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prolightsProlights hosts international distributor conference
Monday, 14 October 2019

Italy - Prolights staged its annual international distributor conference at its HQ in Minturno.
Welcoming over 150 guests from 40 countries, the conference comprised a week of product demonstrations, keynote speeches, new product previews, networking and team bonding.
The event was opened by Prolights managing director Fabio Sorabella, who welcomed the group and introduced the keynote speeches and corporate presentations outlining the past, present and future vision for the company. Sorabella also outlined the current and future expansion plans for the Italian HQ, aimed at further developing the laboratories and R&D departments.
“We’ve had over 150 people visit us, from our closest customers through to people who want to know more about us and what we do,” he explains. “Couldn’t have asked for a better crowd and the feedback from the conference about where we are heading and our ‘next step’ shows us that we are definitely on the right track - watch this space!”
Paolo Albani, Prolights international sales manager, outlined the confidential future sales and marketing strategy for the company which will be revealed at this year’s LDI in Las Vegas. “I am truly amazed by the response and energy of our distributor network. It was amazing to see everybody contributing and inspiring others. The energy and ideas they contributed really helped make the event a great success. I thoroughly look forward to seeing what the future will bring us."
Prolights and its growing network of distribution partners work synergistically in

nx-4-3Obsidian NX 4 now shipping
Friday, 11 October 2019

USA - Obsidian Control Systems has reported its NX 4lighting controller is now shipping. Equipped with professional features and prepared to host Obsidian’s Dylos pixel composition engine, the NX 4 is the latest member of the Onyx lighting control platform and is designed to handle even the largest show with ease. With a well-arranged combination of motorized and manual faders, along with an array of playback buttons, it offers 44 total playbacks in a compact yet extremely powerful package.
Using the latest in industrial components, the NX 4 includes a high-brightness, 15.6”, full-HD multi-touch screen with support for two external 4K touch displays. Eight assignable parameter encoders, a dedicated Intensity encoder, an assistive mini-touch screen, full keypad and command section, and a dedicated grand master make for an intuitive control surface. Two independent playback sections offer instant access. The main playback with 10 motorised faders plus 10 play-pairs allow for quick page changes while the sub playback with 12 faders and 12 button playbacks means important cues are always at your fingertips.
The console houses a powerful new Intel Hexa-Core processor, high-speed NVMe SSD drive and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Fast boot times, instant operation and the ability to process 64 Universes right inside the console without the need for costly external processing networks results in unprecedented power in this form factor.
The NX 4 is also ergonomic with motorised playback faders, short depth, easy screen access, full Onyx command and keypad section,

julien-clerc-tours-with-hog-4-3Julien Clerc tours with Hog 4
Friday, 11 October 2019

France - Singer-songwriter Julien Clerc’s latest tour sees lighting programmer Vincent Zanello at the helm with a High End Systems Hog 4 console. The 150-date tour is celebrating 50 years of uninterrupted success for Clerc, visiting a combination of arenas and festivals over the course of two years.
Lighting designer Dimitri Vassiliu's design for the arena tour incorporates a structure of white canvases with geometric shapes, symbolizing a tree and serving as a support for light and video. The spectacle has been adapted for a series of recent festival dates.
"In a festival setting, I ask for a hundred fixtures to be sure I have enough to face the evening sun,” says Zanello.
In such conditions the Hog 4 really stands out. With a larger than average screen and remarkable glass finish, full sun is no match for the console. The entire interface is clearly displayed and the touchscreen feels rigid yet precise.
On his Hog, a page dedicated to festivals allows Zanello to prepare some cues that he then plays live. "For the festival dates, it’s very much about direct access,” he notes. “It was much more ‘stacked’ on the arena tour. I do always keep in mind that this is Dimitri’s design, not mine, so I don’t do anything to distort it."
Zanello was working as a technician on tour with singer-songwriter Pascal Obispo when he first encountered Vassiliu. The pair worked together on several consecutive tours and mutual admiration ensued. "Dimitri was the one who gave me the opportunity to do this job when he asked me to work on the St

electricsunsets4photocreditcruise-with-ben-and-davidMavericks on board for nineties music cruise
Friday, 11 October 2019

UK - In early September, passengers boarded Marella Explorer for a four-day journey. As it plied the North Sea, the 866ft vessel wasn’t so much taking those on board to a place, as it was a time on the immersive Electric Sunsets: Cruise Back to the 90s cruise, produced by ted (The Entertainment Department).
The decade of Spice Girls and boy bands, grunge and hip-hop came to life on the top deck of Marella Cruises’ well-appointed ship, complete with performances from Top 10 artists of the era like B*Witched and 5ive, DJ sets, costume contests, and an updated 90s-style lighting design that featured 12 Chavet Professional Maverick Storm 1 Wash fixtures supplied by Impact Production Services.
Working for ted, José Lorenzo of José Lorenzo Lighting Design placed eight of the IP65 rated units (two apiece) on four T-truss structures located around the pool deck. The remain four units were hung on back truss behind the main stage. From these positions, the Maverick Storm 1 Washes covered the entire event area with punchy, fast-moving, multi-coloured effects.
“I was born in the 90s, but was too young to be clubbing,” explains Lorenzo. “So, I did a lot of research. I believe that when you talk about partying in the 90s, it brings everyone back to the effects of stroboscopic lights, lasers, moving lights, colour-changing lights, and smoke. When I was doing my research, all the videos looked smoky, and all involved the effects I just mentioned. This is what I tried to recreate, but with a modern technology touch. It was a lot of fun, and I’m

charlie-3SOS supports National Children’s Theatre
Friday, 11 October 2019

South Africa - The SOS charity was pleased to bring a smile to the National Children’s Theatre with the donation of two Longman LED RGB PAR cans to be used on the upcoming productions of Roald Dahl The Witches and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory staged in Parktown.
National Children’s Theatre is the busiest and most successful children’s theatre in South Africa offering professional shows, workshops, holiday camps, life-skill and educational outreach programing, living by its motto, empowering children through theatre.
“Being a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on funding from various companies, institutes and the public,” said Cindy Gordon from the theatre. “Our lighting designer, Jane Gosnell, urgently requested the Longman parcans for our upcoming production and we are grateful to the SOS for generously sponsoring the cost.”
NCT was established in 1989 by Joyce Levinsohn. Under the leadership of Moira Katz since 2011, NCT has won four Naledi Awards for best children’s theatre in South Africa and Moira has received the USIBA Creative and Cultural Industries award from minister Nathi Mthethwa for taking theatre to children in rural areas.
(Jim Evans)

laser-safety-officer-seminarsinenglishLaserworld Academy offers LSO seminars
Friday, 11 October 2019

Germany - The Laserworld Academy is holding an LSO-certified laser safety officer seminar in Munich in January 2020, with more dates set to be announced shortly.
The organisation holds events dedicated to laser safety and the training and education of Laser Safety Officers across Europe. This upcoming seminar, to be held in English at the Leonardo Hotel Munich City South, addresses regulations in Germany which require a laser safety officer (Laserschutzbeauftragter) to take responsibility of any laser system class 3R, 3B or 4 that is used. It is suitable for those utilising lasers in trade and for show/display applications, as well as for industrial purposes.
The contents of the LSO seminars meet the requirements of the German legal framework for laser use (OStrV and TROS) and base on the international regulatory IEC 60825-1. Upon successful completion, participants qualify as Laserschutzbeauftragter for work with laser systems in Germany.
“The more diverse the society gets, and the more companies work all across Europe and worldwide, the more demand came up for those specific Laser Safety Officer Seminars in English language for the German market,” explains Norbert Stangl, CMO of the Laserworld Group and head of the Laserworld Academy. “We can definitely see the demand for this kind of certification and have therefore scheduled the first dates for 2020.”
Further details and reservations are ava

etcdubai-2ETC to open new facility in the Middle East
Friday, 11 October 2019

UAE - ETC is opening a new facility, ETC Dubai - The Studio.
Located in the Zee Tower in Dubai's Media City, the space will act as a ‘central hub’ providing training and product demonstration areas as well as a visualisation suite for pre-programming shows.
The facility will be unveiled on 31 October with a launch event during which ETC will present its latest technologies, including the PLASA Award for Innovation-winning Augment3d programming tool, and preview brand new ETC and High End Systems products. Find out how to attend the opening event here.
“The Studio space will be a central hub for training both ETC’s Eos and High End Systems’ Hog 4 consoles in the Middle East presented by top product specialists. We plan to expand the range of courses on offer even more next year,” comments Mark Larcombe, regional sales manager for the Middle East.
“The addition of The Studio is a key move as we continue to grow our presence in the Middle East territory. We look forward to further building customer relations and being able to provide additional post-sales support in the region,” adds sales manager for ETC Ltd, Darren Beckley.
(Jim Evans)

people-touseApollo Design and Avid Labs announce hires
Thursday, 10 October 2019

USA - Gobos, colour filters and lighting manufacturer Apollo Design Technology has appointed Paul Cook as production technician and Ashley Gladin and Chance Parker as customer care representatives.
Avid Labs, a sister company to Apollo Design has announced the appointment of new engineers, Josh Thomas, and Andrew Trenton.
Paul Cook holds a diploma in Graphic Design from the International School of Business, and a B.A. in Social Studies from Tri-State University. “We appreciate Paul’s work ethic and willingness to help out wherever he is needed,” states Keersten Nichols, president of Apollo Design. “With 17 years at Apollo in the Art Department as Graphic Artist, we look forward to Paul’s contributions in Production.”
Ashley Gladin is a graduate of New Albany High School in southern Indiana. “Ashley works with most of our AV dealers and is a key component on our team,” explains Brandi Hite, customer care manager.
Chance Parker is a graduate of Indiana University Purdue University. “With Chance’s theatre background, he will build strong dealer relationships,” adds Hite. “His dealer base is mostly West Coast, which means he will serve the West Coast time zone requests and questions.”
(Jim Evans)

glpGLP rocks with Kentucky’s My Morning Jacket
Thursday, 10 October 2019

USA - For the past two decades, Kentucky band My Morning Jacket (MMJ) has been serving up its own brand of rock music.
Piloting their lightshow for over 13 years has been Marc Janowitz of E26 Design, frequently drawing on different generations of GLP LED solutions to meet his requirements.
The entire impression range has provided him with a solid workhorse - he was the first LD to take the original impression X4 on the road when it was launched. “The wash lights have been part of my toolbox for many years - from X4 S to X4 XL and all in between. Now adding the X4 Bars to that the family just makes perfect sense.”
MMJ had been on hiatus for 17 months before embarking on a limited four-date run in August - the reason for the new scenography. This included two shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, one at the Capital Theatre in Port Chester, New York (to celebrate the 20th anniversary and reissue of their first record) and a further show at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens. “From shop prep to the end of the tour was less than three weeks,” notes Marc. “We wanted to make sure that the first shows back after so many months looked new and fresh.”
He said the band had wanted different ‘shapes’ of light. “So I updated the design and added six pods across the back. Each pod had a crystal shape with the outline of the shape, incorporating, among other fixtures, X4 Bar 20s with a JDC1 [GLP hybrid strobe] in the centre.”
The addition of the X4 Bars to the design he described as “seamless”. Explaining this, he said, “Th

astera-gearhouse-sa-img1050Gearhouse South Africa invests in Astera
Thursday, 10 October 2019

South Africa - Gearhouse South Africa (GHSA) became the latest rental company in the country to invest in Astera wireless LED products by purchasing 48 Astera AX3 ‘Lightdrops’.
Ever since DWR Distribution was announced as Astera’s distributor in June, Gearhouse SA’s then sales manager, Bill Lawford, lost no time in placing an order with Duncan Riley and his team for the fixtures required for a series of high-profile weddings in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.
Johannesburg-headquartered GHSA supplied the full technical production for these events in conjunction with, and working for, Israel-based event producer Tali Yacobi.
In total, there were nine events related to three different weddings spanning a five-week period, for which it was decided to source all the kit from SA.
One of the specific needs was table centre lighting for the banqueting / reception elements of the weddings, staged in the brand-new event venue Fête Parfaite and also in the ballroom of the Pullman Hotel, both in central Kinshasa. The 48 AX3 fixtures were delivered complete with charging cases.
At the event, the AX3s which added colour and fun to the room with a range of twinkling and other effects that helped ramp up the excitement and atmosphere.
DWR has already made several major sales for Astera. “There is a real appetite for this technology here,” says Riley, adding that Astera’s have also been used on some major shows and events including the final of The Voice South Africa 2019.
(Jim Evans)

benelux5Chauvet Benelux theatre event wins praise
Thursday, 10 October 2019

Belgium - Voted by the Dutch public as the “most beautiful painting in the Netherlands”, Johannes Vermeer’s 17th century masterpiece, Girl With a Pearl Earring, is renowned for its subtle use of colours and interplay of light and shadows. These attributes made the painting (or more accurately replicas of it) a suitable prop in the successful theatre lighting education session held by Chauvet Professional Benelux in September.
Taking place at the CC De Schakel Cultural Centre, the one-day session featured a stage with three different scenes, each of which contained a print of the painting on an easel, along with a sofa, a small wooden table, and a white vase with flowers. The stage that housed the three scenes had a lighting rig that included traditional tungsten fixtures, stationary Ovation LED fixtures, and moving Maverick LED fixtures.
As part of the day’s presentation, the three scenes on stage were lit by the different types of LED and tungsten fixtures. This demonstration vividly illustrated the advantages of lighting with LED sources to the 80 theatre professionals who attended the event from across Belgium. It also allowed them to see the wide range of options open to them by lighting a stage with different combinations of stationary and moving LED fixtures.
In addition to this impactful demonstration, the all-day session included an opening introduction to the range of Chauvet Professional stage lighting products, as well as a concluding hands-on experience that gave those in attendance the opportunity to have a first-hand lo

dronesMusic video drone show takes off with PNAU
Wednesday, 9 October 2019

USA - Verge Aero, the specialist in high performance drone light shows, has placed its drone technology at the heart of new music video by Australian dance music trio PNAU, featuring American singer Ollie Gabriel. The project marked the first use of a large-scale drone light show in a music video.
PNAU’s Nick Littlemore and video director Benjamin Kutsko came up with the concept for the All Of Us video shoot, after Littlemore witnessed a drone light show at a festival. “We wanted to do something that felt like a psychedelic ‘Close Encounters’ with this singer out in the desert,” says Kutsko.
Kutsko’s research led him to Verge Aero CEO Nils Thorjussen, who was able to answer his questions about the drones’ performance and reliability, including how well they deal with winds. “When Benjamin called me about his idea, I knew there was really nobody else who could give them the kind of services that we were able to give them,” says Thorjussen. “We’re the only company with this kind of sophisticated toolkit.”
In Kutsko’s concept, the drones would appear as an intelligent force, interacting with Ollie Gabriel’s character. “I wanted it to feel alive, as if this organism was communicating,” he said. “The lights and shapes would be part of the universal language of math.”
Over a six-week period, Kutsko worked closely with Thorjussen and the Verge Aero team, including programmer Tony Samaritano and developer Chris Franza, using WYSIWYG previsualization to perfect the various looks that would be flown on location

signifyprdeeleymuseum7Vari-Lite LEDs light motorcycle museum
Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Canada - One of Canada’s leading motorcycle museums was given a striking, colourful new appearance this summer, thanks to high performance LED lighting fixtures from Vari-Lite.
Entertainment technology specialist ShowTech AVL was called in to upgrade the existing window lighting scheme for Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition’s 100 Years of Motorcycling exhibit. “Museum director Brent Cooke asked us to redesign the lighting and ‘give it some punch’,” says Brian Konechny, president of ShowTech AVL.
Konechny knew he could get that ‘punch’ from Vari-Lite’s high brightness SL BAR 660 and the attributes of its RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) LED source. “With the Vari-Lite fixtures we get not only the pastels we need, but also the saturated colours that you don’t get from many RGBW fixtures. The SL BAR 660s surprised us - we got some great deep, rich colours.”
He adds: “I knew the SL BAR 660’s power would make them a substantial upgrade, and making sure the light filled each of the nine window display areas was pretty easy with the 60 degree beam spread.
“The SL BAR 660s were perfect for the job, and Brent loves it - he really wanted the windows to ‘pop’ from the street level, and they do.”
(Jim Evans)

nashvilleADJ Lighting transforms Nashville church
Wednesday, 9 October 2019

USA - Following a year-long renovation project, the former West Nashville United Methodist Church re-opened last year as Clementine, a space for weddings as well as corporate, fundraising and music events. The venue offers a ‘blank canvas’ for hosting bespoke gatherings and that includes an expansive all-LED, all-ADJ lighting system which allows custom-coloured illumination of every part of the space.
Owners Dan and Brenda Cook are no strangers to projects that involve breathing new life into previously closed historic buildings. In 2011 they bought a shuttered church in the Hillsboro Village area of Nashville and lovingly restored it to create a boutique event venue they named Ruby. Since then the location has proved popular for a wide range of private functions, while Dan and Brenda have been on the look out for another suitable building to transform into a similar venue able to cater for larger events.
Last year they were able to acquire the former West Nashville United Methodist Church, which was originally built way back 1889 and has since been expanded numerous times. They then spent a whole year renovating the building, which included removing internal walls and false ceilings and stripping the plaster from the walls to reveal the original bare brick beneath. The finished result blends the history of the space with a contemporary industrial design.
Dan and Brenda brought in Corner Audio and Video, the same company they relied on to kit out Ruby. Headed up by chief systems designer David Goon, it is the installation division of Corner Musi

manuelcarrasco1Chamsys powers Manuel Carrasco tour
Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Spain - In 1994, the city of Madrid built a new stadium in its bid to be named the site of the World Athletic Championships. Although the city eventually lost out to Athens for the honour of hosting the games, its effort ultimately led to the creation of one of Europe’s most critically acclaimed stadiums: Wanda Metropolitano.
The 68,000-seat stadium serves as the home to Atlético Madrid, but on Saturday 29 June, it played host to another of Spain’s national treasures when it welcomed singer Manuel Carrasco who appeared there as part of his 35-date The Cross of the Map tour. Fans who packed the stadium were immersed not only in the emotional power of the star’s vocals, but also by the sweeping visuals that Jvan Morandi ran from a control centre powered by six ChamSys desks including two MagicQ MQ 500 Stadiums, two MagicQ MQ100s, and two MagicQ MQ80s.
With its large 350sq.m LED video wall spanning beyond the width of the bi-level stage, and its 400 lighting fixtures creating colourful matrixes of richly saturated colours, the 36-universe show enveloped the big stadium in a transcendent panorama.
Evoking a sense of intimacy between fans and the chart-topping star, Morandi’s design along with the video content created by Jonathan Klahr, Andrew Morgan, Tom Hadley, Roof Studios, Stylorouge Studios and Karlos Sans, supported his client’s well-known pop ballads with softly sweet visuals. At the same time, the show also veered off into harder rock directions that were never seen before in Carrasco’s tours for his seven previous albums.

main-light-invests-in-elation-artiste-seriesMain Light invests in Monet and Picasso
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

USA - One of the largest rental houses in the United States, Main Light Industries of Wilmington, Delaware, has added Elation Professional’s Artiste Monet and Artiste Picasso LED profile luminaires to its rental fleet. Both award-winning theatrical-grade luminaires, the Artiste Monet recently won a PLASA Award for Innovation at the 2019 exhibition in September.
The investment in Elation’s Artiste Series adds to a significant amount of Elation products in Main Light’s rental inventory. Most important in the decision to go with the Artiste luminaires, says Main Light operations manager Randy Mullican, was the quality of build. “We have been working with Elation for over 15 years and again went with Elation for the quality of the product, as well as the after sales support,” he says. “We were looking for a line of products that would cover a good portion of our client requests and the Artiste Monet and Picasso fit the bill.”
Elation Professional sales & marketing director, Eric Loader adds: “Main Light is a key player for us to have on board with our Artiste range products in order to support the East Coast market rental supply / demand. Well known as the ‘Switzerland’ of lighting rental companies, Main Light works well with many of our dealers and has always provided top quality sub-rental products to the market so we are beyond excited for them to add the Monet and Picasso to their rental fleet.”
The new Artiste luminaires will find service on touring and corporate/church events, which continue to be Main Light’s key mar

robe-cisco-live-2019-cccc0324Robe has designs on Cisco Live! 2019
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

USA - John Featherstone of lighting and visual design practice Lightswitch worked as part of the XD Agency team to help create a high-impact environmental design for Cisco Live! 2019. Featuring a series of light-based artworks, this project was conceived to catch the eye and quicken the pulse of delegates entering the main presentation space at San Diego Convention Centre.
To do this, Lightswitch used over 400 Robe moving lights - 200 Pointes, 180 MegaPointes and 24 Spiiders.
The massive four-day event welcomed more than 25,000 Cisco ‘power users’ from around the world who came to learn about the latest products, services and ideas, to network and be entertained.
The central ‘general session’ space was located across two halls of the Convention Center’s extensive floorspace, configured to seat around 16,000 people with the presentation stage in-the-round.
The lighting and visual effects proposed by John for the project were inspired by Cisco’s commitment to thinking outside of the box and often taking bold and audacious steps in the development and pursuit of innovation in the fast-moving world of technology.
“With a forward-thinking client and a tech-embracing audience, this gives us the opportunity and the inspiration to think about different approaches every year,” explained John, who has lit the event - in different locations - for the previous two years.
The headroom available in the convention centre was relatively low - the venue is essentially a concrete box. To accommodate this challenge, the XDAgency team

jonasAyrton Khamsins for Jonas Brothers world tour
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

USA - After a nearly 10-year hiatus, the reunited Jonas Brothers have embarked on a new world tour, which will play 74 dates in North America and 16 in Europe, in support of their fifth studio album. Accompanying the Happiness Begins tour are some 200 Ayrton Khamsin LED profile fixtures.
Burbank’s silentHOUSE is providing the lighting design and tour production for the show, which features a curved LED videowall at the back of the stage, an LED floor and a talent walkway to VIP seating. The Jonas Brothers kicked off Happiness Begins in Miami in August and will wrap the tour in Paris next February. The artists have sold more than 17m albums worldwide.
“The show’s lighting design works in tandem with the video production,” says silentHOUSE CEO and producer, Baz Halpin. “The truss configurations frame the main statement of the LED screens, and there are no trusses downstage of the LED floor. We opted to light all the performers on the stage from the side. The result is that the LED stage sitting at centre stage dominates the visuals with no other elements taking away from the show.”
“The Khamsin profiles are positioned in the pit and upstage/offstage of the set to give silhouette opportunities, frame the set and expand the whole vision beyond its physical structure,” says silentHOUSE partner and lighting designer, Alex Reardon. “The majority of the Khamsin fixtures are mounted on the ground and utilised throughout the show, and the turnout has been wonderful.”
The tour marks the first time that Reardon has used Ayrton Khamsin

paladin-seriespanel-brick-cubeElation extends Paladin line
Monday, 7 October 2019

USA - Elation Professional is offering three new luminaires in its Paladin series of versatile wash/blinder/strobe lights. The Paladin Cube, Paladin Brick and Paladin Panel - all with IP65 protection - are compact and powerful outdoor flood lights useful for a wide variety of applications from stage/set washes to dynamic uplighting and eye candy effects.
Using 15W RGBW cells - 9, 24, and 50 respectively - they add vibrant colour to outdoor events while individual cell control and strobe make them flexible effect lights or audience blinders. RGBW colour mixing gives a full spectrum of colour options, including high-impact white light, for beautiful floods or accents. For added dynamism, multiple pixel zone control can be incorporated for spectacular pixel mapped and eye candy looks.
The Paladin Cube houses nine 15W RGBW cells with 3 x 1 cell control. Output for such a compact unit is surprising at 3,200 lumens and operation is completely noiseless. it can work discreetly in any set or stage.
The Paladin Brick houses 24 x 15W RGBW cells with 3 x 2 cell control. With an output of 9,600 lumens, it is powerful enough to wash larger areas while its broader face makes for a truly flexible strobe/blinder or dynamic eye candy effect.
The Paladin Panel houses 50 x 15W RGBW cells with 5 x 2 cell control. Its 21,300lm output means it can function as a high-output wash light to cover large areas from a distance or as a brilliantly bright blinder, powerful strobe or large-face eye candy effect.
Simple to operate standing on a floor or easy to hang

adlib-2019-netball-world-cup-at-ms-bank-arena-11Adlib supplies 2019 Netball World Cup
Monday, 7 October 2019

UK - Adlib supplied full technical production to the 2019 Vitality Netball World Cup staged at the 11,000 capacity M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool.
Adlib’s rental departments implemented a fully integrated video, lighting and audio package linking in with broadcast elements for BBC and Sky. The spectacle took place over 10 glorious days of top sporting action which delivered world class netball to an international TV audience and many thousands packing into the court-side seats which were sold out for the duration.
This quadrennial event featured two distinctive criteria. First, a spectacular opening ceremony which wowed the crowds and got everyone in the mood for the sports to follow.
Adlib’s technical team worked closely with curators of the ceremony Culture Liverpool and Iluminos. Adlib provided six Panasonic RZ21K 20,000 lumen laser projectors mounted vertically to project the visuals created by Iluminos onto the courts below. Lighting and video effects combined to produce the spectacle enjoyed by the live audience and TV viewers alike.
On-court drama followed, produced by Sport Presentation specialists Red Sky at Night Events Ltd, this saw 16 nations compete for the coveted Vitality Netball World Cup 2019 trophy.
Adlib’s overall project manager was Dave Eldridge. He worked with a highly talented and experienced crew onsite, and closely with host broadcasters Televideo and several other contractors to ensure seamlessly delivery of a world class sporting event to a hugely enthusiastic audience worldwide.
Working with R

floridaretiro2ChamSys in control in downtown Madrid
Monday, 7 October 2019

Spain - Florida Retiro is a popular downtown Madrid club. Adding to the vivid images that make this venue memorable are the swirling, colourful lightshows that accompany the dinner and post meal entertainment. House designer Fernando Rodriguez-Berzosa creates the stunning spectacles, and powers them with his ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console.
Having been responsible for programming visuals at Florida Retiro since 2016, Rodriguez-Berzosa works with director Juan Ramos to create shows that reflect the passion and style of the popular venue. "The biggest challenge of designing for the dinner show here is to ensure that the light always matches the audience's experience," he says. "In addition to supporting the entertainment, we must create the right atmosphere to accompany different dishes.”
Inspired by the likes of Wassily Kandinsky, one of the first artists to outline the psychological and physiological effects of colour and shape on taste perception and emotion, Rodriguez-Berzosa transports guests on a journey through an ever-changing spectrum of lighting atmospheres. For example, he will use round shapes and warm tones, for starters, turn to reds on entrees, and end up with intense club lighting by the time the meal wraps up.
With over 150 lighting fixtures in his rig, and shows that often have to undergo changes to reflect different performances, Rodriguez-Berzosa appreciates the flexibility and intuitive simplicity of his MagicQ MQ 80. He also values its fast morphing and cloning, as well as how easy the console makes it for him to create fixture p

TurboRay debuts on The Tonight Show
Monday, 7 October 2019

USA - High End Systems’ TurboRay made its TV debut on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The entertainment talk show is using eight of the new fixtures onstage for its musical guest performance segments.
TurboRay’s deep saturated colours along with aerial beams - with twinkling rays of light, digital breakups and dynamic effects from the animation and gobo wheels - enhanced the Zac Brown Band, Mark Ronson (featuring Yebba), Bastille, and more to come in its Studio 6B location in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Centre.
WorldStage provides all the gear - including the TurboRay - for The Tonight Show. HES East Coast regional sales manager Bobby Hale says, “We are happy to work with Fred Bock and the Tonight Show team to showcase the new TurboRay. It is a fantastic scenic LED effects wash. The combination of four RGBW LED engines and the radial primary diffusers provide the lighting designers an unlimited amount of looks that the cameras and audiences love. I look forward to seeing all the new and creative looks that Fred comes up with.”
Manufactured in Austin, Texas, TurboRay was not only designed for its stage lighting effects, but also to captivate the cameras and the crowds. It has become an in-demand product for upcoming tours, broadcast television shows and other special events such as the 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall in November.
(Jim Evans)

cafe-ozChauvet sets the mood at Café Oz
Friday, 4 October 2019

France - There are three Café Oz locations in Paris and one in Bordeaux. Each has décor suggestive of the Land Down Under with Australian flags, posters and artwork. Setting an engaging and friendly mood at the clubs is a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures. Each venue has its own rig of lighting fixtures depending on its design and the general nature of its customer base according to Remy Zakine, artistic director of Café Oz.
Zakine, who began working at Café Oz 15 years ago as a DJ, believes that lighting is essential to creating an inviting atmosphere at Café Oz locations, which draw large crows of French locals as well as tourists from Australia and many other countries.
“I have always been passionate about the technical side of club design and what it can contribute to our guests,” says Zakine. “We place the projectors on the ceiling above the dancefloor to create a clubbing mood. I like to specify the Chauvet products, because their compact size allows us to get dramatic dancefloor effects even though we must place them on our low ceilings and other tight spots.”
The ability Zakine’s fixtures to overcome the challenges of tight quarters is readily apparent at the Café Oz Châtelet club and Café Oz on the rooftop of the Cité de la Mode. Although it offers dramatic views of the Seine and features performances by prominent DJs, this popular nightspot’s low ceiling makes it difficult to get wide beam angles when lighting the club floor.
However, guests who crowd the club every evening would never be aware of thi

robe-ubud-jazz-festivalRobe lights Certainly! Indonesia festival
Friday, 4 October 2019

Indonesia - The seventh Ubud Village Jazz Festival (UVJF) was staged at the Arma Art Museum in the Bali Uplands, welcoming a host of local and international artists.
They and an enthusiastic audience embraced the true spirit of jazz presenting a wide range of genres and styles, celebrating the art of improvisation in a peaceful and harmonious setting, tagged Certainly! Indonesia.
As the event has gained status in the jazz world, the production values have steadily increased. This year, event curator Yuri Mahatma, gave a clear brief about the ambience he wanted to see and achieve on all of the stages, which was interpreted by set designer and artistic director Klick Swantara who also co-ordinated the production lighting design for the main Giri Stage.
This involved several Robe lighting fixtures - with 24 LEDWash 300+s, six Pointes and six PicklePATTs - supplied as part of an equipment package from two local companies ETCetera Lighting and Lemmon.ID.
The general focus was on uniting the lighting and scenic elements in a seamless design that combines luminosity and colour with pixel mapping and projections onto the set which was inspired by Balinese temple architecture and constructed from traditional hand-crafted baskets flown from trusses and sculped into a special formation. The lights were positioned all over the stage roof rigged on a series of trusses.
The event’s goal was also to be eco-friendly and sustainable, so, where possible, local companies, services and products were sourced and utilised.
All the stages were


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