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claypakyskylos7Claypaky Skylos offers multiple features
Thursday, 20 July 2023

Italy - Claypaky's Skylos comes with a long list of features and performance specs that make it much more than just a simple searchlight. The Skylos is a versatile fixture aimed at the touring sector, where LDs are constantly on the look-out for dense, solid beams of light and ever-greater light output.
The Skylos fits a custom 300W white light laser source, which provides a parallel, uniform beam, while attenuating the well-known temperature and safety issues found with units that use Xenon lamps.
With a power consumption of only 600W, the Skylos has the same light output as a 4000-watt Xenon lamp.
The beam pours out from a large 300mm front lens, specifically designed in Claypaky’s R&D department. In combination with the light source, it produces a dense, full-bodied column of light, which is highly visible even from afar. The beam is perfectly uniform and parallel, with no visible hotspots. The beam angle can be adjusted from 0.5° to 5° resulting in exceptional light intensity, which cannot be produced by an LED or traditional light source.
Its range of effects includes a slot for customizable gobos and a battery of prisms, which distinguishes it from other fixtures. On one wheel, there is a rotating six-sided prism and a rotating five-sided linear prism. And on a second level, a fixed four-sided prism can be superimposed on the other two to achieve a moonflower effect and many other mid-air effects. Laser technology adds optical contrast, making all light projections razor-sharp.
Other Skylos features include a 15-colour whee

k-arrayK-array announces plug-in partnerships
Wednesday, 19 July 2023

Italy - K-array has announced the extension of its control plug-in offerings. The latest additions to K-array's control plug-in portfolio include integrations for Q-Sys, Crestron, Crestron Home, AMX, RTI and Control4. By forging these key partnerships, K-array ensures its products integrate seamlessly with some of the industry's most widely used control platforms, across both commercial and residential markets, says the company.
“These partnerships are beneficial as they allow our customers to choose their own control processor, enabling them to easily include and integrate our products with the platforms they are already familiar with," says Matteo Barbaro, software product manager at K-array. “By providing them with all the necessary tools to interact with and manage our devices, integrators are able to work more efficiently, which in turn, benefits the end user.”
The extension of K-array’s plug-in range also fits with the brand's ongoing commitment to software development, with these plug-in announcements coming shortly after the launch of K-array’s own software suite, a series of tools intended to streamline monitoring and system control.
“By expanding our control plug-in library, we empower integrators and provide greater control capabilities to end users,” adds Barbaro. “We’re currently working with companies like Savant and Symetrix to integrate our products into their platforms and will soon offer plug-ins for several residential-focused control systems too. Through implementing OSC protocol to control our devices, we prese

mavericksChauvet powers up with Maverick double
Tuesday, 18 July 2023

USA - Chauvet has introduced Maverick Force 2 BeamWash and Force 3 Profile. The latest additions to the popular Force series, the two fixtures have the power ‘to transform any stage individually’. Their impact becomes even greater when they are used in tandem, says the company.
The Maverick Force 3 Profile’s precision optics and variable CMY + CTO colour mixing system produce very realistic palettes.
Colour calibration and gobo selection in the Maverick Force 3 Profile match those of other Maverick Force fixtures in the rig. This, along with the advanced four-blade, rotating shutter frame system, delivers the static, rotating, and animation effects that have made the Force series so successful.
Featuring a 915W LED engine, the Maverick Force 3 Profile delivers an intense 40,906 lumens of output. The new profile unit is ultra-fast for its powerhouse output, making it an effects wheelhouse. This speed, together with its brightness, opens the way to creating effects across a stage, while the fixture’s 4.9° to 53.9° zoom range allows great variation in coverage areas.
Adding to the prowess of the Maverick Force 3 Profile are its animation wheel, 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer, CRI filter, two independently layerable prisms (a five-facet linear and five facet round), independent light and medium frosts, and two gobo wheels, one rotating, the other static.
The other newcomer to the Maverick series, the Maverick Force 2 BeamWash, is equally versatile. A lighter, brighter, tighter, faster RGBW LED yoke wash fixture with full pixel

gts-29-rightTT+ Audio debuts GTX line array system
Friday, 14 July 2023

Europe - TT+ Audio’s new GTX Line Array System begins with a forward-thinking external amplifier concept and adds innovations in electronics, transducer design, cabling and rigging hardware. The result is a line array system that addresses the full range of challenges faced by touring sound professionals and large-venue system installers while offering ground-breaking performance and sound quality, says the company.
Unlike other TT+ Audio products, the new GTX system separates the power amplification from the loudspeaker enclosure, moving it to newly designed touring racks, each with up to three XPS 16K 4-channel DSP amplifiers and including AC power, signal routing and network connections. One rugged, waterproof power connector provides streamlined cabling from the rack to system modules. This augmented philosophy in power management seamlessly integrates self- and externally-powered TT+ modules via the RDNet management platform for hassle-free management of hybrid systems.
TT+ Audio's newly developed Precision TransducersTM incorporate advanced motor structures, multi-layer voice coils, and oversized magnets for high performance and extreme power handling. Proprietary waveguides provide precision coverage for the wide-range compression drivers. The GTS subwoofer, designed for extremely fast acceleration, boasts two 48 cm (19") cone drivers, each with a safe peak-to-peak piston moving mass excursion of 56 mm (2.2”). The XPS 16K amplifier delivers 16,000 watts of low-distortion continuous power with massive dynamic headroom and features proprietary lo

flx-s24-close-up-angled-zeros-7Vari-Lite ZerOS update supports OSC
Wednesday, 12 July 2023

USA - Vari-Lite has announced the ZerOS 7.14 update for FLX Series consoles. The update includes support for Open Sound Control (OSC), RS485-based Vision.Net and DMX Input.
“In small to medium-sized applications, where ZerOS-based consoles are most often found, users need multiple ways to adjust their lighting system quickly and easily,” says Jon Hole, global product manager, Vari-Lite Systems and Control at Signify. “Non-traditional entertainment lighting applications in theme parks, conferences and breakout rooms and museums need ways to trigger lighting effects in sync with the rest of the production. That’s why ZerOS 7.14 includes several new features designed to make it easier to control your lighting system without ever touching the console.”
The OSC input support in ZerOS 7.14 allows ZerOS-based consoles like the FLX Console, FLX S Series, and ZerOS Server to receive OSC commands from other devices and software that support the popular third-party control protocol. The update allows users to integrate their lighting control into OSC-controlled systems for architainment, theme parks and automated theatre applications.
“Support for industry standards such as OSC, GDTF and CITP is part of Vari-Lite’s sustainability strategy,” explains Hole, “ensuring our products work with more devices for longer periods, reducing waste.”
Vari-Lite is also expanding its support for the Vision.Net platform within ZerOS, adding RS485 alongside its existing IP-based Vision.Net support. With support for Vision.Net RS485, users can utilise

holoplotHoloplot targets integration projects with X2
Tuesday, 11 July 2023

Germany - Holoplot has announced the launch of its latest product innovation: X2. Wrapped in a more compact hardware design, Holoplot’s newly conceived X2 embraces the same core technologies of 3D Audio-Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis as the multi-award winning X1, making it more accessible for integration projects across a variety of sectors.
The X2 is optimised for speech applications and builds on achievements from Holoplot’s formative years, when tests of a technology prototype resulted in some of the highest Speech Transmission Index (STI) measurements ever recorded on a train station platform.
The Modul 30 (MD30) is a Matrix Array loudspeaker, incorporating 30 full-range drivers in a single layered matrix arrangement. X2 taps into intelligent software-based optimisation of sound system design and performance, as well as guaranteeing seamless and customizable integration.
For the conceptualisation of the product, Holoplot brought in Klas Dalbjorn as product manager, informing its development via his 30 year career in pro audio, and pulling on his experience at Lab.gruppen and Powersoft.
“When setting out to design X2 it was obvious we needed to stay in line with Holoplot’s Matrix Array principles. We wanted to bring the same unprecedented digital control over sound achieved with X1 and translate it to delivering unsurpassed intelligibility and directionality for typical install use cases such as auditoria, PA/VA applications, or houses of worship. Form factor and power to size ratio were key considerations from the get-go. X2

psunicaPowersoft to debut Unica & Universo in China
Thursday, 6 July 2023

China - Further to its successful introduction to the European, South-East Asian and North American markets, Powersoft will be presenting its cloud-based platform, Unica and Universo, at InfoComm China later this month.
The new platform will be presented during a special event on the EZPro booth (Hall E, stand EE4-01) on the first day of the show, 19 July, at 2:30pm. EZPro, Powersoft's historical representative in China, is the country's official distributor for the entire Powersoft range of products and solutions, including Mover, Mezzo and Dynamic Music Distribution, as well as the dedicated rental staging (T Series, X Series) and fixed installation (Duecanali, Quattrocanali, Ottocanali) ranges.
The official presentation will be hosted by Miao Wang, Powersoft’s solution engineer, together with Xiang Ji, EZPro’s senior director of marketing, who will be demonstrating Unica’s versatility, and in particular its ease of integration, configuration and upgradability, as well as low operating and maintenance costs. Attendees will also be able to discover first hand Universo, Powersoft’s intuitive and ever-expanding Cloud, which boasts seamless integration with ArmoníaPlus and remote site management using multiple profiles.
Also on hand will be senior management figures from Powersoft, including sales director Luca Giorgi, as well as co-founder and CEO Luca Lastrucci.
Unica is billed as Powersoft’s most advanced amplifier platform to date, and is supported by Universo, a Cloud-based platform that allows users to store and access their pr

hive-beebladeHIVE launches SDM-compatible media engine
Thursday, 6 July 2023

UK - HIVE has announced the launch of the BeeBlade, a new product offering that aims to ‘redefine the way media players are used across various applications’.
“I’m very excited about our new BeeBox and BeeBlade products, featuring our game-changing BeeSync technology. Developed in partnership with Intel, this cutting-edge technology enables seamless frame-perfect synchronisation across devices without the need for separate reference sync cabling and expensive HDSDI hardware,” says Trey Harrison, co-founder at HIVE. “The BeeBlade sits inside a projector or display and requires only an Ethernet connection. The simplicity this brings to synchronised blended multi-projector installations will set a new standard in our industry!”
BeeBlade has the ability to be deployed in three different formats. First, it can be inserted directly into SDM-compatible projectors or displays, leveraging the advantages of the SDM format whilst simplifying installation and eliminating the need for expensive video distribution systems.
Alternatively, BeeBlade can be deployed in a standalone box, a BeeBox, or situations where display technology lacks an SDM slot, yet where users still want to harness the power of the distributed architecture. Lastly, for those seeking a high-density rack solution, multiple BeeBlade modules can be inserted into an accompanying product, the BeeHive, enabling an impressive 16 x 4k output from a single 5U rack, delivering the highest-density media playback solution on the market.
The new BeeBlade range incorporates HIVE’s pr

atlas-winner-abttAward-winning Atlas addresses spatial audio
Thursday, 6 July 2023

UK - Atlas Show Control for spatial audio which was recently named Sound Product of the Year by the ABTT, has been officially launched.
The show control software is designed with the control and implementation of spatial audio engines at its heart. Atlas ‘aims to change the way in which designers and operators interact with the plethora of audio hardware and software within their environment’.
Atlas supports incoming positional data from trackers offering control and smoothing algorithms. Atlas can also output control data to other audio applications, sound consoles, video servers and lighting consoles.
Atlas allows for manual positional programming, the use of hardware trackers or a combination of both as demands dictates. Atlas is designed to provide users with a friendly user interface whilst unleashing the full potential of spatial audio control.
Atlas currently offers support for d&b audiotechnik Soundscape, Zaktrack object tracking, DiGiCo and Yamaha Rivage sound consoles with upcoming support for other major spatial audio platforms.
Atlas Show Control has been developed by long time theatre industry professionals Dominic Bilkey and Jack Lord. Dominic is head of sound at the National Theatre and an Olivier and Tony nominated sound designer. Jack is a freelance communications engineer and software developer. Utilising their combined experiences and interests, Atlas provides the missing link between audio hardware and the operators and designers ability to create and operate complex sound designs, says the company.

panlab-console-25-junePLASA Show 2023: Innovate Audio debuts panLab Console
Wednesday, 5 July 2023

UK - Innovate Audio, creator of the panLab software, will show its latest spatial audio solution at the PLASA Show in London (3-5 September, Olympia). The new development, called panLab Console, is a software solution that adds spatial audio functionality to a range of live mixing consoles.
Cost and time constraints currently put spatial audio technology out of reach of smaller applications. Now, however, panLab Console presents a straightforward solution for more users than ever before. Put simply, panLab Console takes the proven panLab algorithm and applies it directly to the mixing console itself. It allows audio to be spatialised through existing hardware, without requiring expensive, dedicated processors. The solution is designed to be so simple to setup, users can be up and running in under five minutes.
“It enables people to deploy amplitude-based panning with the kit they already have,” says Innovate Audio’s Daniel Higgott. “It’s about allowing people to start using spatial audio on those projects - the ones where it might be nice to have, but where budget and time pressures say you can’t have it. We’re making spatial audio available to people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it.”
Aimed initially at shows where relatively simple panning effects would be a benefit, and where the processing involved will not overload the capabilities of a mixing desk, the user interface has the potential to offer a great deal more. In applications where external processors are a budgetary option, panLab Console is also proposed as an in

genelecGenelec introduces five-year warranty
Friday, 30 June 2023

Finland - Genelec has introduced a five-year warranty on its designs. By registering their models on the Genelec website, the new warranty programme allows Genelec customers worldwide to extend their standard two-year warranty by an extra three years, covering both parts and labour.
Since the company was founded 45 years ago, Genelec has put sustainability at the heart of its design philosophy, by producing loudspeaker solutions with a long lifecycle and low environmental impact, backed up with extremely high levels of reliability and long-term spare part support.
“We’ve always been focused on designing loudspeaker solutions that provide decades of reliable performance for our customers, but we also want to offer them the extra peace of mind that comes with a secure extended warranty,” comments Ole Jensen, international sales director at Genelec. “We’re confident that our new five-year warranty will make our customers' lives easier, highlight the trustworthiness of the Genelec brand, and signal our continued commitment to sustainable development.”

dpadlk4000-live-microphone-kit-lidDPA releases more microphone kits
Thursday, 29 June 2023

Denmark - Following positive response to its new DDK4000 Drum Microphone Kit, DPA Microphones has launched several new professional sound microphone kits.
The new kits provide audio engineers with a selection of high-quality condenser mics for a range of purposes. DPA has created bundles of its popular solutions, including the DLK4000 Live Microphone Kit, DSK4001 Studio Microphone Kit, DRK4001 Ultimate Recording Kit and DLS4000 Location Sound Kit.
“We are excited to share these new solutions with our industry colleagues,” says Helga Volha Somava, product management director, DPA Microphones. “We have listened to and taken notes from experienced sound engineers within multiple industries to correctly define which mics are most critical for each application. With the flexibility to easily upgrade the mics, tools and accessories, we aimed to provide audio professionals with the best starting point to reach their end goal.”
Offering an appropriate microphone and accessory selection for touring sound engineers, the DLK4000 Live Microphone Kit features 20 mics and capsules, along with a multitude of useful accessories that will enhance sound quality, clarity and consistency. Included in the kit are mics for lead and backup vocals as well as instrument mics for close-miking any live instrument. To further equip the entire live stage, the kit’s lineup features various pencil mics, which are ideal for spot-miking instrument groups or capturing ambient sounds. Accessories such as extension cables, mic clips, mounts and wind screens ensure easy se

contrik-active-power-turtleXtreme Outdoor designed for all weathers
Wednesday, 28 June 2023

Liechtenstein - The Neutrik Group has introduced a range of products, from its Contrik brand of portable power distribution systems, especially designed for deployment in harsh all-weather application environments.
The range of Xtreme Outdoor (XO) / Active designated products includes Power Container, Power Rack and Power Turtle systems. Designed and precision manufactured, using high quality electrical and electronic components, in the EU, they are intended for mobile entertainment production applications, including video walls, stage lighting and audio installations.
The XO designation denotes the extensive environmental protection features, additional to Contrik’s usual certification standards, guaranteeing high levels of mechanical (IK) and environmental (IP) protection. These include enhanced protective housings and self-closing caps. Protection up to the IP65 level against particulate and liquid ingression, with CEE / cPot in mated condition. The ‘Active’ label refers to the products featuring active components like circuit breakers.
Power Container Xtreme provides a rugged, reliable and especially powerful distribution solution, ideally suited to the most demanding applications such as video walls, says Neutrik.
Power Rack Xtreme is a powerful and reliable distribution solution suited to integration in outboard electronics and amplifier racks.
Power Turtle Xtreme is an ultra-compact, lightweight, ultra-rugged solution for rapid, mobile applications, including the quick and easy extension of larger power networks.

ledtronicsLEDtronics launches compact LED floodlights
Monday, 26 June 2023

USA - LEDtronics has announced its latest series of compact and lightweight LED floodlights. High efficacy, multiple-angle mounting options, and sleek design make these light fixtures an ideal and easy installation in various applications, says the company.
The area and spot luminaires come with an adjustable U-bracket that offers a multitude of choices for angle of inclination for outdoor area lighting needs that require adjustable-angle uniform illumination, such as architectural wall washing and accents, walkways, pathways, garden or landscape lighting, amusement parks, recreation areas, illuminated signs, and emergency exit way lighting, among many others.
The LEDtronics GDL002 series flood lights are offered in a choice of two input voltages: 24VDC with 12 watts and 5000K pure white emitted colour, and a wide 100~277VAC range with either 8W/4000K natural white combination, or 10.8W with 3000K and 5000K colour temperatures. Other voltages, beam angles and colour LED CCTs - 5700K true white or 6500K cool white - are also optionally available to qualified volume orders.
The industry-standard luminaires feature a black-coloured, lightweight and corrosion-resistant ADC12 die-cast aluminium housing and a clear, tempered-glass lens. The series boasts a wide ambient operating temperature range and is IP65 rated: they are protected against water jets from any direction, making them suitable for outdoor locations.

qolorflex-25x3a-dimmer-front-and-backCity Theatrical extends QolorFLEX range
Monday, 26 June 2023

USA - City Theatrical has launched its newest addition to the QolorFLEX brand of professional LED tape, dimming control and accessories with QolorFLEX 25x3A Dimmer, which is a low voltage, constant voltage, dimmer that is designed for large installations of LED tape.
The QolorFLEX 25x3A Dimmer is the five-channel version of City Theatrical’s QolorFLEX 24x3A Dimmer for users who seek high-capacity dimmers to use for installations of 5-in-1 LED tapes, including QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape, HiQ High CRI for film and video, rather than LED tapes with four or fewer channels.
The QolorFLEX 25x3A Dimmer features 25 channels of control and can accommodate five-channel LED tapes easily, creating efficiencies when it comes to installation time and wiring. The QolorFLEX 25x3A Dimmer is fully DMX and RDM compatible and offers standalone functions.
The QolorFLEX 25x3A Dimmer’s maximum current load per channel is 3A with a Maximum Device Input of 75A. This dimmer’s power connection is one removable Terminal Block Connector, Eight Pin, Male (P/N 6614) for DC Input, and output connections include five removable Terminal Block Connectors, Six Pin, Female (P/N 6613) for LED outputs.
The DMX connections include 5-Pin XLR, 3-Pin XLR, and etherCON RJ45 connectors, which are a ruggedised and lockable RJ45 connector system, optimised for pro audio, video and lighting network applications. The dimmer also includes 99 curve selection options and 18 film and video modes. It requires an external power supply to suit the LED tape being used and is designed for ind

robe-abtt-show-2023-31Robe keeps busy at ABTT 2023
Friday, 23 June 2023

UK - The Robe UK team report a busy, successful, and very positive ABTT (Association of British Theatre Technicians) expo staged at Alexandra Palace in London.
The company had two exhibition areas, with a stand upstairs in the main hall and a large demo area downstairs in the Palace suite - both showcasing a range of its latest lighting technologies for theatre, performance, TV, and broadcast scenarios.
The stylish booth in the main exhibition hall featured a selection of the newest Robe, Anolis and MDG products.
A video wall at the back offered four separate brand windows / digital messaging boards snapshotting information, with two dedicated to Robe, one for Robe’s architectural lighting brand Anolis, and one for atmosphere and haze specialist MDG, which is distributed in the UK by Robe.
Selected products were also showcased on raised displays around the stand where the teams enjoyed the buzz and energy of this year’s increased visitor numbers, which also broke the ceiling of the expo’s pre-Covid visitor registrations.
Downstairs from the main exhibition showfloor and running in parallel, Robe ran a black box demonstration area where more fixtures could be shown ‘in situ’, which was a perfect environment for those wanting to engage in more techie conversations and get hands on with some of the products.
RoboSpot ‘Taster’ sessions were also hosted in the Palace Suite by Will Blackie, designed for those wanting more knowledge about Robe’s popular remote follow spotting system. These also attracted a lot of int

neutrikNeutrik releases redesigned silentPLUG
Thursday, 22 June 2023

Liechtenstein - Neutrik is launching a redesigned, new form-factored, improved and upgraded version of its silentPLUG instrument ¼ inch jack plug. The new design replaces the previous model and offers performance, ergonomic and aesthetic improvements over the original iteration of this product.
The silentPLUG automatically mutes (shorts) an instrument (guitar) cable to avoid pops and squeals when changing the instrument (guitar) under load. The integrated (patent pending) silent switch is based on REED-technology and guarantees a lifetime beyond 1,000 mating cycles, says Neutrik.
The new version - designated NP2XX-Silent - features a new two compound housing, with a new rugged metal shell enhanced with a rubberised overlay for improved shock protection and a better haptic experience when handling. Hermetically sealed switching contacts ensure a longer functioning lifespan for the connector.

amxbrandlogobyharmanblueAMX by Harman receives JITC certification
Thursday, 22 June 2023

USA - Harman Professional Solutions was recently awarded the Joint Interoperability Testing Command (JITC) certification and listing on the Department of Defence Information Network (DoDIN) Approved Products List (APL) for 66 AMX products. The certified products include 4K60 DGX Modular Switching Systems, 4K60 DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers, control processors, touch panels, keypads, and I/O extenders.
JITC certification is a requirement for technology solutions used in US Government facilities. This certification ensures that products meet strict security standards and can seamlessly integrate with other systems used by the US Department of Defence. The certification process includes a thorough evaluation of a product's security features, performance, and interoperability.
“Exceeding the security requirements of our most critical government, military, and corporate customers has long been a key design goal for our products and has resulted in Harman leading the AV industry in providing secure AV,” said Jamie Trader, vice president of video and control, Harman Professional Solutions.
“AMX by Harman has a long history of commitment to supporting the DoD and secure community, that includes being the first to receive the Cybersecurity Assessment Package for direct connection to DoD networks and helping to define the VDS category for the APL. These most recent certifications are a testament to our continued commitment to those communities.”

fireworksCinewav looks to live events and broadcast
Wednesday, 21 June 2023

Singapore - Cinewav is looking to expand its presence in the live events, sports and broadcast sector.
The platform has already been successfully enjoyed by thousands of guests at outdoor cinema events and at festivals including Vivid Sydney 2023 where Cinewav enriched dozens of immersive, super-sized light, drone shows and animations with personalised soundtracks.
At the Danang International Fireworks Festival 2023 (DIFF2023), Cinewav synchronised the audio soundtrack with fireworks displays via mobile phones to locals and tourists across Da Nang, Vietnam’s fifth most populated city. Upcoming global projects include Drive-ins and cinematic screenings at cultural attractions, hotels and resorts.
Cinewav is a platform and mobile app that allows users to watch visuals on a big public screen and listen to the audio in perfect synchronicity on their own mobile phones giving users a very high quality, immersive and personal experience.
“The Cinewav app allows the downloading of an audio file for specific movie (or other audio-visual content) to watch the movie visuals on a big public screen while listening to the audio on your personal smartphone or earbuds/headphones to scale audio, eliminate noise pollution and enable big-screen magic anywhere,” said Jason Chan, co-founder at Cinewav.
Responding to customer feedback, Cinewav has added a live broadcast function. This disruptive audio technology can scale to as many users as needed
Behind Cinewav is a team of seasoned film makers and support engineers with a passion for making au

shure-wireless-workbenchShure Wireless Workbench 7 now available
Wednesday, 21 June 2023

UK - Shure Wireless Workbench 7 (WWB7) is available for download on MAC OS and Windows. A free software for audio professionals, Wireless Workbench 7 delivers a full suite of RF spectrum management tools in one place, providing full command of compatible wireless devices.
WWB7 is equipped with a number of enhancements to its previous generation, including the addition of the WWB Scan Library. The scan library provides users with an ever-growing, online database of RF scans contributed by professionals around the world. The integrated scan library portal allows users to view recently uploaded RF scans before upcoming productions to better facilitate pre-coordination.
WWB7 features a user-interface refresh that includes an optimized dark mode to guarantee a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments. Additionally, those using Shure Axient Digital and ULX-D in HD mode for maximum spectrum efficiency can now generate a set of evenly spaced, compatible frequencies by right-clicking on the device profile header.
“With each update to Wireless Workbench, our goal is to better equip professionals with the tools they need to manage the entire workflow of RF management in one application – from system planning and configuration to frequency coordination, deployment, and monitoring,” shared Nick Wood, senior director of wireless products, at Shure.
“The introduction of WWB Scan Library and Dark Mode was entirely based on feedback we’ve received from customers who requested more streamlined RF pre-coordination and a UI designe

neutrik-speakon-fxx-serie-2023Neutrik uprates speakON connector range
Thursday, 15 June 2023

Liechtenstein - Neutrik has expanded its speakON range with upgrades to its 2-pole and 4-pole audio cable connector portfolio in the form of the new NL2FXX and NL4FXX. These new models affirm Neutrik’s continuing commitment to the highest quality standards of engineering and performance and meeting the latest international standards and safety regulations.
New features of the NL2FXX and NL4FXX include a locking bushing that protects against unintended opening, providing locking bushing and strain relief for cable diameters of 6 mm to 12 mm in the S variant connectors, and 10 to 16 mm in the L variant connector - and a unique two compound housing to improve the handling in daily operation.
The new connectors are easier to assemble, as the strain relief chuck mechanically snaps to the insert and aligns with the housing, allowing for faster, smoother assembly of the connector.

jbl-col-finalInfoComm 2023: JBL debuts COL Series
Thursday, 15 June 2023

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has announced the launch of two new JBL Professional COL slim column loudspeakers, the COL600 (24-inch 600 mm) and COL800 (32-inch 800 mm), that are designed for applications that include conference and meeting rooms, lecture halls, retail stores, concourses, transit spaces, fill applications and more.
Offering wide horizontal and narrow vertical coverage with a built-in 10-degree down-tilt to the aim, both COL Series models are designed to deliver coverage for most listening areas while allowing the loudspeaker to be installed flat to the wall. Multi-tap transformers allow for use on either 70 or 100-volt distributed lines, while the loudspeaker is switchable for direct 8-ohm operation.
Available in black or white, installation is accommodated by two included L-brackets, which can be installed on either the top or bottom panels. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and carry an IP54 rating (per IEC60529) for protection against ingress of dust and water. The drivers are water-treated, the grille has a water-backing, and a cover is included to protect the input terminals.
“We are extremely pleased to introduce these COL Series loudspeakers that solve so many installed audio needs and are ideal for completing our Control Contractor Series product family expansion,” says Rick Kamlet, Harman Professional Solutions senior manager, installed loudspeakers. “They combine an incredible package of performance and aesthetics and deliver beautiful coverage both vertically and horizontally, we can’t wait to get th

kvant-spetrum-atom-front-perspective-view-darkKVANT wins iF Design Award
Thursday, 15 June 2023

Europe - KVANT’s latest design of the Atom and Spectrum series laser projectors received the 2023 iF Design Award in the Industry/Tools product design category.
The iF award stands for outstanding design and is a badge of excellent quality for professional and trade users. For this winning project, KVANT cooperated with the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Werkemotion - Transport and Industrial design studio based in Bratislava.
The jury of 132 independent experts from around the world found the innovative design and the foamed aluminium material used within the product exciting. Foamed aluminium is made from aluminium semi-product, which expands its internal structure when heated to a foaming temperature. Apart from lower weight, smaller footprint and increased firmness, it allowed us virtually unlimited shaping, resulting in this extraordinary design.
At the same time, it is an efficient insulating material, making the projector housing quite resistant to outside temperatures. Moreover, the housing is easy to assemble and offers quick access to the optical compartment and the bottom electronic section. As a result, the new chassis is 30% lighter, significantly smaller and more robust than its predecessors and most conventional hard-shell laser projectors. The casings for Atoms and Spectrums are finished with the Raptor Liner top coating - tough and scratch-resistant paint, ensuring long-lasting protection.
The new internal structure of laser modules, the optical compartment itself, and the fact that everything is built around the floating h

air-15-infocomm-23-high-res-1InfoComm 2023: Void Acoustics showcases five new products
Wednesday, 14 June 2023

UK - Void Acoustics has announced a bumper presence at InfoComm in Orlando, USA, this week. The company will showcase five new products on the Exhibition Booth 5287 (Exhibit Hall, Level 2, Audio Pavilion), whilst highlighting these important new products alongside the existing Void Acoustics portfolio in the Void Acoustics Demonstration Room (Audio Demo Room W232B).
The key new products which will be on display include the Air 15 IP-53 rated subwoofer, perfect for nightclubs and bars, restaurants and retail solutions. With its stylish, non-resonant fibreglass enclosure it can provide large-scale output in a variety of environments requiring comprehensive audio coverage.
A new subwoofer has been added to the Cyclone Series - the Cyclone 208 - a compact, IP-55 rated reflex-loaded subwoofer. Paired with the Cyclone 4 or Cyclone 55 it offers a high-output, stylish sound system and is applicable for all-weather bars, restaurants, beach clubs, retail and other outside applications.
The touring sector is served by the new Arclite - a true point source alternative loudspeaker to the Arcline 8 and offering scalability with maximum output and coherence. The Arclite will guarantee predictable behaviour in the most challenging of touring applications. It can also be ground stack or flown and is arrayable in vertical and horizontal configurations.
A new amplifier is also joining the Bias Series - the Bias Q1.5. This lightweight, compact, one rack unit is truly reliable and delivers unbeatable sound quality. The four-channel amplifier embraces intelligen


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