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chon-summer-tour-2019sarah-hess-photoSqueek and Elation Dartz light Chon tour
Monday, 15 July 2019

USA - Squeek Lights has had its busiest summer ever, supplying lighting packages for tours across the US. An especially busy June had the New York-based rental house hopping as they supplied and serviced several acts, including an outing by rock instrumentalists Chon, who toured with a rig of Elation Dartz 360 LED moving heads and SixBar 1000 LED battens.
“We’ve had an insane number of tours going out this summer, which of course is a good thing,” enthuses Steve Kosiba of Squeek Lights. “We actually had two tours out in June with rigs that featured Elation lights and just bought more Dartz so we’ve upped our inventory of those.” Kosiba programmed both those June outings with the Chon rig running off an M2GO lighting console running Onyx software and operated on tour by Colin Bennet.
Squeek Lights has been working with Chon on the California quartet’s last few tours. The band plays an appealing style of instrumental rock, a blend of interlacing guitar and rhythm that, when complemented with a dynamic light show, is richly captivating.
From looking at the band’s visual vocabulary of the past, Kosiba noted a good deal of pastel colours - cyan, magenta, yellow, lighter lavender. “A lot of fixtures with colour wheels don’t give you a lot of pastels to work with but with the Dartz you can mix any colour you want, which was really useful when reaching for those lighter pastel colours, which I did fairly often,” Kosiba explains. “Just having a colour mixing fixture that small with that tight of a beam is fantastic.” He adds that

prolightsPrisma adds energy-efficient Prolights
Monday, 15 July 2019

Germany - Full service events provider Prisma has recently invested in the Prolights Gallery Eclipse range of LED ellipsoidals.
Bielefeld-based Prisma has been providing light, sound and media technology equipment to a range of events for more than 20 years. In late 2018, the company decided to invest in energy efficient LED technology zoom profile luminaires, choosing 120 Prolights Gallery Eclipse fixtures as the right fit due to the lights’ pleasing aesthetic features and zoom flexibility along with high CRI output.
Prisma's owner, Walter Helms, comments: "The Prolights Gallery Eclipse units were the obvious choice because of the combination of elegant design, high build quality, extremely clean cut-off of the four barn doors, not to mention the outstanding light output being comparable to a 650W halogen profiler. The small mini-profile spot light allows for great flexibility through the onboard WDMX. On top of all that, it offers an excellent price to performance ratio."
(Jim Evans)

sammyhagar-photocredit-stevejenningsSammy Hagar gets varied looks from STRIKE 4
Monday, 15 July 2019

USA - Matt Mills of Touch Light & Media ran the lighting and video for the USA tour by Sammy Hagar and his band The Circle in support of their current album Space Between. With him at every turn of this journey was a collection of Chauvet Professional STRIKE 4 fixtures, supplied by Felix Lighting.
“This was the first tour I’ve done in over five years (since Avenged Sevenfold) that was not locked into time code,” says Mills, who co-designed the two-hour show with production manager Alastair Watson and also served as its lighting director, as well as lighting and video programmer. “It was a blast rocking the show live. The guys changed things up every night, so they kept me on my toes.”
Helping Mills keep pace were the eight STRIKE 4 fixtures he flew on downstage truss. The high-output fixtures were positioned at different angles, so the warm white light from their 100W COB LEDs covered a wide section of the audience at the tour’s amphitheatre stops.
Mills relied on the fixtures for audience lighting throughout the show. This not only immersed entire venues in the performance, it also underscored the connection between the legendary superstar and his fans. Beyond their role in illuminating the crowd, the versatile fixtures were also used to change up looks during the show.
“I started out using the STRIKE units as normal four-light blinders early in the show, then once we got a few songs in I brought them to life by using their strobe functions,” explains Mills who had 25 songs programmed, in addition to maintai

robe-wilminktheater-binnen-pay-zaal-4Wilminktheater & Muziekcentrum chooses Robe
Monday, 15 July 2019

The Netherlands - The Wilminktheater & Muziekcentrum concert hall in Enschede have recently benefited from an investment in Robe’s T1 Profile LED moving lights.
Lighting specialist Paul de Vries has been involved since the facility opened 11 years ago and so has most of the lighting kit, including some legacy Robe fixtures from the ColorSpot and Wash 575 series. Whilst still fully functional, the time came to freshen up and reinvest in new lighting to ensure the venues kept up with the latest technologies.
This has come with the 12 Robe T1 Profiles which are replacing the older moving lights for use in both the theatre and the concert hall.
To pick the most suitable fixtures, De Vries organised a ‘shootout’ between six major brands, with Jeroen van Aalst from Robe’s Benelux distributor Controllux demo’ing the T1. This demo impressed De Vries and his colleagues enough for them to choose Robe.
Since the purchase, all 12 have been in action on several shows ranging from rock, orchestral to acoustic, and there has been virtually no ambient noise.
The T1s are also used extensively as front lighting and can effectively replace the previous static 2K front profiles, where they are a smaller, lighter and hugely more flexible option. In a typical setup, they will rig four T1s as front light and use the rest over-stage for a variety of different tasks and effects.
Around 400 shows are produced or hosted across the two venues over the 10-month season, from classical music to pop gigs in the 1800 standing / 900 seated capacity Mu

lscLSC debuts data distribution range
Friday, 12 July 2019

Australia - LSC’s growth into the global installation market has enabled the company to develop a new range of professional DMX DINrail devices to “better serve and protect the installer from cheap and inferior data distribution products that can cause significant on-site problems”.
The new MDR-DIN data distribution range is a four-way DINrail-mount version of the MDR DMX splitter with RDM as standard. Each of the four-port outputs is individually optically isolated, protecting lighting systems from earth loops, rogue voltages and transients.
In addition, each output of the MDR-DIN can be RDM enabled/disabled as required by the user and each port monitored remotely via LSC’s new Houston-X software tool.
(Jim Evans)

sh-julian-clary-2019-tour-jul2605192043S+H minces large with Julian Clary
Friday, 12 July 2019

UK - Julian Clary is back on the road on his Born to Mince tour, which has just finished its first leg.
Visuals are important to comedy performance to develop the mood and deliver the punchlines; with a one-person stand-up routine, these need to be eye-catching but not distracting.
The spectacular backdrop upstage was custom made and delivered by S+H Technical Support. The pink and purple seven 5m silk-lined printed ShowLED starcloth contains 1,100 warm-white LEDs that outline large pink letters making up the artist’s name and swoosh up in fan-like lines from these in the centre to the outside edges.
There is a conduit pocket in the bottom for weighting and eradicating wrinkles, and it folds down elegantly into a neat trunk for transportation in the back of an SUV.
The design was based on the tour’s poster / promotional artwork and visuals, and it also matches Julian’s array of flamboyant costumes designed by Hugh Durrant.
The idea of touring a scenic backdrop which would also take on the role of a straightforward but striking set was initiated by Bex Cliff who stage manages and co-ordinates all things technical for Julian on the road, including operating the lighting.
She’s worked with starcloths on various other shows and hit on the idea of combining a scenic piece with twinkling elements - adding that all-important hint of glamour - as a perfect touch for this tour.
Bex in turn was recommended by several people to drapes and starcloth experts S+H. She contacted Terry Murtha and the team in Ilfracombe, De

robe-2cellos-us-tour-2019-img2457Robe puts 2CELLOS in the spotlight
Friday, 12 July 2019

USA - Robe moving lights were lighting designer Crt Birsa’s spec for the recent US tour of cellist duo 2CELLOS.
Birsa has been lighting the band since 2014, when he worked as the production LD for Schengenfest, one of Slovenia’s largest music festivals. The band liked what they saw and asked him onboard, a move development has opened the door to large-scale international touring and one-off shows all around the globe.
“There is always massive scope for lighting 2CELLOs and being visually imaginative due to the vast range of the music” he comments. “Lighting is also an active way in which we like to help draw all the fans into the performance.”
The main moving lights on the US tour were 34 Robe MegaPointes, 24 Spiider wash beams, with five BMFL Spots for key lighting, all supplied together with other lighting kit by Upstaging, who have been a steady investor in the brand in recent years.
Let There Be Cello was a new tour but for continuity and practicalities, like a tight time schedule between the start of it and the end of the last tour, they used the previous touring lighting rig as a base design, freshening up with some new lighting and video elements.
The US tour was split into two segments covering mostly arenas in major cities and including some famous venues like Radio City Music Hall in New York, The Shrine in Los Angeles and Fox Theatres in St Louis, Detroit and Atlanta.
The technical design stayed straightforward and versatile, leaving the stage space clean and uncluttered with Luka Šulić, Stjepan Ha

glpTame Impala headlines Coachella with GLP
Friday, 12 July 2019

USA - Australian psychedelic band Tame Impala’s busy year reached its zenith at the Coachella Festival in Indio, California.
Headlining on the Saturday night, at the festival, the big occasion gave lighting designer Rob Sinclair and his technical team full rein to unleash over 300 fixtures from GLP, supplied by Christie Lites.
The LD had been brought into the Tame Impala family back in 2017 by creative director, Willo Perron. “The band wanted a super precise show,” he remembers, describing the set today as “a modern take on 60’s psychedelia, which hopefully really messes with people’s heads”.
Among the GLP fixtures were 250 impression X4 Bars (in a mix of Bar 10s and longer Bar 20 battens) - a deployment that enhanced the psychedelic mood.
“The design was an adaptation of the touring rig, but with some iconic statement pieces purpose designed for Coachella,” he explains. “It’s all about gradients, swirling colours and complex intensity chases. We needed to be able to make these gradients with everything available so the colour depth was important. The locking together of the X Bars was also essential, and I don’t think we could have used anything else.”
The X4 Bar 20s were positioned on the floor and in towers and the Bar 10’s are situated inside the ring, in order to make the segments of the overhead ring smaller.
Rob Sinclair’s production design also included 60 JDC1 hybrid strobes - for a specific reason. “We needed a huge bank of colour behind the band and the JDC1 gave us that, within budget.

etc-musikhusetrytmisksal-1Musikhuset Aarhus gears up with ETC Prodigy
Friday, 12 July 2019

Denmark - The Rytmisk Sal of Musikhuset Aarhus - the largest music house in the Nordic region - has upgraded its stage machinery system with ETC’s Prodigy P2 hoist and QuickTouch+ 12 controller.
The popular culture and events house draws over a million visitors each year for concerts, musicals, theatre shows, opera and much more. The building’s lighting and technical teams had been looking to renovate the rigging system in the Rytmisk Sal (or rhythmic hall), also known as the ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll hall’ in the music house.
Head of lighting at Musikhuset Aarhus, Ole Nielsen, came across ETC’s range of upper stage machinery products during a visit to the renowned ETC factory in Middleton, USA and was keen to find out more. He recommended the equipment to head of production Jonas Knive, which lead to Atendi, the Danish distributor of ETC, being contacted to supply the equipment.
Eight Prodigy P2 hoist systems were selected to upgrade the current system. “With the quantity of shows and productions held at the Musikhuset Aarhus, the challenge was fitting the installation into the busy schedule of the event house,” comments Knive.
There was just one time slot available, and the project was installed just three weeks after the quote request. The short turnaround was so fast it required delivering and converting the Prodigy P2 hoists held in European stock from their compression tube mounting arrangement into the variant that can be mounted vertically and suspended on the main beams.
“This is a perfect example of how Prodigy hoists

teletica-canal-7bTeletica Channel 7 upgrades with Elation
Friday, 12 July 2019

Costa Rica - Televisora de Costa Rica operates Teletica Canal 7, a private TV channel that was the first TV station in the country back in 1958. Although the station produces a variety of popular programming for the local market, they have been operating for years using a mix of budget lighting fixtures and rented gear. Seeking to upgrade, Elation Professional automated luminaires were chosen as part of an on-going lighting refurb.
With four or five different productions a year to tend to, most of which last for a period of three months, Canal 7 lighting manager Alejandro Alvarez has many roles to play. During the recent lighting install, Alvarez and his team handled rigging of the stage, including design and rigging of the TV lighting and intelligent moving heads, as well as configuring and mapping video, LED screens, and projectors. He is also behind the lighting console when many of the station’s most popular shows air.
With budgets to contend with, the lighting makeover is occurring in stages. “The idea is to change all the equipment little by little,” Alvarez says of the lighting system update. “First, we were looking for a company that could support us during this upgrade, a company that could stand by us to help with technical information and support like spare parts for example. I'm an electronic technician so for me support is the most important. Second, I needed a light with great colour mixing and a big aperture that could be used at a short distance because the sets are 6.3 meters high. I found this in the Platinum Seven and Platinum

rodeohoustonphotocredit-ryanpaulinLD Systems lights RodeoHouston with Chauvet
Friday, 12 July 2019

USA - For 87 years, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, also known as RodeoHouston, has reigned as the largest livestock exhibition and rodeo in the world. The 20-day-long event at NRG Stadium offers a plethora of attractions for the 2.5m people who visit every year.
Providing visual support for this multi-faceted event in 2019 was an immense and very versatile lighting rig from LD Systems that featured over 150 Chauvet Professional fixtures.
“When putting together the lighting rig, we really needed to be flexible,” said Nathan Brittain of LD Systems. “Our lighting had to offer full production looks for the wide range of artists that appeared on our stage night after night. At the same time, we also needed lights that could contribute to the atmosphere throughout the event grounds. The key challenge was managing a project of this scale, which is something we did very well, thanks in large measure to the way our team pulled together to make things happen.”
The magnitude of the challenge facing the LD Systems team was plain to see from looking at RodeoHouston’s massive stage, which was configured in the shape of the Texas star. Each point of the star was accessible to the performers to engender their connection to the audience. Throughout shows by stars like George Strait and Kacey Musgraves, the massive stage slowly rotated 360°.
Rigged high overhead, so as not to obstruct views from fans sitting in the stadium’s upper deck, the fixtures followed the stage’s star shape. The sheer scale of the arena and the height of the riggi

astera-the-who-peterednu-photo-william-snyderThe Who move on with Astera
Friday, 12 July 2019

UK - Lighting designer Tom Kenny specified 42 Astera Titan Tubes as part of the lighting rig for The Who’s Moving On! tour.
The iconic band is playing 31 dates in the US, Canada and England accompanied by a local orchestra conducted by Keith Levinson, plus special guests including violinist Katie Jacoby and cellist Audrey Snyder. The tour is also promoting The Who’s first new album in 13 years.
The orchestral presentation demanded a new style and approach to the visual design. With Roger Daltry against the idea of deploying a video wall at the back - or in fact, any onstage video elements - there was a clear directive to strip back and encourage audiences to focus on the show.
The backdrop is made up from a silver threaded laser fabric, a beautifully textured surface that takes the lighting well. Meanwhile, a curved, mid-stage drape made from Bule and supplied by Atomic Design flies in and out on TAIT winches for the sections of the show, where The Who are featured in full flow.
“Lighting-wise I wanted something new, innovative and different that could help create plenty of drama and that’s what is happening with the Asteras,” says Kenny.
The Tubes are run wirelessly and are dotted along the orchestra risers in three rows in between the musicians, which can be between 40 and 50 people each day according to the orchestra.
There is no smoke or haze during the shows, so ‘standard’ beamy lighting looks are also not very visible, meaning there is a lot of emphasis on the Titan effects punctuating and accenting the

eventec-team1234Eventec to distribute PR Lighting in Australia
Friday, 12 July 2019

Australia - Eventec has been appointed PR Lighting’s new exclusive Australian distributor.
“Given the prior relationship between PR Lighting, and notably Sasha Xiong, with myself and our operations manager Yan Shao, it seemed obvious that Eventec would be in an excellent position to bring PR Lighting back to Australia,” says Eventec MD, Emanuel Maniatis,
Xiong adds: “Emanuel Maniatis is an old friend of PR Lighting, and his extensive knowledge about our products, the industry and the market trends makes this an ideal partnership. I believe Eventec can offer high quality service and support, and take PR to another level in Australia and benefit all our customers there.”
Maniatis had formerly been the service manager, and later purchasing manager for one of the previous distributors for PR Lighting, dating back to the days when the manufacturer was an OEM supplier. “PR Lighting has been in Australian for some time,” he explains. “Their product is of high quality and they have a very good development team.
“Up to this date we have been supplying middle-range lighting, and PR Lighting would sit in the upper range of our portfolio. Significantly, it has also introduced a large range of architectural products.”
He confirmed that Eventec would guarantee “top quality support and reasonable pricing” to bring the confidence back in the market, and they have wasted no time in honouring this commitment. “We have started supporting the products which are already in the market and our demonstration stock will be here during

michael-strickland-headshotBandit founder wins Parnelli Visionary Award
Thursday, 11 July 2019

USA - Michael T. Strickland, Bandit Lites founder and chair, will be the 2020 winner of the Parnelli Visionary Award.
Strickland has now led Bandit for 51 years, having founded the company in 1968 when he was just 12 years old. The award will be presented at the 19th Parnelli Awards on 17 January 2020 at the Anaheim Hilton in California.
“You must remember that in 1968 no one had stage lighting,” Strickland commented, “they all played with the ceiling lights on in a high school gym or National Guard Armory. When we showed up with ‘borrowed’ lekos and Fresnel’s, this was all new to the acts. At the same time, others in New York and LA were also experimenting and doing very psychedelic stuff, but they were adults, and I was a 12-year-old kid.”
Because of his appearance, Strickland notes he was able to bluff his way into situations that a 12-year-old should not have been in. Hiring someone with a driver’s licence was job one, and after that, the rest is history. The original Bandits took off and began illuminating rock shows in a 300- mile radius of Kingsport. On any given weekend, Bandit had borrowed all the lighting equipment from the high school, two junior highs and a theatre or two - hence the name Bandit.
Strickland graduated high school and then took the show on the road to the University of Tennessee where the merry band of pioneers continued lighting shows throughout college. After a degree in business, Strickland went onto UT Law School while simultaneously working as the production manager for the biggest act in the w

proteus-maximusElation Proteus Maximus now shipping
Thursday, 11 July 2019

USA - Elation Professional’s 50,000lm all-purpose luminaire Proteus Maximus is now shipping.
With flexible use as a profile, beam or wash light and all-weather IP65 rating, the Proteus Maximus is suitable for any outdoor or indoor application that would require bright output, powerful beam looks and precise gobos and colours. The dust and waterproof design makes the fixture ideal for theme parks and cruise ships, while its quiet operation, flicker-free functionality and DMX-controllable LED refresh rate will be welcome in TV and other broadcast environments, says the company.
“With Proteus Maximus we managed to create the perfect package for the most challenging environments,” says Elation product manager, Matthias Hinrichs. “From its hotspot engine to its large front lens, this is an outstanding fixture that provides designers the power to cover huge areas and long distances with remarkable output, colour and optical precision. Maximus certainly lives up to its name, truly offering maximum performance and utility out of a single model.”
(Jim Evans)

carlosriveratourChauvet lights Carlos Rivera’s Guerra tour
Thursday, 11 July 2019

Mexico - Fifteen years after winning the Mexican reality/talent show La Academia, Carlos Rivera is still finding new ways to connect to audiences and stir passions. The award-winning singer and actor is demonstrating this on his current tour of South America, Mexico and the United States in support of his latest album, Guerra.
At his tour’s recent stops in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua, Mexico, lighting designer Daniel ‘Gacela’ Romero delivered a richly textured lightshow that featured Chauvet Professional fixtures, supplied by Pro Audio Solutions.
Romero chose 12 Maverick MK1 Hybrids, 12 Maverick MK3 Wash luminaires, 14 Maverick MK2 Spots, and 24 Rogue R2 Washes to amp up his tour design. The Maverick fixtures anchored his show.
Drawing on the overlapping 8- and 4-facet prisms, as well as the versatile gobo package of the Maverick MK1 Hybrid fixtures, Romero created an array of captivating looks that reflected the different moods conveyed by his client’s music. The Maverick MK2 Spot units contributed exciting aerial effects and specials to the show, while the Maverick MK3 Washes bathed the stage in captivating colours.
“With the Maverick fixtures, the pixels were fundamental during the design,” says Romero. “I used them in extended mode to take advantage of their flexibility, and because of the precision they offer with their pixel effects and chases.”
At the Ciudad Juárez venue, Romero faced the challenge of working a room with a 15m high ceiling. This required fixtures with wide beam angles to cover the

jesseporecaBandit Lites sales team grows
Wednesday, 10 July 2019

USA - Bandit Lites has appointed Jesse Poreca to the sales team. Poreca joins the company’s Charlotte office as an installation and service specialist where he will assist in project management, installation and customer support of new theatrical lighting system install projects and renovations along with assisting the sales and installation division to provide existing clients customer service support, service calls and repairs.
“Jesse brings years of permanent AVL installation experience to the team and will immediately lead another crew to service the multiple ongoing projects we have,” said Chris Barbee, Bandit Lites director of sales and installations. “He is a very welcomed addition to an incredibly busy time of growth.”
(Jim Evans)

vari-liteVari-Lite’s VL6500 Wash is now shipping
Wednesday, 10 July 2019

USA - Vari-Lite has announced that its new Vari-Lite VL6500 Wash is now shipping.
The high-output wash lighting fixture, first demonstrated at Prolight+Sound 2019 in Frankfurt, combines the VL6000 Beam’s arena-scale performance with a visual attraction reminiscent of the legendary VL5. The fixture offers show designers a mix of modern power and vintage styling.
“The initial response to the VL6500 Wash has been tremendous, and it’s not surprising really, because we made this fixture as a direct response to the requests we have received from lighting designers,” explains Martin Palmer, senior product manager, Vari-Lite and Strand Luminaires at Signify. “We partnered with designers every step of the way when creating this fixture and tailored it to provide the capabilities our customers asked for most often.”
Palmer reports that customers like that the VL6500 Wash is a fully featured wash fixture companion to the VL6000 Beam with the same big picture form factor as its award-winning sibling. The VL6500 offers a full CYM+CTO system and fixed colour wheels but has presets that are colour-matched to the VL6000 Beam, improving the colour system while providing a consistent experience.
For further creative colour possibilities, the VL6500’s extended colour range mode offers the ability to move the colour mixing wheels beyond full saturation back to open. This allows designers to use creative split colour effects that can be seen both in air and on the Dichro*fusion blades.
“The Dichro*fusion blade system is absolutely the featur

focus-beam-led-fx8ADJ expands Focus LED series
Wednesday, 10 July 2019

USA - ADJ has announced the expansion of its Focus series of LED-powered moving head fixtures with the introduction of the Focus Beam LED.
The first dedicated beam fixture in the range, this new model generates a concentrated beam that is suited for creating impressive and engaging aerial effects.
Powered by an 80W white (7400K) LED light source with 50,000-hour average life, Focus Beam LED features an optical system that creates an output comparable to an MSD 5R lamp. The front lens projects a beam with a 5° angle that has an even field with no hot spots, and which remains uniform over long projection distances.
The fixture is also compact and lightweight, measuring 10.96" x 6.85" x 17.61" / 278 x 174 x 447mm (LxWxH) and weighing 27 lb (12.25 kg), whilst its relatively low profile also makes suitable for installations in venues with limited ceiling height or for areas where rigging space is limited.
“The Focus series has proved very popular for a wide variety of applications across the middle market of the entertainment lighting world,” explains ADJ USA’s national sales manager, Alfred Gonzales. “From churches to nightclubs, production companies to mobile entertainers, Focus Series moving heads have made their mark on fixed installations and temporary event productions all over the world. Which is why we are excited to be expanding the series with the new Focus Beam LED.
“Despite its compact size and low power requirement, this impressive fixture generates a surprisingly-potent beam that is capable of holding its own in larg

papaPapa Roach on tour with GLP impression
Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Europe - It was a coincidence that the paths of Papa Roach and lighting designer Mathias Kuhn should cross.
"About two months ago a lighting man was looking for a few shows in Russia and a festival gig in Germany," recalls Kuhn. “Three months later it became Papa Roach’s European tour, while another colleague took care of the gigs in the USA.“
For Kuhn, the band made their decision in his favour after a festival tour of Europe last year. “It just feels good when the lighting is turned on,” says frontman and band leader Jacoby Shaddix. “It’s a lot of fun for me too,” retorts Kuhn. “Performing live, this band is simply full of energy, and meanwhile I‘ve practically become a member of the family.”
Currently Kuhn and Papa Roach are more or less constantly on the move. After a support tour with Shinedown in the USA, playing mainly arenas, in the Spring they embarked on a UK tour, with shows in front of audiences of up to 4,000 people.
Prior to the festival season, the band toured Russia, Eastern Europe and Lithuania, where up to 6,000 flocked into the venues night after night. “It’s never boring,” says Kuhn, who has faced challenges in virtually every location. “In the UK for instance, the doors are too low and you have to think twice about how to get the set on stage.“
And since Kuhn was solely responsible for the lighting, only resorting to helpers and crew in the festival season, this was crucial. “In such situations you learn to appreciate fixtures that are compact, flexible and yet still powerful,” he

etclightssuethetrex1copyrightfieldmuseumphotobymartinbaumgaertnerETC lights Sue the T. Rex in Chicago
Wednesday, 10 July 2019

USA - Sue the T. Rex has a new home in the Chicago Field Museum’s Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet.
Lighting and AV presentation for Sue’s new home were designed by Lightswitch Chicago using ETC and Xicato luminaires and ETC controls. The fossil is named after Sue Hendrickson, who discovered the skeleton in South Dakota in 1990.
Following a three-month prototyping phase to show the curators how Sue would be lit the new quarters, the design team at Lightswitch Chicago produced a meticulously-cued AV presentation worthy of the $8.7m fossil.
“Conservation of the delicate stones and resins is very important - Sue will receive about a quarter of the light, and none of the direct sunlight it did before,” says Thatcher Waller, senior lighting designer for Lightswitch Chicago.
The project called for the complex integration of control protocols and diverse fixture types including ETC Source Four LED Series 2 and ColorSource fixtures, as well as fixtures from Xicato, that are wirelessly controlled using DMX over Bluetooth.
System Integrator Ivan Jones expected a “sandstorm” but was pleasantly surprised. “ETC did special programming for the job. Chris Price wrote an entire new control module inside Mosaic to speak to Xicato. They handed me a product that worked - I never had to patch it.”
This is the world’s first execution of the interoperability between ETC Mosaic and Xicato Controls. “We believe interoperability between control systems is essential as we move into the IoT age of lighting,” says Ron Steen, VP of NA s

robe-vad-fruttik-budapest-park-nmp-14Robe rocks in Budapest with Vad Fruttik
Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Hungary - Alt-rock band Vad Fruttik (Wild Fruits) headlined a special concert to celebrate the eighth season opening of Budapest Park, one of the largest outdoor venues in Europe.
Lighting designer Peter Pálocska from Budapest rental company Lajter Light designed a production lighting scheme to ensure the band and their 8,500 fans enjoyed a memorable night out.
Part of his distinctive luminescent styling for this show was a backwall of 72 Robe Spiider LED wash beam fixtures, which added drama and excitement to the visual picture.
Pálocska has also lit many other concerts in Budapest Park - which features a 24m x 12m x 12m (WxDxH) stage - and a landmark gig which any Hungarian band is extremely proud to play.
Vad Fruttik trusted him to produce something special for this show, utilising a combination of the house lighting fixtures (including moving lights from a competitor brand) and gave him a budget for specials which were the grid of Spiiders, a recent purchase by Lajter Light from Robe’s Hungarian distributors AVL Trade.
Rigging in the venue was the biggest challenge, and, to accommodate his Spiider wall, a combination of flown and ground-based trusses were installed to support the gird.
With no onstage video elements, all the emphasis was on lighting for visual effects and the Spiiders effectively created a large-scale low-resolution pixel surface upstage that was completely different in texture and appearance. Not having any conventional video onstage was a refreshing change and also helped focus everyone’s concentration

norwayProstage stages Prolights Oslo workshop
Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Norway - Prostage, the Oslo-based distributors of Prolights, invited lighting designer Fredrik Jönsson to lead a two-day workshop hosted in Oslo’s Riksteatret. The designer discussed various design techniques, stories and lessons learned throughout his career in the entertainment industry.
Fredrik Jönsson designed the lighting for the international Eurovision final in Malmö in 2013 and in Stockholm in 2016 and was awarded an LLB Award for best Lighting Design for his work on the 2013 Eurovision final. In 2019, he designed the lighting for Melodifestivalen (the national Swedish Eurovision finals), bringing his grand total of live performances for Melodifestivalen to 103.
Jönsson drew from his vast experience of designing global concert tours, international events and broadcast and concocted the two-day interactive seminar program covering topics such as basic lighting principles, WYSIWYG, CAD Visualisations and methodologies in practice.
During the CTO and CRI discussions, the LD tested the RA series fixtures independently and commented on how impressed he was with the high standard of light quality, the 6000+K and the impressive measured open white values of over 92 produced by the RA2000 and the RA3000.
For the duration of the workshop a full Prolights rig was on display for visitors to get ‘up close and personal’ with the fixtures and ask the Prostage team any fixture related questions. The workshop was well attended and encouraged participation, discussion and debate.
Prostage sales manager Carl August Tidmann comme

eesmidwichearproMidwich subsidiary Earpro acquires EES
Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Spain - Midwich has announced its Spanish subsidiary Earpro S.A has acquired the entire issued share capital of value-added lighting solutions distributor Entertainment Equipment Supplies S.L (EES).
Based near San Sebastian and founded in 2004 by Nacho Acha-Orbea, EES distributes products from key vendors including Robe Lighting, Verlinde and Prolyte on an exclusive basis to the Spanish market with a focus on the live events and rental sectors.
The acquisition will strengthen Midwich’s position in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, particularly in relation to lighting.
Miguel Mezquita, MD of Earpro, comments: "Having known Nacho and his team for a number of years, I am confident that we can look forward to a successful partnership between Earpro and EES. I believe we will now be able to provide customers of both companies with an even higher level of service, whilst continuing to strengthen relationships with our vendor partners."
Nacho Acha-Orbea, MD of EES, adds: "I am excited at the opportunity to work with my new colleagues at Earpro and the Midwich Group. I am confident that by becoming part of the Group we can continue to build on the strong platform and market leading position we already hold in the Iberian lighting market.”


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