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green-hippoGreen Hippo super users assemble in Leeds
Monday, 5 August 2019

UK - Green Hippo welcomed 18 of its most advanced Hippotizer practitioners to its latest UK ‘super user’ event in July.
A regular fixture in the Green Hippo diary, the event was hosted at the Leeds office of Hippotizer dealer A.C. Entertainment Technologies, giving the product team an opportunity to bring these leading Hippotizer experts up to date with the latest features, developments and initiatives. Additionally, it provides a forum for the exchange of highly-informed feedback and ideas from those working most closely with Green Hippo’s technology in a broad array of show environments.
“We run these events every six months or so,” says Tom Etra, senior technical sales manager at Green Hippo. “They are incredibly useful, both for us and our users. They’re an open forum for discussion and feedback with users who know our products inside and out.
He adds: “They work in various different disciplines - touring, theatre, installations, attractions - and they have great real-world experience and insight into where we’re going with the products. It’s a really productive environment - an amazing cross-fertilisation of ideas.”
The day began with the Green Hippo and AC-ET teams presenting the latest features in Hippotizer software V4.5. From AC-ET’s video division, Chris Beardwell showed the new VideoMapper and BeatBridge features, while from Green Hippo, Suzy Stenning discussed the Object to Output workflow, within Hippotizer’s 3D Mapping environment and Zep Mouris demo’d Hippotizer’s latest auto alignment capabilities.

stage2studio-pressPLASA Show announces Stage to Studio
Monday, 5 August 2019

UK - A respected sound engineer will record and mix live performers to demonstrate the intricacies of mixing and capturing live sound as part of a new initiative at the upcoming PLASA Show (15-17 September, Olympia London).
Running from 3pm on Sunday 15 September, and Monday, 16 September, Stage to Studio - organised by PLASA alongside Sound On Sound and Headliner Magazine - will feature Simon Todkill, chief engineer at London’s Miloco Studios, who has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Matt Corby, Hiatus Kaiyote, Charli XCX, Movement and The Griswolds.
Todkill will offer advice on his techniques, microphone choices and placements, step-by-step mix decisions, as well as insight on how to maximise multi-track recordings.
After the sessions, the audio stem files will be made available to the audience and a competition will launch, inviting people to submit their own mixes for a chance to win a pro audio prize.
Performing live will be VC Pines and Effie and their bands. Meanwhile, from noon on both days, emerging artists picked by ex-Iron Maiden band member Tony Moore will perform acoustic sets - see the PLASA Show website for details and set times.
VC Pines delivers a blend of alternative soul, poetry and punk. He has garnered the support of BBC Radio’s Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne, Chris Hawkins, Huw Stephens and Cerys Matthews, as well as Clash Magazine, Headliner Magazine, Atwood Magazine and Fred

powpreetiatisePowersoft appoints SW Indian distributor
Monday, 5 August 2019

India - Powersoft has named Preeti Trading Corporation (PTC) its distributor for South West India.
The company supports various commercial projects in the region, with its core customer base consisting of small and medium-sized enterprises that sell and install audio equipment for use in commercial, governmental, corporate and public buildings.
“India is an extremely important market for Powersoft,” says Varun Mahesh Jagger, Powersoft’s Europe, India and Africa account manager, distribution. “We see great potential there for strong and consistent growth across all verticals. PTC has been appointed to reinforce that vision. It has a strong dealer network, and a consistent record of moving with the times. We see them as a partner who has taken and continues to take risks in order to come out on top.”
Kammal Dhingreja, chairman managing director at PTC, adds: “As a premier AV import / distribution house, we have known and been in touch with Powersoft for many years now. We already distribute Martin Audio’s world class speaker products, and Powersoft’s amplifier platforms are a perfect addition to this side of our audio offering.
“PTC makes sure that quality comes first and is very proud of the high regard that customers have for our brands and services. We owe this to our qualified engineers and technicians, who continuously up our ante to incorporate newer technologies and state-of-the-art products.”
One of PTC’s goals for the new partnership is to increase the presence of Powersoft products in the region, thus making

rcfsiriussoundSirius takes over RCF distribution in Greece
Monday, 5 August 2019

Greece - Effective today (5 August), Sirius Sound & Lighting Systems is the exclusive distributor of RCF for Greece.
A newly-established company, Sirius Sound will seek to create “a solid and long-term business relationship with its customers and support a nationwide network.” The company is also focused on training and seminars in Italy through the RCF Audio Academy, where targeted seminars are conducted by specialists.
RCF sales manager Massimo Bruni, comments: “We selected Sirius Sound in view of the high technical qualification of their managers, which will help RCF consolidate its primary role in the Greek market.”
Sirius Sound & Lighting Systems sales manager Giannelos emphasises the importance of collaboration with a specialised team of experienced AV engineers in being able to provide high-quality technological solutions using RCF tools.
He says: “It is a great honour to co-operate with the best, aiming high to ensure that RCF broadens and strengthens the position it deserves in the Greek market through Sirius Sound & Lighting Systems.”
(Jim Evans)

Audinate releases Dante Controller Updater
Friday, 2 August 2019

USA - Audinate has announced the availability Dante Controller 4.2.3 with Dante Updater, a new feature that makes it easy to update firmware in Dante devices.
Firmware files are hosted by Audinate so they are always up-to-date. Dante Updater allows product manufacturers to more easily bring critical updates to customers by making them available directly in Dante Controller with one-click installation.
Dante Updater continues Dante Controller’s famed ease of use, automatically discovering and associating updates with connected devices in a clear, unambiguous interface, says the company. Now customers can take full advantage of new Dante features and capabilities without hunting for product-specific installers and can deploy updates to an entire system at once.
“Dante Updater is a win-win for Dante users and manufacturers alike,” says Neil Philips, product manager at Audinate. “Audinate’s updater programme allows manufacturers to include their specific firmware updates directly in Dante Updater for error- and headache-free deployment by end-users. Support costs are reduced, and users always have the latest features at their fingertips for the best possible Dante-enabled product experience.”
Dante Controller with Dante Updater is free for all users and is available now at
(Jim Evans)

churchesSound4Churches install HK Audio Elements
Friday, 2 August 2019

UK - Church installation specialists Sound4Churches in recent months has conducted on-site demos (in conjunction with Neville Raine from JHS, HK Audio's UK distributor) which have resulted in a number of installs being commissioned, all using HK Audio Elements line array systems.
Elements has proved a solution for sound reinforcement in a variety of acoustically difficult buildings where clarity of speech is of paramount importance, but the ability to deliver high quality full range music is also necessary, for both playback and the amplification of live instruments.
Designed for situations where a balanced and uniform sound from front row to back row is desired, it's not too loud at the front, not too quiet at the back and intelligibility remains intact over greater distance than with conventional point source loudspeakers.
The compact size and elegant looks help HK Audio Elements to blend unobtrusively in most environments, with the Elements range being flexible enough to enable the optimum system for each application to be easily and cost effectively configured, either passive or active and in free-standing or fixed install formats.
David Neath of Sound4Churches said, "HK Audio Elements stand alone systems are suitable for churches which are usually locked, but the installed Elements version is also available for those churches where security is an issue. The systems are most effective at reducing reverberation in churches, which can be very challenging using conventional point source speakers.
“Speech is very clear even when ther

twelve-foot-ninjadusseldorfphotobykalle-knipstpascal-swoboda2Twelve Foot Ninja fly with dLive Wings
Friday, 2 August 2019

Europe - Melbourne’s alt-metal titans, Twelve Foot Ninja (TFN), have recently completed a European run of festival appearances and sold-out headline shows, with a dLive Wings digital mixing system.
Performing at multiple festivals including Download (UK), Rock The Coast (Spain) and Nummirock (Finland), the band needed a space-saving system that could fit in any FOH position and be easily transported from show to show. To accomplish this, they adapted their dLive system in a number of ways, often leaving their usual C1500 surface on the bus and hitting performances with just a CDM32 MixRack, an IP8 remote controller and a laptop running dLive Director software.
Dylan Mitrovich, sound engineer for TFN, explains, “There are only a couple of consoles on the market that provide crystal clear audio with the power and flexibility in a format that can be packed up and flown anywhere around the world – trust me, I’ve researched them all, and when I did, dLive was a clear winner.”
Despite typically touring with a C1500 (or larger) surface, Mitrovich had no problems with the stripped back set-up for festival slots, “Most of the input channels on the CDM32 are double patched to separate channel strips, providing us with the ability to split the console up effectively into two consoles that look after FOH and monitors. It is only built on the trust that I have for the Allen & Heath dLive product, that I fly across the world to operate a complex show on an eight-channel controller.”
Defining their genre as ‘heavy fusion’; the band amal

philipsstadionphoto3Bose ArenaMatch debuts at Philips Stadion
Friday, 2 August 2019

The Netherlands - Philips Stadion, home to PSV in Eindhoven, is the first venue in the world to install ArenaMatch DeltaQ loudspeaker line arrays and ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers from Bose Professional.
Audio, video and lighting sales and rental firm Bazelmans AV completed the installation of the Bose loudspeakers at the 35,000-capacity stadium in time for kick off of the team’s first game of the second half of the season early this year.
"The design of the sound system was made especially for Philips Stadion,” says Wiljan Bazelmans, commercial director for Bazelmans AV, which is headquartered in Veldhoven. The combination of the latest Bose Professional loudspeakers, power amplifiers and signal processors enables Philips Stadion to play high-quality music via loudspeaker arrays while at the same time delivering clearly audible voice announcements to every seat in the venue.
The new Bose Professional ArenaMatch line of loudspeakers is designed to deliver improved sound quality, consistency, vocal clarity and flexibility to outdoor venues such as sports stadiums, arenas, outdoor entertainment centres and elsewhere. Bose Professional announced the launch of ArenaMatch to coincide with the unveiling of the installation at Philips Stadion. The one-off collaboration with Bose Professional was made possible by an alliance between Heijmans, ABC Finance, Bazelmans AV and PSV.
Philips Stadion commercial director Frans Janssen remarks, "The design of the sound system was made especially for the Philips Stadion. The sound boxes and equipment are o

penn-elcom-double-hinged-wall-mount-rack-r6406-rhf-7Penn Elcom launches rack enclosure
Thursday, 1 August 2019

UK - Penn Elcom has introduced a new solution for scenarios where space or access is limited. Suitable for commercial, industrial and residential environments, the R6400-RHF double-hinged wall mount rack enclosure joins the company’s range of 19” rack products.
The new model enables the full rack to securely swing away from the wall, giving technicians and installation engineers excellent access to the rear and sides of the rack and the kit inside of it. The design simplifies the process of running cables, replacing parts or performing regular maintenance and can dramatically reduce the time taken to access the equipment.
Built from rugged but lightweight steel to Penn’s industrial grade specifications, the bracket is reversible so the rack can be configured as left or right opening for full flexibility and space maximisation.
Heavy-duty hinges allow the R6400-RHF to be loaded with up to 50kg (110lb) of equipment, and a handy slam-lock system creates smart open / close functionality.
As with all Penn Elcom racking products, the R6400-RHF offers practical and integrated cable management, with both top and bottom 1U cable knockouts as well as full length internal rack rails.
The R6400-RHF is suitable for a range of applications, from professional entertainment and leisure installations to any spaces utilising IT hubs and servers.
(Jim Evans)

stleothegreatchurch1Danley delivers clarity at St Leo The Great
Thursday, 1 August 2019

USA - St. Leo the Great church was established in Lincroft, New Jersey over 60 years ago during the area’s suburban boom of the late 1950s. Its sanctuary seats around 800 people but provides tough acoustics for intelligibility, a problem that had previously been dealt unsatisfactorily with several lines of delay loudspeakers.
Recently, local AV integration firm Concept Professional Systems designed and installed a simple new sound reinforcement system at the church. Ditching the delays and relying on Danley Sound Labs’ pattern control and phase-coherent, long distance throw, the church now enjoys intelligible speech and lively music reinforcement from the front pew to the back pew.
“We originally got involved at St. Leo the Great when they called us to service their old system,” explains Don Gspann, owner of Concept Professional Systems. “After several years, the old system fell into disrepair to the point that everyone agreed that it was time to start fresh. The space itself is quite reverberant.
“The walls are all block, the floor is linoleum, and the ceiling is wooden and shallow. That’s a tough situation. We had had great success with Danley SBH10 column-form loudspeakers at St. Paul’s Ocean Grove Church, another Catholic Church in the area. In fact, that system sounded so fantastic that we kept inviting industry friends just to come check it out. It was easy to imagine that the Danley SBH10s would work a similar miracle at St. Leo the Great.”
A BSS Blu-100 DSP system also serves as a behind-the-scenes mixer, and Crown

vectorworksVectorworks is key to Castle Lite show success
Thursday, 1 August 2019

South Africa - Robert Grobler, a lighting designer for Gearhouse Group South Africa is a Vectorworks Spotlight enthusiast who has used the programme to design some of the country’s biggest shows. One of the recent concepts that Robert designed was the Castle Lite Unlocks Post Malone concert held at the TicketPro Dome Johannesburg on 18 June.
An event with international acts comes with its own pre-requisites and between the expectation of the audience and the client, Robert Grobler had to ensure the planning and execution of concept would be world-class. Glenn 21, the events consultation company that organised this event, came to Gearhouse with an idea and Robert was tasked with taking this idea and making it happen.
Robert has used Spotlight for all his drawings 2009 and his experience drawing in Vectorworks offered up a sketch for Castle Lite that was massively detailed. The 50-sheet project gave the show a concept that was both original and well planned out. “Every new project is a new adventure, every show I design starts from scratch so I can bring something new and creative to each event,” says Robert of his process.
The drawing for Castle Lite Unlocks Post Malone is used not only as a reference for the concept but it also provides a detailed report because of the logistical tools that Spotlight offers. “The drawings can be as detailed as you want them to be and the value of having an automated report of what you need for each event is hugely beneficial,” says Dylan Jones, a sales representative and the product manager of Vectorworks

bun-5648Harman system for Bunurong Memorial Park
Thursday, 1 August 2019

Australia - B&H Australia equipped Bunurong Memorial Park with a complete AMX by Harman networked AV solution.
Created in 1996 by the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, Bunurong Memorial Park offers settings for a variety of celebratory and commemorative events. Nestled beneath a protective tree canopy, a series of intimate indoor spaces and sensory-rich gardens provides an inspirational environment for funerals, visitations, memorial services and more.
At the heart of the 247-acre site is a complex housing two visitation rooms, three chapels, five multi-function rooms, offices for funeral directors, a café and a florist shop. In order to support services and functions in a wide range of spaces, Bunurong officials hired B&H Australia to outfit the building with a comprehensive, easy-to-use AV and building control solution. B&H Australia chose AMX media switchers and controllers for their reliable operation and intuitive control.
“Bunurong Memorial Park is a uniquely Australian sanctuary which aims to provide an unforgettable setting for guests to honour and celebrate the lives of their loved ones,” says a Bunurong Memorial Park spokesperson. “To achieve this, we needed to outfit our multi-purpose reflection spaces with modern technologies to ensure the ideal environment for families to gather in remembrance. Thanks to the top-notch designs of AMX solutions, we are pleased to offer world-class AV experiences to support these life-changing events.”
In order to provide seamless distribution of AV content throughout Bun

alcons-audio-tom-back-at-cellosound-guangzhou-1Guangzhou’s Cellosound invests in Alcons
Thursday, 1 August 2019

China - Since it was founded 21 years ago, Cellosound has grown to become the premier audio production company in Guangzhou, the city at the heart of the most-populous metropolitan area in mainland China. An Alcons Audio LR28 system is the latest addition to its inventory, bringing HiFi-quality sound at concert SPLs to Cellosound’s biggest events.
Cellosound was founded in 1998 with a used DDA mixing console and a couple of small PA systems. As the Chinese economy started to rapidly expand in the early 2000s, the company’s customer base grew and Cellosound has regularly upgraded its rental inventory.
By late 2018, its customer base had grown to the point where a high-end solution for major events was needed. “Our customers were requesting a system for touring and EDM events and we knew that, to continue our growth and development, we needed a complete, large format line array system with beautiful sound,” explains the company’s Raymond Liu.
Cellosound spoke to AV distributor Guangzhou Donghui Digital Technology Development Co, who recommended an Alcons solution. The company suggested the LR28 larger format line array was the best solution. After hearing it, Cellosound made an initial investment in a system comprising 16 LR28, eight BC543 very high output cardioid subwoofers and Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.
Cellosound has used its system on live broadcast events for global Chinese technology company Sina Corp, beneath the iconic Canton (Guangzhou) Tower, and other events where the system has proved so successful that

st-sergius-s-17Yamaha helps improve Moscow church sound
Thursday, 1 August 2019

Russia - Recent years have seen the Russian Orthodox church expand its programme of church building. At Moscow’s Khodynka Field, worshippers at the new Church Of Saint Sergius of Radonezh were distracted by having problems hearing services, but Yamaha’s VXL Series slim line array speakers have solved the issue.
Khodynka Field, a few kilometres north-west of Moscow city centre, saw the first Russian flight in 1910 and quickly became the city’s first commercial airport. Finally closing to aviation in the early 2000s, since then the site has been redeveloped as housing, offices, sports venues and open spaces for Moscow’s expanding population.
Located at the end of one of the former airport runways, the Church Of Saint Sergius of Radonezh was opened in 2017 to honour one of the Russian Orthodox Church's most highly venerated saints, as well as the many airmen and women who had flown from Khodynka Field.
Russian Orthodox services are conducted entirely in melodic chants or singing, to create a sense of calmness and to express the true nature and purpose of the words. The church originally had no sound reinforcement system, but it quickly became obvious that churchgoers were clustering in the centre to hear services properly, distracting them from their worship.
The monks who run the church looked for a solution to spread the sound more evenly throughout the church and Roman Belyaev, of Moscow-based AV specialists iProjector, suggested four Yamaha VXL1W-16 slim line array speakers. Three PA2120 amplifiers were chosen to power the VXLs, with

dpaGwen Stefani hears the difference with DPA
Wednesday, 31 July 2019

USA - For rock or pop shows with large, exalted audiences, it is common for engineers to face the challenge of audience leakage. For Eddie ‘El Brujo’ Caipo, monitor engineer for Gwen Stefani’s Just a Girl residency at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theatre in Las Vegas, that’s not the case.
Recognising the importance of delivering pristine sound in every performance of the popular show, Caipo employed DPA Microphones’ d:facto 4018V Vocal Microphone to deliver clear, natural sound.
“Throughout her 20-year career, Gwen has tried many microphone brands and she has definitely noticed a difference with DPA,” he says. “She has told me that she can hear herself more clearly on her in-ears, and this allows me to keep her volume lower and protect her hearing.”
When Caipo was first introduced to DPA’s d:facto, he was blown away by the capsules’ ability to remove unwanted audience noise or stage leakage while maintaining clarity and a clean low-end, with almost no EQ needed.
“I’ve known DPA for its high-quality, broadcast, theatre and orchestral applications, but ever since I started using them on big pop tours, I was hooked,” he adds. “The clarity and uncompromising quality I get while rejecting unwanted noise is, by far, the best feature of the vocal mic.”
Caipo plans to expand his DPA arsenal with the addition of the d:vote CORE 4099 Instrument Microphone and d:dicate 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphone. He will be utilising these solutions for the Just a Girl residency and will continue to use DP

nottinghamNew Bradford venue chooses HK Audio
Wednesday, 31 July 2019

UK - HK Audio’s Linear series of loudspeakers have been specified as part of the sound system at Nightrain, a new live music venue in Bradford.
Founded by Bradford trio Chris Dove, Andy Kettle and Keith Tempest, the club transformed the former Yates and Arena sports bar on Queensgate into a 400 capacity venue that plugs the gap between smaller venues and larger ones, such as St George’s Hall. Nightrain, named after a Guns N’ Roses song, is set to host a diverse selection of live acts every week-end and select weekdays, welcoming local as well as touring acts. The venue is also open throughout the day as a bar and games room.
Mike Smith and Brian Glover of Sound Alliance were commissioned to design and install an in-house sound and lighting system capable of satisfying the most demanding acts.
Having themselves relied on a variety of solutions from German manufacturer HK Audio for many years, Mike and Brian arranged for all three directors of Nightrain to accompany them to the demo theatre of JHS, HK Audio’s Leeds based UK distributor to explore options.
The facility to directly compare various system configurations at JHS proved invaluable and ultimately sealed the deal. Consequently the decision was reached to opt for a ground stacked active system flanking either side of the stage, using enclosures from HK Audio’s Linear series.
Each front of house stack comprises two Linear L SUB 4000A subs augmented by an L SUB 1800A sub, with an L5 112 FA taking care of mid/high duties, using L5TU1 tilt units to angle the tops for optimum

mggplay-africa2019-48MGG supplies The Africa Play Conference
Wednesday, 31 July 2019

South Africa - Johannesburg rental company MGG supplied the full technical production package for the Africa Play Conference.
Hosted at The Maslow Time Square hotel in Pretoria earlier this year, the conference is a partnership between the Lego Foundation, the Department of Basic Education of the Republic of South Africa, UNICEF South Africa and the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA).
Four hundred delegates from around the globe, including educators, policy-makers and researchers, joined together to share insights and come up with ideas to help equip children in Africa to become creative and life-long learners. The emphasis was to explore learning through play and how this could improve the quality of early childhood development and become an integral part of the education system.
“To add an element of fun, MGG was asked to include Lego pieces in the set design,” explains Denzil Smith of MGG. “We soon realised that the Lego factory in Denmark was willing to manufacture actual Lego blocks, 500cm wide by 250cm high and 250cm deep, which were then shipped to South Africa. There was great excitement as the containers arrived at the MGG premises, and even more so when it came to the actual load-in. It was like watching children build a big Lego set.”
MGG project manager Günther Müller was on-site to head the project. The Lego built stage included three high-resolution Absen 2.9mm LED screens designed into the white set, which were the main source for content and information. The middle screen was able to switch

therapietaximusilacmonsAllen & Heath rocks the house at Musiclac
Wednesday, 31 July 2019

France - Continuing a run of successful festivals as the house consoles of choice, Allen & Heath’s dLive and SQ digital mixing systems headed to Festival Musilac in Aix-les-Bains to provide audio support across FOH, monitors and comms.
Charged with supplying audio for the entire festival, rental company Dushow worked with Allen & Heath’s French distributor, Algam Entreprises, to provide dLive as a house console option on two stages. The dLive systems supplied included S7000 and S5000 surfaces, paired with DM64 MixRacks and fitted with fibreACE cards for optical links with the stage.
Bruno Dabard (application engineer at Algam) comments: “dLive is becoming more and more popular amongst the engineering community in France - it has an extraordinary balance between high-quality sound and powerful tools, all in a reliable package. It’s more than just a console, it’s an entire ecosystem.”
Visiting engineers for acts such as Ugly Kid Joe and Requin Chagrin chose to mix with the house dLive systems on the day, while Therapie Taxi and Kimberose both brought in their own dLive rigs.
Antoine Guests (engineer for Therapie Taxi), regularly tours with dLive. He comments: “dLive’s flexibility, ergonomics and power are what make it a fantastic console, not to mention its Dyn8 processors (each with a four-band compressor and four bands of dynamic EQs), which allow me to control my audio groups efficiently.”
Additionally, chosen for their ease of use and extensive I/O capabilities, four SQ-5s were purchased by Dushow to use for

marcoborsatoyamahabartheemskerk01hqsmYamaha Rivage monitors Marco Borsato
Wednesday, 31 July 2019

The Netherlands - In late May and early June, Dutch star Marco Borsato became the first artist to play five sold-out stadium shows at De Kuip, home of Feyenoord Rotterdam football club. A Yamaha Rivage PM7 digital mixing system helped ensure that the performer, his band and an array of guest vocalists gave a quarter of a million fans an unforgettable experience.
Borsato has consistently been one of the Netherlands biggest and most successful singers since winning Dutch TV talent contest Soundmixshow nearly 30 years ago. Playing to 50,000 people at each show, the four evening and one afternoon concerts ensured that fans of all ages were able to enjoy a huge and spectacular stadium production. It included an 80m wide stage set, pyrotechnics and a 1000sq.m. LED video screen, the largest ever used on a Dutch live show. The singer himself said: “It doesn’t get any better than this!”
The shows needed an equally impressive audio production, supplied by Utrecht-based Peak Audio, who have worked with the artist for many years. Experienced FOH engineer and system designer Barak Koren deployed multiple line arrays, ensuring that a high-quality mix could be heard in all seats. This resulted in an unprecedented zero number of complaints from the 250,000 total audience.
Good course good sound out front requires good sound on stage to begin with, which is where monitor engineer Paul Duwel has held the position for Marco since 1996. It was Paul who helped to persuade Peak Audio to recently invest in a Yamaha Rivage PM7 system.
The monitor set-up

bastilledayfoh1Lawo joins French National Day celebrations
Wednesday, 31 July 2019

France - On 14 July 1789, troops stormed the Bastille in Paris during the French Revolution. Just one year later, the first Fête de la Fédération was held to celebrate the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in France, following the inspiration of a French textile worker, who presented his design for a festival celebrating the Bastille’s storming.
Now formally La Fête Nationale, the tradition continues each year with parades, music and firework displays. More recently, Lawo has become an integral part of the celebration.
Central to the Paris celebration is the Concert de Paris, held at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. It is one of the largest classical music events held anywhere in the world and is followed by a spectacular fireworks display, attracting thousands of live spectators.
The concert is broadcast on France Inter, on France 2, and to 3.13 million people, and upwards of 10 million around Europe. The 2019 concert also celebrated Lawo’s fifth successive year serving both the live and broadcast sound requirements.
Working over the Optocore fibre-optic network deployed by Radio France for the live sound system to connect the event’s mixing consoles and I/O systems, the Concert de Paris continued its relentless technical advance in pursuit of higher audio standards and greater operating efficiencies. With 200 musicians performing and 450 technicians in support, the 2019 Concert de Paris broadcast involved 22 cameras, a helicopter and seven OB trailers.
Previous years had seen a Lawo mc²96 console used for the event’s

mfstageMerleFest 2019 flows smoothly with DiGiCo
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

USA - With most music festivals these days being multi-stage productions, sound reinforcement providers have become remarkably adept in speedily switching over backline setups and minimizing downtime between artists’ sets. But Wilkesboro, North Carolina’s annual Merlefest, reinforced by Greensboro-based SE Systems, was able to take that transition speed to a new level this year thanks, in part, to DiGiCo mixing consoles and the manufacturer’s new 4REA4 networked audio solution.
Established in 1988 in memory of Eddie Merle Watson, the son of bluegrass icon Doc Watson, as a fundraiser for Wilkes Community College, the festival has pushed the boundaries of what Watson called “traditional-plus” music to feature acts as diverse as Elvis Costello, the Doobie Brothers, and Zac Brown Band.
SE Systems has been the sound provider from the beginning, and the systems have grown along with the festival, which annually draws more than 75,000 people to the school’s campus. This year, MerleFest utilised 17 DiGiCo consoles - ranging from the compact S21 to the large-format SD5 - spread out across 13 stages for FOH and/or monitoring.
“On the main stage there were three, maybe four, bands that were just straight-up type bluegrass the whole four days,” says Chris West, who handles production, system design, and installations for SE Systems. “Some people still see MerleFest primarily as a bluegrass festival, but two-thirds of the bands on the main stage had a drum kit, just to give some perspective.
“The main Watson Stage had an SD5 at front

klangcharis1-1Colorado college installs KLANG IEM
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

USA - Based in the foothills of Colorado’s Pike’s Peak, Charis Bible College is the main Woodland Park campus of a Christian school that has more than 70 extension and satellite locations around the globe. Founded in 1994 by Andrew Wommack Ministries, the college’s latest major development is the completion of the Auditorium, a new 3,200-seat worship, performance, and teaching space that now serves as the heart of the picturesque campus and will soon host Charis’ 25th anniversary festivities this September.
For the design and installation of the 150,000sq.ft auditorium’s audio, video, and lighting systems, Charis once again turned to Franktown, Colorado-based HOW systems integrator AcousTech, which installed three KLANG:vier immersive IEM mixing systems as part of the project.
According to Roland Dutzmann, AcousTech’s president and founder, he had planned to suggest that Charis use Klang systems for the Auditorium, but his client actually expressed an interest in the technology before he could mention it: “When we met in January of last year to finalize the sanctuary’s AVL system designs and gear choices, Nate Carter, Charis’ AVL engineer, brought up his interest in using Klang before I could suggest it.”
Carter picks up the story: “I was first pointed in the direction of Klang by a Swedish friend who is a musician, composer, and producer,” he says. “Our Worship Arts department practices a great deal of diversity in style and ensemble size and type. We do everything from classic and modern gospel to more "modern" worship st

ventsoVentso Productions adds DiGiCo S21
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

South Africa - Puleng Maponyane, the director of Ventso Productions, has recently purchased a DiGiCo S21 and D Rack from DWR Distribution.
The purchase was followed up with one-on-one training presented by Kyle Robson from DWR. “The training not only strengthened my knowledge, but Kyle showed me some advanced options that have really solidified my investment in the console,” says Maponyane. “I have admired Kyle’s work for many years now and having him teach me some of the more specialised actions has been really cool, he really knows his stuff.”
“Puleng’s work ethic and attitude is amazing,” adds Robson. “He is a talented young man and came in wanting to know more. The S21 is a perfect match for Ventso Productions, and with this kind of passion, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”
(Jim Evans)

targetsoundchoosesoutlineTarget Sound invests in Outline systems
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Poland - Audio rental operation Target Sound has expanded its inventory with a major investment in Outline products, including GTO, C-12, Mantas 28, Superfly, X8 amplifiers and the Newton FPGA processor.
Based in the southern Polish city of Chorzów, Target Sound is one of Poland’s largest full-service production companies, providing lighting, staging, multimedia and audio for a variety of events including conferences, live music, festivals and TV.
The company is also an L-Acoustics K1 partner and owns a complete inventory of L-Acoustics products.
Target Sound’s owner Adam Guzdek describes his reasons for adding Outline: “We chose to make a large investment in Outline products for several reasons. Their systems are characterised by incredible precision in reproducing sound, with unprecedented SPL - the musicality of each of their products is overwhelming, as we discovered when GTO was presented to us last year. In the mixes of bands that performed, even with very densely arranged songs, there was a place for every detail and every single note.
“The transparency of sound offered by Outline systems puts them among the best audio systems available today, systems that will handle everything from symphonic music to heavy metal and all of them will sound amazing. That's why we decided to become a GTO rental network partner and to acquire all the major Outline line array systems.
“We are an L-Acoustics K1 partner but we want to expand our business to cover more of the European market, providing audio production services at the highest


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