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peruActivando Cultura enlivened with Chauvet
Thursday, 11 November 2021

Peru - On 29 February 2020, Argentinian folk rockers Vilma Palma e Vampiros and Peruvian alt band Plutonio de Alto Grande performed at the Parque de la Exposición. A short time later, the curtain went down on live music in Peru because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Despite its early and efficient response to the virus, Peru was hit much harder by COVID than many other countries. It was one of the last countries to lift lockdown restrictions, but lift them it did recently, welcoming back live music at Lima’s Parque de la Exposición in the joyful and spirited Activando Cultura festival that featured five of the country’s leading national artists representing a cross section of musical genres.
The concert was the result of Rectivate, a project initiated by Dblux and its CEO, Andrés Cuadros, to achieve the recovery of the live post-pandemic concert market in Peru. Although the crowd was limited to 3,000 at the event due to safety protocols, enthusiasm was high, as music resounded throughout the open air-venue supported by a dynamic lightshow featuring Chauvet Professional fixtures.
Anchoring the festival rig were the Rogue R2X Wash and COLORado Batten 144 Tour. “We needed a luminaire that would allow us to achieve the versatility demanded by the different performances,” said Cuadros. The atmosphere on stage was constantly changing because the different presentations were very different from each other.
“The Rogue R2X Wash allowed us to tackle those many facets. The white light offered by the Rogue R2 allowed us to achieve a homogeneous w

claypakyquisaitchanter13Mini-Bs shine on Quebec singing competition
Thursday, 11 November 2021

Canada - A large complement of Claypaky Mini-B fixtures, supplemented by Claypaky A.leda B-EYE K20s, illuminated the set of Qui Sait Chanter, a one-of-a-kind singing competition making its debut on Quebec’s Noovo network this fall.
The Quebec version of the show is the latest in South Korea’s I Can See Your Voice franchise, which airs in 16 countries worldwide. The US series quickly became a hit in its premier season on FOX Network last fall. Its unusual concept combines songs, suspense and performance as contestants try to identify the real singer and the imposters among a group of six participants from all walks of life.
Quebec-based Omnison provided 96 Mini-Bs, Claypaky’s smallest LED moving light for the professional market, and 12 versatile B-EYE K20s, a combination wash light, beam light and effects light, to lighting designer Jonathan Lewis for the new show.
“Our relationship with Claypaky started when we founded Omnison – their fixtures were really our first machines,” says Francis Gigeure, vice president of Omnison. “For this project, Jonathan asked for a beam light, so we looked at the Claypaky catalogue and once we found the Mini-B we jumped on it. The Mini-B has become our go-to fixture.”
Lewis’s mandate for Qui Sait Chanter was “to make sure that the show had a visual signature resembling the American version”. But Lewis did not have a fixture list from the US show. “I saw pictures and videos and had the freedom to choose what we would use,” he explains.
"Claypaky’s Mini-B of

birminghamSLX wins Commonwealth Games contract
Thursday, 11 November 2021

UK - Bristol-based SLX has been appointed as the official broadcast lighting provider for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. The company will provide more than 2,000 LED fixtures to a wide variety of sports over the course of two weeks, at more than 15 competition, non-competition and training venues.
The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will see around 4,500 athletes from 72 nations and territories compete from 28 July until 8 August 2022. As the biggest event ever to be held in the West Midlands, it is expected to attract more than one million spectators to the city and have a global TV audience of 1.5 billion.
SLX will provide lighting solutions, ensuring the demanding requirements for both sport and broadcast are met. Project director Russell Payne will be working with lighting designers David Lewis and Nick Collier, both of whom have decades of experience in broadcast lighting operations for sporting events and other major events in venues around the world.
For Birmingham 2022, SLX is sourcing 100% of their local crew from Birmingham through a long-established local supplier of SLX. In addition, SLX is committed that all their lifting and access plant will also be sourced from local Birmingham suppliers.
SLX CEO Alastair Currie comments: “Working together with Birmingham 2022 means a huge amount to SLX, as it enables us to continue to navigate our way through Covid-19 with more certainty. The contract has also helped us steer our social values and sustainability agenda, which is really driving change within our business. We ar

strand-flx-s-touchscreen-hand-1920x1080pxStrand and Zero 88 update FLX software
Wednesday, 10 November 2021

USA - Signify entertainment lighting brands Strand and Zero 88 have announced the latest update to ZerOS, the software for their FLX S Series and FLX consoles.
ZerOS 7.10 includes support for multiple pixel luminaires, a library update featuring a wide range of Vari-Lite and Strand fixtures, and more. The new update is available for Zero 88 lighting consoles as well as the recently announced Strand FLX S Series consoles.
“Despite the prevalence of multicell fixtures in the market, facilities have mostly been able to find full multicell control on higher end consoles,” says Jon Hole, global product manager, Strand and Zero 88 Controls and Systems at Signify. “Many of these consoles either control the luminaire as a single fixture with a large number of parameters or patch each pixel as a separate fixture, with compromises in either approach. Even consoles with sub-fixtures or cell control have conflicts between pixel intensity and fixture intensity. We have been waiting to implement multicell control until we could address all of these challenges.”
To address this issue, ZerOS 7.10 allows users to dynamically select whether to adjust the whole fixture or a single pixel depending on how they interact with it using the multitouch screen on the console. “ZerOS is all about being powerful and easy to use, and this new update does that for multiple pixel fixtures, allowing users to fully control them just like the rest of their rig without complications,” adds Hole.
ZerOS 7.10 also brings a major update to the fixture library, including

birchmereThe Birchmere expands is palette with Chauvet
Wednesday, 10 November 2021

USA - Guests at The Birchmere were excited to see Boney James, whose inimitable jazz saxophone stylings have earned him a Soul Train Award, four Grammy Award nominations, and a fistful of gold records, when he stepped on to the stage at the live music venue outside Washington DC on 16 October.
The club’s house LD, David Bebee, is also a fan of the artist, but as much as he appreciates good jazz, he was eagerly awaiting something else when he sat down at his console at the start of the evening: the chance to see his new Chauvet Professional Maverick Force S Spot fixtures in action at a live performance for the first time.
Bebee purchased six of the just-released 350W lightweight, IP65-rated movers from JRLX for the club, which has hosted performances by the likes of Allison Krause, Dave Mathews and the Indigo Girls. His initial plans call for him to use the fixtures as a ground package to complement the Maverick MK1 Spots he added to the rig in late 2017.
Later, Bebee may decide to hang the Force fixtures on overhead truss, and move the older MK1 units to the stage deck. In either case, the expanded rig will give him and visiting LDs at The Birchmere a wider range of creative opportunities.
“The Force fixtures are adding a new dimension to our shows,” comments Bebee. “I’ve been waiting for a new floor package for some time now. Without question, these fixtures have surpassed my wildest expectations.”
Weighing in at less than 50-pounds, the compact Maverick Force S Spot fits neatly into The Birchmere’s relatively tight stage.

artisticArtistic Licence plays key role in Midwinter
Wednesday, 10 November 2021

UK - Artistic Licence artLynx ethernet gateways have been used to create a key lighting effect in the recent production of Midwinter by Zinnie Harris, at The Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art at Trinity College Dublin.
The play - one of three being directed and designed by this year's Master in Fine Art (MFA) graduates as part of Gradfest 2021 - explores the strength of the human condition in the face of extreme circumstances. The set required a versatile Sun/Moon object that could be used to conjure the hour and mood of the scenes, providing a continuous element as the drama progressed.
The MFA designers challenged one of The Lir Academy students to look at pixelmapping a Sun/Moon light object. This involved two artLynx duo gateways to handle the four dedicated universes that were needed to allow for individual pixel control.
Artistic Licence has been official technical partner of The Lir Academy for the past four years, a relationship that has greatly enhanced the practical training available to students.
Regarding the Midwinter production, head of lighting Eve D'Alton enthuses, "We honestly couldn't have done it without these amazing DIN rail Art-Net nodes, so a massive thank you to Artistic Licence. I know the students are so proud of what they've learned and achieved, and such a huge part of that is support from companies like Artistic Licence.”

rohrigolettophoto-by-ellie-kurttz-1Royal Opera House chooses Artiste Picasso
Wednesday, 10 November 2021

UK - The Royal Opera House in London has chosen Elation Professional’s Artiste Picasso as the prestigious performing arts venue’s new front-of-house moving head lighting solution. Available to both The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet, the theatrical-grade LED profile luminaire met the world-class venue’s exacting standards and has already been used to light several performances. Technical solutions specialists White Light Ltd (WL) sold the fixtures to the venue.
One category of luminaire that the technical team at ROH has had frequent requests for is a moving head in the front of house position. Simon Bennison, lighting associate/deputy head of lighting at the Royal Opera House, explains: “As lighting demands have progressed, many European houses have integrated moving heads into their setups and we started to get increasing requests, particularly over recent years, for bright, flexible moving head fixtures in the FOH area. We have experimented with different units but run into perpetual issues of sightlines, lack of space and unit noise.”
It was the staging of Munich Opera’s production of the Handel opera “Agrippina,” where the ROH received a specific request from lighting designer Benedikt Zhem for the placement of moving head LED units front of house. In an effort to meet the designer’s wish, the team at the ROH carried out research into a possible solution.
Prior to the “Agrippina” run, Bennison had the opportunity to see Elation’s Artiste Picasso in use at the National Theatre in Oslo, one of Norway's most prominent ven

chauvetSoundfield calls on Chauvet for W-Festival
Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Belgium - Motown legends The Jacksons played the five-day W-Festival in Ostend. Over 6,200K separate the festival site in Ostend from Detroit, where the Motown band got its start, but the connection to the crowd was warm and instantaneous when the group kicked off their headliner set with Can You Feel It, their upbeat 1981 hit that reached the top of the charts in Belgium four decades ago.
Contributing to the festive mood that made the distance and years melt away was dynamic and colourful light show designed by Benjamin De Maere and Soundfield that featured 150 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Soundfield, which also served as the technical producer of the event.
In addition to providing a diverse range of looks for the Jacksons’ 12-song set, the lighting system supported performances by over 40 acts, including international stars like Nena, The Human League and OMD during W-Festival and Sinners Day. (The latter event was added to the 2021 edition of the festival, after being postponed earlier in the year because of COVID safety protocols.)
“We brought in a system that was 95 percent Chauvet Professional for W-Festival and Sinner’s Day, all from our rental stock,” says Patrick De Leeuw of Soundfield. “Mavericks were a big part of our system. We had 52 MK2 Profiles and 44 MK2 Washes, which gave us a great deal of versatility. They were joined by 10 Rogue R3 Washes, 14 STRIKE 4s, 18 STRIKE P38s and 12 COLORado Q40 fixtures. There was also a second stage that we lit with some Rogues.”
Drawing on the versatility of th

robe-level-42-lev152119363Robe MegaPointes at heart of Level 42 rig
Tuesday, 9 November 2021

UK - Lighting designer Yenz Nyholm of New Illumination illustrated how imagination and a moderately sized lighting rig with 23 x Robe MegaPointes as its backbone can go a very long way on the current Level 42 From Eternity to Here tour.
Creatively, Yenz needed some seriously multi-purpose lighting fixtures to keep the looks and effects rolling, and with no video on the tour, lighting is the primary visual element. On the practical side, the whole rig had to fit into one truck, along with audio, backline, and catering; it had to be built each day by Yenz and one tech and look good in the venues with limited height or restricted flying!
“MegaPointes were a bit of a no-brainer,” states Yenz. “They are powerful, small, lightweight, versatile and my go-to fixture.”
Nine MegaPointes on the back truss are joined by 12 strategically deployed on the floor. Five of the floor fixtures are used to create a fantastic array of kinetic gobo and projected animation effects on the dark grey reflective backdrop, which shimmers and energises with the added lumens, complete with five columns of bug-screen flown in front to add texture and three dimensionality.
The MegaPointes are also used for beam-technology looks, for classic back lighting and silhouetting effects and for specials and solos. They are essentially the heart of the rig.
Other lights include six upstage wash moving lights, some key lights on the front truss, six towers of vertical pixel tubes behind the band that adds some symmetry and form to the space plus shed loads of 2-lite an

baftajordan-anderson2White Light leads installation at BAFTA
Tuesday, 9 November 2021

UK - Under the ongoing redevelopment remit of BAFTA’s 195 Piccadilly headquarters, the charity engaged White Light (WL) to manage the installation of its new technological infrastructure.
Officially opening in 2022, 195 Piccadilly will be a creative centre for film, games and television and the central hub for BAFTA’s UK-wide, and global, learning and talent development programme. It will also provide facilities for all event needs, whether live, virtual or hybrid.
WL has been involved with the development of the ambitious project since its inception back in 2016. The scope included equipping BAFTA with its first ever dedicated learning space and state-of-the-art technology to help increase revenues, enabling its charitable remit to be fulfilled for years to come.
Based on a system designed by consultancy Charcoalblue, WL was appointed to devise an integrated technical package for the overriding system control, as well as fully manage the installation process.
To reflect BAFTA’s relationships with leading manufacturers including Christie, Dolby, ETC and QSC, 195 Piccadilly has been equipped with some of the most cutting-edge equipment on the market. The latest Christie projection system installed in the Ray Dolby Room, has allowed the space to become a fully projection-mapped environment. This offers clients a 360° digital canvas which they can personalise and has the potential to bring the space to life with dynamic content for both in-person and digital events.
WL’s senior project manager Jason Larcombe comments: “195 Piccad

lightpowerAyrton backs German Unity Day celebrations
Monday, 8 November 2021

Germany - On 3 October, 200 drones took to the skies above Burg Giebichenstein in Halle (Saale) and assembled themselves into symbols and catchwords of German Unity.
The multimedia drone show by Jens Hillenkötter and his company JH Technology Arts was the highlight of the closing celebrations for German Unity Day, which were broadcast live on television. One floor further down - in the inner courtyard of the castle ruins - numerous moving lights from Ayrton set the scene for the multi-layered live setting in parallel.
"The castle ruin is a very special location and combines the historical with the digital, because the whole show is designed to be followed via TV or digital streams," says Jens Hillenkötter, who has already been responsible for numerous sensational light and drone shows in recent years. "The lighting design plays an elementary role here, because we not only have various camera formations for the broadcast, but also live musicians and orchestras in the show, which all have to be set in perfect light. We want a big look that makes its impact even from a distance."
In total, the experienced lighting designer relied on 64 Ayrton Perseo Beam, as well as 14 Ayrton Domino-S, IP65 moving lights placed throughout the winding castle ruins as well as along the large bridge at the foot of the castle. "We needed fixtures that were not only compact, lightweight and weatherproof, but also offered a tremendous amount of flexibility, because with this show and this setting, it was clear from the start that there would always be changes. What is a be

azgr04h8-1Chauvet panels back National League play-offs
Friday, 5 November 2021

USA - The Atlanta Braves hadn’t won a National League pennant since 1999, and few ‘experts’ expected them to do so this year, even though they managed to squeak into the post season playoffs. But baseball is, if nothing else, a game that has a way of turning improbabilities into realities.
Perhaps because of this, Mike Grabowski and the team at The Lighting Design Group were ready for anything when the Braves began their playoff against the favoured Milwaukee Brewers. Their interest, or course, involved more than baseball; as they were tasked with lighting the pre and post-game commentary for the National League Championship Series, between the winners of the Braves-Brewers and Dodger-Giants clashes.
“It was a bit of an unusual situation,” said Grabowski. “We didn’t know where we’d be going to light the first game of the NLCS, because of the way the baseball playoffs work. As things turned out we didn’t learn we’d be working in Atlanta until the Dodgers beat the Giants (had the Giants won, the first game would have been in San Francisco). That was less than 48 hours before the first pitch of Game 1 was thrown.”
Given the tight time frame, The Lighting Design Group had gear ready in both locations. Featured in each of the 4Wall Entertainment supplied rigs were seven of the new Chauvet Professional onAir IP Panel 2 soft light fixtures, as well as groups of Maverick Storm 1 Wash units.
Arriving at Atlanta’s Truist Park stadium, the design team encountered a surprise. Instead of the 11’ square truss they were expecting t

entecwaterboyscrew01Waterboys back on tour with Entec Live
Friday, 5 November 2021

UK - When the Waterboys embarked on their current British tour, they did so safe in the knowledge that their new production supplier, Entec Live, would be able to provide the same integrated sound and lighting package as their old.
Entec, head of sound, Dan Scantlebury had brought the Waterboys into the fold, at the blessing of his previous company, dbnAudile. “They introduced us to the band owing to their heavy workload - and since the two companies have similar inventories it has been an easy transition. You generally find both L-Acoustics and d&b on tour riders, and we have the latter. In this instance they fielded two hangs of d&b V series, with a Soundcraft Vi7000 console at FOH and DiGiCo SD12 on monitors.
“The major advantage is that the band has one point of contact,” says Scantlebury, who was previously the band’s system tech. “Whether a sound or lighting query, they can relay everything through me.”
An extra benefit they could provide for co-production managers Stu Condron and Neil Mahony was some classic lighting, as Entec’s experienced lighting man, Leo Tierney explained.
Although running standard MAC Vipers and Auras, he said, “the interest in the rig is the four 10K Mole Fresnels we’ve brought in from Ancient Lights as well as a pair of 5K Fresnels from our own stock.” These are to meet the requirements of LD Donal O’Lunaigh who wanted to achieve a retro film look.
Operated from an Avolites Tiger Touch, they have all been adapted to a 2000W lamp so they can be run on standard dimmers. Of the fu

robe-saga-festival-2021-dsc0994Robe takes off at first SAGA Festival
Friday, 5 November 2021

Romania - Interest and anticipation for the first SAGA Festival in Romania, a collaboration between two dance world operations – ALDA Events and Insomniac - was so popular that the site was changed up to a bigger venue on the land of aerospace company Romaero in Bucharest.
Helping create this electronic music festival experience and new chapter in Romanian live event history was Andre Beekmans and his team from Netherlands-based design practice, The Art of Light, who specified over 200 Robe moving lights for the largest stage - Source.
Eindhoven-based Andre created the production lighting designs and supplied programmers and operators for Source plus the two other big stages, Heat and Spark. With some stages in the open air, SAGA also took advantage of a selection of enormous airplane hangars on the site, which is still a fully functional working aircraft repair and service facility.
The narrative for this first SAGA Take Off Edition was based on a blend of Romanian history and culture with dance music themes and a line-up including Don Diablo, Carl Cox, Tiësto, Topic, Allan Walker, Fisher, Sigala and more international and Romanian artists.
As the de facto main stage, Source featured a set imagined by Robin Wulff from ALDA that included the DJ booth integrated into a multi-faceted pentagonal scenic orb centrepiece with stylised ‘rays’ that released energy into the dance / audience space.
Andre matched this with lines of Robe MegaPointes and Pointes along the rays, "representing sizzling spikes and energy flows pulsing ou

kane-brown3Kane Brown returns with Martin Professional
Thursday, 4 November 2021

USA - To provide country star Kane Brown with impactful onstage visuals for his 2021 North American tour, Ahlstrand Productions selected Martin Professional lighting solutions provided by lighting company DCR Nashville.
Kane Brown is a multi-platinum singer-songwriter and the first artist to simultaneously claim the number one spot on all five of Billboard’s main country charts. After postponing his Worldwide Beautiful Tour in early 2020, Brown is back on the road with the Blessed & Free Tour, playing some of the biggest arenas in the country including Madison Square Garden.
Because the songs in Brown’s setlist range from tender acoustic ballads to loud and rollicking anthems, lighting designer Trevor Ahlstrand of Ahlstrand Productions wanted to design a rig that supported the music’s stylistic changes and gave fans an exciting visual experience while also accommodating a 56-foot onstage screen that plays throughout the show. To meet these goals, Ahlstrand selected Martin VDO Sceptron 10 video battens powered by P3 and VDO Atomic Dot CLD fixtures.
“One of the main things I wanted to do was create a wall of light behind the transparent video screen,” said Ahlstrand. “Kane’s entrance starts behind the screen where he ascends to the top and stands on top of the video screen before repelling down to the stage via a harness. No matter what we were going to place back there, it had to have the power to carry the opening of the show while revealing him silhouetted raising behind the screen.
“We needed to be able to have a fixture

nuits-de-nemausEos illuminates Les Nuits de Nemaus
Thursday, 4 November 2021

France - In the picturesque setting of the Arenes de Nîmes, in the south of France, lighting designer Pierre Wendels shed light on the history of the city, in a visual spectacular specifically designed for the Roman amphitheatre. Les Nuits de Nemaus featured more than 200 professional actors, dancers and stuntmen and a plethora of effects; with lighting controlled by two ETC Eos consoles, with Philippe ‘Pilou’ Roy at the helm.
Accustomed to major projects, Wendels created a poetic atmosphere by combining lighting and video content for the remarkable show. “If the team around me is confident, everyone is willing to take risks and that’s good for fostering creativity,” he says. “I try to connect with the audience through visual perception. My first consideration is the human experience; the method is only a tool.”
For this project, Wendels relied on Virginie Martin to create the video content, and Roy for the lighting aspects. "I write very detailed notes with drawings and photo montages in which I tell the story of the light,” he says. “Lighting and video are inseparable from the outset. They form a whole – one does not work without the other. "
An Eos Ti and an Ion Xe console, both provided by Groupe B Live, demonstrated their versatility on this significant show, thanks in part to Augment3d – the integrated 3D programming environment introduced in the Eos v3.0 software update. “I've been presenting Augment3d almost every day since its launch at the end of 2019,” says Roy, who also works as a field project coordina

pls2022Prolight + Sound 2022 looks to a greener future
Thursday, 4 November 2021

Germany - Prolight + Sound Frankfurt is set to return from 26 to 29 April 2022, with emphasis on sustainability.
With the Green Event Day on 27 April, the fair is offering for the first time a theme day all about the responsible use of natural resources. Companies and associations will present their green initiatives and underline that commitment to sustainability can also pay off economically.
Among the players who have already declared their participation in PL+S 2022 are ADJ, Area Four Industries, Ayrton, B. & C. Speakers, Bosch Rexroth, Bütec, Cast, Chainmaster, Chauvet, Clay Paky, ComputerWorks, dBTechnologies, DTS, Elation, ETC, Eurotruss, FBT Elettronica, GLP, Highlite International, HOF Alutec, InEar, JB-Lighting, Kling & Freitag, König & Meyer, KS Audio, Kvant, L-Acoustics, Lawo, Layher, LEDitgo, Lightpower, Link, MA Lighting, Meyer Sound, Movecat, nivtec-flexibel, Robe, SBS Bühnentechnik, SGM, TAIT, TMB, Tüchler, Ultralite and Waagner-Bir.
“The event industry is ready and hungry for a reunion. This is a clear signal we have received from companies and professionals. The positive overall mood creates a promising framework: not only for presentation and business, but also for talent acquisition and for the high-profile presentation of industry-relevant topics,” says Kerstin Horaczek, vice president technology shows at Messe Frankfurt.
Mira Wölfel, director Prolight + Sound, adds: “In this context, I would like to express my respect to the industry, which has managed to further expand its commitment to more sustai

plasa-wme-survey-autumn-2021-eshot-header-with-shadowPLASA and #WeMakeEvents launch Covid recovery survey
Wednesday, 3 November 2021

UK - PLASA and #WeMakeEvents have launched a survey to investigate how the live events sector is recovering with the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The survey aims to draw a detailed picture of the events, entertainment and installations industries following 18 months of disruption. The results are hoped to provide an insight into the challenges still facing the industry and will be used as an evidence base to better inform lobbying.
The surve contains questions about the supply of components and finished goods, the availability of skilled workers, and the year-on-year changes in terms of revenue and income.
Once all the data is collated and analysed, a full report will be published on both the PLASA and #WeMakeEvents websites.
From freelancers and sole traders to manufacturing companies and venues, all types of industry professionals are invited to take part. The deadline for completion is Friday, 3 December.
Follow this link to take the survey:

zero-88-university-of-bedfordshireZero 88 brings control to university
Wednesday, 3 November 2021

UK - The University of Bedfordshire, a multi-site academic facility including campuses in Bedford and Luton, recently upgraded three of their performance spaces with theatrical lighting control from Zero 88.
“We had three different theatrical spaces in need of upgrades, and we wanted a consistent experience across all of them,” explained Jamie Spirito, technician / demonstrator at the University of Bedfordshire. “The smaller Luton Campus theatre needed a powerful, yet straightforward console. Our Bedford Campus Theatre and Studio Theatre needed a bit more refined control capabilities, but with the same product quality and ease of use. That’s why I went with Zero 88 control solutions.”
Stage Electrics supplied the university with two Zero 88 consoles, a FLX for the 110-seat Luton Campus Theatre and a FLX S48 for the 125-seat Studio Theatre, both of which run the award-winning ZerOS software. For the larger 255-seat Bedford Campus Theatre, a ZerOS Server was installed, along with two 24-channel Zero 88 RigSwitch units. DMX distribution in the facility was upgraded to Zero 88 Gateway 8 and Splitter 8 devices as well.
When operational, these spaces host a hectic festival-style schedule, including a myriad of activities performed by students from the University’s various performing arts-related courses. In addition to full-on productions and rehearsals, seminars and lectures also occur in the spaces, requiring quick setup and often a short turnaround for another event the same day.
Some of these events, especially in the Luton venue, a

billyelliot1Chauvet lights Billy Elliot in Barcelona
Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Spain - The Elton John-Lee Hall coming of age musical Billy Elliot continues to be staged in theatres worldwide.
Reflecting the deep sea of emotions that run through this story in light, requires a design that is not only colourful and aesthetically balanced, but also subtle and nuanced in its portrayal of different moods. Carlos Torrijos of Fábrica de Luz, and Juan Gomez-Cornejo provided that for a current production of the musical presented by Som Produce at the Nuevo Teatro Alcalá in Madrid and the Teatro Victòria in Barcelona.
"Billy is a show more about colour temperature than colour itself," said Torrijos, when discussing the subtle and emotive lighting design. Helping him and Gomez-Cornejo achieve this balance in Barcelona were 52 Chauvet Professional Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal fixtures supplied by Proyect Arte.
For many of the musical sections, Torrijos appreciates the Ovation fixtures’ colour temperature range of 2,800 to 6,500, which allows very agile changes to be made. The use of lime color is also valued by the designer, as is the PWM and RDB dimming curve selections.
During the rehearsals and programming intensity levels had to be varied considerably to achieve the desired effect, but the configuration has been very fast and intuitive. Torrijos found the maintenance and operation of the LED to be more user friendly than those of conventional fixtures. He notes that he was able to make all the changes remotely without the need to lower the luminaire each time.
This production of Billy Elliot was sl

national-theater-korea1smallerNational Theatre of Korea celebrates with Strand
Wednesday, 3 November 2021

South Korea - The National Theatre of Korea has upgraded its dimming control to a range of products from Strand to add functionality for its diverse range of luminaires.
A recent remodelling of the multi-theatre complex saw a Strand EC21 Advanced Technology Dimmer Rack installed by Total Plus - the Vari-Lite and Strand distributor for Korea.
Total Plus also deployed an EC21 Advanced Control Electronics Processor Assembly with Dual processor, an EC21 Dual 25A Powerthru Module 435us Dim/ND/Bypass, an EC21 Dual 25A 200us Single Pole module and a Dual 20A CD80SV Non-Dim C21-style module and housing.
“The theatres use a mixture of LED fixtures and conventional halogen lamps, and the Strand dimming curve helps to streamline such diverse equipment efficiently,” says SH Koo, senior lighting designer of the National Theatre of Korea. “Strand's dimmer modules have wide-ranging functionality, which is an advantage over the market’s other offerings. Strand's PowerThru module has the convenience of changing the mode by selecting Dim, Non-Dim or Bypass. In my 35 years of experience, I think that Strand is the only dimmer able to withstand unfavourable conditions found in some venues.”
Established in 1950, the National Theatre of Korea has evolved through a challenging past, moving from city to city during wartime and requiring national arts funding in order to survive. Today, it is a leading venue for Korea’s performing arts, carving out a path for future performance as past and present coexist with the help of world-class stage lighting.

doobiesAyrton Khamsins shine on Doobie Brothers tour
Tuesday, 2 November 2021

USA - Ayrton is playing a key part of The Doobie Brothers tour in celebration of their 50th anniversary, which will play to around 50 venues across the USA and Canada throughout 2021 and 2022.
Solotech of Nashville supplied 17 Ayrton Khamsin LED profile fixtures for this tour which were chosen by the production design team at Darkroom Creative, Seth Jackson and Nathan Alves. The team wanted the Khamsin fixtures as part of their retro design which they use to summon up a 1980s vibe.
“In celebration of the Doobie Brothers’ 50th anniversary, Darkroom Creative did a little celebration of our own,” explains Jackson. “We figured since the band was celebrating 50 years, and the concert lighting business is roughly the same age, we would give a nod to the guys that inspired us when we were getting started. The lighting rig, though completely LED, is reminiscent of the par can rigs of the 1970s and ‘80s. What would have been ‘14 movers and 120 par cans’ became 17 Khamsins amid a raft of other moving lights.
“Hidden in the cueing are hat tips and homages to the greats from that era. Lighting nerds with a keen eye will see bits of Marc Brickman, Steve Cohen, Peter Morse, Jeff Ravitz, Marilyn Lowey, Alan Owen, Howard Ungerleider, and a host of other greats. The show has no IMAG, no cameras. The video is a scenic enhancement using album covers and archival artwork to craft new animations amidst rows of constructivist scenic panels. All of this is under the direction of Steve Owens, a legend himself, who has been with the Doobies since the mid

robe-ljubljana-puppet-theatre-wizard-of-oz-02lgl-foto-by-mankicakranjecRobe holds the strings at puppet theatre
Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Slovenia - Ljubljana Puppet Theatre (Lutkovno Gledališče Ljubljana) is famous for both puppet productions and live acting dramas, musicals, and other performance entertainments in and around its various spaces, which are also available for business events. The 200 capacity Saint Jacob’s (Šentjakobsko) Hall auditorium has recently re-opened after a complete eight-month renovation plan.
This latest technical upgrade has included the installation of 16 new Robe T1 LED Profile moving lights in the Saint Jacob’s (Šentjakobsko) Hall.
They join more recent Robe purchases across the venue’s other four performance spaces including The Tunnel which burrows into the hill beneath Ljubljana Castle and has 12 x CycFX8s which are used for lighting the long corridor audience areas. The 180-seat St Jacob’s Stage, the Main Stage, Small Stage and the Stage Under the Stars located on the top floor with a glass roof up to the night skies all share 12 x LEDBeam 150s and nine LEDWash 300+’s which can be moved around for different shows as needed.
The Robe fixtures were all selected by technical manager Jure Žnidaršič and his team, and based on their performance, features and the success of the theatre’s longer-term investments in Robe which started in 2011 with ColorSpot and ColorWash 250 luminaires which were specified by the LD for a puppet show that played on the Stage Under the Stars.
With the Saint Jacob’s (Šentjakobsko) Hall refurbishment, Jure and his colleagues knew that anything new needed to be LED, and they are adopting the techno

nextstepforwardChauvet launches immersive demo website
Monday, 1 November 2021

USA - The Next Step Forward is onAIR is an immersive global digital premiere site presenting virtual demos of the new IP65 and broadcast technologies from Chauvet Professional.
Showcasing products that are ‘suited to shatter design barriers come rain, dust, heat, or snow’, The Next Step Forward IS onAIR can be accessed via
The interactive platform offers in-depth looks at the latest lighting solutions debuting in person at LDI, Las Vegas in November. Leading the way will be the series of soft light onAir IP Panels. Available in three models, all of which feature a 90+ CRI and equally impressive TM-30 score, this series is optimally suited for indoor or outdoor broadcast applications. Additional information on the onAir IP Panels will be provided by three lighting professionals who have worked with the fixtures: Terry Jackson of World Stage, Brett Puwalski of 4Wall Entertainment, and Brian Rosenblum of Dynamic Productions USA.
Also featured in the global digital premiere will be the Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash, a lightweight and quick IP65 rated fixture with an outsized level of brightness; the IP65 rated Color STRIKE M Strobe/Wash with a 180ﹾ motorized tilt, and (in an exclusive preview), the soon-to-be-launched architainment line from the Iluminarc sister brand.
Live demos on other Chauvet Professional products will also be readily accessible on the site, as will segments from the company


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