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astera-alt-j-tour-2022-img0024Astera NYX Bulbs light The Dream with Alt-J
Monday, 19 December 2022

UK - Rockers Alt-J were back on the road again in 2022 having released their fourth studio album The Dream earlier in the year, and their live performance style could be enjoyed with a new lighting design by Davy Sherwin.
A striking scenic element of the design was created using 60 x Astera NYX bulbs hung on a series of asymmetric drops from the overhead trusses and attached to specially modified mic stands deployed on the floor.
All of this created an organic looking ‘forest’ of NYX Bulbs which were supplied together with the other lighting kit for the UK and European dates by Hampshire-based rental specialist, Liteup.
Davy wanted to bring a fresh look to the stage and something that was simultaneously intimate, quirky and interesting, and the NYX Bulb drops were one of the first visual pictures that came to mind when he started imagining the design.
He knew they would work for big scenic looks as well as being able to help close the space down for some of the more intense numbers.
He had become familiar with the various Astera products during the pandemic when live events halted, and he was able to transfer his lighting skills and sensibilities to working as a console operator/programmer on several films and television series.
“I needed a versatile, lightweight and cost-effective solution for creating big bespoke looks and it immediately just screamed ‘NYX Bulb’ at me,” he explained.
Liteup already had the fixtures in stock as they have a good range of different Astera products.
To create this sp

Bilbao Basketball basks in Robe spotlightBilbao Basketball basks in Robe spotlight
Monday, 19 December 2022

Spain - The 10,000-seat capacity Bilbao Arena this year for the first time hosted the 2022 FIBA Basketball Champions League Final 4 season-ending tournament with over 100 Robe moving lights highlighting the action for a venue packed with enthusiastic basketball fans plus a vast televised audience.
In charge of co-ordinating lighting for the event was Iker Gartzia from one of the region’s leading rental companies, Abs Fluge Euskadi S.L (Fluge) which was the official supplier of lighting, sound, and video for this high-profile event. They were working directly for FIBA.
The various lighting requirements had to cover several bases. The tournament’s opening event took place at Bilbao’s famous and spectacular paean to modern art and architecture, the Guggenheim Museum, while all the sporting action and the closing ceremony were at the Arena.
Lighting inside the venue had to be flexible and well thought out for all the games and their broadcast requirements as well the ceremony.
Most important was great lighting for the playing area for live audience and TV and ensuring that the multi camera mix director had everything they needed to catch the best shots. Obviously, all the public needed to see the action, and the crowd themselves had to be lit for TV. The area around the players’ entrance needed a bit of razzamatazz, so that was another prominent focus of lighting together with a DJ booth set up above the players’ entrance corridor.
The chosen moving lights were 64 x BMFL WashBeams, 20 x Tarrantulas, 24 x MegaPointes, 24 x Viva

claypakyfifaworldcup5-photo-courtesy-of-bwsClaypaky helps make magic for World Cup Qatar
Monday, 19 December 2022

Qatar - UK-based lighting designer Durham Marenghi is no stranger to high-profile events with numerous Winter and Summer Olympics Opening and Closing ceremonies, Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee events, many citywide New Year’s in London celebrations and more to his credit. He recently lit the Opening Ceremony for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which featured large complements of Claypaky Sharpy X Frame, Tambora Linear 100, Xtylos and Sharpy fixtures throughout the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar.
“The ceremony had many symbolic indications that expressed welcome, generosity and hospitality in Arab culture, as well as contemporary musical, cultural and visual performances that were used for the first time in the tournament,” Marenghi explains. Since the Opening Ceremony took place in a projected world devised by creative director Anghela Alo and the content artists at Luke Halls Studio, Marenghi and his team were challenged to light the performers for broadcast without damaging the ‘screen’ environment in which they lived.
“We were operating at a light intensity of around 400 Lux and sports lighting for the games was around 2000 lux, so a very careful approach was required to create the magic to entertain billions of fans around the globe,” says Marenghi.
He selected an array of Claypaky fixtures for their light weight, brightness, superior optics, and low power consumption.
“For this event the key factor was weight on the roof and very high truss heights of more than 50m to keep the equipment above the technic

creativeCT releases the power of flow at DP World Pavilion
Friday, 16 December 2022

UAE - Created for the largest event ever staged in the Arab world, Expo 2020 Dubai, and part of its legacy District2020 project, DP World Pavilion is a construction comprising five floors of content-led immersive brand experience, with a VIP floor for invited guests and government officials.
Creative Technology Systems Integrations (CT SI) Middle East team was awarded the contract for DP World Pavilion, with its team working alongside The OpenLab creative agency, responsible for designing the Pavilion, to supply systems integration of the audio, video, lighting, and control systems for this impressive complex.
Based around the concept of ‘Making Trade Flow’, DP World Pavilion’s content gives an insight into the world of global trade. Split over five floors, the lower four floors are dedicated to the public visitor experience, while the fifth floor is used for the DP World Senior management to host VIPs and government officials.
The visitor experience starts as they enter the building via a four-storey internal escalator, which takes them directly to the fourth floor. Here, the Connectivity Gallery tells the story of Dubai’s rapid transformation from merchant city to super hub at the heart of a new world economy. Here, CT installed a 44,5m2 Unilumin 2.5mm LED screen positioned beneath a glass table displaying acrylic models of shipping and transport, and a scale model of DP World’s Box Bay, a new and intelligent storage system. The glass landscape table is backed by a 50.4m2 Unilumin 2.5mm LED screen, with 15-inch Litemax displays for a con

stagelightStagelight AG invests in the Prolights floodlights
Friday, 16 December 2022

Switzerland - AV supplier Stagelight AG has recently purchased 44 Prologhts EclExpo Flood300VW, a 300W asymmetric LED floodlight with variable white.
The company made this acquisition since they are a large supplier of all kinds of events, including trade shows, corporate events, concerts and festivals. Stefan Rüttimann, head of lighting at Stagelight, commented, “We were very impressed with this fixture for its bright output, yet a very compact design and lightweight.”
The EclExpo Flood300VW was launched earlier in the year and has been widely successful across companies in many sectors. “We see us using this unit on many types of shows thanks to its flexibility and multipurpose use,” added Stefan. The CCT range from 2,700K to 6,500K is brilliant. The fact that we have DMX and Wireless DMX control makes it much more than a simple floodlight - it means we can use it across concerts, corporate events, or simply as a standard exhibition light using its standalone mode.”

womenProlight + Sound supports Women in Lighting
Friday, 16 December 2022

Germany - Prolight + Sound 2023 will be supporting the Women in Lighting initiative with the premiere of the Women in Lighting Lounge and specialised programme formats; the show will draw attention to the achievements of women in the sector and provide impetus for more gender diversity.
The lounge is located in Hall 12.0, near the booth of the initiative's entertainment lighting partner, Ayrton. It serves as a central meeting space for female professionals and interested newcomers alike, as a venue for interviews with inspiring personalities and as a source of information about career scenarios. In cooperation with Light Collective, the initiator of Women in Lighting, there will also be topic-relevant lectures and discussion rounds on the Theatre + Light Stage in Hall 12.0 on all days of the fair, as well as daily WIL Meet Ups at the Ayrton stand which provides valuable networking opportunities.
“The event business is not a ‘Mens’ World’!” says Mira Wölfel director Prolight + Sound. “This is also proven by Prolight + Sound, which is realised by women at various management levels. It is a matter close to our hearts to provide a worthy stage for the merits and great careers of women in the industry. At the same time, we would like to support the industry in inspiring the next generation of female talent for lighting and event technology. That is why we are exceptionally pleased to be working with Light Collective to promote the Women in Lighting project.”
“Women in Lighting is honoured to cooperate with Prolight + Sound as it create

prolightsProlights releases compact LED moving profile
Thursday, 15 December 2022

Italy - Prolights has launched the Astra Profile400, a compact LED moving profile with an efficient, punchy output. The Astra Profile400 has a 400W LED source calibrated at 7,000K and a smooth zoom system from 6.5º to 50º.
The new moving light includes an extensive feature set including four-layer motorised framing shutters, linear CMY and CTO, colour and gobo wheels, an animation wheel, a frost filter, a prism and an iris.
The colour wheel includes a CRI enhancement filter that increases its CRI value and meets a 6000K white, suitable for broadcast and studio applications. Despite its heavy feature set, this fixture is compact and lightweight.

claypakyrapyd4Claypaky lights Hack the Galaxy in Lisbon
Thursday, 15 December 2022

Portugal - Lighting designers Omer Israeli & Dor Aichner of Tel Aviv-based lighting and stage design company, LEAD, chose a large complement of Claypaky fixtures to illuminate the dynamicHack the Galaxy event held by Rapyd at the 2022 Web Summit in Lisbon. They utilised 96 Tambora Batten Square, 16 Mythos 2 and 48 Xtylos fixtures for the third and last event in Rapyd’s Hack the Galaxy campaign held at developer conferences in Europe in 2022. Previous events took place in Berlin, Germany and Zadar, Croatia.
Lisbon’s Web Summit is an annual tech conference focusing on Internet technology, emerging technologies and venture capitalism. More than 70,000 attended the November 2022 gathering.
Rapyd is an Israel-based fintech company, which provides worldwide payment solutions. Hack the Galaxy was staged by The Moment, Rapyd’s experience brand, as part of a recruiting drive to attract developers and programmers to the company and to increase awareness of Rapyd among retailers and other prospective clients. "Hack the Galaxy” comprised a series of challenges, puzzles, hackathons and events and offered the chance to win tickets for a private Space Perspective capsule launch in 2026. More than 15,000 people registered for the event, but only 8,000 won admission tickets.
“Since the main prize of flying into space was at the center of this campaign, we knew we wanted the event to feel like a scene from a sci-fi movie with pods flying up and down in the air and an hourglass-shaped central DJ booth holding a three-meter high pyramid we called The Dia

cyprusADJ fixtures shine at ΟίνοFest in Cyprus
Thursday, 15 December 2022

Cyprus - Described as ‘the modernised wine festival of Cyprus’, ΟίνοFest took place in mid-October in the picturesque inland village of Lofou. Organised by Agro Escape, the three day event attracted thousands of visitors who enjoyed sampling local wines, shopping for locally made products, and partying at two outdoor music events featuring DJ sets and live performers.
Audio and visual production for the mainstage, as well as ambient lighting for the site, was provided by local production company Sound & Vision by DJ Nick. ADJ fixtures, including moving heads, static washes, and atmospheric effect generators, were used exclusively to illuminate both the stage and the historic building that provided a striking backdrop to the event.
Agro Escape is a company based in Cyprus with a mission to help visitors discover all the island has to offer, not just the most common tourist destinations. As part of this, they host regular events at historic venues that showcase local artisans and performers to an audience comprised of both tourists and locals. OinoFest (WineFest) took place in an area well known for its vineyards and wine production in the district of Ampelochoria, between Limassol and Paphos.
The festival site was the grounds of the old elementary school in the village of Lofou, an historic building showcasing classic Cypriot architecture. The event kicked off with a low key evening on Friday, showcasing local wine, food, and music. It then ran throughout Saturday and Sunday, with wine tasting and a market area open during the day followe

glppress2GLP animates Post Malone’s Twelve Carat tour
Thursday, 15 December 2022

USA - Post Malone’s GLP lighting solutions have been no strangers to Post Malone’s stage scenography over the years, and his latest Twelve Carat tour - with Dan Norman (of Evolve Lights) now in charge of the visuals - is no exception.
Introduced to the creative team in 2019 to help programme new songs that were added to the Runway tour, he has subsequently worked consistently with the Posty touring team, along with production manager Dennis Danneels. Along the way Norman designed the artist’s Billboard Awards remote performance in a sand quarry and a New Year’s Eve Bud Lite livestream event during the pandemic prior to a 2021 festival run.
These successes earned him the right to light Post Malone’s latest concert tour, in support of his fourth studio album Twelve Carat Toothache. Once again, the LD has drawn on a slew of impression FR10 Bars and JDC1 hybrid strobes, provided by PRG. This formed a large part of a complex set populated with 750 fixtures, illuminating three long runways and multiple small interconnected circular B stages, which allow him to move within the crowd and feel their energy.
“I spent time working out the math with Tait and Dennis [Danneels] to make the stages as wide as possible in the arena while keeping things as close to square and 45 degrees as possible,” states Norman. “Creating the vertical architecture of this stage was important, with the extension of the seven circles into tall columns of light serving as the main look of the show, and overall I’m really happy we were able to find a way for

charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-copyright-nacho-arias-careaga-7zactrack follows Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Thursday, 15 December 2022

Spain - Italian Lighting designer Valerio Tiberi of K5600 Design specified a zactrack SMART real time tracking system for a new production by Letsgo of popular musical Charlie y La Fàbrica De Chocolate (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory), now playing at the Espacio Delicias Teatro in Madrid until February 2023.
This is one of the first European musicals – following successful shows in the UK, the Disney parks in France and a production of Starlight Express in Germany – to utilise this technology, and therefore “very energising” explained Valerio, to whom the system was initially demonstrated by zactrack’s Italian distributor, RM Multimedia. He believes zactrack is a creative tool that “truly unlocks the mind in achieving so many new and different possibilities” with lighting.
The idea of harnessing the flexibility and creativity of zactrack to control selected lighting fixtures occurred to Valerio during the production’s design phase. He knew that some lighting positions would be limited and inaccessible in the tented Espacio Delicias Teatro structure and saw real time tracking as a vehicle that could assist with the dramaturgy of the lighting.
Thirty zactrack Trackers on 15 cast members are controlling 60 moving lights all supplied by Spanish rental company Fluge. Using the technology, Valerio was able to replace ‘classic’ follow spot positions with more flexible and aesthetically pleasing options, and to light multiple actors simultaneously.
The system comprises 30 x Trackers, eight Anchors (antennas) and

elation-ledElation asks: If LED is king, why do we still need discharge lamps?
Wednesday, 14 December 2022

USA - With benefits like greater reliability, increased energy efficiency and less maintenance for a lower cost of ownership, the transition from discharge lamp-based lighting fixtures to LED source luminaires in the entertainment lighting industry was understandable if not inevitable. Then, as LED engines began to compete with discharge-based fixtures in terms of brightness, the writing seemed to be on the wall - it was only a matter of time before discharge-based luminaires would disappear completely. But that hasn’t been the case. So why are manufacturers still launching lighting products with discharge sources? We spoke to Elation to find out their take . . .
“It’s really about what you want to accomplish optically,” states John Dunn, national sales manager at Elation Professional’s Los Angeles headquarters. “The physics behind an LED source don’t make sense for all types of fixtures and some effects are still not achievable with LED. A great example is a long throw beam fixture. When you need that pronounced beam of a narrow beam aperture product, you just can’t duplicate the centre intensity that a lamp and reflector gives you with an LED engine.”
Which begs the question, why not? Roger Hamers, R&D head at Elation’s European office in the Netherlands, explains: “It has to do with the construction of the lamp working with an internal reflector. The size of the lamp and reflector is key. With a discharge lamp, because it is relatively small, the focal point is very near the output of the light, which gives you a narrow, very

riley-clemmons-2Bandit lights Riley Clemmons’ First Christmas tour
Wednesday, 14 December 2022

USA - Rising artist Riley Clemmons launched her first headlining tour with a lighting system provided by Bandit Lites. With over 210m global streams and 50m YouTube video views since the beginning of her almost decade long career, Clemmons’s ocals and touching lyrics have endeared her to millions of fans around the world. The First Christmas Tour is named for her hit Christmas song.
“Bandit had the opportunity to work with production manager Chris Newman and lighting director Dominic Hickman on a tour earlier in the fall, and on completion of that tour we were asked if we could continue on with Ms. Riley Clemmons on her Christmas tour,” said Bandit Lites vice president Mike Golden. “Chris and Dom have been outstanding to work with and they are very hands on in terms of production value, logistics and practicality.”
Lighting designer Dominic Hickman assembled a lighting system that would stand out at the varying venues with sparse lighting of their own. Working with production/tour manager Chris Newman, the result was a show that stood out from a typical church tour.
“The reactions from guests that go to the show are just people blown away by how nice the setup is,” said Hickman. “The lighting affects the mood of this show. There are a lot of upbeat Christmas songs, but also some very chill Christmas songs that don't need flashing or crazy beams.”
Bandit Lites supplied GLP X4 along the truss for backlight and beam looks, COLORado Solo Battens to uplight the drapes, Martin VDO Atomic Bolds and Elation Smarty Hybrids as spot

zonamusicfest6Chauvet brightens up rain-hit Phoenix festival
Wednesday, 14 December 2022

USA - Phoenix, Arizona, the second driest city in the USA (only Las Vegas gets less precipitation) has gone as long as 160 days without rain; that happened back in 1972. The organisers of the inaugural Zona Music festival had no such luck. On 3 December, the day the festival opened, Mother Nature dropped .76 inches of rain down on the city, breaking a record that had stood for 115 years.
Yet, despite the unexpected downpour, a large crowd poured in to Margert T. Hance Park in the downtown district for the two-day festival, eager to take in performances by 50 different acts, headlined by Portugal The Man, Beach House, Bleachers, and Japanese Breakfast. Brightening the cloudy skies and reflecting the music of each artist in vivid colours were dynamic lightshows created on rigs designed by John Garberson and the team at Creative BackStage that featured over 100 Chauvet Professional fixtures.
“It rained for 23 straight hours, which to put it mildly, was a challenge,” said Garberson. “There was no rain the second day, but most of the venue turned into a huge mud pit. But that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. Everyone involved did a great job, from the set-up crew to the artists on stage.”
Garberson had particular interest in one of those artists. His wife, Teresa’s cousin, Taylor Upsahl (known professionally as Upsahl), did an extended set on the festival’s Ronstadt Stage. Like the other artists who performed on this SL250 stage, and the SL320 Nicks Stage, she was supported by a fast-moving lightshow characterised by aggressive a

ise2023-pr-graphicISE 2023: Out Board to show software upgrades
Tuesday, 13 December 2022

Spain - From Hall 7, Stand J875 of next year’s ISE Show, Out Board will demonstrate the latest product innovations from the TiMax family of immersive audio and showcontrol products.
Following on from one of the company’s busiest years, both in sales and in product development, Out Board will showcase new software and workflow enhancements to TiMax2 SoundHub and also some significant TiMax TrackerD4 precision stagetracking performance upgrades. Visitors can also anticipate sneak previews of some new spatial management power within the TiMax SoundHub platform.
You can get hands-on with the new TiMax 600-Series Mac and PC software, which boasts significant boosts to TimeLine and PanSpace object-based spatialisation functionality, as well as enhanced GUI workflows. The 600-Series software also addresses essential stable compatibility with the latest Windows 11 and Mac M1 platforms.
Also showcased is an exciting development for the award-winning TiMax TrackerD4 precision stagetracking system. Visitors can learn a little more about a new plug-in for integrated lighting control, currently in beta test. The new plug-in can intelligently direct and focus groups of moving-head light fixtures using ArtNet and sACN networked DMX. It will also execute smooth and synchronised handovers between groups of fixtures across multiple tracked objects.
Further enhancements to TiMax TrackerD4 will be demonstrated, cementing its status as the leading management system for real-time immersive audio spatialisation on premium live shows and events. Newly refined err

janes-addiction-tour-20221-tnElation lights Janes Addiction Spirits on Fire tour
Tuesday, 13 December 2022

USA - Janes Addiction were out supporting the Smashing Pumpkins beneath a lighting rig of Elation Artiste Monet and DARTZ 360 LED moving heads designed, programmed and operated by Alex Picard. Lighting supply and support was from Legacy Production Group.
The Spirits on Fire tour, which started 2 October in Dallas, played arenas as the Smashing Pumpkins’ special guest openers. Alex got the call to start working on a design in early September, his first ever gig with Janes Addiction, which gave him little time until tour launch. Still, he dialed in the design “pretty quickly” and with great support from the Legacy crew, it all came together.
“When I got the call there was already a stage design and setup in play,” reports Alex, who says he was given a comprehensive rig from the Smashing Pumpkins to use - eight overhead trusses plus wash and hybrid fixtures on the floor, sides and downstage edge. “I was pleasantly surprised by how much they gave me to use, which meant I didn’t need to compensate by adding a lot of gear. So I was looking for a quick and efficient floor package, something we could quickly get on and off the stage.”
After looking at what the Smashing Pumpkins offered, the only position the designer felt he lacked lights was behind and around a large performance catwalk for dancers that sits behind the band and forms the rock ‘n’ roll cabaret vibe of the show.
“To round out the design, I put together something that could punch through and give good backlight for effects and silhouetting,” he comments. “I

axion-christopher-bauderriyadhphoto-ralph-larmann300dpi08-smlAyrton Cobra lights dark matter at Noor Riyadh
Tuesday, 13 December 2022

Saudi Arabia - Christopher Bauder, founder and creative director of WHITEvoid, Berlin collaborated with musician and composer, Strahil Velchev, of KINK to produce a spectacular and original art installation of light and sound at the Noor Riyadh Festival 2022 in November.
Named Axion, the temporary large-scale light art piece is inspired by a hypothetical elementary particle which, if it exists, might be a component of dark matter which cosmologists believe makes up 95% of the universe. The dark matter theory describes how the universe went from a smooth initial state to the uneven distribution of galaxies and their clusters we see today.
Such an ambitious work called for a light with a big personality to achieve the necessary impact the design required, and Bauder chose 80 Ayrton Cobra fixtures, supplied by Kaiser Showtechnik of Augsberg, Germany, to define the parameters of his visuals and project its presence far into the air, making it visible for miles around. Ayrton asked Bauder how he achieved this stunning piece of art.
What was the idea behind your concept with regards to the lighting?
Bauder: “With Axion we explore the ultimate horizon: Outer Space. With its grid like array of light tubes and mile-long skylights the installation resembles a giant scientific device for space exploration, particle detection or interstellar communication. But once you step inside it is a reflection on the potential of axions, dark matter and the idea of the unknown.
“Within the installation we have three layers of lights that allow a totally

robe-ct-middle-east-investsCreative Technology ME adds to Robe inventory
Tuesday, 13 December 2022

UAE - Creative Technology (CT) Middle East has made a major investment in Robe moving lights with the purchase of Fortes and LEDBeam 350s which join the company’s busy and expanding rental fleet at their Dubai HQ, servicing projects across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.
Sam Connolly, head of lighting for CTME, explained that it was important to invest in Robe’s innovative technology for several reasons. While the company is well known for its full-service, they have recently expanded further into their lighting department, making huge investments in lighting fixtures to ensure they can be the number one service provider in the region. When Sam came onboard, he started looking for flexible and multifunctional luminaires that would offer immense value for CT’s diverse cross section of projects.
Sam highlights the concept similarities - maximum power and multiple creativity, between the BMFL and the Forte, and Robe’s Transferable Engine technology was another factor helping them make the decision.
In the LEDBeam 350, Sam wanted a fixture that was a genuine wash and beam luminaire in one housing, and after seeing the initial demo from the Robe Middle East team, he really liked what he saw. “It ticked all the boxes,” he confirms.
Sam concluded: “The new fixtures are a great asset to CT’s growing fleet and were quickly put to work in Doha for the 2022 FIFA World Cup to join another 200 Robe fixtures on various events across the country.”

domjubilaeum-koeln-copyright-michal-augustini-3grandMA3 runs Grandbrothers Cologne Cathedral show
Tuesday, 13 December 2022

Germany - To celebrate 700 years since the 1322 consecration of the initial eastern part of Cologne’s impressive Gothic cathedral, German piano/electronic music duo Grandbrothers played a spectacular gig within its hallowed walls. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Cathedral’s 157m twin-spires are the tallest such styled church in the world, and it is Germany’s most popular visitor attraction.
Lighting designer Oskar Felix Funke chose a full MA Lighting grandMA3 control system to run lighting for this show that was recorded, both for a new album for later broadcast over the ARTE Concert network. The musical numbers were all specifically created by the artists - Lukas Vogel and Erol Sarp- to work optimally in the Cathedral setting, considering its vast size and acoustic nuisances like the very long reverb.
The performance was instigated by and the brainchild of the Cathedral’s master builder and architect Peter Füssenich, who oversees all ongoing renovation and maintenance works.
The show was staged in the main nave of the building which is over 45m high and has a very special atmosphere. The plan is shaped like a Latin cross with two aisles on either side that help to support, at 45m tall - one of the highest Gothic vaults in the world.
Being a cathedral, a protected building and a holy place, everyone had to think out-of-the-box in terms of a show design, and Oskar thought it was an environment and occasion to use a grandMA3 light running software version with Art-Net nodes.
A grandMA2 user and advocate for many years, h

addams-family-og-Phoenix college cuts energy costs with Vari-Lite
Monday, 12 December 2022

USA - Mesa Community College Arizona’s 462-seater Performing Arts Centre held its first full production in November 2022 using an upgraded rig of Vari-Lite LED luminaires from Signify. Dominating the new array of lighting fixtures were the VL2600 Profile, VL800 EventWash and VL800 ProPar, which have dramatically reduced power consumption at the centre and provided smooth, rich colours for a premiere run of The Addams Family musical.

The college’s modern, architecturally striking Performing Arts Centre, located just east of Phoenix, opened in 2014. It was initially rigged with a range of traditional Fresnels, pars and tungsten wash and profile fixtures, which were ageing and power hungry. Kyle Rivieccio joined Mesa Community College in 2019 as PAC technology coordinator/master electrician, and he was later tasked with delivering a lighting rig

upgrade with a view to installing world-class, professional lighting that would provide a powerful, effects-ready solution.

“We entered a phase of demos and shootouts to find the right package, taking into account budget and requirements,” says Rivieccio. “During all the demos, designers from our scenic, lighting, AV, costume and makeup departments were present, and we ran the lights with scenic drops and sets and costumes from a show within our season. I asked them all to give feedback on each fixture, and they would discuss the pros and cons of each demo unit. I took all that information and began selecting the fixtures.

“We were looking for attributes incl

medi-ps1jpg-ogMavericks light doctors dancing on runway
Monday, 12 December 2022

Germany - Started in 2002 as a football tournament involving medical schools and facilities at a group of German universities, the MediMeisterschaften, on the airstrip of Obermehler-Schlotheim Airport, has grown into a major music and sports festival, attracting up to 30,000 visitors from throughout Europe. University football is still played at the four-day festival (Cologne Pes Piller and Tuebingen were the mens and womens champions respectively this year), and there are many other activities too, but much of the time at this event is devoted to enjoying electronic music in a variety of forms, with plenty of dancing.

Capturing the spirit of the music on the main stages and adding more energy to its performance was a production and lighting design by Materie Event Production, which has been the main contractor for the festival’s entire technical planning and implementation for years.

This year, the Materie Event Production design team relied on a collection of 270 Chauvet Professional fixtures and LED video panels to contribute to the dynamic Main Stage show. Included in this mix were 120 EPIX Strip IP linear units, 12 Maverick Force S Spots, 14 Maverick Storm 1 Washes, 20 Rogue Outcast 2X Washes, 24 COLORado Panel Q40 rectangular wash lights, eight onAir Panel 2 IP full spectrum soft lights, and 72 F4 IP LED video panels.

Defining the design was an impressive 79.46m semi-circle wall that allowed performers on stage to be illuminated from multiple angles. This structure also made it easier for crossing patterns of light to be

chamsys-magicq-softwareChamSys upgrades MagicQ Stable software
Friday, 9 December 2022

UK - Adaptability is a virtue in any endeavour, especially one as ever-changing and creative as programming and running a lightshow. ChamSys has just made it easier for lighting professionals to enjoy the benefits of this virtue by introducing MagicQ Stable v1.9.3.5 software.
Available on the ChamSys website, the software, which accepts open protocol GDTF personality files, can be downloaded at no cost to all MagicQ consoles and PC platforms.
MagicQ Stable v1.9.3.5 software features an enhancement that allows one shot and random directions on any FX; automatic calibration of position and rotation of heads within the MagicQ 3D spaces based on focus points; and new timeline markers and beat grids for the audio timeline.
With its broad range of features, the new software gives lighting programmers and directors greater flexibility to manage the changing, and sometimes unexpected, demands of tours. For example, an enhancement to group-based cues with default palettes, which store values that are not specific to head files, and is useful for group cues where heads may be removed from a show and new heads added, resulting in a new and more efficient way to expand and adapt shows from venue to venue.
There are also enhancements to FX that allow one shot and random directions to be applied to any effect.

robe-david-garrettDavid Garrett is Alive with Robe
Friday, 9 December 2022

Europe -Classic and crossover violinist David Garrett is an interesting artist to light, requiring a mix of treatments inspired by multiple visual genres, which is one of the many aspects – and challenges - relished by lighting designer Gerard Maijenburg who has worked with him for the last seven years.
The European leg of Garrett’s current Alive tour featured over 200 Robe moving lights, picked by Gerard to energise his design.
The creative process for developing the tour’s lighting ambience started with discussions with David who wanted a rock ‘n’ roll style wall-of-lights upstage of his band. With a classic black back cloth behind that and no video onstage, just two left-and-right IMAG screens, lighting was the primary visual medium utilised to establish all the emotion, atmosphere, and connections with the audiences.
Ninety-two Robe Spiider LED wash beams were combined with 36 x Esprites all rigged in six vertical lines at the back, producing the high power hi-impact back wall. These were complemented and contrasted with eight clusters of four spider ‘pods’ positioned on the front and mid trusses which provided the main stage washes. Both these elements combined brought a kinetic flow to the stage during specific lighting sequences.
The Spiiders and Esprites provided multiple looks in combination with 18 x Pointes which were on rear and mid trusses together with 14 x BMFL Blades and 10 x MegaPointes deployed behind the lighting ladders used for blast-through scenes.
Gerard devised a series of go-to patterns for all

museumProlights EclMiniProfiles light re-opened museum
Thursday, 8 December 2022

France - The former 2,500-year-old fortress of Ensérune reopened its doors to the public in early July 2022 after two years of major renovation work. This historical site transformed into a museum once again to present a rich archaeological collection to the public in a completely redesigned scenography and lighting.
Scenographer Marion Lyonnais (Fakestorybird) imagined an immersive journey as one would stage a show.
Lighting designer Jean-Noël Cordonnier from Lights and Design chose the Prolights EclMiniProfile LED spotlights with 19, 26, 36 and 50° lenses to light up the exhibits. “The lighting is an active part of the scenography: the combination of several colour temperatures, or the choice not to illuminate the whole object,” said Cordonnier. “The EclMiniProfile was the perfect fit for us thanks to its 28W Cree LED, the choice of two-colour temperatures and the wide variety of lenses and accessories.”


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