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sethscottRed Alert over the Mississippi in Minneapolis
Wednesday, 9 September 2020

USA - Every June, the historic Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis bustles with the sights and sounds of the three-day music and arts festival named in its honour. But like so many other events that bring people together to celebrate their communities, the one at the former railroad-bridge-turned-pedestrian-way fell silent this summer in the wake of the pandemic.
Ironically, the event site at the majestic bridge over the Mississippi, touched the people of Minneapolis again on the evening of 1 September, not with the rhythm of drums and clang of guitars, but by serving as a platform for a dramatic Red Alert display that reminded everyone of the toll the lockdown has taken on those who make occasions like the Stone Arch Festival possible.
Seth Scott, owner of Monkey Wrench Productions, led the team responsible for the compelling display. Positioning three Chauvet Professional Ovation E-260WW ellipsoidals on vertical pipes, two units on the upper level and one below, he directed projections at the famous grain elevators on the Mill City Museum halfway across the Mississippi River.
The ellipsoidal on the lower level was used to project “#WeMakeEvents” on the building, while the two top units projected the Red Alerts logo and the words ‘Red Alerts Restart’. With their crisp white lettering standing out sharply against the deep red colouring of the grain silos, the projections made an undeniably powerful statement. Complementing this image were the red lights on the tower of the Guthrie Theatre, just to the side of the museum
For his gobo proj

drive-inChauvet lights Concerts In Your Car shows
Tuesday, 8 September 2020

USA - Most people call the 65-acre site just off the Ojai Freeway the ‘Ventura County Fairgrounds’. Officially, though, its name is “Seaside Park,” a reference to its location on the Pacific Ocean. It’s a setting that makes for magnificent views, but the winds blowing in off the beautiful sea can play havoc with anyone trying to set up a large LED video wall, or run fog for a lightshow.
Victor Ortiz knows this first hand. The owner of Darvik Productions, he has been the production manager for Concerts In Your Car, a regular series of drive-in concerts at the fairgrounds since early June when he teamed up with the ongoing event’s producer CBF Productions.
Contending with the occasional wind gust is only one of the challenges Ortiz, lighting designer Martin Castañon, and the rest of the Darvik Productions team, has had to deal with at the 700-car capacity shows, which have featured artists like Third Eye Blind and Fritz and the Tantrums.
Unlike most drive-in shows, Concerts In Your Car takes place on an open 360ﹾ stage, a configuration that provides better viewing angles for fans in their cars, but eliminates all design options that require a backdrop. Ortiz and his team have navigated their way around this limitation with help from a powerful and versatile rig that features 14 Rogue RH1 Hybrid fixtures and 28 Rogue R2 Wash units from Chauvet Professional.
Some of the rig’s fixtures are positioned on the massive truss structure that frames the 40’ x 40’ stage, which has an 8’ high deck surrounded by a 5’ camera ring. Ho

martinMartin MLA installed in Seoul arts foundation
Tuesday, 8 September 2020

South Korea - The Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture (SFAC) recently commissioned the installation of a Martin Audio MLA Mini /MSX loudspeaker array in its new Youth Arts Centre. Funded by donations, the facility has been designed for young people in the Korean capital to fulfil their artistic potential, and put them in touch with other creative hubs around the world via the internet.
Founded in 2003, the Foundation had been seeking to create Seoul as a platform where diverse values ​​of culture and art could be expressed, and The Youth Arts Centre was created as part of this activity. The facility itself had originally been donated by a private school foundation named Wonsuk.
Situated in the Chungjeong-ro district of the city, the 1,500sq.m space itself consists of a cafe, office, multipurpose hall, conference rooms and practice room, along with a complex function space.
To conform to modern standards, a high-performance, versatile sound system was required. As Sama Sound sales manager, Dae Won Cho, already had a good relationship with Wonsuk, the Martin Audio distributors were awarded the contract.
It is in the 150-seat multi-purpose hall that the MLA Mini was specified for its ability to reinforce all types of live performance (K-Pop), as well as conferences, seminars and exhibitions. The system was designed by Sama Sound’s Seung Hwan Kim.
Joining the MLA family, the tiny MLA Mini is one of the smallest systems capable of implementing this proprietary technology and its output compares favourably with products that are in a

codaCoda ViRAY reinforces Kultursommer 2020
Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Germany - The City of Oberndorf am Neckar in the state of Baden-Württemberg this summer played host to a five-week programme of outdoor live entertainment labelled Kultursommer 2020.
Created by events specialists dts Veranstaltungstechnik GbR, and taking into account the impact of the global Coronavirus pandemic, this ambitious undertaking required detailed logistical planning, careful organisation and the highest level of production support. The organisers assembled a wide-range of acts from a variety of genres for the outdoor shows, from top metal bands Rage and AXXIS, Classic meets Gypsy with Zorana Memedovic and Heinze Costabel, to comedy and cabaret with Heinrich del Core and Dui do on de Sell.
With more than 25 years experience in the sector, dts recently invested in a Coda Audio system, and decided that Kultursommer 2020, with its requirement for versatile high quality sound, would benefit from its deployment. Thomas Müller of Coda, who has worked freelance on numerous dts shows over the years, collaborated with the company to help design the system.
Conditions in respect of noise protection for local residents meant that calculations had to be very precise. Müller and the dts team worked together using Coda’s System Optimiser to make accurate predictions of the expected results, helping to ensure that sound would be placed exactly where required, and avoiding disturbance to the site’s neighbours.
All COVID19 regulations were strictly adhered to, with the audience area divided into three zones. Deck chairs were provided at the f

rs-cuba-dave-hogan1PMC Unzips The Rolling Stones in Dolby Atmos
Tuesday, 8 September 2020

The Netherlands/USA - British loudspeaker manufacturer PMC has been chosen to provide the speakers for the presentation of an immersive audio experience at the first international exhibition devoted to the life of The Rolling Stones.
Entitled The Rolling Stones - Unzipped, this touring exhibition opens on 14 November at the Groninger Museum in The Netherlands. PMC’s speaker systems are also being used during the mixing of the audio soundtracks for the showcase event in Dolby Atmos at Capitol Studios, LA and PMC’s own Dolby Atmos mix studio at Highland Park in LA.
The Groninger Museum was host to a legendary concert by the band in 1999 and will house the exhibition until 28 February 2021, before it begins a tour around the world. Fans of the band will journey through the band's legacy, ending with a special finale experience that takes the visitors into an iconic Stones moment, delivered in multi-dimensional Dolby Atmos Sound.
With PMC’s integral part in the development of Dolby Atmos for Music, the use of PMC by the Rolling Stones was an obvious choice for the exhibition’s finale presentation of their 2016 Latin America tour documentary, Olé, Olé, Olé and concert footage from the band’s ground-breaking concert in Havana, Cuba.
Five large screens will immerse fans in this multi-dimensional experience, with an array of PMC’s new Ci140 speakers and as yet unreleased flagship active subwoofers the BST, providing 23 channels of Dolby Atmos soundtrack powered by in excess of 20,000 watts. The AV system will take fans de

robe-terminal-5-nyc-01347-photo-c-ryan-muirRobe installed at Terminal 5 New York
Tuesday, 8 September 2020

USA - Three key live music venues in New York City managed by The Bowery Presents - Brooklyn Steel, Webster Hall and most recently, the 2,800-capacity Terminal 5 in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan - all feature Robe moving lights in their house rigs.
The lights have been specified by Luciano Savedra, head of lighting for The Bowery Presents which is the East Coast regional partner of AEG Live and owns and operates a diverse mix of venues across NYC and in other major metropolitan centres.
At Terminal 5, where Savedra also oversees and runs the lighting day-to-day, the 12 x MegaPointes and 12 x Spiider LED wash beams have greatly added to the flexibility of the existing lighting rig. The lights were supplied via BML-Blackbird.
Brooklyn Steel - on the site of a former steelworks and named one of the 10 best live music venues in America by Rolling Stone Magazine - has 16 x Spiiders. Webster Hall has 10 x MegaPointes and is among New York City's most historically significant theater halls, having hosted social and performance events since the club's construction in 1886.
Savedra has worked for Bowery Presents in different capacities since 2003, and in 2007 was hired to design new and contemporary lighting for Terminal 5, which had just joined the Bowery franchise, and also for another venue, Music Hall of Williamsburg, after which he stayed on as the house LD.
All the house rigs are designed to provide top-level touring artists with the facilities to produce a comprehensive show, although that’s not exclusively the case, and production

lithuaniaProlights light Lithuanian culture centre
Monday, 7 September 2020

Lityhuania - The hall of Molėtai Culture Centre is a multi-functional venue with a capacity of 330 spectators. The centre is located in a small town called Molėtai, situated around 50 km away from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.
“The stage of the hall where Prolights lighting devices are installed is 10m wide 11m deep and 5m high,” said Mindaugas Indrašius, CTO for Sonus Exsertus, Prolights distributor for Lithuania.
“Prolights products were selected based on the needs of the cultural centre and the genre of events. The activities of the centre are diverse so there was a need for lighting devices that were small, reliable and versatile. On a relatively small stage it was not possible to have many specialised narrow-purpose lighting devices therefore the versatile, strong light output and well-functioning Prolights lighting fixtures fully meet the lighting needs of this small hall.
The Prolights products installed were Luma 700, Diamond 19, Polar 1000 and Air 6Pix.
“The fixtures are high quality, we did not encounter any problems during the installation. All products were installed easily and are working smoothly. The precise instructions from the manufacturer's side allowed us to quickly make the necessary settings and perform programming work.”

seattleSeattle Revival Centre upgrades with Chauvet
Monday, 7 September 2020

USA - The feeling never gets old for Kenrick Fischer. It’s the one that happens at the end of every project, when all the work is done, and he gets to watch clients react to his finished lighting design for the first time. In the world of theatre, where he’s devoted much of his efforts, it is one of the highlights of an opening night.
“I often refer to this as ‘giving it away,’ in theatre,” said Fischer. “It’s why I do this. I love seeing the amazement on people’s faces when you transform a space into something wonderous and unexpected.”
Fischer experienced this feeling earlier this year, when he showed his completed work to the team at the Seattle Revival Centre.
The church had originally contacted him about upgrading its lighting system to make it more flexible, engaging, and broadcast-friendly. Drawing on his experience in theatre, Fischer proceeded to create a versatile rig that features over 45 Chauvet Professional LED fixtures supplied by Hollywood Lights.
His new lighting system was a resounding success with the Seattle Revival Centre team when they saw it in its complete form for the first time in January. However, neither they nor Fischer could have imagined at the time just how vital the upgraded rig was about to become.
A few weeks after the system’s reveal, public gatherings were halted in Seattle as a result of the pandemic. This led the church to move quickly to an all livestream format. Thanks to the flexibility of its camera-friendly lighting system, and the creative resourcefulness of its worship t

ayrtonAyrton MiniPanel-FX deliver wow factor at Vela
Monday, 7 September 2020

China - Suzhou is one of the fastest growing major cities in the world, situated just 100km west of Shanghai on the lower Yangtze River. It boasts many interesting historic and modern attractions, not least its latest nightclub, the 800-capacity Vela, which opened its doors in December 2019.
Lighting designer, Andy Taylor of Gasoline Design, was called in to provide the dynamic lighting for the club and chose to use 174 Ayrton MiniPanel-FX for his design. He explains his choice: “I have used Ayrton products on nightclub install designs before, most notably DreamPanelTwin in Jewel, Las Vegas, and MagicPanel-R and MagicBlade-R in Omnia at Caesar’s Palace, also in Las Vegas.
The fittings worked with spectacular effect in both of those designs, so when I was looking for something different to use as the workhorse of the effect lighting for Vela, the MiniPanel-FX was a natural choice. The client was also keen for the design to look like nothing he had seen anywhere else and to create that elusive ‘wow’ factor. Having a large array of MiniPanels ticked both those boxes to great effect.
“I don’t recall seeing any fixtures with the same square lens configuration as MiniPanel-FX, which was a big selling point. The most important thing for me is quality of function and reliability - I don’t want to put 174 fixtures in a design and get 174 different shades of white - and with Ayrton you can guarantee uniformity, even after many hours of use.”
Taylor was able to use the MiniPanel-FX to achieve the dynamic effect he wanted for the club. “

digicosixthsenseDiGiCo and KLANG system drives Sixth Sense
Monday, 7 September 2020

USA - COVID-19 has changed everything. “This pandemic has forced creative people to have to get creative about everything, even things we usually take for granted,” says Tom Worley, operations manager at 3G Productions, Inc. (3G), a live production, sales, and systems integration provider. Thus, this summer 3G turned its Los Angeles facility into Sixth Sense Creative House, a flexible production space able to accommodate live events, film and audio recordings, and live streaming from its sound stage.
Key elements in the success of this initiative are two DiGiCo SD12 consoles and a new Quantum7 console, as well as two SD-Racks fitted with 32-bit Stadius mic pres, all on a single Optocore network. The desks are also equipped with DiGiCo’s new DMI-KLANG card, an immersive in-ear mixing expansion that can be mounted directly into a console equipped with DMI slots for native KLANG control from the desk’s work surface.
The KLANG system is an option for those using Sixth Sense’s streaming facilities to offer listeners a fully immersive experience online over headphones, while the SD12 and Quantum7 consoles provide live sound and recording engineers a familiar and powerful worksurface for any kind of audio mix.
The two SD12 consoles are located in Sixth Sense Creative House’s main live event space, as the front-of-house and monitor desks for a sound stage with an All Access turntable stage that will allow festival-type back-to-back concert productions. The Quantum7 console is installed in a nearby recording and broadcast control room.

brothersBrothers opt for Mackie microphones
Friday, 4 September 2020

UK - Sam Jones has his own show on Insanity Radio, an award-winning FM and online station based at Royal Holloway University in Surrey. Since March, he has hosted Insanity’s Friday night Lockdown show - from Cardiff - with flatmate Alex Williams.
Presenting a show remotely has its challenges, but Jones has done as much as possible to ‘studio-fy’ his spare room, excluding as much noise as possible. When the coronavirus lockdown struck, he had already taken the decision to invest in a new microphone, having suffered in the past from a few reliability issues. Looking for great value, great audio and a robust piece of equipment, he decided to go with the Mackie EM-91C large-diaphragm condenser microphone and loved what he got:
“Just taking the mic out of the box gives you that feeling of solidity. I figured that if the audio is as good as the build quality, it’s going to be seeing me through plenty of broadcasting! And lo and behold, it’s excellent. I’ve used a number of different microphones in different settings, including in nicely-appointed studios, some of which cost considerably more than the EM91-C, but in terms of quality and value, it’d be hard to beat.”
140 miles away in Buckinghamshire, Jones' younger brother Tal is working in another studio conversion - his bedroom - on a body of material that is finding favour with a growing number of fans.
As a music student and artist, working within tight budget constraints dictates that every investment in his setup needs to reflect great value for money. At the same time, in a

france-television-stage-2aElation meets broadcast standards on Set 330
Friday, 4 September 2020

France - “Elation luminaires meet more and more the lighting criteria demanded by top directors of photography” was the assessment of Alain Lheriteau of Elation’s French distributor Best Audio & Lighting after working with director of photography Jean-Louis Rousseaux on a reworked set at France Television Stage 2.
In spring 2019, the national broadcaster entrusted Rousseaux with the lighting design of Set 330, a virtual environment that spans 360° and covers almost the entire surface of the set.
The first live broadcast from Stage 2’s redesigned set took place last fall and marked the first programme produced in a virtual setting on France Television. “It was necessary that we review all of the lighting for several reasons,” said Rousseaux, who reports that France Television wanted to equip the set entirely with LED lights. “The versatility of moving between real and virtual sets required a much more complete and flexible installation than the one that existed.”
The new set, treated entirely in inlaid green paint, floor and walls, required a permanent lighting installation to illuminate the entire cyclorama and floor. Black and white curtains fill gaps at the bottom of the set and around décor elements. “It was inconceivable to make this fully automated set when France Television first contacted me,” Rousseaux says. “It was necessary to redo the entire grid, which is equipped with pantographs, and implied both an investment and very difficult deadlines.”
The challenge was great but not impossible. After consulta

musikakademiebaselelectronicstudio3Basel academy embraces IP working with Lawo
Friday, 4 September 2020

Switzerland - Basel Music Academy’s renowned Electronic Studio Basel (ESB) is being upgraded with Lawo IP technology, enabling future prospective sound engineers to be trained on two Lawo mc²36 audio consoles and accompanying compact I/O units.
The Lawo installation at the Basel Music Academy (Musikakademie Basel) will also be used for recording contemporary electronic compositions, performed by ensembles small and large, as well as entire orchestras.
The new audio mixing system, which was installed by Swiss system integrator SLC Broadcast, includes two identical 24-fader Lawo mc²36 consoles and corresponding interfaces (supporting MADI, Ravenna, AES/EBU, analogue operation). The two stageboxes each provide 32 mic/line inputs, 32 line outputs, 8 digital AES3 inputs, eight digital AES3 outputs, eight GPIO, a Ravenna port, and a MADI Tie-Line Port (SFP).
Also part of the upgrade are Horus and HAPI audio interfaces from Merging Technologies.
Importance was placed on the scalability of the components during the selection of equipment for the upgrade. From small mobile recordings to large live concerts with parallel recording, the audio systems are required to use the same digital interfaces and network topology. For large ensembles with simultaneous recording, all components – including virtual soundcards on laptops – are called into use. The flexibility of the Lawo IP-based configuration also makes it possible to work on several projects at the same time.
The Academy places a high value on the use of current technology and equipment

alcons-audio-press-release-alcons-systems-make-a-big-impression-in-japanAlcons systems make impression In Japan
Friday, 4 September 2020

Japan - Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems made a considerable impression on the Japanese professional audio market in July, as the company’s new Japanese distributor E’Spec Inc. held a demonstration event at the Abeno Ward Citizen Centre in Osaka
Despite the difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, well over a hundred audio professionals attended the event on 14 July, which was split into three sessions to ensure effective social distancing. They included audio engineers, system designers, rental and sales companies.
Alongside PowerPoint and video presentations, practical demonstrations of Alcons pro-ribbon systems included the LR7 / LR7B micro line-array, LR18 / LR18B compact mid-size line-array, the VR8 compact versatile monitor, VR12 mid-size versatile monitor, RR12 point-source array module and the BF151mkII compact subwoofer.
A variety of sources were played through the systems to highlight their audio quality and versatility in a wide range of sound reinforcement applications. A highlight was a demonstration of live drums by Sakae Takeda, showcasing how Alcons pro-ribbon drivers excel at handling the most dynamic sounds.
Many visitors highlighted the VR12 as being of special interest, thanks to its user-friendliness, sound and ability to be used as a high quality floor monitor. The compact size, light weight and sound quality of the LR7 and LR7B line array also proved very popular outside the major touring companies. Ease of handling is very important because, in Japan, systems are rarely flown at small and medium-sized event

robe-who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire-israel-oam0184-photo-by-ofer-amramRobe hits the Millionaire trail in Israel
Friday, 4 September 2020

Israel - Quiz show Who Wants to Be A Millionaire has been a TV favourite - and sometimes talking point - for years. For the 2020 Israeli edition, broadcast on Channel 12, lighting designer Ofer Jacobi was asked by producers July August Production to light the show again, 20 years after the last time he’d done so, which was the first roll out in Israel.
Ofer was delighted to be working again after the coronavirus pandemic has all but shut down the entertainment and production industry worldwide.
This time, he specified a Robe moving light rig and worked closely with set designer Oren Hanan and show director Amir Ukrainitz at Mizmor Petah Tikva Studios about 10km east of Tel Aviv.
They studied the UK’s latest Who Wants To Be A Millionaire format (where the show originated, first broadcast in 1998) and followed some of this style book with a few adaptations as Ofer implemented some tweaks so both effects lighting and white light elements had more impact.
The most powerful and suspenseful moments, Ofer stated, were when host Erez Tal revealed whether the answer was correct or not, so he paid special attention to crafting these cues in addition to building up the general lighting which had to look slick and contemporary with some classic ‘Millionaire’ touches.
This approach also dictated where he hung the moving lights, which were supplied by Danor Theatre and Studio Systems and comprised 18 x MegaPointes, 24 x Spiiders & 40 x LEDBeam 150s.
Twenty-four of the LEDBeam 150s were rigged on top of a circular tr

fielmannFielmann hosts virtual with help from GLP
Thursday, 3 September 2020

Germany - Headquartered in Hamburg, Fielmann AG is an ophthalmic optics specialist, with 780 branches spread throughout Germany and Europe. In July this year, the company invited its shareholders to attend its annual general meeting. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this took place virtually, without the physical presence of the shareholders.
The stage was set up at the Cinegate Studios in Hamburg - and optimised for live streaming online. As a technical service provider, PRG Streaming Solutions was responsible for the entire technical infrastructure - including the stage and décor - as well as supplying the entire lighting, sound, video, and transmission technology. Lighting designer Jerry Appelt was responsible for the scenography, and overall look of the event.
The centrepiece of the stage design was a high-resolution 17m x 5m LED wall, onto which all camera feeds were displayed. Three camera systems and a further camera on rails provided the images.
"Compared with a face-to-face event, the camera image is, of course, much more important in the event of a virtual general meeting," said Appelt. "For this reason, it was essential that the entire lighting was matched to the camera technology."
As an experienced lighting designer and DoP for some of the largest TV productions in Europe, Appelt turned to the GLP portfolio. He specified 22 impression S350’s in both Spot and Wash versions, 24 impression X4 Bar 20’s and 18 of the compact and powerful FR1 moving heads.
“For the basic lighting, we mainly used the GLP S350 series

apac-ulsan-complex-stadium-5Ulsan stadium upgrades with Harman Pro system
Thursday, 3 September 2020

South Korea - The Ulsan Sports Complex hired audio integrators TechDataPS Co., and Daeseong Media to upgrade the sound system in its Ulsan Complex Stadium with a Harman Professional audio solution.
Built in 1970, the Ulsan Sports Complex includes Ulsan Complex Stadium, which was the original home of Ulsan Hyundai FC and features a capacity of 19,471. Today, the stadium is home to Ulsan Citizen FC, which competes in Korea’s K4 professional soccer league. Located between the Yaksacheon and Dongcheon rivers, Ulsan Sports Complex also includes an auxiliary stadium, the Dongcheon Gymnasium, Dongcheon National Sports Centre, a basketball court, foot volleyball court, futsal court as well as a youth concert hall.
To improve sound at sporting events and create an entertaining environment for fans, TechDataPS and Daeseong Media equipped Ulsan Complex Stadium with an audio solution that includes JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplification, Soundcraft mixers and BSS signal processors.
“The client required a system that could deliver reliable, highly articulate sound output. It was also essential that the system maximize sound coverage across the venue, keeping in mind the close proximity of residential buildings,” said a spokesperson for TechDataPS. “Considering multiple factors including safety, durability and the varying acoustic demands of the venue, we zeroed in upon JBL VTX A-Series loudspeakers.”
Providing sound throughout the stadium, TechDataPS selected JBL VTX A8 dual 8” compact line array loudspeakers. The system also inclu

claypakybobbygrey1Claypaky’s Mythos delivers for 311 in Las Vegas
Thursday, 3 September 2020

USA - At the last big event in Las Vegas before the lockdown, Bobby Grey of Notan Creative used 60 Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures to deliver a variety of looks for the 102 songs that rock band 311 performed in three marathon shows at the Park MGM’s Park Theatre. Felix Lighting in Los Angeles was the lighting vendor for the concerts.
Grey did the full production design for the series of concerts, 11-13 March, and created and curated the shows’ video content. The band annually celebrates ‘311 Day’ on 11 March, staging marathon live concerts in even-numbered years and playing a cruise for fans in odd-numbered years. Formed in 1988, 311 has released 13 studio albums, two live albums, four compilation albums, four EPs and four DVDs.
“Mythos 2 is my go-to for a beam and utility light,” says Grey. “A lot of lights claim to do a lot, but typically they do only one thing well and everything else not so well. But Mythos 2 is a great wash, a great profile and a great beam, and it flawlessly moves from one type of lighting to another. It’s my must-have in every rig.”
For 311’s 2020 celebration, Grey gave the concerts “a space explorer-galactic theme”. He supplemented the Park Theatre’s house rig with triangular pod trusses – a moving rig that would help “keep things versatile”.
Grey used sci-fi UFO art for reference and liked the look of triangular spacecraft with lights at the front tip. “So I found a place on the truss to mount Mythos on each corner for a strong, tight beam that could also spread out wide from the bottom.

antwerp1Chauvet plays multi-roles at Zoo Antwerpen
Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Belgium - Lighting is often asked to perform a variety of functions, such as when it is called upon to illuminate a speaker, but also furnish a colorful background for the camera. Or, when it is relied on to accent the architectural features of a room, as well as highlight the event going on inside.
Seldom, though, does lighting fill roles that are as diverse as those that Blue Moon assigned to it at Zoo Antwerpen. The well-known production and system integrator company was asked to provide a system that could create ambient light for the zoo’s alligator enclosure, add dramatic effects to its thunder and lightning show, and (most importantly) provide nourishing lumens to the animals and live plants inside.
Visitors to the zoo can’t say how well the lighting system is doing in filling the latter role (the excellent health of the enclosure’s inhabitants attests to that), but one thing that’s obvious to all is that the Chauvet Professional and Iluminarc fixtures in Blue Moon’s design are creating captivating visuals.
With its cavernous paths, tangles of wild plants, and water that cascades off stony embankments into quiet pools, the enclosure conveys the sense of being in a tropical environment. The thin even fields of white light that shine throughout the exhibit and play off its shadowy spaces enhance the realism of scene.
Gradual colour temperature changes and illumination levels give rise to a feeling of time passing as the day progresses. During the tropical storm show, sudden burst of light from the fixtures create a sensation of

manchester1Manchester march implements TPG’s COVID guidance
Wednesday, 2 September 2020

UK - On 11 August, as part of the PLASA-initiated UK-wide #WeMakeEvents day of action, the live events and production community in Manchester organised a silent and socially distanced flight case march across the city which culminated in a dramatic red flare exhibit.
Over 1,000 freelancers and supply companies attended the regional protest which collectively asked the Government to extend its furlough scheme and allow access to grants in order to help save an estimated 114,000 jobs.
The protest implemented the Tour Production Group (TPG) COVID-19 Working Guidance.
Acknowledging that tour-specific guidelines will become the norm in order for live production professionals to work and interact safely, the working guidance outlines how crews can better align through consistency and consultation to assist risk management relating to COVID-19 transmission.
Production manager Nick Gosling, who works with Nile Rodgers & Chic is part of TPG’s committee and helped manage the event from his home in New Jersey.
On the ground in Manchester was production manager Nick Robinson, together with Ben Dawson as crew chief and flight case manager, and Event Trucking Services’ Alex Webster as transport coordinator. The core team were joined on the day by Tom Sheals-Barrett as comms and co-production manager.
Robinson says: “We brought in Go For Show mobile production offices which were used by the production, media and creative management teams as on-site communication and planning hubs. dbnAudile and Tube supplied flight cases with STS Tour

l-acousticsRock Bridge Community Church turns to L-Acoustics
Wednesday, 2 September 2020

USA - If you’re in Northwest Georgia, it’s not hard to find a Rock Bridge Community Church campus. Its six locations, one of which is in a suburb of Chattanooga near the Tennessee state line, make it easy to be part of this contemporary worship-style church.
It’s also easy on the ears, as five of Rock Bridge’s venues - Calhoun, Chatsworth, Ringgold, and Dalton’s Stage 123 and historic 1,165-seat Wink Theatre - now have L-Acoustics A Series constant curvature line source sound systems, each of which sound nearly identical thanks to the use of the manufacturer’s new M1 measurement tool suite.
“The A Series is a very cohesive system,” says Steele Beaty of Skylark Audio Video, the Oklahoma City-based integrator that designed and installed the PA for all five worship spaces. “The Wide boxes have a 30-degree vertical pattern, and the Focus has a 10-degree vertical pattern. Between them, we have the tools we need to fill a challenging venue like the Wink Theatre, where the balcony is 105ft long, and the main floor is 95ft long, but the entire venue is only 56ft wide.
“It’s the very definition of a ‘shotgun’ room, and that’s why we chose to fly left and right arrays of five A15 Focus enclosures over one A15 Wide. Plus, the A15 enclosures have the Panflex adjustable waveguides that let us narrow the pattern width to 70 degrees, which also gives us a +2dB boost in the high frequencies. So not only do we avoid getting any energy on the walls, but we accomplish it without using any DSP. A traditional line source array simply can’t

ko-shan-theatre-11Altman brings colourful wash to Ko Shan Theatre
Wednesday, 2 September 2020

China - Located in Hong Kong, the 1,031-seat Ko Shan Theatre hosts traditional opera, dance, music, school functions or community gatherings. Already equipped with an advanced sound and staging system, the theatre also wanted to incorporate the latest in lighting technology as well. Looking to bring in a new LED theatrical luminaire to provide elegant colour-changing with a smooth, even wash, they worked with Pacific Lighting who installed a rig of AP-150 PAR LED luminaires from Altman Lighting.
“The Ko Shan Theatre has been a long-time client of ours and we have worked on many supply projects for them,” began Hugh Chinnick, Pacific lighting director. “When we were approached about this particular upgrade, they were looking for an LED colour-changing Fresnel or PAR to replace their existing two-colour Tungsten Fresnel downlights. After Nick Champion conducted a demo of the AP-150 while in Hong Kong, they were really impressed with the fixtures and we were able to move forward with the upgrade to their standard rig.”
The AP-150 PAR from Altman Lighting is a compact and lightweight, 135-watt RGBW LED wash which produces deep, saturated colours and soft, delicate pastels, while maintaining a smooth, uniform beam throughout the entire motorized zoom range.
“When looking at the main performance attributes needed from the new luminaires, the Altman fixtures really won out due to their combination of intensity, colour-mixing, a motorised zoom function, and the cost,” added Chinnick. “With a stage area of approximately 13m x 12m, we now have

expirat-club-adorn-51Martin Audio adorns Bucharest terraces
Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Romania - The Expirat music venue brand was established in 2002 and is a popular open-format music club / live music venue in Bucharest. Owned by Andrei Șoșa and his wife Raluca, they opened their first location in Vama Veche (on the beach) and the following year a second venue appeared in the Romanian capital.
However, in 2016 the latter relocated from its city centre basement home to its current venue, a medium-size warehouse within the Halele Carol complex. This is an industrial architectural jewel similar in aspect and logistics to the Melkweg Oude Zaal in Amsterdam, located at the edge of one of Bucharest’s historic landmarks: Carol I Park.
Since its relocation, Expirat has become a flagship venue for both the local live music scene and the go-to dance club for Bucharest’s clubbers who revel to the sounds produced from a Martin Audio W8LM Mini Line Array in its main Sala Compresoarelor.
Meanwhile, outside on the terrace DJ sets, acoustic live acts and various community-based happenings take place during the summer months. And it is on the terrace that Paradigma Teknik, Martin Audio’s long-serving Romanian partners, have now installed the new Adorn loudspeaker series, having supplied and installed the original W8LM rig when the venue moved to its current location nearly four years ago.
With a capacity for around 200 people, the terrace had been making do with a largely improvised system. But due to their satisfaction with the W8LM, and their relationship with Paradigma Teknik, the owners sought an advanced solution but within a t

sq6qooqqut1Allen & Heath SQ mixes Greenland’s Qooqqut festival
Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Greenland - A compact Allen & Heath SQ-6 console was on mixing duty for one of the world’s most remote festivals recently. The annual Qooqqut festival brings music and culture to an isolated shore in the Nuuk fjord complex, cradled by the dramatic mountains of western Greenland. Organised by Greenland’s cultural centre, Katuaq, this year’s festival was held on 14-15 August.
With no roads, no phone signal and no Internet onsite, Qooqqut 2020 offered a rare opportunity to step outside the everyday world and experience a diverse programme of music, workshops and traditional sports.Tickets were capped at an intimate 250 for each day and the event was planned in close cooperation with the authorities to ensure compliance with Covid 19 guidelines.
Katuaq’s sound technician, Angunnguaq Larsen, mixed FOH for the event from a 48 channel SQ-6 console, with an iPad running the SQ MixPad app providing him with a portable solution for controlling all the artists’ monitors. An SQ Dante card in the console enabled the FOH / monitor split as well as providing multitrack recording capability. A pair of portable DX168 I/O expanders were placed onstage, connecting to the SQ-6 over the plug ‘n play SLink protocol.
Angunnguaq elaborates, “The main reasons we chose to bring our SQ were the audio quality and the size. For this festival you can’t just put the equipment in a truck and drive to the site – everything has to be carried in by hand. I really like the sound quality and the headroom you get from SQ. I also appreciate the DEEP processing model


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