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dts-2020-1920x1080DTS Lighting returns to LDI after five years
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

USA - Italian professional lighting brand DTS will attend LDI for the first time since 2016 when the show returns to Las Vegas in November.
DTS had announced an exclusive partnership with American distribution company Apex technologies in July 2021, marking its official return to the American market. Members of both companies will be attending the event.
DTS will be stationed at booth 2748 and will showcase its latest wash moving head Alchemy 7, designed to meet the everchanging needs of theatre and television. A range of projectors from DTS’s entertainment line will also be at the exhibition like Synergy 7, profile moving head whose output reaches up to 55,000 lumen.
Carmen Savarese, international sales manager at DTS comments, “We’re very glad to be able to attend this year as our company’s return to the United States marks the start of a new chapter for us. LDi gives us the chance to show what we’ve been focusing on last year, which is expanding our entertainment line and providing the industry with a range of projectors that would fit into the most prestigious venues.”
Raffaella Scaccia, sales director at DTS has previously stated that the company is committed to expanding its entertainment line, as the industry has been deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic and is only now starting to recover.
“Even though the past two years have been hard on the entertainment industry, we decided to research and design new products that would have been available when shows would be back at full capacity.”

colour-control-options-added-to-dali-2-certification-programControl options added to DALI-2 certification
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

USA - Additional methods to control the colour output of light sources have been added to the DALI-2 certification programme, which is operated by the DALI Alliance. DALI-2 certification is built on open, international standards and is focused on device interoperability, backed by independent verification of test results.
The DALI Alliance has added DALI-2 tests for LED drivers and other control gear that use two colour types, known as RGBWAF and xy. These DALI-2 options are now available alongside colour type Tc (widely known as tunable white).
Colour type RGBWAF allows simple control of up to six individual channels of colour (red, green, blue, white, amber and free colour). For more sophisticated control, colour type xy allows precise and repeatable selection of the colour coordinates from the CIE colour space chromaticity diagram. Colour type Tc allows control of the correlated colour temperature (CCT) along the black-body line, from warm white to cool white. Colour types Tc and xy allow calibration of the light-source and control-gear combination, enabling higher colour accuracy.
“The combination of colour control and the standardized DALI dimming curve provide a powerful tool for lighting designers and other users. DALI scenes allow recall and smooth fading of colour as well as brightness,” says Paul Drosihn, DALI Alliance general manager. “The new options for colour control are an important addition to the DALI-2 programme and strengthen market confidence in the interoperable behaviour of DALI lighting-control devices.”
DALI-2 c

pvrisChauvet strips reflect many sides of PVRIS
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

USA - On their recent 19-city tour, PVRIS’ free flowing music took flight against the richly textured background of a Lenny Sasso lighting design that mirrored the passion and complexity of the band’s performance. Moving from ambers to bold reds, and soft washes to intense strobing and sweeps, Sasso’s lightshow stayed with the varied and deeply felt emotions of the music every step of the way.
A critical piece of Sasso’s rig were the 28 CHAUVET Professional F6 IP linear video strips that dominated the centre stage. Supplied by Sonus Productions of Moorestown, NJ, the strips were arranged vertically along two upstage rows of 10-units each, with the remaining eight fixtures flanking the drum and bass risers.
Feeding the strips content from Resolume, Sasso used them to set a variety of moods on stage. “I used a combination of prebuilt Resolume packs, plus a few solid colour blocks that I had made for the strips,” he said. “Overall, I stuck with clips that were not too elaborate. So it's mostly blowing smoke, panning lines, tunnels, static, orbs and things of that nature. I found that clips like that tended to work the best with how I had the strips configured.”
Given their output and versatility the 6.9mm pitch strips allowed Sasso to create the range of looks necessary to reflect PVRIS’s music. “The F6 IP strips were critical to the vision we had for this show,” he said. “Cole at Sonus did absolutely great work making sure we had enough of the strips and cables for the show. I can’t say enough about how helped.”

ecodesignRevised Ecodesign rules come into force
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Europe - The Ecodesign regulations are now applicable to all EU member states after the rules came into force this September.
The new regulations include hard-fought exemptions for certain stage and studio lights - these are high-output and point-source (discharge) lights; high-power LEDs with high-colour rendering; high-power LEDs with adaptive colour temperature; specific scenic tungsten sources; high-power LEDs with gate (typically used in moving lights with white light source); colour-tuneable light sources (as used in RGB+ LED spotlights), plus an exemption from the standby power requirements for specialist entertainment lighting fixtures.
The revised regulations have been welcomed by the European Entertainment Ecodesign Coalition, the European-wide group of associations representing the entertainment, lighting design, live performance and film/TV sectors.
“Our coalition recognises the notable achievements made by the regulatory committee and the EU Commission to find workable solutions for our sectors in the context of Ecodesign,” says the body in a statement. “The majority of our concerns regarding stage and studio lighting were addressed and targeted exemptions allow the continued use of the vast majority of light sources needed on stage, in specialized lighting design as well as in film studios.”
The Coalition, which comprises Pearle, IALD, PLASA, VPLT, ALD, DTHG, OETHG, SLF, and STEPP, has vowed to continue to liaise with the EU Commission and the expert group on energy labelling and Ecodesign to provide input on sustainable

dlt-denmark-20DLT creates ambiance on Holbæk waterfront
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Denmark - One of Denmark’s longest standing suppliers of light and sound equipment, DLT in Glostrup, has installed the architectural façade lighting for Danish Bank Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn’s office in Holbæk.
DLT’s vision was to create a luminous framework that compliments the building's architecture, whilst simultaneously creating a lively ambiance on the waterfront. To achieve this, DLT has utilised 40 units of Showtec’s Candela Pix 50, creating an ambiance near the waterline that is visible from both the city and much of the Holbæk Fjord.
Showtec’s Candela Pix 50 can create the full spectrum of light, enabling the building to be lit in any desired colour or even multiple colours. This enables Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn to alter the appearance of their exterior as desired, for instance during national holidays or sports matches. The waterproof outdoor lights emit a small 8-degree beam angle of light, preventing stray light from hitting unwanted surfaces and confines the light to the building’s frame. The lighting is waterproof and calmly changes colour, radiating a sense of tranquillity across the waterfront. The lamps are controlled through DMX via a lighting controller.
It was decided that the lighting of the building should run automatically in completely fixed frames for switching on and off. However, this can be manually bypassed if a particular programme is desired to run, allowing for both convenience and flexibility.
Thanks to the positioning of the lamps, it has been made possible for example to create the Dannebrog,

algarveInfinity and Showtec perform on the Algarve
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Portugal - Infinity Furion S401 Spots, iW-1915 RGBW wash moving heads, and Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 RGBW LED wash fixtures were successfully deployed at outside locations during a summer festival in the Algarve in the southern region of Portugal.
Geopalcos is a biannual event that aims to connect art, science and nature in the Geopark territory in the Algarve. Artists and scientists are challenged to combine their skills and expertise, and take nature lovers to discover art and science, lead art aficionados through nature and the paths of knowledge, and have the audience relate to their knowledge with the natural and artificially created beauties of their surroundings.
On 10 occasions between 29 May and 12 September, at different locations, the public is invited to participate in dialogues between tradition and creativity/innovation, to wander and (re)discover Portuguese society, gastronomy and territory, and to take part in several initiatives: performances, interactive installations, sensorial pathways and experiences, concerts, exhibitions, disciplinary crossings, theatrical creations, debates, workshops, and more.
Highlite’s Portuguese distributor Lagotronics supplied six of Infinity’s high-end Furion S401 Spots, eight Infinity iW-1915 RGBW wash moving heads and eight Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 RGBW Outdoor LED Wash fixtures to Nuno Lourenço from audiovisual supplier Stageteam in Messines de Baixo.
On 26 June, at the outside location of Pedreira de Grés, in Vale Fuzeiros, artists Vítor Bacalhau, Ricardo Martins and the students of the Esc

robe-main-light-invests-in-robospots-image6-2-1Main Light invests in RoboSpots
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

USA - Wilmington, Delaware and Las Vegas, Nevada based lighting rental and dry hire specialist Main Light has invested in more Robe BMFL FollowSpot LT fixtures and motion cameras to boost its inventory of available RoboSpot remote follow spotting systems.
Larger quantities of all the RoboSpot elements are needed to keep pace with increasing demand, explained general manager Randy Mullican.
The company first invested in this technology shortly after the RoboSpot launch in 2017. Since then, Robe has developed and refined the system, most recently with the introduction of the BMFL FollowSpot LT, a powerful solution for larger venues and covering greater throw distances. It has also increased the number of its moving light ranges that can be controlled via the RoboSpot BaseStations.
RoboSpots have been a popular rental item for Main Light from the start, and everything indicates a continuation of this trend, as shows, concerts and live events are re-starting across North America. “We are seeing RoboSpot systems appear increasingly on lighting specs and riders across all sectors,” stated Randy.
Main Light’s new BMFL FollowSpot LTs have already been busy on an assortment of projects.
Randy notes that the system is particularly easy to set up and use, especially with the integral camera, and anyone with some experience of operating a classic follow spot can quickly and easily become a competent RoboSpot operator.
He underlines the safety aspects of using remote follow spotting systems! No longer needing to have people up in the r

robe-market-theatre-johannesburg-1o3a0246Robe T1 luminaires for Jo’burg’s Market Theatre
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

South Africa - Johannesburg’s Market Theatre has been on South Africa’s political, cultural, and social frontline since 1976 when it opened as an independent, anti-racist producing house at the height of the apartheid era.
Located downtown in the lively Newtown area, the Market Theatre has taken delivery of 50 Robe T1 series LED moving lights as part of an upgrade initiative emanating from SA’s Department of Arts & Culture which is looking to the future and boosting suitability across the arts.
These new Robe luminaires will be used across the venue’s three main performance spaces - the John Kani, Barney Simon, and Mannie Manim.
The T1s were a major part of a package delivered by Robe’s Southern Africa distributor DWR after winning a competitive tender to supply the venue’s new theatrical / stage lighting elements.
The tender was written and specified by renowned SA lighting designer Denis Hutchinson, brought onboard as project consultant by the Market Theatre’s then head of lighting and now head of stage services, Nomvula Molepo.
Denis has been associated with the theatre since it opened, and for him the task was very personal as well as a great honour. He spent substantial time assessing the precise needs of Nomvula and her lighting team working at the Newtown complex, also considering all the practicalities of staging and lighting shows there now and in the future.
This led to two mission-critical criteria for the moving light specification – low noise and excellent colour rendering.
The noise re

follow-meTSJ to distribute Follow-Me in Japan
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Japan - Netherlands-based Follow-Me has announced Tokyo based TSJ (Technical Supply Japan) as a new distributor. As specialists in the distribution and installation of entertainment lighting technology for touring companies, TV, theatre and discotheques the company has recently been involved in the technical requirements for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Follow-Me founder, Gary Yates comments: “TSJ has been established as one of the premier suppliers to the live entertainment market since 1986. They have a vast amount of experience in the lighting and entertainment industry in Japan and are very pro-active in the promotion of their products. We are proud to announce them as the perfect distribution partner for Follow-Me in Japan. This builds on our expanding network of distributors across all continents.”
TSJ now have Follow-Me demo kits available at their central facility in Tokyo. TSJ’s lighting specialists are there to advise, demo, sell, train and supply Follow-Me systems. Information and advice is also available about the upcoming sACN network protocol which has a planned roll-out for the end of 2021.
Yoshida Misuzu of TSJ says, "We are really excited to be able to offer Follow-Me as the solution for so many of our clients across all possible applications. The fact that the Follow-Me system is fully independent, not tied to any fixture type or manufacturer give it a unique flexibility.
“In addition to this, Follow-Me is an advantage for many lighting rental companies regarding safety onsite and cost-effectiveness which is

etc-hog-battiti-live-1Hog desks in control at Battiti Live
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Italy - Founded in 2013, Battiti Live features a selection of leading Italian and international music artists. The annual event consists of a series of concerts held in various locations throughout the region of Puglia.
Since 2017, lighting designer Massimo Pascucci, accompanied by programmer Davide Fusco, has created engaging and high impact shows, using the Hog family of lighting desks. Hog 4-18 was the primary console of choice for the 2021 edition, together with a Road Hog console for additional special effects.
From a technical point of view, there has always been a desire for Battiti Live to maintain a strong live impact. This remained the case even after leading Italian television channel Italia 1 first started transmitting the event in 2017, and broadcast needs became an important consideration.
Since he began working on Battiti Live in 2017, Davide Fusco has relied on Hog consoles to programme and control the shows. "Battiti Live’s DoP and lighting designer, Massimo Pascucci, asked me to help achieve the aim of recreating a very ‘live’ reality that would appear less like a television broadcast, at least in some respects,” says Fusco.
“Every year, Massimo has added new technologies, increasing exponentially the quality of the live shows and - above all - the broadcast visuals,” adds Fusco. “Something made possible thanks to a production team that’s focused on innovation and always very collaborative."
This year's main show was characterized by projections of graphics and images on the walls of the Castello Arago

university-of-nottinghamMavericks go to the graduation ball
Monday, 18 October 2021

UK - Calendars lost much of their meaning over the past year, as the pandemic erased so many long-anticipated occasions from their pages. For a group of students at the University of Nottingham, one such date was Monday 12 July, when their already-delayed graduation ceremony was cancelled again due to lingering safety concerns.
However, these students made up for lost time when the university held a glittering black-tie ceremony with dinner, dancing and entertainment at Newark Show Ground. Setting an appropriately festive tone for the affair was its technical producer OneBigStar, which oversaw and managed the production of the event.
OneBigStar retained the services of lighting designer David Howard and supplied him with a versatile kit that featured over 80 Chauvet Professional fixtures.
“We wanted this evening to feel almost like a festival, to erase the disappointment from the cancelled graduation,” said Howard, who ran his lights with a ChamSys MagicQ MQ80. “It was important to have elegant looks, whilst also creating an immersive environment where everybody could be part of this space. Our goal was to give the students an Instagram-friendly backdrop for both the black-tie dinner as well as the party on this special night.”
Toward this end, Howard deftly transitioned his lighting from cocktails, to dinner, and onto the live music party later in the evening. “OneBigStar was fantastic in providing a flexible kit that allowed us to create a look and feel in the room that flowed naturally from cocktails, to dinner, to dancing,” he

phish-after-partyChauvet gets festive at Phish after-party
Monday, 18 October 2021

USA - Nashville’s new Brooklyn Bowl venue hosted a late night ‘Phish after-party’ following their concert at the Ascend Amphitheatre. Kicking off at 10:30 pm right around the time Phish was finishing their encore with a cover of the Rolling Stones Loving Cup, the after-party featured improvised jam and funk sounds by six-piece band Big Something.
Adding to the festive atmosphere was an electrifying Daniel Thibault lightshow that reverberated visually throughout the intimate, 1,200-person venue, filling it with an whirlwind of movement and colours. “I wanted to make this room look its biggest,” said Thibault. “Everything about this band’s sound and stage presence is big.”
Thibault, a partner in Life Is Art Studios, added 20 Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures from his company’s own inventory to the house rig, to create the desired immersive atmosphere at the venue. He positioned eight Rogue R2X Beam fixtures in an arch around the band members and arranged 12 Rogue R2 Wash units around the rig’s beams.
“The R2X Beams gave me a convenient way to create full room looks,” he said. “I was able to immerse even the farthest part of the theatre in light with them. As for the washes, they worked hand-in-hand with the beams to provide a base wash of colour and underlying tone for the rig.
“I often started out songs with only the washes behind the band on, zooming them all the way out to make an enveloping wall of light that set the tone for the song from the first notes,” continue Thibault. “After that I would bring

hong-kongfos/4 adds emotion to HK productions
Friday, 15 October 2021

China - Malo Ma, a young gaffer in Hong Kong, has selected ETC’s fos/4 fixtures to light several new video productions. With over a decade of research realized in these studio fixtures, the fos/4 series of luminaires are specifically dedicated to the studio and broadcast market.
The fos/4 Panel was used in a recent music video production by the rising female Hong Kong singer Cheronna Ng. Malo leads the lighting of this video production.
The music video portrays how the girl pulls herself together from failures and challenges. A fos/4 Panel Daylight HDR (8” x 24”) is used in a few shots in this music video. “The colour is very natural. I like how the colour-mixing with deep red LEDs makes the skin colour tone and other scenes look real and delicate,” commented Malo Ma.
“The lightning strikes effect is surprisingly real. It flashes naturally and makes the mood of the scenes better especially highlighting the complicated feeling in this song,” added Malo.
Due to his positive experience with the fos/4 Panel, Malo also added fos/4 Fresnel to his gear list when he was preparing for a fashion video production. In this picture, Malo and his team were adjusting the colour, angle, and brightness. “The brightness is good. And I like the intuitive and simple UI with the four backlit encoders, making it easy to change colour and other settings quickly and accurately,” commented Malo.

tequilla--taco-festivalChauvet lights Tequilla & Taco Festival
Friday, 15 October 2021

USA - Martin Castañon and Victor Ortiz of Darvik Productions provided lighting at the recent Tequila & Taco Festival. Before Vanilla Ice appeared at the popular event, the two met with the multi-platinum rapper’s team to discuss his show. As the conversation progressed, one thing became clear, the star’s team wanted flash, “the flashier the better” specifically strobing.
Not having any dedicated strobes on hand, Castañon and Ortiz turned to their rig’s Chauvet Professional Rogue R3X Washes, using the high output (up to 18,260 lux at 5-meters) RGBW fixtures to cover the stage and audience at the Ventura County Fairgrounds with a flurry on intense flashes.
“You have to be flexible when working a festival,” said Castañon. “The R3X Washes were great for strobing. We had seven of then flying on upstage truss and seven on midstage. They were staggered so the upstage stick was much lower than the midstage one. This not only gave the stage added depth, it also helped us cover more area. In addition to these units, we had eight R3X Washes offstage about 10-feet away from the left and right corners that were used for key lighting.”
Creating dynamic strobe effects with their wash fixtures wasn’t the only step the Darvik team took to add versatility to their design during the two-day festival, which saw them light every act, including co-headliners Tag Team and Adelaide.
During the day, when ambient light rendered strobing impossible, they tilted their Rogue R3X Wash fixtures out and used them as eye candy. “Thanks to the d

robe-vwRobe drives Volkswagen motor show return
Friday, 15 October 2021

Germany - Bold, bright, vivid with the assistance of Robe moving lights was the look central to Lucas Conradi’s lighting design for the Volkswagen booth at the IAA Mobility 2021 expo in Munich.
This was the first international automotive expo open to the public to be staged since the pandemic triggered global lockdowns in March 2020. The client and booth designer was Mutabor Brand Experience, and the lighting equipment was supplied by Cologne Hunters.
Lucas, from creative and technical event planners IXPI, was both project and technical manager as well as LD for this booth, and he picked the 15 x Robe Fortes and 36 x Esprites to be a major part of the stand’s lighting art.
Four Robe RoboSpot remote follow spotting systems, controlling four of the Fortes, were specified for the flurry of events and presentations during the expo’s press day, and there were also 58 x Robe LEDWash 800 luminaires fitted with beam shapers and top hats dotted around specific areas of the stand highlighting cars and the pop-up press area / broadcast studio.
The slick and clean architectural styling of the booth was defined by the new brand design, complete with vibrant ‘sky’ video screens, coloured plexi panels and other illuminated set pieces in the ceiling and around the stand that shaped the booth. There was a compact double deck / VIP area along one side of the stand with a panoramic view of the bottom deck.
A spectacular wide LED screen at the back of the stand played out a range of timecoded info-content also linked to lighting cues, and in fr

boxxer-versionBoxxer inks partnership with Version 2
Friday, 15 October 2021

UK - Boxxer has announced a new partnership with Version 2, which will become an official partner of Boxxer and Sky Sports Boxing. Headquartered in Reading, Version 2 is a lighting rental specialist for the television, broadcast and event industries.
The partnership kicks off with this Saturday’s stacked Fight Night at the Utilita Arena in Newcastle, headlined by world middleweight champion Savannah Marshall and supported by superstars Chris Eubank Jr., Lewis Ritson and Hughie Fury.
Version 2 sponsors Marshall, who will be defending her WBO crown on Saturday, along with new Boxxer signings April Hunter, an undefeated local prospect, and Georgia O’Connor, a former elite amateur making her much-anticipated pro debut.
As part of the partnership, Version 2 branding will feature across all pre-event promotional activity during fight week, including at Thursday’s press conference hosted at St James’ Park – the home of Newcastle United FC – and at the public weigh-in on Friday, which will take place at the bustling Metro Centre in Newcastle.
Version 2 will then feature throughout this Saturday’s Fight Night, airing live on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland – with prominent branding across the ring and arena.
Commenting on the partnership, Boxxer’s founder and CEO Ben Shalom said: “We’re delighted to announce this new partnership with Version 2, ahead of a blockbuster card this Saturday in Newcastle. Version 2 are leaders in their space and given the strength of their existing relationship with Savannah, it is a partner

adjADJ's Spooktacular Contest opens online
Thursday, 14 October 2021

USA - ADJ’s Halloween Spooktacular Contest is back for 2021, offering the chance to win ADJ lighting gear simply by sharing your spooky lighting projects on social media and including ADJ’s hashtag.
“We want to see the creative ways you put your ADJ lighting, video, or effects equipment to use to create shiver inducing displays or spinechilling events,” says ADJ. “Whether it’s a professional project or home haunt, as long as you use ADJ fixtures, we want to see your Halloween 2021 display and it could win you one of three fantastic prizes.”
Like last year, the 2021 ADJ Halloween Spooktacular Contest is easy to enter. Just take photos or video of your Halloween project, display, or party and post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #ADJSpooktacular.
“The contest is open to anyone around the world and you can enter as many times as you like, just be sure to let us know what ADJ fixture(s) you have used in the description of your social media post(s). We’ll be selecting the top three winners based on how good the photos/videos look as well as the creative use of ADJ products.”
Once the contest has closed at the witching hour on Halloween (12 midnight Pacific time on 31 October), the ADJ team will comb social media for every post made in 2021 that uses the #ADJSpooktacular hashtag and choose three winners based on the creative use of ADJ fixtures and the aesthetic appeal of the photos/video.

pumpkinGet creative for the Backup Pumpkin Challenge
Thursday, 14 October 2021

UK - Industry charity Backup's Pumpkin Challenge is back for 2021. The competition aims to help raise awareness of the charity in a fun and creative way, encouraging interested parties to carve the most creative pumpkin.
“To enter, all that’s need is a pumpkin, your design and any props or tech you want to incorporate to bring your design to life. If you want to use the opportunity to fundraise too (though not a requirement) that would be welcome,” says Backup.
Competition categories are: Best overall design (judged by panel); Best use of tech (judged by panel); Most money raised (via Backup Pumpkin Challenge Fundraising Page); and Most overall likes (on Instagram, using the hashtag: #BackupPumpkinChallenge).
For 2021 long-time Backup supporter Lightpower Collection has generously donated a prize of one of their photographic books to the winner of the best overall design category.
Due to competition being open to anyone, anywhere, the charity is only able to send prizes to UK-based prize winners due to costs of shipping. All winners will be promoted on Backup’s social media pages, in marketing material and in industry press. “Plus,” adds Backup, “you get the prize of industry bragging rights!”
“Entries may be uploaded onto your Instagram by 31 October 2021 using the hashtag #BackupPumpkinChallenge along with your name or team name. Please make sure your Instagram privacy settings allow us to view your entry when you enter #BackupPumpkinChallenge. You can also email when you post, that way we can doubl

frozenMartin MAC Encore brings Frozen to life at Theatre Royal
Wednesday, 13 October 2021

UK - Respected theatre lighting designer Neil Austin has again relied heavily on Martin Professional’s MAC Encore Performance moving heads in lighting the West End production of Frozen The Musical for audiences at London’s famous Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
He is using 115 Martin MAC Encore Performance CLD fixtures as part of a fully moving rig, quipping that “I chose the CLD units as I predicted there would be quite a lot of cold white light on Frozen!” The inventory was supplied by White Light, whom Austin says he has been renting from “since I was a 15-year-old schoolboy.” White Light were supplied by Martin’s exclusive UK distributor Sound Technology.
As the predominant fixture in his rig, the MAC Encores are set on five overhead bars and six ladders either side of the stage in a virtually all-LED rig. “They’re basically everywhere I could fit and afford one. I’m a huge fan of Encores and put them onto every show where the budget allows. The quality of light is extraordinary.
“I knew there were brighter lamps available but I didn’t want another discharge lamp because they decay over time. I wanted something that would remain the same colour and brightness the entire way through the run of a show, and the MAC Encore has more than sufficient brightness.
“In Martin’s hands, LED is so beautiful. It’s a truly full-spectrum light source. No longer do you have to dial in pink to get a reasonable colour for people not to look ill - it really is just like daylight coming through a window. The base colo

nico-labbeLabbé joins Solotech as senior technical specialist
Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Canada - Solotech has appointed Nicolas 'Nico' Labbé as senior technical specialist (business development). Joining the company's Montreal Live Productions team, he will liaise with the Live Productions Division to offer clients the services they require and aid in the development of new business opportunities.
Over the last 35 years, Labbé worked as a lighting designer with the biggest names in the music industry, such as Charles Aznavour, Véronique DiCaire, Garou, Lara Fabian and Roch Voisine. He is also well known and respected in television, where he served as director and designer of photography on multiple live show recordings.
Solotech says Labbé will also play a crucial role as an ambassador of the company’s multiple technological solutions and his lighting and video expertise will help the team to better support Canadian designers.
Solotech says in a statement: "His know-how and unique approach will contribute to the development of new business opportunities. The entire Solotech team wishes him a warm welcome and much success in his new position."

circular1Chauvet in sync for Columbian music
Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Colombia - The historic Teatro Pablo Tobon Uribe in Medellín sets a high bar for anyone creating visuals on its stage. For starters there are the elegant contours of the building itself, the work of famed architect Nel Rodriguez. Then there is the curtain that covers the stage, graced by the art of post-modern master Dora Ramírez.
When that curtain rose on Circular, an evening of Colombian and Caleño music, the captivating visuals continued, thanks to a vivid lighting design by Juan Pablo Marulanda that drew on the colour rendering power and brightness of Chauvet Professional fixtures that were part of the theatre’s house rig.
With no LED video wall, Marulanda used 31 COLORado Batten Quad-9 IP linear fixtures, arranged vertically and horizontally to create a geometric background that added depth and texture to the stage. He complemented the patterns that he devised with the 1000mm long RGBW strips by positioning 24 COLORado 2-Quad Zoom fixtures between the linear units. Lending added punch and versatility to the mix were six Rogue R2 Spot units.
Marulanda’s rig opened myriad creative options for the designers who lit the various artists at the event. Milton de la Cruz took full advantage of these opportunities when lighting a 30-minute performance by Caleño star Hendrix-B.
“My goal was to contribute to the elegant atmosphere of this beautiful theatre, and at the same time create dynamic looks,” says Milton. “My friend Juan did an excellent job with the rig design. All of us were very fortunate that the theatre already had

pga-ryder-cup-2021press-tent1Elation panels impress at Whistling Straits
Wednesday, 13 October 2021

USA - After years of lighting Ryder Cup press areas with standard Lekos and PARs, the team at NMR Staging and Events decided to add Elation’s KL Panel LED softlight to their bag and the results were impressive.
NMR has been involved in the Ryder Cup for years, the Professional Golf Association’s biennial men's golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States. This year’s event played out 24-26 September at Whistling Straits Golf Course in Wisconsin, and, as always, the rivalry and its post- match press conferences were followed closely on both sides of the pond.
NMR, who has nearly 40 years of experience providing technology for a wide variety of events, purchased the full-color-spectrum and colour temperature-adjustable KL light panels last year for use on tradeshows and NMR’s in-house studios. Daniel Gerstenhaber, head of lighting at NMR, says the lighting crew there liked them so much they bought additional luminaires to light this year’s press events at the Ryder Cup.
“We needed to project a nice, flat field of light for the main interview area, something that could deal with the ambient light levels of the open press tent,” stated Gerstenhaber, who handled lighting design for the Ryder Cup press area. “It’s a tough situation with throw distances and the beating brightness of the sun. With the KL Panel we were able to adjust colour temperature on the fly and the output proved to be more than enough.”
An important aspect of the lighting was its ability to work with the high-speed cameras. “Not only did

main-lightMain Light adds Prolights to inventory
Tuesday, 12 October 2021

USA - Lighting rental production company Main Light has added the Prolights EclProfile FS to its rental inventory.
Throughout the pandemic, Main Light took the opportunity to rebalance their inventory by selling off older equipment and buying new technology.
High on Main Light's list of must-have fixtures was a high-output, full-colour LED ellipsoidal. Working with their A.C. Lighting sales representative, Brian Dowd the team at Main Light took a close look at the Prolights EclProfile FS.
"We were looking to invest in a high-quality, workhorse LED ellipsoidal," comments Mike Gaynor, operations manager for Main Light. "We service a wide range of clients, from the professional theatre, corporate AV, worship, touring, and broadcast markets."
The ability of the EclProfile FS to provide warm tungsten and crisp daylight whites along with soft, subtle pastels and bold saturated colours made the EclProfile FS was a clear choice.
Main Light focused on investing in gear that will be in high demand by production companies looking to supplement and access quality equipment from a trusted dry hire resource.
“We are here for our clients,” notes Randy Mullican, general manager of Main Light, LLC “as they reopen and get back to work without having to invest in acquiring new equipment themselves. All these production companies need support as they get ramped back up and we are ready to provide the equipment needed.”

mms1ChamSys MagicQ reflects sun and sea
Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Slovenia - Lighting designer Crt Birsa and set designer Greta Godnic created the visuals for the 40th annual MMS song contest, which this year was built around the appropriately titled theme Festival of the Melody of Sea and Sun.
“The whole idea for the general look of the set and lights was to create the sensation of waves spreading from a central point,” said Birsa of Blackout Lighting Design. “MMS was held at a seaside town, and most of the songs performed were about the sea, so connecting the stage design with water was essential. At the same time, since this is a song contest, we wanted dramatic looks to be part of each performance.”
Working on his ChamSys MagicQ MQ70, Birsa programmed a seven-universe show with 14 pages of cues and cue lists that accentuated the deepest elements of his collaborator’s set design.
“I am working with Slovenia’s best set designer Greta Godnic,” he said. “She usually gives the basic “shape of space” idea and then we start building the project together from the ground up. That’s how we can ensure that the lights have optimal positions in regard to the physical set. When we work like this, the lighting playground is much wider than it would be if the set and lighting design were progressed along separate paths.”
The production design provided a supportive backdrop for each of the 12 finalists, as well as the two special guests, who participated in the contest, which was broadcast on the Slovenia National Television network.
“As this was a live music show, there had to be some s


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