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lightactLightact releases new software licenses
Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Slovenia - Slovenian media server specialist Lightact has launched three new software licenses and a new version of its flagship software, Lightact 3.
Lightact 3 features an upgraded 2D projection mapping workflow and a deeper integration with Unreal Engine. The software licenses are One, Easy and Start with the pricing and features further strengthening Lightact's mission of supporting creative multi-media installations and events of all sizes.
Mitja Prelovšek, CEO of Lightact, comments: "We feel elated that after more than two years in development Lightact 3 enters maturity. It's got tons of features and some unique capabilities that we believe our users will love. We are also excited about One, Easy and Start software licenses which bring Lightact closer to an even wider range of users."
Lightact is an integrated suite combining standard media server functionalities such as projection mapping, multi-screen video output and DMX lighting control with realtime rendering capabilities and reliability features aimed at permanent installatons. The suite includes Lightact Cloud installation monitoring solution and Lightact WebUIs client user interfaces. Lightact also includes a real-time 3D rendering engine and Unreal Engine integration. Lightact v3.1.0 is available on Lightact's webshop.
(Jim Evans)

prof-wirelessProfessional Wireless extends Alpha Series
Monday, 8 October 2018

USA - Orlando-based Professional Wireless Systems has announced the addition of the 1RU Alpha Quad-4 and 2RU Alpha Quad-8 to the Alpha Series, which was introduced earlier this year. The new units will make their industry debut at the AES show in New York City this month.
The Alpha Quad-4 and Quad-8 are designed for use with multiple Shure Axient AD4Q receivers in Quadversity mode. The units provide four individual unity-gain signals (A, B, C, D) to up to four quad receivers, with RF filtering at 470-616 MHz Power is supplied to the units with either the main or the Aux inputs or used at the same time for redundant power.
“The Alpha Quad distros serve as the ‘head end’ for the receive antenna system,” explains Professional Wireless production manager Justin Van Winkle. “Four antennas can be connected to the rear-panel input connections. The RF signals are then filtered, amplified and split into four (Quad-4), or eight (Quad-8), outputs per unit.”
The Alpha series features products designed to offer users the same durability and reliability that Professional Wireless products are known for with the features necessary to get simple jobs done smarter and more efficiently - at a price point that fits everyone’s budget. The new Quad distros will be an invaluable addition to users of the Shure Axient digital microphone system everywhere.
“These products fill a need in the industry,” concludes Van Winkle. “The Alpha Series is a cost-effective product line that offers the features users need every day without the expensive bells a

miraos-v2LumenRadio releases MiraOS update
Monday, 8 October 2018

Europe - Wireless technology provider LumenRadio has released an update of their embedded operating system for wireless connectivity - MiraOS. One of the main features is the improved ultra-low energy consumption for battery operated solutions where they have “broken new ground”.
MiraOS enables products to become smart and connected through large-scale wireless mesh networks. With LumenRadio’s technologies and radio development expertise, product manufacturers can get an ultra-reliable and Future-Proof wireless solution.
In addition to decreased energy consumption, the main new features in the MiraOS v2.1 are BLE beacon support, high-precision time-stamping of data and the Mix&Match formation technology.
At LumenRadio, low energy meshing mode has been a dedicated focus for their research and development department and their goal has been to reach the lowest consumption possible. With the upgrade to MiraOS v2.1, the energy consumption in meshing mode for battery powered devices has been reduced to half compared to the 2.0 version released earlier this year.
This means it is reduced to less than 16uA, which enables more than 15 years operation in routing mode from an AA-sized battery, and a leaf node running on a coin cell battery can easily last for 10 years. This consumption is calculated when sending a 160B data message every minute. No other wireless technology can today match this ultra-low energy offer enabling Zero Wire technologyTM. In fact, the limitation is based on the lifetime of the battery which today is maximized to 1

myte-virtue-1LITEC brings innovation to PLASA
Thursday, 4 October 2018

UK - This year’s PLASA Show was a special outing for LITEC, as their new MyT Virtue truss was entered in the PLASA Awards for Innovation 2018 and won over many show attendees with its design, folding feature, compact form factor, and 60mm main chords that allow use of standard clamps. Its high load capacity was also a favourite, due to the use of high-strength EN AW 7003 T6 aluminium alloy for its construction and integral structural parts assembled with high grade steel nuts and bolts to optimize performance, eliminate issues related to weld heat affected zones.
Products from the EXE Technology range on display in the Area Four Industries UK stand allowed visitors to have physical hands-on demonstrations of selected models from the EXE-RISE hoist and EXE-Drive ranges, as well as the EXE-Cell Interface System. EXE-Rise chain hoists feature an 8:1 safety factor, with a compact size and lightweight design for better portability, reduced storage requirements and lower transportation costs.
The EXE-Drive controller range features standalone and digital multilinked controllers with both 4 and 8 channels. And the innovative EXE-Cell Interface system is a standalone load cell reader that fully integrates in a chain hoist body to provide riggers with a reading of the individual weight applied to a chain hoist during all rigging operations, in real time!
The new EXE-DST66 (dynamic stack tracks) multipurpose rail system was also presented at the show. Designed for larger projects, the DST66 claims amazingly high towing loads and extremely quick speeds.

arcm-12--arcm-15Void Acoustics brings latest range to LDI
Thursday, 4 October 2018

USA - Void Acoustics will be showcasing some of their latest products at LDI (19-21 October). Those attending can see: the new models of the much-anticipated Bias Q5, Q2 and D1 amplifiers; the ArcM 12 - part of the range of passive and self-powered, multi-purpose loudspeakers that complement the Arcline series; and the Cyclone 8, enhancing the highly popular Cyclone family.
All three of the enhanced Bias amplifier designs are eco-friendly with energy-saving efficiency, resulting in low operational costs, power consumption, heat dissipation and carbon footprint. The Bias Q5 (4 x 5,200 Watts) is capable of being driven from a wide variety of supply sources, including single, dual or three-phase supply.
Specially designed with versatility and ease of use in mind, it is equally suitable for most low frequency enclosures, as well as high-power, full-range systems in any configuration. The lighter Bias Q2 (4 x 1,500 Watts) and Bias D1 (2 x 1,000 Watts), are Dante enabled amplifiers designed to work with lo-Z (from 2 Ohms) and 70V/100V distributed lines; any mixed configuration of low and high impedance output loads can be realised, making them suitable for all applications in installed sound reinforcement systems.
The ArcM 12 has multiple working surfaces, allowing it to be used as a near field booth monitor or a conventional stage wedge, as well as having the ability to be pole mounted or wall mounted for FOH purposes. In terms of mobility, measures have been taken to reduce weight, while maintaining an ergonomic design to appease manual handling requi

sennheiser-wSennheiser and Neumann launch wireless bundle
Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Europe - Sennheiser and Neumann have unveiled a limited edition vocal set that combines Sennheiser’s evolution wireless 500 G4 microphone system with the Neumann KK 205 true condenser capsule.
Named ew 500 G4-KK205, the kit brings the Neumann sound to a wider as until now the German company’s microphone heads had been reserved for Sennheiser’s 2000, 6000 and 9000 wireless series.
Based on Neumann’s award-winning series of wired KMS stage microphones, the KK 205 true condenser microphone head features exceptional clarity and the characteristic Neumann sound. The super-cardioid capsule delivers an immediate, emotional vocal sound with airy trebles and fast transient response. The KK 205 can take sound pressure levels of up to 150dB without clipping, ensures high gain before feedback and offers good lateral isolation towards other on-stage sound sources.
The ew 500 G4 wireless microphone system offers up to 50mW of transmission power and a switching bandwidth of 88 MHz, which gives engineers sufficient room to maneuver in the busy RF spectrum. The system is available in all standard UHF frequency ranges and comes complete with the handheld transmitter, capsule, rack-mount receiver, rack-mount kit, microphone clip and power supply.
The ew 500 G4-KK205 is available from 1 October until 31 December 2018.
(Jim Evans)

altman-lighting-ap-150-wAltman Lighting debuts AP-150 LED wash
Wednesday, 3 October 2018

USA - Altman Lighting has introduced the AP-150 LED Par luminaire, a 135W RGBW LED wash which produces deep, saturated colours and soft, delicate pastels, while maintaining a smooth, uniform beam throughout the entire motorized zoom range.
Weighing only 11lb (5kg), the AP-150 replicates the soft output of a traditional par wash light with control states from 8-bit, 16-bit, RGB, and HSIC. Its factory and custom colour pre-sets allow for the quick selection of the most widely used entertainment colour choices, and it also adds the ability to record colour pre-sets directly to the luminaire for custom colour playback.
In conjunction with its colour output, the AP-150 also offers a variety of strobe options ranging from pulse and fade, to a 30 Hz strobe rate. With the motorised zoom which produces a beam spread between 12-65 degrees, the luminaire also has built-in stops at five different set points ensuring precise beam spread repeatability.
Julie Smith, Altman Lighting general manager, comments: “Since our inception in 1953, Altman Lighting has always been a leading provider of quality and affordable lighting solutions, and we are proud to continue that tradition with introduction of the AP-150 LED Par.
“Knowing the challenges lighting professionals often face when selecting the ideal wash luminaire, we have included a number of new features into the AP-150 Par that will undoubtedly accentuate any lighting design.”
Pete Borchetta, Altman Lighting product manager, adds: “As we discussed the design behind the AP-150 RGBW Par luminai

broaman-mux22-front-wBroaMan redundancy extends to Mux22 family
Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Germany - Late last year, with the announcement of the Route66 Redundancy Manager, German network fibre giant BroaMan introduced the capability of full automatic redundancy switchover between devices, by harnessing the power of Optocore. This would enable switching between Route66 Video Router and Mux22 nodes - using smart mechanism to detect when one of the fiber links between the nodes is broken.
Now the same technology has been enabled in a very popular point-to-point system - between a pair of Mux22 devices. Mux22, which combines 3G SDI I/O and video sync, with Optocore and SANE digital audio networks, now also features full automatic redundancy. Thus, should one of the links fail, the system would automatically switch to the redundant path, enabling all video, audio and data channels to remain working. The switchover time is near instantaneous - implemented in just one sample length. Now this facility is available for any Mux22 device.
BroaMan technical sales manager, Maciek Janiszewski, says: “Optocore has been offering redundancy as a standard for years while in broadcast and video world redundancy has never been an important feature. All this changed when muti-format single-cable solutions like Mux22 appeared on the market. We realised we could use Optocore’s experience and smart fault detection algorithms for adoption into BroaMan’s best-selling series. Thanks to the Optocore technology we can make the redundant switchover both automatic and seamless.”
(Jim Evans)

glen-brown-from-area-four-industries-wMILOS and Xstage impress at PLASA 2018
Friday, 28 September 2018

UK - Trussing manufacturer MILOS racked up another “overwhelmingly positive reception” at this year’s PLASA Show. With a selection of products from their extensive range of truss on display in the Area Four Industries UK stand, the company showcased the quality of their products and spoke with visitors about the many structural solutions they deliver for a wide array of projects.
Making its world debut was the new S10 deck from Xstage, sporting a light-weight, improved profile design, new cube lock leg attachment system (for both round and square legs), and hexagrip anti-slip surface. From the comments and praise received at the show, the future of the S10 certainly looks bright, says the company.
(Jim Evans)

current-plasa-wCurrent RMS unveils software updates at PLASA 2018
Friday, 28 September 2018

UK - Current RMS treated PLASA 2018 visitors to an exclusive look into some of the upcoming developments in the equipment rental management software.
The company said the show was ‘a great success’ for the team, who were offering visitors live demos of Current RMS on its stand, built by Red Peak Design.
The team demonstrated how the software can manage an entire rental cycle, from updating booking details to viewing accurate kit availability, allocating resources like crew and transport, and drawing up quotations.
Visitors to the stand were also given a sneak peek at Current RMS’s upcoming Automatic Costing and Purchasing modules, to be released in the coming weeks. These new modules will automatically pull through additional costs onto a job, including sub rents, freelance costs and any purchases. Users will also be able to create purchase orders to send from Current, and post these across to accounting software Xero and Quickbooks Online.
(Jim Evans)

communityCommunity adds compact model to R-Series
Thursday, 27 September 2018

Europe - Community Professional Loudspeakers has announced it has completed EN54-24 certification for its compact R.35-3896-EN loudspeaker.
Community’s R Series has long been a standard for stadia and other large scale, all-weather applications worldwide. The company has consistently invested in improving performance across the range, introducing new models, and meeting increasingly stringent worldwide standards. Since gaining EN54-24 certification on the larger R1, R2 and R6 models, permitting their use in voice alarm systems in venues across Europe, Community has seen demand for these certified versions building significantly year upon year.
The R.35-3896-EN meets the need for a high performance compact loudspeaker for fill and supplementary areas in larger venues and for smaller venues wanting to conform to EN54 standards. The R.35-3896-EN is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a wide variety of applications, including background and foreground music and announcement systems in corporate A/V, leisure centers, swimming pools, theaters, night clubs, shopping malls, stadiums, cruise ships, theme parks and factories.
The R.35-3896-EN is a fully horn-loaded triaxial three-way, full-range loudspeaker system, designed to provide high quality voice and music reproduction normally only associated with indoor loudspeakers. Featuring Community's innovative MultiSource Waveguide™ horn design, the output from the dual midrange compression drivers and 1-inch exit HF driver are combined seamlessly into a single time-coherent source, resulting in

amateaudioAmate Audio reveals premium line array
Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Spain - During a two-day summit, at the end of May, held in and around Amate Audio’s HQ facilities in Terrassa, outside of Barcelona, members of the company’s worldwide distributor network were introduced to a range of new products and technological developments.
A highlight of the second day was a dramatic change of location. High in the mountains of the Catalonian countryside, at the Masia Restaurant Torre del Conill, splendid isolation, an extensive terrace and brilliant sunshine provided an idyllic location to audition a line-up of the very latest and yet to be released Amate Audio speaker systems.
Alongside new additions to its latest NÍTID plug & play ultra-compact, ‘smart’ loudspeaker series, the company unveiled an all new flagship line array system; the latest addition to Amate Audio’s top of the range Xcellence series.
The X212AF is a 2x 12” full range, high performance, 3-way active line array, featuring an advanced engineered V-shape cabinet that delivers 100° horizontal coverage and 8° vertical coverage. Complementing the dual 12” LF drivers, are four 6” mid-range drivers and two 3” HF neodymium drivers mounted on a proprietary waveguide. Latest 3rd generation Class-D integrated amplification delivers 4000 W of power and the system launches Amate Audio’s next generation DSP platform, providing state-of-the-art control capabilities.
Advanced FIR filtering provides enhanced performance parameters including improved phase alignment and minimal latency. Separate limiters, with differing time constants, are

robert-juliat-wins-plasa-2018-award-for-innovation-for-its-unique-spotme-followspot-tracking-system-smlRobert Juliat SpotMe wins Award for Innovation
Tuesday, 25 September 2018

UK - Robert Juliat was awarded a prestigious PLASA Award for Innovation for its SpotMe, a creative tracking system that works in association with followspots. The Innovation Awards took place at the PLASA Show (16-18 October) amid huge competition, with 47 entries and only eight Awards at stake.
SpotMe is Robert Juliat’s bespoke, 3D tracking system for followspots and the only performer tracking system to be driven via a real followspot. The SpotMe system communicates the X, Y, Z positions and the beam size parameters to the console. All parameters are then used by the console to control any automated or static lights, and coordinate stage lighting to follow performers, without the need for on-stage/performer sensors or cameras. It is a unique bolt-on system that can be added to existing followspots without the need to invest in complete new systems.
The judges considered SpotMe worthy of an Innovation Award because of 'the approach Robert Juliat has taken to followspot tracking using an open protocol to provide position data to, not just lighting, but also audio or video systems,’ and also that it was notable for ‘being a bolt-on unit rather than a replacement device'.
“We are delighted to have been given this Award by a panel of judges who are peers of the industry,” says Robert Juliat product manager, Ludwig Lepage. “It is an acknowledgement that, amid the high level of expertise that exists within our industry, Robert Juliat is still recognised as the leader in followspot development for almost 100 years.”
“To have SpotMe a

datastrategyplasa2018-iainrocheonstandData Strategy enjoys a busy PLASA 2018
Tuesday, 25 September 2018

UK - Data Strategy says its stand was ‘buzzing with activity’ as it exhibited at PLASA 2018.
The company’s new VeriCal, which verifies that the Out Board PAT-4 testers are within their operational specifications, received particular attention. VeriCal is the latest Data Strategy product to combine hardware with intelligent software. The new product ensures the appliance test units within the QC-Check Workstation produce verified and accurate results.
Data Strategy MD, Iain Roche, comments: “We had a very busy show, seeing a combination of existing customers, contacts who have shown protracted interest and brand-new prospects. VeriCal attracted much interest especially from potential oversees customers who perceived its purpose, which is to ensure the Pat-4 remains in its operational specifications.
“Power-Check, the QC-Check distro test module, also attracted interest. Combined with the Out Board PAT-4, the RCD test solution automates an otherwise tedious, time-consuming manual task.”
Data Strategy’s QC-Check system provides fast and accurate safety inspections and the robustly packaged PAT-4 tester provides the perfect solution for Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), cable (continuity and insulation resistance) inspection and testing of equipment protected by RCDs (distro).
(Jim Evans)

yamahaplasa1809Yamaha and Nexo bring flower power to Olympia
Tuesday, 25 September 2018

UK - In mid-September a small piece of Japan appeared in West London for three days - and it proved a real talking point as Yamaha and Nexo exhibited at PLASA 2018.
This year’s stand was the brainchild of Chris Irvine, Yamaha Commercial Audio (UK and RoI) marketing manager, and Gareth Collyer, Nexo sales manager (UK and RoI). PLASA London tends to attract a high number of students and, with a shrewd eye to making the most of any free publicity generated by the ‘Instagram generation’, they created a stand themed as a Japanese garden.
Yamaha highlighted the long-term success of the company’s digital mixing consoles by showcasing the latest Rivage PM7 system next to a PM5D, one of its most famous products. Loaned for the show by Britannia Row Productions, it featured along an information panel about the number of high profile artists that particular console has worked with, the PM5D was a major talking point.
“The PM5D really drew people in. It was notable how many professional engineers walked on to the stand and greeted it like a long-lost friend,” says Chris. “We then guided them to the adjacent Rivage PM7 and showed them how much more advanced our latest console is.”
Nexo, meanwhile, showcased a number of its latest products, including the ID Series, GEOM6, GEOM10, STM series, NXAMP4x2 MK2 amplifiers and DTD Controller. STM and GEOM10 loudspeakers were recently entrusted with relaying the Pope’s words and a dazzling array of entertainment to a sold-out audience at Dublin’s Croke Park stadium.
“We knew we were taki

holoplotHoloplot ORION wins PLASA Award for Innovation
Monday, 24 September 2018

UK - Holoplot’s ORION sound system was awarded a PLASA Award for Innovation. The judges were convinced by the technology and the product, which allows a radical new approach to sound reinforcement and provides audio engineers with a versatile tool for their work.
On the first two days of the PLASA Show, the judges visited the 47 nominated companies to learn more about the innovative products. Demonstrations were given, use cases were discussed, and functionality for rigging, maintenance, and installation was explained.
The Holoplot stand attracted many of the jury members a second or third time. In their eyes, “a system with such precise beam steering capabilities and flexibility in how audio can be projected, demonstrates a paradigm shift in the industry”.
Roman Sick, Holoplot’s CEO, comments: “The conventional speaker technologies are very established in the industry. It’s not easy for a young company to change the mindset. This award shows us, that the value of our product is recognized by the industry. This award is a great accomplishment for all the effort our team has put into the development of this amazing product.”
(Jim Evans)

timax-stand-at-plasa2018TiMax demos StageSpace at PLASA 2018
Monday, 24 September 2018

UK - At this year’s PLASA Show, UK immersive audio and showcontrol specialists Out Board demonstrated the new StageSpace object-based spatial environment auto-rendering tool within the new TiMax 500S software.
The stand featured a miniature booth-sized demo of TiMax’s ‘orchestral hugeness experience’, which has been trialled on some arena-scale and festival-sized stages across Europe this summer.
Out Board co-owner Dave Haydon comments: “Even under the slightly challenging conditions of a busy tradeshow floor, people were overwhelmed by the realistic spatial enhancement that StageSpace added to multitrack classical and jazz music playback. Of particular note was the adaptive nature of the StageSpace rendering that allows quick delivery of full immersion for audience members while using relatively minimal and flexible speaker system topologies.”
Haydon also contributed to the audio panel that led the discussion on System Design and the Future with Immersive Sound, held in the Audio & AV seminar Theatre.
He adds: “It was a pleasure to contribute to a healthy discourse on this very current theme. All in all, we had a highly productive and rewarding PLASA Show.”
(Jim Evans)

waves-frontAllen & Heath adds Waves card for SQ
Friday, 21 September 2018

UK - Allen & Heath has expanded its range of networking cards with the addition of a Waves SoundGrid option. The SQ Waves card provides any SQ mixer with a 64x64 96kHz or 48kHz interface to a Waves SoundGrid network using the I/O port.
Engineers can now fit the Waves card to any SQ mixer for Waves plugin processing, multitrack recording (at 96kHz or 48kHz), virtual soundcheck and audio distribution applications.
Waves SoundGrid is an Audio-over-Ethernet protocol developed by Waves for real-time professional audio applications. The card also enables the use of existing Waves plugins at a very low latency, using standard Gigabit Ethernet networks rather than a USB connection.
“Waves SoundGrid has been a very popular option among our dLive users, with many systems on tour deploying a Waves card on recording duties,” comments Allen & Heath’s Head of Product, Nicola Beretta. “Since the launch of SQ we’ve received requests for the same technology to be made available here and following the release of our Dante and SLink cards, we’re very happy to tick another box in the list of protocols and standards SQ supports.”
(Jim Evans)

avo-wAvolites Synergy wins PLASA Award for Innovation
Friday, 21 September 2018

UK - Avolites’ video and lighting control integration system Synergy has won a coveted PLASA Awards for Innovation.
Picked by an expert panel of judges, Synergy stood out because it “opens up the creative opportunities for visual effects on stage as well as providing time-saving opportunities in production workflow.”
Koy Neminathan, Avolites sales director, says: “We’re all thrilled that Synergy has won a PLASA Innovation Award. Synergy is the product of years of experience and innovation as we continue to push forward what’s possible for total visual creative control. To have this recognised by the judges is a testament to the forward-thinking attitude at Avolites and the hard work we put in to achieving our vision of the future - which is empowering our users to achieve even more incredible things.”
Synergy was launched at this year’s Prolight+Sound and quickly gained acclaim for being a simple and functional solution that enables users to connect and configure Ai media server from the Titan interface.
Stephen Baird-Smith, Avolites sales manager, adds: “Developing the integration of two very different platforms is a formidable challenge, but one which makes so much sense for our industry. Our goal is to create a platform which is creative enough to ‘speak’ to the artists who are creating content, or lighting the shows or scenery, yet is technically adept enough to be able to deliver all of the detail and precision that is required on shows.”
The PLASA Awards for Innovation, organised in collaboration

audio-technicaes954-websafeAudio-Technica debuts ES954 mic array
Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Europe - Audio-Technica has introduced the ES954 hanging microphone array, a cost-effective solution for huddle rooms, conference rooms and other meeting spaces.
When controlled by the Audio-Technica ATDM-0604 Digital SmartMixer, the four-capsule microphone array provides 360° coverage through virtual hypercardioid or cardioid outputs which can be steered horizontally and tilted vertically.
Intended primarily for video conferencing, the ES954 may be used singly or in multiples to capture every person speaking in a room, with the total number of channels restricted only by the capacity of the mixer or DSP device controlling the system. When using the ATDM-0604 Digital SmartMixer, the intuitive graphic interface enables control of the width and orientation of each virtual polar pattern, which may be steered in 30° increments, with a tilt function accommodating differing ceiling heights or users that are sitting or standing.
The ES954 has a non-detachable 1.2m (4ft) cable with locking grommet enabling easy microphone height adjustment. Audio-Technica’s UniGuard RFI-shielding technology offers outstanding rejection of radio frequency interference.
The package includes a Plenum-rated AT8554 Ceiling Mount with RJ45 connectors and push-type wire terminals for simple, secure installation. The ES954 connects to the mixer over a pair of standard Cat 5 cables. Two RJ45 breakout cables are provided to input the four channels, plus an LED tally, into the mixer. An integral, logic-controlled 360-degree red/green LED ring provides clear indication of th

next-proaudio-matrixNEXT unveils Matrix Series column arrays
Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Europe - NEXT-proaudio has unveiled the Matrix Series of passive column arrays aimed at installed and small, portable applications. With a chassis of aluminium and wood, the cabinets are described as ‘stylish and yet sturdy’ and designed for architectural integration as well as portable solutions.
The Matrix Series comprises two models: the Matrix M8 (8x3”) and the Matrix M3 (3x3”), with eight and three 3-inch neodymium transducers respectively. Built to offer a ‘high intelligibility at high SPL’ and ‘wider frequency response while providing constant beam-width over a user selectable vertical coverage’, the Matrix columns provide beam control that reportedly extends up to 10kHz.
To better control the lower frequencies, the Tuned Dipolar Technologywas developed by NEXT-proaudio engineers to provide much more consistent low frequency pattern control than other similar size systems. This can be a very importante advantage to reduce the stimulation of resonant room modes at low frequencies.
A user selectable Music / Vocal mode switch is incorporated to allow quick and easy system optimization. Music mode is intended to give a flat, balanced frequency response, while Vocal mode adds a mid-range presence to enhance speech intelligibility.
Another choice presented to users is the ability to switch the vertical dispersion pattern between wide or narrow coverage.
(Jim Evans)

impression-e350-1PLASA 2018: GLP’s new impression moving head
Wednesday, 19 September 2018

UK - GLP launched the impression E350 LED moving head at PLASA 2018, a new, supercharged companion to its popular impression S350, in an optimised package.
With an advanced LED engine offering ‘unprecedented’ output in its class, the fixture will find favour in any type of showcase event or installation with dynamic, articulated lighting as the centrepiece. And since it offers flicker-free operation, with smooth electronic dimming from 0-100%, multiple dimming curves, with no colour shift while delivering random and pulse electronic strobing effects it will also find favour in the broadcast segment.
This compact fixture features a baseless design, high colour temperature of 7500K for a hard-edge mid-air effect beam, bright gobo projections, and a notably tight iris as well as GLP’s motorised 7:1 zoom range (7°- 48°). According to GLP, this creates an even and flat field with a considerable light output of up to a maximum of 9500lm.
The impression E350 also houses a CMY colour mixing system with separate CTC channel along with an eight-facet prism, a light and heavy frost, a tiltable animation wheel, two gobo wheels, a tight 14-blade iris and 10-slot colour wheel. All functions are fully capable of working in combination with one another, making the GLP impression E350 suitable for almost any application.
GLP product manager Michael Feldmann comments: “Our first priority was to get maximum output and efficiency from a 350W LED engine, with intensive 7500K default white, as we knew this would be perfect for mid-size shows or wherever c

robe-rocks-plasa-2018Robe rocks PLASA 2018 with SuperSpikie
Wednesday, 19 September 2018

UK - Robe brought a ‘theatre-meets-rock ‘n’ roll’ live show to the centre of its stand design at the 2018 PLASA Show held at London Olympia.
Putting performance at the heart of the presentation, the Czech lighting manufacturer launched its new SuperSpikie moving light.
The show also utilised other new and current Robe products, including the new RoboSpot remote follow spotting system running with MDC (multi device control) and the new iParFect, the first in a series of upcoming IP-rated luminaires.
Inspired by the Tomb Raider / Indiana Jones movie and e-games adventure genre - the show concept, The Lost World Trilogy, was originated by Robe’s own creative team led by Nathan Wan and Andy Webb.
It’s the first of three stand designs that will be rolled out by Robe at selected trade expos worldwide over the coming months.
Seven dancers starred in an all-action eight-minute extravaganza choreographed by Chris Manoe, taking them on a risky and dangerous mission negotiating jungles, caves and volcanoes in search of a stash of hidden treasures, which turn out to be SuperSpikies.
The stand show also featured a bespoke soundtrack, an in-house-designed water curtain effect, fog and haze courtesy of several MDG machines, and around 200 skilfully positioned Robe moving lights.
“The goal was to create an immersive, highly visual environment where people would want to stay, meet, chat and discuss business,” says Nathan Wan. “We are here to sell lighting products, so we need to engage people on all levels and get t

r35-3896-en54Community adds compact Model to R Series
Tuesday, 18 September 2018

USA - Community Professional Loudspeakers has completed EN54-24 certification for its compact R.35-3896-EN loudspeaker.
Community’s R Series has long been a standard for stadia and other large scale, all-weather applications worldwide. The company has consistently invested in improving performance across the range, introducing new models, and meeting increasingly stringent worldwide standards. Since gaining EN54-24 certification on the larger R1, R2 and R6 models, permitting their use in voice alarm systems in venues across Europe, Community has seen demand for these certified versions building significantly year upon year.
The R.35-3896-EN meets the need for a high performance compact loudspeaker for fill and supplementary areas in larger venues and for smaller venues wanting to conform to EN54 standards. The R.35-3896-EN is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a wide variety of applications, including background and foreground music and announcement systems in corporate A/V, leisure centres, swimming pools, theaters, night clubs, shopping malls, stadiums, cruise ships, theme parks and factories.
The R.35-3896-EN is a fully horn-loaded triaxial three-way, full-range loudspeaker system, designed to provide high quality voice and music reproduction normally only associated with indoor loudspeakers. Featuring Community's innovative MultiSource Waveguide™ horn design, the output from the dual midrange compression drivers and 1-inch exit HF driver are combined seamlessly into a single time-coherent source, resulting in excellent musicalit


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