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peerlesskssymbolbildKern & Stelly appointed Peerless-AV distributor
Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Germany - UK-based Peerless-AV has signed a distribution agreement with Kern & Stelly Medientechnik covering Germany and Austria. As of March 2020, the AV distributor from Hamburg will offer dealers and integrators Peerless-AV’s DvLED mounting solutions for brands, such as Samsung and Absen, as well as the Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays and Outdoor Kiosk solutions.
Kern & Stelly is one of the largest AV distributors in the German speaking area and a member of the Midwich Group. The company offers specialist trade partners in Germany and Austria a wide range of AV solutions - from projectors and professional flat screens to signal management equipment and accessories. Through the distribution agreement with Peerless-AV, Kern & Stelly is expanding its portfolio to include dvLED mounting solutions, outdoor displays and kiosks.
“With strong partners like Kern & Stelly, we want to increase our market share in Germany,” explains Melinda Von Horvath, vice president of sales and marketing – EMEA, Peerless-AV. “Kern & Stelly’s dynamic and specialist approach to distribution in the DACH region perfectly aligns with our growth strategy. They have an impressive solution-oriented product portfolio and a strong technical sales team in the office and in the field. We are very pleased about the new partnership which will allow us to significantly expand our presence in German and Austrian territories.”
(Jim Evans)

moduloModulo Kinetic powers Virtual Harmony
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

France - On 26 February at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, an immersive symphonic concert was given by French violinist Renaud Capuçon and 40 musicians. Virtual Harmony took place under a 300sq.m dome with projection mapping. The immersive experience was powered by the Modulo Kinetic media server by Modulo Pi, and its new module for automatic blending and warping used as a preview.
The concert put the spotlight on 3Dvarius, the first 3D printed violin by Dassault Systèmes. Attended by 3,000 people surrounding the dome, the musical and visual experience was also streamed live on YouTube.
Event company Mvision oversaw the technical set-up. To project onto the entire dome surface, 12 video-projectors of 30,000 lumens were used. The video-projectors were fed by Modulo Kinetic, the fully integrated media server by Modulo Pi. To seamlessly project media on the dome screen, Modulo Kinetic’s new auto-calibration module was used as a preview. Thanks to the auto-calibration system, the soft edge blending and warping was automatically calculated and implemented by Modulo Kinetic for the 12 video-projectors installed, resulting in a seamless image across the 360° dome.
Renaud Gindre, technical director, worked on the video-projection beforehand: “In the showroom of Mvision, I could install a scale model of the dome to make all necessary tests and make sure the video-projection would work fine.” On site, the A/V team had just one night available to handle the video-projection. “This is a project I wouldn’t have done without Modulo Kinetic and th

keep-calm-and-carry-onDWR urges calmness
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

South Africa - As South Africa declares a national state of disaster in light of the current global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, DWR Distribution has issued the following:
“The measures that government has implemented, including preventing gatherings of more than 100 people, has enormous implications for the eventing industry in South Africa and across the world. It is fair to assume that the events industry will be hard-hit by the current situation - but it is important to remember that this is temporary, and we are not alone as every industry, sector and market will be under pressure due to the knock-on effects of the pandemic and our world governments are mobilising plans to mitigate these effects - South Africa included.
“What sets the eventing industry apart is that we are resilient, we are not afraid of hard work and most importantly, we look after each other. During this difficult time, we encourage all of our clients and friends in the industry to remain positive, to stand together and to remember that the whole country is going to need a really great party in a few weeks time when this is all over, and we will be ready and waiting to turn on the lights, pump up the volume and celebrate life as never before.
“Over the next few weeks, we would like to encourage you to use this time to your advantage. We will be ramping up our training programmes so that technicians who are not working on shows right now can beef up their skills. Please take a look at our training calendar which will be updated regularly to book your spot. Our

wrestlingHeavyweight Hippotizer helps shape WWE tour
Monday, 16 March 2020

USA - Real-time media playback solutions heavyweight Green Hippo deployed its range of Hippotizer Media Servers to fight for world-class visuals with the season premieres of WWE Monday Night Raw and WWE Friday Night SmackDown television shows.
Fourteen Hippotizer Media Servers braved the WWE road: made up of Karst, Karst+ and Boreal+ machines. In total, more than 20,000 individual clips were processed during each performance, with pre-made content mixed with effects generated within Hippotizer V4.5.
The global entertainment company WWE - known for its audience-grabbing, in-ring energetic theatrical drama - wowed crowds across the US, Middle East and Europe with big name appearances and new staging augmented with mammoth LED screens and visuals.
“The team used a custom 4.5.2 build of the Hippotizer software, the biggest reason being so we could utilize SHAPE, which allowed production designer Jason Robinson to achieve effects he has been wanting to create for a long time,” says Tony Thompson from Upstaging, who oversaw the Media Server aspects of the WWE tour and specified the Hippotizer machines. “SHAPE was relatively simple to use, after a little training.”
The tour proved to be one of the first major examples of V4.5’s new output mapping feature, Object to Output, which maps content to outputs directly inside SHAPE’s 3D workspace, ingeniously simplifying the management of large numbers of displays.
The team’s army of Hippotizers comprised five Karst units with single output SDI 1920x1080; seven Karst+ with t

vfxwall2040MBSi introduces modular VFX backdrop
Friday, 13 March 2020

UK - MBSi has introduced the VFX Wall 20:40, a modular inflatable VFX backdrop and the latest addition to their growing portfolio of creative production solutions.
Having already proved itself on a number of major productions, the VFX Wall 20:40 is the first in a new range of modular, inflatable visual effects backdrop designed specifically for use within the film and television industry.
Exclusively available through, and fully supported by the team at Pinewood MBS Lighting, VFX Wall 20:40 is supplied in a choice of VFX Wall Green or VFX Wall Blue VFX, depending on the requirement. Flexible and adaptable, the system is designed for creating expansive visual effects walls across backlot sets or for creating privacy screens to protect from prying eyes.
Simple to operate and easy to maintain and adapted for studio or location based work, the system requires almost no maintenance or specialist training. Under normal conditions, the inflation/deflation time is around 10 minutes and once set up the system’s built-in air pump monitors and maintains full inflation. For easy transportation between sets each wall is supplied with its own case, custom designed to house the deflated wall.
Unlike traditional systems, VFX Wall is completely reusable and installation leaves little or no impact, making it an environmentally conscious option.
Available in 20ft by 40ft sections, the modular, tough, waterproof blocks can be mixed and matched to create all manner of VFX backdrops, and with additional sizes arriving shortly, there is no limit to the creat

capaldiLewis Capaldi has video designs over Europe
Friday, 13 March 2020

Europe - Lewis Capaldi’s first arena tour in the UK saw design partnership Cassius, Chris ‘Squib’ Swain and Dan Hill taking a stark minimalist stage set and enfolding it in textural layers of video with a mix of roller-drop projection and hi-def LED.
“It’s a fascinating landscape,” said tour video director Mark Davies, “Squib and Dan determined to place the focus squarely on Lewis with a strong imperative on his art and artistry. For me that has meant seeking a far more nuanced and thoughtful perspective for the live camera work that forms such a strong part of the narrative.”
The LED screens, camera package and six 30K Panasonic laser projectors are supplied by Video Design; so too the Disguise gx 2c servers for some stunning content from North House.
“Tom Bairstow and the team at North House have taken what is a technically ambitious show and found ways to weave their content with the camera images,” explained Davies. “The back wall of the stage is entirely covered by 5mm LED, the Cassius stage design includes five roller-screens in a line across the front of stage with two further roll-drops each side forming a chevron tapering toward upstage centre. These are the destinations for the projectors. The roller drops are frequently set at different heights, often presenting as squares rather than rectangles and not infrequently descend in front of the musicians - they are translucent.”
“Although I have six cameras, four with operators, using two CamBall 3 robo-cams on stage was problematic. Shooting between and under

tomtomHippotizer makes light work of storytelling
Thursday, 12 March 2020

New Zealand For the welcome event of the annual Conventions & Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) conference in Queenstown, local visual production specialist TomTom Productions provided a cultural and historical storytelling experience with the help of Hippotizer media servers.
The presentation, highlighting the lesser known cultural history of Queenstown and the story of Lake Wakatipu, used rich graphic content and soundscapes to relate the captivating story, which included traditional Maori legends of the origins of the lake and landscape.
TomTom’s Hamish Edh and his team collaborated with representatives from Destination Queenstown and event design agency, Watson & Wyatt Events, to deliver the story content for the opening session.
TomTom specified two Hippotizer Karst media servers, one as the main playback unit, with the second as backup. The main Karst fed the visual content to a high-res (2.6mm pixel pitch) DB Series LED screen from VuePix which backed the conference stage. The content had been used on a previous event where it was played to a 6:1 ratio screen: for the CINZ show, however, the screen ratio was limited to 4:1, so Edh adapted the content to fit using Hippotizer’s Aspect Mode.
“We used the Hippotizer Karst as a media manager to store the content and to manage the playback and mapping,” explains Edh. “We triggered the clips externally from a lighting console, which also triggered the audio and lighting playback, keeping everything sync’d.”
He adds, “Hippotizer’s lighting console integration is awes

heliosRoe launches Helios processing platform
Thursday, 12 March 2020

China - Roe Visual introduced a new processing platform at this years’ ISE exhibition. Showcasing its new Ruby LED panel on the Helios processing platform, the large display screen showed content in full 4K HDR.
The Helios processing platform is the result of a close cooperation between Roe Visual and Megapixel VR. Combining their forces and in-depth knowledge of LED- and processing technology the result is a future-ready processing platform that reimagines processing to support large-format LED displays for use in demanding pro AV, broadcast and installation applications. The Helios processor will be exclusively available for Roe Visual LED screens.
Designed as a flexible growth-system, the platform offers a versatile solution with modular slots. The inputs and outputs of the Helios LED processing platform utilize SFP+ ports, a compact hot-pluggable network interface. Using the SFP+ ports, the processor capacity can easily be scaled to meet your requirements. Furthermore, the fact that Helios works as an AVoIP based system makes it very easy to use and implement. Multiple units can be used to create a redundant system, and multiple inputs can be stitched to achieve canvas resolutions up to 16K wide.
“One key advantage of the Helios processing platform is its scalability; you can invest in this system to have it grow with your demands. Starting with a Helios Junior package, you can scale the system up to become a full-fledged 8K processing system,” comments Victor Kortekaas, technical manager for Roe Visual.
“With its modular slots an

adjADJ debuts Vision Series LED video panels
Wednesday, 11 March 2020

USA - ADJ has introduced the Vision Series of LED video panels. The new range offers a versatile modular system, with features including front serviceability, magnet-aided rigging, and fold-out corner protectors.
The ‘VS’ Vision Series of LED video panels offers a versatile modular solution that has been developed to make life easier for video professionals installing LED walls on either a temporary or permanent basis.
Each panel in the range features four individual modules, which are front serviceable, making it ideal for temporary hanging as well as permanent installation. Across the range, the modules are all mounted to the same frame, allowing panels of different resolutions to be used together and meaning that the same rigging bar and other accessories can be used for all VS models.
The VS5 offers a 5.95mm pixel pitch (84 x 84 pixel density), the VS3 has a 3.91mm pixel pitch (128 x 128 pixel density) and the VS2 offers the highest resolution in the range with a 2.97mm pixel pitch (168 x 168 pixel density). All three panels utilize 3-in-1 RGB SMD2121 LEDs with a brightness of 1000 NITS and a very high refresh rate of 3840Hz. They offer a wide viewing angle of 160° (horizontal) / 140° (vertical) and a high contrast ratio of 5000:1, allowing for the delivery of exceptionally vibrant video reproduction.
Every panel in the range is equipped with a Novastar A5s data receiving card and features DataLock securely-locking ethernet input and output sockets that allow the signal from a compatible video processor) to be linked from panel to pa

pls2020-mainPL+S: Robe, Chauvet & ROE among latest to pull out
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Europe - The list of exhibitors to withdraw from the postponed Prolight+Sound tradeshow has continued to grow today, with Artistic Licence, Ayrton, Chauvet Professional, Robe Lighting, Robert Juliat, CLF Lighting, and Roe Visual among those who have cancelled their plans to attend the fair.
“The latest Covid-19 developments in Europe and the potential threat for those travelling to Frankfurt from around the world have led us to take a sensible and measured decision after considering the current facts and the dramatic spread of the virus,” commented Robe CEO, Josef Valchar. “I am sure that the industry will pull together to get through these challenging times. Prolight+Sound is the busiest and most important European trade show for us in terms of the rental and staging sectors, and an important showcase for new and emerging technology. We look forward to being back in 2021 to enjoy the dynamic mix and positive energy once again!”
Meanwhile, Chauvet Professional will focus on the European leg of its planned Force of Nature road show. The decision to skip PL+S is due to scheduling conflicts, said Michael Brooksbank, general manager of Chauvet Europe: “We will miss connecting with our friends and industry peers at PL+S, and certainly wish we could have accommodated the change in schedule, but have decided to forge ahead with ongoing commitments to more intimate and targeted outreach efforts in Europe.”
Robert Juliat said in a statement: "Robert Juliat has taken the decision to withdraw from

carBrompton and Faber look to the future
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

The Netherlands - A prominent player in the world of LED displays and audio-visual productions as well as part of the NEP Worldwide Network, Faber Audiovisuals, hosted a virtual production demo at Amsterdam Studios at the end of February.
As part of the event, Brompton Technology was invited to present its HDR (High Dynamic Range) solution on LED screens set up as greenscreen replacements for film and TV. Enabled by Brompton’s Dynamic Calibration technology, HDR delivers images that appear ‘perceptibly sharper, more vivid, detailed and lifelike’.
Though the use of LED screens in film has been slowly increasing over the past decade, the advances in resolution, brightness and colour range (HDR) coupled with the growing affordability of these technologies in the last couple of years have made LED screens an increasingly attractive option for both high profile productions and more budget conscious applications alike. LED screens on camera can now provide immersive, realistic backdrops to filming. Shooting sets “live” in this way can also help to lessen the cost and time previously dedicated to post-production VFX work.
As part of their event, Faber Audiovisuals demonstrated Virtual Production (VP) as a new production process that merges physical objects, such as actors and real-world camera movements, into real-time CGI. They also showcased rendering solutions and the process of VP to create a digital world: beginning with the inception of the idea and ending with the final visual effects (VFX), centred around the real-time interaction on set.

paul--ianSolotech opens central London hub
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

UK - Solotech has expanded its global operation by extending its video department into the UK and has opened new offices in central London.
As part of Solotech’s expansion strategy in the UK, the company has appointed Ian Woodall as director of video, and Paul McCauley as video business development manager in the UK and European markets.
Ian ‘Woody’ Woodall has worked at XL Video as sales director and has also been a freelancer, designing and building AV systems in European venues and as a touring video engineer on projects including Nile Rodgers and Chic who have been with Cher for the past year.
Meanwhile, Paul ‘Macca’ McCauley has extensive experience in the both the live events and integration industries.
Woody comments: “We decided that it was important to build on the huge reputation of Solotech for video in Canada and the US and therefore necessary to start organically, building it from a clean slate so that we can maintain the same Solotech service across the UK and Europe.
“We will bring our new offering of video services to the project delivery teams and existing customer base, alongside the development of new business that Macca and myself can introduce under the banner of the new Solotech UK Video department.”
Mickey Curbishley, president live productions division at Solotech adds: “Projects across the board now increasingly call for a 360° service, where a single vendor supplies sound, lights and video. This is equally applicable in both live production touring and the sales and integration market

bulgariBrompton Technology backs Bulgari in NYC
Thursday, 5 March 2020

USA - Italian luxury brand Bulgari, known for its shimmering diamonds and daring design, recently held the B.zero1 Rock event to roll out the brand’s newest rendition of its B.zero1 collection, with Brompton Technology’s LED processing ensuring captivating visual experiences at the event.
Hosted by group CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, the party brought Rome’s sensual and exuberant style to the heart of New York Fashion Week. Full-service event-technology and video-production company Essay Video, that was subcontracted by KCD.INC for to run the production side of the event, chose Brompton Technology’s Tessera SX40 LED processor and two XD 10G data distribution units to deliver Bulgari’s vision on LED screens.
Held at Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn, guests were led through an entrance tunnel and into a featured concept room entitled ‘Exuberance Room’ where 36 ROE 2.8mm Black Pearl LED panels were placed on each side of an elevated corridor (72 tiles in total). The room was also filled with neon lights and 3-D cut outs of the word ‘Unapologetic’. Guests proceeded to don headphones and watch a series of videos on the screens, with the video and audio elements working together to create the feeling of being truly immersed in and inspired by Bulgari’s sense of style and spirit.
“Colour adjustment was key in making the content work on the LED screens and the XD units were imperative for the data connections,” says Sean Heiligenthaler, Essay Video project manager. “Having native 4K canvases on the SX40s, combined with the 10G capacity

christieChristie hails NFTS graduate talent
Wednesday, 4 March 2020

UK - Marking the 15th year of Christie’s partnership with the National Film and Television School (NFTS), this year’s Christie prize for Most Promising Student was awarded to Michael Pearce, NFTS graduate in digital effects. Michael received a monetary prize, a certificate, and a crystal trophy to celebrate the win at the NFTS Graduation Ceremony. Already employed as a colourist, Michael has already gained vital experience having worked on numerous short films, music videos, commercials, documentaries and feature film credits.
John Rowe, head of digital effects at NFTS said of the win: “Michael has earned his reputation as a diligent and trustworthy ally, working tirelessly across every genre to help finish projects to the highest possible standards. His determination to succeed and his resourceful nature have resulted in him earning a full-time contract at world-leading postproduction house, Company 3. It can be no surprise that someone so universally liked and trusted has won this prestigious award. Michael has a positive approach to every aspect of life and fully deserves this accolade.”
“We’re once again delighted to recognise outstanding talent in the industry, and we’d like to congratulate Michael on his outstanding achievement,” commented Brant Eckett, marketing director (cinema) at Christie. “In our 15-year partnership with NFTS, we have seen the school continue to grow and enhance its offering, with courses such as digital effects, and it has been an honour to support an array of initiatives, including its shift from film to dig

bromptonISE success for Brompton Technology
Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Europe - Brompton Technology has hailed ISE 2020 as “a resounding success” after showing its Dynamic Calibration technology in Europe for the first time and launching its latest LED processor, Tessera S8.
“Our demonstration stations were a big draw and the reaction to the Tessera S8 has been very encouraging,” comments Brompton’s senior business development manager, Rob Fowler. “But the reactions to our presentations of Dynamic Calibration, the enabling technology for Brompton’s HDR solution, were truly astounding.”
The Tessera S8 is a “cost-effective solution for high profile projects that do not require the large output capacity of the award-winning Tessera SX40 processor, but still want to benefit from the flexibility of Brompton’s Tessera feature set and easy-to-use software to produce stunning results”.
“HDR is what everyone wanted to see,” concludes Dan Hamill, director of UK video rental company 80six, whose LED screens also graced Brompton’s ISE stand. “When it comes to image quality, our clients are always looking for the best and they are now able to experience the benefits of viewing HDR content on our rental LED rental products.”
(Jim Evans)

thcollective-delivers-creative-visions-perfectly-with-hippotizer-karst-plus-main-picT.H.Collective delivers with Hippotizers
Tuesday, 3 March 2020

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) has supplied two Green Hippo Hippotizer V4 Karst+ Display Port media servers to full-service event production agency, T.H.Collective, to provide flexible, high-resolution video playback for a myriad of client events.
T.H.Collective was looking to invest in a robust system for large-format video playback on high resolution LED walls and edge-blended projection. These applications required the screen content to be displayed at a higher pixel count than a single video port could carry.
Matt Emmerson, head of video at T.H.Collective approached AC-ET to recommend a suitable playback solution to meet the company’s technically demanding requirements.
He comments: “The decision to use Hippotizer media servers came down to the flexibility in operating them. Triggers can be run using programmed timelines, individual DMX channels, midi signals, stream decks, directly with the Zookeeper control software or as a fixture from a lighting console. In addition, we often use LED and pixel tape in our backdrops. The PixelMapper component has an intuitive, user friendly interface, enabling pixel maps to be programmed quickly and easily.”
Chris Beardwell, technical sales executive in AC-ET’s dedicated video sales division, recommended the Green Hippo Hippotizer Karst+ Display Port Media Server, with its two display port 1.2 outputs and genlock sync. T.H.Collective purchased two units, giving it the option to run them as either a main and back up, or linked together to handle any larger canvases.
So far T

bbcstudiosshowcase2020a-perfect-planet-2Hawthorn puts BBC programmes centre-stage
Tuesday, 3 March 2020

UK - Hundreds of television buyers from across the globe headed to ACC Liverpool on 9-11 February for BBC Studios Showcase 2020 international television market. For the 14th year running, creative technical event production company Hawthorn supported the distributor to showcase its premium programmes, delivering two evening events.
The events previewed some of the BBC’s top programmes including Doctor Who, A Perfect Planet and The Watch. Led by the BBC Studios team, Hawthorn’s head of creative technical Peter Harding helped to produce and deliver a production design for the two evenings.
This year’s format saw a considerable shake-up with the construction of a curve-fronted 1000sqm 5m-high platform over a section of the arena’s tiered seating and floor. Hawthorn worked with specialists Acorn Event Structures and Steeldeck to create the structure which took 36 hours to complete. Created in two pieces, Acorn Event Structures built the semi-circular platform on the arena floor whilst Steeldeck created the structure that connected this to the higher concourse level. Providing a completely level walk through for guests, the infill section met seamlessly with the platform and as no seats had to be removed, it caused minimal disruption to the venue or overall build.
Night One kicked off with a drinks reception celebrating Doctor Who. Guests entered the event via the platform, located at concourse level, and were transported to the interior of the latest reincarnation of the TARDIS, with Oods, Judoons and Cyberman keepin

porscheHippotizer turbo-boosts Porsche launch
Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Denmark - Car manufacturer Porsche launched its new electric Taycan Turbo S sports car for the Danish market at the Porsche Centre Copenhagen in January. In keeping with the electric theme, Hippotizer Media Servers powered the electrifying video-mapping of the car’s exterior at the special event, which was produced for Porsche by Capital Events.
Copenhagen-based projection specialist 4K Projects, brought in by technical supplier Nordic Rentals, were responsible for the visuals. They supplied a Hippotizer Boreal+ for the playback, along with a second unit as backup. The graphics and video content was fed from a single 4K output, through a Datapath FX4, which split the output into four HD feeds.
4K Project’s production team was made up of Mikkel Samuelsen, Balder Thorrud and Rasmus Linck, who designed the video content to complement a soundtrack created by Porsche especially for the launch. The projectors covering the left and right sides of the car were rigged to cover the roof as well, while those aimed at the front and back of the car were masked in that area to avoid overlapping pixels.
“The car was positioned in the middle of the exhibition room with four projectors, one aimed at each side of the car - front, back, left and right,” explains Samuelsen. “The projectors were flown about five metres above the ground and angled at around 35° so that they could hit the roof of the car as well as the sides.”
Samuelsen used Hippotizer’s SHAPE 3D projection mapping toolkit for all alignment, warping, blending and masking tasks.

green-hippoLeadership changes at Green Hippo
Friday, 28 February 2020

UK - Green Hippo has announced that David March and Ryan Brown are to take on new directorship roles at the company.
Meanwhile, business unit director and former CEO Emma Marlow is to leave the company after almost seven years at the helm. During her stint, Marlow expanded the company’s international operations and oversaw the 2018 acquisition of the company by US-based Spitfire Creative Technologies.
The company says in a statement: “Now that Marlow has successfully overseen the integration of Green Hippo into the Spitfire group of specialist AV brands, she will not be directly replaced. Instead, her responsibilities are being split across new roles shared by staff across the family of companies.”
David March, a 30-year veteran of the entertainment lighting and video market, expands the sales and marketing role he took on last year, with his promotion to sales and marketing director. March will work alongside Ryan Brown, previously product manager, who is now appointed operations and product director. Both will report to Denise Nemchev, president and CEO of Spitfire Creative Technologies, and be based in Green Hippo’s new London office, in Camden.
“I’m thrilled to take on this new role and with Ryan’s help spearhead Green Hippo’s future at such an exciting time,” says March. “This is a landmark year for Green Hippo, as we strengthen our foundations and move into new territories. On behalf of everyone at Green Hippo, I’d like to say a massive thank you to Emma, who has been an inspirational and greatly-respected director

fredericsujobertSolotech appoints GM for Quebec City office
Thursday, 27 February 2020

Canada - Frédéric Sujobert has been appointed as general manager of Solotech’s Quebec City office, effective 9 March.
Under the joint leadership of Martin Chouinard, president of the live productions division, Canada, and Philip Giffard, president of the sales and systems integration division, Frédéric Sujobert will supervise operational and sales performance for the Quebec City/Saguenay region. He will also oversee the development of new business opportunities while promoting synergy across the company's two divisions.
Sujobert has held various management positions over the course of his career, notably as vice-president of operations and general manager at Groupe Le Massif.
“Mr Sujobert's versatility, leadership and management skills are clear assets for Solotech. We are eager to leverage his in-depth knowledge of the Quebec City area business community,” says Martin Tremblay, president and CEO of Solotech.

roscopresentationtobtssRosco continues to support Behind the Scenes
Thursday, 27 February 2020

USA - Rosco Laboratories was Behind the Scenes’ first Pledge-a-Product Partner and they continued their support with a cheque presentation by Chad Tiller, Rosco's vice president of global live entertainment, to executive director Lori Rubinstein in the BTS office.
“Behind the Scenes goes above and beyond to help our colleagues and industry professionals in need and Rosco is proud to give back and support this outstanding charity,” comments Tiller. "This marks our 11th year of donating proceeds from Roscolux 359 Medium Violet, and we are thankful to Behind the Scenes for their commitment to the entertainment technology industry."
Rubinstein gratefully accepted the cheque, saying: “We continue to be extremely grateful to Rosco for having led the way in our Pledge-of-Support programme and, particularly, for their long-term commitment to the charity. While some other companies come and go from the programme, Rosco understands it is this steadfast support that allows us to plan ahead with the confidence we will be able to fulfil our mission and to undertake expanding our services where we see the need, such as with our new Mental Health and Suicide Prevention initiative.”
The Behind the Scenes charity provides entertainment technology industry professionals who are ill or injured with grants that may be used for basic living and medical expenses. For more information about Behind the Scenes, to donate, or to apply for a grant, visit For information about becoming a Behind the Scenes Pledge-of-Support Partner emai

multi-media-absen-3Multi-Media invests in Absen panels
Thursday, 27 February 2020

South Africa - Multi-Media AV has recently taken delivery of 480 Absen Polaris 2.9mm LED panels, increasing the company’s inhouse LED inventory up to 220m2 (880 panels) of 2.9mm LED screen. The purchase is the largest single order of Absen’s Polaris LED series that local distributor, DWR Distribution has delivered on to date.
“We have had Absen’s now discontinued D2V series LED screens in our inventory for a number of years and have been very impressed with the quality and performance of the units,” says Chris de Lancey, director of innovation at Multi-Media. “When looking ahead at bookings for the month of March, we realised that we would need to hire in an enormous amount of LED panels to meet demand. After analysing the cost of renting versus purchasing additional gear, we decided that it would be a good business decision to increase our inhouse LED offering, as there is no indication of demand for LED slowing in the future.”
Chris goes on to state that the demand for LED screens is on the increase in South Africa, largely because clients have come to rely on the enormous advantages that LED screens offer over alternatives such as projection. “While projection technology is still very popular in Europe, the South African market has embraced the creativity and flexibility that modular LED displays bring to the table,” says Chris. “When using a LED panel, you are not restricted to darkened indoor venues or standardised aspect ratios to display your content.”
“We look forward to deploying our new Absen Polaris LED screens at

hippotizerHippotizer performs for superstar Sonu Nigam
Thursday, 27 February 2020

UAE - For a recent concert performance by Indian singer, composer, actor and all-round megastar, Sonu Nigam, event production specialist Lightech AV turned again to their go-to media server solution from Green Hippo to drive the high-definition screen visuals. The show, designed in collaboration between Lightech AV and Nigam’s own team, was staged at Dubai’s World Trade Centre Arena in January.
Lightech AV’s head of video Yevgeniy Karyagin chose to use two Hippotizer Boreal+ media servers as his main and backup systems. Each had a Lightware 16x16 Matrix Switcher with 4K DP Datapath capture card. “For this production, 4K input was very important,” he says.
Working in conjunction with Sonu Nigam’s visual specialist and VJ, Arveen Sabharwal, Yevgeniy used the Hippotizer Boreal+ to feed a mix of custom graphics and live Imag footage, triggered from a MIDI controller, to the five large, portrait-format LED screens that formed a striking backdrop to the stage.
An experienced practitioner who has mastered his toolkit, Yevgeniy took the whole project in his stride. “There were no real challenges for us on this show,” he says, “because Hippotizer media servers give us so many possibilities and features that help us to quickly solve any difficulties that may arise - with picture mapping, or with the signal distribution, for example. Also, the efficiency and stability of Hippotizer machines gives you that extra confidence at show time. Thanks to the developers!”
(Jim Evans)

abi-robertsGreen Hippo appoints marketing coordinator
Tuesday, 25 February 2020

UK - Green Hippo has further strengthened its London team by appointing Abi Roberts as project and marketing coordinator.
Roberts joins from the legal world, where her attention to detail and communication skills led to a role liaising, and maintaining relationships, with a range of clients. She is now channelling this experience into managing a range of Green Hippo marketing, including digital and social media, trade shows and providing marketing support for the distribution network.
“I’m thrilled to join such a vibrant company with a clear vision for growth in 2020,” says Roberts. “The AV industry presents an exciting change of direction for my career where I can apply my experience to create some exciting new materials for our customers. I look forward to working with you all in the near future.”
Roberts joins Green Hippo as the company moves its London office to Camden and releases two new products for live entertainment and 3D mapping installations. Roberts will be working closely with Green Hippo’s head of marketing, Mercedes Stevão Boase.


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