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chrislordalgeat5047Grammy winning engineer relies on A-T mics
Friday, 22 January 2021

Grammy Award-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Muse, Bruce Springsteen) has kept a busy schedule during the COVID-19 lockdown, taking on projects from a wide range of artists. In addition to applying his mixing skills to these recordings, in many cases he has been tracking artists’ vocals himself.
“In March 2020, I devised a makeshift vocal booth at my facility that we were able to disinfect after every use,” he explains, “and everything could stay properly distanced to adhere to the health guidelines of the situation. Originally I set this up just as a temporary solution for a project or two. But nine months later, this setup is still in use, right where we assembled it.”
Key to the success of this vocal recording setup is the Audio-Technica AT5047 cardioid condenser studio microphone.
“The AT5047 is a game-changing microphone in a lot of ways,” Chris notes. “For instance, I did some recent recording with Kiefer Sutherland. I’d mixed his records in the past but not recorded the vocals myself. But getting him on this AT5047 microphone - obviously I’d heard his voice before on recorded tracks, but he and I had never heard it sound this good just raw like that. It was so clear and in-your-face, and when I brought up the track on the desk to mix it, I barely had to do anything to it. I’m known for my processing techniques when I mix vocals, but I feel like the AT5047 gives me a head start.”
Equally successful were sessions with rock acts Tempt and Dorothy - both of whom appreciated the big, rich, clear tone that the AT504

astera-live-company-royal-swedish-opera-tristan-and-isolde0992-photo-by-soren-vilkasAstera strikes the right notes for Live Company
Friday, 22 January 2021

Denmark - Live Company is a full technical production and rental specialist based in Skovlunde, a suburb of Copenhagen, owned by Peter Clausen, Mikkel Bedsted and two other business partners, all of whom are dedicated to providing quality service and high production values to clients across multiple performance genres.
Since 2018, the company has invested steadily in Astera products, the first ones being AX1 PixelTubes which were purchased to illuminate the domed roof of Cirkusrevyen’s big top venue in Dyrehavsbakken (the north of Copenhagen).
Started in 1935, Cirkusrevyen is the biggest revue show in Denmark and has been performed every year except 2020, when the season was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic!
The AX1s were modified with special magnetic fastenings for this specific project. They were utilised during a spectacular dance number, where the dancers plucked them from the stage floor and mounted them vertically and horizontally on the set thanks to the magnets. They also charged off power from the set, and ran flawlessly for over 150 performances, for which the lighting was designed by Malthe Haugaard who has been working in this role since 2015.
Since then, Live Company has increased its stock of the RGBW AX1s, and now has over 70 fixtures in the house, as well as investing in 24 Astera AX3 LightDrops.
“These Astera products are great for so many things,” commented Peter, adding that they have been used on multiple types of project from music videos to set dressing and illumination.
Recently, 54 AX1s w

granite-state-baseball-dinner2Mavericks add impact to baseball dinner
Friday, 22 January 2021

USA - Like all minor league baseball teams, The New Hampshire Fisher Cats had no 2020 baseball season, because of the COVID-19 lockdown. Although the crack of the bat and thump of a fastball hitting the catcher’s glove could not be heard at C this summer, the connection that the club, an affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, has to fans remains as strong as ever.
This was very evident at the team’s annual Granite State Baseball Dinner. Held virtually this year, with Events United producing the event at Studio Lab, the fundraiser ran over its scheduled time because of the high level of interest from fans throughout New Hampshire. “The Fisher Cats are an institution in this area,” said Tim Messina, owner of Events United. “Since they could not hold their dinner live, we helped them create a new atmosphere of their traditional event in a livestream.”
The key to creating a welcoming mood in the broadcast was a massive 53ft wide by 14ft tall curved video wall backdrop that was used to display engaging backgrounds, images, and live video conferencing feeds featuring baseball stars like Danny Jansen, starting catcher for the Blue Jays, as well as legends like Boston Red Sox Hall of Famers, Bernie Carbo and Luis Tiant.
“The live video conferencing calls were big part of the show,” said producer Chase Clark. “During the calls, the centre third of our video wall displayed the baseball stars interacting live with each other and Tyler Murray, the host for the event. Tyler did a great job balancing all the different feeds and calling audibles wh

digicoDiGiCo delivers flexibility for Music Bank streams
Friday, 22 January 2021

UK - Over the past 25 years Music Bank has established itself as one of the leading rehearsal and backline hire facilities in Europe. In recent months, Music Bank’s director Jimmy Mac has been busy modifying the studios to create a live streaming space, allocating its DiGiCo SD12 to mix duties to ensure familiarity and total flexibility for visiting engineers.
“We knew people would want to use Music Bank as a streaming location for the same reasons they use it for a rehearsal space,” says Charlie Bryson, monitor engineer for Rod Stewart’s band and long-time DiGiCo user who started his career at Music Bank and has returned during the pandemic to look after all things audio for the live streams. “The new studios offer huge, great sounding, well-serviced rehearsal rooms with a plethora of backline and instruments available to hire right across the hallway.”
This, combined with a recently upgraded 1GB symmetrical internet connection and its collaboration with neighbour, Colour Sound Experiment, to bring in modular/scalable LED walls and a lighting package for each room, makes Music Bank an appropriate choice for a streaming performance space.
“After that, all that was left was to get a great camera and broadcast setup together and we had an awesome streaming operation that artists could come in and design however they liked!” Bryson continues. “Initially, I think a lot of artists saw an opportunity to do something different or something they hadn’t done before with these live streamed / lockdown performances. Something new and exciti

mikkellershanghaiprimage2Genelec adds Nordic flavour to Shanghai bar
Thursday, 21 January 2021

China - When Mikkel Borg Bjergsø started experimenting in his kitchen with his childhood friend Kristian Keller in 2003, the initial thought was to recreate the beer they most enjoyed and save themselves some money in the process. Today Mikkeller exports craft beer to over 50 countries and operates an equal number of bars and restaurants around the globe.
The latest venture is Mikkeller Shanghai, the brand’s first bar in China and a step into a new and developing market. Designed by Mikkeller’s own designer, Camilla Monsrud, the bar is a fusion of Chinese architecture with Nordic minimalism, including a Genelec 4000 Series sound system.
The accent throughout the bar is on raw, natural materials. Wooden furniture and soft lighting contrast with concrete floors and exposed brickwork.
The Genelec 4030 loudspeakers are a match for the quality and aesthetic criteria of Mikkeller Shanghai. Four 4030s are installed in the main bar area - which comprises a number of seated areas plus the bar counter itself - and another 4030 covers the shop space housed in a semi-enclosed mezzanine overlooking the main bar, where customers can purchase merchandising and bottled beer to take away.
The bar is run by Martin Aamodt, the managing partner of Mikkeller Shanghai. Aamodt has lived in Shanghai for many years and previously managed a Mikkeller bar in Copenhagen. He is also a musician, and therefore naturally attaches great importance to the sound experience of the bar.
“I’ve travelled pretty extensively, and I’ve noticed that Genelec loudspeak

alcons-audio-press-release-alcons-pro-ribbons-are-the-basis-of-versatility-kasino-1Alcons Pro-Ribbons transform high-tech venue
Thursday, 21 January 2021

Italy - As part of a project funded by the European Union, a former military barracks in northern Italy has been transformed into a ‘social activation hub’. BASIS Vinschgau-Venosta aims to facilitate the development of ideas in economy, culture, education, social development and is designed to bring people of all ages, backgrounds and experience together. The multi-use space features a comprehensive yet versatile Alcons Audio pro-ribbon audio system.
The former Druso army barracks was opened in 1937, closing in the late 1990s. In the summer of 2020, the completion of a long-term project saw the building given a new life as BASIS Vinschgau-Venosta. It’s the brainchild of Hannes Götsch and is designed to host a wide range of events, including theatre, live music, movies and club nights.
Hannes knew Wolfgang Sauter, founder and owner of the Austrian audio specialists Pro Performance, from his work in the Viennese club scene. Pro Performance was asked by Hannes to design, plan and create the entire sound and acoustics concept for BASIS, thanks to Wolfgang’s experience in demanding projects.
“The ability of Alcons Audio’s pro-ribbon systems to deliver high quality sound in all the required areas of the application was highly attractive. It was a natural choice, thanks to its reliability, flexibility and overall best-in-class quality,” says Wolfgang.
He designed and installed a system comprising six single 12” CRS12GT/90 reference surround speakers, 10 RR12 point-source 12” array modules and nine VR12 versatile single 12” monito

promosa-virtual-studiodisguise forges xR stage partnership with Promosa
Thursday, 21 January 2021

Canada - Vancouver-based Promosa has enhanced its 20 year-old legacy in film and television production by investing in disguise’s vx4 and rx machines and undergoing specialist xR training to become the first official disguise partner in Canada to deliver full end-to-end xR stage production.
With offices across Western Canada and in Washington state, Promosa is a full-service production management company specialising in large-format LED video screens – the largest inventory in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. They have been used in countless productions, including TV series DC Legends of Tomorrow, A Million Little Things, The Twilight Zone and the upcoming Disney+ series Turner & Hooch.
In partnership with Animatrik Film Design their Vancouver headquarters features the largest independent motion capture sound stage in North America and the first disguise-supported xR stage in Canada.
“At Promosa, we strive to be more than just a production company - we are a company that seeks new ways to be better every day,” says CEO, Baxter Wilson. “We continue to invest in the latest hardware, software and systems that provide clients with access to world-class innovative solutions. xR and the partnership with disguise was the piece we were missing.”
With that in mind, Promosa found disguise to be “the only reliable end-to-end virtual production solution on the market that can complement our expertise with film/TV and live events. Introducing disguise to our workflow has brought everything together, an

chroma-q-color-force-iiMore Chroma-Q Color Force for Östgötateatern
Thursday, 21 January 2021

Sweden - Östgötateatern, Sweden’s largest regional theatre, has further invested in Chroma-Q’s award-winning Color Force IITM Cyc, Wash & Effects LED battens.
Welcoming around 100,000 visitors a year across their two theatre buildings and smaller venues, Östgötateatern offers a wide range of theatre - from classic Swedish tales, to modern international plays. With Color Force II in demand for a number of their performances they have expanded their stock to 26 units to enable the fixtures to be used on multiple stages and performances at the same time.
Linn Persson, lighting designer at Östgötateatern, comments: “We first purchased Color Force II back in 2018, and they have since become a staple fixture for a number of performances taking place in our theatres. We have been very impressed with their performance, which meets our requirements for a good, strong cyc light perfectly. Our backdrops are often 7m or higher, and with Chroma-Q’s Color Force II we can light many metres high without loss of intensity higher up on the wall.”
As soon as the pandemic situation allows, Östgötateatern will re-open their theatre buildings. Two upcoming plays that are planned for their big stages are the classic adventure Peer Gynt and the Swedish premiere of the comical Finnish play, Expedition Kyla. Now with additional stock of the units, Color Force II will be used on both of these performances taking place at the same time.
Linn continues, “Color Force II is a great fixture. It is smooth, bright and colourful cyc light.

img9121-5b88977a38185a77DeltaLive continues London fireworks tradition
Thursday, 21 January 2021

UK - The 2020 celebrations marked the 17th year that DeltaLive has provided communications and audio services for London's New Year's Eve festivities (get the full story of the NYE spectacular in the upcoming LSi issue).
Jack Morton, the global brand experience agency, helped to develop the original concept for this annual event and worked in partnership with the Mayor of London's office and a dedicated team of experts to create the experience. The 10-minute show, designed for home viewing and created in collaboration with the BBC, was broadcast live on BBC1 and watched by a global viewing audience of millions.
Due to COVID-19, audiences were not able to attend the event this year, which would normally see some 100,000 spectators. But with no audience, this gave the Jack Morton led production team the opportunity to expand on previous years and utilise multiple locations across London, each with its own different display. With new elements added and additional areas, it was imperative that communication between all areas was robust and reliable.
Microwave links were installed between each location which included The Shard, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Docklands and Wembley Stadium. At all locations Matrix Comms IP panels were installed so each location and various departments could have one to one and group calls, ensuring constant communication. Also a wide area Motorola system was installed spanning and linking all areas and departments.
Delta distributed playback at each location as the entire show was triggered live on the night,

moscowRCF reinforces Moscow Palace of Culture
Thursday, 21 January 2021

Russia - The Palace of Culture “October” is an 850-seat theatre with two levels. Opened in 1966 in Podolsk, Moscow, the venue hosts many types of events from dance to concerts and local shows.
RCF Russian distributor ARIS provided a new HDL 28-A line array with SUB 9004-AS for a new and improved sound. The upgrade has allowed the 240- seat balcony to be opened to the public; it previously remained closed due to acoustical issues.
Installed more than 10 years ago, the previous sound system was unable to cover the rather spacious balcony properly. This meant that tickets to the balcony during box office concerts were not sold, to avoid complaints from disappointed patrons.
When the budget was approved for a new sound reinforcement system, a mandatory requirement from management of the House of Culture was to provide a high-quality sound experience to all sections of the venue including the balcony. ARIS suggested hanging two RCF active line array clusters of six elements each. The two upper elements in the cluster exclusively target the balcony, and the four lower elements cover the remainder of the theatre. Three SUB 9004-A active 18-inch subwoofers were configured in L-R stacks providing sound at lower frequencies. All control and monitoring of the system is carried out from the sound engineer's booth using RDNet protocol.
The new HDL 28-A provided a higher sound pressure level, higher index of intelligibility, perfect coverage, and ease of remote control in realtime through RDNet software.

het-rad-van-fortuin2PWL calls on Chauvet for Wheel of Fortune
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Belgium - The Belgian edition of Wheel of Fortune (Het Rad van Fortuin), first appeared in 1976, only a year after its American counterpart debuted.
Like all long-running success stories, the Wheel of Fortune franchise has survived thanks to its ability to adapt and change, a quality that has enabled it to appeal to new generations of fans without losing their parents. This renewal process was very much in evidence in the 2020 edition of the Belgian show, which featured a sleek new set designed by Deusjevoo.
Accentuating this set and endowing with extra vibrancy and depth was a lighting and video design by Painting With Light that featured an extensive collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Splendit, including the EPIX Strip IP, Maverick MK3 Profile, Maverick MK2 Profile, Rogue R2X Wash, Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal, COLORado Panel Q40 and COLORdash Batten-Quad 12.
This is the first season of Wheel of Fortune that has been produced in Belgium by SBS, and the broadcaster wanted to distinguish its rendition of the legendary show by giving it stand out looks that combined modern elegance and style with a relaxed, welcoming feel.
Painting with Light took “a theatrical approach” to this project by creating a series of pleasing visual ‘big pictures’ that stood out on their own while also encompassing the overall coziness. Luc Peumans, CEO of Painting with Light, and his team worked closely with C-Mine neighbour Dries Hermans and art director Lieven van Overbeke over an intense six-week period to create th

isl-season202GLP Fusion in the swim in Budapest
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Hungary Production designer Frédéric ‘Aldo’ Fayard (of Concept K) deployed Fusion by GLP FS20 Sticks for the first time when lighting the recent ISL (International Swimming League) event in Budapest.
Born from the initiative of Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Grigorishin, the event features 10 teams of 28 swimmers, who take part in a knockout competition, culminating in two semi-finals and a final. Held inside a sanitary bubble, the audience-free occasion was one of the biggest sporting events in the world this year and was broadcast on CBS in the US and BeIN Sport among others.
From a lighting perspective, Fayard had to ensure this high-profile international competition, where several world records were broken, still retained its entertainment value in the absence of an audience.
The LD founded Concept K 23 years ago, mainly for touring and classical events. With up to 15 designers and programmers working for it over the years it has become a forerunner in its field in France.
He joined forces with Antoine D'Halluin, projects director at PRG, on the set and scenographic design, as the event’s production team sought their expertise. The two men have been frequent collaborators over the years and Fayard remarked that “for this type of project there is no precedent, so everything had to be invented. The fact that there was zero audience added difficulty to the equation, as did meeting the strict requirements of broadcast, an omnipresent Augmented Reality, and of course all the requirements linked to the obligations of a world-class

bromptonpixomondonew-vp-studio-toronto3Brompton helps PXO push the boundaries
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Canada - With its network of studios spanning the world, from the United States to Europe and Asia, Pixomondo (PXO) works extensively as a VFX house. The company has worked on award-winning TV productions such as Raised By Wolves, Perry Mason, Westworld and Star Trek: Discovery, as well as co-produced and provided the VFX for Roland Emmerich's feature film, Midway, and is now working on the filmmaker's upcoming Moonfall.
PXO has just finished building one of the world’s largest Virtual Production (VP) studios in Toronto, with Brompton Technology as part of the network of tech partners that PXO has teamed up with on the new facility.
“Beyond the prerequisites for a LED processor geared towards Virtual Production, Brompton has shown that it is heavily invested in innovation with a strong focus on quality, which perfectly aligns with Pixomondo's own values,” says Josh Kerekes, virtual production supervisor at PXO.
Kerekes explains that VP has been on PXO’s radar for quite some time. “Having been fortunate enough to be part of projects involving Virtual Production in the past couple of years, Pixomondo got an early insight into this rapidly changing industry. Moving a traditional pipeline into real-time can be challenging, but thanks to key partners such as Brompton, it has been a smooth and natural extension of our business,” he adds.
“We are tremendously excited with our new state-of-the-art virtual production facility in Toronto, which has just been completed. The team at Brompton has bee

morton-arboretum-202022Lightswitch redesigns arboretum illumination
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

USA - For The Morton Arboretum, the idea of not running Illumination this past holiday season was not an option, says Lightswitch principal John Featherstone about the popular wintertime lighting display in Lisle, Illinois. Illumination continues to shine through after being redesigned for a drive-thru experience using additional Elation luminaires, the eighth year for the project.
“It’s about a partnership between a remarkable institution, and an industry full of incredibly creative, hard-working and motivated people who are still passionate about delivering remarkable experiences to an entertainment-starved public and bringing relief to people,” says Featherstone. “The motivating force behind why the Arboretum decided to pivot Illumination to a driving experience was not only to ensure guest safety in the middle of a pandemic, but also because we all felt there was something we owed the local community.
“For seven years, we've asked the guests of the Chicago area to come to the Arboretum and we felt a responsibility to honour that. This has been a year of ‘no’s’ and it would have been easy for the Arboretum to have skipped this year, but we wanted to deliver something to the people of Chicagoland that was a ‘yes’.”
The new driving experience includes favourite lighting displays re-envisioned along with six newly designed sights displayed along a two-mile road among the Arboretum's magnificent trees. Guests immerse themselves in magical woodlands and landscapes filled with dramatic lighting and colour-changin

enchantedShowtec lights Knowsley Christmas trail
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

UK - Knowsley Safari Park, just outside of Liverpool lets you see baboons, prides of lions and much more. This year they organised Enchanted, a foot safari which comes alive as the sun sets. You can enjoy the safari after dark as the whole path is lit with magical lights which guides you through the enchanted trail.
Stage Management Company installed the lights for this project. They used Showtec Spectral M800 Q4 IP65 spots. Additionally they deployed Showtec Cameleon flood and Showtec Cameleon bar 24/3, both very powerful fixtures. The Showtec Festoon string was used as well, which has a length of 15m with 20 pixels. Each pixel can be controlled individually with the dedicated Festoon controller.
Completing the setting were the Infinity iW-1915 fixtures, where LEDs are divided in five controllable sections allowing for rich colour flows and creative patterns. For controlling all these fixtures they used eight units of Showtec TR-512 DMX trigger/recorder, which can trigger any lightshow or scene in a simple way.

ola-onabue-and-band1Ola Onabulé livestreams with Sennheiser
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

UK - A recording studio veteran and ardent user of Sennheiser and Neumann microphones, Ola Onabulé has been streaming regular live music performances from his home studio close to London for the past few months. With a career in music recording of over two decades, and having performed at some of world’s most prestigious jazz festivals and concert halls, Onabulé’s name is synonymous with jazz excellence and his deep passion for music technology.
When the pandemic started, Onabulé’s first reaction was consternation. “I’d evolved a culture of doing gigs internationally over many years. Most of my shows involved getting on a plane and going to a foreign country where I’d stay for a few days before moving on to the next destination. The pandemic created complete and absolute chaos for this way of working and panic set in,” he shares.
“A good friend in Mexico said I should do live streaming,” reminisces Onabulé. “I remember asking him, ‘what’s live streaming?’. It didn’t even seep into my consciousness as a viable option at the time as I wasn’t sure how good it would be with my less than perfect internet connection and rudimentary sense of what could be achieved.”
After seeing examples of live streams, which production-wise sounded very modest, Onabulé knew he wanted to do things very differently and he threw himself into researching what equipment he would need to start his own live stream.
As things progressed, Onabulé realised that live streams were essentially gigs that could be captured. “And that was th

nexoNexo arrays installed in Atomy’s Korean HQ
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

South Korea - Nexo’s installation business has started the new year with good news from South Korea, where the company’s distributor A-Works prosound has delivered an installation project for a new auditorium, owned by the billion-dollar network marketing company Atomy.
Following a four-way shoot-out competition last summer, A-Works won the contract with its demonstration of a Nexo Geo M12 mid-size line array system, paired with MSUB18 subs, and extended by a sizeable delay system using Nexo’s super-compact ID24 point source cabinets.
The auditorium is located at Atomy HQ in Gongju, and is used for mini-concerts, education, internal events and the Atomy Corporation’s annual awards ceremony. The Geo M12 fits ATOMY’s purposes, specified with eight-module arrays left and right, and a three-module hang in the centre. Twelve of the powerful 18” MSUB bass units are flown above the centre of the stage. Four ID24 compact cabinets provide near-fill, mounted underneath the stage.
Around the auditorium, a total of 34 ID24s, in white, comprise the delay system. For stage monitoring, A-works has chosen Nexo’s new P12 point source speakers. The whole system is driven by NXAMP4x4Mk2 amplifiers.
All system design was completed using Nexo’s NS-1 proprietary modelling and simulation software by Jinhee Kim from A-works prosound. Regular Geo M12 production company user PLAN24 was there to mastermind the winning demonstration system at the shootout, which was tuned by Mr. So-Yong Lee, engineer from Prof. Sound Korea. Coordination of the demo and th

3dme-iemASI Audio adds Bluetooth control to 3DME
Tuesday, 19 January 2021

USA - ASI Audio x Sensaphonics has announced the imminent release of the upgraded version of its flagship 3DME Music Enhancement system. The new version will incorporate Bluetooth connectivity for the included ASI Audio App, enabling set-up and control via any current iOS or Android device. The core 3DME system remains unchanged, using patented Active Ambient technology to give the user natural room sound from their monitor mix, their bandmates, and the audience.
The 3DME Music Enhancement IEM System consists of a bodypack mixer/controller and Active Ambient earphones. This new Bluetooth version allows users to pair any common portable device with the 3DME bodypack mixer for untethered adjustment of the system’s 7-band stereo EQ and limiter threshold via the free ASI Audio app. The app also offers access to an Audio Seal Test to confirm perfect IEM fit and allows the saving and recall of User Presets to ensure repeat access to preferred sound signatures.
“By adding Bluetooth control for both iOS and Android devices, 3DME has added ease of operation to its unmatched flexibility,” notes ASI Audio VP of marketing Evan MacKenzie. “We’re very excited to see our full vision for this product come to fruition, and without raising the price. In addition to an enhanced monitor mix, you hear your bandmates and audience in a soundstage of your choosing.”
The system comes with universal-fit Active Ambient in-ear monitors with an embedded binaural miking system. In operation, after locking in the preferred EQ and limiter settings, up/down switches on

robe-christmas-showStreaming home for Christmas in Belgium
Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Belgium - Theatrical musical producers Deep Bridge created a special streamed Home Edition version of their 2020 Christmas Show, with appearances and special Christmas collaborations from a host of celebrities and music stars, all presenting different festive musical moments.
The event was recorded over three days at Deep Bridge’s HQ in Antwerp with lighting designed by David Smeets of event design and production company The Creative Factory, (TCF) based in Meerhout.
David specified Robe moving lights including T1 Profiles, Spiiders, LEDBeam 150s, Tertra2 LED bars and BMFL WashBeams, all of which were supplied by rental company L&L Stage Services.
The artist line up included a star-studded cast of Belgian singing and dancing talent.
The challenges of the project included a tight turnaround time – just 10 days from when the idea germinated to the stream being recorded across 10 different locations at the Deep Bridge HQ including offices, dressing rooms, corridors, and foyers as well as their dance studio and rehearsal room and outside the building.
That meant that any lighting kit must be portable, versatile, low power and – for the exterior scenes – able to deal with a bit of wind and rain.
Deep Bridge’s 15-piece house band was used for backing all the vocalists. For logistical reasons and for Covid-compliance – which restricted the amount of people allowed in the building and in the filming areas at any one time – these tracks were pre-recorded in the studio, with the singers then going live-to-track p

hubFIX8Group’s The Hub hosts Ruroc ad shoot
Monday, 18 January 2021

UK - FIX8Group’s virtual events, broadcast and connectivity centre The Hub was recently transformed into an advertising shoot film studio for extreme sports outfitter, Ruroc.
Music video production company Swords and Eagles, and music video director KC Locke, worked closed with FIX8Group to develop The Hub to reflect the narrative of the promo film.
Within The Hub, the studio space's 12m x 4m, 2.6mm pixel pitch LED screen was used as the main visuals backdrop for the shoot, offering more than 4K resolution. FIX8group’s tech team showcased the screen’s agility and flexibility as scenes were changed instantly to promote Ruroc’s range of motorsport and snow sports headgear.
Special effects including pyrotechnics and innovative lighting techniques were used to create an optimum environment for the story to unfold. As part of the shoot, ‘intruders’ dressed in black combat fatigues and equipped with laser-guided imitation firearms added to the excitement of the filming.
“We were thrilled to see The Hub being used in a completely new way,” says FIX8Group’s MD, Mark Porter. “The shoot drew on many of The Hub’s strengths: super hi-res screens which are able to create immersive 3D environments, a well-equipped lighting rig, and a customisable space which can be adapted to fully suit the client’s needs. The attitude to COVID-safe working practices was demonstrated at all times in a very professional manner.
“We created The Hub to be a robust, secure and dynamic technical environment where filming solutions are ‘practical

nataleEclCyclorama 100 lights Concerto di Natale
Monday, 18 January 2021

Italy - The annual musical event Concerto di Natale has taken place once again, gathering international pop, rock, soul, gospel and opera voices and broadcast on Canale 5 on Christmas Eve.
The 28th edition took place at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome. Show designer Francesco De Cave was responsible for the lighting, adding to his portfolio of working with artists like Laura Pausini, Elisa, and many TV Shows, including previous editions to this one.
The Italian lighting designer chose Prolights EclCyclorama 100 for this year's Christmas Concert: “I needed a fixture that could light the faces of our artists on stage from below. The EclCyclorama 100 has proven to be an excellent product for lighting backdrops and to make fine adjustments to the picture seen on-camera,” said Francesco.
He added: “The 80º x 40º of angle provided by the Cyc was perfect for this role. I can identify three important features that this product has: the field spread, the perfect dimming and, finally, the great colours obtained through its RGB+WW source.”
The EclCyclorama 100 has been proving increasingly popular for TV shows, thanks to its low-profile form factor and level of brightness. The fixture is also broadcast friendly and includes a high CRI value.

the-other-sideChamSys in control on The Other Side
Monday, 18 January 2021

France - Released on New Year’s Eve, Jean Michel Jarre’s virtual reality show, Welcome To The Other Side, is ‘a mind-expanding experience’ that garnered 900,000 views on YouTube within a week of its release and, according to Sony Music International, over 75m views on all outlets (Facebook, VRC, Weibo, Tik Tok). The work mixes high-tech sights and sounds around a reimagined (and virtual) nine-centuries-old Notre Dame cathedral.
During its 55-minute run time, conceived to celebrate the arrival of 2021 in the French capital, animated geometric forms rise and fall within the historic church’s nave, keyboard instruments melt with colour, brilliant light patterns run up stone columns to play off stained glass windows.
Moving seamlessly with Jarre’s music in Welcome To The Other Side is a multifarious lightshow created by Jvan Morandi of Placing Shadows using his ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console as the starting point to merge show business with game engine workflows. Run along triggered timelines within the Unity game engine, the lightshow is divided into two parts: interior stage element and architecture: sequences created via the ChamSys but then run directly by the Unity engine a series of exterior architectural sequences, involving lights and lasers aa well as camera moves played back via the lighting desk thought ArtNet and software.
“We programmed the cues with a ChamSys MQ80 in my studio,” notes Morandi. “All the cue lists come from ChamSys and were translated into a set of Unity animation triggers on a timeline. When I s

clf-lighting-electric-fireworksLarge CLF line-up for Electric Fireworks show
Monday, 18 January 2021

The Netherlands - Over 500 CLF fixtures were part of the first Electric Fireworks NYE show in the Amsterdam ArenA.
Selected because of their power and punch, Poseidon and Aorun beams took care of the aerial effects. LEDbar PRO and Ares fixtures were added to create blinding firework effects. 4Light Showprojects and Dutch7 were in charge of the technical production.
Lighting was designed and programmed by LD Company. During load-in, the roof of the ArenA had to be open all the time. Therefore, fixtures with an IP65 rating were preferred. Ronnie Santegoeds (4Light Showprojects) explains: “Initially we planned an outdoor event. That’s why we started the preparation process with a big fixture shoot-out, based on projection at 50m and beam intensity. The CLF Poseidon Beam was chosen to feature the circle shaped structures which resemble fireworks.”
The firework structures also included LEDbar PRO and Ares fixtures. “We used these fixtures for the most powerful part of the fireworks - launching and exploding. Due to their output, the LEDbar PRO and Ares were ideal to emphasize these accents,” comments Santegoeds. One hundred and eighty linearly lined up Aorun Beam fixtures completed the scene.

heights-baptist1Heights Baptist gets immersive with Chauvet
Friday, 15 January 2021

USA - This year, when The Heights Baptist added a 12-minute video to its socially distant Christmas Eve service, the Dallas church’s creative team had a critical goal in mind. “We didn’t want people to feel like they were watching a video,” opens technical director Zach Carnefix. “Our intent was to make them feel immersed, as if they were in the midst of the events the video was portraying.”
To create this sense of engagement, the church accompanied its video with live music, pre-recorded voiceovers, and a dramatic lighting display that featured Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash fixtures supplied by B&L Sound and Lighting.
“Our video was divided into two sections,” says Carnefix. “The first, called ‘400 Years of Silence’, covered the time before the birth of Christ, while the second, ‘The Arrival’ is centred on the nativity. Lighting played a key role in setting the scene for the video segment of our service. This was especially true at the start of The Arrival, when we flooded the room with light from 12 R2 Washes positioned around the front row of the balcony aimed at the backs of the seats on the house level.”
Immersing the room with light during The Arrival without blinding people in the audience or distracting from the video itself was a challenge. However, Carnefix and his team were able to accomplish this feat by positioning the Rogue R2 Wash units along with some strobe lights in the back of the house and maintaining low light angles.
“We were very happy with our decision to dump light in the room fro


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