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hogfactoruk1Hog Factor UK winners revealed
Tuesday, 20 November 2018

UK - The UK Hog Factor competition final took place at Production Futures as two teams competed in a lighting showdown using High End Systems’ Hog 4 console.
Rose Bruford’s ‘Two CLCs and A Norwegian Walk Into A Bar’ won the lighting programming contest, whilst ‘Hogging Bruford’ finished runners-up. The finalists programmed to Foo Fighters’ Pretender.
The judges, including renowned LD Jonathan Armstrong and senior product manager for Hog consoles, Sarah Clausen, took into account the artistic impression of the live show as well as the programming style of the Hog 4. They agreed that the winning team “produced a better structured show in the desk, and had a better use of colour and contrast with their design, portraying a better journey throughout the song”.
Clausen comments: “Both teams showed a real ability to break down the song and structure of a lighting show to fit the music. We were very impressed with both teams timing and execution.”
Since its launch in 2015, High End Systems has run Hog Factor competitions around the world at various trade shows and will be back next year at Prolight & Sound 2019 in Frankfurt.
(Jim Evans)

robe-prime-circle-blue-crowd-photo-by-daniel-craig-johnsonRobe in the Prime Circle
Tuesday, 20 November 2018

South Africa - Rock band Prime Circle have invested in Robe fixtures. Marco Gomes the band’s bass guitarist, songwriter and manager together with lighting designer Benjamin ‘Benji’ Muir-Mills chose Robe miniPointes, LEDBeam 150s and VIVAs which the band have purchased from distributor DWR.
Gomes and Muir-Mills explained that touring in South Africa can be challenging - many venues on the circuit offer minimal lighting, so having their own rig now means that wherever they go, they can enjoy the continuity of a great lightshow, fans get better production values and less time is needed for re-plotting each show. Instead that creative clawback can be spent in developing the core lightshow they now enjoy with their own kit. It also makes get ins and outs significantly quicker and more efficient.
The decision to go with Robe was based on having used the products on many occasions. Pointes have always been on Benji’s favourites list, and the little LEDBeam 150 is fast becoming his preferred small wash beam fixtures.
Another key reason for choosing Robe is the service from DWR. “They are always incredibly supportive and friendly and offer some of the best general industry support in the country,” says Muir-Mills.
Prime Circle has already started using the new lighting on shows which has “upped the aesthetic substantially” as Muir-Mills explains, adding that he still has a lot of work to do in terms of developing the new show, and he wishes he could use them on every gig, but for now it will be just their SA shows when it’s practical

wdmx-press-191118W-DMX in control at Novomatic Forum in Vienna
Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Austria - Studio Due Light, in collaboration with Laman Gmbh in Austria, has recently illuminated the Novomatic Forum in Vienna as part of a façade lighting overhaul. The previous fixtures installed were traditional luminaries with a high-level of energy wasted.
The project included replacing the façade uplighters on the ground and first floors, along with the balcony lighting around the forum. Confronted with new challenges to accommodate the LED fixtures, the specifiers noticed the impossibility to run DMX cable to the bottom part of the building, to replace the in-ground fixtures with the energy-efficient ones.
Faced with this issue, Mr. Robert Makovsky of Leman Gmbh turned to Studio Due to come up with a cost-effective solution. After several tests on-site, Studio Due implemented W-DMX into their Terra Plus RGBW RDM fixtures. “We have implemented Nano TRX modules from Wireless Solution, with an Indoor 2 Backbone antenna, so we could receive DMX and transmit RDM back to the controller,” says Paolo Carvone, field application engineer for Studio Due. With this implementation, it is possible to get power from the existent infrastructure, and DMX to the fixture wirelessly, without having to dig and run new cables.
Two WhiteBox F-1 G5 transmitters were also used in the installation, located on the second-floor, and transmitting on both sides of the building. Each receiving antenna is placed around the rim of the in-ground fixture, just behind the top cover, to optimize the incoming signal strength.
“This is a very cost-effective way of r

luminexLuminex debuts AVB at Roskilde Festival
Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Denmark - More than 130,000 people and 184 artists saw the AVB debut of Luminex Network Intelligence in a cooperation with Bright Group and Meyer Sound at the Roskilde Festival. On thr Orange stage and the Arena stage, audio was running on AVB protocol from Meyer Sound Galileo Galaxy 816 network platform through a network of 28x GigaCore 10 switches of Luminex Network Intelligence.
“We were very happy to have Luminex on board for the Roskilde festival. There are many reasons to go for the GigaCore range of Luminex but definitely the easiness, the GUI and the rock-solid reliable performance of their switches is remarkable,” says Fredrik Arwidson from Bright Group Sweden. “Furthermore, we were delighted with the upfront training, the intensive testing in our Stockholm warehouse and with the presence of Roel Apers (Support engineer) of Luminex Network Intelligence during the festival.”
“It was a great experience to test and validate our equipment with the massive Meyer Sound system upfront. The Bright Group has an impressive technical knowledge and after the test-runs together with Dennis Tholema (Meyer Sound) I was very confident our AVB debut was going to be successful,” says Roel Apers of Luminex Network Intelligence.
Artists like Bruno Mars, Eminem, Nine Inch Nails, Dua Lipa and many more were powered by Meyer Sound systems and Luminex Network Intelligence during the Roskilde festival.
CEO Bart Swinnen comments: “We are very proud of our new firmware release including the AVB feature. To debut of our AVB release at one of the la

dinosaurMDG goes Walking with Dinosaurs
Tuesday, 20 November 2018

UK - Back in the mists of time, dinosaurs roamed and ruled the world . . . and now with the arena spectacular Walking with Dinosaurs, they are doing so again (see production report in LSi November).
This time the mist, or rather haze and low fog, is courtesy of MDG with three ATMe haze generators and three ICE FOG Compack HP low fog generators supplied by Sonalyst, the South Wales-based production company looking after the UK and European tour of this show. Sonalyst was already aiming to expand its investment in some serious haze and fog equipment when Walking with Dinosaurs LD John Rayment approached them with his requirements for the tour which called for a huge amount of haze and low fog.
“We were really keen to get into MDG because we are aware of the capabilities of their haze and fog units as high quality, reliable machines,” says George Pakenham, project manager at Sonalyst. “When John confirmed he was a big fan of MDG, we decided to go down that route. It’s our first investment in MDG and the units have been excellent, really first class.”
He added, “a large amount of haze and low fog was needed to create the right atmosphere, so we purchased three of the ATMe haze generators and three ICE FOG Compack HP low fog generators. Each unit is put in the best position for the airflow of the venue, which of course ca

shaniatwain-wellsfargo-2018toddkaplan-impress-smlMagicPanel in the frame for Shania Twain
Tuesday, 20 November 2018

World - Shania Twain is hitting the road with her Shania Now tour. Twain has wowed audiences in North America and Europe this summer and autumn with her fast and ever-changing stage show. The constant motion and changing looks on stage are aided and abetted by Ayrton’s MagicPanel-602 fixtures.
Creative director and lighting designer Rob Sinclair, and lighting director Michael Straun were specific in what they needed to achieve the stunning visuals for this show which are based around five large, automated LED video cubes with dancer platforms placed on top.
Sinclair stated, “Shania wanted a fast-paced show where the appearance of the stage and people constantly changed, with the band, the video cubes and the dancers in constant motion. We needed to find some square-faced lights to complement the square video cubes, and the MagicPanels were the perfect answer.”
In total, Sinclair used 100 MagicPanel-602 fixtures, creatively setting them into five overhead pods each with 20 units arranged in a 5 x 4 configuration. The pods fit with the LED cubes, hanging behind and above each of them on automated winches. The video cubes variously carry singers, dancers, the drummer and other band members and can be deployed at different heights throughout the show to add to the overall spectacle. The MagicPanel pods also move up and down and can be angled into different formations so no two songs have the same arrangement of cubes and pods throughout the show.
Sinclair and Straun are joined on the tour by production manager Joel Eriksson, lightin

nw-groupNW Group extends Martin by Harman inventory
Monday, 19 November 2018

Australia - Audio, video and lighting services provider NW Group recently bolstered its lighting inventory with Martin by Harman lighting fixtures, provided by Show Technology.
To serve the live concert and touring markets, NW Group specified MAC Aura XB and MAC Quantum Profile fixtures.
Graeme Whitehouse, general manager, NW Group, comments: “We’ve used Quantum Wash, Viper and Aura fixtures with great success for years. We were in the market for next-generation fixtures that could deliver rapid movement and beautiful colour mixing during high profile stage performances. After testing numerous fixtures with local supplier Show Technology, we decided to go with Martin MAC Aura XB washes and MAC Quantum Profiles.
“We’re extremely happy with our choice - the Aura XB and Quantum Profiles enable us to provide even more value to our clients in the arts and entertainment world as well as the corporate arena. As we’re now expanding into “in-house” venue services, such as Brisbane’s iconic City Hall, we’re continuing to demonstrate the versatility of these fixtures.”
NW Group’s new MAC Quantum Profile fixtures enable them to achieve a mix of breakup gobo, aerial and beam looks to enhance any event.
“The Quantum Profile adds an extra layer of beam animation to our plotted looks and the Aura XB performs so well, it’s now our go-to stage wash fixture,” said James Dee, account manager, NW Group. “The Aura XB also features an innovative zoom and lens design that allows it to deliver useful tight beam looks you wouldn

wutangclanWu-Tang Clan celebrate with Chauvet
Monday, 19 November 2018

USA - Wu-Tang Clan celebrated their 25th anniversary with a sold-out concert 240 miles to the north of Staten Island at the Tsongas Centre in Lowell. The show featured a Freddy Thompson lighting design that featured over 60 Chauvet Professional fixtures, supplied by JDI Productions, Inc.
Thompson’s show did more than provide eye-popping visuals to match the various moods on stage; it also created a light bridge that connected the Wu-Tang Clan to their devoted audience. “There’s a strong bond between this group and their fans,” he explains. “The start of the show was pretty intense. The crowd was all about seeing the group making their appearance on stage. So, naturally we focused a lot on audience lighting.”
Thompson used 16 Rogue R3 Wash, 16 Maverick MK1 Hybrid, 12 Rogue R2 Wash, 16 Legend 230SR Beam, and four STRIKE 4 fixtures to create his looks on stage and over the crowd. The Rogue R3 Wash fixtures were flown on the downstage truss and were used to light the group and their set pieces. Also on the downstage truss were the STRIKE 4 units, which provided audience lighting.
On the upstage truss, Thompson flew eight of his Maverick MK1 Hybrids and an equal number of Rogue R2 Washes. The remaining Maverick and Rogue R2 units, along with the Legend fixtures, were positioned on 12’ truss towers stage left and right.
“We got some great looks out of the Mavericks,” says Thompson. “We wanted movement and intensity with some songs to balance the static looks we emphasized with some of the other songs. Aside from the aerial effect

robe-roger-watersRobe for Roger Waters’ Us+Them tour
Monday, 19 November 2018

Europe - Lighting designer Pryderi Baskerville is working with creative director Sean Evans, production designer Jeremy Lloyd from Wonder Works, video director Richard Turner, production manager Chris Kansy and production director Andrew Zweck to deliver for Roger Waters’ live productions.
Pryderi has worked for Waters since 2013 and as LD / lighting director / lighting programmer since 2016. The Us+Them world touring cycle (see LSi September 2018 for production report) started in May 2017 and runs until December this year. Pryderi specified 97 x Robe BMFL WashBeams for the stadium version of the shows and 57 x BMFL Spots and 8 x BMFL Blades for the arena gigs.
Waters himself is involved with every step of the production for all his touring work.
With video a major part of the show - a media in which Waters has consistently innovated through the years - and particularly with the impressive 65m-wide upstage LED screen for the stadium shows and the fly-in Rolio projection surfaces that bisect the arena shows - Pryderi needed some seriously bright and reliable light sources.
The BMFL WashBeams with their even higher output were a natural upgrade progression for the outdoor shows.The stadium shows feature 15 x BMFL WashBeams rigged above the LED Screen and another 10 per side on two special PA mast ‘torms’
These sleek PA t

lsc-wLSC appoints regional sales manager
Friday, 16 November 2018

Australia - LSC Lighting Systems has appointed Jeff Morgan as its new regional sales manager for Australia. Morgan has over 25 years’ experience in the lighting and entertainment industry, having worked as a lighting systems technician, electrician and technical support officer as well as in sales and installation roles. In the past decade, he managed Lots of Watts Central Coast in New South Wales, specialising in lighting and audio sales and developing bespoke projects for local schools and churches.
In his role at LSC, Morgan will provide technical sales, training and dealer support in Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales.
“I am delighted to have Jeff join LSC,” says Gary Pritchard, managing director at LSC. “His experience and knowledge of the industry and the fact that he has specified, installed and used LSC products for many years will not only make him an outstanding addition to our team, but our customers will also benefit greatly from his experience.”
(Jim Evans)

lucrntiLucenti offers innovation opportunities
Friday, 16 November 2018

Belgium - Developed and engineered in Belgium, Lucenti “brings innovation to the high-speed entertainment lighting industry”. “With power line communication, we saw an opportunity to take festoon lighting to the next level,” say Yoeri Renders and Olivier Leirs who have been developing and testing for the past years to get the Lucenti bulbs durable and the protocols flawless. “By sending the data to control the bulbs over the power line, we reduce cabling. Standard socket wiring can be used to make lines of up to 250 meters long with 128 individually addressable bulbs.”
The flagship bulb called the Pearl has RGB coloured LEDs in the base and a dimmable LED filament. Each channel is individually adjustable through the controller. With the app you can opt for plug and play, or connect your DMX (wired or wireless) lighting console and integrate it with the rest of your lighting.
The Lucenti team have “managed to create a rugged and intuitive controller that lasts at the rough environments of event venues or production sites”. With its IP67 resistance both bulbs and controller can be used outdoors. More shapes will be added to the Vinci collection soon to give lighting designers more options.
(Jim Evans)

shaniatwain-wellsfargo-2018toddkaplan-anymanClaypaky enhances Shania Now world tour
Friday, 16 November 2018

USA - The Queen of Country Pop’s Shania Now 2018 tour is using a large complement of Claypaky Mythos2 and Scenius Unico fixtures to enhance the show’s dazzling visual palette. ACT Lighting is the exclusive distributor of Claypaky lighting in North America.
Shania Now takes multi-Grammy winner Shania Twain across North America and to South America and Europe this fall before culminating in a swing through Oceania prior to Christmas. Twain has sold over 100m records making her the best-selling female artist in country music history and among the best-selling music artists of all time. Last year she released her fifth studio album and her first in 15 years, entitled Now.
The production features 48 Claypaky Mythos2 and 80 Scenius Unico fixtures. “The Unicos are the main workhorse of the lighting rig: They provide key light, back light and floor lighting,” explains creative director and production designer Rob Sinclair. “The Mythos2 are hung on upstage torms and side ‘cakes’ to provide fill and big-picture looks during the show.”
He notes that the lighting design for the tour “needed to be big, flexible and rectilinear to match the video cubes” which comprise the core of the show’s visual canvas. Five 12-foot moving video cubes, covered with a total of 18 LED surfaces, continually reconfigure and recombine during the show to create an ever-changing environment for Twain, the band and the dancers. “It was hugely complex to rehearse as the stage reconfigures for every song.”
Sinclair adds, “We also nee

chems-website-image-wER Productions in Chemical Brothers mix
Friday, 16 November 2018

Europe - ER Productions has been working with the Chemical Brothers for a number of years, creating laser visuals worthy of the duo’s heady electronic shows. This year saw the pair appear at various festivals and venues across Europe and ER was on board for the ride once again, and this time bringing some exciting SFX into the mix.
Chemical Brothers Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons have spent nearly 30 years bringing big beat tunes to their fan base of dance and rock fans. The 2018 Chems live tour began in June, at Rockhal, Luxemburg, in June, and concludes at Corona Capital, Mexico City, this month.
The show design was to be a combination of mesmerising visuals, and ER Productions worked with production manager, James Baseley, stage manager Toby Dennis, touring lighting designer, Thomas Deschandel, and show designers, Marcus Lyall and Adam Smith to deliver another phenomenal show. The set’s visual highlights included huge LED screens, showing their signature array of 3D characters, an incredible strobe light wall, and the appearance of the four-metre tall robots, affectionately nicknamed George and Mildred, created by Specialz.
As part of the theatrical and immersive experience, ER’s lasers had an important part to play, and included a number of carefully-planned and perfectly executed cues. ER’s lasers created a stunning atmosphere during tracks Chemical Beats, Hey Boy Hey Girl, Surface to Air and for the encore Got Glint, using 18 Kinekts, (eight positioned along the downstage edge, eight upstage, and two located be

colour-sound-first-aid-kit-fir312233021-wColour Sound supports First Aid Kit tour
Friday, 16 November 2018

UK - Franki McDade is the lighting designer behind the show that has been supporting Swedish duo First Aid Kit’s world tour, which kicked off in January when their Ruins album dropped. The tour has just completed its latest UK leg, with lighting and video equipment supplied by Colour Sound Experiment.
Colour Sound has provided lighting and crew for previous tours with the band, this being their largest and most comprehensive to date in terms of production.
Colour Sound’s Haydn Cruickshank (H) comments: “I have known Franki since she first started her professional career – she worked hard and was an extremely good and conscientious lighting technician. She’s always had a great flair for imagination, so it’s fantastic to see her creative star rising and evolving. We were really happy to be working with her on this in the UK and Europe.”
In terms of design, this is one of Franki’s largest tours to date. On the video side, she collaborated with Paul ‘Pablo’ Beckett and the team from Bryte who produced the content to her brief, which included extensive input from First Aid Kit themselves, Johanna and Klara Söderberg.
This UK tour culminated in two sold-out shows at London’s Brixton Academy, and a production design that was evolved from a version used on the Swedish tour earlier in the year which played similar sized venues.
Projection was important on this tour. Film is a strong source of inspiration for Joanna and Klara, they take a keen interest, and much of the footage has a textured and cinematic feel presen

lfps-bohemian-rhapsody-wLight Fantastic in party mode for Bohemian Rhapsody
Friday, 16 November 2018

UK - Event production specialists Light Fantastic Production Services partnered with Limited Edition Event Design to provide the main stage and a complete after party installation for the world premiere of Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody at the SSE Wembley Arena.
LFPS created a bespoke circular stage finished in gold mirror to complement the premiere’s signature purple carpet. The stage was a focal point for the evening, hosting live interviews with the movie’s cast and crew along with members of Queen.
For the star-studded aftershow, LFPS transformed Wembley Stadium’s Three Lions Bar into a rock'n'oll themed party space for 1,000 guests.
To help build the look, the team used Portman’s newly released P2 Hexaline fixtures in the lobby. A curved gallery, lined with individually lit costumes and large-scale production stills from the movie was formed at the entrance. Here, LFPS installed a mixture of Robe LEDBeam 150 and ProLights Studiocob fixtures that greeted arriving guests with dynamic movement and colour.
In the main party area, LFPS deployed 170 of their new Chauvet WELL Fit wireless LED uplighters, 110 of these being used to great effect to create grand sweeps of colour along the vast glass and steel wall that looks out over Wembley. Adding regal gold highlights to the mix, Robe Patt 2013 fixtures were cleverly positioned throughout the area, their elegantly retro looks perfectly complementing the styling of the event.
Lighting was controlled using a Chamsys MQ100 console with various Wireless Solutions transceivers t

highlite-wHighlite International heads for JTSE
Thursday, 15 November 2018

Europe - Highlite International will attend this year’s edition of JTSE, 27 and 28 November in Dock Pullman at Porte de la Chapelle, Paris.
Highlite will present a selection of product innovations from their brands Infinity, Showtec and DAP Audio. The Infinity family with the Chimp Tourpack, the Furion series and Signature range will have its own dedicated stand. Showtec is represented, amongst others, by the Helix 5000, the battery operated Eventspot 1600 Q4 and the Candela Pix 50 outdoor light bar. Dap Audio will have the Celestion powered Odin line array present.
At JTSE this year Highlite occupies two booths showing their current developments in the entertainment business.
Infinity will show the Furion Series, very fast and powerful LED-based moving heads, equipped with Wireless DMX. The Infinity wash lights iW-740 and iW-1240 will be present as well. With a zoom range of 4.5° - 36°, these moving heads can be used both as a washlight or as a powerful LED beam. The Infinity Signature LED based theatre spots which have been designed and developed in collaboration with world renowned theatre spot manufacturer Robert Juliat can be found at the Infinity stand as well.
The Infinity Chimp Tourpack completes the presentation. Regarding the Infinity Chimp light controllers, at the Highlite Academy beginners and advanced users are instructed on how to get the best out of each unit. The Highlite Academy found a strong partner in Oliverdy (booth 18), a true knowledge centre and certified training organization
Showtec offers the Vintage Blaz

hsl-jorja-smith-jor-wHSL gets blue lights for Jorja Smith tour
Thursday, 15 November 2018

Europe - Brit Award winning singer-songwriter Jorja Smith is currently enjoying the success - both commercially and creatively - of her debut album, Lost & Found.
Blackburn UK based technical production specialist HSL supplied lighting equipment and crew for her recent UK and European tour, working closely with Boston based lighting designer Tyler Trofatter and lighting director / operator on the road - for this section of the tour - Matthew Kemp.
Tyler started working with the artist earlier in the year when they sought a US-based LD to look after the live show aesthetics and stage presentation. In the US they were using 4Wall Entertainment as the lighting vendor, and their account handler Bob Suchocki first connected Tyler with HSL when they needed a specials package for a summer show at Somerset House in London.
That all went very well, so when this tour was announced, following the album launch in June, Tyler and Jorja’s production team - tour manager Simon Parkinson and production manager / FOH engineer Mike Excell - returned to HSL, where they worked with project manager Jordan Hanson.
Tyler commented that the HSL crew for the Somerset house gig were “fantastic”, together with the service and the lighting package. Jordan was also helpful in providing a visualisation computer and console a few days earlier, allowing him more time to programme.
There is no video in this current design, so all the visual reinforcement for Jorja’s compelling and powerful performance is from stylish lighting. Her music embraces R‘n

spotlight-fresneleds-deliver-a-performance-for-production-bureauSpotlight FresneLEDs deliver for Production Bureau
Thursday, 15 November 2018

UK - Live events creative solutions specialist, Production Bureau (Pb) has invested in 20 Spotlight FresneLED 200 warm white universal dimming luminaires for use on client events during the busy autumn season.
Production Bureau has been providing technical solutions, installations, AV equipment and services to the live events and exhibitions & display sectors for over 30 years, with projects ranging from international conferences to small-scale roadshows.
Dave Morgan, Pb's technical resources manager, required a versatile and low-energy LED Fresnel that could be used across various types of shows and events, so contacted Bob Allen in the UK lighting sales team of professional equipment re-seller AC-ET.
Morgan comments: "At Pb we are continuously investing in new technologies to ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry, so we can deliver the best possible creative experience for our clients."
After discussing Dave's technical requirements and budget, Bob recommended the Spotlight FresneLED range of luminaires from the brand's award-winning Green Line product range.
He comments: "Spotlight has a long history of developing quality Fresnel solutions, and has spent many years perfecting its own LED technologies to be able to deliver performance which is comparable to conventional tungsten fixtures, yet offers significant reductions in energy consumption."
(Jim Evans)

tinga-tinga-tales3-wChauvet adds sparkle to Tinga Tinga Tales
Thursday, 15 November 2018

USA - The North American premiere of the musical Tinga Tinga Tales in October featured seven Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures. These lights, along with 13 Maverick MK2 Wash units and eight COLORado 2-Quad Zooms, supplied by WorldStage, were part of a Herrick Goldman lighting design for the show at Manhattan’s New Victory Theatre
“The MK2 Spots provided the strong beams of the chromatic rainbow when the children in the audience discover how the Chameleon character gets his colours,” said Goldman, who positioned the 440W moving LED fixtures on the second electric. “They enabled us to shift Chameleon’s moods rapidly, which helped tell his magical tale. The MK2 Spots also played heavily in Tortoise’s Rasta rap, with a call and response with the audience. Overall, the spots help to highlight performers in a variety of dramatic ways.”
Goldman was familiar with lighting the performers at the New Victory production of the musical, having worked the world premiere of the musical (which is based on the famous children’s cartoon series of the same name), when it made its world debut at the Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi earlier in the fall.
“My friends at the New Victory Theatre recommended me to the producer of Tinga Tinga Tales for the show in Kenya,” says Goldman. “Based on my previous relationships and work at the New Victory Theatre, as well as my international design experience, they thought I would be a good fit. So, I had the extreme pleasure of designing the show on two very diverse continents.

laserworldpl-5500rgboutdoor-frontLaserworld launches outdoor laser
Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Europe - Laserworld has released PL-5500RGB Outdoor, a professional laser system dedicated to the outdoor use of logo, text and architecture projections.
The laser has a waterproof enclosure and has a built-in control interface that can also be loaded laser frames and animations to. The system can either be computer controlled or switched with a timer clock or a timed show playback.
The outdoor laser highly visible in the dark, due to its high power. The scanner system is fast and well-suited to graphics projections, logos or texts. It comes with a special wall mounting bracket, which is designed to be used for fixed installation.
The Laserworld PL-5500RGB Outdoor comes as a complete system including built-in LAN control interface and suitable professional control software.
(Jim Evans)

lia186vc7b0005557-copy-wLights in Alingsås supported by W-DMX
Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Sweden - Lights in Alingsås, the experimental architectural lighting installation, started when students from Ljuscentrum Gothenburg University came to Alingsås in 1998. Ten years later, the urban exhibition attracts more than 85,000 visitors every year and has become the largest lighting event in public spaces in Northern Europe.
W-DMX has become a frequent sponsor of the project and is proud of being able to showcase its technology in a real-life scenario, to well-established and new designers in the industry.
“In total, we used five WhiteBox F-1 transceivers, in three different sites”, says Dierk Hartmann, from Lights in Alingsås. The first site featured a set of WhiteBox units configured as transmitter and receiver, with lighting designed by Diana Joels (Brazil) and programmed by Oscar Bertenius (Stockholm Lighting). The control was supplied by Pharos and fixtures by Lumenpulse and Traxon.
The second site had a transmitter directly sending Wireless DMX to SGM fixtures – this was designed by Steven Rosen (USA) and programmed by Bertil Göransson (Luxera).
Lastly, the Whitebox units were configured as transmitter/receiver, sending data across a street, to fixtures by iGuzzini and Lumenpulse. This last installation was designed by Nikoletta Theodoridi (Greece) and programmed by Ian Fanning (Stockholm Lighting).
“The most wonderful thing with wireless DMX is its simplicity. Just power up, link the units and you’re on the run!”, said Bertil Göransson, programmer from Luxera, who used W-DMX on the second site.

glp-wGLP breaks new ground at LDI 2018
Wednesday, 14 November 2018

USA - GLP highlighted its latest products and claimed an LDI Awards at the annual trade show in Las Vegas last month.
GLP products were both on static display and incorporated into a light show, while the award for Best Large Booth recognised the German manufacturer’s stand, designed and programmed by Matt Shimamoto (Volt Lites) in conjunction with GLP Inc. president Mark Ravenhill.
Ravenhill comments: “We were hugely busy throughout the show and saw a great number of people from across the country and abroad. We designed a brand new “Licht!’ bar which became the central attraction of the booth and was surrounded by eight new product launches, all making their debut, which received a fantastic reaction.”
The product array included impression E350 and S350, KNV Cube and KNV Arc, impression FR1, X4 atom Rackmount PSU and products from distributed brands, Cosmic Truss and Scenex Lighting.
Another change for GLP this year was the adoption of a rolling presentation, whereby customers were presented with one of GLP’s new products at regular intervals without interrupting the collective ambience and hospitality of the booth. “This worked extremely well,” adds Ravenhill.
Away from the stand, GLP sponsored the Knight of Illumination Awards category, Award for Arena, at the inaugural US ceremony, which was staged in conjunction with LDI.
The North American GLP Inc team were in non-stop action throughout the show, supported by senior members of the parent company in Karlsbad, including MD Udo Kuenzler and key account manager

sgmPopular musicals highlighted by SGM
Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Denmark - Lighting designer Mike Holm has been in charge of many light installations throughout his career but had his first encounter with SGMs G-4 Wash for the successful Danish musical Seebach. After almost a year-long run with over 200,000 tickets sold, Seebach became the best-selling musical in Denmark in 15 years.
“Besides living up to all our performance demands, we chose the G-4 Wash because of its compact size that makes it easy to adapt to various staging designs,” says Mike Holm.
In the past, Holm has used moving-head fixtures that were a lot more difficult to install due to their bigger physical size. With great performance in a compact size, the G-4 Wash turned out to be the perfect luminaire for both the Seebach and Tarzan musicals.
“The G-4 Wash has a Fresnel lens, which avoids having to work with multiple shadows that you get from fixtures that uses multiple light sources. On top of this, the G-4 Wash has great colour rendering with a CRI over 90, providing the perfect conditions to beautifully highlight the actors on stage. Quality light with perfectly matching colours is absolutely necessary for theatrical installations but having all this in an IP65-rated and compact sized fixture, makes our job a lot easier,” explains Holm.
(Jim Evans)

parrotBlue Parrot invests in Martin MAC Encore
Wednesday, 14 November 2018

UK - Formed at the turn of the century, with the aim of providing lighting and production services to the theatre and events industry, Edinburgh-based Blue Parrot has enjoyed a long association with Martin lighting over the years. This has taken them from MAC 500s and 600s right through to today’s Auras and Vipers.
As their own theatre work increased, with MD Jonnie Clough himself a theatre lighting designer in his own right, the love affair continued, and just over a year ago the company invested in 12 MAC Encore Performance WRM moving heads specifically for a Christmas show at the local Royal Lyceum Theatre.
Of their purchasing decision at the time, Clough says: “It was our success with the Viper Performance that gave us the faith and confidence to invest in the Warm White Encores. I was impressed with the demo and we ordered them even before they were available.
“However, as a sales company we have also sold some Cold White (CLD) fixtures and I love those equally. The return on investment with the MAC Encore Performances has been higher than any other fixture we’ve stocked, with a lot of these spec’d on our own shows.”
He says the timing of the latest acquisition, an initial batch of Martin MAC Encore Wash WRM from Sound Technology, the Martin by Harman UK distributor, couldn’t have been better, and reflects their growing theatre production work. He added that it will be a natural replacement from the now obsolete Martin MAC TW1 (tungsten wash).
“These will complement our existing stock of MAC Encore Performance WRM, f


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