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beat-itGLP provides eye candy for The King of Pop
Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Europe - “When the call came to make a Michael Jackson show, I knew immediately: that's exactly what I wanted,” says lighting designer Marcus Krömer
"Beat it! is a show inspired by the life and career of Michael Jackson, from his first steps with the Jackson 5 until his death,” he said. “The entire production is characterised by great respect for the artist and his work, but at the same time is not a tribute-show. Rather, we wanted to present his show and his music in a modern context, but still remain authentic,” states Krömer, outlining the idea behind the production.
Also, the fact that this could not be achieved without a large slice of rock 'n roll was made clear to the Beat It! team. "Paul Happ, our programmer, and I worked a lot with his music and found so many details and little things that we all wanted to work out,” the designer adds, describing the initial approach to what became a rousing show.
It was also clear that while modern production would not work without the use of LED lights, the result should by no means look like modern lighting technology. "That would have been a break in style and we wanted to stay as authentic as possible. Of course, there are LED walls in the background, some even moving. But in the context of the show, they are deployed to not look like the typical video wall in the stage background. However, from the very beginning there was a wish for some renderings to be projected with some songs and an agreement was made early on between the light and video department."
Similarly, K

kharkiv01Electro-Voice solution for Kharkiv University
Monday, 3 December 2018

Ukraine - A digitally controlled Electro-Voice and Dynacord sound system has improved audio quality at Kharkiv National University, one of Ukraine’s three major higher learning institutions. Powered by award-winning L Series amplifiers, the new installation exceeds audience coverage and sound pressure level requirements with fewer amplifiers than the previous system.
To meet the client’s brief of providing powerful and intelligible sound reproduction in the University’s events hall, systems integrator M-Art had to overcome the acoustic challenges of a high ceiling and numerous reflective surfaces, including a balcony at the rear end.
Following a detailed acoustic analysis of the room, M-Art and Electro-Voice partner SoundHouse Pro looked to the high sound pressure level and tightly focused dispersion of Electro-Voice Expandable Vertical Array (EVA) to solve the reflection and reverberation issues of the previous sound system. The new solution comprises left and right arrays of EVA-2082S dual element cabinets, flown at 6.2 metres and angled inwards to avoid reflections from the VIP audience boxes closest to the stage.
Each array consists of four EVA enclosures, each of which contains two line array elements. The top two enclosures deliver 6° vertical dispersion for longer throw, while the bottom two offer 20° vertical dispersion for near-field coverage.
Concealed hardware means the close-packed arrays occupy only two metres of vertical space, and the décor-matched paint finish ensures that they perfectly blend with the room. Providing

christfellowship1Christ Fellowship looks forward with Chauvet
Monday, 3 December 2018

USA - The sun broke through the clouds on Easter Sunday, setting a bright, uplifting mood outside for the opening of the new worship centre at Christ Fellowship church in Port St.Lucie, Florida.
Stepping inside the building, one of eleven Christ Fellowship campuses, worshippers encountered a sleek and spacious room with a curved thrust stage, two-tiered auditorium seating, three IMAG LED video panels, a larger wall centre stage and two smaller units to either side of it. Surrounding the larger panel and located at other positions around the stage was a collection of 161 Chauvet Professional LED fixtures, supplied by Mankin Media Systems.
Although the 161 lighting fixtures may not have been obvious to most people entering the worship centre on Easter Sunday, once services started they transformed the room, creating an immersive field of colour and light that engaged everyone on a deep level. For Christ Fellowship’s team, technical director Neil Zimmerman, production director Danny Dagher and lighting designer Joe Rizzo, the dynamic lighting package is part of a shared commitment to keeping the church’s services rewarding and relevant to contemporary worshippers.
“Lighting plays an integral part of our worship services. We are always re-evaluating how to make our services better and partnering with our audio and video teams to create a more engaging experience,” said Dagher. “Details like colour selection and position of a lighting fixture can have a major impact on the feel of a room.”
Having a powerful lighting system capable of cr

robe-movistar-arena-bogota-mov191853138Robe for Bogota’s Movistar Arena installation
Monday, 3 December 2018

Columbia - Bogota’s landmark 14,000 capacity Movistar Arena (originally built in 1973 and previously known as the Coliseo Cubierto El Campín) is in the final stages of a two-year renovation and complete refurbishment which will see it re-open with state-of-the-art facilities to stage multiple sporting and entertainment events.
Robe moving lights will be part of the house lighting rig which is being provided by Medellin based rental company Linea Estrategica, and this will include 60 x BMFL Spots, 60 x MegaPointes and 84 x Spiider wash-beam moving lights.
Linea Estrategica owner and CEO Conrado Santamaria explained that the company tendered to be the full technical supplier - they are also providing audio, video and rigging - and won the contract which will be administered as a long-term rental over the next three years.
Conrado explains that it was a straightforward decision to spec Robe into the venue: “At the moment, Robe is on all the riders.”
The fixtures were also picked to offer LDs, programmers and operators working on all genres of performance including televised sporting events a powerful and flexible array of creative tools. The standard house stage will be 22-metre-wide by 14-metre-deep and sporting events will usually be staged in the round.
The Robes will be joined by several other lights - strobes, blinders, LED battens and some generics - but they will be the core luminaires.
As well as hosting some of the best and most popular Colombian bands – in a country with a rich music scene - plus key artists from al

avolitesAvolites Synergy debuts on Gary Numan tour
Monday, 3 December 2018

UK - Avolites’ lighting and video integration software, Synergy, debuted on Gary Numan’s Savage tour in November.
The flagship performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall saw the British synth-rocker’s dramatic end-of-days video content emerge from LED screens into the 3D space as the multitude of GLP and Vari-Lite fixtures pixel-matched its colour and effects.
Creative designer Luke Edwards’ two Avolites Sapphire Touch consoles and dual Avolites Ai Q3 media servers were loaded with the new Synergy software.
“Synergy is the future and as a designer it’s making me very excited,” says Edwards. “It’s not just lights anymore. In fact, the term ‘lighting designer’ is one day going to be a thing of the past - Synergy integrates lighting and video so beautifully, so simply, so powerfully, that ‘multimedia designer’ is the new thing. It’s truly changing the way we think, design and action. The words ‘game-changer’ and ‘ground-breaking’ are used far too often, but Synergy really is both of those things.”
The result of years of R&D by a dedicated Avolites team, Synergy allows users to stream Ai video colour data through any fixture group, to instantly integrate them into a larger video canvas.
Launching in the UK in September at PLASA London, Synergy immediately won Avolites the coveted PLASA Innovation Award. The judges commented that Synergy stood out because it ‘opens up the creative opportunities for visual effects on stage as well as providing time-saving opportunities in production workflow

bbmbarowskiag001lydiagoos-1Milos towers debut at German Unity Day
Friday, 30 November 2018

Germany - Despite strong gusts of wind in cold and rainy weather conditions, around 600,000 people celebrated German Unity Day in Berlin that featured several event stages and the worldwide debut of two Milos Steel PA towers.
The motto for the celebration was Only with you and consisted of numerous events that took place at historically significant sites in the city. A highlight of the three-day celebration was the Citizens' Festival at the Brandenburg Gate, which included a concert and fireworks display. With artists such as Nena, Namika and The BossHoss, freedom, tolerance and cultural diversity were celebrated.
The company responsible for putting together the stage areas was Germany’s Black Box Music.
An advantage that Black Box Music brings to the table is their own fleet of vehicles, workshops, case building, and other services like tailoring and painting. They also offer three rehearsal halls with expanded backstage areas for convenient test runs of performances and timely improvements to live presentations. The rehearsal halls can also be used as event venues for up to 600 attendees. Artists and guests are provided with food by the company's catering division.
Support in the form of Milos Steel PA towers was provided to Black Box Music by Nuremberg’s Barowski AG. In the Spring of 2018, professional event and media technology service provider Barowski AG understood the need for ultra-high strength support structures for Germany’s biggest events and invested in Milos Steel PA towers. "Equipping the largest festival of the ye

zero-88-console-training-map-2019-2Zero 88 ramps up training in 2019
Friday, 30 November 2018

UK - Eaton’s Zero 88 lighting control brand is ramping up its free training opportunities in 2019 - open for all those utilising lighting consoles running ZerOS architecture - as part of a wider comprehensive product support programme.
This is as a direct result of an increase in the number of active ZerOS users in the UK, which has doubled in the last 12 months.
The trend reflects the success of the FLX series of powerful, flexible and affordable lighting consoles – the FLX and FLX S24 and S48 - which have enjoyed popularity especially for small-to-medium applications running rigs with some moving lights and a quantity of LED fixtures together with conventionals.
Zero 88 has always been known for its commitment for training. In 2018, well over 500 individuals benefitted from this which including regular dedicated sessions at Eaton’s bases in Cwmbran, Wales, and Watford, north of London, plus Dealer Day workshops as well as specialist on-site arrangements organized in conjunction with events like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and selected industry trade shows.
A Zero 88 team was on the ground during the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe, and delivered over 25 training workshops to nearly 120 lighting programmers and operators working in multiple venues with Zero 88 consoles in action throughout the world famous three-and-a-half-week arts extravaganza.
“The model has been such an amazing success that we have decided to make it even more accessible for users at all levels in 2019,” enthused Tyler Holpin, who is key UK accounts & internat

klangKLANG technology on song in Israel
Friday, 30 November 2018

Israel - KLANG, 3D in-ear mixing technologies specialist, has reported the partnership with its recently-appointed Israeli distributor AEM of Tel Aviv has already reaping rewards.
AEM, which was appointed by KLANG earlier this year, has been promoting the brand through a series of seminars and product demonstrations, including discussions on best-practice for in-ear monitor mixing.
This autumn, Shalom Hanoch and Matti Caspi took their show The Main Thing is The Songs on a tour of the country, with a KLANG system.
Shalom Hanoch sums up his feelings: “The KLANG system is a new era in hearing the stage. Everything feels so precise and deep that I can hear every note without disturbing my vocal - how on earth have we worked without it for so long?”
The tour was sold out and high demand has seen further performances added for later in the year.
For the seven musicians onstage, two KLANG:fabrik units were used in conjunction with a DiGiCo SD10, Sennheiser G3 IEM systems, Shure KSM 9 and DPA d:facto microphones.
KLANG:technologies head of sales, Phil Kamp, reflects: “We’re delighted that KLANG:fabrik played its part in helping to deliver such a well-received production. When musicians are relaxed and comfortably able to hear themselves in exactly the way they would choose, their performances will always be enhanced.
“Our aim is to create precisely that environment and this tour is yet more evidence that we are succeeding. AEM is a fantastic partner, trusted by Israeli musicians of the highest calibre and we are p

clockenflap2Outline Newton clocks in at Clockenflap
Friday, 30 November 2018

China - Clockenflap is one of Asia's largest multi-genre music festivals held annually in Hong Kong. Now 10 years old, the festival is a firm favourite in the region, with its extensive programme of music, art, film and other activities.
In addition to a line-up of internationally renowned artistes - which this year included Erykah Badu, David Byrne, Khalid, Roni Size, Interpol, Caribou, Anpu and The Vaccines - the festival also offers a platform to local talent, helping them reach a wider audience.
For the 2018 edition of the festival (9-11 November), the main (Harbourflap) stage and second stage were managed by Alto Stage Management, who called in Davide Linzi of Mister X Service as audio system designer for both and FOH engineer for the main stage (assisting productions with their own sound engineer).
Linzi explains why he took Outline’s Newton multi-source audio processor with him for the important event. “I decided to take Newton to Clockenflap because I needed a fast versatile unit that enabled me to create a matrix of inputs and outputs that was fast and effective to manage and control.”
One of Newton’s strong points is routing, according to Linzi, something he’d never do without, “With the same computer connected via Cat 5 for control, I can do quick L/R recordings for artistes directly via Dante Virtual Soundcard, without the settings made to the PA on the output. Then thanks to the EQ on the inputs, it is possible to carry out individual EQ settings for each engineer, without changing the basic tuning on the outputs.

stevepattisondlivehozierdLive in the mix for Hozier shows
Friday, 30 November 2018

Europe - Having recently completed a major tour of the US, platinum recording artist Hozier has just hit European shores to continue his run of successful sold-out shows in support of his Nina Cried Power EP, with FOH engineer Steve Pattison behind an Allen & Heath dLive mixing system.
Supplied by Adlib, the set-up includes a dLive S7000 surface fitted with both Waves and Dante cards for virtual soundcheck and live multitrack recording. Additionally, a dLive DM64 MixRack fitted with a superMADI card is placed at FOH, which is used to feed broadcast multitrack during festival shows.
“dLive was chosen primarily for its sound quality but also for its reliability and flexibility. Pretty much anything you’ll ever need is on there and the FX and processing are ever expanding with each firmware release,” comments Pattison.
Pattison continues: “FX and reverb feature heavily on Hozier’s recordings and there are so many great sounding reverb pre-sets with dLive that get you right where you need to be instantly. I’ll simply ask Andrew (Hozier) what compressors and reverbs were used in the studio and I can always dial them all in for each song, quickly and easily.”
In December, the tour will head to the UK and Ireland for another fully sold-out run, before shipping out to Australia next Spring.
Pattison adds, “I get a lot of engineers come up to me after the shows to ask what outboard gear and plug-ins I’m using. They’re always stunned when I tell them it’s all onboard and there are no external effects, outboard or p

target-fieldTarget Field hits home run with Dante
Friday, 30 November 2018

USA - Sitting in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Target Field is home to Major League Baseball's Minnesota Twins, and accommodates more than 39,000 eager spectators ready to cheer on their team. Though designed as a baseball venue, it also hosts football, soccer, and a wide range of outdoor concerts and various non-sports-based corporate events.
Target Field is a large venue with multiple areas around the facility that require high-quality audio support. This includes distributing audio out to various areas as well as pulling signals back to the control room for mixing and processing. For example, live bands perform before ball games and during breaks, and stadium managers must be sure the audio is pleasantly experienced throughout the stadium.
Technicians needed a way to easily and inexpensively expand the number of inputs and outputs to the stadium's main console to better mix, manage and control the total system. Their search led to the Dante audio network platform from Audinate.
With Dante as the networking solution, the team at Target Field can integrate audio from a wide range of audio devices from multi-vendor manufacturers.
"We started using Dante to connect the control room to the band stage, and this step alone brought 16 channels from the band to my main console - a huge improvement for us," says Jeff Pedersen, lead audio technician, Minnesota Twins Baseball. "Our plan now is to get Dante into all of our remote locations and bring all the control and mixing to our main control room."
A Dante system allows endless audio poss

xerocon20180872Hawthorn supports Xerocon conference
Friday, 30 November 2018

UK - Xerocon London 2018 brought together accountants, bookkeepers, ecosystem partners and industry leaders. Hawthorn was chosen by agency Taylor Bennett Partners to deliver the full technical production for the two-day event held at ExCel London on 14- 15 November.
Over 3,300 delegates gathered to find out the latest news and updates from Xero, a cloud-based accounting software company. Led by group creative director Pete Harding, Hawthorn was tasked to bring Taylor Bennett’s impressive vision to life, delivering full technical production for the main conference plenary, exhibition space, break-out sessions and evening party. Featuring three technical installations including a mammoth custom-made LED sculpture and an indoor zip wire, Xerocon London 2018 proved it wasn’t a typical accounting conference.
The Xerocon main stage cut an impressive figure. Measuring 57m-wide, Hawthorn used nine Barco UDX-4K32 projectors to create the unusual pill-shaped screen. This set-up included two circular screen sections at the edges of the stage which acted as relays, ensuring everyone in the audience had a perfect view of the on-stage action.
Taking inspiration from the Xero logo, Hawthorn realised an idea by Taylor Bennett to create a striking 12 metre-diameter LED wheel to encompass the end of the main stage. Made from 249 custom-made LED fixtures, each using 255 individual RGB pixels per disc, the striking structure delivered 63,495 pixels.
Lighting was designed by Hawthorn’s head of lghting Jack Sayer, Will Plenty and luminary designer Russell Gru

shinodahi1DAS Audio monitors Mike Shinoda
Friday, 30 November 2018

USA - As both the co-founder of the rock band Linkin Park and a solo artist in his own right, Mike Shinoda is one very busy performer. He’s currently approaching the end of the current leg of his Post Traumatic Tour, which will resume in early 2019 when it picks up in Europe.
Shinoda’s night after night tour schedule demands equipment that maintains sonic consistency and reliability throughout - and to ensure the best audio performance at monitor world, Shinoda and monitor engineer Kevin ‘Tater’ McCarthy rely on the performance of DAS Audio Event-121A powered subwoofers and Road 12A powered stage monitors.
Based in Detroit, MI, McCarthy delivers audio to Shinoda and the other band members on stage via a combination of in-ear monitors and conventional loudspeakers. McCarthy recently began using DAS Audio loudspeakers and has been very impressed. He shared his thoughts on the two Event-121A powered subwoofers and the two Road 12A powered stage monitors that he’s using on the tour.
“For the setup, I use one Event-121A powered subwoofer on each side of the stage to enhance the low end and give the stage some feel and body,” McCarthy explained. “The Road 12A’s are used for cue monitors. I use one for my personal cue at monitor world and the other for sound checks and rehearsals when the band members are not wearing their in-ear monitors. I can quickly place it up on stage and just run the specific instruments that they want to hear through it.”
With a schedule like McCarthy’s, responsive customer and technical support s

garthbrooks-notre-dameClair Brothers powers Garth Brooks in South Bend
Friday, 30 November 2018

USA - Garth Brooks headlined at the Notre Dame stadium in South Bend, Indiana in front of 84,000 fans at the sold-out, first ever concert at the venue.
Dan Heins, FOH engineer for Garth since 1989, reports: “By four o’clock in the afternoon, just hours before the show, because of the bad weather conditions, we still didn’t know if the concert would go on. We ended up doing soundcheck with the PA on the ground. The wind finally let up, so we were able to raise the speakers. Sound reinforcement was through Brooks’ custom-designed Clair Brothers PA.
Part of the show’s magic was the star-shaped stage with a 360° rotating centre-stage on which Brooks and his band performed - a theatre-in-the-round concept where Garth moves freestyle around the periphery playing to each side of the stadium.
According to Heins, “The Clair Brothers PA consistently sounds great, year after year. And I can say the same thing same about Garth. He pushes himself to deliver his best every time he performs.”
The fundamental core of the stadium rig is the Clair Brothers i218 line array system that has been increased in size to cover stadiums in-the-round. The Notre Dame concert used a total of 96 i218 array cabinets and 48 i212 cabinets in the main array hangs, all eight hangs with identical equipment. The layout for the stadium effectively utilised two different array hang configurations depending on whether the array was facing the sideline or the end zone.
Josh Sadd, sound designer for the tour, comments: “The Notre Dame stadium, while obviously gr

altmanAltman lights Guanajuato arts centre
Thursday, 29 November 2018

Mexico - Located in Purísima del Rincón, Guanajuato, the Auditorio de la plaza Purísima is a new performing arts centre built for the benefit of the more than 200,000 citizens in the Rincón municipalities.
Created as part of the Plaza Purísima complex, the new facility was backed by the Public Works Secretariat and envisioned to be a shining example of modern architecture. With an expectation to implement the latest in lighting technology into the design, Interlight Mexico worked with the design team at Genesist and installed Chalice LED downlights, PHX LED ellipsoidals, and Spectra Cyc LED cyclorama luminaires from Altman Lighting.
“We’ve had the opportunity to work with the client and specifier on the project on a couple of past occasions, so they know our company well and trust our experienced design team,” says Jose Zedillo, general director, Genesist. “Through this relationship, we really have the freedom to explore the best solutions possible for each lighting challenge, and it is always our goal to utilize the most innovative technology in our designs.”
As Genesist and Interlight got to work, the theatrical lighting design would first be influenced by the desire to use an energy-efficient solution for the unique venue. Additionally, the team had to be cognizant of selecting fixtures that could keep pace in an active production environment.
“Due to the layout of the theatre space and energy-savings specifications, we needed to identify LED lighting solutions that were both powerful and provided a wide variety of beam a

nabucco5158-creditstanislavmilataJiri Jehlar invests In Yamaha Rivage PM7
Thursday, 29 November 2018

Czech Republic - Czech sound engineer Jiri Jehlar was one of the first front of house engineers in the country to use digital mixers. He was so impressed with the Yamaha Rivage PM7 digital mixing system that he has invested in one.
Jiri is a long-term user of the Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console and Nexo loudspeaker systems, highlighting his commitment to delivering the best FOH mixes. When local Yamaha dealer and Nexo distributor MusicData demonstrated the Rivage PM7 digital mixing system earlier this year, the well-respected engineer chose to purchase a PM7 console and an RPio622 I/O rack.
“I really liked the quality of the A/D converters, the Rupert Neve Sound Designs SILK processing, the effects and the high capacity of the system, thanks to the innovative TWINLANe network,” he says. “As soon as I heard the system in action, I did not hesitate to invest.”
The first event Jiri used the system on was an open-air production of the popular Verdi opera Nabucco in Prague, complete with a live philharmonic orchestra.
Jiri used 50 high quality cardioid condenser microphones to capture the orchestra, the Rivage PM7 and RPio622 routing the mix to a Nexo STM M28 and S118 loudspeaker system - provided by Prague-based Rental Pro - via a Dante network with full redundancy. The performance was recorded at 96kHz in Steinberg Nuendo, via a Yamaha AIC128-D Dante accelerator card.
(Jim Evans)

mc296bregenzLawo supports Carmen at Bregenz Festival
Thursday, 29 November 2018

Austria - Lawo reports that its new Lawo mc²96 console was installed in Bregenz, to support sound reinforcement and directional listening systems for a sold-out run of Georges Bizet’s Carmen at the annual summer Bregenz Festival, taking place on the floating stage at Lake Constance.
The previously installed Lawo systems simplified an upgrade of the production console, which plays an important part in the production’s remarkable use of sound as a complement of the on-stage performance.
Sound designer Alwin Bösch and sound engineer Gernot Gögele shifted from the Lawo mc²66 production console they had used at the Bregenz Festival since 2005 to a new IP-based Lawo mc²96 grand production console, which was installed just prior to this year’s live opera performances. Although memorizing the new operating sequences took a few days, Bösch and Gögele were up and running with the mc²96 workflow within a week.
“The new production console is outstanding,” says Bösch. “The technology is state-of-the-art, and the system can do just about anything. Together with Lawo, we adapted the mc²96 to our specific sound reinforcement needs.”
The new mc²96 console gives Bösch and Gögele a convenient double-layer function, with two vertically arranged faders per channel strip allowing them to change audio settings while remaining in the sweet spot near the open window of their control room. (No speakers are used for monitoring.) The console also features a failover system that can be managed via laptop.
“The response to the new

pearl-jamPearl Jam comes home for the homeless
Thursday, 29 November 2018

USA - Playing three-hour shows with 30-plus songs and setlists that change with each performance, Pearl Jam is well known for giving audiences their money’s worth. But on the band’s most recent stadium run, there was another group that received an even more tangible financial benefit: Seattle’s homeless population.
Following Pearl Jam’s two sold-out Safeco Field Home Shows - the band’s first hometown Emerald City concerts in five years - the band donated $868,189 from ticket and merch sales to a variety of King County homeless-related organisations and service providers. Furthermore, this outpouring of generosity helped prompt philanthropic donations from other organisations ultimately totalling $10.8m, according to The Seattle Times.
Pearl Jam’s pair of Seattle shows followed tour legs in South America and Europe this spring and summer, and served as the kick-off for a subsequent three-city, five-date tour of Away Shows in major sports venues: Washington-Grizzly Stadium at the University of Montana in Missoula, Wrigley Field in Chicago, and Boston’s Fenway Park. Rat Sound Systems, the band’s long-time touring reinforcement provider, carried a full complement of L-Acoustics loudspeaker systems for the sold-out shows.
Rat Sound’s relationship with Pearl Jam goes back to the band’s debut album, Ten (1991), when it opened for one of Rat’s other long-time accounts, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Since then, the company has served as the group’s primary live production provider. Greg Nelson has been the man in

atcma19fglAudio-Technica supplies CMA Awards for 25th year
Thursday, 29 November 2018

USA - Audio-Technica supplied nearly 100 vocal and instrument microphones for the 52nd Annual Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, presented Wednesday, November 14, 2018, at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.
Broadcast live in 5.1-channel surround sound on the ABC Television Network, the awards show featured an extensive selection of Audio-Technica hard-wired microphones, plus Artist Elite 5000 Series UHF Wireless Systems with ATW-C6100 Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule. Audio-Technica microphones were chosen for their ability to provide clear and consistent audio quality for live broadcast.
The team of industry veterans responsible for the audio at this year’s CMA’s again included a who’s-who of broadcast audio. Tom Davis served as audio producer; Kevin Sanford served as audio coordinator; ATK/Audiotek provided the sound system with FOH mixers Patrick Baltzell (production mixer) and Rick Shimer (music mixer); the broadcast music mix was handled by New Jersey-based M3’s (Music Mix Mobile’s) John Harris and Jay Vicari; J. Mark King served as broadcast production mixer. Stage monitoring was handled by Tom Pesa and Jason Spence, and James Stoffo served as RF coordinator/microphone tech.
Audio-Technica’s Artist Elite 5000 Series UHF Wireless System with the ATW-C6100 Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule was used for lead vocals by Audio-Technica endorsers Jason Aldean (performing with Miranda Lambert), Florida Georgia Line (in a segment with Bebe Rexha) and Cole Swindell (during the Luke Bryan & Friends segment), along with

raSound Space Vision solution for Royal Academy
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

UK - In 2012, Sound Space Vision beat all competition to become the theatre design and acoustics consultant for David Chipperfield Architects’ master plan to unite the Royal Academy of Arts’ 18th century Burlington House with its neighbour, Burlington Gardens, and transform the interiors throughout.
SSV’s brief was to modernise and equip Burlington Gardens’ 19th-century lecture theatre for 21st century presentation and performance, and this was later expanded to include acoustics advice on the new gallery spaces and the learning centre, as well as mechanical systems.
In collaboration with the architectural teams, SSV facilitated a design with minimal impact on the heritage features of the Grade II* listed building, yet provides a future-proofed technical design for the Academy’s planned lectures, debates, panel discussions, conferences, recitals, and hires.
The form of the new lecture theatre went through several iterations; common to all being the reduction in height from three to two storeys. The form settled on a tight, almost semi-circular, bowl with a steep rake for a total capacity of over 250, bringing audience and presenter into close communication.
The combination of windows on all sides and a listed historic interior at first floor level presented SSV with two specific challenges: to find projectors and a screen that would be usable in daylight, and to provide sufficient acoustic dampening to overcome the natural reverberance of the volume of space which hinders good speech intelligibility. Associated with this was the cho

riminiGDS plays key role in Rimini renaissance
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Italy - The Teatro Galli is a stunning architectural masterpiece in Rimini, Italy. Constructed between 1843 and 1857, the original theatre was designed by the illustrious architect Luigi Poletti of Modena and when completed, was one of the biggest theatres in Italy. Until an earthquake forced its closure from 1916-1923, it enjoyed great success.
Following a first restoration, the theatre flourished until it was bombed in 1943 during World War 2. Badly damaged, the theatre, by this time dedicated to the nationally famous musician, composer and critic Amintore Galli, lay derelict until 1975 when it was partly restored and the City Council moved into its refurbished foyer. In more recent times, a long and intense culture-based debate took place about how to best reconstruct the entire theatre.
Following these discussions and with regional and EU support, a full restoration commenced in 2014 and was completed in October 2018. The fully restored Theatre Galli is up and running again and UK technology company GDS has played a small but very important role.
Decima 1948 of Padova, as part of its wider brief across the project, was responsible for installing the house lighting and sought to find the best possible light quality and dimming performance.
CEO Enzo Trovato was directly involved as a consultant to the project from its early stages and in 2016, he attended the ABTT show where he met GDS’s Darren Jackson, who subsequently arranged a presentation to showcase the Bristol-based manufacturer’s product ranges, as well as examples of their wide

timax-sovaaudioExperiment Intrinsic takes TiMax on DJ adventure
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

UK - Experiment Intrinsic provides ambient all-night adventures in electronic music, exploring the spaces created with sound. They formulate alcohol-free, limited capacity events in intimate and spiritual spaces where all the senses are catered to. The quality of sound is of utmost importance, and for this reason a TiMax SoundHub spatial processor is always at the heart of the immersive sound system.
Experiment Intrinsic’s sound system is curated by George Yankov of Sova Audio. Though every event’s immersive audio setup in terms of speaker and electronics configurations is dependent on the venue layout, budget and application, Yankov explains, “TiMax is central for spatial audio control.”
Before using TiMax, Yankov claims nothing “ticked all the boxes for reliability, supreme audio quality, ease of use, Dante plus a combination of analogue and digital inputs and outputs etc. With TiMax we can turn any audio source into pure sonic wizardry, the way we wanted it to be”.
Sparking the curiosity of Experiment Intrinsic is TiMax’s open platform. George concedes, “We have long been on the look-out for a product that doesn't limit you in what you can do but instead gives you a green light to figure out new ways of using it.”
For the latest edition of Experiment Intrinsic, hosted at East London’s Shacklewell Lane Mosque, TiMax is set up so spatial image definition objects represent single output channels or combinations of multiple speakers. These define the pan positions within the 3D space and how they interact with each other. Ya

allenstoneChauvet gives retro a modern twist
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

USA - Rising contemporary R&B star Allen Stone and his band have toured internationally and have opened for Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Hall & Oates, and the Dave Matthews Band. Stone has also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and was recently a celebrity mentor on American Idol. Although his music draws on the rich tradition of R&B, it also offers a fresh new sound.
Stone’s powerful connection to the past and his contemporary take on R&B are evident on his current 48-city North American tour, not only through his music, but also the evocative lighting design. Blending retro and high-tech looks, the design features a versatile set piece made up of Chauvet Professional Nexus 4x4 fixtures, supplied by 4Wall Entertainment Lighting.
Designed by Sam Paine (Filament Design) and programmed/operated by lighting director Carter Adams, the design features 12 Nexus 4x4 panels. These fixtures are positioned on 8’ pipes that are arranged in a 3 by 4 panel matrix.
“The team wanted to create a vintage TV show look with the background panels,” said Adams. “At the same time, we also are able to come up with very sleek up-to-date looks with these pixel-mapped fixtures.”
Paired with a collection of moving beam fixtures and key lights, the Nexus units create a tight studio production feel on stage, accentuating the classic mood of many of Stone’s songs. At the same time, the lighting rig also generates rapid movement and colour changes to reflect high-energy moments in the concert.
The Nexus 4x4 fixtures serve an

robe-rick-astleyHSL is Together Forever for Rick Astley tour
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

UK - Rick Astley, who retired from the music industry in 1993 aged 27 with a string of successful tunes to his name – is back on the road with a new album, Beautiful Life.
With many people unsure of what to expect, Astley delivered a diverse show, action-packed with the dynamics of soul, rock, R ‘n’ B, dance and more than a few hints of disco, backed by a talented band and a stage design by Andy Hurst.
HSL delivered the lighting equipment for this high-profile tour. The Blackburn based company was once again working with renowned production manager Tony Gittins, with Jordan Hanson project managing.
He commented, “It was fantastic to be on the road with Tony and his excellent team again, and we were all very impressed with the look and style that Andy’s design bought to the show”.
To emphasise the architectural parameters of the design, Andy spec’d Martin Sceptron LED battens to fill the spaces in the ‘roof’ section between the eight 6m lighting trusses making up the grid. This itself was outlined with GLP X4 Bar 10s and 20s which are also mappable LED strip products.
Out on the road as Andy’s lighting director was Mark Jones-Roberts who is also a well-known LD in his own right.
The main lighting fixtures on the grid were 48 x Martin Mac Viper profiles – six per truss.
In between each truss were nine Sceptrons in three banks of three which made up the grid lines and provided a bright, individually pixel mapped source which could be used for complex and fluid chases and flow effects. Andy remarks th


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