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chinaMLA makes waves in latest One Third Club
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

China - Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhejiang province, is home to a new One Third club destination located in a former locomotive depot, another of the NOA’s Arc Group’s entertainment ventures.
The third in the chain (including one in Beijing), the 2,500-capacity dance venue, specialising in Hard style, has been equipped with Martin Audio’s MLA Multicellular Loudspeaker Array.
This was supplied to the Dutch creative team, Live Legends, and their creative director Daan Oomen by Martin Audio’s Chinese distributor, Sino Hui Feng, who worked hard to win the project with the Martin Audio bid to ensure One Third Hangzhou stands out in a competitive marketplace.
The One Third vibe is all about the story of an old locomotive factory that comes to life. Live Legends delivered all creative elements from concept to execution, including show production, interior and technical design which included coordinating all the visual disciplines and optimising the guest experience with their usual flair and imagination.
Live Legends was asked onboard, to bring their extensive skills, knowledge and visions from the world of live events.
After sampling several competitive sound systems, it was decided that MLA would be “the perfect weapon” for this application and that Martin Audio overall was the best loudspeaker partner for all the subsidiary spaces.
The installation was carried out by Sino Hui Feng’s audio technical team, supported by Martin Audio Product Support Engineer, Robin Dibble.
All the rooms were equipped with Martin Aud

richard-smith-of-dwr-distributionDWR hosts L-Acoustics training sessions
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

South Africa - Richard Smith of DWR Distribution, an L-Acoustics authorised training centre, recently headed up L-Acoustics certified training for a group of technicians at the company’s offices in Johannesburg.
The two-day training course provides technicians with both the technical and practical skills and certification needed to operate a range of L-Acoustics professional sound systems.
Under the guidance of Richard Smith, who has served as a brand ambassador for L-Acoustics in Africa for over a decade, attendees are taught all that they need to know to operate L-Acoustics’ Kara, Kiva II and K2 professional audio system. Smith is a passionate and committed teacher and trainer and takes enormous pleasure in passing on his years of knowledge and experience to a new generation of L-Acoustics Certified Technicians.
“I have always loved teaching and try to take advantage of any opportunity presented to share my knowledge and experience with others in the audio field,” says Smith. “There is nothing more rewarding than watching those special light-bulb moments when a trainee suddenly grasps a new concept or skill.
“In the past, L-Acoustics took a highly structured, standardised approach to its training programmes. However, in recent years, they have adopted a more modular ‘a la carte’ approach. Participants start out with Level 1 training, which consists of two modules. Once they have completed the compulsory System Fundamentals module, covered on the first day of training, they are able to stipulate which system they would like t

edinburghTiMax TrackerD4 transforms Edinburgh tattoo
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

UK - This year’s Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo undertook one of its biggest technological transformations to date (read more about this in the December issue of LSi, coming soon). For the first time in its history, the vast and complex event trusted its audio control to an audio tracking system, implementing the largest TiMax TrackerD4 precision stagetracking system yet, controlling a pair of Out Board’s TiMax SoundHub-S64 spatial audio processors featuring new HARDCore FPGA processing - all supplied by Wigwam Acoustics.
Since 2014, sound designer, Seb Frost, has overseen the execution of audio reinforcement for the event, in which a continuously moving cast of over 1000 military musicians march through Edinburgh Castle’s parade ground in increasingly complex configurations.
Frost claims, “TiMax TrackerD4 dramatically improved the accuracy and resolution of the loudspeaker system. The advantage was that because everything sounded so natural we could increase the volume, which 100% had the effect of engaging the crowd and giving them - dare I say it - a more immersive experience.”
Along with 60 channels of radio microphone, 48 TiMax Tracker tags were swapped onto performers every four to six minutes during the course of the 100-minute performance. Over 700 tag swaps, from full bands to individual and group performances, demonstrates the level of complicated organisation that lies behind this unique event.
The TTd4 tags drive a 48-channel TiMax2 SoundHub audio spatialisation matrix to continuously maintain localisation and musical ti

rockinOutline and Powersoft electrify Rockin’1000
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Italy - After captivating the Stade De France in Paris and the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, Rockin’1000 brought their That’s Live - No Borders, On Board tour to Italy, landing in Milan and hosting two special guests, Manuel Agnelli from Afterhours (joined by Rodrigo D’Erasmo), and Subsonica.
The band originally found fame on 26 July 2015 at the Ippodromo Park in Cesena, where the 1,000-piece band played Learn to Fly in an effort to convince Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl to perform live in Italy (which happened the following November). Since then, the Thousand have been organising concerts around the world.
The band’s latest appearance - an outdoor show at newly renovated Milano-Linate airport - required the combined audio firepower of Outline’s GTO system and Powersoft’s K and X Series amplifiers to match up to the sheer the size of the stage and venue. This combination proved extremely effective at capturing the band’s massive live sound in Florence in 2018, so the show’s organisers knew the technology would be up to the task.
With so much equipment necessary to pull off this event, the gear had to be supplied by three companies, all of which belong to Outline and Powersoft’s Italian / European rental network: Gigant Sound (Poznań, Poland), Emporio On Stage (Scandicci, Florence), and Show Technologies (Recco, Genova).
To ensure even coverage across the venue, 100 of Outline’s GTO modules and 72 Outline DBS 18-2 subs were required. Several point-source systems (about 14 Outline Vegas 12 CX) were scatte

cosmos-21Cosmos Within Us gets immersive in NYC
Monday, 2 December 2019

USA - After three sold-out performances at Amsterdam's Eye Filmmuseum, which saw Cosmos Within Us win a VR Days Halo award, the Future of StoryTelling will present the theatrical preview of Tupac Martir’s mixed reality performance piece at New York Live Arts on 2 December (Monday).
A co-production between Satore Studio, a_BAHN, and Satore Tech, Cosmos Within Us ‘turns the solitary experience of virtual reality into a multisensory performance piece for an audience of 100-150 people, creating an entirely new artform’. It features 13 live performers, including five musicians, voiceover artists, live digital animations, two dancers, a conductor, and one ‘interactor’.
Director Tupac Martir comments: “Performing at the Eye was very special. Being able to take our piece outside of the film festival circuit and show it to over 100 people per screening meant that we have been able to create something communal.
“We had only performed it to a maximum of 10 people, so to grow the audience 10-fold meant that we were taking risks we didn’t know would pay off.”
The Venice and London performances earlier this year used small surround sound speaker systems, yet the Amsterdam shows saw the introduction of Sennheiser HP-02 headphones with wireless transmitters. These headphones were given to each audience member where they received a live feed, including that of the voice over artist.
Martir adds: “When we first started the show audio was primarily designed for the interactor as they would be inside the environmental la

singmeinensongwaldbuhneamphitheatreSing meinen Song live in Berlin with dLive
Friday, 29 November 2019

Germany - A live concert featuring the stars of German TV show Sing meinen Song was recently mixed with two Allen & Heath dLive systems at FOH and monitors.
Sing meinen Song - das Tauschkonzert, produced by German broadcaster Vox, is one of the most successful TV formats in recent years and has just completed its sixth season, with the accompanying album releases always hitting the top of the German album charts. For the first time ever, the 2019 season closed with a live concert in Berlin where all the artists involved reunited for one big final live show. The venue chosen for the event, Berlin’s Waldbühne amphitheatre, is one of Germany’s biggest open-air stages with a unique architecture and atmosphere.
The concert was mixed by Daniel Lauer (FOH) and Sascha Kohl (monitors), who have been working with dLive systems for several years.
“The main challenge of the show was the limited time available for preparation,” explains Lauer. “Because of its size and special acoustics, the Waldbühne is quite a demanding location for a sound engineer and we only had one day of studio rehearsal for 25 songs, so we had to be able to adapt very quickly to any changes at soundcheck. The variety of songs and artists also presented us with a full spectrum of sound and dynamics to cope with, which was a huge challenge for us mixing the show, but of course also what made it interesting. The two dLive systems were an enormous help in dealing with those issues.”
Two Allen & Heath dLive S7000 surfaces, each paired with its own DM64 Mi

digitalDigital Projection grows EMEA team
Thursday, 28 November 2019

Europe - Digital Projection has announced the appointment of three key sales employees across the EMEA region. The new hires - Christoph Hellmuth, Artur Kita and Nizar Nasser - will serve Digital Projection’s interests in DACH, Poland and the Middle East, respectively.
Hellmuth, who has been hired as regional sales manager for the DACH region, brings decades of experience in the pro AV market. After serving as an audio engineer for major musicals, Hellmuth worked as a senior marketing manager for Shure in EMEA, before becoming the CEO and founder of VividAudio Media.
As the new regional sales manager for Poland, Artur Kita joins Digital Projection with a wealth of experience in the Polish AV market, where he has been responsible for the sale of screen mounting solutions, projectors and other AV equipment.
Joining Digital Projection’s Dubai team as the new regional manager for the Middle East region is Nizar Nasser. Nasser has worked for over 10 years as Crestron’s regional sales manager for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as Middle East business development manager.
Chris Axford, international sales and marketing director at Digital Projection, comments: “We were looking for new recruits that would bring both experience and knowledge to the markets they are responsible for, and I am confident they will better expand the reputation of Digital Projection in EMEA. We’re very pleased to welcome them to the team.”
(Jim Evans)

alcons-audio-press-release-grace-live-house-band-playingAlcons serves up appetising audio in China
Thursday, 28 November 2019

China - Grace is a national chain of bar/restaurants with live entertainment. The latest venue is in Yangjiang city, Guangdong province, where an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system has overcome architectural challenges to serve up an appetising audio menu.
Grace in Yangjiang has a 400sq.m main area and a 100sq.m mezzanine, with internal architecture that created significant acoustic challenges. Its classical Chinese style features a tiled roof decoration with varying heights, producing multiple reflections. Additionally, a tall decorative column was likely to cause issues with sound coverage from one side of the stage.
The live performances feature vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, drums and have a wide dynamic range. Guangzhou-based EAD was asked to design and install a sound reinforcement system that would make sure diners throughout the venue enjoyed high quality sound. The company chose an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon solution.
The main dining area is covered by four RR12 point-source array modules, with four BF362 high-output subwoofers installed under the stage. Four VR8 compact versatile monitors cover the mezzanine area, with two more filling the area behind the decorative column. These have a set delay to ensure the frequency response curve and sound pressure on the left and right sides of the space are equal. The system is managed by two Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.
“We set up the RR12s in increments of 30° in the coupling plane and, thanks to their asymmetric 60° (+20°/-40°) in the non-coupling plane, we could cover the

nathist-museum-liveColdplay launch with live streaming and Lawo
Thursday, 28 November 2019

UK/Jordan - On Friday, 22 November, Coldplay performed two Sunrise and Sunset sets at Amman’s Citadel, Jordan, both of which were streamed live on YouTube to celebrate the release of the band’s new album, Everyday Life.
Following Coldplay’s decision not to tour Everyday Life for environmental reasons, the band came up with an alternative for achieving maximum impact: “We wanted to pick somewhere in the middle of the world where we normally don’t get to play,” Chris Martin, Coldplay’s frontman, told the BBC.
A few days before the Amman performances, Coldplay’s management announced the addition of a one-off live show on 25 November at London’s Natural History Museum. Selected songs of this performance will be available on radio and social media, and the proceeds will be donated to an environmental charity.
As always, what looked easy at show time was the result of intense preparations involving the best people in the industry. Tony Smith (Coldplay’s audio designer, FOH tech and crew chief) liaised with Toby Alington, broadcast sound engineer, to find a solution for the Amman broadcast mix. Alington in turn approached Dirk Sykora to discuss a Lawo console solution for Jordan through SR Films. Alington mixed the two sets live in Amman with the help of Coldplay’s Rik Simpson (producer, sound engineer) and Dan Green (FOH engineer).
Both the band and the technical crew had arrived in Amman one week prior to the Sunrise and Sunset performances. According to Dirk Sykora, who configured and programmed t

mtvawardssd122Brit Row supplies MTV EMAs
Thursday, 28 November 2019

Spain - Since 1997, Britannia Row has deployed audio requirements to MTV’s Europe Music Awards. This year’s winners included Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish, who were honoured in a live televised ceremony staged in the Andalusian capital of Seville.
MTV has trusted Brit Row to supply the event for over two decades, creating a strong level of trust and reassurance during planning, pre-production and the live show. Supplying an L-Acoustics PA rig, Sennheiser mics and IEMs, and a plethora of DiGiCo SD7s (monitors), SD5s (FOH) and SD12s for presentations, the 14-strong Brit Row crew delivered once again.
“They’re the best in the business; a lot of artists feel comforted when they come to perform and see they’re in the hands of Brit Row. For 22 years, they’ve never let us down,” comments Andy Derbyshire, production executive, MTV EMAs. “This is MTV’s biggest annual awards show outside the USA, so it’s of critical importance that its technically delivered to the highest level possible.
“We have major artists on this show, and there must be zero compromise with audio. We require the pinnacle of service, and for sound, this directs us to Brit Row. Their professional delivery, crew quality and crew continuity is imperative in making the EMAs a success.”
Live performances included routines from Dua Lipa, Niall Horan and R&B / pop star Mabel, whose monitor mix was in the capable hands of Rod Clarkson. He says: “Having worked on the EMAs several times before, I’m acutely aware of the massive audience exposure and therefor

brazilGobos do Brasil to distribute Martin Audio
Thursday, 28 November 2019

Brazil - Gobos do Brasil has been appointed as the Brazil distributor for Martin Audio. Gobos has been in business since 2002 and distributes to a variety of customers in the live event, installation and rental markets.
Located in Sao Paulo, Gobos distributes a range of leading brands including Audix, Clear-Com, Sunlite and Cambridge Sound Management, to name a few.
Esteban Risso, Gobos commercial director, comments: “It’s a great time for us to join in this new partnership with Martin Audio in Brazil with some of our key partners like Gabisom already using their products such as MLA at Rock in Rio, one of the biggest festivals in the country. We look forward to a great journey with Martin Audio based on the new era of products such as Wavefront Precision loudspeakers, not only for touring but also for Installations and retail establishments.”
Berenice Gutierrez, regional sales and Martin Audio marketing rep for LATAM & Caribbean, adds: “It has taken a long time to set up a partner in Brazil that is able to understand and work effectively with Martin Audio´s philosophy in terms of new products, technology and design. Working with such a familiar business such as Gobos is a good match for us and we look forward to supporting them as much as possible.”
(Jim Evans)

gregkopchinskiWaves Audio appoints live and install manager
Wednesday, 27 November 2019

USA - Waves Audio has appointed Greg Kopchinski as live and install product manager, further developing Waves’ live and commercial AV products.
Kopchinski began his career in professional audio as an FOH and monitor engineer for several regional sound companies and churches in California. Prior to joining Waves, Greg served in product management and marketing roles at Bivio Networks and as a principal product manager at Avid Technology.
As Waves live and install product manager, Greg will be responsible for driving the product vision and strategy for Waves Live and commercial AV products, from concept and definition, through launch and full lifecycle.
(Jim Evans)

xerocon20190163Hawthorn supports Xerocon London 2019
Wednesday, 27 November 2019

UK - Xerocon London 2019 returned to ExCel London on 13-14 November, bringing together accountants, bookkeepers, ecosystem partners and industry leaders.
Over 3,500 delegates gathered to find out the latest news and updates from cloud-based accounting software company Xero. Creative technical production expert Hawthorn was chosen by agency Taylor Bennett Partners to deliver the full technical design and production for the two-day event.
Led by Pete Harding, Hawthorn’s head of creative technical, the company was tasked to bring Taylor Bennett’s vision to life, delivering full technical production for the main conference plenary, exhibition space, break-out sessions and evening party. The event featured a mammoth LED screen, an impressive lightbox installation and a village green complete with a cricket pitch and projection-mapped pond.
The main stage played host to two full days of informative sessions from industry experts and astronaut Major Tim Peake. Made from 413 panels of ROE CB5 LED, the three-section screen measured a staggering 44 metres wide and 368sq.m. Custom-made circular LED discs, each featuring 255 individual RGB pixels per fixture, were used between the sections to add eye-candy reminiscent of digits found on a retro calculator.
Lighting was designed by Russell Grubiak. Audio in the Keynote Theatre was delivered using a d&b audiotechnik V Series line array. The system, which uses full ArrayProcessing, ensured that audio was delivered evenly across the space so that each member of the 3,500 strong audience received the sa

skunkanansiedlivefohpolandrockdLive gets deep with Skunk Anansie
Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Europe - Skunk Anansie have recently wrapped up their 25th anniversary tour along with an Allen & Heath dLive mixing system at FOH.
With a string of European festival and headline shows, the milestone tour followed the release of Skunk Anansie’s new live album, 25live@25 and finished with a run of UK performances.
Long-time Allen & Heath user and FOH engineer Ben Hammond comments: “dLive is just the perfect console for me. I’m able to lay out each show file the same way so the shows are always consistent, whether it’s an outdoor amphitheatre or large indoor arena.”
The full set-up (owned by Hammond) features a dLive DM64 MixRack and dLive S5000 surface fitted with a Dante card for virtual soundcheck and multi-track recording, and an AES 10 out card, which feeds Hammond’s speaker management processor.
Rather than using external hardware, dLive’s on-board processing, FX and compressors, are more than enough for Hammond, who currently utilises 13 of the 16 RackExtra FX available in order to enhance Skunk Anansie’s larger-than-life rock anthem style.
“I use a lot of the built-in effects on dLive,” says Hammond. “As an example, I start with the Hall 480 reverb on Skin’s vocal, which adds a nice bit of weight and then I add two EMT 250 reverbs on snare and toms. A.D.T is also on pretty much everything; it's on the bass, the guitars, keyboards and all the vocals, and it adds a nice big stereo spread and just excites everything a little bit.”
(Jim Evans)

festivalsd&b proves its festival cross-hire potential
Wednesday, 27 November 2019

South Africa - The popularity of d&b audiotechnik systems for live events has been highlighted by the number of rental companies that won business supplying a pair of major festivals in South Africa. Rocking the Daisies in Cape Town and In the City in Johannesburg both called on the skills of Bad Weather, which opted for an all d&b solution.
The music festivals saw the likes of The 1975, Russ and Tash Sultana deliver crowd-pleasing performances with the same sonic signature on every stage. This was thanks to the popularity that the German manufacturer’s solutions have found in South Africa through the support of its local distributor, Stage Audio Works. This was highlighted by the number of companies involved in the festivals. Eastern Acoustics, Ampere and ULTRA all supplied d&b equipment for Rocking the Daisies, while Blue Array did the same for In the City.
“It was important for us to use the same manufacturer this year because there is consistency in knowing that we were getting a certain type of quality - we’ve never been let down by the d&b systems, we prefer the sound it creates,” says Jonathan Bandli, creative director at Bad Weather. “It’s simple to use and there’s a lot of support that comes with it - it just ticks all the boxes.”
The support provided by Stage Audio Works to its customers means that every engineer that was involved in the festivals had been trained on the systems and the production company could have full confidence in both the brand and the people using it. “With so many other things to

solotechukleadershipspencerbeardalexpenn66516x9SSE Audio and Solotech re-organise UK operation
Wednesday, 27 November 2019

UK - SSE Audio Group and its parent company Solotech have announced a new unified UK organisational structure aligned with Solotech’s global structure. As of 1 January 2020, SSE Audio, Wigwam, Capital Sound and BCS Audio will be collectively known as Solotech UK, under the new joint leadership of managing directors Alex Penn and Spencer Beard.
Alex Penn, SSE Audio’s former sales director, will lead the sales and systems integration (sales and installations) operations of Solotech UK. Spencer Beard, formerly managing director of Manchester-based Wigwam, will lead the live productions (hire) operations of the UK group. The move will see both Penn and Beard integrated into Solotech’s global senior management team.
Meanwhile, SSE Audio founder John Penn remains within the new Solotech UK structure as strategic advisor.
John Penn comments: “After all these years steering the SSE ship, the time has come for me to reduce my day to day role in the active management of the business. With this new role I can help the group to take the next steps in its development and I’m really pleased that Spencer and Alex are taking on the leadership of our ever-expanding Solotech UK group.”
A number of additional appointments have been made to strengthen the leadership team on a national basis, including a UK group sales manager, a UK group integration manager, a UK group operations manager and a business development manager.
“All of the new appointments have been made internally from the existing management of SSE Audio, Wigwam, Capital Sound an

karl-inghamarea-sales-manager-north-and-scotlandPeerless-AV appoints Northern sales manager
Tuesday, 26 November 2019

UK - Peerless-AV has announced that Karl Ingham has joined the UK professional sales team as area sales manager for the North of England and Scotland.
“Karl is a great character and valuable addition to our successful UK and EMEA sales team,” comments Keith Dutch, managing director, EMEA, Peerless-AV. “He’s already made a great impression on our Northern and Scottish customer base and his technical skills and product knowledge will be vital for broadening the business opportunities in alignment with our global strategy.”
Based in Burnley, Karl will be responsible for implementing the company’s business and growth strategy, driving new leads and supporting the reseller and distributor network in the region through sales promotions, marketing initiatives, training and events.
He joins from a global manufacturer of education technologies where he was channel partner manager for England and Ireland. Prior to that, he held operations and commercial management roles and technical account management positions at various network specialist and distribution firms.
(Jim Evans)

apgAPG unveils iX speaker range at JTSE
Tuesday, 26 November 2019

France - APG will preview its new iX range at the JTSE trade show in Paris this week. Comprising a full line of fixed installation speakers, and based on the successful coaxial concept, the new iX range is characterised by a combination of ‘uncompromising drivers and a non-diffraction acoustic baffling that allows pure point source directivity’. For some of the iX models, APG has created coaxial devices that strike a perfect physical alignment between low and hi transducers.
The iX line is made up of five coaxial speaker models: iX5, iX6, iX8, iX12 and iX15; all of which are two acoustic way speakers loaded in bass-reflex for low-frequency extension. APG will also announce at the show a future extension of the range with two unique models of pseudo-coaxial speakers – the iX2.5 and IX2.6 – which will be optimised for vocal applications.
From an acoustic point of view, the iX range offers ‘stunning musicality down to low mid and even low frequencies and is characterised by an impressive SPL to size ratio and exceptional sound clarity’.
The iX range’s non-diffraction baffling reduces feedback without the need for equalisation. This factor makes the iX range suitable for a variety of purposes, including immersive sound.
The speakers are also well-suited to a variety of applications, including main FOH or distributed sound reinforcement in all types of venues. It is also possible to combine iX speakers with the popular Uniline and Uniline Compact systems from the French manufacturer.
All iX models have been ergonomically optimis

morgan-wallen-2019photos-by-david-lehr1Genetic and Elation light Morgan Wallen
Tuesday, 26 November 2019

USA - Event production company Genetic Productions is out with Morgan Wallen as the rising country music star opens as direct support on Luke Combs’ Beer Never Broke My Heart tour, a North American stretch that wraps in mid-December with shows at the 20,000-capacity Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.
Genetic has again supplied an Elation rig for the singer after having supplied Wallen’s inaugural headlining tour, Up Down, last year. Genetic serves as the lighting and video vendor for the outing, working closely with designer Zac Coren.
The lighting rig includes 3° beams from Elation DARTZ 360 LED moving heads energizing the atmosphere while immersing the stage and crowd in colour and effect.
Zac Coren, who serves as lead LD, says the DARTZ are the main focal point of his design. “They provide a lot of dynamic looks and have a great feature set to accomplish a variety of looks,” he says. “The DARTZ, being a beam fixture, play the role of creating energy on stage. They're bright enough to throw all the way across an arena and really pull the audience's eye to the stage. I also have been really happy with the looks I've gotten from the prisms, as well as the frost. The frost has the perfect balance of washing out the unit and giving it a completely different look while also keeping enough intensity to make a big impact.”
Genetic Productions president Andrew Sparks says that besides its versatility the rig has another key benefit, namely easy handling. “The rig has also been designed for super quick deployment and breakdown,” he say

msx32-flemington-rackARX splitters on track at the Melbourne Cup
Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Australia - Two ARX MSX-32 Mic/Line Splitters were specified by Melbourne based audio contractor Intavent to provide reliable and agile broadcast mic splits for the broadcast box at the Flemington Racecourse.
The ARX MSX-32’s were required to be installed in time for the annual Spring Racing Carnival - of which the Melbourne Cup is the jewel in the crown - and where the eyes and ears of the horse racing world would be focussed.
Australians refer to the Melbourne Cup as the race that stops a nation. In fact, its reach extends well beyond Australian shores to Europe, USA, South Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and beyond.
The first link of the audio signal chain is a vital one and the Victoria Racing Club (owners and operators of Flemington racecourse) chose the two ARX MSX-32 to provide the primary feeds to send Hills race call around the racetrack, around the country and around the world.
Gary Ashmore, owner of Intavent comments: “The ARX MSX32’s performed flawlessly, and we look forward to many more Melbourne Cup race calls using ARX technology.”
The MSX-32s were supplied to Intavent by The Resource Corp, ARX’s distributor in Australia.
(Jim Evans)

swissShure Axient powers Fête Des Vignerons
Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Switzerland - For nearly four weeks this past summer, the Swiss town of Vevey on Lake Geneva came alive when one million visitors participated in the 12th Winegrowers’ Festival. The Fête des Vignerons takes place once in a generation and pays homage to century old traditions of wine-growing. Recognised by UNESCO on its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the celebration unites an entire region of winegrowers with the local community.
The highlight of the festival is Le Spectacle, a three-hour show performed in a temporary arena featuring 5,500 amateur actors in costume, 1,000 choral singers, and hundreds of musicians. To ensure a flawless performance, the audio team selected the Shure Axient Digital wireless system and PSM 1000 in-ear monitoring system to power the 20,000-seat venue.
A total of 324 channels of Axient Digital and 40 channels of PSM 1000 were used, making it one of the largest displays of wireless systems planned and realised at a single venue.
As productions of similar complexity and size are so rare, the audio crew developed a completely new approach to integrate the 324 wireless microphones and 40 in-ear units with 150 receivers to ensure that every signal transmission path could function anywhere in the venue, whether on the main stage with the large LED floor or on the side stages or stairways.
“Not many systems have been deployed at events of this magnitude,” says Audio Consulting AG’s Martin Reich, head of audio at Fête des Vignerons. “Due to the extremely challenging brief, we decided o

bjork1Björk plays Europe with d&b Soundscape
Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Europe - Björk has kicked off the European portion of her critically-acclaimed Cornucopia tour deploying a d&b Soundscape Immersive sound system as the show scales up dramatically from its debut in New York’s new arts centre, The Shed, to a run of largescale arena dates including London’s O2 arena.
Cornucopia is Björk’s most elaborate stage production to date, incorporating stunning visuals, intricate stage movements and a fully integrated immersive sound design. Cornucopia’s sound was designed by Björk and FOH sound engineer John Gale, supported by Southby Productions, and Steve Jones from d&b, utilising the d&b En-Scene object-based mixing and En-Space room emulation software, running on the DS100 system processor and a comprehensive d&b KSL speaker system as an integral part of the concert performance design.
“Björk wanted the sound for Cornucopia to create an otherworldly sensory experience for the audience that draws all the visual, aural and virtual elements together," explains Jones. "By utilising Soundscape from the studio all the way through to the show performances, she has delivered of that impressive vision.”
While already utilised in many major musical productions, installations, festivals and concerts, the Cornucopia tour marks one of the most ambitious and extensive applications of the Soundscape system. Björk's creative vision, combined with d&b's vision for designing the highest quality audio experiences, provided the opportunity to bring Cornucopia’s

absalobby2Atlona appoints distributor in Mexico
Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Mexico - Atlona, a Panduit company, has appointed Grupo ABSA as its commercial AV distribution partner across a broad swath of Mexico, covering 14 major metropolitan regions including Chihuahua, Guadalajara, Juarez, Mexico City, Monterrey and Tijuana.
Grupo ABSA will focus on growing Atlona’s brand recognition and market share with a large community of IT and networking consultants and integrators that increasingly require networked AV solutions for end user projects.
“There is a unification of many different platforms on IP networks that is taking shape, and Atlona will play a fundamental role in how our customers transition AV operations to the network,” says Carlos Garcia Ramirez, commercial director for Grupo ABSA. “With solutions like OmniStream for audio and video distribution and Velocity for networked control, Atlona brings in the systems intelligence and high quality that enterprise businesses require for AV and IT convergence. This is especially important when working with large institutions, such as corporations or hotels, where we are addressing a variety of different AV needs for varied spaces.”
“Atlona continues to raise its visibility through Latin America will key appointments to our partner network, and ABSA’s knowledge of the Mexican market and AV/IT trends makes them the ideal fit for our long-term regional strategy,” says Esteban Perez, director of business development - Latin America, Atlona. “We look forward to a strong collaborative relationship over many years.”
(Jim Evans)

headliner-plasa-x-bettyoxlademartin724PLASA launches audio mixing contest
Tuesday, 26 November 2019

UK - PLASA has launched an audio mixing competition, with pro audio prizes at stake.
The contest, which runs until 13 January 2020, is open to sound mixing enthusiasts and professionals alike. It is a continuation of the Stage to Studio initiative held at the PLASA Show 2019 that saw emerging artist VC Pines perform live while being recorded by sound engineer Jamie McEvoy.
There are two categories - Best Original Mix and Best Alternative Mix - with the winners set to receive prizes provided by Genelec and Shure.
To obtain the original multi-track files, participants need to complete a short form on the PLASA Show website and email their final mix to Each entry will be judged by representatives from Headliner and Sound on Sound magazines, Genelec, Shure, Miloco Studios, PLASA and VC Pines himself.
To find out more about the competition and how to enter, visit
(Jim Evans)


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