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anolis-gerland-parkAnolis helps re-light Gerland Park in Lyon
Friday, 3 February 2023

France - Anolis ArcPar 150 Outdoor architectural luminaires have been installed for an urban lighting renovation scheme – halving the power consumption – in and around the vibrant Gerland Park district of Lyon.
Gerland is a dynamic residential area that has also become a hub for emerging tech companies and commerce and a hotspot for sports and entertainment events with several world-class venues located in its 7th arrondissement catchment area.
Lighting designer Laurent Fachard, founder of Les Éclairagistes Associés (LEA), has worked extensively in and around this area, and recently two of his key landscape lighting projects were updated with new LED technology that had subsequently come to the market.
The new Anolis lighting authentically replicates his original illuminated art, simultaneously making these landmark urban lighting designs more energy efficient and sustainable.
The two areas that have been re-lit using the Anolis fixtures are the Chromatic Garden in Gerland Park, running adjacent to the river Rhône, and a landscaped roundabout on the Place des Docteurs Mérieux, part of the major road gateway into the city of Lyon.
The job of completing this diligent and meticulous task fell to Thierry Marsick, head of the city of Lyon's urban lighting department (DEU), who commented, “With LEDs coming onstream, apart from the energy efficiency, it was also an opportunity for us to utilise fixtures with much finer colour control and tuning”.
A main requirement for the new luminaires was to reproduce the original lighti

ayrtonAyrton Domino Profile joins Luchè DVLA tour
Friday, 3 February 2023

Italy - Neapolitan rapper and record producer Luchè, former member of the hip hop group Co'Sang, landed in arenas across Italy with his latest platinum-selling album DVLA - Dove Volano Le Aquile. The sell-out tour has crossed Italy from Naples to Milan via Rome and Rimini and will reach London in March 2023 for a special one-off date. During the tour the singer was joined by other stars of the Italian music scene such as Shiva, Elisa, Marracash, Sfera Ebbasta, Paky and Guè.
Lighting designer Giorgio ‘Josh’ Geromin chose 42 Ayrton Domino Profile S fixtures as the main light source and key lighting for the tour. The concept started from the idea of an eagle's flight, echoing the name of the album Dove Volano Le Aguile (Where Eagles Soar) and symbolising a human being’s attempt to rise up and land on Mars. From this was born the idea of approaching the stage as if it were a first outpost on Mars through the use of visuals and set design.
"I used Dominos for their great versatility as spots, with intensive use of zoom changes and prism rotations,” says Josh. “The Dominos were rigged both vertically and horizontally along the five trusses that formed the scenic structure. Because of Domino’s wide zoom capability, in some scenes we were able to light the structure directly to emphasise the 'ironwork' of the structure, while in other scenes they were used to expand the stagespace through the use of gobos which gave a sense of ‘air’ to the light. I was impressed by Domino’s ability to achieve and maintain gobo focuses with great precisi

zalightChauvet names Zalight exclusive distributor for Italy
Friday, 3 February 2023

Italy - Chauvet Professional has appointed Zalight the exclusive distributor of its products in Italy.
"The timing of Chauvet and Zalight joining forces to develop the Italian market is spot on, as both companies share a similar vision and culture,” said Stéphane Gressier, international sales director of Chauvet. “We are thrilled to start this new adventure with Graziano Zanini and Luca Di Donato's team at Zalight. Antonio Parise, our business development manager EMEA, and Goran Doncic, our senior European business development manager EMEA, and the rest of the Chauvet team are looking forward to accomplishing great things with Zalight.”
Graziano Zanini, CEO of Zalight, is equally enthused about the new agreement, staging, “Chauvet Professional needs no introduction. It is a highly respected global brand with offices with universally recognized leadership, and a wide catalogue of top-quality products. We have always been impressed by its ability to respond to market needs with innovative technological solutions.”
Recent examples of Chauvet Professional innovations that have impressed Zalight include the Color STRIKE M, and the COLORado PXL Bar 16 as well as the entire range of IP65 moving heads, which are increasingly being specified on many international tours.
“Thanks to its extraordinary variety of products, Chauvet Professional offers infinite possibilities to lighting professionals,” said Luca Di Donato, business development manager of Zalight, “Our goal is to make it a reference brand also in Italy, as is already the case

ovation-e2Chauvet Ovation E-2 FC spotlight delivers
Thursday, 2 February 2023

USA - The new Ovation E-2 FC from Chauvet Professional has an RGBAL engine that delivers richly textured colours and smooth, even whites (it has a CRI of 93), plus an integrated 25-50 degree zoom lens in a compact body that makes it suited for small and mid-sized applications.
Weighing in at under 15 lbs. and measuring 18.1 x 12.2 x 17.5 inches (461 x 310 x 445 mm), the tidy, but powerful, fixture puts out 1107 lux at 5m when used at its narrowest and 488 lux at 5m when used at its widest beam angle.
The Ovation E-2 FC features advanced optics, which means it ‘projects sharp, crisp gobos that add depth to any design’. A convenient dedicated focus mode button allows one-touch focusing without the aid of a board operator. A Virtual colour wheel and preset white CCTs add to the conveniences offered by this versatile fixtures, which can be controlled via DMX or RDM.
Other features in this ultra-quiet fixture include selectable PWM, +/- Green adjustment and emulated red-shift, a built-in gobo slot, electronic dimming, and USB ports for software updates.

hijinx2022HiJinx delivers dazzling display with Vari-Lite
Thursday, 2 February 2023

USA - Philadelphia’s HiJinx Festival transformed the Pennsylvania Convention Centre into a massive two-night EDM New Year’s Eve party, bringing a stellar line-up of bass heavy DJs who played out amid lighting that was designed to uplift and thrill.
Creative production company Raw Cereal, known for pushing the boundaries of light-art shows, created a wide range of powerful effects using Vari-Lite VL3600 fixtures from Signify.
Raw Cereal’s Cort Lawrence joined HiJinx as production designer and creative director for the inaugural Philadelphia incarnation of the festival in 2018 and has been raising the bar ever since. Working with Live Nation Philadelphia, which runs HiJinx, Lawrence created a design that integrated multiple artists’ production riders, resulting in a curated lighting environment that made each performer shine and ensured upbeat consistency throughout.
“We supplied a design that pushed forward current design trends and technology, creating the right balance between lighting, lasers, and video, for a well-rounded show,” says Lawrence. “EDM fans are well educated when it comes to production, so we do our best to wow and dazzle them with lights and give them a fresh show every year.”
The Raw Cereal team learned about the VL3600 following a demo by Tyler Gannaway, Vari-Lite business development manager central and eastern rental & touring at Signify and went on to work with Nashville’s Premier Global Productions to invest in them for the HiJinx Festival.
“We were stunned by the level of quality and powe

flightChauvet fixtures capture the spirit of of flight
Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Belgium - The cavernous North Hall of Koninklijk Legermuseum - Musée royal de l'Armée (Royal Military Museum) in Brussels houses a wide collection of aircraft from different eras.
“People have always dreamed of flying,” said Mathias Roelandt. “You think of someone like da Vinci studying the flight of birds and insects over 500 years ago to draw flying machines and know that the idea of flight eventually became a reality that continues to evolve all the time. We humans always want to do something that’s never been done before. That’s the spirit that’s reflected here in this space. It is inspirational, and worth celebrating.”
Roelandt and his brother, along with their team at IIIMAGINE, including lighting operator Michiel Goedertier, did indeed celebrate flight by turning the museum’s Aviation Hall into an electronic music space for three captivating performances. Setting up a stage amidst the aircraft they wove the entire hall into their shows with the help from over 60 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by AB Sound.
This was not the first time that the IIIMAGINE team has transformed an out-of-the-ordinary location with music and light. Prior to their show at the Aviation Hall, the brothers and their team performed at venues like the historic Liège-Guillemins railway station, and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, where they performed between Rubens paintings.
“We feel we have more freedom to explore ideas in spaces such as The Aviation Hall compared to a black box stage,” said Roelandt, who performs music in

dice30-007Swedish Opera plays DICE with Ayrton Cobra
Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Sweden - ‘Attention! This Performance Contains Lighting That May Be Considered As Disturbing’. This is the caption that presented itself on the Royal Swedish Opera’s site publicising the show by the Royal Swedish Orchestra devoted to celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Swedish gaming phenomenon that is DICE.
The dynamic meeting of cultural opposites showcased the musical accompaniments of games such as Battlefield 1, 3, 4 and V, Battlefield 2042, Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and 2, Star Wars: Battlefront I and II, Mirror’s Edge and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The musical background of a video game, similar to the function of a film soundtrack, guides and supports the gamer through the narrative of the game.
For LD Ishai Mika of Green Wall Designs AB, Sweden, this presented a challenge: how to light a multimedia performance that embraces musical genres that range from traditional classical to the far reaches of electronic sound. He opted to turn to Ayrton’s laser source luminaire, Cobra, to offer him the range and flexibility required in his design.
Cobra is the result of Ayrton’s relentless quest to move forward in developing and exploiting new technologies to bring fresh opportunities to lighting designers worldwide. This laser-sourced fixture houses a D65 white point that allows perfect colour reproduction within its compact structure. The optical system uses 13 lenses, producing an unprecedented 38x zoom ratio, a zoom range of 0.6° to 23° and a phenomenal throw distance. IP65 rated and, unsurprisingly, with Ayrton’s signature con

robe-beauty-and-the-beastRobe enters into more panto madness
Tuesday, 31 January 2023

UK - The Christmas holidays ignited the zany and uniquely British performance phenomenon of pantomime which came to theatre stages up and down the country. This year, lighting designer Andy Webb was asked to design two high-profile panto shows – Aladdin at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury and Beauty and The Beast at the Festival Theatre in Malvern, both for UK Productions (UKP).
Andy chose a selection of Robe moving and LED luminaires to help bring the vibrant, trippy craziness of the genre to life.
“Rule number one in panto lighting is keeping up with the fast-and-furious pace of the action whilst informing the narrative and captivating the audience’s attention,” he explained. Audience participation is a major aspect of any panto production.
All of this means that lighting must be highly adaptable and multi-functional, as the LD must be thinking constantly on multiple levels and able to change at the drop of a proverbial hat!
In the last decade, Andy has been among the trailblazers advocating the use of LED and moving light sources in panto. He has dipped extensively into the various Robe product ranges, and lit several seasons in Blackpool and other cities, known for his fresh and enthusiastic approach.
The theatres in Aylesbury and Malvern are very different in size and shape, and to facilitate the tight programming schedule, Andy chose primary lighting fixtures which would work in both contexts and be scalable to fit the two venues, with Robe Spiiders and Esprites as the main workhorses.
Five MegaPoi

dave-kozDave Koz wraps up Christmas tour with Bandit
Monday, 30 January 2023

USA - Dave Koz, the chart-topping saxophonist kept the holiday tradition alive with his Dave Koz & Friends Christmas Tour. Bandit Lites provided the lighting system for the tour’s 25th anniversary, where Rick Braun, Peter White, Keiko Matsui and Rebecca Jade joined Koz for an evening of holiday music and memories.
“This is an incredible outfit full of wonderful people,” said Bandit Lites vice president Mike Golden. “I believe we just completed our tenth year of Mr. Koz and company coming to our programming and rehearsal studio Venue One and it seems much like old friends coming together once a year to share company. I cannot say enough about Brian and Josh Foisy who share production management positions and of course any time Chris Lisle comes into play you can be assured of a wonderful environment and beautiful lighting.”
Chris Lisle designed the lighting for show, utilising Elation Proteus Rayzors, Elation Smarty Hybrids, GLP X4S and Martin Sceptron VDO fixtures. Working with lighting director Terese Fensler, pivoted back to the Smarty Hybrids during programming, noting their zoom, brightness and hardy road life exterior.
While some may think a Christmas production leads to rocking around the Christmas tree ad nauseum, Lisle and Fensler made sure to tailor the show’s lighting to each performance, Christmas trees and all.
“Chris and I really love how much energy and enthusiasm Dave has put into his show,” explained Fensler. “We wanted to acknowledge all of those moments the musicians brought: from a quiet lingering sa

astera-national-museumAstera NYX Bulbs light museum murmuration
Monday, 30 January 2023

Australia - A light art installation created by Ben Cisterne and comprising 450 Astera NYX Bulbs graces the ceiling of the newest Great Southern Land permanent gallery at the National Museum of Australia (NMA) in Canberra.
Designed as a digital ‘murmuration’, emulating the kinetic phenomenon made by hundreds of starlings flying in swooping and random but apparently intricately coordinated kaleidoscope patterns at speed through the sky, Ben, was commissioned to create this special work with the exhibition designer, Fernanda Reis of Local Projects based in New York.
Ben, who also lit the other elements of the Great Southern Land Gallery, has known and worked with the NMA Canberra team led by NMA assistant director for the discovery & collections division, Katherine McMahon, and Suzanne Myers responsible for management and development of the Museum’s permanent galleries, for close to 20 years. This has been at the NMA and other cultural institutions.
His background in theatre lighting and narrative interpretation has been highly inspirational in creating this and other light art works.
In this case, the NYX bulbs provide a living / breathing animated and illuminated trail for guests navigating the exhibition space that is a visual contrast to the intricate, practical but still dramatic lighting of the various exhibits around the rest of the vast gallery.
The idea of having a murmuration was always a conceptual part of the plan for the gallery space, however it went through several iterations before the design team comprised of

illuminate-abbotsburyChauvet lights Abbotsbury winter celebration
Monday, 30 January 2023

UK - Ollie Titterington of O T Events Technicians knows every inch of the path that winds through Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens for Illuminate. That’s not surprising; after three years of working on this winter light celebration at the historic Dorset garden (it dates back to 1756), he’s traversed the event’s well-planned route time and time again, visiting the site months in advance to look for optimal lighting positions.
Titterington couldn’t help but feel a delightful sense of newness and discovery every time he walked down this year’s Illuminate path. Seeing the brilliant bursts of reds, blues, purples and other colours playing against shadows of forested paths never gets old. Neither does gazing at a fallen pine tree laying near scenic objects in a peaceful pond, all embraced by dreamy gobos. Nor does coming upon a classic statue that beckons at the end of a wooded path as it shimmers in light.
There is in the words of Titterington, a “continuous route of light, a canvas of colour” that has “no start or finish, all flooded with light” at this popular annual event, which has become a source of pride for all Dorset.
Helping Titterington and the O T Events Technicians team create this magic was a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures that included the Maverick Storm 1 Spot, Ovation E-910FC IP colour-mixing ellipsoidals, and COLORado Batten Q15 linear, IP65 ratted lights.
These fixtures helped light a carefully-planned Illuminate walk-through route that is just over one mile long. They also contributed to an electrify

amx-variaISE 2023: Harman Pro presents broad showcase
Monday, 30 January 2023

Spain - Harman Professional Solutions will introduce its ISE 2023 visitors to a range of versatile solutions introduced during the past year.
The new products include JBL Professional SRX900 Powered Line Arrays and Subwoofers; JBL Professional PRX900 Powered Portable PA Systems; JBL Professional VTX A6 Line Array and B15 Subwoofer Touring Audio Solutions; JBL Professional Control Contractor Commercial Loudspeaker Expansion; Martin MAC Aura XIP Indoor/Outdoor Premium Wash Light; Martin Exterior Linear Pro Architectural Lighting Fixtures; AMX Varia Professional-Grade Touch Panels; and AMX Jetpack 3x1 Switching, Transport, and Control Kits. Furthermore, AMX will release a new product on opening day.
AMX Varia Series touch panels address the needs of corporate, education, government and more via persona apps, unmatched mounting flexibility, any-colour side LEDs, and communication and intelligence technologies.
AMX Jetpack 3x1 Switching, Transport, and Control Kits are designed for K12 classrooms and meeting spaces, these kits combine simple to operate room controls, multiple 4K60 video inputs, and voice lift for clear communication with everyone in the space. Learn more.
JBL Professional PRX900 Series Powered Portable PA Systems are suitable for DJs and bands, music venues, rental houses and corporate A/V providers, that feature advanced acoustics, comprehensive DSP, and unrivaled power performance. Learn more.
JBL Professional VTX A6 Line Array and B15 Subwoofer Touring Audio Solutions combine JBL’s flagship acoustic technologies to compa

christie2Christie announces 22,500lm 4K UHD 1DLP projector
Friday, 27 January 2023

USA - Christie has announced the 4K22-HS, the newest addition to its HS Series of laser projectors. “With 22,500 lumens, the new 4K22-HS sets a new industry standard for brightness in 4K UHD 1DLP® projection,” the company says.
The Christie 4K22-HS narrows the gap between 1DLP and 3DLP projection, making it suitable for live events and venues that require high brightness, incredible colour performance, and professional features, including museums, auditoriums, and attractions, in a budget-friendly projector.
With Christie BoldColor+ technology, the 4K22-HS delivers natural and realistic colours, deeper blacks, and enhanced colour uniformity. For applications that require multiple projectors, the new model features onboard Christie Twist for warping and blending, and quick and easy set-up and alignment of multiple displays.
“We’re excited to demonstrate the new 4K22-HS at ISE 2023,” says Suhan Bijai, associate product manager, Christie. “We’ll be showcasing it with our content management solution Pandoras Box for an interactive experience on the stand, demonstrating how our products are designed to work together to create powerful experiences.”
The Christie 4K22-HS is compatible with Christie Mystique, an automated camera-based alignment and recalibration software tool that saves users hours of painstaking work when installing, aligning, calibrating, and maintaining multi-projector systems, as well as the new Christie Intelligent Camera. Among several time-saving features, Christie Intelligent Camera can be used to trigger pr

stage-precisionISE 2023: Stage Precision to introduce latest products and team members
Friday, 27 January 2023

UK - Stage Precision, the software company that specialises in creating innovative tools for the entertainment and broadcast industries, has announced it will unveil new features and products at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023, alongside expanding its global team.
Stage Precision is hitting a milestone moment for its flagship software tool, SP, as it comes out of Beta to release Version 1.0, which includes the new 3D LIDAR integration tool. Stage Precision is also excited to launch a brand new software product, Space Composer.
The new releases will be showcased on stand #5K100 at ISE; they will also be deployed for show control and tracking workflows at the d&b audiotechnick demo space in Room E1, Hall 8.
Demos will include showing what the 3D LIDAR integration tool for markerless person tracking, and Space Composer, a new type of software specifically designed for graphics layering in Augmented Reality (AR) and 2D real-time motion graphics environments, can achieve.
Stage Precision MD, Michael Giegerich, comments: “Having gathered much feedback from our user community around the many SP features, including the 3D LIDAR integration tool, we are pleased to announce that we have now switched from Beta to a full 1.0 release.”
SP is a connected devices data management and control platform that provides a comprehensive suite of tools. It is used to simplify system control workflows and enhance creativity and productivity while pushing the boundaries of what is technologically possible, the company says.
Throughout the pro

robe-1-per-cent-quizRobe provides a 100% solution for 1% Quiz
Friday, 27 January 2023

The Netherlands - The first season of the 1% Quiz TV show in the Netherlands was recorded at EMG's Mediahaven Studio in Amsterdam with a stylish lighting design by Henk-Jan van Beek of design studio Light-H-Art. This featured 110 x Robe Esprites, 98 x LEDBeam 350s, 46 x LEDBeam 150s and 20 x T1 Profile moving lights, all delivered by Eventec.
Dutch producers Blue Circle Productions added a few of their own exclusively Dutch elements as this was the first time the show concept has been produced outside the UK where it originated on ITV. One hundred contestants – who are also the audience – try to answer a question that only 1% of the country can get right. The show is styled as an IQ test with questions based on logic and common sense rather than general knowledge.
Henk-Jan worked closely with Dutch set designer Harald Kassies who took the original 1% Club signature set design and reimagined it with some small adaptations that saw all 100 contestants seated around a striking and elegant 270 circular set.
“Continuity was absolutely vital when it came to lighting,” explained Henk-Jan who needed one luminaire per person to replicate the fast-paced and complex set of cues that were integrated into the Market Graph gameplay machine.
“I wanted a luminaire that gave exactly the same quality of light and characteristics and the same CT utilising the same LED light engine.”
The key light for each contestant was aligned at the same distance to produce identical CT whites plus blue and red cues associated with the game

church-of-the-cityArtiste Mondrian impacts on Church of the City
Friday, 27 January 2023

USA - Nick Chang has been overseeing lighting for services and other events at Church of the City in Nashville since 2020 and again handled lighting programming and direction for five Christmas services this past December. Employing Elation’s Artiste Mondrian LED profile FX luminaire on the worship services, Nick hid the multi-functional moving heads behind a blow-through LED wall to create a variety of impactful and unexpectedly striking lighting scenes. Production and lighting design was by Jori Johnson.
Held in a 3,000-seat auditorium at Church of the City’s main campus in Franklin, Tennessee, this year’s services featured an increased production value, including a dedicated producer (Tommee Profitt) and expanded lighting design.
At Nick’s disposal were 32 Artiste Mondrian luminaires rented through 4Wall Nashville. “Previous years were more traditional so it was exciting to see that we could do more on this year’s production,” Nick stated. “I wanted a fixture that could shoot through a blow-through LED wall and not lose any intensity with gobos or when projecting saturated colours like red or blue. The Mondrians did a great job and played the biggest role in the service. The whole church was super impressed and I was too.”
Nick knew what he was getting with the Artiste Mondrian as he had used them on Church of the City’s 2021 Christmas services as well. “I found then that they were really versatile and did all roles very well,” he said. The Artiste Mondrian is a high-impact fixture that produces over 51,000 lumens of pow

claypakyminibaquaISE 2023: Claypaky extends Aqua series
Friday, 27 January 2023

Spain - Claypaky will present a range of innovative lighting solutions at ISE in Barcelona.
The Aqua Series meet the needs for outdoor installations and also for rental companies with outdoor productions. They offer an IP66 degree of protection which is greater than the average protection offered by products currently on the market. Some fixtures even offer a Marine-grade C5-M protection, which further expands the field of application to the cruise ship sector. No more need to worry about water, humidity, dust – or even salt: put your show on without concern for the elements!
Premiered at ISE 2023, the Mini-B Aqua was created to meet the demand from lighting professionals for a weather resistant, lightweight, compact, agile mini-washlight. It is IP66 protection rated, making it suitable for all kinds of outdoor use. However, it is also ideal for indoor installation since it does not require the same levels of maintenance as ordinary IP20 fixtures thanks to the total protection of its internal components against dust.
Also on show for the first time, the Mini-B Spot is a complement to the Claypaky Mini-B and Mini-B Aqua, but it also has innovative, exclusive features. The light source is based on a 70W white LED engine, capable of delivering 4300 Lumen, but with a power consumption of only 150W. Claypaky has also developed a proprietary optical unit that optimizes light intensity and light output. Mini-B Spot is bound to become extremely popular also in the installation and cruise ship markets, where versatile, small fixtures with a big punch are s

tyler-wiseGLP appoints US sales & marketing director
Friday, 27 January 2023

USA - GLP Inc. has appointed Tyler Wise as its new director, sales & marketing (Americas). He brings more than 20 years of experience spanning the entire production management spectrum – in particular within the live events, integration and entertainment technology sector.
His knowledge of production lighting was honed during his time with prominent professional audio and lighting distribution company, Group One, where he was national sales manager of the lighting division, and as business development lead for Production Resource Group (PRG), the global service provider, which is where he first came into contact with GLP.
Wise’s experience in sales and marketing made him the perfect candidate for the position, as GLP Inc. president Mark Ravenhill emphasised. “Having known Tyler for many years, I am delighted that he is joining GLP to lead our sales and marketing teams,” says Ravenhill. “He is an accomplished professional who will bring a breadth of experience and knowledge that will bolster the company in a whole new way.”
“GLP has such a great history of quality, reliable solutions and effects for designers. I’m just really looking forward to bringing my skillset to expand both the team and the brand throughout North and South America,” says Wise.
“While there are many quality products on the market with some innovative engineers, I believe it’s the service and support element that GLP provides to its customers that really sets the brand apart from the rest of the pack.

johannes-stummerAyrton appoints K24 exclusive distributor for Austria
Friday, 27 January 2023

Austria - Ayrton has announced the appointment of K24 Technik & Vertrieb GmbH as its new exclusive distributor for Austria with immediate effect.
K24 Technik, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2023, is a respected sales and distribution company that carries a number of quality lighting and audio brands and services a wide range of rental companies, theatres and broadcast companies across Austria.
Managing Director, Johannes Stummer, chose Ayrton to fulfil his requirement for a versatile, reliable lighting brand to add to their portfolio.
“Following solid research and many recommendations from our clients, we found Ayrton to be the most creative and innovative products on the market,” he says. “We had received many positive accounts of Ayrton products and found so many of our clients to be very interested in using them. Once they heard K24 was to become the new Ayrton distributor, their response was an immediate and encouraging ‘Good move.’
Stummer and the team at K24 will market the entire Ayrton range and support rental companies, theatres and the television market.
“Ayrton's IP-certified fixtures are also very popular with rental companies, in part because of their excellent protection against rain and dust during outdoor events, but also because of the reduced maintenance time in a rental company's day-to-day operations," says Stummer.
“Ayrton is very glad to have K24 on board as our latest distributor,” says Ayrton’s Kseniia Igoshkina. “It’s a pleasure to know that our Austrian customers are i

chauvetiseISE 2023: Chauvet demonstrates designs
Thursday, 26 January 2023

Spain - The Chauvet Professional stand will be more than a product showcase at ISE, it will also serve as a “storytelling platform”, one designed to stimulate ideas and invite visitors to imagine how the company’s fixtures can transform a variety of spaces.
Moving beyond standard tradeshow concepts, Chauvet Professional is devoting much of ISE stand 7E800 to scenes that reflect real-world installation environments. Encountering these settings provides vivid impressions of the design possibilities offered by the products on display.
Among the products transforming the stand’s settings are the Ovation Rêve E-3 IP a virtually silent ellipsoidal that renders full-spectrum colours and tuneable whites; the Ovation Cyc 3 FC, a convection cooled, low-profile RGBAL fixture that excels as a cyclorama wash or footlight, and the widely heralded series of onAir panel soft white lights.
Also accenting the scenes created at the stand will be the Ovation E-2 FC, which will be making its European debut at the ISE. A compact full colour ellipsoidal that packs a powerful punch, this new fixture opens new creative possibilities for designers by allowing them to position it in spaces that are too tight for the Ovation E-910FC. Equipped with the same high-quality optics as its larger stablemate, the E-2 FC also features an integrated 25-50 degree zoom lens.
In addition to being transformed by Chauvet Professional fixtures, the representative settings will be enlivened by Iluminarc products such as the Ilumiline ML, which will be used for grazing the area

belloheadMartin ERA 300's light Bellowhead's reunion tour
Thursday, 26 January 2023

UK - Multi-award winning Bellowhead reformed for a one-off tour in November 2022 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their Broadside album. Providing lighting for the 18-night UK tour - which included London’s Royal Albert Hall - was Martin Dudley’s Martin’s Lights Ltd, using an inventory of Martin ERA 300 fixtures in a lightweight, bright, easily deployable stage package.
The ERA 300 is  part of the Martin ERA Performance & Profile LED family  consisting of the ERA 300, 400, 600 and 800.
“Six ERAs were used in a floor package designed to be versatile enough to light the wide variety of songs and moods in the show.” describes Martin Dudley. “They were placed as part of the band’s stage set at various heights on risers and boxes. A further six ERAs were hung on an upstage truss or bar when needed to bolster venue lighting rigs.
“The ERA 300s were a vital part of the show, acquitting themselves well against bigger fixtures we encountered in some of the house rigs and carrying the show themselves when house rigs were more basic.” says Martin. “It was also great to have colours and gobos that matched those in the other Martin fixtures at the Royal Albert Hall.”
Martin worked with tour manager Adam Maughan and lighting technician Chris Davey of Touring Electrics Ltd on the tour and will next be working on UB40’s ongoing 45th anniversary celebration touring.

nick-saikibob-menteleElation expands US sales development team
Wednesday, 25 January 2023

USA - Elation has announced the addition of Nick Saiki to the company’s U.S. sales team as product application and customer experience specialist – PACE. With an MFA in lighting design and technology from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Nick brings extensive knowledge and experience from his previous roles in live event production and system integration, as well as five years as a field project coordinator at ETC.
As PACE specialist, Nick will be responsible for leading product presentations at trade shows, showrooms, and sales team demos. He will also bridge the gap between sales and product management, ensuring that all customers and sales staff are fully trained on Elation products, up-to-date on industry trends, and familiar with the latest standards and technologies. Furthermore, Nick will expand on the Elation Educational Experience (E3) programme to include both internal and external trainings, and will formalise a continuing education certification program for customers within the E3 platform.
Additionally, Bob Mentele is transitioning from his role as Elation vertical market manager to join the company’s product development team as associate product manager for stage lighting. After three successful years at Elation, Bob will work closely with Matthias Hinrichs, product manager for Elation, to continue innovating and refining the Elation stage lighting product ranges with focus on static lighting fixtures.
Hinrichs comments, “Elation has seen tremendous success with our expanding theatre, TV, and event

nmk-chauvetChauvet names NMK Middle East distributor
Wednesday, 25 January 2023

UAE - To address its rapidly expanding Middle Eastern market, Chauvet has entered into an agreement with Dubai-based AV distributor NMK Electronics.
NMK is now the distributor of Chauvet Professional, Chauvet DJ and Illuminarc products in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
“We’re very excited about our relationship with NMK,” said Stéphane Gressier, ‘Sebi’ Romero, and our senior BDM for this region, Goran Doncic, at NMK’s Dubai training session. NMK’s commitment to excellence and passion for service reminded all three of us of the philosophy that has guided the growth of Chauvet. We’re looking forward to building an extraordinarily strong relationship with NMK as we grow together.”
Schalk Botha, brand manager at NMK, adds, “Chauvet carries 33 years’ worth of heritage and experience,” he said. “We are thrilled to add their products to our portfolio and are excited to show our customers how they can provide solutions for any application. Our goal is to promote this brand across all verticals from retail and house of worship, to small and large venues, entertainment, education, and the rental market. We have tremendous respect for Chauvet and appreciate the well-deserved reputation the company has established across the globe – and now we’re honoured to be part of this success story.”

techledTech LED to distribute Lumos Controls
Tuesday, 24 January 2023

UK - Tech LED, the UK’s trusted supplier of LED lighting solutions for installation and live events, has announced the addition of Lumos Controls to its distribution portfolio to support the precise and automated control of its current architectural lighting ranges within the building design space. At a time when energy efficiency tops every agenda, Lumos Controls provides a simple-to-retrofit, complete solution for any enterprise looking to fully control its energy landscape.
Tech LED’s Gordon Addison, comments: “Lumos Controls are future-ready with unique software that will lead the way in the market. Crucially, Lumos is a green and energy efficient solution, providing real-time information wirelessly, to ensure building and energy management is efficient and simple. For customers looking for a simple and effective solution to control energy use, Lumos products are easy to install and operate so that retro-fitting into buildings is a breeze.”
Lumos Controls manufacture future-ready lighting control products for smart enterprises that communicate wirelessly creating a zoned and automated ecosystem for an experientially designed space. Products in the Lumos Control range include light controllers, sensors, smart switches, gateways, LED drivers and smart fixtures.
Tech LED is focussed on providing the complete solution for its clients in partnership with Lumos. The company’s DALI-based and 0-10 Volts control systems connect symbiotically whilst adding extra dimension to the new distribution lines in Tech LED’s architectural lighting portf


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