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best-of-both-worldsMavericks and Rogues light Best of Both Worlds
Monday, 15 March 2021

Zimbabwe - Winky D and Jah Prayzah both draw passion and inspiration from the same rich, deep and fertile wellspring that is the Zimbabwean musical tradition. However, the two artists take this inspiration in slightly different directions; the former favouring chanting dancehall reggae beats, while the latter opts for a sound that is a bit more contemporary.
In both cases, the two have soared to superstardom in Zimbabwe and throughout southern Africa, each with a rabidly loyal following. Indeed, nothing divides the country’s music lovers quite like the Winky-Jah debate.
This February, Kayse Concert TV presented Best of Both Worlds, a three-hour pay-per view livestream that showcased the talents of both artists. The widely anticipated show met and exceeded all expectations, as it served up a nonstop outpouring of pure passion and joy, not only with its music, but also in terms of the stunning visuals created by the Events Evolution team with help from Chauvet Professional Maverick and Rogue fixtures.
Lighting designer Kingdom Kudzerema and LED/video technical director Tatenda Gaylord Rushwaya didn’t play favourites, showering both performers with colour combinations that often pulled together unusually bold choices, such as yellows mixing it up with greens.
A collection of eight Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures, four on the back truss and four FOH, served as workhorses during the 6-9 pm show creating specials and gobo patterns, while highlighting the individuals on stage. Working with the FOH Mavericks were four Rogue R2 Spot units. Addi

briteshotcorporate-pivotroy-mcdonaldBriteShot switches strategy to combat COVID
Friday, 12 March 2021

USA - BriteShot, a vendor of LED lighting solutions for television, film and events, has shifted its manufacturing strategy to help venues re-open safely amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Making the most of its resources during these challenging times, BriteShot is now specialising in coronavirus air filtering and decontamination products.
“At Briteshot, we aim to have our decontamination technology be a factor in helping entertainment venues, restaurants, and more, reopen their doors in a safe and effective way,” says Roy McDonald, co-founder at BriteShot. “It’s been a difficult year within the entertainment space as facilities have been forced to close their doors or reduce capacity, greatly impacting revenue and job security across the board.
“To help ease customers back into business, we dedicated countless hours in production and testing to provide a solution that will keep artists, staff and audience members safe while we continue to enjoy doing what we love.”
Founded in 2009, BriteShot embarked on a three-year research and development process to bring its first product, The Luminator, to market.
Mitigating COVID-19 exposure in indoor environments, BriteShot’s decontamination solutions include its AirAffair air filtration system and ShelteX decontamination tent. The AirAffair system uses new technology to purify and sterilise the air from existing HVAC systems and can act as a stand-alone unit in any given environment.
The ShelteX decontamination tent is a fully enclosed structure constructed from high-density polypropyl

astera-magic-arm-lighting-Titan Tubes for Magic Arm Lighting
Friday, 12 March 2021

South Africa - Brent Sauls of Magic Arm Lighting is a freelance gaffer and cinematographer from Cape Town - currently based in Johannesburg - whose professional career has encompassed 15 years at the forefront of making a diversity of commercials, movies, and TV series.
Last year he invested in a set of eight Astera Titan Tubes, purchased from distributor, DWR and these have been working constantly ever since.
Brent noticed that Titan Tubes were becoming increasingly frequently requested by a variety of DoPs, especially on commercials.
As a gaffer, it is advantageous to be able to offer certain specialist lighting elements and products to a production. “It’s all about having the right tools,” he stated, and this drove the purchase by Magic Arm Lighting, which Brent co-owns with two other cinematographers, Quinton Fredericks & Ebrahim Hajee.
He wanted the Titan Tubes especially for environments which are challenging or needing to get lighting in awkward and difficult to access places. “They are extremely user-friendly products, and once familiar with what they can do, new ideas just keep flowing on how to use them next,” he said.
The onboard battery and fully wireless control solution top the list of benefits for Brent, making them “ultimately deployable”.
His Titan Tubes have been used on several movies, commercial shoots including Eskort Bacon, MTV, BMW, Audi, and Vodacom, and currently on a TV series for Netflix which is being shot in Johannesburg where they are on set daily.
“It’s a bonus that they l

salty-dogGLP lights Hamburg’s Salty Dog Studio
Friday, 12 March 2021

Germany - Lighting designer Jerry Appelt and Matthias Meyert have set up their own pre-programming studio under the name Salty Dog, in his home town of Hamburg. Eight GLP impression FR1 TM (Trackmount) can be found in the new premises, set in the historic Zippelhaus.
“Our planning office, Beacon GmbH, has been based in the Zippelhaus in Hamburg's old town for a number of years,” explains Jerry. “So far, we have rented various studios for pre-productions, which apart from the technical equipment, usually don't offer a lot of com-fort. With Salty Dog we wanted to create a really appealing alternative in a prime location, which we of course use ourselves and also rent out.
“In the Salty Dog Studios we have integrated everything that we often missed in other studios. In addition, there is the attractive location directly opposite the Speicherstadt, with a large selection of good hotels and restaurants in the immediate vicinity."
Salty Dog has two fully-equipped pre-programming studios (120sq.m and 35sq.m) as well as additional lounges and a separate kitchen area. The lighting design in the rooms plays an essential role. In order to be as flexible as possible here, the team opted for eight FR1 TM. GLP key account manager Oliver Schwendke, who was involved in the project early on, recommended the small luminaire because of its flexible application options and its subtle look.
In the Salty Dog Studios, five FR1 TM are used in the central hallway, where they specifical-ly highlight the large photo prints that adorn the walls. Three more spotli

high-endHigh End Systems centre stage on The Prom
Friday, 12 March 2021

USA - For the 2020 filming of Netflix musical, The Prom, Hog programmer Scott Barnes worked alongside director of photography Matthew Libatique and CLT Jeff Ferrero, with High End Systems Sola Series fixtures and Hog 4 control becoming central figures behind the scenes. The creative team employed SolaFrame Theatre, SolaFrame 3000 and SolaHyBeam 3000 fixtures in many of the performances; all luminaires featured High CRI engines and were supplied by Lux Lighting.
When production commenced, Barnes says they already knew the SolaFrame Theatre and SolaFrame 3000 would be their ‘go-to’ movers. Barnes says, “The SolaHyBeam 3000s were not available until about midway through production, but they soon became our powerhouse fixture. The SolaFrame Theatre was especially helpful because of its ultra-quiet performance.
“After the first week of production, we realised how valuable they truly were to our needs. We decided to carry four of them on the truck throughout the entire schedule, and Matty loved being able to just have a few fixtures roving around camera to bounce into ceilings or backlight actors in a pinch.”
The SolaFrame Theatre’s ability to be placed close to the actors without upsetting the sound department was key to the production. “They are bright enough to be used for a variety of purposes, and have a nice assortment of features to give us flexibility in their use. Features like shutters, frost, iris, and gobos are important to us, since we never really know what we need them to do until on the day of filming.”

robe-said-galiev-cultural-centre-img5510Kazan cultural centre chooses Robe
Friday, 12 March 2021

Russia - Robe luminaires were selected for another cultural project, this one at the Said-Galiev Cultural Centre in Derbyshki in Kazan, the capital of the Russian semi-autonomous region of Tatarstan, an area renowned as a lively melting pot of Russian and Tatar heritage.
Robe’s Russian distributor LTM - with branches in Moscow, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg - delivered the order of Robe Pointes, LEDBeam 150s and ParFect 150s for its client the Altin Group. LTM also undertook all the related installation and commissioning work for the Robe moving lights and other elements of the venue’s lighting that were extensively updated in this project.
The ornate Said-Galiev Cultural Centre has two main auditoriums, a main one seating 560 and a smaller 120 capacity hall and was originally built in 1959. This latest technical upgrade, which also included audio, flexible rigging, LED screens and a cinema projection system enables it to stage a range of shows and events.
The Robe luminaires are all being utilised in the main hall. Four of the Pointes are positioned above the stage with more rigged in the ‘slips’ positions either side of the pros arch for high tight angled lighting onto the forestage. They were chosen for their power and intensity. More Pointes - together with other new lighting fixtures - are rigged on portable side booms onstage.
The LEDBeam 150s and ParFect 150s were chosen for their high luminosity, perfectly matching optics, and quality of output. Some of these are on the side booms with others lighting from the galleries and

martinMAC Aura FX reference library available
Thursday, 11 March 2021

UK - The Martin MAC Aura PXL has a rich feature set of internal FX macros allowing maximum versatility even when time is of the essence. Created as a resource for lighting designers, Martin's UK distributor, Sound Technology has published a complete video reference library of all of them.
There are six categories of Macros in the PXL - Beam Intensity FX, Beam Colour FX, Aura Intensity FX, Aura Colour FX, Beam and Aura Combined FX, and Full Fixture FX. Each category has its own video, time-stamped in the YouTube description with each individual effect.
Utilising the MAC Aura PXL's 141 Aura LEDs and 19 Main Beam LEDs, each effect can also have speed, colour, zoom range & output level manipulated simultaneously, and both the Aura and the Main Beam effects can be active at the same time.

ptrq35kproductimage20201009highptrq35kslantrhighPanasonic enhances esports experience
Thursday, 11 March 2021

UK - With esports rapidly becoming one of the world’s most popular spectator sports, one of the challenges for the industry is to ensure that audiences in studios and stadiums see every detail of the gameplay on the large screens at the same time as the players. Any lag or juddery visuals can ruin the immersive experience, and Panasonic’s latest high fame rate (HFR) upgrade kit (ET-SUK10) for the Panasonic PT-RQ35K projector addresses these issues, bringing stadium and studio spectators closer to the action.
The HFR upgrade delivers higher quality images with rapid and smooth movement and less image lag by enabling the 30,500 lumen, three-chip DLP laser projector to accept and output 240Hz HD signals using just one cable. The improvements delivered by the upgrade are significant. As well as enhanced images, latency can be reduced to just 5ms - compared to 82ms using predecessor Panasonic projectors, ensuring fans experience the thrill of the action in virtual real-time.
“This ground-breaking visual enhancement creates a fantastic live experience, enabling the audience to see and react to the action as it happens,” said Hartmut Kulessa, European marketing manager at Panasonic Business. “It’s another important addition to our complete glass-to-glass production solution for the industry - from capture right through to distribution workflow.”

ruby-stage2Squeek redesigns Ruby Stage with Elation
Thursday, 11 March 2021

USA - When full-service lighting company Squeek Lights converted part of their new facility in Middlesex, New Jersey, into the Ruby Stage last July, the space, which featured Elation Dartz 360 and Artiste Picasso lights under NX2 control, quickly attracted music clients for livestreams and video productions. Ruby Stage has now been updated with a new design that offers clients an enhanced professional setup for even better on-camera looks.
“The stage had been up for a while and had served our clients well, but we wanted to mix it up with a new design,” stated Victor Zeiser, founder and managing partner at Squeek Lights. “We were able to come up with a more compact floor package and move the drape back which gives us more stage depth for a wider shot and better camera angles. It’s a sleeker design which makes the space bigger and works really well for the camera.”
Dartz and Picasso fixtures are again key elements of the design, this time arrayed in lines that deliver more of an impact and make the rig look bigger. For inspiration, Zeiser refers back to a November August Burns Red livestream that Squeek Lights provided fixtures for. "After I saw what the Dartz looked like on that show, all in a big line, I thought we have to go double in the shop.”
Consequently, a big focus of the redesign is a line of a dozen Dartz overhung off the truss with a matching line of fixtures across the floor for a total of 24. “Having a clean line of a dozen Dartz uninterrupted in the truss is a great look and they are small enough we could get 12 of them o

billharkin-tnPyramid Stage designer Bill Harkin passes away
Wednesday, 10 March 2021

UK - Bill Harkin, designer of Glastonbury Festival’s iconic Pyramid Stage, passed away on Sunday 7th March. He was 83. 
Harkin grew up in Liverpool, attending secondary school in Sefton Park before embarking on painting and 3D construction studies, “with the occasional lunch time Beatles gig for 1 shilling at the Cavern.” Soon, Harkin was showing his work at The Liverpool Academy’s shows at the Walker Art Gallery as well as in art and architecture exhibitions for Liverpool University and The John Moores Painting Prize. “Then, somewhat briefly, I started a course in architecture,” he revealed in memoirs on the Pyramid Stage Glastonbury Festival website. “The tedium of course work was more than I could take, I was much more excited by the theatre and the new fabric structures of Frei Otto in Stuffgart.”
Having purchased two of Harkin’s constructions, choreographer and director Bill Harpe invited him to design the stage set, lighting and projection for a production of Stravinsky’s The Soldiers Tale at Liverpool’s Bluecoat arts centre. He went on to work with Graham Frood on Merseyside Unity Theatre’s in-the-round production of Boulevard Durand at St George’s Hall.
Harkin then “left Liverpool for London and the world” before returning to England in 1970 where a moment of meditation whilst helping a friend relocate to Swanage lead him to Glastonbury Tor. There he met a group of kindred spirits, including Tony Andrews (now of Funktion

flutetribute2Chauvet colours Tribal Flute livestream
Wednesday, 10 March 2021

USA - The soft, sweet, infinitely soothing sound of the flute, with its delicate phrasing and gentle pacing may seem worlds away from the growling intensity of metal music, but both are guided by passion. And, under the right circumstances, the power of that passion can be amplified by lighting.
Chris Brodman, Cody Lisle and the creative team at LIT Live! demonstrated this recently when they produced Tribal Flute a 56-minute livestream by noted flutist Keenan Perry. Although it was radically different in style from their usual metal and EDM fare, the LIT Live! crew supported Perry’s performance, with visuals that wrapped themselves seamlessly around his ethereal music.
Working with a studio rig that was anchored by Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Spot, Rogue R2 Wash and Rogue R1 Wash fixtures, lighting designer Jack Watson created a diverse mix of colours and gobo patterns that reflected Perry’s music (which featured the artist playing other instruments in addition to the flute), in all its wistful complexity.
“Keenan's music is much more melodic and slower than what we usually do,” said Watson. “Going into programming, I knew that my main focus would be to create interesting looks and scenes and avoid flashy effects or fast movements.”
Although he stayed away from rapid pan tilt motions, Watson did rely on aerial effects from the 10 Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures on mid-stage and upstage truss to capture the mood of the flute performance. “The MK2 Spots were definitely my stars,” he said. “We used them to create beauti

contractpodiumtechnieknoenballet6Dutch National Opera & Ballet invests in LED
Wednesday, 10 March 2021

The Netherlands - Podiumtechniek B.V. has signed a contract with Nationale Opera & Ballet for the supply of 162 LED spotlights from the German brand JB-Lighting.
Deputy technical director Pieter Huijgen explains: "After years of searching for worthy replacements for the current halogen spotlights and spotlights with a discharge lamp, developments in LED stage lighting had progressed to such an extent last year that it was possible to make the switch to this form of sustainable lighting."
JB-Lighting's moving heads were also recently supplied to leading venues such as De Doelen - Rotterdam, Philharmonie - Haarlem, Schouwburg Ogterop - Meppel, De Nieuwe Schuur - Herpt and the AFAS Theater - Leusden. Many renowned stages in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia have already started using JB-Lighting LED spots.
The tender of Nationale Opera & Ballet includes JB-Lighting P12 Profile (High CRI), P18 Profile (high CRI) and P18 Washes (high CRI).

sold-imageLSi ‘A1 DMX’ auction raises £2,500 for #WeMakeEvents
Wednesday, 10 March 2021

UK - Throughout February, LSi and PLASA hosted a blind auction for an industry-related number plate reading ‘A1 DMX’, donated by a prominent TV lighting director who has chosen to remain anonymous. The aim of the auction was to raise funds for the #WeMakeEvents campaign, with the winning bid coming in at a generous £2,500. #WeMakeEvents, LSi and PLASA would like to thank everyone who took part.
Every penny from the auction will go to the #WeMakeEvents campaign and their chosen charity, Backup which supports industry professionals and their families through times of ill health and financial crisis. Backup also allocates #WeMakeEvents funds to a number of specialist charities, including: Acting for Others, Music Support, Stagehand and #MakeItBlue. 
The number plate’s original owner comments: “I’m very grateful to everyone who bid for my number plate, and especially to the very generous person who submitted the winning bid. I would also like to thank Claire Beeson and everyone at LSi and PLASA whose help and enthusiasm made it possible to raise this really decent amount of money for #WeMakeEvents.”
The highest bidder, and new owner of the number plate, adds: “The last year has been an incredibly challenging time for us all, and I'm very fortunate to be in a position to assist a cause that is doing so much for our industry in its darkest (pun intended) hours. I'd especially like to thank the previous owner of the plate for their amazing generosity.”
Find out more about #WeMakeEvents and their charity donations at test

adjADJ delivers for In Motion Fitness experience
Tuesday, 9 March 2021

USA - Northern California’s In Motion Fitness boasts 16,000 members. The heavily themed five-acre Mediterranean fitness resort features a wide variety of spaces used for different activities and classes, each with their own different interior design. Its latest addition is a space-themed spin studio which features multiple ADJ mirror balls and LED lighting fixtures.
Located in Chico, CA, the resort is dedicated to continually expanding and renovating the facilities available to its members. The latest chapter in this expansion was the renovation and re-theming of a former dance studio to create the Out of this World Galaxy Spin Studio, which officially opened on 1 March this year. The space allows gym members to ‘escape from their current reality for the duration of a spin class and boldly go to a place that could easily be what a dance club in the Star Wars universe may look like’.
From the outset of the project, the owner and manager of In Motion Fitness agreed that lighting would be central to the design of the new space. They therefore brought in a specialist, Lindsey Glass of Glass Designs.
The room is relatively small, somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 sq. ft., and currently houses 23 exercise bikes, although that number could be almost doubled if it weren’t for COVID-19 restrictions. However, the space feels considerably larger than it actually is. This is because three of the walls are covered with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which create the illusion of a sea of bikes spreading out in every direction. The space theme is introduced by

glpGLP JDC Lines light Factory of Dreams
Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Germany - Illusionists The Ehrlich Brothers should have recorded their Dream & Fly show for DVD and TV in March 2020. Everything was already set up in Munich when production was prohibited by an order from the Bavarian state.
But the Ehrlich Brothers would not be the Ehrlich Brothers if they simply left it at that. And so Andreas and Chris Ehrlich started planning the two-part TV show Factory of Dreams together with Gerdon design in May. Also included in the set were 24 of the new JDC Lines from GLP, which would serve the two show magicians well.
Factory of Dreams was finally produced on 2 and 4 October in a hall on the premises of Ehrlich Entertainment GmbH in Bünde, North Rhine-Westphalia. The show was a mixture of new and known illusions as well as some highlights from the past few years.
Gerdon design from Wiesbaden came on board as the creative and implementation partner. “The year 2020 has also been an incredible challenge for us,” said managing director, Thomas Gerdon. “We were all the more delighted to be able to realise this wonderful project for such a committed customer. It was a real concern for Andreas and Chris Ehrlich to get numerous employees and freelancers at least temporarily out of short-time work during this difficult time. Consequently, the Factory of Dreams has been fun for everyone involved.” In addition, 99 spectators were also able to attend the production under the strictest hygiene requirements.
Thomas Gerdon and his team were responsible for the set and lighting design as w

robe-de-vooravond-studioRobe lends contemporary look to De Vooravond
Tuesday, 9 March 2021

The Netherlands - De Vooravond is a new talk-show broadcast on the Netherlands first national TV channel NPO 1, presented by Renze Klamer & Fidan Ekiz covering a mix of politics, sport, music, and culture - often with some live performance spots. The current and second series is being lit by LD Jeroen van Geffen using Robe moving lights including T1 Profiles, Esprites and Spikies.
LD Jeroen works for production company Chain which is part of the Rentall group’s operations specialising in broadcast lighting and audio.
He initially lit the first pilot for this series – which takes inspiration from the De Wereld Draait Door (The World Moves On) ‘magazine’ programme that ran for 15 years – at the end of 2020. It was such a success that the second series started in the new year.
The creative brief was to present a fresh and contemporary look for the new series which is recorded at the NEP Westergas Studio Amsterdam.
While the look for De Wereld Draait Door had been cosy resembling an atmospheric bar, for this one, set designer Ronald van den Bersselaar of BEEO went for a completely antithetical aesthetic. Ronald maximised the compact studio area by building a U-shape set with screens along the sides measuring 7m wide and 4m high – the full height of the space.
There are three letters along the back. An “O” on the left, the “V” which is split into two parts along the back and the “R” on the right. The O and R are projected with Esprites fitted with custom Rosco gobos, and the two parts of th

prolightsGahrens + Battermann grows Prolights inventory
Monday, 8 March 2021

Germany - rental company Gahrens + Battermann has been active in events and entertainment since 1983 by offering innovative technical solutions, having eight locations throughout Germany. Gahrens + Battermann has invested in numerous Prolights EclPanel TWC recently, as part of a growth of inventory and business strategy.
Dennis Rudolph, head of the lighting technology department, comments, "In terms of output and light quality, the Prolights EclPanel TWC has completely convinced us. In addition, there are several points that make it stand out in my eyes compared to other product solutions. For example, the device has an integrated power supply and W-DMX, which is a great advantage in terms of mobility.
“Also, the panels are in a black housing, which of course makes integration into sets etc. visually easier. All in all, I can say that all features are convincing and that the price-performance ratio is absolutely right. We are already using the devices in some industrial productions and in our own streaming studio in Cologne."

wackitWackit lighting competition winners announced
Monday, 8 March 2021

UK - The WACKIT Contest organisers - CAST Group of Companies, Claypaky and Durham and Jennie Marenghi have announced the winners of the virtual lighting competition held over the past few months and judged by the LD panel of Paule Constable, Davy Sherwin and David Bishop, chaired by Durham Marenghi.
WACKIT comprised two side-by-side competitions for professional and student lighting designers from UK and Ireland to create a virtual video of their work from a model of the Royal Albert Hall.
Winner of the Professional section is Nick Humphrey, second is Kris Goodman with David Howard taking third place. Commenting on the winning entry, the judges said, “Builds well – the cueing through it was good and the progression of ideas well delivered and it pulls back to the organ – so story keeps going – pretty realistic, good movie – lots of falling effects – well thought out & well executed.”
In the Student category, Kris Plummer takes first place, with Guy Knox-Holmes second and Joshua Harriette third.
The First place winners in both Professional and Student categories will receive a £1000 Amazon Voucher, a trip for two to Claypaky in Bergamo when travel restrictions allow, a 12 month licence for WYSIWYG Perform, and Claypaky and CAST merchandising.
Second place winners receive a £500 Amazon Voucher, a trip to Claypaky in Bergamo when travel restrictions allow, a 9 month licence for WYSIWYG Perform and Claypaky and CAST merchandising.
Third place winners receive a six months licence for WYSIWYG Perform and Claypaky and

chauvetChauvet reorganises distribution in Switzerland
Monday, 8 March 2021

Switzerland - Chauvet continues to expand its presence in Europe. The company has just announced that it will begin providing direct sales and service support for its products in the Swiss market through its French and German offices.
Chauvet France will be responsible for the western section of Switzerland, and Chauvet Germany will look after the rest of the country. Renens, Switzerland-based Radio Matériel will continue to be a reseller and service support centre for Chauvet in the region. The new programme applies to Chauvet Professional, Chauvet DJ and Iluminarc products.
Martin Fournier, Chauvet’s European sales director will lead the expansion effort, while Aland Mahieu of Chauvet France and Alexander Rexforth of Chauvet Germany will oversee their respective regional markets within Switzerland.
“This is an exciting development for us,” said Stéphane Gressier, Chauvet’s international sales director. “Interest in our latest products, such as the Maverick Force and Maverick Silens is extraordinarily high. Now we’ll be able to back up these ground-breaking products with an enhanced level of support, aided by Martin’s vast experience in the Swiss market and the dedicated efforts of our entire team. We’re ready to move forward in Switzerland.”

jos-ffr-picJason Osterman joins SGM architectural team
Friday, 5 March 2021

USA - Denmark based professional lighting manufacturer SGM Light A/S has announced that Jason Osterman has joined the SGM team as architectural solutions manager. Osterman, who will remain based in the USA, previously served in various management roles within the architectural and theatrical lighting industries in both the USA and UK.
“I am thrilled to be joining the team at SGM, particularly during this exciting time of creativity in the architectural lighting and media integration sectors. SGM is vastly experienced at creating powerful, top-quality solutions for outdoor environments. Working together with the teams in Denmark and the US, I’m looking forward to developing the next generation of lighting solutions for lighting and media designers,” says Osterman.
By establishing Osterman’s role, SGM is expanding its global team focused on the development of solutions, products, and resources for the architectural market.
"With such level of lighting industry experience and competence, Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and proven track record to the SGM team. Truly a tremendous and exciting addition." says Filippo Frigeri, managing director of SGM North America. "He represents another key resource to continue to fuel the impressive growth we've experienced in the Architectural installation markets worldwide,” adds Ulrik Jakobsen, CEO of SGM Light A/S.

cultuurcentrum-maskerade1Chauvet at Mater’s Cultuurcentrum Maskerade
Friday, 5 March 2021

Belgium - Although he was in the clothing business, Luc Provost always wanted to own a theatre. Not long ago, fate gave him a reason to turn this aspiration into reality, when he acquired 10,000 pieces of theatrical costumes from a Dutch company.
Looking for a place to store his newfound collection of clothing, he purchased a former school building in the East Flanders town of Mater. Attached to that structure was a small theatre.
For Provost, it was a building of dreams. “I had the costumes and venue,” he recalled. “So now I was ready.”
On 2 January, 2020, Provost shared his dream with the world when, outfitted with a new rig of Chauvet Professional fixtures, the Cultuurcentrum Maskerade staged its first show. Unfortunately, it was also the last live show at the 220-seat theatre for the year, as the coronavirus pandemic brought public gatherings to a grinding halt.
With live shows temporarily on hold, Provost and his team used the theatre for livestream performances. By the summer, they hope to be having in person events again.
Regardless of whether a Cultuurcentrum Maskerade show is live or livestreamed, one thing is certain: it will be supported by a powerful and flexible lighting rig. Working closely with his supplier, the Oudenaarde, Belgium-based DMXShop and DMXRent, Provost put together a collection of fixtures, which, while not extensive, can wash the stage in rich colour combinations, and texturize it with crisp gobo patterns, while also delivering smooth, even key lighting.
Featured in this rig are four Ovation F-

passion-church12Passion Church looks to future with Elation
Friday, 5 March 2021

USA - Passion Church, a thriving 400-congregant, multi-generational and multi-ethnic church in Casa Grande, Arizona, was in need of a complete audio, visual, and lighting systems overhaul to effectively equip its growing ministries into the future and chose Elation Fuze Pendants as part of the solution.
In early 2020, Passion Church reached out to 5 Words Media, an AVL production company based in Phoenix, to inquire about a full AVL system design. A day later, 5 Words Media sales engineer Brandon Cole met Pastor Romeo Leal on-site at Passion Church to walk the space and strategise an ideal AVL system to support their current and future needs.
“I wanted to hear the dreams Pastor Romeo had, not just for the AVL aspects of Passion Church, but for his church overall,” stated Cole. “Designing a system with the overarching vision and mission of the church in mind helps us design and build them a system equipped for future expansion while also ensuring excellence is achieved.”
The church’s previous build used basic 0-10v lights but Cole wanted to give his client the ability to “paint a picture” using dynamic house lights. “Some of their wants were to control the left, centre and right sections of the audience,” he says. “Showing the capabilities of the Fuze Pendants between colour to dimming control hit the nail right on the spot with what they were looking for.”
5 Words Media designed the lighting system with Elation products chosen for house lighting, atmospherics, wireless DMX/distribution, and control, namely Fuze Pendants

robe-monica-naranjo--puro-minage--34Robe lights Mónica Naranjo special in Valencia
Friday, 5 March 2021

Spain -At the end of 2020, singer Mónica Naranjo launched a special re-issue of her third studio album Minage originally released in 2000, which paid tribute to Italian artist Mina. Fast forward 20 years, and Puro Minage features a full complement of the exact content that Naranjo had wanted to include in the project from the start. Marking the occasion, she played a special concert in front of a live audience - with COVID rules in place - at the Palau de Les Arts, Valencia.
Lighting designer CaCo García has been working with the artist and her management team for around two years, and he chose to use 66 Robe moving lights to be at the centre of this show, which he helped deliver working closely with video director Alberto Arias.
CaCo discussed the moods and ambience that Mónica Naranjo wanted to evoke throughout her performance and then designed lighting together with the elegant set and staging concept that included two large upstage LED screens and several lighting structures.
“The look was clean, simple and classy and minimal,” he explained, taking a ‘less-is-more’ core approach. It had to work equally well live and for cameras – as the show was recorded for streaming.
CaCo has been using Robe products for some years in his work and chosen luminaires - 42 LEDBeam 150s, 12 Pointes and 12 LEDWash 300s were picked as the most appropriate. The small and unobtrusive size of all of these made them a good physical fit for this show and venue, and the output and features - especially zoom, colour, quiet running - offe

glamourkittyChauvet creates arena vibe for Glamour Kitty
Thursday, 4 March 2021

USA - The 750sq.ft performance space that owner Evan Kirkendall and GM Steve Wozniak created inside Harford Sound’s warehouse in Joppa, MD, features a rig that includes over 75 Chauvet Professional fixtures and a massive 18’ by 10’ video wall made with F4IP panels.
The Harford Sound team and lighting designer Kyle Ryman attempted to replicate the hard-driving intensity of a mega-venue stage for the arena rock tribute band Glamour Kitty.
“Performance spaces like ours that have cropped up since COVID aren’t the biggest, but with a solid band and talented LD, they can create settings that come across great at conveying largescale energy,” said Wozniak. “Kyle did a great job making this performance come alive so it could really speak to viewers.”
Going with dramatic, synced hits, Ryman was able to create punchy vistas that captured the spirit of Glamour Kitty’s tributes to bands like Bon Jovi and Van Halen. In deference to the limitations of the livestream video format, he curbed his use of sweeping crossing patterns and aerial effects. In their place, his camera-friendly design filled the viewer’s screen with a torrent of big, but tightly focused, looks featuring sharp-edged gobo patterns from his eight Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures. He also used his rig to create dynamic chase sequences and immersive starburst patterns.
Bold colour changes were also an important part of Ryman’s design vision. He washed the set with an intense and varied palette from his 24 Rogue R2X Wash fixtures and 16 COLORado Solo Battens.
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