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spamalotSpotrack on the bright side of light
Thursday, 16 April 2020

Ireland - The Irish première of the hit musical comedy, Spamalot (School Edition), took place recently in County Mayo. The show, written by Eric Idle and based around the hit film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, has been a favourite of audiences all over the world since its Broadway debut in 2005.
The run of five shows took place in the newly built multi-purpose hall of the Sancta Maria College in Louisburgh. Whilst the setting might suggest a modest production, limited by the technical and financial resources of a school, the reality was anything but. The college’s production of Spamalot, directed by Head of English and theatre arts specialist, Marina Rice, was able to call on the services of two west of Ireland-based companies...
EvenTech, run by John Kearney, is a leading production services company, who specialise in complete solutions for every size and scale of event. As well as supplying lighting and sound for festivals, corporate events or houses of worship across Ireland, EvenTech are great supporters of their local community, particularly in the sphere of education. When Marina Rice approached them with the idea of staging a professional-level production in Sancta Maria’s new facilities, they did not hesitate to get on board. John Kearney was happy to be involved and supplied the show with complete production support:
“Theatre is an incredibly inspiring medium for young people, and staging a production like this offers so much in the way of learning. From the artistic side to the technical aspects, a show like

martinmacaurapxlprversionb1140x564-1Martin releases MAC Aura PXL LED wash
Wednesday, 15 April 2020

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has announced the new Martin MAC Aura PXL LED wash light, which features individual pixel control of both the main beam and Aura backlight.
With a bright, precisely-calibrated RGBW engine, instant colour mixing and seamless pixel mapping, the MAC Aura PXL is both a sustainable workhorse for rental companies and a powerful creative tool for lighting designers, says the company. The MAC Aura PXL expands on the unique LED backlight concept introduced in the popular MAC Aura with an enhanced feature set that presents amazing new possibilities.
“The MAC Aura PXL is the next evolution of the MAC Aura product line, and delivers essential new features that lighting designers have been requesting,” said Markus Klüsener, global product line manager for stage lighting, Harman Professional Solutions. “With control over each individual pixel, not only the 19 main beam pixels, but also down to the 141 Aura backlight pixels, via DMX, ArtNet, sACN, but most importantly and simply, our very own P3 protocol; lighting designers can create never-before-seen effects and map pixels to video with ease. And with its powerful output and reduced size and weight, this fixture represents a powerful addition for any rental company’s inventory.”
Sporting an RGBW LED engine capable of 13,000-lumen output, the MAC Aura PXL is a true workhorse lighting fixture. Precisely calibrated LEDs deliver rich, saturated colors and subtle pastel hues with instant colour mixing and minimal color degradation over time. The MAC Aura PXL’s precise

chamsystraining2ChamSys adds weekly MagicQ sessions
Wednesday, 15 April 2020

UK - ChamSys continues to build on its global commitment to education, making webinar bookings and 20-minute appointment consultations found on the training page available in German, Italian and Spanish versions. The company has also broadened the scope of its training with the addition of new Live MagicQ sessions that will stream every Tuesday at 11 am EST (4 pm BST).
Conducted by the ChamSys training staff, the new sessions will delve deeply into key MagicQ software capabilities, such as mapping complex fixtures, FX setup and tracking. In addition to being livestreamed on Facebook, the lessons will also be made available on IGTV.
Initially, the new MagicQ material will be available only in English. Topics include:
Control and Mapping of Complex Fixtures With Multiple Elements, which covers subjects like Ind/Dup, element selection, and non-linear shape fixtures used in Grids (14 April)
Better Busking With the Execute Window, which offers tips on setting up grids with groups, palettes and cues (21 April)
FX 101, which looks at setting up custom FX, group FX and playing back FX (28 April)
Faster Programming With Tracking, which explains tracking, detailing how it works with MQ, and also HLF, viewing tracking, block cue and block FX (5 May)
Advanced Pixel Mapping, which covers pixel mapper FX, movies, gifs and live feeds (12 May)
Effective Playback With Options, which provides a detailed review of topics like advanced cue stack options, fader options and playback holdover (19 Ma

student-mobilization-conference22Elation lights SMC conference in Oklahoma
Wednesday, 15 April 2020

USA - Thousands of college students of faith descend on Oklahoma City each year for the Student Mobilization Conference (SMC), four-days of worship, camaraderie, inspiration and, in the evening, lively entertainment.
Relevant Audio + Visual has collaborated with SMC the past eight years to create an inspiring audiovisual experience for attendees and this year tapped into their inventory of Elation Professional luminaires to help create the uplifting atmosphere.
The 2020 conference took place 2-5 January at the Cox Convention Centre in downtown Oklahoma City. Relevant Audio + Visual’s challenge was to create an engaging, impactful environment to motivate and encourage attendees to spread the word about Student Mobilization’s Global Impact/Mission and summer discipleship training opportunities.
The Wichita-based AV production house designed a complete 3D visualization to fit SMC’s mission and budget, then provided, programmed and operated all audio, visual, and lighting equipment at the SMC Conference. Lighting design was by Brandon Deibler, Director of Design and Operations at Relevant Audio + Visual.
Relevant Audio + Visual has been investing in Elation gear for the last five years and in that time has acquired an impressive inventory of fixtures that includes Elation’s multi-award-winning Artiste Monet moving heads. “From the initial design standpoint, we knew we wanted to place a very strong fixture at the furthest upstage edge of the stage and utilize it for specific moments of worship,” commented Chris Derstein, CEO and opera

bank01PR Aqua Beams light Bratislava night sky
Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Slovakia - The strength and power of PR Lighting’s Aqua 580 Beam was put to the test by major event specialists Kvant Show Production, when they projected onto the 111mhigh National Bank of Slovakia HQ in Bratislava.
Complementing Kvant’s own Laser Spectrum 30W lasers, 24 of PR Lighting’s IP66-rated fixtures were deployed as searchlights, with 12 positioned directly on each side of the Bank building terrace and firing into the night sky. Due to the tight and well-focused 2° beam, with output generated from a Philips 25R 550W engine, calibrated at 7800K, two infinite fat white beams of light from each pair, soared into the distance, and were visible over 5km away.
Meanwhile, Barco HDX-W20 FLEX projectors were set-up on another building’s rooftop, opposite the Slovak National Bank, and projecting over a distance of 130m-150m.
The projection itself was commissioned by the bank to promote a message of solidarity to the population during self-isolation caused by the coronavirus crisis - to create a talking point and be visible across the city. The light beams themselves represented a message of hope for a new future, and that “we will all make it together”. The projection ran nightly between 8pm-12am for five days, culminating on 29 March.
The project was viewed from many windows (since the public are forced to stay at home), but was presented on local TV, Facebook and in the print media.
Martin Gabco was responsible for the show design, including lights, lasers and timecode sync, while Pangolin BEYOND laser software, capable of

zero-88-technical-team-img0817Zero 88 ramps up Zoom online opportunities
Wednesday, 15 April 2020

UK - Lighting control manufacturer Zero 88 has seriously ramped up its available online consultations and training opportunities.
A busy and dynamic schedule includes 42 x Zoom training sessions each month which will run for as long as the crisis lasts.
Zero 88 product manager Jon Hole commented, “With the whole live music, events and performance industry shut down, we want to be as positive, forward-thinking and helpful as we can to anyone who is already using or keen to know more about some of the core Zero 88 products.”
The Zero 88 Home Page has full details of what’s available and interested parties can sign up on the spot.
The 42 x Zoom training sessions are divided into 10 categories – which are scheduled to be repeated over the monthly period, offering different time slots and also ensuring that those in different time zones can join in and share the knowledge exchange and fun,
Sessions last between one and three hours and will cover a wide range of topics related to Zero’s award-winning FLX and FLX S series of lighting consoles.
The topic categories start from entry-level which are designed to get users up-and-running with an FLX-S desk including patching and basic programming, moving on to more intermediate elements like programming cues into playbacks, cue settings, and editing. The more advanced will explore sophisticated functions like Tracking; DMX / RDM and Ethernet Networking.
In addition to the Zoom sessions – presented by Edward Smith, Tyler Holpin and Jon Hole – one-to-one

cordeel1Chauvet illuminates dry dock celebrations
Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Belgium - Cordeel knows how to finish projects with a flourish. The Belgian construction company demonstrated this in convincing fashion recently when it completed the Temse shipyard dry dock headquarters. After finishing the construction of the building at ground level, Cordeel’s engineers hoisted the 1,200 ton still and glass megastructure into its final position where it now perches majestically 20mabove the shipyard.
For the inauguration of this distinctive building, and Panama Group were brought on board to transform the space around the dry dock into a one-off Cirque du Soleil-style show for Cordeel's 1,600 employees. Instrumental in creating this transformation was a collection of over 50 Chauvet Professional fixtures that included eight COLORado Panel Q40 units, eight Maverick MK2 Washes, 24 Rogue R2 Washes, four Rogue R3 Washes and 12 Ovation E-260WW ellipsoidals, all controlled by a ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console.
With three temporarily constructed tents housing a variety of circus performances, in addition to dining and networking activities, the team were tasked with installing lighting throughout multiple locations to serve a variety of purposes.
In the main entrance tent, where guests were treated to numerous performances and dances, the team hung the Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures in a symmetrical formation from centrally positioned trussing.
To provide accurate and clear highlighting of the performers on the stage, relied on the 230W Ovation E-260WW ellipsoidals to act as spotlighting elements

mexicoDbar venue overhauls lighting with ADJ
Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Mexico - A popular nightlife venue in Mexico has undergone a complete internal transformation ready for its 2020 season. This included the installation of a totally new lighting system comprised exclusively of ADJ fixtures including Vizi Beam RXONE and Vizi Q Wash7 moving heads alongside Sweeper Beam Quad LED motorized battens and Saber Spot RGBW LED pinspots.
Located in Villahermosa, the capital city of Tabasco State in southeast Mexico, Dbar is well-established as a gathering place for the area’s elite. With a top 40 music policy, the venue attracts a client base predominantly in the 21 to 40 age demographic who dress to impress and come to let their hair down. Offering premium drinks and bottle service to a upmarket crowd, it is essential that the venue’s décor sets the right tone, which is why the management completely overhauled the interior space ahead of the 2020 season.
The concept for the new design was created by award-winning architect Filipao Nuñez, who used striking lines and curves, combined with plush furnishings, to create a luxurious and modern space. The scale of the 800-capacity venue is accentuated through the extensive use of mirrored walls, while a feature bar fills one size of the rectangular main room and the DJ booth takes pride of place at the far end of the space.
Adimsa, a company with an impressive track record of providing innovative lighting installations in nightclubs and lounges throughout Mexico, was brought in to supply and install all of the lighting for the project. The company’s director general, Edson R

pr-showroomPR Lighting supports global customer base
Tuesday, 14 April 2020

China - In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, PR Lighting this month reached out to its global customer base, with a letter of reassurance.
Joint senior sales managers, Lawrence Mao and Bruce Tian issued the following message:
“With the world currently living through the worst crisis of our generation, we at PR Lighting are striving to do everything we can to mitigate the severe impact on our industry and are here to help our customers and partners in every way possible.
“As you know, the Coronavirus has spread quickly, and after living with this for nearly two months we were able to return to work on 20 February after lockdown restrictions were lifted.
“We responded quickly to make up for lost time, and by the beginning of March everything was back to normal - production, R&D, sales and marketing. In fact we have been able to bring to fruition new developments that were already in the pipeline, and this month we begin shipping the new Aqua LED 1700 Framing.
“With production now back working at full capacity, items are again in stock and available for delivery, subject to current transportation embargoes.
“Our thoughts now turn to our international partners as the crisis deepens in other parts of the world. Please let us know anything we can to support you. You are part of the PR Lighting community and the importance of that partnership cannot be over-valued. At the same time we would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.
“May you, your families and coll

warcryWarCry returns to Mexico with Chauvet
Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Mexico - After 18 years of relentless touring, nine studio albums, and a fistful of awards, heavy metal icons WarCry remain as fiercely intense as ever. The band’s searing passion was as hot as a blast furnace when they appeared at Chihuahua’s Teatro de las Ciudad in September.
From the moment they burst on the stage performing Luz del norte and throughout their entire 21 song set, the band from the Asturian region of Spain swept fans up in their hard driving sound. Contributing to the experience was a frenetic lightshow created with 28 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by ProAudioSoluciones.
Tapped by the show’s producer, Direct Music Company, to provide the lighting rig, ProAudioSoluciones drew on its 20 years experience in the entertainment industry to select fixtures that could provide powerful, immersive looks, while still offering versatility and easy set up features.
Anchoring the rig were eight Maverick MK1 Hybrid moving heads, chosen for their intense output and gobo capabilities. The 440W fixtures were also selected because their zoom range of 3° to 18° in spot mode, and from 19° to 41° in wash mode, allowed the lighting designers from the Txus Plágaro to set different moods throughout the show by changing coverage areas.
Added punch was served up by six Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures, while color from 12 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures helped set different scenes throughout the show. Each of those looks reflected varying degrees of scintillating intensity.

robe-blond-trainingBlond training moments with Robe
Tuesday, 14 April 2020

South Africa - Blond Productions, based in Midrand, Johannesburg, a rental company specialising in the TV and film sector, like everyone, is grappling to survive under a national lockdown in which productions and businesses have shut down completely.
Blond’s owner and MD Christiaan Ballot has retained all his full-time staff and wants to look after everyone as best as possible, which is challenging given the scenario, involving some creative thinking to try and make “the best” out of a grave situation.
Something that immediately sprung to the minds of Ballot and Blond’s head of show lighting Ryan Lombard was to utilise the enforced ‘down’ time to engage the staff in various technical training.
“While we all wish this was over, it has presented the perfect opportunity to do all those things we never get time for around the office,” Ballot declared.
Lombard adds: “Training and education on the kit are always on our ‘To Do’ list and although it’s also always high on the agenda, as a busy company, availability for both me and the crew is a big obstacle as we are almost always out on site somewhere working on active productions.”
So, Blond has turned the lockdown into a time asset with everyone stuck at home and only connected via the internet. Lombard is presenting the lighting sessions.
The primary focus so far has been on lighting equipment and console education, and they train on a grandMA2 with the two full-time lighting department staff – Donavon Blomerus, and Lucky Lewele – each taking a grandMA OnP

strandStrand debuts theatrical luminaires
Tuesday, 7 April 2020

USA - Strand Lighting has debuted a range of luminaires for theatres, houses of worship, TV and film studios.
The company announced a new LED version of the Strand Leko Profile luminaire along with an updated Cantata Fresnel. Also launching are he new Coda LED Cyc and Aurora LED Strip luminaires.
The Leko Profile and the Cantata Fresnel are available in RGBALC as well as tunable warm and cold white versions. The full colour versions feature an RGBALC (red, green, blue, amber, lime and cyan) colour mixing system as well as the SmartColor Control system first seen on the recently announced Vari-Lite VL5LED Wash. “With a full RGBALC colour system, designers have a wide range of rich colour options that help them achieve the same deep colours they once obtained with gels,” explains Martin Palmer, Senior Product Manager, Vari-Lite and Strand Luminaires at Signify. “With the innovative SmartColor Control System, designers can now use LEDs to obtain those deep colours while still using classic CYM + CTO control.”
For better reproduction of skin tone and other colours on stage, the Strand Leko LED Profile and Cantata LED Fresnel are also available in two white output versions - a warm tunable white (2700K to 4500K) and cold tunable white (4000K to 7000K) variety - both of which offer a CRI exceeding 94 across all colour temperatures, as well as high TM30 and TLCI values.
Meanwhile, the new Coda LED Cyc and Aurora LED Strip luminaires benefit from the same RGBALC colour mixing system and SmartColor Control, bringing a wide range of rich, easily

aqua-led-1700-framingpressPR Lighting releases latest in Aqua LED line
Tuesday, 7 April 2020

China - PR Lighting has announced the release of its new IP65-rated Aqua LED 1700 Framing - the first new product to come off the production line since coronavirus restrictions were lifted in China.
Designed to be sufficiently powerful to handle the demands of large outdoor events, the new fixture houses a 730W LED engine (8000K), enabling an extremely powerful output. It features a motorised zoom function, with a range of 7°-60°, and contains a colour wheel with six colour filters plus open, one rotating gobo wheel (with six exchangeable gobos plus white) and a fixed gobo wheel (with seven exchangeable gobos, plus white). In addition the unit has a full blackout framing system, with four rotating blades that can rotate infinitely and provide a complete curtain effect.
Other features include; four-facet prism; Linear frost (0-100%); exchangeable graphic effect wheel; 0-100% linearly adjustable focus and dimmer; linear iris (5-100%) with macros; double shutter-blade strobe (0.3-25fps); pan 540°, tilt 270° head movement, with auto position correction.
Thanks to a robust construction and its IP65 rating, Aqua LED Framing can be used outdoors in all conditions, either for one-off events or permanent installations, says the company.

adj-studioPEG creates live video studio with ADJ
Tuesday, 7 April 2020

USA - Quick to adapt its business model to the current situation, Premier Entertainment Group in Dothan, Alabama has transformed its warehouse into a full service video production studio. Kitted out with lighting from ADJ and sister company Elation Professional, the facility is being used by DJs, bands and church worship groups to professionally record sets that can then be broadcast through online streaming.
The effect of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic on the entertainment industry has been truly profound, with every kind of event – from arena tours to wedding receptions – postponed for the foreseeable future. However, many entertainment professionals are utilizing modern technology to broadcast live performances and DJ sets directly to the comfort and safety of their fans’ homes. Which is the route that Premier Entertainment Group (PEG)’s president and owner, Dave Guiler, has quickly steered his business.
“When it first happened, a few weeks ago, that announcements were made about the need for social distancing and other protocols,” explains Dave, “we immediately started getting calls from clients postponing or cancelling events. We went from 70-80 events booked in March, to having absolutely nothing. I took about a day to recover from the shock, but then gathered together the guys and said the last thing we want to do is furlough anyone, or lay anyone off, so let’s do anything we can to keep everyone working and do the best we can to keep a full staff. And, so far, we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do that.”

central-churchChauvet enhances streamed Easter service
Tuesday, 7 April 2020

USA - Executive pastor Josh Parker and his team at Central Church in Augusta, Maine, have started livestreaming their Saturday evening and Sunday services.
Streamed on Facebook and YouTube, the services are providing the church’s community with an enriched and engaging worship experience, complete with production-level audio, graphics, and lighting. Still, as Easter approached, pastor Parker and his team were seeking to add an extra, and even more immersive element to their online services. This ultimately led them to journey 147 miles south to the Events United’s Studio Lab in Derry, New Hampshire.
“During Easter we always look for creative ways to reach more people by expanding production,” said Parker. “Once it became clear we would not be able to hold our usual Easter services, we started searching for innovative ways to improve our online production level. We had great experiences working with Events United before on our arena services, and most recently, I’ve been impressed by how quickly Tim Messina and his team have worked to provide a very generous and affordable online recording option for churches and events at their space in Studio Lab. It became clear to us that this was our Easter service solution.”
On Sunday 29 March, pastor Parker, along with a group of associate pastors and musicians, took to the Virtual Event Stage set up at the Events United Studio Lab to record a special service that will be shared on Facebook and YouTube on Easter Sunday. “The majority of our services, including the worship and sermon, were re

bandit-vraBandit announces Volunteer Relief Action
Tuesday, 7 April 2020

USA - As the nation and entertainment industry navigate the unfolding Covid-19 pandemic, all Bandit offices have made available to local governments and hospitals, power distribution systems, IT data distribution systems, and portable structures and lighting, completely free of charge. Bandit has also made available, free of charge, its Nashville rehearsal facility, Venue One, for use by any artist that needs a place to perform a live stream event during this critical time.
“Tennessee has been known as The Volunteer State since The War of 1812, and it was only right that Bandit step up and offer this free support,” said Bandit Lites chair and founder, Michael T. Strickland. “While all Bandit offices are under Safer-At-Home Orders, the entire staff is on full payroll. No one has been laid off at Bandit.
“When individuals are needed to accomplish a task, they are covered by the legal exemptions and the Bandit team jumps in and performs the task at hand.”
As the live entertainment industry went dark on 13 March, Strickland jumped into action. By Saturday he was on the phone with Tennessee Senators Lamar Alexander and Marsha Blackburn working hand in hand all weekend and through the passage of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.
Strickland was representing the interests of everyone in the live entertainment segment, from full time employees to freelancers. The Senators were not completely aware of the fact that the entire industry went to zero revenue in a single moment, and once Sen. Alexander and Sen. Blackburn fully unders

disguisedisguise launches on-demand training hub
Tuesday, 7 April 2020

UK - In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, disguise has launched disguise OnDemand - a virtual hub that features access to free training and webinars exploring key features and elements of the disguise workflow. Held in multiple languages, multiple times a day, the platform will feature exclusive content, including the opportunity for the community to take part in specialist discussions on key industry topics, and hear from customers during spotlight discussions on showstopping case studies.
Designed as a place for the community to learn and keep up-to-date on all things regarding disguise, free online training sessions take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are planning on running a condensed version of the Fundamental and Pre-Production Workflows Training, broken down into a series of six one-hour sessions where attendees can learn the core features, including the timeline, stage, configuring output feeds, and how to set up devices.
As part of a wider initiative to reach out to the disguise community, disguise is also offering the Designer software free until September, and giving a series of discounted USB dongle giveaways, as well as partnering with Notch on a ‘codemeter’ dongle sharing scheme, allowing more people to access to both their software.
“We understand this is a really hard time for our industry, and disguise is committed to doing what we can to support our community of freelancers, partners and customers across the globe,” said Fernando Kufer, CEO at disguise. “These initiatives are vital to support our communit

plasa-tn2PLASA publishes results of Covid-19 member survey
Tuesday, 7 April 2020

UK - A survey carried out by PLASA has revealed the financial struggles faced by businesses in the entertainment technology industry as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Conducted from 18 March and completed by 145 PLASA members, the study shows the early impact that various restrictions triggered by the pandemic have had on the industry, with PLASA currently conducting a follow-up survey to gain insight into the ongoing challenges that the sector is facing.
From those surveyed, half said that they’ve lost at least 50% of the business for the year, with a fifth saying they’ve lost between 80% to 100% of all their business.
PLASA is currently pushing for the government to include the events supply chain in the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Business category in order to qualify for much needed Business Rates cash grants which are already available to shops, pubs, restaurants, theatres and music venues. Alongside asking the government to insist that landlords of rented business premises support business tenants through the coronavirus crisis.
PLASA says it is also concerned about "the number of freelancers who operate as limited companies who are not receiving a fair amount of support in comparison to their sole-trader colleagues. Many were forced to operate as a limited company to comply with off-payroll tax rules, are now unable to claim for dividends meaning they lose out on fair government support."
PLASA has a dedicated web page to support businesses and individuals during the pandemic, as well as closed groups on Facebook and L

southwardsChauvet lights museum Springsteen tribute
Monday, 6 April 2020

New Zealand - The Paraparaumu Southwards Car Museum marked the installation of its new lighting system with a concert in its 474-seat multi-use theatre by Adrian Dittmer’s Bruce Springsteen tribute band.
When he isn’t playing bass for the Springsteen tribute band, Dittmer is the sales and marketing manager of MDR Sound and Lighting in Palmerston North. After he reached out to the museum theatre, about a possible gig, its tech director Levi Hampton told him that the facility was looking to do a lighting upgrade.
“Once Levi mentioned what the theatre wanted to do, I put on my MDR hat and told him that we could supply anything he needed,” said Dittmer. “The theatre was pulling out the existing fly system, as it was no longer effective, and they were no longer hosting traditional theatrical productions. They were wanting to replace that system with a truss grid and a modern LED lighting solution.”
Dittmer gave the theatre the lighting versatility it needed by putting together a flexible rig that includes, 12 Maverick MK3 Wash, 16 Maverick MK2 Profile and eight Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal fixtures (with 25- and 50-degree lens tubes) on a 15m by 13m truss grid with hoists.
Positioned evenly on the truss grid, the fixtures are able to provide full coverage across the theatre for dances and events thanks to their impressive output and throw distance. They can also turn around and create tight focused looks for concerts. This was made brilliantly clear during a performance at the theatre by Dittmer’s Springfield tribute band.

vista-by-chroma-q-training-webinarsChroma-Q offers free Vista training
Monday, 6 April 2020

World - Chroma-Q is offering free Vista by Chroma-Q lighting and media control training. Aware and saddened by the current market situation, they will be hosting weekly webinars to help you develop your knowledge and skills, from the comfort of your own home.
Says the company, “Understanding the importance to continue to support loyal clients and to continue education in the wake of cancelled events and one-to-one meetings, last week Chroma-Q hosted the first round of one-hour Vista 3 webinars, with an overwhelming 260 attendees. Each session ran twice, once each in BST and CDT time zones, making the training accessible to a wider audience.”
“Nurturing and developing the skills of our new and existing customers is so important to us. During a time where people may be unable to get on with their ‘usual’ jobs, we wanted to provide learning opportunities that we’re certain will come in handy in the near future,” said Paul Pelletier, global brand manager.
If you are interested in sharpening your Vista 3 skills, the Vista by Chroma-Q team will be bringing you a series of webinars every Wednesday and Thursday throughout April. Keep an eye out on the Vista by Chroma-Q website - course content and registration will be updated every Friday.
Visit to register for the next webinars.

peoplepoweredEntertainment industry mobilizes to support NHS
Friday, 3 April 2020

UK - A team of entertainment technology professionals have joined forces to form People Powered UK in a bid to help relieve the pressures of the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The initiative was started by LDs Katharine Williams and Jono Kenyon and has so far amassed 915 members and counting from across the entertainment and live event industries. Williams previously worked on Crew for Calais, a project that saw event professionals build shelters for refugees, whilst Kenyon has first-hand insight into the pressures of the UK’s health service thanks to his partner, an ITU worker.
A statement from People Powered UK says: “People who usually work at venues such as the London Roundhouse and provide production services to festivals are working together across the entire UK. They’re using skills and ingenuity honed building festival infrastructure to provide structures quickly and effectively, and sourcing equipment from outside the NHS’s usual supply chain to provide solutions to challenges hospitals are currently experiencing. Production people already work with emergency services and local authorities at SAGs, on health and safety, and at planning meetings, so already speak the same language.”
Sam Oldham, commercial and operations director of Camden arts venue the Roundhouse comments: "Our industry is full of highly skilled workers, many of whom are currently out of work or have been furloughed. They have essential skills which can be used to support the NHS and we're so proud to see the Roundhouse technical and production team joining for

john-schnobrichEvents industry urged to submit evidence on COVID-19 crisis
Friday, 3 April 2020

UK - PLASA, the Professional Lighting And Sound Association, has urged businesses and individuals to get in touch with more evidence on how the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is affecting their operations.
The information is sought by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and will help the Treasury to better understand the devastating impact the situation is having on the events industry.
To gather the evidence, The Events Industry Forum - of which PLASA is a member - has created a survey, which can be completed here until 5pm on Tuesday, 7 April.
"We are working hard alongside other industry associations and organisations to ensure the voice of our industry is heard," says PLASA in a statement. "We hope that through this work we can secure measures already gifted to leisure and hospitality to be extended to events and the events supply chain."
(LSi Online)

samydeluxe6938Samy Deluxe celebrates with GLP in Hamburg
Friday, 3 April 2020

Germany - Hamburg rapper Samy Deluxe did not choose to celebrate his birthday privately, but instead filled the Hamburg Barclaycard Arena with around 12,000 fans last December. The show, which also marked the end of his successful SaMTV Unplugged tour, was attended by numerous guests. On top of that was the unexpected release of his new album Hochkultur, which was also given as a present to all birthday guests.
LD Bertil Mark, who has been working on the artist’s tour design since 2019 (after handling various festival engagements in previous years), was given the task of transferring the ‘living room’ atmosphere endemic to an unplugged concert to Hamburg's largest concert location. In terms of lighting technology, he included 24 GLP impression X4L, 12 X4 Bar 20, 22 JDC1 hybrid strobes and 18 Highlander Wash lights, in his set design.
“’Unplugged’ always implies something warm - a kind of living room acoustic atmosphere - and that was also the idea for this show set,” explains Bertil. "Samy's own musical implementation of the unplugged concept was extremely 'fresh' overall and so I was able to develop theme based on that. In the end it became a nice mixture of old and new technology, along with some wooden set elements."
Bertil, who regularly turns to GLP solutions, had already used the S350, X4S, X4 Bar 20 and JDC1 during the unplugged tour in March and April. X4 Bar and JDC1 in particular are among his standard tools. “The X4 Bars are my fixture of choice for 3D light surfaces and light curtains. In single-pixel mode, they ar

marea-el-azogue-tour1Chorus Line adds dynamism to Marea tour
Friday, 3 April 2020

Spain - Marea has been rocking for over 20 years as one of the most popular Rock en Español bands around. In 2019, the band released their first album in eight years, El Azogue and promptly hit the road in support with renowned Spanish lighting designer Miguel González on board to define the visual concept.
Gonzalez has worked with a variety of high-profile acts over the years, including Marea since 2007, and incorporated 52 Elation Chorus Line 8 LED battens in his design. Seeking a linear light that was something more than a static wash light, he chose the Chorus Line 8 for its 4 to 40-degree zoom and 220-degree tilt axis movement, dynamism that allows it to fulfill a number of roles in a single show from directional stage wash to dynamic eye candy effect.
“I chose the Chorus Line for its versatility and the short 50cm length, which gave me plenty of possibilities when positioned in vertical truss pipes. The fast zoom and the speed of the tilt movement added vitality and I used them quite a bit throughout the show,” stated González, who also handled programming and lighting desk operation on the tour.
The Chorus Line 8 fixtures were positioned in eight 2m vertical truss pipes, four fixtures per pipe, with the remaining fixtures located under a stage riser (behind retro lenses), a position that allowed the LD to take advantage of the fixture’s zoom. “The Chorus Line 8 played a major part in every scene of the show,” he said, “from pixel-mapping effects to fast beam sweeps.”
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