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madlife-stage--studioeagles-tribute-band-2Madlife hosts live events with Elation
Friday, 11 September 2020

USA - With live events at a slow trickle, those venues that have been able to open up, albeit with restrictions, are elated and generally selling out. Madlife Stage & Studio, a 284-capacity live music venue and recording studio in Woodstock, Georgia, which like other live venues in the U.S. was forced to close earlier in the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, re-opened in late July with a full lineup of acts on the schedule.
“Madlife re-opened over a month ago at half capacity as one of the few places around holding live events,” said local lighting designer Caleb McClesky, who often helps at the venue, supporting house LD Brendon Rosenbaum and frequently supplementing the house rig with his own Elation lighting gear. “Patrons have to sit at tables so everyone is socially distanced. Staff is required to wear masks and the venue is sanitised between shows. It’s been nice to be back, for everyone, and the majority of shows have been selling out.”
Caleb says that from a young age, when attending shows he was always looking up in the rig to see what type of lighting was being used to get ideas for what might be good to purchase. “When out on the road or vacationing on a Royal Caribbean cruise, I’d see Elation gear and always asked the lighting staff how they were. I’ve always heard great things about their reliability, even out at sea, and the weather toughness. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of the Elation products.”
When Caleb started designing lighting for a local Atlanta band, GLOW, he began to buy Elation gear

robe-red-alert-restart-usa-kauffman-center-chiefs946070735945-photo-jillian-shoptawRobe backs #RedAlertRESTART campaign
Friday, 11 September 2020

USA - Around 2,000 venues, places, landmarks, and monuments all over the US were lit in red for the #RedAlertRESTART campaign on 1 September to highlight the critical situation facing the live events and entertainment industry and the need for lawmaker’s support of the Restart Act (S.3814) to offer some sort of relief to the industry.
This latest red day of action was part of a wider industry campaign being led by the #WeMakeEvents movement, a collective of trade organisations including PLASA (the Professional Lighting & Sound Association).
The idea of lighting buildings in ‘emergency red’ started in Germany with #NightofLight in June, and the concept caught on with red days of action organised in many European countries and the UK (initiated by #LightiItInRed on 6th July, followed up by PLASA’s #WeMakeEvents action on 11 August) as well as South Africa (#LightSARed on 5 August) and others.
As the colour red has become synonymous with assisting the vast technical production infrastructure and all those talented individuals working in it who effectively facilitate live performance and the arts, Robe has been involved with all of these various ‘LightItInRed’ campaigns in some capacity.
For this one in the USA, signature Robe installations lit in red included the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco; the Video West HQ, the Hubbard Radio building and the Shrine Auditorium in Phoenix and several landmarks around Reno including the famous Reno Arch, the Believe sculpture and the fascia of the Bruka Theatre.
In Kansas

needtobreathe-v1-2Needtobreathe film video series at Bandit
Thursday, 10 September 2020

USA - Christian rock band Needtobreathe recently utilised Bandit Lites rehearsal space, Venue One, to film a series of five music videos. Their seventh studio album, Out of Body, was released 28 August and features 11 new songs that range in topic from first love to fatherhood.
“This album was birthed from human experience, beliefs, and gathered inspiration along the journey,” said the band on social media. “And with time, the songs will breathe and grow into new expressions and ideas, completely dependent on the ears and hearts they land on.”
In the same way the songs “breathe and grow” the same journey can be seen in the music videos filmed at Bandit’s spacious rehearsal space, featured in the first video release Hang On.
“I was approached by Dustin Reynolds, production manager for Needtobreathe back in May and he asked if we might entertain hosting the band in Venue One, our rehearsal facility for some video shoots, and of course we were thrilled to have them here,” said Bandit Lites vice president, Mike Golden.
“The direction for the video was to start static and grow with the song,” explained lighting designer Jonathan Wuthrich. When the scene begins, the band is rehearsing in Venue One with only ‘work’ lights. As the music swells, the lighting starts to mirror this progress, culminating in strobes matching the intensity of the band. “All this paired with the video feedback tricks made for a visually dynamic experience,” he said.
With a tight filming schedule comprised of five videos ove

claypakylec1Claypaky HY B-EYE lights Chicago’s xR Stage
Thursday, 10 September 2020

USA - Electronic music artists Alex Kislov and Arvi Mala pre-recorded a dynamic set to live stream at multiple festivals from the new xR Stage at LEC Event Technology. Their immersive one-hour performance featured HY B-EYE K25 LED wash lights provided by Claypaky.
The duo was one of the first to use LEC’s xR Stage, Chicago’s only xR stage designed to accommodate virtual events. LEC owner and director of operations Matt Brotz and So Midwest principal and designer Robb Jibson partnered to build out the space in LEC’s new warehouse, where the stage’s standing set includes two large right-angle LED videoscreens and an LED floor.
Brotz and Jibson turnkeyed Kislov and Mala’s set, supplying a five-camera shoot with drone, full lighting, control, processing and editing with background visuals provided by So Midwest.
“Alex and Arvi are used to walking into a huge festival and playing for the crowd,” Jibson notes. “With the coronavirus causing music festivals to shift online, Alex and Arvi thought it would be cool to prerecord a performance they could use for various festivals from LEC’s new xR Stage.”
Claypaky provided the HY B-EYE K25s for the performance, which Jibson placed under the DJ table where they were the centerpiece of the set’s illumination. “I’ve used Claypaky’s B-EYE K20s for years, and the K25s are a welcome update,” Jibson says.
“We wanted to extend the set’s visual content and create depth on the 2D screens,” he explains. “We wanted to incorporate the fixtures into the pixel map, make all th

vj-dayWL helps deliver VJ Day tribute on BBC One
Thursday, 10 September 2020

UK - Saturday 15 August 2020 marked 75 years since the official end of the Second World War, following the victory of Japan. To commemorate this anniversary and remember those who served in the Far East, the BBC commissioned a series of programmes, one of which was VJ Day 75: The Nation’s Tribute which was broadcast on BBC One. Following its previous work on the BBC’s coverage of the VE Day celebrations, ELP, a trading division of White Light, was called upon to provide the lighting and power distribution for the programme.
VJ Day 75: The Nation’s Tribute took place at Horse Guards Parade in London. Narrated by Joanna Lumley, whose father was an officer with the 6th Gurkha Rifles, the evening charted the crucial campaign that led to the end of the Second World War. Key moments were reflected through readings and musical performances by Sheridan Smith, Hugh Bonneville, Paterson Joseph and Martin Shaw.
ELP’s managing director Darren Fletcher comments: “The BBC wanted this to be an ambitious, unforgettable evening so it was huge privilege to play a part in that. Hosting the event at the Horse Guards Parade was also a unique experience as, due to the usual timetable of parades and public viewing, this normally would not be possible. However, with the social distancing now in place, these have had to be put on hold hence it was available for this event.”
Darren and the team were contacted by the show’s lighting designer Nigel Catmur, who they have worked with on many occasions. Darren explains: “There was so much happening

jah-prayzah1Chauvet DJ creates looks for lockdown party
Thursday, 10 September 2020

Zimbabwe - Reggae superstar Jah Prayzah celebrated his 33rd birthday this summer by giving his fans a very memorable present. Unable to hold his customary live concert on the special day, the MTV Africa Music award winner took the celebration online with a Lockdown Birthday Bash that was livestreamed on the social media platforms of Nash and ZBC TV.
The birthday show’s studio stage was not endowed with a great deal of space; and no fans were present during the livestream broadcasts. Nevertheless, the two-hour programme thoroughly engaged those who watched the show thanks to jolting performances by Prayzah and his guests: Ammara Brown, Tammy Moyo, and King 98.
Fuelling the mix of music and dance, was a bright, colourful and fast-moving lightshow by Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Sintara of Epic Sets that featured four Intimidator Hybrid 140SR moving fixtures flown on upstage truss, as well as a Hurricane Haze 4D fog machine from Chauvet DJ.
Designing his show with the limitations of the livestream format in mind, Sintara kept his looks tight for viewing on small mobile screens. At the same time, however, he relied on bright, intense light with plenty of slashing crossing patterns and vivid gobos to create a larger impression in keeping with Jah Prayzah’s stature throughout Africa and the rest of the world.
Rich upbeat colours were also critical to conveying the mood of the music. Sintara delivered this by relying on his Intimidator units to wash the stage in rainbow-like palettes. During the more high-energy portions of the show, he turned the

parliamentHippotizer blends ‘healthcare’ images onto Parliament
Thursday, 10 September 2020

UK – London’s Palace of Westminster became a vast projection surface in May to coincide with International Nurses Day, as a series of images thanking NHS key workers were beamed onto the building from 260m away across the Thames.
Projection experts at Motion Mapping deployed two Hippotizer Amba+ Media Servers to blend and warp the visual content to ensure it was beautifully displayed onto the intricate façade of the building. Motion Mapping’s Stuart Harris says he made good use of Hippotizer’s SHAPE feature to achieve great results.
“We had just 45 minutes on site to get the projection right, including all alignment and blending with the framework of Parliament, to going live with the world’s press covering the event,” says Harris. “SHAPE made it simple to warp and blend the images so that they appeared correctly, even while being beamed from such a long distance away. We even had to do some of this in real time, and the Amba+ servers handled it with ease.
“Hippo features such as Advanced Media Management and Timeline enabled us to change and amend quickly on site - it’s so agile and flexible. And when an issue arose, such as a light being left on in one of the windows inside Parliament, I could create a workaround in seconds, which is very handy when images are about to be broadcast around the world.”
The visual content varied from messages of thanks to three-storey-high pictures of famed ‘founder of modern nursing’ Florence Nightingale, to coincide with the 200th anniversary of her birth.
Setting up on the

modulopi-auto-calibrationModulo Pi launches multi-projector module
Wednesday, 9 September 2020

France - Modulo Pi has announced the immediate availability of a new multi-projector auto-calibration module. Available as an option for the Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic media servers, the auto-calibration system allows to automatically align multiple video-projectors on planar, curved, and dome surfaces for a pixel-perfect projection.
Working with Modulo Player, up to one server can be supportedfor example up to six WQXGA outputs, or four 4K outputs. Working with Modulo Kinetic, the auto-calibration option supports multi-server configuration, resulting in an unlimited number of outputs and resolution support. Modulo Pi’s auto-calibration system can handle independent calibration groups, as well-stacked video projectors.
In addition, a versatile masking feature ensures a fine-tuned projection. Fully developed by Modulo Pi, the auto-calibration module relies on Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras to offer fast and simplified cabling. Using the Modulo Pi media servers equipped with the auto-calibration option, high-precision edge blending, warping, and media playback is achieved within minutes and with zero latency.
In summer 2019, design and production company ECA2 worked with a preview version of Modulo Pi’s auto-calibration module for The Legend of Pangu, a spectacular show in the new Chinese Culture Exhibition Centre in Lanzhou. The auto-calibration module was used to automatically align 20 x Christie projectors and deliver a 2.800 sqm 3D video mapping on a dome surface.
“This is totally revolutionary technology,” says Clé

prolightsDouble Prolights installation in Stopini
Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Latvia - In the first quarter of 2020 a new Cultural Centre in Stopini, Latvia was built and Prolights products were used in the project.
Two lighting equipment systems were installed in the centre in the town located on the outskirts of Riga - Great Hall and Small Hall systems. The purpose of the lighting systems was to provide quality lighting for concerts, theatre plays, amateur concerts, folk dance concerts, conferences alongside events.
“Since the Great Hall serves as an acoustic hall, one of the requirements for stage lighting was to have projectors with housings that do not emit noise on cooling and heating, do not create flares, to have LED projectors without cooling fans or with especially quiet cooling fans” comments Ilgonis Punculs, director for Diogens audio, the company responsible for the project.
“Other requirements were to find a device with a great CRI - no less than 90./ 3200k, a wide range CCT control, so it is suitable for television broadcasts. It goes without saying, that it was important to fit into a rather limited budget. At the start of the project we did not have certain make or model in mind, just our own specifications. Our partner Sonus exsertus recommended Prolights products.
“It was essential to have an even and flat light surface to create suitable lighting for stage note score reading. Hence, we chose Prolight EclProfile HDTWC profile projectors with 25-50 degree lenses and EclFresenel TW, which creates even and flat stage surface lighting and tone. Prolights Ecl LED Fresnel TW projectors allow us to

sethscottRed Alert over the Mississippi in Minneapolis
Wednesday, 9 September 2020

USA - Every June, the historic Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis bustles with the sights and sounds of the three-day music and arts festival named in its honour. But like so many other events that bring people together to celebrate their communities, the one at the former railroad-bridge-turned-pedestrian-way fell silent this summer in the wake of the pandemic.
Ironically, the event site at the majestic bridge over the Mississippi, touched the people of Minneapolis again on the evening of 1 September, not with the rhythm of drums and clang of guitars, but by serving as a platform for a dramatic Red Alert display that reminded everyone of the toll the lockdown has taken on those who make occasions like the Stone Arch Festival possible.
Seth Scott, owner of Monkey Wrench Productions, led the team responsible for the compelling display. Positioning three Chauvet Professional Ovation E-260WW ellipsoidals on vertical pipes, two units on the upper level and one below, he directed projections at the famous grain elevators on the Mill City Museum halfway across the Mississippi River.
The ellipsoidal on the lower level was used to project “#WeMakeEvents” on the building, while the two top units projected the Red Alerts logo and the words ‘Red Alerts Restart’. With their crisp white lettering standing out sharply against the deep red colouring of the grain silos, the projections made an undeniably powerful statement. Complementing this image were the red lights on the tower of the Guthrie Theatre, just to the side of the museum
For his gobo proj

drive-inChauvet lights Concerts In Your Car shows
Tuesday, 8 September 2020

USA - Most people call the 65-acre site just off the Ojai Freeway the ‘Ventura County Fairgrounds’. Officially, though, its name is “Seaside Park,” a reference to its location on the Pacific Ocean. It’s a setting that makes for magnificent views, but the winds blowing in off the beautiful sea can play havoc with anyone trying to set up a large LED video wall, or run fog for a lightshow.
Victor Ortiz knows this first hand. The owner of Darvik Productions, he has been the production manager for Concerts In Your Car, a regular series of drive-in concerts at the fairgrounds since early June when he teamed up with the ongoing event’s producer CBF Productions.
Contending with the occasional wind gust is only one of the challenges Ortiz, lighting designer Martin Castañon, and the rest of the Darvik Productions team, has had to deal with at the 700-car capacity shows, which have featured artists like Third Eye Blind and Fritz and the Tantrums.
Unlike most drive-in shows, Concerts In Your Car takes place on an open 360ﹾ stage, a configuration that provides better viewing angles for fans in their cars, but eliminates all design options that require a backdrop. Ortiz and his team have navigated their way around this limitation with help from a powerful and versatile rig that features 14 Rogue RH1 Hybrid fixtures and 28 Rogue R2 Wash units from Chauvet Professional.
Some of the rig’s fixtures are positioned on the massive truss structure that frames the 40’ x 40’ stage, which has an 8’ high deck surrounded by a 5’ camera ring. Ho

edu-dreamCAST offers students and teachers free wysiwyg
Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Canada - As part of their commitment to education, CAST Group of Companies has announced a free version of wysiwyg Design is now available to all students and teachers, enrolled on a full or part-time lighting design course at a university, college, post-secondary vocational or polytechnical school.
Used in over 300 educational establishments worldwide, wysiwyg offers a 3D environment where productions can be planned, designed and programmed, risk free, offering students a safe virtual lab where ideas can be tested and experimented with.
With wysiwyg Design, you can create professional lighting plots and paperwork, and clearly communicate design ideas through high quality renders and animations. Should you wish to connect to a lighting console to programme shows, you can upgrade your free wysiwyg Design to a 4 universe (2048 channel) or 8 universe (4096 channel ) version of wysiwyg Perform for only 99 or 149 USD per year respectively.
wysiwyg Educational software gives you the power to learn at your pace, in or out of the classroom. Once approved, your license is valid for 365 days.
Benefits of joining up with the WYSIWYG Educational Scheme include access to the popular wysiwyg forum, Getting Started Guides, and wysiwyg Reference Guide, installed with the software, are also there to help you to develop your knowledge and skills.
Students are invited to attend any publicly scheduled training courses at reduced cost and given the opportunity to enter the annual Design competition with a chance to have your work showcased on test

ald-lightingthetheatre-creditmihaela-bodlovicALD Lumière 20:20 scheme exceeds expectations
Tuesday, 8 September 2020

UK - The Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) will assist 68 emerging lighting designers through its Lumiere 20:20 mentorship scheme.
The original format planned to match 20 emerging lighting designers with experienced mentors but due to the generosity of ALD members who waived their micro-bursary, 38 applicants will now benefit from the one-on-one scheme.
The standard of applications was so high, says the ALD, that another programme -Team Lumière - has been initiated. It will welcome a further 22 applicants, who will work as a collective through an expanded version of the Lumière course programme.
The scheme expansion means the ALD will help 68 emerging lighting designers in total. Participants from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England, Italy, Poland, Malaysia, Australia and the US have been chosen. Many of them identify as being under-represented in lighting design.
Katharine Williams, project manager for ALD Lumière, comments: “It started with one person waiving their micro-bursary and then the whole thing snowballed as many others decided to pay theirs forward too.”
Rory Beaton, leader of Team Lumière, adds: “I’m extremely excited to be leading Team Lumière! Alongside copious interviews and discussions with lighting designers, we hope to create a real sense of community amongst the group. Imagine a world where 22 of your peers came to support you at your next press night! We’d all love that support and that’s part of what we hope to create.”
Charlotte Burton, chair of the Lumiere Scheme working group

robe-terminal-5-nyc-01347-photo-c-ryan-muirRobe installed at Terminal 5 New York
Tuesday, 8 September 2020

USA - Three key live music venues in New York City managed by The Bowery Presents - Brooklyn Steel, Webster Hall and most recently, the 2,800-capacity Terminal 5 in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan - all feature Robe moving lights in their house rigs.
The lights have been specified by Luciano Savedra, head of lighting for The Bowery Presents which is the East Coast regional partner of AEG Live and owns and operates a diverse mix of venues across NYC and in other major metropolitan centres.
At Terminal 5, where Savedra also oversees and runs the lighting day-to-day, the 12 x MegaPointes and 12 x Spiider LED wash beams have greatly added to the flexibility of the existing lighting rig. The lights were supplied via BML-Blackbird.
Brooklyn Steel - on the site of a former steelworks and named one of the 10 best live music venues in America by Rolling Stone Magazine - has 16 x Spiiders. Webster Hall has 10 x MegaPointes and is among New York City's most historically significant theater halls, having hosted social and performance events since the club's construction in 1886.
Savedra has worked for Bowery Presents in different capacities since 2003, and in 2007 was hired to design new and contemporary lighting for Terminal 5, which had just joined the Bowery franchise, and also for another venue, Music Hall of Williamsburg, after which he stayed on as the house LD.
All the house rigs are designed to provide top-level touring artists with the facilities to produce a comprehensive show, although that’s not exclusively the case, and production

lithuaniaProlights light Lithuanian culture centre
Monday, 7 September 2020

Lityhuania - The hall of Molėtai Culture Centre is a multi-functional venue with a capacity of 330 spectators. The centre is located in a small town called Molėtai, situated around 50 km away from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.
“The stage of the hall where Prolights lighting devices are installed is 10m wide 11m deep and 5m high,” said Mindaugas Indrašius, CTO for Sonus Exsertus, Prolights distributor for Lithuania.
“Prolights products were selected based on the needs of the cultural centre and the genre of events. The activities of the centre are diverse so there was a need for lighting devices that were small, reliable and versatile. On a relatively small stage it was not possible to have many specialised narrow-purpose lighting devices therefore the versatile, strong light output and well-functioning Prolights lighting fixtures fully meet the lighting needs of this small hall.
The Prolights products installed were Luma 700, Diamond 19, Polar 1000 and Air 6Pix.
“The fixtures are high quality, we did not encounter any problems during the installation. All products were installed easily and are working smoothly. The precise instructions from the manufacturer's side allowed us to quickly make the necessary settings and perform programming work.”

seattleSeattle Revival Centre upgrades with Chauvet
Monday, 7 September 2020

USA - The feeling never gets old for Kenrick Fischer. It’s the one that happens at the end of every project, when all the work is done, and he gets to watch clients react to his finished lighting design for the first time. In the world of theatre, where he’s devoted much of his efforts, it is one of the highlights of an opening night.
“I often refer to this as ‘giving it away,’ in theatre,” said Fischer. “It’s why I do this. I love seeing the amazement on people’s faces when you transform a space into something wonderous and unexpected.”
Fischer experienced this feeling earlier this year, when he showed his completed work to the team at the Seattle Revival Centre.
The church had originally contacted him about upgrading its lighting system to make it more flexible, engaging, and broadcast-friendly. Drawing on his experience in theatre, Fischer proceeded to create a versatile rig that features over 45 Chauvet Professional LED fixtures supplied by Hollywood Lights.
His new lighting system was a resounding success with the Seattle Revival Centre team when they saw it in its complete form for the first time in January. However, neither they nor Fischer could have imagined at the time just how vital the upgraded rig was about to become.
A few weeks after the system’s reveal, public gatherings were halted in Seattle as a result of the pandemic. This led the church to move quickly to an all livestream format. Thanks to the flexibility of its camera-friendly lighting system, and the creative resourcefulness of its worship t

ayrtonAyrton MiniPanel-FX deliver wow factor at Vela
Monday, 7 September 2020

China - Suzhou is one of the fastest growing major cities in the world, situated just 100km west of Shanghai on the lower Yangtze River. It boasts many interesting historic and modern attractions, not least its latest nightclub, the 800-capacity Vela, which opened its doors in December 2019.
Lighting designer, Andy Taylor of Gasoline Design, was called in to provide the dynamic lighting for the club and chose to use 174 Ayrton MiniPanel-FX for his design. He explains his choice: “I have used Ayrton products on nightclub install designs before, most notably DreamPanelTwin in Jewel, Las Vegas, and MagicPanel-R and MagicBlade-R in Omnia at Caesar’s Palace, also in Las Vegas.
The fittings worked with spectacular effect in both of those designs, so when I was looking for something different to use as the workhorse of the effect lighting for Vela, the MiniPanel-FX was a natural choice. The client was also keen for the design to look like nothing he had seen anywhere else and to create that elusive ‘wow’ factor. Having a large array of MiniPanels ticked both those boxes to great effect.
“I don’t recall seeing any fixtures with the same square lens configuration as MiniPanel-FX, which was a big selling point. The most important thing for me is quality of function and reliability - I don’t want to put 174 fixtures in a design and get 174 different shades of white - and with Ayrton you can guarantee uniformity, even after many hours of use.”
Taylor was able to use the MiniPanel-FX to achieve the dynamic effect he wanted for the club. “

lecturePaule Constable to deliver the Trotter Peterson Lecture
Friday, 4 September 2020

UK - Acclaimed lighting designer Paule Constable will deliver this year's Trotter Paterson Lecture, the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) has announced.
Taking place on 10 September (Thursday) from 1pm, the event will for the first time be held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with free access to those registered. Constable will discuss her award-winning work, motivations, and experience as a lighting designer. Following the lecture, there will be a live Q&A session, where attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions.
Constable is an honorary fellow of Goldsmith’s College, Rose Bruford College and the Central School of Speech and Drama. She also received an honorary doctorate from the Royal Scottish Academy and has been leading the freelance lobbying of the UK government, which contributed to securing the £1.57bn investment to protect Britain’s cultural, arts and heritage institutions from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
After studying English and Drama at Goldsmith’s University, Paule trained in lighting design, whilst working in the music industry. In 2005, she was the first woman to receive the Olivier Award for Best Lighting. Since then, she has gone on to win it three more times and has been nominated a further ten times. She has won the Tony Award for Best Lighting twice and has received four additional nominations, amongst many other accolades and is an Associate Director of the National Theatre and an Associate of the Lyric Hammersmith. Her shows include Ocean at the end of the Lane, Curious Incident of th

france-television-stage-2aElation meets broadcast standards on Set 330
Friday, 4 September 2020

France - “Elation luminaires meet more and more the lighting criteria demanded by top directors of photography” was the assessment of Alain Lheriteau of Elation’s French distributor Best Audio & Lighting after working with director of photography Jean-Louis Rousseaux on a reworked set at France Television Stage 2.
In spring 2019, the national broadcaster entrusted Rousseaux with the lighting design of Set 330, a virtual environment that spans 360° and covers almost the entire surface of the set.
The first live broadcast from Stage 2’s redesigned set took place last fall and marked the first programme produced in a virtual setting on France Television. “It was necessary that we review all of the lighting for several reasons,” said Rousseaux, who reports that France Television wanted to equip the set entirely with LED lights. “The versatility of moving between real and virtual sets required a much more complete and flexible installation than the one that existed.”
The new set, treated entirely in inlaid green paint, floor and walls, required a permanent lighting installation to illuminate the entire cyclorama and floor. Black and white curtains fill gaps at the bottom of the set and around décor elements. “It was inconceivable to make this fully automated set when France Television first contacted me,” Rousseaux says. “It was necessary to redo the entire grid, which is equipped with pantographs, and implied both an investment and very difficult deadlines.”
The challenge was great but not impossible. After consulta

robe-who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire-israel-oam0184-photo-by-ofer-amramRobe hits the Millionaire trail in Israel
Friday, 4 September 2020

Israel - Quiz show Who Wants to Be A Millionaire has been a TV favourite - and sometimes talking point - for years. For the 2020 Israeli edition, broadcast on Channel 12, lighting designer Ofer Jacobi was asked by producers July August Production to light the show again, 20 years after the last time he’d done so, which was the first roll out in Israel.
Ofer was delighted to be working again after the coronavirus pandemic has all but shut down the entertainment and production industry worldwide.
This time, he specified a Robe moving light rig and worked closely with set designer Oren Hanan and show director Amir Ukrainitz at Mizmor Petah Tikva Studios about 10km east of Tel Aviv.
They studied the UK’s latest Who Wants To Be A Millionaire format (where the show originated, first broadcast in 1998) and followed some of this style book with a few adaptations as Ofer implemented some tweaks so both effects lighting and white light elements had more impact.
The most powerful and suspenseful moments, Ofer stated, were when host Erez Tal revealed whether the answer was correct or not, so he paid special attention to crafting these cues in addition to building up the general lighting which had to look slick and contemporary with some classic ‘Millionaire’ touches.
This approach also dictated where he hung the moving lights, which were supplied by Danor Theatre and Studio Systems and comprised 18 x MegaPointes, 24 x Spiiders & 40 x LEDBeam 150s.
Twenty-four of the LEDBeam 150s were rigged on top of a circular tr

wemakeeventselationElation Professional supports #RedAlertRESTART
Friday, 4 September 2020

USA - For the millions of professionals working on the technical side of the entertainment industry in the US, 1 September’s #WeMakeEvents #RedAlertRESTART #ExtendPUA night of illumination was a collective shout for help, imploring the US Congress to pass the RESTART Act (S.3814) and PUA extension as quickly as possible.
Elation was part of this momentous initiative with partners coast to coast lighting buildings, venues and structures in red to focus awareness on the plight of the live events industry and the need for immediate financial support.
“Thank you to all who participated in any way to tonight’s amazing success. I am so proud,” comments Elation sales & marketing director Eric Loader at the conclusion of the evening. “Today reaffirmed for me what I knew already in my heart, that I am so fortunate to work in the most amazing industry with some incredibly talented, kind and generous people.
“Our industry will come back and tonight proves to me that in time we will be back stronger than ever! We can’t be ignored any longer and I’m sure the right people will take notice. But our work isn’t done. We need to stay on our elected officials and get the additional relief measures passed ASAP to avoid more financial and mental suffering. Together we are a winning team and together we will weather this storm.”
Some of the many places that went red with Elation included The Shell, San Diego, San Diego Symphony’s new outdoor venue on San Diego Bay which was lit using 47 Paladin Panels supplied by JRLX; Chase Centre on the

amberAmber unveils ‘The Second Electrical Revolution’
Thursday, 3 September 2020

USA - Amber Solutions has announced the availability of a white paper on solid-state electrification, the digital control of electricity and the many market opportunities these breakthroughs create. The paper is titled The Second Electrical Revolution.
In March, Amber Solutions introduced the world to the possibility of embedding the digital control of electricity in solid state architecture in every device, appliance, power cord and electrical end point in buildings globally with the immediate commercial availability of its newly-patented Amber AC/DC Enabler and Amber AC Switch.
“Thomas Edison would be proud of what we have achieved,” comments Amber Solutions founder, president and CEO Thar Casey. “The publication of this white paper is the logical and necessary next step in educating the world on the future opportunities our breakthrough creates for, manufacturing partners, electrical designers, interested media and others.”
The Solid-state control of electricity changes the rules of the game for everything - security and control systems, circuit breakers, dimmer switches, outlets, even appliances. “Through commercial implementation of our technologies within the existing building electrical grid, we can uniquely embed modern intelligence and enhanced sensing functionality into every wall, throughout the whole building. Amber, its partners, and even a couple of its competitors will tap the tremendous opportunity to upgrade every electrical end point in buildings globally to solid-state architecture.”
This white paper det

fielmannFielmann hosts virtual with help from GLP
Thursday, 3 September 2020

Germany - Headquartered in Hamburg, Fielmann AG is an ophthalmic optics specialist, with 780 branches spread throughout Germany and Europe. In July this year, the company invited its shareholders to attend its annual general meeting. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this took place virtually, without the physical presence of the shareholders.
The stage was set up at the Cinegate Studios in Hamburg - and optimised for live streaming online. As a technical service provider, PRG Streaming Solutions was responsible for the entire technical infrastructure - including the stage and décor - as well as supplying the entire lighting, sound, video, and transmission technology. Lighting designer Jerry Appelt was responsible for the scenography, and overall look of the event.
The centrepiece of the stage design was a high-resolution 17m x 5m LED wall, onto which all camera feeds were displayed. Three camera systems and a further camera on rails provided the images.
"Compared with a face-to-face event, the camera image is, of course, much more important in the event of a virtual general meeting," said Appelt. "For this reason, it was essential that the entire lighting was matched to the camera technology."
As an experienced lighting designer and DoP for some of the largest TV productions in Europe, Appelt turned to the GLP portfolio. He specified 22 impression S350’s in both Spot and Wash versions, 24 impression X4 Bar 20’s and 18 of the compact and powerful FR1 moving heads.
“For the basic lighting, we mainly used the GLP S350 series

claypakybobbygrey1Claypaky’s Mythos delivers for 311 in Las Vegas
Thursday, 3 September 2020

USA - At the last big event in Las Vegas before the lockdown, Bobby Grey of Notan Creative used 60 Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures to deliver a variety of looks for the 102 songs that rock band 311 performed in three marathon shows at the Park MGM’s Park Theatre. Felix Lighting in Los Angeles was the lighting vendor for the concerts.
Grey did the full production design for the series of concerts, 11-13 March, and created and curated the shows’ video content. The band annually celebrates ‘311 Day’ on 11 March, staging marathon live concerts in even-numbered years and playing a cruise for fans in odd-numbered years. Formed in 1988, 311 has released 13 studio albums, two live albums, four compilation albums, four EPs and four DVDs.
“Mythos 2 is my go-to for a beam and utility light,” says Grey. “A lot of lights claim to do a lot, but typically they do only one thing well and everything else not so well. But Mythos 2 is a great wash, a great profile and a great beam, and it flawlessly moves from one type of lighting to another. It’s my must-have in every rig.”
For 311’s 2020 celebration, Grey gave the concerts “a space explorer-galactic theme”. He supplemented the Park Theatre’s house rig with triangular pod trusses – a moving rig that would help “keep things versatile”.
Grey used sci-fi UFO art for reference and liked the look of triangular spacecraft with lights at the front tip. “So I found a place on the truss to mount Mythos on each corner for a strong, tight beam that could also spread out wide from the bottom.


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