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aix-arenaYamaha and Nexo in Arena Pays d’Aix
Wednesday, 16 January 2019

France - Arena Pays d'Aix is a modern, multi-purpose venue which can house audiences of up to 8500. Designed to host a wide range of events, a Yamaha and Nexo audio system delivers quality, flexible audio throughout the arena complex.
Located close to the southern French city of Aix-en-Provence, the outside of Arena Pays d'Aix presents a futuristic vision, its clean, sweeping lines contrasting with the surrounding countryside of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. It has quickly become a popular destination for sport and entertainment from throughout the region, including nearby Marseille, France’s third largest city.
Designed by architect Christophe Gulizzi, the vision of the future continues inside, where a modular format allows the 4000m2 interior space to offer 17 different configurations, depending on the type of event being hosted.
The main space (Grande Salle, unofficially nicknamed The Cauldron) is the home of the Pays d'Aix University handball club, which competes in Division 1 of the Ligue Nationale de Handball. Featuring an audience capacity of up to 7000, it can be configured to host a wide range of other events, including tennis, wrestling, indoor motocross, live concerts, ballet and much more.
Arena Pays d'Aix also features a secondary arena (Salle Annex) with room for up to 1500 spectators, as well as three exhibition / event spaces which can hold up to 450 people each, bars / concessions and a press room. The main concourse (La Coursive) can also be used to host events, with a capacity of 1,800 people.
The venue’s interior d

ajsutherlandmonitorsystemtechdlivedLive in the mix for Gary Numan UK tour
Wednesday, 16 January 2019

UK - Late 2018 saw the return of electronic pioneer Gary Numan on his epic orchestral tour, featuring six UK shows – including one at the Royal Albert Hall (see LSi January) – accompanied by the 16-piece Skaparis Orchestra and an Allen & Heath dLive system handling monitor world.
dLive’s ability to allow simultaneous connections of multiple control devices, from full console surfaces to PCs, iPads and IP controllers, proved indispensable in facilitating both monitor mixing duties and communications between the engineers and performers. “We chose the Allen & Heath dLive S7000 as our monitor console because it’s great at allowing multiple operators. It’s not just the core of the monitor system, it’s the core of the show,” explains monitor engineer, Mike Glines, “It just handles the communications for everyone.”
AJ Sutherland (monitor system tech for the tour) adds, “We had one MixRack which Mike controlled from the S7000 surface, as well as dLive’s Director software running on a Mac so I could make edits without having to interrupt him on the surface. I also had my own cue mix, so I could line check the orchestra at the same time as the band were checked by Mike.”
Supplied by Adlib, the monitor set-up comprised a dLive S7000 Surface, a DM64 MixRack and a DX32 Expander, allowing for ultimate flexibility and control over the band and orchestra monitor mixes.

25-nights-of-northern-lightsCommunity for 25 Nights of Northern Lights
Wednesday, 16 January 2019

USA - BayPort Credit Union’s 25 Nights of Northern Lights is an annual holiday event held from 1 to 25 December in the City Centre at Oyster Point in Newport News, Virginia. Situated by the lakeside with its 400ft fountain, a 50ft tall pixel-mapped Christmas tree forms the focal point of the festival which includes seasonal events, vendors and street performers as well as a light show that is tied to the tree and includes elements surrounding the fountain.
The sound system for the 2018 festival was designed and supplied by Washington Professional, a full service AV systems integration specialist. Designed by Austin Wydrzynski of Washington Professional, with installation by RWS Entertainment, the loudspeaker system was installed inside the Christmas tree to provide sound reinforcement for the synchronized light show.
The system designed by Wydrzynski employed Community’s new IV6 weather-resistant modular vertical arrays. The system had two arrays, each comprising four IV6-1122 wide-dispersion 12-inch two-way array elements and two IV6-118S 18-inch subwoofers.
Wydrzynski explains: “I chose these cabinets for their natural voicing. I spoke with Perry D'Angelo from Community’s rep company, SKMac, when these boxes were first announced. I then had the opportunity to hear them at InfoComm in Vegas this summer and have been very impressed ever since. In addition, their weather rating and price point were essential to this project. Right out of the box, with the FIR filters for Q-Sys provided by Community’s TAG Team (Technical Applications Group)

lasers-maintarm Showlaser at the Festival of Lights
Wednesday, 16 January 2019

France - Every year around 4m visitors come to the Fête des Lumières in Lyon and every year this festival surpasses itself.
It began in December, 1852 as a spontaneous, religious gesture: During the procession of Mary, the inhabitants of Lyons put candles on the window. In the meantime, Fête des Lumières has become France's largest art festival, attracting millions of visitors every year and offering 40 light installations spread all over the city. For four days, international light artists illuminate highly complex light projections on the historic buildings of Lyon.
For four nights, the courtyard of the Hôtel de Ville becomes is made accessible to the public. People can cross the building from the Place de la Comedie to the Place des Terreaux. Walking becomes a contemplative experience of pure light, the laser sources are multiplied and compose a spectacular scenography playing in colour with the historical architecture. They dance to the chosen sounds, far from the traditional laser stereotypes, with tarm lasers to the fore. The show adds the magic of intense light to the setting of Lyon City Hall.
(Jim Evans)

chauvetipslondonaquamanIPS supports film premieres with Chauvet
Wednesday, 16 January 2019

UK - At the recent double premiere of the 2018 post-apocalyptic adventure films Mortal Engines and Aquaman in London’s Leicester Square, the red carpet was suitably soaked in a fittingly post-apocalyptic two-day torrential rainstorm.
Fortunately, for movie fans who had turned up in droves to take selfies with stars like Hugo Weaving, Hera Hilmar and Robert Sheehan, the atmosphere on both nights was not dampened in the slightest, thanks in part to a large multimedia installation showing film snippets, custom created content and live action. IPS created the crowd-pleasing video screens with 106 PVP X6IP LED panels from Chauvet Professional.
“The most complicated aspect of this particular project was that there were two different premieres on consecutive days,” explains Ian Brown, project coordinator at IPS. “Understandably, the designer and IPS client Limited Edition Event Design wanted to create two completely different looks to ensure there was a different feel to each premiere, while working within the logistical constraints of the site and shows.”
For the first show, the premiere of Aquaman, IPS supplied seven rigging towers, each supporting a 1.5m high by 2.5m wide screen made from X6IP panels. For the next day’s premiere of Mortal Engines, three of the towers were removed and the screens reconfigured so the four remaining towers each supported a 1m wide by 5m high screen, also made from the repurposed X6IP panels.
“The 6.9mm pixel pitch of the PVP panels provided us with an exceptionally sharp canvas

annemarie1Anne-Marie relies on DiGiCo all around the globe
Wednesday, 16 January 2019

UK - Over the last three years, Anne-Marie's musical evolution has been nothing short of seismic: she has gone from playing to 300 people in a club, to 360,000 people over four days at Wembley Stadium alongside Ed Sheeran. Now, she is touring her debut album, Speak Your Mind, and both FOH and monitor engineers are working on DiGiCo SD12s, with the consoles supplied by Audiotech UK, which splits audio rental duties with Production North.
Production values at an Anne-Marie show are clearly a far cry now to what they were just a couple of years ago. According to FOH engineer, Ben Dexter, it is down to hard work, raw talent, and determination.
“I have been working with Anne-Marie since her first show back in 2015 in a 300-cap room; when you look at what she achieved this summer [with Ed Sheeran] at Wembley Stadium, you can see that production elements have been growing as her shows have been growing,” he says. “It’s been a very natural and exciting progression to where we are now with all the elements in place. It's been great to be a part of it all from that first show, and see it evolve to where it is today.”
Dexter and monitor engineer, Jim Kerr, are both SD12 users – they made the switch because, Dexter says, 'we outgrew our previous consoles'.
“In preparation for this year’s run of support shows, we needed to find a console that would accommodate our ever-increasing channel count – which is currently at 56 - while also having a fairly small footprint at FOH, where space is always limited, especially for a support b

jonnymarr4-credit-maria-zhytnikova-mainJohnny Marr’s journey to EartH with L-Acoustics
Wednesday, 16 January 2019

UK - Johnny Marr, one of the UK's most prolific songwriters, producers, and collaborators has been on the road again, this time with his fourth solo studio album, Call the Comet. The former founding lead guitarist of The Smiths has forged a shining solo career since his debut album in 2013, bringing his latest UK journey to a stellar conclusion with a sold-out date at EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney), London, which boasts the first permanent installation of L-Acoustics' L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology in a European live music venue.
For Marr's FOH engineer, Russ Miller, this was his first date with L-ISA, and his post-show report was glowing: "I was blown away by it," he says. "The separation is unbelievable, without it feeling like it’s separate sources. At sound check our backline techs were amazed: we had people just walking around the venue listening; it sounded the same from front to back and from side to side.”
Miller was contacted prior to the gig by EartH's Alessandro Melchior, Sound Engineer, and was pleased to have a day in the venue before the show to work with some virtual sound-check material. "You can't be afraid of new technology,” says Miller. “I say just get involved and see what it can do."
L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology uses spatial audio processing to position up to 96 sound objects in three dimensions inside a performance space. The EartH L-ISA Frontal system comprises five hangs of seven Kara and a central sub system of four KS28 flown in end-fire configuration in front and above the cent

glpA-Team Plus deploys X4 Bars at Clockenflap
Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Hong Kong - Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival, which takes place annually on Hong Kong’s Central Harbourfront Event Space, once again proved a major success. This year’s headliners included such names as David Byrne, Erykah Badu, Jarvis Cocker, Interpol, The Vaccines, Khalid and Wolf Alice, which delighted the crowds of more than 60,000.
GLP’s X4 Bars were pressed into action by event management and production company, A-Team Plus (HK) Ltd, who had made their first investment in the German manufacturer’s LED fixtures. They had added eight impression X4 Bar 10 battens and 16 of the longer X4 Bar 20 - all of which were specified and deployed at Clockenflap.
A-Team Plus has been the main stage supplier for a number of years. Although the stage structure this year was shipped in 15 containers from Megaforce in Germany all AV for the main stage was provided by A-Team Plus.
The company purchased the new GLP fixtures specifically for the event. “They were always keen to get them,” explains GLP Asia’s Michael Muenz.
The company was already familiar with the versatile battens, having received a demo in Hong Kong, and seen them multiple times at the Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt.
Michael Muenz recalls: “I still remember this year’s PL+S where [A-Team Plus owner] Ray Mok sent me a Whatsapp after seeing the PRG lightshow in the Festhalle with Jerry Appelt`s famous ground shaking effect. They were so excited that they wanted to see me immediately … and half an hour later, they were at our booth for further talks and a cold beer!

all-about-eveA happy new theatre year for White Light
Tuesday, 15 January 2019

UK - White Light is welcoming in 2019 by supplying a range of theatre shows in London’s West End as well as touring productions across the country.
Over the course of 2018, WL supplied the lighting for a variety of hit shows including the critically-acclaimed Company, The Inheritance, Young Frankenstein, The Jungle, The Pinter Season, The King and I, True West and the Oscar Wilde season. The company also continued to supply long-running hits including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Matilda, Aladdin, Tina The Musical, 42nd Street and Les Misérables.
WL’s MD Bryan Raven comments: “We had a fantastic 2018 which was one of our busiest yet. As we progress into 2019, we have hit the ground running and are looking to repeat the success of last year. Our expert Customer Service teams continue to work with designers, both established and emerging to help achieve their vision”.
In January alone, WL has supplied the lighting for Songs for Nobodies at the Ambassadors Theatre; with the company providing the lights for every single show at the venue last year. Over the next few weeks, WL will also supply All About Eve at the Noel Coward Theatre, The American Clock at the Old Vic and The Price at the Wyndham’s.
Away from the West End, WL is also supplying a range of tours. Shows that have loaded out this month so far include Rain Man, The Lady Vanishes, Abigail’s Party, Wise Children, Ghost, Art and Avenue Q.
The company is also supplying shows within London’s OffWestE

Goboservice Divum debuts in fairytale park
Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Lithuania - The Lithuanian agency Baltas Daznis put their trust in Goboservice to create a highly evocative scenario in collaboration with the Creative Dock agency.
The municipal administration of Vilnius last year announced a competition reserved for innovative projects which aimed to embellish public zones of the city. 30 proposals were submitted, from which the Commission selected the top four. One of these is the Vilnius Illuminated Legend Park, based on an idea by Simonas Eismontas.
At the Pasaku Park (the fairytale park), Divum projectors were used to revive 10 legendary figures in the national history of the Baltic country. The architectural projections were used to give new life to an urban-suburban area that risked degradation in a territorial marketing operation with a strong cultural value.
This was a difficult test for the new architectural projectors. The prolonged time in the woods and exposure to the wind with temperatures well below zero, represented an excellent field test. The IP54 rating of protection of the machines was thus tested in an environmental context.
The aim of the project was to attract citizens and tourists to the park to raise awareness of the city's history. The full-colour gobos were the winning innovative solution. The Goboservice graphic designers reproduced the high-resolution figures, also applying the necessary distortions to allow diagonal projection onto the paths.
The gobo projectors were easily camouflaged among the trees thanks to their light weight and the reduced dimensions, which allowed po

robe-arbol-naranja-bogotaRobe helps paint the town orange
Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Columbia - Arbol Naranja (Orange Tree) is an event organiser and creative agency that more recently also became an equipment rental company called Circuito Naranja, initially to service their own shows and clients, then expanding into a proactive new division of the business.
They are young, ambitious and passionate about their work which is primarily music orientated, and the new rental element has also become a bit of a disruptor on the lively Bogota event production scene.
The rental side of the business is managed by Luis Burgos, also one of the owners and founders of Arbol Naranja, which kicked off in 2006. Their two main areas of business are complete event organization and equipment rental, and there are currently 70 full time staff working across two nearby sites in the Chapinero area of Bogota, servicing around 200 events a year of different sizes and complexities, from small corporates to large scale festivals.
On the festival front, this includes Colombia’s biggest and best known, Estéreo Picnic, on which they provide and co-ordinate the full technical event production and the rental company services one of the principal stages with equipment.
They have recently invested in 24 x Robe Spiiders delivered by Colombian distributor AVCom Colombia, also based in Bogota. These are their first Robe purchases and their first of a fully professional moving light product.
The rental side of the operation started off as an audio focused company, offering premium brands like L-Acoustics, which grew and expanded steadily. It then reached

nyeberlin4Chauvet adds sparkle to Berlin’s party
Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Germany - The Brandenburg Gate has seen New Year’s Eve come and go over 225 times, but the historic structure has never shined quite like it did this 31 December. An estimated one million NYE revellers gathered along a two-kilometer route that culminated at the landmark for New Year's Eve in Berlin. There, in the shadow of the famous gate, international stars like DJ Bobo, Alice Merton, Bonnie Tyler and the Village People appeared on the Genesis Stage. Providing visual support for their performances was a dazzling lightshow that featured Chauvet Professional ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures deployed by TCL Event AG.
Designed by Denny Arndt of 666 Veranstaltungstechnik and Helge Rabethge of TCL Event AG, the lightshow used 160 of the 1-meter ÉPIX LED strips. With over 50 different acts from a wide variety of genres taking to the stage, the designers’ main challenge was to underline this musical diversity with a wide range of dynamic and compelling looks for the live crowd and the millions more watching on television. They achieved this through the use of multiple scenic levels that delighted the audience with a constant flow of new effects.
In addition to contributing to the varied visuals, the ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures outlined the contours of the stage. Pixel mapped, the strips added depth to this stage design, often working in conjunction with the large video screens.
(Jim Evans)

riversideStage Electrics wins Riverside Studios contract
Tuesday, 15 January 2019

UK - Stage Electrics has announced it has won a £2m contract for the supply and installation of specialist production lighting and audio-visual infrastructure for Riverside Studios, Hammersmith.
The broadcast, arts and entertainment venue closed in 2014 for demolition and redevelopment and is scheduled to fully reopen its doors again in 2019. The new 90,000 sq. ft. Riverside Studios will comprise three studios, small, medium and large, as well as public and community spaces including a two-screen cinema, rehearsal space and a number of restaurants and bars.
The design of the medium studio is particularly flexible allowing for the easy alternation between theatre, music, events and television. During the consultancy phase of the project, Stage Electrics advised on the supporting infrastructure to allow it to function as a multipurpose space. The smaller studio is intended to be mainly used as a theatrical space, with broadcast facilities being integrated into the audio-visual facility panels.
The package also includes a high-quality PA system for the public areas of the building, rigging systems for the smaller studio & the Cinema.
Starting on site in early 2019, working for main contractor, Mount Anvil, Stage Electrics’ work will facilitate the installations of the broadcast systems integrator, ATG Danmon and TV lighting hoist integrator, DeSisti.
(Jim Evans)

l-acousticsSt Charles arts centre chooses L-Acoustics
Monday, 14 January 2019

USA - Named after local businessman and philanthropist Jerry Scheidegger, the J. Scheidegger Centre for the Arts on the campus of St. Charles, Missouri’s Lindenwood University, is a $32m educational and performing arts complex.
The 138,000sq.ft facility’s main theatre, the 1,200-seat Lindenwood Theatre, can be a challenging acoustical space, with its high interior and ceiling weight load restrictions. The school’s ambitious theatre programme also adds its own specialised requirements. An L-Acoustics Kara sound system recently installed there by St Louis-based Logic Systems addresses both the acoustic and artistic requirements with ease.
According to Logic Systems president Chip Self, the Kara system was both the venue’s choice as well as his recommendation. “We have a long-time relationship with the school as their rental systems vendor, so we’ve been able to show them a number of different systems in the theatre over the years,” he explains. “When they heard the Kara, they knew that was the one they wanted to go with.”
The new system consists of a LCR front array, with nine Kara enclosures topped by three SB18 subs for the left and right hangs, and six Kara topped by a pair of SB18 in the centre, all powered by five LA8 amplified controllers. The PA, which is designed to be a 5.1 system, also has two pairs of self-powered, coaxial 112P speakers as left and right surrounds for the balcony and the main floor areas, while ultra-compact 5XT speakers are used as front fills and are powered by an LA4 amplified controller.
Brian B

hsl-qdos-2018-peter-pan-birmingham-pet211636317Bumper panto season for HSL
Monday, 14 January 2019

UK - Lighting and visuals rental specialist HSL supplied lighting equipment to 32 Qdos pantomime productions across the UK for their 2018-19 season, together with a full rigging – truss and motors package – plus Kinesys automation for Cinderella at Glasgow’s SEC.
Lighting the colourful fantasy environments that characterise this genre of comedic melodrama is huge fun for lighting designers, and this year HSL worked with 17 LDs and liaised with 25 production LX’s who made it happen on the various sites which included Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London.
HSL’s 2018 panto team was led by Jordan Hanson, assisted by Emma Turner, and included account handlers Sean McGlone and Mark Shakeshaft, all well-known for their multi-tasking and number-crunching abilities.
Jordan comments: “Fluid communication, having a cool head for logistics and being organised about the prep is essential. Ensuring the whole team is onboard from the start and in touch and in tune with each other and the overall picture at all times is also key. Qdos has incredibly high standards, and we enjoy rising to the challenge each year”.
Glasgow is typically the largest show in terms of production and venue size and this year lighting was designed by Tim Oliver.
Other key ones were Snow White at the London Palladium, Peter Pan in Birmingham and Goldilocks in Newcastle, all lit by Ben Cracknell, together with Edinburgh’s Beauty & The Beast and Aladdin in Bradford with lighting designed by Matt Clutterham. Ben also l

covenantpresbyterianchurch1Danley solves problems for Louisiana church
Monday, 14 January 2019

USA - Covenant Presbyterian Church in Monroe, Louisiana had a welcome problem: its congregation had outgrown the 175-seat sanctuary that had served as its home for over 60 years years. The church is philosophically opposed to holding multiple services every weekend because that solution would sever many of the community connections that come with a single service attended by the entire congregation.
Overflow into the Fellowship Hall served as a stopgap measure, but it would not engender the right kinds of connections and togetherness in the long run. Thus, Covenant’s new 400-seat sanctuary solves its most pressing problem, but the new sanctuary’s generous reverb created another potential problem: intelligibility.
The AV integration division of Matt’s Music, also of Monroe, solved that potential problem by using Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers.
“Covenant wanted a cathedral-type space with a lot of ambience that would match the aesthetics of its older, smaller sanctuary,” explains Tony Cortellini, manager of the contracting division at Matt’s Music. “There was going to be a lot of stone, brick, and wood, which was going to look amazing. However, I was concerned that the space was going to be too reverberant. The church opted not to bring in an acoustical engineer and they declined my suggestions for acoustical treatments in favour of the visual aesthetic. In the end, we agreed to do the best we could without any adjustments to the acoustics, and we could revisit the issue if the best wasn’t good enough.”
Cortellini continues:

etc-eos-tiETC lights Al Arabiya news channel
Monday, 14 January 2019

UAE – For over 10 years, an ETC Eos Classic has been used to light the broadcast studio of leading TV news channel Al Arabiya, 24 hours a day, seven days a week live on air without any technical faults.
Al Arabiya is the chief news station in the Middle East, based in Dubai. ETC dealer, Oasis Enterprises has been in partnership with Al Arabiya since 2008, supplying and installing technical equipment to the TV channel. The news studio commented positively on the relationship with Oasis Enterprises, remarking that their “reliability and support’ influenced the decision to choose ETC for their broadcast studio”. “They offer us a great service and are always available whenever we need them,” comments the head of news resources, Mahmoud Issa.
This year, Al Arabiya was upgraded to ETC’s flagship lighting control desk Eos Ti, bringing the latest technology and most powerful hardware to the broadcast studios. “As our channel runs 24/7, it is crucial that there are no errors with lighting, vision mixers or consoles. We need to be equipped with the best and ETC’s Eos console is one of the best so far,” remarks Mahmoud Issa.
The TV company is also equipped with ETC dimmer racks, Eos Remote Processor Units and lighting fixtures – Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr Daylight HD and Source Four jr luminaires. “The Eos family software platform and the Lustr Series 2 output perform extremely well. We are very happy to have them in our studios and look forward to investing in more in the future,” comments Safwan Harcouss, lighting manager at Al

rio1Chauvet creates carnival Christmas
Monday, 14 January 2019

UK - Beautiful beaches, tasty Caipirinhas and soulful music: probably enough reasons to justify why over 2m people travel to the Rio de Janeiro carnival in Brazil each year. When the team at Vivid Experience decided upon this exotic South American festival atmosphere as the theme for the Athena Christmas party in the cold East Midlands region of the UK, they knew that recreating this warm-weather carnival atmosphere was not going to be a simple task.
Responding to this challenge, production manager Jake Moore and production engineer Chris T-Smith devised an ingenious plan to support Vivid’s creative concept of a carnival-like atmosphere at the Athena event, complete with a makeshift street filled with various pop-up bars, Brazilian artefacts and Samba dancers on stage.
Contributing to this immersive environment were colourful lighting displays from 12 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK1 Spot and 12 Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures.
“The synergy between the Maverick Spot and Wash is pretty powerful,” commented Moore. “Combining both wash and spot can provide a seemingly infinite number of looks, and certainly contributed to giving the venue that all-important carnival feeling.”
Moore was able to create beautifully saturated colours thanks to the wash units, while using the spot fixtures to create theatrical looks. "The Mavericks provided an incredible warmth within the venue - the key cornerstone of any party with an exotic theme,” he says. “I found the wash fixtures to be surprisingly versatile; they allowed us to change quickly betwee

seoulMartin solution for Seoul Dragon City
Monday, 14 January 2019

South Korea - Seoul Dragon City is Seoul features upscale accommodations, fine dining and world-class entertainment. The hotel complex wanted its luxurious facilities to benefit from a new lighting solution suitable for a wide range of upscale events.
To achieve this, Seoul Dragon City hired lighting specialists Hansam System, who deployed a comprehensive Martin lighting solution comprised of RUSH MH 5 Profile, RUSH MH 6 Wash, RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom, RUSH PAR 2 RBGW Zoom, MAC Aura XB, MAC Quantum Profile, MAC Quantum Wash and MAC Axiom Hybrid fixtures.
“Seoul Dragon City wanted to build their facilities with cutting-edge LED fixtures to create more versatile and dynamic lighting effects,” says Sun-Gyun Kim, sales manager at Hansam System. “The biggest challenge was protecting the Mac Axiom Hybrid and Quantum Wash fixtures on the Sky Beach’s rooftop lounge from external weather conditions - we had to install a specialised dome housing for their performance outside.”
Hansam System outfitted both ballrooms at the Seoul Dragon City with RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom and RUSH PAR 2 RBGW Zoom fixtures capable of creating bright, colorful lighting displays with minimal heat output. New MAC Aura XB fixtures were installed for their superior colour mixing and tight, powerful beams. MAC Quantum Profile fixtures provide fast, smooth CMY color mixing, crisp gobo projection and unique beam animations for creating immersive lighting effects.
Hansam System equipped the top-floor Sky Kingdom facilities with MAC Aura XB and MAC Quantum Profile fixtures, as well as

rayzr4Solaris Flares on The Voice and World of Dance
Monday, 14 January 2019

USA - Over the past year, Emmy Award-winning designer Oscar Dominguez added significantly to the selection of Solaris fixtures used on his many projects, including NBC’s The Voice, and World of Dance. Recently, up to 124 Solaris Flare Rayzrs were added to the main stage of The Voice, for featured artists’ guest spots, as well as for contestants’ live, final rounds performances. Oscar also used up to almost 1,000 Solaris Mozart fixtures in unique, innovative ways on various sets.
“I’ve been a Flare fan for years, both the original Flares, and then the LR,” says Oscar. “Now, the new Rayzr ‘blade of light,’ which has all the Flare features, benefits and brightness in a super-thin linear form factor, has given us a radically different design element. It’s a terrific tool for creating unique light patterns and shapes. For some sets, I tactfully lined Rayzrs across the front riser, giving it a ‘floating’ feel while not interfering with the backlighting or spots. Offering an entirely different look, the Rayzr is well-named because it slices right through the picture.”
Oscar adds: “Also, two years ago, I was the first to use the original Solaris Mozarts on a TV set. Since then, I’ve been adding more and more to my designs, and using them constantly. Each season I find more uses for these super eye candies. Like sparkling jewels, the compact Mozarts look great up close or at a distance en masse. Recently, new Mozart FLR fixtures, with their 16 bright RGBW pixels, have added yet another new look to our designs. I e

leonidagutinfohdlivedLive supports Leonid Agutin jubilee show
Friday, 11 January 2019

Russia - Allen & Heath’s dLive series recently supported one of Russia’s biggest pop star’s, Leonid Agutin, during his recent 50-year jubilee show held at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow. The show also featured performances from many famous Russian artists, as well as special guests such as the Jazz-trumpet player, Arturo Sandoval and guitarist, Al Di Meola.
dLive was used for FOH, monitors and the TV broadcast mix, with a total of five surfaces and four MixRacks employed throughout the production.
At the FOH position, an S7000 was utilised as the main control surface in conjunction with an S3000. The S3000 was used as a dedicated FOH surface for the guest artists’ engineers, as well as offering additional control over the FOH mix for the higher channel count performances.
Monitors were controlled by two C2500 surfaces that were located on either side of the stage, which handled mixes for the musicians, orchestra and choir. Additionally, each console was accompanied by a laptop running dLive Director for further control options.
“dLive was an obvious choice for this show - it has superb sound, a fast, simple interface, very low latency and unlimited routing options” comments Robert Boim, sound engineer and head of show production for Leonid Agutin. He adds “Since the latest firmware update release, I’ve stopped using all external dynamic processing plugins – now I keep all dynamic processing inside the system and my mix sounds even better. The sound has never been so incredibly clear and transparent.”
Two DM48 MixRa

redbullelektropediaawards1Chauvet creates setting for Elektropedia Awards
Friday, 11 January 2019

Belgium - The massive art deco building bordering the Ixelles Ponds at the edge of Place Flagey Square has been at the heart of Belgium’s rich musical and cultural history since it opened in the 1930s.
Originally called Maison de la Radio, but now known simply as the Flagey, the building provided a suitable setting for the 2018 edition of the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, an all-Belgium annual event honouring rising stars and outstanding achievements in the country’s burgeoning music scene.
Thomas Boets created a lighting design for the popular event that paid homage to its 2018 venue, while still reflecting the contemporary artistry of its honourees. Helping him in this endeavour were 380 pixel-mapped ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures from Chauvet Professional, supplied by L&L Stage Service.
“The Flagey is iconic, and our show took place in the building’s Studio 4 (home of the renowned Brussels Philharmonic), which gave us a very special setting to work in,” says Boets of Light Design Productions.
A dramatic part of that setting is the massive organ on the back wall. Boets wanted to accentuate this legendary scenic element, yet at the same time endow the stage with a techy digital vibe to reflect the flavour of the event. To do this he placed a portrait LED wall along the back of the stage, and in front of it positioned a curved LED raster with the ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures. He also accented the stairs with LED lighting.
“Studio 4 is a very classic room, so we wanted integrate its features as much as possible into our design,”

robe-beauty-and-the-beastRobe puts beauty into the beast
Friday, 11 January 2019

UK - It’s panto time again in the UK with the slapstick, craziness and innuendos flying as fast as a foam pie in the face.
At Blackpool Grand this year, putting both beauty and some beast attitude into the show, lighting designer Andy Webb specified 81 x Robe fixtures - 98 per cent of them LED sources - for a brand-new version of the classic tale produced by UK Productions for the 2018-19 season.
It’s the fourth consecutive year that Andy has lit the famous UK seaside resort’s panto, which was directed by Damian Sandys with whom he also worked on the 2017-18 production. This was a huge advantage to the fluidity and creative flow of this year’s show, together with knowing the venue, a beautiful original Matcham house that is notoriously tight for space when installing the complex modern productions of the 21st century.
Andy chose Robe as his main lighting fixtures for several reasons. “I’ve spec’d and worked with Robe on numerous shows and I know the products really well” he explained, adding, “there is a great choice of fixtures, their LED light sources are of an excellent quality and overall the kit is super reliable”.
He relishes the chance to light panto as a genre which is seriously fast-paced and offers huge scope for colour, melodrama and fun - simultaneously playful, exciting and scary - all great ambiences to embellish with light. Lighting a brand-new production for the first time was also really exciting, and it offered the opportunity to set the ground rules and create some spectacular signature elements.

gdsGDS takes Saxon church out of the Dark Age
Thursday, 10 January 2019

UK - St Mary’s Church in Standon, Hertfordshire is a Grade I listed building. Bequeathed to the Knights of St John in the 12th century, this processional church has experienced many architectural embellishments over the years, all of which have served to add to its character as a significant link to a rich historical past.
In continuous use for hundreds of years, St Mary’s remains a community hub where alongside congregational worship, it’s used for concerts, recitals and events, attracting local audiences as well as visitors from further afield. The church is supported by an independent charity, which works to preserve and restore the ancient building, as well as by a host of local volunteers who keep its extensive churchyard in good order.
In recent times, the church authorities had concluded that significant improvements were required to its internal facilities. The growing use of the space for a wide variety of functions meant that the existing lighting provision was inadequate and the church turned to Essex-based AV specialist, Clarity in Sound, Light and Vision Ltd, to determine the best way forward.
Clarity was already familiar with GDS products, having worked with the Bristol-based, specialist LED lighting manufacturer on a previous stage-lighting project at Kimbolton School in Cambridgeshire. Following an initial visit to St Mary’s, Stuart Graham, managing director at Clarity consulted with the GDS team over the best way forward.
After visiting the church to demonstrate examples of its lighting, GDS specified products and pro


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