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studiobsARRI adds flexibility to WELT news studios
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Germany - At the new Axel Springer Campus in the heart of Berlin, WeltN24 has commissioned two state-of-the-art TV studios for the WELT station. Both news studios are equipped with Ethernet/IP-capable lighting fixtures throughout, enabling IP-end-to-end communication and, therefore, efficient workflows that are fully integrated into the broadcast infrastructure. The ARRI System Group handled the consulting, planning, and turnkey installation of the studio lighting and control systems on behalf of the system integrator Qvest Media and in close partnership with the planning office mo2 design.
WELT’s two TV studios enable closer networking and collaboration with digital and print. This exchange is also reflected in the visual concept of the studios, each measuring 175sq.m and 5.5m high. Glass fronts in Studio 1 ensure transparency, visibility, and interaction. Challenges in terms of the lighting design were also the motorised and movable LED video panels on three sides and a required minimum range of movement for the presenters on set without changing the lighting fixture positions.
After extensive testing, a total of 100 soft lights from the ARRI SkyPanel series (S60-C, S30-C) and Moving Lights with the Fresnel characteristics from Robe Lighting were chosen. These are supplemented by LED bars which are affixed to the top of the motorized video panels to direct an appropriate backlight onto the presenters.
In Studio 2, especially for the green box, ARRI’s SkyPanels with different apertures (S120-C, S60-C, S30-C) were specified to achieve optimal l

foodPixotope aids broadcaster’s virtual production
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Spain - Pixotope has enabled VideoReport Canarias, a regional news and entertainment broadcasting services provider, to expand its virtual production offering in six months.
VideoReport Canarias is the broadcasting services provider of a number of well-known media broadcasters in Spain, including RadioTelevision Canaria. VideoReport Canarias partnered with Pixotope to find a more resource-friendly and visually stimulating way of producing live TV. Working through Pixotope’s distributor Tangram and VideoReport Canarias’ supplier and system integrator Bienvenido Gil (BGL), an entirely new show format was created for RadioTelevision Canaria’s daily primetime weather show, Una Hora Menos.
“Innovation has always been at the core of VideoReport Canarias. This is why we were excited to introduce virtual reality in our sets, specifically in our prime-time show. What motivated us to use Pixotope was that we thought it was a great solution, affordable and pretty quick to turnaround in time,” comments Anuska Simón Gómez, general manager at VideoReport Canarias.
Moving away from traditional talk-show production sets with expensive LED screen displays and changing stage fixtures and furniture, Una Hora Menos went from a small costly production set that had limited stage resources and a single camera operation to a versatile and multi-camera operation studio that can produce a limitless number of stage scenarios to assist in the shows’ news reporting and creative storytelling.
“Pixotope allows us to save money and time by prov

smartaxiata1Harman pro powers Smile Charity Concert
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Cambodia - To deliver sound reinforcement with optimal clarity and coverage at the Smile Charity Concert at Aeon Mall Sen Sok City, Smart Axiata hired Nano Sound Cambodia to deploy a Harman sound reinforcement system comprised of JBL, Crown and Soundcraft solutions.
Organised by telecommunications provider Smart Axiata, the Smile Charity Concert was created to raise money for Kantha Bopha Hospital and Angkor Hospital for Children. The concert took place at Aeon Mall Sen Sok City, a shopping centre featuring a 1,500-seat performance hall that hosts concerts, weddings, trade shows, conferences and gaming competitions.
Nano Sound reported that the client requested a high-quality audio system that could be adjusted for a variety of performance types. The client also required complete coverage for two different stages, as well as the venue’s lobby. To deliver premium sound quality throughout each space, Nano Sound selected JBL speakers for their ability to support a wide range of contemporary and classical music genres.
The system installed by Nano Sound includes JBL STX 815M main speakers, STX818S subwoofers, STX 812M floor monitors and VTX F15 multi-purpose loudspeakers. For portable sound reinforcement, Nano Sound supplemented the system with JBL EON 610 loudspeakers.
The team powered the JBL loudspeakers with Crown VRack 4x3500HD all-in-one amplification systems. In order to ensure professional-sounding mixes with plenty of dynamics and clarity, Nano Sound installed Soundcraft Vi3000, Ui24R and Notepad-12FX mixing consoles.
Smart Axiata

rooftopADJ chosen for The Rooftop in San Diego resort
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

USA - Located on the Jamul Indian Village reservation, 20 miles east of downtown San Diego, the Jamul Casino attracts visitors from across southern California. In addition to gaming, it offers multiple restaurants, bars and lounges, the newest of which is The Rooftop.
Developed on the roof of the main casino building, it provides 360° views of the surrounding valley and is used for private parties as well as regular live music performances and theme nights. Having initially rented lighting for special events, earlier this year the casino’s management invested in a permanent house rig comprised of 80 ADJ fixtures.
For a number of years, AV support for the casino has been provided by CBC Technical Inc., located in nearby Temecula, CA. The company originally rented a lighting system to the casino for live music performances and special events at The Rooftop, following its completion last year. However, as the popularity of the venue grew and its events calendar expanded, they decided to invest in having a dedicated house rig permanently installed.
CBC Technical designed and supplied a versatile lighting system comprised exclusively of ADJ fixtures, the majority of which are IP65-rated due to the outdoor nature of the space. The company’s director of production services, Michael Hoffman, was responsible for designing the house plot, which is then adapted as necessary for special events and performances. Michael also serves as resident LD to the venue, coming in to setup custom looks for private parties or to run the lighting for featured special g

whitten-building-greenChauvet fixtures turn Washington landmark green
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

USA - Since its official opening in 1930, the stately structure that is today known as the James L. Whitten Building, home of the US Department of Agriculture, has stood out. Not only was it the first large scale example of Beaux-Arts architecture in the US capital, and the city’s first governmental structure made of reinforced concrete, it was also (and still remains) the only “working building” on the Federal Mall that is not intended for the general public.
From 18-21 April, the building held another distinction, being the only federal structure in the capital to be lit in green. Radiating in emerald against the Washington sky, the USDA home office commemorated the International Year of the Plant in stunning fashion.
Endowing the James L. Whitten Building with its green glow was a lighting design by Atmosphere, Inc.’s Sparky Hopkins that featured a collection of colour rendering fixtures including 12 WELL Fit uplighters from Chauvet Professional.
Arranged along the ground level, the battery powered and wirelessly controlled fixtures were used to uplight the massive masonry wall that supports the building’s columns. For Hopkins, the WELL Fit units were the natural choice for the commemorative project.
“Since this is a government building and we were lighting the main entrance, we had to meet an extensive list of safety requirements,” he says. “The government folks needed to be assured that there would not be any cables or equipment that would cause a tripping hazard. Being battery powered, the Well Fits checked that box.

symphonySFSO redefines AV capture with Luminex
Tuesday, 27 April 2021

USA - With the year-long Covid shutdown turning live performance on its ear, the challenges facing music venues and organisations have been relentless. Like so many orchestras, the San Francisco Symphony has been reinventing and regrouping, finding new ways to bring music to arts-starved audiences, including incorporating the recording and streaming of audio and video content.
One of the challenges, explains Jon Johannsen, audio engineer for the Symphony, is capturing the orchestra when members can’t play together as an ensemble. “With wind and brass players in particular, we can’t have that many musicians together in a common space. People still need to be isolated in individual capture rooms.” As a result, the Symphony has created literally dozens of individual capture spaces on site. “We’ve now created capture rooms everywhere – downstairs, in dressing room areas, on alternate stages, all throughout the facility.”
The logistics and bandwidth demands of simultaneous audio and video capture from 50 or more multiple sources calls for a network for more complex than what the Symphony had previously employed. “Our old analogue workflow was pretty straightforward,” Johannsen recounts. “We had a series of capture microphones over the stage, with all inputs coming to Merging Technologies recorders in a central location in the booth. We were doing full 122-input captures, but the network was not central to the system. One moderately managed switch could handle everything because there wasn’t really a true network.”

northview-churchIndiana church saves time with Hippotizer Boreal
Tuesday, 27 April 2021

USA – Northview Church, a multi-site community church serving central Indiana from nine campuses, is delivering engaging visual content for its live worship and online services using the time-saving features of a Hippotizer Boreal Media Server from Green Hippo. Located at the church’s Carmel campus, the Boreal feeds content to the 60ft x 25ft projection screen which forms a striking backdrop to services both live and streamed.
“The Boreal drives all the video content on the upstage screen, plus any overlays or synchronised video on the house IMAG screens,” says Evan Rodecap, president of Signal Productions. A long-standing full-time engineer for the church, Evan knew Hippotizer from the touring world, and consulted on the specification of the Hippotizer Boreal.
“The Hippotizer had the outputs and resources, within a single frame, needed to drive the projection blend,” says Evan. “Another factor was the low point-to-point latency in using video mix effects, which is critical in relation to low latency IMAG screens. It was the only server demo’d that could match the low latency needed while processing complex video effects.”
Another major advantage was the Hippotizer’s easy integration with the lighting desk, a grandMA3 full-size, running grandMA2 software. “The installation was completed in a few hours,” says Evan. “The CITP functionality of any server was a must. Out of the box, Hippo connected and indexed seamlessly to the console CITP pool. Mapping DMX parameters was extremely simple. They had previously used other media

bahamasDoughty supplies custom kit for Bahamas project
Tuesday, 27 April 2021

The Bahamas - Doughty Engineering has supplied a range of custom kit for the MSC Ocean Cay Lighthouse project in the Bahamas. When White Light was approached to supply kit, crew and project management for the lighting aspects of the project, Simon Needle, WL special projects director, realised that a bespoke solution would be required for mounting the moving lights to the handrail of the lighthouse.
He explained: “We were approached by John Coman of Woodroffe Bassett Design (WBD), who we have previously worked with on several projects (including Secret Cinema, Rolling stones’ EXHIBITIONISM, Dinosaurs in the Wild to work on the MSC Ocean Cay Lighthouse.
“Our remit was to supply kit (in particular the moving light), project management, crew and associated levels of support in respect of lighting the lighthouse, including ‘local’ console hire for programming with our friends at Christie Lites. This included lighting kit as specified by WBD, mains distribution for all departments (lighting and AV), custom combined mains and data cabling crew and custom bracketry – which is where Doughty comes in.”
Simon reached out to Dan Phillips at Doughty, a long-term contact when bespoke pieces of kit are required. “Dan as usual worked his magic and created a suitable solution. We were a little nervous as we did not have the physical light to check, so everything was dependent on the CAD accuracy,” said Simon. “The moving lights were coming direct to the Bahamas from China, but we knew we had to find a solution to mount them to the handrail of th

parkroyalMartin Professional lights Parkroyal Collection
Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Singapore - Harman Professional Solutions recently partnered with Light Collab to outfit the atrium at Parkroyal Collection, Marina Bay with a Martin Professional lighting solution.
Parkroyal is a garden hotel in the city’s central business district with close proximity to many major Singapore landmarks. The hotel offers ‘contemporary design and eco-friendly lifestyle experiences to conscious and mindful travellers’. In order to enhance the guest experience, the hotel hired Light Collab to implement a cutting-edge Martin Professional lighting solution to provide dynamic visual effects in the garden atrium.
Light Collab reported that the hotel requested an impressive lighting system for an immersive treetop experience, including a short light show that could be programmed for performances every hour on the hour. The hotel’s goal was to transform the garden atrium into a futuristic world of light and sound, complimenting the artistic aesthetic established by the architecture of John Portman and a hanging floral sculpture by artist Richard Lippold titled Orchidea.
Light Collab’s design included Martin MAC Quantum Wash fixtures, which they selected for their tight beams, beautiful wash fields, exceptional colour palette and uniform colour mixing. Light Collab also selected Martin RUSH MH 6 Wash fixtures for complex, immersive visuals. The team also utilised Martin THRILL Multi-FX LED fixtures to deliver laser, strobe and rotating multi-beam effects for a variety of dazzling looks.
Hotel staff reported that the Martin lighting solution pr

robe-todd-rundgren-clarely-human-virtual-tourClearly Human lighting for Todd Rundgren
Tuesday, 27 April 2021

USA - Artists continue to be creative and inventive in presenting themselves during these pandemic times, and musician, singer and songwriter Todd Rundgren’s new virtual ‘tour’ concept is no exception.
The 25 shows were broadcast live over a five-week period from Radius Chicago, a new 3,800 capacity live performance venue in an old Pilsen steel factory. Each day was orientated towards a particular city, complete with special locally related video content, and people living in the relevant area able to access advanced tickets before the box office was opened further.
Lighting designer Hans Shoop utilised Robe BMFL Spots, Spikies and a RoboSpot system controlling three BMFL Follow Spots to great effect on the rig – among other lights – fulfilling a brief to create as much normalcy as possible for a live band show. They specifically didn’t want the production looking like a video shoot nor a ‘band in a void’ recording scenario, a mission for which he worked closely with Alex Skowron.
Alex – also an LD in his own right – had been the production designer on Rundgren’s 2004 Liars tour. When he heard about this virtual tour project, he reached out to the production team headed by production / tour manager and monitor engineer Paul Froula and asked if he could assist.
He explained how the mission was to make the space appear nondescript and neutral so the audience could think they were actually touring. “The last thing we wanted was to have the same architectural features coming up show after show, so we blacked out any featur

dubaiMartin Audio speakers span Bla Bla complex
Tuesday, 27 April 2021

UAE - More than 200 Martin Audio speakers, spanning many of their front-line ranges, have been installed throughout a massive new beach club leisure complex in Dubai. Bla Bla features 20 bars, a beach club and three restaurants (as well as sound stages) all under one roof and is the first independent property in the area licensed for alcohol.
Set on 100,000sq.ft of beach-front, in the fashionable Jumeirah Beach Resort (JBR), overlooking Bluewaters and the Big Wheel, Bla Bla is the brainchild of CEO Mohammad Islam. He worked alongside co-founder Steve Taylor from Autus Partners Management Consultancy, who masterminded the design and managed the project.
The Martin Audio solution was specified by design consultant, Bengan Hovgard, from Loud and Clear Audio Visual, and installed by Pulse Middle East. Pulse operations director, Greg Brown, said, “We have worked a lot with Bengan, and he is familiar with CDD and its performance.”
Stating his rationale, Hovgard himself said, “I chose Martin Audio because the brand is well supported in the region. The CDD range was suitable for this project as it is available in both indoor and outdoor version which enabled us to achieve the same look and sound throughout the venue. The CDD range also provided the best coverage for some of the narrower terraces and balconies in the venue.”
Pulse first visited the site back in June and were awarded the audio contract the following month. “From then on, it was a fairly fast-fit process between August and December,” he stated.
The consultant and integ

robe-wosp-eventRobe MegaPointes light night sky in Warsaw
Monday, 26 April 2021

Poland - Jacek Chojczak and his team from Polish creative production design company Green Beam Design (GBD) utilised 82 x Robe MegaPointes for a high-profile outdoor installation in central Warsaw marking the 29th anniversary of WOSP (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy) – The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – which is the biggest, non-governmental, non-profit, charity organization in Poland raising money for paediatric and elderly care.
Each year, Jacek explains, WOSP stages a major outdoor concert in central Warsaw called Light to Heaven, but this year due to Covid-19 restrictions this could not happen. Instead, the organisers decided to build a large scenic pyramid which was 21m wide and 12m high, designed by set specialist Giorgos Stylianou – in the square adjacent to the Palace of Culture and Science.
Jacek’s lighting scheme ensured that the luminosity from the MegaPointes on this pyramid structure illuminated the night skies like a giant beacon visible from all around the city.
The backbone of the event was a 16-hour ‘telethon’ broadcast from a pop-up tent-based TV studio in central Warsaw which aired on TVN and various online platforms with lighting also designed by Jacek.
In the studio he used more Robe fixtures including Spikies, LEDWash 600s and Esprites complete with a four-way Robe RoboSpot remote controlled follow spot system, with lighting equipment supplied by ATM System and multimedia from VES.
GBD first became involved in lighting the event in 2020 – just before the pandemic shut down the li

charlie-simpsonAudient at core of Charlie Simpson’s studio
Monday, 26 April 2021

UK - Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Charlie Simpson (Busted, Fightstar) has been getting acquainted with his new Audient ASP4816 console, which he installed in his Surrey-based studio recently. “I love using the ASP4816. It’s the perfect size for my studio and the routing capabilities are amazing. Though the desk is fully analogue I have managed to set it up in a way that it can be used in a modern/hybrid way,” he says.
It’s that hybrid capability that really appealed to Charlie, especially when it came to recording drums. “I love playing and recording drums, so to be able to have a space where I can now record live drums through a desk has been a game changer,” he says. With the ASP4816 at the hub, he has everything running through three UAD Apollos, and asserts that the ASP4816 has “massively expanded” his creative possibilities.
Having recorded albums in commercial studios with Busted, Fightstar and latterly his own material, he’s been around desks over the years, but confesses to never having used one on his own before. “I was a little intimidated when the ASP4816 arrived. I had pretty much always worked in the box, so I was amazed at how quickly I was able to learn on the ASP4816. It’s such an intuitive desk to use and within about a month, I was using it as if I’d had it for years.”
He timed his upgrade to coincide with the launch of his Patreon site, Charlie can offer his fans a ‘virtual front seat’ in his studio as well as various options for his core audience to connect with him. “I’ve been blown aw

saint-ours-festivalChauvet joins La Fiore de Sant Orso celebration
Monday, 26 April 2021

Italy - In late January, the people of Aosta gathered, as they have every year since the start of the first millennial, to celebrate the life of their patron saint. The streets of this ancient town were lined, as they always have been on this occasion, with artisans showcasing their world-famous Valdôtain artwork.
It was one of the last such moments, the people of the Aosta Valley would enjoy, before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Public gatherings were still prohibited this January when the time came for La Fiore de Sant’ Orso, but the townspeople were still able to enjoy this tradition virtually, as Fumasoli Audio and Lights Rental worked with local officials to create a livestream version of the two-day event.
Produced at the improvised warehouse studio, created by Fumasoli early in the pandemic, and broadcast on television, the livestream served up a rich variety of music and conversations that captured much of the tradition and community spirit of the annual event.
Contributing to the engaging atmosphere of the broadcast was a warm and immersive Patrick Iavarone lighting design that featured 28 Chauvet Professional Maverick fixtures from Fumasoli’s own inventory.
Iavarone flew six Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures on upstage truss, using them as front washes and arranged 14 in stage left and stage right positions to accentuate the colourful scenic props and backgrounds on stage while also giving it a greater sense of depth.
“Given the nature of the festival, we wanted to have everything looking colourful, bright and inviting,

leponds1Chauvet lights Le’Ponds ‘love-stream’
Friday, 23 April 2021

USA - Despite the pandemic, and all the restrictions it has created, Gerry Dintelman has been in a groove of late, firing up hard-hitting livestream looks for metallic heavyweights like Fister, Dead Pilgrim and Chaos Collective. Recently, he had to change gears and focus his creative vision in a softer, more romantic direction, when he lit a Valentine’s Day ‘love-stream’ for indie/rocker Le’Ponds.
He welcomed the opportunity. “It’s always fun to mix things up a bit,” said Dintelman. “Our last livestream was designed around hard angles and industrial looks. To reflect the mood Le’Ponds was after, we had to do things differently so we could arrive at a more intimate place.”
That “place” was a captivating romantic dream come to life, with sharp edges replaced by smooth flowing natural forms that seemed to spring organically out of the stage, and jarring colour conflicts washed away by a kaleidoscope of psychedelic hues. As Dintelman describes it, he and his collaborator, video director Kevin Kwater, were going for a “natural-landscape-meets-a-dynamic-oil-painting” in their design.
Helping them reach this ambitious goal was a rig made up almost entirely of Chauvet Professional gear, including 12 Rogue R2 Wash, 12 Rogue R1 FX-B and five Rogue R2 Beams, as well as 12 Nexus 4x4 units and 84 PVP S5 LED video panels.
Dintelman arranged his fixtures and panels in asymmetrical configurations to avoid sharp angles and engender the smooth, fluid look he was after. In pursuit of this look, he also focused holistically on the ove

flow-festival-2019photo-by-hannu-iso-oja22Sun Effects of Helsinki turns to Elation Proteus
Friday, 23 April 2021

Finland - Design and production house Sun Effects offers out-of-the-box visual designs and full-service concept-to-execution solutions from offices in Helsinki and Tokyo. When the company sought a line of outdoor-rated moving head luminaires that could withstand Finland’s brutal weather conditions but also be an effective tool for creative expression, they turned to Elation’s award-winning Proteus line.
“There aren't many companies that take their gear into the types of environments we do,” said company founder and artistic director at Sun Effects, Matti Jykylä. “We’re a good benchmark and only go for top quality gear. We needed a reliable outdoor automated moving light with good design options and came to the conclusion that the Proteus is the best out there.”
Sun Effects has enjoyed consistent growth over its 25-year history, covering projects from special events and public spaces to permanent installations and experimental marketing projects. Many of those productions are large scale and often outdoors. “Our specialty is that we can light a complete site no matter how big, not just the stage but the entire area,” Jykylä says. “We're also involved in a lot of light and video art festivals that take place outdoors and for these segments we had been looking for different tools.”
Sun Effects acquired Elation’s multi-functional arc-source moving head, the Proteus Hybrid, in 2018 to address their needs but when they saw the 50,000-lumen Proteus Maximus LED luminaire at the Prolight + Sound show in 2019, they were totally take

eaw-saarepeedi-cultural-center2EAW reinforces Saarepeedi Cultural Centre
Friday, 23 April 2021

Estonia - The five-decade old Saarepeedi Cultural Centre recently sought out a new PA for its facility and brought on Heliart OÜ for the project. Priit Kivimägi, CEO of Heliart OÜ, and his team were looking for a system with high SPL, consistent coverage and exceptional vocal intelligibility. Eastern Acoustic Works’ QX300 Series speaker system along with its RL18S Active Subwoofers were selected for their audio capabilities as well as its ease of use.
The Saarepeedi Cultural Centre, located in southern Estonia near Viljandi, is often considered the heart of Estonian folk music. Serving as a multi-functional venue for the local community, the space is used for different activities and performing arts including theatrical and dance events, seminars, rehearsals, sports and musical acts including choirs and live bands.
The main PA consists of two EAW QX364’s flown in left-right position supplemented by four EAW RL18S subwoofers positioned in the centre of the stage. The team was limited by the construction of the building as to where to place the subwoofers, therefore, custom frames were built around the structures inside the stage to accommodate two cardioid pairs of RL18S subwoofers.
“The large 4-inch voice coil compression driver with constant directivity horn is surrounded by two pairs of phase-aligned high power 10-inch low frequency drivers,” says Kivimägi. “This extends the pattern control to lower frequencies and therefore keeps the energy off the walls and ceiling, and in the audience area. This really helped combat the acoustica

grimsby-auditorium-sounds-great-with-allen--heath-avantis-1Grimsby Auditorium adds Allen & Heath Avantis
Friday, 23 April 2021

UK - Entertainments venue, Grimsby Auditorium, has recently upgraded its sound desk to an Allen & Heath Avantis.
Based in North East Lincolnshire, Grimsby Auditorium is an intimate custom designed venue. Since opening its doors in 1995, it has played host to a number of high-profile performers as well as international touring acts and shows, including: Starlight Express, Blood Brothers and Calendar Girls, Jimmy Carr, Peter Kay and Sarah Millican), and international rock acts Morrissey, Kasabian and The Stereophonics.
Shane Jackson, Grimsby Auditorium’s stage manager commented: “After having our previous sound desk for around 15 year we felt it was time to upgrade to some newer technology. We have no doubt that this will have a positive impact on upcoming productions as well as our customers experience. Having researched our options and considered what was on the market we felt that the Allen & Heath Avantis was the perfect fit for the venue.”
With the glimmer of hope for productions that came following the government roadmap, the new sound desk is getting its first show in June, where the Avantis will be used to do sound for a six- piece band.
“From the brief time we have had the desk I know it will be a new favourite among the team. The layout is very logical and very simple to use. Allen & Heath have created a great desk. It offers huge flexibility for both input and output, all doable at 96khz, with 42 mix busses its more than enough for our venue needs. The FX processing works incredibly well, and I

robe-2cellos-livin-on-a-prayer-img0597Robe Lives on a Prayer for 2Cellos
Friday, 23 April 2021

Croatia - Popular duo 2Cellos released a new music video together with a hi-energy rendition of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer this month which was recorded in an abandoned military warehouse near the Croatian city of Pula.
Lighting was created by the band’s long-term LD Crt Birsa of Blackout using an all-Robe moving light rig. Lighting was the critical and only visual technical element for the dramatically stark, moody noir-style video directed by Kristijan Burlovic and as such it became almost a fourth band member joining Stjepan Hauser, Luka Šulić and drummer Dušan Kranjc.
Crt chose 38 x Robe MegaPointes as the key lighting fixtures, creating a tunnel effect down the length of the 33m tube like space which was pitch black inside. His design also used 16 x Robe BMFL Spots, three LEDBeam 150s and 10 x LEDWash 600+s, all supplied by Pula-based rental company, IDD Production doo.
He was asked to submit initial design ideas in December when the shoot, recorded in January, was first being planned. He did this working only on a couple of photos of the space as it was difficult for Ljubljana based Crt to cross the Slovenian / Croatian border at the time due to Covid-19 restrictions between the two countries.
The first concept he presented to the band and their management was chosen and developed into the backbone of the video shoot in which they recorded three songs in one day.
Most of the lighting had to be ground supported as no-one was sure how much the roof of the old building could take, so the tunnel of light effect saw

digicotobymac1TobyMac tour carries DiGiCo on US arena runs
Friday, 23 April 2021

USA - Although TobyMac’s Hits Deep Tour has been an annual late-winter tradition for a number of years now, this year’s trek was particularly joyous as it represented one of North America’s first proper arena tours following the pandemic blackout year.
True to form, Nashville-based Blackhawk Audio, the long-time touring sound provider for the seven-time Grammy Award-winning Christian hip-hop/pop artist, carried DiGiCo consoles - SD10s at both FOH and monitors, plus a smaller-format SD9 support desk at FOH - which were used to mix 18 arena shows in 13 cities during February and March.
In addition to TobyMac, the 2021 Hits Deep Tour featured a full lineup of special guests, including Tauren Wells, We Are Messengers, Unspoken, Cochren & Co., and Terrian. All of the supports acts performed each night in a seamless awards-show format, bouncing between the main stage and a B stage located at FOH, with Toby McKeehan and his DiverseCity Band wrapping up as the headliner.
Although venue seating capacities varied a bit, FOH Engineer Pat Haapanen notes that nearly all of the shows “sold out” at approximately a third of each arena’s original capacity, and every section was open for sale, including behind the stage in some venues. “Although it was kind of different seeing so many empty seats in the stands and spacing on the floor, the crowd energy was very much ‘business as usual,’ which was really exciting to experience again,” he says.
First working with TobyMac in 2015 as a Blackhawk Audio system engineer, Haapanen has been manni

lousy-sloughter1Lousy Sloughters livestream with Chauvet
Thursday, 22 April 2021

USA - New York quintet Lousy Sloughter delivered their Couch Tour from High Peaks Event Productions’ livestream studio in early April.
For 50 minutes, the band wove its way through a blend of blues, funk and jazz. With them every step of the way was a fluid, artfully crafted lighting design by Christine Sharp that drew on the colour and gobo rendering prowess of over 30 Chauvet Professional fixtures.
“The looks I create are pretty varied depending on the genre of music, even and down to the song being played,” said Sharp, who runs High Peaks with her husband Roger. “For a low-keyed show, or an acoustic performance, I try to create an aesthetic frame around the musicians on stage. If I know the vibe of the song, I saturated the stage with colours that reflect the feelings, at least as I interpret them.”
Following this design approach, Sharp kept the area to the sides of the stage mostly in shadows, making it easier for the camera to centre on the band. To accentuate each of the five musicians, she highlighted them during solos and other key points in the show with top and side lighting from the six Maverick MK3 Spot fixtures hung on upstage truss, six Maverick MK1 Spot units on upright towers and eight Rogue R2X Washes on the deck behind the drum towers.
To colorise the stage in tones that matched the music, she relied on her rig’s six Rogue R2 Wash fixtures. Her palette throughout the livestream was dominated by deep richly textured, blues, reds and purple in combinations that engendered a mellow mood. At times, she also punctuated

chroma-q-carbon-neutral-testing-with-green-voltageChroma-Q collaborates with Green Voltage
Thursday, 22 April 2021

USA - Chroma-Q has been pre-production testing in collaboration with Green Voltage zero emission generator units.
Working with a selection of Brute Force lampheads, the crew, plus Green Voltage director and experienced operator Adam Baker (Wonder Woman 2, No Time to Die) tested the LED Wendylight alternative, together with Green Voltage’s 5kW VOLTstack E-Gen remote power systems.
The Chroma-Q product range has become a regular feature on lighting lists the world over, delivering low energy illumination to all manner of productions. Deceptive in both stature and output, the Brute Force draws just 15 amps @ 240V making them suitable for use in conjunction with the GV power units.
With the Brute Force running at full power, the generators provided over 2.5 hours operation. The fully dimmable LED fixture, with its extended CCT range between 2,000K and 10,000K, also underwent additional testing at various colour temperatures and intensities, resulting in even greater operating times.
Adam Baker says, “I’ve worked with the Brute Force on a number of occasions, so am well aware of their abilities. The convenience of running the fixtures in combination with a Green Voltage power source adds an even greater degree of versatility.”
The Green Voltage VOLTstacks are available in 2kW and 5kW sizes, with higher output additions to the range due in the second quarter of the year.
During testing, the ability to series link the generator units provided the opportunity to carry out extended runs, allowing the team to properly

home-churchBay Area church keeps connected with Lectrosonics
Thursday, 22 April 2021

USA - Home Church has been a rock for Christians in the South San Francisco Bay Area since 1977. This past year, they vowed to keep their congregation connected during the coronavirus lockdown via online and outdoor services. There was just one problem: Their aging analogue wireless audio equipment had almost become obsolete because the available radio spectrum in the region is changing and shrinking almost by the day.
Home Church turned to worship A/V experts Zamar Media Solutions, who specified Lectrosonics’ fourth-generation, all-digital D-Squared system, including two DSQD four-channel receivers, six DHu handheld mics for the praise musicians, and two DBu belt-pack transmitters for the pastors’ headset mics.
“I’m the nerd that went out there to evaluate the situation,” begins system designer Tim Fairbairn. “Because of the repack of frequencies in the Bay area, we’ve been left with literally three digital TV channels worth of spectrum to shoehorn everything into: 15, 18, and 25. Those are the only ones left without broadcasters. Our friends at Home Church needed eight channels of wireless mics, and they needed not to conflict with the five channels they already have there for in-ear monitors.”
“So, we sought out products with much smaller bandwidth needs,” adds Mike Dow, president and founder of Zamar Media Solutions. “Lectrosonics is the only brand out there that did what we needed in this case. Their Digital Hybrid stuff has always provided good, clean audio signal but the Lectrosonics D-Squared system takes it to a new le

leaPolish arts school upgrades with LEA
Thursday, 22 April 2021

Poland - The Workshop Musical Academy in Warsaw is a performing arts school focused on developing young musical artists' interests and skills and preparing them for original theatre, film, and music projects. With classes held in two professionally-equipped rooms, including the school’s own recording studio and a performance hall, the facility was looking for an AV system to amplify performances.
Earlier this year, the Workshop Musical Academy made the decision to upgrade its performance hall sound system. The school frequently hosts a wide range of productions, from solo performances to full theatre and concert performances. The academy brought in local AV integrator ESS-Audio, to design and install the new sound system, the integrator has been providing comprehensive audio and integration solutions for more than 30 years, and recently became a provider of amplifiers from LEA Professional.
“The school needed a flexible sound system that could be integrated with and support the hall’s current AV system, projection system, and a future-planned large video wall,” said Maciej Barański, sound designer, ESS Audio. “To meet these requirements, the new sound system needed to deliver excellent sound quality, scalability, and ease of use.”
Barański explained that the academy's performance hall seats about 300. In addition to sound quality and connectivity flexibility, the school was interested in accessing the system remotely, allowing the ESS team to adjust and manage the system if issues arise.
“We specified a set of five Connect Seri


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