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colour-sound-human-league-2018-hum072227065Colour Sound lights the Human League
Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Europe - The Human League completed their 2018 UK and European tour with an eye-catching production and lighting design.
Colour Sound Experiment was once again the lighting supplier, working closely with award winning lighting designer Rob Sinclair on his 10th Human League tour, the ninth in the LD hot seat.
The set design was initiated by the band’s manager, Simon Watson, who takes a keen interest in production values and their stage visuality. He wanted something new and different, especially with the video element. Video has played a big part in Human League tours for the last 10 years, and on this one, he didn’t want a stage filled with LED.
Instead, the concept that he and Rob developed utilised a series of aluminium framed projection cubes covered with gauze sides which were mapped to receive animated projections. This introduced a lively, highly effective signature video look to the mix.
The band were positioned within these set cubes, with Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley downstage in their usual positions.
“It’s a fun, arty, colourful pop show,” explains Rob adding that the set would look equally at home in a trendy art gallery as it did as part of a stage show.
Lighting was chosen to work with and complement the video and set, and Rob chose two principal lightsources. Claypaky Sharpys were the main beams, for their tight, bright columnated look and minimal spill (onto the projection areas), with GLP JDC1 strobes for lighting and highlighting the set, creating the big accents and percussive st

the-polar-express-train-ride-photo-by-guy-rhodesCity Theatrical products board Polar Express
Wednesday, 2 January 2019

USA/UK - City Theatrical’s Show DMX Show Baby 6 and QolorFLEX NuNeon products are currently being used for holiday performances and installations around the world, including The Polar Express Train Ride in Chicago and St Michael’s Parish Church of Edinburgh, Scotland.
As a live Broadway-style show aboard a real Amtrak train, The Polar Express Train Ride uses Show DMX Show Baby 6 units in combination with City Theatrical’s External Weatherproof Antennas as a plug and play wireless DMX solution that transmits 760 DMX channels and one cue list from the console on each train to the boarding platform wirelessly.
“The Show Baby 6 units have blown us away again this year in terms of their range and reliability in the heavily-congested downtown Chicago RF spectrum,” said Guy Rhodes, lighting designer for The Polar Express Train Ride. “We are able to transmit wireless DMX from a moving train to our train platform display (in a tunnel) with rock-solid reliability, even when the train has pulled away and is out of sight.”
As part of an on-going Christmas tradition at St Michael’s Parish Church, Slateford Road in Edinburgh, QolorFLEX NuNeon, Natural White was used to cover a custom made aluminium star that shines above the iconic church tower, at 160ft above the ground. This LED lighting solution is powered by City Theatrical’s 150W Mean Well Power Supply.
“We used QolorFLEX NuNeon for the star because we needed an IP67 rated, extremely flexible and bright, reliable solution that could withstand all kinds of Scot

starset1photocreditretnaukStarset strike galactic mood with Chauvet
Wednesday, 2 January 2019

USA - Dustin Bates, frontman of the Sci-Fi rockers Starset, tells a story about the quartet’s formation in 2013. The band, it seems, was created by the Starset Society, an organisation dedicated to alerting the public about “The Message,” a cyrptic signal they picked up from the outer reaches of space.
A fictional tale? Perhaps, but one that certainly felt real to the fans who packed houses on the band’s recently completed European tour. Contributing to the galactic mood of the band’s shows was a time and space bending lighting design by Rodger Pugh of Dveus Designs that featured Chauvet Professional fixtures and atmospherics, supplied by Elite Multimedia.
“Starset is a great group to design for, since their Sci-Fi orientation lends itself to powerful visuals,” says Pugh. “The overall idea behind our design on this tour is ‘Sci-Fi.’ We want everyone in the audience to feel like they’re in a dark Blade Runner-type of future world. Everything is somewhat distorted; you become immersed, and you have an experience.”
Pugh’s evocative lightshow, with its intense crossing patterns of beams, bold mix of colours and somewhat eerie side lighting of performers, contributed to the creation of this other-worldly experience, as did the sci-fi costumes sometimes worn by band members.
Also playing a key role in creating the cosmic atmosphere are the large cubic panels on the upstage deck that are up-lighted with COLORado Batten 72 fixtures. Taking advantage of the colour-mixing capabilities of these RGBWA fixtures, Pugh bathed the cu

expoMagicQ powers Hi-Rez competition
Wednesday, 2 January 2019

USA - Early in his career, Zach Scott found part-time work supplying small audio and lighting packages to a local video gaming venue in Chicago. One of its managers, Brad Weir, later branched out to organise gaming tournaments across the Midwest.
Weir employed Scott for a few years, but eventually the two separated, Weir to pursue his passion of video gaming tournaments, and Scott into lighting, eventually creating his own design firm, Illuminate Collective. But old connections have a way of resurfacing. Seven years after losing contact, Scott received a call from his former venue manager asking him if he’d be interested in working at this year’s Hi-Rez Expo at the Atlanta DreamHack.
Accepting the offer, Scott went on to create sleek, camera-friendly stage designs for Hi-Rez Studios’ SMITE stage. A friend of his, fellow designer Dustin Derry of Stonewolf Studios, crafted the look of the Paladins. Helping them both in this endeavour were two ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium consoles.
“I was brought in to provide design, programming and operation for two identical stages at the Hi-Rez Expo,” says Scott. “With two stages being completely separate, I wanted help from someone who would match my passion for this project, so I called Dustin. We took on both stages from start to finish, as designers, programmers and directors, both of us relying on our ChamSys consoles to achieve looks that matched the intensity of the event and competition.”
Both stages had eight-universe shows with 79 controlled fixtures and 12 truss warmers that were se

bar-151cAll Elation LED for Upper Manhattan’s Bar 151
Wednesday, 2 January 2019

USA - Tirso Lighting has installed an all-LED Elation lighting package for another Wahi Group club opening in northern Manhattan, this time Bar 151, an upscale lounge and performance space in the neighbourhood of Inwood, a quieter and more affordable enclave of New York City that has become increasingly popular of late.
Tirso Lighting has been around since 2009 and has been using Elation lighting since its inception. Nevertheless, Bar 151 was the design and integration company’s first all LED lighting project. “I was really looking forward to doing an all LED project and this was a good chance to realize that,” says Tirso Lighting owner Tirso Pelaez, who served as lighting designer on the project and suggested the green approach to the client. “Elation’s choice of products allowed us to put together an all LED lighting package for Bar 151 that can stand on its own.”
Bar 151 is an intimate venue with a capacity of about 300. Because it is tucked in a narrow space, Pelaez says it was important to keep patrons moving away from the entrance once they enter the club. His design therefore sought to draw people to the back of the club where the stage is, which doubles as a VIP area.
“We wanted to attract guests to the back, near the stage, and then fill the club in backwards from there,” the designer said. “We covered the stage and the area in front of the stage, which is the dance floor, with lighting to entice people to move deeper into the club and avoid congestion near the door.” As the ceiling height in the back of the club is high

claypakyMythos 2 delivers for Nothing But Thieves
Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Europe - Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures have accompanied British alternative rock band Nothing But Thieves (NBT) on their extensive tour around Europe and the USA. The band’s long-term lighting designer Steve Bewley specified the Mythos 2 for the fixture’s versatility to help him to deliver a dramatic and dynamic set.
“I’ve used Claypaky on many occasions and I knew the Mythos 2 would be a great fit for the NBT show,” says Bewley. “I needed a multifunctional hybrid light to get as many looks out of the rig as possible. I used them to create bold beam looks, as well as spot and wash looks throughout the show.”
In spotlight mode, the Mythos 2 has a 4-50˚ electronic zoom range, while its advanced colour system consists of a CMY system based on three gradually fading colour wheels, plus 14 colour filters on three wheels and two CTO filters to offer designers both highly saturated washes and dense beams.
The Mythos 2 fixtures were rigged on both flown and floor trusses across the width of the stage, above and below the video screens. “The fixtures held their own against the video screen, and the white colours really punched through,” says Bewley. “I needed fixtures bright enough to work in both the smaller venues and arenas we were touring.”
Bewley works closely with the band during the design process. “They give me a brief, which I base my design on, and we develop it from there. They give me a lot of freedom in what I do. Knowing the music inside and out helps me build a beat-perfect show, which creates the drama fans have c

entedi-logoEntedi appointed UK distributor for Elation
Wednesday, 2 January 2019

UK - Elation Professional has confirmed that Entedi will begin to distribute Elation Professional products in the UK from 1 February.
Entedi was formed in 2016 by a team of experienced industry professionals to service the ever-growing demand for professional high-end equipment in the UK and Ireland. The company serves both rental and installation customers across the wide spectrum of dynamic lighting applications.
“As the recent PLASA show demonstrated for us, there is growing demand for Elation products,” states Marc Librecht, head of sales and marketing for Elation in Europe. “Expanding our brand in such an important European market is an essential piece of our growth strategy. Entedi is a company that appreciates that relationships are the key to success and we are delighted to be working with them to spread the Elation brand.”
With the exclusive partnership, Entedi expands its professional portfolio to include Elation’s complete range of innovative lighting products, allowing the company to offer its customers more complete solutions.
Cally Bacchus, managing director for Entedi, comments: "Since the start of Entedi we have always focused our partnerships with manufacturers who strive to bring new technologies to market, those that want to make a difference and are passionate about what they do. We do this for our customers, because our customers are always looking for new creative looks alongside their confidence in the return-on-investment.
“There is no doubt in my mind that Elation is breaking new ground and truly off

festivebg-lsiSeason’s greetings from LSi - See you in 2019!
Friday, 21 December 2018

UK - The team at LSi will be taking a break now until the 2nd January 2019.
We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers for following LSI Online news throughout 2018 and wish you a very happy holiday season - however you might be celebrating.
The daily online news will resume on Wednesday 2nd January.
Merry Christmas!
(LSi Online)

glp-posty-festGLP X4 Bar 20s at Posty Fest
Friday, 21 December 2018

USA - The announcement by American rapper Post Malone that he intended to stage his own festival at the Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas, Texas recently, featuring himself, Tyler, the Creator and Travis Scott, created a wave of interest.
LD Ben Dalgleish has been using 36 of GLP’s X4 XL moving LED heads for Post Malone’s worldwide festival tour that started back in June, and he was keen to return to the brand, this time specifying 133 of the X4 Bar 20 battens as the feature light for Posty Fest.
Working with creative director Lewis James, whom he said “provided excellent creative direction on the look he envisaged for Post Malone’s performance”, Dalgleish said that the aim was to have the artist stand out as the headline act. “Other acts had a large LED screen, but this was removed during the changeover and revealed a large structure lined with GLP’s X4 20 Bars,” he stated. “For the rest of the festival I designed a simple but effective rig that the guest LDs for Travis Scott and Tyler the Creator could use.” The lighting for both stages was supplied by VER. Malone’s production manager Dennis Danneels was responsible for bringing all the production elements together for the festival.
Dalgleish rigged 114 of the battens on GT Truss that formed the structure - a full grid of lights with a box platform in the middle. A further 18 X4 Bar 20s were set inside the box on the floor: “These lights did double duty,” explained the LD, “they were used for lighting effects and also lighting Post Malone himself as a key light.”

protest-the-hero1Elation lighting rig for Protest the Hero
Friday, 21 December 2018

Canada - For Canadian shows celebrating the 10th anniversary of Protest the Hero’s Fortress album, lighting operator/programmer Michael ‘Herk’ Herkimer deployed a comprehensive suite of Elation lighting fixtures. Provided by Hamilton-based Soundbox Productions of Canada, the rig was comprised exclusively of Elation ACL 360 Matrix panels, Cuepix Battens, Fuze Pars and ZW19s.
To say Herk maintains a busy schedule is an understatement. In mid-October 2018 he’d been touring for roughly 29 months, splitting his time between Rise Against, Billy Talent and Protest the Hero (PTH). With his previous knowledge of the PTH gig, Herk knew he’d require a lighting rig that was economical and utilitarian, with every fixture offering a high degree of flexibility. In all, the PTH light show consists of roughly 2,300 cues and Herk’s approach is to build intensity constantly, making the show look bigger and more impressive over the course of the night, with very little in the way of repetition.
“We really wanted to stay away from that. So you didn’t see any strobes or blinders in this rig. Don’t get me wrong, we wanted to tear people’s heads off, but in a unique way: breakdowns with really fast colour changes that switch spectrums to get your eyes to struggle with the image, ripping chases to mimic guitar runs, or by dropping all light on stage so it was just the guitar players for three seconds and then ripping back into the full rig to really knock you down.”
With Elation’s LED product line it was easy to achieve this, he says, while a

monasteryChauvet lights historical community centre
Friday, 21 December 2018

UK - Back in the late 1530s, Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries that had been familiar fixtures on the English landscape prior to the Reformation. Most of the stately buildings were destroyed, their material scavenged for other purposes. But one survived thanks to the intervention of Augustine Steward, Mayor of Norwich, who convinced the king to deed the impressive friary in his city to the people, so it could be used for fairs, feasts and other public functions.
Today, almost 500 years later, the monastery complex (the oldest surviving one in the UK), is still thriving as The Halls, a community cultural centre with architectural features that provide a dramatic backdrop for a variety of events. Among these performances was a recent high school choral concert sponsored by Norfolk Music Hub that was animated by an evocative lighting design featuring Chauvet Professional Ovation fixtures.
“The building is rather ‘gothic,’ so it lends itself to creating evocative settings,” said Matt Cross of Viking Stage Lighting, which supplied the fixtures and created the design for the multi-choir recital. “Lighting was a huge factor in achieving the right ambience. This is a large cavernous structure, and it can feel rather empty without the right lighting.”
Viking Stage Lighting relied on uplights to colourise the building’s columns and archways. For stage lighting, the design team called upon eight Ovation E-910FC colour-mixing ellipsoidals and an equal number of Ovation F-915FC colour-mixing Fresnel fixtures.
The Ovation E-910FC LED el

ivete-sangalo-copyright-bruno-polengo-105grandMA2 for Ivete Sangalo live in São Paulo
Friday, 21 December 2018

Brazil - Ivete Maria Dias de Sangalo Cady is one of the best-selling Brazilian female singers, with 15m copies sold from her six albums released with Banda Eva and seven more as part of her solo career.
For her recent DVD production Ivete Sangalo Live Experience in the Allianz Park in São Paulo, lighting designers Paulinho Lebrão and Guillermo Herrero used two grandMA2 full-size consoles, one grandMA2 light and four MA NPUs (Network Processing Units) to control a set with more than 800 fixtures.
Lebrão explains: “We have been using grandMA2 consoles since 2011, and the experience, knowledge and confidence we have in the system leaves us no doubt in the choice. When art director Gringo Cardia presented this project, the mission for us was create lighting that could show the big size, plus all the details of the scenography. Another request was to transform the stage during the show, going through moments of carnival, electronic, latin and romantic music. This was the main challenge for Guillermo and me as LDs.
“We ran the show with a multiuser system, with Paulinho operating lighting and controlling the levels for camera, while operator Laudecir Silveira was on the other console operating a Robe Robo Spot remote follow spot system as well as correcting the moving lights positions online, and we had a third console as backup”, adds Herrero.
Lebrão continues: “For me this project was special for several reasons. The main one, because I was working as an LD for the first time with Ivete Sangalo. grandMA2 started to reach the top

aldALD names 2018 Michael Northen Awards winners
Friday, 21 December 2018

UK - The Association of Lighting Designers has announced the winners of this year’s Michael Northen Awards.
The awards offer an opportunity for students leaving education to gain practical skills and experience in creating a portfolio that sells their design ideas. The strongest lighting or video designs are then showcased to experienced lighting and video designers and the wider industry.
The Michael Northen Award, named in honour of the first credited lighting designer in the UK and his work on the The Mousetrap, was awarded to Sophie Bailey of Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. The judges described her design as ‘sculptural and controlled’.
Johanne Jensen (Royal Central School of Speech & Drama) was awarded the ETC Award for Excellence in Lighting Design. The judges felt the process was presented well and praised the use of light.
Bethany Gupwell of Royal Central School of Speech & Drama (see LSi July’s Early Stagers) walked away with the Francis Reid Award. The final imagery of Gupwell’s designs was thought striking, three-dimensional and with faces well lit.
The Excellence in Video Design Award was presented to Ruben Plaza Garcia of Rose Bruford College. The judges said his portfolio contained a good range of images and especially liked the combination of animated versus tr

Maestra Group switches to HireHop
Thursday, 20 December 2018

UK - The Maestra Group in London and Dubai have switched from their existing server-based equipment rental software to HireHop’s cloud-based rental equipment software to manage their productions, hires and inventory.
Maestra is an international event production and AV rental company based out of London and Dubai, with a large portfolio of iclients and events under their belts.
HireHop’s director Keith Jacobs says: “We are delighted to have such a prestigious and well-respected company on board, and we look forward to facilitating Maestra’s growth in the future.”
Justin Hammond, managing director of Maestra London, adds: “We had encountered numerous limitations with our previous rental software and needed a replacement. We switched over to HireHop because it could do everything we needed and more, due to its speed and the wealth of functionality, making it the perfect fit for our ever-growing company.”
(Jim Evans)

claypakyClaypaky Axcor Spot 300s debut in Kalamazoo
Thursday, 20 December 2018

USA - The Department of Theatre at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo has added 12 Claypaky Axcor Spot 300 moving LED fixtures to its inventory. The lights serve three theatres in the department’s complex as well as an additional performing space elsewhere on campus. The spots are making their debut during the 2018-19 theatre season.
The Axcor Spot 300s replace ageing moving lights, which are at the end of their lifecycle. “I had been looking for LED-based fixtures capable of projecting patterns and with a varied range of colours,” says Matthew Knewtson, professor of theatre and lighting design. “I found the Axcor Spots in doing online research, and colleagues recommended the Claypaky fixtures as a viable option.”
The Axcor Spot 300s were purchased from BMI Supply in Queensbury, New York. ACT Lighting, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Claypaky lighting in North America.
Professor Knewtson quickly deployed the fixtures on the fall production of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, a musical for which he provided the lighting design. “I used the Axcor Spot 300s to create the effect of a taxi moving thru the streets of Madrid. I also used them for a motion picture effect as well as more mundane uses such as pattern and color wash,” he explains.
Since then the theatre students have used the Axcor Spot 300s for an automated fixture workshop in which each student designs the automated lighting for a song of their choice. Their productions are presented in two live performances for the rest of the theatre and the

led-creative-shadowprojectLED Creative supports McLaren Shadow Project
Thursday, 20 December 2018

UK - Working with production company Attention Seekers, LED Creative provided a selection of products from their Sigma LED range to help build the clean, modern look created for the semi-final of the McLaren Shadow Project.
Staged at the prestigious McLaren Technology Centre and streamed live via the project’s YouTube Channel, the event is a highly contested battle for a place on the McLaren E-Sports Team. Having been whittled down from over half a million applicants, the final eight ‘virtual drivers’ were tested over a series of racing challenges, competing at legendary tracks in iconic McLaren machinery.
The custom-built Shadow Project studio features eight ‘racing sleds’ configured specifically for the event. Sited on raised podiums edged with crisp LED Highlights, the ‘sleds’ house the individual drivers in cockpits fronted with a colour coded ‘V’ detail, formed using LC Sigma 60 mounted in Diffuze Conduit, the company’s new in-house designed channel system developed for use in the TV/broadcast industry. The intense illumination provided by the LED creates an edgy contrast against the stylish, subtle look created by LD Seb Williams, without distracting the gamers.
The linear theme is continued across the set with additional Pulse Wands placed adjacent to the commentary box located behind the drivers. Working in unison with the Sigma 60 and Pulse Wands, LC BYTE system allows precision ‘real time’ management over colour, movement and intensity, perfect for providing maximum artistic control in a live broadcast environment.<

fullboarcenterHigh End Systems releases Hog OS V3.10
Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Europe - High End Systems has announced OS v3.10, the latest software upgrade to the Hog 4 lighting console range.
The release offers several new features and enhancements, including Virtual Wings, Playback Bar docking, Compound Fixture Explode, Inhibitive Masters in the background and new Pixel Map stock content.
With Virtual Wings, multiple virtual wings can be opened on a single system, providing additional playback controls when needed.
Playback Bar Docking allows users to swap playback bars easily on the console front panel and wings, providing quick access to more playbacks on a single surface.
Inhibitive Masters (default in new shows) can ‘leave inhibitive masters in the background’, allowing page changes to happen without adjusting/restoring active inhibitive masters. When inhibited, groups in the Groups Directory will indicate their current maximum level and if they are being actively inhibited. Users can now touch a group in the directory and use an encoder to raise/lower the inhibitive on that group, and a new command Group + Release has been added to quickly restore all inhibited groups not controlled by the currently active page.
Other enhancements include various bug fixes, Disable Rem Dim option, Enable Fader option for Grand Master and new Gradient Shapes in Pixel Map stock content.
Senior product manager Sarah Clausen comments: “The HOG development team is stoked to offer these regular updates to our user base. The intent of v3.10’s release is to provide a number of small adjustments that improve your daily

decadethehalls3photocredit-dankazinskiTenth Avenue North get festive with Chauvet
Wednesday, 19 December 2018

USA - Tenth Avenue North released their gold certified Over and Underneath debut album in 2008, but the Dove Award-winning Christian band’s musical virtuosity stretches back much further in time. This is evident in their current Decade The Halls tour, which features a decade-by-decade cornucopia of Christmas music covering more than a half century.
Supporting this musical mix with richly coloured visuals that evoke images of different Christmases from times past is a Mike Marcario lighting design that features Chauvet Professional Rogue and Nexus fixtures, supplied by Bandit Lites. Marcario’s transformative lighting seems to move through time with the music, changing colours and the tempo of its movement to reflect the passage of holiday seasons through the years.
“This show is definitely fun to do from a lighting standpoint,” says Marcario. “We need to be able to create looks for every decade, while avoiding carrying gear from each one. We change up the kinds of colours and gobos we use for different decades. The show begins very warm with little movement, but as we approach the 1990s and 2000s, we have added more aerial effects and colour, also pulling out more tricks from the fixtures to create a contemporary feel, while still maintaining a holiday mood throughout the entire show.”
Making this feat especially impressive is that Marcario accomplishes it with a rig that fits in a bus trailer. To add to his challenge, the November-December tour stops at large churches, many of which have limited available power and riggi

ayrton-3-ayrton-fixtures-in-the-rig-at-rehearsal-studio-c-at-studio-tantaAyrton lights the way for Tokyo’s Studio Tanta
Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Japan - Ayrton reports that Tokyo’s Studio Tanta chose the French manufacturer’s lighting products for its rehearsal studios. The successful installation includes 10 Ayrton NandoBeam S3 units, six WildBeam R fixtures and four Arcaline 2 100 battens which were permanently installed in Rehearsal Studio-C.
Studio Tanta is an impressive seven-storey building which took five years to build from planning to completion. It has two recording studios, a rehearsal studio, two artists’ rooms, and a restaurant. Hibino Lighting, Ayrton’s exclusive distributor for Japan, was responsible for the supply and installation of the Ayrton fixtures and a lighting console.
Takahisa Hasegawa, the owner and CEO of Studio Tanta, comments: “It has always been my long-term goal to build a large-scale studio in Tokyo so, before designing Tanta, we went on a study trip to visit famous studios in the USA. Because I invested a lot of time and effort in Tanta, I wanted to be sure to choose great equipment for my studios. When Hibino Lighting introduced Ayrton products to me, I felt that they would be the perfect match.”
As Studio Tanta is used for a wide variety of purposes, including live concerts, rehearsals, parties, events and as a recording studio, a lighting system was required that could handle all these types of entertainment. Hibino Lighting therefore suggested installing Ayrton’s Wildbeam-R for special effects, and the Nandobeam-S3 for easy spotlighting of the masters of ceremonies, and for musicians who like to move around a lot.
As Studio Tanta is

navarone-clf-1CLF Orion debuts on Navarone’s album launch
Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The Netherlands - Navarone, one of the best, most energetic and appreciated rock bands in the Netherlands returned to their home base in Nijmegen, launching their fourth studio album with help from the new CLF Orion hybrid.
Lighting designer Roy Baarslag was looking for an extensive floor setup to emphasise all the accents in Navarone’s dynamic musical style. “The band wants me to create a lively and energetic show with a lot of variety. I needed fixtures that offer a huge amount of effect versatility, so that’s why the CLF Orion definitely caught my attention.” A powerful light source and efficient optics enable the Orion to produce heavy mid-air effects. “Their output really surprised me, sometimes I even had to reduce it to achieve a balance with the house rig.”
In addition, the extensive feature package of the Orion was a useful tool for Baarslag. “I have created freaky effects with help of the animation wheel. While I also like the smooth CMY colour mixing and I’d like to draw attention to the zoom speed, which is really fast. When designing upcoming shows I would like to include more Orion fixtures. They are multifunctional, from a powerful beam all the way to a soft wash.”
The CLF Orion units were placed on vertical trusses, accompanied by CLF LEDbar PRO fixtures. “The LEDbar PRO fixtures allowed me to be very creative”, Baarslag comments. “The big reflectors resemble the look and feel of old fashioned strip lights, but add RGBW colour mixing. I love the intense colours of the LEDbar PRO. Together with the punch and sm

trafalgarSGM enhances Diwali festival of lights
Wednesday, 19 December 2018

UK - Diwali is the Hindu, Sikh, and Jain festival of lights, which symbolises victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. The 2018 Diwali was celebrated with a huge event in the heart of London on 7 November with music, dance, workshops, foods, crafts, and, of course, plenty of lights from SGM Light.
“The brief was to create something that was both visual and memorable. We mainly chose SGM fixtures because of the outdoor usage, and Ethix has a very long relationship with SGM and their products, and an excellent record of support. The high IP classification in SGM’s products is very important to me as the majority of our projects are outdoors. Ensuring that a fixture is up to the job is paramount,” explained Paul Jones from production company Ethix Management.
For the project, Ethix used G-Spots, G-Spot Turbos, P-5s, and Q-7s. “We used the Q-7 to light the roofs of the marquees to create an even colour wash and soft colour changes across the whole of the marquees both inside and out,” says Jones. “Together with the Q-7, the G-Spot was perfect to light the national gallery using 2 gobo wheels and a 43 degree zoom.”
Diwali took place on the popular Trafalgar Square, where Ethix Management also used SGM’s P-5; a powerful and IP65-rated wash light luminaire perfect for any event that require an ultra-bright and super-long throw luminaire.
“We used the P-5 to light the base of Nelsons Column and the G-Spot Turbo to create effects on the column,” explain

robe-castle-kolpa-music-festival-2018-laibach-20Intralite rocks the Castle with Robe
Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Slovenia - Ales Pirman runs a successful lighting rental company, Intralite, and in 2018 decided to promote his own event - Castle - Kolpa Music Festival, staged over four days at a beautiful site near the Kolpa River, close to the Croatian border.
Around 12,000 people enjoyed an international line-up of over 25 artists including Swedish / Norwegian rap metal band Clawfinger, darlings of the avant-garde Laibach, singer songwriter Magnifico, Serbian alt rockers S.A.R.S., Bosnian pop rockers Plavi Orkestar, Slovenian rock band Big Foot Mama and many others. To ensure that they and all the other artists enjoyed the best possible lightshow and production values, over 100 Robe moving lights graced the main stage.
This included Intralite’s newest Robe purchase, 20 x MegaPointes, which joined the inventory earlier this year.
Ales had dreamed about running his own music event since he was a child, so this was a huge moment. He booked all the bands and amassed a team to help design, source and install the full festival site infrastructure including camping and glamping grounds - all of which was a major challenge; especially with it being the first time he’d organised a festival!
Naturally Intralite supplied the full technical production package, and being a leading rental company, it was an ideal opportunity to show off their creative and technical capabilities.
LD Klemen Krajnc was asked to create a production lighting design that would work for all artists.
The performance action took place over two stages - the main stage, a

adboceanADB debuts Ocean console at JTSE
Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Europe - ADB Stagelight recently presented the Ocean for the first at JTSE in Paris. This lighting console, designed for theatres, opera houses and multi-purpose venues, immediately attracted a great deal of interest among sector workers.
The Ocean's most striking feature, as well as one of its main strong points, is its high-resolution touch screen, with a 70-cm-wide (27½-inch-wide) viewing area. It provides operators with full access to all functions and control of all parameters through a single screen, which greatly simplifies control desk ergonomics.
Due to its ultra-stretched display format, the console and screen itself are still very compact, both in depth and height. This means the operators have a perfect view of the stage from every angle, regardless of where they are sitting, and can place the console on small surfaces. Moreover, its shallow depth allows them to access the touch screen very easily.
Simone Capeleto, CEO of ADB, says: "We are thrilled with the interest this innovative console received. We got a lot of positive feedback, not just from operators using Hathor software. Many programmers saw the Ocean as a practical, modern tool for the present and future of their profession.
"The word Ocean conjures up the idea of a horizontal landscape, which spreads out in all directions, but still allows us to see the horizon,” he adds. “It is a metaphorical representation of what we intend to offer operators in practice: a way to let them see as many things as possible on a single screen and, at the same time, keep what is happe

dark-mofo-winter-festival-1Robe lights Dark Mofo winter festival
Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Australia - For a company specialising in events, a festival that takes over an entire city can be both the best of times and the worst of times. Tasmania’s Dark Mofo winter festival is all of that for the Hobart-based Alive Technologies Group, but it’s a challenge the team delights in rising to.
Dark Mofo, created and run by MONA - Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art - is a fortnight of festivities which celebrates the dark through large-scale public art, food, film, music, light and noise, all held at venues which may be created or re-designed just for the occasion.
A huge amount of that venue staging, lighting and audio is taken care of by ATG and the company’s lighting project manager Nathaniel Collins was at the heart of much of the work.
“We do a lot with MONA so as a result of that connection, they brought us on, as the largest local supplier. We can always accommodate some of their more demanding projects,” Nathaniel says.
The brief for this year was responsibility for around 15 of the 18 stages scattered around the whole city, hosting a range of different performances. For such an important project, reliability and versatility are key to the choice of products, and the Alive Technologies Group chose Robe lighting fixtures for those very reasons.
For the performances at MAC2 (Macquarie Wharf Shed No. 2), the main venue, the fixtures included Robe BMFL Spots, Robin 600 LEDWash, and pointes. Also among the selection was what Nathaniel calls ‘a lot of’ strobes and blinders.
“The fixtures needed to be high o


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