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cicatriz4photocreditesteban-chinchillaChamSys helps create stories for Cicatriz
Friday, 31 July 2020

Costa Rica - Aiding Alvaro Piedra in a production of Cicatriz (Scars) was a newly acquired ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 that he used to create a unifying architecture of shapes and colours that pulled together the intricate facets of this interdisciplinary production, which involved some 40 choreographers, theatrical directors, dancers, actresses, , video designers, costume designers and stage designers.
Taking place at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica School of Dance in late 2019, the production won the national Mireya Barboza 2019 award for best designed dance show in February. It captivates audiences by presenting a series of stories built around its central them.
“The movement and choreography are what set the pace for our stories,” said Piedra. By creating textures and moods with colours and patterns, lighting supports these stories.”
This production marked the first time that Piedra used a ChamSys console. He recalled how the MQ80 contributed to his creative effort, making it easier for him to manage the variety of looks called for by the show’s procession of stories. He was also impressed by how the fluidity of the console’s user interface allowed him to change fixture positions and colours in less time.
“In a production such as this one, where there were so many components and so many changes of scene, it was very important to have a smooth workflow,” said Piedra. “The ChamSys console aligned with my creative process. This was fantastic, because it let me focus on what is truly important, telling the story a

robe-lightthesky-poland-2Robe at the heart of the Krakow sky
Friday, 31 July 2020

Poland - The Tauron Arena in Krakow is a popular venue among artists, promoters, working crews and music fans on the normally busy year-round European arena touring circuit, but like most venues, it lies shuttered and empty while the live entertainment industry is ‘on hold’.
Lighting designer Maciej Hofstede from design / creative direction specialist Of Course, based in Bochnia, who would usually be juggling a full schedule of tours festivals and band shows, decided to go large when it came to participating in the recent #LightTheSky Poland lighting action.
He was among several other companies and organisations from Krakow joining the event on 1 May, including the FOH Foundation, the Tauron Arena, Studio Techniki Oświetleniowej (STO), Mediam and TechnoStage - in a show of strength from the second largest cities in Poland.
Maciej and a crew of four - lighting crew chief Sebastian Szafrański plus Artur Szewczyk, Bartosz Syguła and Sławomir Broszkiewicz - created an impressive heart-shaped lighting installation in the Tauron Arena’s parking lot. The shape was inspired by the LightTheSkyPoland logo.
All the lighting equipment for the heart was supplied by Lighting Techniques Studio (STO), coordinated by Sławomir Broszkiewicz, and this included 20 Robe Pointes, 14 Spiiders and 20 LEDWash 800s which were arranged in the massive heart shape, while other parts of the building and the surrounding areas were illuminated with LED floods and Sunstrips, all programmed and run from a grandMA2 console.
“The goal was to make a light-work t

egyptUniversal Pixels supplies The Prince of Egypt
Friday, 31 July 2020

UK - The musical, The Prince of Egypt produced by Dreamworks Theatricals, Michael McCabe and Neil Laidlaw, opened on 25 February at the Dominion Theatre, London, following 20 sold out previews (see a detailed production report in LSi July 2020).
Video rental specialist, Universal Pixels (UP), has supplied a 162sqm Leyard CLM10 screen for production. Configured as a single 18m x 9m screen, it provides a stunning backdrop to the dynamic scenic design.
Adapted from The Book of Exodus, The Prince of Egypt - written by Philip LaZebnik - was first released as an animated musical film in 1998. Featuring songs from Grammy and Academy Award-winner Stephen Schwartz and a score from Hans Zimmer, it earned critical acclaim as a cinematic milestone. The theatre show has 10 new songs from Schwartz, together with five from the original soundtrack. It is directed by his son Scott Schwartz with choreography by Sean Cheesman, set design from Kevin Depinet and costume designs by Ann Hould-Ward.
The story is set in ancient Egypt and follows two young men, raised together as brothers in a kingdom of privilege, who find themselves suddenly divided by a secret past. One must rule as Pharaoh, while the other must rise up and free his true people.
Forming part of a multi-faceted stage design, the video wall from UP brings depth and dimension to the visual spectacle - lifting the show from the stage into a world of starry skies

hurricane-bubble-haze-x2-q6Chauvet DJ doubles bubbles with Hurricane X2
Thursday, 30 July 2020

USA - Releasing copious amounts of haze-filled bubbles, the Chauvet DJ Bubble Haze generated fun and excitement throughout the event industry when it was introduced in 2019. Now the company has taken bubbles to the next level with the introduction of the Bubble Haze X2 Q6.
Doubling the effect and volume of its predecessor, the new product features six quad-coloured (RGB + UV) LEDs that illuminate bubbles, haze or haze-filled bubbles. The new effect features twin blowers with variable-speed loft fans that push bubbles up into the air.
Chauvet DJ’s Always-Ready technology means the effect can run continuously to keep the party going. The Hurricane Bubble Haze X2 Q6 is not just about fun. It also has a practical side. For example, its gravity-fed bubble reservoir recirculates unused bubble fluid reducing fluid consumption. Also, a built-in cleaning function increases machine longevity and reduces clogs.
“It’s always amazing to see the reaction Hurricane Bubble Haze gets” said Chauvet DJ Senior Product Manager Allan Reiss. “This thing really brings out the kid in all of us and we’re really excited to take that excitement to new levels with added LEDs that light up this amazing effect and double the output with twin blowers.”

claypakyworldstage1Claypaky Mythos 2 creates rainbow in the Sky
Thursday, 30 July 2020

USA - Celebrations of Pride Month in New York City, the birthplace of the modern LGBTQ+ movement, took on new importance this year as COVID-19 cancelled in-person events, including the 50th anniversary Pride March.
Instead, a number of Manhattan landmarks staged rainbow illuminations as civic expressions of Pride. Among them was the famed Stonewall Inn where 160 Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures produced a rainbow in the sky seen from miles around.
The snack brand Kind partnered with experiential marketing agency Bankrobber Projects on the light tribute in the West Village at Seventh Avenue and Christopher Street, near the site of the Stonewall Inn riot, which sparked the LGBTQ+ movement five decades ago. MediaGenics produced the event with technical support from WorldStage.
Kind wanted to create a huge rainbow in the sky, similar to the dramatic 9/11 illumination over lower Manhattan where columns of white light serve as a memorial to the World Trade Centre every 11 September.
“But white light in the sky is easier to do than colours, which dissipate much faster. You have to throw a lot of light at colours,” explains WorldStage account executive Ben DeFusco. “We looked at five fixtures, and the Mythos 2 checked all the boxes. Mythos 2 was powerful, it offered all the different colour options, and had a long enough throw. In addition, we had a fair amount of them in our inventory and knew we could get more from other vendors with relative ease.”
WorldStage worked with lighting designer Fred Bock, from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallo

glp-drive-inGLP supports cultural stage at Karlsruhe Fair
Thursday, 30 July 2020

Germany - The event industry may be idle due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but that didn’t stop Florian Vitez from Reposit Entertainment teaming up with Gerd Gruss from Crystal Sound, Sahar Gleich from Gleich Gesitzt, and Mitja Gleich from Messe- und Eventtechnik Gleich and putting together the Karlsruhe Trade Fair’s cultural stage.
The four quickly agreed and went straight to planning. Following a call to Michael Brombacher from Megaforce, the main stage was ready in no time, then Lars Wolf, from the company, Hell, brought his lighting design expertise to the project. This small but powerful group was quickly able to bring the idea of the cultural stage to the local cooperation partner, the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre.
On 12 June, the cultural stage at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair opened with a concert by the Swiss pop singer Beatrice Egli. The programme itself is currently scheduled to run until the end of August, but depending on how the general situation develops, the project may continue into September.
GLP, based in nearby Karlsbad, was quick to support this demanding project with professional lighting technology, and provided a wide range of its solutions. These included impression X4, KNV Cube and Line, JDC1, Exobeam and Fusion Stick FS20, all installed on the culture stage.
In the stage roof itself there were 10 impression X4 Wash fixtures, as well as 15 additional X4 and 15 KNV Lines, which are used as front lights. A background matrix made up of 12 of the versatile JDC1 hybrid strobes ensured there was impact from behind. The side wings

prolightsProlights on stage with Taco Hemingway
Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Poland - Prolights products gave light to Pocztówka z Polski Tour 20 (Postcards from Poland 20) which featured popular Polish rap artist, Taco Hemingway.
Gwidon Wydrzyński, lighting designer at Źle i Tanio realised an impactful set-up. “Because of the spread of Covid-19, we played just half of the tour. Nevertheless, shows took place in Warsaw, Kracow, Opole, Katowice and Rzeszów, and Taco Hemingway played in really big venues, like Warsaw's Torwar and Katowice's MCK, but not only- as well in big clubs like Studio, in Cracow.
“To light up the stage and the artist, I used Prolights Stark Bar1000 up in the back of the stage, SunBlast 3000FC as ambient lights around it, and Air 5Fan on the towers on the back. I decided to use these particular fixtures because of their unique and specific features: StarkBar 1000 provide a wide range of colours and powerful zoom and tilt; SunBlast 3000FC are equipped with a powerful unit, including strobe with some colour on it. The Air5Fan fixtures are extremely versatile, to say the least: colourful, equipped with mirrors to reflect the light coming from other sources and possibility of spreading beam. Really cool. Taco, the artist, and his manager trusted my choices and they've been so impressed by the final result and the yield of every single fixture on stage.”

let-there-be-rock1Showtime lights rock dream livestream
Wednesday, 29 July 2020

USA - The coronavirus may have put a temporary halt to rock concerts, but it hasn’t done anything to dim the passion of aspiring stars who dream of one day taking to the arena stage. This relentless spirit was on full display at Let There Be Rock, a two-day livestream featuring a dozen bands from the Frederick Rock School in Baltimore.
Videoed at the improvised production studio in the Showtime Sound LLC warehouse, the event, which was streamed on Facebook and YouTube, featured a fittingly intense, hard-driving light show created by Aaron Kovelman, Showtime’s director of design & production.
“This was an important moment for students, so we wanted to give them something that made them feel special,” said Kovelman. “We wanted to create looks that were not only powerful, but were also different for each band to reflect their unique personalities.”
Helping Kovelman accomplish this goal were 13 Maverick MK3 Profile and 10 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures from Chauvet Professional. Taken from Showtime Sound’s own inventory, the moving LED fixtures were used to coordinate colours and patterns with the images displayed on a 10’ by 30’ horizontal video wall.
“We used a lot of different video content to give each band its own core look and add extra meaning to each song,” said Kovelman. “Of course, in order for this to work, and not have the video wall look out of place on our live stream stage, we need to coordinate it with strong color statements. Given that livestreams are often watched on smaller screens, we weren’t going to be

blackberry-mountain-1Bandit lights Blackberry Mountain wedding
Wednesday, 29 July 2020

USA - Blackberry Mountain sits among The Great Smoky Mountains with eight miles of protected ridgetop and 5,200 acres. Touted as an immersive experience that “seamlessly infuses wellness, outdoor adventure and hospitality into every experience”, the resort entrusted Bandit Lites to illuminate a three-day wedding that spanned multiple venues and events.
The Beall family opened Blackberry Mountain in 2018 after years of success with their property Blackberry Farms. They called Bandit Litesto bring their expertise, preparedness and creative adaptability to their guests. Wedding coordinator Jennifer Matteo worked with Bandit to configure a lighting design that would fit the spaces and budget.
“The buildings of Blackberry Mountain have an aesthetic that must be seen in person to be appreciated,” said Bandit Lites general manager Giff Swart. “They are designed to complement the surrounding area through use of natural materials, so one of our goals was to enhance and showcase this beauty. Communication with the Blackberry team of Savannah Sullivan and Savannah Tyree was absolutely critical to our success. They are a delight to work with, and we understand fully our role in maintaining their clients’ comfort and enjoyment of the spaces we are tasked with lighting.”
With limited access to each of the venues for the three-day event, Bandit’s team had about two hours to get the lighting set up and working for seated dinners. Two spaces had no existing lighting to speak of.
“Our first challenge was to get some overhead lighting,” sa

wemakeeventsredalertrgb#WeMakeEvents moves into Red Alert to save UK events
Wednesday, 29 July 2020

UK - Leading trade bodies and businesses are joining forces to issue a Red Alert and highlight the severe challenges faced by the live events industry and its entire supply chain due to the pandemic.
Planned for 11 August, the action will include social media and video drives as well as legal outdoor events, with other specific activities occurring on the day.
The initiative is part of the #WeMakeEvents campaign that aims to raise awareness of the sector’s struggles and to secure further support from the government.
“The live events industry supply chain that contributes to every single event in the UK is set to completely collapse,” comments Peter Heath, MD of PLASA. “Social distancing prohibits mass events, and even if this stopped now, long-term planning for events won’t enable a return until around March 2021. Now, the whole industry is coming together to initiate a Red Alert. We have been campaigning for financial support from the government using #WeMakeEvents because the sector is on its last legs.”
According to campaign research conducted last week, redundancies across the sector have already started. Of the companies surveyed, 10% said they plan to issue notices by the end of July whilst 15% intend to do so in August.
But 70% of those polled admitted they would make redundancies by end of the year, with a fifth expecting to lose 70% of staff.
Earlier this month, the UK government announced a £1.57bn rescue

chauvetprologoChauvet extends warranty on LED fixtures
Tuesday, 28 July 2020

USA - Chauvet Professional has added an extended warranty to its LED Maverick, Rogue and Ovation fixtures. The new warranty is for three years on all indoor rated fixtures within the ranges and five years on their LED engines.
All qualifying products purchased since 1 January 2020 are covered by the extended warranty. These include the silent Maverick Silens 2 Profile, the Maverick MK3 Profile, Rogue R3X Wash and all Ovation fixtures. Complete details, along with a list of covered fixtures covered by the warranty, can be found on the Chauvet Professional website.
“Given the challenges faced by our industry today, the time is right for us to extend our warranty,” comments Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Our extended warranty covers products bought since the start of 2020. Through this offer, we are hoping to lend an added level of assurance to our customers who are doing installation projects at schools, clubs, churches, theatres or other venues in this environment. We are committed to standing with them.
“Our focus on quality control has resulted in a line of extraordinarily reliable products,” continues Chauvet. “We are confident in extending our warranty, and confident in the future of our industry.”

robe-vinegar-bottle-vin260528046Robe in Auckland Vinegar Bottle installation
Tuesday, 28 July 2020

New Zealand - Auckland-based lighting designer Rachel Marlow of Filament Eleven 11 created an ‘edgy and exciting ambience’ with Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle, an immersive lighting and audio installation work staged over four days in Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber.
This was part of the Auckland Live Fringe Town aspect of the city’s annual Fringe Festival event, an independent and popular open-access arts festival which took place earlier in the year, just before the Coronavirus pandemic shut down the industry for an indefinite period.
Rachel used the venue’s lighting equipment which includes Robe MMX Spots, WashBeams and T1 Profiles to help realise the piece, which was commissioned by Auckland Live programmer, Anders Falstie-Jensen.
Collaborating with Rachel was Bradley Gledhill who assisted in the design, rigging, lighting programming and timecoding; Thomas Press who produced the special 20-minute soundtrack; and dramaturg Benjamin Henson with whom both Rachel and Brad have worked on previous invigorating projects.
Combining a mix of technical disciplines and fusion of ideas, a performance concept was developed to unfold Elizabeth Clark’s traditional story – a favourite from Rachel’s childhood – in a new and engaging medium.
Lighting wise, this included the notion of creating an art installation using what are essentially rock ‘n’ roll moving lights, plus a few custom elements, and this was one of the key provocations.
The performance area was beneath a box truss in the centre of the room. T

premier-entertainment-groupPremier Entertainment Group runs with Elation
Monday, 27 July 2020

USA - “Our goal is to prep our inventory and staff so as soon as things are ready to start up again, we can hit the ground running,” states Premier Entertainment Group president and owner Dave Guiler about a recent acquisition of Elation Fuze SFX LED moving head luminaires. “That was the goal behind the purchase, to get things together easily and quickly so when this is over we don’t have to worry about any missing pieces.”
Located in Dothan, Alabama, in the southeast corner of the state, Premier Entertainment Group recently acquired 20 Fuze SFX Spot FX fixtures along with other gear as part of a strategy that will see the event services provider put more focus on the touring market. In order to be well prepared once the Covid restrictions have passed, Guiler has put together lighting packages designed to quickly fill a touring rider, truck friendly gear that will also work well on festivals and one-off shows.
Guiler founded Premier Entertainment Group in 2007, when he was just 18, and has grown the company since. He bought into Elation gear about five years ago with the Platinum FLX and also keeps Fuze Wash 350s in his inventory. Currently 85% of his moving heads are Elation brand.
“We had the Platinum FLX, which were phenomenal lights, but for the calibre of shows we were doing, it was a bit much as we don’t always have 50 or 60 foot trims,” Guiler comments. “The Fuze SFX is high quality and versatile like the FLX but with a 300W LED source it has a smaller footprint. For power consumption and output, it’s exactly what we need

woodsWondrous Woods comes to Edinburgh
Monday, 27 July 2020

UK - A new outdoor sound, lighting and effects event is coming to Hopetoun House near Edinburgh this October and November. Named Wondrous Woods, this lighting trail event is being launched by 21CC Group.
The event will take place in the picturesque private grounds of the Hopetoun Estate and is described as a sound, lighting and effects extravaganza which promises ‘a safe and family friendly experience’. Guests will explore on foot some 2km of winding trails of Hopetoun, exploring the hidden pathways and discovering secrets of the grounds, with some surprises along the way. The event will take place from 21 October 2020 and run for four weeks.
The Earl of Hopetoun says, “We are delighted to be the venue for the inaugural Wondrous Woods; it is thrilling for me to see the grounds come to life with all the creative lighting and effects that are planned. This is an exciting time, as we develop our vision for Hopetoun and create new event spaces following such a difficult year for us all, and we look forward to welcoming you to Hopetoun.”
Geoff Crow, director of 21CC Group says, “We feel it is important to deliver an event that appeals to all, whilst offering a safe environment for the public. The Hopetoun trails offer us a spectacular environment, really like no other, with a fantastic amount of ground space which allows us to safely bring this event to life this year for all to enjoy.
“The events industry has been hit hard by COVID-19, and it is imperative that safe events continue to be planned and delivered, not only fo

spagaChauvet lights virtual Spaga 3D stage
Monday, 27 July 2020

USA - Jazz infusion trio Spaga may draw inspiration from deeply embedded roots, but the band also isn’t shy about pushing forward in new directions, both musically and in terms of performance platforms. The latter was evident earlier this summer when they played a virtual set on a 3D stage at Quarantine Comes Alive, a one-day fundraising festival, presented by Live For Live Music, the COVID-19 Relief Fund, and
Andrew Cass of C2 Design & Drafting created the virtual show, supporting the band with immersive looks that flowed as seamless as the music on their two-song set. Lighting the virtual performance was a collection of 75 Chauvet Professional fixtures.
The creative process behind the virtual production began in April when each band member took 16 photos of himself from different angles while in quarantine. Working with animator Arielle D’Ornellas, Cass used these photos to create 3D renderings of the musicians.
“I have been struggling with realistic looking humans in 3D for some time now,” said Cass. “This led to us having the different photos taken. Arielle, who is not only a friend, but also a very talented animator, used them as the basis for creating the real to life renderings that were the basis of our 3D images.”
Cass also had the band members take videos of themselves at home. This footage and the 3D images were merged together in a compelling virtual stage set that artfully balanced the “real” video images with the realistic renderings. The videos were displayed on vertical screens that ran across the b

anolisAnolis supports Light It In Red
Monday, 27 July 2020

UK - Five high profile buildings around the UK were lit with Anolis fixtures in the recent #LightItInRed lighting action organised to draw attention to the special requirements of live performance, entertainment and events as the economy re-starts after the coronavirus lockdown.
The five – the O2 Guildhall and the Mayflower Theatre both in Southampton, Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, Knebworth House in Hertfordshire and Somerset House in The Strand, central London – all feature permanent Anolis lighting schemes to illuminate their facades and intricate architectural details.
O2 Guildhall Southampton: Opened in 1937, the main concert / show venue in this building is now managed by the Academy Music Group and it is – normally – one of the most popular live music showcases on the UK theatre / town hall touring circuit. The exterior is lit with Anolis ArcSource 96 integrals and ArcPad 94s, supplied via Sera Technologies.
Mayflower Theatre, Southampton: The front façade of the grade II listed 2,300 capacity Mayflower Theatre built in 1928 is illuminated with three Anolis Divine 160 RGBW fixtures and 10 x ArcSource Outdoor 24MC RGBWs
Knebworth House: Four high powered Anolis Divine 160 RGBWs and an ArcSource Outdoor 48MC RGBW illuminate the front and one side façades of this English country house which was transformed into its current Tudor Gothic structure between 1843-45 by Henry Edward Kendall Jr. An additional ArcSource Outdoor 48MC Integral unit lights the refurbished tower. All the fixtures are positioned at ground level washing

goboGobo A/S to distribute Prolights in Sweden
Monday, 27 July 2020

Sweden - Prolights has announced that Gobo A/S, already Prolights distributor for Denmark, will additionally take over the distribution of the brand for Sweden.
Gobo A/S has been in the business for more than 40 years in Denmark, and it has been present in Sweden for more than 13 years. Jens Lind, head of sales for Gobo A/S says: “Our focus has always been lighting and control for the entertainment industry, including TV and film. For the last seven years we have added this with museums, exhibitions and architectural special lighting. We have been working on expanding our business in Sweden, and here Prolights is the perfect match for us.
“We look forward to expanding the knowledge of the Prolights brand here in Sweden. This new partnership will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the growth of Gobo Sweden and we are impatient to begin this journey together.”
Antonio Parise, international area manager for Prolights adds, “We have known Gobo A/S for a long time, since it already distributes Prolights’ products in Denmark. We share the same values and philosophy, as we both aim to provide the customers with the best solutions and technical assistance and we’re eager to bring our technologies into the Swedish AVL market.”

london-eyeLight It Blue founders launch mental health initiative
Monday, 27 July 2020

UK - The collective behind the #LightItBlue campaign has formed a community interest company (CIC) dedicated to raising funds for mental health charities, with particular focus on benefitting people from the events and entertainment sectors.
#LightItBlue was created at the onset of lockdown by a group of events and entertainment industry professionals to show a united display of gratitude to the NHS and frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Within four months the campaign had become a global movement spanning 23 countries across six continents and enjoying a social media reach of 700m.
The initiative began on Thursday 26 March when over 100 of the UK’s most famous event venues, sports stadiums and giant LED screens were illuminated in blue to coincide with the nationwide applause for the NHS and frontline care workers.
Since then, landmarks across the world - including Windsor Castle, Niagara Falls, Komazawa Park Olympics Memorial Tower and the Prince's Palace of Monaco have taken part by illuminating blue on Thursday nights. Celebrities and members of the public joined in the ensuing social media campaign to #MakeItBlue in their own way.
One of the new CIC’s directors, Tom Rees, said: “Mental health was on our agenda right from the start. We knew that thousands of event and entertainment industry jobs would be lost or put on hold indefinitely. With so many production companies, venues, agencies and freelancers facing an uncertain future, the impact on individuals’ mental health will be catastrophic.”
Gary W

lauren-daigleGLP X4 Bar 20's back Lauren Daigle dates
Friday, 24 July 2020

Europe - Grammy-nominated and contemporary Christian singer Lauren Daigle was 10 dates into an arena tour when COVID-19 forced its temporary suspension.
It was her first collaboration with the lighting partnership of Seth Jackson and Nathan Alves of Darkroom Creative, and easily her biggest production tour to date. The arena setting allowed the two men to create a partial rolling stage, giving the design a curved front extension and allowing greater sight lines to be exposed that was vital due to the high demand for tickets.
Helping them to fulfil their creative objectives were a large quantity of X4 Bar 20 battens from GLP. By articulating a desire for her show “to feel like a hug” the artist gave the two men a start point, and consequently their design contained no metal or steel and a minimum of 90° angles. “We really wanted the design to feel more like a home than a structure,” said Alves.
Both he and Jackson have a long history of working with GLP. “I have always been drawn to company loyalty because of the people and their commitment to the product and customers,” stated the latter. “I don’t get wrapped up in the ‘newest and shiniest’ mentality. For me, the consistent development of GLP and the approachability of the team is what keeps me locked in with them.”
His partner agreed that the evolution of GLP has cascaded a number of valuable tools onto the market. “You can find X4’s and JDC1’s peppered all over everything we do. The JDC1’s ability to create multiple ‘feels’ from such a compact fixture make

robe-peachy-playhouseRobe lights Peachy Playhouse summer season
Friday, 24 July 2020

UK - Like many individuals passionate about the live events and performance industry, Philip French of Aldershot, UK-based rental and technical production company Peachy Productions was badly missing shows, gigs, and the camaraderie of delivering live events.
He decided to do something about it, and with the support of the Surrey Event Professionals headed by Hannah Sheppard – which includes some of Surrey’s finest live event experts – the Peachy Playhouse was born.
It offers two weeks of socially distanced, drive-in, COVID-compliant live entertainment, encompassing comedy, music, film and children’s shows designed to appeal to all sectors of the community, staged in the leafy environs and fresh air of Loseley Park near Guildford, Surrey.
Providing the full technical production – staging, lighting, sound, and video – plus crew, Phil and lighting designer Jared Greenall, chose an all-Robe moving light rig of Pointes and LEDBeam 150s.
Phil wanted Peachy Playhouse to be “a proper theatre space” and to raise the bar in terms of production values, overall quality, and the whole audience drive-in experience. He also had to think out-of-the-box with the current situation, which suited him perfectly.
“I’m not very good at sitting around and waiting for things to happen,” he explained. “I thought that with so few events on offer over the summer and people clearly missing live entertainment badly, the time was right to be imaginative and create our own.”
With a capacity for 50 cars, each vehicle is allotted its ow

light-it-blueLighting It Blue at home with Chauvet DJ
Friday, 24 July 2020

UK - “We’re in this together,” has been a common rallying cry for communities throughout the world as they deal with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Andy Tugby took this to heart when he turned his home into an inspiring symbol in the Cornwall town of Camborne
With business at his company, SoundONE Disco, halted because of the prohibition on events, Tugby brought some of his idle Chauvet DJ lighting fixtures home to his 160-year old house and created a Light It Blue display, the kind normally seen on landmarks and public buildings.
“I felt this would be a nice gesture for my neighbours,” said Tugby. “At 8 pm people would come out to cheer the NHS, so I wanted to create an uplifting visual that would support them and serve as a positive symbol.”
Working with his DJ Sam Luke Barns, Tugby positioned four freestanding and battery powered Freedom Stick RGB fixtures evenly spaced across the front of his four-bedroom detached house. The powerful output of each unit’s 32 SMD LEDs allowed him to create an even field of colour across the width of the building.
Adding impact to the display were four Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC fixtures. Drawing on the tight beam angle and illuminance (up to 7,700 lux at 5m of these 180-watt movers, Tugby created crossing blue beams on the face of the building, lending greater dimensionality to his design.
Tugby and Barns were careful to leave the area directly below the home’s windows dark to allow the blue uplights inside to show through. Care was also taken to avoid spill

asteraAstera gets an Elite touch in Australia
Friday, 24 July 2020

Australia - Astera LED sales have been growing in Australia since the brand was fully introduced there at the start of 2019, with several leading lighting rental companies investing, including Elite Event Technology based in Canberra.
Elite, headed by owner and founder Darren Russell, will typically supply a full production package – lighting, audio, video rigging and staging – to its clients, embracing all sectors of the industry, from music events to corporates and industrials, TV and theatre productions.
Last year Elite purchased 96 x Astera AX1 PixelTubes in kits of eight with “all the bits”, supplied by ULA Group, Astera’s exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand.
More recently – and in spite of the pandemic - the company has invested in another 48 AX1’s and 48 x Astera AX5’s with a full complement of accessories which are for general stock, delivered by Astera’s Australian distributor, ULA Group.
One of the first AX1 events where Elite used all 96, was a gala dinner at Parliament House, the seat of the Australian government, for which Elite is the in-house audiovisual supplier.
Forty AX1s were used as table centres and the balance of 56 built into a spectacular chandelier that was flown in the centre of the Great Hall – the largest of 11 event spaces in Parliament House. All 96 fixtures were then pixel mapped.
The lights have proved ideal for numerous applications from room lighting to table centres, from architectural illumination to highlighting gardens and pathways, thanks to the IP rating

mq500mscreengrabChamSys debuts MagicQ MQ500M Stadium
Thursday, 23 July 2020

UK - ChamSys has introduced the MagicQ MQ500M Stadium console. This new desk, which offers 256 universes of control direct from the console without the need for additional processing nodes, gives designers and programmers greater flexibility at the highest level of show control, says the company.
The MagicQ MQ500M Stadium incorporates an array of software features that support motorised playback faders, playback encoders and customizable illumination. Thanks to its motorized function, the playback section can be used for multiple purposes with shortcut buttons to change the function.
With 15 motorised faders and 15 playback encoders per bank - and up to six banks - a total of 180 playbacks can be accessed at the touch of a button. RGB LED illumination enables different colours to be assigned to each individual fader and playback encoder enabling unlimited customisation.
In keeping with its versatile design, the MQ500M Stadium console supports many different fader modes in addition to the playback mode, enabling the playback section to be used in a wide variety of applications.
The programmer modes give access to intensities for each patched fixture, to groups of fixtures, or to individual channels of a fixture. The selected modes enable instant access to the intensities or channels of the currently selected fixtures.
The master modes provide instant master control of individual fixtures or groups of fixtures without having to pre-program masters, making it ideal for those live moments when lights are flaring in cameras or key lights n

kl-panelElation KL Panel addresses broadcast
Thursday, 23 July 2020

USA - Elation Professional has added a full-colour-spectrum soft light to its KL series (Key Light) of broadcast-quality LED luminaires, the KL Panel.
Broadcast environments require bright and highly variable lighting of very high quality. The KL Panel LED soft light delivers with superior output, precise colour temperature control, full-spectrum colour rendering and an even wash coverage. Using an efficient 295W RGBW + Lime + Cyan LED Array, the KL Panel produces soft white or full-colour washes up to 24,000 field lumens at a 100° half-peak angle.
Colour reproduction is also of the highest quality with a CRI over 95 while colour temperature is easily adjustable from 2,000 to 10,000K for a wide choice of variable colour or white shade projections. Additional colour tuning is possible through a green-shift adjustment and virtual gel library.
Besides its wide spectrum of chromatic options, this dynamic soft light luminaire includes other useful design features like smooth 16-bit dimming all the way to zero and 16-bit selectable dimming curve modes for programming ease, as well as electronic strobe. Adjustable and removable 8-leaf barn doors allow for customized shaping of the beam for more precise illumination and less light spill.
The KL Panel is fully optimised for broadcast and film environments with 900-25000Hz LED refresh rate adjustment for flicker free operation. Compact and portable, it can be mounted on a stand or suspended using any standard clamp or the included Junior pin adapter. A rugged housing with impact-resistant surrounds an


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