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highendsystems-gabalier-1HES tours Germany with Andreas Gabalier
Thursday, 15 August 2019

Europe - With his Lederhosen and accordion, Austria’s Andreas Gabalier sold out all eight stadiums on his summer tour of Germany celebrating 10 years of his Volks-Rock’n’Roll music. While the audience energy was high, actual energy consumption was lower, due to the High End Systems LED fixtures.
Lighting design team Michael Mayler and Andreas Fink collaborated to create a design that fits the requirements for a huge stadium tour, but simplified for the tight time schedule for building and setup. Part of the plan was to reduce their power needs without sacrificing powerful production looks.
The two turned to High End Systems’ product line and chose 38 SolaHyBeam 2000s, 36 SolaFrame 1500s and 32 Shapeshifters to fit their lighting needs. “When the LED fixtures are off, they are off, not like with discharge lamps which are still drawing power,” Mayler notes.
Two Axon HD Pro media servers equipped the large LED video wall behind Gabalier with visual content. A network of Hog 4 consoles controlled it all.
Production vendor Media Resource Group supplied all the gear, while PreWorks supplied the HES product support.
A standard round stage was the core of the design. Six large lighting Pods created from truss frames each housed SolaHyBeam and SolaFrames, moving to different levels and angles during the show.
The SolaHyBeam was specified for its “high output, very defined beam without a lot of stray light, and its true colours - especially greens and reds,” he says.
Fourteen SolaHyBeams were placed on the back truss fo

ruan-nel-and-brendan-kaizer-from-stage-effects-take-delivery-of-24-robin-600-ledwash-fixturesStage Effects acquires Robe Robins
Thursday, 15 August 2019

South Africa - Technical equipment supplier Stage Effects has acquired 24 Robin 600+ LEDWash fixtures from DWR Distribution.
Theo Papenfus, the owner of Stage Effects, explains that when he was contracted for two long-running events it made more sense to purchase new gear than to hire in additional equipment.
“We were hunting for a mid-range fixture and thought that the Robin 600+ would be a good investment,” he says. “When shopping around we found that cross rentals would be much easier if we went for the LEDWash 600 or the 600+. International riders are very demanding when it comes to quantities and lighting designers regularly specify the medium range washes.”
“The Robin 600+ is small, compact, powerful and lightweight saving on truck space due to four units fitting into one small flight case.”
(Jim Evans)

robe-luxor-live-lux091942439-rpRobe enjoys life at Luxor Live
Thursday, 15 August 2019

The Netherlands - Luxor Live is a music and performance venue in central Arnhem, the Netherlands with a colourful history that started in 1915 when it was opened as a film theatre. Architect Willem Diehl was responsible for its art deco look and features, which has also earned it ‘listed’ status. It was purchased by the Municipality of Arnhem in 2002, fully renovated and re-opened in its current format in 2008.
Last year a serious investment in Robe moving lights saw 12 Spiiders, 12 DL4X Spots, eight LEDBeam 150s and four DL4F Fresnels join the lighting rig to help ensure that the 300-plus shows staged there every year can benefit from top quality LED moving lights, explained head of lighting Fon Sanders.
The main hall capacity is a cosy 700 including the balcony, and the stage is scalloped out of an elegantly curved auditorium which features an individually pixel-controlled LED architectural lighting scheme that highlights the interesting shape and original ceiling art and sculptural features. There is also a small hall in the first floor with 200 capacity.
The venue is currently operated by a not-for-profit organisation (Luxor Live) and subsidised by the city of Arnhem, and the DL4Xs and DL4Fs were their second recent Robe addition following the Spiiders and LEDBeam 150s that were shipped early to arrive in time for Luxor Live’s 10th anniversary in September 2018.
While most artists will bring their own LD or operator, Fon still enjoys lighting interesting concerts and techno parties, and there is a pool of regular freelance LDs calle

viennaGLP lights Vienna Summer Night Concert
Thursday, 15 August 2019

Austria - It is one of the major cultural highlights of the city of Vienna: the Summer Night Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic. Since 2004, the Klassik-Open-Air has attracted tens of thousands of music lovers each year to the Schönbrunn Palace Gardens. This year's concert, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel, took place on 20 June in front of around 85,000 people. In addition, the concert was broadcast by public service broadcaster ORF.
For the second time, Jerry Appelt, was responsible for the lighting design. "The Vienna Philharmonic itself suggested the somewhat contemporary implementation of the concert,” he states. “I think that's very brave and I'm glad that concept suited both them and us.”
In 2019, the large, arched-roof platform was again positioned directly in front of the castle, while the audience in the garden spread out between the ornamental flower beds towards the Gloriette. Of course, in addition to all the architectural elements such as the castle, the real challenge was still primarily to illuminate the great classical orchestra on stage for this grand event.
But the design concept went far beyond this. "Thanks to the open stage with a transparent roof, we were able to include the castle as a background in the staging," continues Appelt. "This year, the green areas, the Neptune Fountain and the Gloriette also formed part of the stage lighting. Our aim was to integrate the overall concept in the best possible way in the concert process and make it work. "
For this mammoth task, the internationally renowned designer

humbolt-auditorium11Elation lights San José school auditorium
Thursday, 15 August 2019

Costa Rica - Colegio Humboldt is an international school in San José, Costa Rica, that serves preschool through secondary students. The school was founded in 1912 by Germans and emphasises a German-based education, Humboldt is also known for its profusion of extra-curricular activities. The school recently built a new performing arts space to further its programme, Auditorio Humboldt, a multi-purpose auditorium outfitted with Elation Professional luminaires.
Auditorio Humboldt is a modern, 238-capacity space where students conduct recitals and perform all manner of dance, music, theatre and debate. It houses top-of-the-line AV equipment with specialised technical personnel to provide support.
Elation dealer and distributor for Costa Rica, Darko Lighting of San José, completed the lighting project. They supplied, designed and installed new stage and architectural lighting systems for the auditorium, along with a decorative stretched ceiling, working in cooperation with architectural company Rojas Arquitectos.
The auditorium’s new stage lighting system includes 16 Fuze PAR Z175 fixtures. For flexibility of positioning, the system also includes four moving heads, Fuze Wash Z350s, a single-source PAR automated yoke wash luminaire with 120W RGBW COB LEDs and 7° to 55° zoom.
Associate director of Darko Lighting, Gabriel Zalkindas Jarovisky, specified the lighting system for the auditorium. “Quality, performance and price were all determining factors in the choice to go with these products,” he stated. “The lighting system is also quit

koi-tvKOI 2019 Television shortlist announced
Thursday, 15 August 2019

UK - The Television judging panel for The Knight of Illumination (KOI) Awards has revealed the 2019 shortlist for the Television category.
The judges were television editor for The Times James Jackson, critic for FT Weekend Susie Feay, art director and production designer Fleur Whitlock, lighting director John O'Brien, lighting designer and programmer Ross Williams, and television critic for The Guardian, Lucy Mangan. The meeting was led by lighting designer and longstanding KOI chair, Stuart Gain of the Society of Television Lighting and Design (STLD).

The shortlist is as follows:
The DTS Award for Events
Philip Brines for Proms in the Park Belfast 2018
David Gibson for BBC Football World Cup 2018, Russia
Tim Routledge for Stormzy at Glastonbury 2019

The Altman Lighting Award for Small Production
David Bishop for Made in Chelsea Big Christmas Quiz
Duncan Elsam for Jeremy Vine
Martin Kempton for Inside No. 9 - 'Dead Line'

The Green Hippo Award for Video Design & Graphic Display
59 Productions for Five Telegrams at BBC Proms Royal Albert Hall & Edinburgh Festival
David Newton for Strictly Come Dancing 2018
Natasha Syganevich (Freckled Sky), Irina Zhivotko (Front Pictures), Nataliia Rovenska (TRI.Direction) for James Arthur on Britain's Got Talent

The JLLighting Award for Light Entertainment
Nigel Catmur for Young Dancer of the Year
Chris Kempton for Comic Relief
Tim Rout

chrisyoung2photocredittoddkaplanjpgMavericks join Raised on Country tour
Wednesday, 14 August 2019

USA - On his current tour, Grammy-nominated Chris Young is being supported by a light and video show that is pointed emphatically toward the future. “We do have moments for sure when everything settles and there’s a nice solid traditional look, but overall we pushed things the other way toward pretty advanced technology,” said Chris Lisle of CLLD, who designed the forward-looking show for Young’s Raised On Country tour, using a rig supplied by Bandit Lites.
A key contributor to Lisle’s fluid and dynamic design for the 28-city summer tour, which runs through 14 September, are the 60 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK Pyxis fixtures in his rig. Positioned 10-apiece in six square automated truss pods that move throughout the show, the RGBW fixtures provide a steady stream of multi-faceted looks, thanks to their continuous 360° pan and tilt movement and outer rim of 15W RGBW LEDs.
“We love the overall eye candy that the Pyxis’ outer rim gives us,” said Lisle. “Their internal macros open up a lot of creative options, and their solid middle beam really pops too. Combining the two of them gives us a wide variety of different looks.”
In addition to relying on the movement created by the Maverick MK Pyxis itself, Lisle is generating an expansive sense of motion on stage by repositioning the truss pods that hold the fixtures. Flowing with the pods as they seamlessly change their coordinates over the stage are four moving video panels. Displaying custom content from MooCreative, the automated panels work in harmony with the pods as they bo

chroma-q-color-force-ii-on-rammstein-copyright-manfred-h-vogelweb-pic1Color Force II LEDs light European tour
Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Europe - Lighting designers Roland Greil & Patrick Woodroffe of Woodroffe Bassett Design specified over 100 Chroma-Q Color Force II LED battens to provide effects lighting for Rammstein’s European stadium tour 2019.
The German industrial metal band’s first-ever stadium tour - which sees them play 31 European dates this summer to promote their number one self-titled studio album - further ups the ante on their explosive and ground-breaking live shows.
Working in collaboration with production designer, Florian Wieder; production director Nicolai Sabottka; lighting directors Faren Matern & Marc Brunkhardt; and set designer, Cuno Hahn, Woodroffe Bassett Design created a distinctive lighting concept which works hand in hand with the overall production design.
Adopting a theatrical approach, the contrasting scenes range from bold industrial looks fitting Rammstein’s aesthetics, to more contemporary looks.
With the massive stadium shows requiring production values to match, Woodroffe Basset Design were looking for powerful, versatile and tour-proof LED lighting solutions which could be supplied in large quantities to achieve their artistic vision.
They found them with Chroma-Q’s Color Force II fixtures after seeing a demo at the tour’s lighting vendor, Neg Earth Lights, who supplied 86 Color Force II 72 and 18 Color Force II 48 LED battens, as well as 28 Color One 100/100X LED PARs.
Arranged in vertical strips upstage and on PA towers, plus horizontally upstage on the floor, the Color Force II fixtures deliver eye-catch

seminar-programme2PLASA Show reveals seminar programme
Tuesday, 13 August 2019

UK - PLASA has announced its line-up of seminar sessions in the run up to the PLASA Show 2019 (15-17 September, London Olympia).
In collaboration with top industry figures and brands, the programme will feature an array of creative achievements as well as advice on salient industry issues.
Pro audio journalist and consultant Phil Ward will lead a panel of industry figureheads - Chris Hill from Wigwam, Jim Griffiths from Vanguardia and Steve Jones from d&b audiotechnik - in ‘Equal rights for audio!’ They will assess how live performances, including the recent Spice Girls reunion tour, can neglect audio in the rush for spectacular video, lighting and set design.
Moving from concerts to theatre, Shure will present the future of audio for theatre productions, in association with Curtain Call. This panel will explore how the advancement of microphone technology, such as wireless and lavalier mics, continues to influence performance and push the industry forward.
Meanwhile, Women in Music will host a session on how to survive and thrive in the live music industry, sharing tips on how to create an impressive CV, keep busy during the slow season, gain recognition, and prevent burnout whilst on the road.
Continuing on this theme, Rose Bruford graduate Tom Harrison will speak on the lifestyle of technicians. Working on the road is notoriously hazardous for diet, sleep and exercise, but Harrison is equipped with the latest research and insights to help those interested in leading healthier and more sustainable lives.
James Simpson, L

rascalrigRascal Flatts takes Bandit on summer tour
Tuesday, 13 August 2019

USA - Rascal Flatts is out headlining the Summer Playlist Tour with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites. With the trio celebrating their 20th anniversary next year, lighting designer Travis Shirley looked to fashion a fresh design that both honoured their two decades of touring and reinvented what audiences expect from a Rascal Flatts performance.
“These guys are legends,” says Shirley. “They have done it all before: arenas, stadiums, gig shows, small shows, etc. They were looking for something fresh; something that brought the Flatts performance a bit more in the ‘spotlight.’”
“It has been an honour to work with Rascal Flatts for almost two decades,” said Bandit Lites vice president Mike Golden,” and while I have also known Travis Shirley for that length of time, I had never had the opportunity to work with him until now. From the moment I first saw his design and all of the detail he had put into it; I knew the rig would look excellent.”
Bandit Lites supplied more than 250 fixtures for the tour, including Martin MAC Viper Profiles, VL 3500 Washes, GLP X4S, Elation CuePix WW4, Claypaky Sharpys, Eurolite STP-10 Sunstrips and Elation Smarty Hybrids. Long-time Rascal Flatts Lighting Director Andy Knighton controls the show from a grand MA 2 Full console.
“I had my eye on the Elation Smarty Hybrid,” reveals Shirley. “I knew I wanted something fast, bright, and something affordable enough we could stack the pods full of them. As this is the first time my team and I have worked with the Elation Smarty, we did h

robe-avraham-tal-tour-2019-photo-by-riki-kendel3Avraham Tal turns electronic with Robe
Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Israel - Avraham Tal is one of the best known contemporary Israeli singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. His 2019 tour takes a more electronic vibe than previously, and with that, he wanted fresh input on the lighting front and a spec including Robe MegaPointes, Spiiders and BMFL Spots.
He wanted this to be achieved without the mechanical precision of timecode but with a more organic process. Co-designers Eran Klein & Omer Israeli of Cochavi and Klein Light Architects proposed a scheme - including Robe moving lights - which was chosen to help explore and develop this idea and these new directions for the stage presentation. Madrix programmer and tour LD / operator, Naor Bonomo also provided input.
A major part of this creative chemistry was focussed on finding a new way of synching lighting and video with elements of the music, utilising MIDI over Ethernet into the grandMA2 lighting console via a magic little ‘boom box’ device that Naor spec’d and programmed.
Different lights can be ‘played’ per song, and instruments triggering the action can be assigned via the lighting console, all of which makes the process live and completely harmonious with the music and the vibe of the moment. This setup allows the artist to improvise whenever he feels like it, without timecode dictating the schedule.
The lighting console also triggers the Madrix controller running the mapping on the LED tubes.
The overall look of the show was inspired by multiple aspects including vintage 1980s style DJ light boxes, and the lighting rig is d

claypakyrosalia1Rosalia makes tour debut with Claypaky
Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Spain - Catalan singer-songwriter Rosalia is setting festivals worldwide on fire with her signature flamenco-urban fusion style and sold-out shows which feature lighting by Claypaky, represented in Spain by Stonex.
In support of her second studio album El Mal Querer, Rosalia’s eponymous world tour - her first - launched in the spring and has played dates in North America, Latin America and across Europe, including Lollapalooza in Argentina and Chile, Coachella in the US, Primavera Sound in Barcelona, and Gurtenfestival in Switzerland. Engagements will continue through October.
Rosalia enjoys an unprecedented reception whenever she performs. Her show at La Noche Blanca del Flamenco de Cordoba seduced 10,000 fans with her lyrics and flamenco styling enhanced by dynamic lighting design by Isabel de la Mora.
Now, on her world tour, Rosalia is accompanied by Claypaky A.LEDA B-EYE K10 and Sharpy Plus fixtures provided by Fluge Audiovisuales.
The compact A.LEDA B-EYE K10 is a powerful fixture that works as a beam, wash and effects unit. It is a versatile tool for creating powerful designs that require different vivid looks while taking up little space. Eleven units are deployed on the tour. During the Cordoba concert the B-EYE K10s, positioned at the front of the stage, washed the set with intense colour and played a leading role in the look of the show.
The lighting design is enhanced by 39 Sharpy Plus fixtures prized for the quality output of its Osram Sirius HRI 330W X8 lamp and its gobo array.
For Rosalia’s tour, Sharpy Plu

grimbergen2Chauvet in the mix for Grimbergen celebration
Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Belgium - A new chapter was added to the rich and widely heralded tradition of Belgian beer making recently thanks to the discovery of a medieval manuscript. Hidden away by monks of the Grimbergen Abbey in 1798 to avoid advancing French revolutionary troops, the recipe, written in Latin and Old Dutch, was unearthed about four years ago in the monastery’s archives.
This May, after much painstaking research, the monks were ready to release their resurrected brew to the world. Rolling out such a beverage after a 220-year hiatus, calls for a special celebration, which is exactly what the Grimbergen Abby monks created, putting on Grimbergen Experience Days, a debut event for their business partners and beer connoisseurs from around the world.
Adding an appropriate level of visual excitement to the proceedings was a lighting design by Thomas Boets of LDP who was retained by Fast Forward. Boets’ rig featured a collection of Chauvet Professional LED fixtures and video panels that included 60 Rogue R1 Wash, and 16 COLORdash Batten-Quad fixtures as well as F4IP tiles supplied by Steven Lagaisse of SVL Rent.
Stefan Uyterhoeven of Mojuice was the content and show director for the event, which was completely wrapped with textile projections, and took place at Pheonixcourt (Fenikshof), the future site of the micro-brewery that will produce the beer.
Through his employment of 60 Rogue R1 Wash fixtures positioned from a number of different trussing positions, Boets was able to highlight the contours of the architectural space through subtle use of the

techled-prideasdaleeds1TechLED and 4-Wall prepare ASDA for Pride
Tuesday, 13 August 2019

UK - To demonstrate its support for Leeds Pride, ASDA’s head office in the Leeds city centre came out once again in the movement’s traditional bright rainbow colours, with the help of TechLED and 4-Wall.
To achieve the required look, 4-Wall’s Ben Perrin specified SGM Q7 wide-angled LED flood fixtures to be distributed evenly under the eaves of the building perimeter. For the building entrance, the tighter beam angle of SGM P5 architectural LED wash lights area, highlighted the features of the entryway.
Perrin’s choice was based upon the two-fold suitability of the products to the job, explaining the SGM fixtures are “really wide-angled, really soft, really bright, produce really good pastel colours and because they feature in-built wireless control, they ensure the install and removal was really quick”.
SGM’s Q7 is a multi-function flood light with blinder and strobe capabilities. IP65-rated for outdoor use, it features 2000 RGBW SMD LEDs. Featuring a colour temperature of 5,700K, and a high output of over 25,000 lumens, its wide beam angle of 110° gave a vibrant wash to the ASDA building from the fewest possible fixtures - to further ease the installation time.
The SGM P5 gives the same high-performance RGBW colour, in this instance through a 43°, 21° 15° interchangeable lens. Activated by wireless DMX, the colours swirled through a slow rainbow chase.
TechLED’s managing director, Gordon Addison, says: “ASDA head office is happy once again with the statement we’ve created on its behalf. They turn to TechLED for

polandVES rocks Open’er Festival’s’ Beat Stage
Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Poland - The Open’er Festival - one of the largest music festivals in Poland - has been an institution since 2002. Having welcomed international names including the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pharrel Williams, Snoop Dogg and Coldplay, it has maintained its status in the Polish festival calendar.
Open’er Festival is held annually in the seaside city of Gdynia. Tasked with overall multimedia support of the five stages was one of Poland’s largest event engineering companies, VES.
Responsible for the overall design and operation of the Beat Stage, Michał ‘Kurczak’ Mazurkiewicz of VES used more than 180 lighting fixtures. Included in the package was the Prolights Arenacob4FC, a full colour LED replacement for a traditional four-cell DWE blinder alongside the Prolights Aar5FAN which stood out as the pixel-FX moving head. It allowed the designer to control the spread of its pixels through the motorised lens system, passing seamlessly from a sharp linear beam effect to a multi-ray effect proving to be “an indispensable fixture in the rig”.
VES says in a statement: “Thanks to the beautiful design and flexibility of these fixtures, the Beat Stage was highly complimented by designers and artists from around the world. We believe the ‘wow factor’ was really achieved.”
(Jim Evans)

fuze-profileElation extends Fuse LED wash series
Monday, 12 August 2019

USA - Elation Professional has extended its popular Fuze series of LED wash luminaires with new profile and spot versions.
Available now is the Fuze Spot and Fuze Profile with framing, both housing full-colour-spectrum RGBMA colour mixing systems. Also available is the cold white Fuze Profile CW with dual colour wheels.
The Fuze Spot and Fuze Profile are designed for a wide array of precision lighting applications, particularly theatre, TV and corporate event applications where high colour quality, colour manipulation and accurate colour reproduction is needed.
Both luminaires house a 305W 92 CRI engine (6,500K) that utilises a five-colour homogenised LED array of red, green, blue, mint and amber sources. The carefully tuned RGBMA LEDs and high CRI ensure accurate colour reproduction while delivering a powerful white output of over 10,000 lumens.
The Fuze Spot houses two gobo wheels, both wheels with six rotating, indexing glass gobos that are interchangeable. The Fuze Profile LED framing fixture houses two gobo wheels - a six-slot rotating, indexing wheel with interchangeable glass gobos and a seven-slot fixed wheel with glass gobos. A full blackout framing system with four rotating blades gives full control of the beam shape and can index +/- 45°.
Both the Fuze Spot and Fuze Profile house a 7° - 42° motorized zoom and ship with an included snoot attachment. An animation wheel can be engaged to bring graphics to life while a variable frost filter can be employed when designers wish for softer gobo or soft wash effects.

themavericksMavericks at the double at Glastonbury
Monday, 12 August 2019

UK - When The Mavericks stopped at the Glastonbury Festival during their 30th Anniversary World Tour, their LD Landon Bloss did what he always does on fly dates: he walked over to look at the lighting rig that he would be running later that day.
Approaching the festival’s Acoustic Stage from a distance, Bloss was impressed with the looks the festival LD was conjuring up with some large spots. “I thought for sure, given how bright their output was, that they were 1700w arc lamp fixtures,” said the Nashville-based designer. “So, I was completely surprised when I learned that these fixtures actually had LED engines.”
The fixtures that astonished Bloss shared the name of the band he lights. They were Mavericks, or more precisely 16 Maverick MK3 Spot and 18 Maverick MK3 Wash fixtures from Chauvet Professional supplied by Fineline Lighting.
For Bloss, his first impression of the Maverick fixtures proved to be well-founded. This was evident as soon as he sat down at his console. “The challenges I encountered at Glastonbury were what any LD faces when walking into a festival on the day of the show,” he said. “You have very limited time on the console with the rig before the show starts. The only time I had to patch, clone, and focus positions was the two 30-minute set changes before we went on. The MK3s were easy fixtures to figure out. They cloned into my rig seamlessly.”
Having integrated the fixtures into his show, Bloss proceeded to rattle the Acoustic Stage with some powerful looks that mixed big beams, deep intense colours, a

muse-39-by-steve-jenningsTMB gear on Muse world tour
Monday, 12 August 2019

Europe - This summer, Muse continued their Simulation Theory world tour through the UK and Europe. The successful North American leg of the stadium tour put crew and equipment to the test in 23 cities.
“Jesse Lee Stout, the creative director for the tour, wanted the entire lighting rig and stage to feel like a spaceship straight out of the ‘80s/’90s sci-fi movies we all know and love,” explains tour lighting designer and programmer, Sooner Routhier.
“Making that all-encompassing vision brighter are 176 Solaris Flare LR and 51 Solaris Flare Q+ fixtures. First, neon outlines, comprised of Upstaging Sabers, outline the sides of the truss to help turn the rig into a giant space invader. The Flare LRs provide a thicker, brighter line of light to accentuate the lines of trusses. At the tips of each truss, the structure flips up 45° with three LRs sitting side by side. They represent the thrusters of the spaceship. The Flare Q+ fixtures sit inside ramps inside the stage, functioning as metal gratings/vents in the spaceship floors. The Flare Q+ light them as if they are glowing with futuristic energy.”
Routhier adds: “Brightness is the biggest factor in specifying Flares. We are competing with a very large video wall upstage. It was important for the lines of the structure to stand out when needed. We also really love the clean, smooth surface of the lights.”
Lighting director Aaron Luke says: “From my side of things, I find both the Q+ and the LRs to be performing quite well. The fixtures serve a few different purposes on t

fisherFisher Hires invests in Luxibel B180 pars
Monday, 12 August 2019

UK - Gatwick-based lighting hire company Fisher Hires has made a significant investment in IP-rated Luxibel B Par 180 RGBW LED fixtures.
Rob Baker, head of hires at Fisher Hires, says the company was looking to upgrade its existing stock of LED pars, but required a cost-effective solution that would fit in with its high-end branded inventory. Fisher Hires, as part of Fisher Productions, is a Royal Warrant business, awarded the accolade in 2000 by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales as ‘Suppliers of Lighting and Production Services’.
“The Luxibel B Par 180 ticks all the boxes - IP-rated, bright, simple to use, lightweight and slick enough for the eye,” says Rob. “What sells is reliable kit that can be trusted to do its job, and although Luxibel is not yet the best-known brand, we let the light do the talking. It has paid off as they are now attracting return clients who ask for the Luxibel brand over the everyday ones when requesting LED Pars.”
The investment is the result of a long-standing relationship between AED Group - which manufactures Luxibel - and Fisher Hires.
“AED always gives you the extra service and their team pushes themselves to help others - they are passionate and knowledgeable about what they can do for us at Fisher Hires, suggesting solutions that match our needs,” continues Baker. “They support us with all kind of services from their AV Business Tools kit, to rental and purchase.”
Fisher Productions has already used the B Par 180s on various events at well-known London venues, and Baker reports

kylieKOI 2019 Concert Touring & Events shortlist revealed
Monday, 12 August 2019

UK - The judging panel for The Knight of Illumination (KOI) Awards has revealed the 2019 shortlist for the Concert Touring & Events category.
Having received a record number of submissions - up 25 per cent from the 2017 Awards - the judges had to choose just a fraction of the entries to put forward for the shortlist.

The 2019 Concert Touring & Events shortlist is as follows:

The MA Lighting Award for Club
Hayden Borgars for Fever 333
Sherry Coenen for Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster
John 'JP' Partridge for Metronomy

The disguise Award for Video Content
Tom Colbourne, Rob Sinclair & Blue Leach for Kylie Minogue
Adam Young and Finn Ross for Years & Years
Paul Kell for Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets

The Vari-Lite Award for Stage
Tom Campbell for John Grant
Paul Kell for Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets
Tim Routledge for DAVE

The Minuit Une Award for Events
Adam Bassett for Dinosaurs in the Wild
Matthew Button for The Nest, London Borough of Culture
Ben Cracknell for Olivier Awards 2019

The GLP Award for Arena
Ben Dalgleish for Post Malone
Tim Routledge for Florence + the Machine
Tobias Rylander for The 1975

The judging panel comprised LSi editor Claire Beeson, music business and events consultant Ronnie Gurr, director of architectural lighting firm 18 Degrees Christopher Knowlton, head of lighting design at Imagination Jonny Milmer

apollo-nights-3-ben-m-rogers--senbla-2019White Light equips Apollo Nights
Friday, 9 August 2019

UK - White Light recently provided the lighting equipment for the Apollo Nights season at the Eventim Apollo - a week of live performances from a range of music artists.
The inaugural Apollo Nights season at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London, brought together a premium VIP dining experience and a roster of headline artists for a week of shows at the landmark venue.
Curated by Ollie Rosenblatt at Senbla, the season delivered an audience experience with the front stalls seating removed to create space for VIP pre-show dining with live jazz piano before opening up the full auditorium for headline shows. The first performance was by Burt Bacharach and Joss Stone and was followed by George Benson and finally Marc Almond.
The lighting designer for the season was Ben M Rogers, who WL has previously worked with on the award-winning Hair musical. Rogers comments: “I was tasked with creating a flexible 'festival' rig that would frame the action on stage and enhance the auditorium for the dining experience. Taking the artists touring riders as a starting point, and working closely with WL’s Customer Services Team Leader Andy Cullen, I had to assemble a rig capable of delivering everything, from big, classy show looks to intimate moments.”
Alongside this, Ben also had to consider the building’s architecture when formulating his design. “The venue has exceptional sight lines with all seats able to see the full proscenium opening. I wanted to achieve layers of light to fill the large proscenium - so cascaded the fly bars and adde

hesHigh End Systems extends online support
Friday, 9 August 2019

Europe - High End Systems has opened the ‘new and improved’ High End Systems Knowledge Management Site (KMS) for users to get solutions for specific issues faster.
Available at, the KMS houses over 2,000 support articles created over the years, including hundreds of new articles produced just in the last few months. Whether you need a quick fix or a detailed tutorial, the KMS gives you a database of solutions that you can search on your own time. And, with the ability to capture questions in real time, High End Tech Services can also get answers out more quickly to help others with similar problems, says the company.
The KMS has a wide array of content available for both High End Systems and ETC products.
(Jim Evans)

v2-espn-bV2 low energy solutions for summer events
Friday, 9 August 2019

UK - Version 2 is supporting a growing number of crews with low energy solutions both in the studio and on location.
Working with a number of leading lighting directors, the Buckinghamshire based lighting rental specialists have supported coverage on a selection of premier summer events with products form their low energy inventory. First up was a visit to Worthy Farm, Somerset as broadcast partners for the BBC’s comprehensive coverage of the 2019 Glastonbury Festival.
Making use of a selection of V2 low energy fixtures, lighting director Oli Richards and gaffer Paul Evans made this year’s Glastonbury coverage a completely LED lit event. The Version 2 team deployed a pair of lighting trucks to help deliver the look for both the ‘live studio’ areas and the considerable number of interviews held remotely across the vast festival site.
The studio set-ups mixed Martin’s MAC Aura Wash and Rush Par 2 with Litepanels Gemini 2 x 1 Soft Panels to provide a blend of soft, even illumination and controllable colour. To complete the look, LED ribbon was added for extra sparkle throughout the set. For the location spots, V2 sent out their Litepanels Astra LED Soft Panel kits.
Heading to London SW18, the Version 2 team joined LD Malcolm Reed for ESPN’s coverage of Wimbledon 2019. As one of the largest on-site broadcasters, ESPN delivered over 145 hours of TV to over 3m viewers throughout the entire Championships.
Covering the action from every angle, the set-up required the custom install of two main studios plus lighting of numerous remot

robe-ghent-jazz-festival-2019-ghe291742387Robe illuminates Ghent Jazz Festival
Friday, 9 August 2019

Belgium - Main stage artists at the 2019 Ghent Jazz Festival were illuminated by 86 Robe moving lights - including 35 new T1s - in a slick lighting design created by Bart Weyts of company L&L Stage Services, who provided technical production, including lightning, audio and video, for that stage.
The event was located in the attractive surroundings of De Bijloke, a charismatic historic site formally a hospital that now houses the Ghent Music Centre in the Belgian city. L&L has been involved in the main stage technical production for the last few years, working directly for the organisers.
This year, L&L purchased T1s with this and other projects in mind from Robe’s Benelux distributor Controllux, adding to their ever-growing rental inventory of Robe moving lights which is now around the 650 mark. He wanted to use them on the Jazz festival because they are silent.
Jazz performance often features some very intense ‘pin drop’ moments - where the ambience can potentially be ruined by the clunking and whirring of a moving light!
In addition to these, 29 Spiiders and 22 LEDWash 600s graced the rig which was based on Danny Nolan’s design for Sting. Other high-profile stars included Jamie Cullum, Rymden, Diana Krall, Joan Baez, Gregory Porter, Mulatu Astatke, Melissa Aldana, Big Whoop and many others all reflecting superlative jazz from around the globe.
The lights were positioned on three overhead trusses slightly racked (lowest at the back) above the stage and on a front (advance) truss, with the LEDWash 600s on two 90-degr


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