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atonement-tourChauvet & ChamSys light Killswitch Engage
Friday, 18 March 2022

USA - Lighting metal band Killswitch Engage means slamming your foot down on the accelerator and never really letting up, according to lighting designer Cody James.
The longtime designer for KSE, James describes the process this way: “Killswitch on stage has no brake pedal. Even during tuning breaks, it's a full-on experience the entire time. The lights have to reflect that. When the band is coming at you at 100 mph, so should everything around them on stage.”
When lighting the band’s recently concluded 32-city Atonement Tour 2022, James powered his Chauvet Professional anchored rig with a ChamSys MagicQ MQ250M and extra wing.
Innovative strobing played a big part in James’ design vision for this busked show. Reflecting the band’s intense sound, he conjured up a varied mix of bold strobing looks, mixing in different colours and coming at the stage and audience from every conceivable angle with bright bursts of light.
“Strobing comes with the territory when you light this group,” said James. “Strobing in colour is really out of necessity if I were to go to white every time I wanted to strobe during the show, I might as well build the entire show in full open white. I strobe from different directions, because I want everyone in the building to experience the show the same way. whether they’re standing directly in front of the stage, or on the side.”
The lighting rig, supplied by JDI Productions, included eight Maverick MK1 Hybrid and an equal number of MK1 Spot fixtures, as well as 12 Rogue FX-B units, 10 Rogue R1 BeamW

nmeTSL Lighting supports NME Awards production
Friday, 18 March 2022

UK - The BandLab NME Awards 2022 returned to the O2 Academy Brixton in London on 2 March 2, with the crew from TSL Lighting responsible for installing the rig and lighting system in place for Renegade’s lighting designer, Nick Gray
“As always, working with TSL was a pleasure,” says Gray. “Their attention to detail, prep and general approach is second to none. For this show, we had an awful lot of lighting, most of which couldn’t be accessed once installed so I needed to work with a team that did their utmost to make sure we didn’t have any equipment issues.
“The team of technicians were very familiar and absolutely amazing. TSL were an ideal partner for Renegade on the show and proved again why we rate them so highly.”
The main lighting rig extended out into the auditorium and was steeply raked to be visually impressive on camera. The show comprised over 50 GLP X4 Bar 20s and JDC1 strobes, with VL2600 profiles providing keylight and Mac Viper Wash DXs for fill. Thirty-two Astera AX3’s also accented the venue, allowing for programmer Tim Fawkes to have a versatile rig with a large number of moving RGBW pixels at his control.
On the main stage, a large Layher scaff structure provided a focal piece for the audience and allowed Nick Gray’s design to continue from the truss and flow beautifully down onto stage level with the addition of more X4 Bars and JDC1s.
TSL’s crew chief Tom Bexon comments, “Being able to rely on TSL’s impeccable prep standards and attention to detail really made my life easier. I was able to s

ayrton-ctCT takes first delivery of Ayrton in the Middle East
Friday, 18 March 2022

UAE - Creative Technology has announced that it is the first company in the Middle East region to have made a major investment in the latest Ayrton lighting fixtures.
Sam Connolly, head of lighting at CTME, comments, “Ayrton is recognised as a world class brand which always pushes technology and design to the limit. They are full of innovation, power, versatility, and unbeatable reliability and I am extremely excited to have these new fixtures added to our existing stock. The investment we have made is unique to the Middle East as we can now offer our clients premium lighting packages for all their indoor and outdoor events across the GCC.”
“After many hours of discussions and shoot outs, the Ayrton 3 series consisting of the Diablo, Levante and Karif LT became the clear choice, with the Perseo Profile adding the extra output needed to get as creative as it gets,” says JP, brand manager at NMK Electronics. “We are extremely glad that one of the leading events and rental companies in the region has chosen Ayrton as their preferred fixture for their latest inventory upgrade.”
Andy Reardon managing director of CT Middle East says, “We are committed to providing our clients with the very best full-service solutions, which is why we continue to invest in event technology in the region. We made this investment recognising that CT can be a one stop solution partner for our clients, ensuring quality products, a world-class bespoke service, and the best team on hand. We are proud to have expanded our lighting stock and excited that we can offe

ayrton-brand-ambassador-nicolay-berenokAyrton adds brand ambassador
Thursday, 17 March 2022

Europe - Ayrton has appointed Nikolay Berenok as its new brand ambassador, with immediate effect.
Co-founder of the visualising software company Light Converse, Berenok brings considerable industry experience and contacts to Ayrton. His new role entails making use of his extensive network and superb recognition to drive interest in the Ayrton brand, and to support the work of its global sales team.
“I'm really happy and excited to take on this new role,” says Berenok. “It's a great honour and opportunity to become part of the wonderful Ayrton team and a company with such a great history and reputation.”
“We are excited to welcome Nick to the Ayrton family,” says Ayrton’s global sales director, Michael Althaus. “This is a new role within the company and we are very excited about its potential - which is showing itself already. Nick is extremely knowledgeable across all sectors of our market and we anticipate he will be very busy!”
Nikolay Berenok and all the international Ayrton team will be at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt next month.

dubaiexpo2Lightshark brings control to Expo 2020 Pavilions
Thursday, 17 March 2022

UAE - Equipson's award winning LightShark range took centre stage at Expo 2020 in Dubai when it was used in both the Spanish and Angolan Pavilions for DMX control of different exhibition and stage spaces.
"The software's FX engine allowed us to integrate the lighting with the rest of the audio-visual systems in an agile and simple way," says Marvin Ryan, a technician from the Philippines and head of lighting at the Angola Pavilion.
His views were reinforced by Juan Gonzalez, technical manager for events at the Spanish Pavilion, who highlighted the simplicity of LightShark's user interface. “With hardly any previous experience in handling the system, it was very easy to start operating it almost from day one,” he says.
Designed to showcase the best of art, architecture, innovation and technology, Expo 2020 Dubai runs until the end of March and features more than 200 pavilions from all over the globe. The event was originally scheduled to take place in 2020 but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It eventually got underway in October 2021, making it the largest exhibition to be held since the pandemic and the first occasion that a World Expo has been held in an Arab country.
As a Spanish brand, LightShark actively collaborated with the Cultural Activities Department of the Spanish Pavilion to showcase its range of products at Expo 2022 under the slogan Designing the Future.
Iber de Vicente, head of cultural activities production of the Spanish Pavilion, said that collaborating with LightShark and putting its products centre

kinkyboots2Mavericks and Rogues add polish to Kinky Boots
Thursday, 17 March 2022

USA - The Slow Burn Theatre Company’s production of Kinky Boots at the Broward Centre for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale featured an engaging Clifford Michael Spulock lighting design that included Chauvet Professional Maverick, Rogue and COLORado fixtures.
Spulock wove his lighting around scenic designer David Rockwell’s set pieces endowing them with an extra degree of realism that made the drama unfolding on stage more engaging. The red brick ‘Price and Son’ shoe factory in Northampton, England takes on a, ethereal, timeless look when bathed in warm light, setting, a suitable tone, given that plans that will make dreams come true are hatched in the factory.
The factory set piece has two levels of translucent windows. Spulock gave them a magical glow by placing COLORado Batten 144 Tour fixtures behind this wall. Drawing on the colour mixing prowess of the RGBWA linear LED fixtures, he was able to reflect different moods by changing the hue reflected in the windows.
To give scenes inside the factory a more unsettled aura, Spulock washed the stage in deep blues. At other times he conveyed different moods with brighter colors and gobo patterns. All the while he was careful to maintain the key lighting with help from his Maverick MK2 Profiles. When the scenes shifted to Lola’s nightclub and the runway for a fashion show, Spulock turned up the lighting intensity to create realistic settings.
A collection of Rogue R1 Spot fixtures positioned on side box booms was instrumental in setting the range of tones on stage. “I reli

robe-transcolor-head-of-technical-szymon-kosicki-traTranscolor boosts rental stock with more Robe
Thursday, 17 March 2022

Poland - Lighting and production rental company Transcolor has invested in new Robe moving lights and remained busy throughout the pandemic with its five full-size studios and rehearsal rooms which have been utilised for television and movie productions, promo and advertising shoots and other assorted events. Two of the studios are among the largest in Warsaw, and these have continued with regular TV productions and clients as well as hosting a range of new clients producing digital and streamed events.
Transcolor’s head of technical Szymon Kosicki explained that, like everyone, they have faced major challenges, but Transcolor has always been un, with a relatively compact administration setup for such a large operation. Simon is responsible for the kit and its prep for the various projects and shows.
The demand for the studios has soared over the last two years as media and TV companies scrambled to meet the need for new and different content, and this led to the purchase of additional Robe LEDWash 800Xs.
The LEDWash 800X - featuring 30% brighter LED chips and a removable beam shaper module with motorized rotation which produces an ovalised beam for precise positioning - is a popular combination for theatre, TV and automotive exhibitions.
“The continuity provided by this fixture for TV in particular is excellent,” commented Szymon, adding they also contribute to the green footprint as there is increasing pressure on productions to be as sustainable and carbon-conscious as possible.
It brings their total stock of LEDWash 800s to o

randy-mullicanRandy Mullican named CEO of Main Light
Wednesday, 16 March 2022

USA - Main Light has announced the appointment of Randy Mullican to chief executive officer. Having been with Main Light for 27 years, most recently as general manager, Mullican brings a deep understanding of the company and its dry hire business model.
Mullican has worked closely with Main Light's owner and chairman, Michael Cannon, over this past year as the team have made adjustments to the company's operations and expansion to three locations - Wilmington, DE (Main Light, East); Las Vegas, NV (Main Light, West); and Nashville, TN (Main Light, South).
Cannon, who purchased Main Light a little over a year ago, states: “The bright spot of the whole deal in acquiring Main Light, was the great team I inherited. They have all been fantastic, and the leader of that great team is Randy Mullican. I felt that with Randy’s years of service and his expanding responsibilities with now overseeing three locations, that it was absolutely the right time to promote Randy to the role of CEO of Main Light. I know he is the right person to lead the Main Light team and the company going forward.”
“It’s an honour to be recognised for my work at Main Light in this way,” concludes Mullican. “I look forward to working with Michael and the entire Main Light team, as we together continue to support our clients."

lamourduvin-benfinch-1Bandit Lites contributes to L’Amour Du Vin
Wednesday, 16 March 2022

USA - The Knoxville Museum of Art held its annual fundraising soiree, L’ Amour du Vin, complete with ‘fine wine, culinary marvels, and both a silent and live auction’. Bandit Lites has been a long-time partner with the museum and donated the lighting system to help set the creative atmosphere for the space.
“No one brings a vision to life better than Bandit Lites,” says Carla May Paré, director of fundraising events. “This year, inspired by a painting by artist Gordon Cheung, the lighting design for L’Amour du Vin created an immersive, magical, and epic visual backdrop highlighting both the contemporary focus of the artist’s work and nods to historical ideologies - old word meets new world. The artist himself was blown away by the design, including a new element - his work projected onto the ceiling of the KMA’s Bailey Hall.”
In addition to lighting the façade of the museum, Bandit provided lighting for the entrance, Great Hall silent auction, as well as the 100ft x70ft tent where the dinner and live auction took place.
“Chauvet Freedom Par Quad-4 came in very handy in all of these spaces, where there is very little power,” said Bandit Lites project manager Giff Swart. “Also, cables on the floor look really out of place in a museum; wireless DMX control was used throughout the building.”
Bandit lighting director Nick Brown illuminated the space using subtle pastel tones, drawing out the soft floral elements of Cheung’s art. The entry way was up lit with warm white lighting, while the Great Hall featured soft

popevka1ChamSys helps meet demands of Popevka
Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Slovenia - Broadcast on the RTV network, the 44th annual Popevka song contest featured performances by 11 entrants, each one of them lit in a way that reflected its style and personality. “This is a very big event in Slovenia with deep cultural significance,” said Crt Birsa who used over 100 lighting fixtures in his seven-universe show. “We were dedicated to conveying the full passion of every performance.”
Birsa’s task of reflecting the nuances of Popevka was complicated by scheduling difficulties. With the show’s start delayed because of COVID safety concerns, he came to the studio to complete programming the lighting design late, because of a pervious touring commitment. This experience gave him a new appreciation for the flexibility of his ChamSys MagicQ Software.
“I actually had to start by using my PC Wing at load in before going to the MQ80,” recalled Birsa. “This year was challenging logistically for our company, Blackout Lighting Design, because of COVID. So many shows that were schedule earlier in the year were moved back because of safety concerns. Popevka was in this group. I was already committed to a tour when this project started, so we had to get creative.”
Although Birsa had designed the show earlier in the year, by the time of Popevka’s load in, he had to rely on his teammate Klemen Krajnc to start the process of setting things up. Using a ChamSys PC Wing and Extra Wing, Krajnc began the project on a Sunday, while Birsa was out on tour, and took the show’s set up through Wednesday.

teatro-zarzuela-stageTeatro de la Zarzuela counts on Ayrton
Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Spain - The Teatro de la Zarzuela theatre in Madrid has invested in Ayrton moving head LED spots to enhance the lighting of its space. The theatre now has eight Spot Ghibli and six Levante-S wash moving heads supplied by Stonex to improve the creative possibilities of the theatre’s future productions.
Technical director of La Zarzuela Antonio López comments," The Ghibli are silent, their energy consumption is low and their light source is very high, with extremely precise positioning, slow and smooth movement.”
The Ayrton Ghibli premiered in the play The Green Envelope and has been key to bringing the show closer to young audiences. Its illuminator, Juanjo Llorens, says that "the versatility of the Ghibli gives dynamism to the play because the viewer appreciates that something is always happening. Its quality relies on dimmer smoothness and precision. All these advances become very necessary as we get used to the latest technologies."
Aiming to sculpt light rather than just design it, the Teatro de la Zarzuela has also been equipped with six Levante-S by Ayrton. Antonio López notes, "It produces ultra-high performance in terms of white light and is specially designed for stage applications due to its silence, which is so important for theatre plays. Let's listen to the artists and not to the technology."
When professional moving head LED spots come into scenic spaces, it is possible to solve a wide variety of needs without needing heavy equipment, which improves the safety of the technical team by reducing the burden and complexit

ahgcameogoyaawards2022Cameos turn heads at Goya Awards in Valencia
Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Spain - On 12 February, the Academy of Film Arts and Film Sciences presented the best Spanish films of the year at the 36th Goya Awards. The award ceremony, which is broadcast on television and streamed live from Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía in Valencia, brought together the who’s who of the Spanish film scene and was lit up by over 130 Cameo moving heads.
Adisar Media from the Mediapro Group, in collaboration with lighting designer Iñaki Irastorza, was responsible for the lighting technology implementation. Overall, 24 Cameo Opus X Profile Moving Heads were used as front lights, which, with their light output of 33,000lm and >90 CRI value, were a suitable choice of front light. Irastorza also used a total of 48 Cameo Opus H5 Beam Spot Wash Hybrid Moving Heads, supplemented by 16 Cameo Evos W7 LED Wash Moving Heads, while 24 Cameo Opus X Wash Moving Heads provided the basic lighting for the awards show.
Following on from the success of the moving heads from the Adam Hall Group’s lighting technology brand at the Goya Awards, Adisar Media is already planning to use Cameo at future TV and major events.

janesvillebridge3Martin chosen to light bridge over Rock River
Wednesday, 16 March 2022

USA - To transform the pedestrian bridges over the Rock River area of Janesville, Wisconsin into a vibrant and welcoming public space, Bluechip Labs deployed a range of durable Harman Professional audio and lighting solutions.
Centred around Resilience, a sculpture designed by artist Deedee Morrison at the centre of the new Heritage Pedestrian Bridge, the installation consists of dynamic lighting and sound for three bridges and two new parks that give Janesville a recreational area and outdoor city centre.
Private revitalisation group ARISEnow commissioned the installation as part of an urban revitalisation campaign to showcase Janesville’s history and natural beauty, reinvigorate the community and engage with visitors. Due to the Rock River’s fluctuating water levels and Wisconsin’s intense seasons, the city wanted a lighting and audio system for the bridges that could withstand harsh outdoor conditions while also being budget-friendly and visually stunning. To meet these requirements, AV integrator Bluechip Labs utilised solutions by Martin, JBL Professional, Crown and BSS.
“I was approached because ARISEnow was looking to install lighting for the city, but were faced with many technical challenges within a fixed budget,” says Stephen Phillips, founder and lead engineer, Bluechip Labs. “I looked at the top companies that could provide the best lighting at the right price, and the choice was Martin. Also, Janesville gets 90 to 100 degrees in the summer and then heavy snow and high winds in the winter, and the bridge is on a fast

TheisCraft launches Multiload Spectrum
Tuesday, 15 March 2022

UK - Lighting control manufacturer TheisCraft has announced the launch of its Multiload Spectrum range. This ‘end-to-end solution’ offers ‘an entirely new take on DALI: a flexible range of products that, when used together, create a system that requires no commissioning whilst still providing all the benefits of DALI control’.
Jon Theis, director of ThisCraft, says: “Although DALI is far superior to other lighting control standards, not all loads, light fittings or non-dimmable devices are DALI compatible. DALI installations are also typically more expensive than other light dimming protocols due to commissioning costs, which can account for up to a quarter of an initial project price using a standard DALI solution. Plus, any changes to a fully installed addressable DALI system will incur additional site visits and commissioning costs.”
He continues: “TheisCraft has identified the need to address the limitations of DALI with a simple, non-commissionable option for commercial applications - including the residential market - that do not need complex levels of control and expensive technical support.”
The Multiload Spectrum range negates the need for specialist commissioning software and tools or third parties to be involved with the configuration and setup of the control devices.
Jon adds: “This flexible solution disproves the myth that DALI requires expensive and complicated setup costs. The Multiload Spectrum suite of products is an industry-changing development in accessible lighting control technology and will garner signi

robe-slovenian-eurovision-selectionRobe Forte on song for Eurovision selection shows
Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Slovenia - Slovenians prepared for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest with their own selection event which was organised by Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV SLO) and staged at their main studios in capital city Ljubljana over three weekends, featuring two semi-finals and a final, all broadcast live on National TV.
Lighting designer Crt Birsa utilized 66 x Robe moving lights including 13 of the new high-powered Fortes, to ensure the challenge of lighting his seventh ESC selection offered plenty of vibrance and flair. He was tasked with creating 24 different environments in which the contestants could perform their entries, for which he collaborated closely with set / scenic designer Greta Godnic, video content creator Den Baruca and director Nejc Levstik.
Crt was using Fortes for the first time. These were supplied - together with all the supplemental show lighting which also included 53 other Robe fixtures - by Slovenian rental specialist, Event Lighting. Crt’s design also took advantage of lights in the TV studio’s house rig.
The director’s brief included wanting to see a lot of contrast between the different artists, so Greta hit on the idea of having two totally different setups - offset by 90 degrees to one another - on the same stage, allowing performers and cameras to simply turn around to present a dramatically different ‘stage’ and visual picture in the background.
The first look had a large upstage LED screen that set the visual aesthetic, with all the light sources present but hidden from view, which contrasted sharply with

readingStrand Acclaims adds colour to Reading Rep
Tuesday, 15 March 2022

UK - Award-winning arts and performance venue, Reading Rep Theatre has benefited from an energy and space efficient, high impact lighting solution by choosing to invest in a plethora of the latest Acclaim LED Fresnels from Strand.
The fixtures were originally specified by theatre consultancy, Drama by Design, the company responsible for the entire £1m conversion from Salvation Army Hall to 170 seat, technically adaptable, multi-purpose venue.
The fixtures have been well received by both the technical department and incoming designers. Head of production for Reading Rep Theatre, Jordan Harris, says: “The project went well, and the theatre is now a creatively welcoming space to work and visit. We love the Strand Acclaims, the dimming curve is great, and the light quality is excellent. In addition, the fixtures are lightweight, small and easy to set up and programme.
“With community at the heart of Reading Rep’s artistic vision, everything in our theatre needs to be accessible, easy to understand and operate. It also needs to be energy efficient, work hard, provide good return on investment plus be easy to maintain and store.”
The second production in Reading Rep Theatre’s inaugural season, and the first using the all-new equipment was local born Beth Flintoff’s adaptation of family friendly classic A Christmas Carol. Lighting designer for the show, Simeon Miller, first to use the new Strand lighting equipment said: “The new Strand Acclaim LED Fresnels made my time working on A Christmas Carol a breeze. Being able to

astera-spaced-out-in-slovenia-img7401Astera gets spaced out in Slovenia
Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Slovenia - Lighting designer Crt Birsa and rental company Event Lighting’s CEO Jernej Gustin thought laterally - with the help of 48 x Astera Titan Tubes - when lighting a livestream event staged at the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT) in Vitanje.
The spectacular award-winning circular building is a concrete monolith comprising two low cylinders that create an impression of levitation and rotation. Inside, the central hall is surrounded by a main exhibition area, and both are connected by a round opening in the middle - a feature that makes it a challenging space to light, and one that Crt also used to his advantage.
Forty of the Titan Tubes were hung on steel wires between 1m and 3m in length attached to the ceiling, arcing 270 degrees around the circular space, and rigged utilising the venue’s own exhibition hanging system which made it straightforward to rig and fly. However, it was due to the light weight of the Titan Tubes that this was possible.
The remaining eight Titan Tubes were positioned on the floor to provide back-fill for one of the main camera positions which was from a balcony pointing down onto the presentation space.
“I love Titan Tubes and I would have used more,” says Crt, “but there was no more space to put any.”
Forty key personnel from the client company were in the building and involved in presenting the stream which was broadcast to several thousand staff and workers watching online around the world.
Crt continues: “The Titans are light and with the wireless control th

iration-at-cali-vibes4Iration flows with Chauvet Rogues at Cali Vibes
Monday, 14 March 2022

USA - Iration topped the Billboard Reggae Albums chart with their very first recording, No Time for Rest. More than a decade later, the title of that debut LP would serve as an apt metaphor for the band’s appearance at the mammoth Cali Vibes Festival on Long Beach.
Given the large number of reggae artists who performed at the three-day event, setup time was very limited. Iration’s production crew had only 15 minutes to get their tour package in place on the 60ft circumference rotating stage, before it swung out and the semi-circle they were labouring on faced the crowd at Marina Green Park.
The hectic pace didn’t do anything to dampen the relaxed upbeat vibe of this Hawaiian born group and its ‘sunshine reggae’ sound. Matching them note for note was a Cullen Noon lighting design that featured Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by LIT Lighting.
Incorporating the stage’s shape into his design, Noon arranged 22 Rogue R3 Beams around the downstage rim to envelop the band in an arc of light. In addition to turning the semi-circular visible stage into a captivating design element, configuring the 330-watt movers this way opened up an array of design possibilities.
“We decided to embrace the shape of the stage,” says Noon. “Having the beams along the edge allowed us to create a lot of unique looks that complimented the stage and reflected the spirit of the music.”
The Rogue R3 Beam is loaded with features. Drawing on the fixture’s intense output (208,000 lux at 5m) and tight 0.8ﹾ beam, Noon created powerful, t

nhl-2Bandit lights Nashville NHL Stadium Series
Friday, 11 March 2022

USA - The Nashville Predators made history in 2022 as part of the first-ever outdoor NHL game in Tennessee. Nearly 70,000 fans joined the festivities as the Predators took on the Tampa Bay Lightning at Nissan Stadium for the 2022 Navy Federal Credit Union NHL Stadium Series.
Bandit Lites provided the lighting system for the three musical stages, which included performances by country music superstars Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley, as well as lighting the hockey player introductions and national anthem.
Veteran lighting designer Mark Carver worked to design a system that would strike the balance of providing broadcast quality video for the NHL television broadcast while also having the ability to lay flat on the field to not obstruct the audience view of the hockey rink.
“As we began the initial logistics of the cabling and data distribution, we were all additionally challenged by inclement weather with temperatures that ranged from the 70’s to the 20’s with multiple days and nights of rain,” explained Bandit Lites vice president Mike Golden. “There were other wrinkles to consider such as the glare on the ice as well as angle and time of sunset. These logistics were all taken in stride, and through the cooperation of all entities, the product came off flawlessly.”
“Mike Golden did a great job in pulling the package together and offering solutions in a very short time frame,” Carver said. “Project manager Jimmy Hatten worked very hard in the prep and dealing with multiple rack locations.”
Hatten and Jacob Edge als

live-dans-ton-salon1Chauvet lights livestreaming from the living room
Friday, 11 March 2022

Canada - Live Dans Ton Salon (Live In Your Living Room), is a livestream entertainment venue that occupies a converted warehouse in the Montreal suburb of Chambly. It was created at the start of the pandemic as a means of providing people with professional quality livestreamed performances they could enjoy at home.
Although some might have seen this as a ‘temporary’ solution during a crisis, the overwhelming response to the studio’s wide mix of livestreamed programming indicates that Live Dans Ton Salon is committed to remaining a vibrant force in the entertainment scene long into the future.
The level of this commitment is evident in the growth of the busy venue’s lighting rig. In June 2020 this production space was outfitted with 32 fixtures. Today that number is 138, featuring Chauvet Professional Maverick, Rogue, Ovation, and COLORado units supplied by On Stage A.V.
Lighting designers Guy Laflamme and Marc André Francoeur are working with this impressive rig at Live Dans Ton Salon. They bring considerable experience to this endeavour: Laflamme has been a touring LD and DP for a variety of shows since the 1990s, and Francoeur has two decades of experience on major tours. The two designers use their collective talents to create dynamic, camera-friendly looks that fit comfortably with each programme streamed from Live Dans Ton Salon.
During any given month, the venue host six or more acts, including everything from bands representing virtually every music genre, to solo artists, comedians, gospel events, dramatical revues, and even c

robe-schouwburg-theatre-kortrijk-reenariot-photo-by-jonas-verbeke-hr-7Schouwburg Theatre invests in Robe T1s
Friday, 11 March 2022

Belgium - Schouwburg is the municipal Theatre in Kortrijk in the West Flanders region and is located right at the heart of this city in Schouwburgplein (Theatre Square). Flanked by several historic buildings, it offers two stage spaces, an 800-seater main hall and a smaller 120 capacity space that is scheduled for a complete rebuild over the next two years.
The theatre has recently invested in Robe T1 Profile and LEDBeam 150 moving lights and is now in preparation for - hopefully - being able to return to full post-pandemic programme of live performances.
The Schouwburg Kortrijk’s newest Robe moving lights were a recommendation by lighting technician Lander Riemaeker who has worked there for eight years and often lights the venue’s own productions. He also engages in external freelance work as an LD, programmer, and operator.
It was Lander who brought the first Robe fixtures - LEDWash 300s - into Schouwburg Kortrijk shortly after he started working there eight years ago. Before then, he was regularly using Robe products whilst working for rental company PVL and always found Robe to be a solid option.
The LEDWash 300s were very successful, so when the time came to find a spot luminaire with a good output, smooth dimming and framing shutters, several different brands were considered, and after shootouts, Robe’s T1 Profile proved to be “by far the nicest option and the best investment” comments Lander.
Lander was already familiar with Robe’s first-generation DL theatrical LED moving light range through working at the theatr

martinp3softwareupdatev53Martin updates fP3 System Controllers software
Thursday, 10 March 2022

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has announced that Martin P3 System Controller Software Version 5.3.0 is now available as a free update for the entire family of Martin P3 System Controllers.
The update introduces a range of features and improvements that benefit newer products such as the MAC Aura PXL, MAC Ultra and VDO Atomic Bold, as well as classic Martin products including VDO Sceptron, Exterior PixLine and VDO Fatron.
Highlights include: Video input: The P3-PC System Controller now supports the industry-standard NDI protocol, allowing P3-PC to receive video-over-IP from various sources such as media servers, webcams and media players; DMX/Art-Net/sACN input: sACN is added as input protocol on all P3 System Controllers, alongside DMX and Art-Net. Support for multi-universe Art-Net Sync and sACN Sync has been added as well.
DMX and Motion Patch: DMX & Motion View now includes an easy re-patch functionality and incoming universe status window. Additionally, it is now possible to run fixtures in "pure video mode", not requiring any DMX controls to be patched.
“This software update brings significant new functionality, interface enhancements and workflow improvements to Martin’s P3 control platform,” comments Wouter Verlinden, Martin product manager - creative LED, lighting and control. “With more versatile control features, along with even more robust implementation of industry-standard protocols, lighting pros are able to work faster and manage large-scale systems with more ease. And, numerous P3-PC enhancements make that sys

cyberlightmacromirrorbluemediumETC launches Cyberlight LED
Thursday, 10 March 2022

USA - ETC has released Cyberlight LED, a moving mirror fixture born from industry feedback and built in Austin, Texas. Customers with existing mirror fixtures in the themed entertainment market and elsewhere can retrofit those products with Cyberlight LED for more energy-efficient operation and service, says ETC.
The 470W Bright White LED engine and the high-quality optical system delivers 12,750 field lumens with 90+ CRI for superior colour rendering capabilities. A full complement of features are included on Cyberlight LED for creative design possibilities, including colour mixing plus colour wheel, dual rotating pattern wheels, zoom, focus, iris, prism, and diffusion.
Automated lighting product manager Matt Stoner comments, “The lighting industry has been approaching us for years regarding an LED version of the Cyberlight. We took this opportunity to bring the entire fixture up to date with modern automated luminaire technology. By introducing a smaller gate size, we have provided a fixture with a much broader feature set, wider zoom range, and encoded pan and tilt system. In addition, the fixture includes a transferable LED engine, and a maintenance design that prioritizes longevity and precision."
Themed environment specialist Scott O'Donnell adds: “The super-fast speed of the Cyberlight is beyond any other fixture in the market. And since you can neatly stow the fixture away in the décor, Cyberlight is exactly the kind of light needed to create a dazzling themed environment.”

otosCameo to debut OTOS H5 at Prolight + Sound
Thursday, 10 March 2022

Germany - Cameo will debut the OTOS H5 at Prolight + Sound 2022, a new IP65-rated hybrid moving head suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Developed in Germany, this beam/spot/wash fixture has a wide range of application options and targets the requirements of professional lighting designers as well as rental and installation companies.
The multi-functional spot light has a high light output ideal for night clubs and large-capacity locations, whilst its IP65 certification makes it suitable for outdoor areas such as open-air concerts and classical festivals. Due to its versatility, the OTOS H5 can also be utilised for TV and film recordings. The fixture boasts a range of effects and weighs 33 kg, making it the lightest product in its power class according to the manufacturer.
Daniel Wrase, Cameo’s product manager light technology, comments: “We are delighted to finally be able to present the OTOS H5 to all lighting professionals, and we’re convinced that its pioneering features will make it the new market standard for hybrid, outdoor-capable moving heads in its class.”
Visitors to Prolight + Sound can see the new OTOS H5 at the Cameo trade fair stand (hall 12.1, stand B24) from 26-29 April.


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