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queens-park-studios-34ICMP Mix Master studio installs Audient desk
Monday, 24 October 2022

UK - The newest Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) campus at Queens Park officially opens on 28 October and houses the Mix Master studio centred around the Audient ASP8024-HE console. According to ICMP’s head of industry partnerships and business development, Ace, “it is constantly in use for lessons as well as student projects and has received nothing but great comments and reviews from staff and students alike.”
Designed by Veale Associates, the studio was part of phase one of ICMP’s £2.5m development project, which also includes a high-end recording studio, state-of-the-art post-production facilities, as well as the Audient mixing and mastering studio.
Alongside the large format mixing console from Audient, there is a rack packed with hardware from SSL, Empirical Audio, Aphex and Lexicon, and a selection of speakers from PMC, Yamaha & Avantone. “Mixing and mastering is second to none with the quality of the equipment and the setup of the room. The monitors are also excellent, and the listening experience is incredible.
“I played some of my own mixes and masters in there to test it and it's an awesome sounding room. I am a fan,” adds Ace.
Open to all students, not just those studying Music Production, Ace recently taught a songwriter how to digitally master in the Audient Mix Master room so she could have more control over her own projects. “Most of our students have multiple talents in performance and production - including the business ones - so they all use it for different aspects of their projects,

blue-arrays-reotshepile-tlhowe-and-nathan-thiart-with-their-new-quantum-338-the-company-already-own-a-digico-s31-sd11-and-sd5Blue Array invests in DiGiCo Quantum
Monday, 24 October 2022

South Africa - Blue Array Productions has become the first technical supply company in South Africa to take ownership of a DiGiCo Quantum 338, purchased from DWR Distribution.
Over the past 17 years, Blue Array has become known for its professional service in audio rental and productions. Their DiGiCo journey started in 2016 with the investment of a SD5, which was also a first in the SA market. Today they are home to a DiGiCo S31, SD11, SD5 and now the Quantum 338, all taken care of by senior sound engineer Nathan Thiart and the Blue Array Team.
“The idea behind our latest purchase was to specify rider-driven equipment that would also cater for local audio engineers,” said Nathan, who also heads the Blue Array office in Johannesburg. “We considered the SD12-96, nothing too big nor too fancy, and something that would satisfy the local market. Our main necessity was to acquire a large format console to pair up with the SD5, something that could handle a normal band or festival set-up all the way to an international rider. The S31 is great for day-to-day events but we needed to fill that gap.”
While the Blue Array team had their eye on Quantum, they did not want to put pressure on the business by requesting something that was top of the range, particularly after enduring the COVID-19 pandemic. Kobus van Rensburg, owner of the company, would have none of it! Grins Nathan, “Kobus decided that the Quantum 338 was the way to go considering the way events are going, and how technical riders are evolving to Quantum. We knew that this would be the

nikki-glaserphoto-by-adam-rose-hbo2Elation adds extra sparkle to Nikki Glaser special
Monday, 24 October 2022

USA - Comedian Nikki Glaser’s first HBO comedy special is a no-holds-barred hour of comedy. Taped late last year at the Paramount Theatre in Denver, Colorado in front of a sold-out audience, Nikki Glaser: Good Clean Filth premiered on HBO on 16 July and is available to stream on HBO Max.
Chief designer at E26 Design, Marc Janowitz, who served as lighting and production designer for the special, sought a sparkle lighting effect to go along with the set’s backdrop glitter curtain. He found what he was looking for in Elation’s SparkLED twinkle effect, proprietary technology included in the Elation Rayzor 760 LED wash moving head, as well as other Elation luminaires.
“When we were exchanging design and visual ideas, Nikki showed us a picture from a show she had done in a Vegas showroom where there was a glitter curtain,” Janowitz recalls. “She really liked the idea of bringing that aesthetic into her special, so we found and crafted the material to work with the set design. I wanted to extend that glitter-look into the lighting fixtures and selected the Rayzor 760 specifically for its ability to create sparkles on its lens face. I thought it would go very nicely with the glitter curtain as eye candy for the cameras. To me, it is very much the live lighting version of a glitter curtain.”
The seven oversized front lenses of the Rayzor 760 create a large surface that is enhanced by SparkLED technology. SparkLED consists of 28 individual 2W white LEDs placed inside the lens itself to create an additional layer of sparkle. SparkLEDs are

lifeisbeautiful20224Panthers power Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas
Monday, 24 October 2022

USA - In a city famous for its nightlife, this year’s Life is Beautiful festival, produced in partnership with Another Planet Entertainment, boosted Las Vegas’ reputation for big, bold, and electrifying events to new heights.
Staged over three weekend nights in late September, the ninth edition of Life is Beautiful occupied no less than 18 blocks of downtown Sin City to accommodate non-stop revelry by crowds estimated at up to 150,000.
The main musical attractions were at the Downtown and Bacardí stages, both equipped with Meyer Sound systems provided by Solotech. At the Downtown Stage, where headliners like Calvin Harris, Gorillaz, Jack Harlow, and Arctic Monkeys pumped up the night, the party-level sound was powered by a Panther large-format linear line array loudspeaker system.
“We all recognised that the close ties between Meyer Sound and Life is Beautiful presented a perfect opportunity to introduce FOH engineers, touring production people, and music fans to the new Panther system,” says Jim Yakabuski, veteran FOH engineer (Van Halen, Journey, Gwen Stefani) who now doubles as director of audio projects for Solotech US.
“Again this year, Solotech’s hard-working teams have collaborated with Life is Beautiful on various stages. It was a pleasure to work with our partner Meyer Sound, whose Panther system delivered clear, pristine, and punchy sound, with very fast attack transients on instruments like kick drum and bass guitar and beautifully timed and dispersed transition to the 1100‑LFC subs for even coverage.”
In phys

women-in-theater-panelheaderWomen In Theatre panel tackles global challenges
Monday, 24 October 2022

USA - Shure invited top professional women in the theatre industry from around the globe to join Shure President and CEO Chris Schyvinck for a panel discussion around the evolving role of women.
Panelists included Vicki Hill, front-of-house operator for theatre (UK), Nancy Lam, chief theatre technician, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (Hong Kong), Victoria (Toy) Deiorio, head of sound design at DePaul University (US) and Stephanie Farina, adjunct professor at The Theatre School at DePaul University.
The live online broadcast provided a myriad of topics ranging from what inspired these professionals to pursue this career, to challenges faced in the industry and global regions, to advice they have for young women interested in theatre production.
“This talented panel of women from all over the globe really provided some fantastic insights into their diverse adventures in theatre,” said Schyvinck. “The ability to bring their perspectives forward for the next generation of young women to experience is an essential part of our industry’s efforts to increase inclusion, diversity, equity, and access.”
The following are select excerpts from the panellists on the key topics discussed.
Vicki Hill on stereotypical challenges: “For me, I found the problem was breaking into that next level. I got a lot of ‘oh but you're so good backstage, you're such a good communicator. Everybody likes working with you backstage, you're great with the cast, you're really great with stage management. I almost found that getting people to see m

laurafrankLSi talks to Laura Frank of frame:work
Friday, 21 October 2022

UK - frame:work is a community organisation for creative video professionals working in live events, installations and virtual production. Here, frame:work co-founder Laura Frank tells us what to expect at the first in-person event, a two-day conference, set to take place on 3-4 November at central London’s CodeNode . . .
What led to frame:work becoming established within the professional video / entertainment technology industry? Did you feel there was a gap in the market for a sector-specific education and networking event?
Laura Frank: “Creative video professionals have spent years at conferences that speak to only part of the challenges faced in our work. My co-founders and I wanted a forum where someone who works across film, broadcast and live performance could talk about producing content and managing screens control for those very different production spaces. frame:work creates the opportunity to learn from a wide range of experiences focused on this narrow and technologically rich topic.”
As a community-led conference for creatives working in the ‘live pixel’ arena, what do you feel will really put frame:work on the map?
LF: “One of frame:work’s missions is to foster client education. To accomplish that, we first need to educate each other on the intricacies of what we each do. So many of us are self-taught, trailblazing new paths with each technical advancement in our field. A better understanding of ourselves as a community will allow us to advance as a cohesive professional body to our clients. Gathering

dstvmvca-25-june-2022-highres-255Viewers’ Choice Awards show driven by light
Thursday, 20 October 2022

South Africa - It was a celebration of talent at the fourth edition of the DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards held at Time Square’s SunBet Arena in Tshwane after a two-year interval due to the pandemic. The event coincided with the lifting of all COVID-19 regulations in South Africa, allowing local celebrities and delegates to feel a sense of freedom as they attended the broadcast event produced by Don’t Look Down with technical by AV Unlimited and Visual Frontier appointed for lighting design.
The DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards honours those working in television, radio, music, sports and comedy, as voted by viewers living in South Africa. The show opened with a cameo appearance by Leanne Manas, was hosted by Lawrence Maleka and included performances by artists including Tuks Senganga, Boohle, Pabi Cooper, Kamo Mphela and Zakes Bantwini.
“What I love about working alongside DLD is expanding the boundaries on every event,” said Guillaume Ducray, co-owner of AV Unlimited. “You do not grow as a person unless you are doing something different. When working on a production like this we know that we are going to push the envelope, and afterwards, look back and think, wow, we did this!”
It was an impressive rig with a solid team made including Joshua Cutts, Andre Siebrits and Renaldo van den Berg on lighting, while Adriaan van der Walt headed the audio.
The full lighting list included 112 Robe LEDForce 18 RGBW, six Robe BMFL Blades, 12 Robe BMFL WashBeam, 12 Robe BMFL Spots, 91 Robe Pointes, 27 Robe Spiiders, six Robe Strobe IP,

japanMLA proves its capability at Rock in Japan
Thursday, 20 October 2022

Japan - Rock in Japan made its post-COVID-19 return this year and did so in very different fashion. The five-day event was reborn as an urban style festival in a new location, having moved to the Soga Sports Park in the coastal resort of Chiba from its previous home of Hitachinaka.
The change of location had been a major concern for those managing and promoting the shows, as Soga Sports Park is located near residences and in a densely populated shopping area. Additionally, it was the first time that a festival had taken place here. The potential of noise pollution problems caused challenges for the production team.
“We had to adopt a completely different the approach,” stated Shuzo Fujii, president of MSI Japan, the sound production company. “Up until now, we have always focused on how far we could throw our MLA loudspeaker array, but this time we had to think in the opposite direction.”
With Tomoya Shitakubo, who also acted as system tech, in charge of the design, they devised a solution which had not been adopted previously - importing a number of delay towers and developing a distributed sound system. MSI acknowledge that in the history of Japanese festivals, the distributed sound system approach had not been attempted, and so this became a voyage of discovery for both for the promoters and MSI crews.
“The promoter is our client, and he has specified MLA for the past 10 years,” stated Fujii, who also acted as chief engineer for the event. “Everybody had faith that MLA would be able to overcome this difficult problem.”

robe-k3-tour-k3221650322Robe Tetra2s on song for K3 Benelux tour
Thursday, 20 October 2022

Belgium - Girl band K3 are back on the road performing to their enthusiastic young fanbase, complete with a tightly choreographed show produced by Studio 100 and lighting designed by Jeroen Opsteyn from creative outfit Painting with Light (PWL) who worked closely with choreographer, Tommy Gryson.
Wanting to keep the focus firmly on the performers, a minimalist ‘bare stage’ production concept was developed without video but with a big emphasis on lighting to provide the visual atmospherics including a kinetic essence that flowed throughout the performance with the dance movements.
This was delivered by Opsteyn with a carefully chosen rig that includes 40 x Robe Tetra2 moving LED batten fixtures that play a key role in the lighting design, which, together with a series of smartly designed props and costumes and the tight choreography, help bring the stage alive with colour and energy.
The Tetra2s are arranged in four vertical ‘perspective’ linear rows above the stage and provide a virtual ceiling and a host of architectural looks.
“I did not want to do another straight spot-wash-spot-wash design,” he explained. “Studio 100 shows are well known for having great production values, and everyone wanted something different, fresh and clean on this tour, so I think with this layout and more structural approach was the way to go.”
Opsteyn specifically wanted to create dramatic curtains of light at certain points, and more than capable of this, the Tetra2s “were perfect with their sharpness and zoom – I needed bright fixtures

nexoNexo and BTM enjoy busy summer in Catalunya
Thursday, 20 October 2022

Spain - It’s been a busy summer for BTM Sound as a full programme of concerts and festivals returned to Catalunya in 2022 following two years of COVID-19 lockdowns. The Girona-based events services specialists deployed Nexo systems at festivals at Porta Ferrada with performances from Iggy Pop, Herbie Hancock and Jamie Cullum, Mas Sorrer and Sons del Món on the Costa Brava at Roses, where headliners included Andrés Calamaro, Gipsy Kings and Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals.
In a stunning location overlooking the Mediterranean, the Nexo System at Sons del Món comprised of 12-box line arrays of Geo M12 to cover an audience depth of approximately 60m, with eight pairs of MSUB18 sub bass cabinets across the front of the stage. Nexo’s P12 point source speakers were used for font and side-fills, and performers enjoyed precision coverage from Nexo’s 45N12 stage monitors. Amplification and processing were provided by Nexo’s NXAMPMK2 powered controllers.
BTM has worked on Sons del Món for many years now, with promoter Promo Arts entrusting this and other festivals to the BTM team.
“The Geo M12 system reached the back row without any problems and with a consistent frequency response across the audience,” reports Robert Reig Collell from BTM. “The low-end response was well focussed in the audience area, and we got very positive comments from artists and engineers.”
Geo M12 is the largest of Nexo’s three Geo M line arrays, all of which share the same sonic signature and easy rigging system to provide a cost-effective, easy to dep

etc-dkk-2ETC Rigging system installed in Slovenian venue
Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Slovenia - The venue known today as Dom kulture Kamnik (DKK), located to the north of Ljubljana in Slovenia, was built in 1953 as part of the Kamnik Chemical Industry. Constructed by the workers themselves, DKK was designed to be a cultural entertainment centre to serve the local community. Although the main stage incorporated hoists, the venue was primarily used as a movie theatre until it temporarily closed its doors in 1991.
With the idea of revitalizing live performances came the decision to renovate the building. Over the past two decades, a variety of improvements have been made, including the recent installation of a stage machinery system from ETC Rigging, comprising Prodigy P2 hoists, Helix cable management, a ColorSource Raceway prewired power and data distribution system, and a QuickTouch Preset controller.
“Back in 2017, we were at DKK installing an ETC ColorSource ThruPower system for dimming, and an Element console,” says Ivan Franinović, from ETC dealer Elsis d.o.o. “We were asked by Primož Jeras – the man who holds together this venue in every technical respect – to come up with some ideas for replacing the hoists.
“As demand to see theatre shows was growing, the risks associated with using 70-year-old counterweight hoists were also increasing. No disrespect to the original stage builders, but the hoist structure was made of wood and pipes hanging on hemp ropes. They did a perfect job for that period, but it was time for an overhaul.”
Elsis d.o.o. consulted the stage machinery team at ETC, and together they wor

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Expensive Tastes - Tickets for next year's Glastonbury Festival will cost £340, organisers have confirmed. Festival-goers will be charged £335 plus a £5 booking fee for standard tickets, plus a £50 deposit. The last time tickets went on sale, in 2019, they cost £265 plus the booking fee for what should have been the 2020 festival, but was postponed due to the pandemic.
The music event will return to Worthy Farm in Somerset from 21 to 25 June 2023, and tickets - which usually sell out in minutes - will go on sale on 6 November. Fans must register before purchasing in a bid by organisers to stop ticket touts.
Bittersweet - The Lord Mayor of Liverpool said winning Eurovision was "bittersweet" and vowed to do his utmost to honour the Ukrainian sister city. Councillor Roy Gladden has written to the Mayor of Odesa after Liverpool secured the right to host the 2023 European Song Contest last week. He said it will celebrate Ukraine's culture with a "scouse twist".
It comes as BBC director general Tim Davie praised Liverpool for its "energy" and "warmth" and "record of delivering great events", after meeting the city's culture team to discuss the forthcoming show.
In his letter to Mayor of Odesa Gennadiy Trukhanov, the Lord Mayor of Liverpool said he was "proud" the city would host in Ukraine's place on 13 May, reported the Local Democracy Reporting Service. "When it was announced that we were the winner, it was a bittersweet moment. We know this is your event - it should be you and your colleagues across your country working together on pl

pf-winner-sarahProduction Futures award winners announced
Tuesday, 18 October 2022

UK - Production Futures exists to create opportunities for young people to learn, train, network and develop real careers in production across every area of the live event, music, touring, theatre, TV, broadcast and film industries. The organisation’s Breakthrough Awards, presented in association with TPi magazine, recognise the impact of up-and-coming talent in all areas of production, with nominations made by tutors, mentors, colleagues or peers.
This year, the six winners received their awards at the Production Futures ON TOUR event which took place in late September at Production Park in Wakefield. The event was the first of a series taking place across the UK in the coming months and saw more than six hundred young people through its doors. Thirty-five brand partners from the worlds of audio, lighting, TV, virtual events and global logistics, were on hand to offer information, insights and advice about careers in production. A number of industry associations were also represented, joining the commercial brands in presenting panels and workshops on a range of subjects designed to explain and inspire.
Hannah Eakins, CEO of Production Futures comments, “this year’s awards were presented at the conclusion of what was a fantastic day. We received a record number of nominations this year - an indication that our campaign to highlight and deliver opportunities for young people in the production sector is moving in the right direction. Our brand partners, many of them market-leading global companies, have really bought into our ideas, recognising the

timaxGrand opera spatialised by TiMax and Amadeus
Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Austria - Oper Im Steinbruch, the annual opera event set in the Roman Quarry ampitheatre of St Margarethen, has become a summer staple, with production values as big as the stage itself: At 80m wide and 30m deep, it is Europe’s largest outdoor stage. Event sound designer Volker Werner relies on the object-based spatialisation of TiMax SoundHub to ensure the classical opera narratives, such as this year’s Nabucco by Verdi, are simple to follow for the 4700-capacity audiences.
As remarkable as the size and scale of stage and event, is that each year since inception in 2017 the speaker positions are integrated into the main stage scenery. A total of 98 loudspeakers occupy 53 speaker positions on the main stage and these are spatially unified by a redundant system of two 64-channel TiMax SoundHub processors with Dante which handle the spatialisation and vocal localisation for the main stage.
Integrated into the system with TiMax is an Amadeus Active Audio system providing spatial acoustics on an extended 32-channel surround system.
Werner relies on TiMax year on year. “It allows us to easily create a flexible, high-channel count, directional acoustic reinforcement system using dynamically managed precedence,” he says. Out Board director Robin Whittaker was on hand during set up to assist with the TiMax TrackerD4 deployment and TiMax SoundHub setup and integration with Amadeus.
TiMax TrackerD4 precision stagetracking is also in place with 14 TTd4 Sensors to cover the vast and open-air stage. TrackerD4 automates the

Shure expands sustainability efforts
Tuesday, 18 October 2022

UK - As part of its overall sustainability initiatives, Shure is improving its packaging to be even more environmentally friendly. Packaging for new Shure products prioritises the use of recyclable and renewable materials.
New products will be packaged using 75 percent recyclable and/or renewable materials in 2023. In addition, the company is also improving packaging sustainability by:
Committing to source a greater portion of our paper and fibre-based packaging from suppliers that are certified by sustainable forestry organisations such as FSC, SFI and/or PEFC, with the intention to eliminate non-certified packaging by 2030.
Optimising packaging for efficient distribution and logistics (creating packaging that better fits onto pallets and shipping containers to maximise space, which reduces transportation fuel and emissions produced by excess shipments).
Ensuring that existing product packaging is using greener methods. For example, we are working to replace plastic inserts with molded pulp wherever possible.
Shure has continued to take several steps to increase its focus on sustainability in packaging, balancing the need to protect sensitive, high-performance electronic equipment being shipped worldwide with being more environmentally responsible.
The company recently joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and conducted an audit to assess sustainability of more than 1500 different packaging components. Shure has also implemented software solutions to help improve packaging design and distribution efficiency. Environmental im

david-henrypress-release-portraitbOptimal Audio appoints TMP Pro USA distributor
Tuesday, 18 October 2022

USA - UK manufacturer Optimal Audio has announced the appointment of TMP Pro as a distributor in the United States.
Optimal Audio, part of the Focusrite Group, manufactures a one-stop solution of control, amplification and loudspeakers for small to medium sized commercial installations, with a focus on supporting multi-zoned venues.
Based in Connecticut, TMP Pro is the pro audio, video, lighting, and pro accessories division of The Music People, an Exertis/Jam business which distributes more than 200 premium brands across the US. The company’s substantial distribution capacity is based on strong relationships with its brands, allied to a capacity to exceed expectations through the expertise of its certified specialists.
David Henry, national accounts manager, TMP Pro comments, “We are proud, honoured, and excited to offer our US dealers access to the Optimal Audio ecosystem. The engineers at Optimal have assembled an intuitive, powerful line up of devices with a clear focus on functionality, audio quality and simple control. It is an extremely attractive option for our clients.”
Lee Stein, VP sales, Optimal Audio, North America adds, “we are very pleased to partner with TMP Pro as our distributor for the United States. I have had experience of working with them over many years and know them to be very knowledgeable, highly professional, and closely attuned to the needs of their customers. They’re a great fit for Optimal Audio and are perfectly placed to deliver our user-friendly solutions to the US commercial audio market.”

winther-sound-solutionsMartin Audio names WSS distributor for Sweden
Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Sweden - Martin Audio has announced the appointment of Winther Sound Solutions (WSS) as its new distributor for Sweden.
Although a young company, WSS already has an impressive track record with Martin Audio products having worked as a dealer for the last two years. During this time, they have transacted some impressive business deals, resulting in system deployment in some prestigious sites. One such venue is the recently upgraded Circus in Stockholm where an immersive audio system has brought this theatre arena into an all-Martin Audio domain, with the addition of CDD now supplementing their existing MLA array.
WSS is headed by Mattias Winther, Pontus Svensson and Mårten Ihre - a team with an impressive heritage in the Swedish market. According to Flemming Bjerke, Martin Audio’s sales manager for the Nordic region and Germany, they have more than proven themselves ready to take on the additional challenge of distribution responsibility and grow the full line of Martin Audio products in the territory.
“With the dedication of the WSS team I am looking forward to working with Mattias, Mårten and Pontus and being part of their success,” he says. “The team’s attitude, combined with their advanced technical knowledge, will help ensure their success as our distributor.”
“This opportunity comes at just the right time for our company,” adds Mattias Winther, “The audio quality of Martin Audio products provides an exceptional listening experience in a wide fan of settings - from smaller background music systems to full blown concert

made-in-america-festival2Elation illuminates Made In America Festival
Monday, 17 October 2022

USA - Patrick Dierson and The Activity have been involved in the Made In America Festival in Philadelphia since 2014 and this year turned to Elation Professional Proteus, Protron and Smarty luminaires as key elements of a lighting package supplied by 4Wall.
“Our goal is always to provide as many of the various lighting tools that guest LDs expect to find at modern festivals so that we can ensure that the cloning of their existing shows are as seamless as possible,” commented Patrick Dierson of The Activity. “We also have to take into account the proper design placement of all of the elements so that the design has various layers and fills the overall visual space, not just for the attendees but also for the live stream’s camera shots.”
The Activity provided the overall production design, lighting directors for all stages, project manager, art director, and technical management of all guest LDs and VJs and their camps. 4Wall supplied all lighting, video, truss, and rigging for all of the Made In America stages, as well as various levels of media and lighting support for back of house elements such as dressing room trailers, etc.
Held over Labor Day Weekend on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the two-day music festival has been an end-of-summer staple in Philadelphia for more than a decade. Curated by rapper and music industry executive Jay-Z, this year’s line-up featured headliners Tyler, the Creator and Bad Bunny.
For the Rocky Stage, Dierson sought an IP65-rated beam unit that could overcome two major challenges. “Firstly, it ne

houstonL-Acoustics supports Cougars and Roughnecks
Monday, 17 October 2022

USA - From 2014 to 2017, the University of Houston Cougars football team won 16 straight games on its home gridiron - the John O’Quinn Field at TDECU Stadium - marking the longest active home winning streak in the nation at the time. However, the PA system for the facility, which opened in August of 2014, didn’t share quite the same success, quickly falling victim to the area’s increasingly volatile weather and early component failures.
In response, LD Systems was recently able to step in and remedy the situation with a loudspeaker design from L-Acoustics that offered vastly better audio quality via a streamlined combination of K, A, and X Series products.
TDECU Stadium - its official name derived from the Texas Dow Employees Credit Union, the largest credit union in Houston - is built on the site of the former Robertson Stadium and also hosts the XFL's Houston Roughnecks.
Matt Rhodes, sales engineer at LD Systems, University of Houston’s long-time AV partner, commented on the stadium’s sound over the past few years: “We had been helping the school nurse its existing sound system through football seasons for the past two years, but it became clear that they needed a new, more modern audio system. We looked at a few options with them and found that L-Acoustics offered the right mix of components to create a powerful yet cost-effective system for the client.”
The stadium’s new system now comprises two hangs of 12 K2 enclosures over six Kara II per side of the scoreboard, flanked by a combination of A15i Wide and A15i Focus enclos

hope-churchSingapore church adds more Ayrton Eurus Profiles
Monday, 17 October 2022

Singapore - Hope Church in Singapore has invested in a further shipment of Ayrton Eurus Profile luminaires through its exclusive distributor for Singapore, Total Solution Marketing. The new fixtures will complement the Church’s existing stock of Eurus Profile that were first purchased in 2021.
Part of Ayrton’s 6 Series, Eurus Profile is its first multi-function profile luminaire to be launched under the new SLIM-21 TM programme for miniaturising fixtures and reducing their weight, and boasts optics specifically developed for applications requiring perfect image reproduction.
Steven Yeoh, technical director at Hope Church, explains how they came to choose more of this particular fixture, and how the fixtures will be used at the church: “Hope Church Singapore organises various events within our 1,400-seater The Axis Auditorium. Our programme ranges from small scale musicals to contemporary live band concerts. We chose to add three more Eurus Profile fixtures because we consider them to be great value for money considering the excellent performance they give. Also, we know Ayrton to be a reputable brand and we have received consistently good post-sales and technical support from TSM for many years.”
In this instance the Eurus Profile fixtures are mounted on a flybar 9m above centre stage to provide extra lighting effects and to complement the church’s four existing Eurus Profile units.
“We decided on a repeat order of these fixtures because we found them very easy to set up and very powerful,” continues Yeoh. “We particularly like

toyota4Auvicom lights Toyota experience with Chauvet
Monday, 17 October 2022

Belgium - Toyota Motor Europe has had plenty of developments to share with customers and the media of late thanks to its impressive array of recently introduced hybrid and electric vehicles. Now, with the opening of its Brand Experience Centre in Brussels, it also has a sleek and engaging new platform for highlighting these innovations.
Located in a former workshop that has been transformed into a contemporary auditorium complex, the new facility features an event space/theatre, studio, and Sky Lab meeting rooms. Auvicom, which has been a major AV supplier to Toyota Europe for over two decades, was responsible for the design and equipment installation at the new centre in consultation with the D-Side Group event agency.
The facility’s 400m2 events space is fully equipped to stage press conferences, product launches and other live happenings, including recording and live-stream broadcasts. Auvicom has ensured that these activities will all take place in a supportive and optimal setting by installing a full AV system that features a 33m LED wall, a fully functional control room, PTZ cameras, microphones, sound-and-image systems, and an advanced lighting rig, which in keeping with the environmental commitment of the company and its client, is comprised of all LED fixtures.
Featured in this lighting rig is a collection of 34 Chauvet Professional fixtures, including five Ovation F-145WW Fresnels, five Ovation E-260WW ellipsoidals, six Ovation F-265 Fresnels, and 10 Ovation CYC1 FC units, as well as eight moving fixtures, four Maverick Force S Spots, an

bpmBPM 2022 prepares to open its doors
Friday, 14 October 2022

UK - On Saturday 15 October, DJ technology exhibition BPM 2022 will open its doors at Solihul’s Cranmore Park Conference and Events Centre
Co-organised by Mark Parkhouse, Jack Wilson and Kris Dawber, BPM 2022 will include a busy show floor featuring ADJ, Bose, Chauvet DJ and Neutrik, FBT, RCF, HK Audio, Mackie and more.
The seminar programme – powered by ProMobile Focus and organised in association with Pro Mobile, NADJ, SEDA and the Mobile DJ Network – will cover topics as varied as how DJs can best connect with Gen Y and Z, how businesses can benefit from more digital marketing, and your remix skills can improve courtesy of a masterclass with renowned DJ and producer Paul Dakeyne.
Elsewhere, visitors will be able to compare sound systems from Bishopsound, Citronic, Bose, FBT, HH, HK Audio, Mackie, RCF and Studiomaster in a like-for-like demonstration area named the BPM Sound Experience.
“We can’t wait to open this year’s edition of BPM so our guests can discover everything that we’ve planned,” commented BPM co-organiser Mark Parkhouse. “We’re bringing more to the show than ever before, from unmissable networking opportunities to seminars and physical demonstrations. And, of course, there’s the always popular after-party.”
BPM 2022 opens its doors at 10am on Saturday 15 October at Cranmore Park Conference and Events Centre, Cranmore Ave, Shirley, Solihull B90 4LE.

iseRegistration opens for ISE 2023
Friday, 14 October 2022

Spain - Registration is now open for Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2023). With just under four months until opening day, ISE 2023 already has over 52,000 sqm of space booked, over 30% more than the exhibitor space in 2022.
So far, over 700 companies are already committed to exhibiting, and alongside long-standing flagship exhibitors, ISE 2023 will play host to several new brands making their debut.
Mike Blackman, Integrated Systems Events managing director, stated: “We can’t wait to return to Barcelona with ISE 2023. This year’s show exceeded expectations, and we are looking forward to a bigger and even better event at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via in January 2023. We already have a great show floor packed with industry-leading brands and we’re working hard to ensure that, yet again, ISE goes above and beyond expectations.”
ISE 2023 will showcase technology innovators and solution providers which include industry-leading brands such as Absen, Blackmagic Design, Barco, Christie, Crestron, Google, KNX, Lang, LG, Logitech, Panasonic, Samsung, Shure, Sony and many more.
The ISE Conference Programme returns in 2023 with a new home. The programme of conferences and summits will take place in the modern, purpose-built conference rooms in the CC4 and CC5 areas on the upper level of the Fira Gran Via. The schedule includes an informative programme of Spanish-language content covering all aspects of the pro AV and systems integration industry as well as sessions to cover thought-provoking issues, market trends and inspirational keynote speaker

aa-vaAudio Architecture to distribute Voice Acoustics
Friday, 14 October 2022

UK/Germany - Audio Architecture has announced a co-operative venture with German loudspeaker manufacturer Voice Acoustic.
“VA has concentrated on building a range of high-performance small to medium sized systems that provide value for money for installers and gigging musicians for whom ROI is far more important than ‘bragging rights’,” says the company. “They have concentrated entirely on listening to their clients in developing well-made and excellently engineered products, thus reliable systems, for applications where performance excellence over life of asset is valued.”
This "under the radar" approach has very firmly established Voice Acoustic in Germany as a major force.
Collaboration with Audio Architecture will see the brand expand into UK and the Middle East.


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