectacular big air looks over the two sites.
He commented, “Using the Panorama AirBeam fixtures was key to the success of this project. The IP rated fixtures performed flawlessly outdoors for four consecutive evenings.
“Logistics and load-in were very tight as we had to work around road closures for the UCI Cycling, so the fixtures’ hassle-free and quick setup really helped.”
James lit the Harrogate water tower in colourful beams to make a 3D art installation. In addition, he used the fixtures as beacons of light to create a three-dimensional map of the 36 wells.
He concluded, “I’m really impressed with the Pan

entec2Entec strikes a chord at guitar shows
Tuesday, 15 October 2019

UK - In September, Entec renewed its acquaintance with the exhibitions division of media group Future plc to deliver sound and lighting equipment to the two-day UK Guitar Show and the London Bass Guitar Show.
Centred around the sprawling Gear Hall, the show saw Entec liaise with production manager Pete Witham to equip five stages that hosted a diverse programme of stellar musical performances, showcases and masterclasses.
September’s event was Entec’s fourth for Future in just over a year. “Entec was mainly given the contract because it was able to provide a complete range of sound, lighting and some elements of staging, unlike the other companies we approached,” said Pete.
Along with a host of leading microphone models and wireless equipment distributed amongst the performance areas, the audio specification for the main auditorium included a Midas PRO1 24/16 FOH console, a DiGiCo SD12 monitor desk and SD-Rack, a d&b V-Series PA (comprising eight V12s and six cardioid V-SUBs) and six d&b M4 floor monitors.
For the A Stage, Entec provided a combination of d&b C7 tops and subs, with a pair of Y10P cabinets, with a DiGiCo SD11iB console and four M4 wedges. The Bass stage saw a Yamaha LS9 16-channel desk used to mix through a d&b Y10P system with a pair of QSC K8 1kW active speakers for foldback, while a Yamaha QL1 provided the same function in the Guitar Workshop, again with Y10Ps but with d&b E8s on stage.
Entec’s lighting team selected a number of practical items from its warehouse to fulfil a variety of re

sister-actKudos highlights Sister Act the Musical
Tuesday, 15 October 2019

UK - Sister Act the Musical, performed by Splinters Theatre Group raised the roof at the Montgomery Theatre, Sheffield. The lighting design took this show to a higher level, creating the emotive, joyous atmosphere people know and expect from this gospel choir-based dramatisation.
Along with the venues inhouse generic lighting rig, Tom Dyson from TDL added an array of moving heads and battens to further enhance the shows backdrop and musical numbers. He utilised numerous eLumen8 Kudos 350ZS fixtures for multiple scenes including highlighting key actors, set lighting and effect lighting for musical numbers.
Tom Dyson comments, “The use of the backlight on the Kudos 350ZS moving heads, along with the beam projected, helped create some new and different eye-candy effects that both myself and the show directors were really impressed with.”
In addition, LEDJ Pixel Storm 12 Quad MKII Battens were used to create eye catching effects for the musical numbers, as well as uplighting the back wall of the theatre helping set the scene throughout the whole show. The wide ellipsoidal beam angle made wall washing easy, covering the 8 x 10m space with an even wash of colour to suit any atmosphere. Tom used these in 48 channel mode which allowed him to run smooth pixel effects further enhancing the ambience of the show especially when the musical numbers were played out.
(Jim Evans)

main-stage-bank-of-generators-with-power-monitoring-equipmentPower Logistics monitoring ‘cuts costs’
Tuesday, 15 October 2019

UK - Power Logistics’ pledge at the start of the year to deliver power monitoring at every project it undertook in 2019 has proved a success throughout this summer. Implementing its bespoke power monitoring system at numerous festivals and outdoor events, the company says it has delivered sustainable power solutions that have resulted in fuel bills consistently being reduced by 20% or more, along with significant carbon emission savings.
A bespoke power monitoring system was been devised and developed by Power Logistics’ in-house research and development team. This has proved to have a significant impact on an event’s carbon footprint; reducing fuel consumption and often the number and size of generators required onsite which in turn leads to cost efficiencies, says the company.
A key addition to the system is the utilisation of QR codes which are placed on every generator, fuel tank and fuel bowser, as the equipment is sited, its location, running hours, fuel usage etc. are uploaded via a server to a purpose-built database. This element allows Power Logistics to deliver clients a percentage breakdown of their fuel usage across identified areas with real time data so event organisers can see exactly how much fuel is being used and where.
The real time knowledge and data has been utilised by the Power Logistics’ teams onsite at numerous events this summer to make changes to the way that equipment is operating to deliver energy savings. This has resulted in reductions in the amount of fuel used which in turn has had a positive impact on the

robe-elite-naidoc-awards-2019-img6912-pElite Robe treatment for NAIDOC Awards
Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Australia - Elite Event Technology from Canberra – one of Australia’s leading rental and production companies – supplied lighting equipment and crew for the 2019 NAIDOC Awards which celebrated the history, culture and outstanding achievements - at community, national and international level - of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
This high-profile event featured a mix of live performance and awards presentations and was hosted by media personalities Sean Choolburra and Elaine Crombie at the National Convention Centre Canberra in front of a live audience of 1,200 and broadcast live on SBS’s NITV channel.
The lighting design by Tom Wright featured an all-Robe moving light rig with 12 x BMFL Spots 12 x BMFL WashBeams, 26 x LEDWash 300+’s, 12 x LED Wash600s and 14 x MMX Spots.
It was the first time that Elite had been a technical supplier, working for main event producers 33Creative and 38Ten who coordinated all the technical direction.
Elite’s managing director Darren Russell and his team took a detailed brief from lighting designer Tom and technical director Peter Quinlan of 38Ten and constructed the lighting rig to their specifications.
Tom explained that they were looking to create a lot of warmth onstage with a big emphasis on theatrical side light. Stage depth was limited as video was squeezed into the space. Being able to shape the light was important and they also wanted a big look, so putting lights in all the gaps between the onstage LED screens at different heights both filled the void spaces and


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