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Robe T1s light NTS Panopticon productionRobe T1s light NTS Panopticon production
Tuesday, 11 February 2020

UK - The National Theatre of Scotland’s acclaimed production of The Panopticon at The Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, directed by Debbie Hannan and lit by Simon Wilkinson, was the first stage production of Jenni Fagan’s narrative of life and friendship.
It follows the journey of 15-year-old Anais Hendricks, failed by most adults she has ever met, who ends up in the Panopticon, a young offenders institution. Inside its distinctive circular architecture amidst a regime of control and dehumanisation, residents develop intense bonds.
Wilkinson was asked to work on the show by Debbie Hannan, and decided to try out Robe’s T1 Profile moving light, a flexible and quality multi-functional LED luminaire which has been developed for theatre applications.
One of the challenges of lighting the piece was the imposing geometric set - a series of column-like flats that rotated to offer different structural formats - created by scenic designer Max Johns. These were also a projection surface for video material produced by Lewis den Hertog, providing critical locational information and dramatic digital backdrops.
Wilkinson’s starting point was ensuring that lighting and video worked as fluid dramatic partners in the piece. The six Robe T1 Profiles were all rigged on FOH booms.
The lights were used for key lighting and for shuttered sources picking out the action all over the stage. That was his basic requirement, but once the tech period commenced, he started using several additional T1 features that he’d not necessarily anticipated.

ETC becomes SixEye Connected manufacturerETC becomes SixEye Connected manufacturer
Monday, 10 February 2020

Europe - SixEye has announced that ETC has become a SixEye Connected manufacturer, with its Mosaic range of architectural lighting controllers the first in the company’s product portfolio to benefit from SixEye’s unified remote management platform.
SixEye provides a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, enabling remote management of professional control devices. SixEye combines the management and control of products from multiple manufacturers into one portal, easily accessible in a web browser on desktop and mobile.
Systems integrators can have their own SixEye portal at their own domain. The portal carries the integrator’s own branding, allows them to invite end users into any project site in the portal, and grant them bespoke access with SixEye's granular permissions. Device management includes firmware and file upload, triggering, real time status, logs and more with encrypted network security maintained for peace of mind without any additional hardware or IT expertise. End users can use SixEye’s control panel, designed for mobile browsers, to perform actions across multiple devices in a project site at the touch of a button.
“We’re happy to offer SixEye functionality in our Unison Mosaic controllers, the premier system for transforming large scale buildings, attractions, or LED walls into eye-popping displays,” says Shawn Fernandez, product manager for Mosaic at ETC. “We have Mosaic controllers for every project, so it makes sense to let users access them from everywhere with SixEye.”
ETC joins Pathway Co

Astera Titan Tubes light MisterWivesAstera Titan Tubes light MisterWives
Monday, 10 February 2020

USA - Indie rockers MisterWives just finished a sold-out ‘underplay’ tour in the US promoting their EP mini bloom, for which lighting designer Matt Guminski wanted to create something raw, fresh, different and stylish.
The goal was achieved with the help of 16 Astera Titan Tube wireless pixel tubes supplied by 4Wall Nashville from lighting rep Tyler Bevel and VP of business development Al Ridella.
Matt initially met the band at the Boston Calling festival in 2015 and joined up for a run supporting their record Our Own House. Since then, they stayed in touch, waiting for all the stars to align so they could work together again.
The opportunity came up last fall when tour manager Alex Feld called and asked him to present some design concepts for the forthcoming string of US dates.
With lead singer Mandy Lee’s enthusiasm for floral and outdoor elements, Matt hit on the notion of using the Astera Titan Tubes rigged at different heights to make a ‘LED forest’ look on stage and have the band live within the world of the tubes.
The depth and three-dimensionality that this would bring to the stage appealed to both him and Mandy. The design focal point quickly became the Astera Titan Tube.
Some of the tubes were positioned on the floor with the stock floor bases and others attached to the upstage trusses using a combination of their proprietary clamps and some modified film clips which allowed them to be hung vertically off the trusses.
The upstage Titan Tubes were attached to schedule 40 pipe and to four ve

Ayrton Diablo profiles keep busy at RTHAVAyrton Diablo profiles keep busy at RTHAV
Monday, 10 February 2020

USA - Cleveland-based RTHAV, a brand company of Rock The House Entertainment Group, finds its new Ayrton Diablo LED profile luminaires are flying off the shelves. “We got the second shipment of Diablos in the US, and since they arrived last summer they’ve only been in the shop a matter of days,” says Ryan Konikoff, partner and COO in RTH. “The Diablos are proving to be a multi-purpose fixture for us.”
The two-dozen Diablo RTHAV purchased mark the first investment in Ayrton fixtures for the entertainment and event production company which does around 1,500 events annually, including corporate meetings and conferences, concerts and social engagements.
“We were in the market for 20,000-lumen profiles and saw Diablo with ACT Lighting at the USITT trade show,” Konikoff recalls. “We had some hands-on time with the fixture and thought it was a contender. Later, we did a shoot out and our team voted Diablo the best fixture.”
The RTHAV team liked Diablo’s shuttering capabilities, strong colour quality, speed, and low power consumption. They gave kudos to the four additional gobos and deep frost included with the fixtures, which give more creative options to lighting designers.
What stood out for Konikoff was the fixture’s compact size and light weight. “Our corporate work is mostly in ballrooms where the rigging is restricted and weight is a big issue,” he explains. “We usually need to spend the weight on an LED videowall, not heavy lighting fixtures.”
The first project for the Diablos was a two-month, nationwide d


Lightpower supports Behind the ScenesLightpower supports Behind the Scenes
Monday, 10 February 2020

USA - The Behind the Scenes booth at the recent NAMM Show proved to be a hit once again for fans of Neal Preston’s rock’n’roll photography. The exhibit was made possible by the generosity of the Lightpower Collection.
Lightpower, founded in 1978 in Germany, is an internationally established distributor for stage and studio lighting equipment. The Lightpower Collection was born out of a company culture with a passion for collecting rock’n’roll art. The collection features photography and album cover artwork from many of the world’s greatest photographers and designers. Neal Preston’s photography represents the core of this collection and comprises over 70 large-format original fine art prints.
At the show, Ralph-Jörg Wezorke, founder of Lightpower and the Collection, continued their ongoing support of Behind the Scenes by presenting a cheque for $11,800 to BTS executive director Lori Rubinstein. On presenting the cheque, Ralph states: “Lightpower and I are very happy to be able to support Behind the Scenes and give back to those who make up this fabulous industry. It’s a real pleasure to bring Neal’s work to such an appreciative audience.”
Lori Rubinstein comments: “We are so grateful to Ralph and the Lightpower Collection for their incredible support of our mission and for the amazing gift of having Neal’s extraordinary work in our booth. We had long lines each day to have Neal sign books and posters and the joy the pictures brought to attendees was absolutely palpable.”
For those who missed the show, Neal’s bo

Elation lights Nationale Opera & BalletElation lights Nationale Opera & Ballet
Monday, 10 February 2020

The Netherlands The Nationale Opera & Ballet creates, produces and presents both traditional and innovative opera and ballet productions of the highest quality. Seeking to replace a number of outdated fluorescent fixtures with something more modern, in 2018, the organisation contacted leading lighting supply company Ampco Flashlight to set up a demo of several possible solutions.
Elation’s key account manager for Benelux, Bert Schmeits, brought a Seven Batten 72 to Bas van Schelven of Ampco Flashlight for the demo at the venue. “Overall they were impressed with the light but they had some concerns about the dimming,” Schmeits explains. “That was an issue we were glad to address so we produced new software that met their criteria and a new demo took place at the opera in May 2019. This time it was with the Seven Batten 42, which was preferable for them in terms of handling.” Consequently, an order for 71 fixtures was placed via Ampco Flashlight and the units were delivered and installed in October 2019.
Deputy head of the lighting department at Nationale Opera & Ballet Richard ten Hof comments, “The Seven Batten with its 7 LEDs projected the quality of light required, especially when we put a special microstructure diffuser (frost filter) on it. As far as dimming, I requested to have 16-bit control over each colour and a dedicated dimming channel with 16-bit. The necessary changes were made so now we can make a proper colour in 16-bit and we have a dedicated dimmer channel, which, in combination, wasn’t there before. The dimmer chann

Robe impresses at Bet Lessin TheatreRobe impresses at Bet Lessin Theatre
Monday, 10 February 2020

Israel - Robe continues to make an impression on the theatre scene in Israel with the specification and installation of DL7S Profiles and LEDWash 1200 moving lights - 54 in total - in the Bet Lessin Theatre, Tel Aviv, the city and Israel’s third-largest theatre venue, just reopened after complete refurbishment, a project ongoing over the last three years.
The tender for supplying and installing new lighting and stage machinery was initially issued in 2015 and won via by Danor Theatre and Studio Systems who proposed Robe moving lights to bring modern-day flexibility and dynamics to the two constantly busy stages.
Influential in the decision to choose the Robe option was leading lighting designer Amir Brenner, who was brought onboard the project as a lighting consultant. He worked in the theatre extensively during his early career in the 1990s lighting numerous productions and was “honoured” to be asked to contribute to the revamped venue.
When making a decision on moving lights, he looked at key features like output, the variety of effects and the quality of both the white land coloured light and, naturally, the reliability - “all the basic parameters essential for a busy professional repertory theatre”.
He emphasised that selecting any moving light for a rep house ideally needs a combination of traditional and new exciting features. In choosing the DL7S Profile, LDs working at Bet Lessin will now have the “fantastic colour range and highly accurate beam shaping that are perfect for theatrical use”.
The venue has two main sp

Bandit Lites grows HQ sales teamBandit Lites grows HQ sales team
Friday, 7 February 2020

USA - Ginny Wynn and Joe Muncy have joined the Bandit Lites world headquarters as inside sales representative and a sales floor technician, respectively.
Muncy will assist in the daily operations at the warehouse, including sales and production preps, facilitating used gear sales and listings as well as testing and prepping new gear for customer distribution. He has experience in both national tours and regional theatre and worked at VSA as a facilities coordinator in the College of the Arts as well as the technical director of the Valdosta Symphony Orchestra, lighting and scenic designer of the TSU Opera, and the technical director and lighting designer of many local dance schools.
As the inside sales representative, Wynn works with Bandit’s sales and purchasing department in client relations, project management, inventory control, quoting, purchasing and shipping.
(Jim Evans)

Magmatic’s Magma Prime now shippingMagmatic’s Magma Prime now shipping
Friday, 7 February 2020

USA - Magmatic atmospheric effects has introduced the first haze machine in its Magma series of haze and fog machines. Now in stock and shipping is the Magma Prime, a durable water-based hazer with advanced technology providing a high output, dry haze effect with low fluid consumption.
Already proving popular since its debut at the 2019 LDI Show, Magma Prime is a tough, all-purpose haze effect that appeals to entry-level users and professionals alike. A large fluid intake and advanced HPA (High Pressure Air) pump technology reduce the risk of heater clogging while automatic self-cleaning and energy-saving auto shut-off (when no fluid is detected) make operation even more effortless and economical.
Thanks to its compact size and easy mobility - the unit weighs only 22.5lb (10.2kg) with convenient carrying handle - Magma Prime is easy to set in a corner, position side stage, or hide in a theatrical or church setting.
Built to withstand travel and repeated use, Magma Prime features a durable aluminium housing and robust design for powerful performance that delivers on time, every time. Its thermally protected 700W heat exchanger produces a full-coverage output that is excellent for such a small unit at 4,000 cu ft/min (113 m3/min). Because the unit sips fluid at a low 3.4 ml/min, its fine haze atmosphere can enhance lighting effects for hours on end. And it does it while staying surprisingly quiet.
Magma Prime is easy to use with an onboard LCD touchscreen control panel with manual and timer control options, intuitive DMX-512 and RDM control, a

ChamSys in the mix for The InterruptersChamSys in the mix for The Interrupters
Friday, 7 February 2020

USA - The Interrupters wanted a new look for their shows when they contacted Peter Therrien and JDI Productions through an intermediary. “I was touring with Flogging Molly when someone, I still don’t know who, gave the band contact info for JDI and me,” says Therrien. “Their management reached out to us. My Flogging Molly tour was over and I had time, so here we are.”
The LA-based quartet are in the midst of an extended North American tour in support of their Top Ten Fight The Good Fight album. For Therrien, the tour not only represents the chance to spread his creative wings with a first-time client, but also an opportunity to run a different kind of show with his new ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console.
“Cody James of JDI tried the ChamSys MagicQ MQ 500 Stadium lasts year, and told Derek Iorfida (owner of JDI Productions) great things about it, so Derek purchased some consoles,” adds Therrien, who designs for the Cranston, Rhode Island-based company. “I wasn’t 100-percent happy with the console that I was using. I wanted something that would make it easier to patch and clone different house stuff on tour. My first show with the MQ80 was in June. I haven’t looked back since.
“I think all tours have their own set of challenges, but this one for me was all about learning the band, what they like, and what makes them feel comfortable. The Interrupters want a very classic ‘punk show’ at points so, verses get big looks. Then, I add some movements for choruses in deep washes of colour. On the more ska/dance songs, it’s pretty

DWR hosts Vectorworks Spotlight trainingDWR hosts Vectorworks Spotlight training
Friday, 7 February 2020

South Africa - Vectorworks trainer Dylan Jones of DWR Distribution, will present Vectorworks Spotlight training from 2-6 March in Johannesburg.
The course will be split up into Basic (2 March) at R800 per person, Intermediate (3 - 4 March) at R1,400 per person and Advanced training (5 - 6 March) at R1,400 per person.
Subjects include layouts and palettes, basic tools, classes and layers, Spotlight tools, intermediate tools, worksheets and reports, 3D modelling, resource management and file import and export.
The training will be hosted at DWR Distribution, C1, Kimbult Industrial Park, 9 Zeiss Road, Laserpark, Honeydew. Bookings online at

Dana Winner celebrates with ChauvetDana Winner celebrates with Chauvet
Friday, 7 February 2020

Belgium - Dana Winner’s enduring popularity was emphatically demonstrated at her recent televised 30th anniversary show at Antwerp’s Lotto Arena, which drew 5,200 enthusiastic fans.
Reflecting the upbeat mood of the crowd and providing an appropriately lively background for the irrepressible star’s performance as she sang hits like Westenwind, One moment In Time and Beautiful Life, was a bright, fast and dynamic lightshow designed by Maarten De Man of MDM Productions. Anchoring De Man’s versatile rig were 12 Maverick MK3 Profile CX and 26 STRIKE P38 fixtures from Chauvet Professional, supplied by Splendit.
Although Dana Winner’s ongoing musical formula has essentially retained the same hallmarks of her early pop hits, her sound has nevertheless evolved and adapted with each new generation of fans. To capture the visual essence of Dana Winner’s back catalogue, De Man and his team worked in close collaboration with the artist to craft an intricately detailed visual stage backdrop that reflected each particular epoch of the artist’s work.
Key to achieving this were the powerful 41,000 lumens Maverick MK3 Profile CX fixtures, which were positioned from above stage trussing directly above the protruding triangular stage. Thanks to the high CRI (92) of the fixtures, De Man and his team could exploit the full saturated color palette of the fixtures, safe in the knowledge that the performance was being authentically reproduced for the TV cameras present.
"With the incorporation of the Mavericks into our lighting c

Tonight Show tapes in Texas with TurboRayTonight Show tapes in Texas with TurboRay
Friday, 7 February 2020

USA - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is already enjoying TurboRay fixtures this season in its New York City studio, under lighting director Fred Bock. So when the show trekked to Texas for a taping in Austin, 24 of the special effect LED wash lights were designed into the rig at Bass Concert Hall.
Mick Smith of Eastern Lighting Design serves as lighting designer for the remote shows outside the NBC studios. His choice to continue using TurboRay was simple. “I was wanting a fixture with a larger aperture and more homogenised, attractive look to it. The diffusers on the TurboRay checked that box,” he explains.
“Secondly, I wanted a fixture with a decent zoom range that could especially give me great beams. A real bonus was having quad control of the LED engines - and the aerial effects we were able to quickly achieve - to give us unique looks for the different beats of the show.”
The TurboRays - which are manufactured in High End Systems’ Austin, TX headquarters - were interspersed between profile fixtures across four trusses over the stage. “The trusses were trimmed higher downstage just below the proscenium arch to lower upstage at the top of the LED screens, helping to fill some of the negative space above the set in the wide shots,” the LD notes.
The TurboRay washed light on actor and Austin resident Matthew McConaughey and TV’s ‘Fixer Upper’ hosts and Waco residents Chip and Joanna Gaines.
But when it came time for the evening’s musical act, the TurboRay went into eye candy mode for rapper/songwri

Liteup supplies Björk’s Cornucopia tourLiteup supplies Björk’s Cornucopia tour
Friday, 7 February 2020

UK - Southampton-based lighting rental specialist Liteup supplied lighting, video server and control plus rigging equipment for all technical departments for the recent UK and European leg of Björk’s Cornucopia tour, for which the dramatic lighting was a co-design by Bruno Poet and Richard White.
Bruno is well known as a theatre and opera LD and for his creative lighting for bands like avant-rockers Sigur Ros, also from Iceland. Richard White has worked for Björk as a programmer and lighting director on the road for the last six years, and together the two enjoyed a fantastic synergy that has produced some stunning lighting.
The focus of the Cornucopia show - initially produced as a series of one-off shows at new arts venue The Shed in New York, mid-2019 - was nature and the environment, touching on some of its frontline issues.
The visual starting point for Bruno and Richard’s lighting design was the video content created by artist and designer Tobias Gremmler - with whom Björk has worked previously - together with Chiara Stephenson’s striking and intricate set designs.
Bruno and Richard both also really enjoyed working with show director, award-winning Argentinian filmmaker Lucretia Martel whose influence brought a cinematic perspective and its own distinctive spirit and rhythm to the show.
Liteup’s account manager was Marc Callaghan, supported by project manager Dan Bunn.
Callaghan states: “We were extremely proud to be part of a ground-breaking production like this. The show looked fantastic and abso

SLX relocates to new warehouse premisesSLX relocates to new warehouse premises
Friday, 7 February 2020

UK - Bristol-based specialist hire and events business SLX has completed the move to a new warehouse as a result of planned growth and continued investment.
The business, which has heritage dating back more than 40 years and serves the live events, hire and broadcast markets throughout the UK and Europe, remains in a Bristol location, moving from its warehouse on Third Way, Avonmouth, to another nearby Avonmouth location.
SLX CEO Alastair Currie comments: “After only four years since our previous warehouse upgrade, we are moving again to allow for further expansion. We’re doing so as we believe this is essential for the ambitions we have for the business. It will see improved preparation spaces, improved flow of equipment into and out of the warehouse, and markedly better facilities for both our team and those who come to prep shows and events at the warehouse.
“Additionally, the potential for some exciting additions to our offering is made possible by this move, such as a state-of-the-art visualisation suite and a theatre space for clients to use, as well as for manufacturers to deliver training and outreach activities in. As we look to our future in this building, we are also looking to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Watch this space.”
The new warehouse, which will also house the head offices, comprises over 54,000sq.ft of warehouse and office space, and will be at 115 Burcott Road, Avonmouth, Bristol.
(Jim Evans)

Coronavirus threat prompts ISE cancellationsCoronavirus threat prompts ISE cancellations
Friday, 7 February 2020

Europe - LG Electronics and German Light Products (GLP) are among the companies to announce their withdrawal from next week’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event in Amsterdam in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.
Seoul-based LG Electronics, one of the show’s top 250 exhibitors, was the first to announce that it will not be attending the exhibition.
“LG regrets having to make this difficult decision but the safety of its employees and customers continues to be its number one priority,” said a company statement. “With the World Health Organization (WHO) recommending that individuals ‘promote social distancing’, LG management believed that the most responsible decision is to avoid participating in large public events until the situation stabilizes.”
GLP’s CEO and founder Udo Künzler stated: “As I’m sure you know, business meetings and exhibitions are some of the highlights of our year at GLP, and we were looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Amsterdam at ISE!
“However, as we do not want to bear the current risk to the health of our customers and employees due to the Coronavirus, we have decided after careful consideration to cancel our participation in ISE altogether.
“This decision was not easy for us, but considering the known consequences of a possible Coronavirus infection, we came to the clear conclusion that we do not want to impose this on anyone in our personal or business environment. We know what really counts in life and today we decide in favour of the health of our visitors, em

Ventola Projects lights Cambridge TenpinVentola Projects lights Cambridge Tenpin
Thursday, 6 February 2020

UK - Having recently completed a lighting contract at Cheshire Oaks Tenpin, Leicester-based provider of specialist electrical LED lighting installations Ventola Projects has gone on to apply their lighting skills to another popular leisure venue, this time in Cambridgeshire.
Cambridge Tenpin is an entertainment hub with bowling lanes, karaoke pods, pool tables and a cafe. Lighting is one of the most important elements in creating the right atmosphere and level of excitement for visitors to the facility.
The venue’s owners wanted a multi-functional LED system which incorporated the highest quality white light and a multitude of vibrant colours. Ease of control was high on their wish list too, as they needed to be able to manage the whole system in one action from a central PC, whilst also having the capability to control specific areas separately and remotely via an app or alternative on-site PC.
The Ventola team completed the project in just three weeks using their energy-efficient VAvR lighting system. With a combination of VAvR Linear Optics, CS16 Downlights, CS4 Downlights and VAvR Pixel Tape the overall effect was just exactly what Cambridge Tenpin wanted in creating the environment for fun. The fact that the carefully chosen system is also low maintenance and low energy means that both the running costs and the environmental impact will be low too, a welcomed bonus for the facility owners.
Mick Ventola, founder and managing director of Ventola Projects, comments: “While we’ve got a great reputation in the entertainment sector, every

LFPS revisits Ascot for Champions Day finaleLFPS revisits Ascot for Champions Day finale
Thursday, 6 February 2020

UK - Marking the finale to the flat racing season, QIPCO British Champions Day is renowned within the horse racing community. Bringing together leading jockeys, horses, trainers and owners from Europe and beyond to compete in six top class races, this event has become a key fixture in the UK sporting calendar.
The 2019 Champions Day concluded with a lively musical celebration for over 500 guests housed in a giant Igloo domed roof structure, provided by Fews Marquees, built directly adjacent to the Ascot Racecourse Main Grandstand.
Returning to Ascot for the second year running on behalf of clients Generate Events, LFPS once again provided full technical support to the exclusive QIPCO closing party. In creating the suitably glittering venue the team handled all aspects of the lighting, audio, video, staging and rigging requirement, along with the design and fabrication of numerous scenic elements built specifically for the show.
As part of the celebrations, the closing party featured an energetic DJ set courtesy of electronic music duo Basement Jaxx. The headliners were accompanied by a vibrant, club style installation complete with bespoke DJ Booth designed around a backlit graphic of the dance legends’ logo. Adding a further dynamic level to the performance, LFPS developed a mixture of custom video, animation and branded motion graphics to accompany the set.
Andrew Maxted, project manager at LFPS remarks: “The brief for this year’s closing party was to deliver a truly exciting audience experience to accompany Basement Jaxx. We once aga

CLF and TMB reach UK distribution agreementCLF and TMB reach UK distribution agreement
Thursday, 6 February 2020

UK - TMB has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for CLF Lighting for the UK and Ireland.
TMB already has experience with CLF products as it offers the lighting brand Nuri*Lites by CLF in the US. Now, TMB UK will offer a broader range of CLF products under the banner Nuri*Lites by CLF. These will include LED fixtures, moving heads, and the Spectrum series.
“We are extremely happy to offer CLF’s wide product range to our customers in the UK and Ireland,” comments TMB’s EU sales manager, Tim Obermann. “Nuri*Lites by CLF represents a new range of LED PARs, bars, wall washers, special effects lights, and moving heads, all of which complement our current product line-up. Customers will certainly benefit from this expanded product selection for many applications and every budget.”
TMB’s Lauren Drinkwater and Nuri Waheishi agree. “We can’t wait to show the products to all our friends and customers, who we are sure will immediately see all the benefits Nuri*Lites offer.”
Both CLF and TMB have a strong focus on the rental company market. CLF’s export manager, Martijn Gerards, explains: “Rental is in our DNA and our product development and design will always have rental companies in mind. Our philosophy is to create products with consistent colours, fast return on investment, all with a ‘never a version 2’ approach.”
(Jim Evans)

Prolights welcomes technical directorProlights welcomes technical director
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Italy Prolights has appointed Andrea Gabrielli as the company’s technical director. Gabrielli brings a broad experience and extensive knowledge to the position, having been involved in the design and manufacturing of professional stage lighting and architectural lighting products for more than 20 years.
Fabio Sorabella, Prolights MD, comments: “I look forward to work closely with Andrea, as his addition to our team will play a strategic role to consolidate and elevate the technological development of the brand. He boasts a complete background, from design to manufacturing of products intended for the professional lighting market. Andrea will surely be an important asset for the company, leading a dynamic team towards the process of international growth and products recognition the company is experiencing”.
Gabrielli says: “I am happy to have joined Prolights. I have been greeted by a fantastic team and a stimulating work environment, and it will be a real pleasure to work together with them to achieve the ambitious challenges that the brand is facing.”

ISE: ADJ prepares to impressISE: ADJ prepares to impress
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

The Netherlands - ADJ will be using the up-coming ISE to host the European debut of a variety the company’s latest professional lighting and LED video products. These will include the next evolution of the popular Vizi Beam moving head series, a new range of LED-powered ellipsoidals, the latest addition to the Hydro Series of IP65-rated moving heads and a complete new range of LED video panels.
ADJ’s new ‘VS’ Vision Series of LED video panels offers a versatile modular solution that has been developed to make life easier for video professionals installing LED walls on either a temporary or permanent basis. Each model in the range features four individual modules, which are both front and rear serviceable, making it suitable for temporary hanging as well as permanent installation.
The Focus Series is ADJ’s range of feature-packed and compact LED-powered moving head fixtures. The new Focus Spot 5Z harnesses the power of a brilliant 200W cool white LED engine to generate potent mid-air beam effects and vibrant surface projections.
Joining the Focus Series as its new flagship, the Focus Spot 6Z boasts a powerful 300W cool white LED engine and pairs it with precision-engineered optics to create an impressively sharp and bright output. While still retaining a compact design, this is ADJ’s most feature rich Focus Series moving head to date.
Bringing a dedicated wash luminaire to the Focus Series for the first time, the new Focus Wash 400 features a 400W HEX LED engine (red, green, blue, amber, cyan and lime) that generates an output of

Rayzor 760 lights reality TV series The FarmRayzor 760 lights reality TV series The Farm
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Slovakia - The Farm (Farma) is a reality show competition that has been airing on TV Markiza since 2011. In December, long-time Bratislava-based production rental company and Elation distributor Adam A Syn installed 15 Rayzor 760 LED moving heads on The Farm set in a lighting upgrade that has increased the creative possibilities for lighting designers Michal Schmidt and Ondrej Štalbaský and boosted the overall appearance of the show.
Filmed at Shining Studio in the city of Stupava, The Farm takes a group of city dwellers and casts them out on a rural farm to fend for themselves. Living without modern conveniences and having to procure the necessities of life themselves, the contestant who best endures the trial and conquers a series of challenges emerges as the winner. Extremely popular, a quarter of the Slovakian population often tune in to The Farm each week.
Used to colour scenery and props and provide uniform washes across the set, as well as backlighting, the lighting designers are “very satisfied” with the LED wash/beam light according to Alan Pastorek, main technical engineer at Adam A Syn. “With the super wide zoom, the Rayzor 760 is an effective wide-coverage colour wash light and also has a good white colour. They are a nice complement to the other fixtures in the rig and are a good replacement for some of the more expensive wash/beam lights out there,” comments Pastorek, who adds that the low power draw of the fixture was also an important factor in its choice.
Located throughout the overhead

Chroma-Q Space Force in tune with American TVChroma-Q Space Force in tune with American TV
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

USA - Cinematographer Donald A. Morgan utilised Chroma-Q Space Force LED fixtures to provide tunable soft lighting for filming the latest seasons of Netflix television show, The Ranch - for which he won a Primetime Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series - and ABC series, The Conners.
Both filmed at Warner Brothers Burbank Studios in LA, Donald was keen to switch from conventional space lights to LED for filming The Ranch. The show stars Ashton Kutcher as Colt, who returns home to his family's ranch in Colorado after his semi-pro football career ends in failure.
He comments: “In the past I had used tungsten space lights for filming the show. However, as they weren’t tunable, it meant having to change the gels constantly, to differ the glows produced. This was important as even though it was filmed inside of a studio, the storyline of the programme was set across different weather seasons and times of day.”
Morgan spoke to his gaffer about tunable LED lighting alternatives. After trying out various options, they came across the Chroma-Q Space Force LED space / soft light, which was supplied for the project by MBS Equipment Company.
Morgan comments: “I am very impressed by the spread of light that the Space Force gives out, the distribution is fantastic and the colour temperature is really on point.
When Morgan later came onboard as Cinematographer for primetime show, The Conners - a spin-off of the long-running series Roseanne - he learned that Warner Brothers

Teenager Cedric Duré dazzles at Club DivsTeenager Cedric Duré dazzles at Club Divs
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Belgium - Teenager Cedric Duré is making a name for himself in the world of entertainment lighting.
Demonstrating a level of sophistication beyond his years, the Antwerp teen has been immersing crowds with deeply evocative lighting designs that command attention without detracting from the performance on stage. This was evident in a recent sold out show that he did for DJ Divs(16-year old David Demuynck) at Gildenhuis Reet, using a rig anchored by Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by BOS Events.
“The main goal of this event was not to make money, but to show the world what we can do and that age is not a mattering factor,” says Duré, who worked with friend vee jay Nikolay Gelshtein, on the show, which was run with a ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console. “Club Divs 2019 was the first edition but we want to do this every year. Club Divs 2020 will take place on 18 September in the same venue. We hope we can go to two events per year soon in different locations.”
In keeping with their goal of demonstrating publicly kind of inspired design they were capable of achieving, Duré’s and Gelshtein set a high bar for themselves. “We treated this as if it were a Martin Garrix show or something like that,” he said. “One of the challenges was to create a show that the Gildenhuis club had never seen before. Well, as far as I knew they never had a show with LED wall and SFX. So, I drew in lasers, confetti machines, effects that emulated fireworks, and foggers. I also designed a panel layout with depth and different shapes.”
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