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octave93-meyersound-benjamin-benschneiderVioso helps transform music experience in Seattle
Thursday, 6 May 2021

USA - When the Seattle Symphony orchestra wanted to explore the realms of music through audio and visual representation, they envisioned creation of a space that would immerse the audience into ‘a music experience unlike any other’.
The Octave 9: Raisbeck Music Centre is named after Seattle philanthropists James and Sherry Raisbeck, who donated $2m on top of the various public and private donations to transform the former Soundbridge Seattle Symphony Music Discovery Centre into a musical experience to remember. Fusing music and technology, Octave 9 was designed to stretch the boundaries of creative possibility and immerse the viewer in new worlds created with the orchestra’s music.
With this in mind, the technology implemented in this immersive space needed to be fully adaptable to match the variety of genres and eras recreated by the orchestra, and able to change at the touch of a button. US based acoustic and AV design firm Jaffe Holden contacted German projection specialist Vioso in order to provide installation support and calibration for the visual aspects.
“When we were contacted for the visual content of this project, it was immediately a very exciting prospect,” said Kevin Zevchik, director of Vioso America. “The complexity and purpose of the project, along with the need for it to be entirely flexible to any future needs, made it a very interesting project to be part of.”
The visual complexity with the project laid within the cylindrical moving screens, which surround Octave 9’s intimate demonstration space and move o

dubaiPowersoft at heart of high-profile Dubai venue
Thursday, 6 May 2021

UAE - Bla Bla Dubai - which boasts 20 Bars, three Restaurants, and a Beach Club all in one venue - was created to offer a full day-to-night experience for visitors, all with views of Bluewaters Island and Ain Dubai, the world’s largest observation wheel.
Located at The Beach opposite JBR, Bla Bla Dubai is set to be at the forefront of the city’s bustling social scene, and as a result every area of the venue required an audio system to match - or even exceed - the region’s high standards.
Pulse Middle East was trusted with the job of integrating this system after Bla Bla Dubai’s management was impressed by Pulse’s extensive portfolio of work with other venues across the city including Nikki Beach Club, White Beach at Atlantis, LSB, Brass Monkey, and Wavehouse.
Pulse opted for a complex three-zone audio configuration driven by Powersoft amplifier platforms purchased from local distributor, ProLab.
“I strongly recommended Powersoft to the client as it excelled compared to other brands during the tender process,” comments the project’s audio design consultant Bengan Hovgard, who was key in the recommendation of Powersoft for this particular job. “Their products have myriad strengths, namely their system integration flexibility, intuitive power sharing and software features, and the availability of presets for many brands. They are also incredibly reliable, and the support is second to none.”
“In terms of the amplifiers, there aren’t many products on the market other than Powersoft that can handle this quantity of c

eaw-hqassembly-1EAW brings final assembly home
Thursday, 6 May 2021

USA - Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has successfully begun assembling its MKD speaker line in-house at its Whitinsville, Massachusetts headquarters.
The new dedicated assembly space began operation in November 2020 and has not stopped since, with production of the new MKD1200 Series and customisation of existing products, such as the QX and MK lines. With two stations for assembly, the 2,400sq.ft space is in full operation.
“EAW is proud to once again be assembling product in the US and is looking at additional lines that would be a good fit for the new assembly space,” says TJ Smith, president, EAW. “Many of EAW’s products are offered with configurable options, such as multiple horn patterns, rotatable horns and/or transformers all in black, white and weather protected cabinets. Conducting final assembly of these products in Whitinsville allows us to respond to customer demand faster and carry less inventory. Assembly in Massachusetts also saves a significant shipping cost.”
In addition to assembly, the new dedicated space also serves as QC and testing.
“The production floor is immediately in front of the engineering team, which allows any potential problems to be identified and improvements to be made in real time,” adds Smith. “This results in near-term quality improvements, faster time to market for new products and design for manufacturability in future products. The space provides a platform for future production expansion as the organisation learns, grows and new products are added to the portfolio.”

dasalemaniaweb-700x525DAS Audio opens subsidiary in Germany
Thursday, 6 May 2021

Germany - As part of a plan to increase its presence in Europe, Valencia-based DAS Audio is set to open a new subsidiary office in Germany on 1 June 2021. Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, the manufacturer has branches in the USA, South America and Asia.
DAS Audio GmbH will be in charge of sales, marketing and customer service of DAS Audio Germany under the direction of managing director and partner Arne Deterts.
Deterts was the head of the German branch of dBTechnologies for more than 20 years, including as the managing director for the last eight and until he left the company.
“I came across DAS Audio relatively early on, not really knowing a lot about them,” comments Deterts. “But the more I dealt with DAS Audio, the more enthusiastic I became and the more I realised how well all this fitted together. Great company, great products, great people and the right approach to be successful, a perfect combination for the German pro audio market. I am looking forward to the challenge and grateful to DAS Audio for the trust they have placed in me.”
Manuel Peris, CEO of DAS Audio Group SL, adds: “At DAS, in these difficult times for society in general and especially for our sector, we continue to take all the necessary steps to remain close to our clients and users with different strategic financial plans, warranties, training and inventories. After more than 30 years of going to Germany to the PL and being a global company with subsidiaries in all continents, Germany was definitely in our bucket list. Although we knew about Arne

dan-zimbelmanDan Zimbelman joins PMC management team
Wednesday, 5 May 2021

USA - After more than 30 years with console manufacturer API, Dan Zimbelman has moved to loudspeaker manufacturer PMC where he is now senior export business development manager.
Based in the US, Dan will be working closely with PMC partners and resellers around the world to ensure that they have all the training and support they need to grow sales in their local markets and understand new formats such as Dolby Atmos for music mixing.
In a career spanning nearly 50 years, Dan has held many key positions within the professional sound industry, including recording engineer and recording studio owner. During the mid-1980s, he spent three years helping Rupert Neve launch the Focusrite brand of signal processing equipment in the USA, before moving to console manufacturer API where, as director of sales for nearly 30 years, he consistently exceeded sales targets and helped API regain its reputation as a leading global audio brand.
Jeff Willcocks, PMC’s CEO, says: “PMC is undergoing a period of incredible growth globally as our extensive range of high quality monitoring products are having a significant impact on the development of new formats such as Dolby Atmos music mixing. Throughout his career, Dan has worked in the upper echelons of the professional studio world and having someone of his calibre on the team at this critical time is an enormous benefit. He understands our industry inside out and shares our philosophy that quality and customer service should always be at the top of the agenda.”

duncan-bell2Duncan Bell joins Shure in consultancy role
Wednesday, 5 May 2021

UK - Shure Incorporated has announced the appointment of Duncan Bell, founder of Wideband Consulting, as a consultant on spectrum and advocacy affairs. Bell is a founding member of the BEIRG (British Entertainment Industry Radio Group) organisation and the former financial director of the Autograph group in the UK. He is also a senior member and political team leader of the #WeMakeEvents campaign, formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Shure has been the leader in spectrum advocacy on behalf of the audio industry and continues to devote significant investments to secure its future,” comments Ahren Hartman, VP of quality at Shure. “We look forward to joining forces with Duncan to secure and protect spectrum for the wireless microphone user community.”
“Duncan’s 36-year career in live sound production and industry relations makes him uniquely suited to join Shure in our fight to retain access to critical spectrum for wireless microphones,” comments Peter James, vice-president of global sales, pro audio at Shure.
“I am thrilled to be able to count Shure as one of my clients, and I look forward to working with the team to continue their work securing and maintaining access to critical radio spectrum that the entertainment and event technology sector uses and relies on every day,” says Bell.
Recently in the US, Shure has petitioned the FCC to reverse its recent decision and ensure that at least one “vacant” 6MHz UHF channel is designated in each market for wireless microphone use. Shure has continued to advocate for c

danteAudinate DEP now available for Analog Devices
Wednesday, 5 May 2021

USA - Audinate and Analog Devices have collaborated to introduce the availability of Dante Embedded Platform (DEP) for ADI’s SHARC audio digital signal processors (DSPs).
The collaboration is made possible by Audinate’s introduction of DEP - which offers Dante audio-over-IP as on-chip software. By adding DEP to a powerful, compact, audio feature-rich, and multi-core application processor - such as the SHARC ADSP-SC5xx - manufacturers ensure they deliver Dante connectivity with high performance, low latency, and deterministic audio processing. The result is a single-chip solution with ‘impressive system design versatility’.
“Audinate sees a shared opportunity as the AV industry migrates to products running on standard computing architectures,” comments Bob Ehlers, vice president of product management at Audinate. “The Analog Devices ADSP-SC5xx processors extend the premium audio quality of professional AV systems by adding the industry-standard Dante connectivity to more workflows. The addition of the validated support for Dante-as-software is truly a win-win for developers and end customers alike.”
With minimal additional hardware and low marginal costs, Dante Embedded Platform provides ‘powerful, flexible and cost-effective software-based solutions with Dante audio networking already on board’. The result is interoperability with the thousands of Dante-enabled products - from hundreds of OEMs - already installed in countless installations.
“Analog Devices is pleased to work with Audinate to bring Dante software to the AD

green-hippoGreen Hippo releases major upgrade for Hippotizer
Wednesday, 5 May 2021

World - Green Hippo has released a major upgrade to its Hippotizer software which introduces a new design, pre-programming and content delivery workflow. Version 4.6 builds on the familiar flexibility of Hippotizer’s realtime media manipulation system with planning, visualization and timeline control architecture.
“Version 4.6 is the result of some incredible work by our R&D team who have worked their trademark Hippo magic to implement a host of powerful, simple-to-use, project-enhancing features designed with the end user firmly in mind,” says Green Hippo’s product and development director Ryan Brown. “Hippotizer has always been the ‘pocket knife’ of media servers, delivering multiple solutions from a single box. Now, version 4.6 adds so much more.
“Version 4.6 combines Hippotizer’s familiar content and design practices with a redesigned, realtime 3D visualizer and projector planning tools for intuitive playback and control, giving designers the tools to manage, manipulate and plan projects with full visibility. Users can deliver on-the-fly changes, with easy control options, for an even faster and more creative toolset. In short, it’s the next giant leap in collaborative video design, production and content delivery.”
Key new design features include Projector Planning, giving full visibility of the projection environment and requirements, and improved integration with third-party 3D tools (C4D, DAE, OBJ) and textures in Cinema 4D. The Hippotizer development team says this takes the guesswork out of projector placement, pr

lectrosonicsHome & Family switches to Lectrosonics D Squared
Wednesday, 5 May 2021

USA - Now in its ninth season, the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family showcases crafting, cooking, home improvement, car repair, and all things DIY. Multiple cast members interact with celebrity guests throughout the many rooms of a full-sized house set.
This makes the need for many wireless channels and glitch-free reception a top priority, which is why the show recently upgraded to Lectrosonics all-digital D Squared wireless mic system. It comprises four DSQD four-channel receivers, 16 DBu belt-pack transmitters, a DHu handheld mic, and six ALP690 high-performance antennas.
“We had been using three Lectrosonics Venue racks and SM-series transmitters since the show started in 2012,” says audio supervisor Mike Dooley, whose CV includes The Biggest Loser and The Price Is Right. “I loved how well supported they were. But when we changed rental houses, to SAV Entertainment out of Glendale, we took the opportunity to go all digital. I have to say that while the range and sound quality of the Digital Hybrid stuff was fantastic, the fully digital gear is even more amazing.”
With the RF spectrum available for TV production ever tightening, one feature that attracted Dooley’s immediate attention was the D Squared system’s built-in encryption. “NBC Universal has a frequency coordinator who assigns all our frequencies and has mostly kept us safe,” explains Dooley. “But talent and guests wear their mics all day on this show, and of course talk privately off-set. Sometimes it’s possible that a mic is picked up somew

losteria-restaurant-1Martin Audio adds atmosphere to L'Osteria
Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Germany - L'Osteria is a branded gastronomy company founded in 1999 with over 130 locations in eight European countries. The operation is based on a three-pillar principle: company-owned restaurants managed by FR L'Osteria SE; joint ventures; and franchise restaurants.
According to their own statement, it is “a bit loud [and] lively” in the restaurants, which places high demands on the individual sound systems.
Audio installation company i:TECS from Dessau-Rosslau specialises in the gastronomy sector and undertakes all planning and design, based around high quality sound.
At L’Osteria they looked to the Martin Audio portfolio, distributed in Germany by Audio-Technica. “We were given the impression right from the start that special focus needed to be placed on premium quality sound,” says Thomas Neumann of i:TECS. "Great value is placed on the standard of restaurant design, and exceptional reproduction of the background music must also fit into that concept.”
Each restaurant has access to a database with several hundred albums, which are are sorted according to time of day or season. “It was to meet this requirement that we decided on Martin Audio,” explains Neumann.
The decision was made in favour of the A40 and A55 wall speakers, as well as the ACS 40TS and 55TS in-ceiling speakers from Martin Audio's Adorn series, which performed more favourably when compared with other speakers. In addition to the wall and ceiling speakers, the ACP-55T pendant speakers, which were released at the end of 2020, are also used in specific

fangirlsL-Acoustics delivers ‘punch and clarity’ for Fangirls
Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Australia - Written by Australian playwright, screenwriter, and composer Yve Blake, Fangirls is a co-production with Belvoir, Queensland Theatre and Brisbane Festival, in association with Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP). It is the chronicle of 14-year-old Edna, a diehard fan of the world’s biggest boy band, True Direction.
Currently touring Australia, the multi award-winning musical recently played to full capacity audiences at Adelaide Events and Exhibition Centre’s Ridley Pavilion, as part of the Adelaide Festival. To deliver all the punch and clarity, music producer and sound designer David Muratore and sound designer Michael Waters had envisioned, Novatech supplied an L-Acoustics system for the festival dates.
While Fangirls creators Blake and Muratore, had spent five years developing the production with musical director and vocal arranger Alice Chance and dramaturg Jonathan Ware, the team had never staged a show before. Needing someone who had a theatre design background to guide them through the process, they turned to Waters for his expertise in theatre sound design.
The show’s cast is small, with between seven and nine actors, depending on the version being staged, and almost all the music is pre-recorded except for a MIDI keyboard played in the middle of the show as the only live component. Waters was charged with bringing the pre-recorded music to life. He suggested to Muratore that a substantial proportion of the show should be in surround sound to break up the musical components and give it some 3D texture

climateDiGiCo ecosystem helps tackle climate change
Wednesday, 5 May 2021

UK - After events for the London Climate Change Festival were postponed in 2020, the festival returned for 2021 with a televised broadcast. The specially created concert, titled Song For Nature, debuted on Sky Arts on Earth Day, 22 April. Paul Smith of Apex Acoustics provided audio equipment for the performance and mixed sound using a DiGiCo SD10 console.
“The concert grew organically into a much larger event with performances by Brian May, Rob Brydon, Nathan Evans, Kerry Ellis, Janie Dee and Wayne Sleep, and many more along with the ENO Orchestra and choir,” says Smith. “Brian May and Kerry Ellis were only confirmed a few days before the show.”
The concert was filmed over three days at an audience-absent London Coliseum, both on stage and in other areas of this storied London venue. The atmospheric theatre hosts the English National Opera as well as being the London home of the English National Ballet. The film was directed by Emmy-winner Ross MacGibbon. The show itself was conceived by Dominic Dromgoole, former artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe, and directed by Bill Buckhurst (Sweeney Todd, Ghost Quartet).
Smith's first audio challenge was to find a somewhat isolated area to use as a temporary control room: “As we were primarily recording the concert, I set up the DiGiCo SD10 in a room just off the royal box, and sharing an SD-Rack on an optical loop, we placed a DiGiCo SD12 as a monitor console, positioned stage left.”
While personal or IEM monitoring is not conventionally a part of orchestral concert

ceylonSri Lankan cinemas get immersive with JBL
Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Sri Lanka - Dynamic AV Technologies recently outfitted Ceylon Theatres Regal Cinema Dematagoda with a complete Harman Professional cinema audio solution to provide immersive sound quality for moviegoers.
Ceylon Theatres is a Sri Lankan theatre chain with an 85-year history that currently operates six locations throughout the country. The latest location is a three-screen facility in Dematagoda which also houses a KFC restaurant and Food City supermarket. In order to ensure an immersive cinematic experience with clear and balanced audio quality for moviegoers, Ceylon Theatres Regal Cinema Dematagoda required modern sound systems for all three screens. Ceylon Theatres hired Dynamic AV Technologies to equip each theatre with a complete Harman Professional cinema audio solution including JBL loudspeakers and Crown amplifiers
“Working on a cinema project with Harman is easy, as they are extremely supportive in all aspects of design and commissioning," said Mohan Abeyasinghe, managing director, Dynamic AV Technologies. “The support we got from Harman was completely virtual due to the lockdown; however, it was as good as them being with us. The client is happy with the installation, as is our team.”
In two of the theatres, Dynamic AV Technologies installed JBL C221 ScreenArray cinema loudspeakers, augmented JBL 8320 compact cinema surround speakers. In the third room, the team installed JBL C222 ScreenArray cinema loudspeakers, supported by JBL 9300 cinema surround speakers. To enhance the cinematic experience with impactful low frequency extension,

proavproAV celebrates multi Shure certifications
Friday, 30 April 2021

UK - Surrey-based systems integrator proAV has completed an impressive 333 courses at the Shure Audio Institute (SAI) in Waltham Abbey, earning over 150 certifications across 60 members of staff.
Staff from across the company including sales, design, technical management, commissioning and service departments, have all taken part in the courses, establishing strength and knowledge across the business.
Discussing the achievement, Richard Brookes, managing director, said; “proAV takes certification extremely seriously, as it is fundamental to our business as a leading workplace technology integrator to ensure we are always at the forefront of current and emerging technological solutions.
“Our clients expect the highest quality standards and in-depth product knowledge from proAV and SAI certification delivers this assurance.”
Regarding the continued development of the proAV team as Shure certified technicians, he added: “proAV is focused on continued high quality training and development. We are always striving to keep learning and progressing – it is integral to our business and is essential for the future.”
James Hill, director, integrated systems, Shure added: “This is a fantastic achievement and shows the level of dedication that proAV continues to place in their workforce to ensure they have the best possible understanding and knowledge of Shure’s portfolio of products.
“The dynamic nature of the AV sector and constantly evolving marketplace positions the Shure Audio Institute as an integral part of our business

2-wp-arraysgroup1Martin Audio honoured in Queen’s Awards
Friday, 30 April 2021

UK - Martin Audio has been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for its Wavefront Precision optimised line arrays. Announced yesterday (29 April), Martin Audio has been recognised for its excellence in Innovation.
Martin Audio is one of 205 organisations in the UK to be recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Employing over 60 people, Martin Audio is celebrating its 50th year in designing and manufacturing professional loudspeaker systems.
“It’s an honour to win such a prestigious award and very fitting to do so in our 50th anniversary year,” said Martin Audio managing director, Dom Harter. “Wavefront Precision arrays have become our fastest ever selling line array format suitable for both install and live sound applications and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise underlines both its innovation and commercial success.”
Winners of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are able to use the Queen’s Awards emblem for the next five years.

dream-copyright-stuart-martin-rsc-1RSC’s Dream becomes virtual with grandMA3
Friday, 30 April 2021

UK - Dream is a multi-layered mix of movement, music, visuals, cool technology and narrative magic, an immersive digital performance fusing the drama of Shakespeare with the dynamic worlds of gaming and theatre in a production by the UK’s Royal Shakespeare Company in collaboration with Manchester International Festival, Marshmallow Laser Feast, and the Philharmonia Orchestra (read a full production report in the upcoming issue of Lsi, out early May).
Staged physically in the Studio at Portsmouth Guildhall and inspired by the classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the characters were played by six real actors utilising Vicon motion capture cameras, their avatars and effects appearing onscreen - centring around the antics of cocky and capricious mischief-maker Puck. They run amok in the virtual Midsummer forest, hellraising and spoofing four other sprites during a disruptive and chaotic journey.
Matt Peel was responsible for lighting design and show control. He utilised the power - and specifically the OSC (open sound control) and DMX remote triggering capabilities - of his grandMA3 system with the new grandMA3 software.
The show was broadcast live for 10 evenings and enjoyed by thousands worldwide, who logged in, either paying for an interactive ticket - with the chance to shoot fireflies into the story to help illuminate Puck’s pathway through the forest - or simply watch the performance for free.
Dream was originally intended to be an in-person performance during 2020, but due to the pandemic, was adapted and re-work

contour-xo--l-isa-studioL-ISA Studio revamps approach to spatial audio
Thursday, 29 April 2021

France - L-Acoustics has revealed a revamped approach to the workflow of spatial audio content creation with the new L-ISA Studio software suite and upgraded L-ISA engine.
Built with sound designers and mixing engineers in mind, L-ISA Studio is designed for countless creative, immersive audio experiences. Immediately available for download, it takes the power and versatility of the concert-proven L‑ISA technology and puts it into the hands of sound creators, allowing them to formulate multidimensional audio wherever and whenever they are ready to create.
“L-ISA Studio grants all sound creators the ability to conceive, create, iterate and experience their work in 3D audio,” explains Guillaume Le Nost, executive director, creative technologies at L-Acoustics. “It is the perfect tool to work on the pre-production of an L-ISA live show or the sound design of a newly imagined immersive experience - or even mix an album in 7.1.4.”
L-ISA Studio contains the same spatial audio and room engine algorithms as its hardware counterpart, the L-ISA Processor, yet is redesigned and improved with key features for room enhancement, a fully augmented scale simulation mode, and binaural output capabilities.
The upgraded engine, now deployed in both software and hardware configurations, provides sound designers, content creators, and mixing engineers with the ability to hear content in any virtual space of any given size and shape. Control strategies, sonic trajectories, and sound system behaviours can all be defined and then demonstrated in real time,

clear-oneClearOne delivers for theological seminary
Thursday, 29 April 2021

USA - Audio quality is a difficult challenge to solve in any video conferencing application and meeting that challenge was a top concern for Charlie Fiddler, technical events specialist at Asbury Theological Seminary when he undertook the task of upgrading the seminary’s conferencing system. To meet this challenge, he turned to ClearOne.
Asbury Theological Seminary is an evangelical Christian seminary located in Wilmore, Kentucky. It is the largest seminary in the Wesleyan tradition and advocates for egalitarianism, giving equal status for men and women in ministerial roles and for ordination.
“We wanted to be able to capture the voices of instructors, with or without lapel microphones, based on individual preferences and the questions from students, regardless of whether or not they are located on campus or calling in from other locations,” Fiddler explains. “It was key that everyone be able to hear everyone else at all times.”
Fiddler says he also needed the audio conference solution to easily integrate with the other AV equipment that is already installed in each classroom because he certainly didn’t want to ask instructors or students to learn how to use a new system.
Initially, the seminary considered upgrading the audio conferencing capabilities in just one classroom but changed its mind in April 2020 when it was forced to confront the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. “We chose instead to invest in 15 hybrid instruction rooms where teachers and students in one classroom could be joined by students working from re

live-music-venue-1Blackmagic instrumental in streamed performances
Thursday, 29 April 2021

Sweden - Blackmagic Design reports that its technology has been instrumental in allowing the creators behind to stream performances direct to audiences from its own platform.
Based out of the former EMI/Abbey Road Stockholm studio, the live content experience has built its live video capabilities around the Blackmagic URSA Min Pro 12K, URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 and Micro Studio Camera 4K with the support of Scandinavian Photo.
The full-service streaming studio and broadcast company features a studio design with six small, discreet cameras on robotic rails and jibs, reveals co-founder Nicolas Notini. “The purpose of automation for us was to ensure artists and creators have far fewer distractions and can just ‘do what they do’ more easily.
“With our background as professional musicians, this is how we feel it works, and looks, best. After a few minutes, the cameras will be ignored, and the artist can ‘get into it.’ We are also not afraid to have the technology in the frame when it makes sense, as it helps to enhance the sense of being there in the room for the viewer.”
The streams have a deliberately filmic quality. Every part of the production chain has been considered with that in mind says Notini. “From the best audio possible, in the best studio, with the best gear. And everything, including the audio, is mastered live as we broadcast.”
He continues: “From lighting design to only using cine lenses, the entire system is designed to produce a cinematic look throughout. All cameras are ISO recorded in 4K on H

pk-soundPK Sound powers BoomBoomRoom
Thursday, 29 April 2021

China - The BoomBoomRoom is a new fixture of the thriving nightlife scene in Liuzhou City, China, and the latest addition to the growing club empire of Singapore’s Disen Kaine Group. Looking to make a powerful statement with the extravagant 1,000-capacity nightspot, Disen Kaine invested in a production technologies package featuring a venue-wide PK Sound audio system sold and installed by Polar Audio, the Canadian manufacturer’s exclusive Chinese distributor.
“We pride ourselves on delivering an elite and luxurious nightlife experience across our growing network of clubs, and high-impact audio powered by PK Sound plays a big part in that at the BoomBoomRoom,” comments Disen Kaine Group’s Mr. Kane Lin. “Thanks to PK Sound’s technology, we’re able to very precisely direct sound to maximize clarity and impact throughout the venue, and the company’s reputation for hard-hitting low-end means the club can easily live up to its name.”
Located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s second-largest city, the BoomBoomRoom spans three floors and, in addition to the spectacular main room, boasts several themed halls and VIP areas. Thanks to its stature, the club has attracted a slew of high-profile performers since opening its doors, including DJ KK, DJ Mei, and Black Fairy.
The new audio system is anchored by PK Sound’s T10 Install line source element, which packs the tour-proven performance of the company’s robotically controlled Trinity family into sleek, architecturally focused enclosures. The main arrays flanking the stage compr

pmcPMC introduces new corporate board structure
Thursday, 29 April 2021

UK - Loudspeaker manufacturer PMC has strengthened its corporate structure so that it is better placed to deal with ongoing expansion.
For the first time in its 30-year history PMC now has a formal board structure, with owner and founder Peter Thomas acting as chairman and former group finance director Jeff Willcocks confirmed as CEO. Also on the board – and reflecting the fact that PMC remains a family owned business – are Thomas’s son Oliver Thomas, who is now commercial director, and Tom Loader, son of PMC’s co-founder Adrian Loader, who is operations director.
“PMC is expanding fast and it is not feasible to expect one person to have intimate knowledge of every aspect of the business,” Peter Thomas says. “Having a formal board of directors allows us to tap into the huge pool of expertise that already exists within the company, and across many different areas of our operation.”
Prior to joining PMC in 2018, Jeff Willocks held positions as managing director and president of a US-based business. He is now responsible for managing the day to day running of PMC.
Oliver Thomas, who has overseen new product design for the last seven years, is now taking on the wider role of commercial director so that he can develop strong links between PMC products and the market. In recent months Oliver has been the driving force behind PMC Studio London, the company’s recently opened Dolby Atmos music mixing suite that is being used to demonstrate its professional loudspeaker products.
Tom Loader’s role as operations director will see

lavalierPoint Source debuts Lavalier Switch Kit
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

USA - The new Lavalier Switch Kit from Point Source Audio offers one lavalier mic that transforms into two wearing styles and into three different colour options to help audio technicians meet the ever-changing conditions of mic'ing.
At the heart of the kit is the company’s IP57-rated Waterproof Omnidirectional Lavalier. The mic choice includes a low sensitivity option for live stage applications or a high sensitivity option for studio broadcast. This waterproof mic has a low profile at 4mm in diameter, but it embodies all the high-performance characteristics you might expect from a larger format microphone, says the company.
“We created the Lavalier Switch Kit to be a ‘grab and go’ solution for audio professionals,” said Point Source Audio’s vice president of sales and marketing, Yvonne Ho. “Having the right accessories can very quickly transform a basic lavalier mic into a tailored solution for a stage actor, corporate presenter, or a guest speaker in a studio setting.”
The versatility to change the lavalier to a professional on-ear microphone is offered with the company’s Embrace earmounts, included in beige, brown and black colours.
To further camouflage the mic, the mic element colour can be changed with a selection of custom-designed colour caps in beige, brown, black, white, and grey that also serve as pop filters and added protection from water and other elements.
For traditional lavalier mounting, the kit contains eight clip-based mounting options. The smooth Slider clips come as a single or a double mount, w

foodPixotope aids broadcaster’s virtual production
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Spain - Pixotope has enabled VideoReport Canarias, a regional news and entertainment broadcasting services provider, to expand its virtual production offering in six months.
VideoReport Canarias is the broadcasting services provider of a number of well-known media broadcasters in Spain, including RadioTelevision Canaria. VideoReport Canarias partnered with Pixotope to find a more resource-friendly and visually stimulating way of producing live TV. Working through Pixotope’s distributor Tangram and VideoReport Canarias’ supplier and system integrator Bienvenido Gil (BGL), an entirely new show format was created for RadioTelevision Canaria’s daily primetime weather show, Una Hora Menos.
“Innovation has always been at the core of VideoReport Canarias. This is why we were excited to introduce virtual reality in our sets, specifically in our prime-time show. What motivated us to use Pixotope was that we thought it was a great solution, affordable and pretty quick to turnaround in time,” comments Anuska Simón Gómez, general manager at VideoReport Canarias.
Moving away from traditional talk-show production sets with expensive LED screen displays and changing stage fixtures and furniture, Una Hora Menos went from a small costly production set that had limited stage resources and a single camera operation to a versatile and multi-camera operation studio that can produce a limitless number of stage scenarios to assist in the shows’ news reporting and creative storytelling.
“Pixotope allows us to save money and time by prov

smartaxiata1Harman pro powers Smile Charity Concert
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Cambodia - To deliver sound reinforcement with optimal clarity and coverage at the Smile Charity Concert at Aeon Mall Sen Sok City, Smart Axiata hired Nano Sound Cambodia to deploy a Harman sound reinforcement system comprised of JBL, Crown and Soundcraft solutions.
Organised by telecommunications provider Smart Axiata, the Smile Charity Concert was created to raise money for Kantha Bopha Hospital and Angkor Hospital for Children. The concert took place at Aeon Mall Sen Sok City, a shopping centre featuring a 1,500-seat performance hall that hosts concerts, weddings, trade shows, conferences and gaming competitions.
Nano Sound reported that the client requested a high-quality audio system that could be adjusted for a variety of performance types. The client also required complete coverage for two different stages, as well as the venue’s lobby. To deliver premium sound quality throughout each space, Nano Sound selected JBL speakers for their ability to support a wide range of contemporary and classical music genres.
The system installed by Nano Sound includes JBL STX 815M main speakers, STX818S subwoofers, STX 812M floor monitors and VTX F15 multi-purpose loudspeakers. For portable sound reinforcement, Nano Sound supplemented the system with JBL EON 610 loudspeakers.
The team powered the JBL loudspeakers with Crown VRack 4x3500HD all-in-one amplification systems. In order to ensure professional-sounding mixes with plenty of dynamics and clarity, Nano Sound installed Soundcraft Vi3000, Ui24R and Notepad-12FX mixing consoles.
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