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bromptonpixomondonew-vp-studio-toronto3Brompton helps PXO push the boundaries
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Canada - With its network of studios spanning the world, from the United States to Europe and Asia, Pixomondo (PXO) works extensively as a VFX house. The company has worked on award-winning TV productions such as Raised By Wolves, Perry Mason, Westworld and Star Trek: Discovery, as well as co-produced and provided the VFX for Roland Emmerich's feature film, Midway, and is now working on the filmmaker's upcoming Moonfall.
PXO has just finished building one of the world’s largest Virtual Production (VP) studios in Toronto, with Brompton Technology as part of the network of tech partners that PXO has teamed up with on the new facility.
“Beyond the prerequisites for a LED processor geared towards Virtual Production, Brompton has shown that it is heavily invested in innovation with a strong focus on quality, which perfectly aligns with Pixomondo's own values,” says Josh Kerekes, virtual production supervisor at PXO.
Kerekes explains that VP has been on PXO’s radar for quite some time. “Having been fortunate enough to be part of projects involving Virtual Production in the past couple of years, Pixomondo got an early insight into this rapidly changing industry. Moving a traditional pipeline into real-time can be challenging, but thanks to key partners such as Brompton, it has been a smooth and natural extension of our business,” he adds.
“We are tremendously excited with our new state-of-the-art virtual production facility in Toronto, which has just been completed. The team at Brompton has bee

ola-onabue-and-band1Ola Onabulé livestreams with Sennheiser
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

UK - A recording studio veteran and ardent user of Sennheiser and Neumann microphones, Ola Onabulé has been streaming regular live music performances from his home studio close to London for the past few months. With a career in music recording of over two decades, and having performed at some of world’s most prestigious jazz festivals and concert halls, Onabulé’s name is synonymous with jazz excellence and his deep passion for music technology.
When the pandemic started, Onabulé’s first reaction was consternation. “I’d evolved a culture of doing gigs internationally over many years. Most of my shows involved getting on a plane and going to a foreign country where I’d stay for a few days before moving on to the next destination. The pandemic created complete and absolute chaos for this way of working and panic set in,” he shares.
“A good friend in Mexico said I should do live streaming,” reminisces Onabulé. “I remember asking him, ‘what’s live streaming?’. It didn’t even seep into my consciousness as a viable option at the time as I wasn’t sure how good it would be with my less than perfect internet connection and rudimentary sense of what could be achieved.”
After seeing examples of live streams, which production-wise sounded very modest, Onabulé knew he wanted to do things very differently and he threw himself into researching what equipment he would need to start his own live stream.
As things progressed, Onabulé realised that live streams were essentially gigs that could be captured. “And that was th

hproharmaneappress-releaseHarman Pro redesigns education programme
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has launched a redesigned and streamlined web portal for its Education Alliance Programme (EAP), available to universities and colleges worldwide. The updated portal gives university and college AV and IT managers more immediate, at-a-glance access to rewards points, account management and an overall simplified user experience.
For more than a decade, Harman’s Education Alliance Programme has been rewarding higher education institutions with its exclusive, industry leading customer loyalty program. Members can earn and redeem points for free products, access training and technical support, and gain recognition through sponsored case studies. Visitors to the EAP web portal can join the program, track and redeem their rewards points, and view and manage their account activity - all from a single location.
At the newly redesigned EAP portal,, users will find that it’s quicker and easier to view rewards points in the top right corner of the portal, at all times, no matter what section of the portal you’re on. It’s also simpler to view detailed account activity with most recent transactions on the main account page and the ability to access transaction history and individual transaction details. And, several additional UI enhancements have been made throughout the portal to make it easier to navigate and use.
“Harman has a proud, longstanding tradition of serving the higher ed community with technology innovations that empower strategic advancements in education delivery,” said Derek Covin, H

nexoNexo arrays installed in Atomy’s Korean HQ
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

South Korea - Nexo’s installation business has started the new year with good news from South Korea, where the company’s distributor A-Works prosound has delivered an installation project for a new auditorium, owned by the billion-dollar network marketing company Atomy.
Following a four-way shoot-out competition last summer, A-Works won the contract with its demonstration of a Nexo Geo M12 mid-size line array system, paired with MSUB18 subs, and extended by a sizeable delay system using Nexo’s super-compact ID24 point source cabinets.
The auditorium is located at Atomy HQ in Gongju, and is used for mini-concerts, education, internal events and the Atomy Corporation’s annual awards ceremony. The Geo M12 fits ATOMY’s purposes, specified with eight-module arrays left and right, and a three-module hang in the centre. Twelve of the powerful 18” MSUB bass units are flown above the centre of the stage. Four ID24 compact cabinets provide near-fill, mounted underneath the stage.
Around the auditorium, a total of 34 ID24s, in white, comprise the delay system. For stage monitoring, A-works has chosen Nexo’s new P12 point source speakers. The whole system is driven by NXAMP4x4Mk2 amplifiers.
All system design was completed using Nexo’s NS-1 proprietary modelling and simulation software by Jinhee Kim from A-works prosound. Regular Geo M12 production company user PLAN24 was there to mastermind the winning demonstration system at the shootout, which was tuned by Mr. So-Yong Lee, engineer from Prof. Sound Korea. Coordination of the demo and th

3dme-iemASI Audio adds Bluetooth control to 3DME
Tuesday, 19 January 2021

USA - ASI Audio x Sensaphonics has announced the imminent release of the upgraded version of its flagship 3DME Music Enhancement system. The new version will incorporate Bluetooth connectivity for the included ASI Audio App, enabling set-up and control via any current iOS or Android device. The core 3DME system remains unchanged, using patented Active Ambient technology to give the user natural room sound from their monitor mix, their bandmates, and the audience.
The 3DME Music Enhancement IEM System consists of a bodypack mixer/controller and Active Ambient earphones. This new Bluetooth version allows users to pair any common portable device with the 3DME bodypack mixer for untethered adjustment of the system’s 7-band stereo EQ and limiter threshold via the free ASI Audio app. The app also offers access to an Audio Seal Test to confirm perfect IEM fit and allows the saving and recall of User Presets to ensure repeat access to preferred sound signatures.
“By adding Bluetooth control for both iOS and Android devices, 3DME has added ease of operation to its unmatched flexibility,” notes ASI Audio VP of marketing Evan MacKenzie. “We’re very excited to see our full vision for this product come to fruition, and without raising the price. In addition to an enhanced monitor mix, you hear your bandmates and audience in a soundstage of your choosing.”
The system comes with universal-fit Active Ambient in-ear monitors with an embedded binaural miking system. In operation, after locking in the preferred EQ and limiter settings, up/down switches on

ausma-laceMcGill student benefits from PMC scholarship
Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Europe - Ausma Lace, a recording engineer from Latvia, has been awarded the Sound For The Future Scholarship, which was set up by UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC in association with the Audio Engineering Society Education Foundation.
This $5,000 prize is given to an audio engineering graduate who is also a member of the AES with the aim of helping them further their studies. In Ausma’s case it is helping to fund a Masters degree in Sound Recording at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.
Currently in her second year at McGill, Ausma is studying recording techniques for various musical genres.
“My course has given me the opportunity to explore different areas of the audio industry, including music production, immersive audio, audio for picture and live sound,” she says. “Recording and producing music is my passion and I am experimenting with the latest audio techniques and formats. My goal is to continue along this path and help musicians bring their creative visions to life.”
Peter Thomas, PMC’s founder and chairman, says: “Graduate students are the lifeblood of our industry and the people who will ultimately advance audio technology in the future. As a company we have always been at the cutting edge of research and development and we are delighted to support students like Ausma by providing funding towards tuition fees and educational expenses.”
PMC offers its Sound For The Future scholarship in conjunction with the AES Educational Foundation, which was established in 1984 to encourage talented students to enter the au

hpronamm2021Harman Pro presents special guests at NAMM
Tuesday, 19 January 2021

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has confirmed its line-up of special sessions and product spotlights for the 2021 NAMM Believe in Music Week, taking place now.
“Harman Professional Solutions is pleased to be taking place in this historic event while helping to elevate our industry by supporting musicians and industry professionals who have been deeply affected by the pandemic,” said Frank Joseph, senior director, North America Marketing, Harman Professional Solutions. “We are thrilled to bring together a premier line-up of industry leaders and Harman experts to discuss the future of music creation, event production and live performance. Although this is an unprecedented format, we’re confident we can deliver a rich and engaging experience for our customers and partners at NAMM 2021.”
The sessions, featuring in-depth interviews and Q&A with leading experts include:
Thursday, 21 January - Dr. Sean Olive and Omid Khonsaripour, Harman headphone audio experts; Lenise Bent, the first platinum award-winning female audio engineer; Karrie Keyes, professional audio engineer for Red Hot Chili Peppers; Tiffany Miranda, founder/President of
Friday, 22 January 22 - Rick Kamlet: JBL Professional installed audio product specialist; Sean Murray and Hayden Maringer of Evaride; Mona Tavakoli and Becky Gebhardt, drummer and bass guitarist for Raining Jane
Additionally, Harman will showcase product videos of its latest innovations on NAMM Gear TV, including JBL IRX Series loudspeakers, JBL EON ONE compact loudspeakers,

namm2021Meyer Sound participates in virtual NAMM
Tuesday, 19 January 2021

USA - Meyer Sound will participate in the 2021 NAMM Believe in Music Week virtual show this week, where the company will debut two original content sessions, share product resources, and schedule one-on-one meetings with NAMM attendees.
“Meyer Sound has seen great success from the NAMM Show over the past few years as it is a great place for us to showcase our products suited for this audience,” notes Meyer Sound director of global marketing Tim Boot. “Although we are unable to connect with our customers in person during this time, we are grateful that we have this opportunity at the virtual NAMM show to share what we have been working on over the past year, including a new variant of our best-selling loudspeaker and a new solution for the post-production and residential markets.”
The virtual booth will feature product information about the award-winning ULTRA-X40 and ULTRA-X20 point source loudspeakers, Leopard compact linear line array loudspeaker, the company’s new software applications - Spacemap Go spatial sound design and mixing tool and MAPP 3D system design and prediction tool - and the newly introduced Ultra Reflex screen channel sound solution for direct view displays.
As part of the NAMM U TEC Tracks programming, Grateful Dead founding member Bob Weir and Derek Featherstone, CEO of UltraSound and long-time FOH mixer for recent Dead-related acts including Dead & Company, discuss the long strange trip of the band’s quest for the best audience sound experience. Weir goes back to the Wall of Sound days when Meyer Sound CEO John

toolboxBTS Mental Health introduces Toolbox Talks
Tuesday, 19 January 2021

USA - The Behind the Scenes (BTS) Mental Health Initiative wants language about mental health and respectful workplaces “to become a part of every toolbox talk or safety briefing because psychological safety is as important as physical safety.”
BTS says: “It’s not always an easy subject to talk about, so to make it easier for those delivering these talks we are suggesting topics and providing sample language that can be used as is or tailored to fit individual needs.
“It is important to acknowledge the mental and physical stressors and challenges faced by all of us in the entertainment industry and offer your team tools to help them better manage and respond to these challenges. We know that the last months in particular have been very stressful and returning to work is bringing a new set of concerns for everyone. Many people are struggling with anxiety, grief, feeling overwhelmed, inability to concentrate, changes in appetite or sleep, changes in drinking or substance use patterns, or other issues affecting daily functioning.
“In addition to the sample language provided under each topic, we also offer a selection of brief pre-scripted talks. This information is meant to be incorporated into existing safety or toolbox talks and is not meant to replace other safety briefings.
“For those needing to gain management approval to incorporate language about mental health into their talks, we offer some key reasons why it is important to talk about mental health and psychological safety in the workplace.”
BTS has collaborated wi

martin-audio-special-eventVirtual event launches Martin Audio anniversary
Tuesday, 19 January 2021

UK - Martin Audio has announced a ‘special event’ to take place on 16 February, 2021, to start its 50th Anniversary programme. The virtual presentation will provide ‘important updates, including the announcement of major new product and software releases’.
The rationale for a virtual event is that with much of the global tradeshow calendar still in doubt, there are very few opportunities in the near future for in-person collaboration to highlight significant additions to the international pro audio industry’s arsenal.
Dom Harter, managing director at Martin Audio, believes the event will demonstrate the resilience of the company: “This last year has been a challenging one for the industry as a whole, but at Martin Audio we have continued to invest heavily in R&D, with the positive outlook that companies continuing to create customer value will emerge from the pandemic with a brighter future. Celebrating our 50th anniversary year, we want to ensure we continue to drive forward the company’s legacy, and this event will mark some significant additions to our portfolio.”
The showcase, which will last around 30 minutes, will run across three time slots on Tuesday 16 February to ensure that a global audience can attend.
“We’re looking forward to talking to as many people as possible, albeit virtually, and discussing how the next generation of Martin Audio’s ground-breaking products can meet and exceed the needs of users, venues and events all over the world.”
Registration for the event is via test

prolightProlight+Sound Frankfurt postponed until 2022
Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Germany - Prolight+Sound, along with a number of other trade fairs planned for April and May in Frankfurt this spring, has been postponed until April 2022.
A statement from the organisers says: “Back in September 2020, a decision was reached by Messe Frankfurt and the industries involved to forgo any physical events at our home base in the first quarter of 2021. Now, following close consultation with customers, it has become necessary to postpone the international physical trade fairs planned for April and May – Prolight+Sound, the International Consumer Goods Show, Heimtextil, Techtextil and Texprocess – as a result of the regulations and travel restrictions that have been imposed.
“There is currently no end to the pandemic in sight. Events are effectively banned in Germany, and ongoing international travel restrictions mean that it is impossible to make any trade fair plans for April or May 2021.”
“The coronavirus pandemic has taken centre-stage, and our plans have not escaped its impact. In light of the current situation, it would not be possible for us to satisfy our customers’ requirements for international trade fairs in April or May,” said Detlef Braun, member of the executive board of Messe Frankfurt.
“The ongoing shutdown of retailers in our visitor countries has made relevant up-to-date information and solutions essential, and we are satisfying this demand with our digital offerings during this volatile time. As you know, we are also continuing to do everything in our power to make safe and successful trade fairs po

msp3a-qtrYamaha launches MSP3A powered monitor
Monday, 18 January 2021

Europe - Yamaha has announced a new addition to its professional loudspeaker range, the MSP3A powered monitor, building on the sound reproduction and convenience of the much-loved MSP3.
Yamaha’s MSP3 has long been a fixture of many different applications, thanks to its audio quality, compact size and convenient, front-mounted controls. The MSP3A builds on this legacy by adding key new features, including Yamaha’s Twisted Flare Port technology, which delivers an even clearer and tighter low-end, with faithful reproduction across the entire audio spectrum.
The built-in 22W power amplifier is optimized for the speaker unit, which comprises a 10cm (4” ) woofer and a 2.2cm (0.8”) tweeter, for a clear and natural reference sound. The compact 23.6 x 16.7 x 14.4cm (9.3 x 6.6 x 5.7”) cabinet weighs a mere 3.6kg (7.9lb), making it easy to reposition and move to different locations.
Like its predecessor, the MSP3A has multiple (RCA, XLR and 6.3mm) input connectors, level and low/high tone controls. It is compatible with a variety of optional brackets, making it suitable for a wide range of uses. These include audio monitoring in settings from studios, broadcast, post-production suites and other commercial applications, to monitoring audio from digital musical instruments and computers.
A reinforced metal grille ensures that the woofer enjoys maximum protection, which is especially useful for mobile and touring applications.
Included in the MSP3A for the first time in this loudspeaker series, Twisted Flare Port technology is a form of aero

danteAudinate schedules education seminar
Friday, 15 January 2021

USA - Audinate is offering a free seminar during NAMM 2021 on the topic of Getting Back to Music Education and Professional Live Performances. The seminar explores how Dante is enabling many different types of live performances while maintaining social distancing and room occupancy safeguards for all.
Also available is a new overview of the Dante AV video-over-IP solution from Audinate, and Level 1 and 2 of the popular Dante Certification Course. That means no matter where you are in the world, and no matter your familiarity with Dante, you can gain valuable training and practical insights on using Dante in real-world, AV-over-IP integrations, says Audinate.
The seminar and training sessions go live on 18 January, however, video will be available on demand through February. Registration for the events is available now at

pop-and-pope3328Sky high install for Void Acoustics in Tel Aviv
Friday, 15 January 2021

Israel - Hagag Group is one of Israel’s leading real-estate developers and has recently completed the construction and installation of a multi-purpose venue as part of a prestigious new inner city urban renewal project in Tel Aviv.
At the heart of this high-end complex is Pop and Pope - a restaurant, bar and event space. The venue operators harbour the aspiration of elevating Tel Aviv as a hub for excellence in cuisine combined with the most modern and inspiring of atmospheres and spaces. The desire to provide a high calibre environment for guests and diners includes the provision of quality audio.
To achieve this, Hagag Group has worked in conjunction with audio specialist Kahane Group to supply an aesthetically pleasing and high quality sounding Void Acoustics installation for this prestigious complex located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s CBD.
Kahane Group has worked alongside Hagag Group on previous occasions, primarily on high-end domestic properties focussed on installing innovative smart home solutions. However, this is the first big audio project they have undertaken for Hagag in a commercial setting and was a new and dynamic challenge for the teams.
Pop and Pope occupies 2,200sq.m of space across the 14th floor of Ha’arbaa Towers in the centre of Tel Aviv, with panoramic views across the city. The brief was to execute an audio installation reflecting the high calibre nature of the venue.
The venue opted for Void’s signature Air Series loudspeakers in their trademark red, highlighting them as futuristic features around th

ahdlivejuanmarchfoundationangelcolomeA&H dLive makes its mark in Madrid
Friday, 15 January 2021

Spain - Since 1975, Madrid’s Juan March Foundation Auditorium has offered the city’s population a rich offering of live music, generally classical, free of charge.
The venue recently renewed its digital audio mixing system (supplied and installed by integrator Area Suena), replacing it with a modern solution from Allen & Heath. Based on the dLive and SQ systems, the solution allows the integration of two adjoining rooms in a Dante network, as well as real-time streaming and the recording of live shows for post-production.
The decision to renew the audio and video mixing and recording systems (including signal flow management) was made in 2019, to keep pace with the venue’s level of production and in line with current technologies.
The Juan March Foundation has long relied on production company Scope Produccinones as a partner for the technical operation of the auditorium, with Area Suena brought in to carry out the engineering and renovation project, with work beginning in early 2020.
Among the priorities of the project was the implementation of a high-quality live audio digital mixing system that could be easily integrated with a Pro Tools HDX platform.
The audio mixing system needed to be powerful, flexible, modular and capable of being easily integrated with other platforms (ProTools, in this case) - all factors addressed by Allen & Heath’s dLive system. Area Suena worked in conjunction with Audio-Technica Iberia (Allen & Heath’s exclusive distributor for Spain) directly to design and configure the system, which

pandoraChristie releases latest Pandoras Box software
Thursday, 14 January 2021

USA - Christie has launched the new Pandoras Box V8 Software Licence for realtime video processing and show control.
Featuring a host of new features, a simplified workflow and streamlined licensing, the licence has the full Pandoras Box software family feature suite, allowing it to deliver the high-level media processing performance required for fixed installations, live events, theatres and other entertainment environments, in a budget friendly platform.
The simpler, more robust software supports NDI network streams, offers a comprehensive and deep implementation of Notch and accessibility to native Dante audio without requiring configuration. It can be paired with an existing custom setup or any Christie hardware such as the Pandoras Box Server R5, a new hardware solution with powerful components available in different specifications.
“Pandoras Box software Version 8 is a great leap forward in terms of the flexibility and workflow it offers,” says Markus Zeppenfeld, product manager, Christie. “With this new software version, we’ve kept the core appeal of Pandoras Box by combining the feature sets of all our existing software licenses into one single package and offering it to every level of Pandoras Box user. This solution will deliver more value, quality, features, performance and further streamline the creative efforts for our partners, be they consultants, integrators, rental stagers or end users.”
One Pandoras Box software product license will now unlock all functionality within the range - previously comprising Server, Player

alcons-audio-press-release-this-is-holland-flies-audiences-across-the-netherlands-with-alcons-audio-rotterdamThis Is Holland flies audiences with Alcons
Thursday, 14 January 2021

The Netherlands - Officially opened in February 2018, This Is Holland was the first panoramic flight simulator in the Benelux countries, costing €18m to develop and build. However, it quickly became obvious that the original audio system was not delivering the desired high quality, dynamic sound. An Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system was specified by Leisure Expert Group, transforming the experience as audiences are ‘flown’ at low level over many of the Netherlands’ best-known landmarks.
The 24m (78.7ft) tall cylindrical pavilion is based on the shape of an oil drum, reflecting its location at the former Shell petroleum company site at Overhoeksplein in Amsterdam.
The experience combines imagery taken from a very low-flying helicopter, filmed with special permission from the Dutch authorities, taking visitors on a nine-minute virtual flight over Dutch landscapes, cities and heritage, including the bulb-growing region, Schiphol airport, the Dutch coast, the canals of Amsterdam, Rotterdam port, castles, other historic buildings, natural features and more. It features a customised soundtrack, along with moving audience seating and physical effects like smells and water sprays.
Leisure Expert Group worked with Brogent Technologies and technical installer Pro-Vision AV, whose Martijn van Weert says: “The aim was to deliver the best experience, giving visitors a real ‘wow’ factor and making sure they enjoy the dynamic soundtrack, which features special effects and orchestral music that range from very quiet to very loud. And, of course, the audi

covoMartin Audio CDD for famed Covo nightclub
Thursday, 14 January 2021

Italy - Martin Audio’s CDD loudspeaker series, has found another high-profile home - on the Italian Riviera in Santa Margherita Ligure at the Il Covo Di Nord-Est nightclub.
The venue features both indoor and outdoor spaces: the main bar is located in the former, while the dance floor and sofas, arranged differently every night, can be found outside. The main DJ area hosts local artists as well as more well-known names in the music industry, and it is here that the ultra-compact 2-way CDD loudspeaker solution was specified.
The upgrade had been the result of a storm back in 2018 which had necessitated a complete venue rebuild, including the new audio system, which will now take on new challenges, both indoors and out.
Venue owners, Stefano Rosina and Matteo Canepa (from Mito srl) considered several tenders before choosing Vibra Service of Albenga (SV) to undertake the work. The company had previous experience working at Il Covo back in 2018 - and the collaboration proved so successful that it was an easy decision for the client to back this successful formula.
Vibra Service, in turn, chose CDD series for its performance, with owner Stefano Lo Sardo, stating that he considered it to be the best option in terms of quality-price ratio. The weather resistance of the WR version provided an added bonus.
“Many speakers are sold watertight or IP65-rated, but then after a while they tend to deteriorate,” he observed. “However, the build quality of CDD is very high and the customer was confident of its durability over time. In addition, I h

jake-speer-as-the-actor-in-the-production-titled-shifted-Spectre uses Brompton for Unreal Build
Thursday, 14 January 2021

UK - For Spectre Studios, virtual production (VP) is not a new field. Prior to the pandemic, the company was already using real-time engines and virtual production technologies for their work on Hollywood blockbusters and, last year, set up ICVFX full-service LED VP studio in conjunction with Big Picture, part of the NEP Worldwide Network, using Brompton Tessera LED processing power to drive ROE LED panels.
The climactic moment for Spectre, however, was in November, when the company participated in Epic Games’ Unreal Build: Virtual Production event, where a small number of creative studios across the world were invited to showcase their next-generation tools and techniques which are set to transform filmmaking industry. Brompton Tessera SX40 4K LED processing was used for the video piece that Spectre showed at the event.
Unreal Build: Virtual Production was a free half-day virtual event that showcased projects and innovations from film and television industry trailblazers,” says Spectre Studios’ technical director, Rick Pearce. “We were invited to submit some of our early work to be included into a sizzle reel they were putting together to highlight some of the great work being done globally.”
Offering a glimpse of what the future might hold for creative content production, Pearce and his team at Spectre used a 14m by 4.8m LED wall made up of Black Onyx 2.8mm panels, as well as 4m by 4m ceiling using 5mm screens and two LED side screens 3m by 3m each. “Like with majority of our projects, we used Brompton’s 4K Tessera S

bloomfield-stadium-2JBL and Crown deliver for Tel Aviv stadium
Thursday, 14 January 2021

Israel - Kley-Zemer’s professional division KZPRO were chosen to supply a JBL Professional audio system for the 60-year-old Bloomfield Stadium during its extensive three-year renovation project. The installation was a cooperation between independent consultant Harel Tabibi, integration company Barkai and installation company The Charmer Group.
Bloomfield Stadium, home of Hapoel Tel Aviv, Maccabi Tel Aviv and Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv football clubs, first opened in 1962. In addition to hosting three football clubs, the veteran stadium has accommodated many musical acts including Celine Dion, Rihanna, and Pixies.
In 2016, the stadium was closed for a massive three-year renovation, which included expanding the capacity to 29,150 seats, making it the third-largest football stadium in Israel. Barkai was brought in to outfit the newly renovated stadium with a sound system that would be loud enough for football matches, had clear and responsive sonic quality for concerts, and could withstand extreme weather conditions.
“The main challenge of this project was to give appropriate sound coverage to the southern and northern balconies that are not roofed,” said independent consultant Harel Tabibi, who specified and designed the new sound system. “As a result, we had to install the speakers over the sides of the balcony, 80m away from the audience. The main advantage of working with JBL was having such a wide range of products to choose from. Combining the PD-6000 series and PD-500 series loudspeakers created a quality result and gave equal and uniform cove

czlWilhelm & Willhalm joins Coda partnership
Thursday, 14 January 2021

Germany - Coda Audio has announced the appointment of Wilhelm & Willhalm Event Technology Group as a dealer partner in southern Germany. Founded 30 years ago, Wilhelm & Willhalm is based in Munich and will offer the complete Coda Audio portfolio with immediate effect, including all high-end reinforcement systems for pro sound applications, as well as a comprehensive range of loudspeakers for fixed installation.
Ton Groen, Coda Audio Deutschland managing director, is upbeat about the new sales alliance. “We are more than happy about this partnership,” he says. “Wilhelm & Willhalm has long been one of the most important players in our industry. We expect this new cooperation to result in an even greater market share for our high-quality systems, significantly widening distribution of our solutions. We have gained an excellent sales partner in Southern Germany, whose company philosophy matches our own, and we look forward with confidence to a mutually successful new year.”
Christoph zur Loye, head of sales at Wilhelm & Willhalm, adds: “With the systems from Coda Audio, we are expanding our portfolio with another attractive brand. Several criteria were decisive for the alliance with Coda Audio, including the impressive vertical range of manufacture, the attractive price-performance ratio and - last but not least - the high quality of the loudspeaker systems. Unique selling points such as the DDP and DDC driver are increasingly requested by users.”

meyerMeyer switches to reseller network in Australia and NZ
Thursday, 14 January 2021

Australia - Meyer Sound has launched a direct, non-exclusive reseller network for the sales and marketing of its loudspeaker solutions in Australia and New Zealand starting January 2021. The new business model allows for greater factory-direct support to Meyer Sound customers in this growing market.
“Audio Brands Australia has been a fantastic partner and has helped us grow Meyer Sound’s brand awareness over the past three years,” comments John McMahon, senior vice-president. “Learnings from the pandemic suggest that moving to a more direct model will benefit customers in this important market.”
Over the decades, Meyer Sound products and technologies have earned widespread acceptance in Australia and New Zealand, with a number of systems installed in recent years. Examples include Telstra Theatrette Melbourne, Australian Outback Spectacular, and Townsville Civic Theatre. Two sizeable projects in progress right now include Cairns Convention Centre and Sydney Theatre Company with a new Spacemap Go system.
“In three years of working with the factory, Audio Brands has delivered a number of key projects throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are very proud of what we achieved and have enjoyed working with the Meyer Sound team. We wish them well with their new direction,” says Don McConnell, founder and director of Audio Brands Australia.
The territory is managed by Meyer Sound sales manager, Asia Pacific Chris D’bais. To support the market, Meyer Sound is currently seeking to fill the role of sales manager, Australia and New Zeala

pseriefamilyp8top15andl15tol18wshadowokNexo completes P+ Series with two new models
Wednesday, 13 January 2021

France - 25 years after the launch of the 15” point source cabinet PS15, Nexo has unveiled the P15, its new top-of-the-range 2-way passive/active speaker which offers a combination of heritage and contemporary design engineering.
This model completes the P+ Series, a range of powerful compact speakers which offer advantages of scalability, compatibility and performance to multiple market sectors, many of which are currently adapting to new operational models.
“The versatility of the P+ Series is especially relevant at this time,” comments Gareth Collyer, Nexo’s sales & marketing director. “As venues and production companies have to redefine indoor and outdoor audience areas to accommodate social distancing, the portable power and interchangeability of the P+ Series cabinets is very useful. The P15 is the ideal multi-purpose audio product for theatres, cultural venues and sportsgrounds, extending their ability to handle different repertoires of performance and events.”
The P15 is a powerful 15” coaxial loudspeaker, designed for FOH and monitoring applications, which can be used with or without its companion subbass, the new L18. It offers modular directivity that can quickly and easily changed by the user.
The P15 features all the hallmarks of Nexo’s new P+ Series point source category, as seen in the P8, P10 and P12 models launched within the last 15 months. The curvilinear enclosures of custom birch and poplar plywood are unique to the P+ Series, the bent wood delivering significant progress in terms of robust lightweight

contacta-logo-colourContacta enters Indian market with Audcomm
Wednesday, 13 January 2021

India - Assistive listening specialists Contacta Systems has entered the Indian market with a new partnership with pro-audio distributors, Audcomm.
The relationship will introduce the complete Contacta range of hearing loops, RF, IR and window intercom systems to Audcomm’s customers across the country.
Managing director, Puneet Kumar Kain, said the partnership will enable them to access new opportunities: “This is an exciting cooperation for Audcomm which will further strengthen our distribution network.
“With more than five decades of innovation in assistive listening technologies, Contacta’s high-quality portfolio will assists us in maximising opportunities which we couldn’t previously because of not having the right products in our range. We will ensure success for Contacta in India and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.”
During the coronavirus pandemic, demand for Contacta’s window intercom, or ‘speech transfer’ systems, has risen by over 100% as public-facing businesses look for solutions to offer clear communication through COVID-safe barriers and screens.
Head of new business development at Contacta, Ran Meyrav, said: “We are excited to be entering the Indian market with Audcomm. Their team possesses class-leading AV and AT experience which, when combined with the existing demand from the Indian market for our products, makes for a promising opportunity for us.”


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