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follow-me-imageFollow-Me partners with Collaborative Creations
Wednesday, 1 July 2020

UK - Follow-Me, the creator of the eponymous Dutch software solution for remote followspot control and performer tracking, has partnered with Collaborative Creations (CC) in the UK. CC director Tom Wilkes will be the UK point of contact for lighting designers or production companies interested in demo’ing the technology.
“We’re very excited to be partnering with Follow-Me as the company looks to grow its presence in the UK entertainment technology market,” Wilkes comments. “Their products have some unique capabilities in a competitive industry and we encourage anyone interested in learning more to get in touch for more information and a demo. I particularly like the ease of use and ability to track up to six performers from only one system, along with its ability to control unlimited fixtures from any manufacturer.”
Follow-Me co-founder Erik Berends adds: “We’re happy to announce our partnership with Collaborative Creations in the UK. Their network and knowledge of the industry will be a springboard for our continued growth in the British events market.”
Follow-Me’s products have been used on numerous high-profile tours including Muse, Katy Perry, Childish Gambino and most recently on the UK tour of The Phantom of the Opera.

artistic-molpassArtistic Licence appoints distributor for Italy
Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Italy - Artistic Licence has announced a distribution agreement with Molpass S.r.l. in Italy. With an emphasis on the theatrical market, Artistic's lighting control infrastructure products will augment other premium brands in the Molpass portfolio.
Founded in 1995, Molpass is a technical solutions in the entertainment sector, with a particular focus on the audience experience. Recognising the demand for a high-quality dimming product for replacement LED bulbs, Molpass approached Artistic Licence for a trial of their award-winning sunDial trailing edge mains dimmer.
Following a positive response from a number of prestigious Italian theatres, a broader distribution agreement was the next logical step.
Giorgio Molinari, CEO of Molpass, comments: Professional venues simply cannot accept the poor low-end response typical of many dimmers that are claimed to be LED compatible. But the sunDial product gives a very nice fade, and we particularly like the fact that custom curves can be generated and uploaded for our clients' preferred lamps.”
Artistic Licence CEO Wayne Howell adds: “sunDial is a perfect example of a product that we developed to solve a technology problem, caused by the move away from CFL and incandescent lighting. As a company, we have a deep understanding of the lighting control needs of venues, having served this market for many decades.
“So if a theatre or studio finds it needs to handle data in a different way - be that conversion to a different protocol, merging, splitting or failover to name just a few scenarios - t

movietruck2Chauvet DJ joins Movie Truck Nights
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

USA - While some members of the entertainment lighting industry have busied themselves with drive-in shows during the COVID-19 lockdown, Jordan Chance has opted to take a slightly different course. The owner of Luxe Productions, a popular live event company in Chicago, Chance is following a “drive-to” approach to reaching new customers.
With his company’s box trucks idle because of the prohibition on the indoor events that were once the mainstay of his business, Chance converted three of these vehicles into movie screens on wheels. The trucks are rented out to clients who want to hold safe, socially-distant compliant events that involve film showings.
The idea for these Movie Truck Nights started when Chance’s partner brought a truck home to use as a screen for a community movie showing for his family and some neighbours to enjoy as they sheltered in place.
“There was such a positive response from the neighbours that we thought we might have something here,” recalled Chance. “So, we started to post about it on social media - and the rest is history.”
To add ambience to their Movie Truck Nights and make them more memorable, Chance and his team, pack a case on nine Chauvet DJ Freedom Par Hex 4 fixtures every time they head out to do a show. The bright RGBAW+UV units are used to uplight trees, buildings and scenic elements around the temporary movie venues.
“We’ve made the Freedom Pars part of our package, because they’re fast and easy to setup, but pack the punch we need to make an impact,” said Chanc

the-wharf6The Wharf reimagined with Elation
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

USA - When The Wharf entertainment district in Orange Beach, Alabama, reopened in time for Memorial Day, visitors were treated to a spectacular, new lightshow by Cue 13 Design that uses Elation’s IP65 luminaires.
Located on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, just across the border from Pensacola, Orange Beach is a quaint but upscale southern beach town. The Wharf, which opened in 2006, offers outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment at special event venues including a Live Nation amphitheatre.
A nightly light show called Spectra has been drawing visitors to The Wharf’s Main Street since 2013. Ryan Stumpp, founder and Principal at Cue 13 Design, and a 15-year theme park design veteran, was subcontracted to work on the original design seven years ago and was called on to redesign the light show for 2020.
“Many people come to The Wharf in the evening for the lightshow itself,” Stumpp comments. “It increases traffic on the street and really excites the crowd, who then go to shop, eat, drink, or go to a show. Seven years ago, we launched the lightshow with Elation Platinum series lights in outdoor domes and although they were in enclosures, because this is an outdoor environment that is close to the ocean, it was time to upgrade so we revamped and reimagined the show.”
The lighting system redesign relies on Elation Proteus Rayzor 760 and Proteus Hybrid moving heads, a pair of IP65-rated luminaires that Stumpp has used extensively on theme park installations the past several years. “I’m a huge supporter of the Proteus line,” he say

robe-fl-group-france-streams-on-image9FL Group gets in festival mode with Robe
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

France - Lucas Enguerrand and his brother Quentin, who both work at French lighting and visual production and rental company FL Group, based in Morangis 15km south of Paris, wanted to keep morale high and their passion for music and lighting alive in a meaningful way during the COVID-19 lockdown.
With the full permission and support of FL Group owner Francois Lamberdière, they activated a plan to utilise the company warehouse and other available resources like equipment, and with a little help from their friends, have started producing spectacular ‘full production’ live streams working with a number of contemporary French artists.
When the French live event and production industry ground to a halt in March, as with all the rental companies, all FL Group’s immediate work was cancelled, the country went into lockdown to contain the virus and all the staff found themselves in a technical unemployment situation.
Lucas and Quentin started by creating a lighting and video design inspired by the conical shape of an hour-glass timer. Three chevron-shaped trusses were rigged in descending order of size - largest at the top - in the warehouse roof, each truss with an LED video border on the front edges.
Each truss was loaded with Robe LEDBeam 150s, 24 in total. Ten were on the highest two trusses, eight on the middle two and six across the two lowest sections which were just above the performer’s head.
For back lighting were 12 MegaPointes. Two Tarrantulas were used to side light the artist, and at the front for key lighting were four BM

ayrton-megaevent-tnAyrton appoints distributor for Greece
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Greece - Ayrton has announced Athens-based Megaevent as its new, exclusive distributor for Greece. Founded in 2001, Megaevent has provided distribution and support of leading products in lighting, sound and AV equipment across all sectors of the entertainment market for nearly 20 years.
“We always look forward to new technologies and our target is to provide these together with the best after-sales support to all our customers,” says Megaevent CEO, Sotiris Kolios. “Through our many years of experience we have selected the best partners to work with, centred on respect for companies with great R&D and continuous evolution.
“Ayrton has proven to be one of them: we have watched Ayrton’s progress over the years and, like most of the lighting designers in Greece, hold their brand in high regard. We believe their products to be leaders in every aspect, and are confident of the manufacturing quality of Ayrton products, the accuracy of their specifications and the visual effects that result. It’s clear that Ayrton has been working hard all these years to provide a full catalogue of products that fits every type of need in any lighting or visual show.
“Bringing a brand to market at this time will be challenging, but after a closer look at the present Greek market, we know Ayrton is going to be a new heavy-duty tool for us. We are looking forward to distributing the whole Ayrton product line, backed of course by our high level of support. Our goal is to build a large rental network which will enable our customers to work together and provi

12stepMusic Support’s 12 Step recovery support continues
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

UK - Music Support continues to hold weekly online support group meetings to allow the music industry’s 12 Step recovery community to continue to connect during these challenging times, with numbers of attendees growing weekly. Meetings take place every Monday 18:00-19:00 GMT throughout the summer, providing a confidential and non-judgemental space for people to share and encourage one another on the journey of recovery.
“We’re pioneering a change of culture within the industry that suggests another lifestyle is possible within it and as beacons of that, we host a weekly online support group meeting for those in our business who are members of any 12 step fellowship,” says the team behind Music Support.
“We acknowledge that although each fellowship uses different words, they speak the same language of hope – and that’s why now more than ever, it is imperative for people who work a program of recovery to come together to share their experience, strength and hope with others. This is not a 12-step meeting. Meetings are for support and encouragement, medical/psychological advice will not be given. “
To receive personalised login instructions, please email: with the subject ‘12 Step Support Group Meetings’. All data remains confidential.
Find out more HERE.

nightoflightChauvet supports Germany’s Night of Light
Monday, 29 June 2020

Germany - Landmark buildings glowed red throughout Germany Monday night, 22 June, for Night of Light, a massive expression of support for the events industry and a vivid reminder to the nation’s leaders about the challenges facing the businesses and individuals who make up this vital sector of the economy.
Initiated by Essen-based marketing agency LK-AG, the awareness campaign drew the support of EVVC, Germany’s venue association and thousands of businesses from every region of the country, including Chauvet Germany.
“We are proud to be a part of this important event,” said Thomas Fischer, managing director of Chauvet Germany GmbH. “The situation we face cannot be ignored. We must all pull together to ensure a prosperous future for our industry.”
In addition to lighting its home offices in red, Chauvet Germany provided fixtures to illuminate buildings in its home town of Bremen, including Bartels Mill in Bremen Nord.
Members of the Chauvet Germany team also drove to red-lighted buildings during the evening to express their support for their colleagues, as well as their hope that steps will be taken to revitalize the events industry to the benefit of its members and the entire German nation.

aedAED releases ‘Mid-Air Disinfection System’
Monday, 29 June 2020

UK – AED Group has launched a ‘Mid-Air Disinfection System’ (MADS) for the UK market under its Luxibel brand.
Developed since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it is made up of UVC ventilation cylinders that disinfect the air using UVC light technology. It has been specifically designed to cater for larger spaces with an audience where air circulation needs to be taken into account.
Glenn Roggeman, CEO of AED Group, used his knowledge of aerodynamics gained during his training as a helicopter pilot to drive the design forward. He comments: “This system sucks air breathed out by people into our aerodynamically-patented system. Micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses are neutralised, meaning germ-free air is blown back into the room.
“When we are able to meet up again in enclosed spaces with groups of people, air disinfection will contribute to reducing infection rates. I personally would also feel more comfortable and secure visiting locations that have this kind of system installed.”
Last week, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) published the results of tests on UVC light on the coronavirus. According to researchers at Boston University, UVC has proven to be effective at eliminating coronavirus. Through scientific testing they concluded that UVC radiation is highly effective in neutralizing the coronavirus. There is no risk of harmful radiation to people, as Luxibel carries out the UVC disinfection process within a fully-enclosed device.
Roggeman emphasises that UVC disinfection can be an important part of the multifaceted ap

light-it-in-red-logo#LightItInRed initiative launched in UK
Monday, 29 June 2020

UK - #LightItInRed is a UK based direct action lighting initiative that is scheduled to take place on the night of Monday 6 July 2020 to draw attention to the critical condition of the UK live event and entertainment industry and its need for special government support to see it through to re-starting.
Currently, unlike other industries, there is no set date for live events, shows, festivals and performances to restart after the Covid-19 shut down.
The #LightItInRed action was inspired by #NightofLight in Germany on 22 June, which saw over 9,000 buildings, monuments, structures, towers, landmarks, castles, offices, houses, spaces and places illuminated in ‘Emergency Red’ to raise awareness and grab the attention of the public and the government.
#LightItInRed initiators, Steven Haynes from Clearsound Productions and Phillip Berryman from The Backstage Theatre Jobs Forum, state that the target for this action is to get “1000 buildings and monuments lit up in red all around the UK”.
“This is a shout out to the lighting, laser, AV, and video community - companies and individuals - who are involved in events, theatre, performance, and live production. Anyone with access to a light source who can register to be part of this highly significant action,” say the organisers.
Those wishing to participate can find relevant details and registration procedures at

astera-illuminate-delaware-old-statehouse-mdy4839-pIlluminate Delaware honours essential workers
Friday, 26 June 2020

USA - This past Memorial Day weekend, rental company Main Light Industries sponsored Illuminate Delaware, a four-day event in which landmarks in Wilmington and around the state were illuminated as a tribute to essential workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as fallen U.S. military personnel.
Based in Wilmington, Main Light Industries is one of the largest rental companies in the United States yet the company also plays a valued role in their local community. Main Light employee and lifelong Wilmington resident John DiEleuterio coordinated the effort with assistance from Electro Sound Systems, BEW Productions, Wake Media, and Spaceboy Clothing, as well as a sizeable team of volunteers.
A collective of Delaware lighting and event industry professionals gave their time and energy to help make the event a reality, helping with designing, programming, and set up and tear down of gear.
“Our plan was to light iconic Delaware locations as a show of gratitude to our essential workers and a symbol of unity to our fellow Delawareans,” stated DiEleuterio. “Main Light donated use of lighting fixtures and everyone involved volunteered their time. I get a ton of joy out of seeing things lit up and I saw this as an opportunity to hopefully make people smile at a time when there really isn’t much to smile about.”
Several of Wilmington’s iconic sites, as well as other landmarks around Delaware, were lit for the occasion. Elation had products involved at two sites - the 1201 Market Street Building (the tallest building

haushamnightoflightforderturmetc20200622mkf-maxkalup-6ETC backs Night of Light’s initiative
Friday, 26 June 2020

Germany - ETC and High End Systems participated in the Night of Light initiative this week.
ETC lit the historic mining tower in Hausham - close to the ETC GmbH office in Holzkirchen - as part of the ‘Night of Light’s’ nationwide display. The 40m-high monument was lit by ETC’s Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD, Source Four PAR, Source Four XT HID, ColorSource Spot, ColorSource PAR and High End Systems SolaPix 19 fixtures.
The initiator of the project, Tom Koporek from LK-AG Essen comments: “The event industry will not survive the next 100 days. The current conditions and restrictions make the financial set-up of events virtually impossible.” Alongside the organizers who have been greatly affected by the pandemic, there are also around one million employees and an industry that generates over ten billion euros at stake.
ETC and High End Systems recognize the threat of the pandemic to this industry, and along with many other companies, supports the Night of Light’s mission to draw attention to this and its appeal to politicians for help.
Rosi Marx, European marketing manager at ETC GmbH adds: “It was clear to us that we would be involved in the 'Night of Light' initiative and support their demonstration - to the public and the government - that the industry is at risk.”

robe-night-of-light-2020-de-robe-hq-valmez-fullsizeoutput9-pRobe supports Night of Light
Friday, 26 June 2020

Germany - On 22 June, over 9000 buildings, monuments, cultural sites and spaces plus other objects were illuminated in ‘emergency red’ by over 8,300 participating companies - primarily in Germany - for #NightofLight2020.
As previously reported, #NightofLight2020 was initiated and carefully planned by a team of lighting and AV professionals led by Tom Koperek from Essen-based event marketing agency LK AG to raise awareness of the critical economic plight of the live event industry in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
Moving light manufacturer Robe lighting enthusiastically supported via German subsidiary Robe DE which also assisted in supplying kit for some key locations from the current demo stock.
In addition to the many installations already independently utilising Robe products, the company’s HQ in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic, and the German office building in Munich were lit up in resplendent red to show solidarity.
It is estimated that the German events industry generates annual revenues of around 130 billion Euros and employs up to a million people - figures that dramatically increase to around 200 billion Euros with 3 million employees when including all the associated businesses.
The sector has effectively been shut down since March 10th, crowd gatherings have been banned, venues are closed, live performances are off the table, companies are shuttered, employees furloughed or laid off and hundreds of thousands of talented freelance technicians, creatives plus the entire event support infrastructure normally

v2-espn-bVersion 2 supplies low energy solutions
Friday, 26 June 2020

UK - Version 2 has been supporting a growing number of crews with low energy solutions both in the studio and on location.
Working with a number of leading lighting directors, the Buckinghamshire-based lighting rental specialists have supported coverage on a selection of premier summer events with products form their low energy inventory. First up was a visit to Worthy Farm, Somerset as Broadcast Partners for the BBC’s comprehensive coverage of the 2019 Glastonbury Festival.
Making use of a selection of V2 low energy fixtures, lighting director Oli Richards and gaffer Paul Evans made last year’s Glastonbury coverage a completely LED lit event. The Version 2 team deployed a pair of lighting trucks to help deliver the look for both the ‘live studio’ areas and the considerable number of interviews held remotely across the vast festival site.
The studio set-ups mixed Martin’s MAC Aura Wash and Rush Par 2 with Litepanels Gemini 2 x 1 Soft Panels to provide a perfect blend of soft, even illumination and highly controllable colour. To complete the look, LED ribbon was added for extra sparkle throughout the set.
For the location spots, V2 sent out their Litepanels Astra LED Soft Panel kits. With flexibility and portability high on the list of requirements, the Astra’s highly capable, battery powered illumination proved the ideal solution, particularly in ad hoc interview situations where rapid set up is essential.
Heading to London SW18, the Version 2 team joined LD Malcolm Reed for ESPN’s coverage of Wimbledon 2019. As one of the

modelGermany’s Next Topmodel goes live with GLP
Friday, 26 June 2020

Germany - Supermodel Heidi Klum spent from the end of January to mid-May 2020 searching for Germany’s next top model. She found what she was looking for in the form of Jacqueline Wruck, when the grand final of the popular TV programme Germany’s Next Topmodel was held at Studio Berlin Adlershof (minus the audience).
LD Manuel da Costa and his team from mdc licht.gestalten were responsible for the lighting design of this lavishly equipped show. Additionally, in collaboration with the video technicians, he oversaw the technical settings of the cameras and supported creative producer, Joy Hayat Berhanu and her team, in the individual productions of the show.
Manuel describes the setting for this year’s finale: “The real problem was the non-existent audience,” he reports. “In the past few years we have always been in large, full 10,000-seat halls for the final, and the show naturally thrives on the atmosphere. In order to avoid producing the show in a huge, but empty hall, the decision was made to go to a smaller studio, but without sacrificing the size of the set, because we wanted to keep the familiar set of recent years. So we just shortened it a bit and symbolically replaced the absent viewers with cut-out figures in the set.”
Manuel chose GLP fixtures to light the show. While a matrix of 180 impression X4 along the entire length of three catwalks provided the basic colour scheme for the broadcast, 28 JDC1 hybrid strobes and 14 of the brand new JDC Lines provided the punch and effects.
The JDC1 was used as a cover behind th

claypakyindustrialsessions3-copyIndustrial Sessions streams with Claypaky
Friday, 26 June 2020

New Zealand - Industrial Sessions, a new live streaming and recording studio in Queenstown, has equipped its space with Claypaky HY B-EYE K15 and Mythos 2 fixtures. The studio marks a collaboration among TomTom Productions for lighting, video and set design, Soundpeople for audio and multi-track recording, and Shotover Media for camera and direction. It is located in the TomTom Productions warehouse.
“Our purpose is to bring high-quality live streaming to Queenstown and the world by giving local and national musicians a space to perform and connect with their audience in a time when they can’t perform as usual,” says Hamish Edh, managing director of TomTom and co-creator of Industrial Sessions. “The space is also used for corporate meetings, a pretty popular usage given the COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings. We do one or two Industrial Sessions a week and convert the space for multi-track recording, webinars and virtual conferencing.”
Edh notes that he and his collaborators have had to be very creative in carving out the studio from warehouse space with low ceiling heights and second-floor support pillars. “We built a 3.6m x 5.4m stage inside a 4m x 5.5m truss structure as we don’t have the ability to fly from the roof. The video design has a back wall of Martins VDO Sceptron and VuePix DB2.6mm LED panels. The lighting design is from the stock we own in the warehouse, with 12 Claypaky HY B-EYE K15s and five Mythos 2 comprising the base rig and more K15s and Mythos 2 available to create slightly different looks each session.”
Six K1

bundestagberlinnightoflight-touseGermany’s event industry rallies in Night of Light campaign
Thursday, 25 June 2020

Germany - The plight of the German events industry due to the COVID-19 crisis was highlighted during a campaign that saw thousands of buildings across the country illuminated in red on the night of 22 June (Monday).
The Night of Light campaign attracted more than 8,000 participants, including production houses and manufacturers, who used lighting and projection tools to light the facades of more than 9,000 buildings in over 1,500 locations.
The initiative aimed to spotlight the struggles of the events industry, with the red light chosen to symbolise the ‘red alert’ level that the industry is under due to state-wide restrictions on large-scale live events.
Germany’s event industry comprises more than 150 sub-sectors and is one of the country’s top employers, with around a million direct employees. It generates a combined turnover of around €130bn, according to a Research Institute for Exhibition and Live-Communication study.
But having been shut down since 10 March due to COVID-19 - and with restrictions on large events now extended into October - the industry’s whole supply chain is under threat, with Night of Light stating that the sector would require further state aid to survive the next 100 days.
The campaign has estimated the majority of firms are projected to lose 80%-100% of revenue during the eight-month period and has also stressed that the government’s current loan scheme would be insufficient to support businesses in the long run, as whilst loans can cover operating costs, they would add to the growing financial

chamsysmagicvistrackerChamSys supports XYZ positioning in MagicQ
Thursday, 25 June 2020

UK - ChamSys has added a new dimension to building lighting designs on its MagicQ series of consoles and software. The company has just-introduced XYZ positioning feature makes it simple for designers and programmers to achieve the looks they envision in 3D space, without getting slowed down adjusting fixture pan and tilt parameters.
Building on the company’s existing Focus Point and Focus Line, the new feature allows MagicQ users to store XYZ palettes referencing static positions, dynamic trackers, and visualisation objects.
MagicQ supports direct import of patch and XYZ information from popular 3D Visualisation packages, such as WYSIWYG, Capture, Depence, L8, and Vectorworks. (ChamSys has recently implemented the emerging industry standard GDTF MVR protocol enabling direct import from Vectorworks.)
“Our customers often patch and pre-programme their shows in advance either using our ChamSys free fully featured MagicVis visualisation or their own choice of third party visualisation packages,” comments Chris Kennedy, ChamSys software director. “Whichever option they select, we ensure that they only have to set up the patch and the positioning of the fixtures one time to seamlessly transfer this information to MagicQ so they can take full advantage of the 3D XYZ features."
Using MagicQ PC free software on Windows, Mac or Linux, a designer/programmer can create, visualise, and pre-programme a full show of virtually any size with MagicVis or third party visualiser software.
"MagicQ does not require expensive per universe external p

songwritersBandit illuminates songwriters’ showcase
Thursday, 25 June 2020

USA - When award-winning songwriter Victoria Shaw required lighting for her music performance and storytelling series Songwriters Under The Covers with Victoria Shaw, Bandit Lites delivered.
The show is described online as “a new, intimate, music performance and storytelling series created in collaboration with award-winning songwriter Victoria Shaw puts the spotlight on the songwriters of some of music’s biggest hits across pop, rock, and country. Top-selling songwriters share the little-known stories behind their hit songs along with an intimate live acoustic performance on stage”.
For the second season, viewers can expect to see Ken Mo, Clint Black, Tommy Shaw (of Styx and Damn Yankees) Bob DiPiero and Garth Brooks. Lighting designer Mark Carver was tasked by the producer to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in order to make the artist on stage and their music the centre of attention.
“We tried to highlight the key architectural features of the stage and room,” explained Carver.
Bandit Lites supplied Elation’s Seven 42s, ETC LED Tungsten Lekos for key light, Chauvet R2X Washes as backlight and colour toning. GLP X4S were used for colour toning the walls as well as adding upstage depth and dimension. Ayrton Khamsins LED profiles supplied pattern break ups on the walls for texture and depth and a grand MA 2 lite console provided control.
“Time frame, budget and ease of execution are always concerns on these shows,” said Carver. “Mike Golden and Jimmy Hatten supplied a well prepped package that met budge

nidadusksmLSC brings power and protection to NIDA
Thursday, 25 June 2020

Australia - Power and protection are the keywords with dimming and distro and Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) now has both thanks to LSC Lighting Systems.
NIDA is Australia's leading centre for education and training in the performing arts and features six professional performance venues, studios and rehearsal rooms. As the largest of the performance venues at NIDA, the Parade Theatre offers seating for audiences of up to 707 people in its three-tiered, horseshoe-shaped auditorium. The Playhouse is a 155-seat amphitheatre, designed for more intimate productions. NIDA has three smaller black box theatres - the Space, the Studio Theatre and the Reg Grundy Studio - that are frequently adapted to suit different production needs.
NIDA recently decided to upgrade its dimming and power distribution systems with LSC Lighting Systems GEN VI dimmers and APS power distribution. A total of 42 GEN VI dimmer /distros and an additional four Advanced Power Systems power distribution units have found a new home at this celebrated institution. The Parade Theatre, Reg Grundy Studio and Space Theatre have all benefited from the recent LSC Lighting fit-out.
NIDA’s previous dimmers were installed in 2003 and had exceeded their expected 15-year longevity mark, thus becoming electrically unreliable and so NIDA began investigating replacement options.
“Once we found the money we went hunting for dimmers,” says Chris Dickey, NIDA’s technical manager. “We wanted something that offered a bit extra in the venues and that was the LSC GEN VI r

jannie-and-leon-and-soneDesigners meet challenge of MA2 competition
Thursday, 25 June 2020

South Africa - In mid-March, South Africa was placed under lockdown to try to deal with the imminent threat posed by the rapid spread of COVID-19. Almost 100 days later, the events industry is still under severe restrictions, with no indication from the government when large-scale events will return.
“The lockdown has been very hard on people in our industry, especially for the freelance crew, technicians and engineers,” says DWR’s Jannie de Jager. “After a couple of days into lockdown, it quickly became apparent that boredom was going to be one of our greatest enemies, and would negatively affect the mental health of everybody if we let it.”
Jannie and the lighting team at DWR, therefore, decided to challenge lighting designers in South Africa to put their skills to good use during the lockdown by designing a light show using the MA2 PC platform. “We are very privileged to have some very talented and experienced lighting designers on staff, and everybody got behind the idea,” says Jannie. The team chose Johnny Clegg and Savuka’s 1982 hit Scatterlings of Africa and De Jager developed a 3D show file, with fixtures patched, for the exercise.
According to Jannie, they received 14 completed show files for consideration. The panel of judges included theatre lighting specialists, Kevin Stannett and Michael Taylor-Broderick; architectural lighting specialist, Johnny Scholtz; and live events specialist, Vincent van Niekerk.
All of the files were reviewed independently by the judges, who applied predetermined criteria to assig

plasawemakeeventsPLASA launches #WeMakeEvents to support the industry
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

UK - PLASA has launched #WeMakeEvents, a new campaign with the aim of amplifying the industry’s voice and gaining meaningful Government support. Central to the campaign is a video highlighting the vital role of supply chain companies along with the freelance community and the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic upon the live events sector.
PLASA is calling for people from across the industry to share the video across social media to give much needed exposure to the supply chain to events including production and rental companies, manufacturers and freelancers, to raise awareness of the need for longer term financial support.
In addition to sharing the video, PLASA has published two infographics illustrating the complexity of the live events supply chain and the typical arena show – which requires an average of 443 professionals spanning design, planning, preparation, warehousing, and venue staff. The graphics also show how valuable the sector is, collectively delivering £100 billion to the UK economy.
PLASA also encourages everyone to add their name to the campaign, and to send a letter to their local MP using the customisable letter samples which were created by a collective of PLASA, ABTT, PSA, SOLT and UK Theatre – details of which can be found here.
PLASA’s managing director Peter Heath comments: “We all know that the events industry has been devastated due to Covid-19, and we expect that the road to recovery will be a

etc-colorsource-spot-jr2-1ETC extends ColorSource family
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

USA - ETC ColorSource Spot jr is the latest addition to the ColorSource family of affordable ETC fixtures. At only 5.5 kg, ColorSource Spot jr is nearly half the weight of a full-sized ColorSource Spot fixture. And it’s not only half the size, it’s also about half the price.
Spot jr is available in two array options - Original for subtle pastels and white light to enhance skin tones, and Deep Blue for more saturated, dramatic colours. Like all ColorSource fixtures, Spot jr includes ETC’s colour integrity technologies so you can be sure the colours you set in rehearsal are the same colours you see during the show. This includes thermal droop compensation, third-party lifetime testing, and comprehensive factory colour calibration.
Spot jr has built-in 25-50-degree zoom which is suitable for small stages, club spaces, and retail with both longer and shorter throws.

hydroADJ’s Hydro Wash X29 now shipping
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

USA - The latest addition to ADJ’s Hydro Series of weatherproof moving head luminaires, the Hydro Wash X19, is a powerful and versatile wash fixture designed for touring, rental and event production applications. Combining impressive brightness with an expansive feature set, this rugged workhorse is ready to shine in even the most challenging of conditions, says the company.
Nineteen Osram 40W RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs fill the face of the Hydro Wash X19, making for an impressive total of 760W. The LEDs offer smooth colour mixing, allowing for the creation of a wide variety of different hues, and are arranged in three concentric circles. Each LED is individually controllable, allowing for the creation of pixel-mapped effects, with support available for both the KlingNet and Artnet control protocols as well as standard DMX-512.
Linear motorized focus allows the beam angle to vary between a narrow 6-degrees and wide 40-degrees. This means the fixture can be used to create tight mid-air beam effects as well as bathe large areas with vibrant colour washes at different moments during the same show. The focus function is both fast, to allow quick changes between different looks, and smooth, to allow seamless slow transitions.
The Hydro Wash X19’s robust all-metal casing is ready for the rigors of the road, while it’s IP65-rating means that it can be used safely outdoors in all weather conditions. Protected from rain, dust and dirt, it can be used reliably anywhere from dusty deserts to rainy fields. However, the fixture isn’t designed soley for use outdoor


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