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digico-gsachris-hallamActing school looks to the future with DiGiCo
Tuesday, 31 August 2021

UK - Part of the University of Surrey, Guildford School of Acting (GSA) provides its Theatre Production course students with a rounded education in all aspects of technical production. Part of this, is ensuring the equipment they learn on is not only cutting-edge but prepares them for their professional careers. To this end, GSA has recently invested in a DiGiCo Quantum 338, purchased through Autograph Sound.
“As a drama conservatoire, GSA is renowned for its musical theatre and actor-musician training, creating many opportunities for the Theatre Production students to support the sound needs of this diverse performance programme,” says Gareth Evans, teaching fellow in Sound at GSA. “When we were looking to upgrade our existing SD8, we knew we wanted a console that both represented an industry standard for our students and would support the efficient workflows needed to facilitate the quantity and quality of shows.
“Although we considered the current SD line as an option, it seemed we stood at the precipice of a technological change in our industry and had to make a decision; to be facing the present as educators or to be facing the future. Thanks to the generous support of the institution, the choice was clear.”
For Evans, the Quantum 338 represents a long-term investment which will keep both GSA’s training and research relevant for its students for a long time to come. “The amazing way DiGiCo has ensured backwards compatibility with its technology and a consistency in its interface design means our students can leave being trained on

kulturhustrommen4Hørsholm Kulturhus installs Meyer arrays
Friday, 27 August 2021

Denmark - Situated about 25km north of Copenhagen, Hørsholm is a community with diverse tastes in the performing arts and entertainment, and as such the small city’s principal venue, Kulturhus Trommen, hosts artists that span a broad spectrum of genres. To cater for anything from rock and folk to stand-up comedy, the venue recently invested in a new reinforcement system based on Meyer Sound LINA line array loudspeakers.
When the decision was made to replace the aging prior system, chief technician Thomas Love undertook a thorough evaluation of possible replacements from four other manufacturers before selecting the LINA line arrays. After a long delay imposed by the pandemic, the system finally was put to a grueling test during the reopening series.
“We had a full month of concerts with shows every day,” says Love. “We had everything from acoustic guitar and solo vocals, a Phil Collins musical, a flamenco concert, a power rock trio, and a stand-up comedian. The system lived up to my high expectations, with crystal clarity at all frequencies and colossal headroom. All details are reproduced accurately, in contrast to the old system which often hid errors and resulted in sloppy mixes.”
In addition to the dual arrays of nine-each LINA line array loudspeakers, the new system includes five of the new ULTRA‑X20 loudspeakers for fill systems and, for low-frequency extension, four 750‑LFC and six 900‑LFC low-frequency control elements. The system was designed by Anders Jørgensen of Stouenborg ApS in consultation with Theis Romme of Meyer S

pagliacci1Chauvet lights ‘compelling’ Pagliacci
Friday, 27 August 2021

USA - There are some productions where lighting is so intricately woven into the story that it becomes part of the narrative itself. Pagliacci falls squarely into this category as it cleaves dramatically between the bright frivolity of a clown’s life and the dark madness of murder.
Keith Arsenault reflected this dichotomy in vivid fashion recently when lighting the St. Petersburg Opera’s production of the Leoncavallo opera. With help from a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures, he used bold and subtle changes in colour and brightness to reflect the spiral of events that gives Pagliacci its compelling power.
“Although a ‘one act opera’, Pagliacci is very specifically divided in two scenes,” said Arsenault. “One is set in a bright, sunny Italian day; the other takes place while night is falling. The story gets darker and darker dramatically. As that second scene descends into homicidal madness, the colour palette shifts into a more and more unnatural look.
“At this point, the intensities lower and the follow spots take over,” continued Arsenault. “I also have no issue with having those backlight washes slowly move from the platform stage where the Commedia takes place to the tragedy centre stage. This occurs slowly and steadily, so I doubt anyone actually notices the move, but it works for me dramatically.”
Arsenault deployed 11 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures spread out over three battens: five on the downstage first electric; and three each on the second and third positions. Also in the rig were three Ro

iheart-radio-gettyimages-2021iHeartRadio Music Awards returns with JBL
Friday, 27 August 2021

USA - ATK Audiotek recently deployed a JBL Professional sound reinforcement system at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards, one of the first indoor live awards shows of the year.
Now in its eighth year, the iHeartRadio Music Awards honours popular artists across 41 categories, ranging from Song of the Year to the Icon Award. The 2021 ceremony, which was hosted by Usher, was held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles in front of a crowd of 1,500. Performers included The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Dan + Shay, Silk Sonic, Brandi Carlile, Demi Lovato, H.E.R., Doja Cat and Usher.
With content ranging from acceptance speeches to high-energy musical performances, the event demanded a sound system with excellent dynamic range. And, with only the venue’s main floor and first of three balconies open, the event required a more focused sound system than a full-capacity show. To meet these challenges, ATK Audiotek deployed a JBL Professional line array system consisting of VTX A12 loudspeakers and S28 subwoofers.
“Our shows go from quiet dialogue on a podium mic to a loud rock band at 115 dB, so we need the whole dynamic range to be pristine and clear,” said Jeff Peterson, Front of House Engineer, ATK Audiotek. “That's something that the JBL products have done well for us.”
ATK Audiotek deployed a line array system consisting of 16 JBL VTX A12 loudspeakers in clusters of eight on each side.
“The A12 rigs fast and weighs less than a comparable 4889 or something powered, so we're usually able to hang more in the same space where we would be limited

polandTW AUDiO at core of Dom Chemika renovation
Thursday, 26 August 2021

Poland - Puławy Cultural Centre, known locally as Dom Chemika, has been serving the cultural need of its local community in eastern Poland since 1984. A recent refurbishment has helped bring the centre up to modern standards and TW AUDiO has been at the heart of the renovations.
The idea of creating a cultural centre in Puławy was born in the 1960s as a place for entertaining workers from the local chemical plant. This led to the name of Dom Chemika (Chemist’s House) when it opened its doors in the 1980s. The facility focuses primarily on artistic education while supporting and promoting local talents. In addition to this, it hosts theatrical performances as well as concerts and film screenings.
The renovation project means Dom Chemika now boasts a 520-seat main auditorium, a 98-seat chamber hall, a music club named Smok and many smaller practice rooms for music and dance groups. The modernization meant a full refresh of all the technical solutions in the venue. With its remit of serving the cultural needs of the local community the centre decided to focus on modern and proven technological solutions for the stage.
M. Ostrowski sp. j. was responsible for the delivery, installation and commissioning of the new systems and decided TW AUDiO solutions would be appropriate choice throughout Dom Chemika. The first challenge was catering to the needs of the multifunctional main auditorium. It required a solution that would meet the needs of Polish and international technical riders, while also delivering even coverage across the whole auditorium.

brit-floydphoto-by-patrick-kealeypic-4Brit Floyd back on the road with Elation
Thursday, 26 August 2021

USA - Forced from the road in early 2020 due to the pandemic, tribute band Brit Floyd is back after kicking off a world tour 29 July at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado beneath an all-Elation lighting rig.
The tour is produced and promoted by UK-based CMP Entertainment, who own and supply all of the Elation gear. Elation has enjoyed an excellent relationship with CMP over the years and many of Brit Floyd’s past tours have featured Elation gear.
Chas Cole of CMP Entertainment comments: "Eric Loader was supportive of Brit Floyd in its early days with great product at a great price and even though we’ve worked the equipment really hard it’s held together really well and allowed us to produce a great light show year after year."
Many have had a hand in shaping the Brit Floyd look over the years, a design that echoes Marc Brickman’s original and classic Pink Floyd designs of yesteryear. Mark Jacobson has been designing lighting for Brit Floyd since their 2019 tour and says there is no single designer for the show but has been the work of several designers over many years.
“That would include Dave Hill and Jake Whittingham, along with Mark Jones Roberts, who is out with the current tour, and myself,” Jacobson says. “The show numbers are well-known Pink Floyd classics that have been around now for quite some time and the lighting frame structures of those songs were created before I got involved.”
Jacobson says that band musical director/guitarist/singer Damian Darlington, along with Chas Cole of CMP Entertainment, serve as “th

4wall-xplor-production-park-24Wall to support XPLOR at Production Park
Thursday, 26 August 2021

UK - 4Wall has won the tender to provide LED to the new extended reality studio at research and innovation centre XPLOR at Production Park in South Kirkby, West Yorkshire.
Scheduled to open in autumn 2021, 4Wall has provided all of the LED, processing and support systems for the new XR studio which features a 40.5 SQM LED wall alongside 18 SQM of LED floor.
The large-scale XR stage will be part of XPLOR’s Centre for Virtual Production and made up of 162 panels of Roe Ruby 2.3mm LED for the back wall and 72 panels of high-resolution Roe BM4 Black Marble 4.7mm LED for the floor, enabling the centre to deliver high-quality extended reality production, events and training to businesses and students across the region.
4Wall has been working in the field of virtual events for a number of years, specialising in recent years in the XR workflow, delivering high-profile virtual events for corporate clients at its XR studio SmartStudioXR at Royal Lancaster London in Central London, as well as from its US-based XR studio Suite 47 at Rock Lititz, PA.
Darren Poultney, director of global client strategy at 4Wall, said: “It’s fantastic to be involved in such an inspiring new project that will enable businesses in the region, as well as students, to achieve innovation with virtual. We are happy to be able to support XPLOR not only with the latest XR equipment, but also with the skills and technical know-how our team can offer having delivered multiple XR events across the corporate and events sector. We look forward to seeing the studio come to life an

yamahaaudiq4Yamaha Rivage consoles mix Audi e-tron launch
Thursday, 26 August 2021

Germany - Recently Audi revealed its new all-electric Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron vehicles in what the company called a ‘digital world premiere’. It was a complex production, with a total of 45 live streams, each one in three languages, routed to media in 28 different countries. The audio mixing for this high profile launch was entrusted to Yamaha Rivage PM digital mixing systems.
A live broadcast centre was built within Munich’s Eisbach Studios, with five themed studios. From these, Audi delivered a varied, interactive programme of digital workshops and interviews, Q&A sessions, round tables, virtual photo shoots, live presentations and a press conference, with senior Audi staff describing the design and many innovations of the new vehicles.
As well as delivering the elaborate production in high quality audio to Audi’s TV channel and all major social media platforms, the global profile of the event meant it was vital nothing could go wrong.
The technical agency was Berlin-based, with technical services provided by Hannover-based AVE Audio Visual Equipment Verhengsten. With 60 inputs and 25 outputs to manage at front of house and 80 inputs, 46 mixes and 20 direct outs for broadcast, AVE rented Yamaha Rivage PM3 and PM7 systems from der Kohl GmbH, the dry hire business run by ‘der Kohl’, a well-known German sound engineer who has mixed many live Audi events.
der Kohl mixed the event’s front of house sound for the production crew, monitors and routed communications on the Rivage PM3, while Michael Simon

vividVivid Sydney 2022 celebrates the soul of the city
Thursday, 26 August 2021

Australia - Expressions of Interest are now open for Vivid Sydney 2022 under a unified, creative vision - The Soul of Sydney. The vision will inform all submissions across the Light, Music and Ideas programs as well as a new Cross Art Form category.
All sectors of the creative industries are invited to investigate what truly is the soul of the Harbour City - its people, places and essence. Creators from around the world are encouraged to share unexpected stories that will engage, inspire and excite audiences, drawing inspiration from Sydney’s hidden spaces, architecture, global icons, people, food, music and ideas.
Destination NSW chief executive officer Steve Cox said: “Vivid Sydney provides a global platform for artists, musicians, creatives and thought leaders, to continually push the envelope when it comes to creativity. I look forward to seeing the innovative thinking from artists around the world and evolving next year’s program to bring new, exciting and engaging experiences to Sydney for everyone to enjoy.”
Festival director Gill Minervini added: “Now more than ever, it’s important to create opportunities for connection and to celebrate our great city. Vivid Sydney is authentically Sydney, but it’s genuinely global. Inspired by The Soul of Sydney creative direction, we challenge artists to share their stories about Sydney and how it aligns with other great cities around the world, driving change through creativity, identifying what brings us together and celebrating the beauty of our diversity.”
Vivid Sydn

pliant-auburn-community-church4Pliant CrewCom aids church communication
Wednesday, 25 August 2021

USA - Founded by a group of families committed to doing church differently, Auburn Community Church (ACC) in Alabama is a non-denominational worship centre that hosts both in-person and live-stream services for a diverse congregation. The church recently upgraded to a larger camera system and needed an intercom that could provide a reliable channel of communication between camera operators and the video director. With this newfound requirement, ACC turned to Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom digital wireless intercom system, as well as its SmartBoom headsets.
Although the system was originally purchased with the camera operators and the video director in mind, the church found many additional uses for CrewCom’s communication capabilities. With CrewCom, the church’s producer can communicate with the entire production team, ensuring seamless transitions within the program and keeping everyone on the same page. They also deploy CrewCom to communicate to the band via in-ear monitors, as well as with audio engineers mixing for online content.
As the first intercom system to be installed at the Auburn Community Church, it was crucial for the production team to acquire a simple-to-operate solution. “Install and setup is extremely easy with Pliant’s CrewCom system,” says Drew Middlebrooks, production director at Auburn Community Church. “We regularly take CrewCom out on the road for off-site events and we can quickly set it up even in very populated areas, and it provides amazing results. We also love how physically robust the gear is and find the ease

waves-musica-dal-mare1Outline reinforces Liguria summer season
Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Italy - Liguria, overlooking the country’s northwest coast has always been a favourite destination for writers and artists, such as Byron, Shelley and D’Annunzio, and the picturesque villages of the Cinque Terre, with their colourful houses, cliff-hanging trails and terraced slopes are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Almost 500 events took place during the region’s 2021 summer season, including many highly original projects, such as August’s Musica dal Mare (Music from the Sea), a series of evenings in three of the riviera’s key locations (Calata Mandraccio in Genova’s Old Port, Giardini a mare in Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo promenade).
The technical set-up for these events comprised a maxi video screen, a lighting rig combining moving head fixtures and conventional units and an impressive sound system, but the unusual aspect was that the whole set-up was installed on a huge barge, towed into place by a tug.
The Outline sound system chosen for the initiative, a “first” in Liguria, comprised two vertical hangs with 15 Mantas elements each (in classic L/R format) and 12 DBS 18-2 twin eighteen-inch subwoofers under the stage. Power was courtesy of the Brescia manufacturer’s T Series amplifiers.
Manning the console was DJ Federico Guttadauro, who treated tourists, after a hot summer’s day on the beach, to sets alternating his personal treatment of top international hits with sounds for the younger members of the audiences (chill-out, minimal and ambient), accompanying the splendid settings’ sunsets.

besquare-babii-3Be Square streaming platform offers flexibility
Tuesday, 24 August 2021

UK - Recognising that the beleaguered live events industry needed an interactive live streaming platform when the first COVID-19 lockdown hit back in April 2020, a trio of production professionals collectively known as Be Square, pooled their resources to come up with precisely that.
They knew that if their idea was to have both relevance and sustainability, the event needed to offer a shared, online social experience for a group of up to five people - just as if they would all be attending in person. They should be able to appear as PIPs - tiny thumbnails in the foreground of the show - chat, mute, or generally discuss the performance via message posts on the scroll bar, all within the comfort of their respective homes.
In 15 months, the company has already supported a number of events, from shows at the Battersea Arts Centre, to After The Flood in the Spiegeltent, and more recently Babii LIVE at The Ramsgate Brewery.
According to John Castrillon, who with Tom Barnsbury and Jon Wood make up Be Square Media, audiences and performers needed to be able to interact, so that the performers could see the virtual streamed crowd, as well as vice versa. “In that way it can be turned into a genuine party vibe,” he says. “You wouldn’t normally attend a gig alone so why do it for a live stream?”
In the case of Babii the set-up was simple - a low-production performance at Ramsgate Brewery out of the back of a Transit van (to promote her new album, Mirror), with support acts. This was the first time Ramsgate Music Hall had put on a show at

jesse-quin-3Old Jet installs Audient audio interface
Tuesday, 24 August 2021

UK - Describing himself as a jack-of-all-trades musician, Jesse Quin plays down his talent as bassist in the band Keane. For the last seven years he’s also run Old Jet, his own recording studio in Suffolk and recently got himself an iD44, calling his new Audient audio interface “a lifesaver”.
He explains: “The iD44 was the solution I was looking for to be able to incorporate people’s laptops into my setup. So I have it on my patch bay and can use fancy outboard EQs and effects, but also just plug a mic straight into the back of it if I want to. It’s like I’d written a list of what I needed it to do, and then Audient made it. Absolutely perfect.”
The most powerful of all of Audient’s audio interfaces, iD44 is 20in / 24out, offering ultimate flexibility in the studio and plenty of options for expansion. The two JFET instrument inputs are ideal for Jesse to record his bass guitar directly. “I love that it’s tactile and there’s no menu diving or using the same encoder for different jobs. The thing you want to adjust is right there. Obviously it sounds really good too.”
Never far from a musical instrument (modular synths are a current favourite) more recently he’s been working on a Mt. Desolation record, as well as finishing one of his own. “I’m also getting into film scoring at the moment; another thing that the iD44 has been useful for. I can jump between working on ideas on my laptop and the studio main computer really easily.”
His recording studio is located in Old Jet Arts Centre in Suffolk which he set up him

digicoradyshell1San Diego’s Shell chooses DiGiCo treble
Tuesday, 24 August 2021

USA - The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park in San Diego has installed three DiGiCo consoles. A Quantum7 is the front-of-house mix desk, with a DiGiCo SD10 for monitor mixing and an SD12 on hand for any auxiliary mix and processing needs. The three consoles, three SD-Racks located on stage, and a Mini-Rack in the amp room are all on a dual Optocore network, and the entire system was designed and integrated by Solotech.
“There are several reasons why we chose the DiGiCo consoles, and they are all areas that the brand excels in,” says Aaron Beck, business development manager and senior engineer at Solotech. “First, there’s capacity - the Quantum7 can run 200-plus inputs. Then there’s the Quantum processing power.” Becks cites features like Quantum’s Mustard Processing channel strips, Spice Rack plugin-style native FPGA processing options, and Nodal Processing all as standout features. “Plus, there’s the overall quality of the sound, which is exceptional,” he says.
The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park will see scores of visiting touring groups each year, many of whom will bring their own audio engineers and all of whom will be familiar with DiGiCo console architecture and operation. That familiarity will be important for more than just operational reasons.
Jacobs Park is located within a major metropolitan area that, like many, has stringent noise regulations. San Diego has deployed NTi Audio noise measurement devices nearby that automatically issue reports via cellular data to key elements of the city’s environmental control, as well as directl

robe-proud-embankment-in-london-449a0200-1-photo-by-alex-riceRobe stands Proud on the Embankment
Tuesday, 24 August 2021

UK - Cabaret venue Proud Embankment in London’s West End was determined to have a high-impact post-Covid reopening. One of the first venues to open its doors after the second lockdown, Proud had undergone a renovation, with a major investment in its production values and the installation of 14 new Robe Pointe moving lights.
The new Pointes were specified by Proud Embankment’s in-house lighting designer Jack Knight and purchased specially for the venue by regular lighting supplier, North London rental and installation specialist, Halo.
The Pointes are a completely new addition to the existing house lighting rig and are positioned all around the stage with several on a goal post at the back, from where they provide the main effects lighting looks.
Robe’s highly versatile Pointe was an easy choice for Jack. “It is a properly ‘multipurpose fixture’ in every sense of the word,” he stated. “As well as being fast and virtually instantaneous in response, Pointes are hugely flexible with a great range of colours, gobos and effects that allow you to be highly creative.”
He adds that the small size of the luminaire is also ideal to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere in a vast, spectacular space with a double-height atrium and high ceilings.
Jack has been using Robe products in his lighting work for about the last six years and has been the chief house lighting and sound technician at Proud Embankment for the last three years.
In that time there have been various other Robe fixtures on the rig including MMX Spots and Spi

coldplayAyrton Domino and Perseo light Coldplay at Worthy Farm
Tuesday, 24 August 2021

UK - With Glastonbury Festival cancelled for a second year, an online celebration - Live at Worthy Farm - was held in its stead on Saturday 22 May 2021. Filmed over a week and beamed as live around the world, the five-hour virtual festival echoed the glories of the full event missed by so many, in spite of the access problems suffered by the online audience. For many artists it was the first opportunity to play live in a year or more.
The event highlight came with a performance from Coldplay, lit by multi award-winning lighting and show designer, Sooner Routhier of Sooner Rae Creative. Routhier incorporated 60 Ayrton Perseo Profile and 36 Ayrton Domino IP65-rated multifunction lighting fixtures, supplied by Neg Earth, into her design to handle the demanding outdoor conditions. “I needed a large format profile that was IP65 rated because the site was open to the elements in a location that was known for pretty bad weather, so we needed something that was going to last,” she says.
The exposed location saw production designer/creative director, Misty Buckley, and creative director, Phil Harvey, place the band directly in front of the Pyramid Stage on a circular stage surrounded by a sea of light that represented the energy of the missing audience. Behind them, the framework of the famous Pyramid Stage formed an iconic backdrop, its skeletal frame instilling the set with the essence of the Glastonbury spirit.
“We were in a unique situation where the Pyramid was without it skins and crying out to be lit in a way it has never been used before,” sa

blueridgetimberwrightsstagefromfoh-9900000b6d05143cWavefront drives Red Wing Roots festival
Tuesday, 24 August 2021

USA - The annual Red Wing Roots Music Festival in Mt. Solon, VA’s Natural Chimneys Park, offers the best of roots, bluegrass and string band music from Virginia and beyond.
Martin Audio rental partners, Southard Audio, have been providing audio services at this five-stage event since it began in 2013 (providing technical support for the four stages). The festival, which is attended by around 4,500 people, is a collaboration between Black Bear Productions LLC and The Steel Wheels - the latter a nationally touring band, who perform throughout the US, with many of the members living nearby in the Shenandoah Valley.
Southard Audio have a long relationship with Martin Audio systems, and business partner, Jason Misterka, was in no doubts why he wanted to redeploy the large, scalable Wavefront Precision line array system that had proved such a success last year. “When we originally purchased WPL, one of the most interesting uses for me was with acoustic music,” he said. “We provide for many of the country’s premier folk and bluegrass festivals, and Martin Audio’s WP speakers give us another good tool for that job.
“While it is relatively easy to amplify a ‘typical’ pop or rock band with a few vocal mics and a lot of DI boxes, it is much more difficult to amplify a band with all acoustic instruments and 12 or more open mics, and to bring that up to show volume for a large audience.
“If we use the system’s ‘Hard Avoid’ feature to limit sound from the main array bleeding onto the stage [as they did here] the artist’s monito

bloomsburyBloomsbury Theatre re-opens with EM Acoustics
Tuesday, 24 August 2021

UK - Part of University College London (UCL), The Bloomsbury Theatre works with students and researchers to ‘bring ground-breaking discoveries to the stage’. In 2018, 50 years after its first performance, the landmark Brutalist building reopened its doors following a major renovation project to update its main auditorium which now boasts more than 500 luxurious seats.
The final part of the renovation was the installation and commissioning of a significant EM Acoustics HALO-C PA system by theatre specialists, Autograph Sound.
Autograph’s Adam Broom explains: “There’s a bit of a back story here given that we in fact supplied the system before the renovation. As it made no sense to replace a system that had only just been replaced, it went into storage. Julian Brooks was appointed technical manager of The Bloomsbury in 2019 and he soon realised that the system needed some expertise to realise its full potential.”
“The HALO-C system was specified originally for live music and stand-up but the diversity of our programme means we really needed a bit more flexibility,” says Brooks. “Also, post-refurb the room was acoustically different and so I called upon Adam for assistance, to improve the capabilities and tuning of our system to handle musical theatre, commercial productions, student shows (as part of the theatre’s connection with UCL) and pretty much anything else we might be asked to do.”
“It was the perfect opportunity to look at the system design again with fresh eyes based on the programme of events the venue caters fo

billboard-awards-gettyimages-2021Live music returns to Hollywood with Harman Pro
Tuesday, 24 August 2021

USA - To provide quality sound for the high-profile 2021 Billboard Music Awards, ATK Audiotek recently deployed a range of Harman Professional sound reinforcement solutions for indoor and outdoor stages at the Microsoft Theatre in Hollywood.
Since 1990, the Billboard Music Awards show (BBMAs) has honoured the music industry’s highest-charting artists, with this year featuring live performances by the Weeknd, Doja Cat, P!nk and Twenty One Pilots among many others.
Following an audience-free ceremony in 2020, this year’s BBMAs welcomed a crowd of more than 500 in the plaza outside of the Microsoft Theatre - one of the largest awards show audiences of the year thus far. Musical acts performed on a stage in front of the crowd, while nominees sat by the main awards stage nearby. Additionally, several performances took place inside the theatre.
Dick Clark Productions wanted an impactful live audio system that did not require additional infrastructure and remained unseen on camera. ATK Audiotek expertly worked within these limitations, using installation techniques and solutions by JBL Professional, Crown Audio and AKG Microphones to create a memorable show for both artists and fans.
“Our challenge outside was the fact that they didn't want to put up any structures to hang speakers and lights from,” said Jeff Peterson, PA designer, project manager and front of house mixer, ATK Audiotek. “We had to use the existing lighting towers that are already in the plaza, which limited the amount of weight that we could hang and how high we could han

rolling-loud-festival4photocreditgregpalmerSteve Lieberman powers up Rolling Loud
Monday, 23 August 2021

USA - After an 18-month Covid-caused hiatus, many of hip-hop’s biggest names played Rolling Loud at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium in late July.
Over 130 artists including ASAP Rocky, Travis Scott and Post Malone featured. Turning up the adrenalin level higher were bold light and video shows that drew on the big presence of powerful, flexible rigs created by Steve Lieberman and his team at SJ Lighting, including production manager Max Robin.
Known for his festival work, Lieberman was responsible for production design at the festival’s four stages (Cîroc, Audiomack, Monster Energy, and Dryp), as well the VIP area.
Providing abundant punch at the main Cîroc stage as well as at the second Audiomack stage were some 200 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Wash, COLORado 1 Solo and COLORado 1 QS fixtures supplied by 4Wall Entertainment. This firepower allowed LDs Marcus Jessup (main stage) and Robin (second) to focus intense light on the artists, something that Lieberman feels is essential in a big festival environment.
“Rolling Loud has very high expectations when it comes to stage design and the audience experience,” said Lieberman. “A strong understanding of the genre is necessary to provide the appropriate platform for artists to perform at the highest levels. What we’ve learned over the years doing many shows like this, is that there needs to be large format video surfaces, as well as monolithic details that read very “strong – plus enough stage lighting to cover every inch of the performance area
“Rolling Loud id most de

moe3Chauvet lights Blue Ridge Mountains marathon
Monday, 23 August 2021

USA - Since 2008, the Rooster Walk Festival at Pops Farm has been a Memorial Day tradition in Martinsville, VA in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In addition to providing a boost to the local economy, it has raised money for a scholarship fund that donates musical instruments to schools and students.
Then Covid happened. Not only did the pandemic force the cancellation of the 2020 festival, it’s lingering effects also nixed this year’s planned Memorial Day event. Undeterred, Johnny Buck and William Baptist, the festival’s producers and their team, moved the event back a few weeks and served it up in a modified form as an outdoor concert by jam band heavyweights moe.#
Dubbed the ‘moe.Morial Show’, the two day, four-set performance featured nonstop improvisational blends of old and new rock. Jason Patsel went with the flow, supporting every twist and turn with colourful light from 36 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Berkeley Dent and his team at 81 Productions.
“Berkeley, along with Dustin Lee and the production crew were amazing in helping to make this happen,” said Patsel, “During the show Friday we had to shut down because of heavy rain and lightning, ironically when the band was playing the song Water. Then we came back swinging on Saturday, but it rained again – and again during a performance of Water, but the weather cleared and we could finish the set.”
When it wasn’t raining Patsel was creating thunderous looks of his own, using the 12 Rogue R1 Spot fixtures in his rig to create viv

berlinChristmas comes to Windsor Great Park
Monday, 23 August 2021

UK - The first Christmas light trail to take place in Windsor Great Park is set for this winter. Windsor Great Park Illuminated will open on 18 November 2021 and run until 9 January 2022.
The experience is created and produced by global events and entertainment group IMG (Hampton Court Palace Festival, Natural History Museum Ice Rink, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, Taste Festivals) and DEAG Entertainment Group / Christmas Garden Deutschland (creator of 15 light trails in Europe).
For the first time this winter, trees, paths and the Obelisk Pond within Windsor Great Park will be ‘awash with hundreds of thousands of lights, lasers, projections and holograms’.
Both celebrating and respecting the natural surroundings, and flora and fauna of the park, this very special light trail will feature colourful and brilliant light installations including floating water lilies, an impressive field of lights which extends over 1,400sq.m, fountains of projected flowers, and holograms of woodland creatures. In addition, the trail will take visitors through a dreamlike laser-scape amongst the trees, a cathedral of light and an ethereal ship in recognition of Britain’s naval past
The light path will be run in accordance with Covid-19 guidance in place at the time of the event, with the health and safety of visitors and staff remaining the priority. In addition to regular cleaning of touch points and hand sanitisation stations in place throughout the outdoor site, Windsor Great Park Illuminated will operate a timed entry system (outside the usual park opening

laradyshelll6L-Acoustics K2 brings San Diego’s Shell to life
Monday, 23 August 2021

USA - The $85m Rady Shell at Jacobs Park, the new outdoor home of the San Diego Symphony, is located on the edge of San Diego Bay and in the heart of the city’s downtown.
Designed to complement the sails of the nearby San Diego Convention Centre, the concert shell is wrapped in a translucent flexible material that covers a generous 13,000sq.ft performance space for accommodating the full orchestra and guest artists. Depending on the event, audience capacities and setups are able to vary widely, from intimate two- and four-person table seating arrangements to standing crowds of up to 10,000.
‘The Shell’, as it has come to be known, features an immersive L-Acoustics PA system designed in Soundvision by Françcois ‘Frankie’ Desjardins of Solotech. Working in tandem with sound consultant Shawn Murphy, Solotech integrated the venue’s full AVL system.
“It does look as good as it sounds,” says Solotech business development manager and senior engineer Aaron Beck. “The white exterior wrapping material is a kind of plastic cloth and the interior is covered with a white scrim material. L-Acoustics was able to provide an entire K2 system in white, as well, to match it. It’s only the second one like it; the other is the Hollywood Bowl. The way it all works together visually is quite wonderful.”
The system comprises two main arrays of 16 L-Acoustics K2 per side, flanked by two hangs of eight cardioid-configured KS28 subs per side and a centre array of nine K2. Another 16 KS28, also in cardioid configuration, are located underneath the

discoverychurch1Meyer Leopards reinforce Orlando church
Friday, 20 August 2021

USA - When Orlando’s Discovery Church set out to build a new main broadcast campus, the overriding goal was to create a space that was comfortable and inspiring for in-person worship but also technically optimized for streaming of Sunday services and other special events.
Audio was a critical component in achieving the technical goals, and a keystone element of the solution is a reinforcement system based around Meyer Sound Leopard line array loudspeakers.
“We were looking for a major step up from the aging point source system at our old broadcast campus,” says Zack Howes, technical director at the new Sand Lake campus. “We wanted a system with higher output and greater intelligibility, and also rider-friendly. We wanted to up our own game at weekend services but also be ready for high-profile special events.”
Long before “groundbreaking” on the new campus (actually a total renovation of a former sporting goods store), the church tech team linked up with Orlando-based Pro Sound to evaluate possible solutions. As part of the process, a temporary Leopard system was installed at the old campus for A Night of Worship.
“This is an event we have twice a year where we really open it up and pull out the stops beyond regular Sunday services,” says Howes. “The result that night was awesome. Leopard blew away what we already had in that space.”
The new custom-tailored system, designed by Pro Sound lead engineer Craig Compton, is anchored by main arrays of eight-each Leopard line array loudspeakers plus eight UPM‑1XP l


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