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electionHES lights Midterm Election coverage
Wednesday, 12 December 2018

USA - ABC News’ live coverage of the nation’s Midterm Elections counted on High End Systems LED lighting to do the heavy lifting for the November 6 broadcast.
LD Dennis Size of the Lighting Design Group was called in to ensure that the anchors, reporters, political consultants, statisticians and other guests were seen in their best light. To meet that requirement, Size specified 42 HES SolaFrame 750s and 12 SolaSpot 1500 automated luminaires from Main Light to supplement his conventional fixture package and to keep up with the continuously-changing action.
“I’m strictly a High End guy,” the New York-based LD explains. “I was once a strong Vari-lite user, but HES has made great strides with the advances in the Sola line. That is all I specify now.”
ABC’s senior production designer Seth Easter created the special two-story high set for ABC News. The bottom floor featured desks for 20 different anchor positions surrounding the centrepiece - a circular centre floor (of Roe black marble 3 mm LED) through which stunning 3D graphics were created for the TV viewing audience. The second floor featured ABC Live’s Digital Studio. Video walls spanned both floors. The entire production was rife with reflective surfaces, ambient lighting and moving anchor positions - all of which provided lighting challenges.
More challenges appeared a month before rehearsals once the studio rig was hung. Size couldn’t get machinery such as snorkel lifts or genie lifts back onto the video floor to make any adjustments for position moves in his convention

koneser1Community reinforces former vodka factory
Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Poland - Tommex Żebrowscy Sp. J. has recently completed the design and installation of the audio system for the new Centrum Praskie Koneser in Warsaw, Centrum Praskie Koneser is a modern urban space combining restaurants, apartments, shops, commercial premises, a museum, an indoor exhibition centre and a hotel. The complex also has a large open public square, which is also used to host exhibitions and cultural events.
The Centrum Praskie Koneser is a project that incorporates the revitalization and adaptation of the post-industrial buildings of the Koneser vodka factory. Once employing more than 400 people, the factory could produce a quarter of a million bottles of vodka a day, with globally recognized brands including Wyborowa, Luksusowa, Żubrówka, Żytniówka and Siwucha.
In addition to the main production buildings, the original complex included warehouses, workshops, residential buildings and a school. The modern development retains a post-industrial atmosphere by combining authentic architectural elements of the old factory buildings with new buildings on the site. The complex also has its own underground car park and video surveillance.
The audio system provided by Tommex for the public areas of the complex includes the walkway zones between buildings, the covered shopping centre and the multi-purpose open square. The system provides both background music and music to accompany events. It can also be used as a paging system and is operated and controlled by a Dynacord PROMATRIX 6000, using Dynacord mics and amplification.
For music q

ultraUltra Events goes Mega
Wednesday, 12 December 2018

South Africa - Ultra Events is a technical supply and production company based in Cape Town, South Africa, owned and run by Costa Champanis and is the latest in several rental companies in the region to invest in Robe’s MegaPointe multi-functional luminaire. Ultra took delivery of four units initially with the rest to follow soon.
The company started commercial life as Ultra Sound, specialising in professional audio for assorted events markets.
Immediately the Pointes were onboard, the demand was so great that they upped the initial four units to 24 in less than a year.
Based on their success with the Pointes and the intense demand on riders for MegaPointes, they ordered these from South African distributor, DWR.
The first event for the new MegaPointes was lighting the runway show for the two-day #COSMOFest2018 fashion extravaganza, staged at Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Cape Town. Lighting designer JP Wilson integrated them with the rest of the lighting at the entrance end of the runway, where they were rigged to the sides of a trussing border running around a large LED screen.
(Jim Evans)

kinesys-prodigy-pro142240026Kinesys on the road with Prodigy
Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Europe - “I wanted a bit of additional craziness going on behind the band,” says Prodigy lighting and set designer Tim Fawkes. He is utilising eight Kinesys Elevation motors to move four special 4m long lighting trusses up and down, just upstage of the band, for the current European leg of their No Tourists tour.
The four pods in their home position made up two apex shapes to blend in with the rest of the structural trussing design. Each one is lined with four Martin Sceptron LED battens, five GLP JDC1 strobes, four Robe MegaPointe moving lights, four Showtec Sunstrips and five old-skool PAR cans with CP60 bulbs for a classic ‘ACL’ look.
All lighting and rigging equipment is being supplied by Blackburn based rental company HSL.
Having these pods automated on the Kinesys motors using a Vector controller enabled Tim to add lots of extra dynamics to the mayhem.
Another recently completed HSL tour utilising Kinesys featured an elegant and slick show design by Andy Hurst.
Andy’s design featured two identical large LED screens - one upstage and one downstage. The downstage one moved up and down on four Kinesys points controlled by Kinesys’ flexible and straightforward Vector software.
Summer and early autumn saw the Chemical Brothers on the road completing a hectic festival schedule followed by a week of high-profile headline shows, complete with another visual experience created by show designers Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall.
The fully integrated Chemical Brothers lighting and video show featured a large LED scr

digicoDiGiCo desks shine on Mike Shinoda tour
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

USA - One thing that pretty much any experienced touring mix engineer can agree on is that you always pad your input/output number request to a certain degree because rare is the tour where those needs will not increase as the tour progresses. So it might seem odd that when the current Post Traumaticsolo tour by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda got started, mix engineers Mike Fanuele and Kevin ‘Tater’ McCarthy were sharing a single DiGiCo SD12 mix surface.
After that first show, the SD12 was shipped off for the tour’s Asian and European legs, and McCarthy, who has been associated with Shinoda for more than a decade, spec’d a pair of DiGiCo's ultra-portable SD11i desks for the promo tour that preceded the Asian dates. He says he’s fielded more than one question about why he made that choice.
“A lot of people have asked me why I choose the SD11i,” he reports. “Originally, it was just Mike Shinoda and no other band members. The band and additional crew where added after all of the gear had shipped to Hong Kong for the Asian and European tours. After a few shows, I was comfortable with the all the new inputs and with the 12-fader format, so I decided to keep it. It never came off that table rack. I just popped the lid every day and was ready to go.”
Fanuele is on his first outing with Shinoda after working with a wide variety of artists ranging from Meghan Trainor and Fifth Harmony to The Chainsmokers and Garbage. “Mike began this tour cycle on stage by himself playing keys, synth, drum pads, and triggering samples from a Maschine. For

wizard-of-oznew-albany-hs4Elation on the Yellow Brick Road
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

USA - New Albany High School in New Albany, Indiana, recently completed seven sold out performances of the timeless classic The Wizard of Oz and used their new rig of Elation Professional lighting fixtures to help bring the musical to life.
With three top-tier theatre programmes only miles from each other, Southern Indiana is a proven mecca for high school theatre. After sister school Floyd Central High School received a lighting upgrade of Elation fixtures a couple of years ago, New Albany High School was ecstatic when their opportunity came.
“When funds came around, we were next,” said New Albany High School’s resident lighting and sound designer Crit Fisher, who was employed by the school five years ago to help resurrect what he says was an increasingly neglected programme. “Although New Albany High School has roots in theatre the program was in dire need of an upgrade when I arrived. We had a hodge podge of instruments and no LED units or moving heads at all. I was renting $4k of lighting for our shows.”
All that changed over the summer of 2018 with a lighting upgrade made up of seven of Elation’s award-winning Artiste DaVinci LED moving head spots along with six Platinum Seven LED moving heads, 18 Arena Zoom Q7IP and 15 Arena Par Zoom LED Par lights, 7 SixBar 500 LED battens and four Cuepix Blinder WW2 units, all supplied by Phoenix Lighting of Louisville, Kentucky.
“All students learn the basics of lighting and I come in and teach the specialized instruments,” Fisher explains, noting that all shows are student r

ku-1--matt-bishop-smlKeith Urban ‘embraces the square’ with Ayrton
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

World - Keith Urban’s 2018 world tour in support of his tenth studio album, Grafitti U, kicked off in North America in June 2018. Since then the talented country/rock singer, musician, songwriter and record producer from New Zealand has covered 59 venues in six months.
The tour’s production design firm, FragmentNine, chose 68 Ayrton MagicPanel-R fixtures, supplied by Upstaging, to add depth, dynamism and texture throughout this creative and dynamic show.
Video designer, Jackson Gallagher and lighting designer, Jeremy Lechterman of FragmentNine explained that part of the reasoning behind their choice of MagicPanel-R was largely due to its square face and special abilities, which fit into a mostly geometric and ‘square’ design. Forty-eight panels were rigged to four custom-built pods which automated as the most upstage visual element on stage, with two more pods left and right at stage level to provide low-level sidelight on the band.
“The MagicPanel-Rs are the workhorse of the show,” says Gallagher. “Originally Keith, who was quite involved in the design process, wanted a show that was entirely of video, with no lighting, to give a modern look and tone that was a departure from the traditional country style. However, knowing that video only wouldn’t provide us with enough key-light to see Keith and his band, we guided him away from this towards some form of illumination, and the compromise was to use non-traditional sources of light, something more atypical, which is where the MagicPanel-Rs came in.
“The MagicPanels he

tallest-manGLP Bars highlight Tallest Man On Earth
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Europe - Swedish artist Kristian Matsson is better known under his stage name, The Tallest Man On Earth.
His recent European tour, in support of his album When The Bird Sees The Solid Ground, has seen LD Anders Heberling using GLP’s impression X4 Bar 20 in his stage design. He deployed 13 fixtures as a floor package with the remaining batten in the roof, directly above the head of an artist who is known for his dynamic stage performances.
The fixtures were mounted in almost completely sealed custom made boxes, allowing just small cracks for the light to shine through. According to Heberling, the inspiration for this was old barns where the sun shines through the walls.
Of his choice of lighting the LD said: “I needed a pixel batten that could move but most importantly be rigged vertically to fit inside the boxes. The wide zoom was very helpful in terms of changing the look of the stage and decreasing the risk of blinding the audience too much. The fantastic output and wonderful colours were also a big factor in choosing the fixture.”
Inventory for the European leg was provided by Bright Group but Christie Lites will be responsible for supplying the kit as the tour transfers to the US. More dates will then follow in Europe as the tour runs for over a year.
Joining Anders Heberling’s team were Wilhelm Egnell, who assisted with programming and operated several shows, and Andreas Berthling who made the custom boxes.
In summary, the LD opined: “The X4 Bar 20s are of high quality and deliver great colours. That just ab

gary-numanVLZ Profiles keep it cool for Gary Numan
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

UK - Signify reports that its Philips Vari-Lite VLZ Profile LED luminaires were chosen to meet some specific stage lighting demands on the recent Savage tour by British electronic music pioneer Gary Numan.
For special tour dates, including a showcase performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall, Numan and his band were joined on stage by an orchestra and choir. In response to this, the visual design, by Luke Edwards of Cue Design, successfully referenced the post-apocalyptic theme of the Savage album, while combining softer theatrical touches to complement the orchestra’s presence, both on the stage and in the music.
“To light the orchestra, we needed fixtures with a really nice light quality,” said Edwards, “but with so many tuneable instruments on the stage we also needed lights that wouldn’t throw out lots of heat. The VLZ Profile was a great option: the optics are beautiful, the colours and the colour temperature are beautiful, and it keeps the orchestra members and their instruments cool.”
Placed on high side-trusses at each side of stage, the VLZ Profiles gave side-light, colour and texture for the orchestra and choir in the upstage area, as well as for Numan and the band downstage. “Mostly, we’re using the gobos and prisms to put textured light on the orchestra, to light them in an interesting way,” said Edwards. “But I’m also using the VLZs a lot in open colour, just frosting it slightly to soften the light and get everyone lit really beautifully.”
In covering such a broad stage area, Edwards was aided by the pow

the-human-league-brighton-rcmRCM on tour with Human League
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

UK - The Human League’s 2018 Red tour saw the band use projection mapping for the first time, with creative content and equipment supplied by Really Creative Media.
The 27-date Red tour began in Brussels on 31 October, landing on UK shores at the Brighton Centre on 23 November, playing various size venues, from theatres and arenas, wrapping up at London’s Eventim Apollo on 8 December.
Really Creative Media (RCM) has worked with The Human League on previous tours, supplying projection equipment and creative content and the band returned to their trusted supplier to push their visual creative offering for the Red tour.
RCM supplied an MA Lighting grandMA3 Light console and OnPC Command Wing as a backup console, along with two Catalyst V6 Media Servers, six Panasonic RZ21K 20,000L laser projectors and two Panasonic RZ31K 30,000L laser projectors. These Panasonic projectors run with a laser light source rather than lamps, which means they are more reliable and the brightness is consistent throughout the projectors lifespan. The set consists of stacked 3D giant cubes, some with the band inside, which meant projection mapping onto front and rear surfaces.
RCM director Nick Dew reports: “There was quite a variation in the size of the venues, so we had the option to swap between the RZ21K and the more powerful RZ31K, depending on what levels we needed to consistently achieve the wow factor for all of the audiences. We also invested in grandMA3 consoles, which give new features to expand our creative options.”
Really Creative Media’s

jacobsartorius3photocredit-dallas-bowshierJacob Sartorius looks to the future with Chauvet
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

USA - With its intersecting patterns of light wrapping around a diamond-shaped configuration of risers, and cool colour schemes, the stage on Jacob Sartorius’ current tour evokes images of cyberspace. It is a fitting impression, since this Top 40 teenage artist found fame on the internet in 2016, when he was the ninth most frequently searched musical artist.
Lenny Sasso, who lit Sartorius’ first headlining shows two years ago, came up with the futuristic concept for the singer’s 2018 tour. Helping him in this endeavour was a collection of Chauvet Professional Épix Strip Tour and Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures, supplied by Squeek Lights.
Sasso arranged the linear fixtures in a matrix-like formation, filling the upstage area with light while creating a high-tech look. “I knew that I wanted to wrap the band in Épix Strips,” says Sasso. “It was just something that I kind of dreamt up. After several different designs, this was the one I landed on. It all revolved around the placement of the risers in that diamond style, which was something that we had done on Jacob’s original tours. Wrapping the fixtures around the upstage side of the risers pulled it all together.”
A total of 32 Épix Strip Tour fixtures was used in the wrap-around design. Hung on eight 10’ vertical pipes and 12 8’ horizontal pipes, the Épix units displayed light as well as video content run from a laptop with Resolume software.
Also arranged on the pipe structure were eight Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures, each with five individually controlled moving heads. Drawing on th

robe-anders-matthesen-and022029150Robe has a laugh with Anders Matthesen
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Denmark - Eleven trucks of production equipment is a lot for one stand-up comedian, but delivering the nuances of live comedy in an arena format is a fine art which needs a delicate balance of style and production values and for Denmark’s leading comedian, Anders ‘Anden’ (the Duck) Matthesen, this happened to be a 25th anniversary tour, so he wanted to make a big impact.
Peter Fisker has been Matthesen’s lighting designer since 2006 and in that time, the funny-man known for his multiple crazy, off-beat and appealing characters - has toured regularly as well as producing movies, DVDs and books. This particular tour was shorter than usual - the seven shows were played in Denmark’s two largest arenas - five at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen and two in the Jyske Bank Boxen Arena in Herning - reaching around 86,000 fans.
Peter took up some of that truck-space with Robe moving lights, specifying 26 x MegaPointes, 33 x BMFL Spots and another three BMFL Spots utilised as a RoboSpot follow spotting system complete with one MotionCamera and one BaseStation.
These were delivered, together with rest of the lighting equipment, by Copenhagen based rental specialist, Comtech.
Arena comedy has some very specific lighting requirements. The artist must be well and clearly lit for both camera and stage, for audiences at the back watching on the IMAG screens as well as those closer to the action.
The facial expressions as he delivers his punch lines are mission-critical to the whole audience experience and their full appreciation of the humour.

rialto-theater-interiorRialto Theatre upgrades audio with Alcons
Monday, 10 December 2018

USA - The historic Rialto Theatre in Loveland, Colorado recently received an Alcons LR7 micro line array system as part of an upgrade.
The Rialto opened in the 1920s to screen silent films and vaudeville but shut in 1976, briefly reopening as a retail complex before closing again. The venue was restored in the mid-90s as a multi-purpose arts facility combining cinema, live arts venue and a community centre.
The Rialto’s sound reinforcement system needed updating and technical coordinator Dave Brull was tasked with matching a small grant with sound that would match 21st century audience expectations.
“Rialto’s design was fairly standard for the era, with many hard and reflective surfaces like plaster and maple,” he says. “The building is protected so there were a number of constraints to deal with, like preserving original features, and we had to try and provide high quality sound reinforcement for a much broader range of events than it was ever designed for.”
“Being a municipal facility, budgets are always tight and I had a difficult time in matching the available funding with bringing the venue up to the standard we wanted,” says Dave. “I spent some time making contacts, getting site surveys done and demos arranged. I had several of the ‘marquee brand’ manufacturers in - the quote from one was three times our budget.”
When Dave visited the USITT show, the breakthrough was made. “I spoke to David Rahn of Alcons Audio USA and heard a demonstration of the LR7 system. It was obvious it had characteristics which we

Superfly goes Stateside with Australian Pink Floyd
Monday, 10 December 2018

USA - Continuing their 30th anniversary tour with a summer run of shows across the USA, The Australian Pink Floyd (with Trevor Gilligan at FOH) took Outline’s new Superfly system with them when they crossed the pond.
Paul Timmins, head of operations & sales at their long-standing audio supplier Capital Sound Hire, comments: "Outline’s Superfly cabinet is the gem of the family - it’s so compact and light (just 38kg per cabinet) that it’s a system you can offer to those tours that really do mix it up from clubs to arenas.
"The Australian Pink Floyd are a regular client of ours who do exactly that and when we needed to look at new system options for their European spring tour, knowing what was coming from Outline, we talked with Trevor who had previously used the Butterfly system some 10 years earlier and he was happy to go for it. It wasn’t long before the engineer, production manager and band were commenting on everything from its audio quality to packaging and weight advantages.
"This led to another win for all when it was established that the full flown arena system comprising main hangs of Superfly, side hangs of Mantas 28, complete with all the Powersoft X8 amplification would save a whole truck for the summer tour in North America. At short notice it was decided to airfreight the flown rig and amplification to California to combine with the existing supplier’s control and sub package for the tour that followed. It’s a new one for us to airfreight the speaker system and pick up control locally but that says a lot about the gem th

simonstuarthslHSL Group invests in Mavericks
Monday, 10 December 2018

UK - HSL has added 100 units of Chauvet Professional’s Maverick MK3 Wash RGBW LED lights to its inventory at the LDI Show in October. By the start of the holiday season, the UK company already had the fixture out on three of its 2018-19 pantomimes, at the 2018 Liverpool Horse Show, and on the Arena Cross Tour.
“The immediate response has been very positive,” says Simon Stuart, managing director of HSL. “We’ve even had a certain renowned theatre LD comment that he didn’t want any other fixture except this in the future.”
He adds: “We spent a great deal of time chatting with some of our strategic partners in the USA, and with various LDs. Everyone was extremely positive about Chauvet and this fixture. We needed more large LED washes, and it became clear that the MK3 has all the bells and whistles. It’s extremely bright, is pixel mappable, has a great zoom, and its colour mixing is excellent.”
Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet, says: “HSL has built a successful business and established a sterling reputation by following the same core beliefs that have always guided Chauvet. Having an industry leader like HSL show this level of confidence in the Maverick MK3 Wash means a great deal to me and our team members who have worked to develop this product. We’re looking forward to moving ahead with HSL in the future.”
(Jim Evans)

timaxTiMax immersive audio in Porto monastery
Monday, 10 December 2018

Portugal - A traditional Portuguese Fado concert held in the cloisters of 17th Century São Bento da Vitoria Monastery provided Francisco Leal, head of sound at Oporto’s Teatro Nacional São Joao, the opportunity to get up close with Out Board’s TiMax SoundHub immersive dynamic delay-matrix – and further cemented his intent to incorporate TiMax immersive spatialisation into the Teatro Nacional’s in-house productions.
Leal explains: “Having followed the developments of the TiMax system for some time and wishing for the system when I met some challenging shows requiring different sound perspectives simultaneously, I finally found the opportunity this year to apply the system in a real context, in a Fado concert where movement throughout the performance is tradition.”
The concert played in the covered, wooden-floored courtyard of the Monastery to a three section, fan-shaped audience position, during an International Music Week event that also doubled as album launch for the band.
The multi-channel speaker system for the event, designed by Francisco Leal in discussion with Out Board’s Dave Haydon, who visited the venue to help fast-track the TiMax set up and programming, featured a rented TiMax SoundHub-S16 processor feeding all speakers separately via analogue outputs, and receiving mic and effects signals via analogue inputs fed from a Midas H2000 console.
The main PA comprised four Meyer UPA1’s as front and rear left and right pairs, with six Roland SRS120 speakers in pairs as left and right side surrounds for each seating secti

new-frankfurt-old-townphoto-by-ralph-larmann4Frankfurt Old Town reopens with Proteus show
Monday, 10 December 2018

Germany - Prior to 1944, Frankfurt had one of the most beautiful and largest medieval half-timbered old towns in Germany. Recently restored, the architectural treasure was opened in September with a cultural programme that included a unique night drone show supported by lighting effects from Elation Proteus Hybrid moving head fixtures.
The highlight of the three-day celebration was a spectacular production in which drones drew constellations of light in the Frankfurt sky accompanied by a visually stunning light show over the river Main.
bright! GmbH was responsible for the concept and technical implementation of the production, as well as the programming of the drone show. Michael Giegerich, one of the managing directors of bright! GmbH and project manager for the constellations, developed the show concept along with lighting director Daniel Gündner. Both worked under the artistic direction of Atelier Markgraph.
It quickly became clear to those involved that the project required weather-proof lighting fixtures. "We were looking for an IP floodlight that combines the best possible beam characteristics with the simplest, most robust design," explains Thomas Giegerich, managing director of bright! "Having worked with A&O Technology and Jerry Appelt on the 2017/18 New Year's Eve show in Dubai, where hundreds of Elation Proteus Hybrids were used, we were very familiar with these moving lights and knew we could use them.”
The Proteus light show was designed to support the drone show over the Main as an additional visual effect yet not steal

robe-hardwell-symphonyRobe gets symphonic for Hardwell
Monday, 10 December 2018

The Netherlands - One of the bonuses of working with innovative and influential artists like dance music producer DJ Hardwell is that you get to work on some interesting shows.
Symphony: The Global Revolution of Dance was one of those moments for lighting and visuals designer Andre Beekmans of The Art of Light and operator Jaap Kamps.
The event was a live performance and collaboration between the globally popular and world leading electro DJ and multiple Grammy winning Metropole Orkest at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, celebrating 30 years of dance music. It was staged to coincide with the renowned Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) conference.
Andre and his Eindhoven based creative visual practice The Art of Light - who have designed and co-ordinated Hardwell’s lighting for some years - were approached by organisers Fourmation Events and MOJO and asked to create a memorable and appropriate ligating environment, for which he specified over 200 Robe moving lights - Pointes, Spiiders, BMFL WashBeams and BMFL Blades.
The show presented many challenges to Andre and his team which included Art of Light colleague Jaap Kamps, who is Hardwell’s regular lighting director on the road.
A key starting point were the main set elements, designed by Freek Cornelissen of 250K, including a large pyramid shape upstage comprising four equilateral triangles each filled with LED screen. Flown just in front of this was a skeletal trapezoidal lighting sculpture made up from multiple triangles outlined with pixel-mapped LED battens which were under the contro

funktion-onePapa Roach and Good Charlotte rock Mexico City with Vero
Monday, 10 December 2018

Mexico - October saw Papa Roach and Good Charlotte making a triumphant return to Mexico as headliners of a rock spectacular, powered by Loto Audio and Funktion-One, in the nation’s capital.
Promoted by Zepeda Bros, the team responsible for a string of successful rock events, including Knot Fest Mexico - the show delivered over four hours of live rock music at the open-air gardens of the Arena Ciudad de Mexico.
To ensure the audience received the full power and impact of the performances, Loto Audo supplied a complete Funktion-One Vero sound system.
The system garnered praise from all the acts’ FOH engineers - providing proof positive of Vero’s abilities across all genres of music. For the opening act, Lack of Remorse, FOH duties fell to Hugo Garzon - one of the most sought-after sound engineers for metal rock bands in Mexico.
Garzon comments: “I was impressed when they gave me the audio and we started the soundcheck. It was crazy to hear the power and clarity with which it was counted at that moment, I left very satisfied to work with such powerful audio.” A sentiment echoed by both Papa Roach’s FOH engineer Bobbo and Good Charlotte’s mix-man Chris McMillan.
The system comprised hangs of three V60, two V315 and two V90 per side, plus an asymmetric configuration of eight V221 bass enclosures and four V132 sub-bass enclosures. Two F1201 speakers were used as front-fill. The stage front monitor setup featured eight PSM12 wedges, with another two combining with a BR221 bass reflex speaker for drum-fill and three Resolution 5

indigo-at-the-o2New lighting rig for indigo at The O2
Friday, 7 December 2018

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) has supplied a new stage lighting rig for the indigo at The O2, a live entertainment sister-venue to The O2 Arena which regularly hosts exclusive after-show performances by superstar artists, including Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and Prince.
The 2,800 capacity venue has established itself as one of the Capital's most popular settings for big events on a smaller scale, hosting live music gigs; after-show parties; sports and club nights; stand-up shows including Jimmy Carr; and TV events such as the British Comedy Awards and the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.
With such an impressive roster of artists using its production facilities, when the stage lighting rig was in need of an upgrade after 12 years of service, indigo at The O2's technical manager, Rob Burrows needed a system which was nothing less than cutting-edge to satisfy clients' discerning requirements.
He commented: "In the years since the original lighting rig was installed, LED-based fixtures have well and truly caught up in terms of their overall performance. Combined with the increasing cost of maintaining the old fixtures, it was the right time to make the jump to a new full LED rig."
After using AC-ET for several years, Rob approached the company again to provide the complete supply of all components for the new stage lighting rig. Bob Allen in AC-ET's UK Lighting sales team handled the project, which included assisting with the specification of over 40 products and supplying over 550 separate pieces of equipment.
Rob continued: "Beyo

childrens-minnesota-minneapolis-campusHospital TV relies on Dante Domain Manager
Friday, 7 December 2018

USA - With two hospital locations, 12 primary care clinics, six rehabilitation centres and nine specialty care sites, Children's Minnesota is one of the largest paediatric health systems in the United States. Star Studio is the hospital's in-house television studio with production spaces located on both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses. Star Studio programming is shown on Children’s own 24-hour television channel. In addition to pre-recorded programmes, Star Studio also produces 12 live and interactive shows a week.
To increase production efficiencies and to provide better audio quality for the studio's interactive game show programmes and recorded content, Ben Diger, Star Studio broadcast engineer at Children’s Minnesota, began using Dante-enabled equipment and the Dante Via software for the multi-channel routing of computer-based audio.
"With live and pre-recorded content, audio is 80 percent of the experience, and if we have bad audio, no one's going to watch," said Diger. "Producing a show with high-quality, professional audio is a must for us. Dante allows us to do this."
The Dante audio network platform allowed Diger and his team to pull in separate game show audio and music channels, as well as microphone and headphone channels, from a single computer, creating a virtual studio. The team also uses Dante to tie together its intercom system over the network, instead of traditional XLR cabling.
With Dante Domain Manager, Star Studio’s audio is efficiently integrated into a single, manageable and secure audio over IP network tha

nexoBright package flies over the ice in Luleå
Friday, 7 December 2018

Sweden - The country’s most northerly professional ice hockey team, Luleå HF, is enjoying new excitement at its home games, following the implementation of an impressive €4m audio-visual experience at the Coop Norrbotten Arena. A key part of this state-of-the-art package, installed by the Bright Group Sweden AB, is a high SPL Nexo Geo line array system.
The 6,300-capacity sports and event arena is home to the Luleå Hockey Association, which was keen to improve the live experience for its supporters and visitors, especially in the light of a new TV deal to broadcast all the games in Sweden’s premier ice hockey league.
Following its recent success at the Hartwall Arena in Finland, the Bright Group was ideally placed to design a dramatic new AV installation, including a powerful Nexo line array sound system, new arena lighting, projectors for ice projection, BlackTrax for position projection, LED-screens around the stand and a new LED-oval high above the ice. The high-end systems deliver a dazzling pre-show multimedia performance before every game in the arena. The show is constantly updated with new content, created by Bright Finland, putting the technology at the heart of the sporting entertainment.
“It has been a huge success,” says Bright Group Sweden’s director of installation John Wettersten. “The sound was one of the most appreciated parts of the project.
“When specifying our design, we had to consider the line of sight from the upper seats, as well as the weight of the loudspeaker cabinets necessary for the task, and, ne

mercedesDramatic backdrop for Mercedes Fashion Week
Friday, 7 December 2018

Australia - Completed in 1862, Queensland’s stately Old Government House provided a dramatic backdrop for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
Tying the stunning 19th and 21st century visuals together into a balanced panorama was a colourful lighting design by Tim Allder of Chameleon Systems that featured 110 Chauvet Professional COLORdash Par H12IP fixtures, supplied by Showtools International.
To light the runways that ran on three sides of the iconic building, Allder had his COLORdash fixtures positioned on top of ground support vertical towers. Each tower had a 4-meter pipe on top that held five of the RGBAW+UV LED wash lights.
“We relied on the COLORdash fixtures to set the mood on the walk-in, as well as to light the building’s columns,” said Allder. “The building provided an excellent backdrop for the catwalk with lots of depth for us to play with, and the colours from the COLORdash really helped us accentuate these architectural features.”
The colour rendering capabilities of the COLORdash fixtures were also essential to highlighting the models and their outfits. “We used the fixtures to create hot, cold and medium skin tones that enhanced what the models were wearing during each segment,” said Allder. “For the brighter designs we had warmer colours and then pale blue-lavenders for the cooler apparel.
“Our biggest challenge in a project like this is to keep the levels and colour tones even along the entire catwalk, even with the limited number of locations we had to work from,” said Allder. “Happily, we were abl

leedsLeeds cultural hub installs Pioneer system
Friday, 7 December 2018

UK - Sheaf St is the public area of Duke Studios, a hub of creative work spaces in Leeds and comprises a cafe, bar, event space and outdoor terrace. These spaces create a 400-capacity warehouse venue that can accommodate everything from live music and comedy to conferencing and dance music events.
When the Leeds Tech Hub Fund awarded Duke Studios a grant, it’s director James Abbott-Donnelly, took the decision to allocate significant funds toward dramatically upgrading the sound, light and projection facilities in Sheaf St to support a truly flexible and adaptable approach to staging every kind of event possible. Having done his research and spoken to a number of market leading brands, he concluded that Pioneer Pro Audio best understood the needs of the project and also that its range of speakers perfectly fitted the brief.
The Audio Group was engaged to install systems into Sheaf St’s three distinct areas, with the proviso that they could function independently or be used in tandem across the spaces to suit any given event. Following installs in the main Events Space and the Cafe-bar, the work was completed earlier this year when the outdoor ‘Yarden’ was equipped with its powerful yet discreet system. With all of its spaces fully covered by Pioneer Pro Audio’s XY and XPRS Series speakers, Sheaf St found itself fielding a sharply increased demand for its facilities.
The flexibility of the XY and XPRS systems ensure crystal clear speech reproduction and easily deliver the headroom for comedy and talks.
Paul Adamson, managing directo


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