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dinosaursVDC in Walking with Dinosaurs
Friday, 2 November 2018

EuropeWalking with Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular (read report in LSi November) is a $20m production based on the award-winning TV programme of the same name.
The show benefits from major improvements to animatronics, which have enabled the life-like dinosaurs to 'eat' and 'breathe' - and live arena experience has already been seen by over nine million people in more than 250 cities globally. 
Experience and expert technical knowledge has been essential in executing the brief, and South Wales-based Sonalyst was called upon to deliver. The audio, lighting, BlackTrax system and comms for the production were all provided by Sonalyst.
Project manager George Pakenham explains: “Being able to provide it all was exciting to us, generally we always supply the full production package on our tours. Due to the length of this tour it needed to be a brand-new system, so it gave us the opportunity again to invest into the latest equipment available.”
Sonalyst then turned to VDC Trading. The two companies had previously worked together on productions including We Will Rock You, The Commitments London Musical and Monty Python’s O2 reunion.
Pakenham explains: “It was natural to go back to VDC. Audio Signal & System Data flow’s are increasingly digital based now so we didn’t need as much of the analogue based infrastructure but we still source

ice-cream-wGLP lights travelling ice cream museum
Thursday, 1 November 2018

USA - The pop-up Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) continues its celebrated tour across the nation, with locations such as Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles all getting a glimpse at this special attraction.
Production company Envizion provided the lighting for the travelling museum, with their lighting designer Will Chandler choosing the impression X4 atom as one of the key fixtures for the lighting of the exhibit.
“With the locations only being temporary, and with the exhibits inside each one continually changing, it's been important to have fixtures on hand that are adaptable,” Chandler said. And the X4 atom is precisely that; with its small size and powerful capabilities the fixture lends itself perfectly to this format.
One of the key aspects behind the choice of the X4 atom was the importance of the museum being camera friendly. Chandler made good use of the Tunable White version of the X4 atom, allowing exceptional control of the white light. “In certain areas we've used the variable white atoms to really fine tune colour temperature for cameras,” he says. The Tunable White version of the X4 atom has both warm and cold colour elements, allowing a variable range from 2700K to 10000K. While it can be challenging to find the perfect balance of white light for cameras, the atom certainly has the range to do so. “That, coupled with the adjustable PWM of the LED via the power supply, has made these a really useful fixture.”
The notion of camera-friendly interaction is one of the core elements in the MOIC design. A heavy focus was place

robe-2018-asian-games-oc-jakarta-wRobe shines at 2018 Asian Games
Thursday, 1 November 2018

Indonesia - The 2018 Asian Games Opening Ceremony, staged in Jakarta’s Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Main Stadium, saw LD Yves Aucoin to deliver an impressive lighting design.
The OC of Asia’s largest sporting event featured a general cast of around 4000, produced by Scott Givens and Libby Hyland working with Indonesian creative director Wishnutama Kusubandio. Staging direction was by Michael Pena working with Indonesian choreographers Denny Malik and Eko Supriyanto, and the breathtakingly visual extravaganza was produced by live event specialists FiveCurrents.
Montreal based LD Aucoin specified 270 x Robe BMFLs to be a major part of the lighting rig.
“It was BMFLs or BMFLs,” he says. “They were the only fixture option for a selection of key positions around the venue.”
These high-powered fixtures once again proved their ruggedness and reliability as they performed without a hitch in the sweltering heat and intense humidity. Sixty of the BMFLs - supplied by a number of different companies - were a new purchase by locally based PT Energi Sembilan Perkasa from Jakarta.
Josh Zangan’s set design was dominated by imposing rolling green hills and a smouldering volcano, complete with streams, fountains and lush foliage detailing the wonder and magic of nature, surrounded by deep blue seas. This was 350 ft. wide, 96 ft. tall and 80 deep and filled one side of the stadium. The entire set surface was projection mapped together with all the visible field of play.
The 270 x BMFLs - comprising 120 x BMFL Spots and 150 x BMFL Blades - w

sgmSGM at the 2018 Lights in Alingsås
Thursday, 1 November 2018

Sweden - Each year in October, the Swedish town of Alingsås near Gothenburg turns into a fun lighting event, attracting more than 80,000 visitors from around the world. For this year’s Lights in Alingsås, six groups of talented lighting and electrical students created beautiful light installations under the professional guidance from seven established lighting designers using over 50 fixtures from SGM Light.
The almost 400-year-old Swedish town Alingsås started off mainly as an iron trade city, which later turned into a city for the textile industry.
In the city river, the manufacturers would wash out the colour of the textiles, giving the name for the first site for this year’s Lights in Alingsås, Färgeribron (Dyers’ bridge). Led by Nielsen and van der Velden, this team focused on the visible energy from the water as well as the communal energy, greatly inspired by waves.
Using the S-4 fixture from SGM Light, the team was able to create a creative installation that encouraged visitors to interact and be a part of the light art. “We hope it touches your heart and energizes your spirit,” said one of the students.
Steven Rosen, president and creative director of Available Light, was the group leader at the light installation at the town’s cemetery that dates back to 1834.
“A cemetery is a place where people can go to stimulate their memory of their loved ones,” explains Steven Rosen about this installation that played with spiritual energy. Steven explained that, to him, a cemetery is not only a pl

claypakybellcenter6Claypaky fixtures enhance Montreal Bell Centre
Thursday, 1 November 2018

Canada - Lighting designer Karl Gaudreau has added a large complement of Claypaky fixtures to the lighting at Bell Centre for the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens. Gaudreau selected Claypaky SharBar advanced moving LED bars, Axcor Profile 900 LED spots and Axcor Beam 300s for the arena.
Montreal’s Bell Centre is consistently one of the busiest arenas in the world. It is the largest arena capacity to regularly host an NHL team, the Montreal Canadiens who make their home at the downtown venue.
“I wanted to increase the fan experience and be able to create different lighting effects during the games as well as for rock ’n roll shows,” says Gaudreau. “The design is mostly based on audience lighting that delivers a true 360º experience.”
The lighting designer notes that when adding new lights to the arena, “the idea was to be fully green by using only LED fixtures for as much maintenance-free operation as possible. Claypaky fixtures are also so reliable.”
He mounted 48 SharBars under each vom door and positioned the Axcor Profile 900s, his main key lights, under the Jumbotron LED screen with an existing complement of Claypaky Sharpys. The Axcor Beam 300s are mounted under the followspot deck on each far corner of the arena.
“The SharBar is really perfect for me. It gives me six beams within a single fixture,” he says. “The Axcor Series is one of the best LED spot families on the market. The Profile 900 is really powerful, and the color mix and shape engine are wonderful.”
“The support from ACT Lighting Canada and Al

millertheatrephotocreditpeterdavidwood-wAugusta theatre rejuvenated with Chauvet
Thursday, 1 November 2018

USA - Once counted among the South’s leading cinemas, the Miller Theatre in Augusta had sat boarded up and empty for over thirty years, until being reborn as a community performing arts centre in January with a sold-out gala featuring Tony Award-winner Sutton Foster performing with the Augusta Symphony.
The theatre had undergone a $23m makeover. To serve the community that saved it, the theatre features a diverse mix of shows that offers ballet one week, and kick boxing the next, with shows by stars like Chris Isaak and George Thorogood thrown in for good measure. Helping the theatre support this eclectic mix of talent is a robust new lighting rig anchored by Chauvet Professional Rogue and Ovation fixtures.
“I’ve been a big fan of Chauvet fixtures ever since I learned about the line from my friend John Berrett, who I respect a great deal as a lighting designer,” says Jason Aycock, house LD at the Miller Theatre. “They have great output and even the movers are quiet for our purposes. What’s really important for us at this venue is their versatility. We have a lot of shows and events here that represent all kinds of genres, from plays, to concerts, to spoken word, to anything else you can imagine.”
The Miller Theatre has 12 Rogue R2 Washes designated for its stage deck. Aycock varies the arrangement of these fixtures depending on the show being lit. “The Rogues are compact, easy to move and rugged,” he explains. “This makes it easy for us to reposition them. Plus, since they’re movers, we can always get different lighting angles

litegear-check-presentation-to-btsLiteGear backs Behind The Scenes
Wednesday, 31 October 2018

USA - Last year, LiteGear designated their LiteMat+ fixture to participate in the Behind the Scenes Pledge-a-Product Programme which resulted in a generous donation of $7,500. This year, owners Al DeMayo and Mike Bauman decided to take their support to the next level and designated sales of all LiteMat fixtures to benefit the charity.
Recently, they presented a cheque for $15,000 to members of the Behind the Scenes Board of Directors, representing an incredible commitment by the company, its employees and its customers to care for their colleagues who are seriously ill or injured.
On presenting the cheque, LiteGear CEO, Al DeMayo, states: “With decades of experience working in the business, my partner Mike and I have worked with lots of great filmmakers. We are happy to know the Behind the Scenes charity is behind-the-technicians should they need it.”
Lori Rubinstein, executive director of Behind the Scenes, commented, “LiteGear and its staff have wholeheartedly embraced Behind the Scenes. Their generous donations will make an enormous difference in our ability to provide assistance to those who come to us in need, and they are playing an important role in helping to spread the word about the charity. Every shipment of LiteMat fixtures includes a letter letting the customer know the impact their purchase has just had. LiteGear has become a wonderful partner in helping us to fulfil our mission.”
(Jim Evans)

stlukesmanor-wChauvet DJ reflects spirit of St. Luke’s Manor
Wednesday, 31 October 2018

USA - For residents of the historic Buckeye-Shaker neighbourhood, the concerts that take place on the sprawling grounds of St. Luke’s Manor offer more than a chance to enjoy good music, they also serve as a celebration of their community’s rebirth.
The impressive building that provides an emblematic backdrop to the concert series had stood empty and neglected for 14 years after the hospital that originally occupied it closed its doors in 1999. When the five-story structure reopened after extensive renovations in 2013 as a multi-use facility, it served as a catalyst for a neighbourhood-wide renaissance.
Designer Brent Schmidt of B Productions reflected this hopeful spirit and accented St. Luke’s Manor’s memorable architectural features, when he illuminated the building in an array of colours. Helping him in this endeavour were 24 Freedom Par Quad-4 IP and six Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 IRC fixtures from Chauvet DJ.
“With its columns and imposing clock tower, St. Luke’s Manor provides an amazing ‘canvas’ to work with,” says Schmidt. “The colours we were able to create with our lights made this historic building come alive and added to the atmosphere.”
Schmidt changed the colour of his lighting throughout the concert, moving from red and green schemes during holiday promotions, to soft pastels, to bolder colours, depending on the music. “I think we used every possible colour at one time or another,” he said. “It was a great way to support the mood of the music. Alex DiMichele, the organizer of the concert, had a very c

su2c18-wAurora Lighting supports Stand Up 2 Cancer
Wednesday, 31 October 2018

UK - Aurora Lighting supported lighting designer Gurdip Mahal and gaffer James Tinsley for the 2018 Stand Up to Cancer live show.
Hosted by Alan Carr, Maya Jama and Adam Hills in front of an audience at Central Methodist Hall, Westminster, the evening featured appearances from John Legend, Liam Gallagher, Little Mix, Michael Bublé and James Corden taking part in celebrity versions of some of Channel 4’s most popular shows to help build awareness of the fight against cancer.
To help set the stage for the show, Aurora provided a mix of automated fixtures, tungsten and LED which the crew used to great effect, creating a stylish contemporary look that contrasted perfectly against the grandiose interior of the venue.
Martin MAC Auras delivered intense colour washes to the performance areas, matched with ProLights Smartbat and SGM P5 LED uplighters plus GLP X4 Bar20 adding highlights to the surrounding walls and internal features.
A combination of Clay Paky Mythos, Martin Viper Profile, Vari Lite 4000 heads allowed the team, which included generics operator Rob Bradley and moving lights op Ross Williams, further versatility and control, adding sharp beams, colour and movement throughout the installation.
Aurora project manager Ben Taylor comments: “Live events held within prestigious venues such as The Westminster Hall are always an exciting challenge to be involved with. Gurdip and his team created a stunning, modern look to the show - we are delighted to have helped them build the look and to have been part of an event delivering such a

jaguaraburning-man4-wJaguara comes to life with Elation Cuepix
Wednesday, 31 October 2018

USA/Columbia - Columbian interdisciplinary architectural and events company Sonic Design recently designed and built a multi-sensory Art Car, Jaguara - a project that portrays a jaguar emerging from the Amazon River.
The scheme, which was presented this summer at Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, incorporated Elation Cuepix 16 IP LED matrix panels in the design to help spread its environmental message.
Sonic Design’s director, Leo Vilar, comments: “Through this artful celebration of the jaguar, we want to raise awareness about the vulnerability of the main refuge of the jaguar, the Amazon Rainforest.
“Jaguara is inspired by the symbolism and powerful spirit of the jaguar, which represents, for most ancestral American tribes, the connecting force between the world of gods and the world of men. In a time where our trends of living are disrupting the balance of our planet and threatening our existence, Jaguara comes to remind us of the essence of living in balance.”
Vilar served as director on the project and one of the many hats he wore was that of lighting designer. The key Elation fixture used in his design was 64 Cuepix 16 IP LED matrix panels used to re-create a traditional ‘jaguar man’ figure, a symmetrical and schematic design placed center stage in the Art Car.
The Cuepix 16 IP is a powerful 4x4 matrix LED panel with all-weather IP65 protection capable of projecting high-impact colour or white light, eye candy or pixel-mapped effects. Vilar first saw the fixture at the Prolight and Sound tradeshow in Fra

quasar-science-q-rainbow-wAC-ET showcases LED solutions at KitPlus
Tuesday, 30 October 2018

UK - On 6 November (Tuesday), A.C. Entertainment Technologies’ specialist film & TV sales team will be showcasing its broadcast lighting solutions at the KitPlus show, MediaCityUK Studios, Manchester.
Chroma-Q’s Studio Force II high intensity tuneable white (2,800K - 6,500K) wash light will be shown for the first time. The fixture is specifically designed for broadcast and film applications.
Studio Force II complements the Cine Gear Expo award-winning Chroma-Q Space Force tuneable white (2,800K - 6,500K) LED space light/soft light source, which has been adopted by leading television studios and specialist rental companies, including the Marjan Television Network, Aurora Lighting and Pixipixel.
Quasar Science's Q-LED Crossfade Linear fixtures have the benefits of a self-ballasted variable white LED source in a compact, low profile form factor. Q-LED Crossfade Linear lights provide three-point subject lighting to general area lighting, making them ideal for lighting actors or environments. They can also be used as a direct replacement for fluorescent tubes in traditional fixtures.
Using LumenRadio CRMX wireless technology, RatPac's AKS system allows users to control lighting fixtures directly from their mobile phone, tablet or PC. The Cintenna wireless receivers can plug directly into the back of the lighting fixtures themselves, and require no additional rigging hardware.
Tourflex Cabling - AC-ET's in-house custom cable assembly service - can produce all popular types of power, signal and multicore cables used by the broadcast se

chittychittybangbangphotocreditcharlesmichaeldukeChitty Chitty Bang Bang flies with Chauvet
Tuesday, 30 October 2018

UK - Tasked with providing supporting visuals for a recent theatrical run of at the Bournemouth Pavilion theatre was LD Ryan Joseph Stafford, who specified a number of Chauvet Professional Ovation E-910FC and Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures in support of his lighting concept.
“A lot of the audience coming to see the show are people that know and love the classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang film, so it was important for us to recreate the feel of the original film,” comments Stafford. “To keep pace with the complex location and set changes during the show, the Ovation and Maverick combination gave us the flexibility and versatility to adjust to all manner of scenes.”
Thanks to the 910FC’s full RGBA-Lime colour mixing and colour temperature pre-sets of 2800 K to 6500 K, Stafford was able to provide a number of effects on stage, including low face light from the proscenium and high-level stage illumination from onstage booms.
“The colours and output were perfect on faces with warm tones to recreate that tungsten look during the family scenes, shifting to colder white during the sinister moments in the show with the ‘Child Catcher’ character,” explains Stafford. “They also provided us with the flexibility to output bright blues and pinks that flooded the stage from the side during the dance breaks in songs.”
Whereas the Ovation fixtures ensured a number of subtle atmospheric changes could be ushered into the developments on stage, the CMY + CTO colour mixing, two 6-position rotating slot and lock gobo wheels and 13º - 37º z

robe-ugala-theatre-viljande-hipide-revolution-photo-by-gabriela-livarnagi-25283231267715a02761foRobe installed in Ugala Theatre in Viljandi
Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Estonia - The Ugala Theatre in Viljandi is one of a number of state-funded theatres and a major premium quality producing house.
The most recent round of refurbishment at Ugala in 2017 resulted in a new stage machinery system for the 300-capacity main house, which also means they can now configure the space in any format.
With this new versatility, they decided the time was also right for some new moving lights in the rig, and after a lot of consultation, decided on 10 x Robe DL7S Profiles and 10 x BMFL Blades.
The town also has the only technical theatre training facility in Estonia which is a department of the Tartu University, and happens to have a Robe moving light rig!
Mari-Riin Villemsoo is one of the venue’s four person lighting technical team, who are all also lighting designers in their own right, and she reports that having these new moving lights in the inventory is making a major difference to their day-to-day operation. Mari-Riin has been working full time at the theatre for a year and before that, worked as a freelance designer after graduating with the Lighting Design & Technical Theatre qualification from Tartu University.
The DL7S Profiles are used for front lighting, a task for which the shutters are “perfect” says Marie-Riin. The output is also suitable for their needs. “Using moving lights here for front light saves huge amounts of time”.
Above the stage, the use of conventionals is limited, so once again moving lights bring greater flexibility and efficiency.
She likes the colours in both

glp-wGLP for Axwell & Ingrosso in San Fransisco
Tuesday, 30 October 2018

USA - When two members of Swedish House Mafia - Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso - played a one-off show at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco recently, it was seen by fans as a precursor for a band reunion (along with third member, Steve Angello) in 2019.
Charged with maintaining dynamic visuals, with spectacular effects throughout the performance was Sam Tozer of Vision Factory, who once again drew heavily on GLP’s catalogue for his serious ordnance. He had three key goals: to create a shape onstage that reflected the artists’ logo; to thrust the two artists out into the middle of the auditorium, and to immerse the audience in video and lighting. He succeeded spectacularly on all three.
To meet Tozer’s design, Christie Lites supplied 40 of GLP’s impression X4 Bar 20 battens and 58 of the JDC1 hybrid strobes, while video effects came from PRG.
“The JDC1’s surrounded the stage and were the main lighting units, allowing us to wash and attack the audience with light,” the production designer reports. “The X4 Bars framed the stage and allowed me to create a division of light between the audience and the artist.”
Tozer brought the full creative possibilities out of the JDC1, in particular, running them in full pixel mode. “This allowed us to make low-res pixel effects throughout the rig.”
Working with lighting designer and programmer Alex Hesse, Tozer threw the whole enchilada at the production including flame cannons, confetti, fireworks, lasers and video, under the watchful eye of production manager Matti

altmanAltman shines at Guardian Angel Cathedral
Tuesday, 30 October 2018

USA - Originally built in 1963, the Guardian Angel Cathedral has been serving both residents and tourists in Las Vegas for more than 50 years. With a multitude of stained-glass mosaics created by world-renowned artists Isabel and Edith Piczek, the sanctuary inside is a stunning showcase of colour and architecture.
Desiring an updated LED lighting system to more effectively illuminate their worship environment, the church worked with lighting consultant Bill Brennan, principal with Just Lighting, Inc., and 4Wall Entertainment who supplied the design with Gallery and Spectra Cyc 100 luminaires from Altman Lighting.
“This was the first time that 4Wall had worked with the church which was originally built in the 1960’s, and it really is a Las Vegas landmark,” began Barbara Brennan, 4Wall senior account executive. “Their existing lighting system was about 10 years old, so we were brought onto the project by the lighting consultant to update their outdated conventional fixtures. They wanted to look at an LED solution for both the power and maintenance cost savings, so we installed a system with the Gallery and Spectra Cyc 100 luminaires to light the sacristy and the large mosaic behind the altar.”
As the team at 4Wall got started on the design, it would be imperative that the new lighting solutions be able to blend in with the sanctuary, while still being able to overcome the challenges of the architecture.
“It’s a very interesting structure that is actually in the shape of a triangle with a really high roof,” adds Brennan. “Part

foo-fighters-wAyrton makes magic for Foo Fighters
Tuesday, 30 October 2018

World - Foo Fighters have recently wound down their 18-month Concrete and Goldworld tour which launched back in May 2017 at BottleRock Festival in Napa Valley in support of their 9th studio album released in October 2017. The Concrete and Gold tour has played literally every size and type of venue: stadiums, arenas, amphitheatres, surprise club gigs and festival headlines, including the famous Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.
“I think we’ve done somewhere around 120 shows all told,” says the band’s long-term lighting designer and director, Dan Hadley. “We even had a week in April where we did an amphitheatre followed by a stadium, followed by a festival, followed by an arena!”
Foo Fighters are well known for the length and dynamism of their shows and this, often, three-hour long extravaganza is no exception. The responsibility falls to Hadley to keep the visuals incredible and exciting enough to match the energy onstage.
To help him achieve this, Hadley’s lighting rig gives prominence to 36 Ayrton MagicPanel-FX square faced LED fixtures rigged on 12 floating ladders that move to constantly reconfigure and reshape the architecture of the stage. The rungs of the ladders swing freely so that the MagicPanel-FX fixtures maintain their vertical orientation at all times, from where Hadley uses them as dramatic sources of illumination to form strong aerial effects, linear patterns, run graphics and shapes across the face of each fixture and, importantly, as powerful audience blinders.
The tour was split into two legs which req

spottrackbackuptechSpotTrack supports Backup
Tuesday, 30 October 2018

UK - SpotTrack, the specialist entertainment software tool for making, modifying and maintaining followspot cue sheets, is now supporting Backup, the technical entertainment charity.
Since its creation eight years ago, SpotTrack has allowed lighting practitioners to give a little back while working on their latest show, with 15% of the purchase price - £6.75 - going to charity. Users have always been able to choose whether their purchase supported the lighting charity Light Relief in the UK, or Behind The Scenes in the USA.
In recent times, Light Relief has evolved into Backup, which has a wider remit, offering support to those in need across all fields of entertainment technical production rather than just those working in lighting.
SpotTrack now provides another way of supporting the charity, alongside the events ranging from comedy nights to kart-fests, allowing it to continue its fine work assisting those from our industry who find themselves in difficulty from illness or accident and in need of financial support.
Users working in the USA can continue to select Behind The Scenes (; the SpotTrack team would be happy to hear from those running or establishing similar charities elsewhere in the world.
(Jim Evans)

dmx-wirelessW-DMX appoints distributor for Brazil
Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Brazil - Wireless Solution Sweden (W-DMX) has appointed Arte em Cena of São Paulo as its distributor in Brazil.
Arte em Cena imports and distributes entertainment lighting fixtures from the likes of ETC, High End Systems and Chauvet.
“We are extremely excited to be able to work with such a reputable company like Arte em Cena,” comments David Ferraz, international business development manager for Wireless Solution. “Brazil is an emerging market for entertainment lighting and wireless systems, and we’re excited to be working with a company with such an important market presence, and an outstanding reputation for their service and technical support.”
“Wireless Solution’s products make perfect sense in our expansion plans, as we like to provide a complete solution to our customers,” adds Everthon Rosas, CEO of Arte em Cena. “The brand is already reputable in Brazil, and we intend to expand its presence even further.”
Wireless Solution Sweden recently exhibited at the Encontro de Som e Luz, a national conference with Brazilian lighting designers that took place in Goiania, GO. The manufacturer exhibited its G5 series and presented a well-attended seminar about its award-winning technology.
(Jim Evans)

erich-meitzner-wElation boosts regional sales
Monday, 29 October 2018

USA - Elation Professional has appointed Erich Meitzner as a regional sales representative for Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.
Meitzner, who hails from Kansas, has a broad knowledge of the lighting world and brings with him a wealth of real-world experience as a touring lighting designer/director for acts like Grouplove, Walk the Moon, Liz Phair, and Bleachers.
John Dunn, Elation national sales manager, comments: “As an experienced touring professional, Erich brings important on-the-road insight to the position and knows what it takes to deliver a designer’s vision. He also has excellent hands-on product knowledge and is already well-acquainted with the Elation product line. He will fill an important role in helping support our dealer and customer network and we are excited to have him onboard as a valued member of the Elation team.”
(Jim Evans)

art-centric-lighting-showroom-2ADB wins best debuting product award
Monday, 29 October 2018

USA - ADB Stagelight, Claypaky's theatre brand, won the LDI Award for the Best Debuting Product for lighting with its new ART Centric Lighting line for museum lighting.
The judges wrote: “ART Centric Lighting has created a tuneable white light fixture for lighting works of fine art with sensitivity and class. The spot or wash with a CRI of 97 is controllable via Bluetooth, changing the way you’ll look at works of art.”
Simone Capeleto, ADB's CEO, comments: "The basic principle of ART Centric Lighting is to respect the works of art, which become leading players like actors on a stage. It is no coincidence that the small ART Centric Lighting units are true miniaturised theatre lights: they are made by ADB, a well-established company in the theatre world. They are not just luminaires with an elegant, non-invasive design - they are fixtures with professional optical units that generate a high-quality light, which can be modulated.”
(Jim Evans)

claypaky-launchesClaypaky products make world debuts at LDI
Monday, 29 October 2018

USA - Claypaky debuted five luminaires, including two newly-launched fixtures, at the recent LDI trade show.
Claypaky also celebrated the inaugural edition of Knight of Illumination Awards USA, which the lighting manufacturer sponsors.
LDI saw the launch of Claypaky’s Axcor Spot 400, a moving LED spotlight for the medium power market. Axcor Spot 400 features two rotating dichroic glass gobo wheels with a total of 14 rotating gobos, an animation disc, a rotating prism, a power-driven iris, a 16-bit dimmer, and a 5.5° to 55° zoom. It also boasts advanced tools for colour management based on a CMY system with linear CTO and six-colour wheel.
Also launched at the show was the Sharpy Plus, a hybrid unit that can be used as a beam moving light or a spotlight. The fixture houses the Osram Sirius 330W X8, a new high-output discharge lamp, and weighs only 21.6kg (about 47.6lb). A 3° to 36° (1:9) zoom covers the entire range linearly, both in spot and beam mode, and Claypaky says all functions are ‘extremely rapid’.
(Jim Evans)

marriot-budapest-wMarriot Budapest gala gets nightclub flavour
Monday, 29 October 2018

Hungary - Located on the banks of the Danube near the Chain Bridge with a view over the famed Buda Castle, the Marriot Budapest is a popular tourist destination.
Earlier this autumn, the hotel hosted a gala for Russian pharmaceutical company Garant Optima in its main ballroom. Lending an extra air of glamour and excitement to the event was a bright, fast-moving light and video show featuring Chauvet Professional Maverick fixtures supplied by Mobile Audio and Light kft.
“The goal of the organisers was to create a bold international nightclub atmosphere,” comments Mobile Audio and Light technician András Praksch, who installed and ran the lighting system for the event. “We were able to do this with help from the Maverick MK2 Spot, which provided a lot of colour and brightness.”
A total of 10 Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures were used to energise the gala. Praksch positioned four of the 440W LED movers on the event stage, two next to the giant LED wall and two on the front corners. The remaining six units were placed on truss totems, three to each side of the stage.
Praksch adds: “The Maverick fixtures and LED wall combined to create powerful looks so that guests at the gala could forget they were in a hotel ballroom and feel as if they were partying in a world-class nightclub.”
(Jim Evans)

bassrush3photocredittonycottrell-wChauvet immerses Bassrush Massive crowd
Monday, 29 October 2018

USA - At the entrance to Bassrush Massive AZ was a massive art display that featured two cubes, a smaller one wedged inside a larger version of itself. Emulating the signature artwork of the festival’s promotional material, the object attracted the immediate attention of fans, most of whom stepped inside the mesmerizing cubic structure for social media photos. It was the first, but certainly not the last, immersive experience they would enjoy that evening.
Kicking off the Sun Valley’s Fall Music Festival season on Saturday 25 August 2, the event took fans on a head-banging journey deep inside the heart of bass-heavy sound, serving up a relentless sonic barrage from the likes of Zeds Dead, Nightmre, HEKLER and other artists. Keeping pace with every bass drop and trapstep was a searing, fast-moving lightshow designed by Joe Musico and run by lighting director Luis Torres that featured Chauvet Professional Maverick and Rogue fixtures.
“I have been working with Guillermo Roggero from Hardwired Productions for many years, and we’ve been doing shows for many years with Relentless Beats, which produces Bassrush,” says Torres. “These shows have been growing at an incredible rate, and a big reason why is because they really immerse the fans in what this music is all about. Lighting is a big part of that experience. Joe Musico’s design didn’t just light the performances, we use light to grab the audience.”
“Every act was different from every other act, and that made the show interesting,” said Torres. “Some were very chill and relaxing

cti-booth-feat-qolorflex-lightwrightCity Theatrical enjoys successful LDI 2018
Friday, 26 October 2018

USA - City Theatrical’s new Multiverse wireless DMX system was recognised as the 2018 Best Debuting Product in the Lighting Accessories and Integration category at LDI 2018.
The Multiverse system can to broadcast up to 10 universes of DMX data from a single transmitter while producing less radio energy than present-day single universe systems. Every product in the Multiverse system is built around a tiny radio called the Multiverse Module. Products in the range include Multiverse SHoW BabyTM, City Theatrical’s fourth generation of the original plug and play wireless DMX transceiver system, Multiverse Node, the primary receiver in a multiple universe system and a single universe transceiver, Multiverse Transmitter, a transmitter that provides multiple universe control, and Multiverse Gateway, a transceiver that delivers multiple universe DMX with data distribution.
Other products presented by City Theatrical at LDI were DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool, QolorFLEX NuNeon linear lighting, plug and play QolorPIX pixel control, as well as ultimate colour blending and control with QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape, flicker-free dimming control with QolorFLEX Dimmers, lighting project paperwork organization with Lightwright 6 software, stunning event lighting effects with QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighters, and stray beam and spill control with beam control accessories like Concentric Rings.
DMXcat makes it easy for anyone to control, analyse, or test any DMX lighting fixture, whether it’s a simple LED PAR or a complex moving light, including QolorFLEX prod


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