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Danley Sound: ‘Let’s stay connected’Danley Sound: ‘Let’s stay connected’
Friday, 20 March 2020

USA - Danley Sound Labs, designer and manufacturer of unconventional loudspeakers and subwoofers, has announced that it has taken appropriate measures to work within the parameters of the new normal created by the onset of the COVID-19 virus.
“At Danley, our priority has always been to create and supply unique loudspeakers coupled with dedicated and honest customer support and service,” says Jeff Pulliam, general manager at Danley Sound Labs. “We have now implemented measures to ensure the health and welfare of all our employees. However, as Danley builds its products in low-density production facilities in Georgia and North Carolina, we have the capability of providing many of our products during this unprecedented time. Our OS, GO2 and Nano lines are readily available. Wooden products will take a little longer.
“As many members of our team, including our engineers are working from home, there may be little delay in returning messages. Email is a sure bet, as everyone at Danley remains connected at home and at the production facilities. Like everyone, we are dearly looking forward to returning to normal.”

Singing in the Brisbane rain with RobeSinging in the Brisbane rain with Robe
Friday, 20 March 2020

Australia - In February, it rained relentlessly for the final gig of Australian pub-rock band Cold Chisel’s 2020 tour at Sirromet Winery just outside Brisbane in Queensland. This welcomed meteorological miracle capped an emotional evening and helped to finally extinguish most of the remaining fires raging from Australia’s disastrous 2019/20 bushfires, leaving the land a scorched reminder to the need for urgent climate change action.
The tour’s lighting was designed by Cold Chisel’s long term LD Jeff Pavey who put Robe moving lights at the centre of the ‘big rock look’ he crafted for one of Australia’s best-loved bands whose prolific career has spanned five decades.
Defining the look onstage were 40 Robe MegaPointes and 11 x BMFL Blades supplied by Gold Coast rental company Creative Productions, together with LED wash lights, weatherised beam lights, 2-lite LED blinders and 4-lite tungsten blinders.
Pavey has been involved with lighting frontman Jimmy Barnes’ solo performances and various creative projects including Cold Chisel for around 30 years, and he’s every bit as passionate about ‘the show’ now as he was at the start.
All 25 shows on the tour this year were outdoors, with the standard rig designed to fit into a 22m-wide, 16m-deep deep Clifton Productions’ stage with around 15mof headroom. Four straight trusses in the roof were flown at slightly different heights complemented by eight side trusses - four per side - that gave excellent cross stage lighting positions and coverage for solos.
“Most of the th

Ayrton Ghibli LED profiles feature at CESAyrton Ghibli LED profiles feature at CES
Friday, 20 March 2020

USA - Dallas-based live event and brand experience company Freeman has made a major investment in Ayrton Ghibli LED profile spot luminaires. Almost immediately following the purchase, the Ghibli fixtures were used to light booths and corporate events at CES 2020 in the Las Vegas Conference Centre.
Ayrton is distributed exclusively in North America by ACT Lighting. Like many of ACT Lighting’s customers, Freeman needed LED profiles that suited myriad environments. To highlight its products, ACT Lighting staged a shootout pitting its Ghibli units against other competitive LED products for Freeman designers at the Dallas headquarters.
“We spent a year looking for the best and newest technology to offer our clients,” says John Leonard, national director of lighting services at Freeman. “These lights fit all our parameters: size, output, power consumption, and the best feature set for our needs. Witnessing the benefits up close made the decision easy.”
Freeman lighting designers also liked Ghibli’s second frost wheel, “which allows us to easily use the light in wash applications,” he points out. “We can get many uses from the same fixture.”
Within three days of Freeman receiving its first shipment, the fixtures were dispatched to light a number of booths at CES 2020 where Freeman is an established partner. Freeman chose the lights to showcase booths and corporate events across multiple venues in Las Vegas.
“We’ve heard nothing but good things about the fixtures from our designers, and our clients have been pleased wi

Elation Smarty lights Alter Bridge US tourElation Smarty lights Alter Bridge US tour
Friday, 20 March 2020

USA - Rock band Alter Bridge wrapped up a four-week tour of U.S. cities in late February with lighting designer Joshua Light directing a Bandit Lites-supplied lighting system that included Elation’s Smarty Hybrid moving head.
Light adopted key aspects of a design created by the late Joe Eager for the band’s 2019 European tour, a large five-truck show that included profile and beam fixtures.
For the US tour’s trimmed set-up however (the band has always been more popular in Europe), Light needed a more compact package and combining fixture types in a single hybrid fixture was the way to go.
“I was looking for something that could replace the profile and beam fixtures of the earlier tour,” Light said, “a hybrid light that could handle all the work of those two fixtures yet didn’t have the hotspot that other hybrids on the market have. My original fixture choice was too large to ride in the truss so Bandit suggested the Smarty’s, which are a more compact fixture. I took a look at the specs and decided to give them a go.”
The CMY Smarty’s spot/beam/wash capabilities with zoom ability in all three modes makes for a versatile unit. “The main requirement was to get beam and profile looks out of the same fixture,” Light explains. “As I got to playing with them at Bandit, I discovered I could get a lot of nice eye candy looks out of them so I ended up flipping them into the audience a lot to get some cool profile looks that weren’t just pure backlight.” The ability to create those eye-candy looks was a key visual boost to


Claypaky Xtylos makes US debut in DallasClaypaky Xtylos makes US debut in Dallas
Friday, 20 March 2020

USA - The Posty Fest, rapper Post Malone’s second annual live music festival held 2 November in his hometown of Dallas, marked the first use of Claypaky’s Xtylos in the United States.
Creative directors and designers Lewis James and Travis Brothers tapped 178 Xtylos fixtures for the event. The fixtures were utilised in conjunction with Production Resource Group (PRG), which was the lighting vendor for the production.
The show also utilised 52 Claypaky Mythos 2 and 24 Claypaky Scenius Unico fixtures for the extensive lighting rig in the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas
Post Malone hosted and headlined the festival whose guest line up included Meek Mill, Pharrell Williams and Jaden Smith. Malone is currently on a North America arena tour in support of his latest album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, his second No. 1 album on the Billboard 200. The show was designed with a massive square stage with catwalk and large LED screen backdrop.
“I saw Xtylos on a trip to Italy and knew they would be perfect for their concepts, so I pitched the idea to the Posty team,” says Nick Whitehouse, creative producer with Fireplay.
James notes that the design focuses around large central cube and a “concept of crowd pods that cast columns of light directly down into the audience” - a motif he designed for Posts World Tour.
It was important to translate this motif to the stadium. The design had strategically placed aerial foggers to emphasise the texture and volume of the fixtures James adds that “the Xtylos’ strength was perfect f

L-ISA technology enhances Wasa TeaterL-ISA technology enhances Wasa Teater
Friday, 20 March 2020

Finland - Wasa Teater is one of Finland’s oldest performing arts centres. Located in Vaasa on the west coast of Finland, it marked its recent centenary with an extensive makeover, updating everything from floors, walls and ceilings to the auditorium and air conditioning.
The overhaul included new sound and lighting systems, with the technical refit including loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixing desks and microphones. The theatre team chose L-Acoustics Finnish certified provider distributor Audico as the contractor, which was responsible for design, installation, commissioning, programming and training.
The starting point for the project, as specified by technical director for the theatre, Mats Antell, was to get the best possible sound system for the house and to ensure that its needs were met for the coming years.
"Immersive sound is the hottest topic in the industry right now and L-ISA is the best immersive technology on the market,” says Audico sales manager, Pauli Molnár. “It delivers speech, song and music in a way that stands out much more clearly than the average theatre audio system ever could. We knew it would give the theatre the stunning results it wanted. We suggested it to them, and Mats Antell together with Dennis Lindén, sound designer at the theatre, were convinced and pushed really hard to make this happen.”
Installation began in the spring of 2019 and the renovation was scheduled to be completed before midsummer, in time for the premiere of the musical Spelman på taket (Fiddler on the Roof).
When t

Quest moves into the future with ChauvetQuest moves into the future with Chauvet
Thursday, 19 March 2020

USA - In last few years, the people of Dublin, GA on the banks of the Oconee River built its annual gala around the theme of ‘Into the Future’.
Playing on this concept, John Berret of Quest Sound & Productions energised the event with celestial space exploration images that would have been right at home in a Star Wars style movie. Aiding him in this endeavour was a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue and COLORado fixtures.
“We wanted to create the look of a sci-fi movie that makes people feel excited about the future,” said Berret, who ran his lights with a ChamSys PC Wing and Extra Wing. “This was the kind of mood that the client wanted to convey, with deeply saturated colors combined in ways that suggested deep space.”
Drawing on the independently controlled eight-facet prism of the eight Rogue R1 Beam fixtures in his rig, Berret created the impression of laser beams shooting across the room from multiple directions. This, combined with the spacey orbital patterns on the stage’s backdrop, which were washed in saturated colours by the eight COLORado Tri IP and 16 Chauvet DJ EZLink Par-Q4 fixtures in his rig, set a distinct intergalactic tone in the room.
Also adding to the shooting star effect were the tight and intensely bright beams from two Rogue R3 Spot fixtures. Positioned on risers stage left and stage right, the two 300W LED fixtures were used to create bright crossing patterns of light beams.
Berret added a compelling dramatic element with help from a pair of Chauvet DJ Geyser RGB atmospherics.

JBL reinforces Brex Arena UtsunomiyaJBL reinforces Brex Arena Utsunomiya
Thursday, 19 March 2020

Japan - To ensure detailed sound with balanced, even coverage throughout Brex Arena Utsunomiya, Hibino Corporation deployed a networked audio solution from JBL Professional.
Constructed in 1979, Brex Arena is Utsunomiya’s premier stadium and gymnasium. Home to the Utsunomiya Brex, a Japanese professional basketball team on the B.League, Brex Arena features two gyms with courts for basketball, table tennis, volleyball and badminton, as well as a dedicated space for practicing martial arts.
To provide additional sound coverage for professional basketball games, Brex Arena was renting temporary loudspeakers to supplement their aging sound system for each event. Deciding it would be more cost-effective and significantly improve sound quality to upgrade the system, Brex Arena hired AV integrators Hibino Corporation to install a modern JBL Professional networked audio solution.
“The previous sound system was as old as the arena itself, and was not delivering the desired performance,” said the salesperson for Hibino Corporation. “In the arena, people could feel the volume differences depending on their location, which made it impossible to achieve balanced sound quality throughout the stadium. This left much to be desired by both the stadium officials and the fans. Ultimately, we decided that the JBL VRX series speakers would be best suited for the task, due to their powerful and reliable sound output.”
Hibino Corporation equipped Brex Arena with JBL VRX900-Series Constant Curvature line array loudspeakers. To ensure balanced, even coverag

Hunting High and Low with AlconsHunting High and Low with Alcons
Thursday, 19 March 2020

Norway - In 2019, 35 years after their debut album Hunting High and Low made them global stars, Norwegian pop act A-ha set off on a world tour (see LSi December 2019 for a full production report), playing the album in its entirety alongside more of the band’s hits. In February, the 2020 leg of the tour kicked off at the Nordlandshallen in Bodø, where an Alcons Audio LR18 pro-ribbon compact mid-size line-array impressed fans as well as the band’s live sound engineer.
Gøran Aamodt - who promotes Bodø’s annual Parkenfestivalen and other events in the north Norway town - wanted an audio system and supplier that he could trust would deliver at the top level.
Gøran has a close working relationship with audio production company Lydteamet AS and - with the same team and PA used with great success when Sting played the Nordlandshallen in 2017, as well as for a wide range of international artists at Parkenfestivalen every year - Gøran knew that Lydteamet’s Alcons LR18 system would deliver the quality that he demanded.
“We use Lydteamet on all our productions, because they always focus on the quality of the equipment and the personnel they use. We depend on this when we have visits from world class artists and need to deliver a world class production. We know that the Lydteamet team always does its utmost, the feedback from artists and crew substantiates this,” he says.
For the A

GLP weaves magic at Feduk Moscow showGLP weaves magic at Feduk Moscow show
Thursday, 19 March 2020

Russia - Feduk, a young Russian hip-hop singer, recently wowed fans at Moscow’s Adrenaline Stadium, presenting his new concert programme, One Love, in support of his new album. Feduk prepared a number of surprises, including a completely new visual show that was developed and implemented by Alexey Zhuravlev and Anton Orlov, lighting designers from, who took full advantage of the creative potential of GLP’s award-winning LED fixtures.
The creative team had been invited onto the project by Dmitry Yakovlevsky, the concert producer. Right from the outset all three men had reached a common understanding of the visual component, and the main concept of the show. They merely had to further refine their concept in order to implement it on stage.
The centrepiece of the scenography consisted of three vertical screens, visually extended by the powerful array of lighting above.
Anton Orlov explains the underlying concept: “We developed a shape to flow from bottom to top, in order to frame the stage and thus create a single media space.”
To create the arraying of light on stage, he turned to GLP’s popular JDC1 hybrid strobes, and impression X4 Bar 20s.
“I haven’t been working in the industry for too long, and I first saw the GLP equipment live about a year ago,” Anton admits. “I was really impressed by the possibilities and brightness of the JDC1. Today, I turn to fixtures by GLP in more than half the ideas and concepts I develop for events.”
At Feduk’s show, six vertical columns were decorated with 48

Polar supplies Ultimate Audio at SilverstonePolar supplies Ultimate Audio at Silverstone
Thursday, 19 March 2020

UK - The Silverstone Experience is an immersive visitor attraction at the famous motorsport circuit in Northamptonshire. Developed over a seven year period at a cost of £20m, the Experience opened its doors to the public in 2019 and features a host of artefacts that help to tell the exciting tale of motor sport at Silverstone.
Located inside a former World War Two aircraft hangar, the attraction welcomes a wide range of visitors, from school parties to lifelong motor sport enthusiasts, taking them on an experiential, educational journey.
The Ultimate Lap is one of the 10 elements that comprise the Experience tour and delivers an exhilarating end to a visitor’s day. Key to the success of this special-effects cinema is the audio provision, which complements startling visuals to immerse the occupants of its forty-five seats in the recreation of some of the circuit’s most dramatic moments.
Project leaders Figment Productions originated the concept and integrators Fusion LX of Ripon, specialists in museum and heritage AV, were appointed to carry out the installation. This was to comprise a 5.1 surround reinforcement in a partial-dome space, as well as stereo reproduction in a pre-event auditorium space.
Fusion LX consulted with Mark Bromfield from Polar’s Integrated Solutions division over the design and choice of systems to cover the two distinct settings. Visitors to the Ultimate Lap enter an ante-room to stand for an initial flat-screen video presentation, before moving into the striking dome structure, in which they are seated for an i

EM Acoustics R10 makes chilling debutEM Acoustics R10 makes chilling debut
Wednesday, 18 March 2020

UK - Celebrating a decade of terrifying people worldwide, Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson’s cult horror phenomenon Ghost Stories returned to the Lyric in Hammersmith last April (see LSi March for more on the audio aspects of the production). On a nationwide tour following a triumphal return to the West End in October, the new production took advantage of advances in theatrical technology to increase the tension to almost unbearable levels. Sound designer, Nick Manning remained faithful to his original choice of EM Acoustics, but this time with the addition of EM’s newest product, the Reference Series R10.
“Sound is such a critical part of how stories are told,” reflects Manning. “The use of sound to create and build tension - or indeed dispel it - is important to the success of most theatrical productions, but for Ghost Stories it is absolutely fundamental. I never even thought about specifying anything other than EM Acoustics – it did a great job the first time around, and I had new toys to play with this time, so for me it could only get better.”
The main surround system is largely based on the EMS Series - as indeed it was on the first production - in particular the EMS-61s. “They sound amazing and are incredibly versatile,” explains Manning. We’re also using the incredible i-12 infra sub which is quite simply an amazing loudspeaker. Ed Kinsella at EM helped design wh

Mavericks capture mystique of VheissuMavericks capture mystique of Vheissu
Wednesday, 18 March 2020

USA - Vheissu was the fourth of California quartet Thrice’s 10 albums to date. It not only redefined the band with its deeply introspective, brooding sound, but also influenced an entire style of alt rock music. On the US tour celebrating the 15th anniversary of the seminal LP, which concluded 29 February with a show at The Novo in Los Angeles, Lenny Sasso reflected the mood of Vheissu in all its complexity with an evocative lightshow marked by beguiling silhouettes and unexpected angles of backlighting.
Helping him create these looks was a versatile touring rig that featured Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures supplied by Squeek Lights. Positioning five of the 440W LED fixtures across the deck behind the band, he used them to light the artists from ground level angles, suggestive of the “underworld” tones of the ancient Vheissu legend.
“When we started to discuss lighting for this tour, we wanted to change the vibe up a bit, because of the unique nature of Vheissu,” said Sasso. “Riley Breckenridge, the band’s drummer, had posed the idea of having lights come up from the deck. I basically ran with this concept, because it fit the mood of the show, which features the all the songs from the Vheissu album, plus three B-side numbers and four additional tunes. My vision was to capture these dark and moody moments by keeping the lighting minimalistic and not have too much rain down on the band from above.”
With one Maverick MK2 Spot behind each band member, except the drummer, who was positioned between t

L’Oréal brightens up training with GenelecL’Oréal brightens up training with Genelec
Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Portugal - Beauty and cosmetics giant, L’Oréal, has established L’Oréal Academies across the world to train hairdressers in the latest techniques and trends, and on how to utilise the latest L’Oréal products.
One of the most recent academies is situated in the vibrant Portuguese capital of Lisbon. Thanks to integration specialists, Garrett Audiovisuais, the L’Oréal Academy, Lisbon, has become the group’s first digital academy, and the first to deploy Genelec loudspeakers throughout their training rooms.
“Previously L’Oréal used to rent in equipment for all of their events,” explains Garrett’s Carlos Melo who was closely involved in the project. “However, after discussions with us, they decided that it would be better to have their own in-house solution rather than having to rely on external AV companies, as it would be cheaper in the long term and more convenient. They also knew that they could rely on us for support whenever necessary. We recommended Genelec as it delivers everything they required: excellent intelligibility when using microphones, extremely high quality low level ambient sound, and can still blow people away when the DJ comes in.”
There are four rooms in total over two floors which are used largely for training but also for parties and other events. They can operate independently or combined in any configuration. The ground floor and first floor control rooms communicate so that L’Oréal can even host a single event across the two floors if necessary – since all audio and video can be streamed live a

Brompton supports Music for the MarsdenBrompton supports Music for the Marsden
Wednesday, 18 March 2020

UK - In early March leading artists came together to put on a benefit concert at London’s The O2 Arena to raise vital funds for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.
Sir Tom Jones, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Tyler and Van Morrison were amongst a formidable line up that took to the stage performing their greatest hits, raising close to one million pounds for The Royal Marsden’s new treatment and research facility; the Oak Cancer Centre in Sutton, Surrey. To complement the star-studded benefit, video rental company Universal Pixels (UP) deployed Brompton Technology’s LED processing power to provide a visually stunning show.
Tasked with realising the project, UP chose Brompton's Tessera SX40 processor together with Tessera XD data distribution units to achieve the ambitious concept. UP provided 152.5m2 of INFiLED ER5 LED tiles, which comprised five upstage totem LED screens, the largest being 2.5m wide by 8m high, and two IMAG LED screens, each measuring 7.5m wide by 4.5m high.
Three Brompton 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors and three Tessera XD units were used to run all the panels, with two disguise gx 2c servers providing 4K video playback and seamless content delivery to all the screens.
“We used one SX40 and one XD unit for the central upstage totems, as we needed the 4K canvas size,” explains UP’s project manager, Mark Strange. “This came directly from the disguise servers.
“The Brompton interface is so intuitive,” he continues. “When sending the SX40s out with our crew I have the confidence that everything is going to work, a

Noizboyz adds extra dimension with TiMaxNoizboyz adds extra dimension with TiMax
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

The Netherlands - Audio consultants and system designers, Noizboyz, chose TiMax SoundHub to add an immersive extra dimension to the live sound profile of Dutch Indie band, Kensington, for three recent sell-out gigs at Amsterdam’s 17,000-capacity Ziggo Dome. Noizboyz have been Kensington’s designers for four years, working with them in the Ziggo Dome and Johan Cruijf ArenA.
Following a demonstration with Phlippo Productions for client, Friendly Fire as well as Kensington, Noizboyz Pieter Doms and Thomas Van Hoepen, together with Nathan Leenders from Phlippo (Friendly Fire’s preferred supplier) were given ‘carte blanche’ to create an audio system for the gigs.
Showcasing the dramatic difference in aural effect between stereo output and an immersive spatial mix set up, created as an A/B (stereo mix/immersive mix) macro built on a Digico desk, Noizboyz convinced Kensington’s FOH engineer Ilja Traas and Kensington’s production manager Marcel Buurman of the benefits for audiences.
However, as Pieter Doms points out, “Carte blanche is never carte blanche”. Audio system set up is dictated by the needs of the staging and the band and not vice versa. So, following negotiation, Noizboyz won agreement for four loudspeaker arrays across the stage, with outer arrays 32m apart and inner arrays, nine.
Noizboyz had put their trust in the flexibility and adaptability of TiMax which handles this typical sort of production constraint easily and effectively. Pieter, claims, “Without TiMax this just wouldn’t have been possible. I could try but

Robe takes the runway at 2020 NYFWRobe takes the runway at 2020 NYFW
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

USA - First created in 1943, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is a semi-annual gathering of renowned and emerging fashion designers seeking to unveil their latest collections to buyers and media members from around the world.
As a featured participant in the event, the Australian clothing brand Zimmermann, led by designer Nicky Zimmermann, enlisted the assistance of fashion event agency Shades of Grey to create a guest experience that would leave a lasting impression.
Held at SIR Stage37, the event production team worked with the multi-discipline design firm Enlumen who created a lighting design using Robe Lighting PATT 2013 and picklePATT luminaires supplied by 4Wall.
“The original design brief was to create a hanging sculpture of light in a gold room that enhanced and warmed the tones of the treated walls and custom carpet,” began Shawn Kaufman, Enlumen. “Over the years, Zimmermann has really looked to evolve their show and create dynamic thoughtful designs that are cohesive environments, so we didn’t want to create something that was derivative of what had been done in the past.
“We’ve often thought of using the PATT 2013 and picklePATT fixtures for other projects and we realized they would be perfect for this design due to the warmth of the light and their form-factor that would create a unique visual experience to enhance the show.”
Moving forward to realize the experiential lighting design for the February 2020 fashion showcase, Kaufman and the Enlumen team began by visualising the layout of the space and where the fixtur

GDS recreates sunsets on the SaharaGDS recreates sunsets on the Sahara
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

UK - Bristol’s oldest gallery, the Royal West of England Academy (RWA), sought the help of GDS to bring their Africa State of Mind exhibition to life for their ‘After Hours’ event. The exhibition featured photography from all over the African continent so the RWA wanted to use vibrant lighting to evoke the beauty of a Saharan sunset.
Having already worked with the Bristol-based lighting manufacturer to transform their gallery and workshop studio spaces in 2019, the RWA were keen to see the bespoke lighting design GDS could create to enhance both their external and internal spaces during the event.
In order to achieve the rich colour palette that the RWA desired over such a large-scale area, GDS chose FOS, Brick and X-Brick fixtures from Italian lighting manufacturer DTS to create a carefully-crafted, even wash of light over the entire façade of the impressive building. A GDS brand partner since last year, DTS products deliver consistent power, and the output of their Brick fixture is so impressive, it could be seen even in broad daylight.
To mirror the natural beauty of sundown on the Sahara, GDS programmed five minute-long colour sequences of vivid red, amber and orange into rich purple and deep indigo, using gradients to create a subtle ambience.
Internally, GDS used uplighters and 2 DTS Alchemy 5’s to light up the RWA’s famous dome. The 6-colour light engine and soft edged beam of the Alchemy 5 helped to create a soft gradient of light, that bathed the entrance hall and grand staircase in amber-white, burnt-orange, blue an

Blue Man Group tours US with L-ISABlue Man Group tours US with L-ISA
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

USA - The award-winning Blue Man Group has taken to the road, and is taking immersive sound along with it for the first time. The group’s current North American Tour officially opened this past September at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, after developing the production at Fayetteville, Arkansas’ Walton Arts Centre. The Pantages show marked the first of more than 50 cities across the continent that will ultimately welcome the tour in its first season.
Showgoers will also experience L-ISA, L-Acoustics’ immersive-sound technology which Blue Man Group North American Tour sound designer Tony Pittsley says literally puts the audience onstage with the show’s three ironically comic and palpably percussive performers. “With L-ISA, the sounds of the show can move around the stage and the room and appear to come from where they’re supposed to originate from, which engages the audience way more deeply,” he explains. “You don’t feel as though you’re sitting there watching a show as much as you’re feeling enveloped by the experience.”
With L-ISA, audio elements are now literal objects that can seamlessly move throughout the performance space along with the performers and the narrative. The L-ISA Controller provides key parameters for each object: Pan (horizontal location), Elevation (vertical location), Width (the size of an object), and Distance (perceived proximity and reverberation), and L-ISA can manage up to 96 objects and up to 64 physical speaker outputs at a sample rate of 96 kHz.
To bring this to life, L-ISA Immers

Kiefer Sutherland goes Rogue in the UKKiefer Sutherland goes Rogue in the UK
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

UK - Supporting the Keifer Sutherland Band’s performance on their recently completed tour was an evocative Dan Williams designed lightshow that featured Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash fixtures. Like the rest of the fixtures and towers in the touring rig, the RGBW moving wash units were supplied by Colour Sound Experiment.
Positioned on six towers that spanned the upstage deck, the Rogue R2 Wash fixtures provided stunning back washes that accentuated Sutherland and his bandmates on stage, in addition to creating mood-evoking aerial effects.
“Before I sat down and did some renders, I met with Kiefer’s music manager to learn about his vision for the show,” says Williams, owner of DanDoesLights. “Understandably, given his vast experience as an actor, Kiefer wanted a theatrical look, which I thought fit the driving concept behind this tour very well. There is a very distinct and powerful storytelling element to his music and we wanted to reflect this in our design.”
Williams punctuated his design with multiple dramatic moments, downlighting Sutherland and the other band members at different points in the show. “There was the view that these are all very talented musicians, so we should concentrate on lighting them as well as Kiefer,” he says. “Toward this end, we highlighted lots of the band members solos with spots at points, without much no else going on. With some of the slower songs, we would start with small spots on band members and then the looks would ‘grow’ with the song.”
To accentuate the dramatic effect on

Federal Joint Committee chooses ShureFederal Joint Committee chooses Shure
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Germany - The Federal Joint Committee health agency has chosen Shure Microflex Complete for its Berlin headquarters.
Tasked with implementing health reform bills and directives across Germany, the Federal Joint Committee required a comprehensive and flexible conferencing solution for a range of large and small meeting and conference spaces at its new headquarters, which is located near Berlin’s Tiergarten.
The contract for the installation was put out to public tender and awarded to Berlin-based AV professionals PIK AG, with German touch technology and digital signage specialist MMT Network providing engineering plus planning services and support.
“In the process of moving to our new headquarters, we had to merge the conference facilities from the two buildings we used previously. We decided to migrate from older analogue technology to a new digital system,” explained Thomas Gutekunst, head of the Federal Joint Committee’s administrative department.
PIK AG selected a Shure Microflex Complete digital conference system, installing a total of 141 MXC615 table-top conferencing units that can be selected for operation in chairperson mode, delegate mode, or shared mode if two delegates are using the same unit.
Sixteen DIS-CCU control units act as a central system node, managing and powering the conference units, while providing additional channels for interpreters if needed.
“In our small and mid-sized conference rooms, we wanted to move away from projector technology and focus instead on using displays,” reveals Gutekunst.

DiGiCo delivers flexibility to Trøndelag TeaterDiGiCo delivers flexibility to Trøndelag Teater
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Norway - Originally built in 1816 and located in the Norwegian city of Trondheim, Trøndelag Teater is the oldest theatre in Scandinavia in continuous use. In September 1997, it underwent refurbishment and re-opened as part of a modern complex incorporating the old auditorium, supplemented by four new stages of various shapes and sizes.
More recently, the decision was made to update the theatre’s incumbent console and invest in a desk that would provide it with a more flexible, powerful system, choosing a DiGiCo Quantum7T with dual Quantum engines.
Siril Gaare, Trøndelag’s head of sound, has worked at the theatre since 1998, first on a freelance basis, then making it her full-time home in 2008, before taking up her current role in 2011.
“In 2018 we knew it was time to change our main stage console,” she says. “We were looking for a more mobile and flexible system. We wanted to be able to sit in the auditorium, but still be part of the team during rehearsals. We also missed having an App that would allow us to go on stage to do certain settings from there.”
Gaare and her team arrange for demos of several consoles, all of which, she says, had more or less what they were looking for, but chose the Q7T, purchased through DiGiCo’s Norwegian distributor, Scandec Systemer AS, for its theatre software and all the opportunities that presented them.
“The redundancy with the two engines was important, as was the feeling of solid hardware in the console,” she continues. “The power of Q7T was very important and running a show

Modulo Kinetic powers Virtual HarmonyModulo Kinetic powers Virtual Harmony
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

France - On 26 February at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, an immersive symphonic concert was given by French violinist Renaud Capuçon and 40 musicians. Virtual Harmony took place under a 300sq.m dome with projection mapping. The immersive experience was powered by the Modulo Kinetic media server by Modulo Pi, and its new module for automatic blending and warping used as a preview.
The concert put the spotlight on 3Dvarius, the first 3D printed violin by Dassault Systèmes. Attended by 3,000 people surrounding the dome, the musical and visual experience was also streamed live on YouTube.
Event company Mvision oversaw the technical set-up. To project onto the entire dome surface, 12 video-projectors of 30,000 lumens were used. The video-projectors were fed by Modulo Kinetic, the fully integrated media server by Modulo Pi. To seamlessly project media on the dome screen, Modulo Kinetic’s new auto-calibration module was used as a preview. Thanks to the auto-calibration system, the soft edge blending and warping was automatically calculated and implemented by Modulo Kinetic for the 12 video-projectors installed, resulting in a seamless image across the 360° dome.
Renaud Gindre, technical director, worked on the video-projection beforehand: “In the showroom of Mvision, I could install a scale model of the dome to make all necessary tests and make sure the video-projection would work fine.” On site, the A/V team had just one night available to handle the video-projection. “This is a project I wouldn’t have done without Modulo Kinetic and th

Alison Krauss tours with Alcons line arrayAlison Krauss tours with Alcons line array
Monday, 16 March 2020

USA - In a city renowned worldwide for its music, live production companies need something extra special to highlight their status. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, ProductionOne has achieved this with the purchase of two Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems. As company owner Kiley Butler says, “We love hearing people rave about how beautiful music sounds through them. The power with 90% less distortion than other systems creates a clarity unparalleled in professional audio.”
Having invested in both LR18 compact mid-size line-array and LR16 compact line array systems, the LR18 was quickly put to work on shows by multiple Grammy winner Alison Krauss. “It felt like we were in a studio with 3,000 other people,” says Kiley.
ProductionOne was founded almost 20 years ago, working on youth and non-profit events. The company has grown steadily into a full-service production company, which serves a wide range of events in the live concert, touring and corporate markets. In 2019, the management team wanted to invest in a major new sound reinforcement system, initially looking at conventional line arrays. But a trip to the annual InfoComm show in Orlando changed everything.
“Being audio nerds, we knew of Alcons Audio and we were drawn to learning about the engineering behind the pro-ribbon drivers,” says Kiley. “We looked at all the major brands and, until InfoComm, we were thinking of growing the business with other systems. But after visiting the Alcons listening room, any idea of using traditional compression drivers was ruined.”
He continues,


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