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slovenian-national-tv3ChamSys enables ‘mesmerizing’ RTV design
Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Slovenia - The marriage between lighting and set design is never far from Crt Birsa’s mind. Only when light absorbs itself completely in its surroundings, can it exert its full power to transform. This is always true, he believes, but especially so when lighting television productions, where the limited and less forgiving eye of the camera replaces live human vision.
“In TV shows lighting has to walk hand in hand with set design,” he said. “There must be tight collaboration between the lighting and set designers for the total design to reach the level of perfection that the camera demands.”
Birsa and his frequent collaborator set designer Greta Godnic achieved this level, and then some, for a NYE special run by Slovenian National Television (RTV) in its famed Studio 1. Powering his five universe show with a ChamSys MagicQ MQ80, he wove light from 101 fixtures (not counting key lights) so tightly around the set’s myriad crystalline structures that they fused into a single spectacular vista that mesmerized from every camera angle.
“On TV projects I usually work with Greta,” he said. “We make most of the things together. There is my input on her set designs, and there is her input on my lighting designs, so we can’t really say who did what. When building the set design, we are already thinking where to put the lights and where to leave space.
“In this project, the geometric structures represented ice spikes or crystals, and were made from semi-transparent plastic material," continued Birsa. The crystals were meant to be lit

ayrtonLiberty University adds Ayrton Khamsin-S fixtures
Wednesday, 17 February 2021

USA - Liberty University has invested in a complement of 20 Ayrton Khamsin-S LED profile luminaires for the new Liberty Arena on the Lynchburg, Virginia campus.
Liberty Arena seats 4,500 spectators and is the home of the university’s men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball teams whose games are broadcast on ESPN+. Liberty University previously purchased Ayrton Mistral fixtures for a multi-use event space, which hosts a wide array of entertainment programs and gatherings.
“We wanted bright LED fixtures that would really pop and enhance the fan experience in our new dedicated sports arena,” says Amy Caun, lighting director and Tier 2 production technician in Liberty’s Event Production department.
Designed for scenic applications, the Khamsin-S is equipped with a new LED module delivering powerful metallic white light with a record-breaking output of 40,000 lumens and a colour temperature of 6500K.
“We like to stay with one product line, and ACT Lighting arranged a shoot-out with Khamsin and another Ayrton fixture,” she explains. “We were really impressed with Khamsin’s design, how sleek and compact it is for such a powerful fixture. Khamsin also had great saturated colours, and, being an LED fixture, we don’t have to worry about lamp life.”
In addition to the Khamsin-S fixtures, the new arena boasts a Daktronics centre video board stanchion display, court table and 360 degree video ribbon display plus four 4K laser projectors for court projection, all of which play a role in creating an immersive fan experience

panasonicPanasonic maps Stockholm’s Stadshuset
Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Sweden - Panasonic projectors helped celebrate man’s understanding of Space with over 100,000 visitors seeing the spectacular projection mapping onto Stockholm’s City Hall (Stadshuset) as part of the Nobel Week Lights festival.
The installation is one of the largest video mapping projects ever seen in the city. The event celebrated the 2020 Nobel Prize in Stockholm with lighting installations created around the city inspired by Nobel laureate discoveries.
The creative result was SPACE, designed by Andreas Skärberg and produced by PXLFLD studios. The content is a 16-minute projection mapped, animated art installation celebrating amazing advances in space physics.
PXLFLD called on its partners Lumination of Sweden and Creative Technology, which specialises in advanced technical solutions for the live events and broadcast industry, to help make the vision become reality. The team deployed a total of 30 Panasonic PT-RQ22K and PT-RZ21K projectors for the display.
“We needed a laser-based projector that was easy to line up around all the sharp edges but also for the improved colour and contrast,” explained Johan Törnström, at Creative Technology. “It was also important that the projectors were compact and easy to set-up in the restricted space.” Johan added that the reliable Panasonic laser architecture was the single most important projector feature, as the installation ran over 12 days with many of the arrays were installed in portrait mode.
The Panasonic PT-RQ22K and PTRZ21K 20,000lm projectors combine 3-Chip DLP imaging wit

ruby-stageChauvet shines on Squeek’s Ruby Stage
Tuesday, 16 February 2021

USA - Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, Squeek Lights owner Victor Zeiser converted the Ruby Stage at his company’s Middlesex. NJ facility into a performance space for livestreams and video productions.
Rigged with Chauvet Professional Rogue BeamWash fixtures, the new studio was well-received, attracting name bands like Motionless in White and The Wonder Years, in addition to hosting the chart-topping trio AJR for their Biden Presidential Inauguration, as well as their appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden.
While most people at his improvised studio were watching the performers on stage, Zeiser was focusing his attention on LDs like Mike Null (Motionless in White) and Ezra Donellan (AJR) and their crews as they worked cameras and light to make these productions click. His observations led him to shake things up at his successful Ruby Stage this February, even though it was less than one year old.
“Everyone who used the space was really happy with their experience, but we've watched how people worked within the space and learned what we can do better,” said Zeiser. “We watched how LDs have cued with the rig and after taking months of notes decided to mix up the space with a more sleekly designed new rig, which will look great on camera.”
A top priority for Zeiser and his team was to add depth to their studio space. “On more than one occasion, we'd see a camera guy taking a shot from inside our office door to gain a better angle,” he said. “So, we decided to create a new design that would allow us to pu

robe-beacon-jamsRobe joins The Beacon Jams
Tuesday, 16 February 2021

USA - The Beacon Jams were a successful eight-week ‘virtual residency’ presented by guitarist and singer-songwriter Trey Anastasio (AKA lead singer of Phish) and MSG Entertainment in New York City’s Beacon Theatre.
The shows were live-streamed free on Twitch at 8pm every Friday through October and November 2020.
The artist played with varied arrangements of his Trey Anastasio Band (TAB), adding and changing line-ups and special guests each week, offering a dynamic mix of live music and interactive entertainment. With up to 12 musicians onstage and the challenge of playing live with no audience in such a famous venue, production and lighting designer Marc Janowitz from E26 Design thought out of the box.
His mission was to adapt and redirect the visual drama and ambience that usually accompany a 3,000 strong live audience as well as light all the performers slickly and efficiently for TV, a task achieved with style, panache and the help of almost 200 Robe moving lights and LED fixtures.
Once The Beacon Jams concept was established, Marc – who has designed Trey Anastasio’s live, solo, and acoustic projects for nine years – and camera director Trey Kerr landed on the idea of flipping the room with Trey standing in his usual front / lead position, but with his back to the auditorium and the band fanning out around him. The onstage area then became a backstage / studio workspace.
Various ground support structures were built, stands were adapted, and some custom solutions created.
“We crafted a bespoke space rather than p

12stone-churchMeyer Sound Leopards power Georgia church
Monday, 15 February 2021

USA - 12Stone Church, a thriving multi-site congregation serving the Atlanta metro area, is radically rethinking worship for not only the COVID-19 crisis but also into the post-pandemic era. The church’s innovative ‘12Stone Home’ initiative is a creative fusion of remote streaming and in-person worship, with the dynamic power and flexibility of a new Meyer Sound Leopard reinforcement system playing a key role in the success of the concept.
The new system is flown inside the main worship auditorium at 12Stone’s Sugarloaf campus, where a rapid renovation last summer reconfigured the 900-capacity room to serve as a hybrid combination of live worship space and video production studio. With the old point-source system already slated for replacement, a new Leopard-based solution was the odds-on favourite as Leopard arrays already had been installed at four other 12Stone campuses.
“We went with Leopard because we’re so accustomed to it,” says Taylor Davis, production director for the church. “It’s part of our audio DNA at this point. But for this new ministry, it also gives us extraordinary flexibility. We have enough Leopard elements and subwoofers to change the room to in-the-round with four arrays. It makes us very nimble, so we can work in any room configuration. In fact, all the production in here is touring-style, with portable decking so we can turn the room or put the stage at centre.”
In its current iteration, the room has three distinct areas, with a cafe teaching environment on one side, a performance area centre, and a livin

netflixProtones calls on Chauvet Professional for Hype
Monday, 15 February 2021

Germany - Built in 1908, the Laeiszhalle concert hall in Hamburg enchants visitors with architectural features, such as the towering organ integrated into the back wall of its stage. This made the historic venue an appropriate setting for Hype, an on-demand Netflix production by and about the award-winning comedian and author Felix Lobrecht.
No stranger to German fans, Lobrecht has rapidly risen to become one of the country’s most sought-after stand-up comedians as a result of his television shows and books. Following his first live tour, the highly successful kenn ick, he launched Hype in early 2020.
The appearance at Laeiszhalle was a stop on the Hype tour. As things turned out, it also wound up being the site of his stand-up special on Netflix, which was published on the streaming service in November 2020. Supporting this recorded performance was setting created by the Protones team from Lüneburg, and a lighting design by Alex Schmidt that featured over 75 Chauvet Professional fixtures.
Led by project manager Niklas Martin, the Protones team took care to accentuate the extraordinary setting of this location, not only for the limited socially distant live audience, but also for those who would watch the on-demand production audience at home. Working with Schmidt, the Protones team created a look that supported the artist on stage, while also emphasized the remarkable ambience of the hall, an aspect of the production that was important to Felix Lobrecht himself.
"Our instruction from the client was indeed very specific

astera-we-are-oneAstera adds atmosphere to Field of Dreams
Monday, 15 February 2021

Australia - Lighting designer Hugh Taranto lit a vibrant array of artists performing on the Sydney Stage for the 2020-21 Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)’s New Year’s Eve broadcast. The high-profile event culminated in a pyro spectacular fired off the Sydney Harbour Bridge, stretching right across the harbour and watched by millions across Australia and worldwide.
This year, the event was named We Are One following 12 gruelling months that started with raging bushfires and ended with the ongoing pandemic. As the date neared, the tough decision was taken to go ahead without a live audience, due to general Coronavirus concerns, then a fast-spreading local cluster developing in the days immediately prior meant that even plans for a limited capacity ‘local hero’ audience – nominated by communities – had to be dropped.
Wanting to fill the gap immediately in front of the stage with some sort of atmospheric element that would look good on camera, Hugh and the team from lighting vendor Chameleon Touring Systems proposed 56 x vertical Astera Titan Tubes, set up to create an interesting and dynamic “immersive light display” later dubbed ‘The Field of Dreams’ by the producers.
This inventive visual solution had to compliment and work harmoniously with both the stage lighting rig designed by Hugh, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge illuminations designed by Ziggy Ziegler.
Underlining the symbolic importance of this year’s roll over, for the first time ever the broadcast was split between ‘live’ stages in Sydney and Mel

robe-idols-saRobe on song for Idols South Africa
Monday, 15 February 2021

South Africa - In Pretoria, the State Theatre’s 640-seat Drama Stage hosted the rounds and finale of the 2020 Idols SA, complete with a lighting design by Joshua Cutts of Visual Frontier and technical production delivered by Dream Sets for SIC Entertainment. This sixteenth series was directed by Gavin Wratten.
While the show would normally decamp to the 3000-capacity Carnival City Big Top Arena in Johannesburg for the finale, this year everything remained at the State Theatre, and while accommodating a strictly limited audience of 250, the visual elements of the production were also expanded to add some serious WOW factors!
Like any LD asked to add more lights, Josh jumped at the chance to seriously pimp up the rig with an additional 120 Robe moving lights for the finale which was broadcast live on the Mzansi Magic CH 161 on DSTV as usual.
Josh has lit the finals – where the last 10 contestants are whittled down to two – for the last 10 seasons, so part of his 11th edition challenge was to make it dramatically different from before. Then, without the move to the larger venue, his key task was to create a signature visuality for the finale and help ensure that fans watching would still enjoy a great value experience.
In addition to the house band which had been present through the series under the musical direction of Kurt Herman, Tima Reece and Llewellyn George, an array of aerial performers were also added for the finale, giving Josh some extra interesting elements to light.
The Idols Live Show rig – which fea

pliant-uvalde-opera-houseUvalde Grans Opera upgrades with Pliant
Friday, 12 February 2021

USA - When Caitlin Visel joined Uvalde Grand Opera House as manager in September 2019, she was immediately tasked with replacing the nearly 40-year old wired intercom system. As the second oldest theatre in Texas, Visel needed to find a comms system that would cover the entire building with its thick, concrete walls.
When she realised that repairing the outdated system was beyond her budget, she began the search for a replacement. Through some online research, Visel was immediately intrigued by Pliant Technologies’ MicroCom M digital wireless intercom system.
“I was instantly drawn to Pliant’s intercom offerings for its wireless capabilities,” says Visel. “Having a wireless intercom system has been a massive benefit as we can communicate with staff members throughout the entire building. Whether they’re with talent backstage, in the lobby collecting tickets or behind the bar making drinks, everyone can communicate seamlessly. Also, the affordability of the MicroCom M intercom helped to make Pliant the obvious choice for us.”
In addition to its wireless capabilities, the range of the MicroCom M system is a standout feature for the theatre. “When I first began my search for a new intercom, I was worried that it would be difficult to find a system that could function throughout the building as there are obstructions, solid walls and high ceilings,” explains Visel. “During an onsite demo of the system, I was blown away by its extensive range. With MicroCom M, we’re able to communicate from all ends of the building without losing t

mallADJ moving heads high light Danish Mall
Friday, 12 February 2021

Denmark - A Copenhagen shopping centre has installed 30 ADJ LED-powered moving head fixtures to provide a flexible lighting system that can be used both for special events and general ambient looks. Mounted to the high ceiling of the mall’s large atrium, which allows their beams to reach all across the main space, the fixtures have proved to be a big hit with the centre’s management who love the versatility that the system provides.
Located in Taaastrup, a suburb of the Danish capital city, CITY2 is a large shopping destination that also incorporates an ice-skating rink and nine-screen movie theatre. Originally opened in 1975, it was one of the first modern shopping centres in Europe, inspired by the popularity of the ‘everything under one roof’ malls of the United States. Despite its long history, CITY2 is continuously being updated and renovated, with the latest of these projects involving the installation of a lighting system to enhance special events and promotions.
The company responsible for designing and installing the new system, as well as supplying the ADJ fixtures, was SoundStoreXL, based in Aarhus. Six years ago, Kim Birk joined SoundStoreXL as sales manager in order to establish a new installation division. Kim is a qualified electrician with more than 20 years of experience in the sound and lighting industry. Starting with small projects for shops, restaurants and nightclubs, this part of the business has now also grown to supply larger venues such as the CITY2 shopping centre.
“When I met with the CITY2’s management,” ex

saatchiPRG and Saatchi Gallery open streaming studio
Friday, 12 February 2021

UK - PRG has joined forces with the Saatchi Gallery in the heart of West London to create Saatchi Studios – a flexible, COVID-secure space, suitable for recording, streaming or basing virtual and hybrid events.
John Montague, director of corporate and events said, “We’ve had an incredible long-standing relationship with the Saatchi Gallery, and it’s been a pleasure to work alongside them once again to develop Saatchi Studios. We had our first client in the studio last week and it has been great to be back on site. The team and I cannot wait to continue this journey and are excited about the upcoming bookings for this month.”
PRG has created a studio package which includes bespoke backdrops (including a variety of LED walls), the latest robotic and manned cameras, professional lighting and secure, managed and uncontended internet access as standard. Basic sets or mini studio environments are also possible and easy to implement with direct freight lift access as well as rigging overhead.
There is also a digital studio being built in PRG’s Covent Garden Offices with a full VMix suite.
Stefaan Michels, director of music (video) said, “We have been seeing an increased demand for VMix and with a building which is currently underutilised and with the majority of the infrastructure already in place, it was no brainer.”

annie-in-the-waterMavericks across Annie In The Water
Friday, 12 February 2021

USA - The Palace Theatre in Albany, NY, is Christine Whelan Sharp’s favourite venue to light in and not just for its graceful Art Deco architecture with its gleaming exterior and stylized accents. Nor is it for the theatre’s rich 91-year history that has seen the likes of Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones grace its stage.
What Sharp especially likes about this venue is the sense of intimacy performers and crew feel with the crowd. So, it took some getting used to when she stepped inside the Palace on 15 January to light a livestream show by rockers Annie In The Water before 2,900 empty seats.
“It was a different kind of feeling working that theatre when it was empty,” said Sharp of High Peaks Presents. “We had the band facing upstage during the livestream, so the downstage apron was really the back of our stage and the empty seats were the backdrop.”
Sharp worked this configuration to the advantage of her design by using six Maverick MK1 Hybrid fixtures from High Peaks’ own inventory to create an arc of light behind the band. Positioning the 440-watt spot-beam fixtures in a curved line behind the band and intersplicing them with RGB linear fixtures, she framed the group in a colourful glow.
The arc of colour from Sharp’s floor package played off nicely against the overhead house lights, which were set a low intensity, and the evocative video images from Frankie Cavone and Mirth Films. This allowed just enough of the empty theatre to be picked up by the camera to give the livestream a deep, redolent look that accentuated

st-johnsShure powers sound at ‘cathedral of creativity’
Friday, 12 February 2021

UK - Shure is the sound system of choice for a multi-million pound restoration project at St John at Hackney Church. The project was supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund in collaboration with designer John Pawson (Abbey of our Lady of Nový Dvůr/Design Museum), visual artist Es Devlin and architects Thomas Ford & Partners.
A noted landmark, St John at Hackney Church was established in 1275 and has been part of the East London community ever since. A church in the traditional sense, since 2010 has welcomed major artists such as Robbie Williams, Florence Welch, Jamie XX, Benjamin Clementine, Bloc Party, Ed Sheeran and Emeli Sandé. As a Music Venue’s Trust and Independent Venue Week affiliated venue, Hackney Church looks forward to hosting some of the world’s finest creators and innovators whilst supporting local artistic endeavour in its Grade II* listed building.
The aim of this project was to create one of London’s premium live event spaces: a ‘Cathedral of Creativity’. The demands of this ambition, combined with working in a historic listed building, created an environment for a challenging installation.
Ben Musson, production manager, comments: “The Shure brand has been synonymous with pro audio for the last 50 years. I had used the Shure ULXD previous and had found it really reliable, and easy to work with. When we had the first tender doc come through from our consultants, Shure was right there on it, and no one felt the slightest need to change it.”
Ben continues: “Having previously used ULXD, the Axient

l-acousticsPresidential role for Contour XO in-ear headphones
Friday, 12 February 2021

USA/Europe - While the live music scene has been on pause for the past year, two live sound innovators, Dr. Christian Heil, president and founder of L-Acoustics, and Jerry Harvey, president and founder of JH Audio, came up with the idea to combine their technologies into Contour XO in-ear headphones.
Following an initial meeting in which Jerry Harvey travelled to Paris to meet Christian Heil, the two companies’ teams collaborated remotely to build Contour XO, which incorporates the massive L-Acoustics line array sound into JH Audio's multi-driver portable in-ear monitors (IEMs).
The design of Contour XO incorporates 10 drivers and covers the full frequency spectrum down to 10Hz. They also feature bass adjustment of up to 15 dB so you can control how much low end you need.
Contour XO was given a crucial role at the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden and Vice President, Kamala Harris.
With over 30m people watching in the US alone on 20January 2021, Lady Gaga delivered a moving performance of the US National Anthem.
Chris Rabold, live engineer for Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé, represented Gaga at the mixing console as she serenaded millions of viewers. While mixing and monitoring the broadcast feed, Chris Rabold relied upon Contour XO to deliver detailed, clear sound. Rabold comments, "I’m glad my Contour XO in-ear monitors came along for the momentous occasion and served as my mix reference."
The performers themselves sparkled in customized JH Audio IEMs. Lady Gaga wore an opulent gold set

eaw-at-the-stilleryEAW RSX delivers flexibility for The Stillery
Thursday, 11 February 2021

USA - The Stillery, a Nashville-based restaurant and live music venue, recently expanded its concept with a new location in Chandler, Arizona. Co-owner Steve Kovach turned to Backstage Backyards, an exterior design and installation company, to design, integrate and install the venue’s stage and sound system. Backstage Backyards was created by music industry veteran Joe Denim to employ music industry touring professionals who are out of work due to the pandemic.
Denim working alongside Jim Brentlinger selected the RSX Series PA system from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) for this project. The main goal was to ensure that the space had even coverage at lower volumes during the dinner rush with the ability to crank up the system later in the night and for special events.
“The space has a low ceiling with a raised stage so we needed a compact array that could deliver equal coverage at all volumes, for a reasonable price,” says Brentlinger. “It has long been my opinion that there is no one “best” in the audio world. Rather, it is all application specific. For this project, we felt that the EAW RSX Series paired with the Midas M32 digital console was the best fit.”
The EAW gear list included eight RSX208L 3-way Self-powered Loudspeakers (four per side), three RSX218 Dual 18-inch Subwoofers, two RSX129 2-way Self-powered Loudspeakers and two CIS400 flush-mount ceiling speakers for the bathrooms. The system was designed in a mono block subwoofer array with a slight arc to cover the room without overpowering the staff at the bar area.

evokeEvoke and disguise partner with Siemens
Thursday, 11 February 2021

UK - Multinational giant Siemens partnered with Evoke Studios and disguise to host 8,000 customers from 90 countries at their Digital Enterprise SPS Dialog. The event offered customers engaging virtual content and introduced the new Siemens virtual showroom which showcased innovative 3D visualisations and tours using disguise xR.
The disguise xR workflow, implemented by Evoke Studios, powered the virtual showroom, which featured 56 exhibits in 12 topic areas, more than 130 product presentations and three real factory showcases. In addition, there were 21 stage presentations with 38 top-level industry speakers. A total of 8,000 customers from 90 countries connected to the event.
During five weeks of production Evoke Studios were charged with providing a high-end xR platform to help provide engaging content for the virtual showroom, allowing clients to interact with individual topics and solutions of their choice. Optionally, customers could choose one- on-one sessions with Siemens experts: More than 2,000 of these took place.
The xR production resulted in a natural connection between the speakers on stage and the xR environment, demonstrating how quickly inexperienced speakers felt comfortable on the xR stage and referring to what could be seen in-camera.
“Compared to the supporting green screen production, the xR production delivered a significantly higher level of quality in the end result,” notes Vincent Steenhoek, managing director of Evoke Studios. “There was a fast turnaround time between recordings and having the end result ready

zdf-new-years-eve-showphoto-by-0liverwalterscheid2Elation at Brandenburg Gate on New Year’s Eve
Thursday, 11 February 2021

Germany - The annual New Year's Eve show on broadcaster ZDF (Silvestershow) is a fixture of the German TV calendar. Moderator duo Andrea Kiewel and Johannes B. Kerner welcomed the New Year with numerous musical guests, yet this year everything was different. Instead of the traditional fireworks display, a stage light show with no audience took place.
As technical service provider for the event, AMBION was faced with the challenge of setting up and dismantling an open-air TV show in the cold, wet December weather. The show took place in the middle of the capital under the strictest hygiene regulations and used over 800 lighting fixtures. Some 130 weatherproof moving lights from Elation’s Proteus series were an essential part of the solution, supplied by Motion Rental.
In addition to the Proteus fixtures, 16 new KL Panels with RGBWLC array were used for white light on the moderator stage. The fixtures, broadcast-quality softlights, brought an additional challenge however: AMBION had ordered a number of the versatile LED soft lights but delivery was tight due to extremely high demand in combination with the global effects of the pandemic.
"It was not an easy task for manufacturers and sales," says Marc Petzold, managing director of LMP Lichttechnik, Elation’s German distribution partner. “But we worked between the holidays to get the goods, which had arrived just in time on 29 December, delivered to Brandenburg Gate in Berlin."
AMBION was not only responsible for the lighting, but also for the functional sound system optimised for the tra

anolis-grand-brighton-hotel-dsc0242-w-photo-by-bradley-moonAnolis adds majesty to Brighton Grand
Thursday, 11 February 2021

UK - The Grand Brighton hotel, a landmark on the seafront in UK south coast city and resort Brighton, is highlighted by an Anolis LED lighting installation illuminating its majestic front façade.
Designed by architect John Whichcord Jr. and built in 1864, originally as a hangout for the smart set of the day, today it offers over 200 rooms, many with spectacular panoramic sea views and full conference facilities while its distinctive Victorian and Italian features remain almost unchanged.
The Anolis lighting scheme was installed as part of a wider modernisation programme happening along Brighton’s Kings Road seafront which is a collage of historical and modern architecture.
Anolis UK was initially approached by the hotel’s management and asked to specify a suitable, more energy conscious and cost-efficient luminaire to replace their ageing discharge lighting scheme and enhance the building’s substantial façade.
The Anolis lighting scheme was designed by Ian Forrow of IJF Lighting and the installation completed and commissioned by LTP Integration.
It was a detailed operation due to the building being heritage Grade II listed. Key lighting considerations included getting precise coverage with minimal light spill to wash the impressive 75m-wide frontage accurately and smoothly.
The lighting scheme also had to conform to the various heritage requirements as specified by Brighton and Hove City Council, which includes the exact colour of light that should be used on the façade and stipulates how many times a year it can be lit

sunsetboulevardthecastofsunsetboulevardphotographybymarcbrenner2Curve Theatre streams Sunset Boulevard with GLP
Wednesday, 10 February 2021

UK - Originally slated to reopen Leicester’s Curve Theatre as part of a season of socially distanced ‘in-the-round’ shows, Sunset Boulevard in Concert was forced to become a streaming event due to continued lockdowns in the UK (see the full production report in our latest issue, out now). Nevertheless, the technical production continued to be supported by new generation Profile, Spot and Wash lighting from GLP, as originally planned, which now took on an increased role.
Theatre lighting designer Ben Cracknell, an associate artist at Curve with a long list of credits behind him, specified a large quantity of the new impression 350 series from GLP. The multi-camera film version - which was scheduled to stream over an 18-day period starting 22 December - brought even more out of the venue, according to Cracknell. “What was already a fairly distinctive in-the-round production, using not only the 960-seat auditorium but the studio theatre as well, became enhanced as scenes were staged on technical galleries, beneath the auditorium and in the balcony as well.”
The automated lighting fixtures, which comprise six impression S350 Profiles, six E350 Spots and four S350 Washes, proved invaluable as Ben’s design needed to evolve to the new staging and medium at very short notice.
Simon Barrett, head of GLP UK, has a relationship with Ben Cracknell dating back to the time when they both studied lighting at Rose Bruford College. “The plan is to help with the

herentals1Chauvet on the streets of Herentals
Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Belgium - During the pandemic, when so many activities have been cut off, the municipality of Herentals made its magical streets even more inviting to walkers by adorning them, as well as some of their most beautiful landmarks, with richly textured lighting displays created by The Creative Factory (TCF) with Chauvet Professional fixtures.
Kristof Van Mensel, lighting designer for TCF, deployed Maverick and COLORdash fixtures, supplied by Studio Haifax, throughout the city of Herentals and the adjacent towns of Morkhoven and Noorderwijk. In the process, he created “an atmospheric walking environment” for locals and visitors alike.
Among the highlights of this walking panorama was the illuminated Lakenhal (Cloth Hall) an impressive structure dating back to the 15th century in the city centre. Once the heart of the region’s thriving textile trade, the sandstone and brick building features a 35m high octagonal belfry with a clock and belltower to its north, and a historic statute commemorating the Farmers War to its south.
Van Mensel and his team used some of their 18 Maverick MK3 Profile fixtures to accent the distinctive architectural features of Lakenhal and dramatise its towering belfry. With its vivid gobo patterns set against bold colour washes on the building itself and more subtle hues at the top of the tower, their design led people to see this familiar landmark from a fresh, new perspective.
The remaining Maverick MK3 Profile fixtures were used to create a compelling light-scape on the historic church in the town of Morkhoven. “W

ricky-phillips-1Styx’ Ricky Phillips upgrades with Aura
Wednesday, 10 February 2021

USA - When the live music industry ground to a halt in early 2020, rock band Styx quickly pivoted away from their planned tour to focus on direct engagement with their more than one million fans who are members of the online Styx Lounge. As the band increasingly made remote collaboration and fan outreach a daily practice, bassist and self-described gearhead Ricky Phillips noticed that one component in his Austin, Texas home studio was limiting the experience: a barebones webcam.
“Music is my life, and video communication has brought artists and fans closer together than ever before” Phillips says. “From websites where we can share or post videos, music ‘magazines’ that host performances, online video fan clubs, the ability to record master classes and more, video has become a crucial tool for musicians to connect with fans and create new opportunities. My $100 store-bought webcam seemed good enough when we first began working from home, but when I recognised that video would be my main mode of visibility for the foreseeable future, I knew a more professional solution would make the experience far better.”
After speaking with fellow gearheads and industry partners, Phillips discovered the ClearOne family of Aura videoconferencing cameras and microphones. Now, using a UNITE 200 PTZ that features programmable movement pre-sets for automated filming, a UNITE 50 4K ePTZ camera that provides full room coverage, and a CHAT 150 speakerphone, Phillips has a truly professional-grade, multi-angle home office videoconferencing solution with endless possib

apacnaresuanuniversitythailand4Harman Pro AV enhances Naresuan University
Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Thailand - Mahajak Development Co recently equipped Naresuan University’s new multi-purpose building with Harman Professional Solutions AV system.
Located in the heart of Phitsanulok province, Naresuan University is one of the top government universities in Thailand. Originally established as a College of Education in 1967, the school was later renamed the Phitsanulok Campus of Srinakharinwirot University in 1974, and again in 1990 to Naresuan University, in celebration of the 400th anniversary of King Naresuan’s ascension to the throne.
Recently, The university completed construction on a massive 3,200sq.m facility than can function as a single 4,000-capacity hall or be split into two smaller rooms. To deliver audio and video quality for seminars and exhibitions in their new multipurpose educational facility, Naresuan University hired Mahajak Development Co to install the Harman system.
Mahajak deployed JBL Professional loudspeakers throughout the venue to provide pristine quality sound with consistent coverage for large audiences. For large events where the facility is configured as a single room, JBL VTX A8 line array loudspeakers deliver even, balanced sound with an impressive 110 degrees of horizontal coverage. VTX B18 and VTX G28 subwoofers provide powerful low-end support, while JBL AE Series loudspeakers provide additional reinforcement at the sides and rear of the venue.
The system is powered by Crown I-Tech HD Series amplifiers. A Soundcraft Si Performer digital live sound mixer provides control over the system and enables sta

bic-set015iMAG deploys Brompton for mobile facility
Wednesday, 10 February 2021

UK - Technical production and LED screen hire company, iMAG, has recently pioneered a mobile Virtual Production facility, offering a 360° workflow, from in-house drawing team and rigging, to full LED set up controlled by Brompton Technology Tessera processing.
iMAG has joined forces with film production company Treehouse Digital, which works with major episodic streaming companies such as Netflix and Amazon, as well as on films and commercials, for the project, combining their extensive experience in filmmaking with iMAG’s hardware, knowledge and expertise gained through years of working in high pressure live environments.
“The true-to-life colour accuracy and image bit depth of High Dynamic Range (HDR) is becoming extremely popular, particularly within virtual production,” says iMAG MD and technical director, Alex Strachan. “We had already invested in ROE Visual LED panels and Brompton Technology processing for our live work. Now, having purchased a Brompton Hydra measurement system, our entire fleet of LED panels is Brompton HDR-ready, which means we can offer our clients the absolute best in terms of image quality.”
iMAG’s system is ‘tour ready’, allowing it to be transported either in full, or to specific dimensions, to any desired filming location. The largest set up has been deployed at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC), and comprises a 20m by 5m curved LED backdrop using ROE Black Onyx 2.8mm with a ROE MC7 ceiling for ambient lighting, all controlled with Brompton SX40 processors.
“Our aim is to be a one stop


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