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das-audio-canopyDAS Audio at the Canopy by Hilton Downtown
Thursday, 22 October 2020

USA - Spanning 14 floors and featuring dining options, a gym, more than 3,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, and a rooftop pool with a terrace bar, cabanas, and a fire pit, the Canopy by Hilton Downtown is a boutique lifestyle hotel in Tempe, AZ, USA.
To provide sound reproduction throughout the venue, management invested in the installation of a healthy assortment of loudspeaker systems drawn from catalogue of Valencia, Spain-based DAS Audio.
Skinny’ Greg Gilman, who is involved in a wide range of music and sound endeavours, including both work as a DJ and as an AV installation professional, was contracted to manage the Canopy’s sound system installation. Working in conjunction with Oakland Park, FL-based TM Sound, an AV design/build firm, the combined team deployed an assortment of DAS loudspeakers that drew from the company’s Quantum, Ovi, and WR Series catalogues.
“The hotel’s entrance is equipped with two black DAS Quantum Q-43-T loudspeakers and, due to installation limitations, we got creative and installed them facing the building so they reflect in the high-rise entryway,” Gilman reports. “Just past the front desk is the lobby, which also doubles as the first restaurant/bar. This space was fitted with ten white Ovi-12s, suspended 14ft above the concrete floors and 2ft from the ceiling, providing equal coverage for Alter Ego (the restaurant & bar) and Myrtle Corner (a lounge/waiting area) - without the undesired reflections from a nearby large room with glass garage doors.
“We also managed to hide four Q-10 subwoofers

eamotionChamSys makes magic for Fairgrounds’ laser show
Thursday, 22 October 2020

USA - The oldest, continuously operating motor race track in the USA has seen its share of historic moments since it opened in 1904. But on 18 September, the Fairgrounds Speedway gave lockdown-weary Nashvillians a chance to ride off into the future when it served as the site of Tempo Presented By Eamotion, a 60-minute drive-through experience that engaged the senses with an immersive array of sights and sounds.
Entering the track’s winding two-mile course, visitors were greeted by a dazzling mosaic of colourful images created by a sea of sparkling lights, along with over 2,000 video panels and 400ft wide projection mapped surfaces. Tying this panorama together was a matrix of laser light that seemed to envelop the entire course in its glow.
Dustin L Derry programmed and ran the laser show on his ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console. “This was an exciting project to be involved with,” said Derry, the owner of Stonewolf Studios. “Erik Anderson of Eamotion and Cour Designs, the creative force behind this project invited me to participate and I jumped at the chance to work with such a highly regarded team on something that has never been tried before, at least not on this scale. The future potential of this concept is incredible.”
Derry programmed the show “as I would any other laser project.” Putting his show on a 60-minute timecode loop, he had 825 unique laser lighting cues, which were triggered via a single timecode stack. (For some of the more complex sequences, he had some cues reference other smaller cue stacks.)

comboGenelec provides the music for Combo hostels
Thursday, 22 October 2020

USA - Combo’s modern approach to hostelling has materialised into an ambitious architectural and urban redevelopment project that has already opened its doors in Venice, Milan and Turin and is scheduled to extend to other Italian cities very soon. Here, travellers are greeted by airy common spaces, a trendy bar and eatery, and relaxed workspaces with several dedicated event, exposition and meeting spaces. There is also music throughout most of the common areas, thanks to a Genelec sound system.
Far more than the hostels of old, Combo bills itself as a cultural hub for citizens of the world, combining hospitality with music. The hostels in Turin and Milan boast their own radio booths, which broadcast full time in the hostels and online, and all sites offer rooms equipped with AV technology to host talks, screenings, live sets, listening sessions, art workshops and more. The AV systems across all three sites were conceived by Italian AV specialists Advicted and supplied by local Genelec AV distributor Prase Engineering.
Combo’s reception, restaurant, bar and public areas all boast a Genelec sound system based on the ubiquitous 4000 Series installation loudspeakers. These active loudspeakers were specifically requested by Advicted founder Salvatore Brigaglia for their combination of clean Nordic design and characteristic crystal-clear sound, and welcomed by architect Ole Sondresen. Dozens of 4030 and 4040 loudspeakers were chosen in black, whilst a number of smaller 4020s were selected in white.
"Genelec was an all-around quality choice,” says

viennaGLP supports Vienna’s Summer Night Concert
Thursday, 22 October 2020

Austria - With this year’s Summer Night Concert, an event that has been taking place since 2004, the Vienna Philharmonic wanted to send a signal of hope in the year of coronavirus. As a result, the concert went ahead - albeit with a small number of spectators on site - as a live broadcast event on the TV channels ORF2 and 3SAT.
The concert production itself, under the direction of Valery Gergiev, and featuring soloist Jonas Kaufmann, had to be optimised for television broadcasting. With highly experienced DoP Jerry Appelt at the helm, the production was able to fall back on a proven concept.
“The Summer Night Concert had already been broadcast on TV in previous years, so we didn't have to reinvent the wheel in terms of TV-compatible lighting,” stated Appelt.
For the important white light, he opted once again for the GLP impression S350 and S350 Wash. “The S350s are really an excellent solution when it comes to lighting specific situations,” said the designer. “I've been using them continuously over a long period. Their extremely beautiful, camera-compatible white light is usually the best choice.” As in 2019, he again set the S350 to the keylight positions, while the S350 Wash in the lower stage area gently brightened the entire stage scene.
Oliver Schwendke, key account manager at GLP, confirms that there is currently increasing demand for the impression S350, especially in the TV sector. “The feedback from this sector has been excellent and we are pleased to announce that the models are currently in active deman

romaniaLuxury hotels install Martin Audio Adorn
Thursday, 22 October 2020

Romania Two luxury hotels from an eventual complex of three have just been opened by Romanian-based Phoenicia Hotels Group in the popular coastal resort of Olimp / Mangalia.
Operating under the Phoenicia Blue View brand, the first two - Belvedere and Panoramic - which will flank the Amfiteatru Hotel when it opens next year, have been equipped with Martin Audio’s Adorn loudspeaker series.
These were supplied by Martin Audio’s long-term partner, Paradigma Teknik, who were awarded the contract.
Traditionally a popular tourist destination, the hotels had been closed for more than 20 years and became derelict until the Phoenicia Group purchased and rebuilt the original structures, investing €35m (a figure that is expected to rise to €50m by the end of 2021).
Paradigma have called on the powerful Adorn A55T several times on projects since its launch early last year, and along with the A40T these have been perfect for the outside terraced areas, installing over 50 of the two transformer based products, finished in white. They have been weatherised courtesy of Martin Audio’s AIPKIT weatherised cover, which upgrades these speakers to IP44 rating.
Explaining the layout, Paradigma project designer, Marius Craiu, said that all three hotels were designed to create an overall amphitheatre, which will be completed with the arrival of the Amfiteatru Hotel. While this is being built over six levels the two on either side occupy three levels only, with a total room capacity of 769. “When the complex was originally built, it was considered an a

drive-thruADJ lights COVID-secure Nights of the Jack
Thursday, 22 October 2020

USA - Now into its third year, Nights of the Jack is a Halloween experience which sees the historic King Gillette Ranch in the Santa Monica mountains of Los Angeles filled with thousands of hand-carved jack-o’-lanterns. Arranged into themed displays, the pumpkins are further enhanced by colourful background lighting from ADJ IP65-rated LED wash fixtures as well as smoke and bubble effects from ADJ atmospheric generators.
Named after King C. Gillette, founder of the Gillette razor brand, who owned and developed the land in the 1920s, the King Gillette Ranch is a 588-acre site in the Calabasas region of Los Angeles that is now owned and operated by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority.
Having successfully launched in 2018 and experienced considerable growth last year, Nights of the Jack 2020 was put in jeopardy – as with so many events – by Covid-19. In past years the attraction had a walkthrough format, with crowds of visitors strolling between the displays at their own pace. However, there was no way that would be allowed to happen in 2020. Fortunately, the organisers were able to pivot the attraction to provide visitors with a fun family activity that is also fully COVID-secure.
“For a long time we weren’t sure if Nights of the Jack was going to happen or not this year, because LA county is pretty locked down,” explains lighting designer, Michael Hoffman. “Then in July we did a site visit with the owners and creators of the show - Ben Biscotti, Bobby Rossi and Tony Shubert - and they came up with the idea of transitioni

foo-fightersBrit Row remote mixing solution drives Foo Fighters
Thursday, 22 October 2020

USA - Foo Fighters recently played the #SOSFest livestream with Brit Row providing the virtual remote mixing solution. Performing at West Hollywood’s Troubadour, the gig was streamed to fans on 18 October as part of a collective action weekend in support of independent US-based music venues.
A total of 35 artists - including Miley Cyrus, The Roots, Major Lazer and Leon Bridges - played in multiple venues in cities across the US and joined the Foo Fighters in raising awareness and funds to keep North America’s cherished independent concert venues from closing indefinitely.
Named #SOSFest, the three-day virtual music festival was created to support the Save Our Stages initiative and America’s National Independent Venues Association’s (NIVA) Emergency Relief Fund. NIVA’s YouTube hosted the festival, with individual sets also aired on artist channels.
Prior to the gig, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl told Forbes why raising awareness is vital: “The smaller music venues are the ones that are really struggling and are not only culturally important, they are emotionally important.”
The LA-based rock band’s production team had just five days to produce an unforgettable show for the cause. With the pressure on to deliver a clear message, the long-time clients of Britannia Row Productions were in capable hands when travel restrictions called for a creative approach to their traditional monitor set up.
Monitor engineer Ian Beverage - the band’s longest serving crew member - was unable to travel from his home in Canada t

mandelartsculturalcenterLEA Professional solution for Tel Aviv centre
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Israel - Established in 1991, Mandel Cultural Centre is a community space located in the Jaffa region of Israel. The centre caters to the needs of the local community, and because of its prime location beside one of the largest stadiums in Israel, it is in high demand for private functions.
For this project TechTop Marketing, importer of professional audio equipment, worked with installers Charmer Group installers to upgrade the facility's audio system using LEA Professional solutions.
“Once Charmer Group recognised the team behind LEA Professional, they knew the technology and solutions provided would be nothing short of revolutionary,” explained Shimon Pick, director at TechTop Marketing. “LEA has a huge depth of pro audio experience behind them, and going into a significant local project like this, that level of expertise is incredibly reassuring to all parties involved."
What initially started as a system upgrade led to a complete new install in the centre with Charmer Group choosing four Connect Series amplifiers from LEA Professional, including three Network Connect CS704 amps, and one Network Connect CS352. Suited for small- to-medium scale installations, these two-, four-, and eight-channel amps feature direct HiZ (70V or 100V) or LoZ selectable by channel. With three ways to connect, integrators can engage the built-in Wi-Fi access point, connect to the venue’s Wi-Fi, or use the FAST Ethernet to connect to any local area network via Cat5 or Cat6 cable.
Mandel Cultural Centre is a 200-person multifunctional space that is split

aretobvanoutsideLawo at heart of latest OB truck from ARET
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Italy - A Lawo 24-fader mc²36 All-in-One console and two compact Lawo stageboxes are at the heart the new 4K OB truck that Lawo partner ARET Video & Audio Engineering has designed and built for a Middle East customer. The Gulf state client manages a culture-based television channel in addition to various tourist, cultural and media activities, and plans to expand into the filming of sporting events.
The new OB van features a layout that maximizes internal space while allowing interoperability between all three operational areas: the main production area, with monitor wall, slow motion equipment and character generator stand, the Audio room, with its custom acoustic insulation, and the engineering and camera control area with control of up to eight cameras via fiber-optic connection, plus two wireless cameras. Each of these areas, including the racks, has its own independent air conditioning system optimized for the area’s tough weather conditions, ensuring operation under any climate conditions.
The OB van’s video workflow is complemented by an audio system just as sophisticated. A fibre Ravenna IP connection to two Lawo Compact I/O stageboxes ensures maximum flexibility during remote productions and dramatically reduces cabling infrastructure needed to send audio back to the truck - without sacrificing sound quality. The van’s mc²36 console interfaces directly with the video router via MADI, giving router operators direct access to all audio signals, plus the powerful audio signal processing toolbox offered by Lawo.

tori-kellyChauvet lights Tori Kelly’s Late Show set
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

USA - Cut off from her normal routine by the lockdown, the multi-Grammy winning artist Torri Kelly retreated to her home studio to embark on a musical journey of self-reflection and discovery. The result is her aptly named EP Solitude.
When Kelly appeared ‘virtually’ on The Late Show with James Corden late this summer to support its release, lighting designer Julien Reux deployed 18 Chauvet Professional STRIKE 1 fixtures supplied by PRG.
“I wanted to give off an angelic aura to the performance,” said Reux, owner of ReuxLight Design. “The warm white glow from the STRIKE fixtures was critical to conveying this mood.”
Kelly’s performance was videoed at The Beehive Studios in Los Angeles and livestreamed to Corden’s set at the CBS network facility. Arranged in a 22ft semi-circle behind the guitar-toting star, the STRIKE 1 fixtures created a transcendent effect that translated well on camera.
“I was careful to make sure that the lighting did not overpower what the cameras were trying to capture,” said Reux. “It was important to maintain a balance of what I wanted to achieve in the design while keeping in mind the needs of the video crew. Vinnie Ferra directed the whole shoot with a stellar camera team of Michael Newman, Alexander Federic, and Alex Hall. It was all videoed with Sony A7S bodies to capture the magic.”
“Creatively, this was a rewarding project to be involved in,” said Reux. “I’m grateful to Wesley Switzer for recommending me to Tori’s team.”

claypakyldtalentcontest1Claypaky fixtures support LD Talent Club finale
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Germany - The LD Talent Club held its Warehouse Competition 2020 contest finale in September at the historic Zeche Zollern in Dortmund, where Claypaky fixtures were among more than 500 lighting instruments featured in show projects and on site illuminating architecture and landscapes.
Eighty-eight young lighting designers from Germany participated in previous legs of the competition, which afforded them a platform to showcase their skills. Just nine were invited to the finale where, using the same complement of lighting fixtures, they created live, time code shows to selected music tracks. A panel of senior LDs and online voters named Jakob Link the winner.
The event was live streamed by online event magazine Mothergrid and hosted by well-known German personalities. The result was a production very much like popular music talent shows The X Factor and The Voice.
Leading German LDs and lighting operators attended marking the show as an event of note for industry decision-makers. Dortmund-based NicLen Prime Dry Hire Services and well-known LD Flo Erdmann used more than 500 lighting fixtures to create setups in the impressive warehouse location of the historic Zeche Zollern colliery.
“We very much appreciate the support given to this event by the teams from Claypaky and VisionTWO, Claypaky’s German distributor,” says Joerg Stoppler, with NicLen.
“We are so proud of The LD Talent Club contest, which was a very high-pressure event to put together,” adds NicLen’s Nico Valasik. “We were grateful for the prese

woosabiGdańsk restaurant relies on Mezzo backbone
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Poland - Overlooking the waters of the Motława river, Woosabi is Gdańsk, Poland’s latest high-end restaurant, with Asian-inspired food and drink and some of the best music and atmosphere the bustling city has to offer.
No expense was spared during Woosabi’s creation, with great consideration being given to the venue’s prospective audio system and the way it can affect diners’ experience.
Although the restaurant’s owners - Jocki Koeffler and Diana Sadłowska - had no prior relationship with local sound company, Offstage, they quickly identified the company as being the ideal partner for this particular installation.
Offstage’s Przemysław Waszkiewicz said: “I showed them around Gdańsk so they could hear some of our other installations with their own ears. They were more than happy with what they heard, so we then went on to discuss their specific needs.”
He continued: “The customer was quite certain about what kind of system they wanted. One of the main goals was a strong low end, but they wanted to make sure that the bass wouldn’t spill to the upper floors of the building.”
The look of cabinets was important as well, as Waszkiewicz explained: “Instead of using black or white cabinets straight off the shelf, we decided to build them from the scratch and put the Woosabi logo on them, together with their slogan, ‘good sound, good vibes’, on the other side.”
The four main speakers installed in Woosabi contained a forward-facing 10-inch coaxial driver and a backward-facing 6.5-inch driver, which created

backdroplondon20200902020disguise partners with ROE Visual for xR stages
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

UK - disguise has launched three Extended Reality (xR) stages in its London, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong offices. The new stages provide a dedicated space for xR innovation and customer demonstrations, allowing disguise to present new workflows.
The stages are equipped with disguise’s xR solution and a proven complement of LED displays, cameras and camera tracking systems to ensure successful xR productions. For its London and LA stages, disguise has chosen long-term partner ROE Visual to deliver LED panels that bring high-quality visual effects to life on large display formats, creating immersive experiences for performers on stage and audiences at home.
“It’s a pleasure to have partnered with disguise on this fantastic project. We are pleased to be at the forefront of the ever-popular technique of virtual production and it’s great to have a fully functioning stage in the UK. I’m sure disguise and their team of experts will make a huge success of this growing technology,” comments David Morris, responsible for business development in the UK & Ireland for ROE Visual.
The London stage opened in August and marked its debut with a visit from creative studio dandelion + burdock. The space affords EMEA customers the chance to visit a permanent xR installation and gives disguise the ability to stream demos to clients around the globe.
“We felt very privileged to have been the first to come and play at the disguise London xR stage,” says Nils Porrmann, technical director at dandelion + burdock. “We were very cordially received,

img-20200910-wa0000MDG Me4 stars in Italian film
Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Italy - Molpass srl, the exclusive distributor for MDG products in Italy, recently supplied a fog solution to film company, 2aFilm, for a shoot on the banks of the River Po.
The new film, Lei Mi Parla Ancora (She Still Speaks To Me), is directed by Italy’s prolific, award-winning director, producer and screenwriter, Pupi Avati.
One scene called for a naturalistic covering of fog on a long stretch of road beside the River Po for a number of cars to pass through. Luckily, one of the cameramen, Carlo Molinari was familiar with MDG products, being the son of Giorgio Molinari, CEO of Molpass, and recommended an Me4 fog generator because of its huge output capacity and ability to cover the outdoor distance required.
To ensure a substantial supply of realistic fog along the full length of the road, the team at Molpass used an ingenious solution, suggested by MDG, of a 150m long inflatable plastic sleeve (what MDG calls a ‘bottine’) for outdoor fogging, and a single MDG Me4 fog generator.
“When we arrived on site at 7am there was the most perfect covering of natural fog from the river,” says Giorgio Molinari. “Unfortunately, this evaporated completely by 8.30am when the temperature reached 25°C! Our job was to recreate this beautiful atmospheric environment in the best way possible for the cameras.”
To achieve this, the Molpass team attached a fan to one end of the custom-made plastic tube which, being sealed at the opposite end, inflated in just 15-20 seconds and was then filled with fine white fog from the Me4 in only 2

anolis-kauffman-center-for-the-performing-arts-4Anolis enhances Kansas Kauffman Centre
Tuesday, 20 October 2020

USA - Home to the Kansas City Ballet, Lyric Opera of Kansas City and Kansas City Symphony, The Kauffman Centre for the Performing Arts is a cultural cornerstone delivering diverse performing arts experiences. The Kauffman Centre first opened in 2011 and was designed by Moshe Safdie. Now wanting to update their exterior lighting design to better illuminate and accentuate the classic architecture, the centre worked with Lankford Fendler + Associates who created a new lighting design using Anolis Lighting LED luminaires supplied by Premier Lighting and Controls.
“The Kauffman Centre is an key part of the community and a world-renowned cultural arts institution, so the design brief they brought to us was really quite simple,” says lighting designer Dav Bettenhausen, Lankford Fendler + Associates. “The ownership wanted to replace the old 175-watt T6 3000K ceramic metal halide fixtures with an LED colour-changing solution that could match the existing colour temperature and light distribution to keep the classic look of the original design. Architecturally speaking, the interplay of concrete and reflective metal building materials is something unique, so we needed to highlight those differences with an even and uniform lighting approach.”
In the search for the ideal fixtures to deploy in the exterior lighting design, the performance characteristics of the luminaires would be of vital importance. To ensure they could experience a true-to-form result for any luminaire brought into the project, onsite tests were performed lasting 4-6 hours per night over

portsmouth-uni--wl-teamUniversity looks to the future with SmartStage
Tuesday, 20 October 2020

UK - Having secured £3.6m in funding from the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), the University of Portsmouth will launch its new Centre for Creative and Immersive eXtended Reality (CCIXR) in 2021.
The CCIXR will be the UK’s first fully integrated facility to support innovation in virtual, augmented and extended realities. In order to deliver this project, the University has partnered with technical solutions specialist White Light (WL). The Centre will utilise WL’s SmartStage technology for innovation, research, and delivery of the Faculty’s curriculum.
CCIXR will offer 12 XR areas of development. The facilities will enable staff and students, in collaboration with the university’s national and global partners, to engage with a diverse range of content in an innovative way. The flexibility of the SmartStage will allow users to “push the boundaries of integration with different technologies, far transcending the parameters of other solutions”. Content sources such as AR, photogrammetry, motion capture and volumetric video, streamed directly into the SmartStage, will make the Centre a one-stop immersive environment for XR innovation and learning.
Richard Wilson, director at WL comments, “As well as supplying our SmartStage technology for the new CCIXR, we are hugely excited by the partnership with the University of Portsmouth. This ongoing relationship will enable our experts to support the teaching of the next generation and collaborate on R&D with the UK’s leading institution in this sector.”
Pippa Bostock, busi

noche-del-sabor1Elation aids 2020 Noche del Sabor benefit
Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Honduras - A large Elation rig was used to light up the 2020 edition of the Noche del Sabor benefit show in Honduras with proceeds going to support the Honduran Foundation for Children with Cancer.
Held at Expo Centro, a renowned venue in the city of San Pedro Sula, Noche del Sabor is an open air party boasting top musical entertainment and the best of Honduran food. Despite a bit of rain at show time, nothing could dampen the enthusiastic crowd of some 10,000 who gathered for the emotional evening amid the sounds of Colombian musician Juanes and pop group Piso 21.
Technical aspects of the production, including the lighting set up, was handled by Pro504, a rental company based in San Pedro Sula whose professional team is experienced in the production, design, set up and operation of large events. Pro504 works on many of the most prestigious events in Honduras, including most of the big concerts, and has worked on earlier editions of Noche del Sabor.
For this year’s benefit, Pro504 created a large, symmetrical setup with linear layers of Elation lighting surrounding an expansive LED screen backdrop with vertical screens and lighting extending the design to both sides of the stage.
Complementing screen graphics while penetrating through its ambient light were mid-air effects from Platinum FLX, Platinum Beam 5R Extreme, and Platinum Beam 5R moving heads. Rows of ACL 360 Bar LED moving battens, mounted on the lowest LED screens’ bottom edge, filled the stage left and right as SixBar 1000 battens added colour from the downstage edge. A row of

robe-zuidplein-theatre-rotterdam-img6184Theater Zuidplein invests in Robe LED
Tuesday, 20 October 2020

The Netherlands - The new Theater Zuidplein in Rotterdam has over 200 Robe LED fixtures - including T1 Profiles, Spiiders, LEDBeam 150s and ParFect 150s - installed as part of an all-LED lighting rig. It is among the first cultural centres worldwide to have no dimmers.
Theater Zuidplein was designed by architects De Zwarte Hond and is located in the dynamic Rotterdam-Zuid (south) district, offering a lively programme of multi-genre work.
It has two auditoriums - the largest one with a 1000 capacity (standing) and 600 seated, plus a smaller flexible studio space and Hall Z which is in the entrance - together with a café / restaurant and a branch of the Rotterdam Library. It replaces an existing structure built in 1953 half a kilometre down the road.
The lighting specification was created by theatre consultants Theateradvies b.v. Amsterdam and Benelux-based Controllux won the tender to supply the LED lighting fixtures and related data systems and mains power distribution for the project, which was coordinated for them by Kuno van Velzen.
Kuno already knew the existing theatre’s lighting department including Fred den Hartog who is chief of the technical department, stage manager Rémon van den Bekerom and Jeffrey de Werker from the lighting department.
Three years ago, Theater Zuidplein invested in some Spiider LED wash-beams and DL4S Profiles which have also moved to the new building.
Some of the lighting department visited the Robe factory in Valašské Meziříčí in the last two years, ahead of this new building project start

digicoiheart1DiGiCo at Heart of virtual music festival
Tuesday, 20 October 2020

USA - The 10th annual iHeartRadio Music Festival, a two-day virtual streaming, radio and TV broadcast event in late September, featured a line-up of international chart-topping artists performing live in front of a virtual audience, including Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, BTS, Coldplay, Kane Brown with special guests Khalid and Swae Lee, Keith Urban, Migos, Miley Cyrus, Thomas Rhett with Jon Pardi, Usher and others.
The festival also marked the debut of the recently introduced DiGiCo Quantum338 digital mixing console, along with a new DiGiCo SD12 mixing console, at the iHeartRadio Theatre Los Angeles in Burbank, California, where many of the artists recorded their performances in the lead up to the festival’s air date.
Jason Batuyong, the venue’s head of audio for the past year, has worked at iHeartRadio Theatre Los Angeles since the 20,000sq.ft space - formerly NBC Studios and home to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - opened at the Burbank Studios in 2013. He reports that the two-console upgrade has significantly improved the setup process at the venue. The original sound system installation, on which Batuyong also worked, was performed by ATK Audiotek, and included digital desks that, while rider-friendly, were of a previous generation of technology, he says.
“Most of the time acts would bring in their own tour package desks or rent them in for their shows. The idea was to streamline everything and make it easier for artists to not have to bring in all their own stuff. We picked DiGiCo, because that was all we had been using, really, for ever

town-of-caryjpgBandit supplies Cary Town Hall with Canto Retro
Monday, 19 October 2020

USA - The Town of Cary, a diverse and thriving community in the heart of North Carolina, had a dilemma. The ambient lighting in the Town Council Chambers was in dire need of renovation.
Cailen Waddell (program supervisor of technical operations for the Town of Cary) was charged with finding a solution for the chamber. Cailen’s extensive background in audio, visual, and lighting production made him keenly aware of the challenge to find a quality retrofit that would dim smoothly on camera, operate at precise low levels without flickering during council meetings, and integrate with the current lighting controls.
Adding to the pressure, the town had recently identified lamp replacements in the Council Chambers as high-risk and potentially hazardous. Maintenance staff were having to change lamps over seating risers, and the slope of the riser system complicated maintenance. The town needed to act quickly, but it also needed to be the right long-term solution.
To explore fixture, control, and logistical options, Cailen called on Bandit Lites’ Andrew Fisher with the Charlotte office. Cailen and Andrew explored replacing luminaires with wireless, wired, and line-voltage dimming options; however, the labour to install new luminaires and costs to update the architectural control system were quickly adding up to put the project overbudget.
The Town of Cary needed an LED screw-in retrofit that would outperform their current Halogen lamps while offering the same line-voltage dimming curve and light quality. The team at Canto USA had been steadily worki

coralhillchurchspeakersDanley solves audio problems at Coral Hill
Monday, 19 October 2020

USA - Located near Mammoth Cave National Park, Coral Hill Baptist Church has long been a cornerstone for the community in Glasgow, Kentucky. Without going so far as to include moving lights or haze machines, Coral Hill’s blended services offer a wide range of musical styles, both within a given service and from week to week.
When steady growth made its old, traditional sanctuary too cramped, Coral Hill Baptist Church made plans for a new sanctuary adjacent to the old sanctuary with seating for three hundred. Local AV integration firm Red Ranger Media worked with the church to design and install a Danley Sound Labs sound reinforcement system that would support their wide variety of musical styles and deliver crystal-clear intelligibility despite an abundance of reflective concrete and dry wall surfaces.
“In moving from their old sanctuary to a new sanctuary of their own design, Coral Hill Baptist Church wanted to decrease the distance to the back row to make the services as intimate as the senior pastor of 32 years had always wanted them to be,” explained Allen Cothran, owner of Red Ranger Media. “The new sanctuary is thus very wide with a short throw – no more than 40ft to the back row of seating. The floor is concrete and the walls are dry wall, so good pattern control was essential. On top of that, Coral Hill’s services might include everything from traditional hymns to a high-energy praise band. There might be pedal steel one week and no guitars at all the next week. They even have a Bluegrass service once a month.”
Given their ref

hubNew Cuts Art Centre turns to Prolights
Monday, 19 October 2020

UK - The Prolights LED lighting range provides a solution for multi-purpose venue, New Cuts Art Centre (The Cut) in Suffolk.
Since opening its doors 17 years ago, creative entertainment, education and enterprise hub, The Cut, has gone from strength to strength, becoming a centre for arts in the community, and now offers a full programme of activities, including; a weekly cinema, theatre, music, regular art exhibitions and an educational programme.
Looking to the future, the venue decided it was time to upgrade their existing lighting rig in the theatre to LED. As the space is used for a variety of performances and events, they needed fixtures that were versatile, easy to use and that could work for a range of styles - Prolights fixtures proved to be the answer.
Callum Macdonald of CM Lighting oversaw the specification and install of the lighting fixtures. He commented: “The theatre is a small community theatre that doubles up as a cinema. The programme mostly contains one-nighters and musical acts, so I wanted to create an easy to use fixed rig. There are no dedicated in-house technicians, so re-rigging for each act was not a viable option.”
After discussions and product demonstrations given by Benjamin Taylor of A.C. Entertainment Technologies - Prolights' exclusive UK distributor - The Cut chose to invest in Prolights EclFresnels, EclProfile and StudioCob PARs.
Callum continued: “I chose these products because of the light quality, colour and ease of use. In my opinion, the output of the saturated colours produced by the Studio C

pinktalkingfishPink Talking Fish hit drive-in with Chauvet
Monday, 19 October 2020

USA - Pink Talking Fish create their own rock and roll spree every time they take the stage, fusing the sounds of Pink Floyd, The Talking Heads and Phish into a transformative musical mix. This was evident when the band played their two-and-a-half hour show at the Jericho Drive-In in Glenmont, NY, with renditions of Phish’s Simple, Pink Floyd’s Happiest Days Of Our Lives/Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 and Talking Heads’ This Must Be The Place.
Keeping pace with the band every step of the way on their outdoor musical odyssey, was a Vin Pugliese designed lightshow that featured 12 Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures supplied by High Peaks Event Production.
“We flew six Rogue R2X Washes on the downstage truss and had six Rogue R1 Beams hung on the upstage truss,“ said Roger Sharp, president of High Peaks. “Vin combined these with his own floor package, which included six more movers and eight battens. The stage was directly below the big drive-in screen, so there were a lot of immersive looks on stage and nice IMAG video over it.“
Pugliese, owner of VFX Design studio used this rig to create a cavalcade of immersive looks that never seemed to repeat themselves during the 150 minute set. Strobing his Rogue fixtures often, and hitting a centre stage mirror ball frequently with intense beams, he evoked a redolent psychedelic vibe.
In recognition of the film that followed their concert, Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused, Pink Talking Fish sandwiched parts of Led Zepplin’s Dazed and Confused i

deutschebankbrusselsMagic Monkey lights bank with Martin LED
Monday, 19 October 2020

Belgium - Architectural lighting firm Magic Monkey and system integrator NetherLED recently collaborated to illuminate Deutsche Bank’s Belgian headquarters in uptown Brussels with an animated display powered by Martin Exterior Wash outdoor LED lighting fixtures.
Located at the corner of a high-traffic intersection in Brussels’ uptown district, the nine-story building designed by architect Maurice de Maet features three street-facing façades lined with 59 columns. To make the building stand out during the holiday season as well as the rest of the year, Deutsche Bank hired Magic Monkey and NetherLED to design and install a state-of-the-art architectural lighting solution. To provide dazzling illumination, precise control and all-weather reliability, Magic Monkey and NetherLED selected Martin Exterior Wash 100 and 200 outdoor-rated RGBW colour mixing wash lights.
“Our goal with this project was twofold: to highlight the architecture and carry the Deutsche Bank brand in an elegant way,” said Marc Largent, managing director, Magic Monkey. “This building had a few logical elements to highlight, and one of the design options we submitted was basically a vertical highlight of the existing columns of the building around the three facades.
“And, through the flexibility of the Martin Exterior Wash fixtures, we’ve transformed the building into a dynamic, animated “harp” on a nightly basis. It's a very subtle animation, but it's like a living, breathing building. During special occasions and events, it becomes even more dynamic to participate


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