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3lr3LR appoints film and studio liaison
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

UK - 3LR has appointed Christina Nowak as film and studio liaison. A marketing graduate, Nowak has accrued wide experience of business development in the film-technology and production sector, working with brands including Red Digital Cinema, Ncam Technologies and G-Technology.
Matthew Lloyd, MD of 3LR, comments: “Christina will act in a consultancy role for 3LR, developing relationships and raising awareness amongst the film production community of the brands and products we represent. She combines an acute understanding of technologies and their applications with the communications skills essential for developing new business opportunities. Christina’s track record of success is impressive, and demonstrates that she has a ready grasp of the culture of this sector.”
3LR recently took responsibility for representing leading US manufacturer ETC’s broadcast, film and TV range of lighting and control, including its fos/4 range of LED Panel lights and fresnels. Introducing that product’s advantages to the film production sector will be Christina’s initial responsibility for 3LR.
“I’ve enjoyed success in the industry through relationship and community driven roles, and I’m looking forward to connecting 3LR’s brands with an audience who will truly benefit and appreciate their specialised features,” says Christina.

adjADJ lights Nicky Romero’s NYE broadcast
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

USA - For DJ, producer and remixer Nicky Romero, New Year’s Eve would normally involve travelling to an exotic destination to perform in a club in front of thousands of fans. To mark the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, that couldn’t happen. Instead, he stayed local and recorded a performance that was broadcast to fans around the world from his website to help them to celebrate the New Year at home.
The lighting rig for the shoot comprised predominately ADJ fixtures, including Vizi Beam RXONE and Vizi CMY300 moving heads as well as Pixie Strip LED battens.
Nicky Romero’s NYE broadcast also featured guest DJs DØBER and Timmo Hendriks who performed a back-to-back set. The venue for the shoot was Downtown Veenendaal, a modern community meeting space housed in a 100+ year old former church building. The livestream was organised by Artist Division, Nicky Romero's management company, and Ronald de Man, through his company RDM Productions, was responsible for managing the project. He brought in local rental company NT Sound to supply all of the lighting and audio equipment, which completely transformed the space to create a nightclub environment.
For the Nicky Romero NYE video shoot, NT Sound owner/manager Jonathan Jansen served as lighting designer - supplying all of the fixtures from NT Sound’s rental inventory. Koen van Elderen, who has experience of touring with Nicky, was then responsible for programming and operating the rig.
To fill the space with beam effects, NT Sound provided 28 ADJ Vizi Beam RXONE fixtures. Jonathan’s team

titanTitan lasers shine on Munich’s Kunstareal
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Germany - In late 2020, the city of Munich wanted to create a projection mapping show on New Year's Eve, but with coronavirus restrictions, a new solution was created. A semi-permanent installation would enable as many people as possible to see the attraction whilst maintaining a suitable social distance. The chosen location was The Kunstareal which is a museum quarter in the city centre of Munich, where numerous cultural institutions, universities and museums are located.
We Are Video is an agency for visual art which is run by three artists: Betty Mü, Raphael Kurig and Christian Gasteiger. Betty Mü participated in a tender together with her colleagues and won with the concept The Kunstareal Connects. With years of experience in the field of AV and the experience economy, the company combine art and the latest technology to create experiences that engage, mesmerize, and fascinate the audience.
Due to the vast expanse of the buildings, one thing was clear. “To map on a canvas that size, we needed a lot of power,” said Kurig. “The Titan Laser projectors were the perfect choice as they provide 37,000 lumens and are compact enough to be easily set up.”
The show ran every night from 5pm to 9pm until 14 February, so a reliable projector was that could withstand the demand, as there would not be an on-site crew available every day.
We Are Video turned to Magic Event & Media Technology to help realise their vision, and to Digital Projection’s partner, ETHA International GmbH for the supply of projectors. Providing more details

claypakykiss1-copyClaypaky lights KISS 2020 Goodbye concert
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

UAE - KISS said goodbye to 2020 in spectacular fashion = with a live New Year’s Eve pay-per-view concert from Atlantis the Palm in Dubai.
The 22-song set from the band’s End of the Road show was performed on a 250ft stage with the live audience at the Atlantis resort watching from their balconies and fans worldwide live streaming the concert on FITE. A large complement of Claypaky Mythos 2 and Scenius Unico fixtures from technical supplier PRG helped to illuminate the expansive venue.
The concert was designed by Sean Hackett (aka Motley) from the KISS production team. PRG was tasked with providing the A and B rigs to fill the stage and create the architectural lighting for Atlantis The Palm that highlighted building features and set the scene for the mammoth show to come.
Lighting designer Marcell Wahl of HOD Lighting lit the hotel’s grand arch and eight turrets and washed the resort with colour. Martin Smit, who headed the lighting team, used 60 Claypaky Scenius Unicos to frame and project artwork onto the building. He also placed Unicos in the swimming pool in front of the stage to additionally wash the hotel.
“Lighting the hotel was always going to be a challenge with full guest attendance, very limited space to place fixtures and palm trees in the line of sight,” says Wahl. “We needed the best fixture to give us multiple options to achieve our final goal.”
Wahl and his team worked through a number of designs and scenarios and selected the one that gave the camera team the best concert perspective and area shots capture

mllwhitesqMain Light Industries acquired by Michael Cannon
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

USA - Michael Cannon, co-founder and former CEO of 4Wall Entertainment, has acquired Main Light Industries, Inc (MLI), a dry hire provider of entertainment equipment. MLI will remain headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware and retain all of its employees but its founder, Aidas Gimbutas, will be stepping away from the company.
Gimbutas comments: “Deciding to sell your business is never easy. Of course, a business owner is looking to capitalize monetarily, but I did not seek a new owner based on this alone. I could not have found a better person than Michael Cannon to accept ownership of Main Light. Michael is investing in what is obviously, a tough time for the industry. He is continuing full-time employment for our dedicated and loyal staff; he respects our customer service approach, and he is here to not only continue but will strengthen Main Light’s ability to provide our services well into the future. I could not ask for more. The employees of Main Light, our clients, and myself are blessed to have this opportunity and a man of this character to represent the future of Main Light, a company I have given so much, and it has reciprocated in kind.”
Cannon adds: “Aidas and his team have built a great company over the past 40+ years. Main Light has always been considered one of the preeminent lighting rental providers to the industry and among its strengths are its valued long-term employees like Randy Mullican, Giovanni Ciranni, and Rick McKinney who each have been with the company for over 20 years. Main Light’s business model of being a dry hire on

robe-awards-2021-france-img7237-winnersRobe Awards 2021 get off to a flying start
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

France - Robe Lighting France delivered its first Robe Awards event, a lighting design and programming competition that saw 10 finalists battle it out by utilising a full Robe lighting rig.
The competition, which attracted more than 160 entrants, was initiated after Sebastien Dendele, president of rental company MursDeLeds (MDL), and well-known TV lighting operator Yannick Duc discussed the idea of organising a lighting competition after MursDeLeds had installed some Robe fixtures in a Paris club.
Robe France account handler Jean Philippe Fouilleul was then approached, who in turn involved his colleagues Bruno Garros, Elie Battah and Vincent Bouquet who floated the idea of engaging lighting designers and operators.
The competition kicked off in December 2020 and was open to anyone in France familiar with professional lighting consoles and visualisation software and able to programme and operate a lightshow. The initial three stages were virtual and entered via a dedicated Facebook page.
Entrants had to create a 90-second timecoded lightshow utilising grandMA 3D, Capture or Depence2 and 133 Robe virtual moving lights, all working to the same predesignated music track.
Those gaining the most ‘likes’ went through to the next round and the process was repeated - until three rounds later, the 10 finalists emerged. They ranged from practising lighting professionals to breakthrough designers, programmers, and operators.
The final was staged IRL (in real life) at Les Studios de la Montjoie in the La Plaine St Denis in a fully COVID-sa

ny-252-printGLP makes an impression on Mountview Academy
Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Germany - London-based Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts entered its production season with support from GLP’s UK office and some inventive programming of the company’s bespoke theatre fixtures from one GLP enthusiast and freelance designer, Adam Kingnow.
When the academy relocated to its new building in Peckham from its former Wood Green base, where King had graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Technical Theatre specialising in Lighting, it had the benefit of a new reconfigurable theatre. This featured a purpose designed lighting grid on which the LDs could hang and focus their lighting, including a large number of GLP fixtures, to achieve maximum creativity.
King had been fortunate enough to work alongside top theatre LD Neil Austin, which is when he first discovered the special TH theatre-specific versions of GLP’s impression X4 and X4 Bar fixtures, with the yellow chip - which Austin had helped to instigate. This is now available as a custom option in the GLP catalogue. “I immediately became a convert to GLP,” King explains. Via his long-standing relationship with Mountview, he learnt that the drama theatre was in the process of purchasing a new LED moving head profiler last year, which provided the real breakthrough for GLP. Having just worked with the impression S350 and marvelled at the quality of the pastels, he insisted that they audition it in the competitive demo set up by dealers, White Light.
“They had been reviewing other brands until I mentioned the S350s,” King adds. “I subjected the products to some rigorous tests. T

superbowlAl Gurdon adds Super Bowl impact with Chauvet
Monday, 1 March 2021

USA - Al Gurdon used 65 Chauvet Professional Nexus Aw 7x7 panels supplied by PRG to bridge two distinct facets of The Weeknd’s Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.
Arranged in a tower-like configuration that was revealed when the stands holding The Weeknd’s supporting cast parted into equal sections on either side of them, the Nexus units created a column of intense warm white light that silhouetted the star as he made his first appearance.
In addition to creating a dramatic entrance, the brilliant display of light acted as a bridge between the performance stage that was setup on the North End concourse of the stadium and the backstage hall of mirrors dubbed ‘The Infinity Room’ by the show’s creative team.
“I wanted something that would be powerful enough to create an immediate impact, whilst also offering strong dynamic possibilities,” said Gurdon, whose list of Super Bowl halftime credits includes The Who, Black Eyed Peas, Madonna, and Beyonce. “The Nexus panels did exactly what I had hoped, giving The Weeknd a dramatic entrance and also creating a bridge between the worlds of the stage and the backstage. This was critically important given the size of the show, which comprised both a large set at one end of the stadium and also a large cast on the field of play.”
The analogue feel created by the tungsten-like light of the Nexus fixtures blended with the incandescent glow of the inner set walls and the backstage set. “Having so many incandescent fixtures pushed me toward a colo

prolightsProlights releases EclDisplay series
Friday, 26 February 2021

Italy - Prolights has released its latest EclDisplay series of LED spotlights designed for use in galleries, retail, hotels, exhibitions and other installations.
The fixtures in the range feature multiple control options, sources, colours, lenses and accessories, with over 7,000 possible fixture configurations, using the same core technology while meeting different aesthetic or technical requirements.
The EclDisplay units are available in three control configurations: DAT, UN and CC. The DAT version comes with a built-in PSU, with manual knob-dimming, RDM, DMX and DALI control on-board. The UN version includes all the above and adds phase-cut dimming for retrofitting in existing systems. The CC (Constant Current) version works with external drivers, allowing installers to complete the light fittings with any track mounted, rack or boxed drivers, accepting any wired or wireless control (DALI, Casambi, 0-10, on-off).
The EclDisplay is engineered with a 25W high-CRI LED engine. There are five different source options available: fixed white sources in 2,700K, 3,000K, 4,000K, 5,600K, as well as a 40W RGB+WW source, capable of delivering a wide tuneable white range, as well as beautiful pastels and saturated colours.
Prolights has developed optics that unlock the fixtures' full potential, increasing their efficiency and light output. There are three lenses available: a zoomable 20º - 40º profile lens with 4 lockable blades, allowing to precisely frame any projection area with crisp or soft-edge accents, or to project images and textures through

anolis-magazine-london-Anolis specified for two London venues
Friday, 26 February 2021

UK - Anolis Divine 160 LED lighting fixtures are providing mood and house lighting for two of London’s leading multifunctional venues, Magazine London in Greenwich and Exhibition London in White City, both initiated and operated by Broadwick Live and Venue Lab.
The Anolis fixtures were specified by consultant and technical production director Simon Jones of SJ-TPM, who co-ordinated the technical design, specification, procurement, installation, and commissioning of production equipment for the two high profile venues.
“I wanted a fixture that could do more than just provide functional white house lighting,” explained Simon, “Ideally an LED source for cost-efficiency and sustainability, plus a unit that produced a great range of colours and a quality, bright output, so the same fixtures could also be part of the atmospheric lighting or theming for a wide range of events.”
The Divine 160 is powered by 40 Osram RGBW multichip LEDs which produce nearly 12,000 lumens in output with a 40° beam angle option and this works for the task at Magazine, a new-build presenting a raw, contemporary industrial space with views across the River Thames to London’s Canary Wharf CBD skyline.
The 65 x Divine 160 luminaires at Magazine are rigged in the roof trusses and on beams with C-Clamps. Fixture weight was another consideration - each compact Divine 160 unit weighs 14.5kg, states Simon - as were the aesthetics of the light, which had to match the look and feel of the room.
Magazine London opened at the end of 2019, and work was already in pr

die-glocke1Bremen’s Die Glocke upgrades with Chauvet
Friday, 26 February 2021

Germany - Die Glocke in Bremen is a well-respected concert venue. The meticulously detailed space inside the Walter Görig-designed building reflects sound with such clarity and purity that leading artists have sought it out for their performances. Herbert von Karajan singled out Die Glocke as one of the three finest concert halls in all of Europe.
Given this reputation, Christoph Brunkow, project supervisor at Glocke and his team had clear goals in mind when they were upgrading the facility’s lighting system. In addition to seeking fixtures that produced bright even fields of light, they were looking for ones that were quiet and could be installed with minimal disruption to the building’s interior.
“We wanted to change as little as possible about the building,” said Brunkow. “Our goal was to keep the existing rigging while installing new fixtures that delivered the same power – or more- than our old ones. Of course, since this hall is famous for its acoustics, it was key that the fixtures be extremely quiet. Accepting compromises was absolutely no option for us.”
Helping the technical team meet their goals without compromise was a collection of 59 Chauvet Professional LED fixtures. Replacing Die Glocke’s traditional incandescent lights, the new units enhanced the illumination at the concert hall while reducing energy and labour costs.
“Our goal was to replace our conventional light completely,” said Brunkow. “Our old fixtures ran long hours, which used up a lot of energy. We also had to replace their lamps frequently, wh

robe-live-company-denmark-dscf1350Live Company invests in Robe Esprites
Friday, 26 February 2021

Denmark - Rental operation Live Company made a major investment in Robe Esprite and LEDWash 300X moving lights, together with a RoboSpot remote follow spot system, in March 2020 just before the pandemic hit effectively closing the live concert and event industry worldwide.
“We felt it was a bit like some ironic sort of April Fool’s joke,” commented Live Company’s Peter Clausen, one of the owners together with Mikkel Bedsted and two other business partners.
However, they are pleased with their kit, and the Esprites have been busy despite a challenging year working at a fraction of the normal pace as Live Company is lucky enough to have had a steady flow of work throughout the pandemic.
Live Company purchased the 22 x Esprites for Cirkusrevyen, Denmark’s premier revue show which is staged at a big top venue in Dyrehavsbakken, a northern suburb of Copenhagen. Live Company was appointed lighting vendor for the first time in 2020 having supplied the season’s chief LX and lighting console operator since 2017.
In 2020, due to a couple of important anniversaries, Cirkusrevyen lighting designer Malthe Haugaard was keen to try out the Esprites.
Over the past four years, a variety of Robe fixtures - including Pointes, MegaPointes, DL4S and DL7S Profiles - have been used in the Cirkusrevyen show, and for the 2019 season, LEDBeam 150s and MegaPointes were utilised in numerous imaginative ways.
“This time we wanted a fixture with a wide zoom that could also produce punchy beams for the big dance production numbers,” explained M

claypakykino1-mainClaypaky battens debut on Kino reunion concert
Friday, 26 February 2021

Russia - Rock band Kino celebrated its reunion with an online concert, which wowed the Russian rock community and teased Kino’s major stadium tour planned for this spring. The online performance was the first show to use Claypaky’s new Tambora Batten fixtures, which were selected by lighting designer Marina Larikova.
The online concert reunited members of the band who had not appeared together since the death of Kino’s lead singer, Victor Tsoi, in 1990. The performance featured two bass players who had played at different times with the original band, Kino’s original guitarist, a synthesizer player and a rhythm guitarist. Victor Tsoi’s presence was felt in the show when his multitrack recordings were digitised, enhanced and incorporated into the concert. Tsoi’s son Alexander was one of the show producers.
Claypaky’s Tambora, a high-power batten made its debut on the concert.
“We at Blackout Studio feel really honoured to be among the first rental companies in the world to receive the latest Claypaky fixtures,” says manager Igor Piotrowski. “We appreciate the trust shown by Claypaky and its CIS brand-manager, Slawa Gartung, to make this happen. We have been looking forward to the introduction of this type of batten fixture by Claypaky and are pleased to have Tambora Battens in our rental stock now.
“As always with Claypaky,” he says, “this fixture is a great example of Italian design and impresses with the materials used to create the body of the fixture. The LED modules used in the Tambora Batten are the same as thos

glpGLP launches Streamer Duo Kit
Thursday, 25 February 2021

Germany - Building on the success of the Streamer, GLP’s new LED light for video conferencing, live streaming and home office work, the company has announced a new packaging variant for those wanting multiple sources, called the Streamer Duo Kit. Simultaneously, the free-to-download app has been updated, offering significant expansion of the remote-control capabilities of all Streamer units.
The Streamer Duo Kit packages two of the GLP Streamer units together with a pair of extendable tripods, USB-C cables and USB-A to USB-C adapters for both units. This comprehensive accessory set also comes with a pair of soft drawstring bags to protect the units whilst in transit. The packaging insert has been cleverly designed to be placed directly into standard portable hard cases, reducing the products’ environmental impact.
The Duo package has been designed for applications specifically where two units would be beneficial to place more evenly spread light coverage on a presenter from multiple angles, thereby creating more professional studio-like situations.
With the launch of the Duo set, comes a new version of the control app. Free to download for both PC and Mac platforms, it allows the user to intuitively control up to 16 Streamer units - either locally or remotely from a single device - and is compatible with both existing and new Streamer units.
GLP US president, Mark Ravenhill, said: “This expanded capability provides significant new functionality, especially to those making use of the remote facility for corporate streams as well as full

kl-fresnel-8-fccomposite-imageElation expands Key Light series
Thursday, 25 February 2021

USA - Elation Professional is expanding its Key Light (KL) series of LED Fresnel luminaires with the full-colour-spectrum KL Fresnel 8 FC.
Designed for TV and film, theatre, tradeshows or any general AV application requiring high output soft light with precise colour reproduction and adjustable colour temperature, the KL Fresnel 8 FC produces ‘the soft field light that designers desire in order to masterfully highlight performers or scenery on stage’. Offering a wide array of rich saturated colours, subtle pastels and dynamic white light, it is designed for use in situations requiring outstanding performance and colour quality.
The KL Fresnel 8 FC houses a 500W RGBMA LED engine calibrated at 6500 Kelvin and emits a diffused wash of light. It produces over 18,000 field lumens with a motorized zoom range of 10° to 50° for easy adjustment of beam size. For illumination that is more precise with less light spill, adjustable and removable 8-leaf barn doors allow for customized shaping of the beam.
Colour rendering offers high CRI (92), TM30 (88) and TLCI (95) values, meaning that colour re-creation is extremely accurate both to the eye and to the camera. As a flexible complement to any professional lighting system with customizable effects to accommodate aesthetic design requirements, the KL Fresnel 8 FC has also been designed with respect for the whisper-quiet requirements of the professional stage and studio.
Optimized for the specific requirements of broadcast, the KL Fresnel 8 FC can adjust for light that shifts away from pure white tow

annie-brobst3Chauvet joins Annie Brobst livestream
Thursday, 25 February 2021

USA - Over 1,700 miles separate Image Productions Services from Ryman Auditorium, but that didn’t matter much on Saturday 23 January when Annie Brobst and The Jake Ash Band took the stage at the improvised livestream studio in the company’s warehouse in Shrewsbury, MA.
Brobst, the New England Country Music Awards Artist of the Year, and Ash’s band, which was formed by four firefighters from nearby Brockton, projected a down-home vibe that would have fit right in on Nashville’s Second Avenue.
Contributing to the welcoming atmosphere of the pay-per-view show was a warm and immersive lighting and video design by Darren Lussier and his team at Image Production Services that featured 44 Chauvet Professional fixtures and a collection of PVPX3 LED video panels.
Seeking to evoke an intimate music club image on their relatively small stage, Lussier had it bathed in deeply saturated colours, broken up by dashes of white light. “Colour intensity was important to this show,” he said. “The Rogue and COLORado fixtures gave us that. They created a nice backdrop that was bright enough to be balanced with the video wall.”
Lussier had 12 Rogue R3 Wash fixtures arranged along the upstage edge of the set to provide back washing on the stage and performers. A group of 12 COLORado 1-Quad Zoom tours added to the colourful backdrop.
For specials, side lighting, and downlighting, Lussier and his team called on their rig’s 12 Rogue RH1 Hybrids, four of which were hung on an overhead truss bar, with the remainder being divided evenly between sta

wmeresponse2#WeMakeEvents responds to UK lockdown roadmap
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

UK - Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed the four steps England is set to take towards “cautious yet irreversible” easing of lockdown restrictions over the coming months. The roadmap indicates that theatres, cinemas and other indoor entertainment attractions could reopen with reduced capacity and social distancing measures in place as part of step three, provisionally set to take place from 17 May. Johnson specifically said that as part of step three “theatres and concert halls can reopen their doors”, with pilots of larger events set to take place using enhanced testing. If coronavirus rates continue to fall as predicted, step four could see all restrictions lifted in England from 21 June. This will mean all sectors should be able to reopen.
The #WeMakeEvents campaign has issued the following statement in response to the announcement: “We welcome the Prime Minister’s statement on a national roadmap to recovery and hope these measures will help plan the return of live events by June. While the steps are positive, our sector needs more detail and we urge the government to extend financial support in the upcoming budget to stop the current talent drain and ensure that the supply chain to live events can plan to return. For this to happen we need government-backed insurance for events, financial support for the self-employed, and grants, not loans, along with continued furlough, for all companies in a supply chain that has had little-to-nothing for over a year and will be the last to return to income generation.”
To support th

oresundbridgeMartin pro lights the way on Øresund Bridge
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Sweden - Harman Professional Solutions recently partnered with LiteNordic and Light Bureau to update the Øresund Bridge with a revitalised architectural lighting design to celebrate its 20th anniversary.
Originally constructed in 1999 and opened in 2000, the Øresund Bridge that connects Sweden to Denmark is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe, with a total length of more than five miles. The bridge - an instantly recognisable landmark to worldwide viewers of the hit Nordic drama series The Bridge is financed and operated by a joint-stock company owned by the Danish and Swedish governments.
In 2020, the bridge’s operating company hired European architectural lighting consultants Light Bureau to update its aging lighting solution with a more robust and vibrant lighting design in celebration of the bridge’s 20th anniversary. Light Bureau appointed lighting designer Frederik Waneck Borello and project manager Henrik Rohde Nielsen as lead designers for the project.
After conducting an extensive research and bidding process for suitable replacements, Borello and Nielsen collaborated with Swedish lighting provider LiteNordic to outfit the bridge with a Martin Professional architectural lighting solution. Light Bureau and LiteNordic selected Martin Exterior Wash 300 and Exterior Wash 310 fixtures for their output, long-lasting operation and increased energy efficiency.
“Martin has a proven track record when it comes to large-scale projects like this,” said Mikkel Toksværd, director of business development, projects,

ayrtonAyrton Perseo lights Chevelle’s Self Destructor video
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

USA - So Midwest, Inc. provided turnkey creative and technical services for Self Destructor, the new music video for rock band Chevelle. Executive producer and production designer, Robb Jibson, selected Ayrton Perseo fixtures for the video, which So Midwest concepted, designed, directed, produced and edited.
Focusing on science deniers and written before the coronavirus pandemic, Self Destructor is the lead single from the band’s upcoming, space-themed ninth studio album, Niratis (an acronym for Nothing is Real And This Is a Simulation).
“Coming up with a theme of a visitor from space carrying a glowing energy orb that would ultimately suck the band inside its energy, we back-tracked the story to come up with the script and the shot list,” says Jibson of the concept, which combines performance footage with clips of Chevelle on a night hunt for the spaceman.
Jibson chose a complement of Perseo-S fixtures for the project, the first compact multi-function luminaire with an IP65 enclosure rating developed by Ayrton for intensive outdoor use. He was impressed by Perseo’s output per watt and IP rating since So Midwest was shooting in late November in Chicago. “We were able to run them off a really small and quiet generator,” Jibson recalls. “The Perseos could sit in the mud and get rained and snowed on; we could have many per circuit and deliver a ton of output with really crisp optics.”
The Perseos were used to create otherworldly lighting effects for the night-time pursuit of the spaceman. “We wanted the for

papa-watch-my-flyMavericks on song for Papa Watch My Fly
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Italy - Claudio Mazzucchelli created Papa Watch My Fly, a livestreamed multi-media operatic work performed at the historic Teatro Coccia in Novara.
Featuring over 70 socially distanced performers, representing a wide range of musical genres from classical and jazz, to pop and rock, as well as aerial dancers and a “live” painting by Giuseppe Ravizzotti, Papa Watch Me Fly portrays the evolving relationship between Mazzucchelli and his father over a 54-year period, from 1962 to 2016.
Reflecting the passions and nuanced emotions of this story, was a Nicolò Damiani lighting designed that featured 26 Maverick MK2 Wash and 18 Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures. Audiosales Entertainment Solutions, which managed the production, rented the Chauvet Professional fixtures from Fumasoli Audio & Lights.
Led by sales manager Marco Alterini and product specialist Giovanni Pigino, the Audiosales team rented the moving fixtures to enhance the powerful story-telling dimension of the show. “Our first aim was to create a variety of true ‘lighting pictures,’” said Damiani. “The director needed to have the best lighting conditions at all times in order for the impact of this show to come across on a livestream.”
This impact was precisely what Damiani delivered in his camera-friendly design. Positioning the wash and spot fixtures on different balcony rails, he relied on their output, throw distance, and tight focus to conjure up a variety of looks. He also created crisp gobo patterns to add depth and texture to the stage.
“I never us

deutsches-theater-berlinDeutsches Theater Berlin invests in Robe
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Germany - The Deutsches Theater in Berlin is one of Germany’s foremost producing houses. In the last year, the venue has added 20 x Robe T1 Profiles which are available across its stages, a move specified and overseen by head of lighting Robert Grauel and his team including Linus Zahn who is the lighting systems tech and person in charge of new technologies.
The main stage was originally built in 1850 and the building now consists of two adjoining stages – the 600-capacity main stage and the 280-seat Kammerspiele established by the legendary Max Reinhardt in 1906 for modern drama – sharing a common, classical façade.
The Box is a black box studio space located in the Kammerspiele foyer with seating for 80 people, and there are extensive rehearsal rooms, workshops, and storage facilities in a new building behind.
The Robe T1 Profiles were selected from a shortlist of three fixtures from different manufacturers explained Linus, who is part of a 35-strong lighting department working across all the stages and rehearsal areas.
Robe fixtures first appeared at the Deutsches Theater in 2016 for a production of Man in the Holocene directed by Thom Luz with lighting designed by Matthias Vogel.
They needed a compact moving light that had a sharp narrow beam that could shoot across the stage, reflect off five mirrors and interact with the main actor.
Like all theatres and any live entertainment venues, 2020 has been a tough year for Deutsches Theater due to the pandemic, but, looking forward to 2021, Linus is hopeful that the r

jl-lightingSES completes major project for JLLighting
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

UK - SES Entertainment Services has been working with JLLighting on their most recent batch of 72ways, HDPE distro and cables.
“We got a call from Jack (managing director) at JLLighting looking to purchase some of our SES 72ways as they wanted to move away from their previous supplier,” says SES group director Gordon Cooper. “The quote started off as three of these units however quickly turned into HDPE distro, moulded rubber K9’s, soca splitters, custom fan outs and Powerlock linking sets as well. Quotes and drawings were supplied quickly as there was a tight deadline to stick to.
“We worked closely with JL on the specs and branding to ensure they received exactly what they were after and only the best quality branded components were used on all the builds.”
The 72ways are 27u 19” racks are made from Zintec steel and have a black powder coat on them. The racks feature 400A PowerLock incoming with a 400A MCCB fitted with nudge bars and an unprotected link through. There is an overall VTVS switchable ELR allowing discrimination between units, a neutral loss relay for added protection of equipment when powering shows, 7 LED fault display on the front and back of the distro allowing the user to identify faults quickly, overall digital metering showing voltage and amps across all phases including neutral, a handy dual USB charging point and bi-colour rack lights front and back helping to illuminate all the breakers and sockets.
“On the outgoing side there are six 16A/230V sockets protected by 16A 30mA single module RCBO’s, 12 x s

fisterChauvet enhances Fister firepower
Monday, 22 February 2021

USA - Gerry Dintelman designed a show for sludge band Fister’s 90-minute Video Death livestream at the Arch City Audio Visual Services studio in St Louis. Working with a rig that featured over 50 Chauvet Professional fixtures, plus 104 PVP S5 LED video panels, he took viewers on a visual journey that wove its way seamlessly through his client’s heavy, often abrasive rhythms.
“We wanted the rig to look as aggressive as Fister’s sound is, so the whole design revolved around the idea of sharp angles, tons of back light, and intense visuals,” said Dintelman. “I definitely needed all the firepower I could get to convey the spirit of the music.”
Central to Dintelman’s design was a V-shaped truss configuration that converged on the drum stand. Made with four sticks of 8ft truss slanted at a 45-degree angle, each holding 11 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures and 10 PVP S5 panels, the structure projected a potent visual exclamation throughout the video.
“The V-shaped element was a clear reference point that centred the look on stage,” said Dintelman. “We liked how it pulled eyeballs into the centre of the stage, especially since this was being streamed - and in many cases - watched on small screens. I have to thank Kevin Kwater, who ran our video wall content and Chris Keith for this V-shaped truss idea.”
Positioned in the middle of the V-shaped truss structure was a massive video wall. Working in coordination with other video panels spread across the backstage as well as those on the truss structure itself, the wall was used to crea

emeablue-whale-exterior-lighting4Martin Projection 1000 fixtures light Big Blue
Friday, 19 February 2021

Finland - Harman Professional Solutions recently partnered with Studiotec Oy and Turku Energia to illuminate the recently renovated Piispantorni building’s façade and its new whale mural with Martin Exterior Projection 1000 fixtures.
Originally constructed in 1973, Piispantorni is the tallest building in the Finnish city of Kaarina and offers a dazzling view of the nearby Gulf of Finland from its upper floors. Formerly owned and utilised by Finnish brewing company Hartwall, the building’s new owner recently renovated the building to offer commercial office rentals to professionals in the Turku region of Finland. As part of the renovation, the building received a completely new steel façade featuring a stunning, 82-foot-long mural of a life-size blue whale titled Big Blue by artist Mauri Kosonen.
In order to enhance the effect of the mural, Piispantorni’s owner hired Turku Energia to implement a dynamic underwater-inspired lighting design created by lead designer Antti Viertamo in collaboration with Deniz Seifulla of Signify Finland and senior lighting designer Anssi Mäkinen of Sitowise. Turku Energia brought the ambitious lighting design to life with Martin Exterior Projection 1000 fixtures, supplied by Finnish distributor Studiotec Oy.
“The owner wanted to enhance the new façade of Piispantorni with a lighting design that reflects the seaside nature of the city,” said Jami Lehtonen, sales manager, Studiotec Oy. “The design features animations that look like ocean waves, which goes perfectly with Mauri Kosonen’s Big Bl


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