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david-bissett-powellBissett-Powell steps down at Void Acoustics
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

UK - Having guided Void through four years of growth and structural change followed by a profitable year, David Bissett-Powell has stepped down as chairman of Void Acoustics.
Alex Skan, co-founder and managing director of Void Acoustics has made a statement on behalf of the company. “We are extremely sorry to lose David as our non-exec chair. Over the past four and a half years David has brought tremendous opportunities to us all in the company, and shared with us his wealth of expertise and knowledge of the audio sector.
“The company has benefitted from David’s guidance and unending enthusiasm for Void Acoustics. We will be forever grateful for the input he has given and owe David a huge debt of gratitude for all his energy and encouragement. He will be sorely missed by the Void family across the globe.”

dpaDPA microphones capture sounds on Mars
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Mars - NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover touched down on the Red Planet last week, with DPA Microphones along for the historic ride. Outfitted with DPA’s 4006 Omnidirectional Microphone, MMA-A Digital Audio Interface and MMP-G Modular Active Cable, the rover provided the first sounds from the surface of Mars (see LSi December 2020 for our in-depth article on the project).
After being put through vigorous testing by NASA scientists, the DPA equipment, affixed to the Mars Perseverance Rover, officially launched into space aboard the Atlas V-541 rocket in July 2020. Over the past seven months, the DPA equipment has faced pressure changes while leaving Earth’s atmosphere and again when entering the Martian surface, and extreme temperatures - as low as -100 Celsius/-148 Fahrenheit - on Mars. Additionally, the DPA gear has endured the massive vibrations caused by the rocket launch and subsequent landing on Mars.
“It is an honour to have been chosen for this space mission, and we are so pleased by the results,” says DPA product manager René Mørch. “Everything about the mission - from the launch to the landing - is hostile insofar as a microphone is generally concerned. It’s very exciting to know that DPA was able to record something from so many millions of miles away, and have the sound travel back to us so quickly. We are proud to have wo

solotech-morrisSolotech grows portfolio with Morris brands acquisition
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

USA - Solotech continues its expansion programme with the acquisition of Nashville-based Morris Light & Sound. The purchase was announced yesterday by Martin Tremblay, president and CEO of Solotech.
Morris Light & Sound was formed nearly 30 years ago by industry ipersonality Dale Morris to outfit tours for the country music supergroup Alabama. Morris changed the landscape of touring by creating a business model that not only represented and managed artists but also provided full production services all under one roof.
“The audiences that Alabama drew were unprecedented in country music at that time,” Morris stated. “We needed a sound system that would project their music over the sounds of the crowd, so I turned to an audio company in L.A. who configured sound systems for rock groups which was what we needed to start in production.”
The InteRise systems integration division, a more recent addition, also thrives under the Morris Light & Sound umbrella. This group was formed out of a recognition that so many houses of worship and corporate campuses were enhancing their audiovisual experiences.
“The Morris Light & Sound and InteRise brands will be strong additions to the Solotech family, perfectly complementing our corporate goals and expanding our capabilities as well as our footprint in the United States. With this acquisition, the increased reach of Solotech as a leader in audiovisual and entertainment technology will reinforce our positioning as an industry innovator,” says Martin Tremblay.
“The Morris na

leisuretecLeisuretec to distribute Void Acoustics in the UK
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

UK - Leisuretec, trade distributor of professional and commercial audio, lighting and video equipment, has partnered with Void Acoustics to distribute its professional audio products in the UK.
Leisuretec will become Void’s largest distribution partner in the UK, supplying AV installers, hire production houses and events companies with strong stock holding, knowledgeable technical sales support and efficient after-sales service.
Mike Henden, managing director of Leisuretec, comments: “We are very excited to bring Void into our diverse portfolio of professional audio brands. Not only do their speakers sound incredible, they behold an attractive aesthetic that will offer our customers a unique and stylish alternative when planning their projects.”
“We are delighted to welcome Leisuretec Distribution Ltd to our already expansive network of Void dealers in the UK,” adds Mike Newman, sales manager at Void Acoustics. “Leisuretec are going to be a great addition to the family and with their knowledge and expertise, we are confident they are going to be able to bring the Void brand to a wider audience.”
Leisuretec is already stocking the main product lines from the Void Acoustics, for more information visit the Leisuretec trade website.

pmc-swissPatrik Schwitter extols virtues of PMC
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Switzerland - Since upgrading his studio to incorporate a pair of PMC IB2S XBD-A monitors, Swiss producer and engineer Patrik Schwitter has undertaken a steady stream of high end projects at his Zurich based facility.
In recent months, he has worked with internationally acclaimed harp player and Grammy Award Winner Andreas Vollenweider on a new album, Quiet Places, which was recorded in Swiss broadcasting company SRF’s Studio A and Vollenweider’s own studio House on the Lake. Schwitteris is also currently mixing music for a documentary film about the influential Swiss writer Adolf Muschg, which is scheduled for release later this year. Entitled Adolf Muschg – The Other, the film is directed by Erich Schmid and features music by 86-year-old computer Jazz legend Bruno Spoerri.
“My PMC monitors just blow me away because they are so incredibly detailed,” Patrik Schwitter says. “The system brutally reveals phase behaviour at any listening level, especially with the very low SPL that I'm used to working with. But the most important thing for me is the way my mixes and masters perfectly transfer into the ‘outer world’. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of monitors and am really happy to have such a reliable tool to work with.”
Over the past year, many people in the music industry have suffered and Schwitter considers himself very lucky because he has remained so busy.
“It is a good situation to be in, despite the chaos that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused,” he says. “I’ve had plenty of work coming it but I have

koreaHarman solution for Seoul wedding venue
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

South Korea - To enhance the elegant atmosphere for weddings at Luvel Gangdong with quality audio for speech and music, TechDataPS Co recently supplied the venue with an end-to-end Harman Professional Solutions audio system.
One of several venues owned by Apelgamo Wedding & Party, Luvel Gangdong is an upscale wedding hall located on the 35th and 36th floors of East Central Tower in Seoul’s Gangdong district. Featuring design elements and decor reminiscent of French formal gardens, the venue’s wedding hall can accommodate 160 guests, while the reception hall can host up to 500.
Luvel Gangdong required a high-quality yet user-friendly audio system capable of providing powerful and clear sound reinforcement for speech and music. To achieve these goals, TechDataPS outfitted the venue with an audio system consisting of JBL, Crown, Soundcraft, Lexicon, dbx, BSS and AKG solutions.
TechData PS deployed a variety of specialized JBL loudspeakers throughout the venue. JBL CBT 70J-1, CBT 70JE-1 and CBT 50LA-1 line array column loudspeakers provide main sound reinforcement. JBL Control 25AV, Control 25AV-WH and Control 23-1 background/foreground loudspeakers supply additional coverage throughout the venue, while JBL 305P MKII studio monitors and AKG K612 PRO headphones give staff an accurate reference for mixing.
TechData selected Crown CDi 4000, CDi 1000, CDi DriveCore 4|300 and XLi800 amplifiers to power the speakers, along with a dbx DriveRack VENU360 loudspeaker management system for sound enhancement, feedback suppression and mobile control.

tokyoMartin WPM plays key role in immersive show
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Japan - The theatre production of Inspire Onmyoji, starring famous Japanese actor Takao Osawa, ran at the 1300-capacity Nissei Theatre in Tokyo from 31 December 2020 to 6 January 2021.
A Umeda Arts Theatre production, the show was scripted by Brazily Anne Yamada, Takaya Okamoto, NatsuTeranishi and directed by Junya Yamada. Takao Osawa performed the role of Japanese ancient wizard ‘Onmyoji’ with next generation video, sound and lighting effects, making full use of latest technologies. This included Martin Audio’s Wavefront Precision platform (WPM) and Sound Adventures immersive 3D, with all outputs controlled by the SARA II Premium Rendering Engine.
Show producer, Junya Yamada, had wanted to create unprecedented special effects with the sound system for this, and so he contacted Iwao Tsurusawa, president of MSI JAPAN Tokyo, Martin Audio’s rental partner. He explained that he wished to create a live show using the Sound Adventures 3D sound system he had experienced previously, and Mr. Tsurusawa’s response could not have been more positive.
The main PA system comprised a pair of ground stacked line array enclosures (eight WPM arrays and two SX118 subs per side) and five stage front fills (all WPM). In addition, seven XD12 were pole mounted in front of the audience area.
The theatre’s installed proscenium L/C/R, along with wall speakers on the upper floor and second floor, those aimed at balcony seats, and a temporary Martin Audio ADORN A55 were set up in the back row of the second tier with a mic stand. In total, 31 outputs we

wharfedaleWharfedale Pro debuts three-way Reason-X
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

UK - Wharfedale Pro has announced the release of the Reason-X series, a three-way passive series with matching subs.
The three-way configuration delivers a response which is almost impossible to achieve from a standard 2-way system, says the company. Wharfedale Pro has used new concepts and new components to make Reason-X the premium loudspeaker series in their passive, point-source portfolio.
The full range models (Reason-X12 and X15) feature a new Z38 HF compression driver which has enormous cooling fins to disperse generated heat and a 1.5 inch ring-shaped polyethylene flat diaphragm to bring a precious feeling of space and air to high frequencies.
The 100° x 70° waveguide is also rotatable, making Reason-X suitable for vertical or horizontal applications.
The mid-range of the three-way comes from a custom Wharfedale Pro 8” driver with an aluminium basket and ferrite magnet. The LF driver boasts a 3.0” voice coil and large φ190mm ferrite magnet.
The series is completed by two substantial subwoofers - single 18” and a "floor destroying" 2000 watts AES, 148 dB Max SPL dual 18”. New LF drivers have been manufactured which feature NOMEX spiders for extreme suspension and durability.
All models are constructed of premium Baltic birch and use thick steel front grilles for extreme durability.

5yr-warrantyPowersoft extends free warranty
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Italy - Powersoft has announced a further 12-month warranty on their rack amplifiers for all customers who register their product for free to MyPowersoft, the company’s online portal. This free extension brings the total warranty length, including the four years standard warranty, to five years.
As of the Monday 22 February 2021, all customers buying Powersoft amplifiers on or after this date will need to register their product on MyPowersoft within 30 days of purchase to benefit from the extended extra year warranty.
All customers who have previously purchased a rack amplifier prior to this date, that is still covered by the standard four years warranty, can extend their warranty by a year by registering their product into MyPowersoft by the 23 April 2021.
Iacopo Vannucchi, Powersoft’s customer care and service centre manager, commented, “In the last year, we’ve all seen and experienced unprecedented struggle within our industry. This is our way of offering a helping hand during these trying times.”
By registering a product to MyPowersoft, users can check their product’s history and current warranty status. Users also benefit from direct technical and commercial support from the team, as they can request and track their product repairs. Other benefits include access to the Power-Sharing and Comparison tools, examples of Powersoft designs, and webinar session access with Powersoft’s audio experts.
“We want to provide our customers peace of mind that we have their products covered for years from the first day of purchase,

aura-visualVoid Acoustics appoints distributor for Thailand
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Thailand - Void Acoustics has announced a new partnership with new company Aura Visual System based in Bangkok. Aura Visual System is headed up by Pankom Klaykum who has an extensive career in AV product distribution across the region as well as a strong knowledge of Void products.
“We share a similar drive for the provision of excellent audio to our customers, and my team and I are excited to be aligning with Void Acoustics as their exclusive distributor for Thailand,” comments Pankom.
“Whilst we have done some business in Thailand in the past, there is a huge amount of potential for Void with the country being an important tourist destination and with Bangkok being a major entertainment hub in South-East Asia,” says Sean Iskhandar, APAC sales manager for Void Acoustics from his base in Singapore.
Pankom explains further: “The club sector is a prominent part of our business plan with Void going forward. And our experience has taught us that the club market and the DJs playing in these clubs have exacting needs and often request Void systems. We recognise the performance products the brand offers and so Void Acoustics is a very welcome addition to our portfolio.”
Aura Visual System also provides installations for the high-end residential sector – something which aligns with Void’s extensive product range.
“Alongside the club sector, we know that Void has a strong foothold in the high-end domestic market for residential audio installations and so this is another area where we can specify the beautifully crafted (bot

alcons-hits-the-high-notesAlcons hits the high notes in The Joan
Monday, 22 February 2021

Australia - Named after coloratura soprano, Dame Joan Sutherland, the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith, New South Wales, is one of Sydney’s busiest performing arts complexes.
Opened in 1990, the venue has numerous performance spaces, and hosts a busy schedule of theatrical, musical and visual arts.
In mid-2019, production & technical manager Geoff Turner and head of audio Tim Anikin started looking for replacement for the old point source sound system that had served the drama theatre (The Q Theatre) from the beginning, to overcome the sound issues inherent in the space.
The tender was won by Loud And Clear Sales, who in conjunction with Drew Bisset, designed and installed a system from Alcons Audio.
When the system was commissioned the difference was immediately noticeable. In fact, the team at The Joan only had a chance to utilise it for a few months before the pandemic closed the doors to all the worlds performance spaces.
Impressed by the new system in the Q Theatre, they looked to the same team to quote on an upgrade to the larger and more challenging space, the Richard Bonynge Concert Hall.
Designed, installed and commissioned again by Loud and Clear Sales and Drew Bisset, who again turned to Alcons Audio’s products for the solution.
The Q Theatre is multi-purpose room with a thrust stage and audience of 378 in a semi-circular amphitheatre configuration creates a challenge to amplify and distribute sound equally.
“Our experience with the LR7 micro line array from Alcons Audio sen

opto-m08m12Optocore upgrades MADI interfaces for DiGiCo
Monday, 22 February 2021

Europe - Optocore has announced that it has further upgraded its M-series MADI interfaces, making it compatible with DiGiCo premium consoles, and providing additional functionality.
Additionally, the new, advanced versions have all the advantages of Optocore’s popular DD-series, and much more, at exactly the same price point. M-series devices are now the principal means of plugging MADI streams directly into the DiGiCo loop to enable MADI streams to be input and output (other than DD-series and DiGiCo’s own devices).
This includes the channel count recognised by the DiGiCo devices, which is identical to the channel count provided by the DD2FR-FX and DD4MR-FX.
This upgrade applies equally to the entire M-series, as all available channels can also be freely distributed through all MADI ports on any of the five M8 and M12 devices. For example, one show could use an M12-BNC/OPT, and provide one (1) 64/64 MADI fibre port and two (2) 32/32 MADI BNC ports, while for another show it could be two (2) 64/64 fibre MADI.
States Optocore applications engineering manager, Maciek Janiszewski, “The compatibility of the M-series, along with the ability to control Optocore preamps from the console, makes DiGiCo/Optocore systems by far the most effective solutions for essentially all installations.
“Furthermore, when not incorporated within the DiGiCo loop, M-series functions as standalone, full-capacity MADI routers; for example the M12 allows for routing of 512/512 channels @48K.”

digico-tangerDiGiCo plays key role in Carolina centre
Monday, 22 February 2021

USA - When the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina opens for regular performances later this year, the $91m, 3,023-seat performing arts facility will give a city with more than its share of arts and culture a new crown jewel. Named for Steven Tanger, CEO of Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, who pledged $7.5m toward the project, the new venue will host performances by the Greensboro Symphony and Guilford College's Bryan Series of lectures, as well as touring Broadway productions and concerts.
It will do so with sound from two DiGiCo SD12 consoles at front of house and monitors, an SD11 desk used for special events and that adds more flexibility to the venue, and a DiGiCo 4REA4 mixing engine that provides the drive for the main system while serving as a matrix mixer for outputs from multiple consoles.
In addition, wall-mounted DiGiCo A164 16-input/4-output expander units act as smart input panels on stage. The DiGiCo systems were specified by SE Systems and Arup, and installed by integrator Parsons Technologies, now known as ArchKey Technologies.
The FOH and monitor consoles are on an Optocore loop network, along with an SD-Rack with 32-bit mic pre’s for those desks and the SD11 mixer in the control room at the rear of the hall that can mix the venue’s sound when the space is used for events other than concerts or shows, allowing the FOH console to be removed and seats added.
“The SD consoles are simply the best out there,” says SE Systems President Cliff Miller. “They’re reliable, they so

la-frostFrost School of Music adds L-Acoustics A10
Monday, 22 February 2021

USA - The Frost School of Music at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida has a history that dates back nearly a century to the campus’ founding in 1926. Today, it is widely regarded as one of the nation’s most innovative and comprehensive music schools.
Located within the L. Austin Weeks Centre for Recording and Performance, the intimate 147-seat Victor E. Clarke Recital Hall is a familiar venue to all of the nearly 700 students currently enrolled. Used daily for recitals, concerts, and ensemble performance, the room was designed with variable acoustics by noted acoustician Charles Bonner so that a wide range of music could be performed with optimal listening and recording conditions.
To accommodate the growing interest in electronic music studies and performance, the school called on Unreal-Systems, an L-Acoustics certified provider for installation and rental (CPi/CPr), to install a new A Series loudspeaker system in the hall.
“Normally, a venue of this size would be purely an acoustic space, but the Frost School has been moving toward using Clarke Hall for more contemporary music, including their computer music ensemble, which has a focus on electronic music production,” says Unreal-Systems project manager and lead systems engineer Ross LaBrie. “They required a fairly robust PA option, but also requested that we not have any subs on the ground level, which meant that we needed an arrayable PA with subs over the main enclosures. By modelling our options in L-Acoustics Soundvision, A10 paired with KS21 quickly proved to be the

david-morbeyDavid Morbey joins Neutrik UK
Monday, 22 February 2021

UK - Neutrik UK has announced the appointment of David Morbey to the newly created position of product marketing manager, creating a full marketing role at management level for the first time within the company.
Morbey brings more than 22 years’ experience of pro-audio product marketing, across a wide range of sectors and applications to the new position. He comes to Neutrik having held UK, European and international marketing and product management roles with industry brands, including Allen & Heath, Denon Pro, Marantz Pro, Rane Contractor and Martin Audio, and across DJ, live sound, commercial AV, Custom Install and broadcast installation applications.
Managing director Mark Perrins states, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to appoint David to this key strategic role within Neutrik UK and I am personally delighted to be working with him once again.” Perrins previously worked with Morbey for a number of years during his tenure as general manager at D&M Professional.
“I am truly excited to be joining a talented team at Neutrik UK,” says Morbey. “Neutrik has a long history as a market leader and innovator in the field of connectivity, and I am looking forward to helping shape brand strategy and sales growth in new and non-traditional market sectors for the company’s expanding range of connectivity solutions.”

genelecTokyo’s Embassy of Finland installs Genelec
Friday, 19 February 2021

Japan - The Finnish Embassy in Japan is located in the cosmopolitan district of Azabu in Tokyo. The area has a distinctly global feel, due in part to the large number of foreign embassies that have chosen to make Azabu their home. The Finnish Embassy has recently renovated part of their buildings. A Genelec Smart IP loudspeaker solution was installed as part of the project.
Mikke Kinnari, Vice Consul and 3rd Secretary of Administrative Affairs at the Embassy was in charge of the renovation project. “We wanted the best possible experience for our guests, ideally using Finnish products,” he explains. “Having studied several options from a variety of suppliers, we decided that the Genelec Smart IP solution with its easy, single-cable installation and high-quality audio offered the best possible solution for our requirements.”
The buildings of the Finnish Embassy – like many in Japan – are constructed with very thick reinforced concrete in order to withstand the earthquakes that are common in the region. Kinnari reveals that the impracticability of drilling any more holes than necessary in order to run cables was a major factor in the decision to adopt a Smart IP solution, which delivers audio, power and loudspeaker management over a single CAT cable.
However, he points out that this wasn’t the only criteria: “The physical elegance of the solution was also important because we have a lot of very high level visitors here – we have received the Imperial family of Japan, the President of Finland, and many other ministerial and high level

bromptonimage-creditmvision1Brompton Technology supports Mvision’s evolution
Friday, 19 February 2021

France - For more than 20 years, Mvision has been providing its service as an audiovisual technical expert to its customer base in France and beyond. The company’s regular investments in new equipment allows it to set up innovative solutions, such as its studio for filming, capturing, and dissemination of eventsat the Palais des Congrès in Paris, which is the third space Mvision has equipped for creative content production in France. The 300sq.m set features a curved LED wall, controlled by two Brompton Technology Tessera S8 LED processors.
“Mvision invested in its first LED screens more than eight years ago, and our first cylindrical screen was awarded a prize at the innovation show, Heavent Paris,” says Meziane Lounis, Mvision’s owner. “Since then, we have been building up our experience and expertise in LED technology, with our latest opening of a studio and investment in Brompton LED processing all part of our long-term development strategy.”
For its new studio, the team has built a large 12m x 3.5m LED curved wall made up of Unilumin UPAD III P2.6 LED panels.
“We chose Tessera S8 for our immersive LED stage because of its undeniable product quality and perfect colour rendering. Tessera’s feature set, as well as its latest firmware updates, allows us to adapt well to the demands of our XR studio and offers real quality when it comes to eliminating colour casts in greyscale with its PureTone functionality, or its brilliant colour contrast and colour saturation,” continues Lounes Lounis, Mvision’s technical manager.

laauditorio-nacional2-marie-pain-Auditorio Nacional installs L-Acoustics system
Friday, 19 February 2021

Mexico - Mexico City’s Auditorio Nacional’s (AN) was built in 1952 as a site for equestrian events. The building is made of riveted iron - the same technique featured on the Eiffel Tower - and has undergone extensive redesigns throughout the years. The Auditorio Nacional is known equally for its intriguing architectural design and for housing the largest pipe organ in Latin America.
The venue’s main hall consists of nearly 10,000 seats raised above and around its 23m stage, primarily used for national and international music concerts, song, dance and film festivals. Since 2013, the Auditorio Nacional has been ranked top selling venue in the world according to Pollstar Magazine.
Lunario, Auditorio Nacional’s alternative stage, seats 1,200 and is used for small and medium-sized events. Both spaces have hosted notable companies such as the Vienna Philharmonic, LA Phil, English National Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, San Francisco Ballet and New York Philharmonic, Marc Anthony, Alejandro Fernández, Elton John, Sting, Alan Parsons, Michael Bublé and Harry Styles.
The entire facility was recently treated to a renovation, which included an L-Acoustics K Series system to replace the original, 12 year-old sound system. “At Auditorio, we do productions day in and day out,” says Nico Peláez, Auditorio Nacional’s production director. “With some 30 million people attending events here over the past 25 years, we knew it was the time for a major update.”
Four of the world’s top audio brands were invited to participate in the tendering proces

g7amatemesa-de-trabajo-5loresAmate offers instant conversion for T-G7
Thursday, 18 February 2021

Spain - Amate Audio has announced the availability of the T-G7, a design solution to enable instant conversion of the all-new G7 commercial audio loudspeaker from low impedance to 100V line level operation.
The easily swappable connector plates enable changeable low impedance / 100 V line operation with the same stock unit. The T-G7 is the optional plate incorporating high performance transformer circuitry and a facia mounted selector switch for 5W, 10W, 20W or 40W 100V line power settings, or a switch back to ‘Direct’ 16 ohm operation, and can be fitted in the field in just a matter of minutes.
This design feature reduces potential waste, eliminating the need for redundant circuitry and associated additional weight in facilitating optional 100 V line operation. Additionally, it offers contractors efficiencies in providing all modes of installation from a single stock holding. The design also contributes significant economies of scale in production.
Affirming the significance of the G7 in offering the market a distinct alternative to the mass market commercial audio product, head of sales Jordi Amate says: “We could not come to this market with a similar looking equivalent product, to that already in considerable over supply from far eastern manufacturers. In G7 we have something else, something more. Something that ultimately allows installers to offer a better customer experience. And that, for sure, represents the highest quality and performance to price ratio achieved with a plastic cabinet.”

wf2021Tracktion upgrades Waveform Free for 2021
Thursday, 18 February 2021

USA - Tracktion Corporation has upgraded its Waveform Free for 2021 with a host of new additional features and a focus on performance.
Waveform Free, the free digital audio workstation based on the essential features of Waveform Pro 11, is known for its efficient workflow, streamlined user interface and its intuitive useability.
New to Waveform Free 2021 is the Welcome Screen allowing users to get up and running with the minimum of fuss. It offers quick set up for audio devices, a range of project templates, training materials and the latest product news. This newest version makes editing quicker, more natural and intuitive with features like Range Selection, Ripple Delete and Heal / Consolidate / Silence. Plus, a Dedicated Step Clip Editor makes clip programming even easier.
The Actions Panel allows users to favorite their most used actions and create custom actions which can be recalled with the click of a button. In addition, MIDI Typing turns a computer keyboard in to a musical one in an instant; perfect when travelling. This function can easily be toggled on and off providing a seamless jump between editing and playing.

vivid-launchDirectOut and Vivivaldy launch ViViD
Thursday, 18 February 2021

Germany - Following the recent announcement of their collaboration, DirectOut and Vivivaldy have introduced ViViD, a customised service that permits audio professionals to easily setup remote productions using standard internet connections.
The increasing demand for remote interaction of artists and sound engineers has led the two companies to offer consultancy and turn-key packages to address these applications.
ViViD packages include Vivivaldy VPN solutions combined with DirectOut products supporting Ravenna, such as PRODIGY.MP and EXBOX.RAV. DirectOut’s Ravenna implementation allows uncompressed real-time audio over IP transmission with ultra-low latency or with buffer times all the way up to 500ms.
PRODIGY.MP is used in ViViD packages equipped with microphone pre-amplifier modules to collect analog audio signals at the artists’ locations while the headphone’s outputs serve for monitoring purposes. The built-in DSP also allows local equalisation and mixing at zero latency. The Vivivaldy infrastructure is capable of connecting distant locations and allows them to communicate at ultra-low latency of less than 15ms to enable live cross-monitoring.
EXBOX.RAV, DirectOut’s new Ravenna to MADI converter, is collecting broadcast feeds. The audio packets are sent through the network at higher latency to grant secure and reliable transmission, assured also by Vivivaldy’s re-transmission mechanism. With the control software globcon the entire setup can be managed remotely at any location on the network.
Luca Giaroli, responsible for V

dave-weirDiGiGrid setup drives Weirdog Studios
Thursday, 18 February 2021

Australia - Dave Weir has worked as a freelance professional audio engineer and educator for the last 10 years. As a teacher, he draws upon wide experience of the industry to deliver audio courses at Oxygen College, a multi-disciplinary training organisation in Geelong West, Victoria, Australia, that specialises in the creative arts.
His role as an educator dovetails neatly with a full spectrum of audio duties, from studio mixing to live sound engineering, including touring the length and breadth of the country with notable bands such as Thirsty Merc, Rival Fire and Teramaze. In addition to his work with bands on the road and in the studio, Dave also runs arena audio for the Australian Open Tennis tournament, controlling court audio feeds for broadcast, running music between points, and managing post-match interview audio.
As is the case for many audiophiles, the boundary between work and home is often blurred, and in Dave’s case his Weirdog home-studio has evolved over time to be an essential part of life. When considering its upgrading and further development, he chose the DiGiGrid option.
“Starting out with a fairly minimal setup, I wanted to create a system that not only covered all bases at the time, but also future-proofed me for expansion. I probably spent a couple of years researching interface and analogue console options, before ruling out analogue on the basis of limited space, costs (including maintenance) but also flexibility. After a lot more research, it was clear that DiGiGrid suited my workflow and had the ease of expansion I r

danteUniversity redesigns workflows with Dante
Thursday, 18 February 2021

USA - Prior to 2020, The University of Miami redesigned its live sports production workflows to ensure all audio feeds were on the network with Audinate’s Dante. From field mics to mixers - and from basketball to soccer - the university made the choice to trust Dante for all audio-over-IP capabilities.
“We don’t have a single XLR patch anywhere in our workflow,” said Anthony Lestochi, director of production services at the university. “Moving to Dante was clearly the better way to operate. It made building out our production really easy and effective. And, when COVID happened, Dante made it easy to quickly adapt.”
Dante has also proven its flexibility over the course of 2020. As productions needed to drastically alter their approach to adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines, the ability to use Dante audio-over-IP as a connective fabric was a crucial enabler.
“When we looked to bring production back, the first thing we did was knock walls down in our control room,” Lestochi said. “We totally rearranged the space and put up new physical barriers to allow for effective social distancing in the new control room. Because it was a Dante-backed system, we could run all of our new positions for equipment onto the network and know it would work quickly. It was a very easy change, and one that wouldn’t have been so quick if we were using traditional cabling.”
The control room continues to make use of the same broadcast technology in place prior to the change in physical layout. Two Yamaha CL5 mixing consoles and a Behringer X32 mixin

apacdharma-practice-room-at-ybat2Bangkok’s YBAT installs JBL-based system
Thursday, 18 February 2021

Thailand - Elevating teaching programmes and services in its Dharma Practice Room, the Young Buddhists Association of Thailand hired audio integrators Mahajak Development Co to deliver a Harman Professional audio solution to provides quality sound.
Founded in 1950, the Young Buddhists Association of Thailand (YBAT) is an organisation dedicated to enriching lives by bringing Buddhism to the younger generation and general public. Focused on developing minds and cultivating deep experiential wisdom through educational services, YBAT’s main office is located in the Phasicharoen District of Bangkok and includes the Thamnawet building, which features a 500-seat Dharma Practice Room.
"The client wanted an upgrade to their existing sound system in the Thamnawet building,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, project director at Mahajak. As we had already worked on renovating the audio system in the Dharma practice room on the second floor of Sirikarinchai building, we knew what the client was expecting. We are so excited to be associated with them again and happy to provide intelligible sound to the Dharma practitioners with the help of Harman Professional’s audio equipment and services.
“Some of the challenges we faced were the wooden floor, hard wall and smooth plaster ceiling because they caused reverberation in the room. Our team designed the audio system for Dharma practitioners to receive direct sound from the ceiling speakers. This setup was supported by Crown amplifiers and BSS signal processors, which helped solve the frequency problem in the


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