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feverFever 333 electrifies London with Prolights
Monday, 1 July 2019

UK - Grammy nominated punk rock hip-hop band Fever333 recently took the Electric Ballroom in Camden by storm. The Californian band commissioned lighting designer Hayden Borgars to design the atmosphere and electrifying show.
Hayden has has worked with acts including as Hoodie Allen, Symphony X, Gang of Youths and Glassjaw.
Having used Prolights fixtures on numerous occasions before, he was already familiar with the fixtures and explained how he found them “really reliable and innovative” therefore it was no surprise that the package featured a number of the compact-yet-powerful Prolights Diamond7 washes.
Hayden reports, “The notes sent to me outlined specific moments and effects they wanted to achieve, particularly at the start. There were moments that required erratic and chaotic lighting and others where the lighting needed to be contemplative and moody.”
“The Prolights Diamond7s were the first fixture that came to mind where I would have individual pixel control and some pixel animation effects at my disposal to accomplish the desired look. Along with the flexibility of using the Diamond7’s as a wash light, I could also use them for some tight beam looks as well as the individual pixel control which was a huge benefit.”
When asked what Hayden thought of the performance of the Diamond7's in relation to the venue, he commented: “The size & output of the fixtures were impressive; there is very little that is comparable to the Prolights Diamond7 that had both the zoom range and pixel control. The Diamond7’s performed

heiva-i-parisChauvet joins Heiva i Paris celebration
Monday, 1 July 2019

France - For one month out of every year, the rhythm of life in French Polynesia becomes even more blissful as locals gather for Heiva, a rich and colourful celebration of ancient Polynesian customs. This May, as it has for the past six years, the spirit of this traditional holiday leapfrogged 15,706K over two oceans and one continent to create a vibrant display of South Pacific culture and community at Heiva i Paris.
Started by Tahitian singer Ken Carlter, this combination festival and dance contest attracts visitors from throughout France and Europe, as well as from as from as far away as Japan. This year, over 200 people participated in its Heiva dance competition, a highlight of the event.
Providing an immersive and supportive visual setting for their choreography as they swayed to the evocative sounds of traditional Polynesian music was a lightshow designed by David Seligmann-Forest that featured Chauvet Professional fixtures.
Seligmann-Forest used 12 Maverick MK Pyxis and eight COLORado Solo Batten fixtures, supplied by Phase 4 Company to light the dance competition. These fixtures were arranged on totems and on the stage deck. From these positions, they lent dynamic visual support for the dancers, while also creating a camera-friendly setting for video cameras.
“I have worked with Serena Forgeas-Carlter and Ken Carlter, the event organisers, before and share their design philosophy,” says Seligmann-Forest. “This called for the lighting to help place the dances in a scenography that highlighted them without distracting. When I star

billboards-1-largeSolaris Flares brighten Billboard Awards
Monday, 1 July 2019

USA - The 2019 Billboard Music Awards’ lighting designer Jon Kusner specified 140 Solaris Flares and 58 Solaris Flare LR Linears for a visual display, worthy of one of music’s most important nights of the year. The show broadcast last month on NBC, live from the Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena.
“Flare LR linear fixtures made up a heavy part of our side walls in the performance stages,” says Kusner. “The Flare family of products - Flare, Flare Jr and LRs - in my mind has cracked the code. We also got some new Flare Rayzrs from Tony Ward at PRG to use offstage and we’re excited about having Flare performance in this new ultra-thin ‘blade’ format. Flares are the ideal LED product, and to find Flare technology in a smaller, discreet shape is a total plus.”
“Solaris Flares have become a staple in our inventory,” says Tony Ward of PRG. “Whether for concert tours, special events, or TV shows, Flares have become the preferred fixed-focus LED Wash product for many of our clients. Demand continues to grow for these fixtures, and the multiple fixture sizes and types give our clients better options to fit into new and creative lighting and scenic spaces. We can’t keep enough of them; they’re always busy, making the return on our investment in Flares really outstanding.”
(Jim Evans)

claypakycanarias6Claypaky colours Canary Islands carnival
Monday, 1 July 2019

Canary Islands - Around 600,000 people attended Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s carnival this year. The Drag Queen Gala event, which had A Night in Rio theme, utilised a large complement of Claypaky fixtures to fill the stage with light and colour. Stonex is the official distributor of Claypaky lighting in Spain.
“The Drag Queen Gala is seen everywhere in the world by large audiences,” says lighting and technical director, Jonay Diaz, who is a partner in RGB Canarias S. Coop. “This is reason enough to be careful when choosing lighting equipment.”
Diaz selected 30 Claypaky Mythos, 16 Super Sharpy 2s, 16 Sharpys, 30 A.leda B-EYE K20s, 20 Claypaky A-leda B-EYE K10s and 16 Stormy CCs for the 21 shows that took place on the gala’s main stage. Jacinto Cabrera and Iban Negrin operated the grandMA2 lighting console.
Diaz opted to use LED moving heads, citing their performance, low power consumption and greater creative possibilities. “LED devices give us better image quality, especially on TV, by eliminating hotspots almost completely,” he says.
As an operator and programmer Diaz says he looks for lighting instruments that are “100% reliable: I want everything to be seen during the show as I programmed it.” As a designer he also looks for “fixtures that are very versatile and compact since we do not always have a lot of space - again, Claypaky fixtures filled the bill on all of these points”. GAM Eventos was the lighting vendor for the gala.
(Jim Evans)

robe-new-swiss-distributor-1-officialRobe announces Swiss distributor
Monday, 1 July 2019

Europe - Moving light and LED manufacturer Robe Lighting has appointed ASL Electronic AG / SA as its new distributor in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, effective 1 July.
Basel-based ASL Electronic is a leading sales and distribution specialist in Switzerland that has operated in the professional lighting market since 1982. The company also distributes trussing and rigging products from Eurotruss, Doughty Engineering, Liftket and Kinesys; theatre lighting from Spotlight and City Theatrical; accessories from Le Mark and Chris James; and special effects from Smoke Factory.
David Scherz, ASL CEO, comments: “We are very excited to be distributing the complete Robe Lighting range in Switzerland. It is the leading industry brand right now and, even more importantly, a European brand. We intend to make it the number one moving light choice in Switzerland.
“We are extremely enthusiastic about our collaboration now and look forward to a long and fertile partnership as Robe keeps producing innovative and relevant products. We are confident that with Robe, we will be able to support all customer needs on an ongoing basis.”
Robe’s international sales director Harry von den Stemmen adds that Robe has “carefully analysed and evaluated the Swiss market” with the support of its German subsidiary since the beginning of 2019 - research which clearly identified ASL as the best match for the brand.
He adds: “It is essential for us to work with trading companies that have a good but neutral relationship with all customers plus the knowledge and

sharondraperBandit appoints Sharon Draper as controller
Friday, 28 June 2019

USA - Sharon Draper has joined the corporate team at Bandit Lites as controller, overseeing all aspects of the accounting systems while developing and maintaining accounting policies and procedures.
Working out of Bandit’s world headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee, Draper brings more than 40 years of experience in accounting and administration to Bandit’s financial team.
A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Draper has worked as the vice president of finance for Atmospheric Glow Technologies and as the chief financial officer of Container Technologies Industries. She returns to Bandit’s team after an eight-year hiatus, where she had been the financial reporting manager for five years.
“I am so delighted to be back at Bandit Lites,” says Draper. “The energy and enthusiasm around this place is contagious and it’s an exciting time to be back in the entertainment lighting industry.”
“We are all extremely excited to have Sharon re-join Bandit during such an exciting growth phase,” says Bandit Lites chair, Michael T. Strickland. “Apart from being a world class accountant, Sharon is first and foremost a phenomenal person, a trait very much needed in business.”
(Jim Evans)

chauvet-ukChauvet expands UK sales team
Friday, 28 June 2019

UK - To keep pace with the growing demand for its products in the UK, Chauvet has expanded its team by appointing Shaun Robertshaw and Ritchie Reed as business development managers.
The duo will be responsible for the Chauvet Professional, Chauvet DJ and ChamSys lines in the in Midlands and South markets.
“We’re thrilled to welcome Shaun and Ritchie to the team,” says Matt Hallard, Chauvet’s UK sales manager. “Both are well known and well respected throughout our industry. Shaun and Ritchie have a wealth of insights and experience that will enable us to better serve our customers during this period of unprecedented growth across the industry by our family of brands.”
Robertshaw has been involved in the entertainment lighting industry for over 25 years, most recently as sales manager at Vari-Lite and Strand Lighting for the UK. Earlier in his career, he was an area sales manager for Chauvet. “I’m very happy to be re-joining the Chauvet team at such an exciting time for the company,” he says.
Reed, a 30-year industry veteran, comes to Chauvet after successfully filling positions at Selecon Lighting, Martin and most recently Minuit Une. “I’m ecstatic to be joining Chauvet,” he says. “The broad product range has many great fixtures that I am looking forward to representing.”
(Jim Evans)

niccolo-cascinoNiccolo Cascino joins Elation
Friday, 28 June 2019

USA - Elation Professional has announced that Niccolo Cascino has joined the entertainment lighting company’s LA HQ as a business development manager.
He was previously at 8th Ward Management, a management company for live production creatives that he founded in 2013.
Cascino’s role at Elation encompasses building collaborative relationships across the industry, including working closely with lighting designers to keep them abreast of Elation’s growing line of innovative lighting products while communicating market insight to the company product team to meet their exacting demands.
With a background in sales and entertainment industry experience from the Abrams Artists Agency, it was at 8th Ward Management where Cascino laid the foundation for his knowledge of live production by working with top lighting and production designers, video content studios and creative directors.
“Working with these individuals gave me the understanding as to what it takes to be successful in live production,” comments Cascino. “I look forward to applying those skills to my new position to further my already existing connections while building new relationships to help grow the Elation customer base.”
(Jim Evans)

robe-pdf-productions-budapest-pdf211426330PDF Production deploys Robes home and away
Friday, 28 June 2019

Hungary/USA - Budapest-based PDF Production (Perfect Design Factory) was started by Peter Paricska in the 1980s. The company has grown into one of the leading and most successful rental companies in Hungary, specialising in the television and film lighting / production sectors as well as live events.
PDF was among the first rental companies in the country to have moving lights, and Paricska used the equipment to help establish and build his name as a creative lighting and production designer for a myriad of high-profile bands and music tours, before turning his expertise to the worlds of television and film.
He’s also been a distributor for several leading brands, and most recently, has steered PDF in the direction of Robe, purchasing 16 RoboSpot systems in 2017, followed up this year with 40 MegaPointes, all delivered through Hungarian distributor, AVL Trade.
PDFs RoboSpot systems - comprising the 16 RoboSpot BaseStations and their associated BMFL FollowSpot fixtures - have been used extensively on several TV shows and film shoots. “In so many cases remote follow spotting is a much easier, safer and more practical option than having an operator up in the rig,” says PDF’s head of technical, Attila Toth.
Twelve of the systems are currently at a newly established US venture - Redburn Productions - which Peter has set up in Las Vegas and were on the recent Bruno Mars tour as a dry hire. In the US, they have also invested in nine BMFL Follow Spot LTs. This is another new fixture from Robe which is a brighter, long-throw version of the s

led-creativetsamLED Creative creates classic cinema look
Thursday, 27 June 2019

UK - Illumination specialists, LED Creative supported the creative team behind series 1 of There’s Something About Movies, produced for Sky One by CPL Productions.
Filmed over six episodes before a live audience at Pinewood Studios and hosted by comedian Alan Carr, the show features a pair of celebrity teams led by guest captains Micky Flanagan and Michael Sheen competing to determine which side are the champions of showbiz trivia.
Working alongside production designer Andrew Gates and award-winning LD Chris, LED Creative provided a selection of proprietary products, including their Sigma 60 and Alpha 60 flex, which the crew applied to the construction of the spectacular set.
Created with a nod to the architecture of the golden age of cinema, the design is a salute to the classic art deco style, framed with elaborate neon highlights and vibrant colour. The bright clean lines and neon glow contrasting with the studio lighting to add sparkle to the highly polished surfaces featured across the set.
LED Creative project manager Ges Smith says: “The design on this project looks fantastic. The use of our Alpha Neon to help form the art deco façade really does look amazing. A perfect backdrop to the show.”
In forming the design’s architectural contours, the team used LC Sigma Neon to perfectly replicate the art deco look, thus circumventing the need for traditional glass neon with its far greater power requirement plus lack of colour changing and limited dimming abilities.
The further creative application of low energy LED

tumult2Intimidators add to Tumult excitement
Thursday, 27 June 2019

Belgium - Tumult, the Sanzaru Order techno/rave parties, are adding passion, energy and excitement to Belgian night life. Organised by Skippen Dam, Tumult events travel from club to club, with non-stop music by leading DJs. Adding to the immersive effect of the Tumult experience is an intense lightshow featuring Chauvet DJ Intimidator Hybrid 140SR fixtures, supplied by Sound & Co.
“This is the fifth annual edition of Tumult, and the second year that we have lit the parties,” says Jonas Bellemans, CEO of Sound & Co. “Skippen Dam invests a great deal in bringing a lot of DJ talent to these events, which limits the budget for lighting. At the same time, you need a lot of intensity to support this kind of music. So you have to find fixtures that give the right balance.”
Bellemans notes that the 140W Intimidator Hybrid 140SR, with its intense output, motorized zoom, gobo capabilities and all its other features, allows him to deliver the looks his client needs and a price that fits within budget.
In addition to appreciating the affordable price and numerous performance features of the Intimidator fixtures, Bellemans prizes them for their versatility. Having fixtures that are able to perform many different roles is especially important at Tumult parties, which often take place in urban clubs with relatively tight quarters and limited rigging options. This makes it critical to select moving fixtures that are not only compact, but also multi-functional, since it allows a greater variety of looks to be created with fewer fixtures.

clearwingHarman on song for Summerfest 2019
Thursday, 27 June 2019

USA - Clearwing Productions once again selected Harman Professional Solutions’ JBL Professional loudspeaker, Crown amplifier and Martin lighting products to kick up the excitement at Summerfest 2019 in Milwaukee.
The deployment at Summerfest comes months after Clearwing made a significant upgrade to its audio inventory with a multi-million-dollar purchase of JBL VTX A-Series line arrays.
More than 200 JBL Professional loudspeakers, fills and subwoofers are featured, including the new JBL VTX A8 and A12 line array loudspeakers. The Martin MAC Allure made its debut this year, along with support from the Martin Atomic, VDO, and RUSH lines.
“We are really enjoying the flexibility that the new JBL A8s offer for our various stage configurations as well as the versatility that we’ve come to enjoy from the A12s,” comments Bryan Brunclik, Clearwing Productions Milwaukee general manager. “The B18s and G28s ensure our low end is also more than capably taken care of. No matter which stage, venue or configuration we are using them for, JBL and Crown products continue to ensure never worry reliability and that all of our artists will sound their very best, night after night.”
“Our lighting needs are constantly evolving from set to set, artist to artist, and venue to venue but knowing we have the Martin MAC Allure, Atomic and VDO fixtures on board again this year, we know every set will not just be a performance but a complete lighting show from start to finish.”
On the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse Stage this year, Clearwing deployed a c

astera-dwr-distribuition-announcement-xnuz0kz5Astera appoints DWR distributor for South Africa
Thursday, 27 June 2019

South Africa - Wireless LED lighting manufacturer Astera has announced DWR Distribution as its exclusive distributor in South Africa.
It is understood that the agreement will include other southern and central African countries.
DWR is headquartered in Johannesburg and has bases in Cape Town and Durban as well as extensive contacts across southern and central Africa. The company is headed by Duncan Riley, Robert Izzett and Bruce Riley and supplies an array of brands and products and equipment for the entertainment and architectural sectors which includes lighting, audio, AV and staging.
“I am hugely excited,” comments Astera’s sales and marketing director, Sebastian Bückle. “I think the African and South African markets are vibrant and full of potential and I have heard so many great things from around the industry about DWR and their incredible customer service! I am looking forward to a great working relationship with Duncan, Sherryn and their dedicated and very enthusiastic team.”
Duncan Riley is also looking forward to working with Astera. He sees the products being popular for film, TV and photography due to the high TLCI and CRI of 96 as well as in the staging market with the smooth colour mixing and dynamic pixel control. “I really like the full flexibility that is inherent in all the Astera product designs,” he stated.
“I’ve just got a feeling about Astera” confirms Duncan Riley. “They seem to be ‘all about the people’ which is a direct fit for us and seeing some of their projects around the world was

plasa-show-2019Registration opens for PLASA Show 2019
Wednesday, 26 June 2019

UK - Registration is now open for PLASA Show 2019, which returns from 15-17 September to bring over 200 brands lighting, audio, AV, rigging and staging brands to Olympia London.
Mirroring the growth of the AV sector, this year’s show will present an array of next-generation LED screen technology from major players such as Canon and Midwich. Furthermore, Netgear will share its networking and integration solutions.
The audio presence at the show has been growing rapidly over the last few years and in 2019, the show will welcome Void Acoustics and CUK Audio in addition to Bose, d&b audiotechnik, Yamaha and Adam Hall among others.
Meanwhile, live audio demos will double this year, with L-Acoustics taking a dedicated demo space and KV2 Audio demo'ing its products, which feature across various West End and Broadway productions. There will also be back-to-back speaker demos from Adam Hall, Shermann Audio, Ohm, Aura Audio, RCF and Void Acoustics.
New for 2019 will be Stage To Studio, an initiative organised in association with Sound On Sound and Headliner magazines, which will see a band being recorded live and mixed by a professional engineer. Following this, a competition will launch, inviting people to submit their own mixes of the band performance for a chance to win a pro audio prize.
Lighting industry professionals will once again be able to see products from global industry leaders, including Claypaky, Elation, ETC and Robe. Joining the

robe-nathan-wan-and-jordan-tinniswoodRobe appoints crew member
Wednesday, 26 June 2019

UK - Robe has announced the appointment of Jordan Tinniswood to the international exhibition team.
Tinniswood’s appointment is very much as a result of the NRG (Next Robe Generation) initiative in which he has been actively engaged throughout his academic career.
He joined the Robe team at the beginning of June, just as he was completing his final year studying Lighting Design at Rose Bruford College, and takes on the role of lighting and media technician, working alongside Nathan Wan (pictured, left), Andy Webb and Tomáš Kohout.
Tinniswood will be helping the team on various projects around the world. His first project was realising the design of the T1 Rube Goldberg machine, which was the centrepiece of Robe’s stand at the recent ABTT Theatre Show in London.
Tinniswood has since gone on to programme international theatre workshops which have taken place in Belgium and The Netherlands, and will be on the road again with these in Singapore and Australia later in the year. He has also assisted with the new T1 product video and will shortly be helping the team in the studio as they create the product video for the Robe SilverScan to celebrate 25 years of Robe lighting fixtures and their continuing evolution.
From a trade show aspect, Tinniswood will also be heavily involved in the design for the PLASA London stand in September before heading over to Las Vegas for LDI at the end of the year.
(Jim Evans)

papadosio4photocreditkeithgrinerChauvet DJ in the mix on Summer Sequence
Wednesday, 26 June 2019

USA - Dustin Klein has the philosophy that the primary goal of a lighting designer is to bring music to life by creating a visual space for the band.
For his recent work on Papadosio’s second annual Summer Sequence at the Pisgah Brewing Company, part of creating this space relied on weaving the lighting around the band’s music to tell a visual story.
Klein relied on a variety of Chauvet DJ fixtures to transport the audience to another dimension, one ruled by the genre-bending music of the band.
Placing six Chauvet DJ Intimidator Wash Zoom 450 IRC fixtures on the upstage truss facing outward allowed for an even spread of wash that created depth and shaping on stage.
“I ran the Intimidator 450s in their highest channel mode, in order to chase the individual pixels and tie together the different sections of the light in full rig color wipes and dimmer chases,” says Klein. “My intention is to build an atmosphere that enhances the relationships between the performers and the audience, and a big part of doing this is by creating an exciting, dimensional backdrop that works as the base for all the other lighting elements to play against.”
Klein clustered six Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot LED 350 fixtures on the mid-stage truss to add extra power to the band and back wall lighting, and to create aerial effects with gobos and prism through the haze above the crowd. Klein utilised split colours to open up a variety of looks, relying on the dimming capabilities on the fixtures to create fast, punchy colour fades that became an i

kelly-clarksonsteve-jennings-photo11Elation on Kelly Clarkson’s Meaning of Life tour
Wednesday, 26 June 2019

USA - Kelly Clarkson, the singer-songwriter who rose to fame after winning the 2002 American Idol, has recently been a regular coach on The Voice and is set to host The Kelly Clarkson Show in September.
She also hit the road earlier this year to play venues across the US on her first tour in nearly four years. Lighting design for the Meaning of Life outing was by Roy Bennett, who employed an overhead grid of 120 Elation DARTZ 360 LED fixtures to accentuate nearly all aspects of the highly entertaining show.
Key design elements of the set included a VIP bar that surrounded the B-stage to enhance the party environment, and a large upstage video screen that displayed a variety of content including heavy amounts of I-Mag. The DARTZ, housed in 10 overhead lines of truss, 12 fixtures per truss, complemented both in Bennett’s cohesive design.
"The DARTZ 360 is a bright, reliable, fast, and compact light source,” he says of the narrow-beam LED luminaire, which were supplied for the tour by Upstaging. “It's proven itself to be the best when used in mass.”
The ceiling of DARTZ fixtures was used for a variety of looks from upbeat numbers to theatrical looks to more subtle moments. The fixture’s punchy output and three-degree aperture complemented the large video screen without overpowering it. They also provided attractive on-camera visuals for broadcast segments of each show that were live-streamed on Clarkson’s Facebook page.
(Jim Evans)

rivers-churchRivers Church switches on to LED from DWR
Wednesday, 26 June 2019

South Africa - The Rivers Church in Sandton decided to open a new place of worship to maintain the growth and comfort of their congregants.
Their new location, formerly known as Theatre on the Track in Kyalami, is an old theatre turned conference venue, designed with holding people in mind. The venue needed an overhaul and DWR Distribution, with the help of the Install Crew, completely stripped and renovated the old technical installation from top to bottom, making it look fresh and professional and adhering to the Church’s aesthetic standards.
Edward Helliwell, technical manager from the Rivers Church, was adamant on having a top-notch lighting LED based lighting system, which was supplied and installed by DWR. This includes eight Robin LEDWash 600s, six Claypaky Axcor Beam 300s and four Robe DL4S Profiles which come from the Sandton branch. These all serve a very specific function key to the vision of the church.
“The Robe DL4S are used to light up worship leaders and singers, giving them enough light to perform their duties and for the audience to see them, plus the added benefit of full control to ensure the lighting is not harsh on the eyes,” explains Helliwell. The Robin LEDWash 600 is implemented for the audience and stage lighting to ensure a consistent and practical level of light whilst the Claypaky Axcor Beam 300s in conjunction with Le Maitre MVS Hazer are used for effect lighting and ambience to line up with the venue’s sound and speakers to deliver maximum results for a greater impact of message. Additionally, Longman FacePar 9

megapointeLFPS' MegaPointes prepare for busy summer
Wednesday, 26 June 2019

UK - Specialist equipment supplier and production house, Light Fantastic Production Services have applied their stock of Robe MegaPointe fixtures to a variety of prestigious live events.
Having made a significant investment in Robe MegaPointe fixtures to extend their growing lighting inventory, Light Fantastic has been keeping these versatile, powerful fixtures busy throughout the Spring season.
LFPS director, Rob Myer, says: “We have a long-standing relationship with Robe so naturally we are delighted with the performance of our MegaPointes. Over the past few months we have been making great use of them on a host of projects, from creating aerial searchlight effects and gobo projection across building facades to adding incredible theatrical looks to prestigious large-scale live events, including a particularly spectacular product launch installation on a roof at Chelsea Harbour.”
Working both on their own in-house projects and in collaboration with a broad range of industry partners, LFPS provide service and support to a huge variety of live event, television and music productions. Supplying lighting, audio, staging and full technical back up, the company continues to gain prominence as a respected, responsive, reliable production resource.
The company has been making key investments throughout all areas of its business, including expanding its lighting offering, to continue the organic growth of the organisation and maintain the service levels on which they pride themselves.
Rob concludes: “Our lighting inventory, including our

brooklyntabernacle1Brooklyn Tabernacle upgrades with ChamSys
Wednesday, 26 June 2019

USA - The Brooklyn Tabernacle, designed in 1918 by Thomas Lamb, the architect of the original Madison Square Garden across the East River in Manhattan, flourished for years as the Lowe’s Metropolitan, one of the leading vaudeville theatres of its day.
Today, after being rescued from disrepair by the church, the building resonates with the uplifting energy of Pastor Jim Cymbala’s Sunday services, special events throughout the week, and performances by the six-time Grammy winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, which is directed by the pastor’s wife, Carol. Supporting these activities are immersive lighting and video displays that would have been impossible to imagine back in the building’s vaudeville theatre days.
Running the lighting and video system is a ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium, installed in early 2019 by lighting designer Abner Torres of Out of Darkness Designs. Torres, who has done extensive work with gospel groups and clubs throughout the New York area, became involved with Brooklyn Tabernacle through his work lighting the Christian Hip-Hop Kingdom Choice Awards.
“I met Raynard James, the very talented audio engineer from Brooklyn Tabernacle, when I was working on the awards show,” says Torres. “This led to me being invited by the church to light a large-scale musical production, The Story of Love, for Easter. Talking to the tech team, we developed a plan for upgrading the church’s lighting system, beginning with their aging desk. It would have been virtually impossible to run the kind of Easter production they envisione

claypakyteatro-colon6Colombia’s national adds Claypaky and ADB
Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Colombia - Teatro Colón Bogotá, Colombia’s national theatre, finished the last stage of a four-year renovation with the addition of 10 ADB Stagelight Klemantis AS 1000 cyc lights and 10 Axcor Profile 900 fixtures provided by Audio Concept de Colombia.
“In selecting the Axcor Profile 900s, we outlined the needs of the luminaires based on certain parameters - they must be spots, have blades, CRI, and, above all, must be LEDs,” says Leonardo Murcia Buitrago, the theatre’s lighting manager. “We compared the technical specifications of all the brands we looked at and without hesitation went with Claypaky. The Axcor Profile 900s give us a great temperature. The curve is so natural and exponential.”
“The new Klemantis cyc lights have the most wonderful colour curvature and dimmer, perfect for theatre,” he adds.
“We included the fixtures in all of our productions as soon as they arrived. They’ve been amazing and have won over the theatre lighting techs with their power.”
A performance of the Revolución Pazcífica Bailes de Resistencia by the Jovenes Creadores del Chocó Company from the Colombia’s Pacific coast, utilised the new fixtures. “They made the dancers stand out without interrupting or distracting, which was perfect,” says scenic and lighting designer Álvaro Tobón.
The director of Teatro Colón Bogotá, Manuel José Álvarez Gaviria, adds, “I can only say that we are very, very happy to have these luminaires on our stage.”
In the next three years the theatre is scheduled to build a new c

glpshmstockholmmay20190929GLP solution for Swedish House Mafia reunion
Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Sweden - Despite having worked with Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso in a one-off show in San Francisco, when the time came, Vision Factory production designer, Sam Tozer nevertheless had to pitch for the gig (read full production report in LSi June).
At the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium gig he had gone heavy on GLP’s popular impression X4 20 Bars and equally en-vogue JDC1 hybrid strobes, and that same formula worked for him again at the house legends’ comeback shows at Stockholm’s Tele2 Arena. It quickly became clear that this would be no ordinary EDM experience.
Assisted by LD, Alex Hess, he says: “I already knew the feel of the performance the boys would want to create, so the process became fairly collaborative. Being a comeback show it needed to be stylistic, monologic and be something that no-one had seen before.”
The three artistes, whose performance took place on a ‘floating’ platform, became heavily involved in the entire process as did creative director, Alexander Wessely. “They knew they wanted a giant screen and have lighting based on three circles. Alex [Hess] and I worked side by side to create a new style of lighting rather than a simple EDM look that people were probably expecting.”
The mainstay of the rig was three 7.2m circular four-tonne trusses on Kinesys motor control, with a pipe grid across the circles. Tozer commandeere

adj-roadADJ road tour rolls into Nashville
Tuesday, 25 June 2019

USA - ADJ Lighting has planned a two-day summer ADJ road tour event at Soundcheck Nashville to demo its latest lighting, audio, and video technologies and offer informative tech sessions on a variety of lighting and video control solutions.
On 16-17 July, ADJ Lighting will be in Nashville, Tennessee, at Soundcheck Nashville studios, 750 Cowan Street, where the company will spotlight its latest lighting, audio, and video technologies recently shown at InfoComm tradeshow. The showcase will include ADJ’s IP65 outdoor rated lighting solutions.
“Nashville is of my favourite ADJ road tour dates because we always have a strong turnout of lighting professionals. In fact, this is our fifth year in a row at Soundcheck Nashville,” comments Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager of ADJ USA. “ADJ is coming off a very successful InfoComm show. We’re looking forward to talking to installers and production companies about our wide range of IP65 outdoor rated lighting, plus all of our other professional lighting, video and Avante Audio solutions.”
ADJ will offer hands-on demos of the AV2 high resolution video panels, plus the recent debut of the Hydro Wash X7 IP65 rated moving head beam, the Hydro Beam X2, and Hydro Beam X1 IP65 rated beam moving heads; Vizi Wash Z19, Vizi Wash Z37, and Par Z Move zoomable moving heads; Entour Ice low-lying fog machine, and the Encore Burst Series of blinders; as well as other pro-line products for professionals looking for lighting solutions for event production, houses of worship, nightclubs, bars and lounges, fun cen

tranceAyrton Ghibli enters A State of Trance
Tuesday, 25 June 2019

The Netherlands - Andre Beekmans, lighting designer with The Art of Light, used Ayrton’s Ghibli LED spot fixtures to create a lightscape on and around the main stage at A State of Trance festival in The Netherlands this year in celebration of ASOT 900.
A State of Trance (ASOT) is the weekly radio show of award-winning DJ Armin van Buuren and the largest trance network in the world. Every year the 50th episode is celebrated with a major live concert in The Netherlands, with smaller satellite events in other countries around the world.
This spring marked the 900th show, which was celebrated in front of a 35,000 capacity audience at the Jaarbeurs Centre in van Buuren’s hometown of Utrecht, designed and operated by The Art of Light, and promoted by Alda Events.
Lighting designer Beekmans chose 65 Ayrton Ghibli, supplied by Ampco Flashlight, as the main spot fixture for the mainstage at this huge celebration. The team at The Art of Light is very familiar with Ayrton having used MagicPanel fixtures many times in the past, but this was their first time using Ghibli.
“For A State of Trance we were looking for a great effects spot which could give us lots of scope for mid-air effects and big picture stuff,” says Beekmans. “Flashlight presented us with several options and we found that Ghibli had it all for us! We were really happy with what we found – Ghibli has a great gobo setup, and the light output was also superb and fitted the budget. It was just what we needed as the main spot for the main stage.”
The Art of Light team had


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