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therma-tour-600-and-800Magmatic launches Thermatic hazer series
Wednesday, 4 May 2022

USA - Magmatic atmospheric effects has introduced Thermatic, a series of oil-based hazers designed to give enduring haze effects for longer-lasting atmospherics. Capable of creating a fine particulate that hangs in the air for hours, each haze generator in the Thermatic line excels at enhancing light beams and mid-air effects for higher impact, eye-catching visuals, says Magmatic.
The Therma Tour is a premium oil-based haze effect generator that produces a fine, long-lasting atmospheric haze. Available in a 350W and powerful 800W version - Therma Tour 600 and Therma Tour 800 - both machines create a safe, clean and odourless haze effect that leaves no residue.
The units hold 2.5 litre of fluid for over 35 hours of runtime with no warm up time required. Hang time is over three hours in an enclosed space after the unit has been turned off.
Both units feature rugged, compact and mobile road case designs to withstand repeated travel and the day in and day out rigors of on-the-road use. Soundproof insulation means the Therma Tour series can also be used in more noise sensitive indoor environments.
Maximum output of the Therma Tour 600 is 1,200 CFM (cu ft/min) while the Therma Tour 800 delivers a remarkable 5,600 CFM (cu ft /min). Magmatic’s oil-based Atmosity ARH fluid has been designed specifically for the Therma Tour series and because the units sip fluid at a low 1.0 ml/min and 1.5 ml/min respectively (fluid level can easily be monitored via an external fluid level gauge), its fine haze atmosphere can enhance lighting effects for hours on e

multiverse-studio-kit-loaded-with-5911-square-closeupCity Theatrical highlights new technology
Wednesday, 4 May 2022

UK - City Theatrical will demo its latest technologies on stand N-C04 at PLASA Focus Leeds 2022 at the Royal Armouries Museum.
Live demos will include the Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM 2.4GHz system, including PLASA Award for Innovation winner Multiverse Transmitter 2.4GHz, the Multiverse Studio Kit for film and video, RadioScan Spectrum Analyser, and DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool, as well as QolorFLEX 5-in-1 and HiQ High CRI LED Tape, QolorFLEX Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM Dimmers, and other City Theatrical unique lighting accessories.
In addition to its special commendation in the 2019 PLASA Awards for Innovation, the Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system was recognised as the winner of the Live Design Award for Best Debuting Product at the 2018 and 2019 LDI Shows in the USA, for the ability of the Multiverse Transmitter 2.4GHz to broadcast up to 10 universes of DMX data while using less radio energy than other single universe wireless DMX transmitters.
City Theatrical’s Multiverse Studio Kit is an all-in-one, battery-powered wireless DMX/RDM solution that offers reliable wireless DMX functionality with greater usability, making wireless DMX easier to install and use for film and video projects. Multiverse Studio Kit features contactless charging for its six Multiverse Studio Receivers, which each contain a long-life lithium-ion polymer battery giving 20 hours of use. Each Multiverse Studio Receiver features a full four button user interface with a backlit LED display, which makes setup easy and gives feedback on system performance, as well as a DM

ayrtonplsAyrton’s Cobra strikes at Prolight + Sound
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Germany - Ayrton celebrated its 20th anniversary at Prolight + Sound with a new lightshow, created by Stéphane Migné in conjunction with French water effects company, Aquatique Show. This showcased Ayrton’s latest products, including the new Zonda 9 FX with its stunning liquid effects, and Cobra, Ayrton’s first IP65 laser sourced fixture. The imaginative visual choreography gave a taste of the creativity these new products are capable of and ensured Ayrton remained one of the busiest stands at Prolight + Sound.
“It is incredible to be back at Prolight + Sound after two years,” says Ayrton CEO, Chris Ferrante. “We have been busy engineering and developing new products, such as Domino LT and Huracan LT. Now, for the first time, we are showing Zonda 9 FX and Cobra, our laser light sourced fixture. These are all clever, unique products, especially the liquid effects in Zonda which are absolutely stunning, and the narrow 0.6° beam of Cobra - these are things we couldn’t have achieved just a few years ago. It’s been super to show these new products to the industry in person and to hear first-hand their overwhelmingly positive response.”
Central to the show and making their debut were Zonda 9 FX and Zonda 9 Wash, the first luminaires in a new family of products devised for stage lighting. Each fixture has a flat face formed of 37 40W RGBW LEDs, each with a 50mm front lens, that deliver a 25,000lm output and 4° - 56° zoom – and in the case of Zonda FX, a high-definition liquid effect (Ayrton’s LiquidEffects) between its main lenses which

robe-prolightsound-2022-post-show-pro260917345PL+S: Robe returns with new show
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Europe - Robe returned to major live exhibition shows with a new live production, Cuete & The Beast, created exclusively for the Prolight+Sound 2022 expo and presented last week in Frankfurt.
Robe made a very strong statement with the show, offering a new booth design as well as launching five new products and showcasing five others seen for the first time at a major trade show.
Robe’s CEO Josef Valchar comments: “Given the last two years with the pandemic, we didn’t have any specific expectations for Prolight this year, however the response has been extremely positive with a very busy booth every day that’s been a good hub for communication and generating great vibes.”
He noted that Robe’s live show was crafted specifically to illustrate how the different types of fixtures can be utilised, showing the product functionality and why they have been developed in a “real setting” that is new, fresh and so much more dynamic than a black box environment.
Josef added, “The industry is moving forward again in all ways, and of course, we all fully appreciated being able to meet up on person again here! It was a pleasant surprise just how many leading designers and production people came from all over Europe to say hello.”
Robe’s newly launched products were - Painte, TetraX, iBeam 250, Spikie+ and the Anolis Calumma - which were joined by five new ones from 2021 - Forte, Cuete, LEDBeam 350, T2 and T11, all presented physically following their digital launches last year.
As always Robe’s live show was h

stonesMicro-Scope DMX tester reinvented for RDM
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

UK - Artistic Licence has announced the reinvention of Micro-Scope, the DMX tester first launched in the 1990s and a common sight in many toolcases today. Most significantly, the new version - Micro-Scope 3c - supports RDM, hugely increasing its functionality. For all those who already own a Micro-Scope, you can buy a kit containing a replacement chip for your old device which will bring it up to the 3c specification.
Artistic Licence inventor/owner, Wayne Howell brings the story up to date. “It was 1992. The Internet was a scientist’s plaything, email was a curiosity, mobile phones were the size of a bus and the fax machine was the latest must-have gadget. But DMX512 was starting to catch on.
“I’d recently started Artistic Licence and I didn’t have a DMX tester. In fact, I didn’t know anyone who had a DMX tester. It seemed likely there would be a market for such a tool. And so, I set about designing what would become Micro-Scope. My design brief was pretty spartan. I wanted it to be a sensible price, robust, have a good battery life and provide all the features a roadie would need.
“At the time, Artistic Licence was a production company - mainstream product manufacturing would come later. So Micro-Scope was something of a background project.
“The first prototype came to life in late ’93 and earnt its keep on the Pink Floyd Division Bell tour rehearsals in San Bernadino and then the Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge build in Toronto. In fact, some of the first Micro-Scope customers were the crew on those tours. That original prot

polandCavatina Hall opens with L-Acoustics’ L-ISA
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Poland - A multi-functional building combining office and cultural spaces, Poland’s newly-constructed Cavatina Hall opened its doors at the start of this year. It is the only privately owned and funded concert hall in the country and its owners’ uncompromising approach to design demonstrates their ambition for the venue to become a landmark on Europe’s cultural map.
The six-storey multifunctional building counts over 9,000sq.m of A-class office space, a chamber music hall, and a recording studio. But the crown jewel of the building is the 1,000-capacity concert hall which boasts a stage with AV technology integrated into an extensive digital and analogue network, and L-Acoustics’ progressive L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal sound technology, delivered by Warsaw-based L-Acoustics certified provider distributor, Audio Plus.
The venue was created by Cavatina Holding, of one of Poland's largest property development companies. It is strategically situated in the multi-cultural Southern Poland city of Bielsko-Biała, an industrial and artistic hub nestled in the Beskidy mountains. Among the events hosted in the city is the historic jazz festival Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, which now takes place in Cavatina Hall.
“We can confidently claim that Cavatina Hall is one of the best facilities of its kind in the world, combining commercial industry with the promotion of art in a unique and modern building,” explains Katarzyna Pytlarczyk, head of Fiducia Foundation, the administrator of Cavatina Hall. “The concert hall has been designed so that all types of m

racoon2photocredit-pictureskErwin Van Lokeren creates new looks for Racoon
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

The Netherlands - Just prior to lockdown, lighting designer Erwin Van Lokeren was beginning work on an upcoming tour by his long-time client, Dutch rock stars Racoon. With the world of touring turned away from him, Van Lokeren had time to think about design and what he sees as one of its core meanings, how to reflect his clients’ music. It was, he now says, a time to allow “creativity to run free and build up”.
This April, the result of this creative incubation was revealed during Racoon’s arena show at Rotterdam Ahoy, as Van Lokeren and his co-designer/systems tech Bert Ploegh transformed the stage with an evocative, mesmerising lightshow created with the help of Chauvet Professional Maverick, STRIKE and Epix fixtures supplied by Splendit.
“For this show because of the Covid, we had a lot of time to create and try new things,” says Van Lokeren. “There is a new set list with new songs, which calls for a new design. I always want to translate music into visual components; it is a big part of my role as a designer.”
Just as music weaves its way through different contours and changes its mood often during the same song, so too did Van Lokeren and Ploegh’s lighting design evolve and flow with every note. At the start of one song, for example, there are no front lights; instead, a dark, emotional mood is created with UV light from the top and a red band of low light running across the upstage deck, Then, when song opens up, there is a rush of specials from the rig’s Maverick MK3 Profile, MK2 Spot and STRIKE 1 fixtures.
The de

hzlHans Zimmer Live tours Europe with Lightswitch
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Europe - Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer returns to the concert stage with an innovative and dynamic production design created by Derek McLane, Peter Nigrini, and Lightswitch.
Produced and promoted by RCI Global and Semmel Concerts, Hans Zimmer Live is a major arena entertainment spectacular. More than just a concert, the show features Zimmer, a band, an orchestra made of acclaimed musicians from around the world, and a troupe of dancers and singers - all performing works from Zimmer’s multi-award winning catalogue.
The performance features arrangements from many major motion pictures, including the Academy Award winning films Dune, No Time to Die, and The Lion King, as well as fan favourites The Last Samurai and Interstellar.
With 10 musicians from the Odessa National Opera Orchestra, the show is also a poignant and moving statement on the power of music, as well as a condemnation of the Ukrainian invasion. In Zimmer’s own words, “The greatest weapon we have against war and brutality is art . . . We’re playing all these countries, making music and moving people, and up there on the stage . . . are people from Ukraine.”
In late 2019, Lightswitch joined acclaimed Broadway designers Derek McLane and Peter Nigrini to create a production design team in which everyone collaborated seamlessly, crossing arbitrary departmental boundaries to create a nimble, flexible experience for all.
“Hans wanted a totally distinctive aesthetic, and it’s a long show so we wanted to take the audience o

theater-im-parkphoto-by-adrian-rigele1Proteus Lucius performs at Theater im Park
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Austria - Vienna’s Theater im Park, a new open-air stage nestled in the gardens of the Palais Schwarzenberg in the heart of the city, is an idyllic setting to take in a summer show. The new stage, which debuted in 2020, has been outfitted with Elation Professional Proteus Lucius IP65-rated LED moving heads specified and installed by event services company six by nine of Linz.
The opulent palace and magnificent gardens attracts a steady stream of visitors in its own right, but now a summer series of shows from theatre, cabaret and comedy, to classic and pop music events, has made the area even more popular. Six by nine was called on to light the new stage, a role that included the entire technical installation including engineering and other technical elements, as well as show execution and maintenance.
A flexible lighting system was required that could cover a variety of show formats, something that could easily transition from theatre performance to concert or comedy show. Six by nine required an all-purpose fixture with excellent output that could easily adjust the beam size when needed. It also needed to have framing shutters and because the fixtures would be mounted outside and therefore exposed to the elements, they needed them to be outdoor rated.
Michael Sarsteiner, director at six by nine, says a shootout with other fixtures was not necessary as the specification of the Elation Proteus Lucius was exactly what they were looking for. “We found the Lucius to be an ideal match,” he says. “The wide zoom range is a great benefit and it al

frankfurtcrobinkirchnerProlight + Sound 2022 reflects spirit of optimism
Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Europe - Prolight + Sound 2022 attracted 20,000 visitors from 93 countries, according to the organisers.
After a break of two years, the Frankfurt event brought together companies and professionals from all segments of the industry. Wolfgang Marzin, president and chief executive officer of Messe Frankfurt, reflects: “By all pulling together, we have achieved something that, at the beginning of the year, many people thought would be impossible: the companies and associations of the event and media technology sector joined forces with us to show once again how much life and positive energy is to be found in this industry.”
“We are delighted we have succeeded with Prolight + Sound in triggering this important restart and that we can once again all come together with no restrictions. Both exhibitors and visitors were hungry for spontaneous meetings,” adds Linda Residovic, managing director of the German Media and Event Technology Association, VPLT. “The high quality of the fair is also reflected by the sales figures reported by our members. In other words, the fair is the ideal starting place to recapture the all-important trust in our industry for the future.”
Prolight + Sound 2022 was underpinned by the organisers’ commitment to a greener future for the event industry, and new products at the show included technologies boasting a high level of energy efficiency; solutions for reducing logistical difficulties, and products made of environmentally friendly materials. At the première of the Green Event Day, a programme of lectures revolvi

marca-mp1Chauvet helps Gus Martinez to realise his vision
Friday, 29 April 2022

USA - When he set about designing a light show, for regional Mexican trio Marca MP’s recent California tour, SoCal-based LD Gus Martinez began envisioning how his favourite colour combinations would play off against the band’s blend of banda, mariachi, and ranchera music. He also pictured in his mind, a scene for the artists’ entrance on the stage.
The way Martinez envisioned it, the band would emerge from an elevator, flanked by runaway lights, while a variety of spots and washes illuminated the crowd, creating instant contact with their famously loyal fans.
Happily, that’s precisely as it played out at large venues like Ontario’s Toyota Arena, filling Martinez with an indescribable feeling.
“One of my favourite looks was the entrance,” said Martinez. “I imagined this moment throughout the entire time I was designing the show. Seeing it come to life is an almost inexplicable feeling.”
Helping Martinez turn this vision into reality were 170 Chauvet Professional fixtures, including the Maverick MK3 Wash, Maverick MK2 Spot, Rogue R3 Beam, and Rogue R2 Wash, all supplied by Hardwired Productions.
Following the stirring entrance scene, Martinez built the emotional power of the show through a combination of vivid colour combinations, commanding columned looks, fast moving, dramatic light angles, and well-timed atmospherics.
“In general, I like to keep my design as simple as possible, while still being able to create powerful moments,” says Martinez. “Having different effects interact with each other is one way to

2-jimmie-allenJimmie Allen heads Down Home with Bandit
Thursday, 28 April 2022

USA - Country star Jimmie Allen kicked off his Down Home Tour 2022, his first headlining tour, with a lighting system provided by Bandit Lites.
“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire Jimmie Allen team,” said Bandit Lites vice president Mike Golden. “Tour manager David Schultz and I began working together when he first graduated from Belmont. As time moved forward, he involved production manager Parker Anderson who David met while attending school. They in turn hired Lane Hymel who had also worked with Bandit in the past. This group is a highly motivated team that has taken Jimmie’s production to a new level, and we are very proud to be working this team.”
“We wanted a rig that could give us the biggest impact and fit into our budget,” explained lighting designer Lane Hymel. “Choosing fixtures like Chauvet’s EPIX Bar Tour allow us to offer the big eye candy look that we knew we wanted while also fitting within our budget. The Robe Spikie was also a great option for us with its small form factor.”
With the builds happening later in the afternoon on most days, load in needs to be both quick and efficient. Hymel configured a design that utilized pipe and GT Truss that would transform into buildable set carts making changeovers and loud outs quick and easy.
Twelve pipe uprights are mounted with Chauvet EPIX Bar Tours, while the top of the bars feature Robe Spikies. affixed along eight of the pipes are Elation WW2 blinders while additional Epix Bars line the edge of risers to accent the stage and offer clean lines.

avatarChristie and Lightstorm collaborate for Avatar
Thursday, 28 April 2022

USA - In a partnership that spans 16 years, Christie and Lightstorm Entertainment, filmmaker James Cameron’s production company, collaborated to bring enhancements to theatrical display capabilities for 3D, HFR digital cinema for Avatar and the much-anticipated Avatar 2. Cameron used Christie cinema projectors as a key part of realising his vision.
The partnership began in 2006 with an agreement to share know-how and technological innovations that would help to propel the future of immersive, cinematic experiences, which has included providing Lightstorm Entertainment with Christie’s newest projection systems as well as support.
“Over the years, we’ve worked closely with the team at Lightstorm,” explains Brian Claypool, executive vice president, Cinema, Christie. “With our range of Xenon and RGB laser projectors with Real|Laser technology, Lightstorm has been able to review footage at various stages of production, to ensure the final product looks as intended on the big screen.”
Part of Lightstorm’s production process includes a Christie 4K, HFR capable projector installed into a ‘pod’, used to review footage as it’s filmed on set. Additionally, Lightstorm has Christie projectors installed in multiple post-production environments allowing Cameron to work on creating the final images to be used in the film Avatar 2.
“Christie has been a good partner. We’re using their projection systems at all our production sites, in the US and New Zealand,” says James Cameron. “Wherever I am, I can view pro

schouwburg-concertzaal-tilburgSchouwburg Concertzaal celebrates with Chauvet
Thursday, 28 April 2022

The Netherlands - Dutch architect Jo Coenen’s buildings don’t merely blend into an environment, they become part of it. This is evident in Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg, an impressive modernistic edifice in the cultural heart of the city with large glass walls and recessed surfaces that erase all barriers between the building and the urban landscape outside.
When this cultural landmark celebrated its 25th anniversary recently, the community wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. With this in mind, the venue contacted designer Max de Kam of Maximal Lighting to create a display on the building’s curved rooftop façade.
Building on the theme of a popular multi-colour light art piece inside the building, the design team decided to feature a rainbow display on the rooftop. This design, with its panoramic hues, was also especially fitting, given the diverse range of concerts and events that take place inside the building’s two halls.
Max de Kam wanted luminaires that could reliably create the colourful array he envisioned in an outdoor setting. Patrick Knoop and the PK eventtechniek team provided the solution he was seeking by furnishing him with 15 COLORado Panel Q40 IP65-rated fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
“To share the festive feeling of the 25th anniversary, we decided to use multi-colour fixtures,” said Knoop. “Since 2021 we have had the COLORado Panel Q40 in our collection. The fixtures work very well in terms of colour and they are outdoor rated, but we had never completed a project such as this one with the

claypakygenesisClaypaky Scenius lights Genesis reunion tour
Thursday, 28 April 2022

Europe - Genesis reunited for The Last Domino? world tour, their first since 2007. Longtime creative director for the band, Patrick Woodroffe, worked with Roland Greil to design the set and lighting for the tour.
Genesis core members Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks kicked off the COVID-delayed tour last September in Birmingham, England then played a US leg in November and December. The open-ended tour continued in Europe through March.
The lighting design called for 148 versatile Claypaky Scenius Unico spot, wash and beam lights which were supplied by Neg Earth.
“As Genesis has a rich history of pushing the envelope in terms of show design, it was important to keep that momentum going for their return to the stage,” says Roland Greil. “For Patrick and myself it was key to create a very versatile and theatrical design, which allows for all kind of different looks. Therefore, we designed a stage that can change its look and overall feel for each and every song giving them all a suitable look and feel.
“Over the stage we built five pods, which are fully automated to change the scenery,” he explains. “Each of them holds 16 Claypaky Scenius Unicos and a linear array of LED Neon Flex. Together with Jeremy Lloyd, who did the show’s technical integration and design for Wonderworks, we have designed 2mm high-resolution LED wall panels upstage as a backdrop, which track horizontally and can spin to reveal lights on the back of the walls.
“A decently-sized floor package helps to support the overall look from the floor

neilson-trustNielson Trust plays Cheap Trick with Chauvet
Wednesday, 27 April 2022

USA - The band played mostly Cheap Trick songs during its hour-long set, but this was no ordinary tribute show. In fact, it wasn’t an ordinary concert of any kind, taking place as it did in a private airport hangar with no live audience.
Once the music started, both of those things were quickly forgotten, as the mood took on the look and feel of one of those wall-rattling performances that made the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band famous a generation ago.
The authenticity of the music was easy to explain. The band on stage, The Neilson Trust, is made up of Rick Nielson, an original member of Cheap Trick, along with his sons Drax Nielson (who also played with the group), and Miles Nielson, as well as Miles’ wife Kelly Stewart.
For the looks on stage, credit must go to lighting designer Sean Denny and programmer Garrett VanderVeen of Luxe Productions, who used a rig anchored by Chauvet Professional Rogue and Nexus fixtures to support the music with richly textured production looks, complete with immersive colour washes, an illuminated drum riser, crossing beams, and dazzling bump effects.
“This was an internal weeklong conference for a corporate client that was entirely livestreamed this year,” said Denny. “The concert took place on a Wednesday evening and was put on as a benefit show for a non-profit, livestreamed for attendees to view.
“The basis of our design was a diamond stage, and equally sized diamond truss hang above,” continued Denny. “As most of the setlist was Cheap Trick songs, we wanted to pay homage to lighting

pixotopevpsalesbrianolsonPixotope names VP of sales in North America
Wednesday, 27 April 2022

USA - Pixotope Technologies has announced the appointment of Brian Olson as the new vice president of sales, covering North America.
Olson joins Pixotope following an extensive background in media and broadcast production and is highly skilled in strategic business development, technical execution, and troubleshooting for an international client base.
In his new role, Olson will focus on driving brand awareness and nurturing existing customer relationships on a global scale, helping to bring the next generation of visual storytelling tools to media professionals.
Olson comments, “I had the opportunity to work with Pixotope as a technology partner in the past and was blown away by what they were able to accomplish with Unreal Engine in virtual production 7-8 years ago. This solid foundation in both software and experience has led to the creation of a truly great product. I’m grateful to be a part of the team. Let the adventure begin.”

strandPL+S 2022: Strand and Zero 88 add Vision.Net
Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Germany – Signify entertainment lighting brands Strand and Zero 88 have announced that they are previewing a new version of the popular ZerOS console software at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt. The update adds integration with Strand Vision.Net, Color Kinetics KiNet, and Philips Hue, making it easier for small to mid-sized theatres, houses of worship and schools to connect to other lighting systems in the facility with minimal infrastructure impact.
“Most theatrical spaces have multiple systems to control the various luminaires inside and outside their facility, and because these systems don’t talk to each other, there is typically no way to initiate a single lighting cue for an event, such as a show start, across all the systems at once,” explains Jon Hole, global product manager, Strand and Zero 88 Controls and Systems.
“Instead, lighting adjustments need to be made on each system separately. ZerOS 7.12 is designed to address that.”
The new update allows Strand and Zero 88 consoles running ZerOS to natively connect with other Signify lighting systems in the facility, ensuring multiple systems from a single manufacturer can work together. The software update is expected in the second quarter.
ZerOS 7.12 includes the ability to accept input from a Strand Vision.Net control system via Ethernet. Users can press a button on Strand Vision.Net user interfaces such as touchscreens, control stations, or the web-based Gateway-on-the-Go Interface to recall or adjust a cue on a ZerOS-based console without needing to interact with the console

cabaretLight is a Cabaret with Martin MAC Ultras
Wednesday, 27 April 2022

UK - London’s Playhouse Theatre has been transformed into the Kit Kat Club for an immersive production of Cabaret, where lighting designer Isabella Byrd has taken the opportunity to incorporate the new Martin MAC Ultra into her Olivier Award nominated design (see LSi March 2022 for a full production report).
“The MAC Ultras are the literal punchy centre of the in-the-round Cabaret light plot.” explains Isabella. “They are often playing solo in cues, and work in tandem with the Zactrack spotting system. Their clean colour mixing and speedy response enabled the design to gracefully tip the colour story - from a welcoming warmth, and later smash in with a just-right terrifying white. A perfect big sister to the many Encores in the rig.
“Truthfully, we were a bit worried they might be sluggish as automated spotlights, but they really proved they were up for the task, and landed in the sweet spots, along the plots ‘equator’.”
The MAC Ultra Performance features Martin’s all-new 1150 W, 6000 K proprietary LED light engine, pushing an incredible 46,500 lumens in projection across the zoom range. The MAC Ultra also features a ‘next-generation’ framing system, high-definition optics and astoundingly low noise levels.
In conclusion, Isabella confirms, “I’m really looking forward to using them again, where I can expl

vari-litePL+S 2022: Vari-Lite, Strand and Zero 88 unite
Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Germany - Vari-Lite will be joined by Strand and, for the first time, Zero 88, on-stand D95, Hall 12.0 at Prolight+Sound this year, to showcase fixture, control and dimming solutions from all three brands.
Vari-Lite will be debuting a new theatrical profile luminaire at the show - the VL1600 Profile. This is a precision key light moving head designed for high end theatre productions and includes a variety of exclusive features that already have top lighting designers buzzing. A premium profile luminaire, it’s launching with the tagline, ‘Naturally Beautiful, The Only Light for Your Encore’.
“The VL1600 Profile is a true Vari-Lite-quality fixture that has been explicitly made for theatre,” explains Martin Palmer, senior product manager, Vari-Lite and Strand Luminaires at Signify. “Designers still express a lot of underlying frustrations when using LED moving lights for theatrical or studio key light applications, and Vari-Lite wanted to address that with the high output and excellent colour rendering you’d expect from our fixtures, along with precision lighting features and tailored creative effects. We designed the VL1600 from the ground up to address the specific needs of these applications.”
Vari-Lite will also be demoing another new luminaire, details of which will be revealed on the stand.
Strand will be showcasing the recently launched Acclaim LED Series, including the Acclaim LED Fresnel and Acclaim LED Zoomspot, as well as both the RGBL and new warm white versions of the Acclaim LED Profile Light Engine (PLE). This seri

lumenLumenRadio combines CRMX and W-DMX
Monday, 25 April 2022

Europe - Following LumenRadio’s acquisition of Wireless Solution in 2020, the two major technologies of Wireless DMX, CRMX from LumenRadio and W-DMX from Wireless Solution, were brought together under one company. As the third step in creating one common standard for Wireless DMX, LumenRadio now announces that CRMX and W-DMX have been combined into one solution for Wireless DMX.
First out, the BlackBox G6 from Wireless Solution got optional CRMX support. Secondly, The Next Generation and MoonLite from LumenRadio got W-DMX support. Now as the third step, all Wireless DMX OEM modules support both CRMX and W-DMX.
As of now, all Wireless DMX modules in the combined OEM offer supports both the CRMX and the W-DMX protocol, thereby alleviating some, if not all, of the issues related to previously limited compatibility between the two different protocols. This means that all manufacturers integrating Wireless DMX from LumenRadio or Wireless Solution will get support for both CRMX and W-DMX, regardless of previous technology used.
“Our strategy has been to create the best possible experience and make it easier for all users of Wireless DMX. We are now taking the next step to unify the entire industry in one platform and set one standard of Wireless DMX,” says Michael Karlsson, R&D manager LumenRadio
LumenRadio also recognises the large amount of equipment already on the market that does not support both technologies, which is why all new products from LumenRadio support both CRMX and W-DMX transmissions. The need for multiple transmitters or

martin-elp-and-era150-prMartin debuts ERA 150 Wash and ELP PAR
Monday, 25 April 2022

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the Martin ERA 150 Wash moving-head and Martin ELP PAR static LED wash.
These fixtures produce ‘class-leading lumen output with high-intensity zoom’, full-gamut colour calibration and smart rigging and control functions, making them versatile workhorse lighting solutions for rentals, installs and touring.
The Martin ERA 150 Wash, the successor to the Martin RUSH MH 6 moving-head LED, delivers 3,900 lumens - twice the brightness of its predecessor - thanks to its newly engineered 7 x 40W RGBW light engine and optical system. It’s suitable for covering larger stages that require long throw distances.
The ELP PAR, a successor to the RUSH PAR 2 static LED outputs 3,500 lumens, twice the output of the previous model, thanks to the same powerful new light engine and optical system.
The ERA 150 Wash and ELP PAR feature full-gamut colour-calibration systems, which allow consistent colour reproduction from fixture to fixture and support a dedicated colour temperature control channel for adjusting the colour space from the desired colour temperature.
With a wide zoom range of 4.2–58 degrees, the ERA 150 Wash and ELP PAR excel at producing broad washes and high-intensity mid-air effects.
The ELP PAR IP variant (available later this year) is IP65 rated for outdoor use, providing protection from water and dust. And its sealed design supports fewer maintenance cycles. Both lights feature a low-noise theatre mode, which operates at a quiet 33 dB.
Fixtures are ready for the road,

carrieCarrie Underwood puts BlackTrax to test in Vegas
Monday, 25 April 2022

USA - Carrie Underwood’s ongoing Reflection: The Las Vegas Residency at Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas kicked off in December 2021, and Carrie wanted this residency to be strong on creativity and innovation. BlackTrax, used back in 2016 on her Storyteller Tour and in 2019 on her Cry Pretty Tour 360, came with her to Vegas for Reflection.
At the Resorts World Theatre, Carrie Underwood performs a 90-minute, 18-song show which incorporates pyro, set-changes, skilled aerialists and dancers, lasers, mirrored surfaces, and a water wall. These combined put the innovation, skill, and creativity of her production crew, and BlackTrax, to the test.
Nate Cromwell, lighting director, and BlackTrax programmer for Underwood comments, “It’s like launching space shuttles and you get what you put into it. BlackTrax can go as far and deep and as complex as I want it to, or it can take things over and be extremely simple and easy to use. If I need to key light an artist, it is very easy to do, or if I want 32 lights to pick up a quarter body shot in a blackout, in a moving target with prediction, I can do that as well. It’s the only solution that can do that.”
The two most important things to happen on stage are the ability for Carrie to be heard, and the ability for Carrie to be seen. For this show, Cromwell uses a BlackTrax System that features 14 BT Sensors (cameras) strategically positioned throughout the rig and 9 BT Beacons (with up to 3 BT Stringers (tracking points) per BT Beacon) for each performer being tracked. BlackTrax is currently operating

wbd-expo-2020WBD has designs on world’s largest expo
Monday, 25 April 2022

UAE - From October 2021 until March 2022, Expo 2020 in Dubai welcomed and hosted 192 participating countries to be a part of the journey. The long-awaited event was focused on ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’ which was to be explored through the themes of sustainability, mobility and opportunity, with each of these themes having its own district.
In 2018, Woodroffe Bassett Design was approached to work as the lighting design consultant on Expo 2020 by Tareq Ghosheh, chief events and entertainment officer - events and entertainment. Adam Bassett (founding partner) led this process which quickly drew in a wider team of specialists from within the WBD family.
Simon Fraser, of Ptarmigan Integration, worked with Adam to provide technical systems design consultation. John Coman supported Adam through the design process as his associate.
The initial brief for Expo was to transform Al Wasl Plaza from a spectacular garden into a venue in order to host an ambitious daily programme of shows, concerts and ceremonies, which changed nightly over the six-month duration of Expo. Al Wasl Plaza is a 67m-tall, 130m diameter structure with 252 video projectors and an immersive sound system. With a brief to transform the space into a venue, WBD designed a house lighting rig that integrated into the structure with the clear direction not to detract from the beauty of the architecture.
This space transformed throughout the day and night to become the most beautiful canvas for our team to be creative in. Whilst Expo was open to the public during the win


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