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michael-fowler-centre4Ovations in Wellington landmark venue upgrade
Thursday, 31 March 2022

New Zealand - The winner of multiple architectural awards, The Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington helps to define the Wellington skyline with its tri-level glass façade and towering concrete columns, which are often adorned in colourful light.
Recently, the 2,200-capacity venue, which is the home of the New Zealand Symphony and Orchestra Wellington, reflected another core value of its hometown: a commitment to protecting the environment, when it received a lighting upgrade that replaced tungsten fixtures with a collection of 268 Chauvet Professional Ovation LED units supplied by MDR Sound & Lighting.
The three-year process began in 2019, when the Wellington City Council, the building’s owner, approached preferred technical supplier NW Group to source a lighting solution for the heat and light related issues experienced on stage by performers. After evaluating different LED options,16 Ovation F-265WW LED Fresnels were chosen and fitted to the circular acoustic reflector which sits over the stage at 9m.
Replacing the 30 tungsten 575W fixtures that had been in the reflector, the F-265WW were addressed individually and set to two-channel intensity/zoom mode, reducing the need for height access equipment.
The installation of the F-265WW fixtures were only the first step in upgrading the lighting rig within the venue. In early 2020, the venue purchased 24 additional F-265WW fixtures and had them replace the existing tungsten units located around the perimeter of the auditorium at height to provide an even wash of performance light.

entourage-proEntourage Pro launches in full
Thursday, 31 March 2022

UK - Crewing platform Entourage Pro (EP) has launched its free to use and join freelance production crew resource. The service connects and sources freelance production crew and underpins traditional word-of-mouth methods for finding work and sourcing crew.
Partnered by major manufacturers of production technology including Robe, Avolites, Yamaha, d&b audiotechnik, MDG, Chainmaster and Marshall, EP is an online network of crew that has already secured thousands of members from over 60 countries around the world.
Initial uptake is being extended by EP’s partnership with Showcase Music, with the platform being promoted to over 350,000 rental companies, artists, labels, management, venues and production and tour managers from across the globe.
Searches by role, experience, availability, credentials, visas, rates, languages, qualifications and much more, gives the whole industry access to an unrivalled source of professional freelance crew from over 150 industry roles.
“The non-return rates of freelancers who had to leave the industry to find other work during the pandemic are frightening,” says EP director, Joel Perry. “We know the number of crew lost has reached into the 1000s, globally. Consequently, the opportunities presenting themselves for skilled video techs, riggers, staging, audio and lighting practitioners, are vast. EP can plug the gap quickly, efficiently and comprehensively.
“Entourage Pro was conceived well before the pandemic, and was able to act swiftly during lockdown,” adds fellow EP director, James Stanbri

mike-stanleyBandit Lites promotes Mike Stanley
Wednesday, 30 March 2022

USA - Bandit Lites has announced the recent promotion of Mike Stanley to client representative. In this position, Stanley will identify and develop new opportunities of growth for the company.
Stanley has worked at Bandit Lites for 16 years. During that time, he has toured as production manager, lighting designer, lighting director, crew chief, lighting tech as well as automation engineer. Previous productions include tours with Melissa Ethridge, Trace Adkins, OAR, Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage and Chris Young.
“I’m excited that Bandit has given me the opportunity to expand my role in the company,” said Stanley. “I look forward to catching up with old friends and cultivating new relationships as I open this new chapter in my career.”
“When it came time to add a Client Rep to the firm, hands down Mike Stanley was the first choice. Mike’s great personality and amazing ability to get along with literally everyone makes him a special individual.” says Bandit chair Michael T. Strickland.

winterludeChauvet makes music flow at Winterlude
Wednesday, 30 March 2022

USA - For Moshe Baskin, lighting pro of the @Eagleproducionco team. music is something that can shape the movement of light. This was obvious for the audience at the historic Ritz Theatre to see (and feel!) recently when the designer set the light from his 48 Chauvet Professional fixtures in motion for Winterlude, a collective performance by some of the leading stars in Jewish pop music.
Treating his lighting rig as if it were an orchestra, Baskin created a dynamic flow of effects that moved in harmony with the music of the various artists note-for-note throughout the concert.
He worked closely with the creative team: Shaya Adler of Eagle Production Co.; Shlome Steinmetz, the show’s director and Mendy Herkowitz of Mendy H Band and Visual Live. He designed chase sequences that moved across the width of the stage like the fingers of a maestro on a keyboard. At other moments he energised the stage with a series of rotating gobos, before sending bursts of white light over the mesmerized crowd.
“With the motion and chases I tried to mirror the flow of music, as if I was visualising the tempo,” said Baskin. “I picked colours based on the energy of the music. Reds were emotional, and they really made the venue pop. Amber and white were a good combination for that high and happy energy felt throughout the show. I used white on the spots with the gobos to create that pattern effect on the stage as the position effect crossed over the stage to give it some texture.”
Eight Maverick MK3 Profile and six Maverick Force S Spot fixtures helped shap

annieVari-Lite Profiles shine on NBC’s Annie Live
Wednesday, 30 March 2022

USA - TV Network NBC recently ran a star-studded, live broadcast of the hit musical Annie. Annie Live was broadcast to a TV audience of over 5m with 350 watching in the NBC studio.
Award-winning lighting designer Bob Barnhart lit the production, evoking mood, atmosphere, and a vivid sense of time and place. Having previously worked on NBC’s live broadcast of The Sound of Music, Barnhart knew that he required a lighting fixture with maximum technical and creative potential. To that end he selected the VL2600 Profile from Vari-Lite.
“I wanted a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ luminaire. A fixture that can perform multiple tasks, without compromising on creativity,” he explains. “Live television specials can be like uncaged animals. Even with the most basic shows, we can face multiple challenges. We’re often short on time and in this case we only had four days for camera rehearsals.”
Productions like this can also be tight on budget and Barnhart was looking for a multipurpose fixture that can deal with every possible lighting task, including scenic dressing, key lighting of characters, mood-setting washes and direct face lighting for camera close ups. Space was also a constraint: “Instead of four lighting rigs, each dedicated to the individual scenes, I had to use one very tightly packed rig to light them all in turn. This naturally had an impact on the time I had with each.”
In response, Barnhart designed a lighting rig packed with over 350 VL2600 Profile luminaires: “I like to keep my lighting plots simple,” he e

mike-blackman-emilie-van-karnebeek-wendy-griffithsAV community supports Amsterdam children’s care unit
Wednesday, 30 March 2022

The Netherlands - The Jeroen Pit House, a new children’s transitional care unit in Amsterdam, is now completed and ready to welcome chronically ill children and their families when the facility officially opens on 11 May.
With support from the AV community, the building boasts a sophisticated systems integration tailored to the special needs of its users. At a celebratory event last week, Mike Blackman, managing director of Integrated Systems Events and Wendy Griffiths, VP engagement and global development at CEDIA were in attendance to congratulate the project team on this achievement.
The Jeroen Pit House has been championed by ISE, along with ISE’s co-owners CEDIA and AVIXA, since planning began more than three years ago. The build has been supported with generous contributions from the AV industry to complete the eight apartments, dedicated cinema and presentation room, the communal area and a state-of-the art entertainment space. The project is part of ISE’s legacy to Amsterdam, the city it called ‘home’ for 15 years, until the show moved to its new home at the Gran Vía, Fira de Barcelona last year.
Over 30 AV brands generously provided services and product for free. CEDIA award-winning residential integrator Woelf in Belgium, along with commercial integration expert AVEX in the Netherlands, worked together to design the complex integration. Contributors include ACT, Antratek, Apart, Arcam, Attero Tech, Audac, Audinate, Audipack, Barco, Belden, Biamp, Bose, Chief, Cisco, Crestron, GenericAV, Intronics, Kenwell, Kramer AV, Legrand, Logi

oakridgejon-mirThe Oak Ridge Boys tour with Martin Pro ERA
Tuesday, 29 March 2022

USA - To provide the Oak Ridge Boys with dynamic and reliable lighting for their recent 2022 tour, lighting designer David Boots selected the lightweight but powerful Martin Professional ERA 300 Profiles supplied by Entertainment Rental Group.
Starting life as the Oak Ridge Quartet in 1947, the Oak Ridge Boys are one of the longest-running groups in American country music. The quartet’s current line-up -lead singer Duane Allen, tenor Joe Bonsall, baritone William Lee Golden, and bass Richard Sterban - was responsible for the band’s most well-known hits including Elvira, American Made and Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight.
After touring with the now-discontinued Martin MAC 250 Entour fixtures for 15 years, the group needed new, durable and long-lasting fixtures for the recent 2022 tour capable of providing an immersive and riveting experience for audiences. After working with supplier Entertainment Rental Group, David Boots, lighting designer for the Oak Ridge Boys, selected the Martin ERA 300 Profiles for their unmatched versatility, responsive programming and tour-friendly design.
“We had the Entours for about 15 years with 15,000 hours on them, and because of that reliability I really wanted to stick with a Martin product,” said Boots. “I also wanted something relatively the same size and hopefully lighter, because the whole lighting rig has to fit in the same trailer as all of our monitors, consoles and backline. The ERA 300 has really fit the bill so far. I've been extremely happy with it.”
Made wi

robe-club-after-darkClub After Dark goes Mega
Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Sweden - Club After Dark is a new supper club / cabaret concept, created by Swedish drag artist and performer Christer Lindarw, a colourful extravaganza of music and dance directed and choreographed by Hans Marklund, with music directed by Kent Olsson who is also a co-creator of the show together with Christer and Hans.
Staged at the Vasateatern (Vasa Theatre) in Stockholm, the show is lit by Mikael Kratt, who was asked onboard by Hans and producers My Blomgren and Mikael Jernberg, to craft an appropriately spectacular and dynamic lightshow for the evening, which unfolds over three acts embracing multiple musical genres.
Mikael immediately thought of Robe’s MegaPointe for this task and specified 14 of these multi-purpose luminaires to be at the heart of the show’s lighting supported by nine Robe Spiider LED washes.
Two Robe BMFL WashBeams together with one MegaPointe are running on a RoboSpot remote follow spotting system.
“MegaPointes were the first fixtures that came to mind for this show,” confirmed Mikael. “They were a perfect solution in every way.” – a conclusion he made having used MegaPointes and Spiiders on many other projects. He needed plenty of dynamics and diversity to make the show come alive with visual eloquence.
Before launching his lighting design career Mikael was a professional dancer, and in fact had previously worked with Hans as a choreographer.
The brief was to bring a fresh contemporary look to the stage but with a touch of classical and retro, a nod to the original After Dark

gavin-thorrold-and-ben-bowlesCEG makes sustainable investment in Ayrton Diablo
Tuesday, 29 March 2022

UK - CEG is a UK-based independent equipment rental provider to all sectors of the technical entertainment industry in music, theatre, film, TV and corporate settings.
In March CEG made the first of a number of investments in Ayrton with a consignment of Diablo LED profile fixtures, purchased from Ayrton’s exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions.
“We chose Diablo because it is the trifecta of what you want a product to be: cost-effective, feature-full and very popular with our clients,” says CEG’s Ben Bowles. “Our core business is to supply industry providers, all of whom have been telling us that Diablo is the fixture they want and the key spot of its type for the foreseeable future, and we couldn’t agree more.”
Vitally, Bowles sees Diablo as cost-effective fixture with no compromise on features: “Our business is about giving our customers good value, and ultimately we wouldn’t buy a product that was compromised in terms of its feature set. Diablo is a good value product in that it’s priced attractively, yet gives 85%-90% of what you would get on a fixture that cost much more. From my perspective, they are up against fixtures that cost at least 50% more, which not only allows us to provide a product that creates a sustainable return for our business, but provides the customer with a compelling creative solution.
“In making up a concert or theatre show, there are areas where you need sheer volume to create a look. If you can use 600 fixtures that cost 50% less with very little loss of quality or impact, you are a

fallinginreverseFalling in Reverse at the Filmore with Chauvet
Monday, 28 March 2022

USA - Dan Michie, who lit metalcore band Falling in Reverse on their recently concluded Live From The Unknown tour, enthusiastically reflected his client’s menacing sound with a broad palette of vivid colours.
“There’s nothing wrong with using a wide range of colours,” said Michie. “Typically, I’ll stick to three main colours per song, but I’m not strict about it. Some songs I’ll listen to and see different coluors in my head for the verses than I do for the choruses. One of my favourite looks is to run a rainbow effect on the washes or any kind of RGB/CMY fixture and cut through that with white spots or beams. Falling In Reverse is also a fun band and I felt that the rainbow look fits some of their songs really well.”
Michie worked his colour rendering magic to perfection on the tour, as evidenced in his lighting for their 2022 hit “Zombified,” which had the centre of the stage bathed in bright red, with intense yellows flanking it on either side. “When I think of zombies the first colour that pops in my head is red, for blood and guts and general zombie violence,” he said. “I wanted this song to feel dark and mostly have the band silhouetted, like creepy zombies coming out from the shadows. Then I used yellow to make the red pop.”
After Michie unleashed his colourful panorama for the band’s show in Los Angeles, he and they had to fly back to Philadelphia for a performance at the Filmore to make up for a show that was cancelled earlier. Because the trip back east was taken on short notice, Michie wasn’t able to tr

adeleAyrton Perseo fixtures shine on Adele special
Monday, 28 March 2022

USA - It may never rain in southern California, but it pays to be prepared because when it does, it pours. Full Flood lighting designer Noah Mitz and lighting director Bryan Klunder opted to use 40 IP65-rated Ayrton Perseo fixtures for Adele’s surprise CBS special, Adele One Night Only, at the landmark Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles last November. The two-hour show no sooner finished than the skies opened up in a dramatic and torrential storm that found crews scrambling to cover non-IP-rated gear.
“It was one of the most intense weather systems that LA had seen in some time,” recalls Harrison Lippman, co-founder of Burbank-based Volt Lites which was the production lighting vendor for the show with additional support provided by PRG Los Angeles. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.
“Being equipped with the Perseos demonstrated the value of IP-rated lighting even in LA – it seldom rains here but when it does, it really does,” says Lippman. The Adele special was one of the largest-scale projects that Volt Lites has done for Mitz and his team; the company provided a turnkey lighting package for the show, including new lighting technology and control solutions.
Mitz had originally specified Ayrton Diablo fixtures for the production, which he had often used before. “But with the forecast showing a 100 percent certainty of rain on the scheduled shoot day we reviewed the entire plot and went with Perseo,” he explains. “Even with compressing the schedule and losing our rehearsal da

ub40dcphoto1UB40 weathers the storm with Video Design
Friday, 25 March 2022

UK - As if reopening the venue after a little problem with storm Eunice wasn’t enough, UB40 managed to implement several notable firsts of their own for their show at London’s slightly ragged O2 Arena on 25 February.
“Grant Hickey, who took the reins as LD in 2018 was stranded in Australia by travel restrictions,” explains Oli Metcalfe. “Things in our business are currently so unstable but we have to roll with it. Fortunately Grant set me up with a starting showfile which I ran with and then added to on the load-in day. Even so, it was quite something to go in hot with nothing more than a quick sound check for the London show.”
Metcalfe had formerly designed for UB40 himself and indeed on that last tour had directed video while Hickey ran the lights. “Luckily mine and Grant’s histories with the band goes back some way and this design is still his. With that experience, I’m inputting to video duties to some degree, assisting Luke Collins who is proving well up to the task as video director.”
Collins expands on the challenges faced by both men: “The first show of the tour is here at the O2, not the norm for any band and the only production rehearsal was here yesterday - how many bands get to do their production rehearsal at this venue?”
No kidding. Collins, who operates the D3 server as well as direct cameras for the production might well think about unusual firsts: “It's also the first time for me to direct cameras for a headline act.” Anything else he’d like to add? “Well, it’s a really big thing for the band an

wilson--bukovacTheatre Projects adds two to North America team
Friday, 25 March 2022

USA - Theatre Projects has announced two additions to their team in North America - Peter Wilson and Thomas Bukovac. Both have joined the firm as associates.
A licensed architect, Peter is an accomplished venue designer who previously worked at architectural firms such as Gensler and Barton Myers Associates. He is passionate about designing theatres and says he’s “thrilled to share my knowledge with new clients and new colleagues, and to learn as much as possible from each of them in turn.” His past projects include the renovation of the Madrid Theatre for the City of Los Angeles, several theatres at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, and a new 600-seat theatre for the Television Academy’s Saban Media Centre in Los Angeles.
Thomas joins Theatre Projects as their new audiovisual and integrated technology team leader. A licensed professional engineer (PE), his role will focus on the design of high-performance audiovisual systems and innovative technology designs that aim to enhance the built environment. Having worked previously at Kirkegaard and Arup, his project portfolio spans numerous markets from performing arts to healthcare, from corporate headquarters to higher education.
Theatre Projects’ general manager, Daniel Ordower, adds, “Peter and Thomas are fantastic additions to our team. They bring creative energy, curiosity, and great experience to our work. We’re looking forward to seeing our clients and projects benefit from their knowledge and insights, and creating more dynamic, immersive experiences for their

sign2win2Pytch and Chauvet create setting for Sign 2 Win
Friday, 25 March 2022

UK - Having its origins in the 18th century, British Sign Language (BSL) was frowned upon for centuries by an educational establishment that refused to teach it in school, believing that the deaf should learn to read lips instead.
That all began to change in the 1970s, as schools throughout the UK incorporated BSL into their curriculums. By 2003, the British government had recognised BSL as its own language. On 28 March, this vibrant form of communication will reach another milestone with the debut of Sign 2 Win, the first game show played entirely in BSL.
Hosted by deaf actress Fifi Garfield of Switch and Punk Chef fame, the show offers contestants a chance to win £1,000 in prizes. The programme’s producer, Drummer TV, turned to Pytch for help in creating the first 10 episodes of their breakthrough series.
Pytch provided a virtual venue for the show, along with a complete range of production services, including a dynamic, camera-friendly lighting system that featured Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash fixtures.
“The client contacted Pytch because they were seeking a studio for filming, as well as advice on what they could do at our venue,” said Chelsea Hopkins of Pytch. “This included things like pipped videos over LCD screens. We had a great team working together over five wonderful days.”
Lucy Payne, project manager at Pytch for the programme led the team in designing and fabricating the contestant podiums for the game show’s buzzers. The company also built the master cue sheet to be used for all ep

robe-patronaat-pat011124290Patronaat invests in Robe Esprites
Friday, 25 March 2022

The Netherlands - Robe Esprites have joined the house lighting rig at Patronaat in Haarlem, one of the core music venues in the northern Netherlands, which features two busy halls and a café area all hosting performances, a mix of rock and pop shows, club nights and dynamic music-based festival events.
The new fixtures were actually delivered at the start of 2020, but with successive Covid-19 lockdowns over the last 18 months, they have only started being used extensively since re-opening, explained head of lighting Robin van der Plas.
Lighting designers and the Patronaat’s own house lighting crew – including senior lighting technician Frits Barends – are loving the new moving lights.
Twenty-four Esprites are installed in the main 950-capacity main hall, with the other 12 in the smaller second hall space, making up a total of 36 luminaires, all of them making a major difference to the way shows can now be lit.
They effectively replace the first Robe fixtures in the house – 36 x MMX Spots purchased in 2012 from Robe’s Benelux distributor, Controllux.
In the two years before 2020, 14 Robe Spiider LED wash beams and 48 x LEDBeam 150s had also been added to the house rigs, together with 26 x ParFect 150s
Frits is delighted to have the Esprites in the rig. “Reliability is key,” he stated, adding that he likes the intensity, colour mixing and the shutters as well as “the speed of the fixture for programming”.
A Road Hog console provides control in both venues, and the small hall lighting rig is a scaled down

prolightsProlights extends Mosaico range
Thursday, 24 March 2022

Italy - Prolights has extended its range of image projectors by adding the Mosaico L to the family. The newly added fixture is a bright outdoor LED gobo projector, designed for long-range images, textures and logo projections.
The Mosaico range has an IP66 rating for long-lasting outdoor installations. The Mosaico L has a 300W high-power white LED source and an incredibly bright 11,700-lumen output.
The 7 to 49-degree zoom range makes the Mosaico L versatile for near-field or long-throw installations. The new fixture has an enhanced optical system that boosts the light output, making it more efficient while making the gobo images crisp and focused on all positions, including the centre and the edges of the projected picture. It also prevents distortion or bending of the image at large zoom angles.
The Mosaico L comes with an extensive set of features, including a rotating animation wheel, seven interchangeable gobos, seven colour filters and motorized framing shutters that focus precisely on any projected area.
The Mosaico family includes four fixtures: The Mosaico Jr, Mosaico, Mosaico L and Mosaico XL. Although their core features may differ slightly, they all have seven layers of effects, enabling thousands of different looks by combining the several effect parameters.
The family also shares the same connectivity options, including DMX and RDM operation, Wireless DMX, and an innovative stand-alone operation with DMX recording and editable playback options.

titanv15Avolites adds fixed install capabilities to Titan
Thursday, 24 March 2022

UK - Avolites has unveiled an incremental update to its lighting and integrated media control Titan software. This update looks at making the setting up of fixed installations easier.
Titan’s Timeline has proved useful to fixed installations, as well as live productions, as it transforms the way users can programme a time coded show, dramatically speeding up the process. Essentially it provides a visual approach to programming, allowing users to quickly capture their actions manually via the UI or by using the innovative live record feature.
With Titan 15.1 a new Venue Mode Workspace allows users to choose a workspace that will display on the screen when the console is locked. This can be used to display user-selected playbacks on the lock screen, allowing for basic control by venue staff such as cleaners or bar staff when the lighting operator is not present. This can be password controlled for installs operating in publicly accessible places. Additionally, the console can now be configured to start in different lock modes, protecting the show from accidental editing.
“Fixed installations are very different to the live environment where you may often want to be able to change and modify your show on the fly,” comments Oliver Waits, Avolites Titan lead developer, Avolites. “In a fixed install, you want to set-up and program your show easily and quickly and then let it be operated by anyone with only minimal capability, whilst making sure these users aren’t able to change or modify what has been programmed by accident.”
Other ne

choose-life5Choose Life Church opts for Pixel Plus solution
Thursday, 24 March 2022

South Africa - Located in Pretoria, Choose Life Church was founded in 2005 by Pastor John and Mandri Roebert. Embracing technology has been a part of Choose Life’s ethos throughout their journey, consistently ensuring that high quality systems are installed on their premises.
In fact, after purchasing the building in 2010, the first thing they did was renovate and improve upon the existing system. The first major project in 2011 was centred around the installation of a d&b T-Series audio system in their main auditorium, which was supplied and integrated by Stage Audio Works (SAW).
Recently, Choose Life Church called upon SAW once again, this time to implement a large Pixel Plus LED wall to act as the backdrop for their stage. A secondary requirement of this project was to upgrade their hardware and streaming infrastructure, to allow them more flexibility moving forwards.
Grant Boswell, technical support officer at Choose Life Church comments, “Our old stage backdrop was rather boring and dark, so we wanted to brighten and liven it up to make our auditorium look more contemporary and create an exciting stage feature. A couple of years ago we hired in a screen and fell in love with it, so decided it was time for a permanent upgrade. We did some research and received several quotes, but ultimately decided to go with SAW’s Pixel Plus solution. They were always the favourite, as we have an excellent relationship with them and felt assured that they would deliver a premium quality product.”
For the primary solution, Stage Audio Works imp

roscocheckpresentationbts2022Roscolux #359 supports Behind The Scenes
Thursday, 24 March 2022

USA - Rosco Laboratories continued their long-time support of the charity with a cheque presentation at USITT 2022, reflecting sales of Roscolux #359 Medium Violet.
Henry Cowen, live entertainment sales manager - North America, presented the cheque on behalf of Rosco, saying, “I am truly honoured to able to present this donation to our friends at Behind the Scenes this year. The work you do is so important to the industry we all call family, particularly in the past two years when so many of our colleagues and their families were negatively impacted by the pandemic. I speak for the entire Rosco family when I say Thank You for the work you do. We appreciate you, and we are committed to you.”
Tobin Neis, a BTS Board member, accepted the cheque on behalf of the charity, and commented, “It’s so gratifying to accept this donation from Rosco who was our very first Pledge-a-Product Partner. We know times have been tough for everyone and the sustained support Rosco has shown means an enormous amount to us and to those we help.”

bollinger-canopy1Iluminarc lights New Orleans landmark
Thursday, 24 March 2022

USA - In a city renowned for its iconic neighbourhoods and distinctive architecture, The Bollinger Canopy of Peace quickly established itself as a must-see New Orleans landmark after it opened in 2019. Soaring 148ft in the air, the bright white steel-and-fiberglass structure seems ready to take flight as it spans the entire campus of the National World War II Museum in the heart of the city.
However, there is more than the aesthetic appeal of the 481ft long by 133ft wide canopy that moves observers. Equally compelling is its symbolic significance, as it representsthe sacrifices of the 16m Americans who served in the military in the Second World War.
In preparation to unveil the Expressions of America interactive light and sound show later in 2022, the canopy was equipped to become even more powerful, thanks to a dynamic lighting display over its surface. Created by The Solomon Group and design agency Mousetrappe, this panorama draws on the colour rendering capability of nearly 200 Ilumipod LL RGBL fixtures from Iluminarc.
The precision optics of the high output (21,215 lux at 5m) fixture, which is powered by 24 20W LEDs, allowed the design team to energize the canopy with seamless splashes of light and colour. By endowing the canopy with dynamic looks, they were able to incorporate it into the multimedia show taking place in the outdoor parade ground below.
Given the IP67 rating of the fixture, the designers could use it outdoors without being concerned about New Orleans weather conditions. The fixture’s low profile allowed it to be p

partnerrecruitment-002Absen seeks to expand global partnership network
Thursday, 24 March 2022

Europe - LED manufacturer Absen has announced the start of a new recruitment phase in a bid to further expand its global partnership network.
Supporting the growth of the LED market, Absen – who currently operate in over 130 countries – is set to expand its global network of systems integrators and rental stagers by reaching out to other like-minded businesses who may apply to become an Absen partner representative in its commitment to remain market leaders globally.
Absen currently boasts 13 domestic and overseas offices, employing over 2,000 staff and representatives who are responsible for the completion of over 50,000 projects to date. To further establish the global partnerships already fostered from two decades in the LED industry, the company is committed to welcoming ‘businesses with similar ideologies, vision and drive’.
“We have, and will continue to experience, a huge expansion in the LED market. In line with this growth, we are committed to enhancing our existing network of valued partners,” states Laura Luo the vice president at Absen. “As technological advances are made with LED, and the applications in which LED can be used continues to evolve – so must our network of Absen representatives. There simply hasn’t been a better time for LED.”
Absen attributes its two decades of success as market leaders, pertaining to the same core values: honesty, gratitude and responsibility – and more importantly than ever before – sustainability.
“We are looking for potential partners who share the business ideol

antonio-pariseAntonio Parise joins Chauvet’s development team
Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Europe - Chauvet has appointed Antonio Parise to the position of EMEA business development manager.
Based in Rimini, Italy, Parise will work with Goran Dončić, the company’s current European business development manager, in that market, in addition to being responsible for serving customers in Africa. He and Dončić will both report directly to Stéphane Gressier, Chauvet’s international sales director.
“As a company, Chauvet has been extremely pleased with the way our brands have been embraced throughout EMEA market,” says Gressier. “As we continue to grow, we want to ensure that our distributors and dealers continue to receive the uncompromising level of support that they have come to associate with the Chauvet name. Given Antonio’s impressive track record in this industry, we’re confident that he will help us take things to the next level and help our customers drive new sales opportunities.”
Parise has extensive experience in a wide range of lighting markets, including touring, theatre, broadcast and architectural. Before joining Chauvet, he was the export sales manager at Music & Lights SRL, and prior to that held a similar positions at DTS Illuminazione SRL, and SGM.

lauramarling-1440GLP X4 Bars back Laura Marling showcase
Wednesday, 23 March 2022

UK - The highly lyrically complex songs of Laura Marling, performing solo on an acoustic guitar, brings with it demands for a special kind of lighting. Showcasing her latest album, the Grammy- and Mercury-nominated Song for Our Daughter, her recent three-week sold-out club and theatre tour - her first in four and a half years - was highlighted by two nights at London’s Roundhouse.
Marling’s long-term LD, Jon Barker, recently formed a collaboration with fellow designer and long-term colleague, Dom Smith, with the pair now operating under the name NeonBlack. Their mission: to tell the story of the artist through light.
Since this was also a low-production tour, they were able to achieve most of their objectives by deploying 16 of GLP’s impression X4 Bar 20 battens.
The rig needed to suit Academy-sized venues where the lighting needed to be nimble and designed around a floor-based package, but at the same time sufficiently able to perform a variety of functions on the larger stage of the 3,000-capacity Roundhouse. “There were logistical considerations, but in any case, a minimalist, floor-based, side-lit approach was what most suited the show,” says Smith. “This was not a big-budget tour, and what we designed was something beautiful yet practical.”
A continuous overhead strip of eight X4 Bar 20s - flown on a mid-stage truss, in conjunction with a sharkstooth-gauze kabuki system - provided the only element of flown lighting, with others on pipes as part of the floor package.
The set was split into three acts. For the fir

maroon-5-4857-steve-jennings-smlMDG is theONE for Maroon 5
Tuesday, 22 March 2022

USA - Lighting designer/director, Brian Jenkins of Flicker Designs had specified two of MDG's award-winning, dual haze and fog generators, theONE, for the band’s 2020 tour before it was postponed due to the pandemic. After an 18-month enforced break, the tour resumed last summer, with the band visiting many of North America's largest outdoor amphitheatres playing to 15,000-30,000 capacity crowds.
Rehearsals for the eight-week tour, which was in support of the band’s seventh studio album, Jordi, started in late July with the first show slated for 10th August 2021 at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn Washington. The final date took place in October at the Concord Pavilion, Concord California.
Jenkins chose theONE for both its versatility and powerful output capabilities: “We specifically needed a hefty, high-output unit for the outdoor amphitheatre shows. And theONE’s ability to produce both haze and fog is a great feature for touring. We kept the haze mode constantly running and used the fog mode frequently throughout the shows.”
Producing both fog and haze from a single generator, theONE is capable of generating 308 hours of haze and 20 hours of fog. It is specifically designed to give maximum, non-stop hours of haze/fog, and automatically refills its internal fluid reservoir from an external 20l container of MDG neutral fluid as required, so is perfect for filling those big venues.
The controllable output provided ideal coverage to accentuate the multitude of beam looks, strobes, lasers and heavy colour saturation that we


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