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samba-headquarters-89th-saudi-national-day-projection-mapping-show-3Saudi National Day celebrates with Laservision
Monday, 4 November 2019

Saudi Arabia - Laservision participated in this years’ celebration marking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 89th National Day. A range of activities and events took place from 19-23 September, including a massive international collaboration of events bringing in some of the biggest names in entertainment productions.
Alongside international music acts from the GCC region and Cirque du Soleil, Laservision was engaged to provide their projection-mapping expertise and technologies to the celebrations in Riyadh.
Laservision’s 7000sq.m projection show beamed onto the distinctive Samba Financial Group Headquarters in the heart of Financial Plaza. The 40-storey tower is the centrepiece of Riyadh’s new King Abdullah financial district and features an innovative three-dimensional diamond façade designed by Foster and Partners.
Since opening their MENA offices in 2016, Laservision has seen growth and demand for their creative services and entertainment technologies around the GCC area, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
“The demand created from the implementation of ‘Vision 2030’ has been very positive for us,” comments CEO Shannon Brooks. “We are excited to keep creating world-class tourist attractions, special events and celebrations, as well as unique and artistic modern experiences around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As they continue to diversify and invest in their tourism economy we look forward to providing our innovative entertainment solutions.”
At the end of the five-day celebrations, it is estimated that the cu

the-met-operaporgy-and-bessphoto-by-ken-howard4Met Opera House opts for Artiste Monet
Monday, 4 November 2019

USA - Home to the Metropolitan Opera, the Metropolitan Opera House (Lincoln Centre) in New York City has recently installed 70 Elation Professional Artiste Monet LED profile moving head luminaires with Donald Holder the first to use the new rig of award-winning lights on Porgy and Bess. Lighting supply was by 4Wall Entertainment.
The Met’s resident lighting designer, John Froelich, was instrumental in choosing the Artiste Monet and cited three main reasons for its choice. “The output of the LED source was very bright. The native colour of the LED engine was the most appealing to me. Most LED profiles that were tested had a slight green bias that was really hard to manage quickly from a creative standpoint. In a large, fast-paced repertory environment like ours it was such a great thing to find a source that was so artistically appealing.
“The SpectraColor system opens up a lot of possibilities from a creative standpoint. The ability to mix to super saturated colours without having to revert to the use of colour chips is really advantageous.
He continues, “The system also allows me access to subtle reds, blues and greens that are near impossible to mix with the primary Cyan, Magenta, Yellow mixing system. Having access to these types of colours without losing light output due to the heavy amount of coloured glass in the lens assembly is quite a game changer.
The Monet fixtures, along with a complement of Elation Chorus Line ST LED battens, have replaced the entire overhead lighting rig at the Met, everything from a standard tung

hogHog 4 maps Arena di Verona concert
Friday, 1 November 2019

Italy - Lighting designer Francesco De Cave illuminated Italy’s Arena di Verona using his High End Systems Hog 4 console for the third consecutive RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate concert. The event celebrated the top 50 songs played on Italian radio stations during the summer of 2019. The four-hour concert featured live performances from more than 20 artists including OneRepublic, Eros Ramazzotti, Mika and Lewis Capaldi.
The set design for the open air venue featured an uncovered stage designed to favour visibility for the audience of 15,000 people. De Cave was tasked with designing a visual spectacular for the venue which is best known for hosting large-scale opera performances.
"Fabio Marcantelli, artistic director for RTL 102.5, and owner Lorenzo Suraci expressly asked me to do something different than what you normally see in the arena by offering the public a powerful show full of light and video," says De Cave.
“They wanted a strong visual impact, a real ‘explosion of lights’,” he continues. “Without a cover and hanging points the risk was to place the usual motorized fixtures in the steps behind the stage, so I had to look for a more original solution."
The peculiarity of the installation led to 308 strobe lights being mapped as if they were a large LED screen capable of reproducing video content.
In addition to the experience and skill of De Cave, this was made possible thanks to the pixel mapping capabilities of the Hog 4 and Capture 2019 software. This combination allowed the LD to create a virtual, precise representati

stray-catsTMB’s marquee systems back Stray Cats
Friday, 1 November 2019

USA - After opening in Europe last June, the Stray Cats’ North American leg commenced in Atlantic City, NJ, wrapping up in San Diego, CA. The centrepiece of the set, spanning 24ft, was an impressive and fun Stray Cats marquee sign, designed, built, and installed by Gallagher Staging of La Mirada, CA. Comprised of 202 IMS RGBW LED lamps, as well as other LED ribbon and panel lighting, the colourful and buoyant set-piece was the visual signature of the tour.
“Marquees go hand in hand with the genre,” says Gallagher’s special projects manager, Joe Golden. “Like rockabilly, marquee lighting is retro yet timeless. We had an existing sign and reworked it to become essentially a blend of makeover and new. On the Brian Stetzer Orchestra tour, we had used incandescent lamps mixed with IMS LEDs, but the warm white in the RGBW IMS lamps looked so much better that, for this tour, LD Michael Duncan opted to replace all the lamps with IMS LEDs. The IMS lamps easily retrofitted into the original E27 sockets, saving us a lot of time.”
Golden continues: “Driving the IMS system were two ProPlex IMS Universe Drive DIN-Rail units built into a custom PSU chassis. The marquee sign was illuminated throughout the show, elegantly programmed by Duncan to capture the moods from song to song, as well as sections within a song. The lights were in continual motion.”
Tour production manager Michael Richter comments: “Yup, we love it. It’s awesome, exactly as I envisioned it, the band and management, everyone loves it.”
Based in La Mirada, CA, Gallagher

brazilProlights appoints distributor for Brazil
Friday, 1 November 2019

Brazil - Prolights has confirmed HPL Light Company as its distributor for Brazil.
Alberto Da Silva, sales manager of HPL comments: “Prolights is the perfect addition to our offering here in Brazil. The importance placed on the customer and their journey is part of why we do what we do here. The difference comes with the fixtures they create, stemming from the design and development processes - they feature sets and types of fixtures are to answer a specific need or gap in the market and not just another me-too fixture. With the increasingly growing popularity of Prolights fixtures in North America we have seen this influence the uptake here in South America.”
Prolights international sales manager, Paolo Albani adds: “Having HPL on-board as a partner is Brazil is great. They bring with them a wealth of local and market knowledge, experience and connections. We really look forward to working with them and watching this partnership flourish.”
(Jim Evans)

garth-spencercombs1Bandit lights Garth Brooks stadium tour
Thursday, 31 October 2019

USA - The epic Garth Brooks Stadium Tour is wrapping up 2019 with its tenth city following sold out performances in St. Louis, Glendale, Gainesville, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Denver, Eugene, Boise and Regina. Bandit Lites once again met Garth’s vision with a lighting system designed by David ‘Gig’ Butzler.
Bandit Lites supplied more than 400 fixtures and more than 330ft of truss to outfit the tour, including Robe MegaPointes, GLP X4 Bar 10, VL 3500 washes, Martin Atomic 3000 LED Strobes, GLP KNV Cube, Robe BMFL, Robe Robin 1200 LED Washes, Solaris Flares and Showline Nitro 510C. Three grandMA2 Full consoles provide control.
The in-the-round design allows for audiences to have a view of the stage no matter the seats in the stadium. Tyler Truss outlines the perimeter for the main key lights on the band members while automated pods built specially for Garth by Tyler loaded with Robe Robin 1200 LED fixtures, Robe BMFLs, Martin Atomic 3000 and Nitro Strobes move about the stage for effect lighting throughout the show.
Eight additional BMFL Wash beams are mounted with Light Master controls as the followspot. Every lighting aspect is then used in coordination with large video elements to give the stage its necessary larger than life, stadium sized production.
“Garth has been a friend and client since 1987,” says Michael T. Strickland, Bandit founder and chair. “He truly changed the industry forever with his vison, wisdom and creativity. When we first met, and Garth showed me a drawing of a huge lighting system he wanted, and I thought

pixies2Chauvet creates tungsten look for Pixies
Thursday, 31 October 2019

Europe - Myles Mangino has created evocative looks for the Pixies, on the alternative rockers’ current tour of Europe.
Looking at the three evenly spaced rows and columns of four different fixtures types on his touring rig, Mangino observed “I’ve found the best way to achieve the extreme asymmetrical looks I use with Pixies is to start with a symmetrical design.”
Prominent in this neatly arranged matrix of lights are 24 Chauvet Professional STRIKE 1 fixtures, flown eight units apiece on the three rows of truss. True to Mangino’s vision, the 230W single source warm white pod fixtures create a beguiling variety of asymmetrical looks, continuously lighting up in different configurations and chasing patterns, strobing, glowing softly at different levels for scenic effects, and then bumping up to an intense output.
“The Pixies sound is the original ‘loud quiet loud,’” said Mangino. “So, I often bring up the full bank of STRIKE 1s for the big, loud parts, but they are focused down at the stage, like upstage par cans, not as blinders.”
Beyond the asymmetrical patterns they create, the STRIKE 1 fixtures also add another element to Mangino’s show, one that is especially important to reflecting what the Pixies are all about musically: they bring the warm glow of tungsten to the stage.
Creating the feeling of tungsten has long been an integral part of Mangino’s design for his client. “Tungsten has been a key to the Pixies look since I first started designing for them in 1986,” he said. “Our overall look can be def

robe-hellfest-2019-aaa2913Robe raises hell at French metal festival
Thursday, 31 October 2019

France - Nearly 300 Robe moving lights and seven RoboSpot systems were delivered by Melpomen (part of the B-Live Group) to the 2019 Hellfest French rock festival, complete with six BMFL LTs from rental company Novelty, claiming a ‘world first’ for the usage of these fixtures in a festival context.
The event is staged annually at Clisson in Loire-Atlantique and claims the biggest festival audience in France – attracting approximately 170,000 - and it is also one of the largest metal festivals in Europe, with six stages of live action and over 100 artists performing. This year the line-up included Kiss, Slayer, ZZ Top, The Sisters of Mercy, FuManchu, Gojira and Mass Hysteria.
Robe moving lights - 126 BMFL WashBeams, 126 MegaPointes, 12 BMFL Blades and six BMFL LTs plus seven RoboSpot control systems - were prominent across the two main stages (1 and 2), which production designer Tristan Szylobrit from Light&Day) was tasked with coordinating, together with the requirements of all the visiting LDs.
Tristan has been an operator on Mainstage 1 for several years and is also well-known for his role in designing these two Satanic Cathedrals assisted by technical director Julien Recoque and WYSIWYG operator Julien Ferreiro.
A lighting highlight of the event this year was arguably a ‘world first’ festival use of the six BMFL LTs which were supplied to the event by Novelty.
Main Stages 1 and 2 were built side by side so the daily running schedules could be ‘flip-flopped’ and run efficiently.
Four of the six RoboSpot control

adjADJ debuts Vizi moving head wash
Wednesday, 30 October 2019

USA - ADJ is expanding its range of professional moving head luminaires with the launch of the Vizi Wash Z37. This LED wash fixture is described as a versatile lighting tool designed for professional touring and one-off event production as well as for permanent installation in large nightclubs, concert venues and houses of worship.
The Vizi Wash Z37 features variable motorized zoom, allowing for a beam angle of between 10° and 60°. This wide zoom range means that the same fixture can be used to saturate large areas of a stage or crowd with vibrant colour washes as well as spotlight specific performers or features. Set to its narrowest beam angle, the fixture can also be used to create strikingly sharp mid-air beams, with the ability to add further impact using the unit’s variable speed strobe and pulse effects (1 to 40Hz).
Harnessing the power of 37 separate 20W 4-in-1 RGBW (red, green, blue and white) Osram LEDs, the Vizi Wash Z37 generates an output measuring 15,000 lux @ 4M when the beam angle is set to 10°, and 1,100 lux with the beam angle zoomed out to 60°. Each LED offers an average lifespan of 20,000 hours of operation. The LEDs are also positioned behind a precision-engineered lens array, which generates a uniform wash.
The unit’s 37 LEDs are arranged into four concentric circles. The outer of these rings is split into four separate sections, while the middle two rings are each split into two sections. This makes for a total of nine independently controllable zones, which allows for the creation of split colours as well as animated

lutheatre1Lewis University fosters education with Chauvet
Wednesday, 30 October 2019

USA - An inscription at the entrance of Lewis University’s Philip Lynch Theatre offers a glimpse into the building’s past. It reads ‘Lewis Holy Name School of Aeronautics’, a testament to a time when the 250-seat thrust stage and studio theatre with a 90-seat black box space served as an aircraft hangar, part of this suburban Chicago school’s long-standing commitment to educating aviators.
The inscription is not the only manifestation of Lewis University’s rich aviation history that can be seen in its thriving Theatre Department. Like its counterpart that is responsible for educating future pilots and aeronautical engineers, the Theatre Department is committed to exposing students to the latest technology in their field. Toward this end, the department added Chauvet Professional Ovation and Maverick LED fixtures from JRLX, Inc. to its Philip Lynch Theatre lighting system.
“Our department has an open-ended goal of updating technical production elements on a continuous basis,” says Andrew Nelsen, who serves as the theatre’s technical director and production designer, in addition to being an assistant professor. “The goal is to stay relevant with the changing technology of the industry, to expose our students to the latest gear, and to satisfy expectations of designers as well as our audiences. Jason Reberski of JRLX was instrumental in help us select new lighting fixtures that enhanced this flexibility.”
Nelsen described how the five Maverick MK1 Spot fixtures and four Ovation E-910FC colour mixing ellipsoidal units Lewis Univer

reunion-metis-art-festival3Proteus rules at Réunion Métis Art Festival
Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Réunion Island - The Indian Ocean island located east of Madagascar, recently premiered a new cultural event, Réunion Métis, a multidisciplinary art festival dedicated to living together. Held 27-29 September along the seafront in the city of Saint-Paul, and free to all, the experience encompassed music, art, dance, food and light art installations, including a light show with night-time sunrise courtesy of local company Stage OI and Elation Proteus Hybrid moving heads.
Réunion Métis was a new way of experiencing culture in Réunion with all the senses brought into play. Co-created by PORLWI and Sanjeyann Paleatchy, the festival was an opportunity for local talent to immerse islanders in inspiring art and light.
One special light art installation involved a son et lumiére at the end of the Saint-Paul landing pier, a light and sound atmosphere with lighting effects from Elation Proteus series moving heads. Mounted on an arch truss structure at the end of the pier, the multi-functional Proteus Hybrid were used in beam mode to create a variety of eye-catching effects including emulating a sun rising from the ocean. Other moving heads, LED Par lights and LED strip lights added to the captivating environment.
Rental and production company Stage OI was in charge of the technical aspects of the installation - lighting, sound, video and power distribution - with lighting design by Move for Art of Mauritius with the collaboration of Laurent Chapot. Elation’s French distributor Best Audio & Lighting recently sold Proteus Hybrid and Proteus Rayzo

mamma-mia-the-party-1-c-helen-maybanksWhite Light joins Mamma Mia! The Party
Wednesday, 30 October 2019

UK - White Light has recently supplied the lighting equipment for Mamma Mia - The Party, an immersive theatrical dining extravaganza based around the music of ABBA.
Created by ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus, Mamma Mia! The Party transports its audience to the island of Skopelos where taverna owner Nikos and his family present their story in a night of song, dance and feasting. Running for four hours, the show is packed full of ABBA’s best-known songs which are performed by actors and musicians around the audience members. The show was first performed in Sweden and has now arrived in London, where it is running at The O2, Greenwich.
The lighting designer for the show is the award-winning Patrick Woodroffe. He comments: “We wanted our audience to truly believe they were in a Greek taverna on Skopelos. Bengt Fröderberg’s set design was so authentic and, for the first act, we wanted to mirror that with very realistic dappled lighting that slowly changed colour temperature as dusk falls. As the piece progresses into Act 2, we enter into some of the fantasy scenes and the lighting starts to become more theatrical and abstracted. Finally, in Act 3, we make an unashamed rock/pop concert.”
The show takes place inside a custom-built space within The O2. As a result, Patrick had to create a design that would work within this space. He explains: “The main part of the lighting system is rigged from trusses directly over the open floor below. However, we made a deliberate decision to try and hide the lighting rig and fixtures with a lattice of

hes-etc-at-greece-snfestival-2HES & ETC shine at Athens’ SNFestival
Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Greece - With a varied programme of events, this year’s Summer Nostos Festival (SNFestival) attracted more than 200,000 people and featured an array of High End Systems and ETC gear across five stages.
Athens' most modern cultural landmark - the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre - played host to the annual, week-long festival. The centre's gardens, the canal, the National Library and the Greek National Opera were transformed into stages for music and theatrical performances, family activities, educational workshops and sports for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.
George Tellos of LightingArt oversaw all lighting design for the festival. With a team of five lighting programmers, Tellos was tasked with illuminating the vast and varied schedule of events while under tight time constraints. It involved designing, programming and operating 50 shows over eight days. This was a manageable challenge for Tellos, who is familiar with working under pressure, thanks in part to his role as LD for the Sochi Medals Plaza at the 2014 Olympic Games.
This year's events featured concerts by Neneh Cherry, Rita Wilson and Andrew Bird, Ana Sánchez-Colberg's dance performance Seven to Seventh, Brian Eno's music and image installation 77 Million Paintings and the festival's largest collective work, Tape Art.
“For the Alternative Stage we needed absolute silence for some of the performances and High End Systems’ SolaFrame Theatre fixture was perfect for this,” Tellos says.
“For some of the shows, including Rita Wilso

f2leftChauvet expands LED video panel series
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

USA - Chauvet Professional has expanded its popular F Series LED panels to offer solutions for a wider range of applications with the introduction of two new products: the F2 2.9 mm pixel pitch panel and F5 IP, an outdoor rated 5.9 mm pixel pitch outdoor rated panel.
The highest resolution panel ever offered by Chauvet Professional, the slim-bodied F2 is designed for applications where crystal sharp clarity is essential from any viewing angle, even at distances as close as 7.5ft. Its black bodied LEDs, reproduce video at 14-bit grayscale, operating on an A5s Novastar card, to result in very clear and realistic displays of even the most detailed content. (An 18-bit Novastar card can also be used.)
High performance digital LED drivers in the F2 deliver an impressive 3840Hz refresh rate for flicker free images, while a maximum illuminance of just under 1,500 NITS ensures a bright output. The panel also features a contrast ratio of 8,500:1 and pixel density of 112,896/m2.
The new F5 panel is IP65 rated for reliable outdoor use. Working with the VIP Drive 43 Nova using the Novastar control protocol, its high quality black-bodied LEDs accurately reproduce video at 14-bit grayscale, operating on the Novastar A5 receiving card. With a 1920 Hz refresh rate, maximum 6,000 NITS illuminance, and 12,000:1 contrast, it’s ideal for displaying bright, powerful images at outdoor festivals.
Engineered for dependability, both panels have a light source life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Both also feature optimized heat distribution across the entire panel for

boomtown-pagoda-plaza-stage-copyright-oz-jefferiesProlights raises the roof at Boomtown
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

UK - Lighting designer Elliot Baines of Spiralstagelighting utilised Prolights Panorama IP Airbeam moving beam and Panorama IP WBX wash lights to raise the roof for DJ sets on the main stage in the Metropolis district of Boomtown – one of the UK’s largest independent festivals.
Held for five days at the scenic Matterley bowl estate in Hampshire, the 66,000 capacity event fuses “immersive theatre and arts with a global, genre-spanning music bill”. During the festival, its 14 fully immersive districts come together as a fictitious city with its own story narrative.
In the futuristic Metropolis district, the main Pagoda Plaza outdoor stage’s eclectic global bill included US house DJ, Kenny Dope, techno from Dr Rubenstein, retro house grooves from Sally C, electronica from Horse Meat Disco, and soulful disco from The 2 Bears.
For Elliot’s lighting design, he and co-operator, Christian Smith utilised Prolights Panorama IP Airbeam discharge moving beams and Panorama IP WBX LED wash lights to work up the crowd with massive beams and eye candy pixel-mapping wash effects during the hi-energy sets.
He comments: “I decided to use the Panorama Airbeams after being very impressed by their massive output last year. They are absolutely incredible and one of my favourite beam fixtures because of their brightness. We really got a lot out of them compared to other stages using many more beam lights!”
Elliot was also impressed by the Panorama IP WBX LED wash lights, which he used for the first time. “We loved the pixel-mapping effects, w

ben-vos-large-size-9665Black Coffee backs Hilton Arts Festival
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

South Africa - With limited funds available for festivals in South Africa, it takes people who are able to give of their time and resources to keep the arts alive and to support the organizers who so tirelessly give of themselves. One such individual, is Brandon Bunyan of Black Coffee, a Durban-based technical supply company. Black Coffee is the main technical sponsor of The Hilton Arts Festival.
This year, the show was hosted from 13 to 15 September at Hilton College in KwaZulu Natal. In the early days Bunyan worked on the event as a young technician and for the past 16 years, Black Coffee has sponsored gear and technicians to the Hilton Arts Festival which has grown from one to eight performance art display venues, making it the second largest festival in the country.
“I first became involved because of my passion for theatre, to keep in the theatre game as a marketing tool for Black Coffee and also because we could at the time,” says Bunyan. “The festival was much smaller and we could actually manage it. I don’t think other companies were really interested back then. Today it’s huge.”
Hilton College’s Main theatre is the only proper venue at the festival that is equipped with hanging positions, power and existing lighting and sound. Black Coffee has the task of transforming spaces such as classrooms, examination rooms, sport centres, the art block, marquees and seminar rooms, into makeshift theatres or exhibition areas. “Some productions that come along will suit a lecture room which will then be turned into a little theatre, bu

you-can-danceVari-Lite’s VL2600 Profile in the spotlight
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

USA - Multiple EMMY Award-winning lighting designer Bob Barnhart chose 80 VL2600 Profile luminaires from Vari-Lite as his “workhorse” tool for the 16th season of Fox’s popular TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. The new LED fixtures helped Barnhart to deliver an endless variety of looks in the tightest of time-frames.
Produced by 19 Entertainment, Dick Clark Productions and Conrad Sewell Productions, the show sees around 900 dancers compete to be declared “America's favourite dancer”. During the show’s final stages Barnhart needed to light almost 80 dances, usually with just 20 minutes available to decide each different design.
“The challenge is keeping the different looks fresh, so we try to use lighting equipment that can do a wide variety of things,” says Barnhart. “A ‘workhorse’ in this situation is much more valuable to me than a ‘one trick pony’.”
Key to that flexibility is the fixture’s framing capability. “The shutters give us a whole new tool to play with,” says Barnhart. “It’s been really helpful in finding that variety we need to separate each dance.”
In addition, Barnhart praises the camera-friendly features of the VL2600’s light output and color temperature control. “I really like the VL2600’s flat field and consistent color temperature,” he says. “The VL2600, with that consistency, and tools like the variable CTO, is good to have in your workbox.”
Completing in September 2019, the 16th season of So You Think You Can Dance was won by Bailey Muñoz.

claypakyxtyloslinatejovatour12Claypaky on the runway in Milan
Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Italy - One hundred Claypaky Xtylos units were used to create the Il colore del suono (the colour of sound) lighting rig, conceived by the Giò Forma studio and created in conjunction with Claypaky's lighting designer Marco Zucchinali.
The installation was put together for the Jova Beach Party on the runway of Milan Linate airport, which has been closed since July for major refurbishment works. The event was the final stage of Jovanotti's tour of the beaches of Italy. It saw over 100,000 people attend over eight hours of music with various guests, and culminated in a concert by Jovanotti himself, Italy's most loved rap singer-songwriter.
Claudio Santucci from Giò Forma reports: “It all started with Jovanotti's and the creative team's request to have a light installation which could be seen from afar. I went to the Claypaky showroom to see their new light, the Xtylos. After the demo, I immediately realized that a large open outdoor space like an airport was the best place to get the most from its solid concentrated light beams. We then talked to Paolo Dozzo, Claypaky's manager for Italy, who made the 100 Xtylos units available to us through Agorà.”
Santucci continues: “Giò Forma's concept draws its inspiration from the idea of expressing the relationship between light and sound as a cross between vibrations and sensory stimuli that merge into a synaesthetic whole. We wanted to represent the connection between sound waves and light waves. Few people know that there is a very close relationship between the two: some sound frequencies c

gv-voltstack-locationGreen Voltage introduces VOLTstack
Monday, 28 October 2019

Europe - Green Voltage has launched VOLTstack, a new range of portable, battery powered, silent generator units.
Designed and developed specifically to address the demand for environmentally-conscious power within the film and TV industry, VOLTstack provides crews with easy access to clean, reliable, silent power. Completely emission-free and with an IP54 rating, the VOLTstack range includes a number of highly capable power units in a selection of sizes, from 2kW and 5kW to 13kW and 200kW variants. With a rapid charge time of just 2.5 hours and available with a solar panel recharge option, the systems’ continuous power delivery is enough to handle almost any temporary application, says the company. Units can be series linked to provide for extended operating times and the system is IP54-rated (protected against dust ingress).
David Sinfield, gaffer on Alladin and Wonder Woman, comments: “These battery powered units deliver robust, convenient and emission free power, they are an excellent power source, wherever you are. Used in conjunction with the latest LED technology VOLTstack can easily handle all manner of lighting installations, with no compromise in performance, no fumes and no noise.”
(Jim Evans)

sixeye-pathway-diagramCity Theatrical expands Pathway offering
Monday, 28 October 2019

Europe - City Theatrical has expanded its Pathway Connectivity product offering in Europe with five products now offering SixEye cloud-based remote management.
The expansion includes three Pathport DMX/RDM Ethernet Gateways - the Pathport Quattro, Pathport Octo, and Pathport 4-Port Gateway - as well as VIA16 PoE Ethernet Switches and Vignette Controllers, which can now be managed and monitored securely from anywhere in the world using a PC or smartphone.
Pathway products extend the functionality of DMX control, and have created the next generation of lighting networks with open system products that harness the power and convenience of Ethernet to create spectacular visual experiences for live audiences worldwide, says City Theatrical. The integration of SixEye cloudbased remote management provides users with secure access to monitor state, uptime, port status and other mission critical functionality online, potentially saving users time and reducing the carbon footprint of this lighting control technology.
The Pathport Quattro is a compact four-port DMX-over-Ethernet management gateway. Powerover-Ethernet operation makes the Pathport Quattro suitable for truss-mounted locations, while its silent, fanless operation allows it to be placed immediately next to the lighting console. The encoder knob/LCD screen interface provides front panel access to all common configuration parameters.
The Pathport Octo is an eight-port rack-mountable gateway, providing compact installation for any size system. Status LEDs provide instant confirmation of port d

harmanclourdworxbannerpressrelease1920x950Harman launches CloudworX Manager
Monday, 28 October 2019

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced CloudworX Manager, the first application from its cloud-based CloudworX software.
CloudworX Manager is a browser-based (available from utility that unifies the configuration, deployment and monitoring of Harman professional audio, video, control and lighting systems. Initial supported devices include the AMX by Harman Acendo Core meeting space collaboration system as well as AMX Acendo Book scheduling touch panels.
Key features include support for private or single sign-on accounts; sorting, filtering and searching of discovered devices; simultaneous configuration of like or unlike devices; simple connection of local installations using CloudworX Gateway software; device firmware management; and template creation and deployment.
Future applications are being developed to offer additional design and management capabilities. All CloudworX applications will share the same support pillars - unifying disparate platforms into a single ecosystem, integrating the industry’s most reputable and well-regarded security protocols and delivering a resplendent, second to none user experience.
“CloudworX Manager represents a first look at the power of the CloudworX platform,” says Iain Gregory, director of software, Harman Professional Solutions. “With a simple firmware update, CloudworX brings mass configuration to the existing Acendo Book and Acendo Core devices. As more products are supported and additional software applications are added to the suite, CloudworX will el

legends-casino-events-center1Elation at Legends Casino events centre
Monday, 28 October 2019

USA - Located in Toppenish, Washington, four hours southeast of Seattle on the Yakama Nation reservation, is Legends Casino Hotel. Wanting to attract new guests by expanding their entertainment programme, Legends recently built a new events centre and sought to maintain their high standards by equipping the space in modern entertainment technology systems.
Legends contacted Elation Professional dealer Morgan Sound of Lynnwood, Washington, for a vision to transform a 200' x 200' ballroom into a top-notch 1,750- seat concert and performance venue. Contracted to design and install the audio, lighting, video, staging, and drapery systems at the new events centre, Morgan Sound called on its team of AV experts to transform the space into a first-class venue. 1,750- seat concert and performance venue
Morgan Sound equipped the centre with a cutting-edge Elation lighting system. “We chose Elation products for their flexibility and brightness and the experience onsite has been very positive,” comments Stephen Weeks, senior A/V consultant for Morgan Sound.
Needing a technical system flexible enough to support touring acts ranging from comedy, pop and country all the way to hip-hop and rock, Morgan Sound designed an all LED lighting system consisting of 34 Seven Par 19IP Par lights, 16 Rayzor 760 moving heads, 12 Artiste DaVinci moving head spots, 10 Colour 5 Profile ellipsoidals and 6 Cuepix Blinder WW2 luminaires.
A key aspect of the lighting system is its energy efficiency and less need for maintenance, two factors that directly lead to lower co

nickjrlive1Chauvet colours Nick Jr. Live on tour
Monday, 28 October 2019

USA - Part Broadway-style stage show, and part story-driven concert, Nick Jr. Live! Move to the Music is on a national tour. The lively and colourful show, which is Vstar Entertainment’s third collaboration with Nickelodeon, has many of the network’s characters like The Bubble Guppies, PAW Patrol, and Dora The Explorer sharing the same stage for the first time.
Supporting this cast of children’s favourites as they sing, dance and charm their way into young hearts is a collection of 47 Maverick and nine Ovation fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
Colour rendering is very important when it comes to working with such a recognizable intellectual property, according to Jessica Mrovka, technical services manager at VStar Entertainment. Because the audience loves the characters presented on this tour and knows everything about them, even slight deviations from familiar colourisations would be quickly noticed.
Light blue is the dominant colour scenically. To coordinate with this scenic design, the lighting team used softer blue tones for the stage production’s lighting. Everything shifts just a little cooler in the colour scheme for washes and key lighting. This contrasts with some of the more dramatic colours being used by the LED neon embedded in the scenic elements, and the LED acrylic panels lining the scenic platform. Having the LED neon and panels on stage, along with the LED Video Wall behind the performance space, means that the lighting must have enough punch to stand out against these elements.
The Chauvet Professional fixtu

aclfest4Sola Series drives the ACL Honda Stage
Monday, 28 October 2019

USA - High End Systems’ Sola Series automated luminaires drove the main Honda Stage at the 2019 Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, TX. For two consecutive weekends in October, 28 SolaFrame 3000 and 18 SolaHyBeam 2000 cut through day and night performances for Tame Impala, Billie Eilish, The Cure, Idles, Third Eye Blind, Cardi B and Robyn, among others.
Houston-based LD Systems provided the gear, while its LDs Nathan Brittain and Lance Williamson worked with ACL Music Festival designer Chris Lisle on the overall design.
The team deployed the 37,000 lumens of each SolaFrame 3000 for profile fixtures and band specials, while the SolaHyBeam 2000 washed the downstage with bold beams, animated gobos and effects. This year’s larger stage was 20ft wider, measuring 80ft wide by 60ft deep.
Weather was a study in contrasts for the event with intense record-breaking heat transforming into chilly wind and rain. Despite the changes in temperatures and humidity, the Sola Series fixtures were a success, benefiting from the patented Lens Defogging System.
“Everything worked very well,” Williamson says. “We didn’t have any weather-related issues either with high heat the first weekend or the crazy cold front that came through the second weekend.”
LD Systems added the Sola Series fixtures to its inventory in time for last year’s ACL Music Festival, and has since unleashed its powers on a range of large events from festivals such as Lollapalooza to the Texas rodeo circuits.
(Jim Evans)


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