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celestionCelestion Redback joins the DSR collection
Monday, 7 March 2022

UK - Celestion has announced that the G12H-150 Redback is available as a Dynamic Speaker Response (DSR), the digital speaker responses that capture the sound and feel of the speaker’s dynamic, non-linear responses for more tonal detail.
All Celestion DSRs are designed especially for use with SpeakerMix Pro, the self-contained studio-grade DAW plug-in dedicated to bringing ground-breaking levels of detail and realism to guitar and bass speaker tone. The complete collection of DSRs, as well as the SpeakerMix Pro plug-in, is available for download at
The Celestion G12H-150 Redback is a guitar speaker built to deliver ‘towering slabs of frightening, monstrous tone, but still has the detail and clarity you need to play loud and clean’. Constructed with a supersized 2-inch voice coil, combined with the heaviest G12 magnet and a ton of engineering expertise, the Redback delivers a tight, fat low end, more laid-back treble and enough midrange character to deliver compelling lead lines. Users can get gargantuan tone direct to their modelling amp or digital audio workstation and dial in balance, responsiveness and superb playability delivered by the Redback with muscular ease.

presonusPresonus extends Relevator family
Monday, 7 March 2022

USA - PreSonus Audio Electronics has announced the global launch of two new products in Revelator line t- he Revelator Dynamic USB vocal microphone and Revelator io44 audio interface.
Like its sibling, the Revelator USB large diaphragm condenser microphone, the Revelator Dynamic mic offers easy-to-use presets that let recording vocalists quickly customise their sound and create a mix for studio recording, live streaming, and podcasting. The Revelator Dynamic utilises the same custom-built, dynamic microphone capsule found in the fan-favourite PreSonus PD-70 broadcast microphone.
Like the PD-70, the Revelator Dynamic is designed to capture the human voice cleanly and clearly by eliminating breathiness, unwanted reverberance, and even ambient room noise. This allows the Revelator Dynamic to be set up in virtually any space, capturing the perfect vocal take, every time, allowing home recordists to set up their studio just about anywhere, says Presonus.
The Revelator io44 features a compact design that fits in the palm of your hand. The four-in, two-out audio interface is bus-powered via its USB-C compatible jack and can serve as the heart of an ultra-mobile recording studio as well as the core of a streaming rig. The Revelator io44 features a combo mic/instrument input with the clear, clean sound of PreSonus’ famed XMAX-L mic preamp, as well as a ⅛-inch line-level stereo input for DJ mixers and mobile devices. A high-powered, ⅛-inch stereo headphone output works with regular headphones and TRRS gaming headsets (mic in, stereo out). Balanced ¼-in

austrianAustrian Audio OC818 now available in black
Friday, 4 March 2022

Europe - Austrian Audio has announced that the OC818 professional, large diaphragm microphone, will now also be available in black. The new colour meets the demands of broadcasting, podcasting, live performance, and streaming, says the Vienna-based manufacturer The black OC818 is designed for situations where the mic needs to blend in and leave the focus on the performance.
Engineered and manufactured in Austria, the OC818 is equally at home with studio, broadcast and live applications. As the ceramic capsule design is so consistent, any OC818 is match-paired with any other OC818, and when in cardioid mode, it can also be match-paired with any OC18, its affordable smaller brother.
The OC818 has proven itself as a studio and stage allrounder and has been endorsed by engineers like Obie O'Brien, Michael Abbott, Dave Natale, Jim Ebdon, Colin Norfield, Adrian Hall, and others.
The black OC818 comes with an entire suite of software, making the OC818 more of a recording system than just a mere microphone.

m45aimed2-copyAudix introduces M45 Shortgun shotgun mic
Thursday, 3 March 2022

USA - Audix has introduced its newest installed ceiling mic, the M45 Shortgun miniaturised shotgun condenser ceiling mic. The new M45 microphone is able cover up to 150sq.ft of area and is suitable for use in corporate or educational classroom style setups, boardrooms and conference rooms as well as larger lecture venues and hospitals.
The M45 features a low-profile, swivel-and-pivot base for convenient positioning. It is optimised for vocal intelligibility and offers high sensitivity of 98 mV / Pa at 1 kHz, a maximum SPL of >124 dB, an integrated preamp, immunity from RF interference, and is easy to install in a 1-1/2” hole with no additional tools required.
Mic-level signal and LED control is over an RJ45 connection. An adapter is also included to convert from RJ45 to an 8-conductor pluggable terminal block. For those using Dante networks, the optional Audix DN4 Enhanced Onramp for Dante / AES67 is available and supports up to four devices and includes LED logic control.

amateAmate debuts coaxial point source system
Thursday, 3 March 2022

Spain - Amate Audio has announced the launch of the ultra-compact, high performance X14FD; a point source, dual-purpose front-of-house PA and stage monitor system.
The X14FD is the latest and the most powerful iteration of an extended line of successful coaxial based dual-purpose designs. A latest generation Xcellence series self-powered active system, it incorporates Amate Audio’s uprated Active+ digital power and control platform with high order high-order FIR filtering and Dante audio networking.
The single low distortion, high-power handling 14" coaxial driver provides a smooth full frequency response, characterized by a low frequency response comparable with a conventional 15” driver, combined with the mid-frequency resolution and clear vocal articulation of a conventional 12” driver; together with exceptionally transparent HF response and peak handling characteristics.
“We have engineered even greater reductions in cabinet volume with the use of this new driver in the X14FD,” says international sales manager Jordi Amate. “Despite achieving a form-factor with the lowest possible profile in its stage monitor application, the new design offers improved ergonomics. The new driver also provides improved long-throw coverage for outdoor use.
“Added to this are all of the operational advantages of our very latest generation power and DSP control electronics, standard in our new Xcellence series models. It is a truly industry leading combination, and includes an optimized monitor preset with enhanced voice control and zero microphon

mz204Panasonic releases ‘world’s smallest’ LCD projector
Wednesday, 2 March 2022

UK - Designed for use in corporate meetings, lecture theatres and hybrid environments, Panasonic has announced “the world’s smallest, lightest and quietest 20,000lm LCD projector”. The PT-MZ20K offers cost performance and impressive image quality in well-lit rooms and over IP cameras to remote viewers, says Panasonic.
With a compact, 22.3kg (49.2lbs) chassis and quiet operation (36dB), the projector blends into the room. Panasonic’s time-saving technologies reduce installation complexity, effort and cost - making the PT-MZ20K ‘a smart choice for value-conscious customers’.
The PT-MZ20K has a tuned optical engine featuring new 1-inch LCD panels. Pure White Generator harnesses extra light to improve colour accuracy for vivid and engaging image presentation. Combined with Dynamic Contrast, which analyses video and adjusts light output to suit contrast requirements, images remain clearly visible at the back of the room, as well as for remote participants.
Compatible with a wide range of optional Panasonic lenses, such as the zero-offset ET-EMU100 Ultra-Short-Throw Zoom Lens, the PT-MZ20K can also be used for digital signage or in museums and entertainment venues.

etceosapexETC extends Eos range with Apex console
Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Europe/USA - ETC has unveiled the Eos Apex, a new lighting control desk from its Eos line.
“With more buttons, encoders and playbacks than ever before, Eos Apex makes fast, hands-on programming a breeze - all while maintaining the familiar, sophisticated look and feel that users of the family love,” says ETC.
There are three models, with five, 10 and 20 motorized playbacks respectively, all featuring 24K output and 4K multi-touch displays with a 160° viewing angle. Other common features include an ergonomic wristrest, book lights built into the sides of the desk, hand-holds for easy carrying, and drawers and charging ports.
The programming surface offers access to programmers’ most-used tools, right on the face panel. The familiar Eos Family programming keypad has been enhanced with a touchscreen that thumps with haptic feedback when you press your soft keys or mapped content. Eos Apex also introduces customisable Target Keys for Direct Selects, which boast individual OLED displays that can be customized with images, icons and text.
The encoder area from the Eos Ti console has been expanded to include eight mini-encoders and a navigation dial to easily switch between parameters. Besides the playbacks on each console, there is a separately-mappable scroll wheel for on-the-fly programming.
Meanwhile, the Eos Apex Processor provides the power of an Eos Apex console in a portable, rack-mountable box that makes an ideal primary or backup controller or remote programming station.

fix8elev8edinburgh1FIX8Group launches elev8 in-lift AV solution
Tuesday, 1 March 2022

UK - FIX8Group has launched a new in-lift AV experience, designed “to deliver content to customers in a fully immersive, captivating and memorable manner”.
Called elev8, it enables clients ranging from museums to malls, airports to attractions to reach lift users with customised displayed messages.
The elev8 project involves the installation of audio-visual display solutions within an elevator, to which everything from simple static marketing video, 2D animation, landscapes, audio experiences and fully immersive 3D worlds can be delivered.
FIX8Group has already completed a major elev8 installation, at the St James Quarter, Edinburgh. This encompasses a new retail led, lifestyle district that fully integrates into and enhances Edinburgh’s City Centre providing an inspiring, attractive, and vibrant destination for locals and visitors to live, shop, eat, sleep and play.
FIX8Group collaborated closely with Nuveen, the investing organisation of the project, and Gardiner & Theobald LLP, which was appointed as an independent construction and property consultancy working across all sectors of the built environment.
Antony Ranger, Nuveen director of operations at St James Quarter, says: “At the outset of this unique initiative, we were not at all clear about what we wanted, or what may be achieved. FIX8Group managed the whole destination-creating solution, from greatly assisting in defining the specification, to providing wonderful and extraordinary content and sound, all on-time and on-budget. This was despite working for the first

apgAPG releases latest Live Manager software
Tuesday, 1 March 2022

France - APG has announced that version 1.8.9 of its Live Manager software - a comprehensive, far-reaching update that introduces a range of new presets, gain chain tweaks allowing for higher sound levels, and deeper integration with Powersoft software and amplifiers - is now available to download from its website.
Developed in response to feedback from APG’s partners, customers and users, Live Manager 1.8.9 greatly increases remote control and monitoring software functionalities while continuing to give users simple, easy-to-use access to the ‘APG sound’.
According to Maxence Castelain, application engineer at APG’s parent company Arbane Groupe, the 1.8.9 update is above all an upgrade to the user pre-sets - both for Live Manager itself and in the creation of a brand-new bank of APG pre-sets for Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus software. The latter addition, he says, will be especially useful for users of Powersoft fixed install amplifier series with DSP, while new plug-and-play system pre-sets will simplify the deployment of APG speaker systems.
These include pre-sets for newly launched products - including the iX Series of fixed-installation loudspeakers, the iS range of subwoofers and the new UC118i sub – as well as for cornerstones of APG’s Uniline Compact range (such as the UC206N, UC206W, UC115B) and Uniline range (UL115B and UL118B), making APG’s DMS48 processors and DA amplifiers compatible with a wider range of products and technologies.
Optimisations to the gain chain, meanwhile, enable Live Manager users to achieve a high

r2-omsQuasar Science launches Rainbow LEDs
Monday, 28 February 2022

USA - Quasar Science has announced the global launch of its latest linear LED lighting range for motion picture and content creation. The Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow tubular LED lights create ‘intense, realistic lighting with multiple individually controllable pixels, delivering high-quality white light and saturated colour that work in the tightest of spaces thanks to their sleek low-profile shape’.
The slim Rainbow 2 (R2) is available in three lengths (2ft, 4ft or 8ft) featuring a single row of 10, 24 or 48 pixels, while the Double Rainbow (RR) is configured with two rows of pixels totalling 20 or 48 across two sizes (2’ or 4’) for a powerful light that produces more realistic animation enabling an artistic workflow.
“The RGBX Spectral Science Colour Engine (SSCE), provides artists with the lighting industry’s most advanced - yet simplest - colour controls to use as their lighting paintbrushes." Said Tim Kang, principal engineer of colour and imaging at Quasar Science. “SSCE’s Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) control increments give the minimum Kelvin transitions needed at any CCT based upon Just Noticeable Difference (JND) calculations. This psychophysics concept enables the smoothest and most even CCT control on the market.”
Another industry first is the Spectrum Control feature which grants the ability to choose the spectral quality of any colour point the lights can produce. 100% on this parameter gives the optimal spectrum for that colour, and 0% gives the spikiest RGB-only spectrum.
Networking capabilities for to

pak-pr-imageVuWall introduces PAK video wall solution
Monday, 28 February 2022

Canada - VuWall is launching PAK, a solution for deploying and managing modular video walls in AV-over-IP environments. PAK is a networked, multi-decode node that can operate as a stand-alone device or be stitched with other nodes to build an IP-based video wall that is infinitely scalable. It simplifies video wall project deployments by reducing the number of connections and eliminating a single point of failure, reducing project risk, and offering improved reliability.
"If we peek behind many of today's video walls, we'd expect to see an incredible amount of expensive hardware and lengthy cable runs snaking from an overcrowded rack that takes many labour hours to deploy," says Mark Schmidt, chief technology officer of VuWall. "Unlike traditional video wall systems, it's extremely easy to build video walls with PAK. Whether large or small, all that's required are PAK appliances. To increase the size of a video wall, simply add a PAK. The only spare component needed to keep in stock is the PAK, reducing inventory costs and project complexity."
VuWall's PAK device features four HDp60 outputs or one 4Kp60 output and multiformat decoding up to 32 HD streams per device, including H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, NDI, PNG, JPEG and VNC/remote desktops or virtualized browsers. As part of VuWall's ecosystem, PAK is managed by the company's award-winning TRx 3.1 software platform.
Easy to set up and configure, PAK is designed for multiroom visualisation, situational awareness, control rooms and corporate workspaces. Its eco-friendly design boasts a compact form factor

city-theatrical-multiverse-transmitter-with-5894-stubby-antennasCity Theatrical releases 30 new accessories
Monday, 28 February 2022

USA - City Theatrical has launched 30 new lighting accessories for 2022 to broaden its line of lighting accessories to best meet the needs of lighting professionals. These additions are now part of the company’s US and European product catalogues covering accessories for entertainment and architectural lighting.
City Theatrical has added a standard ‘stubby’ Dual Band Omni Antenna, 900Hz/2.4GHz, 1.8dBi/3.8dBi, which is an optional antenna for all Multiversewireless DMX/RDM products when space constraints are a concern.
City Theatrical is also introducing a number of QolorFLEX LED Tape Accessories, which include: six Terminal Block Connectors, in four-, three-, and two-pin male and female configurations, to complement existing six- and five-pin connectors; four 18 GA Ribbon Cable varieties, in four- and three-conductor, sold per foot (in the US) and per meter (in Europe), to complement the existing six-, five-, and two-conductor cables, and two end cap styles for extrusions for LED tape installations
Many of City Theatrical’s new beam control accessories were designed to fit the Standard, EDLT, and XDLT Lenses for ETC’s Source Four LED Series 3 lighting fixtures. City Theatrical’s new Beam Control Accessory solutions for 2022 include: four donuts in various sizes; four 17.5”-sized accessories, including a standard top hat, standard half top hat, colour frame, and donut; two Adapters for 7½” and 10” Stackers tapered top hats, two Martin Top Hats for MAC Rush MH6 and PAR 2 fixtures, two follow spot yokes and a follow spot handle for

sp81wbw34compAshly Audio adds compact passive subwoofer
Monday, 28 February 2022

USA - Ashly Audio has added the SP-8.1P passive subwoofer to its compact subwoofer line. With 150W handling power, the new SP-8.1P subwoofer provides sound systems with extra power in a variety of environments - all in an 8" package.
“With the addition of the eight-inch subwoofer to our SP Series, we enable sound system integrators to tailor unique audio experiences to their customers. The compact size of the SP-8.1P allows for installation in areas where a larger subwoofer wouldn't typically fit,” says Noel Larson, EVP of sales and marketing at Ashly Audio. “We stand by our commitment to create complete and integrated solutions for everyone - from storefronts and restaurants, to houses of worship and schools - and the addition of the SP-8.1P offers possibility for more installations in more places.”
The new SP-8.1P handles up to 150W at 8Ω, with a sensitivity of 95dB (1W@1m) and a frequency response of 43Hz-180Hz (-10dB) to provide audiences with powerful audio experiences. The subwoofers DSP voice pre-sets provide frequency response tailoring, delay and crossover settings with Ashly’s IS & AW speakers with AquaControl and Protea-equipped processors. For maximum effect, pair the subwoofer with Ashly’s nXp 400 or higher or Pêma 4125, 4250, 8125, 8250 amplifiers.
The new SP-8.1P subwoofers are designed with a dynamic eight-inch woofer with ferrite magnet, front loaded into a bass-reflex and a 0.6" reinforced plywood enclosure. The subwoofer line is available with a textured paint finish in both black or white.
With two reces

well-stx-360-onChauvet extends all-weather range
Monday, 28 February 2022

USA - Chauvet Professional has extended its line-up of all-weather fixtures with the introduction of Well STX, a pair of IP65-rated battery powered LED tubes that provide an option for adding distinctive linear looks to stages, as well as corporate and broadcast applications, indoors or outside.
Available in two models, the versatile RGBWW fixture produces 360° or 180° of bright, even, pixel-mappable looks. Capable of being oriented in multiple directions, mounted on floor stands, or flown from different hanging points, the fixture makes it possible to add captivating geometric patterns to any design, giving it greater depth and structure, says the company.
Adding to the enhanced visuals are the fixture’s 16 zones of control, which can be run wirelessly to create compelling chase sequences. WellL STX fixtures are controllable via W-DMX, which can be used with almost any standard lighting controller, including the Well COM with its built in W-DMX receiver.
The two fixtures (Well STX 360 and Well STX 180) use the same exact DMX personalities for control. This makes it simple to change out the two models for one another to meet the needs of different applications without having to re-programme them.
Measuring 1.5m in length, the tubes offer a 360ﹾ viewing angle and are sold in sets of four, which include four eyebolts for hanging options and four folding floor stands, as well as one remote and one charging flight case. Its filter can be removed from the 360-degree option to reveal its individual LEDs for eye candy looks.

tv-onetvONE adds to CORIOmaster 4K60 capabilities
Thursday, 24 February 2022

USA - tvONE has released a new 4K60 output module for CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini and CORIOmaster micro. New versions of firmware and software are also available, continuing the evolution of the CORIOmaster family of multi-window video processors.
The new 4K60 output module (CM-HDMI-4K-SC-2OUT) gives ‘a smoother, more immersive video experience’ for up to 14 outputs for high-end LED installations, projection edge blends or monitor walls. Other new output choices using the new module include 4K60 output cloning or for dual, independent, 4K30 outputs. The dual 4K30 outputs double the amount of 4K outputs available, to allow connection to up to 28 4K displays, while the new cloning feature makes setting up repeat displays, duplicated side screens, and screen recording much simpler and more efficient to use.
In addition, the CORIOgrapher setup and control software for the CORIOmaster family has been updated to version 3.3. The latest version includes enhanced pre-set management, and a cleaner look and feel for simpler creation of display layouts. CORIOgrapher version 3.3 is available for CORIOmaster2, CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini, and CORIOmaster micro.

celestionCelestion releases updated HornWizard
Thursday, 24 February 2022

UK - Celestion has launched HornWizard 2.0, an updated version of the desktop and mobile application, which is a portal to the company’s free horn design software.
The original HornWizard app was developed to introduce systems engineers to Celestion's unmatched horn design capabilities and has already been used to design many thousands of horns. The App enables the user to test a basic concept design, using just a few parameters to determine whether particular horn specification could work in practice. In the app, users can reliably verify designs, quickly adjust them with different parameters and view the results in a matter of seconds.
The new HornWizard version 2.0 features enhanced functionality and allows users to: Design horns for Celestion’s 1.4” and 2” exit compression drivers, including the Axi2050; refine multiple designs and compare them. Graph traces can now be compared for up to three designs; specify horn length as a primary parameter and design horns with circular or elliptical mouths.
HornWizard 2.0 has been created as a WPA (Web Progressive App), usable on both desktop and mobile devices to access Celestion’s full design software using a simplified parameter set. The app doesn’t contain any horn design software itself: it simply acts as a portal. The user can input parameters that are processed by the in-house software with results returned to the app interface.

bias-q3Void Acoustics launches Bias touring amplifier
Thursday, 24 February 2022

UK - Void Acoustics has announced the release of the latest addition to the Bias family of amplifiers, the Bias Q3 DSP touring amplifier.
The design and launch of the Bias Q3 addresses the need for a more traditional type of amplifier in the Bias range. It is designed for small to medium sized installations and short-term mobile deployment.
“The new Bias Q3 offers another level of diversity to our amplifier range and we are thrilled to introduce it to market,” comments Callum Bowran, applications and support manager. “It has been designed with versatility in mind and is perfect for a breadth of applications including small to medium sized tours and festivals, as well as music venues, clubs and bars. It is also incredibly user-friendly.”
With four-channels and an intuitive touch screen front panel control, the Bias Q3 offers total integration with the Armonia Pro Audio Suite enabling extended control on smart phones and tablets.
“This is a welcome addition to the range, and we are anticipating high demand for this new amplifier” concludes Callum.

mxcwShure Microflex finds wider audience
Thursday, 24 February 2022

UK - Originally intended for users in government and corporate meeting spaces, the Shure Microflex Complete Wireless (MXCW )system is becoming a popular choice for conferences and hybrid events, where quality audio is essential for engaging both live and remote audiences.
“The live events industry has faced several challenges over the past two years,” says Peter James, vice president of global sales, pro audio, at Shure. “In that time, we have seen event organisers choose Microflex Complete Wireless as the best audio solution to support live events safely and effectively, regardless of the acoustic conditions. In a matter of minutes, just one person can set up an MXCW system and have a complete professional audio system ready to use. Without sacrificing reliability or audio quality, MXCW can ensure natural communication for virtual, in-person, or mixed format events.”
Comprising an all-in-one wireless conference unit with microphone, loudspeaker, and customisable LED touchscreen, MXCW can be easily set up without necessitating invasive installations and without the limits of complex wired systems. Shure Microflex Complete Wireless is simple to deploy with only a single cable via the Wireless Access Point and uses encrypted, globally license-free RF. Additionally, the system automatically detects and avoids any RF interference for uninterrupted audio performance.
Units can be strategically placed to adhere to safety protocols while enabling socially distanced attendees to actively participate in the conversation. Remote participants can equa

assimilateAssimilate supports Tessera processors
Wednesday, 23 February 2022

UK - Assimilate has announced that its Live Looks, Live Assist, and Live FX software solutions now support integration with Brompton Technology’s Tessera S8 and SX40 LED processors, enabling live colour grading and compositing in virtual production workflows.
This integration is currently available in the new v9.4 releases of Live Looks and Live Assist, and in the open beta of Live FX. Taking advantage of Brompton’s API, users working in LED volumes can now send 3D LUTs in near-real-time to Brompton’s Tessera S8 and SX40 LED video processors, powering live on-set colour grading on the LED screen.
Assimilate’s Live Looks and Live Assist tools work in tandem with real-time rendered environments from game engines such as Unreal Engine or Unity, with Live Looks providing a powerful live grading solution and Live Assist offering record and playback, including in multi-camera setups. Live FX plays out plates and pre-rendered scenes and enables live on-set compositing for LED wall virtual productions, handling everything from previsualization through to final pixel in-camera VFX.
“Virtual production workflows are complex and still a pioneering field with the highest requirements. We’re happy to have collaborated with Brompton to create an amazingly straightforward and powerful workflow for DITs as well as VP operators,” said Jeff Edson, CEO, Assimilate.
“When we added 3D LUT import to our API, Assimilate were one of the first companies we spoke to about integrating with our LED video processors. It’s always exciting to work with in

tank-trap-with-wheelsTank Trap now available on wheels
Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Europe - Prolight Concepts UK has expanded the eLumen8 Tank Trap range with the addition of a version with wheels.
Tank Trap consists of a 600mm square steel plate fitted with a 50mm receiver that features wing bolts to firmly secure aluminium or steel tubes in place. A cut out in the base allows compact stacking for transport and storage. Heavy-duty 75mm wheels are fitted to one edge for ease of transportation.

ClearOne awarded beam-forming patents
Monday, 21 February 2022

USA - ClearOne has announced that it has been awarded a new patent relating to beam-forming microphone array Systems (U.S. Patent No. 11,240,597).
The patent, titled Ceiling Tile Beamforming Microphone Array System, claims a ceiling tile microphone array that can be physically separated from the processors running the beam-forming algorithm. One benefit of this separation is that it enables a single computing engine to run multiple beam-forming algorithms for multiple microphone arrays, which can lower the overall system cost compared to an integrated design that is limited to a single computing engine with a single microphone array.
As an example, when a first system is installed, one microphone array may be supported by one remote computing engine running a beam-forming algorithm. Over time, the processing power of computing engines increases for the same price, enabling more microphone arrays to connect to a single computing engine, thereby reducing the cost of multiple beam-forming systems deployed in an organization.
Another benefit of this functional partitioning of the system is that it can extend the useful life of a ceiling tile beam-forming microphone array. When the beam-forming algorithm is performed “off-board” in a separate computing engine, the engine can be upgraded over time to support more advanced beam-forming algorithms without requiring changes to the microphone array.
U.S. Patent No. 11,240,597, which issued on February 1, 2022, demonstrates ClearOne’s investment, strength, and reach in this important tech

adamsonAdamson Load Library 5.3 now available
Friday, 18 February 2022

Canada - Adamson System Engineering has released Adamson Load Library 5.3 for its Lake Processor. This service update optimises the ease of use of both linear phase and conventional crossover settings by introducing a uniform pre-set naming scheme.
Default settings for E, S, and IS-Series cabinets use linear phase crossovers with subwoofer presets using corresponding latency compensation and are time-aligned when placed equidistantly to the reference position. Additional settings for S and IS-Series point source cabinets offer 5 ms less latency by using conventional crossovers.
For full flexibility, additional subwoofer presets time-aligned to conventional crossover presets are included in the subs folder. These can also be deployed when subwoofers are positioned further back from the reference position to avoid applying additional delay to line arrays or point sources. Conventional Crossover and corresponding subwoofer settings are marked with “CC” in the pre-set name.
Adamson Load Library 5.3 is included in the new Lake Controller v7.0.7 release. Adamson recommends the use of Lake Controller v7.0.7.

up-6o-montage-600pxOptimal Audio launches Up 6O
Tuesday, 15 February 2022

UK - Optimal Audio has announced an addition to its range in the shape of the Up 6O, a 6” two-way passive, full range open back ceiling speaker.
Delivering a consistent conical 110° coverage pattern, Up 6O features a 6” low frequency driver paired with a 0.7” metal dome tweeter, and is supplied without a back can for ceilings with a minimum cavity depth. An integral fixing system achieves a simple and clean installation. Up 6O is suitable for both high quality speech and music reproduction in a wide range of cost-conscious commercial environments, from hotels and concourses to retail outlets, bars and restaurants, says Optimal.
Each Up 6O can be run on a series of 70V or 100V taps or at low impedance, and with a 16Ohm setting allows up to four units to be connected to each amplifier channel at low impedance for an efficient install.
Up 6O joins Optimal Audio’s range of ceiling speakers with the entire Up series now shipping in APAC, followed by EMEA from March, and North America to follow later in the year.
Product manager, Al McKinna, said: “With the entire Up ceiling series, including this latest addition, now shipping, they join Cuboid and Sub to complete our loudspeaker offering. With our amplifiers also shipping and our controllers soon to follow, the Optimal Audio ecosystem of control, amplification and loudspeakers working seamlessly together is now becoming a reality. 2022 will be the year we see Optimal Audio really take off.”

hypervsn-smartv-wall7Hypervsn introduces SmartV
Monday, 14 February 2022

UK - Hypervsn is launching a new platform called Hypervsn SmartV. It has onboard HDMI, which allows SmartV to connect with the wider ecosystem of products involved in the pro AV and digital signage markets. The inclusion of the HDMI also means that SmartV can now be used to display both 2D and 3D content, says Hypervsn.
A larger, but lighter 3,000-nit Hypervsn SmartV model is launching, alongside an ultra-fine pixel pitch (0.65mm) medium-sized solution. These new solutions will successfully complement Hypervisn’s current range, whilst addressing a wider scope of customer needs.
Kiryl Chykeyuk, Hypervsn co-founder, comments: “We’ve spent the last three years completely redesigning the previous generation of Hypervsn technology. We have developed proprietary accessories to enable new, exciting interactive features and various installation options SmartV technology is available to order now via Hypervsn and our authorised partners across the globe.”


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