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goldcoastsmLighting industry initiative unites Australia
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Australia - On 15 April, Australian skies were lit up in support of those fighting the COVID-19 global pandemic whilst also drawing attention to the plight of the country’s entertainment industry.
Organised by ALIA, the event also served as a morale boost for the lighting industry. Production companies, sole traders, distributors and manufacturers all joined in the effort.
The brief was fairly open being just colourful with a bit of movement and initially, premises only were to be lit up. But many companies were able to light significant landmarks including hospitals, theatres, town halls, sports stadiums and even a lighthouse. Many sought permission from the aviation authorities to project high into the night skies.
In an act of generosity, Brisbane-based Gobotech offered free gobos to those taking part.
ALIA was “blown away by the number of participants and the amount of time and effort afforded”.

queensawardsQueen’s Awards for Brompton and Peerless-AV
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

UK - Two industry companies have been recognised with a Queen's Award for Enterprise.
The awards programme rewards British businesses who excel at international trade, innovation or sustainable development. This year, Brompton Technology and Peerless-AV were both honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category.
“It is really gratifying to be recognised with such a prestigious award, and we want to thank all our partners globally who have been such an important part of this success story,” comments Brompton’s managing director, Richard Mead. “It is all the more poignant to be receiving it at such a difficult time for our industry and the world in general. This award is testament to the strength and dedication of the Brompton team. Right now, we are focussed on supporting our partners through these challenging times, but we look forward to an even brighter future for Brompton Technology.”
Keith Dutch, managing director - EMEA, Peerless-AV, comments: “We are obviously delighted to receive this prestigious Royal accolade, as it recognises the hard work and commitment, we have invested to develop our international business. I am confident that this respected award, and its globally recognised symbol, will drive our export business and the worldwide standing of Peerless-AV to new heights.” He adds: “I want to personally thank Melinda Von Horvath (VP Sales & Marketing - EMEA) who has been instrumental in our EMEA strategy and growth during this period, developing and nurturing the sales team.”

sn-shureShure celebrates 95 years in pro audio
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

USA - Shure Incorporated is celebrating its 95th year in audio technology.
From its inception in 1925 as a one-man company selling radio parts kits, Shure has built a legacy of innovations in audio. Today, the company offers a diverse portfolio of wired and wireless microphones, personal and professional listening products, and conferencing and meeting solutions.
Shure products are now sold in more than 120 countries, and through the decades, these have been used around the world by the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Elvis Presley, Pope Francis, Nelson Mandela, The Beatles, and every United States President since Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Product innovations throughout the company’s 95-year history include Unidyne I Model 55, the first unidirectional microphone with a single moving coil dynamic element; the SM58 microphone, an industry standard worldwide for live vocal performance; and Vagabond 88, the first handheld wireless microphone. In the past year, Shure launched TwinPlex, a new sub-miniature lavalier microphone; the MV88+ Video Kit, a new stereo microphone to enhance content capture on smartphones; Microflex Advance MXA910 with IntelliMix, and the AONIC line of listening products, including AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones and AONIC 215 True Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones.
Shure users include people in the spotlight as well as the technicians and engineers behind-the-scenes. Shure products can be found in use at the Super Bowl, the Grammys, the Olympic games, the Academy Awards, and by local, state, and national

koreypereiraSoularity Sound upgrades with JBL and Dolby
Monday, 20 April 2020

USA - Austin, Texas-based post-production mixer and sound designer Korey Pereira recently upgraded his studio, Soularity Sound, with a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 monitoring system featuring JBL Professional and Crown solutions, enabling him to create immersive audio content.
Soularity Sound provides post-production audio services for film, television, streaming, commercials and web content in the Austin market and internationally. Services include sound editing, sound design, Foley, ADR, voiceover, mixing and production sound.
Recognising a growing industry trend of adopting the Dolby Atmos immersive audio format as a standard deliverable, Pereira decided to upgrade his 5.1 surround sound monitoring system to a 7.1.4 setup with ceiling speakers for three-dimensional sound. To achieve high-quality results that translate well to cinemas, home theatres and consumer devices, Pereira equipped his studio with JBL 7 Series monitors, a JBL Intonato 24 monitor management and tuning system, and Crown amplifiers.
“Seeing the traction that Dolby has had on the consumer market was one of the big factors that pushed me into the decision,” said Pereira. “Now that iPhones, Soundbars, Apple TVs and other devices are natively supporting Atmos, it seems like it's definitely going to stick around. Especially with Netflix more or less adopting it as a native format, I expect to see more and more spec sheets asking for Atmos mixes. So for me, it kind of hit a tipping point where the technology seemed like it was going to be the industry leader, and more and more people are

itr-economicsChauvet aids livestreaming business session
Monday, 20 April 2020

USA - Stay at home restrictions have prevented the Clermont, Ohio Chamber of Commerce from holding its regular meetings. But now, more than ever, its member businesses are seeking guidance from the 50-year old organisation, particularly on the steps they can take to navigate their way through this period of lockdowns.
A highlight of the chamber’s educational initiative was the detailed and informative 8 April livestream it hosted by noted author and small business expert Brian Beaulieu, CEO of ITR Economics. A former US Labourr Department economist, Beaulieu delivered his presentation from the Events United Studio Lab, illuminated by a rig that featured Maverick MK2 Spot, Ovation CYC 1 FC, STRIKE 4 and Ovation E-260WW IP fixtures.
Beaulieu was able to communicate the intricacies of his ideas to the audience, located 900 miles from the New Hampshire studio, with the help of a large white video wall made up of Chauvet Professional F2 panels.
Although the massive white space provided a supportive background for the economist to use when calling up the plethora of charts, graphs and tables that illustrated his points, it also presented a challenge for the team lighting the livestream.
“Brian wanted an all-white background, which complicated things a bit,” said Tim Messina owner of Events United. “We had to make the colour temperature of the lights dead on so the white on the video wall matched their presentation, all while making sure the skin and hair tones stayed true on camera.”
Accomplishing this feat began with matching the wh

absenAbsen maintains focus on LED webinars
Monday, 20 April 2020

Europe - This week will see the continuation of Absen’s series of webinars, with two sessions on Tuesday 21 April at respectively 9am (Rental & Staging) and 1pm (Introduction to LED), one session dedicated to fixed installations (Corporate & Retail) on Wednesday 22 April at 9am BST, and a two parts session (9am and 1pm BST) on Thursday 23 April which will provide insights on Basic Technical Knowledge of LED Displays. More webinars will also be offered by Absen in the near future.
The inaugural session, which was held on Tuesday 7 April and focussed on Absen’s rental & staging products, had in excess of 350 registrations and over 200 attendees; 84% of whom rated it as being either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.
The next rental & staging webinar, which will be hosted by Absen’s rental & staging industry director Christian Czimny, will take a more in-depth look at Absen’s key rental products from the inside out, as well as covering what to look out for when investing in LED. The session will also feature a Q&A portion at the end where attendees can have their product-specific questions answered; equipping them with all of the knowledge they will need when eventually returning to work.
The second webinar, hosted by Absen’s retail industry director Ben Phelps, will focus on the applications and benefits of LED displays for retail and corporate environments. This taster webinar is designed for system integrators and anyone else involved in the design, delivery, and support of LED systems, including ar

davide-lombardiBryan Ferry sticks together with Brit Row
Monday, 20 April 2020

UK - Bryan Ferry has been a mainstay in the art rock world since the early ‘70s. Still playing music with commanding style, he returned to the stage with support from rental supplier, Britannia Row Productions.
In early March, before the Coronavirus pandemic had hit the UK, Ferry took to the road with Britannia Row, delivering what FOH engineer Davide Lombardi describes as “the most challenging yet rewarding tour to date”.
He adds, “Bryan is very tuned-in to making his audiences happy; he’s a perfectionist but in a very good way. His attention to detail is impeccable.”
Having worked with Britannia Row for some years, Lombardi states that the key to success for a tour like Ferry’s is “total trust” in your team. “His live sound is different because of the constant alteration of arrangements within the songs. Show days involve long soundchecks, and during the gig I have to really concentrate on my mix. However, before we can do anything, getting the PA acoustics right are vital. It’s the only way we can achieve the depth of sound that this show needs.”
Brit Row system tech Alessandro Cestaro designed the PA specs throughout the tour. “I totally trust Alessandro,” says Lombardi. “We’ve worked together in the past and so have a good rapport. Having him on the tour means I don’t have to worry that we’ll get results. Bryan’s fans also have very high expectations and so we have to get it perfect every night.”
At Manchester’s Palace Theatre, an L-Acoustics LA12X-powered system comprising a main hang of

fairportCropredy Festival & Eden Sessions postponed
Monday, 20 April 2020

UK - Fairport Convention’s annual Cropredy Convention in Oxfordshire and The Eden Sessions in Cornwall are the latest major music events to fall victim to the coronavirus pandemic. Both are being rescheduled for 2021.
Since its first staging in 1980, the Cropredy festival has taken place annually since on farmland near Banbury, Oxfordshire.
This year’s three-day event had been scheduled to take place on 13-15 August. It will now be staged over 12, 13 and 14 August 2021 (the equivalent weekend) on its usual site.
The line-up of acts will be carried forward: artists booked to appear this year have agreed to switch to 2021. Highlights include Trevor Horn Band, Clannad, Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited, Richard Thompson, Matthews Southern Comfort and host band Fairport Convention.
Tickets purchased for Cropredy 2020 remain valid for the rescheduled festival and Fairport Convention hopes festival-goers will hang on to their tickets for Cropredy 2021. However, the organisers are offering refunds to those affected by the postponement.
Festival director Gareth Williams said: “We have no alternative but to postpone Cropredy until 2021. The safety of our festival-goers, performers, suppliers, crew and local residents must come first.
“This postponement is a massive financial blow to Fairport Convention. It comes hard on the heels of having to reschedule this year’s Spring Tour. Our many suppliers and crew will also be hit financially (as indeed, will Milly and myself here in the FC office). I will keep the office going on a par

thrive-x-music-supportMusic Support partners with Thrive mental health app
Friday, 17 April 2020

UK - Music Support, the peer-led music industry charity that provides confidential mental health and addiction services, has partnered with Thrive, the UK’s only NHS-approved mental health app.
As a clinically-effective app that offers 24/7 support for mental health and wellbeing, Thrive helps with the early detection, prevention and management of common disorders such as anxiety and depression, as well as building resilience so that users can feel empowered to improve their mental health.
It tackles common stressors such as sleep, bereavement, work issues and more via the use of evidence-based therapies such as CBT, meditation, deep muscle relaxation, breathing exercises and distraction games. A mood metre and diary tracks daily fluctuations of mood and records what specific stressors the individual might be facing on a daily basis, thus becoming more personalised to the user over time.
The app uses official GAD7 and PHQ9 questionnaires to screen for anxiety and depression and uses the results to prescribe the appropriate help.
There are a range of benefits that come with using the app, most importantly it improves overall wellbeing for users both inside and outside of work by building personal awareness and allowing them to nurture their own mental health. This can lead to a culture which normalises mental health, enabling people to feel more comfortable about discussing their own needs as well as being open to the advice they need for finding the right support.   
Eric Mtungwazi, Managing Director Of Music Support, sa

juanafotojesusvallinas003Madrid’s Glub-Glub invests GLP profiler
Friday, 17 April 2020

Spain - Madrid-based technical solutions provider, Glub-Glub Soluciones Tecnicas Para El Espectaculo, has become the first Spanish company to invest in GLP’s new S350 LED fixture.
Glub-Glub director Juan Margallo, who invests solely in LED lighting technology, had been looking for an advanced LED profile largely to service the corporate events and theatre work in which the company specialises.
Easy to fit into a lighting plot, this compact, lightweight fixture features GLP’s baseless design - which will provide Glub-Glub with versatility in terms of hire potential.
The initial order for eight units was handled by GLP’s Spanish distributor, Monacor Iberia SAU. Its director general, José de las Heras, traces the background to the sale: “We set up a demo in Madrid, where Mr Margallo had the chance to get his hands on the product. He liked the fixture very much and provided some useful feedback as we showed him the first prototype. Later, Juan came to our [tradeshow] booth and could see that some of his suggestions had been implemented.”
What impressed him most was the fixture’s versatility. While test driving the unit, he singled out a number of impressive features, notably the homogeneous light output, the excellent colours, the white temperature control and superb four-blade framing system, with each blade capable of closing across the entire beam, all with rotating gate.
One prominent LD who was quick to jump aboard the new units was dance theatre lighting specialist, Nicolás Fischtel. José de las Heras recalled the path t

newton-webinarsOutline Newton webinars get under way
Friday, 17 April 2020

Italy - Outline has announced the launch of a series of free webinars in English focussed on some of its most representative (patented or patent pending) technology, in the context of sound reinforcement and the signal processing world.
The first webinar, scheduled for 20 April at 9 am, covers Newton, the FPGA processor - technology in which Outline has invested since 2010 - presented three years ago and chosen by some of the world’s top rental companies, PA techs and post-production studios, as well as for broadcast applications.
The webinars will be hosted by Outline’s Fernando Rey Méndez (Newton specialist) and Paolo Calza (pro applications engineer).
Registration is via

btsfindatherapistrectangleBehind the Scenes launches Therapist Finder
Friday, 17 April 2020

USA - The Behind the Scenes Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative, in partnership with HelpPRO, has announced the launch of its Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder. The Finder only includes listings for mental health professionals who have previously worked with clients in the entertainment industry or who have personal professional experience in the industry themselves.
Users are able to search for a therapist using a simple search form which includes location, insurance accepted, what areas the therapist specialises in, and therapist availability such as whether they see clients remotely or on nights and weekends. An advanced search is available which also includes such criteria as theoretical approaches, credentials held by the therapist, specific populations they have experience with, and languages spoken. Both searches indicate whether the therapist is accepting new clients.
The Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder has been developed in response to an industry survey conducted last fall. The results revealed just how prevalent the problem of finding therapists who understand something about the unique culture and stresses of the entertainment industry is. Many respondents expressed frustration with therapists who consistently made suggestions that were unrealistic given the long working hours and employment challenges so many in the industry face. 
Therapists with the required experience can register at or email their contact information to
Behind the Scenes has come

globe-editStage Electrics wins Globe Theatre contract
Friday, 17 April 2020

UK - Stage Electrics has announced that they have won a £845,506 contract for the design, supply and installation of specialist production lighting, production sound and communication systems to the Globe Theatre Stockton on Tees.
Some of the biggest names in entertainment, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Morecambe and Wise, The Bee Gees, Roy Orbison, T-Rex and Shirley Bassey have all played the Globe. The venue is set to open its doors in November 2020, this time as a 3,000-capacity live entertainment venue with the Heritage Lottery fund contributing £4.5m towards the restoration project.
The project was initially brought to Stage Electrics by Chris Baldwin (ACT Theatre Consultants) to assist with developing the specification and budget pricing. Following Chris’s retirement, Stage Electrics began working directly with Willmott Dixon to develop the original design concept through stage 4 and into stage 5 of the RIBA design stages working closely with the wider design team including the ATG Group, Space Architects, BGP Structural Engineers, Max Fordham M&E and Centre Stage Engineering.

blackbookProlyte publishes Blackbook 2020 edition
Friday, 17 April 2020

The Netherlands - Prolyte has published a new edition of its Blackbook, featuring technical information about trusses and complementary products.
The new edition includes: Compositions and design of aluminium trusses, Different types of connections, Forces within trusses and the different types of loading, Stages, roof systems, hoisting of truss, lifting people, truss maintenance, and more.
Available as a free download, the Blackbook has gained a reputation of an “on the road and beyond” reference guide, offering extensive theoretical background knowledge, as well as practical tips.
You can request a free copy from Prolyte's website.

iq-with-slogan-black-on-white-1TAIT offers free iQ Powered by Navigator training
Friday, 17 April 2020

USA - TAIT is now offering free online training courses for iQ Powered by Navigator to the live event community. By providing these courses, everyone interested in participating is given an opportunity to learn, engage and prepare for future automation experiences, says the company.
Whether a first-time learner or an experienced show operator, the iQ Training Video Series is tailored to all levels of entertainment automation. After watching the series, viewers will know how to operate machines using a variety of methods, add windows to workspaces, create time saving pre-sets, program a show using various cue lines and organizational helpers, as well as stop and restart cues.
“iQ is designed to make the power of our Navigator platform accessible to all users of entertainment automation,” shared Scott Chalfant, director of product management for TAIT Navigator.
“If you’re new to automation, these courses will help you quickly understand how to use iQ to programme and move axes in a show. If you're a more experienced user, these videos will introduce you to new ways to do more with less of your time. We welcome you to visit our courses online and see for yourself,”
In addition to the launch of TAIT’s online training, Scott Chalfant co-hosted USITT’s News @ Noon webinar on Thursday, 16 April dedicated to iQ Powered by Navigator.
The training videos will be offered at no charge until 15 May. New releases may be made avai

white-papersL-Acoustics opens access to scientific library
Friday, 17 April 2020

France - In line with its ongoing commitment to scientific research and the advancement of the audio industry, L-Acoustics has announced the release of three new White Papers: Measurement Quality at Low Frequencies, Measurement Quality at High Frequencies and Optimum Measurement Locations for Loudspeaker System Equalisation, all available for download on the L-Acoustics website.
“Our White Papers have been conceived in a condensed format, and are published on our website and social media channels, in order to reach the widest possible audience,” comments Etienne Corteel, director of education & scientific outreach at L-Acoustics. “They are formatted to present our rigorous scientific research in a user-friendly way, and represent our commitment to the wide acceptance of science-based sound design principles.”
L-Acoustics has also made its entire catalogue of AES scientific articles available for download free of charge. This includes recent subjects such as Optimum Measurement Locations for Large-Scale

visorIndustry effort to produce PPE intensifies
Thursday, 16 April 2020

UK - With UK hospitals warning that personal protective equipment (PPE) is of short supply, technology enthusiasts have started various initiatives to produce the crucial gear and deliver it nationally.
Thousands of volunteers have joined 3D Crowd UK’s initiative to produce PPE. By 10 April, over 6,000 of 3D printer owners from across the UK had created more than 39,000 face shields, which have been dispatched to 90 NHS Trusts.
More funding is needed to meet requests for further 500,000 shields however, with a fundraiser set up on GoFundMe
Another fundraiser was started by Duncan Coombe of DCLX at the end of March. Coombe asked for donations in order to purchase 3D printer filament to produce face shields, but in just 24 hours, the fundraiser had collected around £2,500, enabling him and his team of volunteers to expand the operation, which currently comprises 34 3D printers and two laser cutters.
In an update from 11 April, Coombe said: “There is now a team of 14 of us across 10 sites running this kit pretty much 27/4. Literally in bedrooms, kitchens, front rooms, (clean) workshops and so on. The contributions made by the selfless volunteers is breath-taking.” Find out how to get involved or to donate:

rcfRCF refreshes Audio Academy curriculum
Thursday, 16 April 2020

Italy - The RCF Audio Academy team continues to present a series of webinars focusing on RCF technologies and best practices in live sound and installed audio. These webinars are presented by RCF specialists from around the world in multiple languages, streamed live on the RCF online platform.
Topics covered include Sound System Design courses for line array systems, subwoofer alignment and tuning, design of controlled directivity systems in difficult environments, design of EN54 voice alarm systems, and many others. Viewers and students will also have the opportunity to ask questions via a chat window during each live stream. Seats for these webinars are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the seat limit is reached, attendees will see a message that the classroom is full. Attendees who are unable to attend can then subscribe to the next session available.
These webinars are already part of RCF’s Audio Academy educational programme. RCF has renewed the programme to guarantee "the best possible service to customers during this unique moment in our history".
"As well as the webinars, which are open to all, we also provide customer support in the digital world. We will also publish numerous tutorials on RCF products - in addition to the many already available - with guidelines, usage tips, and tricks of the trade", says Lucio Boiardi Serri, coordinator of the Pro-Live section of Audio Academy.
"Electroacoustics is a complex topic that needs to be studied thoroughly before applying to the field. The mission of the RCF Audio Academy

quantum-st-logoEAW makes Quantum move in California
Thursday, 16 April 2020

USA - Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has announced the appointment of Quantum Sales and Technology as its new manufacturer’s representative for Southern California.
“We chose to work with Quantum ST because of the company’s strong reputation within its dealer network and history of brand-building within its territory,” explains Josh Garcia, western regional sales manager for EAW. “We share the common goal of establishing long-term relationships with customers to enable their growth and success. Quantum’s marketplace knowledge will help us tap into the potential in its territory.”
Quantum ST is an AVL sales and marketing firm based out of Santa Ana, CA with 20 years of industry knowledge and experience. “We’ve always been impressed with how EAW speakers sound in real-world scenarios, not just in demos,” says Buck Tallman, sales manager at Quantum ST.
“EAW and Quantum share a customer-oriented sales philosophy. It’s not just about choosing the right solution and making the sale - it’s about the ability to provide long-term support to our customers. We put our efforts into developing relationships with our manufactures and dealers that go beyond partnership and into family.”

mastersoundMastersound hits masterstroke with DiGiCo
Thursday, 16 April 2020

India - Mastersound has recently purchased a DiGiCo SD10 from the British manufacturer’s authorised India distributor, Hi-Tech Audio Systems.
Ahmedabad-based Mastersound was launched in the 1950s and operartes throughout North India. From India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, to George Harrison, sitar maestro Ravi Shankar and Lata Mangeshkar, Mastersound has worked with some of the world’s biggest names. Being the third-generation torchbearer for the company, director Tarandeep Singh has made sure he can carry on Mastersound’s legacy with the same promise of quality as his father and his grandfather. The purchase of the SD10 fits with this ethos.
“Gurnam Singh, founder of Mastersound, had a vision when he started the company in 1956,” he says. “He didn’t want to compromise on its audio system’s quality and always aimed to provide the best solutions to his clients.”
“DiGiCo’s SD10 is in high-demand among both mixing engineers and artists,” Singh continues. “It was time for us to upgrade our inventory and the first choice was DiGiCo. I was also confident with Hi-Tech Audio Systems’ support. The first show we did with the SD10 was for Bollywood’s popular singer Shaan in Lucknow. Tanay Gajjar, who was the FOH engineer, prefers DiGiCo and we were happy to provide him with the SD10.”
“Mastersound’s SD10 curtain raiser show for Shaan went smoothly,” adds Hi-Tech Audio Systems application engineer for DiGiCo, Vanshaj Sharma. “Tanay Gajjar is India’s top engineer and has been travelling with Shaan f

dwrRuud de Deugd backs Mercy Ships
Wednesday, 15 April 2020

South Africa - Just before touching down in South Africa to host DWR Distribution’s annual Rigging Training Course, Ruud de Deugd, an internationally renowned rigger and training presenter, had a role to play in building the largest chocolate bar - by area - and setting an official Guinness World Record, with all profits going to Mercy Ships.
“Mercy Ships is a floating hospital that gives surgeries to some of the poorest people in the world,” said Ruud. “The organisation is coming up with a new ship for the East Coast of Africa, which is how I got involved as a sponsor for their chocolate project. If you speak to the people who work on the ships, you realise how difficult the situation is.” The good news is that the team provides medical procedures to people who would ordinarily not be helped. “They can fix the eyes of a vision impaired child in fifteen minutes and then for the rest of his life he will see. Without the ship, the chances of him ever seeing would be unlikely.”
The floating hospitals efficiently bring safe, sterile operating rooms and hospital beds directly to people in need so that the volunteer medical staff can provide free surgeries. Mercy Ship also builds medical capacity in every port they reach, training doctors, providing equipment and opening medical facilities so that improved healthcare continues in their wake.
To bring awareness to Mercy Ships, chocolatier Frits van Noppen broke the Guinness World Record by creating the largest chocolate bar measuring 383.24sq.m and weighing thirteen tonnes! Ruud in turn spons

chamsystraining2ChamSys adds weekly MagicQ sessions
Wednesday, 15 April 2020

UK - ChamSys continues to build on its global commitment to education, making webinar bookings and 20-minute appointment consultations found on the training page available in German, Italian and Spanish versions. The company has also broadened the scope of its training with the addition of new Live MagicQ sessions that will stream every Tuesday at 11 am EST (4 pm BST).
Conducted by the ChamSys training staff, the new sessions will delve deeply into key MagicQ software capabilities, such as mapping complex fixtures, FX setup and tracking. In addition to being livestreamed on Facebook, the lessons will also be made available on IGTV.
Initially, the new MagicQ material will be available only in English. Topics include:
Control and Mapping of Complex Fixtures With Multiple Elements, which covers subjects like Ind/Dup, element selection, and non-linear shape fixtures used in Grids (14 April)
Better Busking With the Execute Window, which offers tips on setting up grids with groups, palettes and cues (21 April)
FX 101, which looks at setting up custom FX, group FX and playing back FX (28 April)
Faster Programming With Tracking, which explains tracking, detailing how it works with MQ, and also HLF, viewing tracking, block cue and block FX (5 May)
Advanced Pixel Mapping, which covers pixel mapper FX, movies, gifs and live feeds (12 May)
Effective Playback With Options, which provides a detailed review of topics like advanced cue stack options, fader options and playback holdover (19 Ma

student-mobilization-conference22Elation lights SMC conference in Oklahoma
Wednesday, 15 April 2020

USA - Thousands of college students of faith descend on Oklahoma City each year for the Student Mobilization Conference (SMC), four-days of worship, camaraderie, inspiration and, in the evening, lively entertainment.
Relevant Audio + Visual has collaborated with SMC the past eight years to create an inspiring audiovisual experience for attendees and this year tapped into their inventory of Elation Professional luminaires to help create the uplifting atmosphere.
The 2020 conference took place 2-5 January at the Cox Convention Centre in downtown Oklahoma City. Relevant Audio + Visual’s challenge was to create an engaging, impactful environment to motivate and encourage attendees to spread the word about Student Mobilization’s Global Impact/Mission and summer discipleship training opportunities.
The Wichita-based AV production house designed a complete 3D visualization to fit SMC’s mission and budget, then provided, programmed and operated all audio, visual, and lighting equipment at the SMC Conference. Lighting design was by Brandon Deibler, Director of Design and Operations at Relevant Audio + Visual.
Relevant Audio + Visual has been investing in Elation gear for the last five years and in that time has acquired an impressive inventory of fixtures that includes Elation’s multi-award-winning Artiste Monet moving heads. “From the initial design standpoint, we knew we wanted to place a very strong fixture at the furthest upstage edge of the stage and utilize it for specific moments of worship,” commented Chris Derstein, CEO and opera

bank01PR Aqua Beams light Bratislava night sky
Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Slovakia - The strength and power of PR Lighting’s Aqua 580 Beam was put to the test by major event specialists Kvant Show Production, when they projected onto the 111mhigh National Bank of Slovakia HQ in Bratislava.
Complementing Kvant’s own Laser Spectrum 30W lasers, 24 of PR Lighting’s IP66-rated fixtures were deployed as searchlights, with 12 positioned directly on each side of the Bank building terrace and firing into the night sky. Due to the tight and well-focused 2° beam, with output generated from a Philips 25R 550W engine, calibrated at 7800K, two infinite fat white beams of light from each pair, soared into the distance, and were visible over 5km away.
Meanwhile, Barco HDX-W20 FLEX projectors were set-up on another building’s rooftop, opposite the Slovak National Bank, and projecting over a distance of 130m-150m.
The projection itself was commissioned by the bank to promote a message of solidarity to the population during self-isolation caused by the coronavirus crisis - to create a talking point and be visible across the city. The light beams themselves represented a message of hope for a new future, and that “we will all make it together”. The projection ran nightly between 8pm-12am for five days, culminating on 29 March.
The project was viewed from many windows (since the public are forced to stay at home), but was presented on local TV, Facebook and in the print media.
Martin Gabco was responsible for the show design, including lights, lasers and timecode sync, while Pangolin BEYOND laser software, capable of


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