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bregenzBregenz Festival invests in DirectOut
Thursday, 11 November 2021

Austria - The Bregenz Festival attracts more than 200.000 visitors every year. In the months of July and August culture lovers from all over the world can enjoy more than 80 performances. Due to COVID-19 no shows could take place. The festival returned this year for its75th anniversary and to experience the revival of Guiseppe Verdi's Rigoletto on the lake stage.
For many years, the Bregenz Festival has placed emphasis on the latest technologies, on the one hand to meet the high technical and structural requirements, and on the other hand to provide its audience with a unique experience through maximum system stability and quality.
Just in time for the start of the new season, key components of the existing audio system were completely renewed and extended for average monitoring. Two Prodigy.MP from DirectOut, configured in MirrorMode (redundantly to each other), are the new link between the individual building sections of the congress centre, including the various audio formats that are used.
Clemens Wannemacher, head of the audio department of the Bregenz Festival, became aware of the Prodigy series at an early stage. During the planning phase, Wannemacher gradually became aware of the key role that Prodigy.MP could play in the complex infrastructure of the festival due to its flexibility and scalability. Originally intended as a multi-format converter between MADI, Dante, Ravenna, analogue and AES3, Prodigy.MP with its extensive DSP resources turned out to be the all-in-one solution.
"The original concept was, that after format co

clockworkESL deploys Martin Audio for Clockstock
Thursday, 11 November 2021

UK - DJs from around the globe assembled at Chelmsford City Racecourse recently for the second edition of Clockstock Festival.
Staged by Clockwork Orange (Danny Gould and Andy Manston), the 12-hour dance party was designed to recreate the spirit of the nationwide recognised names in the 90s clubbing scene, complete with VJ’s, special effect flame throwers, CO2 jets and dancers. The event attracted an audience of 15,000 ‘old school ravers’, who had cut their teeth on the dance genre of the mid-90s.
Paul Galley, who runs locally based Event Sound & Light Ltd (ESL), deployed his front-line Martin Audio MLA Compact PA to equip the two main stages, with a Wavefront Precision (WPC and WPS) occupying the ‘Olds Kool’ big top, where there was also an early outing for Martin Audio’s latest baby, Torus. This stage was supported by Martin Audio product support engineer, Ben Tucker, who acted as system tech.
“This is the second Clockstock we have done with Clockwork Orange,” reports Galley, whose company are the in-house production company for race day and non-race day events at the Racecourse (formerly the Essex County Showground). “The first, pre-lockdown, was exceptional.”
DJs this time around included an A-list of veterans, including Armand van Helden, Danny Rampling, Seb Fontaine, Jeremy Healy, Brandon Block, Marshall Jefferson, Stanton Warriors and many more.
Paul Galley added, “With Martin Audio it’s great to have a brand that’s on point. It always appears on riders and with its presence at Ministry of Sound, it

dpapetruskerk1DPA enhances audio at Petruskerk
Thursday, 11 November 2021

The Netherlands - Founded in 1313, Petruskerk van Leens is one of Holland’s oldest churches and home to its famous, recently restored organ, which has been treasured by parishioners for generations.
Once churchgoers were faced with stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19, the church decided to introduce live streaming services to bring mass, and their beloved organ’s music, into the homes of the parish. To help the church design its AV set-up, it called on Bart Hof, owner of HOF AV. Based on his previous use of the mics in live music applications, Hof recommended DPA Microphones to support the audio needs of the church.
“In my opinion, when it comes to the equipment, the simpler and more straightforward way that you approach music is actually the best way to handle audio in a natural way,” Bart explains. “With DPA mics, it’s just a matter of connecting it, and you get this natural sound with no compromise at all.”
For Petruskerk, HOF installed one stereo pair of DPA’s 4060 Series Miniature Omnidirectional Microphones with extension cables as overheads, approximately 10- to 15-meters above the organ. This approach was chosen after listening to the organ and testing how the mics reacted to certain levels. Rounding out the AV install was a Roland audio mixing console, which the DPA 4060 mics are plugged into, and a variety of Panasonic 2K cameras running on SDI.
“Through our testing, we found that we didn’t have to put the mics too close to the organ, since the sound of this organ is so huge,” Bart explains. “You have to bal

exportsCloud Microphones wins President’s E Star Award
Thursday, 11 November 2021

USA - The U.S. Department of Commerce has awarded Cloud Microphones the 2021 President’s E Star Award for Exports.
Cloud Microphones designs and manufactures ribbon microphones and microphone preamplifiers. The company’s patented Cloudlifter Microphone Activator has garnered several industry awards and is used by audio professionals in recording studios, on concert stages, in broadcast booths, in podcasts and for livestream audio.
"Cloud Microphones has demonstrated a sustained commitment to export expansion. The E Awards committee was very impressed with Cloud Microphones’ extensive marketing through trade events, podcasts, social media, and other advertising. The company’s development of innovative products with export markets in mind was also particularly notable. Cloud Microphones’ achievements have undoubtedly contributed to national export expansion efforts that support the U.S. economy and create American jobs,” comments US Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, in her congratulatory letter to the company announcing its selection.
“Working with the US Commercial Service has been instrumental in reaching our goals in foreign markets, helping us increase our US made exports by several hundred percent,” said Rodger Cloud, co-founder and CEO of Cloud Microphones. “This is very satisfying as this new revenue comes into the United States, and particularly Arizona, and stays here due to our local Tucson, Phoenix, and Navajo Nation supply chain.”
US companies are nominated for the E Awards through the U.S. Commercial Service,

jblJBL VTX A8 chosen for new Bob Marley musical
Wednesday, 10 November 2021

UK - Leading musical theatre sound designer, Tony Gayle, has chosen HARMAN’s JBL Professional VTX A8 next-generation line array as his preferred PA system for the new production of Get Up, Stand Up! The Bob Marley Musical. A total of 24 JBL VTX A8 enclosures and 10 accompanying JBL VTX B18 single 18” subs have been rigged at the Lyric Theatre in London’s West End.
Produced by Playful Productions, Stage Play and Cedella Marley, the production celebrates the life of the Jamaican global superstar, played by Arinzé Kene, and Gayle wanted to ensure that the sound produced by the nine musicians was as authentic as possible.
“The whole show is performed by a live band from a platform in the wings, with no pre-records,” he confirms. “Part of the creative brief was not to produce it as pure ‘musical theatre’ as that format wouldn’t work for this show. This had to sound authentic as these are not typical pit musicians.”
Although he considered other established theatre speaker brands, he had become an ardent fan of JBL’s VTX platform since first attending a demo of the larger VTX A12 at the Troxy in east London several years ago.
“I was the only theatre engineer present - the others were from the rock world - and I was extremely impressed. I said then that if JBL could make a smaller version with the same acoustic properties that would fit the theatre I’d be interested. So I like to think I had some influence!”
Either way, the VTX A8 duly arrived, and Tony Gayle was soon attending a demo at the HQ of JBL Profess

bromptonldi2021Brompton brings HDR solution to LDI
Wednesday, 10 November 2021

USA - LED processor manufacturer, Brompton Technology, will be showcasing its HDR solution on booth 2335 at this year’s LDI Show in Las Vegas from 19-21 November.
Brompton HDR, or High Dynamic Range, has applications across multiple sectors due to its ability to deliver images with better contrast, higher brightness levels and a wider colour palette, with details preserved in the darkest and brightest areas of a picture along with more accurate reproduction of colours.
Brompton’s Hydra system which will also be in display on the stand, is an all-in-one industrial solution that incorporates all the measurement instruments and processing required for panel measurements to enable Dynamic Calibration.
Additionally, visitors will be able to see Brompton’s range of Tessera LED processors, including ideal rental workhorse S8 and the flagship SX40, with the all-important XD Data Distribution Unit, which works alongside the SX40 to keep cabling as simple as possible for any scale of event.
Brompton staff will be on hand to demonstrate the latest features of its new Tessera v3.2 software, which include enhancements to virtual production workflows such as ShutterSync, Frame Remapping, and 3D LUT Import, with Pomfort Livegrade integration.
“We are thrilled to be back on the showfloor at this year’s LDI after a two-year hiatus,” says Brompton CEO, Richard Mead. “We are excited to show our US customers just what a difference Brompton LED processing can make, and how we can help event professionals achieve exceptionally realistic-lookin

shuretilergbShure Microflex goes hands-free
Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Europe - The Microflex Complete Wireless Conference System (MXCW) from Shure now features a Handsfree Mode. The feature allows participants’ microphones to be voice-activated automatically without the need to press a physical button. Likewise, when a participant stops talking, their mic shuts off.
To accommodate various styles and dynamics of meetings, MXCW users can toggle between handsfree, manual, or remote microphone activation to best suit the style of conversation, from casual discussions to formal proceedings.
In Handsfree Mode, each conference unit evaluates the level, spectral content, and signal-to-noise ratio of the audio at its microphone to determine when speech is present. The conference unit sends a “Request to Speak” signal to the MXCW’s Access Point Transceiver (MXCWAPT). Next, the MXCWAPT assigns it a transmission channel and adds its audio to the floor mix. The process takes 20 milliseconds, during which time Handsfree Mode preserves all audio so meeting participants won’t miss a single syllable.
“The audio technology we use in meetings can either stimulate free-flowing discussion or help it adhere to more orderly proceedings,” explains Nalle Magnusson, product manager at Shure. “The new Handsfree Mode makes it simple for users to enhance the flow of any discussion, elevating the Microflex Complete Wireless Conference System’s ability to offer audio solutions that ensure meetings stay as natural, or formal, as necessary.”

audiologicAudiologic delivers for GAMA Healthcare HQ
Wednesday, 10 November 2021

UK - Audiologic, in partnership with Handy AV, has delivered a new audio system for GAMA Healthcare’s new office space, from concept and design through to completion.
GAMA Healthcare, founded in 2004, is a supplier of disinfectant products to hospitals around the world.
In order to support their rapid growth, GAMA has recently invested in an office space, known as their new ‘Infection Prevention Solution Super Hub’ headquarters, located in the centre of Hemel Hempstead’s business district. The space has been designed from the ground up with modern working in mind, utilising the latest in AV technology.
Handy AV, an audio-visual equipment supplier, was approached by GAMA Healthcare about the project, commissioning them to design and install audio visual equipment for their entire new office space. Audiologic was asked to look at the spatial and audio design element of the project, seeing the project through from concept to completion.
Audio was at the forefront of what GAMA wanted to achieve with the project, both in terms of quality and flexibility. The higher value spaces, such as the boardroom and the central hub, needed to be aesthetically pleasing to be in keeping with the rest of the building, as well as servicing the purpose of delivering easy communication for participants both in the room and remote.
Guy Braverman, co-founder and CEO, GAMA Healthcare, comments: “We wanted a large central hub so that we could host the full company for important updates and town hall meetings. Critical to that was to have the best tec

lacotm1Church on the Move switches to L-Acoustics
Wednesday, 10 November 2021

USA - Tulsa-based Church on the Move, established in 1987 with a mere 163 worshipers, now has over 7,000 members worshiping at three campuses surrounding a 2,200-seat main sanctuary. Recently, that primary location underwent a major systems renovation that included the installation of a new K2 loudspeaker system, designed and installed by Oklahoma City-based Skylark AV, an L-Acoustics certified provider, install.
“The church knew what they wanted, and they wanted L-Acoustics right out of the gate,” says Steele ‘Ninja’ Beaty, project manager at Skylark AV. “The only question we had to decide was: which L-Acoustics speakers would work best?”
K2 was chosen based on three things, says Skylark AV’s Todd ‘Linchpin’ Cromwell: “Performance, musicality, and SPL. Church on the Move is very much a contemporary worship church when it comes to music, and it can get loud. At the same time, we had to keep speech intelligibility in mind. Fortunately, with L-Acoustics, when you achieve one, you also get the other automatically.”
The church’s director of production, Johnathan Basquez, says both of those characteristics are critical. “The clarity of the K2 system is remarkable; you can have someone across the room on a microphone, and it sounds like they’re standing a foot away from you,” is how he describes the experience. “It’s the best intelligibility I’ve ever heard in a PA system, anywhere.”
He also cites the consistency of that experience: “The music can go from loud to soft, from 98 dB to 76 dB, but it never loses i

studio-technologies-model-792-and-model-793Studio technologies ships StudioComm system
Tuesday, 9 November 2021

USA - Studio Technologies is now shipping the StudioComm system with Dante support, consisting of the Model 792 central controller and the Model 793 control console. With the variety of audio formats and channel counts used in modern production workflows, audio personnel have a heightened need for specialized source selection and level control equipment.
“While Dante has found wide acceptance in professional applications, analogue signals continue to play an important role in audio workflows,” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “That fact, combined with the range of audio formats, can make monitoring a challenge. We’re excited to offer our customers a high-performance yet easy-to-use solution with our newest StudioComm system.”
The StudioComm system incorporates an internal 16-channel architecture, providing direct support for a range of surround audio applications. Audio level control and processing is performed in 32-bit programmable logic, which helps to ensure that excellent audio quality is maintained. With Dante digital and analog audio inputs and outputs and an extensive set of operating resources, the system can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any contemporary facility.
The Model 793 serves as the system’s ‘command centre’. The unit is designed to reside at a user’s location for quick access to all monitoring functions and a direct view of status information. The Model 792 contains all the circuitry required to support the Dante digital and analogue audio input and output signals.
The one-rac

earthshot-prize-awards-2CT supports Earthshot Prize ceremony
Tuesday, 9 November 2021

UK - Earlier this month Creative Technology (CT) supported delivery of the first-ever Earthshot Prize awards ceremony which took place at Alexandra Palace in London.
This event was introduced by HRH Prince William and hosted by Clara Amfo and Dermot O’Leary with Sir David Attenborough joining as special guest.
The ceremony also featured music performances from artists such as Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, KSI and Yemi Alade, and Shawn Mendes. Coldplay’s performance, from outside of Alexandra Palace, used energy powered by 60 cyclists.
Working for long-standing client BBC Studios Events alongside The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, CT provided a circular, gloss LED floor to the exact design specific by the client, working with them to bring their vision to life with stunning results.
The high-resolution LED floor which was made up of 446 tiles of ROE Black Marble gloss finish also featured a catwalk and was fed into by two 4k signals. To further build up the stage, CT supplied a 12m x 7.2m screen to display winner VTs and announcements with an additional 3m x 2.4m screen in the lobby for the presenters.
“It was an absolute privilege to work on an event of such a meaningful and relevant cause. Not only did the ceremony look amazing for the live audience in the palace but the use of dynamic camera angles made for some impressive footage for the audience watching on the screens and at home,” says Paul Seeger, project manager at Creative Technology UK.
Following on from the main event, CT were also on-hand to deli

pop-golfMartin Audio on course at Pop Golf project
Tuesday, 9 November 2021

UK - Situated at Boxpark Wembley, a 20,000sq.ft events space described as ‘the ultimate fan park destination’, Pop Golf combines crazy golf with 21st century pop music in a brightly coloured environment. This unusual playground is built on the belief that nothing brings people together like music and play.
Based on a concept devised by Smith & Devil, the venue features a course of nine pop-themed holes paired with a high-octane Martin Audio sound system, provided by partners, Middlesex Sound & Light (MSL).
Director and project manager Darrel Olivier looked no further than the company’s CDD6 / SX112 subwoofer combination, as he has many times in the past.
From Drake’s Hotline Bling to retro 80’s boomboxes and suspended cassette tapes, each hole is different and has been designed to offer the experience of stepping straight into a music video. Hence MSL also applied some unusual twists and immersive customer interaction.
They were introduced to the project by designer Zachary Pulman (Zachary Pulman Design Studio) with whom they worked previously on the similarly profiled Swingers. Olivier won the pitch and was soon on-site discussing requirements for the multi-zone site with owner Allan Saud, of operators Mighty Adventures. The brief was to provide cutting edge audio technology, that would do justice to the eclectic playlist, profiled by creative director, Kevin Mura (of Smith & Devil). The playlists were curated by Tin Drum, featuring different genres each night, while Open Ear delivered the platform for the music

ankara-music-uniAnkara Music University adds Audient
Monday, 8 November 2021

Turkey - The first and only university in Turkey to focus purely on music education, Ankara Music University has invested in a 24-channel Audient ASP8024-HE console for its Music Technology department.
Head of Music Technology, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman Tarikçi specified the desk and states, “Audient products makes the end user feel secure with their accomplished team and technical service. It is a great advantage that Audient can offer products with similar performance to their competitors, for users with a more modest budget.”
With each studio doubling up as a classroom, Dr Tarikçi needed to be confident that the desk would be of good quality and durable, as well as suitable for educational applications. “One of the most important features for us is definitely the integrated patchbay system. Thanks to this, we can explain the signal flow chain in great detail to our students and teach the subtleties of manipulating the audio signal in new and different ways. In addition, it is possible to introduce both analogue mixers and DAW controllers on the same system by using the Dual Layer Control.”
The recording studio boasts a viewing gallery that can be transformed into a recording studio when necessary. Integrated screens beam every move the professor makes into the upper room whilst they listen through studio monitors, making it ideal for teaching. The addition of screens in each recording booth and the projector in the main recording room means there is also the capability of recording sound for moving pictures.
“The senior stude

montreuxjazzchinaMeyer on board as Montreux heads to China
Monday, 8 November 2021

China - Hangzhou is more than 9,000km from the shores of Lake Geneva, yet for four days in October the first Montreux Jazz Festival China successfully bridged both distance and cultural differences with the universal language of music. Also, to ensure the same sound experienced for 35 years on the shores of Lake Geneva, Montreux Jazz Festival China collaborated with Meyer Sound.
The festival was held from 5-8 October at the Sofitel Westlake Hotel, with the main stage outdoors on the terrace and a special immersive experience installed in the lobby bar. The live performances featured artists from six countries, though all currently reside in China, with musical styles ranging from jazz to pop, folk and R&B.
Although prudently limited in scope due to continuing COVID-19 concerns, MJF China’s first edition proved a success in terms of both audience satisfaction and artist involvement. More than 1,000 visitors turned out for the event, and the inaugural festival received accolades from the press and dignitaries — including the Swiss ambassador to China — for the quality of the music, the intimate connection between musicians and audiences, and the high production standards.
“The musicians told me that they were very impressed with our sound system, and some even said it was the best they had heard in China,” comments Joyce Peng Peng, CEO of the Montreux Jazz Festival China. “We also had invited some of the top music critics and they also said the sound quality outdoors was more like what would be heard in a fine theatre.”
The out

tubularbellsTubular Bells ring out on the Southbank
Monday, 8 November 2021

UK - Mike Oldfield’s magnum opus Tubular Bells was performed live at the Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall in London this summer, in a series of performances forming a prelude to the celebration of the album’s 50th anniversary in 2023.
Tubular Bells – Live In Concert, with musical direction from Oldfield’s long-time collaborator Robin A. Smith, featured a nine-piece live band, with actor Samuel West replacing the late Vivian Stanshall as master of ceremonies. The music was brought to life on stage through a visual interpretation by the Circa Contemporary Circus, led by artistic director Yaron Lifschitz, with 10 acrobats presenting Oldfield’s work in its physical form, their movement woven together to reflect the music.
DiGiCo SD7 front-of-house and monitor consoles, plus an additional array of equipment, were provided by RNSS Ltd, the production company based at London’s Southbank Centre, who manage sound for large UK events including Meltdown Festival and Royal Opera House productions.
Tubular Bells is an iconic piece of music, and the original recordings are held in such high esteem for many people, that when you come to design or create a production of it, you really have a choice between faithfully recreating the original, or to use modern techniques to get the best out of the music itself,” says FOH mixer and sound designer Colin Pink.
Recorded in 1973 by Oldfield, Tubular Bells not only launched the nascent Virgin record label, but also pioneered the idea of solo music production by overdubbi

fitnessBlacklineX integrated into Jo’burg gym
Friday, 5 November 2021

South Africa - Located in Bedfordview, an affluent area within Johannesburg, the newly opened Body Action Gym is a six-star wellness facility which provides access to fitness equipment, personalised nutritional guidance and a lifestyle environment.
The gym boasts 5000 sq.m of cardio and weight training space; an array of dedicated aerobic, yoga, Pilates, HIIT and spinning studios; an open-air basketball court, boxing ring’ 50m sprint track and outdoor elite fitness training area—plus a kids area, in-house cafe and apparel shop.
Key focus was given to the various entertainment systems which needed to seamlessly integrate into the gym’s overall vision for the facility. And this was highlighted by a Martin Audio BlacklineX PA system.
John Greaves, audio specialist at Audiosure, the Martin Audio distributor, explained the various factors which led to the elaborate audio system design. “We were trying to achieve an extremely high-quality, distributed, multi-zone, multi-purpose, state-of-the-art audio solution which would allow each area of the gym to have audio functioning either independently or collectively, at the touch of a button,” he said. The Audiosure Solutions team worked closely with Craig Harris and Mark Bracco from Audiobility, specialists in control automation, to help turn Body Action Gym’s vision into reality.
The main gym area now consists of 16 Blackline X8s mounted to custom column clamps, as well as six Blackline X118 subwoofers suspended from the concrete slab. The entire solution is controlled by a dedicated Martin

gateway-perspective-led-side-20200915Tieline adds Ravenna support to Gateway
Friday, 5 November 2021

Australia - Codec specialist Tieline, based in Perth, Western Australia, have become the latest manufacturer to join the Ravenna community; a move which follows hard on the heels of the announcement of a new firmware release that adds Ravenna support to their Gateway family of codecs.
Tieline codecs specialises in streaming low latency, high quality audio over a range of wired and wireless IP transports and facilitate the integration of compressed and uncompressed IP audio streams around the broadcast plant.
“Ever since the days of POTS and ISDN, Tieline has always advocated for interoperability of equipment from different manufacturers,” said Charlie Gawley, Tieline’s VP Sales APAC/EMEA. “The world of IP is no different. It’s why our Gateway platform is AES67, ST 2110-30, NMOS and now Ravenna compliant, allowing devices using different AoIP protocols to connect seamlessly.”
Andreas Hildebrand, Ravenna Evangelist at ALC NetworX, comments, “Ravenna is used widely by broadcasters around the world who have moved to IP workflows. Integrating Ravenna support is a logical step for Tieline as it facilitates easy interfacing between Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs and Ravenna devices over AoIP networks.”

alcons-audio-press-release-alcons-lr7-provides-a-sonic-landscape-for-paddy-field-lr7-system-debut-event-roomAlcons provides sonic landscape for Paddy Field
Friday, 5 November 2021

Japan - Based in Shinjuku, Paddy Field is a rental company which supplies audio, video and recording solutions to a wide range of small-to-medium sized performing arts productions. When company founder Ryodai Tanaka was looking for a compact front of house system that would deliver quality sound, he turned to Alcons Audio’s pro-ribbon technology.
Ryodai founded Paddy Field in 2019, after 10 years as a freelance sound engineer. He was introduced to Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems in July 2020, at a demonstration event held by Alcons’ Japanese distributor E’Spec Inc. Ryodai was immediately impressed. “The sound quality was excellent and, even at high volume, the high frequencies made the listening experience much more comfortable. At the same time, the bass sounded very tight,” he says.
Ryodai was looking to invest in a compact line array FoH system for Paddy Field demonstrations and rentals. He tried systems from different manufacturers, but couldn't find anything he was happy with. E’Spec then arranged the loan of an Alcons LR7 micro line array system, which Ryodai deployed in a 400-capacity hall. “Before I heard Alcons, I didn't know about pro-ribbon drivers. When I investigated the mechanism I was worried if it could withstand loud volume levels but, when I tried the LR7, any anxiety was completely dispelled,” he says.
“More than that, the bass power and treble extension were very good and I was amazed at the undistorted uniformity of the high register. I was also impressed how well it handled EQ, responding immediately to smal

eaw-oak-lawn-casinoHot Springs casino hits jackpot with EAW
Friday, 5 November 2021

USA - When officials at Oaklawn Racing Casino in Hot Springs, AZ greenlighted a multi-phased expansion project, one of the big ticket items they wanted to add to the resort was a versatile event space that could host conferences, concerts and more.
As the vision came to fruition, the recently opened 15,000sq.ft event centre features the latest technology, including an ADAPTive PA system comprising 20 Anna loudspeakers and 12 Otto subwoofers from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). In addition, EAW monitors and side-fills were also employed on the project.
The task of equipping the 1,500-seat venue with the latest in AV technology, including a 1,900sq.ft stage with a large video wall, was given to full-service AV integration firm TMG Systems. Designed by Jerrold Stevens of Marsh/PMK International LLC, this is the second project TMG Systems has worked on with Stevens in which EAW ADAPTive was the chosen solution.
“The system was configured as a left/right hang with eight Anna units and six Otto subs per side, complete with a four-box centre cluster for down-fill,” says Mark LaBouff, national sales manager, TMG Systems. “The ability of the EAW ADAPTive line to be really targeted in the vertical domain was particularly important in this application, along with the ability to set numerous presets to provide optimal coverage when the room is set up in different configurations for various types of events.”
In the new event space, tuning was seamless, using EAW’s Resolution software along with additional reference resources. For LaBouff and his t

entecwaterboyscrew01Waterboys back on tour with Entec Live
Friday, 5 November 2021

UK - When the Waterboys embarked on their current British tour, they did so safe in the knowledge that their new production supplier, Entec Live, would be able to provide the same integrated sound and lighting package as their old.
Entec, head of sound, Dan Scantlebury had brought the Waterboys into the fold, at the blessing of his previous company, dbnAudile. “They introduced us to the band owing to their heavy workload - and since the two companies have similar inventories it has been an easy transition. You generally find both L-Acoustics and d&b on tour riders, and we have the latter. In this instance they fielded two hangs of d&b V series, with a Soundcraft Vi7000 console at FOH and DiGiCo SD12 on monitors.
“The major advantage is that the band has one point of contact,” says Scantlebury, who was previously the band’s system tech. “Whether a sound or lighting query, they can relay everything through me.”
An extra benefit they could provide for co-production managers Stu Condron and Neil Mahony was some classic lighting, as Entec’s experienced lighting man, Leo Tierney explained.
Although running standard MAC Vipers and Auras, he said, “the interest in the rig is the four 10K Mole Fresnels we’ve brought in from Ancient Lights as well as a pair of 5K Fresnels from our own stock.” These are to meet the requirements of LD Donal O’Lunaigh who wanted to achieve a retro film look.
Operated from an Avolites Tiger Touch, they have all been adapted to a 2000W lamp so they can be run on standard dimmers. Of the fu

dpa4466-core-headset-brownDPA debuts brown version of Core
Thursday, 4 November 2021

Denmark - DPA Microphones has released a new accessory, the MS4099 Mic Stand Mount, for its 4099 Core Instrument Mic. The company has also begun shipping the brown version of its new 4466 Core Omnidirectional and 4488 Core Directional Headset Microphones.
A flexible solution for mounting the 4099 onto any mic stand, the MS4099 can be used on both three-eighths inch and five-eighths inch threads. Borrowed from the design of other DPA mounting options, the barrel of the MS4099 mic holder makes it quick and easy to attach or remove the microphone. In addition, the mount can be turned for vertical or horizontal use, pending application. It is also compatible with the brand’s 4097 Core Micro Shotgun.
Now available in brown, the new 4466 and 4488 headsets feature the brand’s 5mm round microphone capsule and feature the design of the company’s groundbreaking 6066 Subminiature Headsets. With a one-size-fits-all design and adjustable height and boom length, the headsets accommodate small to large head types, and unique, three-point gripping system ensures a greater level of security. In addition to the brown solution, the headsets are also available in black and beige options.

prodigy-updateDirectOut expands the Prodigy series
Thursday, 4 November 2021

Germany - With the current system update for the Prodigy series, DirectOut has introduced more new features. Prodigy.MP now features AutoMix, MirrorMode and the TruePeak Levelmeter.
With AutoMix, Prodigy.MP now supports the fully automatic mixing of different input signals – perfect for panel discussions or multi-language feeds at sport events. Tweaking of the control parameters helps to meet even complex requirements, e.g. particularly reverberant event rooms.
With the newly implemented TruePeak Levelmeter, Prodigy.MP now fulfills the requirements of EBU R 128. The TruePeak measurement allows reliable detection and display of inter-sample peaks.
In DirectOut's own MirrorMode, selected parameters of a Mirror Unit are automatically aligned with the Main Unit. Alignment allows immediate switch-over for seamless operation with the matching device configuration in the event of a failure of the Main Unit. MirrorMode is available for both devices of the Prodigy Series.
Prodigy.MC is enhanced with Summing Busses, to sum several channels in a simple matrix with adjustable output level.
“AutoMix, MirrorMode, TruePeak Levelmeter and Summing Busses are the results of our continuous development for the Prodigy Series since its launch a couple of years ago” comments Luca Giaroli, product manager at DirectOut. “And we are constantly extending the capabilities of these devices by addressing the feedbacks of our clients and making the series even more capable to face any kind of audio challenge.”

powersoftPowersoft adds online certified courses
Thursday, 4 November 2021

Italy - Powersoft has launched two new certified courses on its website, allowing users to gain knowledge about core technologies, DSP, and network connectivity solutions.
The two new courses, 201i and 201t are continuations of previous courses already available on the website, providing a more extensive look into topics such as Dynamic Music Distribution systems, Mezzo amplifier platforms, and WM Touch.
During the 201i course the user continues on the path started with course 101i, completing the explanation of all the windows and functions of ArmoníaPlus whilst learning how to manage the networking and control through Third-party plugins.
In the 201t course, Interactive Tuning is introduced, a tool that uses the potential of Smaart v8, allowing users to measure and align an audio system, even offline. There are also lessons on networking, and a more in-depth exploration of ArmoniaPlus.
The E-Learning platform is designed to be a one-stop destination for online training. The courses are designed to provide sound engineers, integrators, and AV technicians the advantage to learn directly from Powersoft’s experts and gain certification upon completion.
“Created by our in-house experts, these courses are for anyone working in the professional audio market, so they can operate with specialist understanding on audio systems, and gain an expert’s insight into our audio products,” said Thiago Terra, education and application engineer.
The courses cover two main areas of the audio market: Live Sound and Install and are split into

chapelMemorial Chapel receives Danley upgrade
Thursday, 4 November 2021

USA - Founded in 1836, Emory & Henry College is consistently ranked among the nation’s best private liberal arts institutions. Central to the college’s southwestern Virginia campus is Memorial Chapel, a 500-seat church building that has served as host to thousands of worship services.
This past summer, Memorial Chapel was host to renovation with the installation of a new Danley Sound Labs point source sound reinforcement system.
“The previous installation used ceiling speakers that were installed 35 – 40ftt in the air,” said Justin Plaster of JMP Productions. “This prior design required the speakers to be quite loud to drive sound to event and worship service attendees. With the reverberant nature of the Chapel as well as the height and arch of the ceiling, this made intelligibility of the audio from those speakers very poor. The system was also quite dated.”
In addition to the need for a new sound system, the chapel’s historic nature also posed an additional challenge.
“Any time you’re working to improve sound in a historic location, there are challenges,” said Jay Andrews, regional sales manager for Danley Sound Labs. “The installation required that there could be no alteration or structural change to the room. This meant that each speaker needed to blend into its surroundings so they felt invisible.”
To meet the installation requirements, Danley Sound Labs was able to match the paint colour throughout the room to allow the speakers to blend in with their new surroundings.
By using Danley Sound Labs


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