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club-stagePioneer Pro plays Stavernfestivalen Club Stage
Friday, 26 July 2019

Norway - Stavernfestivalen is a summer music festival that takes place in Stavern. It began on the town’s southern shoreline in 2001 as a one night, four band event with an audience of less than 200 and has subsequently grown over the years into a major three-day gathering, featuring an international line-up and attracting more than 30,000 people.
The 2019 line-up incorporated a wide range of music styles and featured leading international acts such as Swedish House Mafia, Travis Scott, Bastille and G-Eazy.
Oslo-based rental company G Production was engaged by the organisers to supply audio for the festival’s Club Stage as well as the VIP Stage and elected to deploy their new Pioneer Pro Audio XY-3B system, recently acquired from lNorwegian distributor First Audio.
John Moss of G Production added the system to his company’s inventory having been impressed with its flexibility and capacity to deliver power and detail in equal measure. Having tested the system at an earlier smaller-scale electronic music event, Moss was confident that the XY-3B would prove more than equal to this much bigger task. On hearing the system fully wound up at Stavenfestivalen, his expectations were confirmed.
“My immediate reaction was that it gave me a good ‘club’ feeling and really spoke to the purpose it was made for. It communicated exactly the vibe that you would want for a Club Stage. When we tested the system on a smaller gig just before Stavernfestivalen, what I loved about it was the fatness - that real thick, nice full club sound. I loved the wa

municipalityNicosia Municipality Théâtre upgrades with Chauvet
Friday, 26 July 2019

Cyprus - The Corinthian columned façade of Cyprus’ largest theatre, the Municipality Théâtre in Nicosia, reflects the island’s theatrical heritage, but like a good play, the 1,000-seat venue holds surprises. Stepping inside the classical building, visitors will encounter an advanced and very modern theatrical lighting system made up entirely of 150 Chauvet Professional LED fixtures.
Nicosia-base V Hypersound & Light, installed the lighting and audio systems in the building, which re-opened on 18 June after being closed for more than a decade. “This was a very big re-modelling project, the biggest one ever relating to theatre in our market,” said the company’s Kypros Shekkeri. “Regarding the theatrical lighting, the theatre management wanted to have an all-LED system in the building.
“We won the project by offering a complete solution of compact and cost-efficient LED Chauvet Professional fixtures,” continued Shekkeri. “However, these lights were more than just affordable, they also offered the performance, versatility and output that were needed to handle the many different types of shows that take place here.”
The new lighting system includes 10 Ovation E-160WW and 10 Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidals as well as four Rogue R2 Wash and four Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures on the first bridge. Hung from the second bridge are 10 Ovation E-160WW and 10 Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal units.
A collection of six Ovation E-260WW and eight Ovation E-910FC as well as four Rogue R2 Wash fixtures are also positioned on motorised counter w

toce-fallsElation Paladin lights alpine waterfall
Friday, 26 July 2019

Italy - The harmonising elements of light and water came magically together at Toce Falls by Lake Maggiore in the Alps of northern Italy (Cascata del Toce) during an evocative light and music show designed by Pierre Gèlil. For a special event held 28-29 June, the designer turned to colour-changing Elation Paladin lighting effects to visually paint one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the region.
Gèlil, who also works as director of Teatro Maggiore in Verbania, was looking for a suitable product to illuminate the breathtaking but complex location. Seeking a watertight fixture that could put up with mist from the Falls as well as weather extremes, Elation’s Italian partner, Audio Effetti, proposed the Paladin, a versatile multi-functional LED wash light with high luminosity, chromatic performance and IP65 housing.
Sealed against water or dust ingress, the Paladin, with 24x 40W RGBW LEDs and six to 32-degree zoom, can flexibly adapt its beam to all surfaces and is particularly suited to illuminating objects located at very long distances. Gèlil used 10 fixtures mounted at various positions to illuminate the 143m drop of the waterfall, which spreads out at the bottom to a breadth of 60m. By synchronising the dynamic light show with music, the effect was especially moving and of great impact for those present. The event will be repeated on 20-21 September.
(Jim Evans)

marcoBrompton Technology backs Marco Borsato
Friday, 26 July 2019

The Netherlands - Dutch popstar, Marco Borsato, recently returned to Rotterdam’s De Kuip stadium for the first time in 15 years to host a five-date concert series featuring an ambitious lighting and video programme. The 50,000-capacity stadium was fitted with a massive 85 x 15m rear wall screen as the backdrop to Borsato’s band and featured an innovative display of lighting and augmented-reality (AR) video images.
Commissioned by Musica è and Mojo Concerts, Faber Audiovisuals supplied the LED screens, play-out, camera, and video facilities, with Visual Solutions and Malfmedia developing the AR and 3D video design, and disguise programming. Faber selected more than 1,000 square metres of ROE CB5 LED screens, four kilometres of ROE LED strips, and 21 cameras, with the strips managed by just seven Brompton Technology Tessera M2 LED processors.
“4000 strips is arguably the highest number ever deployed in one single show to date. With numbers this large, when you start doing the pre-production and planning the infrastructure, only one thing comes to mind: ‘How do we set up so that if a problem occurs, we can resolve it easily?” explains Joel Schilder, project manager at Faber.
“With Brompton processors, you have the ability to use layers and groups, enabling us to separate large parts of the set into smaller blocks or even string level. This made it very convenient for us to keep a clear overview of what was going on during the show, because you can turn layers on or off and focus on what you’re working on.”
One of the biggest cha

romanianByzantine theatre refurbished with Prolights
Thursday, 25 July 2019

France - The Romanian Embassy was installed in the Palais de Béhague in Paris in 1939. Within its walls is a theatre, built in 1898, called the Byzantine Room, because of its largely Byzantine style decoration. This room can accommodate a variety of different events such as conferences, shows, parades, musical performances or theatre.
When Luca Luculescu the current ambassador, decided to give a second life to this abandoned theatre, he discussed options with Sébastien Collin, co-founder of DID Technology. The goal was to revive the theatre whilst modernising the facilities and developing a versatile solution that could adapt to any type of event that was organised.
For the stage element, eight Prolights Eclipse Fresnel units were selected in variable white along with eight Eclipse HD RGBA / Lime / Royal Blue.
The floor lighting concept incorporated eight Prolights Solar 27Q LED units, amongst other key factors such as energy efficiency, they were praised for their ease of install due to the compatibility with DMX HF.
The 12 Prolights Smartbatplus units were used to highlight architectural details such as columns and marquees. The flexibility of these battery operated fixtures allow them to be moved effortlessly to animate other focal points and throughout other places within the Embassy. The fixtures were supplied through French Distributor ESL.
(Jim Evans)

scottish-operas-anthropoceneScottish Opera translates with Prolights panels
Thursday, 25 July 2019

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) has provided Scottish Opera with a new surtitling system, utilising AlphaPIX2 by Prolights LED video panels.
Founded in 1962, Scottish Opera is Scotland’s national opera company and largest performing arts organisation. With a diverse annual season of productions embracing opera’s unique blend of music, singing and theatre, it is committed to making the art form available to the widest possible audience.
As well as performing its productions in mainstage and other venues across the country, Scottish Opera’s home is the Theatre Royal Glasgow, which last year celebrated its 150th year. Recently the Theatre Royal’s surtitling system was in need of an upgrade after 11 years of service.
Alex Reedijk, general director of Scottish Opera approached AC-ET to discuss alternatives. Chris Beardwell, technical sales executive in the company’s video division recommended the Prolights AlphaPIX2 screen, which is available as a custom surtitling package featuring various size displays and an independent software control system.
Alex commented: “After approaching AC-ET, we were very encouraged that they had already supplied the AlphaPIX2 surtitling system to two major UK opera companies. In addition, like us these other companies favoured the fact that the hardware was not linked to a dedicated software package, allowing for future hardware or software upgrades without the need to replace the whole system.”
Scottish Opera’s primary surtitling screen features seven side-by-side AlphaPIX2 LED pa

mk3profileWorldStage sees bright future with Mavericks
Thursday, 25 July 2019

USA - The team at WorldStage prides themselves in being “technology specialists at heart” and they have the track record to prove it, being among the earliest adapters of a long series of breakthroughs like moving LED fixtures. This summer, the innovative company took another step toward the future, when it added 50 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Profile fixtures to its inventory.
“This is a new technology fixture,” said Terry Jackson, vice president, director of lighting at WorldStage. “We have been searching for a large LED fixture to upgrade some of the older 3K range units we own, and this is it. This will definitely replace several fixtures in our inventory, so we can continue to grow and deliver a better experience to our customers.
“We have already used these fixtures on the DRL/Formula E Kick-Off Party, and we have them ready for additional high profile events on our books,” he said. “Chauvet pulled together a lot of very advanced technology to create an extraordinarily powerful and versatile fixture.”
Also influencing WorldStage’s decision to invest in the Maverick MK3 Profile was its extensive experience working with Chauvet. “We really appreciate the time, energy and effort that Chauvet puts into each and every fixture that they bring to market,” said Jackson. “We can always rely on them for solid fixtures that maintain initial quality levels, year in and year out. This is extremely valuable to rental houses with a high fixture rental rate. We’re excited by what this fixture can for us.”
Albert Cha

hyde-parkMLA marks seven years at British Summer Time
Thursday, 25 July 2019

UK - As the contract for the Hyde Park festival site comes up for renewal, all involved in the production of Barclaycard presents British Summer Time can reflect on seven glorious years at a location that had previously been considered unworkable and unviable.
That promoters AEG Live have proven otherwise is due in no small part to the role of their technical contractors, including Capital Sound - whose deployment of the Martin Audio MLA multicellular loudspeaker array technology had proven under test conditions its ability to meet required propagation thresholds, both inside the bowl and beyond the perimeter.
Monitored by acoustics consultants Vanguardia, as it has been every year, MLA - optimised using Martin Audio’s proprietary advanced DISPLAY software - was equal to a wide range of performance over the two weekends - extending from Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion and Josh Groban at one extreme, and Bob Dylan and Neil Young at the other.
Capital Sound account manager Martin Connolly agreed that Barbra Streisand had given the system a good workout, and the vocal clarity both from her and Groban and Dion, had added a new dimension to the event as had Robbie Williams and Keane who brought British Summer Time to a spectacular close on the final Sunday.
To accomplish this, the Great Oak main stage was equipped with two hangs of 16 x MLA and a single MLD Downfill per side, with 13 x MLA and an MLD Downfill for the side-hangs. The sub array consisted of 32 x MLX in the now familiar broadside cardioid design (21 front facing, 11 rear facing). Wit

adamsonThe Who rock on with Adamson
Thursday, 25 July 2019

USA - The Who are currently between legs of their 2019 Moving On! Tour, which finds them joined by a local orchestra in each city to present different takes on classics and deep cuts from their extensive catalogue. The Who are carrying a sizeable Adamson E-Series system provided by Cleveland, OH’s Eighth Day Sound.
Chris ‘Chopper’ Morrison, who shares FOH duties with The Who’s long-time engineer, Robert Collins, says that while this is the band’s first full outing to carry an Adamson system, the choice was informed by previous experiences with the E-Series on one-off and festival dates.
“We’ve done a few festivals in Europe the last few years and took note that, if it was an Adamson E-Series rig, it always sounded great. We never had to fiddle with the EQ or anything too much and Robert was always really happy,” the engineer reports. “I knew it would really suit the performances with the orchestra, with that really clean top end being critical.”
In its fullest configuration, the system for the Moving On! Tour is comprised of: main hangs of 15 E15 three-way, true line source enclosures over three E12 three-way, full-range enclosures per side; side hangs of 12 E15s over three E12s per side; 270-degree fills from Adamson’s S-Series, with four narrow-dispersion S10n two-way, full-range cabinets over eight standard S10s per side; and a complement of S10s and S7p point-source cabinets as front-fills.
The low end is delivered from a hybrid system of nine flown E119 subs per side (in FBFFBFFBF cardioid configurations) and an addi

holosphereEPIC Holosphere created for Eric Prydz
Thursday, 25 July 2019

Belgium – The highly anticipated Eric Prydz EPIC 6.0 Holosphere debuted at Belgium’s Tomorrowland Festival last weekend, with Eric performing inside a giant video-mapped, 3D transparent LED sphere.
The production was the latest in Prydz’s EPIC (Eric Prydz In Concert) series of visual spectaculars, realised by dream team, long term collaborators Liam Tomaszewski (Punkette), Ross Chapple (RCLD), Mark Calvert and Dave Green (RES) and Bryn Williams (Light Initiative) with the eight-metre-high Holosphere forming the centrepiece of the new design.
“EPIC 6.0 has been two years in the making, starting with conceptual sketches, through to putting together exactly the right team with the skills, know-how and passion to get the project off the ground, and now successfully delivering the show at Tomorrowland,” says Calvert, who has been working with Eric Prydz on the EPIC shows for more than a decade as executive show producer, production manager and co-show designer. “When our team presented the concept to Michiel Beers and Jan Herinckx at Tomorrowland, they were extremely supportive and excited to co-produce the show with us.
“We are very grateful for their faith in this production and equally to our chosen technical fabrication team, Light Initiative. We believe the show takes the core elements of dance music, LED technology, creativity, engineering, lighting and video control to the next level.”
To deliver Tomaszewski’s holographic imagery, Light Initiative designed and manufactured a lightweight structural and cladding system that

colour-sound-hampton-courtColour Sound at Hampton Court Palace
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

UK - Lighting and video rental specialist Colour Sound Experiment supplied stage and architectural lighting and LED screen to the 2019 Hampton Court Palace Festival, staged in the Tudor Courtyard of Hampton Court Palace in Richmond, Surrey.
A star-studded line-up for the 2019 season included Kylie Minogue, Nile Rodgers & Chic, Tears for Fears, The Jacksons, Jools Holland and many more.
The event was enjoyed by thousands who flocked to this unique venue to enjoy summer evenings picketing in the gardens and grounds before taking their seats for the evening concerts which ran over a three-week period in June.
Ensuring that everything ran like clockwork onstage was Jonny Gaskell, production manager and production lighting designer, who has worked for the festival for the last seven years. Jonny provides a production design for the stage and lights selected architectural features around the surrounding courtyards and gardens.
In addition to the house rig, Colour Sound provides the artist specials packages as required. The music ranges from Jools Holland to full orchestral to pop, rock and funk and soul, catering for a wide range of tastes, and the lighting design takes this as a starting point.
The stage is a custom construction fitted neatly and sympathetically to the Courtyard walls, providing all the accoutrements of a modern festival stage, complete with seating tribunes in front.
Jonny’s production design for 2019 was based on three lighting trusses – front, mid, and rear – sub-flown from the roof structure, and these p

jupiterdiscoJupiter Disco rocks with Danley
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

USA - Like a scene from Star Wars or Blade Runner set in the middle of Brooklyn, Jupiter Disco is a refuge for intergalactic bounty hunters, replicants, and thirsty, trend-setting New Yorkers. Celebrated mixologists Maks Pazuniak and Al Sotack opened Jupiter Disco with inspiration drawn from their mutual love of dystopian science fiction.
Danny Taylor, from House Under Magic, designed the sound system for Jupiter Disco, relying on his long history with Danley Sound Labs’ technologies to give the bar impactful, detailed sound with a “grills-off” aesthetic that fits the theme.
“This is Maks and Al’s passion project in a scene filled with taste-makers who are very enthusiastic, but also very critical,” explained Taylor. “Sure, they had to put money into it to pull it off, but the real key to Jupiter Disco’s success is their genuine passion. The scent of genuine passion (or its lack) is really picked up on, and you can’t buy your way into it. The drinks and aesthetic are an obvious priority at Jupiter Disco, but the sound system is as well. They wanted to bring in DJs, along with limited live electronic acts in support of a local scene here in Brooklyn. They wanted an awe-inspiring sound system at Jupiter Disco.”
Taylor’s experience with Danley goes back many years. He played in and engineered for Collapsing Scenery, orchestrating and overseeing their happy reliance on a pair of Danley SM80 loudspeakers and a pair of Danley TH118 subwoofers for all their live shows (house PAs be damned!). He also works closely with E

connectionfestivalMavericks make connections in Locarno
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Switzerland - Each August for the past 73 years, the Romanesque Piazza Grande is transformed into the world’s largest open air movie theatre. Flanked by detailed buildings, the piazza provides an enchanting setting for screenings at the Locarno International Film Festival, an event that draws the likes of Harrison Ford, Ethan Hawke and other Hollywood A-listers to this ancient town on the Italian-Swiss border.
Earlier in the summer, this venerable site, which traces its origins back to Roman times, undergoes another transformation, as it is turned into an urban nightclub for the Connection Festival. For two days in June, the sounds or rap, pop, and electronic music resonate off the pastel walls of its buildings, accompanied by intensely bright light from over 40 Chauvet Professional Maverick fixtures, supplied and set up by Fumasoli Audio & Lights Rental.
Enrico Fumasoli and his team furnished a complete lighting and audio package for the festival, which featured some of Italy’s hottest new music stars, including Salmo and Ultimo. Their goal was to provide a rig that delivered the power called for by the high-energy music, yet at the same time was flexible enough to adapt to the different styles of visiting LDs.
This led to the selection of 24 Maverick MK2 Wash and 18 Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures. The Maverick units were flown from three truss structures positioned upstage, stage left and stage right. Daniele Pavan and Andrea Arlotti, the lighting designers for the festival’s two headliners, used the MK2 Wash fixtures to create evocative co

robe-les-misRobe T1s light Les Miserables in Warsaw
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Poland - The mercury hit record highs in Warsaw, while theatre-goers visiting the Stanisław Witkiewicz Studio Theatre were treated to a performance of Cameron Mackintosh’s Les Misérables staged by the Śródmiejski Teatr Muzyczny.
The company - made up from school pupils aspiring to be acting / performance professionals - produces an annual musical which was lit by LD Michal Piskorski who has also lit the previous two such productions, 2017’s Footloose and the Monty Python’s Spamalot. He worked closely with programmer Krzysztof Gantner from the show’s technical sponsor, Prolight, on the spectacle which was directed by Antoniusz Dietzius who also designed the set.
Six Robe T1 Profile moving lights were utilised, provided by Warsaw-based lighting and technical sales specialist Prolight. Also, part of this ‘specials’ package were five Robe LEDBeam 150s and two Spiider LED wash beams.
Michal also used the theatre’s house lighting rig which includes Robe DLX Spots, DLS Profiles and LEDWash600s plus a few other moving lights and generics.
Prolight is involved in several projects encouraging young people already working in or considering a career in lighting and performance, and their technical partnership on this production was “essential in assisting us achieve everything we needed in terms of scale and dynamics” commented Michal.
Krzysztof programmed and ran the show on networked Avolites Quartz and Arena consoles.
The other Robe fixtures were distributed around the over-stage LX bars. The five

hsing-ma-templed&b adds clarity to Fo Guang Shan Temple
Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Malaysia - Malaysiato’s new Fo Guang Shan Hsing Ma Buddhist Temple recently opened in its southernmost city of Johor Bahru. At its core is a soaring Main Shrine Hall, capable of accommodating more than 1,000 people.
The Fo Guang Shan Chinese International Buddhist monastic order is well-known for its use of world-class technology in its temples across the world, including New Zealand, Canada and the UK, and the new Johor Bahru branch is no exception. Its size, shape and materials presented acoustic challenges, leading the technology team to a permanently installed d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker and amplification solution.
Kuala Lumpur-based Chan Lee Sound and Light was first on the scene to identify a system that would fit the bill. Having served as Fo Guang Shan’s rental contractor for a number of years, Chan Lee Sound has used d&b systems on several of the monastic order’s past events. As the decision makers at Fo Guang Shan had been happy with the sound quality produced during those events, they agreed that a solution from the same manufacturer would be a good choice for the new temple.
With this being a permanent installation at a brand-new temple, Chan Lee Sound brought in long-time partner Search Music, the d&b distributor in Malaysia, to assist on the project.
“The sound requirements in the new Main Shrine Hall were focused on clarity, to ensure everyone in the room could hear speech and chanting clearly and with dynamic tightness,” explains Gilbert Seng from Search Music Malaysia. “The entire space is clad by til

adrian-mole-2nd-dresspamela-raith-photographyGLP’s impression X4 hits the West End
Tuesday, 23 July 2019

UK - Theatre lighting specialist Howard Hudson has deployed GLP’s new RGBY version of its best-selling impression X4 on the West End production of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾ -The Musical. The adaptation of Sue Townsend’s best-selling book recently transferred to the Ambassadors Theatre.
Hudson had first worked on the production back in 2015 when it was at The Curve in Leicester. He had previously collaborated with the director, Luke Sheppard and designer, Tom Rogers on various projects prior to this and we were all put together for that first production. The show was then produced at the Menier Chocolate Factory before transferring to the Ambassadors Theatre.
In terms of how the show should be lit, much of the musical is written from Adrian’s point of view, with a lot of his sections of the piece as direct address to the audience. “Therefore, the lighting had to provide the middle ground between more practical location setting, but also to remind the audience that what we are watching is made from his imagination,” states Howard. “So one of the bolder visual ideas was to use the motif of the ‘inksplot’ to locate scenes and moments, to suggest the action is on a page from his diary with the stage as the page.”
He designed the inksplots as four different custom gobos in moving lights overhead. “These helped us lose the bedroom, which is the main set structure, and helped develop a more heightened visual language and structure.” The moving lights also took the role of follow spots.
Hudson has an impres

edinburgh-2Doughty expertise enlisted in Edinburgh
Tuesday, 23 July 2019

UK - Audio Light Systems called upon the expertise of Doughty Engineering to help deliver a new media studio at Edinburgh University's Argyle House.
The University which has a fast-developing programme of Distance Learning at Scale, had an existing media studio but was struggling to fully support the programme of media production required. Audio Light Systems was brought on board to assist with the creation of a new TV studio and gallery on floor D of Argyle house as Neil McLucas, Audio Light Systems' senior technician explains:
"The TV studio already had a space prepared with new wiring and decoration. Our task was to develop the gallery, housed in an existing acoustic sound booth adjacent to the studio. The specification was for the supply and installation of sound, video, studio lighting curtain and tracks and so we got in touch with Doughty Engineering to supply us with the bits of kit that we needed."
Dan Phillips, project sales co-ordinator at Doughty comments: "It's always a pleasure working with Audio Light Systems - we've done many studio installations with them. For this project, we supplied track for the perimeter curtains and cyclorama, some facility panels, pantographs and a lighting rail system. Neil needed a selection of off-the-shelf kit from our range that would be functional and reliable. The majority was mounted on the ceiling, with the exception of the facility panels."
Thanks to a very detailed tender document, the installation was extremely efficient. However, timescales were tight and the lead time for the required f

balaton-sound-rockstar-photographers-1Martin MLA energises Hungarian festivals
Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Hungary - One of Hungary's biggest music festivals, attracting over 100,000 music-lovers over its five days, VOLT Festival has been taking place annually in Sopron (near the Austrian border) since 1993.
It is one of three festivals, including Balaton Sound, falling under the banner of the mighty Sziget Festival, promoted by Sziget Cultural Management. All have for many years been serviced successfully by Capital Sound, with their Martin Audio MLA loudspeaker array.
VOLT presents a multi-genre line-up featuring artists for electronic, rock, pop, jazz, and urban genres as well as theatre performances, visual art exhibitions, film screenings, sporting events and more.
Capital Sound again received local support from Hungarian MLA partner, BG Event Kft in the form of Balázs Szentiványi, and were further assisted by the expertise of the ever-present Marci Mezei. This enabled them to service both VOLT and Balaton Sound with a single truck of equipment, sourcing the remaining kit locally from BG Event.
On the Telekom Main Stage this year were globally renowned acts such as Slipknot, Black Eyed Peas, Slash, Papa Roach, Martin Solveig and Cypress Hill.
According to Capital Sound account manager, Robin Conway, although production now has the sound design down to a fine art they closely review the Sopron event each year, and in 2019 changes to the site layout necessitated them installing field delays.
The main PA comprised 17 MLA elements and an MLD Downfill enclosure flown on each PA wing, with nine further MLA each side as out-fills and 18

kissVari-Lite VL6000 Beam shines on KISS
Tuesday, 23 July 2019

USA - Production designers Robert Long and Sooner Routhier of SRae Productions, along with associate designer Ashley Zapar, specified the Vari-Lite VL6000 Beam luminaire to add a bold and dynamic presence to their show design for the farewell tour by KISS.
The band’s End of the Road world tour, which continues through 2019, features all the rock and roll theatrics that fans expect of a classic KISS show (described by Long as “equal parts of fire, lasers, metal, leather, and controlled chaos”) but with a modern edge.
“KISS requires an old school light show with simple cuing that accents the music but isn’t overly embellished,” says Long, discussing the KISS show style and their choice of lighting fixtures. “The music is simple, four on the floor, rock and roll with heavy guitar riffs. We need lights that reflect that, but in a modern, elevated way.”
To help achieve this, they specified 44 VL6000 Beam luminaires, one of the latest innovations from moving light pioneer Vari-Lite. With their powerful, colour-changing beams and retro appeal, the large-format, searchlight-style fixtures are an ideal fit for the show’s requirements.
“The lens of the VL6000 was our primary draw to the fixture,” says Long. “It has the feel of an old-school ray light. We also love the size; it has a presence in the air that a lot of fixtures can’t match.”
Adding a striking punch to the show’s visuals, the VL6000 Beams are suspended from large pantographs above stage, and on trusses running stage right and stage left above the a

robe-riverside-theatre-paramatta-riv180250220Riverside Theatre invests in Robe
Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Australia - Riverside Theatres is a multi-venue performing arts centre in Parramatta CBD in the western suburbs of Sydney. Opened in 1988, its various venues include the 761-seat proscenium arch Riverside Theatre, the 213 capacity Lennox Theatre, and the Raffety's Theatre which can accommodate an audience of 88.
In the last year, the Riverside has invested in Robe DL4S Profiles and LEDWash 300 moving lights for the main venue. These are the first moving lights they have owned and the second batch of LED lights to be installed in the space, part of a programme that will transition the entire complex to more sustainable light sources.
The timing of the purchase was also designed to reduce the need for external sub hires of LED fixtures which had accelerated during the previous season.
Technical co-ordinator Sean Clarke and his colleagues Mike Brew and Josh Stringer explained that both these types of Robe fixture met their requirements for colours - the Robe LED engines are renowned for their excellent colour ranges, and the DL series has been designed especially for theatre applications.
They compared three different brands of LED wash and profile fixtures before making a final decision. They’d already had some good experiences using the LEDWash 300s in another venue, and were impressed with the diversity of the fixture and its ability to zoom right down to a tight beam and all the way out to a traditional wash as well as being able to produce a spectacular blue.
The Riverside theatre’s business is primarily as a receiving house to a

world-travel-awards-2019bElation at the World Travel Awards
Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Mauritius - The 26th annual World Travel Awards recently took place on the island nation of Mauritius and the tropical surroundings were made even more enticing with a dress of Elation dynamic lighting designed and delivered by Seven Amps.
Seven Amps, a Mauritian gear rental and integrated systems provider, provided all the technical equipment for the event, which included outdoor lighting for the venue’s stately Manor House and cocktail area, as well as lighting for the awards ceremony at the indoor marquee. The company also handled decorative and branding elements for the awards event.
Held on 1 June at the Sugar Beach Hotel in Flic-en-Flac, Seven Amps chose an array of Elation lighting fixtures for the awards event, along with lighting from sister company ADJ, as well as Duratruss.
“We needed an IP-rated LED Par light and wash panel for the outdoor lighting and chose Elation SixPars and ADJ Hex Panels, both weatherproof products that performed very good,” says Mervyn Palan of Seven Amps. “Inside at the awards ceremony, we had a rig of Elation LED Fresnels, Profiles and Pars with Beam and Spot moving heads. We are happy with the Elation products and their performance and push it wherever we go.”
Outdoors, 40 IP65-rated SixPar 300IP LED Par lights lit the cocktail area and live band entertainment while 20 SixPar 200IP and 12 ADJ 32 HEX Panel IP fixtures illuminated the long Manor House facade. Twelve Elation Design LED Strips and six IP65-rated Elar EX Tribar linear LED lights were used at the photo, interview and winners booths.

croke-parkCroke Park Stadium completes Nexo installation
Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Ireland - Croke Park Stadium in Dublin has completed its programme of design and installation of a permanent PA/VA sound system, supplied by French manufacturer Nexo.
This sporting venue is the national stadium of Ireland and home to the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). The 82,300 capacity stadium has been at the heart of Irish sporting life for over 100 years and is the third largest in Europe behind Camp Nou in Barcelona and Wembley in London.
Less well-known is the fact that Croke Park is also the widest, its 88m-wide pitch (nearly twice the size of a football pitch) is designed to accommodate the Gaelic sports of Gaelic football, hurling and camogie.
Mongey Communications, full-service AV and communications provider from Kildare, has been involved with Croke Park for nearly 15 years. This year, the Mongey team finished its extensive upgrade of the audio facilities in the stadium, working closely with technology consultancy Vanguardia.
Intimately involved in the planning of the upgrade, Mongey Communications has been instrumental in guiding the GAA, the managing body for the stadium, to a world-class audio set-up, which not only benefits its regular audience of sports fans but also elevates its provision for concert sound. Like many other large-format venues all over the world, Croke Park has to balance the commercial imperative of hosting music and entertainment shows alongside its sports brief.
The GAA’s criteria for the audio upgrade focussed on qualitative improvements to the stadium facilities for voice alarm and evacuatio

samoaKV2 delivers for 2019 Pacific Games ceremonies
Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Samoa - This year, Samoa plays host to the sixteenth edition of the Pacific Games which sees over 4000 athletes competing in 27 different sports. It is also home to DAWG Professional Audio whose success with their KV2 Audio inventory was sufficient to win the audio tender for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2019 Pacific Games.
DAWG is owned by Corey Keil who also owns Samoa’s Radio Polynesia and TV3. Passionate about sound, Keil’s love affair with KV2 began when he heard a pair of KV2 SL412s running with four double 21” subs on the demo stage at ProLight & Sound. “I was literally blown away,” he recalls. “I just couldn’t believe what was coming out of two such small boxes! I walked straight onto the KV2 stand where I met sales director, Dave Croxton, and said, ‘I want the system you have outside.’”
Since then Keil’s inventory has continued to grow with the addition of a VHD systems for larger events including several VHD 4.21 active subwoofers. “The Samoans love bass and nothing performs like these subs. Their sheer power yet tightness and musicality is simply unmatched.”
Fast-forward to the Pacific Games 2019, DAWG Professional Audio came up against strong competition from both Australian and New Zealand companies bidding on the event. After months of negotiation the contract was awarded to DAWG in an effort to support local business but with a heavy mandate that the sound and coverage of the stadium must be world class. Dave Croxton from KV2 flew in to assist along with New Zealand sound engineer,

claypakyrugby1Claypaky fixtures light Bigflo & Oli in Paris
Tuesday, 23 July 2019

France - All eyes were on the pitch at the Stade de France even after the finals of the French National Rugby League’s Top 14 concluded on 15 June. French hip-hop brother duo Bigflo & Oli closed the event playing to packed stands as a large complement of Claypaky fixtures illuminated their set.
The Top 14 competition has been played in France since 1892 and features 14 participating teams, hence its name.
Lighting designer Damien Dufaitre deployed Claypaky Sharpy Plus, Sharpy and HY B-EYE K25 LED wash lights provided by Regietek for the brothers’ performance.
He positioned 19 K25s at the ground around the edge of the field. “The power of the fixtures’ projector allowed me to alternately coat the lawn with solid colors or play their powerful beams tight in the bottom,” says Dufaitre. “Even at 40m, they did the job.”
Sharpys, located at the same positions, were chosen for their “bright and precise” beams, according to Damien. “The images they made on the grass were perfect. When used for motion effects they also came out very well in the background of the axis cam.” Dufaitre also placed 32 Sharpy Plus fixtures on the edge of the stage.
(Jim Evans)


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