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musical-instrument-museumAltman at the Musical Instrument Museum
Tuesday, 30 April 2019

USA - Displaying more than 6,800 instruments from around the world, the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix, Arizona, allows their guests to not only see and hear the instruments, but also allows them to observe the music being played in its original context. Hosting a number of historic and educational performances inside the intimate MIM Theatre, the technical production behind each event must be able to accentuate the experience of the sound.
With a state-of-the-art audio and projection system already in place, the theatre worked with theatre consultants and lighting designers Schuler Shook and Clearwing Systems who installed a silent yet powerful LED lighting design using PHX 150W profile luminaires from Altman Lighting.
“We have had the opportunity to work with the MIM on a few previous projects and this time we were brought on board to complete an LED lighting and dimming retrofit for their 300-seat Music Theatre,” began Ken Gardner, Clearwing Systems. “What drove their decision to complete the renovation was the better efficiency of LED lighting, plus the ability to quickly change colour in the lighting rig. Needing to constantly change gel in their old lighting fixtures was beginning to get costly and was limiting them creatively. Now with the PHX 150W LED luminaires, they can quickly change the entire scene with just the touch of a button, and they are very pleased.
“The Musical Instrument Museum is dedicated to bringing in all sorts of artists from all over the world and exploring the differences in music through both live

theatre-royal-plymouthTheatre Royal upgrades with Stage Electrics
Tuesday, 30 April 2019

UK - After finding more shows coming to the theatre were requiring more demanding lighting control, the theatre decided to invest in a new ETC Gio console. Previously using an older generation lighting console, they felt it was appropriate to seek an industry standard upgrade.
“We have a long-term relationship with Theatre Royal Plymouth,” says Neal Tomlinson, technical sales consultant at Stage Electrics “The venue was already using an older ETC console, that wasn’t able to support the level of lighting control required for incoming touring shows. Requiring a solution that offered intelligent lighting capabilities was important, they needed to accommodate more of the latest LED fixtures and moving heads.”
With most of the shows touring through the venue being programmed on ETC consoles, compatibility was critical, and as the largest UK distributor for ETC, Stage Electrics suggested an ETC Gio 4k, an EOS programming wing and additional touch screens as a solution. “The ETC Gio was the perfect choice for this theatre, due to their need to support large touring shows, with a large lighting rig,” commented Neal. “Also, familiarity with the operating system was important as it meant no re-learning.”
With upcoming shows Mark Morris Dance Group’s Pepperland and Let Me Look At You, the theatre will put their new equipment straight to use. As an authorised ETC service centre, Stage Electrics can fully support ETC consoles throughout the UK.
(Jim Evans)

penn-elcomPenn UltraFlite panels reduce case weight
Monday, 29 April 2019

UK - Penn Elcom has launched UltraFlite, a new 100% recyclable flightcase panel material.
Utilising this in a building project will dramatically reduce the weight of flightcases, adding to all the positive consequences this brings in a tough and highly durable solution, says the company.
The UltraFlite has been developed after two years of extensive R ‘n’ D coupled with Penn’s considerable experience in the field.
Around 80% lighter than traditional wood-ply flightcase panels - approximately 1.6kg per square metre - it will be of interest to anyone in the rental, staging, installation and venue sectors who has kit needing to be flightcased for touring or transportation as well as for installations where (light) weight is crucial.
The UltraFlite panel’s skin features a honeycomb structure that makes it tough, light, durable and resistant to liquids and weather.
It has been created to meet the needs and demands of contemporary and future flightcase builders, who can dramatically reduce case weight by an impressive 30 - 40 percent on average by utilizing UltraFlight in a case design.
Any contribution to reducing deforestation and climate change – however small it might appear – is worth instigating and switching to UltraFlite will mean less wood is needed globally across the flightcase industry.
UltraFlite maintains the ultimate utility and strength expected from premium flightcase products, it is stable, and the panels can be cut, drilled and punched just like traditional flightcase panels!
The hardened skin i

sunstripHighlite International debuts Sunstrip LED
Monday, 29 April 2019

Europe - Highlite International is introducing the Showtec Sunstrip LED, the successor of the Sunstrip Active.
This LED strip light has five DMX modes and can also be controlled in manual, auto or master / slave mode. The DMX 3 & 5 pole and Powercon in/output make the Sunstrip LED easy to daisy-chain in every setup.
Through the tungsten mode, the Sunstrip LED works like conventional bulbs while there is still an option to operate them in warm white, cool white or a combination of both.
The Sunstrip LED is equipped with two wall/floor brackets in order to put your Sunstrip in any desired position.
(Jim Evans)

firstpentecostal2Chauvet reflects passion of Easter
Monday, 29 April 2019

USA – When he took on the project of lighting the Easter Passion Play at his local Pentecostal Church in Pensacola FL, Jacob Warren knew there would be one key element essential to conveying the spiritual and emotional impact of the production: colour.
A lighting specialist at All Pro Integrated Systems, Warren told director Lanette Kinsey and music director David Geri that he wanted to choose fixtures that could render deep, saturated and realistic colours for the play. Looking at the church’s rig, he determined that its house collection of Chauvet Professional COLORado and Rogue fixtures fit his needs.
“There were a couple features about these fixtures that stood out for me when I put together my rig,” said Warren. “First and foremost was colour rendering. The COLORados are a very cost-efficient colour mixing fixture, which is why they are included in most of my shows. Aside from colour, I also wanted intensity. The Rogues always perform well in this regard because of their brightness and beam flexibility.”
Working with his L2 Alec Mark, Warren positioned four Rogue R1 Spot fixtures, along with six COLORado 1-Quad Zoom and six COLORado 1 Solo units, on the upstage truss. The Rogues were used for backlighting as well as for specials during high dramatic moments, while the COLORado fixtures covered the stage in an immersive array of colors. An additional four Rogue fixtures were positioned on the key light truss and relied on for solo spotting and audience lighting during breakdowns and drops in the musical parts.
The COLORados i

grandmaMosaïek acquires first grandMA3 in SA
Monday, 29 April 2019

South Africa - The Mosaïek Church and Theatre in Fairland has invested in the first grandMA3 console in South Africa, they had a bigger plan in mind.
Estian Els, head of technical at Mosaïek Theatre, works closely with colleague Mduduzi Msibi. While the pair may be audio technicians, first and foremost, they provide technical support in every ministry of the church, including lighting, audio, LED screens and AV. Every sermon is broadcast on KykNET where there is a remarkable viewership between 75,000 and 80,000 each Sunday.
The theatre is not only used for church events but is hired out as a venue with some headline productions under the belt including Idols and the upcoming The Voice finale. The income generated is then planted back into various outreach programs hosted by the church.
“The biggest fulfilment is being part of working in the changing lives,” said Mduduzi. “You are an instrument in God’s hands in bringing the ministry to life.”
The church, initially running off a PC based lighting console, decided on a grandMA3. “When we started the upgrade process we looked at all the available options on the market the MA definitely stood out as the market leader in lighting control,” Estian explained. “That made it the obvious choice as we push to be a world-class venue, and the fact that MA appears as the number one requested lighting console on all international riders.”
A couple of years ago, Mosaïek had a dream to be energy efficient. “To give you some background, the entire theatre is run on solar power; we h

adlibAdlib boosts MAC Viper Performance stock
Monday, 29 April 2019

UK - Adlib has increased its inventory of Martin MAC Vipers, adding a further 14 MAC Viper Performance fixtures.
“These fixtures continue to be a great complement to the 200+ Vipers we already have in stock,” states Dave Platt, head of operations lighting & video. “The increase is purely down to demand, to meet LD requests for Hozier, The Specials, Kaiser Chiefs and Hall & Oates shows.”
And the reason for this particular fixture’s popularity? Platt is in no doubt: “The framing feature is the key. It also sits nicely within the Viper range so it is a perfect addition.”
Thanks to its many features, the Viper Performance is finding its way into a number of markets serviced by Adlib, from concert touring to TV to Theatre. “It’s our main shuttering Profile and it holds its own nicely against the competition,” concludes Platt. “The MAC Viper Performance appears on most riders.”
Martin by Harman is distributed in the UK by Sound Technology.
(Jim Evans)

hsl4Wall Entertainment acquires HSL Group
Friday, 26 April 2019

UK - 4Wall Entertainment has completed the acquisition of HSL Group.
The deal, which was agreed in principle earlier this month, means HSL's 165,000 sq. ft. facility in Blackburn is now being rebranded as 4Wall UK, creating the first international base for the US equipment and services provider.
4Wall UK will be comprised of the former HSL sales team and staff, with former HSL MD Simon Stuart leading the sales team and assuming the role of VP of business development.
Stuart comments: "With the deal completed, we are officially part of the 4Wall family, ensuring long-term stability of our location. We couldn't be happier to join this amazing organization and thank our friends from across the pond for the opportunity."
Wes Bailey, 4Wall COO, adds: "The 4Wall UK team hasn't skipped a beat since the announcement was made two weeks ago which perfectly exemplifies why this was the right time for 4Wall to expand into the international market. There is a strong group in place that will help us introduce the 4Wall brand to the UK in a positive way."
4Wall and HSL have previously worked together on concert touring acts travelling between the two countries, creating a natural partnership between key employees and even customers that will be strengthened moving forward. Having a true 4Wall location overseas will allow the company to better serve tours and events scheduled to make US and UK stops.

elaine2Elaine Frost joins Flashlight as BDM
Friday, 26 April 2019

UK - Film, TV and theatre lighting supplier Flashlight has appointed Elaine Frost as its business development manager. Frost, who recently left Le Maitre after 16 years at the pyrotechnics company, will provide field-based sales and support for Flashlight’s expanding range of lighting brands.
On her new role, Frost says: "I'm looking forward to the exciting challenges and having a new range of products to get my teeth into."
Flashlight director, David Manister, adds: "We're delighted to welcome Elaine to the company. Her enthusiasm and hunger to succeed allows us to continue to be in front of end users and support new business with a strong presence."
(Jim Evans)

showtecShowtec debuts Edison fixtures
Friday, 26 April 2019

Europe - Almost 140 years ago Edison invented the light bulb, giving the entire world the gift of light. And now Showtec presents a new way to dim it.
Introducing the Showtec Edison Dot E1, Edison Star E6 and Edison Bar E6, three stylish retro-like fixtures equipped with E27 sockets, the Showtec Edison fixtures offer the lighting designer the possibility to add a finishing touch to his setup, to create atmosphere during an event or accentuate the catwalk during fashion-shows.
Three design fixtures include brackets with daisy chain possibility for the DMX-signal and power. The E27 sockets offer the freedom of completing the show elegantly by adding various Showtec E27 LED filament bulbs.
The Showtec Dot E1 is the smallest fixture of the three with room for 1 E27 bulb. Due to its small size, it can be placed almost everywhere. The Showtec Star E6 accommodates 6 E27 sockets in a hexagon shape. The Edison Bar E6 is the retro bar of the Edison range.
Installing them alongside a catwalk or scattering units in the background of the stage automatically adds a sophisticated feel to the event. Showtec offers a wide range of E27 LED filament bulbs which combined with the Edison fixtures will “get the feeling of nostalgia and design across perfectly and turn every event into something special”.
(Jim Evans)

denbychurch3Chauvet lights church charity film night
Friday, 26 April 2019

UK - The George Inn in Denby takes a proactive role in supporting its community, hosting many charity events and holding off-site fundraisers. This commitment was in evidence in March, when it sponsored Film Night at the historic St John the Evangelist Church to raise money for the Denby Church Community Project.
The evening’s featured film, The Greatest Showman, might not have been the most memorable, but it’s safe to say that few guests failed to be swept up in the evocative setting, as the 13th century church glowed mystically from the richly coloured light created by Chauvet Professional fixtures, installed by Sound & Light UK.
Recognising the importance and potential that light can have within the church, Sound & Light UK utilised six CHAUVET Professional COLORdash Batten-Quad 12 and four COLORado 3P IP wash fixtures. The resulting mixture of atmospheric lighting served to create an all-encompassing site-specific immersive experience.
In addition to providing a beautiful backdrop for the film screening that took place at the event, the client wanted to highlight the magnificent architecture of the 13th century Grade I-listed church to attract as many passers-by as possible. Thanks to the soft and saturated coloured wash effects of both the COLORdash battens and COLORado fixtures, the church radiated with an ethereal glow, straddling an area somewhere between art installation, ceremony and performance.
(Jim Evans)

opus-lightinglogoGel Services acquired by Opus Lighting
Friday, 26 April 2019

USA - Gel strings specialist Opus Lighting has announced the acquisition of Gel Services, Inc (GSI).
Opus Lighting of Colorado Springs was founded in 2008 and specialises in colour strings production. GSI, which had been producing gel strings for scrollers and provided parts and service for Wybron products for over 40 years, closed on 31 March. Its business operations were transferred to Opus Lighting on 1 April.
Brandon James, Opus Lighting principal, comments: “When I heard that GSI would be closing, I thought that this was a unique opportunity to strengthen our business and continue supporting people who still rely on colour scroller technology. We will be supporting all existing colour string orders that were outstanding with GSI’s customers and want to show them that they can rely on getting quality work and on-time delivery from Opus Lighting.”
(Jim Evans)

paul-mccartneyfreshen-upphoto-by-mj-kimElation Dartz refresh McCartney tour
Friday, 26 April 2019

USA - Paul McCartney released his latest album Egypt Station last September and embarked on his Freshen Up world tour to support the album. Lighting designer LeRoy Bennett, who has been with the star for over 17 years, dresses the nearly 40-song playlist in complementary visuals using a lighting, video and effects package that includes over 500 Elation Professional Dartz 360 luminaires. Lighting supply is by Upstaging.
Some 528 of the compact LED beam/spot lights are used in the Freshen Up show under the lighting direction of Wally Lees, who has been McCartney’s lighting director for 17+ years and serves as lead programmer for all his tours and events.
Located above the stage in three identical pods are 240 Dartz, each pod comprising 80 Dartz in five rows of 16 fixtures wide. The pods are located centre stage and run upstage to downstage on the centre stage line. Located behind an upstage see-through video wall, approximately 50’ from the down stage edge, is a rear wall containing 288 Dartz spread across 24 columns. Each column is 12 Dartz tall and only becomes visible to the eye when the fixtures become active.
Bennett has turned to the compact Dartz fixture often of late, having used them on his current Kelly Clarkson tour design, as well as Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas residency Enigma show. He said of the narrow beam luminaire, "The Dartz 360 is a bright, reliable, fast, and compact light source. It's proven itself to be the best when used in mass.”
At 76, McCartney still gives a highly entertaining performanc

mexicoTMB partners with Audio Acústica in Mexico
Friday, 26 April 2019

Mexico - TMB has welcomed Audio Acústica as its regional distribution partner.
The Mexico City-based AV and lighting provider will now offer TMB’s signature products such as the Solaris fixtures, ProPlex devices and cables, IMS, FloppyFlex, ProPower and others, along with customer support and services.
Stephanie Kilburg, TMB sales manager, comments: “Our relationship with Audio Acústica goes back 20 years. Renowned and respected for professionalism and service, Audio Acústica is now working closely with TMB, building our brands in Mexico and helping increase public awareness of the quality and reliability of our products.”
Kilburg adds: “The benefits of having a local distributor will become immediately apparent to entertainment production, staging and installation customers in Mexico.”
José Roberto Ono, Audio Acústica subdirector, says: “We look forward to taking our relationship with TMB to the next level. Their product line-up complements our other lines very handsomely, and the quality is of course first-rate. We and TMB have a great working relationship, and our customers will appreciate increased access to TMB’s many new and exciting, innovative products.”
Audio Acústica and TMB are exhibiting at Expo Soundcheck, taking place 28-30 April in Mexico City.
(Jim Evans)

artiste-van-goghElation’s Artiste Van Gogh now shipping
Thursday, 25 April 2019

USA - Elation Professional has expanded its award-winning Artiste line of theatrical-grade moving heads with the new Artiste Van Gogh, a LED wash luminaire suited for television, theatre and corporate events, but has application anywhere powerful and even wash coverage is desired. The fixture is now shipping.
An efficient 380W Bright White, high-CRI LED engine (6,200K) emits up to 16,000 lumens of high-quality, flat-field light. With a high colour rendering index of 92, the Artiste Van Gogh is exceptional at accurately displaying colours for vivid shades that positively radiate and textures that really stand out. It excels at maintaining an even distribution of light and an even colour temperature across a surface for a smooth wash and consistent light quality that looks great on camera and in person.
A 16-bit CMY coluor-mixing system with a seamless CTO filter offers the designer a wide colour range from subtle pastels to vibrant primaries. A seven-position colour wheel is provided for added colour customization and includes a dedicated UV filter.
The ability to control precisely the shape of the light beam is essential in television and theatrical lighting. The Artiste Van Gogh excels with an internal 4-blade, full blackout, barndoor system that allows for beam shaping and accurate light control at any angle. The entire barn door assembly is indexable, allowing the beam to be shaped and angled as required for accurate highlighting of set pieces and performers. Designers can also use the flexible framing system to create outstanding projection or

colour-sound-david-gray-dav292150135Colour Sound creates Gold in a Brass Age
Thursday, 25 April 2019

UK - Lighting designer Jonny Gaskell created an elegant fusion of understatement and a bit of mystery for the UK leg of David Gray’s Gold in a Brass Age tour, for which lighting and video production was supplied by London based Colour Sound Experiment.
Jonny explained that Gray doesn’t like a busy stage, so he keeps things fairly minimalist and towards the edge of subtle, focusing the attention on the artist whilst sculpting some interesting surroundings. For this tour, he wanted to include a thread from the last tour in 2015, so revisited some of the favourite treatments from that . . . and brought a more contemporary feel to the stage by using up-to-the minute LED lightsources.
The starting point for the show visuals was when David Gray presented Jonny with a series of tattoo art by Londonboy who had created a motif for each song of the new album. The challenge was then in evolving a design to maintain a theatrical look and feel that could go big and bold when needed.
To integrate the tattoo images thoughtfully into the show, Jonny decided on projection - using one of Colori Sounds 30K Barco machines beaming onto a fabulous black ‘crunch’ fabric upstage, which looked classy and effective, adding another layer of texture to the overall picture.
All the lighting fixtures were chosen for their versatility and multifunctionality.
A distinctive visual element was 14 x Prolights AIR6PIX moving six-way battens – six of which were rigged on drop bars off the back truss and eight on upright scaff poles on floor stands - for hei

saradot2DWR continues to support SARA
Thursday, 25 April 2019

South Africa - The South African Roadies Association (SARA) and DWR Distribution backed recent training sessions for dot2.
The training that took place over 9-10 April was aimed at exposing new SARA trainees to the dot2 as well as exploring deeper topics for those familiar with it. The class was headed up by Olebogeng Boinamo, who was keen to impart his knowledge and skills with those in attendance.
The trainees were a group of mixed levels of experience, and Ole says the challenge to both teach to new and developed students was fun because it helps to put things in perspective for both him and the experienced students whilst teaching newer trainees. There was a difficulty level for everyone in attendance, offering an opportunity to learn and grow.
Freddie Nyathela, the president of SARA is always keen to celebrate his students. He says that the class consisted of 35 students who attended the previous class offered by DWR which points to a demonstration of the demand and success of the role training plays in shaping the industry. In addition to the returning students the excitement brought along five new students.
Nyathela adds that the dot2 training came at a useful time. “The training itself came at the right time where the students were introduced to new technologies,” he says, adding that the students “were highly motivated” and open to the skills they were gaining.
The training comprised of learning the dot2 console and the PC system including; patches, user profiles, pre-sets, effects and back up. Every student got their

andreMartin lights André Rieu orchestral tour
Thursday, 25 April 2019

UK - Violinist and conductor André Rieu is known for his popular tours, visiting over 100 venues a year with his Johann Strauss orchestra. The tour is an opportunity to impress both live audiences and millions of viewers watching in cinemas and on DVD. This means that the lighting needs to be suitable for cameras recording the show for broadcast, DVD and the cinema, as well as the audience attending the performance.
It is important for the André Rieu Tour lighting be as compact, portable and low weight as possible to enable quick transitions between shows, supporting the tech crew as much as possible. The large number of performers in the orchestra need to be lit with a uniform field and dynamic effects to highlight different aspects of the performance, creating a great atmosphere for the audience.
To meet these goals, Maurice Verbeek, lighting designer at André Rieu productions, used lights including MAC Encore Performance CLD and MAC Aura, supplied by Netherlands-based Fairlight. The set is entirely made up of intelligent lights and all moving lights are LED.
Martin MAC Encore CLDs are deployed as the orchestra’s key lights, offering a best-in-class size/weight/performance ratio. They are attached to pre-fabricated parts of the set, facilitating quick transitions between performances.
For the orchestra’s backlight, Verbeek created five chandeliers, each incorporating 16 MAC Auras. The chandeliers are on wheels and thanks to the Aura’s compact, low weight design, can travel as one piece in the tour truck, helping to ensure fast tra

robe-blackout-logo-1800x1200pxRobe supports Blackout project
Thursday, 25 April 2019

UK - Robe is the main sponsor of Blackout - an immersive visual and sonic installation created by Guildford School of Acting (GSA) lighting tutor Mig Burgess to raise awareness of mental illness.
Blackout will be staged in the Bellairs Theatre at the University of Surrey and refers specifically to bipolar II disorder. The work is designed to offer a snapshot of what it’s like to experience the highs and crushing lows of bipolar II, what Mig describes as being “like the lights going out in your head”.
Mental health has been high on the public agenda in recent years, with the loss of a number of high profile music artists, including Tim Bergling (Avicii), The Prodigy’s Keith Flint, rapper Mac Miller, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and others.
With the essential seed money being provided by Robe for this project, Mig has been able to assemble a highly skilled and imaginative creative team, all experts in their own fields, to help her realise the installation.
The director is Simon Anderson known for his work with the Contexture Theatre Company; sound designer Zoe Milton is a specialist in binaural sound; Tony & Olivier Award winning video designer Finn Ross is the video designer, and the lighting designer is Paul Burgess, technical manager of the Peacock Theatre in London.
They are joined by Dr Paul Hanna, senior lecturer and research director in clinical psychology at Surrey University, who will be monitoring the audience’s perceptions and perspectives on bipolar II before and

bryan-leitchLighting designer Bryan Leitch passes away
Wednesday, 24 April 2019

UK - LSi is sad to report the passing of lighting designer, Bryan Leitch at the age of 69. During his celebrated career, Leitch lit many of the world’s biggest artists, festivals and events, including tours by Britney Spears, Coldplay, Kanye West, Kylie Minogue, Justin Timberlake and many more.
Having been diagnosed with a form of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2009 and undergoing a successful bone marrow transplant the following year, Leitch embarked on the Cancer Bonus Tour in his trusty 1963 Vauxhall Victor, visiting 332 venues throughout the UK that he’d previously visited during his 30+ year career. The tour benefitted two charities close to Leitch’s heart - Bloodwise and Sussex Cancer Fund - and promoted a positive message about public health care in the UK.
In 2012, Leitch was awarded the Knight of Illumination Award’s Enrico Caironi Award for Lifetime Achievement. The award was presented by fellow lighting designer (and Leitch protégé) Cate Carter, who said at the time: "Bryan has been an inspiration to so many lighting designers. He is an incredible talent and his ability to come up with some of the most stunning concepts has never ceased to amaze me. Furthermore, he has taken the time to give so many people the opportunity of a career in lighting; taking them under his wing and giving them the support and advice to go out there and do it for themselves."
A statement from design collective MIRRAD reads: "It is with unbelievable sadness that t

west-side-storyChameleon battles the rain for West Side Story
Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Australia - After eight years of Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour (HOSH), Opera Australia presented West Side Story, the first musical to be performed on the harbour-side stage.
Boasting a stage that is almost two and a half times larger than any indoor stage in Australia, the Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour series is one of the biggest outdoor theatrical events in the country, and a highlight of the Australian cultural calendar.
The stage and venue are constructed from the ground up in just 25 days by a crew of approximately 150 people for an exclusive four-week performance season. The West Side Story set, designed by award-winning designer Brian Thomson, is an urban New York City-inspired stage design that features a highway overpass that weighs approximately ten tonnes and soars 15m above the stage, three custom-built subway cars and the West Side Story letters spelled across the back of the stage.
Cranes positioned the 80-tonne foundation of the stage onto nine pylons in the water to create a seemingly floating stage which can support up to 150-tonne in weight. Throughout the performance, the stage is accessed via a floating walkway that connects land and sea.
The custom-built venue includes the expansive stage which sits above the Harbour, an orchestra pit, which is hidden in the ‘underworld’ directly beneath the stage, plus on land there’s site and crew offices, dressing rooms, and grandstand seating for approximately 3,000 people. Along with the grandstand, there are multiple bars, food outlets, a restaurant and ver

robe-hribar-hall-ljubljana-dsc4341-p-6x4Robe in Hribar Hall installation
Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Slovenia - Hribar Hall is the latest newly renovated event space in Ljubljana Castle which sits majestically above the picturesque Slovenian capital. It is both a top tourist attraction, a place of historical significance and a busy event, meeting and conference hub with a series of renovated spaces available to host a diverse array of shows and events.
The new venue is designed to be completely flexible; the capacity ranges from 180 seated to 250 standing depending on the set-up and format which can be fully seated for banquets and dinners to standing with different sized stages, bare floor or catwalks. The schedule includes a lively mix of performances from music, drama, theatre, comedy and spoken word to fashion shows and other presentations including lectures, seminars and news conferences.
With this in mind, when it came to choosing the lighting, the Castle’s technical manager Tomaz Novak specified - with a rig comprising four Spiider LED wash beams and 16 x LEDBeam 100s - eight new and eight which they already had in-house.
They also purchased a fully-flight-cased Robe LiteWare HO2 6-way battery powered up-lighting system, available for pop-up lighting around the place as and when required.
These were the first Spiiders purchased by the Castle from Robe’s Slovenian distributor MK Light Sound. As they already had eight LEDBeam 100s, it didn’t take much persuading for them to double their stock of these powerful and extremely useful little fixtures.
At the same time as kitting out the Hribar Hall, four DL4S Profiles were purcha

blockbusters-setLED Creative supports Blockbusters return
Wednesday, 24 April 2019

UK - Specialist illumination company LED Creative has been working with the crew responsible for creating the colourful, angular look that accompanies the return of classic TV quiz show, Blockbusters for Comedy Central UK.
Filmed in front of a live studio audience at Elstree Studios and presented by Dara Ó Brian, the reboot of the student favourite has been given a stunning contemporary facelift, although it still retains a host of key elements from the much-loved original, including the infamous Gold Run and original 80s theme tune.
Created by scenic designer Josh Grace, the vibrant set has a distinctly modern feel that features an array of smart hexagonal lightboxes, with offset LED frames, suspended throughout the design to complement perfectly the styling of the Blockbuster letter board.
Commenting on the show’s design, LED Creative’s Ges Smith says: “The team at Blockbusters has done a fantastic job in building a stunning contemporary look that perfectly reflects the feel of the original.”
The internally lit hexagons flown above the set are illuminated using LED Creative Sigma 60 LED. Adding maximum versatility, the LED is paired with LC’s BYTE Controllers allowing precise management over intensity and colour, including the faithful reproduction of the show’s signature blue and gold hues.
The bold LED illumination, cleverly woven throughout the set gives the design a highly polished, futuristic edge. The clean lines and crisp highlights of the floating elements work beautifully against the halogen warmth o

greenlovefestival2photocredit-slobodanjuniorandjelkovicChameleon and Chauvet colour Green Love
Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Serbia - At Novi Sad’s Green Love festival, performances by techno stars like Fatima Hajji and Sugar Lobby, combined with a lightshow by Chameleon Rental Systems, transported fans into a world of intense auditory and visual wonders.
Contributing to the spectacular sights was a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue and STRIKE fixtures. Lighting designer Predrag Djordjević working closely with stage designer Dragan Rajčin (both from Chameleon Rental), created a stunning display on the 40 metre-wide stage that immersed the audience while supporting the festival’s artists.
A total of 32 Rogue R2X Beam, 14 Rogue R1 Beam and six STRIKE 4 multi-formatted fixtures were featured in the festival rig along with three Amhaze Stadium hazers. The luminaires were hung on upstage and side truss, as well as being arranged on the left and right stage deck.
“We needed super bright and powerful light fixtures to create the desired intensity level,” explains Rajčin. “This is why we selected the R2X beams. We flew the R2X units with the R1 Beams in the back, and on the floor. With this arrangement we could use the two beams to create a wide variety of high energy looks.”
As for the STRIKE 4 fixtures, Rajčin describes them as “the perfect replacement for old fashioned blinders with the benefit of having so many extra features”. During the Green Love Festival, the STRIKE 4 units were run in a multitude of ways: with one pod on, to all four pods on; as well as at full power for fiercely powerful looks, to partial power. At various points, the


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