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rocking-the-daisiesRocking the Daisies rolls with d&b
Tuesday, 23 January 2024

South Africa - Bad Weather Productions handled the creative technical needs for the Rocking the Daisies Festival, held in Cape Town and Johannesburg late last year. Said to mark the beginning of South Africa’s festival season, Rocking the Daisies hosts big-name international artists from a diverse spectrum of genres across three days at Cloof Wine Estate, near Cape Town, followed by one day at SuperSport Park, Johannesburg.
With a decade-long involvement in Rocking the Daisies, Bad Weather Productions has played a part in the festival’s evolution. Notably, they pioneered the first hip-hop stage, TwosUP, in 2016, diversifying the festival's music offerings. Over the years, the collaboration has expanded, with Bad Weather Productions leading the production design and execution across every arena.
"It's been an incredible journey working with Rocking the Daisies over the last 10 years, and watching it develop into one of the most diverse festivals in the country,” says Jonathan Bandli, co-founder and creative director of Bad Weather Productions. “This year, we were entrusted with handling the AV production for four stages in Cape Town and one stage in Johannesburg, making it one of our most complex projects to date.”
"With headliner acts such as BRIT Award winner Stormzy, singer-songwriter, Greentea Peng, American rapper Denzel Curry, and influential pop band, The Vamps, audience expectations were exceptionally high,” explains Bandli. “To ensure optimal audio performance and consistency, the festival opted for d&b audiotechnik system

skanThe National tour Europe with Skan PA
Monday, 22 January 2024

UK - Cincinnati alt-rockers, The National, use Skan PA Hire for arena-scale audio solutions with a boutique approach, deploying a d&b KSL PA system, and Avid Venue S6L consoles with E6L 192 Engines at both ends.
“The first time we worked with Skan, I immediately thought, ‘This is the way an audio company should operate,’” says production manager and monitor engineer, Stu Tenold.
“Every package I've received from Skan is built for the artist I’m with. There's real attention to detail in what they do. Now being part of Clair Global, I can see what director Chris Fitch can offer; there's a lot more resources at his fingertips. But, for those who know, Skan is a boutique PA company, and they provide a very specific service.”
The band - vocalist Matt Berninger, brothers Aaron and Bryce Dessner (piano, guitar, keys), and brothers Scott Devendorf (bass) and Bryan Devendorf (drums) - favour a certain degree of controlled chaos when it comes to their live mixes, and with up to nine musicians on stage, Tenold doesn’t sit back.
He mixes on an Avid Venue S6L 32D with E6L 192 Engine, as does FOH engineer Adam Armstrong.
Tenold continues: “The band often has musical guests that I’ll find out about during changeover… they’re a little punk rock at heart! It requires a lot of thinking on my feet and acting as quickly as possible to accomplish whatever needs to happen. I have 16 mixes of Shure PSM 1000 IEMs, and I often use them all.”
To deal with this unpredictable influx of fun, all comms are integrated with shout

struts2Chauvet keeps pace with The Struts
Monday, 22 January 2024

USA - The Struts’ recently concluded North American tour was supported by a dynamic lightshow by Carlos Katsurayama that moved seamlessly through dramatic mood shifts with help from a LIT Lighting supplied rig that featured the Maverick Force S Profile, Strike Array 4 and Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash from Chauvet Professional.
Reflecting the UK band’s bold emotional swings, Katsurayama played light and darkness off one another to rev up the crowd. For example, his show started out in darkness, before moving to a lighted backdrop, and then busted out with intense blinding effects.
“Beginning the show in complete darkness is a classic way to build anticipation,” said Katsurayama. “Lighting up the backdrop was a big way to let the crowd know that the wait was almost over.”
Katsurayama worked his way in and out of shadows to great effect at every turn. “In this show, my priority was to keep the band members lit well, since they are known for being such an incredibly talented and energetic act,” he said. “However, doing that also lent itself to contrasting things with some dark and dramatic moments throughout the set.”
In addition to juxtaposing light and shadows, Katsurayama relied on colour changes to pump up the flow of emotions. “Each song's colour palette was chosen carefully to go with the specific vibe and feeling of each song,” he said. “I do my best to not take attention away from the music, so I tend to keep my colour choices pretty tame - at least most of the time.”
Contributing to Katsurayama’s evocative

robe-goosemas-2023-128-photo-by-abby-foxRobe flies high with Goosemas in Space
Monday, 22 January 2024

USA - Jam band Goose eased into the 2023 festive season with four special concerts staged over two days at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia, all completely sold out.
Lighting designer / director Andrew Goedde chose Robe moving lights as the principal fixtures and worked closely on developing his design with lighting programmer / technical director Tony Caporale, using their 2023 touring rig as a starting point. From this they evolved some new concepts for the tenth annual Goosemas event.
They were then both delighted to hear that the band and their creative director Will Thresher moved away from traditional Christmas themes to embrace Goosemas in Space for this year’s show.
Goose has grown and substantially expanded its fanbase in the last couple of years, and for Goosemas 2023 wanted to make some big statements and give something spectacular back to everyone in terms of production values.
“We took this idea very seriously when imagining and programming the lighting,” stated Andrew, expanding that the theme offered plenty of creative latitude.
With no video playback or IMAG onstage or indeed in the venue, lighting and scenics were the main visual tools for getting the energy and magic off the stage and swirling around the audience, so Andrew and Tony set to work to produce something memorable with the assistance of 42 Robe Fortes, 32 MegaPointes, 46 Tarrantulas, 60 TetraX’s and 16 LEDBeam 350s.
Each of six flown mini diamond-shaped ‘pods’ were flown at different heights and depths in a symmetrical pattern - a derivat

microsoftCohesion reinforces Microsoft Ignite 2023
Monday, 22 January 2024

USA - ATK Audiotek, a Clair Global Brand, demonstrated the versatility of the Cohesion catalogue at Microsoft Ignite 2023, the tech giant’s annual demonstration of new products and solutions, held in Seattle. The deployed Cohesion products emphasised their unmistakable clarity for thousands of eager developers and partners at the Keynote Stage and the IP (Interstitial Programming) Theatre Stage during the corporate event.
Andrew Waterman, Microsoft’s account manager for ATK Audiotek, explained that Microsoft’s top goals at any conference are “to be able to see what presenters are talking about, but more importantly, to hear them clearly”.
Waterman first heard Cohesion’s products during a demonstration two years prior, and they jumped to mind immediately for their clarity. The 45-year veteran front of house mixer was impressed enough to design for Ignite a system that relies on Cohesion’s trademark flexibility and precision.
“Cohesion is easy to rig, easy to fly, and sounds great,” said Waterman. “The EQ I have to do is minimal. I’m totally all in on Cohesion.”
While Cohesion products established their popularity and trustworthiness as the most preferred systems on international, top-grossing tours, they are quickly proving to be chosen for corporate, broadcast, and other aspirational professional applications.
The system at the Keynote Stage included 12 arrays of CO10 line arrays utilising both 120° and 80° directivities to ensure each of the 4,500-plus eager attendees were enveloped by crystal-clear sound.

sundanceARRI lights 40th Sundance Film Festival
Monday, 22 January 2024

USA - ARRI is the official lighting provider for the 40th edition of the Sundance Film Festival which takes place this month.
ARRI, together with wholly owned subsidiary Illumination Dynamics, is providing the Sundance Film Festival with ARRI’s lighting solutions, including SkyPanel S30-C, SkyPanel S60-C, and ARRI Orbiter fixtures. These professional and innovative luminaries are shining the best light on personalities, stars, and emerging filmmakers at premiere event venues, stages, and lounges at Sundance Film Festival’s 40th edition.
“As we mark our 40th Sundance Film Festival, we are excited to collaborate with ARRI and use their innovative lighting technologies to help us create dynamic festival environments and shine a light on all the creators who are taking part in press lines before introducing their films to audiences at the Festival,” says Tammie Rosen, chief communications officer, Sundance Institute.
“ARRI is honoured to partner with the Sundance Institute as the official lighting provider for this milestone 40th Sundance Film Festival,” says Dr. Matthias Erb, chairman of the executive board at ARRI.
Dr. Raphael Kiesel, senior vice-president, business unit lighting at ARRI, continues: “Our versatile, high-quality lighting solutions are helping to create an enhanced visual environment to showcase the tremendous filmmaking talent that Sundance celebrates each year.” Glenn Kennel, President and CEO of ARRI Americas, emphasizes, “ARRI has been an active participant of the Sundance Film Festival for many years and 202

astera-neverland-illuminata-lswell3Astera on the country park Christmas trail
Monday, 22 January 2024

UK - Over 300 Astera NYX Bulbs and 80 x Titan Tube wireless LED lighting fixtures dazzled festive guests visiting the Neverland Illuminova Christmas trail at Wellington Country Park near Reading. This was a special lighting and visual experience concept developed and delivered by the team at show production and technical specialist, Zeal.
The 1.5km trail followed the journey of the character Hope as they discovered their imagination travelling through various areas of visual interest with land, features and foliage speckled, coloured and bathed in light that could be absorbed, interpreted and sometimes interacted with live.
The NYX Bulbs were installed in two areas, the first of which was called Play. Here they were used in festoon style, strung overhead on scaffolding and catenary wires, and programmed as conventional lights and into a variety of colourful scenes, chases, and effects, boosting the ambience and anticipation of people walking around the trail.
The second area was the Finale where they were also rigged in festoon style, but this time had video content played through them transforming them into single pixels that were synched to lighting focused on the trail’s main visual feature - a 20m wide by 8m water screen that summarised the story.
As the trail paths opened out into this larger Finale space, the Titan Tubes were deployed sitting vertically on floor mounts, outlining, and delineating about 12m of pathway.
In conjunction with the NYX Bulbs rigged above, the Titan Tubes had the same video content running through them

prolightsProlights shine on Italia's Got Talent
Friday, 19 January 2024

Italy - The 13th edition of Italia's Got Talent was lit by Prolights products. Broadcastfor the first time in Europe on the Disney+ streaming platform, the series relied on AMG International s.r.l. for stage lighting.
The lighting setup, consisting of 113 Prolights fixtures, included SmartBat Plus, HaluPix, and VersaPar. This combination ensured an engaging visual effect, both for the studio audience and for viewers watching the show via streaming.
The production team expressed great satisfaction with the use of Prolights devices, particularly highlighting their versatility, speed, and ease of use as decisive factors for the success of the show's lighting. "For a dynamic and creative programme like Italia's Got Talent, these features of Prolights products played a fundamental role in ensuring flawless execution," the team stated.

klangKLANG on song for The Time Traveller’s Wife
Friday, 19 January 2024

UK - Based on Audrey Niffenegger's bestselling 2003 novel that captivated millions worldwide, a new musical adaptation of The Time Traveller's Wife love story recently premiered at London's Apollo Theatre, showcasing an original score by Joss Stone and Dave Stewart.
Sound designer Richard Brooker and associate sound designer Nick Lodge collaborated closely with the production crew - including Callum Donaldson, Isabel McIntosh, Andrew Williams and sound effects designer, Pete Malkin - to bring forth this show, which has been running since October.
The production also marks Brooker’s first proper use of the KLANG:technologies immersive in-ear monitor mixing system, supplied by Stage Sound Services, for the show’s band.
Brooker shares, “KLANG was an innovation we wanted to introduce into our shows.” After initial discussions with Phil Kamp from KLANG:technologies, who offered full support in transitioning from the team’s previous system, Brooker also had the opportunity to visit DiGiCo’s offices to meet with Dave Bigg, product specialist at DiGiCo, who provided Brooker with a further opportunity to delve deep into the system.
“You just have to adjust your thought process to understand how KLANG works,” Brooker says. “It's much more aligned with how our ears and brains process information on a day-to-day basis, rather than simply putting on a pair of headphones and working with stereo limitations. It’s about trying to make it feel as natural as if you weren’t wearing headphones or in-ears. It just blew my mind!”

cuban-brothers-sNexo sound powers Boisdale Canary Wharf
Friday, 19 January 2024

UK - It’s been a busy holiday period at Boisdale Canary Wharf. A popular venue for drinking, dining and entertainment, an all-Nexo sound system covers the main live music area and the downstairs bar.
Drawing from Nexo Geo M6, P+, ID and ePS speaker ranges and with networked power and processing from a rack of 11 NXAMP4X2Mk2 powered controllers, the system was installed by Oxford-based Event Production Services.
“The Nexo system delivers high-quality sound with even audio distribution throughout the room” comments Boisdale had of sound Ido Tavori. “Despite the challenging acoustics of the space, the system ensures clear and consistent sound projection.”
Returning to Boisdale in March, the Cuban Brothers said after their last show at Boisdale, “The Nexo sound system tonight has been ‘fantastico’. To come here and perform is always a pleasure.”
Also due back in 2024, Shakatak said: “The brilliant new sound system by Nexo at Boisdale is fantastic. It makes so much difference to any band’s performance when the sound is as good as this.”
“The incorporation of this state-of-the-art Nexo technology has significantly enhanced the sound quality of the venue” says Boisdale head of music Kavitha Rao. “As a result, the stage at Boisdale has become a top choice in London for attending live music performances. This upgrade is a testament to Boisdale’s commitment to providing exceptional entertainment experiences for its patrons.”

robe-full-frontal-23235f1-7937-photo-by-marc-haegemanRobe goes Full Frontal in Amsterdam
Friday, 19 January 2024

The Netherlands - Full Frontal is a new dance piece by choreographer Juanjo Arqués billed as ‘a ballet about real people and actual feelings’ set to Weather One, a musical score by Michael Gordon. It was presented by the Dutch National Ballet and staged at the Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam. It explores the stresses and tensions of our fractured and often polarised society as it faces physical obstacles that swap - ironically - with psychological projections of challenging conditions.
Full Frontal was the final work in Four Temperaments, a performance featuring the work of four choreographers, and was lit by Yaron Abulafia who enlisted the help of 40 Robe Tetra2 moving LED battens and an automation system.
He blended the intense emotion and paradox of dance with the drama and structural discipline of installation art to produce a truly outstanding visual encounter that immersed and enthralled audiences and the artists.
The Tetra2s assisted Yaron in sculpting his daring and combative light show for the 21-minute Full Frontal performance, which was created in close collaboration with Juanjo, set and costume designer Tatyana van Walsum and dramaturg Fabienne Vegt.
Choreographer Juanjo underlined the relevance of lighting: “Yaron proposed a beautiful light sculpture made of moving beams that are floating in space. The idea of having such a monumental structure over the dancers’ heads allowed me to drill down deeper into emotions, build tension, and achieve infinite light options, empowering the ae

eric-nam-3Julien Reux and Chauvet light Eric Nam tour
Wednesday, 17 January 2024

USA - Eric Nam is a “natural born performer” wrote one admiring critic when describing the US-born and South Korean-based star’s recently concluded House on a Hill North American tour.
Matching Nam’s passion and reflecting the nuances of each song on the 39-date tour was a far-reaching and evocative Julien Reux lighting design that was programmed by Matt Reynolds, and featured Chauvet Professional COLORado PXL Bar 16 and Color Strike M fixtures supplied by Kinetic Lighting.
Like the music of Nam himself, the lightshow was an inspired blend of boldness and subtlety. The mood on the stage was set by edge-to-edge colour washes, often monochromatic with white highlights. In some segments of the show, bright beams flared out from centre stage to the left and right, almost, as if opening a pathway for Nam. Throughout it all, regardless of how big the looks got, the focus was kept on the star.
“We wanted to have the audience focus on the scenic design, and when we had choruses, to have bigger light moments happen that highlighted the scenery, but at the heart of everything was always on Nam,” said Reux, owner of Black Lantern Creative. “As far as colours go, everyone who knows me knows that I love my ambers and CTO warm colours. I think in general, it’s the perfect balance of hue and saturation. Even though it’s my personal preference, it also played off with the artist and the aesthetics of the show.”
Playing a key role in creating this colour-scape were the rig’s 23 COLORado PXL Bar 16 linear fixtures. “The PXL bars

trilogyTrilogy takes on trio of KLANG:konductors
Wednesday, 17 January 2024

USA - Latin pop luminaries Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and Pitbull have teamed up for The Trilogy Tour, a North American arena trek taking the three artists out for shows in 37 cities between October 2023 and March 2024.
Following a successful first leg of sold-out concerts that ran into mid-December, the second half of the Live Nation-produced, Sound Image/Clair Global-reinforced run picks back up in late-January with four performances in California before sweeping east across the continent. The tour is enjoying a tremendous amount of success thanks to the talent and charisma of its headliners, but three unseen performers - a trio of KLANG:konductor immersive IEM mixing systems - are also doing their part to help the three bilingual superstars and their backing bands deliver a four-hour fiesta at each stop.
Eddie ‘El Brujo’ Caipo has worked with Enrique Iglesias as his monitor engineer for 11 years and is currently using his KLANG:konductor paired with a Mac Mini running KLANG:app and an Avid S6L-32 console. Sending pre-fader/post-mute direct outs via MADI to retain all of his plugin processing, he creates his mixes - 21 in total, with a number of them in KLANG:app - then feeds them back to a stereo pair of inputs, which are sent to the desired aux mix to the IEMs. His console receives timecode to trigger snapshots simultaneously sending MIDI to the :konductor to trigger the snapshots in KLANG.
“I’ve always made it a priority to help my artists and band members feel as if they aren’t wearing IEMs by using a mid-side processing spread

titanicbelfast2124Panasonic projectors help tell Titanic story
Wednesday, 17 January 2024

UK - Visitor attraction Titanic Belfast has used Panasonic projectors to convey the emotional impact of the human tragedy within the Titanic story, through the creation of a new, absorbing immersive space that places visitors at the heart of the liner’s ill-fated maiden voyage. More than 12 years on from the opening of the building, the attraction has refreshed the Titanic Experience for returning visitors and continues to draw crowds from around the world.
Working with integrator, DJ Willrich, Titanic Belfast now uses more than 30 Panasonic PT-MZ16K, PT-MZ780 and PT-VMZ71 LCD projectors to deliver the Titanic Experience, a stimulating re-creation of what it might have been like to be a passenger travelling on the liner. The self-guided tour is the most authentic way to discover the sights, sounds, and stories of the ship, as well as the people and city that made RMS Titanic.
“Unfortunately, we can’t change the tragic ending of the Titanic story, but we wanted it to be even more impactful for our guests,” explained Judith Owens, CEO of Titanic Belfast. “That’s where we looked to technology to help us. We felt that the best way to do that was through immersive technology.”
The Panasonic projectors, equipped with Ultra Short Throw (UST) and Short Throw lenses, provide the optimal balance of high brightness and vivid colour picture quality for the Titanic Experience, alongside market-leading reliability, with up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation offered.
Critical to the success of the experience is the quiet operation of

sennheiserSennheiser wraps TeamConnect workshops
Tuesday, 16 January 2024

South Africa - Sennheiser SA, in collaboration with Sennheiser electronic, recently concluded a series of successful workshops across South Africa and Namibia as part of the Meet the TeamConnect Family Roadshow. The workshops, which took place in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Windhoek, were aimed at showcasing Sennheiser's latest innovations for higher education, corporate meeting spaces and auditoriums, including its latest TeamConnect conferencing solutions.
Designed with integrators and business owners in mind, the workshops featured Sennheiser's newly introduced TeamConnect Bar S and TeamConnect Bar M video bars, the first product of its kind in the Sennheiser portfolio, as well as the popular TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC 2) and TeamConnect Ceiling Medium (TCC M) ceiling microphones.
“We are excited to share these new products with our clientele,” expresses Ashley Coleman, general manager at Sennheiser SA. “Our TeamConnect video bars can be integrated with our existing products, as well as other leading meeting room technology. These products greatly expand our boardroom solution offering, and we’re delighted to give our clients the opportunity to learn about our solutions first-hand during the roadshow.”
The workshops included hands-on technical training sessions and real-life usage examples, alongside demonstrations of both new and established Sennheiser products. Furthermore, these sessions, led by Sennheiser technical application engineer Christian Almer, introduced users to the wider Sennheiser ecosystem and offered insights on produc

robe-perpetuumPerpetuum Jazzile entertains with Robe
Tuesday, 16 January 2024

Slovenia - Crt Birsa from Slovenian design studio Blackout recently utilised Robe moving lights to realise the raw lighting aesthetic wanted by Slovenian vocal orchestra Perpetuum Jazzile for a video shoot in Ljubljana.
The artists have won international acclaim for their acapella versions of famous songs and for their lively and invigorating live performances.
This video shoot was directed by Rok Maver and took place in the new VPK Mediapark Media Centre nightclub in Ljubljana which has just opened. The Robe elements were 16 x Fortes, 28 x MegaPointes and 22 Spiiders, all supplied by Ljubljana based rental company Intralite – who invested in Fortes at the start of the summer which were delivered by Robe’s Slovenian distributor, MK Light Sound.
These were all rigged quite closely together on three overhead house trusses and the deck which boosted the intensity and drama of the lighting in relation to the camera angles. Crt also used 36 x LED strobes on the rig.
Crt was booked to light the video shoot, but the exact date and venue were not decided until the week before, so he prepared a ‘base’ design anyway, planned around Perpetuum Jazzile’s standard lighting rider, plus 40 % additional lighting for the floor and sides.
“It was a straightforward rig,” stated Crt, “Sometimes that is all you need. I am a big believer in less-is-more when used well – thoughtfully and not overdone! I know that this set of strong moving lights would have all the features to allow me to be imaginative, flexible and to get the range of looks.

brassOncue specs Nexo for BRASS in Cancún
Tuesday, 16 January 2024

Mexico - Sound, light and AV automation specialists, Oncue has designed and installed more than a hundred Nexo systems in bars, restaurants, hotels, superyachts and even homes around the country.
With offices in Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City, the company is headquartered in Cancún and has established a reputation among local hospitality venue operators for providing systems that meet and exceed what is typically a demanding set of requirements.
“It’s a party atmosphere in Cancún and (nearby) Tulum, so sound systems are required to handle much more than simply background music” says Oncue director general Héctor Ortega Valles. “The Nexo systems we install are typically operating at over 100dB for up to 15 hours a day.”
Oncue’s latest installation is at the BRASS Modern Grill House, part of the Fish Fritanga Group, where a Nexo ID and ePS Series system for background music is also required to amplify a live band with piano, bass, drums and singers, every Friday and Saturday night.
“Consistent coverage is always the key to a successful installation, and we use Nexo NS-1 software every day to design and predict system performance,” comments Héctor. “At BRASS we installed six ePS8s in the restaurant, four ID24s on the terrace, and additional ID24s in a VIP area, with LF extension from three eLS400 and three eLS600 subs.
“I am very passionate about sound quality and the ID24 really is an incredible loudspeaker with a clear and elegant sound. When our customers first see it, they often don’t believe that it’s large

digicoDiGiCo double joins Hard-Fi return tour
Tuesday, 16 January 2024

UK - After a 10-year hiatus, indie rock band, Hard-Fi, made a triumphant return this October with a 13-day nationwide stour, including dates at the Junction in Cambridge, O2 Academy in Liverpool, Rock City in Nottingham, and the Troxy in London. Front of house engineer, Sam Parker, and monitor engineer, Bertie Hunter, deployed a DiGiCo Quantum 225 and SD12 digital mixing console respectively, supplied by CS Audio.
Reflecting on his induction into the band, Parker recalls being recruited by Hard-Fi’s management before their debut album release in 2005. “I remember receiving a demo CD of songs, and then I was formally introduced to the band,” he says. “During those early days, the touring setup was limited to a two-person crew - myself handling FOH duties alongside a tour manager/driver. Within the first year, the band upgraded to a tour bus and an expanded crew, which included Paul [Hatt, CS Audio] managing monitors, Jason [Hyde] as LD, and additional backline support.”
Having known Hatt for over 20 years during their time working with Hard-Fi and Groove Armada, Parker highlights that when Hatt moved from his role as a monitoring engineer to assuming control of his family's PA and rental company business, CS Audio, they continued to actively seek opportunities to collaborate.
“My father was an incredibly talented sound engineer who worked with some of the world’s most renowned musical stars, including Tina Turner, Cliff Richard, and The Shadows,” explains Hatt. “He retired while I was still freelancing for Hard-Fi and other bands an

sunplazaDiablo and Mistral light Hiromi Go in Tokyo
Tuesday, 16 January 2024

Japan - Hiromi Go celebrated his 50th anniversary in 2022. He toured all the country throughout the whole year to meet his fans and share the celebration. In the final month, December 2022, a special prestigious tour - Hiromi Go 50th Anniversary Tour - The Final Countdown in 2022 - took place. Mainly composed of his ballads, this proved extremely popular, and was performed with an especially luxurious stage setting.
This special concert was revived in 2023 for a special one-night show at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, this time not only to celebrate Go’s 50th anniversary, but also to commemorate the concert venues’ 50th anniversary and its very last year. The Sun Plaza Hall, which had served as a landmark concert venue for many famous artists in Tokyo for half a century, finally closed in the summer.
Naomasa Kajiura, an award-nominated lighting designer for PRG Japan, who has supported Hiromi Go’s tours for decades, chose to use Ayrton Diablo and Mistral as main set-up for this special staging.
“Not only for this show, but also for other shows, these devices are small and compact, yet offer excellent brightness and functionality, and enable dynamic performances,” he says.
“This is especially true in Japan, when these types of tour are conducted mainly in local concert halls, where there is a tendency for those concert halls to have weight limitations on the load the trusses can safely hold. In these situations, Diablos and Mistrals are especially useful: they still offer great brightness with low power consumption. That is why I felt these

christie-manorChristie adds sparkle to Waddesdon Manor
Tuesday, 16 January 2024

UK - Christie HS Series projectors powered a sparkling seasonal projection mapping experience at Waddesdon Manor, a 19th century Grade 1 listed National Trust site in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.
Yes Events deployed 11 Christie DWU23-HS 1DLP laser projectors – supplied by Christie partner A.C. Entertainment Technologies – to map the 10-minute content designed by mapping expert Jamie Shiels. The content, inspired by the festive season and popular children’s books, was projected onto the façade of the French Renaissance-style Loire chateau for festive revellers to enjoy as part of a ‘Christmas at Waddesdon’ experience.
“Yes Events has been working with the National Trust at Waddesdon Manor for several years, and they previously explored the idea of projecting onto the building, but everything came together this year to bring it to life,” says Stuart Burdett, video sales manager, AC Entertainment Technologies. “It really helped to create a Christmas storytelling event, and elevated the entire experience and atmosphere. The projectors have been great. We were delighted with the colours, the balance is great and it was very vibrant on the building. It has been great to see it creating some ‘wow’ moments, with lots of smiling faces in the crowd and people taking photos.”
Waddesdon Manor was open to the public over the Christmas period, allowing visitors to see the site’s grand interior rooms, enjoy some of the range of festive food that’s on offer, take in the outdoor light trail, and view the outdoor mapping experience. The ‘

big-nite-dc2Chauvet joins National Harbor Big Nite out
Monday, 15 January 2024

USA - Big Nite DC, which bills itself as the largest NYE convention hall party draws around 10,000 party goers, spread out over two ballrooms and 12 additional spaces. The main ballroom, which serves as the hub of the evening’s festivities, measures 45,000sq.ft and has 270-degrees of floor-to-ceiling glass windows affording stunning views of the Potomac River.
Animating the big event this year, as it has in the past, was an upbeat and colourful lighting and video design from Evan Kirkendall and the team at Harford Sound LLC.
“Every year we challenge ourselves to create a fresh, new design in the primary ballroom,” said Kirkendall. “We get to design this large rig from the ground up, so we really like to push ourselves each year.”
Although lighting Big Nite DC is “loads of fun”, it is not without its challenges. “The overall stage size is quite small, compared to the size of the room,” said Kirkendall. “A key goal of ours was to make the stage look as big as possible, while working within the limitations imposed by its size, and the ceiling height. We wanted to put the largest video wall possible on stage this year, but we also needed to make room for lights. So, we ended up building the widest possible video wall we could do but kept it on the shorter side so we could essentially frame it with lights and then build ‘wings’ from the top to make it look massive. I think the overall layout worked really well.”
Helping Kirkendall, crew chief Steve Wozniak, and their team meet this challenge was a collection of over 100 Ch

xmas-jam-6Annual Xmas Jam electrifies with Bandit
Friday, 12 January 2024

USA - The Warren Haynes Presents Christmas Jam returned for its 32nd year, partnering with the Asheville area Habitat for Humanity and BeLoved Asheville. Bandit Lites provided the lighting system for the 9 December showcase which featured a line-up including Slash and Myles Kennedy, Billy F Gibbons, Gov’t Mule, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening, Clutch and Karina Rykman.
The winter spectacular began in 1988 and has raised more than $2.8m over the years, helping those in the area who have been unable to be homeowners due to financial setbacks.
"To take something as simple as playing music, which we all love to do, and turn it into building houses, it's an opportunity that I can't be more thankful for," Haynes told area news.
Bandit Lites provided over 100ft of Tyler Truss and more than 165 fixtures for the epic jam night including Ayrton Khamsin S, Chauvet COLORado PXL Bar 8, Elation Fuze Wash Z350, Elation ACL 360 Bars, Elation CuePix WW2 Blinders, GLP X4s and Robe MegaPointes as well as well as two grandMA2 Full consoles for control.
Lighting designer Preston Hoffman took to the epic lineup for inspiration, noting the heavy rock performances would be “saturated with amazing guitar licks and big moments.”
“The original idea that I had was to create a modern ACL look which paid homage to a classic rock look,” explained Hoffman. “To achieve this, I arranged Chauvet COLORado PXL Bar 8s along a curve. That produced a fan of fat beams that had some animation to them. I put some Robe MegaPointes on the curve as well for a

murangi-purchaseAxcor Beams light Gospel Music Awards
Friday, 12 January 2024

South Africa - Hendrick Nemalili of Murangi Productions collected 12 new Claypaky Axcor Beam 300s and four Robe LedBeam 150s from DWR Distribution which went straight onto the 16th Crown Gospel Music Awards held on 26 November at the 10 000-seater Dome marquee based at the FNB Stadium in Nasrec, Johannesburg.
The Crown Gospel Awards celebrates excellence in the South African gospel music industry. Traditionally taking place at the Durban ICC, it was hosted in Johannesburg for the first time. Having worked on the production on two different occasions, Hendrick was appointed to design the set and to provide the full technical comprising lighting, audio (including backline) and screens.
With three months to plan and prepare, he came up with the concept. “As the Crown Gospel Awards were making a debut in the City of Gold the idea was to integrate a suspended crown centrepiece and then to design a round-shaped stage to represent the FNB Stadium,” he says.
The stadium’s architecture was influenced by calabashes or traditional African pots. The shapes on either side of the stage symbolise the fields on either side of the stadium where people engage in various activities. With the design good to go, Hendrick was inspired to look for fixtures that would be hung off a dedicated 16m truss at FOH that would wow with some explosive beam work to add the finishing touch.
“I spoke to Robert Izzett from DWR Distribution, explaining that I had a big event coming up and wanted something that would create a Sharpy-type beam and gobo work,” Hendrick sha

shreya-ghoshal-live-all-hearts-tour-photos-by-sahil-makhani-from-smfilms-1grandMA3 controls Shreya Ghoshal tour
Friday, 12 January 2024

USA - Lighting for the recent legs - including the USA and Canada - of popular and prolific Indian singer Shreya Ghoshal’s All Hearts world tour was programmed by Manu Jacob using an all grandMA3 control system solution for this section of the tour, and the first time on a touring project.
Brought onboard as programmer by Mumbai based show producers BToS Productions, he worked closely with the lighting design team from LAGFL Designs on ensuring that the show they had crafted was programmed in the most efficient, logical, and flexible way, enabling the showfile to be swiftly updated to deal with different sized venues.
“It was to facilitate this and also for the networking capabilities that I decided to make the switch to all grandMA3 for this project,” he stated, adding that he has been working on the grandMA platform for the last 10 years, and appreciates its “huge power and adaptability”.
The eight-week North American leg of the tour kicked off with a warm-up show in Mauritius and involved approximately 160 lighting fixtures, mostly Robe moving lights according to the original spec. However, the type of luminaire varied according to the venue and lighting vendor… so there were plenty of fixture exchanges taking place over the course of the tour.
When it started in India earlier in the year, the artist was playing even larger venues, so the show was initially programmed using around 400 luminaires.
In the US, several different lighting vendors were involved, depending on the venue and promoter, with Event EQ who are part o


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